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extreme ghostbusters episode 15

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extreme ghostbusters episode 15

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extreme ghostbusters episode 15

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extreme ghostbusters episode 15

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extreme ghostbusters episode 15

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Extreme Ghostbusters Complete Series (1997)

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extreme ghostbusters episode 15

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Extreme Ghostbusters Season 1 Episodes

  • Comedy, Action & Adventure, Kids
  • Watchlist Where to Watch

An animated series (based on the film) about young ghostbusters.

Season 1 Episode Guide

40 Episodes 1997 - 1997

Darkness at Noon

Mon, Sep 1, 1997 30 mins

Construction workers have inadvertantly released Achira, a ghost that can spread disease. The only ones who could stop this ghost are the Ghostbusters, but they have long since disbanded. In fact, only Egon is still in New York City. He is now teaching a college class, but his four students may prove very helpful against this nasty ghost.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 1 image

Tue, Sep 2, 1997 30 mins

Egon builds new and improved ghost busting equipment for the new team. While they search for Achira, Eduardo again sees Kylie, who has been possessed by Achira.

The True Face of a Monster

Wed, Sep 3, 1997 30 mins

A Rabbi's son creates a Golem to defend against temple vandalism. But the Golem grows to strong to be controlled, forcing the EGB to come up against this violent force.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 3 image

Fear Itself

Thu, Sep 4, 1997 30 mins

The EGB will have to face their inner demons when they come up against a ghost that can bring people's fears to life.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 4 image

Fri, Sep 5, 1997 30 mins

Characters from a horror novel are attacking innocent people.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 5 image

Casting the Runes

Mon, Sep 8, 1997 30 mins

A thief has gotten ahold of a pouch containing ancient runes, which a demon uses to enslave innocent people in his realm. The EGB have to catch this thief and rescue the demon's slaves.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 6 image

The Infernal Machine

Tue, Sep 9, 1997 30 mins

A demon takes control of Roland and forces him to build a deadly mechanical host vehicle.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 7 image

Home Is Where the Horror Is

Wed, Sep 10, 1997 30 mins

The EGB are on a job to bust a ghost, when they find the ghost is the house they're in and intent making two trapped children it's next meal.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 8 image

Thu, Sep 11, 1997 30 mins

Ghostly clowns are on the loose and feeding on laughter. Eduardo traps one of them, but then he starts to turn into one of them.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 9 image

Fri, Sep 12, 1997 30 mins

Everytime someone looks at the strange orb, a ghost appears to steal their eyes. Problem is, a museum is about to put the orb on display.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 10 image

The Crawler

Mon, Sep 22, 1997 30 mins

Janine attempts to make Egon jealous by going on a date with another man. Unfortunately, the man she dates is a bug demon in disguise and looking for a queen.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 11 image

The Pied Piper of Manhattan

Tue, Sep 23, 1997 30 mins

Ghosts are rampaging through the city and the EGB's equipment can't stop them. But a mysterious Piper claims he can.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 12 image

Be Careful What You Wish For

Wed, Sep 24, 1997 30 mins

A ghost capable of granting wishes comes to town in the form of a salesman, only his results are far from what people wanted. Eduardo unfortunately becomes his latest victim when he gets placed inside Kylie's cat.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 13 image

Thu, Sep 25, 1997 30 mins

A gremlin is on the loose, causing trouble throughout the city. While working to catch this gremlin, the EGB are arrested.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 14 image

The Jersey Devil

Fri, Sep 26, 1997 30 mins

The equipment-less EGB have to protect a small town from the Jersey Devil.

Mon, Sep 29, 1997 30 mins

A ghost capable of sucking all the water out of people is on the loose.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 16 image

Sonic Youth

Tue, Sep 30, 1997 30 mins

The EGB's hunt for a Banshee gets complicated when the Banshee's sister puts a spell on Roland.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 17 image

Ghost Apocalyptic Future

Wed, Oct 1, 1997 30 mins

Kylie gets transported to a future where a ghost named Tempus rules over humanity. While she meets a group of resistance fighters, the others have to prevent Tempus' take over in the present.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 18 image

Bird of Prey

Thu, Oct 2, 1997 30 mins

The weather in New York City is made a lot worse when a spirit called the Harasvelg arrives.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 19 image

Seeds of Destruction

Fri, Oct 3, 1997 30 mins

A Demon seed inhabits a Professor's plant, and takes over the building. The plant is destroyed, and the demon takes on another plant, in the park. Kylie thinks this demon is a helpful Amazon Plant, however she is wrong. It's really a civilization destroying demon inhabiting a seed. Can the EGB's stop Kylie before she has a chance to freeze it and send it back to the Amazon?

The Luck of the Irish

Mon, Nov 3, 1997 30 mins

A recently released Leprechaun is trapping people in his pot of gold and Mayor McShane is his next target.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 21 image

The Ghostmakers

Tue, Nov 4, 1997 30 mins

A ghost starts taking over people's bodies by pulling their souls into a mirror. When the others get trapped, it falls to Kylie to save the day.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 22 image

Slimer's Sacrifice

Wed, Nov 5, 1997 30 mins

Slimer gets trapped in the containment unit (and Peter Venkman isn't even here to see it), surrounded by some very vindictive ghosts that remember him, including a demon named Surt who wants to bring about Ragnarok. Eduardo goes in to save Slimer, while the rest of the EGB has to bust a demon hound in the Firehouse.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 23 image


Thu, Nov 6, 1997 30 mins

When Kylie was a child, a friend of her's mysteriously disappeared. Now, a ghost who looks like him has turned up. To stop and save him, Kylie calls upon a ghost the Real Ghostbusters captured years ago: the Grundel.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 24 image

In Your Dreams

Fri, Nov 7, 1997 30 mins

The EGB find their nightmares becoming more real when a ghost tries to leave the dream world and enter ours'.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 25 image

Mon, Nov 10, 1997 30 mins

The EGB have to join forces with a vengeful ghost to stop a ghost whale's rampage.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 26 image

Wed, Nov 12, 1997 30 mins

The EGB find their equipment useless against a radioactive energy eating ghost.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 27 image

Eyes of a Dragon

Thu, Nov 13, 1997 30 mins

After a Chinatown merchant disappears, the EGB find the merchant has fallen prey to a bone stealing demon.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 28 image

Till Death Do Us Start

Fri, Nov 14, 1997 30 mins

The EGB protect a man from a ghost that's looking to make a husband out of him.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 29 image

Glutton for Punishment

Mon, Nov 24, 1997 30 mins

The EGB have to contend with a ghost, whose victims go on feeding frenzies, looking to take over the world.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 30 image

Ghost in the Machine

Tue, Nov 25, 1997 30 mins

A reopened oil mine sets a ghost, that can possess vehicles, free.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 31 image

Wed, Nov 26, 1997 30 mins

A demon dog is enslaving all the dogs in the city. The EGB not only have to face that but also the demon dog's master.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 32 image

Mole People

Thu, Nov 27, 1997 30 mins

There's been a string of power outages and the blame is falling to a group of people that live under the city. A young girl from the group gets help from the EGB, who find lightning demons are the real cause.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 33 image

A Temporary Insanity

Fri, Nov 28, 1997 30 mins

With Janine on vacation, the EGB hire a temp. But this temp is really an energy draining ghost planning to destroy the team.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 34 image

Mon, Dec 1, 1997 30 mins

Egon moves in with Eduardo while the Firehouse is sprayed for bugs and learns Eduardo hasn't told his brother what he does for a living. Meanwhile, the EGB go up against trolls with the power to replicate.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 35 image

Heart of Darkness

Tue, Dec 2, 1997 30 mins

An old colleague of Egon's turns out to be behind a rash of ghost crimes.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 36 image

Back in the Saddle

Wed, Dec 3, 1997 30 mins

Janine reunites Egon with Ray, Peter, and Winston for his 40th birthday but the Extreme Ghostbusters feel outclassed. Can both teams work together to take on a paranormal infestation?

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 37 image

Thu, Dec 4, 1997 30 mins

The old team sticks around to help battle a mysterious entity that is heading to New York from the Bermuda Triangle and devouring everything in its path.

Fri, Dec 5, 1997 30 mins

A sphinx starts tampering with people's minds when they can't find a way to answer the riddle.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 39 image

Witchy Woman

Mon, Dec 8, 1997 30 mins

Three teenage witches try to bring Kylie into their circle.

Extreme Ghostbusters, Season 1 Episode 40 image

The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It

The team decides to take an unofficial vacation with Roland while he travels to New Jersey to get a sword that was passed down to him appraised by the local historian. But when they arrive they are attacked by the legendary Jersey Devil! The sword Roland holds was forged from a chuck of the beast and this Devil wants it back. But with no equipment The Ghostbusters have little hope of taking on this giant apparition.

  • 2 Characters

Egon Spengler

  • Extreme Ghostbusters: Season 1
  • Extreme Ghostbusters

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Extreme Ghostbusters - Season 1

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20 Episodes

S1 e1 - darkness at noon (1), s1 e2 - darkness at noon (2), s1 e3 - the true face of a monster, s1 e4 - fear itself, s1 e5 - deadliners, s1 e6 - casting the runes, s1 e7 - the infernal machine, s1 e8 - home is where the horror is, s1 e9 - killjoys, s1 e10 - the unseen, s1 e11 - the crawler, s1 e12 - the pied piper of manhattan, s1 e13 - be careful what you wish for, s1 e14 - grease, s1 e15 - the jersey devil, s1 e16 - dry spell, s1 e17 - sonic youth, s1 e18 - ghost apocalyptic future, s1 e19 - bird of prey, s1 e20 - seeds of destruction.


