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Pirate Raid (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Sail the High Seas and Wreak Havoc

By: Author Fred

Posted on Last updated: January 22, 2022

Pirate Raid is a naval combat game developed by SayGames, where you sail away on your small ship and plunder rival buccaneers. As expected of a pirate, your main goal is to take their cargo to sell on the market and upgrade your dinky dinghy into a beastly battleship. Once you have dominated the current ocean, you take your crewmates to a new sea and continue making yourself known.

pirate raid intro

The gameplay loop of Pirate Raid simply involves finding treasure, floating out in the open or from destroyed enemies, which range from simple ships to monstrous creatures. Take your earned cargo to the market to sell it off and use the money to upgrade your ship to repeat the cycle. You complete tasks based on this cycle and once all tasks are complete, you move to a new sea to start all over again. It can get repetitive for some people, but it is a good idler.

pirate raid filler a

One major problem with Pirate Raid is the abundance of ads that disrupt gameplay. Fortunately, you can shut off the internet connection on your mobile device before starting the game to counter it, though some options will become unavailable to use. Luckily, our Pirate Raid guide will provide you some tips and tricks to win any battle without the connection getting in the way. Stay with use to see what Pirate Raid has for soon-to-be swashbucklers!

1. Plundering For Dummies

Pirate Raid’s gameplay is simple, as it revolves around piloting your ship and finding treasures to collect and enemies to fight. You control your ship via touching the screen and moving the joystick accordingly. Moving your ship also zooms out your view a bit, giving you a better view of your surroundings. If you just want the increased field of view, simply tap and hold without moving the joystick.

pirate raid tutorial

Combat in Pirate Raid involves moving your ship into the range of your chosen target(s), and watch as your ship engages its cannons and opens fire. Ships will exchange cannonballs until one of them sinks, but because of their travel time, it is possible for the victor to go down because of a stray shot. Mind your ship’s health and know when to move out of harm’s way. While enemy ships will generally stay put whether they are idle or not, you can move freely during combat as long as one side is facing the enemy. This can be used to your advantage by sailing in front of an enemy, landing shots while the enemy’s attacks splash harmlessly into the sea. With some practice you can even circle around your target, bombarding them with cannonballs as you go. Destroyed ships respawn after some time has passed, giving you a constant supply of cargo. The more powerful the ship, the longer you will have to wait before the ship is rebuilt to be destroyed once more.

pirate raid market

Destroyed ships drop their cargo, which you can pick up by sailing over the floating goods. You can only carry a set amount of cargo, and while you can increase the capacity later, you might have to make return trips as you offload your spoils. Be quick about it, as leftover cargo is on a timer and will disappear once that time expires. Your ship starts on a nearby island with three buildings, which are used to expand both the playable area as well as your ship’s capabilities. These buildings are as follows:

  • The Market : This is where you sell any pilfered cargo for coins. You can sell them individually, or sell your collected goods in one go;
  • The Shipyard : This is where you upgrade your ship’s stats in exchange for coins. We will discuss specific upgrades later in this guide; and
  • The Lighthouse : This controls the maximum playable area of the current ocean. Instead of coins, you upgrade this by bringing the required amount of cargo to the lighthouse. The increased area gives you stronger enemies to face, and more enemies to take down and salvage.

When not in combat, all ships gradually regenerate their health every second, so you can stay in place after a tough fight to patch yourself up. Since this also applies to enemy ships, retreating from a bad fight will allow them to rebuild. If you do get destroyed, you drop whatever cargo you were holding, and you lose a small percentage of cargo to the waves below.

You have an option of watching an ad to recover the lost percentage, but either way you have to sail to where you died to pick up your remaining treasures before they sink as well. Docking near the starting island gives your ship rapid regeneration, but it takes priority over the gradual regeneration your ship normally gets when out in the open.

pirate raid market

Pirate Raid gives you a set number of tasks to perform before you can move on to the next sea, ranging from 15-30 tasks in the first few seas. These include destroying enough enemy ships, purchasing enough upgrades, and earning a set number of gold or cargo. Once all tasks have been completed, you can move on to the next sea in line.

