Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer ( 2005 )

40 mistakes.

Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt , Camryn Manheim , David Conrad , Christoph Sanders

Genres: Drama , Fantasy

Birthday Presence - S5 - E1

Character mistake : When Aiden and Melinda go the the hospital to visit Jim/Sam the picture on the hospital badge is of Jim Clancy not Sam Lucas... Jim has been in Sam's body for many years at this point. You can see the badge multiple times in the episode.

Do Over - S5 - E4

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Ghost Whisperer mistake picture

The Crossing - S1 - E2

PAL: 00:31:17     NTSC: 00:33:53

Super Grover ★

Firestarter - S4 - E1

Visible crew/equipment : When Eli is at McShay's bar he hears the ghost beside him say, "Day after day after day," then when the bartender speaks to Eli, in the wide shots the shadow of the boom mic is visible right above the mirror. After Melinda walks in, when the bartender tells her that Eli scared all his business away, we can see in the mirror's reflection the boom mic dipping into view.

Voices - S1 - E9

Continuity mistake : When Melinda is driving to Kirk's house she is in a Jeep Cherokee, but when she arrives she is in a Jeep Liberty.

Pilot - S1 - E1

Visible crew/equipment : When Melinda is at the VFW trying to get information on Paul Evans, she and Joe are alone with his wife's ghost, and after Joe tells Melinda that she can come by anytime for scintillating conversation, it cuts to a shot facing her and we can see equipment movement at the bottom right side of the screen.

Excessive Forces - S5 - E10

Continuity mistake : After Jim and Aiden surprised Melinda with the new SUV Melinda drives off in the red vehicle, but when Aiden and Jim do their fist bump it cuts to a closeup of Jim, and the red SUV is still parked beside Jim.

Weight of What Was - S3 - E5

PAL: 00:07:31     NTSC: 00:08:09

Threshold - S4 - E7

Plot hole : Jim taking over Sam's body just doesn't make any sense. It's plausible for a spirit to temporarily take over a living body, but a dead body is dead for a reason. It can't sustain life anymore. Death isn't a temporary ailment. It's permanent. What should have happened was the same thing that happened when another ghost took over a recently deceased person, which happened in a previous episode. The dead body would decay and start to lose function. Sam's body suddenly gaining back the properties of life is completely inconsistent with what we're led to believe in the setting of the show.

Suggested correction: This is a fictional show that pushed the boundaries and constantly changed the rules; how is this a mistake?

I tell myself that Sam's injuries were not as extensive as prom ghost so his body was able to stay alive.

I think what happened is that Sam jumped out and went into the light before they were able to revive him. Had he waited just a few more seconds next to his body He would have gone right back in. Some people die for a few seconds, and then they're able to bring them back through CPR or using the paddles and shocking his heart, etc.

The One (2) - S1 - E22

Other mistake : The captain talks about the "outflow valve", which has a distinctive rectangular shape and is fitted flush with an opening in the aircraft skin. It would be immediately recognizable by any crew member because it part of the walkaround inspection before each flight. He is holding a round pneumatic supply valve instead, which is part of the internal ductwork.

Love Never Dies - S2 - E1

Continuity mistake : When Melinda is talking to Kyle, her mole moves around several times.

Pieces of You - S4 - E9

Visible crew/equipment : When Melinda heads out to go on a run, while she and Sam/Jim are standing beside her car, in the shots facing Sam/Jim we see Jim's face, actor David Conrad , and in the car window's reflection we see Sam's face, actor Kenneth Mitchell, which is deliberate for viewers since Jim's spirit is in Sam's body. But just as Melinda says, "He worked a lot of weird hours, and liked to sleep-in a lot," it's amusing that in the reflection we can see both actors - David Conrad walking and then standing behind Kenneth Mitchell, both of whom play the same role and are wearing the same grey T-shirt.

Last Execution - S1 - E14

Continuity mistake : When Melinda's hair is caught in the garbage disposal, she reaches for the switch and it is in the down position. When it switches back to her and then back to the switch, it is now in the up position.

Continuity mistake : While Melinda is driving to New England, her car switches from being a Jeep Cherokee to an Isuzu and back again.

Continuity mistake : At the end of the show when Jim is making toast they show him through the window taking the toast out of the toaster and putting it on the plate. In the next shot he is walking towards the kitchen table and the plate is empty. Then while talking to his mother he picks up a piece of toast to put jelly on it.

Other mistake : The tail and nose section of the crashed plane are from a 737, which has only a single axle on each landing gear. Landing gear with dual axles, from a much larger plane, can be seen in several scenes.

On the Wings of a Dove - S1 - E8

Continuity mistake : When Melinda and Andrea are sitting on the couch in the antique shop talking Andrea's hand keeps moving back and forth between on her cheek and on the back of the couch.

Continuity mistake : When Melinda is driving to Clark's house when she is shown from a distance she is wearing a red hat. When they show her close up she is not wearing a hat.

Heart & Soul - S4 - E8

Continuity mistake : After Sam reads the newspaper article about Jim's death it cuts to him dropping in to see Melinda, and when he's looking at the framed photographs on the sideboard two of the closeups of the photos are flipped shots - the positions of the frames are reversed.


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Melinda Gordon : I don't have to love you... I choose to.

Show generally

Question : At the end of the episode, where Melinda helps that lady (who meets the guy who got her dead fiance's heart), what was the man at the end of the episode (who was laughing and seemed to be a spirit) supposed to be about?

Answer: This "spirit" appears in several episodes throughout the rest of the season including the season finale. He's a "bad spirit" that is intent on keeping souls trapped on Earth. With the death of Andrea (her business partner) he wanted to make a deal with Melinda, to give him HER soul to release everyone else including Andrea to cross over.

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ghost whisperer plot holes

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ghost whisperer plot holes

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8 things you didn’t know about ghost whisperer, title-excerpt. i pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs..

