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best phantom lancer build

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best phantom lancer build

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best phantom lancer build

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best phantom lancer build

The name is Phantom.. Phantom Lancer

best phantom lancer build

Standard build

Dota2 hero: phantom lancer, purchase order, #1:start with.

best phantom lancer build

Early game items progression

best phantom lancer build

Core items(either make manta or make heart,yasha core)

best phantom lancer build

Sample late-game 6-pack(SoV,Daed,AB,butter,Sat or EoS)

best phantom lancer build


best phantom lancer build


best phantom lancer build

Spirit Lance

Doppelganger, phantom rush, early soul ring.

best phantom lancer build

immediately make:

best phantom lancer build

Juke Master

#1.start with, early game item progression, mid game core items progression (make manta or leave it at yasha, making a heart), juke masta exclusive.

best phantom lancer build

Afk farmer skill build:

Very very rarely:, introduction., azwraith, the phantom lancer.

best phantom lancer build

Pros and Cons

  • Can instantly make an army of illusions.
  • Needs only one item to come online.
  • Insanely hard to kill without silence.
  • Very high damage output.

best phantom lancer build

  • Mana hungry.
  • Cannot rat as effectively as before (less duration of illusions).
  • Nerfed agility gain(from 4.2 to 3 per level).

best phantom lancer build

Item progression.

best phantom lancer build

Mid Game-The core Items

best phantom lancer build

Core extensions

best phantom lancer build

Items you should not make on Phantom lancer.

best phantom lancer build

Why is Vladimir's bad on Phantom Lancer?

here it is boys. Let's start with some assumptions. PL hits for = 300. He hits once per second. Damage calculated for juxtapose illusions. Damage output per illusion = 16%. Vlads heal = 16% (not taking bonus damage ) So, each illusion will deal 16 * 3 = 48 damage ;_; + diffusal blade = 25 Total = 83 damage. Lifesteal per illusion = 16% of 83 = 13.2 health per hit. So ends this math session. :D IF you guys want any more math related stuff for this guide, just PM me :)

Video Time!

Friends and foes..

best phantom lancer build

  • Crazy jukes.
  • Good nuking power.
  • High snowball potential.
  • Irritating as ****.
  • Has a silence.

best phantom lancer build


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  • My name is Cancer...Cancer Lancer.A comprehensive guide on Phantom Lancer
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  • The sniper omnibus Till the next guide,Keep pwning!

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best phantom lancer build

Phantom Lancer

best phantom lancer build

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Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer Ability Builds

Spirit Lance

  • Level up. Earn rewards.
  • Rank: Nooblet
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Search form.

best phantom lancer build

[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Phantom Lancer Builds (Used By Pros)

best phantom lancer build

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer, sometimes known as the “Cheese Carry” is a hero whose skill set revolves around making illusions and tricking his opponents into pursuing images of himself. The hero can get out of hand rather quickly, overwhelming enemy positions with sheer numbers over power. Enemy teams without appropriate Area of Effect abilities to distinguish Phantom Lancer from his illusions can quickly find themselves drowning amidst a wave of illusions, sometimes resulting in a victory even before the game has a chance to pick up. Here we will see how some professionals use Phantom Lancer who is seen exclusively in the Safelane position 1 carry role. 

5. Ame’s Hard Carry Phantom Lancer Build

best phantom lancer build

We start the list off with PSG.LGD’s very own Wang “Ame” Chunyu who goes into the Safelane carry role. The game is fairly even for most of the game’s entirety, with appropriate counter picks from the enemy Dire team making it especially hard for Ame to seal off the game.

We shall see in this game, how Ame makes the most out of a hard matchup, with Death Prophet, Crystal Maiden and Outworld Devourer having a huge arsenal of AOE weaponry to deal with Phantom Lancer’s illusions, making it especially difficult to push up the high ground. Ame also has an especially hard lane matchup allowing us to observe how he makes the best out of a bad situation. 

Ame’s Skill Allocation: 

Level 1 - Q - Spirit Lance 

Level 2 - W - Doppelganger

Level 3 - E - Phantom Rush 

Level 4 - E - Phantom Rush

Level 5 - E - Phantom Rush

Level 6 - R - Juxtapose

Level 7- E - Phantom Rush 

Level 8 - W - Doppelganger

Level 9 - W - Doppelganger

Level 10 - Left Talent

Level 11 - W - Doppelganger

Level 12 - R - Juxtapose

Level 13 - Q - Spirit Lance

Level 14 - Q - Spirit Lance 

Level 15 - Right Talent 

Level 16 - Q - Spirit Lance

Level 18 - R - Juxtapose

Ame’s Item Build: 

First Buy: Tangoes, Magic Stick, Quelling Blade, Circlet 

A Quelling Blade is almost always picked up on Phantom Lancer, giving him an edge when it comes to last hitting, and increasing his farming speed. 

