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Who Is Ghostface in 'Scream' ? A Guide to All the Killers in the Franchise

Here's a look back at every identity that has been revealed behind the infamous black-and-white, rubber mask since the first Scream premiered in 1996

ghostface horror movie

Everyone's familiar with the infamous Ghostface mask, but who's behind it is the constant question at the heart of the Scream franchise.

Since the widely-successful slasher film debuted in 1996, the five installments that followed kept its classic whodunnit format. In Scream 's case — that is — a plot that chronicles a murder mystery surrounding a disguised killer who causes havoc in the California town of Woodsboro.

While the murderer identities behind the mask are different in each film, there are a few factors that always remain the same. Notably, Ghostface's black-hooded-cloak ensemble paired with its synonymous rubber white mask with blacked-out facial features.

In addition to Ghostface's ghoulish garb, the creepy voice also remains a constant. Voice actor Roger L. Jackson has been the man behind the murdering monster in every film within the Scream franchise, despite the revolving actors physically playing the character on screen.

The horror franchise released its fifth installment in 2022, marking the first movie in the Scream series to be directed by someone other than Wes Craven , who died in 2015. Filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett were tasked with reinventing the franchise.

Most recently, the duo have teamed up once again to bring Ghostface to Manhattan for Scream VI — who "isn't like any other Ghostface," according to a new trailer released on Jan. 19. Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera are reprising their roles in the upcoming film, while Scream staple Courteney Cox also makes her return.

Here's a look back at every Ghostface killer revealed to date.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the entire 'Scream' franchise, including the sixth installment .

Scream 1 (1996)

1996's Scream , notoriously known as one of the bloodiest films of all time, features two killers: Billy Loomis played by Skeet Ulrich and Stu Macher played by Matthew Lillard . Billy is regarded as the original Ghostface, followed by Stu who is revealed as the second.

Billy is the main antagonist of the first Scream film. A horror film fanatic, he recruits his teenage best friend Stu to assist him on his killing spree in the small fictional town of Woodsboro, California. Despite Billy's admittance that it's "scarier when there is no motive" to kill, his intent ultimately becomes clear.

The reason? Billy reveals that he wants to get revenge on Maureen Prescott for causing his parents to separate. Maureen is the mother of Sidney Prescott (played by Lynn McRee) and had an affair with Billy's father, Henry "Hank," resulting in his mother Nancy Loomis to leave their family.

Maureen is the first Ghostface kill of the Scream franchise and the only murder to take place off screen. While both Billy and Stu were involved in this death, it remains a mystery as to who's responsible for the six other murders in the first film of the franchise.

Scream 2 (1997)

Two killers are revealed as Ghostface in Scream 2 : Mickey Altieri played by Timothy Olyphant and Nancy Loomis played by Laurie Metcalf . The franchise's second installment is the first time Mrs. Loomis makes an appearance, despite being mentioned in the original Scream .

Mickey, a film student and Sidney's best friend at Windsor College, is the first killer revealed in Scream 2 . Unlike the rest of the murderers in the Scream franchise, Mickey is the only killer who turns himself in with the intent of getting caught and gaining infamy.

He was recruited by Nancy (also known as "Debbie Salt") who is coping with grief after leaving her family and learning of her son Billy's involvement in the Woodsboro Murders in 1996, which ultimately resulted in his death.

In a copycat Ghostface killing spree, Nancy and Mickey target two of the Woodsboro survivors (Billy's former girlfriend Sidney and author Gale Weathers) and torment them in Ohio. Her intent was to seek revenge for the death of her son, in addition to frame Mickey as the sole murderer.

Scream 3 (2000)

Scream 3 is the only film in the franchise where only one identity is revealed as Ghostface: Roman Bridger played by Scott Foley . Roman is the main antagonist of the third installment and the fifth Ghostface murderer unmasked overall.

Roman is a music video director, tasked with the gig of helming Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro . The fictional film is the concluding film in the trilogy and is based on the true events of the 1996 Woodsboro and 1998 Windsor College Murders that went down in the Scream franchise's first two installments.

It is revealed that Roman is Sidney's older half-brother, first born of Maureen Prescott. Not only is he her secret maternal sibling, but he is her arch-nemesis. Jealous of her successes, he seeks revenge against her.

Additionally, it is revealed that Roman was the architect behind the aforementioned killing sprees. He wanted to avenge those who wronged him, like his mother who rejected him and her secret affair with Hank.

Thus, he is indirectly responsible for the previous Ghostface murders, despite only appearing in Scream 3 . Also, Roman holds the record for the most kills in the franchise to date.

Scream 4 (2011)

Scream 4 saw the return of two identities under the infamous Ghostface mask: Charlie Walker played by Rory Culkin and Jill Roberts played by Emma Roberts . With respective underlying intents, Charlie and Jill teamed up to cause havoc on the town of Woodsboro.

A film student and horror movie buff, Charlie was unknowngly a pawn in Jill's concocted plan. He was also her secret girlfriend, a relationship that started after she was cheated on by her ex-boyfriend Trevor Sheldon.

As for Jill, her jealousy of Sidney's fame as the survivor of the 1996 Woodsboro Murders and her successes that followed were among her leading causes to kill. In honor of the 15th anniversary of the Woodsboro Murders, she teamed up with Charlie to recreate the harrowing happenings in a real-life film.

Jill and Charlie would play the millennial counterparts to Sidney and Randy Meeks in the killing spree that Billy and Stu started. Their plan was to kill and frame her ex-boyfriend, Trevor, for the murders. But Jill secretly intended on framing Charlie as an accomplice, and she would come out on top as the sole survivor.

Meanwhile, Jill's goal of gaining fame ultimately turned into infamy in the end with seven kills to her name. As for Charlie, his kill game was weak from the start, ultimately leading to his demise far sooner than Jill's.

Scream 5 (2022)

In typical Scream fashion, the film's fifth installment also saw two killers behind the Ghostface mask: Amber Freeman played by Mikey Madison and Richie Kirsch played by Jack Quaid .

Amber was a super fan of the Stab films, though she didn't care for its sequels, particularly the eighth installment. She took her opinions to subreddit where she met Richie. They decided to recreate Stab 8 themselves, calling it a "requel" (a reboot sequel).

Their intent is to kill sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter, using them as basis of the film. Sam is the long-lost daughter of Billy, who Richie attempts to cozy up as part of his plan before ultimately turning on her in the end. Meanwhile, Amber gets Tara to become her best friend.

Amber's most notable claim to fame is slashing the long-lasting Dewey Riley, who she murders in self defense. As for Richie, he falls victim to Sam, nearly 25 years after the original massacre.

Scream 6 (2023)

There's no denying that the horror franchise follows a trend of having more than one killer behind the Ghostface mask (with the exception of Scream 3 ) — and Scream 6 is no different. In fact, the latest installment is even more ruthless than its predecessors.

Why? Because not two, but three murderers are revealed! The unmasked identities include Wayne Bailey, Quinn Bailey and Ethan Landry.

Wayne is a detective who is investigating the Ghostface murders in New York City, an essential part of the sixth installment's plot which picks up where Scream 5 left off. It follows Tara, Mindy and Chad as they head to N.Y.C. to attend the fictional Blackmore University with Sam tagging along to protect her younger sister. In New York, the gang adds three new members to their crew: Tara's roommate Quinn, Mindy's girlfriend Anika and Chad's roommate Ethan.

The group spends most of the film trying to track down the new Ghostface killer, who seems to be even more ruthless than some of their predecessors. Several characters are killed off before the final showdown, which sees Sam, Tara, Chad, Mindy, Ethan, Kirby and Wayne head to Ghostface's lair (an empty movie theater, to be exact) where they plan to corner and kill him. Before they even get there, not everyone makes it: Mindy is attacked on the train ride over after she and Ethan got separated from the group.

Once they arrive at the lair, Sam receives a call from Wayne, who claims that Kirby is the killer — but before they get the chance to escape, Sam, Tara and Chad are jumped by two Ghostfaces. Sam and Tara try to make a run for it, but Kirby and Wayne appear with guns in hand. Wayne shoots Kirby, revealing himself to be the first of three Ghostfaces, with Quinn and Ethan exposing themselves to be the other two.

Oh, and to further blow viewers' minds, Quinn and Ethan reveal themselves to be Wayne's children. It turns out Quinn, who was seemingly killed by Ghostface during an earlier scene, had faked her death with the help of her father, while Ethan had schemed his way into being Chad's roommate to get close to the Carpenter sisters. The trio's motivation? To get revenge on Sam for killing their son and brother, Richie Kirsch, in the previous film after he orchestrated his own series of Ghostface slayings.

The family of killers marked the first time the Scream franchise unveiled a trifecta of Ghostface identities — but like the murderers who came before them, none of the three made it out of the film alive.

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Every Scream Ghostface Killer, Ranked

From the OG Scream to Scream VI , we count down our favorite killers in the long-running horror whodunit series.

Headshot of Evan Romano

Why is that? It's likely the revolving nature of the Scream series. While franchises like Friday the 13th , Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween keep trotting their trademark villains—Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers— out time and time again, Scream has Ghostface. Ghostface looks the same in every movie, yes, but there's always someone new under the mask, still stabbing like a maniac. The mystery of Scream has always been the allure, and in an era where movies like Knives Out have been mega hits, horror fans have loved to latch onto a good bit of mystery with their horror. Gripping tight to your armrests while wondering who's wearing that creepy-ass mask this time is just a good time at the movies.

As Scream VI arrives in theaters, it feels like the perfect time to look back at those who've donned the cloak and mask before. There's been a lot of stabbing in the Scream movies, and while it all makes for great horror movie fun, there's also a lot to each different Ghostface. Obviously, it's kind of hard to judge what's happening when our killers are cloaked, masked, and largely-silent, so we're going to judge them based on the whole of their character—their motivation, the logic behind it, and, of course, how convincing the actors are as absolute stabby maniacs.

Let's get to it.

Jason (Scream VI, 2023)

jason scream vi

By default, Jason has to be last place on this list, right? He gets a pretty gruesome (and petty) kill in in Scream VI 's opening scene... and then gets taken out by one of the movie's real Ghostfaces not long after. Maybe in an alternate Scream universe, there's a world where Jason and his buddy Greg terrorize Sam, Tara and the Core 4 for an entire movie. But not in this one.

Charlie Walker (Scream 4, 2011)

scream ghostface ranking killer

Charlie (Rory Culkin) was set up as the "new Randy" in Scream 4, and his knowledge of the state of horror movies proved valuable in the early part of the film. However, Charlie was clearly the less impactful of the movie's two Ghostfaces, and while he certainly did a lot of damage, he was also easily outsmarted and easily disposed of by his other half. Credit to Charlie for getting a good dig in on one of our favorites (Kirby, played by Hayden Panettiere), but also kind of a failure because he couldn't even finish the job.

Stream Scream 4 Here

Roman Bridger (Scream 3, 2000)

roman scream 3

Roman (Scott Foley) was the only solo Ghostface, and did it while directing (or, well, trying to direct) a new Stab movie. That's got to count for something, right! Well, he lands in this spot because his whole deal is just... kind of a lot. He's Sidney's half-brother, and is fairly directly responsible for setting the events of the original Scream (and, thus, the whole franchise) in action. Scream 3 also has the whole voice-modifier thing, which I don't know if we can ever forgive. It's a fun movie! But Roman as Ghostface lands here.

Stream Scream 3 Here

Quinn (Scream VI, 2023)

quinn scream vi

Quinn (Liana Liberato) is an interesting case as Ghostface. She spends the majority of the movie believed to be dead, so we never really even get the chance to suspect her all too much. But, at the same time, she's under the hood for Scream VI 's fantastic Gale Weathers chase sequence (not long after easily taking down Gale's boyfriend, muscles included, on her own) , is part of the movie's biggest twist, and is quite insane in the final showdown sequence . Fun time at the movies!

Buy Scream VI Tickets Here

Ethan (Scream VI, 2023)

scream vi ethan

It's not entirely clear which (if any) kills in Scream VI Ethan ( Avatar: The Way of Water star Jack Champion, looking completely unrecognizable from his role as Spider ) was responsible. After all, his alibi—he was in Econ!—checked out. The movie has a lot of fun with suspicion around him; Chad is a good friend until he has reason to be suspicious, and Mindy suspects him over and over again, before (wrongly) changing her mind after she was stabbed on the subway. But Champion plays the post-reveal with such an awkward, strange excitement, and it's really fun to watch. Not to mention you can really buy him as Richie's brother. Maybe the Jacks (Quaid and Champion) can team up in something else in the future.

Detective Bailey (Scream VI, 2023)

dermot mulroney “detective bailey “ stars in paramount pictures and spyglass media group's "scream vi"

Detective Bailey (Dermot Mulroney) is the closest thing to a "mastermind" Ghostface that we get in Scream VI, and he gets the closest to a big villain monologue, and he's part of a big twist, and he ultimately gets an absolutely brutal and grisly death. So, for all that, he lands as our top Scream VI Ghostface. It's also not clear if his cheesy cop dialogue ("You mess with my family... YOU DIE!" ) was intentional, but it made his character pretty entertaining in a campy slasher kind of way even before the big reveal.

We realize we have four killers from Scream VI in the bottom half of our list, but don't take that the wrong way—the movie is exceptional, and one of the best Scream sequels yet. It's just built to be stronger in terms of its chase and action sequences than the ultimate killer reveals.

Amber Freeman (Scream, 2022)

scream ghostface ranking killer

We've got to give actress Mikey Madison, who plays Amber, one of Scream (2022)'s Ghostfaces, some serious props. She is good at playing extremely, extremely off the rails. Given her ultimate outcome in both Scream (2022) and Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood, she also seems to be making quite the niche for herself as 'extremely off the rails young woman who winds up set on fire.' Amber is a pretty solid Ghostface (and she got the devastating kill on a true Scream fan favorite) , but doesn't quite have the depth of her Scream (2022) counterpart, and so she lands here.

Stream Scream (2022) Here

Mickey Altieri (Scream 2, 1997)

mickey scream

When there are multiple Ghostfaces, there tends to be a pretty familiar dynamic: one brain of the operation, and one total loose cannon who's kind of just along for the ride. In the case of Scream 2, Mickey Altieri (Timothy Olyphant) falls firmly in the latter camp. But while Mr. Olyphant has become known for his portrayals of badass lawmen—in Deadwood, Justified, Fargo, and even The Mandalorian —he can also really bring it as criminals or villains, in movies like The Girl Next Door, Go, and here in Scream 2. Even before the movie's big reveal, Mickey basically seems to have one foot in sanity and one foot out (he mindlessly joins in when Sidney's boyfriend starts singing and dancing on the lunchtable in the middle of the movie) and is a very great lunatic when the other hammer drops.

Stream Scream 2 Here

Mrs. Loomis (Scream 2, 1997)

scream ghostface ranking killer

While Mrs. Loomis (Laurie Metcalf) spends much of Scream 2 being called "local woman" by our beloved Gale Weathers, she kind of turns the table in a very surprising way when she reveals herself to be the mastermind of the events of the entire movie in a scatterbrained attempt for revenge on Sidney. It's a real surprise, and Metcalf sells it like the great actress she is and always has been.

Richie Kirsch (Scream, 2022)

scream ghostface ranking killer

As the mastermind Ghostface in Scream (2022), Jack Quaid really brings his A-game as surprise Stab superfan Richie Kirsch. If you've seen Quaid before, you've probably seen him as a pretty classic "Nice Guy," whether that be in The Boys, the underrated romcom Plus One, or even Tragedy Girls, another solid horror movie. In his scenes with his girlfriend Sam (Melissa Barrera), he's supportive, pragmatic, and just seems like a solid guy. Which makes his big, evil reveal that much more compelling, and that much more believable. And as much as Quaid can sell the Nice Guy stuff, he really sells the maniac stuff. And we go from hoping he'll be OK to hoping he gets what he deserves real quick. That's how you know he's doing his job well.

