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How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?

Your body is composed of approximately 60 percent water. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is necessary to help maintain overall good health. Read on for more information about how much water you should be drinking.

How Much Water Is Adequate?

According to many doctors, Americans simply do not drink enough water. In fact, many people only drink half of what they should. You are constantly losing water through normal body processes like sweating and urination. But there isn’t one clear consensus about how much water you should drink to replenish the water that is lost. Many people are familiar with the rule of drinking eight eight-ounces glasses of water each day. But recently, many professionals have switched from this one-size-fits-all idea to a more personalized approach. Now, it is recommended that an individual drink half an ounce to one ounce of water for every pound that they weigh. Thus, a man who weighs 180 pounds would aim to drink between 90 and 180 ounces of water per day. People who live in hot climates and exercise a lot would be at the higher end of that range, while sedentary individuals living in cold climates would fall on the lower end. A quick way to evaluate if you’re getting enough water is to check your urine. If your urine is very light yellow or even clear and has little odor, you’re well hydrated. If your urine is darker yellow with a noticeable odor, you are dehydrated.

How Can you Integrate Water Into Your Diet?

Many foods and drinks contain a good amount of water, so don’t think you are stuck drinking copious amounts of H2O to stay healthy. Plain water is not the only drink that contributes to your fluid balance. Coffee and tea can be substituted for a change of pace. Also, drink small amounts of water throughout the day instead of trying to get it all in at one time.

What Health Problems Can Drinking Water Improve?

Certain health problems may respond well to an increase in fluid intake. These include constipation, certain cancers (bladder and colon, specifically), kidney stones and acne. More studies are needed in this area, but these conditions seem to be helped by increased water intake.

Can Drinking Water Help You to Lose Weight?

The jury is still out on this one. However, it appears that increasing your water consumption does boost metabolism and decrease appetite, and thus may contribute to weight loss. Drinking water (particularly before meals) combined with a proper diet will definitely get you on the road to better health.

Final Thoughts

Drinking water is one of the simplest things you can do to better your overall health. When you are thirsty, your body is telling you that it is dehydrated. Try integrating more water into your diet. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much better you feel.


ghost drinking water

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An audio podcast of real ghost stories, told by the very people who experienced them.

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How Ghosts Use Water as a Conduit for Manifestation

We may receive a commission for purchases made by using the affiliate/partner links in this post at no additional cost to you. Thank you for helping to support our podcast!

We all assume ghosts and spirits, being non-corporeal, should be able to move through solid objects, like walls. But what about liquids? At first, the answer seems simple; of course ghosts can move through water. But how? We corporeal humans can move through water, but we don’t actually occupy the same space as the water when we do; we displace the water. The liquid flows around us, parting to let us through. But if ghosts don’t displace matter when moving through solid objects, they must not displace water as they move through it. This thought suggests the link between ghosts and water is intrinsic. But do ghosts actually use water as a conduit?

One theory posits that water amplifies spiritual energy. Water can have an impact on human behavior and emotion, in both normal and paranormal contexts. This same spiritual amplification makes it easier for ghosts and spirits to travel through liquid than solid objects, or even air. But instead of moving through he liquid by displacing molecules, ghosts may travel through water similar to the way electricity does. Many people believe that ghosts can use water as a conduit to interact with the living world. From lakes and oceans, to swimming pools and hot tubs, there have been countless cases of ghosts communicating with people through water.

crystal ball against still water at sunset

Exploring the Link Between Water and Ghosts 

Because water is a medium between the physical and spiritual worlds, it is quite possible that ghosts use water as a conduit for manifestation. The theory suggests that by using the energy found within water, ghosts are able to create an environment where they can interact with the living world. Paranormal television shows and movies often depict water as being a source of ghostly activity.

For example, since ancient times, many cultures have believed that drowning victims become ghostly guardians who protect their surrounding waters from evil forces. Several cultures have practiced the intentional sacrifice of a living being at the construction of bridges. This construction sacrifice is believed to create a perpetual protector.

