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  • Basics - Of operating an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back.
  • Walkthrough - And how to make bustin' feel good.
  • Ghosts - And why they shouldn't slime a guy with a positron collider.
  • Artifacts - Stuff that lets you quit better jobs than this.
  • Achievements and Trophies - Plus the answer to that all important question -- How is Elvis, and have you seen him lately?

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3. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Story walkthrough

First playthrough:, goal: do as much property damage as possible as you need over #3 million in damage. example cars, chandeliers, anything else of value..

Video guides will be provided at the beginning of each chapter if you prefer visual guides to missable achievements and collectibles.

Credit for the video guides goes to NTAGameGuides.

Start up a new game on Casual. After the cutscenes, you'll be asked to follow Ray and Egon to the basement. Interact with one of the brass poles on this top floor for:

Slide down the fire pole.

You Gotta Try This Pole!

At the top of the basement stairs take a drink from the fountain for Drink 1/8 . Follow them to the basement and fire a shot at Slimer for some...Poor results. Continue following along, Ray will teach you how to attack, capture, and trap ghosts. Capture the fat Sloth ghost for:

Trap a ghost.

I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost!

Note: Make it a point to pick up your trap after you capture a ghost in it, this will be necessary for an achievement later.

A short scene will play, then just interact with the car to get:

Complete the Firehouse training level.

We Have the Talent!

Sedgewick Hotel

Enter the hotel and go right, interacting with the fountain across from the vending machines for Drink 2/8 . Follow the team and enter the elevator. Go around the corridor until you're told to pull out your PKE meter, do so and scan the slime on the wall. Keep your meter out and follow it, you'll come to a hallway and the meter will detect Slimer in hiding. Scan it, then wait for him to pop out. When the inner green circle is lit, scan Slimer again for Scan 1/48 and:

Obtain a 100% PKE scan on a paranormal creature.

I'm Picking Up A Signal…

Follow Slimer, the hallway will turn right and you'll see some vending machines. Approach them to find Artifact 1/42 on the ground. when Ray will start to explain the point of the collectibles.

Collect a Cursed Artifact.

...And You Want to Keep It?

Peter will eventually call for help, so sprint down the hallway and rescue him. After picking him up return to the elevator and watch a quick cutscene. Upon exiting the elevator scan the Bellhop Ghosts for Scan 2/48 . Capture the 2 ghosts in here, then whip out your PKE meter again and check the service bell on the desk for Artifact 2/42 . Take care of the ghosts in the next room and follow the path. After being turned away from the ballroom you'll make your way to the kitchen, go through the double doors next to the slime and keep your PKE meter trained on the open counter on the right. Quickly get Scan 3/48 on the ghost here, then immediately scan the fish for Scan 4/48 . Attack the spawning enemies to get:

Eliminate a creature.

Aim for the Flat Top!

Clear the room and move the cabinet in your way, then go all the way to the right. Around the corner on a table is Artifact 3/42 . Return to where you moved the fridge and follow the path left, where you'll get a scene of Slimer eating from the table. Approach the table and shoot at the food on it, aiming for the ham. Once you destroy the ham you will unlock:

Remedy a dubious food choice to make the bar mitzvah as orthodox as it can be.


Destroy the shelves full of wine to the left of the table to reveal a secret passageway, enter it and scan Artifact 4/42 from within, then defeat Slimer. Slimer charged and knocked me down during this fight and got me:

Get slimed by a charging ghost.

I Feel So Funky

Follow the team back into the lobby to capture a few more ghosts, then the Fisherman appears. Follow Egon to the stairs to get a cutscene. After the scene go upstairs and scan the painting on the wall for Artifact 5/42 . Follow the hall until it floods, then keep making left turns. You'll have to destroy some furniture in your way, and at the end of that hall you'll find a toaster to scan for Artifact 6/42 . Turn around and go back past the furniture you moved, then follow your PKE meter to a candlestick on the wall. Scan it once to activate it, then scan it again for Scan 5/48 . Follow your PKE meter until the fisherman breaks a vending machine and flees, turn around to follow him and destroy the candles in your way. When the elevator doors open and the water drains, look to your right for Drink 3/8 . Follow the hall into the restaurant and fight the Fisherman. When his health dips low enough he will spawn a Golem, scan it for Scan 6/48 before defeating it. Exit through the hole to finish this level.