Jill Roberts (Scream 4, 2011)

scream ghostface ranking killer

As shocking as the twist in Scream 4 is, I almost feel like to fully grasp just how surprising, subversive, and just all-around great it was, you have to know the context of 2011. This was a time when it seemed like just about every horror movie coming out was either a reboot or a straight-up remake. While Neve Campbell was returning for Scream 4, all the chatter in the lead-up to the movie was how Emma Roberts, as Sidney Prescott's cousin Jill Roberts, would be "taking over the franchise," and becoming the new final girl. And then you watch the movie, and that twist hits. And Roberts—who, at the time, hadn't even landed on American Horror Story— just absolutely nails it, having us believe her at first, and fully selling us on her murderous master plan after the reveal. A truly great villain in the franchise.

Billy Loomis (Scream, 1996)

billy loomis scream ghostface

We could flip these top two back and forth over and over and over again, but it was never going to be anyone else. The original reveal that Scream 's Ghostface wasn't one but two people—and two people we had essentially crossed off our list—is one for the ages. Toss in the fact that Ulrich was essentially cast as a knockoff of a previous Wes Craven character (Johnny Depp's innocent boyfriend in Nightmare on Elm Street) , and he really, really, sold this character. An absolute mastermind maniac, and one the franchise would be trying to match (sometimes coming close) for decades to come.

Stream Scream Here

Stu Macher (Scream, 1996)

scream ghostface ranking killer

Yes, Billy Loomis is the mastermind. But what makes Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) the best Scream Ghostface is the fact that he so doesn't have to be doing this. Lillard is off-the-rails funny the whole movie (the way he says "I'll bE rIgHt BaCk" after Randy's horror movie speech is unparalleled), but it's only after the movie's big reveal that he truly goes into another stratosphere. Lillard goes from menacing to deranged to pathetic to hilarious within a few moments notice, and it's never less than EXTREMELY FUN TO WATCH at any point. Stu took a TV to the head and is probably dead, but there are many, many, many fans online hoping that didn't quite do it, and that we'll someday get to see Matthew Lillard in this role again (at a certain point, he was actually set to return for Scream 3 ) . And we can't blame them for that.

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Ghostface still making Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox ‘Scream’ in relaunch’s new trailer

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Ghostface is back and ready to make his victims run, bleed and — of course — scream in the new “Scream” trailer.

Released Tuesday, the preview features Wes Craven’s iconic horror-film antagonist terrorizing people who were related to the subversive franchise’s original killers.

And while 2022’s “Scream” installment features a new cast of tech-savvy Gen Z-ers, it also hails the return of the four-film series’ original stars (at least those whose characters survived): Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, David Arquette’s lawman Dewey Riley and Courteney Cox’s journalist Gale Weathers.

ghostface horror movie

The fifth “Scream” is set 25 years after the streak of brutal murders shook up Woodsboro, and the new trailer opens with the scary-movie sequence reminiscent of the original films, which began with 1996’s “Scream.”

In it, an unsuspecting girl named Tara (Jenna Ortega) gets a landline call and corresponding text messages from the omniscient stalker — then sees her smart-phone tech turn against her as Ghostface emerges at her door to slash her belly.

But Sidney Prescott, “who’s been though this — a lot,” is on the case, bringing in her guns, wits and reluctant friends back to Woodsboro to face off with this latest slasher.

“Whatever his link is to our past, it’s pulled us all back here. And I won’t sleep until he’s in the ground,” she says, as the new killer racks up a body count in the trailer.

Horror filmmaker Wes Craven, famous for the "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream" pictures, in a photo for one of his nonhorror forays, 1999's "Music of the Heart."

Appreciation: Wes Craven was a master of genre and reinvention

Fittingly for someone so closely associated with two enduring, ongoing movies series, Wes Craven had a knack for reinvention.

Aug. 31, 2015

The person donning the white mask targets a group of teenagers “to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past,” according to Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, which will release the long-gestating film on Jan. 14, 2022.

“Scream” is co-directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett and also stars Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmin Savoy Brown and Sonia Ammar.

Kevin Williamson, who created characters for the original four films and wrote three of them, serves as executive producer this time around. James Vanderbilt (“Zodiac,” “White House Down,” “Murder Mystery”) and Guy Busick (“Castle Rock,” “Ready or Not”) wrote the new script.

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This is a good page

Ghostface is the main antagonist in the Scream series . An identity rather than an actual person, there have been seven people to assume the Ghostface mantle. A psychotic serial killer, he or she often dresses up as the variation of a ghost, or the Grim Reaper (The name given to his costume in the film is Father Death ). He also uses a electronic device to disguise his voice; when doing so, he is voiced by Roger L. Jackson.

Ghostface is named after the rubber mask under which he hides his face, a mask inspired by the Edvard Munch painting The Scream . He is also known as the Woodsboro Killer , after the town where he commits his murders. Ghostface often calls his victims on the phone, taunting or threatening them before stabbing them to death with an 8 inch bowie knife or killing them any other way. He is usually known for asking their victims horror film trivia while stalking them. All ghostface people always die.

  • 1.1 Background
  • 1.2 Woodsboro
  • 1.3 Windsor College
  • 1.4 Hollywood
  • 1.5 Woodsboro (10 years later)
  • 1.6 Woodsboro (12 years later)
  • 1.7 New York
  • 2.2 Scream 2
  • 2.3 Scream 3
  • 2.4 Scream 4
  • 2.5 Scream (2022)
  • 2.6 Scream VI
  • 3 Skills And Abilities
  • 4.1 Other equipment
  • 5.2 Scream 2
  • 5.3 Scream 3
  • 5.4 Scream 4
  • 5.5 Scream (2022)
  • 5.6 Scream VI
  • 6.1 Dead by Daylight


The Ghostface killings all stem from Maureen Prescott, the original victim.

While working as B-movie actress "Rina Reynolds" in Los Angeles, Maureen Prescott was gang raped at a Hollywood party hosted by film producer John Milton. Maureen became pregnant from the incident, but gave the baby up before moving back to her hometown of Woodsboro, California . She married Neil Prescott and had a daughter, Sidney Prescott , but had various affairs and earned a reputation around town for being a "slut". Years later, her illegitimate son, now called Roman Bridger , tracked her down and tried to make contact, but Maureen rejected him, wanting nothing to do with what she considered Rina's child.

Roman responded by stalking Maureen and filming her adulterous behavior with Cotton Weary and Hank Loomis. When Hank's wife found out about the affair and abandoned her family, Roman showed the footage of Maureen and Hank to Hank's traumatized teenage son, Billy . He manipulated the boy into taking revenge on Maureen, advising him to take a weak-willed partner to sell out in case he got caught. Billy, who was either dating Sidney at the time or started dating her after meeting Roman, responded by brutally murdering Maureen with the help of his friend Stu Macher . They then framed Cotton Weary for the crime; Cotton was put on death row following a testimony from Sidney, despite reporter Gale Weathers publishing a book claiming he was innocent.

A year after he killed Mauren, Billy decided to continue his revenge on the Prescott family by planning a full-scale killing spree in Woodsboro. Their murders would be inspired by those of slasher movies. One night, dressed in "Father Death" costumes, he and Stu tormented Stu's ex-girlfriend Casey Becker over the phone. They asked her movie trivia questions pertaining to Halloween and Friday the 13th ; when she answered incorrectly, they murdered her boyfriend Steve Orth in front of her. They then stabbed and killed Casey herself, and strung her corpse up on a tree for her parents to find. Sometime after, Billy and Stu kidnapped Neil Prescott, who was supposed to be out of town on business.


Stu Macher and Billy Loomis go on a killing spree in their hometown.

The brutal murder of Casey and Steve caused a sensation in the town, with police investigating the entire staff and student body of Woodsboro High. Gale Weathers also arrived in town to report on the murders. The next night, Stu attacked Sidney Prescott in her home and Billy was caught moments later in possession of a cellular phone. The police questioned him, but had no real evidence and had to release him the next day. Meanwhile, Neil Prescott became a suspect in the attack when police were unable to find him. When Billy or Stu attacked Sidney again at school, the students were sent home and the entire town put on a curfew. However, Stu decided to host a party at his remote house, which would be the setting for his and Billy's "final act". Beforehand, he or Billy murdered Principal Himbry in his office.

Stu's party was attended by dozens of teenagers, as well as Gale Weathers and local police deputy Dewey Riley . When Billy showed up, he and Sidney discussed their relationship and made love for the first time. Eventually, after hearing of Principal Himbry's death, most of the guys left to see his corpse. After killing Stu's girlfriend Tatum Riley , and injuring Randy Meeks and Dewey, Billy and Stu finally revealed their true intentions to Sidney; they planned to to murder her and frame Neil Prescott for the crime. Sidney eventually managed to turn the tables on her attackers, killing Stu with a television set while Gale shot Billy. Randy warned Sidney that Billy would return for "one last scare", prompting her to shoot her ex-boyfriend through the head.

Windsor College


Upon hearing of her son's death, Nancy Loomis takes revenge on Sidney Prescott with the help of...

The actions of Billy Loomis and Stu Macher would go on to become a media sensation. Gales Weathers cashed in on the murders with a book entitled The Woodsboro Murders , which was eventually adapted into a Hollywood movie called Stab . When Billy's mother, Mrs. Loomis, found out what had happened in Woodsboro, she decided to take revenge on Sidney Prescott for murdering her son. She recruited young serial killer Mickey Altieri over the internet to be her partner; the two met in the "classifieds" of a psycho website. Mickey was a film student at Windsor College, which Sidney and Randy also attended, who wished to be caught for his murders. In the resulting trial, he planned to blame his crimes on cinema violence.


...Mickey Altieri, a twisted film student obsessed with the media's effects on real-life violence.

Mrs. Loomis and Mickey carried out their first murder at a sneak preview of Stab , killing Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens in the theatre the film was playing.

The murders provoked discussion in the media as to whether the movie itself was directly responsible; Mrs. Loomis posed as local reporter Debbie Salt as a way of involving herself in the case without suspicion. Gale Weathers arrived at Windsor College with Cotton Weary in tow, hoping to report on the murders and conduct an interview between Sidney and Cotton. Dewey Riley also showed up hoping to support and protect Sidney. Soon after the killings in the movie theatre, film student Casey "Cici" Cooper was murdered in her sorority house and Sidney was attacked at a nearby party. Gale deduced that the victims all shared names with the victims at Woodboro and that the killer was copying Billy and Stu.

As Dewey, Gale, and Randy tried to figure out who the killer was, Mrs. Loomis phoned them up and taunted them. Randy was tasked with keeping her occupied while Gale and Dewey tried to find out where she was calling from. When Randy made the mistake of insulting Billy, Loomis attacked and killed him in public and broad daylight before disappearing. Later that night, Gale and Dewey were attacked in the college building and Dewey was stabbed almost to death. Meanwhile, Mickey hijacked the police car transporting Sidney to safety, killing her protectors and best friend, Hallie McDaniel. Sidney escaped to the campus theatre, where Mrs. Loomis and Mickey revealed to her their identities. Loomis betrayed Mickey, who let off one shot at Gale before being shot himself. A confused Cotton Weary showed up to find "Debbie Salt" holding Sidney hostage, and saved Sidney's life by shooting Loomis. After Mickey briefly sprung back up, Sidney and Gale finished off both killers with help from Cotton. (She shot Mrs. Loomis in the head, just in case she survived being shot in the neck by Cotton).

Sidney, after the dastardly murders by Mickey Altieri and Debbie Loomis, escaped into desolation and was soon to be tracked down by another psychopath involved with Maureen Prescott who dons the identity of Ghostface.

As the cast of the latest stab film begin to be brutally murdered and left with the calling card picture of Maureen Prescott during her time as B-Movie actress for Jonathan Milton at Sunshine Studios, Sidney is called out of hiding. She is soon brutally attacked on the Stab 3 Woodsboro set in her own replica of her original bedroom in Woodsboro. The final confrontation ends with the unmasking of the killer, revealing he is Roman Bridger, the son of a rapist male and Maureen Prescott. He confesses on behalf of putting the blame of the murders and John Milton on her hands as vengeance for being the only claimed child of Maureen Prescott.

Roman's film of Maureen's illicit affair with Billy Loomis' father, which broke up his family, was shown and his pointers created the first Ghostface with Stu Macher to follow in the footsteps. Roman was killed by Dewey Riley, leaving the final connection to Maureen's murder dead and buried.  

Woodsboro (10 years later)

Jealous of the fame that Sidney received for surviving every spree, her cousin Jill Roberts became one of the 2 Ghostfaces in the fourth Ghostface, along with Charlie Walker, with the intent of framing her ex-boyfriend, Trevor, and becoming famous as the "new Sidney". She enlisted the help of Charlie Walker, who agreed because he loved her. Their first victims were Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper, and they left evidence in Sidney's rental car just to haunt her.

Charlie then stages a threatening call to Jill and her friend Olivia, throwing off suspicion. Dewey Riley questioned them about the calls. Sidney went to live with her aunt, Jill's mother, temporarily. Olivia became a victim of Ghostface the next day while Jill and her friend Kirby watch. Sidney tries to save her, and Jill assists; Charlie (in costume) injures them and escapes. While they are in the hospital, Charlie and his friend suggest to Gale that the new killers are using the rules of horror movie remakes and will strike at a party that night.

Normal 0264

Jill Roberts, Sidney's cousin, is jealous of her fame

Gale is injured while investigating the party. The policemen assigned to protect Jill's house are killed. Upon realizing that Jill has left the house, Sidney tries to tell Jill's mother Kate, who is killed by Ghostface. Sidney went to Kirby's house to protect Jill. She witnesses Ghostface killing Robbie, while Kirby is forced to answer movie trivia to defend a tied-up Charlie. Kirby "wins the game", and goes to untie Charlie. Charlie stabs her in the stomach and reveals that he is Ghostface. Jill arrives in the Ghostface mask and cloak before revealing herself and her motives. She pulled Trevor out of a closet at that moment and shot him in the head. Jill betrayed Charlie by stabbing him in the heart (to kill him), and then again in the stomach (to cause him more pain), and framed him as Trevor's accomplice. She then stabbed Sidney in the stomach and injured herself to make it appear that Trevor attacked her. Dewey and the police arrived and took both Sidney and Jill to the hospital again.

Dewey informed Jill that Sidney was still alive, not knowing that Jill was Ghostface and would try to kill Sidney. Jill entered Sidney's hospital room and attempted to finish her wounded cousin off; meanwhile, Dewey and his partner Judy found evidence that Jill had seen Charlie attack Gale and went to the room to save Sidney. They were right in time, as Jill had not caused Sidney any fatal injuries. As she attempted to kill her, they arrived and intervened. Jill knocked Dewey out with a bedpan and shot Judy, however Gale stalled until Sidney jumped up and electrocuted Jill with fully-charged paddles to the head. Jill got back up again while they weren't looking and grabbed a piece of glass to kill Sidney with, but Sidney had realized that Jill would do so and shot her in the chest. Outside of the hospital, news reporters ironically proclaimed Jill the "sole-surviving hero", which is exactly what she had been trying to accomplish. But her plan ultimately failed when Sidney, Dewey, Gale, and Judy told everyone the truth and she officially became the new Billy Loomis instead of the new Sidney Prescott. 

Woodsboro (12 years later)

Ghostface calls Tara Carpenter whilst she's home alone, claiming to be a man named "Charlie" who knows her mother from "group". Tara believes this man could be her mother's boyfriend and so she goes along with the conversation, keeping her friend Amber Freeman informed the whole time. Charlie quizzes Tara about her love for horror movies and asks if she wants to play a Stab trivia game, which Tara is forced to play when the caller reveals he'll kill Amber if she doesn't. Tara plays along and mixes up a question about the original Stab movie and when she tries to run and save Amber, Ghostface appears at her door and stabs her. Ghostface breaks into the house and stabs Tara seven times and breaks her leg before being interrupted by the police.

