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Ghosts (Pac-Man)

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The Ghosts are the main antagonists of the Pac-Man franchise.

  • 3.1 Wreck-It Ralph
  • 3.2.1 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS
  • 3.2.2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 3.3 Just Dance
  • 3.4 Fortnite
  • 3.5 Fall Guys
  • 6 Navigation

History [ ]

In the original Pac-Man , the Ghosts chase Pac-Man around a maze to keep him from eating all of the dots. It was the player's objective to avoid the ghosts and collect all of the dots.

Power Pellets are the ghosts' ultimate weakness. When Pac-Man eats one, the ghosts turn blue, and Pac-Man can eat them.

  • One Ghost eaten - 200 pts.
  • Two Ghosts eaten - 400 pts.
  • Three Ghosts eaten - 800 pts.
  • All Four Ghosts eaten - 1600 pts.

In the original Pac-Man , there were four ghosts (referred to as the Ghost Gang), each member having their own unique personalities:

  • Blinky - Red, he is the most aggressive of the ghosts as he chases Pac-Man relentlessly.
  • Pinky - Pink, she is deceptive as she strategically ambushes Pac-Man from the front.
  • Inky - Cyan, he's friends with Blinky as the two work together to scare Pac-Man into making the wrong move.
  • Clyde (Sue in Ms. Pac-Man and Tim in Jr. Pac-Man ) - Orange, he/she's not very smart and flees if Pac-Man gets too close.

In the Pac-Man  cartoon series from 1982 to 1984, the Ghost Gang work for Mezmeron and help him try to find the Power Pellet Forest and often call Pac-Man names such as "Pac-Fink".

In the TV series Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures , the Ghost Gang work for Lord Betrayus but secretly they help Pac-Man foil Betrayus' plans and hopefully get their bodies back.

Biology [ ]

In the older games and the original 80's cartoon, the Ghosts were originally portrayed as monsters (some can wield magic) and are considered tangible. However, they had a few ghostly traits such as being able to levitate.

In the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures animated series and games, the Ghosts are portrayed as spectral ectoplasmic entities with the common ghostly traits of being semi-intangible, being able to levitate, and can leave trails of ectoplasm on living beings and the majority of them are former Pac-People.

In most of their portrayals, the most consistent thing about the ghosts' morphology is their true form, that being disembodied eyes that control ghostlike bodies that can only be destroyed by their natural predators and rivals, the Pac People.

Other Media [ ]

Wreck-it ralph [ ].

The Ghost Gang appears as supporting characters in Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It-Ralph . While Blinky, Inky, and Pinky can be seen in Game Central Station, Clyde leads the Bad-Anon support group in the Pac-Man game consisting of iconic villains including Dr. Eggman , M. Bison , and Bowser . Clyde is also one of the villains to react when Ralph reveals he does not want to be a bad guy anymore, by turning blue. When Ralph laments how he gets no respect from the others in his game, Clyde suggests that he will just have to accept who he is.

The Ghost Gang makes a cameo in the 2018 sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet .

Super Smash Bros. [ ]

Super smash bros. for wii u and 3ds [ ].

A playable fighter, Pac-Man will summon the ghosts when using a smash attack: Blinky for his side smash, Pinky for his up smash, and Inky and Clyde for his down smash.

The Ghost Gang also appears as an Assist Trophy. When summoned, they wander around the stage as if it was a maze, dealing damage to fighters when collided with. After a few seconds, their movement becomes faster until they wander off. Each Ghost moves similar to the arcade games: Blinky takes the shortest route to reach the enemy, Pinky tries to move in front, Inky moves from behind, and Clyde moves randomly.

In the 3DS version, the Ghosts are hazards for the Pac-Maze stage. They randomly move about the lanes, damaging fighters when contacted. Grabbing a Power Pellet turns the Ghosts blue, and touching them will temporarily bring them out of the battlefield.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [ ]

The Ghost Gang returns as an Assist Trophy, reacting just as they did in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS . The only difference is that they can be defeated by taking enough hits. They will telegraph their defeat by turning blue before fleeing.

