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Bombchu Bag

Bombchu Bag.png

The Bombchu Bag is an item in Phantom Hourglass . In order for Link to carry or buy Bombchus , he must obtain the Bombchu Bag from the Goron Temple . When Link obtains the bag, it will come with 10 Bombchus.

The first upgrade for the Bombchu Bag can be purchased at the Goron Island Shop for 1,000 Rupees . It will allow Link carry a maximum of 20 bombchus.

The last upgrade for the Bombchu Bag can be obtained on Dee Ess Island after completing the Goron Game . It will allow Link to carry a maximum of 30 bombchus.

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Bombchu Bag

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Bombchu Bags are items in Phantom Hourglass . [1]

  • 1 Location and Uses
  • 2 Nomenclature
  • 4 References

Location and Uses [ ]

The first Bombchu Bag is obtained when Link finds the Bombchus inside the Goron Temple . It allows him to carry up to 10 Bombchus . This Bombchu Bag does not appear in Link 's inventory and is instead represented by an icon of a Bombchu ; nonetheless it is required for purchasing or collecting Bombchus . [2] An upgraded Bombchu Bag can be bought at the Goron Island Shop for 1,000 Rupees . Another upgraded Bombchu Bag can be won by completing the Goron Game at Dee Ess Island in 35 seconds or less. Each upgraded Bag increased the capacity by 10 Bombchus and can be obtained in any order.

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Nomenclature [ ]

Gallery [ ].

Model of the upgraded Bombchu Bag

Model of the upgraded Bombchu Bag

Icon of the upgraded Bombchu Bag

Icon of the upgraded Bombchu Bag

  • ↑ Encyclopedia , Dark Horse Books, pg. 118 ( PH )
  • ↑ " I can't sell you Bombchus if you don't have a Bombchu bag. Sorry! " — Mi ( Phantom Hourglass )
  • 1 Zelda Timeline
  • 2 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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  • Items & Weapons

Throughout Link's adventure, he will come across a number of indispensable items that he cannot progress any further without. Such items are usually added to the Collections menu. Others are stored away in Link's bottomless traveler's pack. This section will discuss only those items that Link can equip or use and items whose purpose is not made blatantly clear in the game (i.e. Sidequest items).


Big catch lure.

Where: Old Wayfarer's Hut

How: Catch a Snappyjack, Toona and Loovar and show them to the Old Wayfarer.

What: Enables you to fish for bigger catches, such as the legendary Neptoona!

Where: Goron Temple

How: Required to beat the dungeon.

What: Shaped like mechanical mice, Bombchus are quite fun to use. It's primarily intended for hitting things from a distance, be it an out-of-reach switch or enemy personnel. When you select the Bombchu, the map of the area fills your touch-screen. From here you just plot out the path for the Bombchu to follow. When the Bombchu is deployed, it rolls along the predetermined path usually without fail until it finally detonates at the terminal point. Certain forms of obstructions such as enemies, rocks, etc. will cause the Bombchu to detonate before the reaching the intended target. The Bombchu is also great for recon purposes.

Bombchu Bag

Where: Any island shop or win from Dee Ess' Island's Goron game.

How: There's a little confusion about how these upgrades are attained. Basically, you can obtain the first upgrade with either method (buying it or winning it from the corresponding mini-game). After you've acquired the first upgrade, you must go by the second method of acquisition to receive the second upgrade. For example, if you satisfied the winning condition of the mini-game and won the first upgrade, then you must purchase the second upgrade from any island shop for 2,000 Rupees. As a side note, if you buy the first upgrade it will only be 1,000 Rupees instead of 2,000.

What: First upgrade holds 20 Bombchus; second holds up to 30 Bombchus.

Where: Temple of Wind

What: A mainstay of the Zelda series. Bombs are helpful in just generally blowing stuff up and blasting away breakable obstacles, such as boulders, worn blocks and weakened or fake walls. They can also be used for offensive purposes against immensely durable foes. When Link brings a Bomb overhead, he has a couple of seconds to decide where to toss it before he eats a mouthful of Bomb chunks. You begin with 10 Bombs. You can get bigger Bomb Bags to pack even more Bombs at a time.