2 Minutes: Band of Elvenskin 

Phantom Lancer is a hero that benefits greatly from agility and strength items. A Band of Elvenskin helps Ame gain some powerful early game agility stats which help him last hit and later build into Power Treads.

4 Minutes: Gloves of Haste

Gloves of Haste is a core item needed in the build up towards Power Treads. 

6 Minutes: Power Treads

Treads are probably the best boots you can purchase on Phantom Lancer as it gives valuable attributes which not only directly affect Phantom Lancer, but his illusions as well. Treads give the best value when it comes to farming, sustain as well as overall damage output. 

10 Minutes: Hand of Midas

The game is fairly even at this point. Ame has decided to go for the late game as he does not want to take any early fight especially with the enemy team’s relatively high AOE crowd controlling abilities. Midas not only gives him the potential to convert creeps into gold, but increases the proccing of illusions due to the attack speed bonus it gives, making him farm a lot faster than if he opted for a diffusal blade first.  

14 Minutes: Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade is the best item to pickup on Phantom Lancer as the mana burn passive also works with his illusions. This makes him a very potent and annoying carry, burning the enemy’s mana pool and doing a lot of damage in the early to mid-game. Notice how Diffusal Blade is an incredible power spike for Phantom Lancer. Ame does not even join a single fight until he has farmed up his Diffusal Blade. As soon as he does, he farms aggressively near his team, taking a team fight at 14:09 which lands his team a triple kill. 

16 Minutes: Yasha

Yasha is a very cheap and valuable item for what it gives. It gives movement speed and agility which allow Phantom Lancer to farm faster and build towards a Manta Style, which is a core item for the hero. 

22 Minutes: Manta Style

Manta Style is a powerful item that you would eventually want to build on the hero, especially if you need to dispel some crucial spells off the enemy team. In this game, it is crucial for Ame to dispel Death Prophet’s silence and Crystal Maidens nuking abilities so that he can continue to fight. The stats and the active also allow Phantom Lancer to tank up a little as well as summon two extra illusions that also are able to generate more illusions of themselves. 

25 Minutes: Eye of Skadi

The Eye of Skadi is an all in one item that serves as a decent source of stats, damage and counter to carries. The passive of the Skadi allows your illusions to stay on crucial targets and support your team in providing an extra source of slow. Ame has picked up Skadi this game as an extra way to deal with the Death Prophet’s siphon ability.

28 Minutes: Aghanim’s Shard 

The Aghanim’s Shard is a great and cheap pick up on Phantom Lancer once you have a few items that make it so your illusions are able to hold up their own against the enemy. The Shard gives Ame the potential to poke and prod, not committing to enemies and eventually whittling them down. 

36 Minutes: Octarine Core

With the Aghanim’s Shard, an Octarine Core is a nice and unique choice for Ame, who doesn’t want to commit too hard into engagements due to the enemy’s incredible amounts of AOE. Instead, Octarine gives some great stats which help his illusions tank up a little, as well as increases the amount of damage that he is able to dish out casting Spirit Lance from afar. Octarine Core is a situational item that is best used in games where you do not want to rush into the front line of the enemy team. 

43 Minutes: Bloodthorn

Selling his Midas, Ame has opted for a Bloodthorn in this game to not only increase his damage, but increase the tankiness of his illusions. Bloodthorn provides some magic resistance which helps his illusions stay alive for longer to deal damage. This is usually a late game purchase and is situational. Sometimes a Heart of Tarrasque or an Abyssal Blade are better choices when the source of damage from the enemy team comes from more physical damage dealers. 

4. 23Savage’s Hard Carry Phantom Lancer Build

best phantom lancer build

23savage from Fnatic gives some insight into a ‘standard’ professional match and how the hero should be played and built in a fairly evenly matched game. When 23savage reaches the late game, we can see how the hero is able to carry and destroy an entire enemy team that is not rightly equipped with the necessary ammunition to deal with the hero, making it a somewhat breezy game for 23savage to wrap up. 

23savage’s Skill Allocation: 

Level 10 - Right Talent

Level 15 - Left Talent 

23savage’s Item Build: 

First Buy: Tangoes, Quelling Blade, Circlet, 2 Branches and a Faerie Fire

23savage goes for a similar build to Ame, but instead, trades the magic stick for 2 extra branches and a Faerie Fire. This is 23savage recognising that the enemy offlaners do not cast too many spells compared to the Death Prophet and Marci in Ame’s game. 

5 Minutes: Gloves of Haste, Boots and Magic Wand 

23savage has picked up some early boots this game to combat the Razor’s static link. The Wand is also a core pickup on the hero for some extra heal and mana regeneration from stick charges. 