The Ghosts also appear as an advanced primary shield-type spirit. Their spirit battle is against a red Kirby (Blinky), Jigglypuff (Pinky), Squirtle (Inky), and Pac-Man (Clyde) on the Battlefield form of Pac-Land. The Ghost Assist Trophy can also be summoned at random. A blue Ghost named TURN-TO-BLUE also appears as a novice support spirit, which grants the fighter an increase to their speed at the cost of starting the battle at 30% damage. Its spirit battle is a timed battle against four Mr. Game & Watch on the Wrecking Crew stage who tend to avoid conflict.

Just Dance [ ]

Blinky, Pinky, and Inky appear as P2, P3, and P4 in the Just Dance 2019 routine, which shares its name with the series. Pac-Man appears in that routine as P1.

Fortnite [ ]

While not appearing as a skin, the four classic ghosts appear in two crossover cosmetics, in the "PAC-MAN" back bling (appearing as style variations for the default Pac-Man sprite) and cameoing in the "PAC-Brained" emote.

Fall Guys [ ]

In Fall Guys , a costume of a generic ghost (sharing their appearance mostly with Blinky's design in the Pac-World series) was added to the game as part of its fourth free-to-play season, being one of two Pac-Man -themed costumes currently in the game.

Members [ ]

  • The Creepies
  • Dr. Buttocks
  • Kinky Mutation
  • Spectral Monsters
  • Alien Ghosts
  • Aqua Ghosts
  • Cyclops Ghosts
  • Drill Bit Ghosts
  • Fire Ghosts
  • Green Ghosts
  • Ghost Sharks
  • Guardian Ghosts
  • Lightning Ghosts
  • Tentacle Ghosts
  • The Pinky in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon may be a different Pinky, since he and the original (who is a female) are of opposite sexes.
  • Despite the modern viewpoint of Pac-Man 's antagonists being spectral beings, this wasn't the original intent of Namco, but rather a result of their appearance making western audiences believe them to be ghosts. In fact, the original Pac-Man only refers to the creatures as generic monsters (with the original Japanese version using the term "Obake", a type of yokai usually equated to goblins), with their cloak-like body merely serving as a sheet covering their true body, being a pink, worm-like being with legs.

Navigation [ ]

  • 1 Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • 2 Miss America
  • Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
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The Ghosts (also known as Monsters or Ghost Monsters ) are the main enemies of the Pac-Man series and have antagonized Pac-Man and all of Pac-Land in their appearances. The most notable ghosts are the four members of the Ghost Gang - Blinky , Pinky , Inky and Clyde - who have appeared throughout the series as both antagonists and protagonists.

Despite ghosts often being cruel and mischievous, some have been shown to be nice, but most have rejoiced in antagonizing Pac-Man. They have to be careful though, because Pac-Man has a chance of swallowing them whole, usually when a Power Pellet is obtained. They are spectral beings that dwell in Ghost Land and will sometimes travel to Pac-Land to cause havoc and mischief.

  • 1.1 Weakness
  • 2 Varieties
  • 4 Other Notable Ghosts
  • 5 In-Game Behavior
  • 7.1 Group Pictures
  • 7.2 Hanna-Barbera Stills
  • 7.3 Ghostly Adventures Stills

Biology [ ]


Several varieties of Ghosts as seen in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures .

In the original games and cartoon, the Ghosts were originally portrayed as monsters that wore cloaks and are considered being tangible, as well as having feet that can only be seen visibly under their cloak. However, they had a few ghostly traits such as being able to levitate.

In the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures animated series and games, the Ghosts are portrayed as spectral ectoplasmic entities with the common ghostly traits of being semi-intangible, being able to levitate and can leave trails of ectoplasm on living beings. They also do not appear to have a very good diet, with much of their "food" appearing to be made up mostly of inedible and gross muck like garbage, worms, body parts and other unidentifiable substances and slimy goo, however, due to being spiritual entities without organs, these substances do no permanent harm to them. The fact that they have things such as sewers and sewage implies they still need to expel bodily waste products like Pac-People. Blinky has even admitted to passing gas on one occasion, which, sad to say, dramatically improved the smell of their food. With proper seasoning, their food can be made edible to Pac-People.

