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ghost boy x reader lemon


(Disclaimer: ALL pictures are NOT mine) NOTE: This book hasn't been updated in 3 years, beware of misspells, grammar and just plain cringe. I might delete this book so be warned. For each character I do there will be two scenarios, one for friends i...

# characterxreader # claimed # cute # femalereader # femreader # friendsintolovers # love # malebeast # monster # romance # shy

ghost boy x reader lemon

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(Im back!!! I thought of doing a Male Ghost x Reader! I think you all are going to like it! I hope you all enjoy!!! And dont die out there because of the whole Coronovirus lol) (PS Im going back to (Crush Name) because I cant think of other names lol)

(When you first met him)

You have heard of ghost stories right? Ones where they haunt your home, take over bodies, making stuff move and such more. Years ago this boy went missing from his home around your neighborhood, never to be found and no trace of anything of where he could be. This boy was (Crush Name), he disapperad as a boy and now you years later and you're 3 friends are going to an adandoned home deep into the woods. You're friends thought they heard movement and something going on in the home as he walk by in the woods sometimes during the day and night. Now you and you're 3 other friends are going to the home because they thought it was a good idea.

You packed your backpack as you heard a knock on your door, you called out, "Just a minute!" as you stuffed your backpack with a flashlight, food, water, personal belongings and some clothes just in case you have to stay the night there, which you doubt it, but just in case. You see your're three friends, as they stood there with their backpacks on their backs ready to go. "Are you ready to go?" One said as they smiled softly, you nodded in agreement as you held your finger up and told them to wait a minute. You went into your room as you grabbed your stuff, walking out as you closed your bedroom door and locked it, putting the key in your pocket as you walked out of the house and locked the door then soon went to your friends car and got in the back seat, you are now on your way to the forest.

The drive was long, it's been about 30 minutes but you thought it was longer, the car finally stopped by the forest as you all got out, locking the car downs as you all start your journey into the woods. Branches crumble under your feet as your friends and you all talked to each other. After awhile of walking you soon found a large home, it was  stories tall as the wood looked old, windows looked dirty and plywood blocked some of the windows, you made your destination. Your friends breathed, "Alright, who's first!" They giggled as they stepped in front and turned around to looked at you and the other 2. "(Y/n)!!! You go first!" they pointed at you as you shook your head,"No, im good." you simply said as they laughed, "The house is not going to kill you." They grabbed your arm as they lead you ahead of them, you walked towards the door, you touched the handle,it was cold. You opened the door as it creaked open, only to see dust and old items everywhere,the only light was coming from the outside. You stepped inside the house, the air cold as it hit your skin, the others walked in as the door slowly shut behind them. You felt like you were being watched.

One of your friends finally spoke "Alright, we all stick together, we are not doing the dumb..." they cleared their voice and did a high pitch, "lets split up!" they coughed, the cough echoed as their voice was back to normal, "We are not doing that bullshit from the horror movies." You all laughed as you all went up the stair, they creaked each stair as some of them snapped from the weight of your friends. You all head into the hallway as you hear something dropped to the floor, then shattered. You quickly turned around as one of your friends dropped to the floor, soon dragged away into a room. They screamed and kicked as the door shut. The scream quickly stopped as you shivered, stepping back as you quickly ran with the other 2, you all ran into an room as you coughed and try to catch your breath. Soon one of your friends stand completely still, wide eyed. "(Y-Y/n)?" you turned as they soon floated, they grabbed thier neck and scratching, like something or someone is strangling them, you heard a snap as they dropped to the floor. Soon your last friend ran towards you, "RUN!" They shouted as you ran out of the room as ran. Your friend behind you ran too, only soon to drop dead on the ground as an sharp knife shot through thier head. You were the only one left alive.

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For All Eternity // Yandere! Ghost x Reader.

“I am the who when you call, who’s there?”

It had been so long…

So many years…

So many night and days…

Once by one, the years had slipped away into loneliness, an eternal curse and his alone to bear. He’d died so long ago now, left to rot away into nothing in the shadows of his former home.

Body became bones, bones became dust, and then...something else was left behind.

Something twisted.

Something wicked.

Something lonely.

But even in death, this ghost’s heart continued to beat. He longed and loved and he waited...waited for her.

His darling. His love.

Y/N. She had belonged to him once before, so very long ago, his own little love to keep. How happy he’d been! He delighted! But she was stolen away and, out of despair, he died. She had been his once...and she would be his once again. True love persisted through the years, through life and death, just as he had.

And he called for her.

His voice was wavering, a weak whisper that rode on the wind and slipped into her mind. It curled around her tightly, echoing through her dreams.

“Come home...”

“Come to me!”

