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This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised! Reason: All the characters in this mod are creepypastas, each with gory, bloody backstories and creepy references.



This article contains copyrighted music, files, or other copyrighted assets that can claim copyright infringement. Reason: Sonic and Tails Doll are owned by SEGA, Ethan and BuriedAlive are from Pokémon, owned by Nintendo, so is Ben Drowned's origin game The Legend of Zelda and the MARIO creepypasta's origin game. OG Mickey is owned by Disney, and Squidward is from Spongebob, owned by Paramount and Nickelodeon.

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Characters [ ]

  • Ben Drowned

Sonic.EXE [ ]

“ I'm gonna getcha... ” ― Sonic.EXE

Sonic.EXE is the main antagonist of his namesake creepypasta and the 1st opponent of the mod. He is a demon haunting a Sonic the Hedgehog copy, as well as taking on a form resembling Sonic. He is the main opponent for Found you .

Appearance [ ]

Sonic.Exe's appearance in the mod is a combination of Sonic.exe's for design and with Lord X from Sonic PC Port. His shoes are dark purple instead of red like Sonic's, his red eyes have white irises and X-shaped pupils, and he sports an X-shaped scar on his chest. He also has additional arms and hands inside his body that poke out of his mouth. In his right pose, his eyes turn purple. His eyes can also change shape based on his pose.

  • As the player can see, EXE has the appearance of Lord X from Sonic PC PORT, however, in the mod, he is still referred to as Sonic.EXE.
  • His vocals are similar compared to Sonic.exe in Vs. Sonic.EXE.

Gallery [ ]

Idle pose (static)

Ben Drowned [ ]

“ You shouldn't have done that. ” ― BEN Drowned

Ben Drowned is the main antagonist of his namesake ARG creepypasta and the 2nd opponent of the mod. He's an undead sadistic entity haunting a Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask copy that takes the form of an Elegy of Emptiness statue resembling Link.

Ben Drowned's appearance is based on the Elegy of Emptiness statue that Link transforms into when playing the Elegy of Emptiness. As such, the statue looks appears very similarly to Link, only with an uncanny face with emptily staring eyes and bared teeth. Unlike the normal statue, Ben Drowned can shift his face into different ways, all of them appearing respectively disturbing, ranging from a black void with realistic eyes and teeth to pitch black eyes and a creepy gaping smile to glowing yellow eyes with green irises resembling Majora's mask, only with blood leaking out of the bottom and glowing blue eyes.

  • Spritesheets

Idle pose (static)

... , better known as Ethan , or Gold , as his former name, is the main protagonist of Pokémon Gold Silver, and the creepypasta based around a hacked copy of the lateral aforementioned game, known popularly as Pokémon Lost Silver. He's a alternate universe of Gold who loses sections of his body as the game progresses until he's reduced to a non-existent entity.

Gold starts out as his normal appearance in the 1st iteration of the gen 2 core titles as well as the beginning of the creepypasta, a human kid with yellow eyes and black hair wearing a black-and-yellow cap, red hoodie and beige pants. As the song progresses, he loses his arms, with bloody stumps left in its place, his eyes go black with red irises, and he starts crying blood as his skin and clothes slightly desaturates. Eventually, during the last segment of Perish, he loses his legs, his overall color scheme is completely color washed with blood around his eyes and severed limbs. His blood is the only material that retains their color

  • In the game, Gold is called "...", the narrator of the creepypasta calls him Gold (the character's name).

Idle pose (phase 1, static)

  • Needlem0use

Needlem0use [ ]

“ There is no god Boyfriend, only me . ” ― Needlemouse, Only me

Sarah, aka Needlem0use, is the main antagonist of the Needlem0use horror analog VHS. She's an original take on Sonic.Exe, originally being a normal human girl who died in a bar fight, and her death was covered up by her former friends. After a SEGA company building was built over her grave, Sarah's soul ended up inside a Sonic the Hedgehog game, where she uses the body of Sonic as a vessel and seeks revenge on her old friends.