It appears that the majority of ghosts are former Pac-People, but usually bare no resemblance to their living selves, and apparently they come in a wide variety of colors and types apart from the usual standard ghostly appearance, with some appearing gigantic, cycloptic, octopus-like or etc, and it appears that they may be able to freely change between these forms depending on their moods and personalities, a likely benefit of no longer being restricted by physical forms. However, ghostly animals appear to still somewhat resemble their living animal forms unlike Ghostly Pac-People.

They mainly attack Pac-People by biting them despite many having no visible teeth, covering them in slime or eating them alive (according to the Atari 2600 manual of Pac-Man ).

Weakness [ ]

In the original games and cartoon, their main weakness is the Power Pellet, which can be eaten by almost any type of Pac-Being, such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man , Jr. Pac-Man , other Pac-People and Pac-Animals. When eaten, Pac-People posses the ability to eat them and it causes them to turn blue with fear. Once eaten, their empty bodies will return to a chamber in the center of a maze where Pac-Man has no access and return to their original forms to continue chasing him.

In the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures animated series and games, Pac-Man is the only one capable of eating them due to his status as a "Yellow One" and can do so even without berries in certain games while in others it is required. Power Pellets have also been replaced with Power Berries which simply act as empowering items that can give Pac-Man unique abilities that can defeat Ghosts more easily, but are still not required for eating Ghosts.

Varieties [ ]

In Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures , Ghosts, especially the Ghosts of Pac-People, come in a wide variety of shapes and forms but the majority usually appear to resemble the most common appearance of ghosts with round heads and ghostly tails but with a wide assortment of colors.

  • Alien Ghosts - a species of extraterrestrial ghosts that has a symbiotic relationship with Ghosteroids. they protect the ghosteroid and in return, the ghosteroid shelters them
  • Aqua Ghosts - ghosts that can travel effectively in water
  • Cyclops Ghosts - The second largest species of ghosts even dwarfing some monsters in the Netherworld.
  • Drill Bit Ghosts - ghosts forced to be uses as the tip of huge drills.
  • Fire Ghosts - a species of ghost that conjures fire. Lord Betrayus is the most notable one.
  • Green Ghosts - ghosts that can attack with slime more effectively than others.
  • Ghosteroids - The largest species of ghosts, they are a species of extraterrestrial ghosts that has a symbiotic relationship with Alien Ghosts, the Ghosteroid shelters the alien ghosts and in return, the alien ghosts protect it.
  • Ghost Sharks - Ghosts of deceased Pac-Sharks. can also fly too.
  • Guardian Ghosts - Royal guards of the Netherworld.
  • Ice Ghosts - a species of ghost that conjures ice.
  • Jellyfish Ghosts - The smallest species of ghost, which are nonsapient and can be found in Pac-World 's seas. Their faces resemble scaredy ghosts.
  • Lightning Ghosts - a species of ghost that conjures electricity.
  • Tentacle Ghosts - a ghost that resembles a squid and/or octopus.
  • Vulnerable Ghosts - a form ghosts take when they start panicking.

Ghost Gang [ ]


The Ghost Gang as they appear in their standard designs: Blinky , Inky , Pinky , and Clyde .

The Ghost Gang refers to the original antagonists of the first Pac-Man game, who return in most of the other games in the Pac-Man series. The group is comprised of four ghosts named Blinky , Pinky , Inky , and Clyde . In some appearances, they are joined by a fifth member named Sue , who originated from Ms. Pac-Man in place of Clyde.

Their roles in the series have mostly varied; they were originally portrayed as villainous, but are friendly in some later appearances. However, most of their solo villainous efforts usually consist of them just teasing or chasing Pac-Man (and family), while in others they take on a more antagonistic role due to being ordered to do so by their superiors (e.g. Spooky or the Ghost Witch ). Nonetheless, it appears they usually antagonize others simply for the fun and joy of scaring and pranking them, rather than genuine hate or malicious intent.

Throughout the series, the roles and names of Blinky and Clyde are often mixed up; this has been commonly referred to by fans as the Clyde and Blinky error .