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Ghostbusters Wiki

The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It

  • View history

In The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (also known as The Jersey Devil ), [1] while on the way to Hanover then to a paranormal convention in Atlantic City, the Extreme Ghostbusters are attacked by the legendary Jersey Devil. To make matters worse, they must help defend a small town that thinks it's all their fault the demon is back.

  • 2 Equipment
  • 4 Locations
  • 7 External Links
  • 8 References
  • 9.1 Episode Screen Caps
  • 9.2 Collages and Edits

Eduardo Rivera

Roland Jackson

Garrett Miller

Kylie Griffin

Jersey Devil

Sheriff White

Janine Melnitz

Egon Spengler

Equipment [ ]

Roland's Mustang

Sword of Stephen Decatur

Locations [ ]

New Jersey Turnpike

Rusty Mine Shaft Diner

Holland Tunnel

Museum of Ironworks

The Extreme Ghostbusters were on the road in Roland's Mustang. Roland paid a $4.75 charge. Eduardo exclaimed it was a rip-off. Roland proposed everyone chip in. Garrett refused and stated he was coming with them in protest. He would rather be at home watching a big March Madness game. Kylie was psyched to be going to Ecto-Con, a paranormal conference, being held in Atlantic City. Eduardo didn't see the appeal of hanging out with geeks during Spring Break. Garrett voiced his annoyance with stopping off in the middle of nowhere for some antique. They passed a road marker for Hanover. It was 10 miles away. Roland reminded everyone he was getting the sword authenticated for his History professor. It might have belonged to the legendary military hero, Commodore Stephen Decatur. Something big was following the Mustang. A flying monster flew over, turned and headed right for the Mustang. It breathed on the car and the roof vanished. Roland freaked about his car. Eduardo chimed in he always wanted a convertible anyway. The monster circled for another pass.

Garrett noticed a gaping hole in its belly. Roland turned over onto a dirt road but the monster kept following. Roland reached a tunnel and the monster crashed into the entrance. Kylie wondered what it was but Eduardo was eager to go to Atlantic City at full speed. However, a police car flagged them and Roland was forced to pull over. Roland told everyone to be quiet and he would do the talking. A sheriff emerged from the police car and asked Roland for his driver's license. Garrett, Kylie, and Eduardo started blabbing about the monster. The sheriff inspected the car and realized the monster was the Jersey Devil. He hurried off to warn the town of its return. Kylie elected they call up Egon and help the town. In Hanover, a bicentennial celebration was apparently in full swing. Kylie was on a pay phone and told Egon to bring some Proton Packs and come down as soon as possible. Garrett was more interested in lunch but the townsfolk ignored him. Roland got out the antique sword and informed everyone he was off to the museum.

Kylie, Eduardo, and Garrett ate at the Rusty Mine Shaft Diner. The waitress was very rude to them and all the patrons glared at them. The waitress threw some coffee onto the table then slathered Garrett's burger with a ton of ketchup. Kylie was tired of it and asked everyone what was going on. A patron spoke up and accused them of riling up the Jersey Devil. Eduardo assured everyone they would take care of it. Garrett added their associate was rushing their equipment as they spoke. Ecto-1 was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic near a tunnel. Janine reminded Egon she suggested the bridge but he assured her his way was much faster. Egon was silent. In the backseat, Slimer ate a bunch of stacked up food.

Back in Hanover, Roland entered the Museum of Ironworks. The curator informed him the museum was closed. Roland revealed he was the one who called earlier about Decatur's sword. The curator remembered and asked if he called because of the Jersey Devil. The town was talking about it this morning. Roland asked about it. The curator lit up and was happy to tell someone about the story of the Jersey Devil. The curator showed him the forge the Jersey Devil came out of over 200 years ago. Commodore Decatur stopped the monster from destroying Hanover by shooting it in the gut with a cannonball. The forge was shut down soon after. The curator was working on getting the forge operational again for the bicentennial. He asked Roland about the sword. The curator took a look and confirmed it was authentic. It was allegedly forged from the heart of the Jersey Devil. They looked outside as the Jersey Devil flew past. The sheriff ordered the townspeople to go indoors/ He readied his rifle and fired. The bullet bounced right off. It exhaled and atomized the rifle and Garrett's wheelchair.

The Jersey Devil landed outside the museum. Roland elected to hold off the devil. He grabbed a rod from the Decatur statue and taunted the Jersey Devil. It ignored Roland and walked over to the curator, who was holding the sword. Roland taunted the devil some more. The Jersey Devil turned and walked up to Roland. It exhaled and atomized the rod. The curator threw Roland some iron. Roland threw them and the iron burned the devil upon contact. The curator revealed Hanover iron was the devil's only weakness. Roland noticed a chunk of the devil on the ground. The Jersey Devil landed near the sheriff and the other Ghostbusters. Roland and the curator drove up to them and armed them with iron. Eduardo wasn't liking the situation. Roland demonstrated and tossed some iron at the devil. Everyone threw more iron until the devil flew away. Kylie thanked Roland for the assist but he deferred to the curator, Ben. Garrett, still on the ground, asked for help. Ben took an old wooden wheelchair out of storage and lent it to Garrett. Roland asked Ben to continue about the history of the sword. Ben obliged him and stated Decatur's cannonball ripped a chunk out of the Jersey Devil. Decatur took the fragment and forged it into the sword. Eduardo took the sword and theorized that was why the devil chased them.

Kylie was on the phone with Egon and informed him about the Hanover iron. Egon revealed he made no progress himself and was still in traffic. Slimer was also getting car sick. Slimer clung onto Janine. She pushed him away and told Slimer to throw up out the window. Egon guessed the Jersey Devil was a Class 3 and a demonic life force inhabiting iron ore and other minerals. Slimer phased his head outside but was overcome by exhaust fumes. He sat back down and swallowed his barf. Egon believed the smelting process gave the devil access to the physical plane and produced residual ecto matter harmful to it. Egon asked her to hold on a little longer. Roland chased Eduardo around for the sword. Kylie asked, in vain, the townspeople for their help in holding off the devil for a few hours. Roland assured them their equipment could stop the devil once and for all. The sheriff ordered them to get in their car and leave the town or he'd arrest them. Garrett introduced them as the Ghostbusters. It didn't help. No one in the town knew who they were.

Kylie ran outside to Roland's car and grabbed the sword. She decided to lead it out of town herself. The Jersey Devil followed Kylie and rusted a fountain on the way. It caught up and took the sword. The devil gulped it down and the hole in its belly filled up. The devil was whole again and stronger than ever. It could rust buildings in one breath. The devil atomized a water tower, sign posts, and the diner. The Ghostbusters ran away. A cannonball grazed one of the devil's wings. Ben used a cannon but he only had three shots left. The sheriff ordered everyone to stop. Kylie implored him to let the Ghostbusters help. They were handcuffed to a gazebo by the sheriff. He believed it was the only way to appease the Jersey Devil. Ben tried to reason with the sheriff. The sheriff pointed out it was how the Jersey Devil was taken care of in the past. Garrett snapped the armrests of his wheelchair and led the Jersey Devil on a chase. Garrett grabbed a post but the devil atomized it. Luckily, the other Ghostbusters' hand cuffs were, too. They ran back to the museum, where Ben was waiting in full military regalia.

Roland believed if they lured the Jersey Devil back into the forge, it would melt back to its original form. Ben thought it was a long shot but Kylie declared they were experienced with long shots. Ben, Kylie, and Roland went to work on getting the forge working. Eduardo and Garrett stayed with the cannon. Garrett spotted the sheriff in his squad car as Eduardo loaded the cannon. Garrett fired and missed the devil but the cannonball landed right on the hood of the squad car. Kylie asked for more wood to heat the forge. Ben and Roland brought over an old desk the former never cared for anyway. The furnace was operational. Roland informed Eduardo and Garrett to be ready to fire after he lured the devil closer. The townspeople arrived and tossed Hanover iron at the devil while Eduardo repositioned the cannon. Roland tossed the chunk from earlier into the sky. The devil swooped down after it and was blasted point blank by Eduardo. The blast shot the devil right into the furnace. Roland's idea was a success and the devil was defeated. Parts of the town and Roland's Mustang were restored to normal. Roland shook hands with the waitress but she thanked him in kind. Ecto-1 finally arrived. Slimer came outside to greet the townspeople but they freaked out and all ran away. Kylie joked he needed to work on his people skills. Ben let out a hearty laugh.