Katherine G

Katherine G

March 8, 2017

ghost whisperer plot holes

© CBS / Courtesy: Everett Collection

12 Things You Didn't Know About Guiding Light

Ghost Whisperer ran for five seasons on CBS before it was unexpectedly canceled in May 2010. Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was the star of the supernatural drama series in the character of Melinda Gordon, a woman who is capable of communicating with ghosts and helps those who have trouble crossing over to the light. Hewitt also worked as a co-producer on the series. It’s been eight years since Ghost Whisperer was on the air — here’s a look at 8 things you probably didn’t know about the show!

8. Haunting Stories on Set

Even though the show has ghosts on it all the time, they aren’t real! However, while filming Ghost Whisperer , many of the actors and production crew had weird experiences of real hauntings on set and ghosts appearing who aren’t supposed to be there which is really spooky! In an interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt, she gave some examples of what’s happened on set: “I think it’s really cool and exciting and we’ve had all kinds of things happen. My makeup artist, we took a picture of her, and she had sort of this white film over her face, and then we took a picture of her ten minutes later in another part of the thing, and there was nothing. And we had James [Van Praagh] look at it, and he said ‘Absolutely. There’s a ghost attached to her.’ We’ve had lights explode. That’s Jay Mohr’s favorite story…I’ve had them show up around me a lot on film. I think it’s exciting,” said Hewitt.

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7. Fire on Set

In June 2008, a massive fire broke out on the Universal Studios backlot destroying the “New York Street” that Ghost Whisperer primarily filmed on. What’s weird is that coincidentally the following season premiere episode of Ghost Whisperer following the fire was all about arson! “That was a total coincidence. In fact, the fire happened as they were getting ready to send out the script for that episode, which freaked us all out a bit! ‘Isn’t our first episode call ‘The Firestarter?’ It was one of those weird things,” said Hewitt.

6. Budget Cuts

As we now know, the seemingly successful series was canceled unexpectedly, and that was mainly due to cost and dropping viewership. In 2009, a year before the series was canceled, Hewitt talked to E! News about some of the big budget cuts the show was experiencing. “We are a special effects show, so some of our special effects stuff has had to be cut in half. We haven’t been able to do any actor raises for season five. We’ve had to cut budgets here and there. They have also been talking about actually shooting our show in HD to save money,” said Hewitt.

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5. Show Based on Mary Ann Winkowski

The show was somewhat based on the real-life paranormal experiences of spirit communicator, Mary Ann Winkowski. She worked on Ghost Whisperer as a paid consultant for several months. While making the show, she flew to Los Angeles to demonstrate her craft to the writers and lead actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt. She was discovered through best-seller medium James Van Praagh, who also worked on the show as a co-executive producer.

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4. Jennifer Love Hewitt Didn’t Like the Ending

When Ghost Whisperer came to an end, Jennifer Love Hewitt was left with an uneasy feeling because she didn’t feel like the writers did a proper job of wrapping up the story. There were too many loose ends in the series finale and it didn’t do the show justice. “I didn’t feel the series ended the way that [Melinda] deserved for it to. We left the audience sort of hanging, and I hate that. When you’ve taken people on a journey for so long, the least you can do is give them a goodbye. For a show that was about unfinished business, we didn’t get to finish,” she said.

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3. Worked with Real Psychics

World-renowned psychic, James Van Praagh, was a co-executive producer on Ghost Whisperer for all five seasons, and even though much of the show is exaggerated for entertainment, he still draws on a lot of his work and experience when creating the show. “To a point it’s entertainment. For me I got involved in this work because it was a sense of, and all my work as far as the movies I’ve done for television and for books I’ve written…it really is entertainment, that’s the medium of television. I like to use that medium to get across as best as I can, to get the word out, to get the message across about life after death; about spiritual existence if you will,” said Praagh in an interview with Movie Web.

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2. The Town of Grandview

Aside from the pilot episode, which was filmed in Old Town Orange in Orange County, Ghost Whisperer is filmed on the Universal Studios backlot in Hollywood. The town of Grandview is the same set used for the Back to the Future trilogy, the town shots in Gilmore Girls , Pretty Little Liars  and   The Dukes of Hazzard .

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1. Series Cancellation

No one was more shocked to hear Ghost Whisperer was being canceled than Jennifer Love Hewitt. In an interview with Zap2it, she admitted that while she knew the show was coming to an end, she didn’t realize the end would be so abrupt. “For me, it was a total shock…I thought out next season would probably be the last, just because the show had been on for a really long time. It’s hard to come up with new things that will keep people intrigued, but I never thought in a million years that was going to have been our last season,” she said.

Katherine G

Katherine is the Managing Editor for Health and Parenting, but she has a soft spot for entertainment. She loves binging shows on Netflix, reality TV is a guilty pleasure, and country music is her go-to playlist. When she's not writing, she's spending time outdoors, especially with her puppy Zoey!

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ghost whisperer plot holes

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"My name is Melinda Gordon. I just got married. I just moved to a small town. I just opened an antique shop. I might be just like you. Except from the time I was a little girl I knew I could talk to the dead. Earthbound spirits my grandmother called them. The ones who have not crossed over because they have unfinished business with the living and they come to me for help. To tell you my story, I have to tell you theirs." — Melinda Gordon , Ghost Whisperer , First Season Opening Narration

Ghost Whisperer is an American TV show that ran from 2005 through 2010. It's also known as that show where Jennifer Love Hewitt traipses around in vintage clothing, often low-cut. The episodes follow a formula: Ghost makes its presence known, Melinda flutters about trying to help, Melinda helps the ghost with its business, everyone cries, ghost goes into The Light. The few instances where that doesn't happen involves the ancient spirits that inhabit Grandview, Melinda's town, and some prophecy involving Melinda and her abilities.

