ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks


How Ghost Busters Work

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Ghost Hunters

T­he first thing you need to know about real-life ghost busters is that they don't like the term "ghost buster." To actually bust a ghost , you'd need two things:

  • An actual, verifiable ghost
  • A tested, proven method of getting rid of that ghost

The problem a real ghost buster runs into is simply this: Neither of those things has ever been conclusively proven to exist.

What does exist are unexplained events that seem to have a paranormal origin. These events can be investigated, and many times the causes can be determined. Often, the ghosts are "busted" when the investigator discovers that it was really a poorly sealed window causing the cold draft or reflected car headlights causing the strange lights moving around a darkened room. So instead of ghost busters, they tend to prefer "paranormal investigators" or even "ghost hunters."

You won't find most paranormal investigators listed in the phone book. So how do they find their cases? Randy Liebeck has cases referred to him from various paranormal research institutions. Joe Nickell selects which hauntings he will investigate based on the infamy of the case or whether it has any unusual or interesting characteristics. Many investigators, including both Liebeck and Nickell, conduct some investigations at the invitation of TV crews or newspaper reporters.

Once they have a reported haunting, a paranormal investigator begins by researching the site ahead of time. This often takes the form of a list of the phenomena reported to occur at the haunting, but it can also lead to historical research into the back story behind a haunting. Knowing what phenomena are being reported is important, because it helps determine what equipment to bring. "If the reports involve only auditory or subjective sensations, there is no point in wiring up the house with 15 video cameras ," said Liebeck. Historical research is vital, because the word-of-mouth legends that usually surround ghostly sites can be red herrings that lead investigators to dead ends.

The first step upon reaching the investigation site is to speak with all the witnesses to the phenomena and find out exactly what they've experienced. Often, the exact details reported by eyewitnesses are quite different from the legendary tales that surround a haunting.

Joe Nickell has developed a ghost questionnaire that he gives to witnesses at the start of an investigation in an attempt to quantify their experiences. The questionnaire addresses details such as the number of times they've experienced a haunting and at what time of day the hauntings have occurred. It also uses psychological survey questions that help Nickell give the witness a "fantasy-prone quotient."

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Technique point

Hunters are one with the bow. They slay oni from across the battlefield with a single well-placed arrow. ― Gyozen

As a Hunter, you are the only class with access to the longbow (not accounting for the Versatile perk which allows every class to use the longbow). However the Hunter is also the only class which does not have access to concussion bombs.

All Hunter's abilities are perks that increase the power of their bow, and they are the only class which has the power to increase the damage of status effects. They are also the only class capable of refilling their own ammunition with the Resupply technique equipped.

With the epic rarity hunter charm equipped, Hunters have access to two unique perks:

  • Foul Arrows, which applies the weaken effect to any enemies hit by a successful headshot.
  • Blessed Arrows, which heals all allies within a small radius upon a successful headshot.
  • 1 Techniques
  • 2.1 Class items
  • 2.3 Sword kit
  • 3.1.1 Class items
  • 3.1.3 Sword kit

Techniques [ ]

Appearance items [ ], class items [ ], sword kit [ ], gallery [ ].

Hunter Teal

  • 2 Ghost Armor
  • 3 Gosaku's Armor
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series
  • More Systems
  • Hunter Charm Property - Hunter Ability Radius
  • Ghost of Tsushima

PlayStation 4

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Screen Rant

Ghost of tsushima: best build for the hunter in legends mode.

The Hunter is an absolute force in the Legends modes for Ghost of Tsushima, and here's the build that will crush anything in its path and then some.

With the right build, the Hunter can take down large amounts of enemies in Ghost of Tsushima in a rapid amount of time in the different Legends modes . Knowing what to build around is essential to wipe out waves of enemies in Nightmare Survival or even completing Chapter 2 of Iyo's Tale . The build itself will need to generate lots of resolve and takedown high-value targets very quickly to have success.

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There are a few ways to build the Hunter, but the most valuable technique for the class is the Eye of Uchitsune. Revolving around that technique is vital to a solid foundation, but what follows it will determine the build's success. The more situational Oni-focused build, where a few gear rolls can go with more Oni Damage or an emphasis on a pure resolve gain type of build, can be worked out. Another build is to work around the Explosive Bow technique, an excellent setup for severe damage while resolving ticks at a consistent pace.