Where: Any island shop or win from Bannan Island's Cannon game.

What: The first upgrade holds up to 20 Bombs; the second carries 30 Bombs.

Where: Temple of Fire

What: The Boomerang is the first supplementary weapon Link will acquire. Although it is acquired early in the game, the Boomerang proves that it is one of the sharpest tools in the shed by coming through for you time and time again. It is very functionally versatile with its uses ranging from defeating enemies from afar, stunning enemies, activating switches, scouting ahead, smashing objects, retrieving items, and so on and so forth—the list can continue on!

Where: Temple of Courage

What: You begin with a quiver holding at maximum 20 arrows. Archery is perhaps one of Link's strong points, so he has little difficulty taking advantage of this utility. The Bow is designed mainly to hit those eye crests simply because these ornate crests that resemble eyeballs respond only to arrows. While the Bow remains a useful tool for hitting switches from a great distance, the line of fire is greatly limited when you want to shoot at something off-screen. At times like these, you just need to estimate where the target will be and release the arrow (or not at all).

Cyclone Slate

Where: Uncharted Island

How: Solve the island's riddle and then speak with Cylos

What: The Cyclone Slate gives you the ability to command cyclones that function as some kind of portal of sorts, so long as you possess the symbol from the golden frog of that area. Throughout the Great Sea, you will encounter golden frogs that playfully leap about in the water. Time their leaps carefully and blast these things dead-on with the cannon, after which they applaud you on the accomplishment and give you a symbol. Draw this symbol on the slate to be warped to that point.

Fishing Rod

Where: Bannan Island

How: Help bring the mermaid to the Old Wayfarer (what a pervert).

What: Allows Link to fish at certain fishing spots. More details on this in the Sidequest section.

Where: Mutoh's Temple

What: This heavy-hitting weapon is truly something of awesome proportions. The Hammer is further rocketed toward the title of "Bestest Weapon In the Game" due to the fact that your little fairy friend actually carries it for you and could thus deal a torrent of indescribable pain upon distanced enemies or objects. After all, it's about time Ciela helped more than by just being a smart-mouthed, fluttering ball of light. Although the Hammer comes quite late in the game, it is a welcoming addition to Link's collection of stuff-that-owns. The massive Hammer is incredibly powerful and only grows more in strength and size if you simply take it out, press and hold down on the stylus, and then wait for the Hammer to balloon to twice its size! Now you're really ready to bring on the pain. It is most useful for pounding rusty switches, knobs on launch pads and grinding many of the foul villains to dust.

Guard Notebook

Where: Traveler's Ship in Southeastern Sea

How: This is part of a fairly long sidequest. You must trade a Ho Ho (sailors onboard the Traveler's Ship in the Southeastern Sea) the telescope for this item.

What: The notebook is Nyave's lost jewel. Trade the defender of the Southwestern Sea for the Wood Heart.

Grappling Hook

Where: Temple of Ice

What: The Grappling Hook basically does what the Boomerang can do and more! The difference is the Hook is incapable of traveling along a preplanned flight path like the Boomerang does. Ignoring that fact though, you can be sure the Grappling Hook will be used with much regularity since it can pull Link across great distances, retrieve items, smash objects, create tightropes, defeating enemies, etc. The functions of the Grappling Hook mainly focus on its ability to carry Link over long distances or gaps. You can tie a rope between two wooden pegs, creating a walkable tightrope, latch onto heavy objects (chests, torches, pegs), soaring over gaps, and form a giant-sized slingshot with which to launch Link onto tall ledges.

Hero's New Clothes

Where: Traveler's Ship in the Northeastern Sea

How: Rescue the Man of Smiles and speak with him.

What: A snazzy new outfit befitting of a hero! Give these to the self-proclaimed hero onboard the Traveler's Ship in the Northwestern Sea to receive the next tradable item.

Jolene's Letter

Where: Any mailbox

How: You get this in the mailbox soon after you first meet Jolene.