  • Melinda Gordon: Main character, co-owner of an antique shop and seer of ghosts. She inherited the ability from her grandmother, and it caused her many problems both inside her house (with her in-denial mother) and outside when her gift emerged. She's a firm believer in The Light, a.k.a. Heaven, and that her task in life is to help ghosts move into The Light. As of now, she's the centerpiece in some ancient prophecy... or something.
  • Jim Clancy: Melinda's husband and an EMT, Jim knows about his wife's abilities and supports her in her self-chosen task, often using his ties at the police station and the hospital to help her in her mission. In the fourth season, Jim is shot and dies, but his spirit inhabits the body of a man named Sam, albeit with amnesia. As of now, he's back and marrying Melinda again.
  • Eli James: Appearing in the fourth season, Eli had a near-death experience that allows him to hear, but not see, ghosts. Since then he's become involved with Melinda's ghost-helping operation, and she usually dictates research and other tasks to him when she's otherwise busy. A professor of Psychology at Grandview University, he fills the quirky academic role after the prior character, Rick Payne, left on a retreat. (Payne's actor left to star in his own show.)
  • Delia Banks: Melinda's co-owner of the antique shop and new best friend and confidant, following the Season One death of Andrea, the former Best Friend. Delia also works in real estate, and sometimes brings matters to Melinda's attention through the houses she deals with. Initially Delia didn't know about Melinda's gift and remains skeptical and a little fearful of the idea of ghosts. She is fiercely protective of her loved ones, and Melinda can count on Delia in situations both ordinary and supernatural.
  • Ned Banks: Delia's son, Ned initially appears as a stereotypical troubled adolescent, who has some ability to see ghosts. He's notable for the ability to get Melinda into cases through the other teenagers at school.

The show contains quirky side-characters you'll want to see more of, and a main character who you'll occasionally get sick of .

Season One: We meet Melinda Gordon and her freakish ghost-seeing ability, as well as her supportive husband and her friend Andrea (the friend eventually dies in a plane crash).

Season Two: Delia and Rick are introduced, eventually becoming part of Melinda's ghost-hunting posse (the latter more easily than the former). Also introduced are Ned and a plot-arc involving Melinda's also-ghost-seeing brother we're just learning about now.

Season Three: More ghost-hunting, a not-so-coherent explanation about Melinda's brother, and unraveling of Melinda's family secrets. Her relationship with her mother is repaired, and we find out the truth about her real father.

Season Four: Payne leaves, Eli arrives, and Jim gets shot dead, but not for long. He returns with amnesia, goes on a quest to re-discover 'his' life, and winds up staying in Grandview with Melinda. This, of course, leads to love. Sam remembers who he really is, Melinda is pregnant with Jim's child, and they get married. Well, remarried, really.

This show provides examples of:

  • Abandoned Hospital : There's an abandoned polio ward in the basement of the hospital where Jim works. Unsurprisingly, it's full of ghosts.
  • What happened to that mysterious man in the hat who was gathering souls ( including Andrea 's) back in Season One?
  • The show has conveniently forgotten about Melinda's long lost half-brother (and Evil Ghost Whisperer ) Gabriel from season 2, as well as the haunted ruins of Old Grandview that are situated beneath New Granview, not to mention any number of Delia's revolving temporary love interests .
  • The "fragment" of the teen heart transplant patient; presumably The Shadows absorbed him/it.
  • At least Romano (aka The Man in the Hat) did something before vanishing. Laughing Man, who seems to have been in league with him, was just kind of there for a few episodes. He made a very creepy first impression, and... well, that was it. It's not a large stretch to guess that the writers were making it up as they went along.
  • Actor Allusion / Celebrity Paradox : In one episode, Melinda and Ned plan to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer . But they don't becase a ghost begins stalking them.
  • A Day in the Limelight : In "The Woman of His Dreams" Jim has to deal with a ghost on his own while Melinda is visiting her mother.
  • In the Season 1 finale, after the plane crashes in town, Melinda tries to tell Andrea something and Andrea, dreading that it's news that her missing brother died in the crash, refuses to hear it. Her brother finally shows up, alive... and walks straight past Andrea to hug Melinda. As Andrea realizes she was the one who died in the crash, she breaks down crying and for a split second, Andrea wished she was alive instead of her brother. Andrea : This can't be happening. I'm falling in love with a poet. It's my brother's birthday.
  • Melinda doesn't believe in the urban legend of Bloody Mary despite the fact that she can talk to ghosts. Jim suggests that she doesn't want to believe in the myth because it implies there is more to the spirit world Melinda still does not know and that thought frightens her.
  • Jim lost his memory , but still knows that there's no such thing as ghosts. Even though he's known about ghosts for years.
  • The Atoner : The Ripped from the Headlines ghost became a Watcher and the Bedlam House ghost helps Melinda aid another "step-in" and helps Sam/Jim find Melinda which causes him a near death experience that brings back Jim's memories .