  • The first draft was done on April 14, 1997. [2]
  • In the first draft, there was an additional character in the story: Ben's granddaughter Sarah. [3] [4]
  • In the first draft, Roland's history professor was named Lipnicki. [5]
  • Two of the three guest voice actors, Eddie Albert and Edward Albert are father and son. [6]
  • Roland drives on the wrong side of the road (and off the road altogether) when the Ghostbusters are being chased by the Jersey Devil at the beginning of the episode.
  • Garrett complains about missing March Madness, the NCAA college basketball post-season tournament event. [7]
  • Later in the episode, Eduardo voted they should have spent their Spring Break in Daytona Beach, a famous vacation spot up until the mid-1990s. [8]
  • Based on the two previous trivia posts, this episode takes place in the last week of March when Spring Break traditionally occurs for colleges.
  • Garrett and Kylie's descriptions of the Jersey Devil to the Hanover sheriff as a 'flying lizard' and 'flying horse' are reminiscent of actual eyewitness accounts.
  • When the Sheriff first mentions the Jersey Devil, Garrett thought he was talking about the New Jersey Devils professional hockey team. [9]
  • The Hanover sheriff mentions Pine Barrens, where the Jersey Devil was allegedly born in 1735.
  • Hanover is the name of several towns in New Jersey due to an "arcane usage of place names" at the time. This Hanover was incorporated in 1797 and lies in southern Jersey near the Pine Barrens.
  • Commodore Stephen Decatur, an American naval hero is mentioned several times. In reality, his infamous battle with the Jersey Devil allegedly took place in 1778.
  • Ben the curator mentions Bruce Springsteen as the most famous native of the area. [10]
  • Garrett says a line that is a quote from the first Ghostbusters movie , "Nice shootin' Tex." This is the second time this line is used in the animated franchise. [11]
  • When Eduardo is given Hanover iron, he references Tom & Jerry, [12] an American animated series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). It was about a never-ending battle between cat and mouse.
  • When Garrett is given his wooden wheelchair, he references Morticia, a character from the Addams Family franchise. [13] She sat in a similar type of chair.
  • Kylie notes to Egon the Hanover iron is like Kryptonite to the Jersey Devil [14] Kryptonite is the main weakness of the DC Comics superhero, Superman.
  • The Hanover sheriff is nicknamed by Garrett as the Sheriff of Nottingham after the antagonist of Robin Hood. [15]

External Links [ ]

  • Spook Central has a PDF file of the pitch and first draft of "The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It"

References [ ]

  • ↑ Spook Central "The Jersey Devil" page
  • ↑ Altbacker, Ernie and Krieg, James (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters " The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It " (First Draft April 14, 1997) (Script Title Page).
  • ↑ Altbacker, Ernie and Krieg, James (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters " The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It " (Cast List April 14, 1997) (Cast List p. 01). Line reads: "Sarah - Little girl who is saved by Eduardo and in turn helps the EGBs."
  • ↑ Altbacker, Ernie and Krieg, James (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters " The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It " (First Draft April 14, 1997) (Script p. 08). Line reads: "Eduardo exits a grocery store and sees Sarah, a 8 year old, chase her ball into Main Street. A truck approaching, Eduardo scoops her up in time."
  • ↑ Altbacker, Ernie and Krieg, James (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters " The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It " (First Draft April 14, 1997) (Script p. 02). Roland says: "I told you! My history professor, Prof. Lipnicki asked me to authenticate that this actually belonged to Commodore Stephen Decatur, the famous early American naval hero."
  • ↑ Garrett Miller (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 00:05-00:10). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Garrett says: "No way. I'm here under protest. I'm missing March Madness."
  • ↑ Eduardo Rivera (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 14:13-14:16). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Eduardo says: "Just for the record, I voted to spend Spring Break in Daytona Beach!"
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  • ↑ Old Ben (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 06:02-06:06). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Ben says: "Jersey's most famous native. After that Springsteen kid."
  • ↑ Garrett Miller (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 07:30-07:32). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Garrett says: "Nice shootin' Tex."
  • ↑ Eduardo Rivera (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 09:14-09:16). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Eduardo says: "What do we look like? Tom and Jerry?"
  • ↑ Garrett Miller (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 09:51-09:53). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Garrett says: "What do I look like, Morticia?"
  • ↑ Kylie Griffin (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 10:17-10:21). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Kylie says: "Yeah, yeah. And these artifacts from a local ironworks were like Kryptonite to this thing."
  • ↑ Garrett Miller (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters - The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 16:59-17:02). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Garrett says: "The Sheriff of Nottingham is going to get us if the Big Ugly doesn't."

Gallery [ ]

Episode screen caps [ ].


Collages and Edits [ ]

(For full size Click here)

  • Ghostbusters
  • 1 Ecto Cooler
  • 3 Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Extreme Ghostbusters Season 1 Episode 15

Ep 15. The Jersey Devil

  • September 26, 1997

When the Extreme Ghostbusters team hears about the sightings of a strange creature known as the Jersey Devil in New Jersey, they decide to look into it. Eduardo, Kylie, Garrett, and Roland head to the Pine Barrens to investigate the sightings.

While on their investigation, they stumble upon a group of teenagers who are camping in the woods. The teenagers tell the team that they have also seen the Jersey Devil and that they are scared. They ask for help, and the team agrees to assist them and protect them from the creature.

As the night goes on, the team realizes that the Jersey Devil is not just a figment of people's imagination, but a real threat. They see it attacking the teenagers' campsite and must act fast to stop it.

The Extreme Ghostbusters team manages to get the teenagers to safety and devises a plan to trap the Jersey Devil. They set a trap and wait for the creature to fall into it. When it does, they use their equipment to capture it and bring it back to the lab for further study.

While at the lab, the team discovers that the Jersey Devil is not actually a monster, but a mutated animal that has been affected by chemical waste in the area. They decide to release it back into the wild, but not without helping it first. They use their equipment to reverse the mutation and make it a normal animal once again.

In the end, the team not only helped save the teenagers from a dangerous creature, but also helped a mutated animal live a normal life. They left New Jersey knowing that they made a difference, and that their work as Ghostbusters is never done.

extreme ghostbusters episode 15

  • Genres Animation & Cartoon
  • Cast April Winchell Edward Albert
  • Channel Sony Pictures Television
  • First Aired September 26, 1997
  • Content Rating TVY7
  • Language English


  • Cast & crew
  • Episode aired Sep 5, 1997

Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)

A group of demonic creatures (based on Cenobites from Hellraiser (1987) franchise) kidnap people and turn them into monsters. The Ghostbusters learn that their creator is a famous author of ... Read all A group of demonic creatures (based on Cenobites from Hellraiser (1987) franchise) kidnap people and turn them into monsters. The Ghostbusters learn that their creator is a famous author of horror novels for children that Eduardo loves. A group of demonic creatures (based on Cenobites from Hellraiser (1987) franchise) kidnap people and turn them into monsters. The Ghostbusters learn that their creator is a famous author of horror novels for children that Eduardo loves.

  • Richard Raynis
  • Duane Capizzi
  • Tara Strong
  • Maurice LaMarche
  • Jason Marsden
  • 1 Critic review

Alfonso Ribeiro in Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)

  • Kylie Griffin
  • (as Tara Charendoff)

Maurice LaMarche

  • Dr. Egon Spengler

Jason Marsden

  • Garrett Miller
  • TV Reporter

Alfonso Ribeiro

  • Roland Jackson

Rino Romano

  • Eduardo Rivera

Billy West

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Did you know

  • Trivia The novelist's monsters are directly based on Cenobites, the villains of the Hellraiser book and film franchise.

Garrett Miller : Hey, 'busters, any calls?

Eduardo Rivera : Tons. That's why we're sittin' here, not moving.

Roland Jackson : I think Eduardo's being sarcastic.

Garrett Miller : Thanks, Roland.

  • Connections References The $64, 000 Question (1955)

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  • September 5, 1997 (United States)
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  • Runtime 20 minutes

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Characters / Extreme Ghostbusters

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The Ghostbusters


  • Cool Old Guy : Not exactly old, but he is one of the co-founders of the original Ghostbusters, and has helped catch ghosts in the field.
  • Mentor Archetype : Teaches to the next generation of Ghostbusters in his techniques, and provides them with ectoplasmic extermination technology.
  • Missed the Call : He intended to go after the spud in "Slimer's Sacrifice", but an encounter with Fenris left him too sick to try.
  • Oblivious to Love : As on RGB , he often misses Janine's overtures. He manages to eventually notice late in the series, but only after he was basically told to.
  • Retired Badass : He starts the series as a teacher at New York University and also watches over the Containment Unit after the other original Ghostbusters leave to follow other pursuits. However, he won't hesitate to venture out into the field when he has to.
  • Riddle of the Sphinx : He figures it out in "The Sphinx".
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness : He sometimes speaks this way. Lampshaded when Eduardo asks Kylie to translate his "Egonics."
  • Specs of Awesome : Has acquired these over the years.
  • Team Dad : It comes with being their mentor.
  • Took a Level in Badass : At the start of the series, he's rather out of shape and practice. Over time, he regains a lot of his old ghostbusting proficiency.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are : He feels his age in "The Sphinx" and pushes himself (and the others) hard in the field to prove his worth. He ends up confiding in Garrett that he's exhausting and kidding himself at the same time. Garrett says the team does rely on him — not for butt-kicking, but for his wisdom and experience.


A Goth who was a big believer in ghosts and the supernatural even before joining the team; she's as knowledgeable in these areas as Egon (her idol) or Ray. She has a weaker and lighter Proton Gun than her teammates, but she's also the one who carries the Ghost Trap. When the team encounters unknown threats in the field, she's the most likely one to identify and strategize around them (or at least translate Egon's words to the others).