What: The postman messed up and delivered the letter to the wrong person. Not wanting to deal with his own mistake, he leaves the task of making sure the letter finds the correct recipient up to you. Deliver the letter to Jolene's sister (the mermaid) on Bannan Island.

Prize Postcard

Where: Traveler's Ship in Northeastern Sea

How: After receiving the Hero's New Clothes and treasure map from the Man of Smiles, speak to him once more after completing the entire trading sequence.

What: Slip this in any island postbox. You will receive random treasures and ship parts in the mail.

Purple Potion

Where: Found in chests or bought from shops

How: The pricing on this health elixir varies from shop to shop.

What: A failsafe that replenishes eight hearts worth of health instantly and automatically kicks into effect after Link has fallen. This means Link can run out of health only to be instantly rejuvenated with a quick swig of the good stuff. Whew!

Where: Any island shop or set high score at Romanos' mini-game

What: First quiver upgrade increases the capacity to 30, and the second to 50 arrows.

Where: Found in chests or bought from shops.

What: This health restorative gives back six hearts worth of health. Must be manually selected and used before every ounce of energy is drained from Link.

Swordsman's Scroll

How: After a long chain of gift-giving, you receive this from the Old Wayfarer after giving him the Wood Heart.

What: A special scroll that teaches Link a new spin attack.

Where: Molida Island cave, in the Wayfarer's first hideout

How: Find the hideout by bombing through the wall and open the chest inside.

What: The Shovel may be the only equippable item in the game that fails to fulfill any other purpose other than what it was designed for. It carries the mundane purpose of digging up patches of soft earth and filling in a hole. Still the Shovel is vitally important to making progress in the game possible. Aside from uprooting obvious dig spots, you can dig anywhere in the ground, and you may possibly stumble upon a surprising find!

Where: Traveler's Ship in Northwestern Sea

How: Received from the mighty hero after presenting him Hero's New Clothes.

What: Give this to a Ho Ho (found on the Traveler's Ship in the Southeastern Sea) in exchange for the Guard Notebook.

Where: Found randomly in chests, stores, etc.

How: Open a chest, buy from a store, or receive as a gift.

What: Shiny collectibles that are to be sold for extra Rupees. And nothing else. See the Appendix section for some more details.

Where: Traveler's Ship in Southwestern Sea

How: Recover the lost Guard Notebook for the brave Nyave.

What: This is to be given to the Old Wayfarer onboard his own Traveler's Ship at Bannan Island.

Wooden Shield

Where: Mercay Island shop or Goron Island shop

How: Buy for 80 Rupees.

What: The classic shield bearing the Triforce symbol requires no special efforts to attain. Simply purchase it from the Mercay Island shop early in the game, and it should stand with you through thick and thin for the remainder of the game (unless a Like Like swallows it whole). When Link unsheathes his sword, he will instinctively use the shield to repel frontal attacks from smaller, weak projectiles and enemies. The poor lad can't block everything, so survival is mostly dependent on killing things skillfully and quickly.

Yellow Potion

How: Buy from Goron Island shop for 150 Rupees.

What: Completely restores all of Link's health after ingestion. Must be manually selected and used before he falls.

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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Where is the bomb bag in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

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You may not be there yet, but the Bomb Bag is the second dungeon's main item (The Temple of Wind).

One is to be bought at Beedle's Ship. The other one is to be won by playing the cannon minigame on bannan island. Get 2500 points or more and you will be awarded your final bomb bag.

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How do you get a bomb bag on Zelda the phantom hourglass?

You get it in the Wind Temple.

How do you get a bomb bag on Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

im pretty sure you have to buy it

Where is the bomb bag in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

you find it in the temple on the "isl of gust" good luck

How do you obtain a bomb bag in The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

When you dont have a bomb bag you cant carry bombs. to get a bomb bag go to the temple of wind and there is a treasure chest somewhere in there.

Where do you get the bombchu bag for Zelda phantom hourglass?

goron temple

In Zelda the phantom hourglass how can you crawl through the small holes in the wall?

you cant there might be a secret entrance that you throw a bomb at.[the bomb bag is from the island of gust]

Where is the bombchu bag in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

the bombuchu bag is on goron island

Where do you get the Bombchu bag in the temple in Zelda Phantom Hourglass in the temple?

there is no bombachu bag in the temple.