What Is The Best Build For The Hunter In Ghost Of Tsushima

Almost all great Hunter builds will demand the Skipping Stone Bow. Without the bow, the builds tend to be respectable, just not extraordinary. The Skipping Stone Bow makes arrows ricochet to other enemies if the shots are headshots. Combining the bow with The Eye Of Utchisune causes a ripple effect that can drop Survival waves in one stroke. With that, the class ability Explosive Arrow will push players into a fire build naturally since Staggering Arrow doesn't link well with the other techniques. Match up the Explosive Arrow with Status Damage on the second tier techniques, and now the Hunter is cooking with consistent resolve ticks. Here's the gear set up to maximize the fire and headshots from the Eye of Utchisune:

  • Water Katana:  Melee Resolve Gain and Ultimate Damage + Perk: Way Of The Flame
  • Skipping Stone Bow:  Ranged Damage and Draw Speed + Perk: Helmet Piercing Ammo
  • Hunter Charm:  Ultimate Damage and Hunter Ability Radius + Perk: Fire Master
  • Sticky Bomb:  Blast Radius and Status Effect Duration + Perk: Fired Up
  • Smoke Bomb:  Cooldown Reduction and Cooldown Reduction on Kill +Perk: Munitions

The last two techniques to use are Scent of Blood and All-Seeing Eye. All-Seeing Eye is pretty self-explanatory since it works well with the Ultimate Damage buffs and the extra two targets. Scent of Blood is very sneaky since players might itch to have Hunter Unleashed but getting added draw and reload speed after getting a Smoke Bomb assassination can be a game-changer. Going with Ranged Damage over added Headshot damage is better because the 12% it reaches is all-encompassing and not only headshots. With all the fire oriented Perks the build has to offer, the Explosive Arrow makes enemies melt with the added Status Damage and Status Effect Duration, combined with the Hunter Ability Radius.

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Ghost of Tsushima  is available to play now on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Hunter Build Guide | Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Hunter is one of the three playable classes in Ghost of Tsushima Legends – The Free Title Update for Ghost of Tsushima.

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

For Hunter, you got the ability to use the Long Bow (Other classes can only use Half Bow) Long Bow has higher damage compared to the usual Half Bow, and can instantly kill an enemy with a headshot.

All of Hunter’s skills are also related to the Bow. From Fire Arrow to the ability to shoot multiple shots in a row, you have the best tools for being the deadliest archer.

General Ranking for Hunter Class in Ghost of Tsushima Legend

The below is my personal ranking for Hunter class base on the following criterias

  • Accessibility – The difficulty to play as a new player
  • Teamplay – The effectiveness of a class when working in a team
  • Close Combat – The effectiveness of a class in Melee combat
  • Ranged – Drawing, Reload Speed, and Bow Damage
  • Stealth – Assassination damage and speed
  • Kill Time – The effectiveness of a class for clearing enemies


Hunter is one of the best class if you want an easy journey on Ghost of Tsushima legends. Your main job is to headshot, dealing status damage with Fire Arrow, snipe out those annoying Shield Brute with Pierce arrow, and unleash your Ultimate when Oni/ Big enemies appear

What is better than a teammate that covers you from afar while you effortlessly dance between enemies? If you pick Hunter, try seizing those high rooftops and rope to cover your team from afar.

Close Combat

Hunter can still use all types of Katana, but is not as powerful as Samurai, just pick one you are comfortable with.

Ranged Combat

The only class to use Long Bow, your ultimate kill multiple enemies instantly, you also get access to other Bow perk skills

You can still use Ghost weapons like Smoke Bomb to quickly get an assassination/Critical Strike, but your kill is slower and the damage is lower compare to Assassin

Hunter can kill multiple small enemies or deal heavy damage to Onies with Arrow of Utchisune, making it the best class to clear out a group of enemies.

Best Hunter Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima Legends

For Class Ability, you will start off with Staggering Arrow – which can briefly stun the enemies allow for more further attacks from your sword. At Rank 10, you will unlock Explosive Arrow, pick this and never look back – This is one of the best skill for Hunter in Ghost of Tsushima Legend

Explosive Arrow (Hunter’s Rank 10 Class Ability)

For Perk Technique, each class can equip three perk techniques. You can only select one technique out of three in each perk. You can only select one skill per perk, so pick one depending on your most prefer playstyle

All Hunter Perk Skills Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Hunter perk 1 technique.

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter Techniques 1

  • Executioner (Rank 2) – Increase Headshot Damage by 50% for closing enemies. This can decrease your draw time with close distance enemies

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter Techniques 2

  • Scent of Blood (Rank 7) – Increase Draw and Reload after an assassination. This is best combine with gear that boost stealth damage, as Hunter generally has lower stealth damage compare to Assassin.

