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Fanfic / Danny Phantom Vs The Paranormal

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A collection of post-series Danny Phantom fanfic created by NeoMark .

Based on a series of posters in which Danny battles non-ghostly entities, which occurred due to NeoMark being a fan of Bedtime Stories (YouTube Channel) , the series is set after Phantom Planet , where Danny, in a story where he keeps his secret identity, comes across other paranormal creatures and finds himself tangled in whatever evil schemes they're in.

This series contains examples of:

  • In Kentucky Goblins , he accidentally kisses Sally May.
  • In Wendigo , he accidentally kisses Ember.
  • Slightly subverted in Wendigo . When visiting a town close to Canada, he tries flirting with three different girls to take his mind off things. His first attempt goes so bad due to his weakness around unfamiliar girls that she rejects him immediately. His second attempt goes better but she says she prefers blonds . The third girl thinks he�s cute though.
  • Outside-Context Problem : The series has Danny dealing with non-ghostly threats.
  • Abhorrent Admirer : Sally May is smitten with Danny, ignoring that he has a girlfriend. While she's very pretty, Danny is uncomfortable with her being so clingy.
  • While Sam�s flaws have been more prominent in NeoMark's stories, this version of her really drives it home. She is portrayed as a rather controlling girlfriend who is uncompromising and makes Danny do what SHE wants all the time, including forcing him to go vegetarian, among other things. At the end, however, Sam admits she wasn't trying to be controlling, she was just overzealous in sharing what she loves with Danny in hopes he'll feel the same way.
  • Though Aunt Alicia only appeared in one episode where she openly disapproves of Jack and Maddie's marriage too, she had understandable reasons such as Jack's foolishness, obsession with ghost hunting causing him to neglect her (the conflict of the B-Plot was him forgetting their anniversary for the 15th year in a row) and forgetfulness. Aside from that, she respects Maddie's intelligence and it is hinted (by Maddie arranging to have her Alicia's ex-husband in a dunk tank at least) she might have had legitimate grievances with her ex-husband. She also argued with her sister that being single and independent is better than being married to someone who causes her grief. Here, Alicia's main reason for opposing Maddie's marriage is because she, like the rest of their family, hates the idea of Maddie being married to a city-person, and though she still thinks Jack is a fool and resents him for his ghost-hunting (while still thinking ghosts don't exist), those seem to just be additional reasons. Also, rather than argue that Maddie would be happier being single, her argument is that she should have married Vlad Masters. Even after Maddie tells her he was a sociopath who saw her as a trophy , Alicia still insists, not because she thinks Maddie would be happier but because she would prefer that her sister be married to someone who's rich and has a place in the country. It's also stated that Alicia's marriage didn't work out because of her unwillingness to compromise and she shows nothing but disdain to Maddie's children as well as Jack. Overall, she is portrayed as being completely unreasonable, spiteful and incredibly stubborn.
  • All-Loving Hero : Sam refuses to kill or hurt any living creature, even animals or aliens. Unfortunately, this bites her later.
  • Sam opposed the Fentons' idea to create a small fire to scare the aliens off to avoid depriving animals of their homes. However, the actions she took afterwards resulted in a full-blown forest fire that they needed help to control.
  • Near the end of the story, Zeb and Zeke, while working together to put out a fire, realize their fighting these last few decades have been pointless.
  • Aliens Are Bastards : The Kentucky Goblins didn't originally come to Earth to invade but they want to experiment on humans, considering themselves superior. However, they decide to invade and attack out of resentment towards Earth.
  • An Aesop : A refusal to compromise, no matter how morally right you may be, is not admirable when it interferes with something important or endangers others, especially when the people involved are those closest to you. Sometimes, compromise is necessary.
  • Danielle stops trying to be nice to Alicia when she says Maddie should have married Vlad. After everything he�s done to them, saying nice things about Vlad Masters is a good way to get all the Fentons to turn on you.
  • Maddie, who has put up with her family's (mainly Alicia�s) criticisms towards her husband, twists Alicia�s arm after her sister suggests that she spank Danielle after the incident above.
  • Alicia hates being called �bitter�. Even though she is...
  • Sally Mae settles for being friends with Danny. That said, she still has a soft spot for him.
  • Danny and Sam at the end, deciding they aren't truly ready for a romantic relationship.
  • Blackmail : Maddie gets Virginia (and by extension the rest of their family) to help them put out the forest fire by threatening to tell the police that she puts cold serum in her moonshine.
  • Book Dumb : Danny couldn�t tell if an explosion that could reach 200 miles was BAD or not. Maddie : Pay more attention in class.
