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Danny Phantom: Splitting Images Credits

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Opening Credits [ ]

  • Danny Phantom
  • Created by: Butch Hartman
  • Story by: Butch Hartman, Steve Marmel
  • Written by: Marty Isenberg
  • Storyboard by: Erik Wiese, Chris Graham, Ray Angrum, Lane Lueras
  • Art Direction: Bob Boyle
  • Music by: Guy Moon
  • Special Guest: Peter MacNicol as Poindexter
  • Directed by: Wincat Alcala, Richard Bowman, Butch Hartman

Ending Credits [ ]

  • Executive Producer: Butch Hartman
  • Producers: Bob Boyle, Steve Marmel
  • Line Producer: Deidre Brenner
  • Story Editor: Steve Marmel
  • Production Manager: Anna States
  • Production Assistants: Noeli Rosas, Jack Kinman
  • Script Coordinators: Cynthia True, Kevin Sullivan
  • Executive Assistant: Austin Block
  • Developed by: Steve Marmel
  • Danny Phantom Theme Song by: Guy Moon and Butch Hartman
  • Danny Phantom Theme Song Performed by: Deric Battiste and Guy Moon
  • Character Designers: Ben Balistreri, Stephen Silver
  • Layout Designers: Steve Meyers, Jonathan Pyun
  • Prop Designers: Joel Fajnor, Amber Lee Hardin
  • Lead Cleanup Artist: Ray Leong
  • Model and Layout Cleanup: Matt Holtz, Isaac Marzioli, Andre Nieves, Donna Zeller, Dave Manners, Jose Hernandez
  • Storyboard Revisions: Chris Graham, Sam Bullock, Edemer Santos, Monica Tomova
  • Background Painters: George Taylor, Honore Gauthier
  • Color Key Stylists: Christina Long, Craig Cuqro
  • Sheet Timers: Michelle Bryan, Juli Hashiguchi
  • Final Checker: Kathy Gilmore
  • Recording Engineer: Justin Brinsfield
  • Assistant Recording Engineer: Mishelle Smith
  • Danny, Greaser - David Kaufman
  • Tucker Foley - Rickey Collins
  • Sam, Poodle Skirt Girl - Grey Delisle
  • Jack Fenton, Box Ghost - Rob Paulsen
  • Maddie Fenton - Kath Soucie
  • Dash, Dale - Scott Bullock
  • Jazz Fenton - Colleen O'Shaughnessey
  • Mr. Lancer - Ron Perlman
  • Paulina - Maria Canals
  • Kwan - Dat Phan
  • Band Kid, Punk - Dee Baker
  • Poindexter - Peter MacNicol
  • Casting Supervisors: Cara Newman Ruyle, Maryanne Dacey
  • Dialogue Editor: Matt Corey
  • Picture Editor: Otto Ferrene
  • Post Production Supervisor: Athena Lobit
  • Director of Post Production: Jason Stiff
  • Post Production Coordinator: Molly Maldonado
  • Additional Post Production Services: Andre Boutilier, Justin Smith
  • Post Production Sound Services: Advantage Audio, Inc.
  • Sound Effects Editor: Robert Poole II
  • Foley Artist: Phyllis Ginter
  • Foley Mixer: Marilyn Graf
  • Re-Recording Mixers: Ray Leonard, Michael Beiriger
  • Digital Audio Transfer: J. Lampinen
  • Post Production Services: Modern Videofilm
  • Telecine Colorist: Dan Judy
  • Animation Production Services: Rough Draft Animation Studio
  • Special Thanks to: Margie Cohn, Alison Dexter, Albie Hecht, Kevin Kay, Roland Poindexter, Herb Scannell, Mark Taylor, Cyma Zarghami
  • Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon: Rich Magallanes
  • Billionford Inc.
  • "Danny Phantom" and all related logos, titles and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.
  • (C) 2003 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  • 2 Dolby Digital/Credits Variants
  • 3 RKO Radio Pictures

Danny Phantom Credits

danny phantom end credits

Hungarian Credits

danny phantom end credits

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Danny Phantom (film)/Credits

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  • 1 Opening Credits
  • 2.1                                                                                  Cast
  • 2.2                                                                      Additional Voices
  • 2.3                                                                                Story
  • 2.4                                                                                 Art Department
  • 2.5                                                                                 Layout
  • 2.6                                                                                 Animation
  • 2.7                                                                                 Visual Effects
  • 2.8                                                                                 Background
  • 2.9                                                                                 Editorial
  • 2.10                                                                                 Camera
  • 2.11                                                                                 Production
  • 2.12                                                                                 Animation Production
  • 2.13                                                                                 Music
  • 2.14.1                                                                                    Post Production
  • 2.14.2                                                                                            Sound
  • 2.15                                      Nickelodeon Animation Feature Studio Suppret Staff

Opening Credits [ ]

Paramount Pictures in 2013

Paramount Pictures Presents A Nickelodeon Movies Production In Association with Billionfold Inc.

A Steve Marmel film

Danny Phantom

David Kaufman

Grey Griffin

Rickey D'Shon Collins

Rob Paulsen

Kath Soucie

Colleen Villard

with June Angela Dee Bradley Baker Marie Canals Barrera Eric Bauza Kimberly Brooks S. Scott Bullock Aimee Carrero Peri Gilpin Mark Hamill Phil LaMarr Jason Marsden Phil Morris Laraine Neuman Ron Perlman Chynna Phillips Fred Tatasciore James Sie Tara Strong Cree Summer Mae Whitman

Eric Roberts as Dan Phantom

Based on the series created by Butch Hartman

Music by J. Peter Robinson & Brian Tyler

Theme Music by Guy Moon

Screenplay by Butch Hartman and Steve Marmel

Character Designs by Ben Balistreri and Stephen Silver

Art Direction by Bob Boyle

Produced by Bob Boyle and Steve Marmel

Executive Produced by Butch Hartman

Directed by Steve Marmel

Closing Credits [ ]

                                                                                 cast [ ],                                                                      additional voices [ ],                                                                                story [ ].

                                                                                            Story Artists

                                                                                Art Department [ ]

                                                                                layout [ ],                                                                                 animation [ ],                                                                                 visual effects [ ],                                                                                 background [ ],                                                                                 editorial [ ],                                                                                 camera [ ],                                                                                 production [ ],                                                                                 animation production [ ].

Rough Draft Animation Studio

                                                                                Music [ ]

                                                                          technology [ ].

                                                                                        Technology Suppret

                                                                                   Post Production [ ]

                                                                                           sound [ ],                                      nickelodeon animation feature studio suppret staff [ ].

Soundtrack Available On Sony Classical

Sony Classical logo variant 1983-2013

No ghosts were harmed during production of this animated movie.

Dolby Atmos logo

 MPAA No. 7543787

MPAA logo (recovered copy)

© 2017 Paramount Pictures Corporation and Viacom International, Inc. All Right Reserved

All material is protected by copyright laws of the United States, countries throughout the world. All rights reserved. Country of First Publication: the author of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws.

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