Listen to an episode about ghosts and bridges:

Do ghosts use water as a conduit for manifestation.

When it comes to ghosts using water as a conduit for manifestation, there are a couple of theories. Here are two of them. One theory suggests that when ghosts come into contact with large bodies of water, such as lakes or oceans, they are able to draw on the energy from those waters and use it to manifest themselves on earth. The other theory proposes that when spirits come into contact with smaller bodies of water like streams or rivers, they are able to draw on their own energy. This allows the ghost to create an environment where they can interact with the living world without drawing too much attention. 

In addition to providing a medium for ghostly manifestations, water also plays an important role when it comes to humidity and temperature levels in an area. When there is an increase in humidity or temperature levels in an area due to high levels of moisture in the air (such as near a river or lake), it can lead to increased paranormal activity. Sightings of apparitions or cold spots may be more common in humid areas. This could be because higher humidity makes it easier for spirits and other supernatural entities to manifest physically on earth. The ghosts are using the water vapor suspended in the air as a conduit.

Are there any famous places that are haunted because of water?

The Bermuda Triangle is perhaps one of the best-known examples of a paranormal phenomenon related to water. This area of ocean between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico is notorious for its mysterious disappearances. Many planes and hundreds of ships have vanished without a trace there over the years. The disappearances have been attributed to everything from alien abductions to supernatural forces. Some believe that underwater geologic activity—such as powerful methane gas bubbles or unexpected currents—could be responsible for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. And yet, there’s a strong air of paranormal mystery and fear surrounding the unexplained occurrences in the area.

Perhaps because of its vastness, the Earths oceans serve as hiding places for several mythical lands. One of the most famous supernatural places is the Lost City of Atlantis. Thought to be an ancient civilization with inexplicably complex technology, Atlantis purportedly disappeared beneath the sea, and yet still exists and flourishes today. Atlanteans may be normal humans, surviving underwater all this time because of (alien?) technology.

Some say they were chosen by a deity to survive bad times within a protective underwater environment. Perhaps they used their advanced technology to evolve somehow into something that’s no longer quite human. Or perhaps Atlantians were a cross-breed of humans and…insert your favorite paranormal entity here. Does their being not quite human, plus believed in by many yet never quite proven to exist, qualify Atlanteans as cryptids? Or are they a supernatural race that’s not quite corporeal, like elves ? Either way, they’re not the only underwater-dwelling paranormal entities.

Water and paranormal entities

The Loch Ness Monster is probably the most famous paranormal entity that involves water in the Western world. One popular theory suggests that Nessie is a prehistoric creature that somehow survived extinction. It’s actually possible for a prehistoric species to survive an extinction event by hiding underwater . Others attribute her to something more otherworldly. And, of course, many claim she’s just a hoax. Most of the theories revolving around Nessie imply she’s an actual physical being, and not a spirit.

There are many more supernatural entities associated with water in Eastern mythology, both corporeal and non-corporeal in nature.

Many of the creatures living deep in the ocean just feel paranormal or alien to us humans. We might associate deep water with the paranormal simply because it’s just so foreign to us land-dwellers. But is there something special about water in general that allows supernatural creatures to flourish?

How does water help spirits manifest?

Static electricity increases when salt or other substances are added to water . This is due to the electrical current generated by ions in the water. The ions may also create an environment conducive to carrying spiritual energy from one place to another. It would thus make sense to assume that salt water is, on average, more haunted than fresh water. But on the other hand, bodies of freshwater tend to be much smaller than the vast saltwater oceans. It’s possible humans experience more freshwater hauntings than saltwater hauntings simply because we have interactions with a higher percentage of bodies of freshwater. There may be many hauntings deep in the ocean we’ve yet to experience.

Scientific studies have shown that bodies of water contain higher concentrations of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than the surrounding air and land. We’ve covered in the past how ghosts may use EMFs to manifest or communicate with the living. The high EMFs of large bodies of water could explain why so many people report paranormal activity near lakes, rivers and oceans. Many people have reported seeing apparitions rising out of the ocean or lake just before dawn or at dusk – times when EMF levels are at their highest.