  • Backstory : Melinda's First Ghost explains her first ghost sighting and how she and her family dealt with her inheriting her family's ghost-seeing abilities.
  • Bait-and-Switch : In "The Collector", Melinda returns to the local funeral parlor after seeing what appears to be another ghost whisperer in town. He talks to the mortician, who knows the man and has talked with him himself. It is then revealed that the mortician is a ghost who chose to stay, and is very disappointed with his replacement at the parlor.
  • Beauty Inversion : Jamie Bamber in zombie makeup.
  • Bedlam House : One is being turned into a school, and a few lingering ghosts cause trouble the most troublesome being their doctor, who caused the insane patients to become suicidal in the first place by already being dead and influencing their thoughts while they underwent shock therapy .
  • Big Bad : Romano aka The Man in the Hat in the first season. He caused the plane crash as well as other past mass disasters in-series as to gain more ghosts and grow his (literal) death cult.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy : Andrea and Delia.
  • A Birthday, Not a Break : In the Season 1 finale, Andrea spends the whole episode worried that her brother Mitch was on a plane that recently crashed. It isn't until later that we see that he's fine and got on a later flight. Andrea, however� wasn't as lucky , as the plane had crashed onto her car as she was driving into the city in an attempt to reach his apartment. Worst of all, Mitch found out that his sister is dead on his birthday .
  • Blessed with Suck : Melinda's mother also inherited the ability to see and hear ghosts, but she hated it .
  • Body Snatcher : Thrice: A teenage ghost inhabits a recently dead man's body, and the body's ghost isn't too pleased; Jim steals Sam's body after the latter dies. Sam had already gone into the light, so it's okay with him. Also, the Bedlam House ghost was deliberately driving "his" patients to suicide in order to study step-ins and become one himself, minus the whole going-crazy-due-to-losing-two-sets-of-memories thing, and points them to his latest "experiment".
  • Book Ends : The end of Season One has a two part finale. The first part ends with a horde of newly dead spirits walking towards Melinda, led by a member of the plane crew. One of the last scenes in the second part is almost all of the horde walking into the Light, led by the plane's captain.
  • Melinda after a car accident in "Vanishing". Subverted at the end of the episode, when it's revealed that she has not lost her ability to see ghosts, but that something is " sucking " them .
  • In the series finale The Shadows trick Melinda into thinking that suppressing Aiden's gift will get The Shadows to leave him alone, and it appears to be working. Actually he's already figured out that losing his gift would be a bad idea and was just pretending to make his parents happy while The Shineys put in extra time; unfortunately it still had a bad effect on Melinda...
  • Bury Your Gays : Eli's deceased mother was having an affair with another woman and died while trying to cover it up. This was revealed when her husband also died and both (it seemed) began haunting the other couple: he mistakenly trying to expose the husband while she was warning the wife to keep quiet.
  • By the Hair : Melinda has to wash her hair in the sink in "The Last Execution" and a ghost causes it to get stuck in the garbage disposal - forcing Jim to cut it to free her.
  • Celebrity Paradox : I Know What You Did Last Summer , which Jennifer Love-Hewitt famously starred in, is referenced twice on the show.
  • Chain-Link Fence : Done with a corpse in "The Walk In". He climbs the fence, drops over the other side, and lands with his leg in a squicky position. He then proceeds to re-set the leg and run off. Definitely breaking some fundamental laws of physics and biology there...
  • Cheerful Funeral : At Jim's funeral, halfway through his eulogy his friend Tim states that this solemn, sad mood was not how Jim wanted his life to be represented, so he starts playing one of Jim's favorite, upbeat songs, which gets everyone in the room dancing.
  • Delia is this to Andrea as Melinda's new Muggle Best Friend . While Andrea believed Melinda could see and talk to ghosts, Delia is a skeptic from the beginning and accuses Melinda of being insane when she claims to have talked to the ghost of Delia's dead husband. Even after seeing more evidence of the existence of ghosts, Delia's skepticism takes some time to truly go away and her friendship with Melinda faces considerably more conflict due to the stress and trauma that comes from dealing with ghosts.
  • Eli James takes Rick Payne's place as Melinda's college professor friend after Rick's departure in the season 4 premiere. While Rick studied the occult for a living, Eli had no knowledge on the existence of ghosts until a near-death experience gave him the ability to hear (but not see) ghosts. While Rick was often giddy and excited whenever he encountered any proof of the paranormal, Eli is notably more frustrated and frightened as expected of someone dragged into a strange and terrifying new world he never knew of.
  • The Littlest Cancer Patient who unleashed a demon.
  • Aiden, Melinda's son, is alive but still pretty creepy at times.
  • The ghost kids with polio in the final episode, due to their horrifying masks.

