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It was later revealed that he is actually from Michigan, and that he lied about his life and interests in order to impress Sam Manson .

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History [ ]

Season 2 [ ].

In " Double Cross My Heart ," Elliot is introduced to Danny , Tucker , and Sam by Mr. Lancer at the Nasty Burger as Gregor, a foreign exchange student from Hungary. Sam quickly becomes smitten with him after he claims to share many of her interests.

Danny becomes suspicious of Gregor , as the Guys in White start to show up whenever he is around. Danny starts to believe that Gregor is a spy for the Guys In White, and begins spying on him and Sam. Later, Elliot attempts to propose going steady with Sam, but loses his composure after being annoyed by Tucker, and accidentally speaks without his Hungarian accent.

Realizing that his ruse has been seen through, Elliot explains to Sam that he had lied about himself to impress her. Furious, Sam promptly breaks up with him.

After being attacked by the Guys In White, who were under the impression that he was Danny Phantom , Elliot flees and claims that he is going back to Michigan, whilst revealing his real name.

Personality [ ]

While in his Gregor persona, Elliot acts friendly towards Danny and his friends. He speaks with a Hungarian accent, and occasionally forms sentences incompletely.

Like Sam, he claims to be both an ultra-recyclo-vegetarian and a Goth, often referring to aspects of the subculture as Euro-Goth .

However, when it is later revealed that all of his personality was simply an act to get Sam to like him, Elliot speaks with a typical American accent, and begins acting rudely towards Tucker.

Soon after, he notices two cheerleaders and adjusts his persona and the pitch of his voice again, asking them if they like football.

Sightings [ ]

  • 218. " Double Cross My Heart "
  • Elliot is still listed as "Gregor" in the credits for the episode, even though his true name had been revealed.
  • In the Hungarian and Spanish dubs of the show, Elliot instead claims to be from Hamburg , Germany .

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danny phantom sam and gregor

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Recap / Danny Phantom S 2 E 18 Double Cross My Heart

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"Double The Romance! Double The Terror!"

Produced 2005, aired in U.S. on 5/5/06

Production order: 36 (2-16)

The Guys In White have returned to Amity Park determined to find Danny Phantom's Secret Identity and capture him once and for all. Danny can't decide which is worse — fending off his newest pursuers, or watching Sam hook up with Hungarian exchange student Gregor. In fact, it's quite a coincidence Gregor moved into town the same time the Guys In White did and is always around whenever they appear, isn't it...?

This episode provides examples of:

  • Danny still isn't over his feelings for Valerie.
  • When they steal Skulker's armor, the Guys In White also get the PDA he stole from Tucker in "One of a Kind", which still contains the schedule Tucker created during a purple back gorilla extra credit assignment Mr. Lancer gave out to his class.
  • Derailing Love Interest : Gregor exists purely to throw an obstacle between the hero and his official love interest.
  • Dumbass Has a Point : In context, it's understandable the Guys In White concluded the Ghost Boy must be the white haired boy always seen with Tucker Foley and Sam Manson (it's sheer luck for Danny that, for the time being, that happens to be Gregor). It's also easy to see how Danny concluded Gregor must be working for them.
  • Expecting Someone Taller : Danny Fenton doesn't make the Guys In White's list of suspects for the Ghost Boy because he's too scrawny.
  • Fauxreigner : "Gregor" is actually a kid from Michigan named Elliott who made up the name, accent, and background to impress Sam.
  • Foot Popping : Sam does this when she and Gregor kiss.
  • When Gregor sits down to face Sam, his face looks more confident and smug as opposed to the lovesick one she makes. This hints he's not quite the person Sam thinks he is.
  • He claims that in Hungary, people wear their berets backwards. Tucker is later seen tripping and knocking into things, suggesting that may have been a cruel lie and that he's not as nice as he presents himself.
  • During Danny's first two encounters with the Guys in White, it's right after an encounter with Gregor. This does give him, and the viewer, a justified reason to think he's connected to them, with his reaction to seeing a ghost easily being an act. However, right before the third encounter, the duo are seen leaving a store at the mall, clearly going shopping before being alerted to Danny Phantom's presence, with Gregor doing nothing to suggest he alerted them or knew of their presence beforehand.
  • Freudian Slip : When Tucker won't stop being (well) Tucker, Gregor finally loses patience and blows up at him, losing his Hungarian accent in the process.
  • Gender Flip : Danny and Sam switch places from "Flirting With Disaster," where Sam was jealous of Danny dating Valerie.
  • Giving Them the Strip : Skulker ejects himself from his suit to escape the Guys In White. Turns out the suit and the data it contains are all they wanted in the first place.
  • Green-Eyed Monster : Sam's attraction to Gregor makes Danny jealous. At the very least, it's justified as they barely know who Gregor is and Sam was falling for him so suddenly for his looks.
  • Hypocrite : Sam has one of her biggest such moments in this episode when she flips out at Danny for spying on her date with Gregor. No one ever points out that she spied on every single one of Danny's dates with Valerie in "Flirting With Disaster." At the very least, she acknowledges that Danny is correct in his assessment that Gregor is not who he claims to be.
  • Hypocritical Humor : Sam: (seeing Danny stare longingly at Valerie) You'll never catch me going googly-eyed over some... oh, my...
  • I Warned You : Tucker says this to Danny when Sam learns he has been spying on her and Gregor.
  • Laugh of Love : Sam does this several times around Gregor.
  • Mood Whiplash : Danny goes from sighing over Valerie to burning with jealousy over Sam in literally less than one minute. While it was good of the writers not to ignore or forget his previous romance arc, such a transition doesn't help make his feelings here seem natural.
  • Na�ve Newcomer : Gregor: A ghost?! Sam: Welcome to Amity Park.
  • Oh, Crap! : While fighting Danny in the pool at the Casper High, Operative O deploys a Great White Whale depth charge. Operative K tries to stop him. Operative K: Wait! Those are only for...! (Cue pool erupting in a geyser as Danny is flung through the roof) Operative K: ...deep water use .
  • Replacement Goldfish : Sam falls head over heels for a guy with spiky white hair and green eyes who dresses entirely in black and white. Well, that sure doesn't resemble anyone else she knows...
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons : Danny insisted Gregor must be lying to Sam. It turns out he was right... but Gregor was just lying to impress her, not because he's a government spy. Sam admits this in the end.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here : After one too many attacks by ghosts and the Guys In White, "Gregor" decides "I'm going back to Michigan!"
  • Secret Chaser : The Guys In White are searching for Danny Phantom's human alter ego. They eventually conclude it's Gregor.
  • Shout-Out : The book Gregor skips over in the library is A Match Made in Space by George McFly.
  • Spaghetti Kiss : Danny, watching Sam and Gregor share a plate of spaghetti on their date, says, "If they share a strand of that spaghetti, I'm gonna hurl." They don't, thankfully .
  • Spit Take : Sam does this when Danny asks his friends if they know what it's like to like someone they can't be with .
  • Villain Opening Scene : The episode opens with the Guys In White chasing Skulker and stealing his armor to uncover the Secret Identity of their primary target: Danny Phantom.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? : We never find out how Skulker gets his suit back from the Guys in White.
  • Danny Phantom S 2 E 17 Kindred Spirits
  • Recap/Danny Phantom
  • Reality Trip