Listen to our episode about EMF fields:

These experiences are not limited to natural or large bodies of water. There are also numerous reports of supernatural experiences in bathtubs ! Some people claim they have seen entities emerge from bathwater during deep meditation sessions—an experience which further suggests that EMFs play a role in connecting us with the spirit world. 

Do ghosts use water to travel?

It seems clear that water plays an important role in paranormal activity and ghostly manifestations. By understanding how spirits use water as a conduit for interaction with our world, we can better understand how they manifest themselves in our lives and how we can better protect ourselves from unwanted encounters with them. All things considered, it seems likely that paranormal entities may indeed make use of our vast waterways as a way to move freely between different locations across the globe without being detected by humans—if only we could figure out how they do it!

Our guests have had some theories, based on their first-hand experiences with the paranormal having to do with water. Listen to some of these spooky water-related ghost stories to inspire some thoughts on how ghosts and paranormal entities interact with water.

  • What Do We Smell Like To Monsters?
  • It Came Up The Drain!
  • The Slimy Butt Burglar and other Distractible Creatures
  • Haunted Waters of the Holston River

After you listen, please comment with your theories! We’d love to hear about your thoughts, and if you have any personal supernatural water stories, please consider telling them on our show! That way we can all have a spooky day.

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water is a conduit for many supernatural occurences

One thought on “ How Ghosts Use Water as a Conduit for Manifestation ”

Drawing in spirits isn’t an elitist capacity or industry, it’s being dynamic in the association with All Things. It’s intrinsic to all of us.

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‘Ghost streams’ sound supernatural, but their impact on your health is very real

Developers buried our streams. It's about time we exhume them.

By Brynn O’Donnell | Published Feb 5, 2019 6:00 PM EST

  • Environment

A stream in its natural habitat.

Brynn O’Donnell is a freshwater ecosystem scientist, with a focus on urban biogeochemistry. She also believes in the importance of science accessibility, and practices this through telling stories of the human relationship with water through her podcast, Submerge. She’s finishing her graduate degree in Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech, where she studies the impact of storm disturbances on stream health.

Across the country, buried beneath the pavement you walk on, an invisible network of waterways flows through the darkness. These are ghost streams, and they’re haunting us.

In their former lives, they wound through natural landscapes above ground; it’s only through decades of development that humanity has relegated them beneath the earth’s surface, enclosing the waterways in tombs of concrete and iron. The effects, decades later, plague us. Without a natural habitat to snake through, these streams carry downstream an excessive amount of pollutants (like salt and sediment) and nutrients (like nitrogen and phosphorus) because they can’t divest these materials into their surrounding environs.

Here’s how ghost streams happen: Civilization grows near water sources, clustering around lakes, rivers, and springs that provide the resources required for drinking, bathing, and irrigating. As we industrialized drinking water infrastructure and outsourced water sources to larger, distant reservoirs and aquifers, most towns stopped using the smaller springs that originally drew them to a place. With that shift, many of the original freshwater sources go unused. Without relying on them for drinking water or irrigation, they become nothing but nuisances to development. If you want to build on a piece of land, the stream that threads through it has got to go. But streams are formidable obstacles; you can’t just demolish them and move on. Water needs to flow, so when we construct on land traversed by a stream, we bury it.

The move isn’t a recently devised trick. The western world has been moving streams underground since the Roman Empire. Between then and now, our stream burial technology has not undergone any revolutions, aside from separating stormwater and raw sewage and using different pipe materials.

Most people are not aware of the historic streams that have been buried—except for the curious few who wonder, for instance, why the street in downtown New York City is named “Canal.” In fact, we’ve buried streams all across the nation—in Los Angeles, D.C, and more. The U.S.’s Environmental Protection Agency estimates that we’ve buried 98 percent of the streams that once crossed through Baltimore’s urban core.