How do you bomb the cave to unlock tag mode in phantom hourglass?

you must get a bomb bag

Where is the bombchu bag on goron island in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

In the temple


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Phantom Hourglass Items

  • Heart Containers
  • Overworld Map
  • Sand of Hours

This is a list of items that are found in Phantom Hourglass . Each of these items are listed by the time you can acquire them in the game as well as grouping similar item.

Quest Items:

Trade side quest items:, quadrant charts:, content from the concealed gaming network.

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Bomb Bags are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series . [3] [4]

  • 1.1 Ocarina of Time
  • 1.2 Majora's Mask
  • 1.3 Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages
  • 1.4 The Wind Waker
  • 1.5 The Minish Cap
  • 1.6 Twilight Princess
  • 1.7 Phantom Hourglass
  • 1.8 Spirit Tracks
  • 1.9 Skyward Sword
  • 3 Nomenclature
  • 7 References

Location and Uses

Bomb Bags are satchels in which Link can carry Bombs . They are often obtained as a Dungeon Items that give Link access to Bombs and allow him to continue his quest, [5] though in some cases, the Bombs themselves are treated as Link 's essential Item , [6] while the Bomb Bag they come with is either shown in his inventory or merely alluded to. [7]

Upgrades to the Bomb Bag , which increase the amount of Bombs they can carry, are quite commonplace across Link 's adventures. Most games featuring the Item also have several subsequent Bomb Bags for Link to discover, which act as upgrades to the initial Bomb Bag and can usually be collected in any order. [8] [9]

In earlier games, such as The Legend of Zelda , A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening , Bombs are available to be found or purchased without the need for a Bomb Bag , as they are not tied to Link 's progression. Link 's Bomb capacity can still be increased by the blessings of other characters, such as the Old Man , Venus , and the Mad Batter , respectively. [10]

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time , the Bomb Bag is the Dungeon Item of Dodongo's Cavern . Two upgrades, called the Big Bomb Bag and the Biggest Bomb Bag , can be obtained in any order.

Majora's Mask

The Bomb Bag in Majora's Mask can be purchased from the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town for 50 Rupees . If Link saves the Old Lady from Sakon 's attack during the night of the First Day , then the Big Bomb Bag will replace the regular Bomb Bag in the Bomb Shop 's stock; otherwise, it will appear for sale at the Curiosity Shop on the night of the Final Day for a higher price. The Big Bomb Bag can be purchased without owning the regular Bomb Bag first.

The Business Scrub in Goron Village will sell the Biggest Bomb Bag to Goron Link for 200 Rupees , as long as Link trades in his Big Bomb Bag . [11] Otherwise, the Biggest Bomb Bag sells for 1,000 Rupees , which is more than Link can carry at any given time. [12]

Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages

In both Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages , the existence of a Bomb Bag is only alluded to when acquiring an upgrade to Link 's Bomb capacity.

In Oracle of Seasons , after obtaining Bombs in the Gnarled Root Dungeon , Link can purchase a Big Bomb Bag at the Subrosia Market . [13] Despite the Item 's name, the upgrade is represented by a red Bomb which immediately explodes all around Link , magically granting an increase in the number of Bombs he can carry.

Another Bomb Bag upgrade can be obtained through the use of Linking Secrets . If Link has defeated Onox and begun a Linked Game of Oracle of Ages , he will eventually meet a young girl at the South Shore who asks him to pass on her "lucky" secret to an unlucky person in Holodrum , [14] hinting that she refers to a Piratian . [15] Back in Oracle of Seasons , if Link tells this Secret to one of the remaining Piratians in the House of Pirates , he will be rewarded with an increased Bomb Bag capacity—but only if he possesses the "lucky" number of 777 Ore Chunks . [16] If Link 's adventure in Oracle of Seasons is the Linked Game instead, he can meet a friendly Moblin in the Great Moblin's Ruined Keep who tells him a Secret related to the Tokay people. [17] [18] Passing on this Linking Secret to the Wild Tokay Museum curator in Oracle of Ages will inspire him to revive the Wild Tokay ceremony. [19] For completing the Mini-Game , he rewards Link with a Bomb Bag capacity upgrade and another Secret to access the upgrade in Holodrum . [20] Back in Oracle of Seasons , Link can tell this Secret to Farore to receive the upgrade in that game.