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter Techniques 3

  • Hunter Unleashed (Rank 14) – Reduce class ability cooldown by 15%. If you don’t know what to pick, this is the easiest choice, more explosive arrow meaning more damage.

Hunter Perk 2 Techniques

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter Techniques 4

  • Resupply (Rank 3) – Use one Resolve to restore 30% of you all ammo types. This is generally useless in Silver & Bronze’s story mission as you will find plenty of supply points to recuperate. If all of your Hunter’s gameplay is from afar, this can still be a good choice in a tight situation.

Ghost of Tsushima Hunter Techniques 5

  • Status Damage (Rank 9) – Increase Fire/(Poison?) Arrow Damage, another best skill to pick if you don’t know what to choose

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Hunter Technique 6

  • Piercing Arrow (Rank 16) – A nice addition to your arsenal for those shielded/helmet enemies.

In Ghost of Tsushima Legends, you can pick between four classes (Samurai, Hunter, Assassin & Ronin) All classes have similar close combat playstyle at first glance, but each class has a focus on certain aspect (Stealth, Range, Support, and Close Combat)

Hunter Perk 3 Techniques

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Hunter Technique 7

  • Pinpoint (Rank 5) – 50% to deal Headshot damage with a body shot. This skill is great for progression from Rank 5 to 11, as it virtually increases your arrow damage.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Hunter Technique 8

  • All-Seeing Eye (Rank 11) – Upgrade your Ultimate to target 2 more enemies. A great addition for survival mode.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Hunter Technique 9

  • Legendary (Rank 18) – Let you equip 1 more Legendary Gear. Unless you find multiple Legendary gears, this is only effective for that purpose

The most optimal combination of Perk Techniques are as follow:

Best Hunter's Techniques Ghost of Tsushima Legends

  • Hunter Unleashed + Status Damage + All-Seeing Eye

These three skills give you the perfect balance between utilities and damage. Reducing Class Ability lets you use Explosive Arrow more often. Fire Damage can wroc havoc to those Oni and big enemies. FInally, All-Seeing Eye helps your Ultimate clear out more enemies.

Best Gear for Hunters in Ghost of Tsushima Legends

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

For Silver and Bronze Story missions, pick whatever better gear you obtain. Around Ki Level 70 (With Gear Ki ranging from 70 – 85) you can try to reforge for some of the below properties

Sword | Hunter Build Ghost of Tsushima Legend

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

  • Ultimate Damage – If you don’t plan to use your Sword much, this is a must-have to boost your most powerful attack
  • Melee Damage/ Oni Damage – Either of these is enough

Perfect Parry Window is also a good

Best Properties for Bow | Hunter Build Ghost of Tsushima Legend

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

  • Draw/ Reload Speed
  • Ranged Damage

Skipping Stone Bow | Killing two birds with one arrow!

Try to farm for Skipping Stone Bow! This Legendary Bow has the Headshot ricochet unique option, allowing you to deal the same amount of damage to a nearby enemies (with Head Shot)

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

Utility Charm | Hunter Build Ghost of Tsushima Legend

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

  • Ultimate Damage
  • Ability Cooldown Reduction

Fire Master

Ghost Weapon 1 | Hunter Build Ghost of Tsushima Legend

  • Damage Increase (Stagger Damage)
  • Cooldown Reduction

Ghost Weapon 2 | Hunter Build Ghost of Tsushima Legend

  • Damage Increase/ Melee Stagger Dmage

Depend on the Ghost Weapon you pick, the perk may varied, the easiest option for Hunter is Kunai, which is a superb addition for your Ranged combat. I find the Super Massive perk is the best perk to have on Kunai. This inflict heavy damage and can knock back enemies, let you finish them off with your sword.

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

Another good Ghost Weapon for Hunter is Caltrops, which deal stagger damage and slows the enemies, with the Deep Bag perk, this is the perfect traps to setup for unleashing havoc from afar.

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

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New membership are not allowed.

ghost of tsushima hunter charm perks

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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends How To Build An Awesome Hunter

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends How To Build An Awesome Hunter

  • Posted On: November 1, 2020
  • Posted By: Curry
  • Comments: 0

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has been out for 15 days and I still can’t get enough of it! In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends players are able to choose between 4 different classes that fit their specific playstyle while doing the fun story missions and teaming up in the grueling survival challenges.

For all the players who are new to The Legends mode and are thinking of playing as a Hunter, this guide is for you.

The Hunter class is my personal favorite. Her bow and arrow and all of her abilities allow for a lot of crowd control opportunities. In survival mode, I find that when an area is being captured by the enemies, as a Hunter, I can single-handedly clear the area if I have the right equipment.