She is the main opponent for Only Me .

As "Needlem0use", Sarah is a heavily altered version of Sonic, with purple quills instead of blue, red pupils on otherwise beady black eyes, the gloves and stripes on the shoes being golden yellow instead of white, and her mouth being full of sharp black teeth with red outlines.

In her human form, Sarah has black hair, red eyes and peach skin. She wears a purple shirt with pink cuffs as well as a pink stripes in the center, black pants held up by a brown belt with a gold buckle, along with black and white shoes.

  • The creator of Needlem0use clarifies that his characters are exclusive in their own universe and that no EXE can interact with her and vice versa.
  • Needlem0use is one of the rarer examples of a female Exe.
  • For the most part, her mind is practically shattered so she isn’t able to think straight, often acting solely based on impulse.
  • She CAN change forms to be different characters or sprites, but she finds the Sonic form comforting in a twisted way.
  • In-universe, Sarah is never called “Needlem0use”. The beta game disc, however, is named such, which explains the namesake.
  • Sarah was born on April 20th, between the years of 1940 to 1945.
  • She is weightless.
  • Sarah is a little dense and is prone to fall for a façade.
  • She gets bored way too easily, so she is always seen toying with her world to see what else she can mess with and corrupt.
  • In the original tapes, Sarah wasn’t a female at first. Instead, her gender was going to remain a mystery and left up to the viewer.
  • In the original tapes, Needlem0use was going to have more of a symbiotic relationship with Sonic. He would be the unwilling host and Sarah was the entity haunting him. However, this was scrapped, and the tapes were remade with Needlem0use reworked.
  • Sarah is Asian.
  • She was originally planned to be paired with Luther in her former life, but this was scrapped.
  • Sarah is bisexual.
  • Mad (Unused)

Idle pose (static)

Sonic the Hedgehog is the eponymous protagonist of his namesake franchise created by the Sega corporation. His data goes unused for the mod.

In this mod, Sonic the Hedgehog resembles his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl , except he is seen T-posing and is enclosed in a white square, implying that the mod uses a jpeg file as a reference.

Left pose (static)

Amy Rose is a major character in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise owned by the SEGA corporation. Her data for the mod goes unused.

Amy Rose utilizes a model from her appearance in Sonic Heroes that is used for her mod data, she is T-posing partially enclosed in white boundary, implying to be a jpeg file. she overall has very similar characteristics to Sonic.

Left pose (static)

  • Jeff the Killer
  • The Victim/Mario
  • The Wife (No Players Online)
  • Red Mist Squidward
  • Photonegative Mickey
  • Creepybloom
  • Buried Alive
  • Smile Dog (Possibly Upcoming)
  • Luna Game Pinkie (Possibly Upcoming)

Sunky.MPEG [ ]

Sunky.MPEG almost looks exactly like Sonic, having white gloves, and red shoes with white strips. However, there are major differences. Instead of Sonic.exe's regular eyes, they were replaced by red dots. Sunky.MPEG has no buckle in his shoes. He can stretch his arms whenever he wants, as seen in his poses.

He also has an unused spritesheet that depicts him to be much more accurate to his source material.

  • His neutral and losing icons are identical to Vs. Sonic.EXE, however, the neutral icon has some milk stains smeared on his mouth, and the losing icon removes it.

Idle pose (static)

Jeff the Killer is an infamous Creepypasta villain alongside Slender Man, Eyeless Jack and Zalgo. He is a male teenager who lost his sanity and transformed into a serial killer.

The Victim/Mario [ ]

The wife [ ].

The Wife is a character from the first-person horror game "No Players Online".

The Wife's full appearance is unknown but only having a teaser of her head. She has white eyes, and an elongated mouth. Her nose is kind of small or flattened.

This was later revealed that The Wife has a big black body in the original game while haunting the player.