  • Character: Bad-tempered, crude, bossy, bully, fast, bratty, grouchy, dangerous, mean, sarcastic, greedy, mostly aggressive, he's the responsible leader of the four and the arch-nemesis of Pac-Man .
  • Color: Cyan (or sometimes blue)
  • Character: Goofy, shy, unpredictable, wacky, shattered-brained, a little reckless, dizzy, can also sometimes chase Pac-Man aggressively like Blinky.
  • Color: Pink (or sometimes magenta)
  • Character: Mischievous, persistent, tricky, cute, adorable, beautiful, happy, lovely, has a big crush on Pac-Man from time to time. In the original arcade game, she's the only female ghost.
  • Color: Orange
  • Character: Cowardly, lazy, stupid, brainless, hopeless, seemingly dumb, but may be smarter than he lets on and doesn't really care about chasing Pac-Man . He always distracts himself.
  • Color: Purple (originally orange in Ms. Pac-Man )
  • Character: Annoying, Powerful, Slow.

Other Notable Ghosts [ ]

Throughout the many spin-offs of Pac-Man , other ghosts have been added.

  • Fairy-Ghost Mother
  • Miru (Pac & Pal, 1983)
  • Kinky , when fusing with members of the original Ghost Gang, transform into various Kinky Mutation (Pac-Man Arrangement,1996)
  • Miscellaneous Ghosts
  • Wandy (Pac-Man All-Stars, 2002)
  • Ghost House
  • Ghost Shield
  • Golvis (Pac 'n Roll, 2005)
  • Spectral Monsters (Pac-Man World 3, 2005)
  • Captain Banshee
  • The Creepies
  • Dr. Buttocks
  • Glitchy (Pac-Man 256, 2015)
  • Punky (The Sandbox Evolution, 2017)
  • Winky (Pac-Man Pop!, 2017)
  • Creepy (Minecraft, 2011)
  • Bash (Sonic Dash, 2018)

In-Game Behavior [ ]

Ghosts are limited by not being able to turn unless they reach an intersection. Each ghost will behave differently once it has reached an intersection. Some will move randomly, while others focus on chasing Pac-Man or ambushing him. Other times, the ghosts will revert to scatter mode where they try to spread themselves among the four corners of the maze.

  • The Pac-Man ghosts were originally known as, and were intended to be, monsters . They were renamed to ghosts later on; this was mainly popularized by the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man .
  • Pac-Man series creator, Toru Iwatani , has cited that Obake no Q-Tarō ("Little Ghost Q-Taro") was a source of inspiration for the Pac-Man ghosts.

Gallery [ ]

Group pictures [ ].

The Ghost Gang's 8-bit look in the original Pac-Man arcade game

Hanna-Barbera Stills [ ]


Ghostly Adventures Stills [ ]

The Ghost Gang in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures cartoon

See also [ ]

  • Spectral Monsters

All Pac-Man Ghost Names and What They Do

  • July 5, 2022
  • Jason Brown

pac-man ghosts

Who are the ghosts who chase Pac-Man through mazes, across Pac-Land and even over Pac-Man World? Let’s find out as we check all Pac-Man ghost names – and what they do!

Table of Contents

Who are the Pac-Man ghosts?

There are four ghosts in the original Pac-Man (which we rated as top of the best Pac-Man games !): a red ghost, a pink ghost, a cyan ghost and an orange ghost.

Do they all behave differently?

They sure do! Considering Pac-Man was originally released in 1980, it may surprise you to learn that each ghost in Pac-Man has their own behaviour and patterns that they follow, as well as behaviour that they adhere to during what’s known as ‘scatter mode’. All of this are things that you may not even notice during play, but we’re here to shine a light on each ghost and reveal what it is they do!

Who is the red ghost in Pac-Man?

Blinky - Pac-Man Ghost

According to one of the attract screens on the English language version of the arcade game, the red ghost is named Shadow – and his nickname is Blinky.

For some reason, it’s the nicknames that stuck with the ghosts, so in general, this one is just known as Blinky. Blinky is perhaps the leader of what’s known as the Ghost Gang; he’s definitely the most deadly ghost – and almost certainly the most likely to catch our little yellow hero. 

What pattern does Blinky follow?