Once again Treads are probably the best boots you can purchase on Phantom Lancer as it gives valuable attributes which not only directly affect Phantom Lancer, but his illusions as well. Treads give the best value when it comes to farming, sustain as well as overall damage output. 

Diffusal Blade is once again the best item to pickup on Phantom Lancer as the mana burn passive also works with his illusions, increasing his damage output by a huge margin in the early to mid game. 23savage forgoes a Midas as opposed to Ame’s build. This is due to the enemy team’s relatively early power spike with the Drow and Undying able to siege towers relatively early into the game. As such, 23savage needs to delay the push and come online faster to ensure that the enemy team does not take too much of the map and run over his team. 

Once again, Yasha is a strong pickup on Phantom Lancer as it gives him some very strong stats for its cost. 

21 Minutes: Manta Style

The timing of the Manta Style in 23savage’s game is a minute quicker than Ame’s. However, Ame does have an extra Midas on top of 23savage. Despite this, 23savage has been participating more in engagements and did not have the luxury of free farming for the first 15 or so minutes of the early to mid-game. Noticeably, 23savage uses Manta Style in this game less for its dispel, and rather to create quicker illusions of himself in battle and to deal more damage. 

22 Minutes: Aghanim’s Shard 

23savage has opted for an earlier Aghanim’s Shard as he has a couple of allies who are able to already initiate for him. This enables him to stay at the backline more and choose more wisely which engagements partake in. 

25 Minutes: Linken's Sphere

23savage has decided to go for a Linken’s Sphere in this game rather than a Skadi as the item is extremely valuable against three of the enemy’s core heroes. It is able to stop Storm Spirit initiating upon him, Spirit Breaker’s Charge or Ultimate ability, and Razor’s Static link which can uncover him amongst his mass of illusions. Linken’s Sphere also provides some decent stats as well as mana regeneration which helps him spam his upgraded Spirit Lance. 

33 Minutes: Heart of Tarrasque

Heart of Tarrasque is an amazing to pick up on Phantom Lancer in the late game as it makes his illusions significantly harder to deal with. As the enemy team does not have a lot of AOE damage, the Heart allows him to more effectively siege towers and pick and prod at the enemy heroes. 

35 Minutes: Eye of Skadi

As the enemy team is already having trouble dealing with 23savage’s Phantom illusions, the Eye of Skadi is pretty much the nail in the coffin, making it nigh impossible for the Dire team to burst down his illusions, let alone himself, without the entire enemy team’s focus and coordination. The Eye of Skadi makes Phantom Lancer a lot tankier and do significantly more damage as well. 

3. Topson’s Hard Carry Phantom Lancer Build

best phantom lancer build

Topson brings a new light to the definition of Hard Carry, offering some very dominant gameplay in lane and going for high impact, aggressive item choices to compliment his team’s aggression. 

Topson’s Skill Allocation: 

Level 2 - E - Phantom Rush 

Level 4 - W - Doppelganger

Topson’s Item Build: 

First Buy: Tangoes, Quelling Blade, Magic Stick, 2 Branches and a Faerie Fire

Similar to 23savage’s build, Topson instead swaps out the Circlet for a Magic Stick to counteract the enemy offlaners’ highly spammable modes of aggression. 

2 Minutes: Wraith Band

Topson has chosen to go for some earlier stats in game 

4 Minutes: Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed are a necessary pick for any hero.  

8 Minutes: Power Treads, Magic Wand

Treads are once again the boots of choice for Phantom Lancer, giving valuable attributes which not only directly affect Phantom Lancer, but his illusions as well.

15 Minutes: Diffusal Blade, Point Booster, Blade of Alacrity 

Topson goes for a Diffusal Blade in this game to deter enemies from obtaining too much ground too early on. It also gives him an extra ability to slow enemy heroes and control team fights. 

17 Minutes: Aghanim’s Scepter 

Aghanim’s Scepter is an interesting choice to pick up on Phantom Lancer early into the game. It gives Topson some extra survivability as well as damage. The fight at 19:50 shows us the underrated power of the item, turning a gank around in a very one sided fight. 

24 Minutes: Sange and Yasha and Hyperstone

Instead of going for the usual Manta Style build Phantom Lancer player’s usually go for, Topson notices the lack of debuffs the enemy team has. Instead Topson goes for a Sange and Yasha, which makes him more durable in team fights and allows him to brute force through enemy positions. Topson is keen to close off the game as soon as possible and opts to go for a Hyperstone to increase his attack speed and hence, illusion generation. 

29 Minutes: Assault Cuirass

Assault Cuirass is not a common pick amongst Phantom Lancer players, but is often overlooked as it does not offer up many stats. However, as Topson has already built his hero to be more tanky, an Assault Cuirass is an amazing pick up as it strengthens his illusions against a primarily physical damage based team. The armor reduction from the Assault Cuirass also increases the amount of damage his illusions do. 