What lie did she tell herself? That it was only a dream...her imagination...When his voice crept into her war, did she pretend not to hear him? When the cold crept in and pulled upon her soul, did she run away? When the music and memories of the past slipped close, did she try to pretend...did she try to forget…? Perhaps…

But she could not run forever.

Not with the cold growing stronger, haunting her soul.

Not with his voice calling to her, night after night.

“My darling!”


His wicked whisper, thick with magic, captured her mortal soul once more. Once he’d been strong enough to take her himself but he had to use other means to make her his. Other methods. Dark and terrible things, but oh, they worked wonders! He haunted her until she was a weak and broken thing, too frightened to fight him any longer. Too helpless to ignore him.

And like a good little darling, she came to his call…

She came to him.

Shaking and shivering, she approached the manor with small steps. It towered over her like a shadow, dark and looming, a memory of times long forgotten. Times that she had forgotten…

Dancing in the dark.

His hands upon her skin.

A scarlet gown.

Music playing softly.

Her tears streaming like rain.

White gloves stained red.

Memories lurked within her, dark and painful. Perhaps she did not remember it all clearly but, oh, she felt it! She feared it!

There was terror in her eyes as she looked at the once beautiful manor, fear beating in her heart. He could sense it, feasting upon the sensation hungrily. How delicious! How delightful! The spirit bade her to ignore such silly little feelings, pouring all of his strength as he called out her name once more. Through the darkness, she heard him.

And she came to him.

Wild winds shrieked like wolves as she came forward, as though they screamed a warning, walking up the dilapidated staircase with shaking legs and a fearful heart.  

The steps creaked and cracked beneath her feet, threatening to snap at any moment.

The door opened at only a touch, opening with a low scream.

For a moment, she stood still in the darkness, heart beating and eyes filling with tears. She was crying, though she didn’t know why (he’d give her a reason!). Her heart was beat, beat, beating as though it might burst out of her chest (he’d have it! He’s have her heart!). And through the cold, dusty air, she heard him again.

She walked forward.

What a sweet little darling, so well behaved...oh, she was so much sweeter then last time. This would not be like last time. This time...this time, she would not escape him!

The doors suddenly closed with a cold slam, freezing air bursting with the force.

And with it, the spell was broken.

Tears fell like rain, her horrified scream filling the dark house. The sound was like to music to him, so sweet! How he had missed it! How he had missed this! The terror, the pain, the horror...she had escaped it all once but she would not escape it again. She would not escape him. Not matter how much she may try.

In her terror, Y/N tried to flee her nightmare. She grasping the door and pounding upon it, trying so desperately to escape.

“!” She cried. “Let me out!!”

She froze, his voice so familiar...

He came closer, reaching out for her.

The cold crept closer, wrapping around her like icy chains. Could she feel them, closing around her? Could she feel him? A wicked chuckle crept from his throat, echoing softly into the dark manor.

“You aren’t leaving me,” he hissed. “You are NEVER LEAVING.”

Before her eyes, a ghastly form was revealed. Faded and gray, no more then a memory of what he once had been. His skin was sunken, his eyes empty and black, his bones just barely revealed beneath his wavering image. As the sight of him, Y/N screamed...and he laughed!

Terror mixed with amusement as a bone crushing grip wrapped around her, skeletal hands dragging her deep into the darkness.

There would be music once more.

She would dance with him again, dressed in the ragged red gown, and everything would be right again! There would be music and dancing...and screams! And laughter! He feasted on the screams that escaped her pretty, pretty lips, feeding his starving soul on her misery...her fear...her torment!


“I am the wind running through your hair.”

(Part one of All Hallows Eve! A yandere ghost finds his lady love reborn and takes back what is rightfully his...what a pretty start! Thank you to the requester and Happy Halloween, my darlings!)

ghost boy x reader lemon

@ your-yandere-kiss

ghost boy x reader lemon

Imagine a yandere ghost who is cursed is trapped in the doll, so one day a family came to live in his house, but what the ghost did not expect is to fall in love with the couple's eldest daughter. Maybe this yandere ghost (doll) use the younger brother to get closer to his beloved...


I completely forgot about the doll part…I’m sorry T~T

ENTANGLED (Yandere!Ghost x Female!Reader)


B/n = Brother’s name

A shiver ripped through your body as the cold autumn breeze flew past you from the car window. You pulled your old sweater closer to you as the forest flew past you from the backseat of your mother’s minivan. You pulled back from the open window and leaned back in your seat, a yawn leaving your lips and a neutral expression settling on your face. “Y/n, if you’re tired, why not take a nap like your brother? It’ll be a few more hours until we get to the house.” Your father turned in the passenger seat to give you a warm smile as he adjusted his box frame glasses. You turned to your younger brother B/N, who was fast asleep next to you and drooling on his window. You furrowed your brows and let out a small noise of disgust at the sight before turning and rolling up your window, then laying against it. "Alright, Dad. Wake me up when we get there.“ You sighed as your eyes fluttered closed with the sound of the car and your mother’s humming filling your ears.