Unlike the others, Blinky speeds up as Pac-Man eats more dots in the maze. With 20 dots remaining in the first maze, Blinky gets faster – but in subsequent mazes, he speeds up even sooner. He’s a very tough enemy to outrun, especially as he follows Pac-Man closely once he’s on his trail – and doesn’t even cease his relentless pursuit during periods when the other ghosts enter scatter mode.

Who is the pink ghost?

Pinky - Pac-Man Ghost

Oddly – despite Blinky being the ghost known to speed up – the pink ghost’s ‘real’ name is Speedy. However, she’s more commonly known by her nickname, Pinky. Like the other ghosts, she has her own, very specific patterns of movement.

What pattern does Pinky follow?

Pinky moves around maze walls in an anti-clockwise pattern, but also roughly follows Pac-Man’s movement – targeting four spaces ahead of where the player is headed, which is designed to get out in front of them and cut them off. During scatter mode, Pinky heads for the top left corner and moves in an anti-clockwise, circling motion around the corner walls.

Who is the cyan ghost?

Inky - Pac-Man Ghost

The cyan ghost’s ‘official’, original English-language name was Bashful, but his nickname – and like the others, the name he’s known by now – is Inky. The most unpredictable of the four ghosts, Inky is dangerous because you can’t always know exactly what he’s going to do next!

What pattern does Inky follow?

This is a strange one – though unpredictable, Inky’s behaviour is actually linked to the position of the Ghost Gang’s leader, Blinky. He’ll patrol an area dependent on where Blinky is at any given time – and will become more random the further away from Blinky he is. During scatter mode, Inky will patrol the lower right corner of the maze. You know those moments where you get trapped between two ghosts and can’t get away? That’ll usually be Inky and his random behaviour getting you cornered!

Who is the orange ghost?

Clyde - Pac-Man Ghost

Pokey – more commonly known as Clyde – is the one ghost whose name doesn’t rhyme with the others. Poor Clyde – always the outsider! His behaviour reflects this too, cleverly – unlike the others, he just doesn’t seem to have much interest in chasing Pac-Man.

What pattern does Clyde follow?

Though Clyde does chase Pac-Man (in much the same way as Blinky), when he gets within eight spaces of Pac-Man, he starts to retreat into the bottom-left corner of the maze. This is also the area he patrols during scatter mode, making the bottom left Clyde’s Corner!

How do you fight back against the ghosts?

Frightened or Vulnerable Blue Ghost - Pac-Man

There are four Power Pellets in the maze; when Pac-Man eats one, the ghosts turn temporarily blue – signifying that they can be eaten by the hero! This last for just a short time; the ghosts start flashing between blue and white to demonstrate that they are about to turn back to their normal, dangerous colours – in later levels, the period of time to get your revenge is so brief as to be almost imperceptible. 

How does this affect their movement?

When a Power Pellet is eaten, the ghosts immediately change their movement patterns, regardless of whether they were in their pursuit or scatter modes. They immediately move away from Pac-Man’s position – and at a much slower speed than normal. Other than that initial reversal of chasing Pac-Man, their movement is randomly decided at each intersection they reach. This gives Pac-Man some valuable breathing room to clear dots from the maze – or get his revenge if the ghosts are close enough!

What happens to the ghosts when Pac-Man eats them?

If Pac-Man does eat them, only the ghost’s eyes remain – and they immediately race back to the pen at the centre of the maze, where they regenerate and re-emerge. It’s important to note that they regenerate and return immediately This means that, even if the effects of the Power Pellet are still in play for the other ghosts, it’s possible to have a fully regenerated, non-blue, dangerous ghost (or ghosts) on your tail – as well as having blue ghosts simultaneously running from you!  

Are there other ghosts?

ghost name pac man

There’s quite a few! Later Pac-Man games introduced new ghosts or simply replaced poor, neglected Clyde. For example, the orange ghost in Ms. Pac-Man is Sue, though her behaviour and appearance are the same as Clyde. To differentiate between them, Sue became purple in later games (and the short-lived, mostly forgotten, animated TV show from 1982). Tim is the name of the orange ghost in Jr. Pac-Man – but again, it’s basically just Clyde with a different name!