There are around seven seas currently available to explore in Pirate Raid, but once you move to a new sea, your ship will lose all purchased upgrades, effectively starting from scratch. You will be locked out from accessing older seas as well.

In the second sea in Pirate Raid, you can build a Tavern using cargo. The Tavern passively generates cash while you are out sailing. Cash generation is capped so you will have to make regular visits to empty the Tavern’s coffers. You can collect your Tavern’s earned coins as is, or watch an ad to double your earnings. You can increase both the rate of money generation, as well as the Tavern cap.

pirate raid point interest

During your travels, you might spot some points of interest, like a maiden chained up for a sacrificial ritual or a random pirate left hanging on a barrel in the middle of the sea. If you sail to those points, you can open up options on what to do with the unfortunate seagoer. You have three options available, but one of them is always locked behind an ad-gate. The ultimate decision is up to you, and each option gives you two rewards.

2. Keeping Things Shipshape

Now, there is only one real place to use the money you earn from selling cargo, and that is purchasing ship upgrades from the shipyard. There are five upgrades in total:

pirate raid shipyard

  • Health : A self-explanatory stat, this determines how much punishment your ship can take before it sinks;
  • Guns : This stat gives your ship an additional cannon to fire, effectively acting as a damage multiplier. Because of this, the price for successive upgrades goes up more drastically than the other upgrades here. Also note that this stat does not let your ship attack multiple targets at once;
  • Damage : Naturally determines how much destruction your cannonballs deal to enemies. Pairs well with the Guns stat above, and is cheaper to rank up;
  • Cargo : How much cargo you can carry before you run out of room in your hold. This is vital to rank up as not only does it let you earn more money from market transactions; it also allows you to upgrade the Lighthouse; and
  • Speed: How fast your ship sails, allowing you to catch up to floating cargo or make a hasty escape. Because of this, the price of upgrading this stat also goes up a bit quickly with succeeding purchases, though not to the same extent as Guns.

All these upgrades increase your ship’s level, indicated next to your health bar, with Speed and Guns increasing your level more noticeably than the other upgrades. This can be used as a yardstick to determine whether your ship can handle future encounters. With enough levels, your ship will also increase in size which is a nice touch.

What is a ship without crewmates? You can find crewmates by unlocking chests with gems, the premium currency of Pirate Raid, or by getting keys by completing tasks listed on the top of the screen. There are five categories of crewmates and each of them provides buffs to your ship’s health, damage, and passive regeneration, but their main draw are the perks each crewmate provides independent of their stat boosts:

pirate raid crewmate

  • Captain : The one behind the ship’s wheel, the captain’s perks revolve around. If your ship is big enough, you can even see him. His perks give your guns a chance to deal critical hits, and can increase your damage against specific foes;
  • Navigator : The crewmate responsible for plotting your next course, their perks not only affect your ship’s speed, but also how quicky your ship turns to engage the enemy;
  • Cannoneer : As you can expect, the Cannoneer affects your damage, either by reducing the cooldown between your cannon shots or giving you a chance of firing multiple cannonballs per shot;
  • Carpenter : This crewmate is the only way you can increase your ship’s passive regeneration, and their perks include increasing cargo space; and
  • Quartermaster : Despite the name, the Quartermaster’s perks boost how much cargo you can get from defeated ships, or the space of your cargo hold like the Carpenter above.

pirate raid promotion

To keep up with the increasing difficulty of later seas, you can upgrade your crewmates with some Rum, which is also obtained primarily by completing tasks like before. You can only upgrade your crewmates so many times before you hit a cap, but you can increase that cap by promoting a select crewmate. You need three copies of the same crewmate, and they must be of the same rarity as indicated by their background color.

Promoting a crewmate increases the effects of both their stat boosts and their perks, along with increasing their rarity by one tier. Promotion costs no resources, and it gives you a way to clean up excess copies of crewmates you already have.