Although we’ve buried these streams, we haven’t put them to rest. They are still flowing, and still take in all the things we shed, spill, drop, and leak into our landscape. As rain runs over paved streets and sidewalks, it sweeps everything from the urban world directly into the nearest waterbody. Urban runoff makes its way to these hidden streams.

Unpiped, healthy streams naturally filter much of the water that flows into them. Smaller streams are mediators of human effluent: receiving the waste discharged from point sources (like industrial pipes and wastewater treatment plants) and from nonpoint sources (like runoff from streets and agricultural activities) and using tools like microbes, algae, rocks, and soil to slowly unload and transform excess nutrients and pollutants. Unwittingly tasked with filtering chemicals and solutes, natural streams become highly important to human health. And when we bury streams, we rob ourselves of our natural purifiers.

Streams typically teem with life: algae, fish, and invertebrates. A stream is home to microbes that require light, nutrients, and a natural stream bottom. These microorganisms are the power players that remove those excessive nutrients. But most ghost streams don’t host much life at all. When we bury a stream underground, we cut it off from light and the stream bottom. Only nutrients remain, which are funneled downstream, mixing city runoff with fresh water in the nearest river.

“Nutrients” sound good, but they can wreak havoc in downstream waterbodies, polluting waterways, creating coastal dead zones, and feeding thick blooms of toxic cyanobacteria.

Luckily, towns are beginning to acknowledge the importance of these buried streams in an effort to reduce the terrors of urban runoff. Simply letting locals know a stream exists beneath them, and that the stream receives everything, untreated, that goes down the drain, encourages people to keep their waste out of the secret streams.

For example, small frog statues adorn city drains in Blacksburg, Virginia, marking the drains directly above the local ghost stream. It’s a callback to the Ancient Romans, who marked their buried streams with shrines to “Cloaca Maxima” or the sewer goddess. Baltimore stencils its storm drains, and Richmond, Virginia and Dayton, Ohio want to do the same using the work of local artists. Entry points to waterways are embellished with paintings of fish, octopuses, and otters encircled by cautionary reminders like “all water drains to the sea” and “only rain should go down the drain.” Other storm drain murals are decorated with landscape paintings of scenic wildlife, images of kelp with plastic and litter for companions, or paintings of fish where grated drains act as mouths.

Some places are going further, ripping up pavement, shattering pipes, and hammering away the concrete to exhume ghost streams. Daylighting, as the procedure is called, opens the streams up to the sun and restores the adjacent land connection. This begins the process of healing, re-growing vegetation, and encouraging microbes and algae to come back. It’s great, but unburying a stream is expensive and requires strong community backing, and community support for daylighting a stream can’t be mustered if residents aren’t aware of the buried stream itself. Art is a great first step.

By recognizing ghost streams and getting locals engaged, we can work toward healing the waterways by limiting the pollutants poured into them, and even eventually unearthing them from the ground.

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ghost drinking water

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ghost drinking water

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GHOST Hydration Packets, Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, 24 Sticks, Electrolyte Powder - Drink Mix Supplement with Magnesium,

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Ghost Waters and Other Scares That Can Kill Your Land Development

Picture of Transect Team

You’ve done everything right.

Wooed that landowner. Completed your due diligence. Gotten all the proper permits. You’re on the fast track to Success Town, and ain’t no one going to stop you.

Until it rains.

Don't Let Ghost Waters Get You Down

Sure, rain is natural. A good thing, even. However, when it comes to developing a site for green energy – whether we’re talking solar, wind, or another approach – rain is something you’ve got to watch out for. Not because of the rain itself but rather because of the permit-defying effects it can have on your land.

Why? Ghost waters, friend.

WooooOOOOOOOooooo ….

What are ghost waters, exactly? The long answer is a collection of water bodies that aren’t well defined in United States law and whose regulatory implications are ever-changing. Thanks, Clean Water Act.

Seriously, it’s a Whole Thing.

The short answer is that ghost waters are streams, wetlands, floodplains, tributaries, ditches, hydric soils, and other areas that are dry much of the year but collect water during precipitation events or snowmelt, which can drastically alter the ecological implications of any given piece of land.