  • Calling the Old Man Out : Danielle snaps at all the McKirks for their treatment of Jack and not respecting Maddie�s choices. They brush her off for being a child (Alicia even calls her a brat) and a Fenton.
  • Cassandra Truth : When Alicia says that Maddie should have Married Vlad, both Maddie and Danielle try telling her that he was a sociopath who would have treated Maddie like a trophy, was a horrible person, and would sooner have bought their family land and kick them out than try to get along with them like Jack does. She brushes it off as Danielle being a brat and Maddie being unreasonable.
  • Central Theme : Compromise and how the refusal to do so isn't always a good thing. A recurring problem that most of the characters besides Danny, his immediate family, Sally May and Tucker have is that they are stubborn and refuse to compromise, which damages their relationships with those around them. The Goblins themselves refuse to compromise their resentment towards Earth and reject any peaceful solutions.
  • Children Are Innocent : Danielle doesn�t know what moonshine is and Alicia refrains from telling her she was drunk during the Disasteroid incident by claiming that she was out cold from drinking soda.

danny phantom fanfiction danny self harm vlad

  • Crippling Overspecialization : As it turns out, Danny is very knowledgeable on alien encounters, theories and sightings. Not only is he the most knowledgeable on the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, he's also familiar with the alien encounters in Varginha, right down to getting the pronunciation of the name right. This is not a case of Brilliant, but Lazy , as Danny states fighting ghosts gives him little time for schoolwork. Still, this is the first time in his life of fighting ghosts that his knowledge of aliens and the theories behind them that no one else knew of before is put to actual use.
  • Culture Clash : None of Maddie�s country-bumpkin family like city-folk and hate that she married Jack (ghost hunting aside) because he "took" her to the city. Though rather than accept that Maddie wanted to live in the city, they tell themselves that Jack corrupted her.
  • Dark and Troubled Past : The McKirk clan in general are incredibly petty, vindictive, spiteful, xenophobic, stubborn and arrogant but Alicia is extra "bitter" because of her failed marriage. However, the reason Alicia's marriage didn't work out is because she was uncompromising with her husband and only let things get done her way. Rather than acknowledge that, she acts like it was all her ex-husband's fault and continues to be this way with her sister Maddie. Not to mention taking it out on those around her, especially her sister's children.
  • Alicia is extremely rude, not just to Jack, but also Maddie�s children because they are also Jack's , and doesn�t see why her sister takes reasonable offense to that.

danny phantom fanfiction danny self harm vlad

  • Entitled Bitch : Alicia is nothing but rude, dismissive and spiteful to her Fenton nieces and nephew but she demands that they be respectful to her and calls them brats that need spankings if they aren't.
  • Alicia is indifferent at best to Danielle, but she refrains from mentioning alcohol around her due to her age.
  • While Virginia also dislikes Jack and city people, she encourages her children to at least be nice to Danny and Jazz since they are still Maddie�s kids.
  • Despite not liking city people and the McKirk (plus their extended relatives), Zed Jr helps get Danny and his friends and sisters to safety when the goblins attack.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good : More like stubborn. Alicia routinely demeans Jack and outright tells her sister she should have married another man IN FRONT of said couple's daughter, then calls Danielle a brat and blames her Fenton genes when she justifiably lashes out at Alicia for it. She also cannot see why Maddie would prefer Jack (who for all his faults, loves her and treats her like a person) over Vlad (who is a sociopath who only saw her as a trophy) because he�s rich. Even if she knew of Vlad's other faults and actions, Alicia still wouldn�t care as long as he kept Maddie away from the city. Most of Maddie�s other relatives aren�t any better.
  • The Goblins have no issue with bringing an invading fleet to Earth just out of spite for being stuck on it for years.
  • The McKirks are pretty spiteful towards those they don�t like, including Jack and the Hackfords, to the point of being completely unreasonable. Near the end of the story, some even refuse to help the Fentons put out a fire that is going to destroy their homes because they assume it�s Jack's fault (even snickering when Alicia suggests it is) and Maddie has to blackmail them into helping. Alicia, Cletus and Virginia are the worst.
  • Evil Laugh : It turns out the high-pitched hiss the Goblins give is a form of laughter.
  • Expy : Sally May Hackford was based on a human version of Applejack from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Sadie-Mae Scroogins from Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers .
  • Sam's refusal to compromise and stubbornness get her captured by the aliens when she attempts to reason with them on her own out of refusal to go along with everyone else�s plan.