Beginning in the third sea, you gain access to a special building, the Pirate Academy. The Pirate Academy lets you purchase upgrades for the current sea, using tokens obtained by defeating select enemies on the map. These tokens can be used to buy and upgrade the following:

pirate raid academy

  • Evasion : The actual name of this upgrade is fairly long, but it simply gives your ship a chance to avoid taking damage;
  • Intimidation : This increases the number of coins you can find from destroying select enemies. This has no effect on cargo or tokens;
  • Gentle Robbing : A rather oddly-named upgrade, this decreases the time for defeated enemies to respawn, making it easier to farm for supplies; and
  • Critical Strike : As the name says, this upgrade gives your cannonballs a chance to deal more damage. This stacks with any critical chance perks from crewmates.

As with shipyard upgrades, Pirate Academy purchases are reset every time you enter a new sea.

3. Knowing Your Enemies

All ships have a level that represents their overall health and damage, and you want to try to make your level match theirs. Their levels increase the further you sail away from the central island. Enemy ships will typically be floating near separate isles, guarding treasure chests, or bunched together so that they can compensate any level deficits through sheer numbers.

pirate raid combat

One particularly strange “ship” are sharks, who can only bite at your ship but will relentlessly pursue you the moment you get in their path. Their bites deal heavy damage and they swim very quickly, allowing them to close the gap before your shots even land.

If you see a shark or two nearby and you feel that your weapons are insufficient, you are better off taking a detour or risk losing some cargo to their stomachs. Even if you do manage to fend them off, your ship will definitely suffer heavy damage and that is a real issue if there is more than one shark or a nearby enemy ship.

From time to time, you will see moving, unarmed ships that pose no threat to you, and they carry both cargo and coins. These ships follow a preset route and rely on speed to avoid taking hits. If you want to plunder their contents, you will have to either get in their path, or sail very close to them to ensure your shots hit. More often than not, these unarmed ships tend to cross paths with armed enemies, so either clear out the area or expect some speed bumps.

Though most of the hostile ships are essentially cannon fodder, there are select “boss” ships that sport fancier designs and stronger weapons. These ships tend to have names and often have escorts next to them. These boss ships drop cargo, coins and, on later seas, academy tokens. If you feel that you can take them and their cronies on, head into range and open fire.

The last hostiles you will encounter are sea monsters, who drop lots of cargo, coins, and tokens. All sea monsters attack by throwing fireballs at you. These behave similarly to standard cannonballs, and two of them also have a secondary attack that gives them an extra punch. These monsters are:

pirate raid kraken

  • Kraken : A giant octopus, the Kraken occasionally sends a tentacle under your ship, discouraging you from simply staying in one place while engaging it. The tentacle will even stay for a while after the Kraken dies;
  • Goddamzilla : Yes, that is what it is called. The giant lizard periodically fires a laser from its mouth, which is pinpoint accurate and constantly deals damage to your ship for its duration.
  • Note that this does not stop the Goddamzilla from launching fireballs either. Back off when it starts firing its laser, or make sure your cannons are powerful enough to take it down before it takes you down, and;
  • Hydra : The last monster encountered so far, which does not seem to have anything special compared to the first two monsters. You would expect this to be the first monster, but that is how the monsters were arranged.

pirate raid filler b

Sea monsters take roughly thirty minutes to respawn, but unlike ships you can watch an ad to instantly make a new one to fight. This distinction exists because some tasks may require you to square off against monsters of a certain level, and those tasks will not take into account whether you have killed them beforehand. By contrast, there are dozens of standard ships for you to destroy.

4. Sinking Scallywags And Scavenging Scrap

With the basics to Pirate Raid covered, we can now give you tips on how to be the best buccaneer in the seas.