Amber Freeman

Amber Freeman masterminded the third Woodsboro murders.

The next day, Ghostface kills Vince Schneider outside a bar after he threatens Liv McKenzie, it is then revealed that Vince was related to Stu Macher. At the hospital, Ghostface calls Samantha Carpenter and reveals that he knows she is the daughter of Billy Loomis and will expose that secret. Ghostface then appears from behind the door and attacks Sam, who escapes. It is later predicted by Mindy Meeks-Martin that Ghostface is trying to create a requel to Stab 8 to appease the "toxic" fandom.

The next day, Ghostface attacks and kills Judy and Wes Hicks and then attacks Tara at the hospital where he kills Deputy Vinson and eventually Dewey Riley, who attempts to kill Ghostface by shooting him in the head. Sam, Tara and Richie Kirsch are lured to Amber's house at 261 Turner Lane to get Tara's spare inhaler and Ghostface attacks Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin leaving them both for dead. After an argument breaks out between Liv, Sam and Amber, Amber pulls a gun and kills Liv, revealing herself as a killer.


Richie Kirsch is Amber's accomplice and was intending to frame Sam Carpenter for the murders due to her being the daughter of Billy Loomis.

Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers arrive to the house and immediately know Amber is lying, so Amber shoots Gale and lures them inside. Sidney and Ghostface, who is Amber underneath, get into a fight and Richie appears to come to their rescue, only to reveal himself as the second killer. A fight breaks out between the group with Sidney, Gale and Tara killing Amber by setting her alight with hand sanitizer and then shooting her through the head, and Richie getting stabbed repeatedly by Sam before she slits his throat open, bringing the new killings to an end.

S6 0048

Jason Carvey planned to finish Richie's flim as a killing spree.

University professor, Laura Crane, matches with a man on Flirtr who asks her out on a date. Whilst waiting for him, she gets a call from him and he claims he is a lost but is coming down an alley near the restaurant. As she gets closer, he begins to get panicked and says someone with a knife is following him. Laura runs down the alley and the voice on the phone changes to the Killer's voice and he taunts Laura before jumping out of the alley and killing her. Ghostface takes off his mask to reveal Jason Carvey underneath. He returns to his apartment and puts the used mask in his Ghostface shrine.

He then gets a call from his roommate Greg and they discuss their plan to finish making Richie's film, however Jason realises the voice on the other end isn't Greg but is actually Ghostface who leads him to Greg's body in the refrigerator. The real Ghostface appears behind him, and stabs him to death, leaving behind Richie's old mask.

Wayne Bailey

Wayne Baliey is the mastermind of the New York murders.

Later that night, Sam and Tara are called down to the police station by NYPD Detective Wayne Bailey and along the way, Sam is called from Richie's old phone number. Sam answers and the killer on the other end taunts the sisters before ambushing them from an alley. The sisters evade Ghostfac and run into a Bodega where Ghostface follows them in and kills two customers and then the Bodega owner using his own shotgun. He stalks the sisters through the bodega and they are able to run outside when the police arrive, but the killer escapes through the backdoor and leaves behind the mask belonging to Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker. The next morning, he kills Sam's ex-therapist Christopher Stone by breaking through his front door glass and stabbing him in the eye. He steals Sam's therapy file and leaves behind the mask belonging to Roman.

That night, he seemingly murders Quinn Bailey and her latest gentleman caller, and whilst Sam, Mindy and Anika Kayoko try to escape by climbing across a ladder between their apartment and Danny Brackett's, he flips the ladder, causing Anika to fall to her death. The next day, Wayne comes up with a plan to bait Ghostface by having Sam and Tara wander around in a park and hopefully trigger a phone call from him that they can trace. The plan is successful and they track the call down to Gale's Upper East Side penthouse. In the penthouse, Gale gets her first phone call from Ghostface who murders her new boyfriend, Brooks, whilst he is distracted. Ghostface then attacks Gale and she shoots him before getting another call from him.

As she searches the penthouse for him, she hangs up and re-dials his number, exposing his hiding spot. She fires multiple rounds through the door but Ghostface breaks through the door and stabs her multiple times and leaves her for dead when he's interrupted by Sam and Tara'a arrival. Presumably here he left behind (or wore) Mickey Altieri's mask.

That night, Tara comes up with a plan to trap and execute Ghostface and they decide to use the theatre to do this. Wayne agrees to the plan and tells them to travel in public. Along the way they get separated in the subway station, forcing Mindy and Ethan Landry to travel on a separate subway. On the subway, Mindy is backed into a secluded corner of the subway car and Ghostface emerges, disguised as a commuter and as the subway passes in and out of light, he covers her mouth and stabs her in the gut before disembarking at the next stop. Ethan notices Mindy's injuries and seeks medical attention for her.

Ethan Landry

Ethan Landry is Wayne's son and Richie's brother intending to avenge his death by killing Sam.

At the theatre, Kirby is wandering around (off-screen) and is ambushed by two Ghostface killers. One of those killers then attacks Tara, Sam and Chad and when Chad tries to hold the killer back to allow Sam and Tara to escape, the second Ghostface emerges and they take turns stabbing Chad over and leaving him for dead. The two killers wipe the blood off their knives in sync and follow the sisters into the theatre where they prepare to fight. At that same time, Kirby regains consciousness and returns to the theatre hall however Sam and Tara are distrusting of her as Wayne told them that she was expelled from the FBI for mental health reasons. At that same time, Wayne arrives and shoots Kirby, revealing himself as one of the killers.

Quinn Bailey

Quinn Bailey is Wayne's daughter and Richie's sister intending to avenge his death by killing Sam.

The two masked Ghostface's emerge behind him, wearing Nancy Loomis' and Stu Macher's masks and unmask themselves to reveal Ethan and Quinn, respectively. They reveal that they are all the family of Richie, Wayne being his father and Quinn and Ethan being his brother, and they all want revenge for Sam killing him, which included them fueling a rumor that Sam was the real killer. The sisters evade the three killers and after fighting throughout the theatre are able to kill Quinn and Ethan. Sam falls over the railing with Wayne and Wayne is knocked out. When he comes to, Sam calls him using the Ghostface voice and then stabs him to death using Billy Loomis' mask, robe and knife. Ethan tries one last time to kill anyone but Kirby crushes his skull using the same TV that killed Stu, bringing an end to the New York Ghostface murders.

Identities and Motives

830px-We all go a little mad sometimes

Billy Loomis: Maureen Prescott had an affair with his father Hank Loomis, which prompted Hank and Billy's mother to divorce. Billy killed her out of anger. A year later, Billy and Stu started a murder spree in their hometown of Woodsboro, planning on copying their favorite movies and becoming heroes when they survived. Their plan was to frame Maureen's husband, Neil Prescott, and culminate in killing Sidney. Billy was the first killer to come back to life for one last scare but Sidney finished him off with a bullet to the forehead. It was revealed two movies later, that Roman Bridger mentored Billy to kill Maureen and eventually kill Sidney since Roman made it sound like Maureen was the cause of Billy's parent's divorce.


Stu Macher: Stu was a horror movie fanatic who followed his best friend Billy Loomis around. Submitting to peer pressure from Billy Stu helped murder Maureen Prescott. A year later, they committed a murder spree in their home town of Woodsboro planning on recreating their beloved horror movies and becoming heroes for surviving the bloodbath. Their first targets were Stu's ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend (Casey Becker and Steve Orth). Billy also killed Stu's current girlfriend, Tatum Obviously likely without his knowledge They eventually went on to kill multiple people however, he came to his death when he chased Sidney and she bit his hand, which gave her time to drop a television over his head, electrocuting and killing him almost instantly.


Nancy Loomis: Billy's mother orchestrated the Windsor College murder spree out of vengeance for Billy's death. She also channeled her hatred for Maureen Prescott, who slept with her husband, onto Sidney. Mrs. Loomis found Mickey Altieri on-line and paid for his college tuition, giving him her motherly help and guidance. Secretly, she set Mickey up to take the fall for the entire copycat killing spree, planning on murdering him after she achieved her revenge. Even if anyone suspected there was a second killer, the persona she created of "Debbie Salt" couldn't be traced back to her. Sidney originally thought Gale was the killer, when Mickey told the second killer to reveal herself however, she used Gale as a hostage and Sidney noticed it was Billy's mother. Mrs Loomis is later killed when Cotton shoots her in the throat at point blank range. Sidney shoots her again in the forehead claiming it was "just in case".

Mickey s2

Mickey Altieri: A psychopathic film geek, Mickey wanted to create a sequel and be the star of a trial-of-the-century type media circus. Mrs. Loomis found him on-line on a murdering kind of website and paid for his tuition at Windsor College, where he worked himself into Sidney's close circle of friends to make it look like he wasn't the Killer when the murders first started, however, Mickey actually planned on not getting away with the murder spree, wishing to be the center of the following media circus and debate on movie-making ethics. It's possible he wanted revenge for something, as that most of the Ghostface Killer's have another motive, however it was never revealed. In the end Mrs. Loomis betrays him and shoots him in the chest stating that his motive will never be believed. He later rises up for one last scare but Gale and Sidney shoot him several times which leads to his death.

830px-Roman reveal2

Roman Bridger: A director, Roman tracked down his birth mother (Maureen Prescott), who shunned him and told him that she already had a family. Roman, the offspring of a vicious rape, was not wanted. Roman mentored Billy Loomis to kill Maureen, and was enraged by the fame gushed upon his half-sister, Sidney Prescott. He planned on framing Sidney for a murder spree and walking away as the new hero. However, he came face to face with his sister and exposed himself to her. Saying that Maureen didn't want him and she had a whole new life, with another child. He is mortally wounded when Sidney stabs him from behind with an ice pick. Then delivers the final blow to the heart. When Dewey warns Sidney about the killer being super human Roman rises up only to be shot in the head by Dewey.

Normal 0264

Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts : Jill grew up in the shadow of her famous cousin Sidney Prescott and became jealous of Sidney's attention, and sought to take it all for herself. Not wanting to work hard or get a job, Jill planned a killing spree in Woodsboro to achieve this. She partnered with her friend, Charlie Walker, who was in love with her, but Jill betrayed Charlie, stabbing him to death, and setting up her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon, to look like the second Ghostface killer. She then horribly injured herself to maximize sympathy for her as the new hero. However, Dewey and Gale, find out that Jill was the real killer and not Trevor. They go to Sidney's room and find Jill trying to finish her, but they got there in time to pull her off. In the final showdown Sidney electrocutes Jill with deliberator paddles to the head thanks to Gale distracting her. Jill recovers and picks up a shard of glass trying to stab Sidney with it, but she is shot in the chest by Sidney, who knows the killer always comes back for one last scare.

Normal RCScream4 Cap1724

Charlie Walker: A film fanatic, he aspired to win the heart of Jill Roberts and saw them as a remake version of Randy Meeks and Sidney Prescott. Jill strung him along, and together they planned a new killing spree in Woodsboro. This would work to continue the stagnant Stab series, as well as propel Charlie and Jill into the limelight for surviving Ghostface's attacks. In the end, Jill betrayed him and stabbed him to death, stating that it would work best for her if she was the sole survivor.

Scream (2022)

Amber Freeman

Amber Freeman: Amber was a fan of the Stab movies ever since her parents bought Stu Macher's old house. After being appalled by the events of Stab 8, she connected with other fans on a Stab subreddit, one of those fans being Richie Kirsch. The pair devised a plan to create their own "requel" to Stab and Amber revealed information about her girlfriend's sister, Samantha Carpenter, that she is the daughter of Billy Loomis, that they could use as the basis for their movie, as well as framing her as the Killer. They went along with their plan, eventually unmasking themselves and Amber is killed after being set on fire and then shot in the head.


Richie Kirsch: Richie was a fellow Stab fan and another one who was appalled by Stab 8. After meeting Amber Freeman on a Stab subreddit, they devised a plan to create their own "requel" and they were going to use Samantha Carpenter as their Killer and Tara Carpenter and her friends as the basis for their movie. Richie tracked down and got close to Samantha, eventually gaining her trust and starting a relationship with her. When Tara gets attacked, he returns to Woodsboro with her and after a few more murders, Richie unmasks himself and is ultimately killed by Sam after underestimating her.

S6 0048

Jason Carvey: Jason planned to instigate a own killing spree with his friend Greg to finish off Richie's movie, a killer he idolised. Acting alone, Jason donned the mask to kill his professor, Laura Crane by luring her in through a dating app. He had a hidden Ghostface shrine in their dorm room. It is likely this wasn't the first time Jason killed as he made a comparison to having blue balls over killng, it is unknown if Greg had killed anyone before this. Jason is the first Ghostface killer to be killed by another Ghostface killer in a massacre.

Greg Bruckner: Greg planned with Jason start a own killing spree to finish off Richie's movie. The two enrolled at Blackmore University to follow Samantha Carpenter, Tara Carpenter, Chad Meeks-Martin and Mindy Meeks-Martin. He wasn't relevant as Ghostface since he was killed by Wayne to later stole his identity to kill Jason.

Wayne Bailey

Wayne Bailey: Wayne was a police detective and the father of Richie Kirsch. He indulged Richie's love of the Stab movies and helped him build a shrine in an abandoned theatre in New York City. After discovering the truth behind Richie's murder in Gale's new book, Wayne sought revenge against Samantha Carpenter for killing him and joined forces with his son and daughter to carry out his olan. He was killed after being stabbed over forty times and once in the eye by Sam.

Ethan Landry

Ethan Landry: Ethan was the brother of Richie Kirsch and son of Wayne Bailey. After discovering the truth of Richie's murder, Ethan sought revenge against Samanatha Carpenter for killing him and agreed to his father's plan. Ethan enroled at Blackmore University and manipulated the housing arrangements to be roommates with Chad to get close to him and the rest of the Woodsboro survivors. He met his death after having his skull crushed by Kirby Reed with the same TV that killed Stu.

Quinn Bailey

Quinn Bailey: Quinn was the sister of Richie Kirsch and daughter of Wayne Bailey. After discovering the truth of Richie's murder, Quinn sought revenge against Samanatha Carpenter for killing him and agreed to her father's plan. Quinn enroled at Blackmore University and answered a roommate listing by Sam and Tara in order to get close to them and the rest of the Woodsboro survivors. She met her death after being shot in the head by Sam.

Skills And Abilities

Unlike supernatural killers, such as Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger , Ghostface is a normal human, but he displays several skills of a deadly and efficient killer. He is very skilled in stealth, allowing him to hide in unexpected places. Also, he exhibits extreme durability against physical harm and has a high level of physical strength.

Ghostface often displays a heightened awareness. He seems to be able to know where his victims are located before a physical attack, where they are hiding, or to where they will attempt to escape.

Ghostface has an almost supernatural stealth ability, seemingly being able to quickly appear and disappear in almost impossible circumstances. He is also very skilled at stalking and hiding from his victims.

Ghostface is strong enough to physically lift and throw an adult sized person and to stun and knock his victims to the ground with punches. He also has enough strength to puncture through doors and other surfaces with his knife. He can endure several physical damages such as having bottles and vases smashed over his head.

Ghostface is highly skilled in knife wielding tactics and kills his victims by tactically stabbing them in vital body points or quickly slitting their throats. He is fast and agile on his feet and can almost always outrun and outmaneuver his victims.

31NQ9V55H4L SS500

Ghostface's Knife is an 8-inch Buck hunting knife that is used to kill multiple people in the Scream movie series. It is used by Ghostface , a persona adopted by serial killers in the Scream movies.  it's overall shape and design is very similar to that of a "bowie" knife, but is based on a typical "Buck knife"

The knife is inspired by and strongly resembles a knife called the Buck 120 which is most commonly used for hunting purposes, making it a hunting knife. It has a black metallic handle with a steel blade that is about eight inches long. The top of the knife blade curves at the end, making a dip, however the bottom, though curved as well, does not form a dip. The bottom blade is sharp, that is straight, until it curves to meet the top end, which forms a dip. The knife is apparently extremely common and easy to obtain in the Scream universe, as each killer in the series has a different one. In some cases where there is more than one Ghostface, each have their own personal knife.