In Oracle of Ages , Link first gains Bombs as his reward for bringing Mystical Seeds to Queen Ambi . [21] He is later granted an increase in Bomb -carrying capacity by a Fairy met on Talus Peaks , who also fills his Bomb Bag . [22] However, it is unclear if this refers to an already-existing Bomb Bag , or one given to him by the Fairy .

Accessing the Bomb Bag upgrades through Linking Secrets is done in the reverse order as in Oracle of Seasons . If Link has defeated Veran and begun a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons , he will receive the Tokay Secret and be able to earn the upgrade from the Wild Tokay Mini-Game in Oracle of Ages . If his adventure in Oracle of Ages is the Linked Game instead, he will receive the Pirate Secret and be able to earn the upgrade in Oracle of Seasons , along with a Linking Secret to bring back to Farore in Oracle of Ages .

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker , no Bomb Bag is mentioned or shown on the Collection Screen when Link acquires Bombs by completing Niko 's challenge below the deck of Tetra's Ship . However, when receiving capacity upgrades from two of the Great Fairies , the upgrades are represented onscreen by Link holding Bomb Bags above his head. The upgrades can be obtained in any order, with the second upgrade appearing as a larger Bomb Bag .

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap , a Bomb Bag is given to Link by the Forest Picori Belari after completing Deepwood Shrine , as a means to clear the Rocks blocking the path back to Hyrule Town . [23] [24] Three upgrades to the Bomb Bag , all referred to as Big Bomb Bags , [25] can be obtained in any order.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess , instead of Link upgrading his Bomb Bag to be larger and larger, he can collect multiple Bomb Bags in his inventory. Each Bomb Bag can only hold one type of Bomb at a time, so collecting extra Bags gives Link not just extra carrying capacity, but the ability to hold more varieties of explosives as well.

Obtaining the Giant Bomb Bag doubles the carrying capacity of all of Link 's Bomb Bags , though the Giant Bomb Bag itself does not appear in the Collection Screen .

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass , Link 's first Bomb Bag is obtained along with the Bombs in the Temple of Wind . [26] This Bomb Bag does not appear in the Collection Screen screen, instead being represented by simply a Bomb , until he obtains either of the Bomb Bag upgrades.

Spirit Tracks

With Bombs being optional Items in Spirit Tracks , Link can gain access to the explosives by acquiring any of the three Bomb Bags found throughout Hyrule . The two subsequent Bomb Bags will then act as upgrades, called the Medium Bomb Bag and the Big Bomb Bag in the order they are obtained.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword , there are no traditional Bombs at all. After acquiring the Bomb Bag in the Earth Temple , Link is able to store Bomb Flowers and use them at will, giving him the same abilities as Bombs . In addition, Small Bomb Bag are in unlimited supply; after completing the Earth Temple , Link can purchase as many Small Bomb Bags as he can carry, though only those he stores in the Adventure Pouch will contribute to his Bomb capacity.

Each Small Bomb Bag can be upgraded at the Scrap Shop to store up to 15 extra Bombs . With up to eight spots in the Adventure Pouch , this gives Link a maximum capacity of 130 Bombs , provided that he equips no other Items .

  • In Ocarina of Time , the Bomb Bag is made from a Dodongo 's stomach. [5] This may have influenced the design of the Giant Bomb Bag in Twilight Princess .


  • In The Minish Cap , the Great Mayfly Fairy asks Link if he threw a golden Bomb or a silver Bomb into her spring, and rewards him with a Big Bomb Bag for his honesty. This scene was recreated from a near-identical scene in Oracle of Ages , which in turn was likely based on an ancient Greek fabled known as The Honest Woodcutter .


