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Haunted Mansion Dinner

Welcome foolish mortals! We invite you to a Haunted Mansion dinner party. Get all the recipes, a full menu, spooky DIY decor ideas, and free printables. Your guests will never forget their night in the Haunted Mansion. Hurry back!

disney haunted mansion party

About the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is a Disney parks dark ride attraction placing riders inside a haunted mansion with “999 happy haunts”. Riders experience a haunted house filled with ghostly residents who have taken full possession of the premises. The attraction inspired the 2003 movie entitled “The Haunted Mansion” and a 2021 movie starring the Muppets called “Muppets’ Haunted Mansion.”

disney haunted mansion party

the Tablescape & Decor

We decked out our dining room in Haunted Mansion style for this party. Above our buffet we displayed prints of the Haunted Mansion family portraits along with a Haunted Mansion themed grapevine wreath. We created the wreath for just $12 using inexpensive materials from Joann Fabrics and Dollar Tree. 

disney haunted mansion party

Our serving buffet housed a host of haunted desserts: graveyard mousse, ghost host cookies, white chocolate skulls, and Haunted Mansion wedding cakes. We displayed a framed Welcome Foolish Mortals printable which you may download for free here . 

Constance Hatchaway presided over the buffet with her wedding bouquet, a string of pearls, and a single candle. Cobwebs, spiders, and a raven added to the spooky vibe.

disney haunted mansion party

Our table was dressed in an inexpensive purple table covering topped with black spider web lace . We displayed two antique silver candleabras with white tapers and a bowl of grapes. If you look closely, you may notice that the grapes are home to a family of spiders. Eeeek! 

disney haunted mansion party

We kept entertaining simple for this dinner by using Masterpiece heavy weight plastic tableware by Tableluxe paired with their Reflections flatware .  We nested each place setting on a silver charger and flanked it with a creepy skeleton hand wine glass .

We displayed a black cloth napkin tied with  purple satin ribbon  and a Haunted Mansion printable tag on top of each setting. We added a  purple jeweled spider ring  for each guest as a take home favor.

disney haunted mansion party

We’re so glad you’ve joined us for dinner! Tonight’s menu features dishes inspired by The Haunted Mansion’s icons – Madame Leota, the Ghost Host, and the infamous Constance Hatchaway. We hope you enjoy! Get links to all the recipes below.

disney haunted mansion party

Madame Leota Mocktail

This Haunted Mansion inspired mocktail magically glows green. Made with a combination of Granny Smith apple syrup, Sprite, and lemonade it offers the perfect combination of sweet and tart. Add a bit of dry ice and you’ll awaken the spirits! Get our recipe here.

disney haunted mansion party

Haunted Mansion Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards offer something for everyone! This board features Sage Derby cheese cut into a crystal ball shape with an image of Madame Leota. Vanilla blueberry chevre, brie cut into a coffin shape, and an assortment of fruits, breads, and crackers round out the board. Get our tutorial for creating your own Madame Leota Charcuterie Board here.

disney haunted mansion party

decomposed shepherd's pie

Blackberry blue cheese salad.

Aren’t these individual “decomposed” shepherd’s pies creepy! It was my dad’s idea to serve these in miniature coffins . Brilliant! We love Martha Stewart’s recipes for Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie and Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes . The Blackberry Blue Cheese Salad is our own recipe and was also featured on our Disney Villain’s dinner.

disney haunted mansion party

Graveyard Mousse Cups

These rich and decadent chocolate mousse cups are topped with Oreo crumbles, a candy bone, and a delicious tombstone cookie in Haunted Mansion’s signature purple and black color scheme. Eerily enticing! Get our recipe here.

disney haunted mansion party

Haunted Mansion Wedding Cakes

These miniature Haunted Mansion inspired wedding cakes are nothing short of decadent! Red velvet cake is enveloped in fluffy white buttercream frosting. The cakes are adorned with pearls, blue flowers, a candy hatchet and blood (a.k.a. red gel icing). We served these with blackberry sorbet and a white chocolate skull. We think Constance would approve! Get our tutorial here.

disney haunted mansion party

Ghost Host Cookies

A Haunted Mansion dinner wouldn’t be complete without Ghost Host cookies! These light and tasty sugar cookies are topped with classic royal icing and served in a miniature wooden coffin. Get our Ghost Host Cookie recipe here.

disney haunted mansion party

For more inspiration  check out our Pinterest boards .