Other equipment

  • 9mm Pistol: Usually used after the killer reveals his or her identity.
  • Father Death costume: Halloween costume used to hide Ghostface's true identity, the costume is a long, black hooded robe with a white ghost mask.
  • Bullet Proof Vest: Used by Roman Bridger in Scream 3 to protect himself from gunshots.
  • Voice Changer: A small electronic device used to disguise the Killer's real voice and change it to a deep, guttural voice.

Behind the Mask

There is much debate and speculation about which killer is Ghostface during the series. Some instances are obvious while others can be argued endlessly. It is believed Kevin Williamson revealed who he intended to wear the costume in comments made through the years concerning the first Scream. If any can be verified please link to source. [1] The Different Ghostface Masks used in all 4 Scream movies.

Maureen Prescott's murder:  Billy and Stu committed the murder, as referenced in their dialogue. But it is unknown whether or not they wore the Ghostface costume. In the Stab 3 flashback set, Maureen's body is seen with a phone, suggesting she was at least called by them first.

Casey and Steve's murders:  Billy and Stu were present because Ghostface is at both entrances. It is implied these two were killed because Casey dumped Stu for Steve, making the killings personal to Stu. It is the Ghostface at the back entrance who made the calls to Casey, because it was the Ghostface at the back of the house because when the caller reveals that he intends on killing her, he tells her to "turn the patio lights on... again", which are at the back of the house and the "again" implies that he is already aware that she has turned on the patio lights before since the first call. The Ghostface that gutted Steve was logically the Ghostface at the back entrance of the house who is Stu as that is where Steve's body has been placed. The Ghostface that is seen running around the house after a chair is thrown through the patio doors was the Ghostface in the back as Ghostface came from the back of the house. Casey was stabbed more than once and was strangled, which means that Billy is the one who killed her because that's his technique while Stu's was stabbing only once.

Sidney's house attack:  Billy most likely called Sidney while Stu attacked her. Billy is seen with a phone and appears at the bedroom window too soon after Sidney locks herself in her bedroom. For Billy to be Ghostface here he would have to have run downstairs, go outside to run around the perimeter of the house, ditched the Ghostface costume, and climbed into Sidney's second story window in a matter of seconds. This is further proven if one listens carefully as Ghostface chases, receives blows and is tripped by Sidney as he continuously grunts with his voice attributing to that of Stu.

Call at the Riley house:  Stu called to 'prove' Billy was innocent since he was locked up at the time.

Sidney's bathroom attack:  It would be Billy as the Ghosface had the same colored pants Billy wore. Also, Billy copied the same words the girls said about Sidney and her mother when Billy revealed himself as one of the killers. Billy wanted to hear Sidney's emotions and weaknesses.

Principal Himbry's murder:  This murder was most likely Billy as his whereabouts were unknown at the time. Stu was seen with Sidney and Tatum outside the school, but left somewhere unknown. Even though Stu left somewhere, Billy had the better chance of killing Mr. Himbry.

Stalking Sidney and Tatum:  Evidence lays more on Billy. Billy was the one that attacked both of them and possibly wanted to know more about them.

Tatum's murder:  Billy killed her while Stu was hosting the party. Billy arrives shortly after her death and share's a taletalle look with Stu that may be his signal to inform him that Tatum is dead. You can here Billy's voice and grunt when he receives blows by Tatum.

Billy's fake 'murder' and Sidney's attack:  Obviously Stu because Billy is seen.

Kenny's murder:  Stu. Stu claims that Gale died when she crashed into a tree with the news-van after finding Kenny's dead body. It is most likely that Stu stuck around the area in front of the house, even after Sidney got away.

Dewey's attack:  Billy, he hears Dewey yell, puts on the costume, goes downstairs, stabs him, chases Sidney, either goes threw a window in the house, or the garage and pretends that nothing happened. Stu was checking to see if Gale was dead and was around that area, not the house. That explains why Randy was blaming Stu for killing the people because he was stalking him since he was already outside when Gale hit him with a phone.

Neil Prescott's abduction:  Billy and Stu kidnapped him in order for them to frame him, because they both wanted people to believe that Neil Prescott was the killer.

Stu's murder:  Billy stabbed Stu so they can cover any trace of them being the killers. Then Stu stabbed Billy because Billy already stabbed Stu to cover any trace. Billy then stabs him again because Stu was blaming movies for creating psychos, but both are still alive. After, Sidney stabs Billy with an umbrella, Stu emerges from the Kitchen and attacks Sidney. Sidney manages to get the upper hand, and drops a tv on Stu's head, which kills him.

Billy's murder:  Billy stabbed Stu because they wanted to cover any trace of them killing everyone. Billy is stabbed once by Stu because they wanted to try and cover any trace of them being the killer. Billy then stabbed Stu for blaming movies for making psychos, but both are still alive. While Billy is trying to find and kill Sidney, he gets distracts and Sidney stabs him in the chest with an umbrella twice. Billy then hits Randy and chokes Sidney. Sidney then pokes Billy hard where he got stabbed with the umbrella. Billy is about to stab Sidney, but is shot by Gale. Still alive, Billy scares Randy and Gale, but not Sidney, and is shot by Sidney in the head, killing him.

Maureen and Phil's murders:  Ghostface kills Phil and wears his jacket to trick Maureen into thinking he's her boyfriend. She touches him and isn't suspicious, pointing at Mickey being Ghostface here. His body is similar enough to Phil's to fool her, while Mrs. Loomis would be obvious. Mrs. Loomis kills Phil as you can hear a women's voice can be heard in the other stall. Debbie left the body on the bathroom floor and Mickey put on Phil's jacket and killed Maureen.

Cici's murder:  We know there's two killers because when Cici's friend is talking to "Ted" on the phone there is a killer sneaking in behind Cici without a phone at the same time "Ted" is talking. Mickey didn't arrive at the party until the scene that followed the murder of Cici. However, Mrs. Loomis was in front of the house after Cici was murdered. Mickey films and calls Cici while Mrs. Loomis sneaks and kills her in the house. The caller needed to know somethings about Cici like who's her boyfriend and know if her house has an alarm, pointing the caller being Mickey as they are in the same class. When Ghostface jumps out of the closet, you can hear noises coming from him. However it couldn't be Mrs. Loomis or Mickey's voice as they do not sound like that. This could only mean that it was Ghostface making those noises. You can hear a women's grunt when Cici throws a bike at Ghosface making Mrs. Loomis being the killer.

Sidney's Greek house attack:  Mrs. Loomis, because she told Gale she had a deadline after the scene where Cici was murdered. Mrs. Loomis also wanted revenge on Sidney and Gale for killing her son, Billy. The killer was eager to attack Sidney during the attack, making the killer being Mrs. Loomis.

Sidney's theater scare:  This was Mickey because right after Ghostface came in front of Sidney, Ghostface immediately goes to the exit. Also Mrs. Loomis seems to have little knowledge of the stage during the end of the movie. Derek even told Sidney that he and Mickey swapped right after Ghostface scares Sidney giving Mickey a better chance of being Ghostface. The Ghostface seemed to know what to do in the play and how to scare Sidney, making the killer being Mickey as he goes to that school.

Randy's murder:  Mrs. Loomis takes credit for taunting Randy on the phone and killing him.

Sidney's IM:  Mickey, as he would have access to the college's computers and have a reason to be in the library, which Mrs. Loomis would not.

Gale and Dewey's attack:  Both were there. The one who pops up behind Gale and later attacks Dewey is Mrs. Loomis, as just after Dewey was stabbed, the killer constantly waves the knife around while trying to barricade into the room so that he could kill Gale, which is more like Mrs. Loomis. Mrs. Loomis also said that she wanted revenge of her son's death. the one recording the murders and filming Gale and Dewey was Mickey because their is already another killer behind Gale, which is Mrs. Loomis, because you can hear a woman's grunt when Ghostface failed to stab Gale. Ghostface seemed to have about the same height as Gale, but Mrs. Loomis is shorter than Mickey. Mrs. Loomis is about the same height as Gale but Mickey is taller than both of them. Meaning the killer to be Mrs. Loomis.

Andrews', Richards', and Hallie's murders:  Gale's locked in the room and Mickey and Mrs. Loomis can't get to her, and they know Sidney is leaving town, so Loomis sends Mickey like a good boy to go stop her. Mrs. Loomis wouldn't have any reason risking going up against two armed cops, let alone kill anyone besides Sidney and Gale since she was the killer who only wanted 'good old fashioned revenge.' Also, when Mickey reveals himself as one of the killers, you see a large cut on his forehead which indicates that he was the one driving the cop car and then crashing it, killing Officer Richards, and knocking himself unconscious.

Derek's murder:  During the movie, Ghostface/Mrs. Loomis attacks and slashed Derek's arm, damaging him severely. Mickey shoots him in the chest after revealing he is one of the killers

Mickey's murder:  Mrs. Loomis betrays and shoots Mickey in the chest a few times, gravely wounding him. Later, and still alive, Sidney and Gale shoot him in the chest several times which leads to his death.

Mrs. Loomis's murder:  Mrs. Loomis is about to kill Sidney, but Cotton comes up in front of them with a gun. Mrs. Loomis tries to convince Cotton to kill Sidney, but it failed and he shoots Mrs. Loomis in the throat. Sidney later shoots Mrs. Loomis in the head just in case if she was still alive.

Since Roman Bridger reveals himself to be the sole killer, he is Ghostface during the entire film.

Roman's Death:  While he is attacking Sidney, she grabs an icepick and stabs him in the back a few times, and once in the heart. Not dead, he runs up to Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, but Dewey shoots him in the chest several times. Since he is wearing a bullet proof vest, Sidney tells Dewey to shoot Roman in the head, which kills him.

Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper's Deaths:  Both Ghostfaces are present because footage later shows Marnie being stabbed by Ghostface while someone's holding the camera. Charlie killed Marnie while Jill video taped it with his phone (It is unknown why she didn't use her own). Her body was then thrown. Jill then chased Jenny and killed her by crushing her back with a garage door and then stabbing her while Charlie who went to the garage door from outside the house filmed Jenny's murder. The reason for Jill killing Jenny was because Jenny was the girl Trevor cheated on Jill with. Also the killer seemed to hesitate before killing Jenny, there wouldn't be a reason for Charlie to hesitate but Jill had a reason to hesitate making the killing personal to Jill. Jill also wanted everything to do with the first kills since they were meant as a signal to everyone that "Ghostface" is back.

Sidney's Car Boot:  Most evidence points towards Charlie. As Jill was with Kirby and Olivia since she left her house, the same day Sidney and Rebecca arrived at Woodsboro, while Charlie's whereabouts are not established until the beginning of school. It is more likely that Charlie planted the blood, Out of the Darkness novels and Ghostface merchandise in Sidney's car boot while no-one was around because Jill would probably still be with Kirby and Olivia at the time.

Jill and Olivia's Calls: Charlie   made the phone calls, Jill is with Olivia and Kirby when she receives the phone call, from Jenny's cell and Olivia says she recieved a threatening phone call from Marnie's cell phone earlier. Jill likely texted Charlie when Kirby honked her horn and told him to wait five minutes before he calls her.

Olivia's Death:  Logically, Charlie kills her while Jill is next door with Kirby. Charlie also states during the climax of the film that he has great footage of his Olivia kill. Kirby's caller from Trevor's phone is also obviously Charlie as Jill is with Kirby when she receives the phone call, and maybe also to distract Olivia from the sound of Charlie talking inside her closet. Jill's prank call to Olivia before Kirby's call was probably a signal to Charlie to begin his phone call to Kirby. However, an error occurs, in that the police were in the car when Olivia arrived home, but some time after went after a "suspicious figure." Charlie would have to have been in the closet before Olivia got home. The only solution here is that the "suspicious figure," was not Ghostface, but rather a random, unknown person or a figment of the officers imagination.

Sidney's Call and Attack:  Jill has Kirby's phone so while Charlie hides in the other room, she calls Sidney with her voice changing box to taunt her about the killings happening again. After Jill calls Sidney the "Angel of Death" Charlie comes out from behind and cuts Jill before being knocked down the stairs by Sidney. Also, the caller seems to be jealous as Ghostface stated to Sidney that she thinks it's all about her, making the caller being Jill.

Rebecca's Death:  Jill because Charlie is seen with Robbie at the press conference when Rebecca is thrown onto the news van from several stories above. Jill was probably also the one who made the calls to Rebecca as Charlie was probably with Robbie at that time. Jill is also the one who sabotaged Rebecca's car so she couldn't start it because Ghostface is seen with cords in his hand when she jumps onto the bonnett of Rebecca's car. In order for Jill to be the sole survivor, she had to kill Sidney and people close to her.

Gale's Attack:  Charlie attacks her while Jill watched on her computer from home. Jill had no way to get to the Stab-a-thon and back without being noticed by somebody. Gale sees a webcam in the haystack and it moves to focus on her. This is Jill operating it from home and that's how she knows she and Gale have the matching "shoulder wounds" she mentioned to Dewey at the end of the film. (Some fans believe that Jill is the one who actually attacked Gale but this has been disproven by multiple factors.)

Ross Hoss and Anthony Perkins's Deaths:  Both Ghostfaces were involved as Jill stabbed them to death after she left the house, (Hoss in the back and Perkins on his forehead) while Charlie drove the car two blocks away and then stabbed the corpses of Hoss and Perkins several more times just to make sure that they're dead. During the climax of the film, Charlie hands Jill a gun stating "the cops would've wanted you to have this, for your protection", which he probably gathered from the police car after driving the car two blocks away. During the climax, when Charlie is mentioning all of the footage he has of his kills, he does not mention Hoss or Perkins, which further implies that Jill was the Ghostface that attacked and stabbed Hoss and Perkins the first time.

Call at the Roberts house:  Jill is the one who made the call because the caller told Sidney to put on the TV so she could see the report about Gale's attack. Charlie was in the cop car driving Hoss and perkins's corpses two blocks away from Jill's house after attacking Gale at the Stab-a-thon and he had no idea that the attack was already on the news. Ghostface tells Sidney that he intends to kill the people close to her making the caller being Jill.

Kate's death:  Both Ghostfaces are present as one is at the backdoor and one is at the front door, but the Ghostface responsible for Kate's death was Jill, as she later stated that "my own mother had to die.... no great loss there so i could stay true to the original", You can hear a female groan coming from Ghostface when Sidney slams the door on the killer's arm. Also Charlie drove the cop car two blocks away as he states during the climax of the film that he scared Sidney and Kate from the backdoor of the house, and Kate was stabbed in the back at the front of the house. Jill wanted to be the sole survivor so she wanted to kill Sidney and the people close to her.

Trevor's Abduction:  Since Trevor went back upstairs to find Jill she ambushed beat and duct taped him angry and bitter at Trevor for dumping her for Jenny. Later Jill erased the text she sent to Trevor inviting him to the party before she went downstairs to tell Kirby she didn't seen him upstairs. It is unknown when he was brought downstairs to the closet as neither killer had time for that.

Robbie's Death:  Killed outside Kirby's house by Charlie. Charlie admits later that he has great footage of his Robbie kill.

Sidney and Jill's Attack:  Charlie is the killer here as Jill is seen.

Sidney's Roof Attack : Still Charlie because Sidney told Jill to hide under the bed while she was covering her escape out to the balcony.

Kirby's Attack:  Jill calls her while Charlie is tied up. After Charlie is freed by Kirby, he stabs her revealing he is one of the killers.