  • Agent Mulder : A firm believer in the supernatural long before she ever laid eyes on an actual ghost.
  • Badass Longcoat : In the premiere episode only.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension : With Eduardo. The two of them bicker like cats and dogs on a regular basis, but tend to enjoy each others' company in more ways than they care to admit.
  • Berserk Button : Don't use her late grandmother as a way to attack her.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center : She's a tough and courageous Ghostbuster, but gets very sentimental when it comes to her late great-grandmother, Rose.
  • Canon Immigrant : Kylie appears in the Ghostbusters comics based on the original movie.
  • Custom Uniform : She and Eduardo do not wear standard uniforms. In her case, she wears a large breastplate (possibly modified hockey equipment) that lets her mount the much larger trap on her back.
  • Deadpan Snarker : Kylie often makes witty comments.
  • Freudian Excuse : Since she was raised by her great grandmother after her parents' divorce, her death caused Kylie to be obsessed with the supernatural.
  • Goth : Gloomy Goth variant, though it's worth mentioning she isn't nihilistic or pessimistic.
  • The Hero : Shares this role with Roland.
  • Ironic Fear : Of maggots. It might not normally count, but it's striking for someone so obsessed with the unusual.
  • It's Personal : The main reason she became a Ghostbuster was because said ghost tricked her by appearing as her beloved late grandmother.
  • Joisey : She occasionally slips into a New Jersey accent.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover : Despite her appearance, Kylie loves her pet cat. Eduardo secretly gripes that she likes and treats her cat with more respect than him.
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase : Tends to say "I'm not a (blank)er."
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse : She's so small that on the rare occasions she drives the Ecto-1, she needs to sit on a thick phone book. However, her size doesn't matter when she's ghostbusting because she goes into Action Girl mode. Her small physique, along with the increased size of the new ghost trap requires her to use a customized, much smaller version of a proton pack (specifically a pistol connected to a fannypack/back-of-belt pack, as opposed to the full-sized packs and throwers the others use). It’s shown to be about as effective as the full sized ones despite explicitly being less powerful overall. She's also shown to be strong enough to wield a full sized version in emergencies.
  • Pom-Pom Girl : An old photo shows that she was "Cheerleader of the Year" when she was in the 8th Grade. She regards this as an Old Shame . invoked
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin : Kylie sports black hair and has pale white skin.
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat : Often on the receiving end of Eduardo's teasing, in which she responds by either snarking back, yanking his goatee, or both.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak : Despite being a snarky Goth girl, she's actually a former cheerleader.
  • Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth : When she is directly confronted by ghosts, they often leave her alone upon seeing that they can't manipulate her.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? : Is scared of maggots.


  • Ascended Fanboy : Of the Ecto-1, which he gets to upgrade and drive.
  • Badass Driver : Turns out to be suprisingly good at it in the episode with the Jersey Devil. Eduardo : Go Speed Racer ! I knew you could drive, but I mean I didn't know you could drive !
  • Berserk Button : Don't mess with the equipment.
  • Big Brother Instinct : "Nobody touches my family or my friends!"
  • Black and Nerdy : Roland is an African-American teenager with an intellectual personality. Oh, and he enjoys opera music.
  • Companion Cube : The Ecto-1.
  • Dating Catwoman : With Syren in "Sonic Youth," though nothing much develops from it.
  • Genius Bruiser : Roland is tall and stocky, but extremely smart.
  • The Hero : Shares this role with Kylie.
  • Horrible Judge of Character : It's obvious to everyone else that Roland's younger brother Casey is an annoying troublemaker, but not Roland himself.
  • Ironic Fear : He's afraid of his equipment malfunctioning even though he's good with machines.
  • The Leader : Tends to give commands to the new team and is the most trusted by Egon.
  • Musical Assassin : Played with. Roland is a terrible violin player. Surprisingly enough, his bad violin playing actually hurts the Ghost Piper.
  • Only Sane Man : He's generally far more relaxed and easygoing than his teammates.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute : He certainly looks like a young Winston, but his personality and interests are different. His engineering skills also make him Ray's counterpart.
  • Techno Wizard : Can do almost anything with technology and quickly too. This can sometimes veer into Crippling Overspecialization as any entity that can cause the XGB's equipment to malfunction has him floundering, such as Lotan in "Moby Ghost".


  • Belligerent Sexual Tension : His dynamic with Kylie in spades. For all their leveled vitriol, there's an undeniable chemistry at work.
  • Berserk Button : Don't call him "daisy."
  • Black Sheep : Eduardo feels he is this with his own family, who are cops. He is always at odds with his cop brother, Carl, who regards the Ghostbusters as nothing more than thugs.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy : Every now and then, he'll show to the rest of the team that he's much smarter than they give him credit for. However, he's not very motivated to do so.
  • Canon Immigrant : Like Kylie, he appears in the Ghostbusters comics based on the original movie.
  • "Maybe he's dead."
  • "We're scientists."
  • Character Development : Starts out as a lazy Jerkass , but grows out of it.
  • Chivalrous Pervert : He's a hopeless skirt chaser; however, he cares far, far more for a girl's personality than her looks. When a trio of Alpha Bitch witches tricks him into going on a "date" purely to use him as a fourth to summon an evil ghost, in the aftermath, he asks out... the homey girl they were picking on, telling the very physically attractive Ungrateful Bitch leader of said coven who snubbed him after he saved their lives, and restored them to humans, that she is not worth his time, to her face. Kylie can be seen smiling proudly in the background.
  • Cool Uncle : Seen this was by his nephew, Kevin, especially after finding out he's one of the Ghostbusters.
  • Custom Uniform : He and Kylie do not wear standard uniforms. He typically wears an orange vest over a T-shirt.
  • Deadpan Snarker : More so than Kylie. If he sees something worth ribbing, he'll rib it.
  • Everyone Has Standards : He won't hit on or a kiss a girl if she's not of legal age.
  • Freudian Excuse : His lazy and sarcastic attitude seem to make more sense upon seeing his brother, who mentions what a disappointment he is comparison to him and their father. Given Carl is a cop and has a stuck up attitude, Eduardo developed into the exact opposite in response.
  • Gratuitous Spanish : He often uses Spanish words, being a Latino.
  • Hidden Depths : Is surprisingly an avid reader. He even lampshades this in one episode. Not of the heavy stuff, it's mostly novels, though he did mention he read Homer's "Oddity" ...
  • Hidden Heart of Gold : He comes across as very abrasive and selfish. When nobody's looking, though, he's actually a real softie.
  • I Am Not My Father : Eduardo's brother Carl never fails to belittle him about his life, lecturing Eduardo that he should make something of himself by becoming a cop like him and their dad. Eduardo angrily retorts that that's their dream, not his.
  • Ironic Fear : He is afraid of death, particularly his own, which is ironic because he often jokes about disappearances by saying "Maybe he's/she's dead."
  • The Lancer : He's lazy and far from leadership material, but when things go dire, Eduardo is usually the team's best on the action.
  • Manchild : Downplayed and justified, as he's still a teenager. But he does still enjoy scary novels aimed at children, reads Marmaduke and is a picky eater.
  • My God, What Have I Done? : He denounces Slimer as useless in "Slimer's Sacrifice," which motivates the titular sacrifice. He feels so guilty that he eventually goes into the Containment Unit himself to get him back.
  • The Slacker : It's the reason he took Egon's class to begin with.
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat : With Kylie. He teases her to no end, and she responds in equal measure.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute : To Venkman. Both are snarky and often irritated by Slimer. Both are also highly reluctant to admit fault in anything.