  • Alicia has the same fault, as well as her arrogance and bitterness. It ruined her marriage but rather than accept her faults, she just became bitter and she spends most of the story unintentionally driving her sister away by continuing to show nothing but contempt to her family, still refusing to see that it's her own fault.
  • Feuding Families : The McKirks and the Hackfords, with names based on the [McCoys and the Hattfields, an iconic feud that lasted years.
  • Freudian Excuse : Sam is pushy and tries to make people conform to her ideas because of her own pushy parents who tried to make her conform to theirs.
  • The author took Sam�s statement at the end of the finale �I�m no pushover, I�m doing things my way� and expanded it, making her very stubborn and uncompromising.
  • Alicia can be considered a victim of this. In canon, she disapproved of Jack because he constantly neglected Maddie (forgetting their anniversary 15 years in a row) due to his ghost hunting obsession (never mind her not believing they exist at the time). She was still nice enough to give Jack vaseline after being injured (albeit begrudgingly) and genuinely wanted what was best for her sister. Here, though she still thinks Jack is a fool for believing in ghosts, Alicia mainly opposes his and Maddie�s marriage because he�s city-folk. Her �bitter obnoxious-in-law character� qualities are played up, making her completely unpleasant even towards Maddie�s kids and caring more about her sister doing what SHE wants than anything else.
  • Zeke and Zeb Sr finally put aside their decades-long grudge while helping put out a literal fire.
  • Zig-zagged with most of the family. They were initially reluctant to help Jack put out the fire (because they automatically assumed it was his fault) and Maddie had to blackmail them into helping. However, once the fire is out and Jack and Maddie return with all of the items that the aliens stole, most of them (bar Alicia, Virginia and Cletus) happily agree with Maddie, Zeke and Betty-Jo to help unload the items from his van while Jack rests. Alicia seems to think (and hates) in the second to last chapter that most of her family likes Jack now for his recent actions.
  • Averted with Alicia, Cletus and Virginia who go right back to being rude to Jack once the fire is out. They insult his weight when he returns with their stuff and have to be forced into helping unload the items. They are irritated how the rest of the family is softening up to him and they leave in disgust. Betty-Jo gets so fed up with their attitude not only does she bar the three from seeing her yet-to-be-born baby, she bans them from her house.
  • The Fundamentalist : Both the Hackfords and McKirks don�t like city people for being different than them. Maddie�s family treats her marriage to Jack as a Maligned Mixed Marriage but rather than accept that she wanted this life, they hold contempt on Jack for �corrupting� Maddie and taking her to the city.
  • Foil : Alicia and Sam are both stubborn, opinionated, hypocritical and refuse to compromise, which ruined their romantic relationships, with Danny eventually breaking up with Sam and Alicia�s husband divorcing her. But whereas Sam is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Soapbox Sadie who eventually accepts she isn�t always right, Alicia proves to be a Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk who resents her own siblings. Alicia is who Sam could have become had she not gone through a Break the Haughty moment.
  • Aunt Virginia even tries convincing Jazz to go out with the son of a friend of hers by bringing up that he inherited a few thousand dollars from his parents, saying it�s good money and that there's nothing more important than having a steady job and high income.
  • As admirable as it is, not everyone will agree to a peaceful resolution. Some outright reject it because they just don't want one no matter how beneficial it can be, whether it's out of stubbornness or hate for the other.
  • Just because you two were the best of friends, doesn't mean you're always compatible romantically. Danny and Sam may care for each other, but they're still teenagers and it's clear they have years of growing up before deciding they're right for each other.
  • Hate Sink : Due to having more of a presence outside of one episode's B-plot, Alicia is portrayed with no redeeming or enjoyable qualities. As Jazz puts it, she just isn't a good person. Alicia is rude, mean-spirited, spiteful, scornful, opinionated, stubborn, ungrateful, greedy and all-around unlikable with no consideration for other people's opinions or feelings. Unlike the rest of her family, who hate Jack but still try to be nice (if somewhat condescending) to Danny, Jazz and Danielle because they are still Maddie�s kids, Alicia outright hates them because they are Jack's. She is apathetic to them at best and outright scornful at worst, not appreciating Danielle�s attempts to bond with or be nice to her and continuing to resent her even after the young girl saves her life. She spends the entire story being a major jerkass to Jack, telling Maddie that she should have married Vlad regardless of the fact that he didn't truly love her and Maddie doesn't like him, simply because Vlad is rich and Alicia would prefer she marry someone who keeps her away from the city, regardless of her sister's insistence she wouldn't be happy, brushing it off as her being unwise. Not to mention her continuously saying this in front of MADDIE AND JACK'S DAUGHTER!