  • Names in Other Regions Language Names Meanings Japanese ボム袋 ( Bomubukuro ) ( OoT ) [32] Same as English. French CA Sac de bombes ( ST ) [36]

Big Bomb Bag from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

Big Bomb Bag from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

Biggest Bomb Bag from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

Biggest Bomb Bag from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask

Bomb Bags from Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D

Bomb Bags from Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D

Big Bomb Bag from Majora's Mask 3D

Big Bomb Bag from Majora's Mask 3D

Giant Bomb Bag from Twilight Princess

Giant Bomb Bag from Twilight Princess

Medium Bomb Bag from Spirit Tracks

Medium Bomb Bag from Spirit Tracks

Big Bomb Bag from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

Big Bomb Bag from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

Bomb Bag from Cadence of Hyrule

Bomb Bag from Cadence of Hyrule

  • Bombchu Bag
  • Giant Bomb Bag
  • Large Bomb Bag
  • Medium Bomb Bag
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  • ↑ " ¡Has coneguido bombas y un saco de bombas con capacidad para diez! " — N/A ( Spirit Tracks )
  • ↑ " Sac de bombes  : 500 rubis C'est pour transporter plus de bombes ! Dernier du lot! " — Beedle ( Spirit Tracks )
  • ↑ " Vous avez obtenu des bombes ! Le sac à bombes en contient jusqu'à 10. " — N/A ( Spirit Tracks )
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  1. Bombchu

    bombchu bag phantom hourglass

  2. Bombchu

    bombchu bag phantom hourglass

  3. Bombchu

    bombchu bag phantom hourglass

  4. Bombchu

    bombchu bag phantom hourglass

  5. Zeldapedia

    bombchu bag phantom hourglass

  6. BLIND Let's Play Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    bombchu bag phantom hourglass


  1. Balenciaga Hourglass Bag Graffiti replica bags

  2. THEY ADDED BOMBCHU BOWLING (Ocarina Of Time Master Quest Part 17)

  3. balenciaga hourglass bag large

  4. Smash Attack Mewtwo near Lylat Cruise picking up Flipper _ Ultimate🦈🎟

  5. New Goht Battle Strategy

  6. First Phantom


  1. Bombchu Bag

    The Bombchu Bag is an item in Phantom Hourglass. In order for Link to carry or buy Bombchus, he must obtain the Bombchu Bag from the Goron

  2. Bombchu Bag

    Bombchu Bags are items in Phantom Hourglass. The first Bombchu Bag is obtained when Link finds the Bombchus inside the Goron Temple.

  3. Where can I find the Bombchu Bag?

    Answers · I think you buy it at one of the little tepee shops scattered about at either the Goron place or the hometown. · You have to bomb an opening in the maze

  4. How to get the bombchu bag

    You get the Bombchu bag inside the Goron Temple, but you don't need Bombchus to get through the maze. There's a bombable wall in the maze with no crack in it.

  5. Items & Weapons

    Bombchu Bag. Where: Any island shop or win from Dee Ess' Island's Goron game. How: There's a little confusion

  6. How to get the chu bombs bag in Legend of Zelda: Phantom

    According to zeldawiki.org, you can obtain it by either finding it in a treasure chest at the Goron Island Dungeon or completing the Cannon

  7. Where is the bomb bag in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

    Where is the bombchu bag on goron island in the legend of Zelda phantom hourglass? In the temple

  8. Phantom Hourglass Items

    Weapons: ; Big Bombchu Bag, Goron Island Shop, After the Goron Temple, Bombchus; 1,000 Rupees to buy ; Biggest Bombchu Bag, DeeEss Island, After the Temple of Ice

  9. where can I find the bag for the mice bombs?

    » Forum » Nintendo DS Games » Action » The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass ... bombchu you do after the temple. medusita; Apr 1, 09 at 10:31pm

  10. location of bombchu bag

    Where is the location of the bombchu bag, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Questions and answers, Nintendo DS.

  11. Bomb Bag

    Big Bomb Bag from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Big Bomb Bag ... Bombchu Bag · Giant Bomb Bag · Large Bomb Bag · Medium Bomb Bag. Notes