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danny phantom sam and gregor



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danny phantom sam and gregor


Hey, this is a book about random ideas of Danny Phantom one-shots. I hope you like it. (I don't own the show or its characters. The cover is edited by myself.) Start: August 24, 2017 End:

# dannyfenton # dannyphantom # ghosts # sammanson # tuckerfoley

Writer: Rabiablueskies

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We all know the episode "double cross my heart" (season 2, ep 9). Where a new student called Gregor came and Sam falls in love with. But that's not the point.

The point is that he said he was an ultra recyclo vegetarian ( if it's wrong spelled, I'm sorry) but here o this picture you can clearly see that he's having a burger with MEAT on his plate.

That really annoys me, even if he's lying

That really annoys me, even if he's lying. He could eat a veggie burger. But now we know the truth about him and Sam and Danny are a thing 😍.

danny phantom sam and gregor

Danny Phantom Randomness (Sam & Danny’s Kiss Count)

Say what you will about Danny’s love-life or lack thereof, but his parents raised him right because he’s very respectful and doesn’t try to kiss a girl before it seems appropriate in most cases. I gotta respect him for that. Plus, it’s adorable that Danny’s such a romantic at heart…


Sure he has his Fakeout Makeout trick we see in “Memory Blank,” but something tells me Danny’s only ever done that with Sam which would technically make that both of their first kisses.


The two of them did it again in “Shades of Gray” too, I think this was the 3rd Fakeout Makeout?


Sam’s second Fakeout Makeout is with Dash in “Fanning the Flames.”


To be fair, Tucker’s the one who accidentally kissed Sam in “Life Lessons” since he was caught up in the moment, however it’s technically still a full on kiss.


Then there’s the whole Gregor/Elliot thing in “Double Cross my Heart.” Ugh, this one bugs me so much because while a part of me gets where Sam’s coming from since it’s flattering when someone likes you when you’re not used to getting that kind of attention, I said this once before but I honestly believe the ONLY real reason Sam was into him is because of the white hair and the black and white outfit since she was projecting her not-so-secret feelings for Danny onto Gregor/Elliot. He might have kissed her first, but Sam kissed him back pretty intensely.

Apart from Sam though, Danny hasn’t actually kissed ANY other girl. Well, ok he tried to a few times but even then, he waited until he knew it was something they both wanted to do like when Paulina/Kitty is the one who said, “If you like me, kiss me.” I think she also kissed him on the cheek while they were in the bowling alley too to motivate him to win.


The real Paulina does peck Danny on the cheek later when she realizes he’s Phantom though in “Reality Trip” but he’s clearly taken aback at first then pleasantly surprised.