Complete the 'Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick' level.

The Flowers Are Still Standing!

Times Square

I had $18,000 which I used to purchase the Slam Dunk trap upgrade at this point. Scan the small minions for Scan 7/48 . After clearing the minions Stay Puft will toss a car that clears your path, go through and scan the ghosts flying in for Scan 8/48 . The trap on top of the Ecto-1 will open, so use that to capture the ghosts. Put down your own trap and slam a ghost into it for an instant capture and:

Slam dunk a ghost into a trap

Slam Dunk!

Soon the Gargoyles will spawn, and they serve as Scan 9/48 . After destroying the first wave of Gargoyles a construction worker ghost will pop out, which is Scan 10/48 . After dealing with the ghosts and Gargoyles you can proceed through the laundromat. Move around the haunted washing machines, looking right after stepping by the last one to find Drink 4/8 . Stand next to a wall and use the dart again, knocking you down for:

Knock yourself down with your own weapon.

Total Protonic Reversal

The tidy architectural office could use some Proton-based humbling.

I Love You When You Rough-House!

Follow the hallway to the end and look left to find Artifact 12/42 on the wall. Go through the door and fight off Stay Puft, killing minions in the process. Rescue the woman and head downstairs until the path is blocked. Head upstairs to the roof and take out the ghosts up here. Stay Puft will attack, knock him off the building for a scene. You'll be dragged over the side as well, so use your boson darts to knock back Stay Puft and your regular beam to knock back the minions. After a few cycles of this, Stay Puft falls off the building and you can move on.

Complete the 'Panic in Times Square' level.

Once S'more into the Breach

Approach the group in the HQ to get a cutscene, then interact with the car to start the next mission.

New York Public Library

Walk up to the lion statue to make the ghosts emerge, then follow them into the library. You will learn how to equip and use Stasis, which is very useful. Use your PKE meter to find the ghost hiding in the board downstairs, then follow it down the hallway and into the reading room. The golem that forms here is Scan 13/48 , once you have that use your Stasis shotgun to take it down. Go to the far end of this room and open the doors on the left side, scanning Artifact 13/42 directly in front of you. Go to the other set of doors and make your way downstairs, stopping in the room with the levitating furniture. When someone says "Check this out" walk over to the bookshelf on the right with your PKE meter out and quickly grab Scan 14/48 when the librarian pops out. Follow the path until you get to the library itself, where the shelves will rearrange themselves and turn into a maze. Navigate the path until you walk into a room where a blue book creature runs past the door, turn left and collect Artifact 14/42 from the table. Facing the artifact turn right and go down the last row of books to the end, where a creature will jump at you for Scan 15/48 . Dispose of it and continue on to the door at the other end of this room. Ray will pop out of the sorting conveyor belt in this room, alongside some flying books you can scan for Scan 16/48 . After dealing with the books, 2 new ghosts will spawn in which count as Scans 17-18/48 . Capture them, get some dialogue and leave this room. The shelves will rearrange themselves in the next area again, keep following the trail of the ghost until she unleashes the book hordes upon you. Deal with them and continue until you get a cutscene. Proceed down the hallway and turn right to find Drink 6/8 in front of the door that slams shut. You'll be ambushed by book monsters, kill them and proceed into the children's room. Scan the hopscotch outline on the floor, then walk over to the puppet show in the back right corner. Turn and follow the wall to the left and scan the handprints, then enter the door at the end of the room and scan the slime. Follow the right wall to a door, open it and then destroy the furniture blocking it. Enter this room and go to the chair in the back to make the bear fall, then go to leave for:

The children's reading room has a story to tell, but it will take more than your eyes to see it.

But the Kids Love Us!