pirate raid filler c

  • Outmaneuvering : Remember, your ship can open fire while on the move, something most hostile ships and especially the bosses cannot do. This gives you an edge in any fight, and you can even take on ships that are slightly stronger than yours just by avoiding their shots. This takes some practice though, as if you move too fast you will overshoot your target, but move too slow and you will get hit.
  • Circle of Death : One particularly nasty way of taking down single targets or small groups is to move around them in a circular path. This allows you to constantly rain hell on the enemy while they cannot retaliate as you are constantly on the move. Be mindful of whatever landmasses are in the way. Managing your speed is still important as you might not react fast enough to make sharp turns.
  • Cargo Delivery : Cargo is the lifeblood of your game progress, so knowing when to cash in before things get too risky is important. If your hold is only filled halfway but your ship has taken quite a beating, stay put and recover some health before pressing onwards.
  • If your hold is almost full, consider selling all your cargo for money as going past your hold’s limits means that you will have to make a return trip to collect whatever was left behind. Better get everything done in one go than risk going back and forth and running into newly-respawned enemies.
  • Prioritizing Upgrades : When it comes to your ship’s upgrades, Health, Damage, and Cargo are generally the cheapest starting options. Focus on Damage and Cargo as you can compensate for the low health by outmaneuvering the enemy as we mentioned earlier. From there, you can start building up your Health and Speed once Damage and Cargo are both at around Level 5.
  • Guns are situational in the earlier seas due to their cost, but they can easily turn the tide as your enemies become more difficult. Some tasks may require you to upgrade a certain ship stat to a given level, so upgrading them ahead of time will let you collect the task’s reward immediately.

pirate raid filler d

  • Academy Applications : For Pirate Academy upgrades, Critical Strike and Evasion are recommended as they have the most use in combat. Gentle Robbing does have its perks in cutting down respawn timers, especially with standard pirate ships, but it will take some time before the timer reductions become really noticeable with sea monsters. Intimidation is a good “junk” upgrade as it only really affects select ships and not cargo drops.
  • Whipping your Crew into shape : Your Crewmembers’ stat bonuses should not be forgotten, as they can make the transition to new seas a less painful affair. They can help you save money on later upgrades or save cargo for purchasing new buildings. Some of their perks cannot be replicated through shipyard upgrades or academy purchases. Remember to upgrade your crewmates with rum when available, and fuse any duplicate crewmembers through Promotion.

pirate raid filler d

And that concludes our guide to Pirate Raid. We hope that our advice helps you in conquering the seas and what they have lurking in the waves. If you have any tips you would like to share with us, please let us know in the comment section! Good luck, and game on!

Thursday 27th of July 2023

I've come to a turtle and was wondering how to kill him

Tuesday 8th of August 2023

@Salty Dog, same with me. The only way so far is to just stay near it keep firing and when you die, just respawn (watch a video). Do it 3 times and it's done.

Sunday 11th of June 2023

Does anyone know what the 2 ghost that follow my ship do

Saturday 4th of March 2023

I can't unlock the crew, I don't know exactly which island they are on, but I have unlocked 5 ships and the main one is over lvl 30. I think I'm buggy, but I don't know a method in game to open my control panel and contact technical assistance. Can you help me?

Sunday 4th of December 2022

I'm on 1000 cliffs how do you build the tavern it just says 0 through 39 and I can't get it to build

Sunday 13th of November 2022

Do you know of any good alternatives of this game (doesn't have to be pirate related)? I really like the concept of this game, but the ads and the amount of grind in this game is simply a bit too much, it's like they don't respect your time at all!

ghost ship pirate raid

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle Answers for iPhone - iPad

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle

  • Developer: Saygames Ltd
  • Publisher: Saygames Ltd
  • Genre: Racing
  • Release: Oct 5, 2021
  • Platform: iPhone - iPad
  • ESRB: Not Set

Question & Answers

How to destroy ghost ship.

Please help, how do you destroy Ghost Ship?

Answer from: Magic I haven't found a way to destroy it yet but it it gets fully in line with you and you cover it like a puzzle piece, it will disappear and go back to its spawn point

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle - Gameplay Video

  • Added on: Dec 29, 2021

Pixel Archmage

WP Mobile Game Guides

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle – Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

By Author Evan Heisenberg

Posted on 20220621

Categories Android , iPad , iPhone

Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle is a new ship battling game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a pirate, and your goal is to battle it out against other ships, collecting barrels and gold, hire a crew, collect rum, explore, and even defeat the Kraken. You can gradually go for a week new bee pirate to the most powerful buccaneer in the seven seas.

Read on for some tips and cheats for Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle!

Your ship is going to be weak at first, so be sure to use smart battle tactics in order to win. Use hit and run tactics, and get out of the line of fire when your Health starts to get low. After that, sit still in your Health will regenerate.