33 Minutes: Butterfly

Once again, the enemy team relies on a lot of auto-attacking physical damage. Topson makes his illusions and himself even harder to hit, much less kill, with this brute force tanky build that is often overlooked with the usual Manta Style into Heart of Tarrasque build that we see more commonly. Topson shows us that this brute force itemization is the way to go against physical damage dealers that rely on their auto-attacks for AOE damage. 

2. Miracle’s Hard Carry Phantom Lancer Build

best phantom lancer build

Miracle is recognised as one of the best players in Dota. He will show us why he is in this rather even match up. Even with some very prevalent AOE damage coming from the enemy Leshrac and Death Prophet, Miracles item choices ensure that he has the upper hand in every fight. 

Miracle’s Skill Allocation: 

Level 2 - W - Doppelganger 

Level 10 - W - Doppelganger

Level 11 - Left Talent

Miracle’s Item Build: 

First Buy: Tangoes, Magic Stick, Quelling Blade, Circlet and Branch

Miracle’s lane up is almost exactly the same to the lane Ame had. As such, Miracle’s item choice is one of the same, opting for more consumables and a stick to ensure that he does not get bullied out of the lane. 

Once again, Miracle mirrors Ame’s build, opting for a Band of Elvenskin to secure creeps better against a ranged opponent.

5 Minutes: Gloves of Haste

Miracle obtains his Gloves of Haste a minute slower than Ame due to an earlier death.

Agility Power Treads are the way to go, allowing for some nice Tread switching plays as required. 

12 Minutes: Hand of Midas

Like Ame, Miracle obtains a Hand of Midas in this game as a sort of catch up mechanism, with the enemy team putting a lot of pressure onto him, he obtains his Midas 2 minutes slower than Ame. 

15 Minutes: Diffusal Blade

Once again, Diffusal is a core item for the early game, with no other item providing the same level of utility and damage as the Diffusal. Here, the enemy applies a staggering amount of pressure against the Dire team. However, due to the tight item timing of the Diffusal, Miracle is able to push back the enemy at the 15 minute mark, securing him some much needed extra time to farm up his next item. 

19 Minutes: Mage Slayer

This is the first noticeable difference between Ame’s build, opting for a Mage Slayer instead of a Yasha. Miracle notices that a Manta Style does nothing against the enemy Leshrac, and instead aims to go for a Mage Slayer to tank up a bit more against the enemy team’s high magic damage. The attack modifier on the Mage Slayer further helps reduce the enemy team’s magic damage, which indirectly makes Miracle’s Phantom Lancer more tanky. 

25 Minutes: Heart of Tarrasque

Due to the immense amount of damage coming in from the enemy Radiant team, noticeably the Leshrac, Miracle notices that he is extremely susceptible to getting bursted down. As there are no other strong front liners in his team, Miracle has chosen to go for more tankiness in the form of a Heart of Tarrasque. This item is generally the best item you can go on Phantom Lancer for tankiness. 

26 Minutes: Aghanim’s Shard 

Once again, the Aghanim’s Shard is a great and cheap pick up on Phantom Lancer once you have a few items, allowing Miracle to not fully commit to fights and have another source to generate illusions. 

31 Minutes: Eye of Skadi

The Eye of Skadi is probably the second best tanky item to build on Phantom Lancer due to its impressive value for stats. It further reduces the healing of both the Death Prophet and Morphling who rely heavily on their healing abilities to stay impactful in team fights. As the Dire team needed to siege, Miracle needed an item to do so to which the Skadi was the best choice for. 

1. Yatoro’s Hard Carry Phantom Lancer Build

best phantom lancer build

Yatoro is one of the best Dota 2 carry players as of recent, serving as the spearhead of Team Spirit. In this game, we can see how Yatoro secures an incredible gold lead, making it all but impossible for the enemy team to ever bring down. Long story short, Yatoro becomes an absolute raid boss by the late game who could literally hold up his own in a 1 v 5 with the enemy team if required. 

Yatoro’s Skill Allocation: 

Level 1 - W - Doppelganger  

Level 2 - Q - Spirit Lance 

Yatoro’s Item Build: 

Yatoro starts up in the safe lane with the exact same build as Miracle, giving him the ability to build up early stick charges from the enemy offlaners’ high ability uses.  

Yatoro, like Miracle, also obtains a 2 minute Band of Elvenskin, to secure creep kills easier. 

Yatoro, like Miracle and Ame, obtains a glove of haste as the Power Treads is a must buy on Phantom Lancer. Funnily enough, Yatoro also dies in lane, slowing down the timing of his Power Treads. 

5 Minutes: Power Treads

By the end of this article, Power Treads have been the consistent choice for Phantom Lancer. Other boots should almost never be obtained. 