Leave this room and go down the stairs. Destroy the chair in front of the door and open it, finding Artifact 15/42 on the wall. Go through the door behind you and follow the ghost to a fight with 2 Centurions, scan them for Scan 19/48 . In the next room you'll have to scan the bookshelf and interact with it to proceed into the basement area. The tome will spawn flying books and clawed monsters, kill them all before forcing out the blue ghost. After capturing it the librarian will open a path, follow it to the next room. In the very back against the wall is Artifact 16/42 . Destroy the boards and proceed down the stairs. In the flooded room go up the small stairs and turn on the power, then kill the book golem. Leave through the now unlocked door to see the librarian in the boiler room. When she disappears 2 coal golems will spawn, which are Scan 20/48 . Destroy them and approach the back wall, scanning the slime. Use your capture stream to open the wall and be introduced to the slime. I had enough money to upgrade all the slime components here, so do so and unlock:

Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun.

Mother Pus Bucket!

Descend into the cavern for another cutscene. Pick up the book from the desk and prepare for a fight. The book stands will circle around the room projecting a shield onto the librarian, get in close with the stasis shotgun and blast all the stands. This will make the ghost vulnerable, capture it like any other. After some dialogue interact with the circle, then once you've switched dimensions go behind you and up the stairs. When you attempt to enter the next portal you'll be attacked by a golem, kill it and proceed up the stairs and through the portal on the left. Collect Artifact 17/42 from the ground here and return to the previous room. Cut across and go up the stairs to another portal, then proceed along the path. Defeat the golem and meet up with Ray, who will teach you how to slime tether. Do so to move the bridge and the wall in the next room, then follow him to another portal that locks you out. Continue down the hall and turn around at the dead end, where another ghost will spawn. Scan it for Scan 21/48 . I laid down a trap, weakened the ghost, and slime tethered it into the trap for:

Trap a ghost using the Slime Tether.

Slime Dunk!

Go back to the dead end and enter the portal. Go through the next few portals you see, fighting off book monsters as you do. When Egon says he got through, go down a hallway on your left. You'll see desks attached to the ceiling. Look left and up to find a chair which serves as Artifact 18/42 . Make a right at the end of this room and start ascending the stairs. Don't bother trying to destroy every book, just time your movements so you can avoid the dangerous swarms. When you get up high you'll need to use your slime tether to pull your platform closer to the stairs, repeat a few more times and exit through the portal. In the next room you'll get a cutscene, quickly get Scan 22/48 off the boss before switching to slime and pouring it onto the head area. When it becomes vulnerable switch to your proton pack and attack it until the head can be taken off like with a regular golem. After defeating the boss exit the level.

Complete the 'Checking Out the Library' level.

Get Her!

Approach the table with everyone around it for a cutscene, then head downstairs and interact with the car to leave.

Museum of Natural History

Proceed around the crates until you reach a locked door. Turn around and destroy the crates behind you to reveal a power switch, pull it to open the door. Proceed down the hall until a ghost flies past the open door, make a left into this room and check on the shelves behind some boxes for Artifact 19/42 . Continue into the next room and watch the scene. The possessed human is Scan 23/48 so grab that before using your slime for an exorcism. Scan the ghost that emerged from Ray for Scan 24/48 . After the cutscenes exorcise a human and scan the new ghost for Scan 25/48 . Go into the back room and weaken a ghost with Stasis, then throw trap underneath it and use your stream to freeze it on top of the trap for:

Trap a ghost using the Stasis Stream.

Stasis Dunk!

Slime tether the remaining ghosts into traps. Once this room is clear move on as the team kicks in a door. Equip your PKE meter as you enter, as soon as you turn inside you can scan the fat flying ghost and the statues for Scans 26-27/48 . Follow the hallway, fighting off statues until you reach a shutter. Some dialogue will happen and the shutter will open. When it does, go up to the exhibit on the right and interact with the speaker. From here go over to the large horse statue and interact with another speaker. Directly across from that one is speaker number 3, with the fourth one being on the wall behind you. Interacting with all 4 will unlock:

Keep your ears open to learn everything you can about the Civil War.