Creepybloom [ ]

Creepy Bloom is the Creepypasta version of Applebloom from the kids TV show "My Little Pony". She retains some of her appearances in the original show; daisy-coloured skin, and a red mane. However, her eyes are replaced with white circles, and she has a creepy grin on her face.

Smile Dog [ ]

Smile Dog might be an upcoming character in this mod as shown in the poster. He is a supposedly "haunted" image dating back to the beginnings of the internet, smile.jpg has a reputation for driving those who view it insane, making its victims view it in their mind's eye at every turn.

Smile Dog appears as a Siberian husky with grey and pink-like fur, accompanied by an inhuman smile. When he transforms into his demon form his fur turns red with a yellowish tint and black on the top of his head, and his smile is far bigger.

In the poster, he has blood under his hair, or possibly a shadow.

  • Smile Dog is a merciless, sadistic, cruel, evil, satanic, and manipulative sadist. (ok, now that's one dog that I would not work with)

LG!Pinkie [ ]

Luna Game Pinkie , or simply just Pinkie , is one the main antagonists of the Luna Game series that torment Princess Luna. She is seen during the official FNF:CC portion of the Box Funkin' Direct.

LG!Pinkie appears similar to the normal G4 Pinkie Pie, though with red skin and an eye within her mouth.

Gameplay Mechanics [ ]

  • Health Drain: Every single opponent drains the player's health whenever they sing. The health drain doesn't go past the 3rd quarter of the health bar, slightly before when Boyfriend's losing icon would display.
  • Rings: In "Found You" and "Only Me", slashed rings will appear alongside the notes. Hitting the rings will cause the player to take damage.
  • Dodge: Throughout "Found You", one of Sonic.Exe's arms will try to grab the player. The player must press Space to dodge the arm. A prompt will appear onscreen to warn the player to press Space. Failure to dodge will result in death.
  • Ocarina Notes: In "Unhealing", Ocarina notes will appear. Unlike the rings, hitting these notes is required to avoid taking damage.


A fatal error has occurred. - Doki Doki Takeover

This article uses one or more placeholders. Placeholders are commonly used for when a mod or asset hasn't been released publicly. Placeholders should be replaced with official assets as soon as possible. Note: Squidward's icon is from Mistful Crimson Morning . Pac-Man's icon is from Pac-Mania Exe . RED's icon is from Funkin' NES: Monster of Monsters , and BuriedAlive's icon is from Friday Night Funkin' Lullaby .

Banner for the demo build/

Trivia (General) [ ]

  • Ben's eyes in his right pose is similar to the Majora's mask itself.
  • The Ocarina Notes during " Unhealing " looks the same compared to the notes from Mic Of Time .
  • Gold starts to lose his limbs as the song is progressing, just like the original creepypasta.
  • During the first two verses in " Perish ", if vocals are removed, part of " Monochrome" instrumentals can be heard.
  • The dead animals that hung on the trees in " Found You " references the original creepypasta.
  • Gold's down pose is a reference (almost) to Gold' s down pose in Hypno's Lullaby .
  • The rest of the halves left his body complete.
  • In " Only Me ", part of " Found You " can be heard.

Trivia (Upcoming Characters, Difficulty, etc.) [ ]

  • Even though she or the game itself wasn't a creepypasta, she will be later added in the mod.
  • In the text describing the corpse, The Victim is described as 'her'.
  • Photo - Negative Mickey, Red Mist Squidward (AKA Suicide Squidward), Creepy Bloom, and other characters will be added in the mod despite not appearing in the poster.
  • It might be Smile Dog on the left side of the poster.
  • It neither be Jeff the Killer on the right side. No one is entirely sure if he is the killer creepypasta himself due to his face being scarred.
  • There will be a Creepy difficulty (find " Perish (Creepy Difficulty) " in Upcoming , under Music) .

Gallery (General) [ ]

Download link: [ ].


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