ghost whisperer plot holes

  • Cut Apart : In "The Cradle Will Rock", when Melinda doesn't return from delivering a ghostly message, Jim goes to check up on her. Melinda's captor sees the lights of an approaching car, and Jim gets out of his car. Jim knocks on the front door, and the captor looks out the front door. But the man opens the door on the ghost's widow, and Jim is greeted by an elderly man. The address Jim got from the antique shop was out of date.
  • De-aged in Death : The Season 3 episode "First Do No Harm" featured this phenomenon happening. While most ghosts manifest as the age they were in death, Peter Harrison manifested to her as a younger man and an elderly man, leading her to originally mistake them for two different people.
  • Dead All Along : Some of the ghosts have to be convinced that they are dead like Andrea after a plane fell on her . The one haunting the fugitive family didn't realize *when* he died, and had been haunting the family because he thought the father had left him to die. An immediate example is Melinda's grandmother in a flashback. Melinda arrives at the hospital after hearing that she had a bad night but her grandmother appears fine and talks to her - until Melinda realises that she's now a ghost.
  • Kenny from �The Crossing� was run over by a train. His family bought a bad car that broke down in the middle of the train tracks. His mother got out with his sister, but Kenny went back into the car to get a toy.
  • Daniel from �Demon Child� was contantly ignored by his workholic mother. One day, when she forgets a promise to take him to a baseball game, Daniel snaps and gets into the car to drive himself to the game. Of course, being only thirteen, he gets into an accident that kills him. And that�s not even the worst part. The worst part is his last words, which are to his nanny��I wish you were my mother.�
  • Digital Avatar : When Melinda enters a ghost-infected MMORPG (similar to Second Life ), her avatar has a blonde bob and Lady Gaga sunglasses.
  • Dye or Die : Stacy in "Friendly Neighbourhood Ghost" is said to have done this in the past after faking her own death . Now years later when she no longer has to worry about being found, her natural blonde hair has grown out.
  • Eye Scream : "Sally Stitch" causes Melinda to dream that her eyes and mouth are stitched up.
  • Fate Worse than Death : Becoming a "step-in". You get a second chance at life but you also get double- Victory-Guided Amnesia since your mind/soul is hinting at one thing while the friends and family of your body (if any) are saying another. According to the bedlam house ghost a majority of step-ins go insane and kill themselves, the exceptions being one he led Melinda to and Jim, who had Melinda's support and later regained his memory after a near-death experience .
  • Fanservice : Maybe the low cut blouses help Melinda channel her spiritual energy? The early seasons bent over backwards to slip fanservice into each episode, even to the point of Melinda wearing a spaghetti top whilst serving dinner to a traditionalist Hispanic family. Later on, they backed off on this.
  • Flash Forward : The 2009 fall season flashed forward about five years.
  • Foreshadowing : The many death omens before Jim's death . Possibly the mysterious light-people/spirits at Jim and Melinda's second wedding, who are implied to be "The Shineys".
  • Girl of the Week : Ned started gaining a number of one-off love interests after entering college; the episode with the fugitive family had multiple characters lampshading the fact that many of his girlfriends/crushes turned out to be haunted.
  • "Ghost, Interrupted" features a flashback to a younger Melinda visiting her grandmother, who has the same gift as she does, in a nursing home. When Melinda asks her how she knows the difference between a ghost and a live person, Mary Ann says she'll be able to feel what a ghost is feeling when she looks at one. Melinda then realizes she can feel what her grandmother is feeling, and runs to her grandmother's room to find her dead.
  • The two-part season one finale has a plane crashing in Grandview. The audience is at first led to believe that one of the victims of the crash is Andrea's brother, but it turns out Andrea herself died in the crash. The Season 2 premiere is her final appearance on the show.
  • Grim Reaper : One of them appeared in the hospital to "reap" a dying infant, but they don't seem to have appeared since.
  • Hellish Pupils : The Insomniac Victim of the Week sees goat-eyed "demons" as part of his delusions.
  • Hollywood Heart Attack : Do Over . In a hospital , no less. The victim stumbled around a bit before keeling over, and the narration informed us that he "died in seconds."
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl : Jim to Melinda, although it's not that hard considering she's like five-nothing.
  • Coupled with "I Just Want My Daughter To Be Normal" in Melinda's mother's case. Melinda was very relieved when the Watchers said that her unborn child would not have her powers, and then panicked a bit when they added "He'll be more powerful than you ".
  • Melinda's mother is this, having tried to suppress her powers for decades, resulting in frequent migraines.
  • In "The Gravesitter", Melinda discovers people have been talking about her online and fears that she and her gift will be exposed. Because up until this point, she's been extremely subtle about the whole I See Dead People thing?
  • Identity Amnesia : The two step-ins (the earlier corpse-jacker doesn't count because the body's ghost was still around and the corpse was too decomposed for a resurrection). Contrary to the usual amnesia tropes they don't get better from a smack to the head: the "stalker" had to talk to Melinda (who had only learned about the concept the episode before) while Jim/Sam had to have a near-death experience .
  • I See Dead People : You know, the entire point of the show. Eli can only hear them.
  • Invincible Hero : Of a sort. No matter how bad the main case seems to be - someone killed someone's husband, husband and wife hate each other after cheating and competition, someone's... really annoyed that her parents got divorced - by the end everyone's happy and snugly and A-OK. Even if someone has done something seriously wrong (burning down a building, faking vampiric possession). Especially in those cases.
  • Jacob Marley Apparel : They get better once they make peace with themselves.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : The president of the university that Eli works at had been purposefully stonewalling him so he would leave and not catch the eye of The Shadows, who had been advancing his (the president's) career so he could control the Book of Shadows, which wound up in the hands of Eli and Melinda and now The Shadows are pissed . He also has a comatose mother whom he often visits, and it's implied that the Shadows might have something to do with it.
  • Littlest Cancer Patient : Melinda talks to a few already deceased ones. There's a subversion in the last episode- the ghost kid died of Hodgkin's disease, but it isn't dwelt on and he doesn't actually seem to care that he's dead.
  • Mirror Monster : "Don't Try This At Home" deals with a ghost that has the ability to move through reflective surfaces and has put three college girls into comas, one of whom has died. It is believed that the spirit is the ghost of Bloody Mary but it turns out to be the ghost of the one of the girls who died. Her cause of death was her friend playing a prank on her which caused her weak heart to give out and she is haunting the other three as revenge .
  • Monster Clown : A creepy ghost in a clown costume shows up. He's actually a private investigator who fell in love with the woman he was trying to find for her ex-boyfriend, and disguised himself as a clown so he could be at her soon-to-be stepdaughter's party. Evil shadows, angry and psychotic ghosts, and conspiracies don't phase Melinda, but clowns creep her the hell out.
  • Ms. Fanservice : For every genuine fan of the show, you'll find one even more ardent fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt's... *ahem*
  • Naked People Are Funny : One unfortunate ghost experiences the downside of Jacob Marley Apparel —you die naked, you stay naked. To add insult to injury, turns out he was a soldier... and his rank was private .
  • No Name Given : Romano was for many episodes just "The Man in the Hat", and his apparent second hand is still just "The Laughing Man".
  • Once per Episode : Melinda cries in pretty much every episode, whether due to happiness or connecting emotionally to the ghost or their families, from season 4 or so onwards.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different : Apparently animals can also leave ghosts (Homer the Ghost Dog from Lost Boys to Vanishing , the cat in Bad Blood ) but they aren't allowed to Go into the Light . So what's up? Didn't they say that All Dogs Go to Heaven ?
