Ghostbusters Ghost

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Ghostbusters GIFs

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The Trap is a crusial tool used for catching ghosts.

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Appearence [ ]

The trap is a small box, about a half-block high. It's top, where it opens up, has tilted black-and-yellow stripes. It's long sides have some wires and buttons. The short sides have just a few nuts and bolts. One short side has a handle, wich will face you as you place the trap. The trap anso emits a thin, yellow beacon signal that goes up to 5 blocks and can be stoped by non-transperant blocks.

If you have the ghost in Proton Stream captivity, press the F key with the trap in your inventory. This will trow the trap 2 to 5 blocks in front of you. Then, you can guide the ghost to hover over the trap. If the Ghost comes in contact with the beacon signal, the trap will detect it and will open, playing the "Trap_Open" sound. When the trap opens, it'll release a 5-block-high beam of light, looking like an upside-down cone. When the ghost is in the "Trap Cone", the entity starts to stretch out and get sucked into the trap. While getting sucked in, the ghost will still struggle to get away. Guide the ghost into the trap. If the entity manages to escape the trap cone, the trap will close. Once the ghost is in the trap, the trap closes, and your Proton Stream de-activates. The trap saves the data of every ghost it captures, so it can remember what ghosts it caught. The trap can hold up to ten ghosts at a time.

You can walk over and punch the trap to turn it back into an item.

You can empty your full trap by dumping it into the Containment Unit.

Crafting [ ]

Crafting Trap

To craft the Trap, you need:

7 iron ingot

  • Once the trap has ghost data, it cannot be stacked with other traps.
  • Left click the placed trap to turn it back into an item.
  • Ghosts and ONLY ghosts can be sucked into the trap.
  • ghosts have to be in Proton Stream captivity for the trap to open.
  • If you de-activate the Proton Stream while the ghost is in the trap cone, the trap will close.
  • The trap can also be placed the same way other blocks are placed.
  • The trap is an entity, so you can push it around, and it is effected by gravity.

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