You Never Studied

From here, look to the right and walk all the way over to that wall and scan Artifact 20/42 in the exhibit there. I also upgraded my Proton beam for:

Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun.

Heat 'Em Up

At the end of the room you'll see ghosts spawn in. Both the Union and Confederate soldiers count as Scans 28-29/48 so scan and capture them. Use slime tethers as much as possible. This is also where I unlocked:

Recover 20 of your own full ghost traps.

I Looked at the Trap, Ray!

After cleaning up the ghosts, exit and watch the cutscene. Enter the Egypt exhibit and use slime to close up the portal spawning skulls, then proceed into the next room. Destroy the statues and tether trap the ghosts, then wait for the door to open. Proceed down the hallway, and after the..."jumpscare" look to the right for Artifact 21/42 with Drink 7/8 directly next to it. Enter the next room and destroy the statues and skulls before leaving, moving left to find Artifact 22/42 in the display case. Turn around and go to the end of the hall, destroying the statues and finding Artifact 23/42 on the left wall. Keep pushing ahead until the gate is opened for you, proceed back to the starting room and get a cutscene. Afterwards, follow the path down and move through the tunnels until you get to a large open room. Go left and check the ground a few feet into the tunnel to find the toy car, Artifact 24/42 . Turn around and go all the way down this passage until you reach a dead end. Use your slime on the wall to the right to knock it down, where you'll be introduced to the Meson Collider. I fully upgraded my Stasis at this point and earned:

Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator.

We be fast! They be slow!

Leave this room and move over the bridge to start the boss fight. Attack the Chairman until he leaves and causes black spiders to spawn, these guys are Scan 30/48 . Attack the Chairman once more, causing him to flee and spawn black humanoid slime monsters which are Scan 31/48 . After one more assault against the Chairman he will start to spawn blue and black ghosts, and these are Scan 32/48 . Now just continue attacking the Chairman until he dissipates.

Complete the 'Museum of (Super)Natural History' level.

Ghost Fever Grips New York

Go behind the desk to initiate the cutscene.

Return to Sedgewick

Once inside the building, take a hallway to the left and walk to the end to find Artifact 25 /42 . Continue into the stairwell here, then go up the stairs to the next landing to find Artifact 26/42. Go back the way you came to trigger a cutscene and dialogue. Follow the manager to find a group of enemies spawn in, scan one for Scan 33/48 . After defeating these enemies I had a surplus of money, so I purchased all the remaining upgrades and earned:

Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider.

I Don't Want My Face Burned Off

Purchase all available equipment upgrades.

We Have the Tools!

Once all enemies are defeated, continue through the door and enter the kitchen area. Use your capture stream to move the large fridge to the right of where you enter to reveal Artifact 27/42 . Proceed through the kitchen, neutralizing ground slime and moving right as you go along. open the door that says "Generator Room" and take Drink 8/8 from the fountain for:

Quench your thirst wherever possible to avoid being scared spitless.

Ghostbusters Drinking Game

Go down the hall and into the generator room, going around the machine and pulling the switch. Slime tether the cable out of the water, then return to the kitchen. The cook, flying pans, and the chef will all spawn simultaneously here which count as Scans 34-36/48 so make sure to get them all before capturing them. I used the slime tether to get a few cooks and unlocked:

Use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts.

It's Slime Time

Return to the lobby of the hotel, walking all the way back to the entrance. Off to the side you'll find a door, inside here will be Artifact 28/42 . Pull out your slime and hose down the walls and ceiling to remove all the black slime, this will unlock:

Some ghosts had a real blowout in the Coat Room. Clean it up?

I've Quit Better Jobs Than This.