Pac-Mania added two new ghosts to Pac-Man’s rogue gallery: Funky and (ahem) Spunky. Funky was a green ghost and Spunky was grey; their only other appearances were in Pac-Man 256 – though they behaved very differently there. Pac-Man 256 also introduced the scary, teleporting Glitchy!

There are many more – especially in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, which originated as a CGI cartoon. This had a huge cast of individual ghosts with their own characters and very distinct visual characteristics – but the most iconic, famous ghosts remain the four originals from the Ghost Gang: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde!

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ghost name pac man

Jason – who lives in the UK – has had a lifelong interest in video games, which all started when he discovered Space Invaders in the early 80s. The first game he ever completed was Wonder Boy in Monster Land on the Sega Master System – which remains one of his proudest gaming achievements. Jason is a passionate writer – and has been writing about gaming since the late 90s. He currently runs pop culture blog, which he updates on a daily basis (and has written more than 700 articles on the blog alone!).

Outside of video games, Jason is a keen tabletop gamer, film buff and comic book fan.

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Pac-Man: Ten Things You Didn't Know

After 30 years, ghosts still tremble at the mere mention of his name.

March 8, 2011 — -- He's pursued night and day by supernatural forces, fends them off by growing several times his original size and yet despite a jaundiced complexion and an obvious compulsive eating disorder, 30 years later Pac-Man is still one of the most recognizable and ubiquitous video game characters of all time.

With new versions of the game having recently hit video game arcades and home game consoles, and famed movie producer Avi Arad (responsible for such films as "Spider-Man" and "X-Men") working on a 3D animated television show, it would appear that "Pac-Man Fever" remains a worldwide epidemic.

In honor of the legend, Namco/Bandai has given a list of 10 deep, dark secrets, some of which not even the hardest of die-hard fans may know about the mysterious and reclusive Pac-Man .

1. There were only three core people involved in the development of the original Pac-Man. The planning and designs were done by Toru Iwatani, and there was one additional person who worked on programming development, and one focused on music.

2. Within 15 months of its U.S. release, Namco/Bandai sold more than 100,000 arcade units and fans spent more than $1 billion in quarters to spark the pop-culture phenomenon.

3. First released as "Puck-Man," the name was later changed to Pac-Man. The original Japanese name was Puckman, which evolved from the Japanese word paku, meaning "chomp." Given the closeness to a certain explicit four-letter English word, a lot of arcade operators at the time were worried that vandals would alter the letter P. Eventually, "Pac" was suggested as an alternate name. Hence the name "Pac-Man" came to be.

4. Pac-Man's favorite snack pellets -- the tiny dots he munches as he moves around the video game board -- were originally cookies. The "power cookies" are now the larger pellets he uses to eat the ghosts.

5. Each of the four ghosts in the game has both Japanese and English names. In Japan they started as Fickle, Chaser, Ambusher and Stupid. Their English names are Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde.

6. Due to the game's wild success, Pac-Man became an economic term. When a company that is about to be acquired instead takes over the hostile company that was attempting to acquire it, it's called the "Pac-Man" defense. The name was coined after the role reversal that occurs when Pac-Man eats power cookies.

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All PacMan Ghost Names and What They Do

Pac-Man and its ghosts are among the most recognizable video game characters of all time. Remarkably, the game’s basic gameplay mechanics are still relevant today. But did you know those PacMan ghosts aren’t just phantoms? They have real names! Let’s find out all Pac-man ghost names and what they actually do.

Who are the Pac-Man ghosts?

Ghosts are the game’s major adversaries and chase the hungry Pac-man through each maze. They are among the most annoying adversaries in Pac-man since they are far more terrible than they appear to be.

Despite the fact that most fans merely refer to them as “ghosts,” each of the four main ghosts has a unique name. Clyde, Blinky, Pinky, and Inky are the orange, red, pink, and Clyde ghosts, respectively.

Four creatures from the Pac-Man video game series are referred to as the “Ghost Gang “ together. They made their debut as the primary adversaries in the 1980 classic arcade Pac-Man.  Since then, the ghosts have made an appearance in every Pac-Man game, occasionally turning into Pac-Man’s adversaries or allies. 

Do they all behave differently?