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disney haunted mansion party

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disney haunted mansion party

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disney haunted mansion party

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disney haunted mansion party

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disney haunted mansion party

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disney haunted mansion party

Host a Haunted Mansion Halloween Party

Anybody can throw some orange and black plates on a table and call it a Halloween Party, but why not give your Fellow Foolish Mortals a night they won’t forget with a Halloween Party with a little Haunted Mansion flair ?

Here’s how to let go of the orange and add some purple and green !

1. Conjure Up Your Guests!


  • cardstock – we found a good deal on white cardstock here
  • a good pair of sharp scissors
  • some good smudge-proof pens

2. Dead On Arrival


  • Here Lies Good Ole’ Fred/A Great Big Rock Fell On His Head
  • Dear Sweet Leota/Beloved By All/In Regions Beyond Now/Having a Ball
  • Mister Sewell/Victim of a Dirty Duel

Add your faves to the mix for a spooky fun front-yard party entrance!

3. Room For One More?

disney haunted mansion party

Or if you feel like gettin’ crafty, here are a few tricks to help you create one like the one Jen from Epbot created (sneak a peek right here) :

  • grapevine wreath
  • black spray paint
  • small, wooden coffin
  • black gauze (you can get it at a dollar-only store)
  • porcelain doll head (thrift store, perhaps?)
  • clear, glass ornament, large enough to fit the doll head (or you can just take the easy route and buy this Light-Up Madame Leota Ornament !)
  • use this Haunted Mansion font  to create the signs, then tape them to  white craft foam
  • LED lights for the doll’s eyes and coffin

4. Gather in the Center of the Room


5. Let Them Eat Snake

haunted mansion plates

…or guzzle it like you mean it from this Red Wine Goblet !

So many other Haunted Mansion Fun Finds for your table at Disney Store !

6. Sweets Are Poisonous

haunted mansion m and m snippet

  • head over to the M&Ms website
  • click “Create Yours”
  • choose up to three colors – we chose purple, silver, and pearl

haunted mansion wallpaper snippet

  • then click “Add Image”, then “Choose File”.
  • (then, you know, choose the wallpaper file you just downloaded)
  • select your packaging, and you’re done!

7. Dress To Kill

haunted mansion dress

There you have it! Best Wishes for a Frightfully Good Party, Hosts and Hostesses! For more ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out the rest of our How-To Guides and explore the other wicked good finds at  MickeyFix.com !

haunted mansion graphic updated

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disney haunted mansion party

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disney haunted mansion party

13 Disney Nights of Halloween | Throw a Haunted Mansion Themed Party

disney haunted mansion party

It’s October, and that means kids of all ages are getting excited for Halloween!  For the next 12 nights, we’ll be sharing some Haunted Mansion-themed Halloween party ideas with you. This year, all of our nights are centered around Disney’s iconic ride with each post  focusing on one particular detail the party

disney haunted mansion party

The Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom is one of our favorite attractions.  This beloved home of 999 happy haunts is the perfect inspiration for a fun Halloween party.  We’ll be showing you how to pick the perfect costumes, plan a hauntingly ghoulish feast and set the scene for your party.

The Haunted Mansion:

The Haunted Mansion first opened in Disneyland in 1969.  Since then, guests have been treated to spooky spooks with eerie eyes only as Disney can do it.  From the architecture and selection of trees surrounding the mansion, to the interior lighting, decor, and special effects, Disney didn’t miss a detail.

disney haunted mansion party

It’s no wonder that you can find a version of this spooky attraction at every Disney Destination around the world.  It’s a ghostly good time for the whole family, and the perfect inspiration for any Halloween party.

This will be your road map to throwing an awesome Haunted Mansion inspired Halloween Party. The links will become active as the posts go live.

  • Invitations
  • Outdoor Decorations
  • Indoor Decorations
  • Food Ideas – Frightful Finger Foods
  • Gravestone Cookie Pops
  • Food Ideas – Devilishly Delightful Desserts

“ Hurry Back ”  to check out all the great ideas!!

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