Ghost Club at School

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Ghost Club at School is the number ?? request in Yo-Kai Watch 2 . The quest-giver for the request is located in ?????


The crying Yo-kai was Toiletta, and she was behind all the ghostly activity in the school! Tarantutor had made her cry, but when she found out that she's famous, she cheered up. Case closed!

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Join the ghost club today!

Author's Avatar

Note: This is fan-made

What are we about?

Here at the Ghost Club we're all enthusiastic about the occult and the paranormal. If your looking for like-minded individuals then this club is for you. We're located at Springdale Elementary School but our current meeting room may vary but fear not we should have an official place we can call our domain momentarily. The ghost club aims to investigate supernatural sightings and bring to light the untold truth of these mysteries.

Members can also joined in conversations and contribute greatly to the club's activities. Online members can contact us through our blogsite L&ZGhostClub and join in the chat and share any spooky tales at your leisure. We're excited to meet many new qualified members and we hope to see you soon.

ghost club at school yokai

Hi there, my name is Lina and I do hope you have gruesome stories to share. I'm one of the leaders of this club and I've taken taken an interest in ghost for as long as I can remember. Springdale is full of horror stories and rumours of spirits, I find that really fascinating don't you? If you have any problems regarding the Club's status please direct them to me and we can sort it out.

ghost club at school yokai

Hey, what's that behind you? Boo. Hehehe, hope I didn't frighten you. Ghost stories are one of the most exciting things in life and I've been listening to them for a very long time. Springdale just seems so prone to anomalies which makes for juicy tales. I usually manage the Club's activities and schedule but I'll help you out with any problems you might encounter.

ghost club at school yokai

Club activities

Outdoor activity

We're not just about talking about ghost we actively seek them. We've come across strange sightings and encountered weird phenomenas! Right now we're investigating an abandoned hospital there's something there we just can't seem to figure out what.

ghost club at school yokai

Get together

Unwind and just talk about ghost it's very refreshing and we're always ready to lend an ear or too. Do I mean it literally? Hehehe, perhaps. There are plenty of locations to choose from in Springale!

ghost club at school yokai

Online Activity

Every once in a while we'd like to hold a contest in our blogsite for our online members. Online members are also free to make blogpost of their own.

ghost club at school yokai

Of course, we'd be a terrible club if we didn't have rules.

-Online members can't post NSFW

-Must follow proper etiquette and courtesy

-Online post must stay on topic

-Failure to follow the rules is punishable by strike and banned

-Lack of content post will be remove

-Spam isn't allowed

-No bullying

-Art theft, please credit work

-Inpersonating other members isn't ok

-Exposing members is just plain cruel

-No foul language

ghost club at school yokai

Application form

Of course, we'd love for new members to join but we just can't let any random person in and make the club worst for everyone. We'll have to test how strong your ghost love is?

ghost club at school yokai

#Zoey #Lina #Ghost #Club

Comments (19)

ghost club at school yokai

Name: Meme/Address:Tokyo/Favorite Ghost: Anything if it has a big relation to Japanese mythology/I study a lot about Japanese mythology and I might be able to help out

ghost club at school yokai

Lina: Excellent, we need more people like you.

Zoey: Hope you don't mind being startled once we see the ghost. Hehehe!

Lina: However, I think we should call you with a different name. Calling you meme feels like a joke.

Zoey: Not much of a fan of jokes are you Lina?

Lina:You know I like jokes only the creepy ones that is.

ghost club at school yokai

Name: Whisper

Adress: Nate Adams House

Favorite Ghost: Any Classic Yo-kai

I need to get out my master house for a while

Reply to: Whisper(SkipPlayz)

Zoey: That's right! Stay with me and forget your old master. You can help with cleaning the clubroom.

Lina:Well, I didn't expect that.

Reply to: Barus Mint

Whisper: yes yes I move right a way! Just need to get something form yopple

Zoey: Alright!! Remember you're with me now. Don't worry I'll make sure you feel useful it's hard doing all the cleaning.

ghost club at school yokai

Name: Omegus (soon profile may change)

Address: Yo kai world

Favorite ghost: Deadfool (does he count?)

I need to spread don spiracy theories

Lina: We've been to yo-kai world before and we'd love to hear you're theories.

Zoey: Anyone from yo-kai world is easily accepted.

ghost club at school yokai

Alright thanks

ghost club at school yokai

Name: Toasty

Address: BBQ

Favorite ghost: Tofupyon

I would be a good member because I love mythology and know lots about ghosts

Lina: Zoey, what do you think of this one?

Zoey: Hmm, this person looks promising

Lina: They did say they know a lot about ghost

Zoey: I say you're in!

Lina:BBQ is very far from where we are but please visit our online blogsite.

Ok sounds good!

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ghost club at school yokai

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Yo-kai Watch Wiki

School Mafia

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Impass Art

This article is currently under construction for various kinds of reasons by the administrators of Yo-kai Watch Wiki. This will mean that the article may or may not be locked for some time.

  • 1 Objective
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Objective [ ]

His goal is to unite troubled kids to do less criminal acts at the Y-Academy. Following the events YG023 and YG024 , his secondary goal is to help the YSP Club and its allies take on the Onryo and Alien invaders .

Members [ ]

Currently the School Mafia has many members, but only two are currently Yo-kai Hero.

Yo-kai Hero [ ]

The leader of the School Mafia Nozuchika Mitsumatagi and his partner Chiaki Hebiyama are Yo-kai Hero, minus Mera Raido who left the Mafia without becoming Yo-kai Hero until he arrived at the YSP Club.

Allies or Affiliates [ ]

As a school criminal organism, the School Mafia does not usually ally itself with the Clubs, but after the events of YG024 they allied with the YSP Club and consequently also with its allies.

History [ ]

It is not known when this organization was founded, at some point Nozuchika Mitsumatagi became a leader of the Mafia and during his leadership he met Chiaki Hebiyama and became his partner. Mera Raido later renounced the Mafia to join the YSP Club during M06 .

  • It is the group with the most members with countless little known students.
  • 2 Legendary Yo-kai
  • 3 Yo-kai Tribes
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Coollogo com-12234509

Ghost Stories (学校の怪談 Gakkō no Kaidan?, literally "School Ghost Stories"), also known as Ghosts at School, is an anime series created in 2000 by animation studio Pierrot and Aniplex for Fuji Television. It ran in Japan from October 22, 2000 – March 25, 2001. It was loosely inspired by a book series of cultural ghost stories by Tōru Tsunemitsu . In 2005 the North American rights were acquired by AMD.

The American producer Ste7en Foster chose to turn it into a comedy by altering the script to with adult humor including profanity, sexual references, and other offensive material.

This is a virtual encyclopedia about Ghost Stories and all things related to Gakkou no Kaidan . Anyone can edit! The show used cultural icons which were relevant at the time, but have since faded into obscurity. But YouTube stores everything. In these pages are links to the these forgotten people and products. Take part in that. Review the links and find better ones if you can and make updates to improve this archive of a moment in history.

  • List of Episodes

See this page for ideas:

  • Things To Do

Gakkou no Kaidan


Alternative Titles

English: Ghost Stories

Synonyms: Ghosts at School

Japanese: 学校の怪談

Episodes: 20

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Oct 22, 2000 to March 25, 2001

Producers: Studio Pierrot, Fuji TV, Aniplex

Licensors : ADV Films, Discotek Media

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Supernatural, Action, Comedy, Ghost Stories, Magical Girl, Drama

Duration: 24 min. per episode

Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Gakkou no kaidan1.jpg

  • w:c:Animanga:Ghost Stories