Like Ame and Miracle, Yatoro cannot refrain from a Hand of Midas as it gives some good attack speed to increase the amount of illusions he can create, which marginally increases his farming speed. 

16 Minutes: Diffusal Blade

As you can see in most if not all of these professional builds, the Diffusal Blade is an almost non-skippable item. It offers too much value for the hero and is hence why the item is best used on Phantom Lancer compared to any other hero in the game.  

19 Minutes: Yasha

In this game, Yatoro goes for the conventional Yasha build as the item is a better farming tool for the hero compared to Miracle’s Mage Slayer. There is also more space to farm this game, allowing for his greedier pickup. 

26 Minutes: Heart of Tarrasque

As Yatora has to be essentially the frontliner in this game, he has opted for a Heart of Tarrasque even before finishing his Manta Style to go in and out of battle. At 26:00, Yatoro leaps fearlessly into the middle of the enemy team, focusing the enemy Witch Doctor. Even though he was unsuccessful at first and almost dies, he goes back in with a healthy HP pool to continue the fight. The fight at 26:40 showcases the immense value of the heart, that if he had started building his Manta Style instead, he would have died and most likely have lost the team fight. 

29 Minutes: Manta Style

  By now, Yatoro is incredibly farmed, being 2000 gold richer than the richest enemy core. Manta Style offers an extra way to dispel and reduce damage and gives him more damage. 

33 Minutes: Eye of Skadi

Once again, the Eye of Skadi is a valuable pick up on Phantom Lancer, giving him the most balanced benefits between damage, tankiness and utility. 

best phantom lancer build

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best phantom lancer build

Phantom Lancer Dota 2 build 2024: Items, combo and Counter

Hey, I’m Zathong and this guide is about Phantom Lancer Build in Dota 2 . I works hard to keep my’s Dota 2 builds and guides updated, and will help you craft the best Phantom Lancer build for the meta .

Best Phantom Lancerbuild guides for Dota 2 2024. Learn more about Phantom Lancer’s abilities, items, combo, skill order and counter.

Phantom Lancer

Attack Type: Melee

Strength: 19 + 2.2 | Agility: 26 + 2.8 | Intelligence: 21 + 2

Phantom Lancer Items build

Meta build:


Phantom Lancer’s Skill Order

Skill Order: Doppelganger -> Phantom Rush -> Spirit Lance -> Juxtapose.

Combo Phantom Lancer

Heroes combo: Phantom Lancer + Dazzle


How To Counter Phantom Lancer ?

  • Good chase potential.
  • High damage.
  • No burst damage.
  • Low health.
  • Weak against AoE abilities.

Bad against:


Good against:

Arc Warden

How To Play Phantom Lancer ?

Best items for Phantom Lancer

Start items for Phantom Lancer in dota 2 are: Tango, Healing Salve, Enchanted Mango.

Meta items for Phantom Lancer in dota 2 are: Nullifier, Power Treads, Diffusal Blade, Yasha and Kaya, Butterfly, Heart of Tarrasque.

Pro items for Phantom Lancer in dota 2 are: Power Treads, Heart of Tarrasque, Butterfly, Disperser, Manta Style, Mage Slayer.

Tips and Tricks

Instead than focusing on pure damage output or attack speed, Phantom Lancer should build items that offer stat and passive bonuses.

The most crucial piece of equipment for Phantom Lancer is Diffusal Blade.

Phantom Lancer deals more damage at first, then less damage as the victim loses mana.

Enemies are frequently informed that illusions are illusions when they are moved in groups.

When Phantom Lancer is already out of mana, it can be challenging to finish off tough, retreating adversaries like Timbersaw.

Staying inside a large group of illusions during smaller teamfights might make it more difficult for adversaries to locate the actual Phantom Lancer.

Phantom Lancer’s Ability


Sends an illusory phantom to attack the unit while also damaging and slowing it with a magical spirit lance.


The battlefield is briefly empty without Phantom Lancer. After 1.0 seconds, Phantom Lancer and any of his nearby illusions, together with two more doppelgangers, resurface at a random spot inside the specified area. increases the duration of every delusion. One of the two extra doppelgängers receives no damage and does nothing, while the other receives 500.0% bonus damage and deals -80.0% less damage.


Phantom Lancer quickly charges into range when aiming for an opponent to attack, obtaining a momentary agility boost. Illusions created by Phantom Lancer also possess this skill.

On an attack, Phantom Lancer has the potential to fragment his presence and project a false image of himself. Furthermore, illusions have a tendency to disintegrate. Phantom Lancer’s illusions last for 8.0 seconds, whereas those made from other illusions last for 4.0 seconds.

Primal Beast

For more new characters (heroes or champions), game tier list , game builds and game counters . Like me on Facebook – Zathong , and follow me on Twitter – Zathong . Do you love playing Online games? Subscribe to me YouTube Channel – Zathong , for new guide game videos. Let me know your opinion by commenting below.