  • Henpecked Husband : This is essentially what Sam expects Danny to be—someone who only always does what she wants.
  • Hidden Disdain Reveal : Maddie reveals to Sam she has never approved of Danny's friendship with her and was ready to ban Sam from their home after learning she was the cause of his accident that granted him powers, which could've killed him, along with all the times Maddie almost blasted her own son due to Sam encouraging Danny not to tell his parents his Secret Identity . Maddie warns Sam if she tries anything, she'll make sure Sam's parents send her to a boarding school , ignoring how Danny would react.
  • Sam wants everyone to compromise and do what she wants but refuses to compromise herself. Danny and Tucker even discuss how Sam is so pushy towards being unique that she�s discriminatory against anything considered normal/mainstream or people who don�t agree with her views.
  • Alicia is constantly rude, spiteful and disrespectful to Maddie�s family but when Danielle calls her out on it, she has the gall to say that Danielle is the one who needs to learn manners and even tells Maddie she should spank her daughter (all while blaming her Fenton genes). In fact, Maddie's entire side of the family accuses the Fentons of having an attitude problem when they are only calling Maddie's family out on THEIR attitude towards them.
  • Sam wants things HER way and her way alone.
  • Alicia cares more about what SHE wants for Maddie rather than what makes her sister happy.
  • Alicia is the worst, being indifferent at best and outright cruel at worst to Maddie�s children because they are Jack's (who she hates) too. The fact that they are also into ghost hunting (and still thinking ghosts don't exist due to rejecting the news and being drunk during the Disasteroid incident) doesn't help much.
  • They even go as far as to blame Jack when the goblins attack, simply because he happened to be there when it happened.
  • They continue to demean Jack even after they work together to put out the dangerous fire (that they assume Jack caused anyways) and Betty-Jo gets so fed up with their spiteful attitude, she bans the three of them from ever seeing her unborn child.
  • Granted, she isn�t very concerned with being insensitive in general, but Alicia (who is oblivious to the entire Disasteroid incident because she was passed out drunk) tells Maddie she should have married Vlad in front of Danielle, not knowing the young girl's backstory. Then again, Alicia wouldn't care even if she did know.
  • While most of Maddie's family (bar Alicia) at least try to be nice to her kids since they are still their family, they still can't stop bad-mouthing their father in front of Jazz, Danny, and Danielle. They also tend to be condescending towards the kids due to their different beliefs and general attitudes, without seeming to realize that they are being insulting or that the trio don't like hearing their father be insulted like that. But because Maddie's family is so stubborn, they just blame any attitude that the kids give them on "Fenton genes".
  • Part of the McKirks' stubbornness is that they only believe what they want to believe regardless of what anyone else says. This is actually the main reason they hate Jack so much; since THEY don't care much for city life, they all are convinced that Jack "corrupted" Maddie and changed her so she would marry him and move to the city. When Maddie and Danielle point out that it was all HER choice to do so, and that she always liked science and never cared for the country life, they brush it off. This also falls into Cassandra Truth , see above.
  • Despite Sally May telling her brother that she came onto Danny, Zeb Jr continues to hound Danny for "coming onto" his sister. Even their father can see that it's Sally's fault.
  • Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk : Alicia openly hates Maddie's husband and children, doesn't listen to her sister when she tells her she wouldn't have been happy with Vlad and rebuffs her and Danielle telling her otherwise as being unwise or being a brat that needs a spanking. She doesn't even care that Vlad is an evil sociopath who has hurt Maddie's kids for petty reasons, she just cares that he is rich and lives in the country.
  • The aliens are lacking in emotion and ethics, seeing other creatures as beneath them and just subjects for their experiments. Sam also calls them ableist since they care nothing for their own kind when they become sick and start failing.
  • Alicia either can�t or won�t look at things from another person's point of view and doesn't acknowledge or care that her words and actions upset Maddie and her family. When someone calls her out on it, she thinks they are the ones with the problem and continues to do it anyways. All of her family members are like this to an extent.
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again : Sam finally compromises somewhat by the end of the story by, reluctantly, driving a 15-gallon RV through the forest to save the Fentons. She asks them not to tell anyone she did this.
  • Sure, Sam is a pretty terrible girlfriend to Danny, but as several people point out to Sally May, that doesn�t make it okay to steal her boyfriend. Sally May is a Nice Girl despite that.