  • Our Souls Are Different : Recently the idea of "broken" spirits has emerged: Apparently with some people, most of their spirit goes into The Light but a piece of them goes into "the shadows". The first example of this was A father who framed his daughter's boyfriend for stealing, indirectly leading to his death when he fled. The dead boyfriend began haunting the father who developed Alzheimer's disease, and when he died most of him went into The Light (which kind of annoyed the boyfriend's ghost) while the presumably guilty bit of his soul went into the shadows.
  • Melinda often gets accused of this by the loved ones of the ghosts she is trying to help. They tend to come around after some time.
  • In "Unhappy Medium", Melinda meets an actual Phony Psychic in the form of Casey Edgars. The two have an argument over the ethical nature of Edgars's actions while trying to solve the disappearance of a young girl.
  • Explanation: Seeing as how Jim's more used to his name, and he even introduces himself to a patient as Jim in Season 5, he tells everyone to call him Jim instead. Also, The Other Wiki states that at some point in between Seasons 4 and 5 that he added the "James" part of his name to Sam's as a middle name to justify this, and on the show his doctor's coat has his name embroidered as "J. Lucas".
  • Posthumous Character : The ghosts, obviously.
  • Record Needle Scratch : During a romantic moment when Melinda and Jim realize that the ghost haunting the hospital morgue hadn't been accounted for because the person they thought was the ghost was still alive .
  • Refusal of the Call : Melinda's mother has the gift but doesn't use it, which causes her frequent migraines.
  • Religion of Evil : Romano's original occupation and how he gained a cult following before and after death.
  • Rescue Romance : Jim and Melinda met when he rescued her from her burning apartment complex.
  • The Reveal : The Shinys are children who have gone into the light and are also the only beings that can combat The Shadows, hence why The Shadows are so interested in ghost children. They also vastly outnumber The Shadows, but apparently didn't realize it because The Shadows are effin' scary and they're still children despite being the Big Good .
  • Screamer Trailer : Ghosts that prefer to "show" instead of to talk can be quite the Jerkasses .
  • Screw Destiny : When the person who told you your destiny is telling you to screw it, things must be getting pretty bad: the Watcher tells Melinda to lie to Aiden and tell him that seeing ghosts was just his imagination; when he starts believing that he'll stop seeing ghosts (and Shineys and Shadows) and The Shadows will leave him alone. Melinda is torn between her son's gift and his safety, Jim is less torn about keeping Aiden safe, and it turned out that The Shadows were manipulating The Watcher in the first place .
  • To Twilight : A family is extremely wary of outsiders. The son is tall, pale, with foofy hair and is shown being extremely hostile to his girlfriend in order to protect her; also, they're presumably vegetarians since they're fugitive environmentalists, but they settle down at the end.
  • The preview of one show features Unnaturally Blue Lighting on people with glowing yellow eyes .
  • The antique shop's "Same As It Never Was" name paraphrases a Talking Heads song.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts : Melinda and Jim.
  • A Side Order of Romance : In one episode, The Woobie of The Week�s wife is accused of being a Gold Digger by his rich and famous family because she was his diner waitress when they met. It didn�t help suspicion that they got married fast, and that he fell into a coma shortly after she took him to an alternate medicine clinic to treat his ALS. Even worse, she wanted to pull the plug on him, which only worsened her image and seemed to confirm ulterior motives. It turns out, they got married fast because they knew their time was limited because of his disease. What�s more, his coma wasn�t her fault at all. His mother gave him muscle relaxant pills during a seizure, not knowing the doctors had taken him off that certain brand. They interacted with his anti-depressants and sent him into a coma. Turns out, the ghost really did want them to pull the plug, and his wife knew it because he told her himself.
  • Signature Headgear : The dark ghost Romano is never seen without his fedora.
  • The Soulsaver : Melinda and her friends help ghosts go to the other side or into the light.
  • Space Whale Aesop : One episode dealing with euthanasia could be interpreted that euthanasia should be legal so that Melinda can talk to their ghosts.
  • Several lovelorn ghosts, but a living version is the maître 'd who had a secret crush on Delia and wanted to make up for ruining her dinner for the umpteenth time (he gets Dr. Tofu syndrome around her).
  • There was an entire episode based on this trope. A lawyer was stalking a ghost when she was alive, to the point where she died trying to run away. He then goes after Melinda, but she manages to get him locked away. But he kills himself so he can always be with her. But then he gets sucked away into the shadows, presumably.
  • Stand-In Parents : The children pretended to be their own mother after she had died, for fear of social services splitting them up on finding out they had no parent or guardian.
  • Another episode �Lost Boys� has the ghosts of three orphan boys that died in a fire at an old house that was once an orphanage. Turns out there was a fourth orphan boy who was able to escape that fateful night, but the now elderly man misses but fears revisiting the house, haunted by the memories of being the only one of his friends to come out alive.
  • Time Skip : The latest season jumps ahead 5 years in order to allow Aiden to grow up. It was probably a practical device to prevent having to deal with a baby on the set, or in the storyline. In short, the viewers wanted Melinda and Jim to have a baby, and the writers put it off, even with the ridiculous season of Jim-is-Sam, as long as they could. When they finally capitulated, they wrote in the five-year time leap, and cast an eight-year-old to play Melinda's five-year-old son. Thus, all the mess of dolls that don't look natural, hiring multiple babies to play the baby in 20 minutes stints (which is all a baby or toddler can work in a day in Hollywood), casting twins as an older Aiden, hiring coaches to teach them their lines, and soforth, was avoided. Jennifer Love Hewitt is on-camera in very nearly every scene on the show, so having the baby someplace would have been awkward, and having her cart a doll everywhere in a Baby Bjorn would have been worse. A child old enough to be on the set for eight hours a day (Connor Gibbs was 8 in 2009), and old enough to read and study his own lines was hired. Sometimes he came off as unnaturally precocious, but that fit his character.
  • Twofer Token Minority : Andrea, both Black and Hispanic.
  • Undeath Always Ends : Sometimes averted, as not every spirit chooses to cross over like one of the ghosts on the cruise ship (she died of terminal cancer while on a last vacation and is making the most of her "afterlife") while others are atoning for something and become Watchers.
  • Unfinished Business : The whole premise of why the ghosts are still Earthbound and what Melinda needs to help them with to cross over.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe : Melinda has way too many fancy clothes for a mere antique/boutique shop owner. Showing just how unrealistic it is, the show stopped doing it when it became too expensive for them. We can just assume that she has either a lot of money from her family or she just found very respectable knock-offs.
  • Unseen Pen Pal : "Ghost in the Machine" centers around a virtual game world, where the Ghost of the Week has manifested as an avatar named Phoenix, who speaks mostly to a teenage girl named Alise Jones, alias Sedona. While Melinda initially suspects Phoenix is a predator, he turns out to be Alise's estranged father who created the avatar to stay in touch with her after a messy divorce, and died while playing. However, Alise's other online friend, Cal, turns out to be the real predator, who Melinda and Phoenix have to stop. There is also much discussion in the episode around whether the anonymity of online interaction is freeing or dangerous for users.
  • The Watcher : The, uh, Watchers. Ghosts who stay despite having finished business in order to watch over the living and other spirits. The majority of these appear to be Atoners .
  • Voice of the Legion : Some ghosts may speak this way.
  • So, uh, what's become of the late president of Rockland U. now that The Shineys can defeat The Shadows?
  • What happened to the ghost dog?
  • Woobie of the Week : More like "Distressed ghost who refuses to pass on" of the Week
  • Game of Thrones
  • Creator/Zoic Studios
  • Ghostbusters (IDW Comics)
  • Creator/IDW Publishing
  • Ghost Stories
  • AmericanSeries/G to M
  • Ghostwriter
  • The Amazing Race
  • Creator/ABC
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Series of the 2000s
  • Ghost Stories for Christmas
  • Ghosts (US)
  • Creator/CBS
  • A Gifted Man
  • Series of the 2010s
  • Ghost Fiction