You jumped at the sound of a voice yelling in your ear. You turn to the side to see your little brother banging on your window. "Come on! Mom and Dad are moving stuff inside already!” He pulled away with a big grin as he ran forward to help your parents. A forlorn sigh left you as you picked up your backpack and climbed out of the car. At the sound of you slamming your car door shut, your mother walks over and wraps her arm around you. “So pumpkin, What do you think of our new home?” She said looking up at the house. You turned towards the house and your eyes widened.

 The house was…old. Like, super old by the looks of it. “Isn’t it beautiful? It was created in 1846 by some Swedish architect.” You rolled your eyes at her enthusiasm but you wouldn’t lie…it was a beautiful building. She saw you roll your eyes and did a drum roll against her leg. “But my lovely daughter that is not all…It is rumored this house is haunted!” She let a feigned evil laugh escape her lips as she rubbed her hands evilly. “Haunted?” “Yes.” You quirked an eyebrow as a signal for her to tell you more before she wrapped her arm around you and led you closer to the house. “The creator made this home for his family of 5; him, his wife, and their 3 children. And when the house was under construction, there was an accident. His oldest son was crushed by an unsecured beam, killing him. The creator was so distraught and heartbroken, he couldn’t even finish the home even though 2/3’s of it had already been completed. He just packed up the rest of his family and left.”

As your mother continued telling you about the gruesome history of the new home, you both looked inside from the open front door after hearing a crash. “Honey? What was that?” Your mother said letting you go and approaching the door. “…It was one of your porcelain teacups…” Your father shouted from inside with a worried tone. Your mother screeched in horror before going inside and yelling at your father for breaking one of her prized possessions. You sighed and turned from the house, pulling out your phone and texting one of your friends. As the message sent, you turned off your phone only to freeze. in the reflection of your phone’s dark screen, was the front window of the 3rd story. In the window, stood the silhouette of a boy. He looked down at you with a solemn look in his eyes. You quickly turned and looked into the window, only to be met with nothing in the window. You gulped at the memory before grabbing a box next to the steps leading to the door and heading inside.

Your eyes snapped open as you lay in the dark of your new room. You sit up from your mattress as it lay on the hardwood and peer out of your window; as the moon peered back at you leaving a thin stream of light across your face. It’s been 3 days since you moved in and you can’t help but always feel watched; even as you sit on the mattress. You reached over and turned on your lamp as you stood up and walked over to the bookshelf in your room. You slid your fingers against the dark wood before picking up one of your favorite books. You flipped through the pages before stopping at a certain page when something fell out. You peered down at your floor and saw a pressed dandelion. The dandelion lay still in your fingers as you picked it up; then brushing its petals softly. “What a lovely flower.” You said quietly with a smile on your face as a thump could be heard across the hall. You gasped quietly at the noise in alarm as you placed the flower and the book on top of the bookshelf.

You shuffled across the floor towards the door and pressed your ear against it to hear something, only to be met by the sound of your heartbeat. You exhaled as you slowly turned the doorknob and peered into the dark hallway towards the noise; it had come from your bother’s room. You took your phone from your pajama shorts and turned on the flash as you walked closer to your brother’s room. The floor creaked and groaned as you passed through the hallway. You quickly reached for the doorknob and turned it, hearing a click as it opened. You flashed your light in your room to see your brother hunched over on the floor next to the window. You called out his name but when you received no response, you quickly came behind him and turned him. He looked back at you with different eyes. You stumbled back in shock before falling on your butt next to him. He stared at you with unnerving eyes before he slowly began to stand, but something was wrong; very wrong. As he stood, his body began cracking, twisting, and twitching. He became taller and skinnier, and his skin became deathly pale. The boy who stood before you was not your brother. Right before you let out a scream, a thin and brittle hand covered your mouth as eyes as black as ebony stared back at you. “Shh my love, there is no need to be frightened.” The boy spoke with a small smile. You grabbed his arm and tried to remove it but his other arm came to wrap around your waist, before pulling you against his chest. You pushed hard against him, trying desperately to escape but he was surprisingly very strong for someone who looked so fragile and weak.

 "Who are you?“ Your trembling voice spoke once your arms grew tired. "I am Stephen, my love. And finally after so so long, I found my one true love.” He spoke while stroking your back carefully. “What the fuck are you talking about, and what have you done with my brother?” You yelled as Stephen gripped you tighter. “Don’t you see my love? For us to be together, I had to take his body and make it my own. I knew I had to the moment I saw you enter this place for the first time." You stopped and stared at him. It felt like the world was crumbling around you. "That…isn’t possible.” Your voice trembled as tears began to form in your eyes. “Oh, but it is my love and now we can be together.” You felt him hit you over the head with something as your vision became spotty. But right before you slipped into unconsciousness, you heard him.