  • Ascended Fanboy : He was a huge fan of the Ghostbusters; now, he's a member of the new team.
  • Big Eater : Is often seen eating something. Eduardo : If it's nougat filled he'd eat it.
  • The Big Guy : He is the most athletic and aggressive of the group. And possibly The Heart as well.
  • Boisterous Bruiser : He just loves busting ghosts—and showing off how badass he is with a variety of crazy stunts.
  • Bond One-Liner : He often gives these when he captures ghosts.
  • Brooklyn Rage : Is from Brooklyn Heights (as he declares in "Darkness at Noon") and can get real ticked off against ghosts.
  • Butt-Monkey : Tends to get thrown from his wheelchair at the worst possible time (or any time), has terrible luck with food and actually just has a lot of things go wrong for him in general.
  • Claustrophobia : His biggest fear .
  • Composite Character : Combines Stantz's love for his ghostbusting career with Venkman's cockiness.
  • Disabled Means Helpless : HA HA HA—No . Garrett shows he's quite capable and self-reliant despite his paralysis. However, in "Grease," he fakes this trope just long enough to escape from two FBI agents. Garrett: Never underestimate the abilities of the physically challenged!
  • Disabled Snarker : Garrett, a paraplegic, likes to make with the dry and witty remarks.
  • Everyone Has Standards : In "The True Face of a Monster", outright states that he'll do anything for an adrenaline rush, even sneaking into areas that are off-limits. But when the "fun" is destroying a house of worship, he's horrified and backs down.
  • Friendly Address Privileges : Only his friends are allowed to call him by "Garr" or "G-Man"; the latter nickname ends up getting rescinded for his old friend turned racist vandal in "The True Face of a Monster".
  • Glory Hound : He inherited Venkman's desire to get the most positive press possible at all times. When he finds out in the Bad Future that Eduardo is championed as a hero, but nobody knows who he is, he's beside himself with wrath and envy.
  • Handicapped Badass : Don't let his handicap fool you; Garrett can kick lots of ass, ghost or otherwise... as long as he's in a wheelchair, or just chair.
  • Heroic Resolve : Well, for starters, he's the only one in "Fear Itself" to overcome his own fear. The others just trade off.
  • In-Series Nickname : Garrett is sometimes known by his friends as "G-Man". He only lets his friends use the name when he coldly tells Spencer never to call him that again.
  • Inspirationally Disadvantaged : Somewhat. Extremely capable despite being wheelchair-bound, brushes off an extremely tasteless remark by Eduardo in the pilot and never lets his disability get in his way.
  • Ironic Fear : His claustrophobia in "Fear Itself" eventually manifests as a coffin.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Snarks about as often as Eduardo, but generally bighearted and fun-loving.
  • Lovable Jock : Really enjoys sports and the adrenaline rush.
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase : "_______ is for wimps!"
  • Small Name, Big Ego : Never shy about patting himself on the back.
  • Toyless Toyline Character : The only member of the team who didn't get an action figure, although a prototype exists.
  • We Used to Be Friends : His old friend in "The True Face of a Monster" turns out to be a racist and a vandal.
  • Weaksauce Weakness : Stairs. But let's face it, that's kind of a Real Life thing for any wheelchair-bound person.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? : Besides his Claustrophobia , Garrett, despite trying to hide it, displays a fear of being helpless, most notably in "In Your Dreams" where his nightmare is about being in a situation where he's been knocked out of his chair and then trapped in a situation with no chance to escape on his own (since the chair seems to have disappeared entirely) and no one to come help him.
  • Composite Character : She combines her character design from the later seasons of the previous show with her snarky personality and (admittedly, milder) accent from the earlier seasons of said show.
  • Deadpan Snarker : Janine makes funny and witty remarks.
  • Fiery Redhead : Has red hair, and is quite passionate at times.
  • Friend to All Living Things : Reprimands Eduardo in "The Crawler" for trying to squash a harmless spider. This makes Cohila think she'd be a worthy queen.
  • Lethal Chef : Janine can't cook at all. Her food is so bad, even Slimer doesn't want to eat it.
  • Retired Badass : Proves herself to still be capable of ghostbusting in "A Temporary Insanity."
  • Sexy Secretary : She's the Ghostbusters' secretary, and she's gorgeous.
  • Shout-Out : Red hair. Glasses. slightly shapeless green-coloured jacket. A-line dark skirt. Snark Knight . All it needs is a set of big clumsy knee-length boots and we have an adult Daria Morgendorffer .

    Slimer  Voiced by: Billy West , Herman López (Latin Spanish)

  • Big Eater : As ever. He often swipes food from the others and can easily be bribed into doing things via the promise of a treat. He's such a glutton that it led him to getting affected by Ravana's appetite-affecting corruption, despite being a ghost as well.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy : In "Slimer's Sacrifice", he's brainwashed by Surt to attack Eduardo.
  • Category Traitor : Surt even lampshades this in "Slimer's Sacrifice." Egon also mentions in "Ghost Apocalyptic Future" how the captured ghosts aren't very fond of him.
  • Extreme Omnivore : Being infected by Ravana in "Glutton for Punishment" causes Slimer to eat every inanimate object in sight. It gets to the point where he endangers team operations and has to be put in a trap.
  • Heroic Sacrifice : In the appropriately-titled "Slimer's Sacrifice," he flies into the Containment Unit to keep all the other ghosts from getting out after a faulty ghost trap causes things to go haywire.
  • Non-Human Sidekick : To the Ghostbusters. He's a ghost and they're humans.
  • Shoot the Dog : The team has no choice in "Glutton for Punishment" but to stick him in a trap. Egon takes it pretty hard.
  • Sidekick Creature Nuisance : Certainly to Eduardo, like with Venkman in the original team.
  • Team Pet : Just like with the RGB.

Notable Villains

    Achira  Voiced by: Susan Tyrrell

  • Body Horror : The disease she spreads causes victims to grow green patches with pulsing boils on them. It gets worse later on with the revelation that the boils are her offspring .
  • Demonic Possession : She possesses Kylie for a brief time.
  • Flight : Displays this power.
  • Green and Mean : Her skin is a sickly shade of green and her entire modus operandi revolves around toppling civilizations by spreading her viral offspring.
  • Plague Master : She spreads a virus that causes a disfiguring disease.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : Until construction workers breach her prison. And it turns out that she wasn't alone, either.
  • Shock and Awe : Her minions (attached to her body) can electrocute people.
  • Starter Villain : Achira is the first villain to be faced by the new ghostbusting team.
  • The Virus : Achira spreads a virus that was actually her offspring.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting : Achira makes herself appear as Grandma Rose to Kylie so as to get close enough to possess her.

    Tempus  Voiced by: Clancy Brown

  • Blow You Away : Demonstrates this ability a few times.
  • Evil Gloating : Tempus : Congratulations, Professor Spengler, you get to bear witness to the beginning of the end of humankind! Egon : Why do you world-dominating types have to always flatter yourselves?
  • Flight : Shows this ability, which is common for a Ghost anyway.
  • Playing with Fire : He can throw fireballs.
  • Take Over the World : His Evil Plan is to open the Containment Unit and begin "the Great Spirit Uprising."
  • Animalistic Abomination : He resembles a very large wolf with pointy feet.
  • Flight : Despite being a wolf, he has this ability.
  • An Ice Person : He breathes ice.
  • Super-Strength : He can rip through just about anything in his way.

    Surt  Voiced by: Joe Alaskey

  • Cold-Blooded Torture : What he wants to inflict on Slimer. For starters, he has him brainwashed into trying to kill Eduardo.
  • Creepy Monotone : Surt speaks in a quiet and eerie voice.
  • Dimension Lord : Rules the dimension inside the Containment Unit.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard : His attempt to escape is foiled by Kylie sending Fenris into his path. Fire and ice make a bad combination.
  • Playing with Fire : He can project flames.
  • Remember the New Guy? : It's been debated. Egon mentioned having caught Surt years ago with the original team—an event never depicted on the original show. On the other hand, there's wiggle room to say it was simply after the original show's last episode.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : He was trapped inside the Containment Unit by the original Ghostbusters years ago.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute : Has a fair amount in common with Samhain, being the guy who commands other ghosts. He also really despises Slimer.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy : He muses that Slimer's in the Containment Unit because the Ghostbusters simply tired of him.
  • Xanatos Gambit : Attempts to pull one once he learns of Eduardo's presence. If the door is opened, he and the other ghosts can escape. If the door remains closed, he gets to kill Eduardo and torture Slimer. The door is eventually opened, but not long enough for him to enjoy it.


  • Arch-Enemy : To Kylie. She has a personal enmity for him for abducting her friend Jack and transforming him into another Grundel, as well as trying to do the same to her. He has also taken his inability to transform her personally, and longs to make her suffer for it.
  • Body Horror : His victims are transformed into Grundels like him. Considering that he's a green, bloated, almost corpse-like abomination, the process is pretty grotesque.
  • The Bus Came Back : Was one of the few ghosts from the original series to return for Extreme Ghostbusters .
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday : Averted. The Grundel: This is personal, isn't it? Why are you so interested in me, hmm? Kylie: I... I don't know. The Grundel: I do... Kylie .
  • Card-Carrying Villain : He takes great pride in corrupting children into other Grundels, and refers to it as stealing their souls.
  • The Chessmaster : While being interrogated by Kylie, he suddenly plants his influence in Roland's little brother, using him to open the Containment Unit so that he can escape.
  • The Corrupter : He serves this role to children, manipulating them into becoming Grundel like him.
  • Corrupt the Cutie : A tall creature in a coat who kidnaps your children and manipulates them into being bad. "Come out and play."
  • Does This Remind You of Anything? : It's even more blatant here that he's an allegory for child molesters.
  • Evil Sounds Deep : He speaks in a deep, creepy voice.
  • Faux Affably Evil : He really turns on the charm for Kylie and refers to Egon as like an old friend, but he's a monster.
  • Knight of Cerebus : The second he appears, all humor drains out of the scene, and "Grundelesque", his sole appearance in Extreme Ghostbusters , is the darkest episode of the series.
  • Last of His Kind : He's thought to be the last Grundel ever until Jack resurfaced.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall : Egon says he and the original team busted him ten years ago. "The Grundel" aired in 1987 and "Grundelesque" in 1997.
  • Pragmatic Villainy : The Grundel wanted Kylie, but she was too good a kid, so he settled for Jack.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : In the Containment Unit itself. He gets out briefly before being sent back.
  • Sequel Episode : To "The Grundel" from the original series.
  • Spanner in the Works : He always intended to come back for Jack later, but the RGB busted him soon afterwards.


Voiced by: Mary Kay Bergman

  • Dark Is Evil : She wears black and is obviously a villain.
  • Evil Is Hammy : Even when not using her scream power, she has No Indoor Voice .
  • Evil Wears Black : Banshee wears an all-black ensemble and is VERY bad news.
  • Hot-Blooded : She has quite a temper.
  • Jerkass : Especially towards her sister Syren.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout : Her wail can shatter solid objects.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : With Syren. Banshee is volatile, rude and ill-tempered, while Syren is calm, peaceful and nice.
  • The Bermuda Triangle : Where it originated. This entity was the cause of all those disappearances.
  • Eldritch Abomination : Underneath its foggy exterior, it is a gray blob-like creature with a lamprey-like maw.
  • Final Boss : With "Back in the Saddle" as the series finale, it is not only the last opponent of the Extreme Ghostbusters, but the last villain of the original animated universe that started with The Real Ghostbusters .
  • Not Quite Dead : All the people that it absorbed turned out to be alive. They're set free once the two teams bust it .