Then there’s Valerie, even when Technus was pushing her and Danny together he never tried to kiss her first. Again, Valerie pecked him on the cheek to show affection and regret that she couldn’t keep dating him later on and it seriously breaks my heart since I prefer their relationship over the canon one since it felt more genuine. That’s just me though.


And finally, there’s the final two kiss scenes in “The Episode That Shall Not Be Named,” aka PP, where Sam does kiss Danny on the cheek before he heads into the Ghost Zone to round up ghosts to help save the world, and then he kissed her for real but…it doesn’t FEEL real apart from how gentle he is about it. I mean, just look at the difference in body language! He’s such a sweetheart and it reminds me all over again why we all probably had a crush on him back in the day.


I probably should have saved this for next Valintine’s Day or something but eh, that’s what these random posts are. Random ideas that pop into my head that I try to share before I forget or something I’ve been thinking for a while and never wrote down. So anyways my point is, Danny’s a real gentleman and Sam is very spirited I guess is a good word for it.

Total Times Danny Kissed Sam: 3

  • The original Fakeout Makeout in front of the Fenton Ghost Portal, I’m counting the one with didn’t see as the “Memory Blank” version.
  • Before going into the Ghost Zone in the Finale after she kisses him on the cheek.
  • At the very end of the Finale

Total Times Sam Kissed Danny: 3

  • Fakeout Makout to escape from Valerie the first time she hunts Danny
  • Kisses Danny on the cheek before he kisses her on the lips.
  • At the very end of the Finale.

Total Times Someone Else Kissed Danny: 4

  • Kitty kisses Danny on the cheek in the bowling alley while possessing Paulina.
  • Paulina kisses Danny on the cheek when she finds out he’s Danny Phantom in “Reality Trip.”
  • Valerie kisses Danny on the cheek after friend-zoning the poor guy.

Total Times Someone Else Kissed Sam: 1

  • Tucker when he gets caught up in pretending to be a parent for their class project.
  • Gregor/Elliot kisses Sam outside of the Amity Park Mall in the parking lot.

Total Times Sam Kissed Someone Else: 2

  • Sam does a Fakeout Makout with Dash to snap Danny out of Ember’s spell at least enough to get him to actually go fight Ember.
  • Sam kisses Gregor/Elliot back behind the Amity Park Mall.

#danny phantom; #danny phantom episodes; #danny phantom theory; #sam manson; #danny fenton; #tucker foley; #danny phantom gregor; #danny phantom elliot; #paulina sanchez; #dash baxter; #danny phantom kitty; #valerie grey; #valerie gray; #memory blank; #shades of gray; #fanning the flames; #life lessons; #doublecross my heart; #lucky in love; #reality trip; #Phantom Planet; #thesoulspulse; #thesoul'spulse; #the souls pulse; #the soul's pulse; #theory;

danny phantom sam and gregor

  • Cast & crew

Double Cross My Heart

  • Episode aired May 5, 2006

Ron Perlman, Dee Bradley Baker, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Grey Griffin, and David Kaufman in Danny Phantom (2003)

Danny is suspicious of a new exchange student from Hungary, whom he believes is working for the Guys In White to capture him. He is also jealous of Gregor and Sam dating. Danny is suspicious of a new exchange student from Hungary, whom he believes is working for the Guys In White to capture him. He is also jealous of Gregor and Sam dating. Danny is suspicious of a new exchange student from Hungary, whom he believes is working for the Guys In White to capture him. He is also jealous of Gregor and Sam dating.

  • Butch Hartman
  • David Kaufman
  • Grey Griffin
  • Rickey D'Shon Collins
  • See more at IMDbPro

David Kaufman in Danny Phantom (2003)

  • Danny Fenton

Grey Griffin

  • Samantha 'Sam' Manson
  • (as Grey DeLisle)
  • Tucker Foley

Rob Paulsen

  • Jack Fenton

Dee Bradley Baker

  • Vice Principal Lancer
  • Agent Alpha
  • (as Scott Bullock)

Kath Soucie

  • Maddie Fenton
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

Did you know

  • Trivia In the bookstore, there is a book entitled "A Match Made In Space" by George McFly. This is a fictional book from the movie Back to the Future (1985) .
  • Goofs Tucker invites Sam and Gregor to view a "new moon" through a telescope when they are at the Amity Park Observatory at night. A new moon is on the daylight side of the Earth, and is nearly impossible to view because of the sun's glare. Tucker would know this.

Samantha "Sam" Manson : I would appreciate it if you didn't drool on my tofu soy melt.

Tucker Foley : Sam, drool on a tofu soy melt isn't drool, it's seasoning.

  • Connections References Lady and the Tramp (1955)

User reviews

  • May 5, 2006 (United States)
  • United States
  • Burbank, California, USA (Nickelodeon Animation Studios)
  • Billionfold
  • Nickelodeon Animation Studios
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 23 minutes

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