  “We can be together forever.”

ghost boy x reader lemon

Imagine a yandere ghost who is cursed is trapped in the doll, so one day a family came to live in his house, but what...
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ghost boy x reader lemon

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The assistant by tehmichi, fandoms: call of duty (video games)  .

  • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Work in Progress

18 Oct 2023

  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • John Price (Call of Duty)/Original Female Character(s)
  • John Price (Call of Duty)/Reader
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/Original Female Character(s)
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/Reader
  • John Price (Call of Duty)
  • John "Soap" MacTavish
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Kyle "Gaz" Garrick
  • Kate Laswell
  • Kate Laswell's Wife
  • Alejandro Vargas
  • Rodolfo Parra
  • Original Female Character(s)
  • Original Male Character(s)
  • Nikolai (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
  • Alex Keller (Call of Duty)
  • Farah Karim
  • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
  • Alternate Universe - Office
  • Workplace Relationship
  • Eventual Smut
  • Eventual Romance
  • Sexual Tension
  • Office Party
  • Other Additional Tags to Be Added
  • Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022)
  • Possesive John Price
  • Canon-Typical Violence
  • some out of character behavior
  • Forced Proximity
  • Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism
  • Emotional Hurt/Comfort
  • Implied/Referenced Narcissistic Abuse
  • Anxiety Attacks
  • Touch-Starved
  • Critical Role Spoilers
  • consent king
  • Praise Kink
  • Cunnilingus
  • Body Worship
  • Soft Dom Price
  • Vaginal Fingering
  • Penis In Vagina Sex
  • Eventual Why Choose
  • I think it's obvious who it is at this point
  • Female Ejaculation
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Multiple Orgasms
  • Soft Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Domestic Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Healing Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley Goes to Therapy
  • Why choose romance
  • Implied/Referenced Torture
  • Body Horror
  • Night Terrors
  • No Third Act Breakup
  • Demisexuality
  • Webcam/Video Chat Sex
  • almost a threesome
  • there will be one i swear
The Assistant is an office romance AU that picks up after the events of MWII (22). The Hassan mission and betrayal in Las Almas exacted a steep toll, and the 141 and Los Vaqueros retire from active duty. They find themselves settling in New York City, starting new lives, meeting new loves, and befriending a group of nerdy women in their thirties. Laswell and Price decided to start a PMC to beat the Shadows at their own game. Kate hires Stella, a bubbly, snarky geek, as her newest assistant, and Price hates that Stella pushes every single one of his buttons. Kate’s tired of him firing her assistants and so forces the two to collaborate on a major project. As they fight and grow, Stella and Price find themselves leaning not just on each other, but also on Simon, who’s been there all along for both of them over the years. Slowly, things start to change for the trio. Sometimes, love leads one down twisted paths and takes on unexpected shapes.

Kinktober '23 by WhorrorQN

Fandoms: dead by daylight (video game) , scream (movies) , call of duty (video games) , halloween (movies 1978-2002)  .

  • Rape/Non-Con
  • Danny "Jed Olsen" Johnson | The Ghost Face/Reader
  • Ghostface (Scream)/Reader
  • Michael Myers/Reader
  • König (Call of Duty)/Reader
  • Danny "Jed Olsen" Johnson | The Ghost Face
  • König (Call of Duty)
  • Michael Myers
  • Ghostface (Scream)
  • Kinktober 2023
  • Dubious Consent
  • tit fucking
  • Predator/Prey
  • Nipple Play
  • Semi-Public Sex
  • Humiliation
  • degradation kink
  • Exhibitionism
  • Menstruation Kink
  • Rape/Non-con Elements
  • Double Penetration
  • facesitting
  • Watersports
  • Overstimulation
  • JOI - Freeform
  • Asphyxiation
  • thigh riding
  • Hair-pulling
  • Reader is AFAB - Freeform
  • Female Reader
  • transmasc character
  • Military Inaccuracies
  • Author Has Never Played Call Of Duty
  • Literally Just A Compilation of Personal Kinks
  • A List of Things I Wish Would Happen to Me
  • Please be Kind I'm Bad At Porn
Please see the beginning of each chapter for the specific kinks/tags!! I've never participated in Kinktober, before, and I really wanted to give it a try. I also wasn't lying in the tags; I am horrible at writing porn. I'm also not following any specific prompts/lists, every chapter is just a legitimate kink of mine/things I wish would happen to me :') I hope you enjoy the horror that is my brain!