Return to the elevators and watch the cutscenes. Follow the corridors around until you see a spider run in front of some doors. Once it does, turn around and take a right at the junction. Go down to the last door on the right and enter it. Find the bathroom and collect the toilet, which is Artifact 29/42 . Return to the doors and go through this hall until some spiders spawn, these are Scan 37/48 . Continue through these halls until you get a cutscene, then continue straight and make a right at the web. Halfway down this hall you'll find Artifact 30/42 . Return to the other end of the hall and use your PKE meter to find the webs covering the door to 1221 which you can dissolve with slime. Enter the large area and confront the Spider Witch, who counts as Scan 38/48 . Use the alt fire on your Meson Collider to force it to run, then use your PKE meter to find where it went to regain health. Blast it once you do and repeat the cycle twice more to end this level.

Complete the 'Return to the Sedgewick' level.

Somebody Saw A Cockroach on 12

Lost Island

Use slime tether to pull the crane over to the gap in the dock, then ascend the mineshaft. Destroy the minecart headed for you and continue until you find an open area. Destroy the debris through the crevice on the right and collect Artifact 31/42 from the machine here. Go up the stairs and make your way across the bridges, fighting off spiders and gargoyles. At the other end of the bridge go down some stairs into the hedge maze. Use your proton beam to blast every hedge until it's aflame, and make your way through the whole maze doing so. At the back left corner you will find Artifact 32/42 . After destroying all the hedges you'll get:

The hedge maze is a real eyesore; do some Protonic pruning.


Go over to the crank in the far right corner and use the slime tether to twist it until it activates. Fight the slime monsters and go back up the stairs to enter the double doors. You'll get a short cutscene once you reach the center of the room. Follow the balcony around until your path is blocked by debris, destroy it and collect Artifact 33/42 from the wall in here before returning to the other passage on the balcony. The door will slam, use slime on the blue ghosts here to reopen the door and proceed through. With that done you'll get a cutscene and find yourself in a sewer. Make your way around and go through a hard to see passage on the right. Go through another passage in the next room, when you see the spider run left go in the opposite direction. When the room opens up again there will be Artifact 34/42 on the ground in front of you. Go back the way you came and take the other path this time, leading to a room full of slime. Go around the left side of the room and use your capture stream to pull down 2 rods next to the scannable gate. This will drain the slime and spawn a black golem, which is Scan 39/48 . Destroy all the enemies here before taking the path that was covered by slime earlier.

Move through the linear path set by the closing and opening gates. When one opens and reveals spiders, eliminate them all. Take the first right at the junction, checking the ground for Artifact 35/42 . Follow the path and destroy the spiders until you come to a large room with containers. Go to the yellow one on the left and release Winston from it. Follow him up the stairs and into the next room. Go straight past the slime container and take a left to see Artifact 36/42 on the ground. Go upstairs and follow the catwalk until a huge number of ghosts spawn, kill them all and follow Winston to the next room. Release Egon, then fight through the ghosts and golems until you reach the elevator. Go through the door at the top and follow the passage to the orrery. Slime tether the 3 moving balls to the ground, then run up the stairs and prepare for the boss fight. When he spawns in make sure to grab Scan 40/48 from him. Fire slime at his head and floating eyes until he reveals his green weak spot, then move around so the team can get a better shot at him from the side. Pour slime on him when he slams his head, this fight will end very quickly.

Complete the 'Lost Island Rising' level.

Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers

Walk up to the car to leave and begin the final mission!

Immediately after the cutscene run all the way to the end of this area and turn right. In the right-hand corner you'll find Artifact 37/42 . Proceed through the hole in the fence down the path, when you see an enemy run from left to right in front of you follow it. Hug the right gate and turn when it curves up to a mausoleum, destroy the hedges to the right of it and look to the wall on the left for Artifact 38/42 .

Note: This artifact might be buggy. If it doesn't appear for you, go and collect the next artifact and then return to this one.