  • Alicia (and actually most of Maddie's extended family in general) just don't seem to be able to look at anything from another person's point of view. For example, Alicia openly tells Maddie she should have married Vlad rather than Jack in front of Danielle (who as far as she knows is Jack and Maddie's daughter), then rebuffs Danielle taking reasonable offense to that as her having an attitude and blaming her Fenton DNA.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal : At the start of the story, Maddie still has a decent relationship with her sister (and extended family) and encourages her husband and children to be respectful despite their attitudes. But as the story progresses and the McKirks continue to mistreat her family (especially Alicia who mistreats her kids too), Maddie loses a lot of respect for them (except for Zeke and Betty-Jo) by the end of the story. Of course, the McKirks are too stubborn to realize this and tell themselves that the Fentons turned Maddie against them.
  • Manchild : The McKirks act more like spiteful children in constantly snickering and taking jabs at people they don't like. Not to mention their extreme stubbornness.
  • The Men in Black : While the series had a parody in the form of the Guys in White, the Men in Black make frequent appearances to try and cover up the events before they're leaked out to the public. One in particular, calling himself Rich, makes direct contact with Danny.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits : Zeb Jr is very against Danny and Sally May being a thing, not seeing Danny doesn't have feelings for her.
  • Never My Fault : The McKirks, especially Cletus, Alicia and Virginia, are constantly rude, mean and condescending to Maddie's family, all while making it clear they don't respect her choices. When Maddie is understandably upset and when the Fentons give them attitude in return, they act like they did nothing wrong, the Fentons are the ones with the attitude and blame Maddie turning on them as a result of the Fentons "corrupting" her.
  • No Biological Sex : The aliens are genderless and reproduce by cloning, though the captain is still referred to as a "he".
  • Obnoxious In-Laws : The entirety of Maddie�s side of the family, the McKirk�s, all make it clear they despise Jack for �corrupting� her, via encouraging Maddie to pursue science and move to the big city (both of which they hate) by marrying her. They take any chance they can to laugh at him, insult him, degrade him and speak ill of him even when there�s a crisis.
  • Only Sane Man : Zeke and his wife Betty-Jo McKirk are the only members of Danny�s extended family that like Jack, with the couple even deciding he and Maddie should be their children's godparents and Betty-Jo telling Alicia, Virginia and Cletus (the three who have been most mean to Jack) to kiss his ass. Subverted somewhat with Zeke as the main reason the feud with the Hackfords is still going on is because he can�t get over his bitterness towards Zed Sr, even though the reason the feud started (a girl) no longer applies since they are both over her and married to different people.
  • Outside-Genre Foe : The Kentucky Goblins, the creatures of the iconic Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, are aliens, something the ghost-hunting Danny Phantom has no previous experience with.
  • Perpetual Frowner : Alicia is either disinterested in other people or scowling hatefully at them, family included.
  • The Resenter . All of the McKirks towards Jack. When he is in the room, they cannot seem to open their mouths without talking bad about him in any way possible. He doesn�t even have to be in the room; they will just scoff at �Fenton genes�. But special mention goes to Alicia, who despises Jack's kids despite them being her sister's as well.
  • The Scapegoat : The McKirks all place blame on the latest goblin attack and later the forest fire on Jack. Especially Cletus, Virginia and Alicia while the rest just agree. They use the excuse that the goblins hadn't attacked (in such big numbers) before Jack showed up, but it's clear that it's really because they just don't like him.
  • Shout-Out : The design of the Goblins was based heavily on the Pok�mon Sableye, who was based on the very same creatures.
  • As expected, due to Zeb and Zekena's rivalry, most of their children/extended families don�t like the others either.
  • Skewed Priorities : Played for Drama . Alicia insists that Maddie should have married Vlad, only because of his money and because he at least had a place out in the country. Even after Maddie tells her he was a sociopath who saw her as property than a person, Alicia would still prefer that to Maddie marrying a city person, especially Jack.
  • Statuesque Stunner : Sally May Hackfork is slightly taller than Jazz but a few months younger than Danny.
  • Thicker Than Water : The McKirks and even Zeb�s son side with their respective family members in the feuds. Subverted in the McKirks' case in that it's more to do with Zed Sr being rude to them for their relation to Zeke than anything else.
  • Thou Shall Not Kill : Danny has never taken a life before, save for the clones Vlad created, though they were mindless and burning out anyway. However, the Goblins aren't ghosts, they're solid, organic entities. As such, he's very uncomfortable with the idea that they might have to kill them. Sam is wholly against this. In the end, the two have no choice. Danny is genuinely haunted by his actions.