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ghost whisperer plot holes

ghost whisperer plot holes

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With lots of options, including The InBetween , a show about a woman who communicates with the dead to solve mysteries, and even movies like The Sixth Sense , a film that features a character who sees dead people, deciding what to watch after Ghost Whisperer will really just depend on your mood.

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What's happening in the next realm? Lists about fictional depictions and real experiences real people have really had with the paranormal.

The Very Best Supernatural Mystery Shows

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ghost whisperer plot holes

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Home > Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer (2005 - 2010)

Ghost whisperer, series info.

Melinda Gordon is a young woman who can communicate with the earthbound spirits of people who have died -- and who seek her help. She uses it to relay significant messages and important information to the living, but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing. As a result the spirits' survivors often question her ability. But when she helps both the souls who contact her and those who are still alive, she knows that her talent is more asset than liability.

  • Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Jamie Kennedy, Christoph Sanders
  • TV Network: CBS
  • Premiere Date: Sep 23, 2005
  • Genre: Drama
  • Executive producers: John Gray, Ian Sander, Kim Moses

Where to watch Ghost Whisperer

Watch Ghost Whisperer with a subscription on Hulu, or buy it on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV.

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Rate and review, ghost whisperer   photos, cast & crew.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Melinda Gordon

David Conrad

Camryn Manheim

Delia Banks

Jamie Kennedy

Christoph Sanders

Prof. Rick Payne

Executive Producer

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List of Ghost Whisperer Episodes

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Ghost Whisperer is an American television supernatural drama which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2005. The series follows the extraordinary life of Melinda Gordon, a married woman who opens an antique shop and has the unique ability to talk to the dead, usually helping them find peace by communicating with them to their loved ones, and finally getting them to cross over into the light.

The following is an episode list, and as of May 22, 2010, all 107 regular episodes have aired over five seasons, with seasons one, two and three currently released on DVD in Region 1, 2 and 4.

Ghost Search List of Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1 Haunted Victorian Mansion Season 1 Episode 2 Rutland Prison Camps Season 1 Episode 3 Longfellows Wadeside INN Season 1 Episode 4 Lizzie Bordens House Season 1 Episode 5 Houghton Mansion Season 1 Episode 6 Taunton State Hospital Season 1 Episode 7 Moundsville State Pen. Season 1 Episode 8 The Riddle House Season 1 Episode 9 Sloss Furnace Season 1 Episode 10 Abandoned NJ Hospital

  • 1 Season One (2005-2006)
  • 2 Season Two (2006-2007)
  • 3 Season Three (2007-2008)
  • 4 Season Four (2008-2009)
  • 5 Season Five (2009-2010)

Season One (2005-2006) [ ]

Ghost Search Season 1 Season 1 Episode 1 Haunted Victorian Mansion

Season Two (2006-2007) [ ]

Season three (2007-2008) [ ], season four (2008-2009) [ ], season five (2009-2010) [ ].

  • 1 Jim Clancy
  • 2 Sam Lucas
  • 3 Andrea Marino

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Ghost Whisperer

  • 29   Metascore
  • Drama, Science Fiction

Newlywed Melinda Gordon tries to help the dead communicate with loved ones, 'but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing.' Most of Melinda's efforts involve resolving conflicts that are preventing the spirits from passing over. The sentimental drama is 'inspired by the work of medium James Van Praagh.'

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Ghost Whisperer: Season 5

1:11 Ghost Whisperer: Season 5

Cast & Crew See All

ghost whisperer plot holes

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Melinda gordon.

ghost whisperer plot holes

David Conrad

ghost whisperer plot holes

Jamie Kennedy

Latest news see all, jennifer love hewitt joins criminal minds as series regular.

It didn't take long for Criminal Minds to find Jeanne Tripplehorn's replacement. Jennifer Love Hewitt has joined the cast of the CBS procedural as a series regular, the network announced Tuesday. The Ghost Whisperer alum will play...

Exclusive First Look: The Courtroom Heats up on CBS' Reckless

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Fox Picks Up Steven Spielberg Soap, Arms-Dealing Drama

Fox has ordered a new comedic soap from Steven Spielberg and a Traffic-esque drama centered on arms dealing, has learned. Red Band Society is a comedic soap following a group of teenagers who meet as patients in the children's wing of a hospital and become unlikely friends and a surrogate family. Spielberg will...

CBS Developing Medical Soap Inspired by Wizard of Oz

CBS is developing a medical soap inspired by the characters and themes from The Wizard of Oz, Deadline reports.

Criminal Minds Enlists The Practice’s Camryn Manheim for Season Premiere

The Practice's Camryn Manheim is returning to the small screen. The actress will guest-star on the two-part Season 9 premiere of Criminal Minds, TVLine reports. The Emmy winner will play the overprotective mother of...

Trailers & Videos See All

ghost whisperer plot holes

Ghost Whisperer: Season 5

ghost whisperer plot holes

Ghost Whisperer: Season 3

ghost whisperer plot holes

Ghost Whisperer: Season 4

ghost whisperer plot holes

Ghost Whisperer: Clip 1

ghost whisperer plot holes

Ghost Whisperer: Season 1

Popular shows see all shows, the andros targets, storefront lawyers.

ghost whisperer plot holes

NCIS: Hawai'i

ghost whisperer plot holes

FBI: International

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Ghost Whisperer

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Ghost Whisperer (2005)

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  1. Ghost Whisperer (2005) plot holes

    1 plot hole ★★★★★ (4 votes) Add something More info Track show Mistakes Quotes Pictures Questions Corrections Episodes More Threshold - S4 - E7 Plot hole: Jim taking over Sam's body just doesn't make any sense. It's plausible for a spirit to temporarily take over a living body, but a dead body is dead for a reason. It can't sustain life anymore.

  2. Ghost Whisperer (2005) plot holes in season 4

    Plot hole: Jim taking over Sam's body just doesn't make any sense. It's plausible for a spirit to temporarily take over a living body, but a dead body is dead for a reason. It can't sustain life anymore. Death isn't a temporary ailment. It's permanent.