In order to make quick progress and earn lots of coins, be sure to always complete the given missions. Not only will you earn gold, but you will also earn rum as a reward, which is important for reasons that will go over later.

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Most Popular: Blackout Bingo: The Full Promo Code List and Guide for Free Money

You have many upgrade options on your ship, consisting of health, power, number of guns, cargo, and speed. Upgrade cargo first and upgrade it fast, so that you can hold a massive amount of barrels. The more barrels that you can hold, the more that you will be able to sell at a time and earn money.

HOT: Solitaire Cash: All Promo Codes and Guide to Free Bonus Cash

The other hugely important upgrade is the number of guns. This automatically multiplies The damage that you deal, so while it is an expensive upgrade, it will make you extraordinarily powerful and will also double the amount of boost that you get from the power upgrades.

There are a number of things that you cannot unlock using gold. The shipyard, of course, is where you can upgrade your ship. The lighthouse will allow you to see farther on the map, find more powerful ships and bosses, and earn a much larger treasure. The lighthouse can be upgraded directly by using barrels; you can’t use gold in order to upgrade the lighthouse.

Hottest Codes: Bingo Tour: Full List of Active Bonus Codes and Guide to Free Bonus Cash

Your crew is also a very important component of your ship, because each pirate that you hire provides their own unique set of boosts. Rum can be used to level up your Pirates, which increases their stats and averse the amount of boost that they provide you.

You can also promote your pirates in order to increase their rarity level, as well as their base stats by a large margin. In order to promote a pirate, you need three identical pirate cards.

In order to get new pirates and pirate cards without having to spend any of your gems, go to the market and look for the small pirate chest advertisement video offers. You get 10 of these per day, and these allow you to watch and add a video in exchange for a small pirate chest. While it might not seem like a lot, these chests add up significantly over the course of the game.

You can earn gems for free in exchange for completing missions. This is the main way to earn free gems, although the fastest way to collect gems will be making in-app purchases.

Parrots are another currency that you can earn, but these can only be purchased. There is no way to earn them without spending real life money. Each parrot allows you to earn one reward that normally would be reserved for after you watch an advertisement video, except you won’t actually have to watch the video.

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  • Pirate Power - Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide
  • Age of Wind 3 - Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide
  • Guide to Bolt! for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies
  • BlackShip Royale: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

ghost ship pirate raid

The Caribbean Sail

ghost ship pirate raid

Originally posted by Victorian Clambake : You'll also need to make use of the "Full Speed" button to dodge cannonballs! Hit shift, middle house, or click "Full Speed" to ram!

ghost ship pirate raid

Originally posted by Stasi-Kommandomöse Brunfthilde : Developer, you suck big times in educating your customers to properly use spoiler tags. It's now the second time this question is being asked and the ghost ship is mentioned in the thread title. Either educate your customers at least with a sticky thread how they must behave here, or stop throwing out your game in a sale. It looks like sales attract emotionally challenged lazy individuals who have too much leisure time asking already* answered question. I'm fed up with your cordiality and your lack of relentlessness towards individuals who break the rules (who, by the way, buy your game for peanuts unlike me). Aren't you as the chieftain of your game and this forum responsible to protect others from spoilers? Good grief! (And please make a classical dungeon crawler next time with tile-based movement and turn-based combat like Wizardry 1-7 or Bard's Tale. Big thanks! :-) *: https://steamcommunity.com/app/657690/discussions/0/2952629278016606854/ from 22nd September 2020! (It's still on the first forum page as the last entry.)
Originally posted by ✦ Aurash ♥ : I mean you see the ghost ship in the first like 5 minutes and every encounter it wipes me so I was just curious.

ghost ship pirate raid

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Lost Ark guide: Ghost Ship raid locations

Where to find the weekly special raids

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Share All sharing options for: Lost Ark guide: Ghost Ship raid locations

A ship sails out to dark waters in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark , Ghost Ships are special raids you can find as you sail across the world on your ship. There are three ghost ships with varying power levels. Our Lost Ark Ghost Ship guide will show the Nightmare Ghost Ship, Shadow Ghost Ship, and Tempest Ghost Ship locations, required item levels, and explain how they work.