Make your way into the larger courtyard from here, ignoring the open doors on the right and instead going to the back left corner of another mausoleum for Artifact 39/42 . Proceed through the open crypt doors and into the tunnels, destroying roots blocking your path. After emerging, use a capture stream to open the gate controls and let the team through. Ray will kick down the gate and headstones will attempt to block your path. Destroy them and go through the crevice next to the crypt and the wall. A short scene will play, introducing 3 new enemies. The ghost, crawling headstone, and zombie all count as new scans, so make sure to register Scans 41-43/48 before eliminating them and moving on. Destroy the headstones blocking the path and continue on. The next area will feature a few ghosts and crawlers along with a fat skull throwing ghost. He's Scan 44/48 so be sure to grab him before clearing the area. Follow Ray through the tunnels and the crypts, a ghost will abscond with the key to the door. Track it down and use your capture stream to carry the key back, which will agitate the Grave Monster. Scan it for Scan 45/48 before destroying it. Take the key back to the door for a cutscene.

After the scene ascend the stairs and go back into the cemetery. Go to the right, making a left to go behind a crypt and walk until you find a tree which is Artifact 40/42 . Continue down the path until you get to a large gnarled tree. A summoner will spawn, but you should focus on the coffins flying through the air. Fire at it with your proton beam and try to destroy one. Once you knock one out of the air you'll get:

Airborne coffins are an affront to gravity; use your Proton Pack to avenge Mother Nature!

One down, on the Ground!

Take out all the enemies here, including the Grave Monster that spawns on top of the stairs. A few more will spawn as you progress, use Stasis shotguns to decimate them easily. Once you reach a dead end, use your PKE meter to detect a weakness in the wall to spawn a few more enemies. Kill them and proceed, using the capture stream to open the gate. Follow this path, destroying roots to get into the tunnels. Go left, holding out your PKE until you see it go blue. When it does, destroy the roots on the right and go down this path to find Artifact 41/42 . Follow the path around now, killing the zombies as you go. Leave the tunnels and scan Artifact 42/42 directly in front of you for:

Collect all Cursed Artifacts.

Spores, Molds, and Fungus

Some enemies will spawn here, cherubs mostly. These are Scan 46/48 so grab them before eliminating them all. When the Ecto-1 comes through the gate, slime tether the other gate to the front of the car so it can rip it open. Head down the path and slime tether the large gate to the car for a nasty shock. Kill the ghosts that spawn, along with the crawlers. When the large creatures come to life, scan them for Scan 47/48 . After defeating everything in this courtyard, pick up the heads of the stone monsters and use the capture stream to place them into the locks next to the gate. Once they're opened you'll get a cutscene. After the scene, scan the boss for Scan 48/48 and:

Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature.

Back Off Man. I'm A Scientist

Use your boson darts on the pillars to split them open and then destroy them. Run around the arena avoiding the green skulls until you can use the capture stream to pull the Architect into the portal. You'll get pulled in with him, initiating the 2nd stage of the fight. Use your Meson for this, attacking the creature and hitting its back when it pops up in the center. When the pillars spawn around it destroy them quickly so it can't regain too much health. After a few cycles of this, you defeat the final boss and earn:

Complete the 'Central Park Cemetery' level.

Disaster of Biblical Proportions

Complete the game on 'Casual' or 'Experienced' difficulty.

We Came, We Saw…

At this point I had approximately $2.7 million worth of damage. If you're in a similar position, load up the first checkpoint of the game on Professional difficulty. Play until you get off the elevator in the Sedgewick before returning to the main menu. Now load up the last checkpoint of that chapter, defeat the boss and play until you meet the gargoyles. I played longer just to accumulate more damage done. Quit out and load up the last checkpoint, kill Stay Puft and play past the firehouse and quit when you get inside the library. Quit and load the last Library checkpoint for a trash boss. When he gets close jump into a portal, then pop out and take potshots at him after ripping off his head. During this fight I got:

Revive your teammates 20 times.

I'm a Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor!

Complete the game on 'Professional' difficulty.

Are You A God?

Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage.

The Destructor

Second Playthrough:

Goal: do very little damage during this playthrough as you need less than $100,000 in property damage..

Start up a new game on Casual difficulty. You can skip picking up any of the collectables and if you want you can try to rush through the campaign to get it done quickly. Just remember to keep the damage to a minimum. Once you complete the Central Park Cemetery level again you will achieve the last achievement in the game.

Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.

Nice Shootin', Tex!

Congratulations on your completion of Ghostbusters!


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