  3. My issues with the show : r/ghostwhisperer

    My issues with the show. Now before I start know that I've rewatched this show over 10 times. It was my favorite show since I was about 8 years old and it's really special to me. However, there are some plot holes that were really hard for me to get past, and some that were unacceptable. Sorry if this has been done before, I'm new to the ...

  4. Ghost Whisperer (2005) mistakes

    11. Do Over - S5 - E4. Character mistake: Jim is at the hospital - at the end of his phone conversation with Melinda someone calls out "Dr. Clancey" when the character is Sam Lucas. (00:09:15) 8. Do Over - S5 - E4. Other mistake: In the scene immediately after the opening credits, Jim is talking to Melinda on the phone.

  5. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Ghost Whisperer

    Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was the star of the supernatural drama series in the character of Melinda Gordon, a woman who is capable of communicating with ghosts and helps those who have trouble crossing over to the light. Hewitt also worked as a co-producer on the series.

  6. [Ghost Whisperer] Sam Lucas was called "Doctor Clansey"

    So, as we know, when Jim Clansey died, he took over the dead body of Sam Lucas, which became his new identity: his son is called Aiden Lucas; when remarrying Melinda, they "are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Melinda and Sam and the whole reason he could be a doctor was because of being Sam: Sam had the neccessary credentials that ...

  7. Ghost Whisperer

    [1] The series follows the life of Melinda Gordon Jennifer Love Hewitt ), who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. While trying to live as normal a life as possible—she is married and owns an antique store—Melinda helps earthbound spirits resolve their problems and cross over into the light, or the spirit world.

  8. Ghost Whisperer (TV Series 2005-2010)

    Continuity. In the episode The Prophet (2.21) Melinda states that Andrea died in a plane crash that occurred on May 11. May 11 is a big day for disasters, as it's mentioned numerous times. Later, in the episode Book of Changes (4.23), Andrea's name is followed with 8204, which reversed is supposed to be her date of death, which would be April ...

  9. Ghost Whisperer (Series)

    Ghost Whisperer is an American TV show that ran from 2005 through 2010. It's also known as that show where Jennifer Love Hewitt traipses around in vintage clothing, often low-cut. The episodes follow a formula: Ghost makes its presence known, Melinda flutters about trying to help, Melinda helps the ghost with its business, everyone cries, ghost goes into The Light.

  10. Ghost Whisperer (TV Series 2005-2010)

    Ghost Whisperer: Created by John Gray. With Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Christoph Sanders. A young woman, who can see and hear ghosts, tries to helps them resolve their issues and hopefully find peace.

  11. Ghost Whisperer Wiki

    Ghost Whisperer is a supernatural drama series created by John Gray, which ran from September 23, 2005 to May 21, 2010 on CBS.. The series follows newlywed antique shop owner Melinda Gordon, who has the ability to communicate with the earthbound spirits of the recently deceased. She must learn to overcome skepticism and doubt to help send their important messages to the living and allow the ...

  12. 9 minor goofs and tiny blips you missed on Ghost Whisperer

    Jim got the date wrong of the last man hanged in the U.S. by 8 months. About five minutes into "Last Execution," Melinda asks who the last person was to be executed by hanging in the United States. With the confidence of the paramedic and firefighter he is, Jim answers her that it was Billy Bailey, whom he said was hanged on September 25, 1996.

  13. Ghost Whisperer (season 1)

    Premise Melinda Gordon is a young woman from the fictional town of Grandview, New York, who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Melinda lives with her husband Jim Clancy. She is the owner of an antique shop called "Same as it Never Was."

  14. Ghost Whisperer (TV Series 2005-2010)

    Fri, Sep 23, 2005 It's Melinda's wedding day, and her husband, Jim, has a surprise for her. 7.4/10 (695) Rate Watch options S1.E2 ∙ The Crossing Fri, Sep 30, 2005

  15. List of Ghost Whisperer episodes

    Season 1 (2005-06) Season 2 (2006-07) Season 3 (2007-08) Season 4 (2008-09) Season 5 (2009-10) Webisodes This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (October 2016) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message)

  16. Ghost Whisperer synopsis, TV summary and spoiler

    Ghost Whisperer is an episodic series that follows the life of Melinda Gordon, a young woman who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Each episode deals with one or more ghosts ...

  17. Supernatural Fantasy Movies & TV Shows Like 'Ghost Whisperer'

    If you just finished Ghost Whisperer and feel like it's left a gaping hole in your life, there's no need to despair. We've compiled this list of movies and TV shows similar to Ghost Whisperer that are sure to conjure up the same feelings of supernatural suspense that you had while watching your favorite episodes of Ghost Whisperer.. With lots of options, including The InBetween, a show ...

  18. Ghost Whisperer

    As a result the spirits' survivors often question her ability. But when she helps both the souls who contact her and those who are still alive, she knows that her talent is more asset than ...

  19. Voices

    1 Guest Starring 2 Plot Synopsis 3 Spirits 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 Quotes Guest Starring Christine Baranski as Faith Clancy

  20. Watch Ghost Whisperer

    Melinda Gordon communicates with spirits trapped on Earth.

  21. List of Ghost Whisperer Episodes

    Ghost Whisperer is an American television supernatural drama which premiered on CBS on September 23, 2005. The series follows the extraordinary life of Melinda Gordon, a married woman who opens an antique shop and has the unique ability to talk to the dead, usually helping them find peace by communicating with them to their loved ones, and finally getting them to cross over into the light. The ...

  22. Ghost Whisperer

    29 Metascore. 2005 -2010. 5 Seasons. CBS. Drama, Science Fiction. TVPG. Watchlist. Newlywed Melinda Gordon tries to help the dead communicate with loved ones, 'but sometimes the messages she ...

  23. Ghost Whisperer (TV Series 2005-2010)

    Ghost Whisperer: Created by John Gray. With Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, Camryn Manheim, Christoph Sanders. A young woman, caught between the dead and the living, helps the dead resolve unfinished business with the living.