What To Focus on As A Hunter

As I mentioned before, Hunters are excellent at crowd-control, so players should focus their items and abilities for massive damage in a wide area. So to make things simple, we’ll break down each weapon, skill, and item to help give you the best chance of wiping out enemies quickly.

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Hunter Class Build

The best sword.

As a Hunter, it’s best to stray away from close-combat situations. However, you will undoubtedly find yourself needing to unsheathe your sword from time to time and there’s not much you can do about it. So, it’s best to find a sword that does extra effect damage.

Swords that have a chance to apply the poison or burning effect tend to be the most useful, especially when you find yourself going toe-to-toe with a powerful Oni. Landing a single status effect hit can be the one reason why you’re able to make a tough enemy crumble his knees.

I also find that the Water Katana is the best. The Water Katana is good for breaking shields, which can block your arrows, so if a shield-bearer comes close to you, you’ll have an effective counter. The stance you choose for your sword doesn’t matter as much and it’s just a personal preference.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Hunter Bow

ghost of tsushima legends hunter build

Now we get to the most important part of being a Hunter, the bow. Now you can either choose to go with a Long Bow or a Half Bow. Long Bows do more damage and have increased zoom, but they take longer to draw. Half Bows do average damage and have average draw time. So which one should you choose?

The Long Bow is best for story missions and more difficult survival levels. Doing the increased damage can make a difference for you and your team. If the slow draw time is annoying to you, you can compensate by equipping a bow with the bonus of increased draw speed.

The Legends game mode allows you to keep certain gear and “reroll” some of the bonuses that come with that equipment. So try to aim for bonuses that allow your arrows to pierce helmets or shields. This will come in handy in those later rounds of survival mode.

Also, when selecting your bow, be sure you are actively using the designated boosts for that specific bow. For instance, if your bow says, “can knock down enemies once fully drawn” be sure to fully draw your bow each time before releasing to get the most benefit from using it.

What Charms and Ghost Weapons Are Best For Hunters?

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends How To Build An Awesome Hunter 1

As I stated before, Hunters aren’t the best when it comes to melee combat. So it’s best to choose items that will allow you to get out of a bind quickly when surrounded by enemies. For this, I recommend the paper bomb and smoke bombs.

The paper bomb will knock back enemies if they get too close and the smoke bomb will allow you to quickly escape or get a few assassinations to thin the crowd. Getting those assassinations will have an added benefit, which we will address later when we go over the Hunter class techniques.

As for the Hunter Charm, it’s best to choose something that increases the status effect duration. The smoke bombs and fire arrows the Hunter has become even more effective when coupled with a beneficial charm.

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Hunter Techniques

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends How To Build An Awesome Hunter

With the techniques, I’ll just give you which ones to equip and details on why.

The Hunter’s Ultimate: Eye Of Uchitsune – This ability allows the Hunter to get 3 guaranteed headshots with the bow. Perfect for thinning out a crowd in a hurry.

The Hunter’s Class Ability – As for the class ability, you have two options. You can either have an arrow that stuns enemies in a small area, or an explosive arrow that damages enemies near it. I recommend the explosive arrow because it’s best for clearing a crowd. Plus any enemy that is hit with this arrow will be set on fire, which makes the charm that increases status effect duration even more useful.

The Hunter Class Perk 1 – Scent of Blood – After an assassination hunters will have increased draw and reload speed by 100% for 30 seconds. This perk does wonders for my Hunter. If you have the longbow, you will immediately notice a huge difference. Getting the assassinations can be difficult in survival mode, but if you equip the smoke bomb, players will be able to assassinate enemies more often.

The Hunter Class Perk 2 – Status Damage – All status effects are increased by 25%. This will make all of your equipment even more powerful during battles. If your other equipment that also boosts your status effect duration, you’ll see your enemies’ health bars slowly melt away.

The Hunter Class Perk 3 – “All-Seeing-Eye” – With this perk, you can target up to five enemies with the Eye of Uchitsune making it even more deadly.

I hope this Hunter Guide was helpful. Be sure to check out our homepage and subscribe to our newsletter for more guides and new and Ghosts of Tsushima: Legends.

As always, thanks for reading. Stay Gritty, Gamers!


Curry is the creator and head writer of Gritty Gamer. Any editing needs Gritty Gamer has is done by Curry including podcast episodes, YouTube Videos, and sound production. On his free time Curry is hanging out with his siberian husky while playing video games or watching anime.

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