Sidney's Attack in Kirby's Foyer:  Charlie grabs her and holds a knife at her throat but she gets away only to be stabbed by "Ghostface" who then takes off the mask and it's revealed the killer is Jill! .

Trevor's Death:  Jill shoots him in the groin and forehead while he is tied up on the floor with duct tape.

Charlie's Death:  Jill betrays him and stabs him in the heart and stomach.

Jill's Death:  As Jill is about to shoot Gale, Sidney comes from behind her and electrocutes her head with deliberator paddles. Still alive, Jill tries stabbing Sidney with a glass shard but Sidney knows killer's always come back to life for "one last scare" and shoots Jill in the chest.

Tara's phone call and attack: This was both Amber Freeman and Richie Kirsch. Richie made the phone calls and recorded the video of Amber with a view of his knife to scare Tara. Amber was also in the costume when she attacked Tara with Richie on the phone. Amber also seemingly confirms this later in the hospital attacks when she says that she'll hit all the organs she missed last time.

Vince's murder: Richie possibly had a motive to kill Vince. There's an argument that it was Amber as she was at the bar with the rest of the teenagers while Richie may have been at the hospital with Samantha and Tara Carpenter. But Sam and Tara were also both shown to be sleeping at the time and Richie was just starting the first Stab movie when she woke up. The kill also matches Richie's single stab MO.

Sam's phone call: Amber did the phone call. If Richie called her, she would have heard him.

Sam's hospital attack: Richie attacked Sam as Amber was at the Sheriff's Department having been questioned by Sheriff Hicks around the time Sam was attacked.

Judy's phone call: Quote: ''Ever seen movie Psycho?'' reveals Amber, because in the later scene of the movie Amber imitates the noises from the shower stabbing sequence in Psycho.

Judy's murder: Both killers were there. Amber killed Judy, because Ghostface used Amber's M.O (stabbing multiple times). and then went to the hospital.

Wes' murder: After Amber went to the hospital, Richie stayed behind to finish off Wes because he was stronger than Amber and he had the better chance to overpower him.

Clay's murder: In the hospital, all the work was likely done by Amber, while Richie was playing victim.

Richie, Tara and Dewey's attack: It was Amber, because Richie was still playing victim.

Dewey's murder: Obviously Amber, because Richie was with Sam and Tara in the elevator.

Chad's attack: This was Amber as Richie was driving to 261 Turner Lane with Tara and Samantha and arrived just as Ghostface finished his attack on Chad.

Mindy's attack: This was Richie, as Amber was upstairs with Tara getting her inhaler and Richie had excused himself to the Basement where he likely changed into the Ghostface costume and then came back upstairs to attack her.

Liv's murder: Amber is doing it without her costume.

Gale's shooting: Amber is doing it without her costume.

Sidney's phone call: You can hear Richie's voice, when he says ''Wait!''.

Sidney's attack: Sidney is talking to Richie, when attack was occurred.

Sam's stabbing: Richie is doing it without his costume.

Amber's attack: Tara, we witness this.

Richie's murder: Samantha killed Richie by stabbing him countless times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head.

Amber's murder: Sidney, Gale and Tara all took part in Amber's murder. Sidney doused Amber in hand sanitizer as Gale shot Amber forcing her onto the stove and setting her alight due to the hand sanitizer they threw over her. Tara then shot Amber through the head as she came running out of the kitchen.

Laura's phone call: Ghostface, who calls Laura, is the same Ghostface who later kills her, for evidence see below.

Laura's murder: This was Jason Carvey, as he unmasks himself after killing her.

Greg's murder: It is not known exactly when Greg was killed. It's possible he was killed before Laura was killed. It is also unknown since when Ethan was at the Frat Party, and since Paul came to Quinn's apartment. Despite the fact that we do not know the exact time of Greg's death and the whereabouts of the Kirsch families at that time, it is most likely Wayne who killed Greg, because it is hard to imagine Ethan or Quinn dismembering Greg's body in such a brutal way. Wayne mentions to Sam in the final act: " We had to kill those two wannabe film students". Just as Wayne is Jason's killer (see evidence below), the fact that Wayne says "We had to kill" instead of "I had to kill" suggests either Quinn or Ethan may have been involved in Greg's death. However, as previously mentioned, it was Wayne who was most able to dismember Greg and had the best conditions to do so.

Jason's phone call: This call is falsely attributed to Wayne, and it was Quinn who most likely called Jason. Wayne waited in Jason's apartment until he found Greg's body in the refrigerator, and if he had called, Jason would have heard him. Ghostface calls Jason from Greg's phone, this would imply that it must have been the same Ghostface who actually killed him (we already know it's Wayne), however the fact that Wayne was hiding in Jason's apartment and if he was calling, he would have been heard by Jason, this fact excludes Wayne from being the caller in this scene. It is not known exactly how much time passed between Jason's murder and Sam's return to her apartment where Quinn was present, and it is also unknown when Paul came to Quinn. Ghostface in this scene is also watching Jason through the cameras, and Quinn would be in a better position to do that than Wayne. To see how Quinn might have gotten Greg's phone, check: Sam's stolen ID .

Jason's murder: The murder happened sometime after 9:00 p.m., and as Quinn was in her apartment (and also probably the caller in this scene) and Ethan Landry was at the frat party with Chad, Ghostface, who kills Jason is Wayne. With this murder, the Richie Kirsch's and Amber Freeman's masks were left.

Sam's stolen ID: Quinn was Sam's roommate. When Sam left for Dr. Stone, Quinn most likely stole Sam's ID and delivered it to Jason's apartment, where Wayne killed Greg. That's when Wayne was able to give Greg's phone to Quinn, who then went back to her apartment and called Jason while Wayne waited for Jason.

Sam's first phone call: First, we need to establish one fact: Ghostface who calls and then attacks is not the same Ghostface. Ghostface who attacks Tara from behind doesn't have a phone on him, and even if he had somewhere to hide it, it's a similar situation to Jason's call: Sam and Tara would hear Ghostface calling. This brings us two scenarios, that also immediately give us a clue as to who was responsible for the Bodega murders, see them below:

Sam and Tara's attack/Bodega Murders: Two people are mostly suspected of being Ghostface in the Bodega: Wayne and Ethan. However, he also can't exclude Quinn for being the Ghostface in the Bodega, below will explain why. The argument that tells us it's Wayne is that Ethan and Quinn were in the apartment at the time of the attack and had no way to sneak out. On top of that, Ghostface in the Bodega showed great shotgun skills, which would suit Wayne since he was a cop. Assuming Wayne was the Ghostface at the Bodega, the caller to Sam was probably Quinn. It is possible that after Sam and Tara left for the police station, Mindy, Anika, Chad and Ethan also left the apartment. This would leave Quinn alone in her apartment again, allowing her to call Sam without anyone else being suspicious. As absurd as it may seem at first glance, Wayne was most likely not the Ghostface at the Bodega, but just a Ghostface, who calls Sam, here's why: Wayne was at the crime scene in Jason and Greg's apartment. Wayne first calls Sam (at 9:57-9:58 p.m.) from there and lures her to come down the station, and after Sam and Tara escaped from the Bodega, Wayne was already present at the police station. For Wayne, it would be problematic to move from place to place so quickly, as well as to hide the costume. Later in the movie, when Kirby and Wayne are tracking the timeline of Ghostface, on the Ghostface's timeline board it is shown that the Bodega attack occured on 10:03 p.m., meaning that: Wayne would have to leave Jason and Greg's apartment in less than 5 minutes (in addition, put on the costume somewhere unnoticed) and later after the attack get faster to the police station before Sam and Tara, and in addition hide the costume somewhere. Wayne, however, wouldn't have much trouble being the caller in this scene. Ghostface in this conversation also takes credit for killing Greg and Jason, and we know it was Wayne, and also, what Ghostface says to Sam on the phone, is very similar to what Wayne says to her in the final act, about Sam "being punished" . That leaves us with either Ethan or Quinn as the prime suspects to be the Ghostface in Bodega. If we assume that Mindy, Anika, Chad and Ethan left the apartment along with Sam and Tara, then Quinn was left alone in her apartment again. This would allow her to sneak out undetected in a Ghostface costume and attack Sam and Tara, since Ethan would be with Chad then. However, if we assume that only Sam and Tara left the apartment, Ethan was the Ghostface in this scene. Somehow Quinn would have to distract the rest of the group to allow Ethan to slip away, or Ethan might just be lying to his friends about going back to his apartment. It also should be noticed, that when Ghostface is pushed onto the bikes by Sam and Tara, he grunts in a voice similar to Ethan's, and a moment later he says "Shit!", which also sounds like Ethan. What remains unclear is how Ethan (or possibly Quinn) would have learned to use a shotgun. However, it can be inferred that Wayne taught his kids using a shotgun. In summary, we have two possible scenarios: Quinn being the caller, and Wayne being the attacker, or Wayne being the caller, and Ethan or Quinn being the attacker. With this murder, Ghostface leaves behind Jill Roberts' and Charlie Walker's masks.

Dr. Christopher Stone's murder: This murder happened sometime around 8 am. Every Ghostface actually had the ability to kill Dr. Stone. Despite that, the most evidence points to Wayne, because it was him, who Sam told and gave details about Stone, such as where he lived. At the police station, where Wayne informs Kirby about Dr. Stone's death, Wayne strongly emphasized the cause of Stone's death as if he was proud of it. With this murder, Ghostface leaves behind Roman Bridger's mask.

The Apartment Attack: This attack includes Paul's death, Quinn's fake death, Mindy and Sam's attack, and finally Anika's murder. It obviously couldn't be Quinn because she was seen faking her death. Quinn is also seen talking to her father on the phone before the attack, which would also exclude Wayne from being Ghostface here. Wayne, after revealing himself, also tells Sam and Tara how he faked Quinn's death and that "he had to be sure he was first on the scene so he could switch Quinn's body out with a fresh one". This tells us that Wayne came to the apartment after the attack, and was unlikely to be responsible for it. It's possible that during the attack, Wayne killed an unknown teenage girl and dragged her corpse to the apartment so everyone would think it was Quinn. Thus, the only possible Ghostface in this scene is Ethan. This can be deduced from the way he slices Mindy's arm (just like he did twice with Sam during the revelations), and stabs, then rips open Anika's stomach. Wayne had a different way of stabbing his victims, like he did with Jason. Even though Ethan had an alibi that he was in Econ Class the whole time with hundred other people, it is probably false, as it is likely that he left class earlier than the other students, and since "he was in a study hall with a hundred other people", nobody really would notice him being absent.

Sam's second phone call: This was Quinn, who was hiding in Gale's penthouse to lure them there, as Wayne was in the park with Sam and Tara and Ethan was in the police van with Kirby, Chad and Mindy.

Gale's first phone call : This was probably Wayne. Since Quinn is responsible for Brooks' death happening at the same time as Gale's call, Gale would overhear Quinn attacking Brooks.

Brooks' murder, Gale's second phone call and attack: This was Quinn as she both admitted to being responsible and was already in the apartment making a phone call to lure them in. Wayne and Ethan were also both at the park with Sam, Tara and Kirby.

Mindy's attack: This was Quinn as she admitted to attacking Mindy, Ethan was also on the subway in plain sight and Wayne was at the police station.

Kirby's attack: This was both Quinn and Ethan as Kirby confirmed that "they" both attacked her and Quinn and Ethan were the two masked Ghostface's in the theatre.

Tara and Chad's Attack: Quinn stabbed Tara in the back and chased the group before being beaten up by Chad. When Chad was about to finish Quinn, Ethan stabbed him from behind, saving his sister, and then Quinn and Ethan attacked Chad together and stabbed him wearing Nancy Loomis and Stu Macher's masks.

Kirby's shooting: Wayne, in his reveal.

Quinn's murder: This was Sam who shot her through the head.

Wayne's murder: This was Sam who stabbed him to death using Billy's robe, mask and knife various times on his chest and arms, despite wearing a vest, with the fatal stab being to his eye.

Ethan's murder: This was both Tara, who stabbed Ethan on the inside of his mouth, and Kirby who crushed his skull with the same TV that killed Stu.

Other Media

Dead by daylight.

'The Ghostface' is a playable killer in the asymmetric horror game, Dead by Daylight. In this universe he is known as 'Danny Johnson' behind the mask and works in Roseville, Florida as a newspaper reporter, writing stories on his own murders. This version of the character holds no specific grudges and prides himself in carefully choosing the most ordinary everyday and unremarkable people as his victims. Danny is portrayed as much more patient and calculating Ghostface than most others, meticulously planning each of his murders. He is eventually taken by the eldritch Entity to be one of the game's killers.

  • Wes Craven had the characters in Scream mention the Ghostface costume is called "Father Death" as a red herring, alluding to Neil, Sidney's father.
  • In Scream , Stu was meant to mention having to pee before Sidney is attacked in the high school bathroom, but it was believed to be too strong a clue that he was the killer.
  • In the original Scream 2 script, there are thee killers: Mrs. Loomis, Derek Feldman, and Hallie McDaniel.
  • In the original Scream 3 script, Angelina Tyler is a second killer. She reveals herself to be a former classmate of Sidney's and now in a relationship with Roman.
  • The only person to wear the Ghostface costume and use the voice changer who wasn't a murderer was Sidney. During a brief moment in Scream , she does this to turn the tables on Billy and Stu. It can be argued that she is a murderer since she kills several of the killers.
  • The copycat murders of Scream 2 are a dangling plot point. Mickey and Mrs. Loomis begin murdering victims based on their names matching those of the original Woodsboro murders, but stop at 3. While the investigators discover the pattern, nothing comes of this, or is mentioned in the final confrontation. This is fleshed out slightly more in earlier drafts of the script, but still not resolved. Whether the two killers planned this as a red herring or altered course as they went along remains to be seen. From a story perspective, this fits in with the two killers having very different motives.
  • Phil Stevens (representing Steven Orth)
  • Maureen Evans (representing Maureen Prescott)
  • Casey 'Cici' Cooper (representing Casey Becker)
  • The murders in Scream 3 follow a similar path to Scream 2 . Roman killed the cast in the order their characters died in the Stab 3 script, until veering off course and killing without a pattern, just as Mickey and Mrs. Loomis started as copycat killers until Randy's murder. In both cases characters tried deducing who would be the next victim based on the pattern right when the killer stopped using the pattern.
  • The Scream 3 characters may indeed have been killed in accordance with the Stab 3 script if you allow for the exceptions of non-cast members (Christine Hamilton, Steven Stone, and John Milton). Cotton Weary was set to cameo as himself in the opening death scene and he was the first actor to die. Sarah Darling's Candy was the second to die. It's known that Ricky was written to die and since the fictionalized Gale Weathers was set to be the killer, she would have died last. Tyson Fox dies between Sarah and Jennifer Jolie, who was the last killed. It's unknown if Sidney and Dewey's characters were set to be killed, but since Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer didn't return, it's likely the producers wanted to kill the characters off, making it possible that they died in the order Tom Prinze and Angelina Tyler were murdered.
  • Billy Loomis (shot in the head by Sidney) - Scream
  • Mickey Alteri (shot in the chest by Sidney and Gale) - Scream 2
  • Roman Bridger (shot in the head by Dewey) - Scream 3
  • Jill Roberts (shot through the heart by Sidney) - Scream 4
  • Steven Orth & Casey Becker (Scream)
  • Phil Stevens & Maureen Evans (Scream 2)
  • Christine & Cotton Weary (Scream 3)
  • Marnie Cooper & Jenny Randall (Scream 4)
  • Roman is the only killer who dies in his Father Death costume.
  • Roman was the only Ghostface who had no accomplice.
  • Jill Roberts being the killer is ironic. Her character is based on Sidney Prescott and the fact that she is a Ghostface killer is a reference to the fact that some fans often speculate that Sidney Prescott would eventually become a Ghostface killer due to witnessing the deaths of the people close to her.
  • Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper represent Casey Becker and Steve Orth (killed first simultaneously after one receives a call from Ghostface. A deleted scene shows that they were hung and tied to a chair like Casey and Steve)
  • Kate Roberts represents her sister, Maureen Prescott. Both are the mothers of the 'protagonist'
  • Trevor Sheldon represents Neil Prescott. Both were kidnapped, bound and gagged, and would-be framed for the murder spree.
  • Jill and Charlie's plan to make their innocence in the killing spree more solid by stabbing each other, is just like Billy and Stu's plan in the first movie.
  • Jill stabbing Charlie to death on purpose, is a reference to Scream 2 when Mrs. Loomis betrays her accomplice Mickey.
  • Stu and Charlie are the only killers not be shot to death. Stu is electrocuted by a T.V and Charlie is stabbed to death by Jill.
  • Both female killers, Jill Roberts and Mrs. Loomis, betrayed their accomplices in the end.
  • Mickey Altieri, Roman Bridger and Jill Roberts are the only killers to reveal themselves while they are still in the Ghostface costume.
  • 1 Freddy Krueger (original timeline)
  • 2 Michael Myers (original timeline)
  • 3 Billy Loomis

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Every Ghostface Kill in the Scream Movies, Ranked

ghostface horror movie

Ghostface is unique among the marquee slashers because the face (or faces) behind the mask changes with every Scream installment, imbuing each new round of murders with a different personality and, thus, a different set of methods for killing. Each Ghostface packs that signature hunting knife, but each Ghostface uses it in a different way, and all Ghostfaces are prone to improvising when simple stabbing won’t do the job. Because in the end, getting the kill and making your point is what counts.