Other Antagonists

  • Anti-Villain : The Golem was created to protect a Jewish synagogue from racist attackers but proves to be impossible to control.
  • Guardian Entity : Created by a Jewish rabbi to protect a synagogue from anti-Semitic vandals.
  • Healing Factor : The Golem can heal any wounds extremely fast.
  • No-One Could Have Survived That : Roland says that when the Golem's caught in an explosion. It walks out immediately afterwards. However, the damage it takes from the explosion is the key to finally destroying it.
  • Super-Persistent Predator : Two of the guys who attacked the synagogue run the moment the Golem starts rampaging. Thing is, it follows them to a power plant after they flee.
  • Turned Against Their Masters : The rabbi who created him orders him to stand down. The Golem responds by knocking him aside.
  • Berserk Button : They are calm as a cucumber for a trio of fiends that is until you mess with the writing of their book.
  • Body Horror : They inflict this upon their victims, surgically transforming them into grotesque abominations.
  • Dissonant Serenity : They always speak in a sedate, almost soothing monotone... even as they ramble on about their desires to experiment with the "wet clay" of human flesh.
  • Expy : Of the Cenobites . Craniac in particular has been likened to Butterball.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There : Corpuscle's eyes are in the palms of his hands. Garrett uses this to his advantage at one point, throwing a hot teapot at him and making him burn his eyes.
  • Fat Bastard : Crainiac and Corpuscle are both extremely chunky-looking monsters, with Crainiac having a more "big fat man" style body and Corpuscle having a nearly spherical body that waddles around on two stubby legs.
  • For the Evulz : Have no reason for tormenting their victims besides finding it entertaining and/or out of a twisted sense of art.
  • Crainiac looks the most human-like, but has a mask stitched into his face with his cheeks and lips stapled back to permanently expose his teeth. He also has a buzzsaw blade embedded in his skull like a mohawk.
  • Corpuscle is virtually spherical, with short stumpy legs, but long, spindly arms that are held at awkward angles, with eyes in the palms of his hands. He hasn't got a head, but instead has a puckered, fleshy sphincter of an orifice... which unfolds outwards into a nest of gory tentacles and allows a demonic fetus on an umbilical cord to emerge to attack his prey.
  • Gristle is a lean, skinned-seeming humanoid with a malformed skull, sunken eye sockets, stitched together lips, peeled-away cheeks to expose the sides of his jaws, and spindly mechanical arms tipped in what look like dentist drills.
  • Lean and Mean : Gristle is the tall, skinny one compared to the shorter, chunkier Craniac and Corpuscle.
  • Mad Artist : Their primary goal is to reshape humans into twisted monstrosities as a form of demonic artwork.
  • No-Sell : On one hand, the proton streams do some kind of effect, like making them explode. However, they can reassemble themselves almost instantly. They do seem capable of feeling pain, but it doesn't stop them for long. Since they aren't actual ghosts, this means they can't be captured in the Ghost Trap. Furthermore, due to the typewriter, nothing the Ghostbusters can do would actually put a stop to them since it wasn't written in the book.
  • Not Quite Dead : The end of the episode indicates that the ghosts are not actually defeated but merely sent back to their dimension and this is only just temporary as they can find another writer they can use to be re-summoned.
  • Teleportation : Crainiac briefly shows this ability to dodge Kylie's particle beam.
  • Reality Warper : They can change any situation to their liking through using J.N. Kline via manipulation. Their signature line basically admits this, "If it is not written, it cannot be done.".
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment : He forces Eduardo to copy every book in his Library of Pain. By hand. The Library is huge .
  • Dimension Lord : He rules over a dimension that strongly resembled Hell .
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell : Kahlil's home dimension resembles this trope.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard : Forcing Eduardo to copy down every book in the Library of Pain proves to not be his best idea, as Eduardo finds in his books the spell needed to destroy him.
  • I'm a Humanitarian : He tries to eat Roland and Kylie until he's stopped by Eduardo and Garrett.
  • Kneel Before Zod : He forces Kylie and Roland to kneel before him.
  • My Brain Is Big : He has a VERY large head.
  • The Dragon : He does Kahlil's dirty work.
  • Known Only by Their Nickname : "Dog Face".
  • Animate Inanimate Object : Items he possesses include construction equipment and a child's toy robot.
  • The Corrupter : He manipulates inventors to build him the most powerful machines which he'll use to wipe out humanity. His latest Unwitting Pawn was Roland.
  • Evil Sounds Deep : He speaks in a deep, scary voice.
  • Ghost in the Machine : He possesses machinery.
  • He then gets a taste of this when parts of the machine built has the Ghost Trap.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : He was imprisoned in an inventor's machine until he broke free by possessing modern technology.
  • Slasher Smile : He always has a very evil look on his face until he's finally caught.
  • Bilingual Bonus : "Maison" means "house" in French. It's "la maison" actually — 'maison' is a feminine word in French.
  • Faux Affably Evil : Its old woman form — so polite when inviting guests inside before springing the trap.
  • Genius Loci : It's the spirit of a house.
  • I'm a Humanitarian : It feeds on humans to sustain itself.
  • Haunted House : Actually, it was the house itself.
  • Your Soul Is Mine! : Its victims' souls remain trapped inside even after their bodies are consumed.
  • Emotion Eater : They feed on people who laugh.
  • Monster Clown : They are demons who disguise themselves as clowns to get people to laugh so they can eat them alive.
  • Our Vampires Are Different : Kylie surmises that they are a vampire analogy that feed on laughter instead of blood.
  • Viral Transformation : One of the clowns infects Eduardo, who then turns into one of them.
  • Eye Scream : It steals the eyes of anyone unfortunate enough to gaze upon its orb.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard : Tenebraug loses his own eyes and the ones he stole after gazing upon its own orb. It's then destroyed when the orb is smashed.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : It was trapped inside an orb.
  • Teleportation : It can move around in the blink of an eye.

    Cohila  Voiced by: Fernando Escandon

  • A Father to His Men : Literally. And he hopes to lead them into battle himself.
  • Papa Wolf : He's protective of not just his own children, but all bugs.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : He was imprisoned inside a sarcophagus until two greedy thieves removed the enchanted jewel in his mouth.
  • Shout-Out : The name he uses in his human form, Gregor Samsa, is this to Kafka's The Metamorphosis .
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting : He can shift between human and bug form at will.

    The Piper  Voiced by: Roger Rees

  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check : Starts off this way, using his abilities to make money off the mayor.
  • Disproportionate Retribution : Feeling stiffed by the Mayor, he intends to make every child in New York suffer.
  • Humanoid Abomination : Until his true form is revealed, he looks indistinguishable from a normal human.
  • One-Winged Angel : "Oh, you know my little secret? In that case, why don't I slip into something more comfortable?"
  • Villain Ball : Mayor McShane was all set to honor his end of the deal, but Piper tried to force new demands after the job was done.
  • Would Hurt a Child : He attempts to drown New York's children when the mayor refuses to give in to his demands.

    The Salesman/Duophanes  Voiced by: Jonathan Harris

  • Be Careful What You Wish For : The title spells it out for you, after all.
  • Blatant Lies : "Satisfaction guaranteed".
  • Body Horror : Many of his victims end up transformed in some way, like a man who wanted to get in touch with his roots being turned into a tree.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel : The Logic Bomb forces him to transform, and he's much more vulnerable this way.
  • Exact Words : He claims satisfaction guaranteed for his products, and he's perfectly satisfied with the pain he causes .
  • Faux Affably Evil : He's so polite and unassuming... before tormenting his victims.
  • Humanoid Abomination : Like the show's other villains, he looks like a normal human for most of the episode. It ends up acting as a shield against the proton blasts, so the EGB need to get him to reveal his true form.
  • Jackass Genie : He knows exactly what his victims want, but twists the meanings of the wishes for his own sadistic pleasure .
  • Literal Genie : Granted people's wishes in the literal sense. The results weren't pretty.
  • Logic Bomb : How he's defeated. Eduardo writes out a message about wishing that he doesn't grant a wish. After Kylie says it, the confusing nature of the paradoxical wish causes the Salesman to reveal his true form and become easy to trap.
  • Race Against the Clock : The EGB have to stop him from leaving town or else all the wishes remain permanent.
  • Giant Flyer : It's a giant, winged creature.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability : It can only be damaged by very specific items and this doesn't really slow it down at all.
  • Life Drinker : Sucks water out of its human victims, leaving them as dry mummies.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : It's freed from underwater ruins.
  • Super-Strength : No obstacle can get in its way with it being able to just smash straight through.
  • Blow You Away : It primarily uses its wings to create wind-based attacks.
  • Bowdlerize : Its name's meaning is changed from "corpse swallower" to the more child-friendly "bird of prey".
  • Breath Weapon : It demonstrates its possession of this numerous times.
  • Giant Flyer : A giant, bird-like creature.
  • Our Dragons Are Different : It's referred to as a dragon but looks very bird-like, to say nothing of its ability to control the weather.
  • Sadly Mythtaken : In Norse Mythology , Hraesvelg is a giant in the shape of an eagle whose name means "corpse swallower" and whose wing-beats cause the wind to blow. In the show, Hraesvelg is a dragon whose name "literally translates from Old Norse as 'Bird of Prey'" and who has complete control over the weather.
  • Gaia's Vengeance : He possesses plants and uses them to attack people. Kylie muses he's exacting revenge for deforestation, but Garrett quips he's just angry about people having one too many salads.
  • Super-Strength : Can rip through just about any material with minimal trouble.
  • Thoroughly Mistaken Identity : It's initially mistaken for a more benevolent, or at least righteously aggressive spirit named Kuja. This results in Kylie trying to reason with it, to her and Garrett's detriment.
  • Black Sheep : Most leprechauns are considered mischievous at most, but this one is pure evil.
  • Green and Mean : Dresses in green, and is up to no good.
  • Leprechaun : An imp of Irish folklore, albeir a very nasty one.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse : He's able to physically knock around the EGB despite his short stature.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : Thanks to a band of humans, one of whom was Mayor McShane's ancestor.
  • Sins of Our Fathers : He seeks revenge on the descendants of those who imprisoned him in the first place.
  • Teleportation : One of his main abilities is to teleport anywhere he likes.
  • You Know What You Did : It rebukes its victims demands to know why they're being targeted with this.