  • Took a Level in Kindness : When Jack and Maddie return with all of the items that the goblins stole from them, and after they worked together to put out a dangerous fire, most of Maddie's family (the exceptions being Alicia, Cletus and Virginia) agree to let Jack rest while they unload the van. At the end, Alicia thinks that they've come to like him, to her disgust.
  • During the goblin attack, Danielle saved Alicia�s life by blasting a goblin before it could attack her with her own ax. Rather than thank her niece, Alicia scowls at her and snaps that Danielle could have broken the ax or cut off her leg when it fell.
  • Danny reluctantly kills an (already degenerating) alien clone to save Sam's life. She doesn�t appreciate him killing anything. Everyone else calls her out on it.
  • We Have Reserves : Ma-Jinoh doesn't care about his crew since they are unstable anyways and he can clone more.
  • What the Hell, Hero? : Everyone chews out Sam for going behind their backs to negotiate with the aliens, especially since it ruined their plan and got Danielle injured.

     Danny Phantom Vs The Wendigo 

  • Accidental Kiss : While fighting Ember at the swap meet, Danny's pushed into Ember and their lips touch.
  • All for Nothing : Tucker points out to Sam that her protest against Nasty Burger's use of animals accomplished nothing but getting Team Phantom banned for a month, costing her friends the chance to earn extra credit from their project, and getting Valerie fired from their favorite eating joint.
  • Animal Lover : Deconstructed with Sam as her preference for animals over people lands her in trouble with everyone when her protest against Nasty Burger's use of animal-based foods gets her friends banned for a month and costs Valerie her job.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism : Despite being a ghost, Ember originally assumed the Wendigo was a scary bedtime story adults used to make their children behave before two of them attacked her and Danny.
  • Berserk Button : The Wendigo first shows genuine rage when the Phantoms find and touch the rocks that were hit with radiation from his home dimension.
  • Betty and Veronica : While in Canada, Danny meets Nat, a normal girl with a love for sports who seems like him and finds him funny, making her the Betty. He's also dealing with a budding attraction shared with Ember, a ghost villainess he's spent a lot of time fighting and doesn't care if he's trying to seek companionship with another, making her the Veronica.
  • Beware the Silly Ones : Tucker's comic relief but even he has limits with Sam's attitude and doesn't hesitate to call her out on getting him banned from Nasty Burger for prioritizing her own personal agenda.
  • Brutal Honesty : Everyone makes it clear to Sam it's all her fault Team Phantom was banned from Nasty Burger for a month and Valerie lost her job there because of her protest
  • Big Eater : The Fentons notice that Dani shares Jack's appetite and his love of fudge.
  • The Cameo : Christopher Morgan, a character created by frequent collaborator with NeoMark known as Flower princess11 , appears as the only person who agrees with Sam at her protest of Nasty Burger's use of animals to make their food and declaration that they should use tofu burgers.
  • Can'tTakeCriticism: Sam does NOT like being called a hypocrite, no matter how true it is.
  • Paulina doesn't like the thought of Danny and Ember dating. The accidental kiss between them doesn't help.
  • Ember does NOT take it well that Danny is with a human.
  • A familial Example. Dani is worried that her and Danny will drift apart because of his growing relationship with Nat and tries to sabotage it. She also doesn't approve of Danny dating Ember since she feels he's ignoring her to hangout with the ghostly pop diva.
  • Dating Catwoman : Danny develops a mutual attraction to Ember, one he's trying his best to fight off since he's also trying to move on with a normal girl.
  • Deadpan Snarker : The Wendigo has a rather dry wit, especially when dealing with Danny and his ghostly enemies.
  • The Determinator : The Wendigo is willing to travel all the way to Amity Park just to get revenge on Danny.
  • Do You Trust Me? : Achak asks Danny and Danielle this word for word. Dani flat out states that they don't since they literally just met, but Danny goes along with him since the Wendigo is the biggest threat to deal with.
  • Dumbass Has a Point : Kwan of all people calls Sam out on her selfishness for getting her friends banned from Nasty Burger for a month and costing Valerie her job their for protesting their use of animals to make food.
  • Easily Swayed Population : A conspiracy theory starts going around that the whole Disasteroid incident was a hoax. Riots start forming and vandalizing Danny�s statues, with the Fentons accused of being frauds.
  • Enemy Mine : The Danny Phantom Revenge Squadron is willing to put aside their feud with the ghost boy to focus on dealing with the Wendigo when it proves to be a greater threat. Danny is even willing to use a wish from Desiree to return the Wendigo to his lair.