Ghost Gets Jealous. by britishlove

  • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Complete Work
  • Rough Oral Sex
  • Vaginal Sex
  • Possessive Behavior
  • Possessive Sex
  • Jealous Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley Needs a Hug
  • Doggy Style
  • Missionary Position
  • Shameless Smut
  • Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot
  • Porn With Plot
  • Porn with Feelings
  • No Plot/Plotless
Ghost overhears her Saturday evening plans and isn’t happy.
  • Part 5 of Ghost and Lyla

Indigo by Slater_Babe

  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/Original Character(s)
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley's Family
  • Original Characters
  • Fluff and Angst
  • Angst with a Happy Ending
  • lovers to strangers to lovers
  • Getting to Know Each Other
  • Implied/Referenced Domestic Violence
  • Teenage Rebellion
  • Teenage Dorks
  • Falling In Love
  • Description Heavy
  • Mentions of PTSD
  • Loss of Virginity
  • like extremely slow burn
Ghost didn't like to dwell on the past. Whatever happened, happened. He left Manchester, covered his face, took a new name. To him, it was little more than moving on from the past, from all the blood and gore of his family life. But then on some bleary, Tuesday morning, you somehow stand before him: his ex from before he was Ghost.

Between The Crossfire by MinnieMira

  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con
  • F/M, Gen, M/M

17 Oct 2023

  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/You
  • König/Simon "Ghost" Riley/Reader
  • König (Call of Duty) & Reader
  • König (Call of Duty)/You
  • König & Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • König/Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley & Reader
  • Blood and Violence
  • Explicit Sexual Content
  • Psychological Trauma
  • Psychological Torture
  • Aftermath of Torture
  • Sexual Content
  • Angst and Romance
  • Kink Negotiation
  • Threesome - M/M/Other
" So, I ask you, do you possess the necessary qualities to stand out among the best?" Laswell's question reverberated in your thoughts. Did you possess the skills and attributes required to prove yourself as a potential member of Task Force 141? Caught between the piercing gazes of the two masked men standing before you, an enigmatic gleam in their eyes, an inexplicable mixture of fear and intrigue surged through your veins. Their presence alone was enough to send shivers down your spine, yet an unexplained connection stirred within, causing your heart to flutter, your stomach to turn, and a blush rising to your cheeks. Could you endure the tenacious grip of these masked men, their gaze alone possessing a power that threatened to overwhelm you? _______________ A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Fanfic Simon "Ghost" Riley x Reader x Konig Love both? Well, now you can have Both! Gender neutral for everyone's enjoyment _______________

the injury of finally knowing you by DAIRYGRRL , scribbbbbles

  • Ghost (Call of Duty) - Character
  • Task Force 141 Ensemble
  • Keegan P. Russ
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • definitely ooc ghost
  • there's violence in here it's a cod fic
  • my grand return to ao3 with another masked man
  • i have a type
  • honestly idk what this fic is about
  • i black out when i write
  • soap is a little shit but isnt he always
  • Album: Unreal Unearth (Hozier)
  • i can only write with music so songfics but not also
  • my editor says its good so trust her
  • Established Relationship
  • For the most part
  • i love military men
  • She/her pronouns for reader
This is a collection of little Simon Riley oneshots (because I can't commit to a whole fic that's scary) based VERY LOOSELY on ideas in Hozier's album Unreal Unearth. They all take place in the same little universe I built in my mind palace and the little prequel will explain it. Heavy themes will be touched upon so if that's not your cup of tea don't come over here!!! (it's not overly detailed but it is there). Pronouns used are SHE/HER (so sorry) and I tried to not describe the reader as much as possible!!

Cod KinkTober but Everyone is Gay (Or Bi) by IEatShortPeople

  • John "Soap" MacTavish/Reader
  • Kyle "Gaz" Garrick/Reader
  • Sebastian Krueger (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)/Reader
  • Alejandro Vargas/Reader
  • I Love König (Call of Duty)
  • Cute König (Call of Duty)
  • König (Call of Duty)/Male Reader - Freeform
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/Male Reader - Freeform
  • John Price/Male Reader - Freeform
  • Kyle "Gaz" Garrick/Male Reader - Freeform
  • male reader - Freeform
  • John "Soap" MacTavish/Male Reader - Freeform
  • Choking/Spanking
  • Even though I hate Daddy Kinks
  • Blindfolded
  • Accidental Stimulation
  • Size Difference
  • in the kitchen
  • how do people not laugh
  • in the shower/tub
  • They have a textured mat on the ground so no slipping
  • BDSM/Rough sex
  • caught masturbating
  • Mutual Masturbation
  • I'm a maiden with a fragile heart
  • trust me on this
  • I'm Not Ashamed
  • Fluff and Smut
MALE READER Decided to do Kinktober for Cod since I'm a new author to A03. I'm not a new WRITER per say but I'm definitely a new writer on a03 so bear with me if I mess things up. There are so many x readers on this site that are either female or gender neutral. Kind of a shame to be honest, so this goes out to all the males out there. There will be weewee in butt (excuse my language). As for FTM if someone wants one I can write it but I'm not that so keep it mind if i mess up, hell call me out on it in the comments I'm a big boy I can learn.