Post by : Zathong

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Dota 2 - Phantom Lancer Build Guide


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  • 1.1 Generic/Carry Phantom Lancer
  • 1.2 Mid/Ganker Phantom Lancer
  • 1.3 Split-pusher/Survivor Phantom Lancer
  • 2 Ability Builds
  • 4.1 General
  • 4.2.1 Spirit Lance
  • 4.2.2 Doppelganger
  • 4.2.3 Phantom Rush
  • 4.2.4 Juxtapose

Gameplay [ | ]

Generic/carry phantom lancer [ | ].

Phantom Lancer is traditionally played as the farming core in the safelane, harassing opponents with Spirit Lance, but mostly focusing on getting last hits and keeping his lane static close to his tier 1 tower. His great base damage, base agility and attack animation makes it easy to control the lane, denying at will without missing any last hits.

Wraith Band icon

Mid/Ganker Phantom Lancer [ | ]

Thanks to his great base damage and attack animation, Phantom Lancer can easily get last hits in the middle lane. Get an early level of Phantom Rush to make it even easier to finish off that ranged creep, or to start harassing the enemy mid-laner.

Enchanted Mango icon

Split-pusher/Survivor Phantom Lancer [ | ]

Zeus minimap icon

Ability Builds [ | ]

Talents [ | ].

  • The critical strike increases attack damage by an average of 24%.
  • The proc chances of multiple critical sources stack. If two sources of critical strike proc at the same time, the higher crit multiplier has priority.

Tips & Tactics [ | ]

General [ | ].

  • As with other illusion-dependent heroes, Phantom Lancer should build items that provide stats and passive buffs rather than raw damage or attack speed, because those stats and buffs are transferred to his illusions.
  • A hero with mana will take more damage from Phantom Lancer than one who is out of mana, meaning that Phantom Lancer starts off dealing more damage, and less once the target's mana is drained.

Timbersaw minimap icon

  • Phantom Lancer's illusion army will often overwhelm new to mid-level players, causing them to attack the wrong target and waste their abilities. However, this should not be your primary strategy, because more experienced players are usually able to discover the real Phantom Lancer by observing the amount of damage being dealt (most illusions take more damage), debuff status, as well as player movement patterns.
  • With enough micromanagement, you can deceive enemies by controlling illusions independently, and moving in ways you might move Phantom Lancer himself.
  • Moving illusions together in clumps usually tells enemies that they are illusions.
  • However, this tactic can backfire if enemy nukers target the entire group with AoE abilities. Make sure no nukers are nearby before grouping up.
  • Remember to move Phantom Lancer himself when manipulating his illusions. A good tactic for newer players is to issue a distant move command for Phantom Lancer, while moving his illusions to trick the pursuing enemies.
  • Though attack speed is still important on Phantom Lancer, it is not needed as much due to his ability to create attacking illusions.

Shallow Grave icon

  • When choosing an item build, remember that not all passive item abilities are shared with illusions .
  • Read the Illusions article for a full understanding of how illusions work.
  • Phantom Lancer is a moderately good ganker, but still needs to farm items for the late game. Try to balance the two roles depending on what opportunities are present on the map.
  • Phantom Lancer has no strong disables, instead relying on speed and slows to catch up to his opponents.
  • Phantom Lancer is a decent split pusher, especially in the late game. Take advantage of this whenever you aren't fighting.
  • Phantom Lancer excels in long, drawn-out fights, which give him lots of time to wear down his opponents' mana and spawn more illusions.

Abilities [ | ]

Spirit lance [ | ].

  • Spirit Lance is Phantom Lancer's generic nuke. Use it during the early game to supplement his damage during ganks and for harassment.
  • Use Spirit Lance during the laning phase to intimidate enemy laners, especially vulnerable supports.
  • Using Spirit Lance to get last hits can be worth it if Phantom Lancer is not farming well.
  • Don't hesitate to use Spirit Lance on a squishy support in the back line rather than on the enemy carry you're currently focusing. Once you're farmed enough, it could force the support to back off by itself, or waste his precious AoE disable on the illusion army that gathered up around him.
  • If Phantom Lancer is too weak to join a fight, use Spirit Lance repeatedly from the edges to send an illusion to help your allies. The illusion could spawn an army of illusions by itself to confuse and mislead enemies, as well as burn their mana.

Puck minimap icon

  • Spirit Lance's deceptively long cast range can be used to finish off an enemy during teamfights.
  • Spirit Lance's short cooldown means it can be used to initiate and finish off fleeing opponents.
  • Use Spirit Lance on an enemy who is just about to move out of vision , such as up high ground or into the trees . The illusion that spawns next to them will grant vision.
  • If your illusion is not attacking its target after impact, check your game settings. Do not have the Illusions → Never auto-attack option turned on when playing Phantom Lancer. But, while trying to juke with Doppelganger, you don't want use the Illusions → Always auto-attack option either, as the opponent will immediately spot which is the real hero. Find the compromise.