Each of the four Pac-man ghosts possesses a distinct personality and hence a different behavior. Knowing what the Pac-Man ghosts’ actual names were in the Japanese version of the video game can help you better understand their personalities. Blinky was the chaser, Pinky was the ambusher, Inky was the fickle one, and Clyde was the stupid one.

Well, Clyde isn’t exactly smart. He will first try to find Pac-Man, appear to be heading their way, and then turn around and walk off to do something else.

However, Blinky will continue to pursue our dot-gobbling lead tenaciously. Pinky likes to keep a keen eye on her prey and will attempt to stay around Pac-man. Inky, is another ghost that has access to practically every tactic in the game.

The Red ghost always circles the entire screen from right to left before approaching you. The Pink Ghost will constantly follow you and will approach from any position other than the bottom.

The Orange ghost likewise travels in any direction, with the exception of the right side of Pac-man, while the blue one will always approach Pac-man from either side and will always proceed through him to get to the other side.

Who is the red ghost in Pac-Man?

ghost name pac man

Blinky, sometimes referred to as Shadow, is Pac-Man’s worst adversary and the commander of the Ghosts. He is often characterized as the most hostile ghost that relentlessly pursues Pac-Man, who is difficult to stop once started.

Blinky appeared in the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures television series. He performs as Pac-Man’s pals as opposed to being his adversary. Similar to previous media, Blinky appears to be the oldest ghost gang’s boss. He and Inky are seen to be rather at odds with one another.

What pattern does Blinky follow?

When you’re left with the last 20 dots, Blinky starts to move faster. Prior to this, he moves at the same pace as all of the other ghosts on every level. It is common to refer to this moment as the one where he assumes the persona of “Cruise Elroy.”

As you advance to higher levels, Blinky turns into Cruise Elroy more frequently and earlier. Contrary to the other ghosts, Blinky will frequently continue to pursue you even in scatter mode and has a habit of staying behind you. It generally surrounds the top right corner. 

Who is the pink ghost?

ghost name pac man

Pinky is the only female ghost in Pac-Man. Because she was continuously ambushing the player, she was assigned the nickname “Speedy.” She is trained to discover several methods to ambush the player rather than attacking directly. 

She develops a strong deep attachment to Pac-Man in the first episode of the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures series.  She even tends to be hot-headed and easily irritated, especially when it comes to Cylindria, whom she considers a rival for Pac-Man’s attention.

What pattern does Pinky follow?

Pinky moves in a very deliberate manner. She typically arrives at Pac-Man via a circuitous route because she chooses to follow Pac-lead Man’s instead of her own. She usually moves counter-clockwise around blocks, and occasionally has the ability to actively pursue Pac-Man similar to Blinky.

Who is the cyan ghost?

pacman ghosts

Inky, a.k.a., Bashful, is usually depicted as a silly and slow-witted ghost who will not pursue Pac-Man until other ghosts are there. Unlike Blinky and Pinky, Inky doesn’t go after Pac-Man as aggressively.

He appears to be the scathing and possibly the most intelligent character in the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures series. He and Blinky appear to be in somewhat of a rivalry.

What pattern does Inky follow?

Inky’s behaviors are influenced by Blinky’s and Pacman’s respective locations. As a result, Inky may quite often capture Pacman in a ghost-to-ghost encounter. The more distance Blinky has between Pacman and Inky, the more unpredictable Inky’s motions appear to be.  

Inky is positioned in the lower-right corner of the maze while it is in scatter mode. Despite not being an aggressive one, he may pose an extremely severe threat to Pac-Man since he is perhaps the least predictable ghost.

Who is the orange ghost?

ghost name pac man

Clyde (also known as Pokey) will always be found elsewhere taking care of his own business while the remaining three ghosts are out hunting Pac-Man. He is usually characterized as the dumbest and most obedient ghost. In the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures video game adaptation, Clyde and his other three ghost friends play a supporting roles for Pac-Man.

What pattern does Clyde follow?

This ghost moves with an intention even if his actions have been characterized as “random.” Despite the fact that Clyde pursues Pac-Man (in a manner similar to Blinky), once he is eight spaces away from Pac-Man, he begins to recede into the bottom-left corner of the maze. Additionally, he keeps watching over this region while in scatter mode, forming the bottom left corner.