The Defector by Poetic_Princess

  • König/Simon "Ghost" Riley/You
  • Kim "Horangi" Hong-jin
  • Valeria Garza
  • Love Triangles
  • Canon Compliant
  • Blood and Gore
  • Threesome - F/M/M
  • one bed trope
  • Gun Violence
  • POV Second Person
  • Reader-Insert
  • Reader has a vagina
When König shows up at 141’s base one day, it sparks a dark rivalry of obsession. Ghost doesn’t trust him, and he won’t leave you alone - and König seems quietly determined to get to know you. Who will win the twisted competition and claim you as their own?

don't make a sound. by alchexmy

Unmasked love by springtyme.

  • Domestic Fluff
  • Dad Simon "Ghost" Riley
Your daughter finally sees her father's face for the first time.

Darth Glitter's Kinktober 2023 by DarthGlitter

Fandoms: the mandalorian (tv) , call of duty (video games) , star wars sequel trilogy , elder scrolls v: skyrim , the hobbit - all media types , the hobbit (jackson movies) , the hobbit - j. r. r. tolkien , the lord of the rings - all media types , the lord of the rings (movies) , the lord of the rings - j. r. r. tolkien , star wars original trilogy , star wars prequel trilogy , star wars: the clone wars (2008) - all media types  .

  • F/M, Multi, Other
  • Din Djarin/Reader
  • Din Djarin/You
  • John "Soap" MacTavish/You
  • Kylo Ren/Reader
  • Kylo Ren/You
  • Ondolemar (Elder Scrolls)/Reader
  • Thranduil (Tolkien)/Reader
  • Cicero (Elder Scrolls)/Reader
  • Thorin Oakenshield/Reader
  • Female Dovahkiin | Dragonborn/Harkon (Elder Scrolls)
  • Faramir (Son of Denethor II)/Reader
  • Darth Vader/Reader
  • Farkas (Elder Scrolls)/Reader
  • Legolas Greenleaf/Reader
  • Teldryn Sero/Reader
  • Savage Opress/Reader
  • Additional Warnings In Author's Note
  • Explicit Language
The complete collection of Darth Glitter's Kinktober 2023. Posted on Ao3 & Tumblr. Updated daily starting October 1st, 2023 until October 31st, 2023. Warnings & tags posted per chapter.

shining like gun metal by hobimoon

  • Valeria Garza/Reader
  • One Shot Collection
  • Age Difference
“my sweet girl,” he breathes out. “my perfect girl – all mine. is that right, baby?”   (a collection of my oneshots from my tumblr ♡)

Make it stick by ri0tj

  • Obsessive Behavior
You really needed to wrap this post on the dating website up before starting your new job as a cyber specialist consultant -aka ethical hacker- for some kind of team called 141.

Blue Blood by ClumsyDragon

  • Alternate Universe - Fantasy
You are the Duchess of a small Kingdom who is sold off to marry in order to aid your father's war effort. You are transported to the largest Kingdom on the continent where you meet 'The Wild Prince' Kyle Garrick, 'The War Duke' John Price, 'The Blood Druid' John MacTavish and finally your husband to be 'The Ghost' Simon Riley. This started as a drabble but is now multi-chapter so posting it as its own fic :)

I Fold by mandoandyodito

  • Teen And Up Audiences
  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
  • Major Character Death
  • Johnny McTavish
  • Alternate Universe - Soulmates
  • Romantic Soulmates
  • Alternate Universe - Childhood Friends
  • Domestic Violence
  • First Meetings
  • First Everything
  • Pregnant Sex
  • not too explicit tho
  • Nothing too explicit
  • this is about suffering besties
  • Heavy Angst
  • Angst and Hurt/Comfort
  • kinda happy AND sad ending
"Grief is such a funny thing", Simon thinks. HIs tongue tastes his own blood after biting into his cheek too hard. His own family is burning right in front of his eyes and all he can think about is you. The bodies take a long time to consume.

Black Metal and Bourbon by Halcyone_Of_The_Sea_444

  • Biker & Mechanic Simon "Ghost" Riley/Bartender Reader
  • Alternate Universe
  • Angst and Humor
  • Inappropriate Humor
  • Protective Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Alternate Universe - Mechanics
  • Past Relationship(s)
  • Threats of Violence
  • Light Dom/sub
  • Sub Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Thoughts of exhibitionism
  • Attempted Murder
You've been in this small town for your entire existence, giving up dreams and aspirations to carry on life as a simple bartender despite your hatred of two things: the smell of cigarette smoke and the disrespect from regulars, namely, your ex and his buddies. But on a still-air Sunday, almost overnight, a mechanics shop pops up right across the street - giving sight to new faces and a fresh group of men with a love of motorcycles. One, in particular, seems to only like Bourbon.
  • Part 4 of Call Of Duty AU Mini-Series