All of this means we’ve been treated to dozens of very different death scenes in the Scream films over the years, from gunshots to garage doors, explosions to long falls. Throw in the elaborate nature of the various motives and meta-narratives behind each Ghostface killer and you’ve got a franchise that never repeats itself, even if some kills are clever mirror images of the past.

Of course, not all Ghostface killings are created equal. Some shuffle right out of our brains the moment they’re over, while others will stick in our heads until the day we die, burned into our collective psyche thanks to a combination of tension, brutality, and brilliant iconography. So to celebrate the arrival of yet another Scream film , and another round of death scenes, we’ve ranked every single Ghostface kill in the entire movie franchise from worst to best, creating a definitive order for more than 25 years of terror.

The carnage begins below, but first, a few notes on what counts as a Ghostface kill. This list includes every person killed by a Ghostface across all the Scream movies, but it does not include people killed by a Ghostface offscreen (i.e., Maureen Prescott), people killed by a Ghostface within the metafictional Stab films (i.e., the first few deaths in Scream 4 ), or people attacked by Ghostface but ultimately killed by someone else (i.e., Mickey in Scream 2 ). What’s your favorite scary movie kill? It’s probably on the list below.

46. Brooks — Scream VI

Poor Gale Weathers. She could never quite get that happily ever after with Dewey, and just when it seemed she’d settled into a comfy life in a swanky New York City apartment, Ghostface had to come along and kill yet another lover. Sadly, his connection to Gale is really all we know about Brooks. He hands her a phone, walks offscreen, and then his body comes flying back into frame.

45. Deputy Clay — Scream (2022)

The body count in Scream movies isn’t usually ridiculously high, which makes it weird when a character just sort of … turns up dead, particularly when it’s a guy we didn’t really get to know. Sadly for Deputy Clay, that’s exactly what his kill turns out to be: a little bit of window dressing so Tara Carpenter can have something scary to look at when she’s trying to escape Woodsboro Hospital.

44. Bodega Customer No. 2 — Scream VI

The bodega sequence is one of Scream VI ’s most memorable setpieces, but the high body count makes it so that not every kill is great on its own merits. The second customer Ghostface picks off is the least memorable victim. He falls between two much more memorable kills, including Ghostface’s shotgun rampage, so in the context of the scene, he’s really not much more than an afterthought to get Tara and Sam alone in the store.

43. Ross Hoss — Scream 4

You see Adam Brody in a horror movie in the early 2010s, and you sort of expect more than what his character ended up getting. Despite a great joke about how he’s destined to die because he has a new baby at home, Deputy Hoss gets little more than a simple stab in the back before he’s pushed to the side in favor of his colleague’s more elaborate death (more on that later). If we didn’t recognize the actor, we’d barely remember it.

42. Marnie Cooper  — Scream 4

The first true death in Scream 4 comes after not one but two fakeouts courtesy of the Stab movies, and while those “fake” kills are a thrill, Marnie Cooper’s demise is mostly there to frighten her friend Jenny and to let the audience know we’re finally in the “real” movie. Like Steve Orth before her, she’s a means to an end, but her death doesn’t have quite the same impact.

41. John Milton  — Scream 3

Casting Lance Henriksen as a shady horror producer with a lot of skeletons in his closet was a great choice for Scream 3 ’s meta-Hollywood odyssey, and setting his character up as the father of Maureen Prescott’s long-lost son was a juicy twist for the film’s third act. Sadly, despite all that setup and a house full of secret passages and movie props, John Milton’s death came down to nothing more than a simple throat slit so Ghostface Roman Bridger could make a point. It’s not bad, but you just want more when a genre legend is in the house.

40. Derek Feldman  — Scream 2

Poor Derek. Despite all of Sidney’s understandable suspicions, he turned out to be a pretty good guy who really did love her, and all he got in return was a quick death by gunshot while tied up and defenseless. He didn’t get to really fight for Sidney and go down swinging, despite his protests, and considering how wild the rest of Scream 2 ’s finale ended up getting, that’s a real shame.

39. Kate Roberts  — Scream 4

Kate Roberts was just doing her best to protect her family, and she ended up dead for her trouble. Thankfully, her death wasn’t particularly brutal. It’s just a quick stab in the back, but it’s memorable because Ghostface got her with a knife via mail slot after the danger had seemingly passed. Mary McDonnell’s eyes do the rest.

38. Dr. Christopher Stone — Scream VI

Dr. Stone is yet another in a long line of Ghostface victims who had the misfortune of getting too close to the primary target, in this case his patient Sam Carpenter. His death — a means to an end that allows Ghostface to get hold of Sam’s private files — is quick, but it’s also wonderfully effective, as our killer stabs right through Stone’s gated front door and into the shrink’s brain. It’s one of several examples of just how efficient and effective the Scream VI breed of Ghostface is.

37. Steven Stone  — Scream 3

Some Ghostface kills come out of nowhere and vanish almost as quickly, and that was the case with Scream 3 ’s bodyguard to the stars, Steve Stone. Patrick Warburton’s deadpan bruiser barely got the chance to fight back, which is a shame in a franchise where the killer famously falls all over the set as much as their victims. Still, watching Ghostface use the close quarters of a trailer to really drive the knife home is fun.

36. Vince Schneider  — Scream (2022)

The first kill of 2022’s Scream is a character we don’t really know, and who we’ve already been told is a creep who maybe needs to get away from the teen girls at the heart of the story, so we’re not exactly sad to see him go. It’s also not an especially elaborate or even satisfying death, but it does feature the return of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand,” a welcome mainstay on the Scream soundtracks, for the first time since Scream 3 . Sometimes that’s all you really need.

35. Bodega Customer No. 1 — Scream VI

Ghostface’s rampage through a bodega is an essential piece of Scream VI , not just because it’s a New York City movie , but because of just how relentless this particular Ghostface turns out to be. And it all begins right here. The first face to greet the killer when he runs through the door is a classic New York guy who’s ready to handle the problem, and seconds later that same guy is gutted. In a franchise where Ghostface is falling over furniture just as often as he’s killing people, it sends a message.

34. Angelina Tyler — Scream 3

Sidney Prescott doesn’t die in Scream movies, but in Scream 3 we did get to see the actor who played Sidney Prescott in Stab 3 meet her end in the middle of John Milton’s movie mansion. The death itself is a basic stab job, nothing too crazy in the grand scheme of this movie in particular, but before she goes out, Angelina gets to call both Courteney Cox and Parker Posey “second-rate celebrities,” so that’s fun.

33. Bodega Clerk — Scream VI

The moment from the Scream VI trailer that launched a thousand hot takes about whether or not Ghostface should use guns (something Ghostface has done in some form or another since 1996), the death of the poor bodega clerk who almost got the jump on Ghostface still works no matter how many times you’ve already seen the footage. It’s not simply that Ghostface is using a shotgun. It’s that he’s using a shotgun that he casually ripped out of the clerk’s hands, and that he’s using it with such cold intensity.

32. Trevor Sheldon — Scream 4

Trevor Sheldon re-emerges at the end of Scream 4 tied up and tucked away by the two killers, just like Sidney’s dad at the end of the first film. Unlike Mr. Prescott, though, Trevor had the bad sense to cheat on a rising Ghostface killer and got a bullet in the head and a bullet in the crotch for his trouble. It’s a rough death, and it underscores just how ruthless Jill Roberts’s next-generation Ghostface can be.

31. Jennifer Jolie  — Scream 3

Without question the most memorable new character in Scream 3 , Parker Posey’s Jennifer Jolie doesn’t get an especially elaborate death scene, but in true Parker Posey fashion, she makes every second of it count. The would-be Gale Weathers goes down swinging against Ghostface, and she gets to crash through a mirrored glass pane for good measure. Like everything else Posey does in this movie, it’s a death we won’t forget.

30. Robbie Mercer  — Scream 4

Scream 4 takes full advantage of its 2010s setting to explore the world of livestreaming and easily maneuverable webcams, creating a whole new sandbox of perspective to play in. The perpetually live-streaming Robbie is a key part of this, so it’s fitting that his death scene begins with a perspective trick courtesy of his own webcam. Watching him get repeatedly stabbed while wearing a T-shirt with the word “STAB” emblazoned on the front is the cherry on top.

29. Kenny Brown — Scream (1996)

Although Kenny’s actual death — a quick throat cut from behind as he leans out of his news van — is straightforward and quick, its place in Scream history is actually more complex. Before Kenny, Ghostface murders happened with lots of tension and buildup, setting the stage for the killer’s entrance. This time, after playing with perspective via Gale’s hidden camera in Stu’s house, the film snuck up not just on the character but the audience, adding a new layer of fear to the franchise.

28. Phil Stevens — Scream 2

The first kill of the first Scream sequel had to be memorable in a completely different way than the first kill in Scream , but it also had to remind us we were watching the same franchise. So Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven gave us another boyfriend death, but in a completely different way. We were expecting Phil Stevens to die in that movie-theater bathroom, but we weren’t expecting the knife to come right through the stall wall like an unstoppable force of death. It’s still an effective shot, but it pales in comparison to what’s coming next.

27. Principal Arthur Himbry — Scream (1996)

The most gruesome part of Arthur Himbry’s death — his eventual public display on the Woodsboro High football field — is something we only hear about in Scream , but that doesn’t mar the effectiveness of the part we do see. Himbry’s death is the first in the franchise to occur in broad daylight, adding a new dimension of fear to the film, and Henry Winkler’s world-champion scream of terror as the knife slides into his stomach is still perfect.

26. Officer Andrews — Scream 2

Andrews, one of the two detectives assigned to protect Sidney in Scream 2 , doesn’t have all that sophisticated of a death. Ghostface just slams his way into the patrol car, slashes the cop’s throat, and commandeers the vehicle. It’s nothing compared to what happens next, but it definitely works as the kickoff to a great sequel set piece.

25. Tyson Fox — Scream 3

In keeping with the “all bets are off” energy of a trilogy capper, by the end of Scream 3 bodies are flying left and right, which means it could be easy to gloss over a death scene and turn the supporting cast into Ghostface fodder. Tyson Fox’s death falls in the middle of the third-act rampage, but the sheer intensity of it ensures that we’ll never forget it, as he joins the distinguished list of Scream victims who get thrown off of buildings as a finishing move.

24. Laura Crane — Scream VI

The opening kill from Scream VI plays by all the anticipated rules from a very early stage. You’ve got the distracting phone call, the clueless victim, the movie star (Samara Weaving, in this case) willing to be killed off in the opening minutes, and the noteworthy new location. It’s all laid out exactly as we’d expect it to be, and even though we see it coming, it’s a well-executed kill. What makes it land harder, though, is the film’s choice to reveal who’s behind the mask for the first time in an opening scene, signaling to us right away that we’re in for something a bit different.

23. Charlie Walker — Scream 4

So much of Scream 4 mirrors Scream that you almost expect the two movies to bleed together at various points, but every time a reference to the original film pops up, the new one veers off onto its own course. Nowhere is this more evident than when Jill and Charlie set out to wound each other in a perfect mirroring of Billy and Stu’s original plan, only for Jill to aim right for Charlie’s heart and take him out. It’s not just a great subversion of the original plan but also a great moment in a long line of moments illustrating how badly Jill wants her fame.

22. Anthony Perkins — Scream 4

A split second after his partner, Deputy Hoss, gets stabbed and thrown out of the frame, Ghostface turns to Deputy Perkins, and we expect things to end just as fast. What we get instead is a truly gruesome stab right in the middle of Perkins’s forehead , followed by an agonizing death walk as the brain-damaged deputy flails around for his life before collapsing. It’s easy to be desensitized to Ghostface stab wounds, but you can always feel this one.

21. Liv McKenzie — Scream (2022)

Poor Liv. She just wanted to take things to the next level with her boyfriend and have a nice night at Amber’s party, and she got a bullet in the head instead. Ghostface shooting someone instead of stabbing them could be seen as an easy way out, sure, but because Amber shoots Liv in the head out of costume , unmasking herself without using an actual mask, it gets our heart rates up with startling effectiveness. Amber’s little “Welcome to Act III” intonation is just the cherry on top.

20. Christine Hamilton  — Scream 3

Although Roger Jackson has been the legendary voice of Ghostface for 27 years now, Scream 3 decided to play with our auditory expectations and give us a killer whose voice changer could copy and use just about anyone’s voice. Christine Hamilton’s actual moment of death might not be spectacular, but the build-up — in which she’s convinced by Ghostface that her boyfriend, Cotton, is in the costume just to mess with her — is a great introduction to a whole new scary-movie paradigm.

19. Steve Orth  — Scream (1996)

Absolutely everything about the cold open to the original Scream is perfect, and that includes the death of the first Ghostface victim ever depicted on film. We don’t know Steve Orth, we don’t get to see a buildup to his particular demise, but his appearance on Casey Becker’s patio, and his frighteningly quick disemboweling, is proof that this movie means business, and there’s no going back.

18. Judy Hicks — Scream (2022)

Sheriff Judy’s death isn’t the most gut-wrenching of the Scream sequel (more on that later), but it’s still an emotional moment in a movie full of emotional moments. She just wants to drive home and save her son Wes from Ghostface’s clutches, and we fully expect her to make it there and find his body in the Hicks family home. What she discovers instead is her own death right there for all of Woodsboro to see. It’s heartbreaking, and it’s made more heartbreaking by what happens next.

17. Jenny Randall — Scream 4

The first properly elaborate death scene in Scream 4 isn’t just a anguishing pursuit, but also a loving tour back through some of the franchise’s most memorable deaths up to that point. Jenny Randall runs through her house like Casey Becker, runs upstairs like Cici Cooper, and even tries to escape via garage door like Tatum Riley. Unfortunately for her, all those efforts fail, but fortunately for us, we’re pulled right back into the Scream vibes more than a decade after Scream 3 .

16. Cotton Weary — Scream 3

Cotton Weary went through so much in the first two Scream films you could argue that he deserved to live out the rest of his days as a rich, famous talk-show host, but Ghostface isn’t a creature of mercy. Cotton survives prison, multiple murder accusations, and a Ghostface rampage across two movies, only to die in his home after Ghostface tricks his own girlfriend into attacking him. That’s just bad luck, but at least he doesn’t go down without a bookcase-smashing, bone-crushing fight.