Doppelganger [ | ]

Fortune's End icon

  • Unless you're very confident with its cast range, click right next to you when trying to dodge an attack, as clicking further away could cause Phantom Lancer to walk before using Doppelganger, and miss the dodge window.

Earthshaker minimap icon

  • Doppelganger destroys trees in a rather large 200 AoE around Phantom Lancer and each of his illusions, allowing you to create shortcuts in the jungle and easily find an opponent that's hiding in the trees.
  • In desperate situations, try to lure enemies into chasing an illusion by keeping yourself immobile and running way with the illusion.
  • Set a control group for the illusion that takes 100% damage (which is brighter than other illusions) to make this easier.

Proximity Mines icon

  • In some offensive situations, such as when ganking a single target, Doppelganger can be used right away so the two illusions will begin spawning more illusions sooner through Juxtapose.

Phantom Rush [ | ]

  • Once Phantom Rush starts, Phantom Lancer will not stop until he either reaches the target, loses vision of the target, gets disabled, or is given a move command.
  • Be careful not to inadvertently initiate with Phantom Rush, or charge into a bad situation. Cancel the rush with a move command if necessary.
  • You may toggle Phantom Rush off in the laning stage to last hit reliably and preserve positioning of Phantom Lancer.

Surge icon

  • Phantom Lancer cannot be slowed during Phantom Rush. Use it to charge to and between enemies in teamfights, picking off supports and dying heroes.
  • At level 3, Phantom Rush has a longer cast range than Spirit Lance, making it a better initiation tool in some scenarios.
  • Early levels in Phantom Rush can be useful for a ganking or mid Phantom Lancer.
  • In some situations, Phantom Rush can be used as an escape tool, if there is an enemy target close enough for you to rush and far from the rest of the enemy team.
  • With talent, Phantom Rush becomes an extremely long ranged charge, allowing Phantom Lancer to run to any enemy during a teamfight, and chase down fleeing stragglers.
  • Mind the low cooldown of Phantom Rush at its highest level. Phantom Lancer wants to keep boosting his agility with Phantom Rush to increase his damage output when pushing, taking Roshan, or ganking.

Juxtapose [ | ]

Silver Edge icon

  • All illusions spawned through Juxtapose provide a fixed bounty of 5 gold and experience when they are destroyed. Though this is only a fraction of the average bounties from lane and jungle creeps, the large amount of illusions that can be spawned from Juxtapose can give opponents with area-of-effect and crowd control abilities a gold and experience advantage, especially in the early game when Phantom Lancer's stats is not high enough to allow his illusions to take a beating.
  • Juxtapose continues to produce illusions even when the enemy has activated Glyph of Fortification on their creeps. The large number of illusions may help Phantom Lancer deal a bit more damage on buildings.
  • More tips needed.

Items [ | ]

Starting items:

Tango icon

Early game:

Magic Wand icon

  • The mana burn damage is not affected by the illusions' attack damage penalty, therefore greatly increasing his damage output the more illusions are spawned.
  • The extra agility increases Phantom Lancer's as well as his illusions' attack damage and attack speed.
  • The active ability slows enemies, and combined with Phantom Rush, helps him and his illusions chase down enemies.

Manta Style icon

Situational items:

Vanguard icon

  • 3 Neutral Items

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Dota 2 Phantom Lancer Guide – Tips, Counters and More

Dota 2 Phantom Lancer Guide – Tips, Counters and More

This Dota 2 Phantom Lancer guide will give you tips and tricks on how to use it.

If you are looking for a late game carry that is incredibly hard to deal with, this Phantom Lancer Dota 2 guide is for you. Known as one of the strongest heroes in the game, PL is a hidden gem in almost any meta. However, the hero has a few weaknesses, which is why this guide will address everything people need to be aware of.

Phantom Lancer has 3.3 armor, 285 movement speed, and deals between 52-62 damage. Of course, this is a melee Agility hero that is almost always the team’s carry, but there are instances where the hero can be played as a mid-laner. Most people probably have a lot of questions, so let’s see what makes PL such an interesting option.

  • 1 Abilities
  • 3 Dota 2 Phantom Lancer Guide – Tips
  • 4 Phantom Lancer Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons
  • 5.1 Starting items
  • 5.2 Early game
  • 5.3 Mid game
  • 5.4 Late game
  • 6 Phantom Lancer Dota 2 counter 

Choosing the appropriate Phantom Lancer Dota 2 build can be incredibly important for your team because you will be its main weapon. That said, here’s more info about the skills you need to know.