What are Ghost Ships?

Ghost Ships are a Lost Ark weekly endgame raid that you can clear for materials that help upgrade your gear, like Destruction and Guardian Stone Crystals. They’re on the west side of the map, but they’re only accessible during certain times of the day.

Where are the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark?

If you open your map while sailing, you’ll notice three ships that almost line up vertically on the west side of the map. These are where you can find the Ghost Ships in Lost Ark .

A map circling three ghost ships

What are the requirements to run Ghost Ships?

Technically, you can see Ghost Ships once you unlock Procyon’s Compass , which happens around when you unlock sailing.

The three ships have item level requirements that you’ll need to hit before you can really do any damage there. They’re as follows:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: 460
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: 960
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: 1,370

When are Ghost Ships available?

All three Ghost Ships follow a schedule, and you’re only able to do them when they appear. You can check the times by hitting the compass icon under the minimap to open Procyon’s Compass . There’s a tab for Ghost Ships that allows you to check their spawn times and even set timers to notify you when they’re coming up.

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A midgame setup for TIME Stories’ first case, which takes place inside a turn-of-the-century asylum.

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  1. Pirate Raid (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to ...

    Pirate Raid is a naval combat game developed by SayGames, where you sail away on your small ship and plunder rival buccaneers. As expected of a pirate, your main goal is to take their cargo to sell on the market and upgrade your dinky dinghy into a beastly battleship.

  2. Steam Community :: Guide :: How I beated Ghost Ship Solo ...

    As many Raid Mode players know, the Ghost Ship is a tough challenge due to the lenght of the level and countless enemies who easily exceeds the player resources. Depending on how you play, you can easily run out of supplies before even making 40% of the level. However, to complete Ghost Ship isn’t an impossible task.

  3. How to Destroy Ghost Ship? - Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle ...

    Taiga, Sep 7, 2022 Answers Answer from: Magic I haven't found a way to destroy it yet but it it gets fully in line with you and you cover it like a puzzle piece, it will disappear and go back to its spawn point Oct 9, 2022 14 Answer this Question Answer: Nickname: Ask / All Questions » Gameplay Videos Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle - Gameplay Video

  4. Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle - WP Mobile Game Guides

    20220621 Android, iPad, iPhone Pirate Raid: Caribbean Battle is a new ship battling game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as a pirate, and your goal is to battle it out against other ships, collecting barrels and gold, hire a crew, collect rum, explore, and even defeat the Kraken.

  5. How do ya kill the ghost ship in the fantasy mode? :: The ...

    Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments Amazerfulify Feb 2, 2021 @ 5:00pm You'll only defeat the ghost ship once you've been to shanghai and entered the code on that box. You'll read the book inside, then it'll give you a new location on the map and there you'll meet you nemesis for the last time. Good luck. #1

  6. Ghost Ship raid locations in Lost Ark - Polygon

    Ghost Ships are a Lost Ark weekly endgame raid that you can clear for materials that help upgrade your gear, like Destruction and Guardian Stone Crystals. They’re on the west side of the map,...

  7. Sea of Thieves: The Burning Blade Ghost Ship World Event ...

    June 17, 2020 updated as needed Although his servants have long been doing his bidding, Flameheart’s return marked a new era in the Sea of Thieves. Aye, we remember well that fateful day on Flintlock Peninsula. Since Flameheart’s return, we’ve felt his presence and power spread throughout the seas.

  8. Does failed Ghost Ship raid really use up your ... - Reddit

    Punishing people just because at that particular time a bad group of people gathered for it. You're done for the week. It's a weird content. Thanks, that's a solid bs, imo. Not sure why anyone should be punished just because at that hour a bad group of ppl joined the raid.

  9. Pirate Raid - Caribbean Battle, beginner tips and tricks ...

    Idle Games Tv 2.64K subscribers Join Subscribe 6 Share 2.2K views 1 year ago #piratesofthecaribbean #pirates #pirategame Pirate Raid - Caribbean Battle, beginner tips and tricks, guide, game...