If that sounds slightly worrying, then you’ve been paying attention.

If you want to ensure your projects stay on track, you’ve got to know about this crucial issue. Our latest eBook, “Ghost Waters and Other Scares That Can Kill Your Land Development,” will help you understand the definition of and risks posed by ghost waters so that you can make an intelligent decision regarding your site from the get-go.

Sound good? Get it now.

The Challenges Posed by Ghostly Waterways

The tricky thing about ghost waters is how transitory they can be. Some streams or wetlands are only present for a few days (or less) following rain. In the between-times, it is hard to impossible to tell they’re even there. They leave little evidence of their passing, and most of the time, no one has recorded them in the pertinent hydrology literature.

Many folks wonder why, if that’s the case, we need to worry about them at all. Are they really an issue if they only pop up every couple of months – or every few years?

The answer is a hard yes because even short-lived streams can still affect water quality by moving debris and sediment into other waterways and groundwater. This can have adverse impacts on aquatic organisms and contaminate drinking water, harming human health. Moreover, many ephemeral streams (also known as headwater streams) ultimately become some of the greatest river systems on Earth – and those systems are, in turn, dependent on the smallest beginnings. For this reason, ephemeral streams are one of our most critical natural resources.

This means we cannot ignore those beginnings in the environmental development process.

Doing so leads to numerous hazards and potential impacts, including:

Accidentally building on land that isn’t appropriate

Disrupting watershed ecosystems or reservoirs downstream of your site

Realizing halfway through development that your project is a no-go

Getting dinged (or seriously penalized) for failing to meet federal or other regulations

Losing the trust of partners or investors

Adding a large concentration of contaminants to freshwater aquatic habitats

For obvious reasons, these are all Very Not Great Outcomes. If you, like any other sane person, want to avoid them, it’s time for a crash course in ghost waters and what they mean for you.

CTA - Ghost Waters eBook-08

We’ve Got an eBook for That

In it, you’ll learn:

The difference between perennial, intermittent, and ephemeral streams

Why this difference matters

How protections have changed over time and why that matters too

How to determine whether the site you’re considering has any ghost waters present

The risks of ghost waters on your site and the environmental impact of developing there

Which hacks can you use to prevent ghost waters and other water resources from damaging your project

What other project risk factors you need to be aware of … and mitigation strategies to get around them

Why the current due diligence systems don’t work

What to do instead

Think one little download can’t hold all the answers? Well, you’re right. For instance, we don’t teach you how to get out of that engagement party with your old college roommate or make the perfect homemade pizza. Some questions are just too big for us.

However, we've got it all when it comes to ghost waters and other risks that might derail your green energy project. And you can too … just click that image below.

Speaking of Other Risk Factors That Derail Renewable Energy Development …

Ghost waters, while inarguably the risk factor with the coolest title, are far from the only one you need to worry about. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of spooky specters with adverse effects waiting to get in the way of your happiness, profits, and ability to stave off climate change.

Others to watch out for include:

Hostility toward solar and wind projects

Environmental consulting issues

Delays to interconnect

Changes in regulations

Misunderstanding of regulations

Considering that only 10 percent of sites get developed when it comes to solar (with similar numbers for other types of energy), you can’t be too careful when finding a spot you like. It’s so important to get out ahead of these issues, and the only way to do that is to understand what you’re up against.

Which is, in a phrase, a lot.

The good news? There’s one system that can solve all these problems AT THE SAME TIME, and we’ll tell you all about it in the eBook. So don’t wait a minute longer to find out.

CTA - Ghost Waters eBook-08

The Endangered Species Act Turns 50

Repealing the Inflation Reduction Act

Repealing the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was big news when the President first proposed it; Congress fought over it; it underwent innumerable edits and...

Transect Unveils Exclusive Beta of AI Solar Sentiment Feature for Solar Industry Clients

Transect Unveils Exclusive Beta of AI Solar Sentiment Feature for Solar Industry Clients

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