Clyde is depicted as being significantly less talented than he usually is in the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures series, and he also comes across as having a sensitive disposition. He may appear to be the dumbest member of the group, but on sometimes he gives off the impression that he is more brilliant than he lets on, usually due to being more talkative than the rest.

How do you fight back against the ghosts?

ghost name pac man

A limited number (most likely four) of big dots found in the Pac-Man video games are Power Pellets, commonly referred to as Energizer. Power Pellets are used to kill (or eat) troublesome ghosts.

When Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet, the ghosts enter Blue Mode and become available for him to eat. This blue mode only lasts for a tiny amount of time; the ghosts begin to blink between blue and white to indicate that they are about to return to their original, deadly colors.

If the ghosts aren’t consumed within that certain time, they will revert to the normal phase. 

How does this affect their movement?

Whether in their chase or scatter modes, the ghosts quickly alter their patterns of movement after consuming a Power Pellet. They leave Pac-man’s location right away, although at a considerably slower pace than usual. Their direction is randomly chosen at each crossing they come across, except the first turnaround of chasing Pac-Man.

What happens to the ghosts when Pac-Man eats them?

All that’s left of the ghosts after Pac-Man eats them is their eyeballs, and they all respawn in the same place. It’s crucial to remember that they instantly revive and reappear. However, this enables Pac-Man to consume as many dots as possible and, in the instance that he runs across a ghost, to exact revenge by devouring them while also gaining extra points.

Are there other ghosts?

ghost name pac man

New ghosts were included in Pac-Man games, or Clyde was eventually replaced with another ghost. For instance, Sue is the orange ghost in Ms. Pac-Man, despite the fact that she behaves and looks like Clyde. In subsequent games, Sue chose the color purple to distinguish herself from other ghosts. 

Further, in subsequent games, Sue chose the color purple to distinguish herself from other ghosts. Glitchy, a terrifying teleporting character, was also featured in Pac-Man 256. 

There are plenty of other ones, particularly in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures series. The four original members of the Ghost family—Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde—remain the most recognizable and renowned ghosts in this enormous ensemble of different ghosts, each with their own personality and stand-out appearance.

How to draw Pac man ghost?

Anyone may simply draw any of the Pac-man ghosts using pixel art (digital drawing) or white paper. Start by vertically outlining a semi-circular shape that is nearly 60% of the length of the ghost at first. After that, extend both of the semi-ends circles and link them together with a wavy line. Draw the ghost’s mouth and eyes as well as color the entire body in blue for Inky, orange for Clyde, and red for Blink.

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What Are The Pac-Man Ghost Names?

The original  Pac-Man released in 1980, so it's entirely possible  Pac-Man  is older than you. The game's been ported all over the place ever since, and you almost surely find it on your platform of choice, even the newer ones. Some of us have played Pac-Man for decades. It's considered an irreplaceable classic to many gamers. Never once have we asked: what are the  Pac-Man ghost names?

Finally, for whoever is curious, the question will be answered.

One might assume the ghosts in  Pac-Man are just ghosts and leave it at that. They're intended to be a hindrance to the lead character as he zips around gobbling up dots and fruit. But Namco apparently took it to a much deeper place than that. These ghosts have names. They have personalities . They behave in predictable ways that can give you a leg up if you're paying attention. And now you get to learn more about them than you ever thought you would.

Blinky is the red ghost, and is the one who will be most aggressive about chasing Pac-Man around. Pinky is the pink ghost, and Pinky's game is all about ambushing Pac-Man. Inky is the cyan ghost, and will take on the behavior of the other three ghosts at any given point. And finally, the orange ghost, Clyde, will chase Pac-Man much like Blinky does until it gets close, and then it'll take off to another part of the maze.

If you can remember who does what while you're playing  Pac-Man , you might just be able to get yourself out of a jam. You can count on the fact that Blinky will never let up. You can keep an eye on Pinky and change up your route to prevent being cut off. Inky? Well, you'll have to figure out which personality that ghost is taking on at the time. And avoiding Clyde is all about maneuvering that ghost away from where you need to be.

So now you know the  Pac-Man ghost names and their personality traits. We expect emails with all of your high scores.



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