Tumblr Fics by naiveghoul

  • Original Child Character(s)
  • Originally Posted on Tumblr
  • Non-Consensual Voyeurism
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley is Good with Children
  • Older Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Parent Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Single Parent Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics
  • Eye Contact
  • Forced Eye Contact
These are some fics/drabbles I posted on Tumblr that I thought would be good to archive. My username is naivegh0ul on Tumblr, come say hi!

hardwired by bratfiction

  • simon "ghost" riley/female reader - Freeform
  • onlyfans creator!reader
  • Medium Burn
  • roommate au
maybe your annoying roommate can help you make more content.

Starting Over by ErikaSchmerika87

  • Keegan P. Russ/Reader
  • Thomas A. Merrick
  • Phillip Graves (Call of Duty)
  • Shadow Company Members (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
  • Graphic Description
  • Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con
  • Past Violence
  • Task Force 141
  • Protective Task Force 141 (Call of Duty)
  • I Can't Believe I Wrote This
  • Bad ass girls doing bad ass things
  • Medical Inaccuracies
  • Strained Friendships
Reader is a former military member, having retired after losing her team while on a mission, including her fiance. She's approached by Captain John Price of the Task Force 141 and soon her life is turned upside down. Everything she thought she knew had happened, was a lie.
  • Part 1 of Task Force 141

Kinktober 2023 by lieutnt

Fandoms: call of duty (video games) , marvel cinematic universe , moon knight (tv 2022) , the mandalorian (tv) , spiderverse - fandom  .

  • Miguel O'Hara/Reader
  • James "Bucky" Barnes/Reader
  • Rodolfo Parra/Reader
  • Rodolfo Parra/Alejandro Vargas/Reader
  • Steven Grant/Reader
  • Jake Lockley/Reader
  • John Price/reader
  • Santiago "Pope" Garcia/Reader
  • Miguel O'Hara
  • James "Bucky" Barnes
  • Steven Grant
  • Jake Lockley
  • Santiago "Pope" Garcia
Kinktober 2023 - all Male Reader!
  • Explicit (1029)
  • Mature (643)
  • Not Rated (319)
  • General Audiences (228)
  • Teen And Up Audiences (217)
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (994)
  • No Archive Warnings Apply (946)
  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence (620)
  • Major Character Death (109)
  • Rape/Non-Con (103)
  • Underage (11)
  • Multi (334)
  • Other (212)
  • Call of Duty (Video Games) (2434)
  • MW (2009) (10)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III "Seize Glory" Commercial (9)
  • 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game) (9)
  • 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Anime) (8)
  • Biohazard | Resident Evil (Gameverse) (5)
  • Shall We Date?: Obey Me! (Video Game) (5)
  • Original Work (4)
  • Scream (Movies) (4)
  • Spider-Man - All Media Types (3)
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley (2306)
  • John "Soap" MacTavish (1253)
  • John Price (Call of Duty) (995)
  • Reader (938)
  • Kyle "Gaz" Garrick (795)
  • König (Call of Duty) (362)
  • Alejandro Vargas (322)
  • Kate Laswell (291)
  • Original Female Character(s) (222)
  • Rodolfo Parra (182)
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/Reader (2436)
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/Original Female Character(s) (559)
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/You (507)
  • John "Soap" MacTavish/Reader (381)
  • König (Call of Duty)/Reader (298)
  • John Price (Call of Duty)/Reader (258)
  • Kyle "Gaz" Garrick/Reader (204)
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley/Original Character(s) (156)
  • John "Soap" MacTavish/Simon "Ghost" Riley (146)
  • Alejandro Vargas/Reader (124)
  • Fluff (520)
  • Angst (476)
  • Vaginal Sex (322)
  • Vaginal Fingering (317)
  • Oral Sex (309)
  • Slow Burn (286)
  • Eventual Smut (281)
  • Soft Simon "Ghost" Riley (276)
  • Rough Sex (270)

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ghost boy x reader lemon

MW2 waking up next to their S/O

Warnings: 18+, Just so much fluff, implied smut, suggestive content, mention of somnophilia, sub and dom König, implied oral sex, petnames, no pronouns used for Reader except for ‘You’, etc.