    Mirror Demon  Voiced by: Glenn Shadix

  • Shock and Awe : He tortures Garrett's soul with this ability, Palpatine-style .
  • Your Soul Is Mine! : His ultimate goal with the souls his Mooks pushed out their bodies.


  • Grand Theft Me : Their modus operandi . They kick people's souls out of their bodies and inhabit said bodies.
  • Impostor Forgot One Detail : Eduardo's impostor is constantly polite, gets along with Slimer, and likes mayonnaise . Slimer's impostor doesn't want to eat anything. Garrett's impostor walks .
  • Spot the Imposter : Slimer notices the strange behavior of "Eduardo" and is quickly replaced. Garrett notices the strange behavior from both afterwards and is ignored until he's replaced.
  • Super-Strength : Once they possess a body, they augment a person's natural strength.
  • Bald of Evil : He enjoys bringing suffering to others through nightmares and is bald.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel : He was virtually unstoppable as long as he was in people's dreams or possessing Barry Sherman. After he fully crossed over, though, he was easily foiled.
  • Demonic Possession : He possessed the radio show host Barry Sherman and used him as a focus to eventually manifest a physical form on Earth. Barry has no memory of Morpheus possessing him .
  • Didn't Think This Through : His goal was to gather enough dream energy to manifest physically on Earth and conquer it , but he never anticipated that this would render him vulnerable to the Ghostbusters!
  • Dream Stealer : Using Barry Sherman's voice as a conduit, Morpheus drew energy from the dreams of anyone listening to Barry's voice using the parasitic Somniwyrms. After he gathered enough energy, Morpheus manifested in the real world as a 20-foot tall version of himself.
  • In a mail sorter's dream, he was a postmaster and the sorter's boss.
  • In Garrett's dream, he was the referee overseeing a basketball game Garrett participated in.
  • In Roland's dream, he was a university professor introducing Roland at a lecture.
  • In Eduardo's dream, he was Kylie's boyfriend.
  • In Egon's dream, he was a passing fishing boat captain.
  • In Janine's dream, he appeared on a television screen as she passed by.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard : His plan to cross over into the real world through people's dreams would have worked if it weren't for the Ghostbusters immediately realizing that crossing over made him trappable and capturing him on the spot.
  • Mad Eye : His left eye is noticeably larger than his right eye.
  • Reality Warper : In any dream he invades, Morpheus is untouchable and can control whatever happens in the dream. As he gathered more energy from dreams, Morpheus gradually gained the power to alter reality in the real world.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real : If a dreamer is injured in their dream because of Morpheus, such injuries often occur to them in the real world too, usually as bruises. After he goes bald in his dream, Eduardo becomes bald in the real world until Morpheus is defeated . Because he had water cascading out of his mouth in his dream, Roland woke up choking out water for a moment.
  • Animalistic Abomination : It resembles a giant whale.
  • Expy : Of Moby-Dick . It's even chased about by Maiikrob, an expy of Captain Ahab.
  • Unexplained Recovery : For some reason, Lotan is able to come back even after Maiikrob's last attack and at some point, the Ghostbusters manage to capture it for good.
  • Animalistic Abomination : It resembles a giant bug.

    Gu Mo 

  • Bilingual Bonus : His name literally translates to "Bone Demon" in Mandarin Chinese, befitting his bone-absorption powers.
  • Grand Theft Me : He possesses the body of the main guest character's father.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : He was imprisoned inside a golden dragon statue until it was destroyed.
  • Stripped to the Bone : The reverse: he magically takes the bones out of his victims, leaving them as still conscious sacks of flesh .
  • Humanoid Abomination : Appears to be human when she first appears, but then changes into a skinless form.
  • Life Drinker : Not for herself, but she nonetheless attempts it.
  • Mirror Scare : She can travel through mirrors, so this happens a fair number of times.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : Subverted. It appears to simply be a ghost of a dead woman that was trapped in a well, but she's actually freshly created by the Wishgiver.
  • Yandere : She'll hunt poor Leonard Bates down to the point in leaving her home. And if any woman were attracted to Leonard, they'll earn her horrific wrath.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For : The ex-yuppie wished for a wife. The Wishgiver gave him a monstrous one.
  • Jackass Genie : Considered one as it grants wishes in the worst possible way.
  • Life Drinker : Through the granted wishes, it tries to absorb the life force of the given target.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : It lives in the wishing well by choice, as it's the best way to get people to make wishes. However, at some point, the well was closed off in a shed and forgotten about. It wasn't until Leonard moved in that a wish was finally made.
  • The Man Behind the Man : The Ghost Bride is basically an extension of it. That's why a new bride appears the moment the original is trapped.
  • Irony : Ravana's defeated after Slimer feed him too much energy causing him to explode.
  • Sadly Mythtaken : The actual Ravana was a humanoid being with many heads rather than a cat-like demon who switched between fat and skinny forms.
  • Villainous Glutton : He possesses people in a way that makes them devour food endlessly.
  • No-Sell : The Ghostbusters' Proton Packs aren't able to harm it because the oil covering the ghost's entire body prevents the blasts from hitting it. Thankfully, the busters found a solution.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : It laid dormant until oil drillers disturbed it.
  • Animalistic Abomination : It resembles a giant dog.
  • One-Winged Angel : Takes on the form of a hideous, mermaid-like creature when she learns the Ghostbusters captured her dog.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : Legends about them go back to humanity's early days. Egon muses that the Ice Age sent them into hibernation and that they've only recently been awakened.
  • Your Soul Is Mine! : Once fully charged, they'll be able to steal people's souls.

    Lilith  Voiced by: Nora Dunn

  • The Chessmaster : Provides an unappreciated Janine with a possible vacation, ensuring the team will need an intern stat. She sneaks her phony agency's contact number into Eduardo's belongings, too.
  • Our Sphinxes Are Different : A sphinx wearing a pharaonic headdress which asks humans the famous Riddle of the Sphinx . His human face is actually a mask hiding a mishmash mass of teeth, eyes and tentacles, which he only removes to drain the intelligence of those he deems to possess the brightest minds that fail to answer his riddle.
  • Riddling Sphinx : He asks the classical Riddle of the Sphinx in order to test mortals' minds, afterwards absorbing the brightest ones, and goes into a Villainous Breakdown when Egon gets it right.
  • Sadly Mythtaken : He's meant to be based on the Greek Sphinx, but wears Egyptian regalia.
  • Sore Loser : The Sphinx gloats when no one was able to solve his riddle but, when Egon correctly answers, he immediately demands to ask another one.
  • Villainous Breakdown : He completely loses it when Egon correctly answers his riddle.

    Cernunnos  Voiced by: Ron Feinberg

  • Gods Need Prayer Badly : He needs four believers in order to gain power.
  • One-Winged Angel : He assumes a demonic appearance near the end of his episode.
  • Sadly Mythtaken : Cernunnos may be a fairly obscure figure to modern scholarship, but he certainly wasn't a demonic tempter like he is in this portrayal.
  • Villainous Breakdown : When getting pulled into the ghost trap, he desperately tries to get free by offering the Ghostbusters more power if they let him go. This time, no one listens.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness : Once the three witches release him, he turns them into grotesque creatures, stating they've served their purpose.

Other Ghosts

  • Harmless Villain : When the Ghostbusters finally confront it, it cowers in fear and does not fight back.
  • Obliviously Evil : It's ultimately just a scared creature that just wants to be left alone.
  • Ironic Fear : A fear ghost that's itself afraid of others.
  • Nightmare Weaver : It can bring people's worst fears to life.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : By choice. He just wants to be left alone.