  • Danny does have limits with Sam's selfishness and after that fiasco she caused with her protest of Nasty Burger that gets them banned he puts her on probation so she's off Team Phantom for some time.
  • Even Kwan tells Sam she needs to be more considerate with others when her actions negatively impact her friends such as her protest of Nasty Burger's use of animal meat gets them banned from the place and causes Valerie to lose her job there.
  • Evil Is Petty : The Wendigo's vendetta with Danny is due to him making the Earth intangible and causing bodies he was storing for food to fall to the Earth's core, despite that Danny did not even know he existed.
  • Danielle's new friend Carly is based on Marcy Regina Wu from Amphibia .
  • Fake Ultimate Hero : Subverted. Danny is still a hero, but it turns out that the Disasteroid wasn�t big enough to destroy the world like the specialist claimed, just destroy a city at most. And when the Disasteroid did hit the earth in canon, it hit a barren land escape so it wouldn�t even have caused that much damage.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes : Sam's uncompromising attitude, Soapbox Sadie tendencies, hypocrisy, unapologetic behavior, and Straw Vegetarian mindset is making her extremely unpopular with her friends and the Fentons as it shows she still hasn't learned her lesson about the problems she causes others because of her refusal to compromise in the Kentucky Goblins incident after her latest stunt gets Team Phantom banned from Nasty Burger for one month and leaves Valerie without a job.
  • Giver of Lame Names : When Danny's enemies team up to get revenge on him, Skulker calls them "The Danny Phantom Revenge Squad", nobody likes the name, especially not Danny who points out how lazy and uncreative it is.
  • Guilt by Association : Danny, Tucker, and Valerie get in trouble along with Sam because of her protest against Nasty Burger despite having no knowledge of her intentions solely because of their friendship with her which causes the former two to be banned from their favorite fast food restaurant for a month and the latter to lose her job there.
  • Has a Type : Downplayed. Danny is attracted to other girls but wonders if considering his initial attraction to Sam, Ember and Ellie, he has a thing for goths.
  • Hypocrite : Tucker calls Sam out on this after she accuses him of being selfish for not caring about the animals Nasty Burger uses to make his favorite foods while doesn't care about how her protest against their favorite food joint negatively impacted her friends because all that mattered to her was her own personal agenda.
  • I Did What I Had to Do : Sam uses this as her excuse for protesting against Nasty Burger's use of animals to make their food but her friends, the Fentons, and even Kwan are having none of it cause they do not approve of her dragging her friends down with her just to satisfy her own personal agenda.
  • Ignored Epiphany : Seems that the lesson after Kentucky on compromising with people didn't stick with Sam as her plan to protest without thinking about what the others wanted left hem banned and Valerie jobless. Good job, Manson. <sarcastic claps>
  • It's All About Me : Deconstruced as Sam's selfishness and Never My Fault attitude puts a serious strain on her relationships as her loved ones are losing patience with her self-centered behavior and are realizing she failed to learn anything from the Kentucky Goblin incident after her actions result in her friends being banned from Nasty Burger for a month and Valerie losing her job there because of Sam's protest against Nasty Burger.
  • It's Personal : Achak appears to have an intense hatred of the Wendigo for reasons unknown.
  • Valerie has every right to be mad at Sam for costing Valerie her job at Nasty Burger with her protest of their meat-based burgers because, unlike the Mansons, she doesn't have a rich family with a fortune she can fall back on.
  • While not really a Jerkass Danny does point out to Skulker and Ember that sharing a mutual hatred for someone does not make them a good couple, especially since they have nothing else in common. Ember apparently takes his words to heart as she eventually becomes interested in Danny himself.
  • Danny and Tucker's anger at Sam is justified since her protest of Nasty Burger got them all banned from their favorite hangout for an entire month, especially since they had no knowledge that she was going to make a statement against Nasty Burger's use of animals to make their meal. They're also right to point out that they have no reason to be grateful to her for paying to have the banned on them lifted since it's her fault they were kicked out in the first place.
  • Legion of Doom : Some of Danny's enemies are teaming up against him. Skulker suggests calling the team "Danny Phantom Revenge Squad"; Technus suggests "The Funky Fresh Phantom Crushers", Walker suggests "Walker's Punk Patrol"; the Ghost Writer suggests "Spiritual Society"; Johnny 13 suggests "Rough n Wild Ones"; Kitty suggests "Stylish Spirits"; Spectra suggests "Beauty and the Beasts" and says the others can guess which one she is; Desiree suggests "Dark Wish".