Originally posted by daniel-bruehl

  • He's lowkey excited to wake up before you when he knows he has to be up early.
  • He'll set his alarm - on vibrate so that it doesn't wake you, only him - 30 minutes earlier than he needs to be up just so he can look at you.
  • And boy, does he look at you.
  • He looks upon you as an artist would their masterpiece, marveling at your beauty, your skin, your face, your expression.
  • You look so peaceful, so unlike anything Simon had had the pleasure of seeing before; your form radiated a tranquility he could only hope to achieve one day.
  • But with you at his side, he gets closer to nirvana every day, finding the beauty in everything you show him.
  • He'd have to physically pull himself out of bed when he could not prolong his departure any longer.
  • If you were still asleep by the time he left, he'd plant a soft kiss on your forehead, leaving you undisturbed.
  • However, if you were awake, he'd press deep, warm kisses to your lips, trailing down to your jaw, your neck, your collarbones - you'd have to stop him, telling him to go before you made him stay.
  • " Make me stay, hmm ?" he'd say, sighing another kiss against your throat.
  • " And what makes you think I won't take you up on that offer ?"
  • What happens next is entirely up to you and how much Simon wants to get to the gym before it's packed full 😉.

Keep reading

ghost boy x reader lemon

Warnings: 18+, Just so much fluff, implied smut, suggestive content, mention of somnophilia, sub and dom König, implied...
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ghost boy x reader lemon

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ghost boy x reader lemon

Momolady Sideblog. All monster stories neatly reblogged.

Ghost Boyfriend

I’ve had a couple of anons asking for a lovely ghost boyfriend and I was very excited to take this on. Please keep sending requests! I get so excited to see so many ideas. No one had lived in the house for a long time after your grandfather passed your grandmother moved in with you and your mother. It had been left alone for years until your grandmother handed you the keys, telling you that you could have the place. It was old, something your grandfather had inherited from his grandfather and so on and so on. As you stand in the empty doorway, noticing that with years of abandonment there was more work to be done to this place than you had thought. You sigh heavily and set your things down, walking through the house to see what there was to it. Most of the rooms were empty, a few had furniture covered and wrapped in plastic from when your grandmother left. The kitchen was nice and everything it still worked so you chose to sleep in the bedroom closest to it since the rest of the house seemed useless until you get to figure out what needed to be done. Keep reading

ghost boy x reader lemon

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ghost boy x reader lemon


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    ghost boy x reader lemon

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    ghost boy x reader lemon

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    ghost boy x reader lemon


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  1. What Is the Short Story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” About?

    The short story “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” is about a boy named Greg who storms out of his house to avoid his dad and meets a homeless man named Lemon Brown, who shows him his “treasures” of an old harmonica and newspaper clippings.

  2. Is the Story of Teresa Fidalgo True?

    Teresa Fidalgo is an urban legend centered around the ghost of a teenager. It’s a fictional story shared through emails, text messages and social media posts. These messages include a warning that claims that people will die if the reader f...

  3. Who Is the Target Audience of The Guardian Newspaper?

    The Guardian newspaper targets a well-educated, relatively young, predominantly male and liberal audience centered around London. Fifty-two percent of Guardian readers are male, and the average reader age is 44.

  4. Male Beasts/Monsters x Fem! Reader

    Read Male Ghost x Reader (Smut) from the story Male Beasts/Monsters x Fem! Reader by xXEmo_GirlXx (xEmoGoddessx) with 21300 reads. femalereader, monster

  5. Male Beasts/Monsters x Fem! Reader

    You have heard of ghost stories right? Ones where they haunt your home, take over bodies, making stuff move and such more. Years ago this boy went missing

  6. Ghost Boy Stories

    『❝Miles Morales x Seme Male Reader❞』//Contains mega spoilers for the movie. This is the sequel to Into the Spiderverse// Yet again, I find myself standing

  7. For All Eternity // Yandere! Ghost x Reader.

    “I am the who when you call, who's there?” ... Once by one, the years had slipped away into loneliness, an eternal

  8. Rayy

    But right before you slipped into unconsciousness, you heard him. “We can be together forever.” yandere yandere boy yandere boy x reader male

  9. ghost x reader lemon|TikTok Search

    Open TikTok. ghost x reader lemon. 31.7M views. Discover videos related to ghost x reader lemon on TikTok. Videos. mamameko. 501.

  10. Ghost Reader

    silent lucidity - jungkook x reader - 70s au by kenthenymph. Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS, La Divina Commedia | The Divine Comedy - Dante Alighieri.

  11. Simon "Ghost" Riley/Reader

    boy I can learn. Language: English; Words: 9,782; Chapters: 5/31; Comments: 32

  12. Dan x reader lemon

    Ghost Boy · Me Anime · Cartoon Network Adventure Time. Follow. Dan x reader lemon. Lemon goodness!!! Read it. Save. Read it. Save. More like this. a group of

  13. Warnings: 18+, Just so much fluff, implied smut

    And boy, does he look at you. He looks upon you as an artist ... simon riley simon ghost riley simon riley x reader simon ghost riley x reader

  14. Ghost Boyfriend

    Ghost Boyfriend momolady: “ I ... Serving tea and even free peppermints has a whole new meaning to them. Female Reader x Male Monster (both cis).