  • Spirit Lance – This ability allows Phantom Lancer to deal up to 280 damage and slow down an enemy by 35% for 3.8s. Furthermore, the ability will spawn an illusion for up to 8s that deals 20% damage and takes 400% damage.
  • Doppelganger – After a 1s delay from using it, Phantom Lancer will appear with 2 illusions that last for 8s and deal 20% damage. This ability can be used to dodge certain spells from the enemy.
  • Phantom Rush – This passive ability allowed Phantom Lancer and his illusions to get 40 additional agility and rush to their target. The agility bonus lasts for 1.5s.
  • Juxtapose – This ultimately allows the hero a 50% chance to get an illusion. The illusion itself also has an 8% chance to trigger an illusion (the hero can have up to 10 in total. The illusions deal 22% damage.

Getting a Shard will allow you Juxtapose to be an active ability that makes PL invisible for 8s while also creating an illusion. During that time, the hero will get 15% extra MS. Ass for the Aghanim Scepter, the item will allow Spirit Dance to bounce twice on enemies and increases the ability’s damage and slow.

The Dota 2 Hero, Phantom Lancer, charges into battle with his spear and sword at the ready in the official splash art from Valve

Now that you know the abilities for your Phantom Lancer Dota 2 item build, it’s time to take a look at the talents.

  • Level 10 – +8 STR or +40 Spirit Lance Damage
  • Level 15 – Spirit Lance -2s Cooldow or Phantom Rush’s Agi bonus lasts +1.5s
  • Level 20 – Juxtapose gives +10% damage or Phantom Rus has +300 Range
  • Level 25 – The hero gets a 24% Critical Strike Chance or Doppelganger has -a 4s CD

Dota 2 Phantom Lancer Guide – Tips

As mentioned, the Dota 2 Phantom Lancer build you’ll go for is really important because it will determine how you’re playing. You are almost always going to be the team’s carry, so your main job is to farm and try to land a kill or two if possible. Even though PL is not the best killer early on, he can work well with supports that have some kind of disable.

A very important skill you need to master is how to dodge abilities with your Doppelganger. This can be incredibly useful, and you can make the life of your enemies a living hell, but it requires some practice.

Another thing to remember when reading the Dota 2 Phantom Lancer Reddit is that this hero has a lot of counters. He is not something you want to pick right away, but if the hero works in the given setup, he can single-handedly win the match for his team.

Generally speaking, PL can farm the lane and the side camps with his illusions, but you should not count on that early on. The illusions are not as strong as Naga’s, so they are usually there to distract your opponents.

Speaking of distracting someone, you can always use your Doppelganger and then grab an illusion and run with it to fool your enemies. This can work exceptionally well, but you need to know what you’re doing.

Phantom Lancer Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Phantom Lancer uses his illusions to overwhelm opponents

Whether you check the Phantom Lancer Dota 2 wiki or something else, you will see the hero has a lot of pros and cons, so here are the most important ones.

  • Hard to kill if you know what you’re doing
  • Incredibly difficult to play against if there are no counters
  • Extremely strong in the late-game
  • Can push pretty fast
  • The hero needs to be aware of counters
  • He does not farm as fast as other carries

Dota 2 Phantom Lancer Guide – Items

A quick look at Phantom Lancer Dota 2 pro tracker or the hero’s pub score reveals that people use specific items. There are a couple of solid options, so let’s take a look at them.

Starting items

Like all caries, PL needs stats and HP regen, but he may also go for a Quelling Blade.

PL’s Early Game items should include a Wraith Band, Magic Wand, and Boots of Speed/Power Treads

In a perfect scenario, Phantom Lancer’s mid game items include Diffusal Blade and Manta Style. That said, some players can only get Yasha because if his slow farming speed.

Phantom Lancer is a beast in the late game, so he should have Manta Style, Butterfly, Heart of Tarrasque, Satanic, Monkey King Bar, Abyssal Blade, and so on. Some people like going for the Radiance build, but it is not that effective.

Phantom Lancer Dota 2 counter 

When it comes down to the Dota 2 Phantom Lancer counter, there are a few heroes you should be aware of.

  • Earthshaker – His ultimate benefits from more units, making him highly effective against Phantom Lancer.
  • Axe – Axe can kill PL’s illusions in seconds, which allows him and his team to kill PL much faster.
  • Ember Spirit – Although this pick is slightly controversial, Ember’s glass-cannon build can be pretty good against PL.
  • Legion Commander – Overwhelming Odds is really strong against PL, and once LC duels him, the latter can’t do much.

Final Thoughts

In addition to everything we mentioned, the Dota 2 Phantom Lancer skins are also some of the best in the game. This hero offers a lot to players, and he has a pretty high skill cap, making him even more fun to play.


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