15. Cici Cooper — Scream 2

Randy Meeks warned us that sequel death scenes are always much more elaborate, and Scream 2 proved that with Cici Cooper. Like Casey Becker, she’s a kind, pretty blonde who had the bad fortune of being alone in a house where Ghostface could get at her. Unlike Casey Becker, she takes Ghostface all the way up through the multiple stories of a sorority house before getting stabbed and thrown off a roof. Her death raises (pun intended) the stakes for Ghostface encounters, and lays a foundation for even wilder death scenes to come in the franchise.

14. Sarah Darling — Scream 3

It certainly has its issues, but Scream 3 is at its best when it’s milking the movie-within-a-movie setup for all it’s worth, and that’s definitely true for Sarah Darling’s death. An actress lured to the studio under false pretenses, Sarah finds Ghostface in a room full of empty Ghostface costumes, then has to try to fight him off with prop weapon after prop weapon. It’s an ingenious little set piece and arguably the wittiest death scene of the whole film.

13. Anika Kayoko — Scream VI

Six movies in and the Scream franchise is still finding new ways to kill people. In the case of Anika, Mindy Meeks-Martin’s ill-fated love interest, we get death by improvised ladder bridge as she attempts to crawl between two apartment buildings with Ghostface on her tail. She’s not the first Ghostface victim to fall to her death, but the scene is so harrowing, and so full of genuine, panic-laden terror, that it manages to make a mark all its own.

12. Hallie McDaniel — Scream 2

Okay, so Hallie’s actual moment of death isn’t that spectacular. Sidney’s roommate gets stabbed from behind while Sid watches in horror, but the moments leading up to that death are so great that her kill still ranks among the best in the franchise. Like Sidney, she spends several agonizing minutes crawling over an unconscious Ghostface to get out of a cop car. Unlike Sidney, she doesn’t survive what happens after that. It’s a nerve jangler even by Scream standards.

11. Wes Hicks — Scream (2022)

We spend several agonizing minutes with Wes Hicks before Ghostface actually attempts to kill him, minutes made all the more tense and frightening by the death of his mother just outside their home. Even after Sheriff Judy’s death, Scream 2022’s camera gives us false scare after false scare, almost convincing us that Wes might just find his mother rather than die himself. Then Ghostface appears with a devastating stab through the throat, giving us one of the most intimate deaths in the series.

10. Officer Richards — Scream 2

While his partner definitely didn’t get an easy death, it feels downright calm compared to what Officer Richards faces when he hops on his patrol car to try and stop a fast-driving Ghostface. He could have fallen off and been run over, or even just thrown clear, but instead he gets full-on impaled by some pipes at a construction site in one of the film’s best set-piece moments. Ouch.

9. Rebecca Walters — Scream 4

No one (well … almost no one) deserves to be murdered by Ghostface, but Sidney’s publicist, Rebecca, was certainly signaling her availability for death with her shameless willingness to capitalize on a new round of Woodsboro murders. It’s not surprising when Ghostface comes looking for her in a parking garage, but it is surprising just how far the death goes. In a franchise with several falling deaths, she gets the biggest one of all, followed by one of the franchise’s best gallows-humor laughs as Dewey futilely checks her pulse.

8. Tom Prinze — Scream 3

It was a little surprising when that Scream VI trailer came out and some corners of the internet were upset that Ghostface used a shotgun, because, well, Ghostface will kill people with just about anything. Case in point: Tom Prinze, who plays Dewey in Stab 3 , gets killed by an entire exploding house in Scream 3 . Granted, we don’t get to actually see Ghostface in the scene with Tom when the death happens, but, well, there’s just no other way to put this: Ghostface straight-up exploded a dude, and that’s awesome.

7. Jason Carvey — Scream VI

After seemingly revealing one of its killers with the opening death scene, Scream VI swerves yet again with its second major murder, as would-be Ghostface Jason Carvey ends up dead minutes after murdering Laura Crane. After revealing Ghostface with the first kill, the film amps up the tension with a little game of hot-and-cold, eventually revealing Jason’s roommate and co-conspirator (well, what’s left of him) in the fridge, then giving us the true Ghostface right before the cut to the opening title. It’s a wonderful subversion, and it puts in place a tangled web that won’t become completely clear until the very end of the film.

6. Randy Meeks — Scream 2

Not adhering to his own horror-movie-survival rules (he really should have taken his own advice from Scream and turned around) was bound to catch up to Randy eventually. After narrowly avoiding death via Ghostface in the first film, the horror fanatic and self-proclaimed slasher-survival evangelist flew too close to the sun in Scream 2 , staying on the line with Ghostface long enough to get lured to his own bloody demise in a news van. It’s still one of the franchise’s most surprising and brutal moments, but in retrospect, it feels inevitable.

5. Olivia Morris — Scream 4

It might feel like overkill (ha) to follow up the fake-out-laden opening kills of Scream 4 with yet another fake out, but when it’s as effective as it is with Olivia’s death, it’s hard to argue with the results. Ghostface doesn’t call his chosen victim in this case, but instead telephones her best friends across the street, revealing where he is just in time for them to watch, screaming all the while, as he butchers Olivia in her bedroom. It’s a slick bit of slasher storytelling made even better by the very bloody aftermath.

4. Maureen Evans — Scream 2

How do you top the iconic opening murders of Scream ? Well, you don’t, but Scream 2 ’s centerpiece cold-open kill is about as close as you could ever hope to get. Maureen Evans is just there to groan through a scary movie with her boyfriend, and she gets a knife in the stomach from a Ghostface in a sea of Ghostfaces. That’s frightening enough, but watching her plead for help while a crowd of confused theatergoers cheer on the bloody spectacle is still gut-wrenching after 25 years.

3. Tatum Riley — Scream (1996)

Even before I saw Scream , I knew about Tatum Riley’s garage-door demise, because it’s all anyone who’d seen the film could talk about when they got to school on Monday. Everything about the movie up to that point had trained viewers to expect more knife slayings, which made Ghostface’s casual press of the garage-door button all the more effective. The squirm-inducing crunch that followed is something no fan of the series will ever forget.

2. Dewey Riley — Scream (2022)

The first four Scream movies established a notable and often darkly funny pattern for good ol’ Dewey Riley: He fights Ghostface, he gets absolutely wrecked in one way or another, and he somehow survives at the end with a few more war wounds. We had absolutely no reason to expect that to change in Scream 2022, so when Ghostface started to pull those knives up and down Dewey’s torso, bleeding him dry with no way back, it was as devastating as it was brilliant.

1. Casey Becker — Scream (1996)

Casey Becker’s death at the end of Scream ’s amazing cold open isn’t just the best death in the Scream franchise. There’s an argument to be made that it’s the best kill in any slasher movie ever made because of the sheer level of frightening detail poured into every moment. There’s the elaborate nature of the phone call, the Jiffy Pop burning on the stove, the chair flying through the window, Casey trying to scream for her mother through a crushed windpipe, and finally, Casey’s parents being able to hear her last breaths because the phone line is still open. It’s brutal, it’s clever, and it’s a legendary introduction to one of our finest horror franchises that still cuts deep all these years later.

But even outside the context of the onscreen violence, the behind-the-scenes story decisions that went into Casey’s death enrich the scene with even more terrifying value. Remember Drew Barrymore was front and center on the poster for Scream . She was a star with more than a decade of major roles to her name at this point, and the original trailer puts her on par with Neve Campbell in terms of character importance. If you were watching this film in 1996, you absolutely were not expecting Drew Barrymore to go in the opening scene. It’s a Janet-Leigh-in- Psycho -level swerve, and it all happens in less than 15 minutes. That’s power that doesn’t go away, even if you already know what’s about to happen.

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The Scream Movies: The Villains Behind Every Ghostface So Far

Major spoiler alert!

Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell in Scream

The Scream movies have remained a fan-favorite horror franchise over nearly 30 years. What makes Scream and its villain, Ghostface, particularly unique from other slasher franchises is it is someone different every time. Plus, they are uniquely guided by the awareness of the best horror movies of all time . As we start our theories for Scream VI , let’s take a look at every Ghostface so far. 

There have been five Scream movies and a TV show, but since the series does not share a continuity with the film franchise, we’ll keep those reveals close to the vest. Otherwise, major SPOILERS are ahead for everything Scream . This article is meant to be a refresher for the fans out there, not a spoilery killjoy. 

Scream VI is about to take the franchise somewhere we’ve never seen Ghostface before: New York City. The killer most famously stalks the town of Woodsboro, but this time the story will follow Melissa Barerra and Jenna Ortega ’s Carpenter sisters following their escape in the previous film. The Scream VI trailer teases the reemergence of Ghostface, doing things like using a shotgun at a bodega . Once again we’re curious about whether the killer could be someone from the original Scream cast or one of the fresh faces from the cast . Before we can truly go into murder-mystery mode for one of 2023’s highly-anticipated upcoming horror movies , let’s go back down memory lane regarding who has been behind the mask prior. 

Scream (1996)

First, to the one that started it all. Wes Craven ’s Scream remains one of the most iconic horror stories of all time, and even having seen it many times, while I’m immersed in the film, I tend to forget the big whodunnit reveal. It all starts with a terrifying phone call between Drew Barrymore’s Casey Becker as she prepares some Jiffy Pop, and goes on a murderous rampage throughout Woodsboro. It all comes down to Sidney Prescott, who learns that her very own boyfriend has been Ghostface all along. Traumatizing, am I right?  

Yes, Skeet Ulrich played Ghostface in the first Scream as Billy Loomis, a bad-boy prototype many of us would surely crush on if we walked the halls of Woodsboro High. The motive, even though Billy doesn’t like to discuss it, has to do with Sidney’s mother, who was secretly in a relationship with Billy’s father, Hank, before her death. Billy becomes enraged by the discovery and to get back at her, he decides to go on a killing spree and frame Sidney’s father. His accomplice for the murders was his friend Stu, played by Matthew Lillard , who is peer pressured into the whole thing. Sidney is able to escape death and kill them both with Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers and Jamie Kennedy’s Randy helping her.  

Scream 2 (1997)

The series went on to continue just one year later with 1997’s Scream 2 , when Sidney Prescott becomes haunted by a copycat Ghostface who follows her to college. The new Ghostface is revealed to very much be related to the first movie, because we learn it is none other than the mother of her former dead boyfriend (the original Ghostface), Mrs. Loomis. Mrs. Loomis hires Timothy Olyphant ’s Mickey Altieri to conduct another murderous spree to avenge her late son. 

It’s a shame, because once again it’s revealed that Ghostface is someone close to Sidney. The new college student was becoming close friends with Mickey up until this horror movie ordeal. We learn that Mickey is actually a psychopath that Mrs. Loomis met online and agreed to pay his tuition to murder for her. And, funny enough, Mickey actually wanted to get caught, so he could go down in history to become famous. Sidney, Gale, and Mrs. Loomis aid in his killing before Mrs. Loomis also dies, by way of Sidney and Liev Schreiber ’s Cotton. 

Scream 3 (2000) 

The third Scream movie takes place three years after Scream 2 and sees Sidney going into her own isolation after the two prior incidents. When the cast of a horror movie called Stab 3 begins seeing real murders by Ghostface, Sidney ventures out to Hollywood, along with Gale, Dewey, and Cotton, who is now the host of a talk show in LA. This time around, it’s revealed that the one behind the mask is Roman Bridger, who is the unknown son of Sidney's mother, Maureen Prescott, and her half brother.

As we learn, Maureen was serially raped at a party and she became pregnant with Roman, who was given up for adoption. Apparently, years prior, Roman had found out who his real mother was and found her in Woodsboro only to have a door slammed in his face. We learn that Roman was the person who filmed Maureen and her later affairs, leading to the creation of Ghostface in the first Scream, when he got to Billy, showed him video of his dad and Maureen, and convinced him to become the killer. Roman then went off to become the director of Stab 3 . Sidney and Dewey kill Roman at the end of Scream 3 . 

Scream 4 (2011) 

Over a decade after Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson ’s trilogy was apparently over, they teamed back up for Scream 4 . The movie goes back to Woodsboro on the 15th anniversary of the original massacre by Ghostface (Billy), when two high school students are murdered by another copycat. The next day, Sidney is conveniently back in town to promote a self-help book, and becomes framed for the murders. As we learn later in the film, her estranged cousin, Jill Roberts, played by Emma Roberts, was the next Ghostface, after all. 

Jill was apparently jealous of all the attention Sidney received for being targeted by Ghostface. She’s also a big fan of horror movies and uses her secret boyfriend, Rory Culkin’s Charlie, to help her along until she kills him. Jill is outsmarted by Sidney and Gale, as Neve Campbell lets out the iconic line, “you forgot the first rule of remakes Jill – don’t fuck with the original.” 

Scream (2022) 

The Scream movies had another long stretch, mostly due to the fact that the director of all of them thus far, Wes Craven, died in 2015. The fifth Scream movie from Ready or Not filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett was not only a big box office hit , but it also won over OG fans of Scream as well. The movie takes place in Woodsboro twenty-five years after the original Ghostface killing spree (aka the original Scream ) starting with Jenna Ortega’s Tara Carpenter being attacked by the masked killer and left hospitalized and her sister Sam (Melissa Barrera) going to Woodsboro with her boyfriend Richie (Jack Quaid) to visit Tara. Sam is revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of Billy Loomis, who originated Ghostface. 

After a series of murders, including the shocking death of David Arquette’s Dewey , leading Sidney and Gale to get involved, in the final act we learn Ghostface is once again a pair. One of them is Sam’s boyfriend Richie and the other is Mikey Madison’s Amber, Tara’s best friend. They are fans of the Stab movies who met online and shared a disappointment for the trajectory for the franchise. In order to revive their beloved franchise, they decided to embark on a killing spree as Ghostface and frame Sam as the killer along with bringing back the original cast into the fold with Dewey’s death. 

Gale, Sidney and Tara take care of Amber while Sam ends up killing her boyfriend by stabbing him and shooting him repeatedly. With Neve Campbell not returning for Scream VI due to pay discrepancies , Sam and Tara are the new final girls of the Scream franchise who will once again face Ghostface in the upcoming sequel. 

Such a great lineup of films! The next Ghostface could be a host of people from the massive cast involved, but now we’re armed with Sidney, Tara and Sam’s final girl knowledge, as we get ready for the sixth Scream movie. 


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In ‘Scream VI,’ Ghostface Takes the 1 Train

In turning the subway into a vehicle of horror, the movie gets a number of things right — and a few wrong. But verisimilitude wasn’t the filmmakers’ main goal.

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In a scene from “Scream VI,” Ghostface, in a black hooded robe and white mask shaped like a stretched-out screaming face with empty black eyes, nose and mouth, stands out in a crowded subway car.

By Esther Zuckerman

When Jason Voorhees took Manhattan, he rode the subway. Walter Hill’s gang members in “The Warriors” prowled the M.T.A. Now, Ghostface is riding the 1 train.

In “ Scream VI ,” the latest in the long-running horror franchise, the action moves from suburban Woodsboro, Calif., to New York City, where it follows the heroes on an anxiety-inducing subway ride. Trying to travel downtown for what will end up being the climactic showdown, the stars are trapped on a jam-packed Halloween commute with multiple riders wearing the Edvard Munch-ian masks and black robes that have become a hallmark of these movies. Is one of the straphangers the bad guy? Or are they all just tasteless partygoers donning the costume of a murderer on the loose? Given that this is a “Scream” movie, you can probably guess that at least one of them has a knife primed for stabbing.

The sequence is not only the most tension-filled in the film; it also acts as an homage to frightening subway scenes of yore, and plays into present-day fears about the city’s transit system. Even though the latter wasn’t what the filmmakers were going for, it’s par for the course for the genre. “Horror movies notoriously ruin things for people and make people afraid of things,” Guy Busick, one of the film’s writers, said in an interview.