  • My God, What Have I Done? ?: Sam won't admit it to anyone but she does feel bad for getting her friends in trouble for her protest of Nasty Burger after Kwan scolds her for her selfish and inconsiderate attitude toward her loved ones.
  • Misplaced Retribution : Despite Danny, Tucker, and Valerie having no idea that Sam was going to protest against Nasty Burger are also banned from it for a month and the latter gets fired from there.
  • Never My Fault : Sam refuses to recognize she did anything wrong when she gets Team Phantom banned from Nasty Burger for a month and costing Valerie her job their for protesting their use of animals to make food.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain : When Danny's enemies argue over what their team should be named, Skulker is so loud about his opinion he's overheard by a member of the Far Frozen, who decides to warn Frostbite.
  • Not Good with Rejection : After Danny tells Ember he's found someone else, she kicks him in the head and decides to fight him.
  • No-Sell : The Wendigo proves to be strong enough to be immune to Kitty's kiss, Johnny 13's bad luck, and the Ghost Writer's poetry.
  • Not So Different : Dani has an appetite that rivals Jack's and she enjoys fudge just as much as he does.
  • Oblivious to Love : Danny doesn't figure out that Sophie has a crush on him.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business : While she herself has no problem with killing her opponent, Ember is actually uncomfortable with how nonchalant Danny is being with destroying the Wendigos that attacked them. He doesn't want to consider what he did to the Goblins is having an effect on him, so he justifies it by saying they're not even human anymore, just mindless animals.
  • Picky Eater : The Wendigo's favorite meal is humans and is disgusted when he realizes that Penelope Spectra is a ghost upon biting her fake human form as he considers her a pale substitute for people.
  • Precocious Crush : Dani's friend Sophie finds Danny cute, much to Dani's disgust and Carly's amusement.
  • Sarcasm-Blind : When Walker asks if Skulker is proposing an alliance against Danny, Skulker says he's proposing a birthday party. Technus suggests ordering pizza for the party before realizing it was sarcasm.
  • Soapbox Sadie : Sam is still this as her latest protest against Nasty Burger got her and all her friends banned from there for a month and left Valerie unemployed. Her most famous example was when once she put up an entire protest in a single night to counter her best friend Tucker's views (though he did the same). She both complained about people not accepting her for herself and in an act of hypocrisy fought to force the whole school to go vegan. Both of those things happened in the same episode "Mystery Meat" � Tucker's protest was in response to Sam forcing the whole school to go vegan, and Sam's counter-protest was a response to Tucker's protest. She's also an avid defender of animal rights in general, as well as environmental protection and women's rights.
  • Straw Vegetarian : Deconstructed as being this lands Sam in hot water with her friends and the Fentons when her protest against Nasty Burger's use of animal meat gets Team Phantom banned for a month and costs Valerie her job there.
  • Take That! : Nat mentions she has an ex-boyfriend named Rod, who she describes as marble-mouthed and obsessed with solar panels despite not being able to pronounce it correctly. This was an intentional Take That towards Birdemic .
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You : The Wendigo battles the Danny Phantom Revenge Squad because he doesn't want them to deprive them of his biggest prey Danny.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass : Sam goes back to being her usual stubborn and unreasonable self by costing Valerie her job and getting herself and her friends banned from Nasty Burger for a month after protesting their use of animal meat, she also refuses to apologize or acknowledge she did anything wrong by getting her friends in trouble just for the sake of her personal agenda.
  • To Serve Man : The Wendigo loves eating human flesh.
  • Villainous Crush : Ember develops one on Danny after they accidentally kiss. Danny develops a crush on Ember as well.
  • Wasted Beauty : Paulina is basically a statue to Danny now, pretty to look at but nothing more.
  • What the Hell, Hero? ?: Valerie, Team Phantom, the Fentons, and even Kwan rip into Sam for getting her friends in trouble cause of her protest against Nasty Burger and being too stubborn to apologize or acknowledge she did anything wrong. This leads to Danny temporarily kicking Sam off the team until her attitude improves.
  • Wendigo : Danny's primary opponent is the evil entity of the North who brings death and selfishness in its path.

Alternative Title(s): Danny Phantom Vs The Kentucky Goblins

  • Danny Phantom Vs American Dragon Jake Long: The Novelization
  • Creator/NeoMark
  • Goin' KABOOM!
  • Danny Phantom: Stranded
  • FanWorks/Danny Phantom
  • The Danny Phantom Superhero Project
  • Danny Phantom Meets The Zillas
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  • The Defensive Space Force Ship Requirement

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