    Jack  Voiced by: Edward Albert

  • Body Horror : A normal boy transformed into a Grundel.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy : A result of being transformed into a Grundel, he serves the original Grundel's disciple.
  • The Dragon : To the original Grundel, who calls him his disciple.
  • Dragon Ascendant : For most of the episode. The original's locked up, so Jack just goes about his business. Once the original gets out, though, Jack defers to him.
  • Evil Former Friend : To Kylie, though he's been brainwashed into this state. Thankfully, defeating the Grundel again erases his hold over Jack.
  • Forced Transformation : Forced to undergo one by the Grundel, who sealed him in a disgusting cocoon within an old tree for several years.
  • No Ontological Inertia : Played with. One of the show's rare aversions, he was not returned to normal when the original Grundel was busted because he was in a cocoon. Busting the original in the episode proper does return him to normal, though.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : He was left to gestate in a cocoon inside a tree. A lightning strike ends up releasing him.

    Syren  Voiced by: Melissa Disney

  • Anti-Villain : She doesn't want to be evil; she just wants to help her sister. Until she finally realizes how much of a bitch Banshee is.
  • Dating Catwoman : With Roland, though nothing much comes out of it.
  • Even Evil Has Standards : She steals people's youth for her sister, but she can't bring herself to actually kill.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold : Syren has blond hair, and she's shown to be very sweet and kind.
  • Heroic Sacrifice : She willingly lets herself be trapped in order to undo the harm she caused.
  • Nice Girl : Contrasting with her sister Banshee .
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : With Banshee. Syren is calm, peaceful, and nice, while Banshee is volatile, rude, and ill-tempered.
  • Deader than Dead : He was already dead to start with, so he's this in the end.
  • Expy : Of Captain Ahab , who also obsessively pursues a non-human opponent until both he and his prey are destroyed.
  • Heroic Sacrifice : He's destroyed taking down Lotan.
  • Hunter of Monsters : He hunts Lotan.

Other Characters

  • Arbitrary Skepticism : Absolutely refuses to believe in the supernatural despite having interacted with Piper and later being captured by a Leprechaun.
  • Hate Sink : He's an arrogant Know-Nothing Know-It-All who demeans the Ghostbusters every chance he gets.
  • Jerkass : To the Ghostbusters.
  • Small Role, Big Impact : He's one of the reasons why many New Yorkers consider the Ghostbusters frauds and why their more public accomplishments are often swept under the rug .
  • Ungrateful Bastard : In "Luck of the Irish," after the Ghostbusters save him from the Leprechaun, he insists the whole thing was a publicity stunt the St. Patrick's Day Parade and takes full credit for it.
  • Entitled Bastard : He and his buddies knocked down Garrett from his wheelchair, calling him a killjoy when he objected to their racist vandalism on a Jewish Temple. When they get chased down by the golem, Spencer begs Garrett to save them, prompting him to ask "oh really now?" Eduardo suggests letting the golem wail on Spencer a bit before intervening, then Kylie quickly reminds them that although she shares the sentiment, they're supposed to be the good guys.
  • Evil Former Friend : When Garrett realizes Spencer was Evil All Along , he ends their relationship.
  • Jerkass : He shows disdain towards Roland and is later revealed to be one of the jerks who attacked the Jewish synagogue.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain : He's a member of a group of Anti-Semitic vandals and is vaguely implied to be racist toward Roland.
  • We Used to Be Friends : With Garrett by the final act of "The True Face of a Monster."

    J.N. Kline  Voiced by:

  • No Celebrities Were Harmed : He's modeled after several prominent horror writers, including Clive Barker and R.L. Stine . He also looks like an older, balder Stephen King .
  • Self-Deprecation : They were clearly meant to make fun of Men in Black: The Series which, like Extreme Ghostbusters , was also made by Adelaide Productions.
  • Beneath the Earth : Where she's from.
  • In-Universe Nickname : Garrett gives her the nickname "Stef".
  • She Cleans Up Nicely : Once Janine helps her dress for going out above ground, she proves to be quite pretty.

    Edward Kirilian  Voiced by: John de Lancie

  • Driven to Suicide : He was saved by Egon at the last minute after the Ghostbusters disrupt his attempt to open a dimensional rift. His life's ambition in shambles, Kirilian let go of Egon's hand and was dragged by one of his own slave ghosts into the collapsing rift .
  • Faking the Dead : After ordering his slave ghosts to steal the Toltec crystal skulls (to open a dimensional rift) and knowing that the Ghostbusters would soon figure out what's happening, Kirilian tried to throw them off his trail by having his slave ghosts pretend to attack him and blow up his house, pretending to die in the explosion.
  • Mad Scientist : There's not much else you would call a man who attempts to use special collars to enslave the spirit world.
  • Mind Control : He used collars with devices to control ghosts and have them do his bidding.
  • Shadow Archetype : He's what Egon would be like if he had no sympathy for others and let his fascination with the supernatural become an insane obsession.
  • They Called Me Mad! : He presumably tried to present his theories on ghost slave labor to the scientific community and was fired and humiliated, resulting in him gradually becoming a Mad Scientist desperate to prove his theories to the world.
  • We Used to Be Friends : He and Egon were once colleagues at the New York State University and shared a common interest in the supernatural. They had a falling-out when Kirilian proposed the idea that ghosts can be used as slave labor . Soon after that, Kirilian lost his job at the university and later became a recluse with only his enslaved ghosts for company.

    Wanda, Celina, and Bess 

  • Body Horror : After Eduardo completes their circle and Cernunnos manifests in our reality.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead : Wanda, Celina, and Bess respectively.
  • Brought Down to Normal : The witches lose their power once Cernunnos is captured.
  • Deal with the Devil : They make one with Cernunnos in "Witchy Woman."
  • Disproportionate Retribution : Wanda and Celina revel in this. Bess thinks it goes too far. Such as turning the lead cheerleader into an ugly troll and a jock into a human tree .
  • I Just Want to Be Loved : Bess's motive for wanting power was to get noticed, but would always be turned away. Wanda and Celina use the rejections as excuses to use their powers on others.
  • Token Good Teammate : Bess is the kinder of the three witches. All she wanted was to fit in.

    Carl Rivera  Voiced by: Tony Plana

  • Do Not Call Me "Paul" : Carl would angrily correct Eduardo his name is Carl when he addresses him as Carlos.
  • Entitled Bastard : He angrily tells Eduardo and the Ghostbusters to stay out of "police business" when a pack of trolls invade a bridge, believing he and the police can handle it. When it became apparent the police were completely in over their heads, Carl then demands if the Ghostbusters can do anything about them, prompting Eduardo to call him out on his demand moments after telling them all to get lost.
  • Jerkass : He hates the Ghostbusters, he doesn't like Eduardo and when Egon tried to greet Carl warmly, he was downright rude to him. The only reason why he isn't completely unlikable , is because he genuinely loves his wife and son.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : While Eduardo is skinny and laid-back, Carl is built and serious.
  • Ungrateful Bastard : Despite the Ghostbusters stopping the trolls and saving his son, Carl was still expecting Eduardo to tell Kevin that the Ghostbusters are not heroes. Eduardo throws it back in his face by saying that he's proud to be a Ghostbuster.
  • The Real Ghostbusters
  • Characters/Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters (IDW Comics)
  • CharacterSheets/Western Animation
  • The Fairly OddParents!

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    Extreme Ghostbusters- The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 14:13-14:16). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Eduardo says: "Just for the record, I voted to spend Spring Break in Daytona Beach!" ↑ Garrett Miller (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- The Jersey Devil Made Me Do It (1997) (DVD ts. 03:36-03:37). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

  18. Watch Extreme Ghostbusters Season 1 Episode 15

    Ep 15. The Jersey Devil TVY7 September 26, 1997 When the Extreme Ghostbusters team hears about the sightings of a strange creature known as the Jersey Devil in New Jersey, they decide to look into it. Eduardo, Kylie, Garrett, and Roland head to the Pine Barrens to investigate the sightings.

  19. Extreme Ghostbusters Season 1 Episode 15

    Watch Extreme Ghostbusters season 1 episode 15 Online The Jersey Devil : The equipment-less EGB have to protect a small town from the Jersey Devil. Episode found on: 1.

  20. Extreme Ghostbusters: All Episodes

    December 8, 1997 4:30 AM — 22m. 877 1.2k 5.0k 5. Three teenage witches try to bring Kylie into their circle. Based on the blockbuster films, this action-packed animated series starts a decade after the original Ghostbusters saved New York City from ghosts, goblins and ghouls. All the guys have left town, except Egon, now teaching a Paranormal ...

  21. "Extreme Ghostbusters" Deadliners (TV Episode 1997)

    66 YOUR RATING Rate Animation Action Adventure A group of demonic creatures (based on Cenobites from Hellraiser (1987) franchise) kidnap people and turn them into monsters. The Ghostbusters learn that their creator is a famous author of horror novels for children that Eduardo loves. Director Scott Wood Writers Jeff Kline Richard Raynis

  22. Rage

    The Extreme Ghostbusters face off against a breed of troll that replicates themselves, while Egon temporarily moves in with Eduardo to form an odd-couple match. Eduardo tries to keep his...

  23. Extreme Ghostbusters / Characters

    Knight of Cerebus: The second he appears, all humor drains out of the scene, and "Grundelesque", his sole appearance in Extreme Ghostbusters, is the darkest episode of the series. Last of His Kind: He's thought to be the last Grundel ever until Jack resurfaced. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Egon says he and the original team busted him ten years ...