In “Scream VI,” Sam and Tara Carpenter (Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega), the sisters who became Ghostface’s target in the 2022 reboot simply titled “Scream,” have moved to New York. There Tara is attending college along with her high school pals Mindy and Chad Meeks-Martin (Jasmin Savoy Brown and Mason Gooding) as well as some new acquaintances, a.k.a. potential suspects. It’s all undergraduate drunken revelry until a killer starts stalking.

Almost as soon as Busick and his co-writer James Vanderbilt decided to set the film in New York, eager to move the franchise to the big city, they envisioned a subway sequence. But Vanderbilt, who grew up nearby in Connecticut and would frequently visit, wanted to subvert the familiar idea that a relatively abandoned car was the most terrifying scenario. “That thing where it’s 2 in the morning was never scary to me,” he said. “What’s scary to me is it’s really hot and there are 150 people in the car. Take Ghostface out of it. That, to me, is still scary.” Add in Halloween — and the accompanying disguises — and it’s only more unsettling.

In the film, the Carpenters and their friends decide they’ll be safer if they all travel together in a very public setting. Amid aggressive crowds, the doors close before two members of the group can get on, and, with cellphone service spotty and plenty of potential slashers present, the plan goes awry.

The film’s directors, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, were immediately excited by the prospect of a Ghostface attack on the subway. “The whole movie is built around these ideas of danger in public and what’s right in front of you, and that, for us, was the scene where all of that comes together,” Bettinelli-Olpin said.

At the same time, they were aware of the challenges. For budgetary reasons, production took place in Montreal, where the transit system looks nothing like New York’s. They considered importing a decommissioned PATH car from New Jersey, but it was too heavy to sit on their production stage. It ultimately fell to the production designer Michele Laliberte to recreate a 1 train from scratch. Shooting took place over three days and involved 140 to 180 extras, clothed in costumes ranging from normal businessman to Debbie Harry in David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome.” (Fun fact: If you can spot her, it’s Harry’s actual costume.)

Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin do not live in New York, and they admit that their version of the subway owes as much to cinema as it does to real life. That fits with the ethos of the self-referential “Scream” series, in which characters are continually offering meta-commentary on what they are going through. “‘Warriors’ is like my touchstone for subway movies,” Bettinelli-Olpin said, referring to the iconic 1979 action flick about warring gangs in which the subways turn into hide-outs and battlefields. “I just assume it’s still like that all the time.” (It’s not.)

Gillett added that they had also looked to the subway sequence in Todd Phillips’s 2019 “Joker” where Joaquin Phoenix’s loner, in clown makeup, is assaulted by three besuited jerks on the train before shooting them. (Technically this takes place in Gotham City, but the film did little to hide its New York locations .) “The level of grit and grime and texture and feeling of it being really, really real was something we really wanted to borrow,” Gillett said.

Still, the directors would have debates with the cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz, an actual New Yorker, about how often the lights on the car should flicker, plunging the scene into eerie darkness. “Brett came up to us after the first take and was like, ‘Guys, we need to cut back on these flickers; the subway cars don’t do this anymore,’” Gillett said. But while they wanted some level of authenticity, reality wasn’t exactly their main objective. The goal was the subway as a heightened “house of horrors.”

That phrase might be a little too real for some people. Moviemakers have long relished portraying the city’s trains as frightening. (Think of “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,” Joseph Sargent’s 1974 movie about a hijacked subway train that was remade in 2009 by Tony Scott.) Most of these films — whether new or classic — portray the system as a place of lawlessness.

For those of us who currently take the subway, those portrayals can seem a little overblown, although the situation has gotten murkier since the pandemic. The rate of violent crimes per ride has risen since 2019, but a 2022 New York Times analysis revealed that it’s relatively unlikely you will be a target. Still, in New York, some people feel wary about the subway thanks to high-profile incidents that have included stabbings .

The real-world relevance wasn’t top of mind for Bettinelli-Olpin, Gillett or the writers, but it’s impossible not to think about that fear when watching the characters’ petrified faces as they search for danger at each stop. And although the filmmakers weren’t trying to evoke a specific post-lockdown perspective, they were going for a sense of dread. “That whole sequence is really about paranoia,” Gillett said. In this case, that paranoia comes from an excess of people packed into a metal tube, rather than a dearth of them.

And when you really think about it, there are few things more unnerving than being stuck underground with a bunch of strangers — even if there isn’t a serial killer running loose.

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13 Horror Movies You Should Watch for an Extra Spooky Friday the 13th

13 Horror Movies You Should Watch for an Extra Spooky Friday the 13th 324

There’s nothing scarier than watching a chilling horror movie on the spookiest day of the year: Friday the 13th.

The most obvious choice? It’s in the title. Friday the 13th , which released in 1980, would go on to spawn an entire horror franchise in its name. The film gave life to one of the genre’s most iconic killers Jason Voorhees — a hockey mask-faced murderer who is ruthlessly seeking revenge.

For something more thrilling — and a lot less gory — The Conjuring will scare the pants off of anyone. The supernatural flick tells the tale of a family living in a home possessed by a demon . Following its 2013 box office success, The Conjuring expanded its cinematic universe with three follow-up films and the Annabelle prequel movies.

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From psychological thrillers to gory slasher films, there are plenty of horror flicks to watch on Friday the 13th. Keep scrolling for our favorites — if you dare:

ghostface horror movie

Credit: Cover Images (3) ; Moviestore Collection/Cover Images

There’s nothing scarier than watching a chilling horror movie on the spookiest day of the year: Friday the 13th. The most obvious choice? It’s in the title. Friday the 13th , which released in 1980, would go on to spawn an entire horror franchise in its name. The film gave life to one of the genre’s most iconic killers Jason Voorhees — a hockey mask-faced murderer who is ruthlessly seeking revenge. For something more thrilling — and a lot less gory — The Conjuring will scare the pants off of anyone. The supernatural flick tells the tale of a family living in a home possessed by a demon . Following its 2013 box office success, The Conjuring expanded its cinematic universe with three follow-up films and the Annabelle prequel movies. From psychological thrillers to gory slasher films, there are plenty of horror flicks to watch on Friday the 13th. Keep scrolling for our favorites — if you dare:

ghostface horror movie

Credit: Cover Images

'Friday the 13th'

Released in 1980, the slasher film follows a group of camp counselors who are murdered one by one as they attempt to re-open an abandoned summer camp where a tragedy took place years before. The film stars Betsy Palmer, Harry Crosby and a young Kevin Bacon . 

ghostface horror movie

Credit: Moviestore Collection/Cover Images

The iconic masked killer known as Ghostface made his cinematic debut in the classic 1996 movie. Ghostface targets a group of teenagers including Neve Campell , Courtney Cox and Drew Barrymore . The Wes Craven classic found success amongst horror fans and followed up with five sequels and a TV series.

ghostface horror movie


While Halloween has inspired several sequels and a reboot, there’s nothing scarier than the original 1978 classic. Legendary killer Michael Myers — who killed his sister as a child — escapes from a mental institution. After being locked up for 15 years, he returns to his hometown only to find out his childhood home is for sale and stalks teenaged Jamie Lee Curtis .

ghostface horror movie

Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

'Nightmare on Elm Street'

1, 2, Freddy is coming for you. The supernatural slasher flick introduced the world to the one and only Freddy Krueger — played by Robert Englund in the original — a spirit of a former child murderer who spends his afterlife killing children in their dreams. Freddy has made several film appearances in countless sequels and a 2010 reboot. 

ghostface horror movie

Credit: Youtube

'Freddy vs. Jason'

Not enough time to watch Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street ? No problem. This 2003 crossover movie had horror fans flocking to the theater to see the showdown between iconic characters Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. 

ghostface horror movie

'The Craft'

The 1996 film  ives off the perfect witchy vibes perfect for a full moon. The Craft follows four outcast high school girls who take on witchcraft to cast spells and curses against those who’ve wronged them.

ghostface horror movie

'The Conjuring'

There’s nothing spookier — or unluckier — than spending time in home possessed by a literal demon. The movie follows the Perron family who move into a haunted farmhouse. After experiencing a series of disturbing events, the family seeks the help of paranormal investigators to rid their home of the evil entity.  

ghostface horror movie

'The Exorcist'

Known as one the scariest movies in history, the 1973 picture tells the tale of a little girl named Regan ( Linda Blair ) who gets possessed by a demon. While the special effects don’t live up today’s standards, it does deliver a flawless — and iconic — head spinning scene. Following the classic’s initial success, a series of sequels and a prequel were released. The franchise was also rebooted in 2023.

ghostface horror movie

Credit: Courtesy of Prime

'Totally Killer'

The 2023 black comedy stars Kiernan Shipka as she travels back in time to team up with the teenage version of her mom ( Olivia Holt ) to stop an attack on her friends.

ghostface horror movie

Jordan Peele ’s hair raising — and Oscar nominated — psychological thriller follows a young Black man ( Daniel Kaluuya ) who uncovers a terrifying secret about his white girlfriend’s (played by Allison Willams ) family. If you like plot twists — or fruit loops — this one’s for you. 

ghostface horror movie

'Pet Sematary'

The Stephen King novel which inspired the 1989 and 2019 films tells the tale of a mysterious graveyard in the woods behind a family’s home that is capable of resurrecting dead pets. A prequel for the 2019 adaptation was released on Paramount + in October 2023. 

ghostface horror movie

The 2017 movie is also based on a King novel of the same name. In the flick, children go missing as a monster disguised as a clown lures them into the sewer to murder them. A group of kids band together to take on the terrifying creature. The film was broken up into two parts with the sequel dropping in 2019. 

ghostface horror movie

'28 Days Later'

For the zombie lovers, this Cillian Murphy film will scratch your spooky itch. In the 2002 apocalyptic horror, a zombie virus infects the world and Murphy wakes up from a coma to see the collapse of society. He teams up with fellow survivors to find safety. Sure, zombies are always scary — but have you ever seen one that can run?

ghostface horror movie

'Final Destination'

The horror franchise best embodies Murphy's Law — what can go wrong will go wrong. The 2000 film follows high schooler Alex Browning ( Devon Sawa ) as he has a premonition about an airplane exploding before he and his classmates take off. Alex and a select few get off the plane before it is destroyed and are spared. However, after saving the group, each individual is killed one by one in a series of bizarre accidents caused by an unseen force. 

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More Stories

Screen Rant

Every person who played ghostface in scream.

Scream introduced a horror icon with Ghostface. Which characters in the franchise have worn the Ghostface mask over the 5 movies and TV show?

The Scream 6 killers continue to add to the roster of actors who played Ghostface in the Scream franchise. Throughout the six movies, an impressive number of characters have worn the Ghostface mask. Add in the franchise’s TV series, and the number of those who posed as Scream killers has only increased. While many got their hands dirty with the killings, others acted more like masterminds or distractions. Scream VI follows the fun of looking at the movie's ensemble and trying to decide who plays Ghostface before the final unmasking reveals it all.

Wes Craven's Scream introduced the world to a new face in horror. The villain wasn't a maniac who targeted random people and would keep returning - like icons Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, or Craven's own Freddy Kreuger. Instead, Ghostface was the guise used for murderers on a specific mission, which invariably ended up with Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) as the target. Each Scream movie contained a major mystery surrounding the identity of Ghostface. The Scream 6 Ghostface killer reveal reminds audiences how much fun it is the see which actor or actors are behind the mask.

Ghostface Killer Identity In Scream

Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) in Scream : Billy was the prototypical bad boy in the first Scream movie, something he took to a new level after he shockingly revealed himself as the Ghostface killer. Well, one of them: working with Stu Macher, Billy planned to kill Sidney and frame the murders, including that of Maureen Prescott, on Sid's father. Billy blamed Maureen for driving his own mother away because the woman was having an affair with Billy's father. Sidney managed to escape from Billy's attack a few times and eventually killed him with the help of Gale and Randy.

Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) in Scream : Stu played the goofy friend of Sidney Prescott, but he never showed any kind of threatening demeanor. It was a complete surprise to viewers that Stu served as Billy's Ghostface accomplice in their murdering masquerade, acting as the second of the Scream killers in the original film. Stu claimed "peer pressure" as the reason he agreed to help Billy act revenge on Sidney. Sidney used Stu's weak-willed nature to antagonize him and later managed to kill him while Billy was unconscious. Though Scream 6 potentially confirms the Stu theory that he is alive.

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in Scream : Sidney wasn't one of the Scream killers, but she did wear the mask for a brief scene as she turned the tables on her attackers. After Billy and Stu revealed their plan, Gale caused a distraction that led to Sidney escaping. Billy was enraged at the fact that she got away, so he went around the house looking for her. When he opened the closet door, Sidney jumped out wearing the Ghostface costume and stabbed Billy multiple times with an umbrella, a move that actually injured Scream 's Skeet Ulrich.

Ghostface Killer Identity In Scream 2

Mrs. Loomis (Laurie Metcalf) in Scream 2 : When a copycat Scream killer goes after Sidney at her college, the mystery of Ghostface's identity started all over again. Mrs. Loomis disguised herself as a journalist when the media descended on campus. By the end of the movie, it was revealed that she orchestrated the second murder spree because Billy was her son. To avenge his death, Mrs. Loomis hired Mickey to carry out the killings. She was later killed by Sidney and Cotton.

Mickey Altieri (Timothy Olyphant) in Scream 2 : Mickey was a close friend of Sidney's at college. It turned out that he was actually a psychopath that Mrs. Loomis met online. She paid his tuition in exchange for him carrying out the copycat killings as Ghostface. Scream 2 killer Mickey fulfilled his end of the bargain and shared that he wanted to be caught so he could become famous. Mrs. Loomis then turned on him after the revelation of their motive. He eventually died from multiple gunshot wounds at the hands of Mrs. Loomis, Gale, and Sidney.

Ghostface Killer Identity In Scream 3

Roman Bridger (Scott Foley) in Scream 3 : Not only was Roman revealed to be the Scream 3 killer, but he was also the mastermind behind the previous two movies. Roman was the son of Maureen Prescott, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Roman's jealousy of the Prescott family drove him insane, so he filmed Maureen's affairs and showed them to Billy. He then gave Billy the idea of carrying out the first Ghostface killings, which in turn led to his mother's involvement in Scream 2 . Sidney ultimately came out on top of her half-brother's murderous plan.

Ghostface Killer Identity In Scream 4

Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) in Scream 4 : Jealousy must run in the Prescott family because it became the main motivation for Jill's role as the Scream 4 killer. She was the estranged cousin of Sidney and a target of the new killings. It turned out that Jill craved the attention that Sidney always got, so she set up the killing spree of her mother and friends. Jill thought she killed Sidney, but she was wrong, so they had one final showdown at the hospital. Though the original plan had Jill survive Scream 4 , Sidney ultimately kills her younger cousin.

Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin) in Scream 4 : Charlie played Jill's secret boyfriend, who helped with Jill's Scream 4 murder plan. He portrayed the second Ghostface to make it look like Jill was also being targeted at the time. After they revealed themselves to Sidney, Charlie and Jill were planning to injure each other (Stu and Billy style) to act as though they were victims. Instead, Jill realized she would rather be a sole survivor, so she killed Charlie. For someone obsessed with horror movies, he certainly didn't see that obvious twist coming.

Ghostface Killer Identity In Scream 2022

Amber Freeman (Mikey Madison) in Scream 2022: Like the previous movie, Scream 2022 featured two Ghostface killers. The first was Amber, Tara’s friend who lived in Stu Macher’s old house. The location led to her obsession with the original Woodsboro Massacre, and in turn, the Stab movie franchise . In recent years, Amber felt the franchise fell off track, and she wanted to give the series new material that would honor the original. In doing so, she set a chain of events that involved bringing back the legacy Scream characters, killing some of her own friends, and setting up Tara’s sister, Sam, for the murders due to her being Billy Loomis’ daughter. Granted, Amber couldn’t handle the power of original victims, Sidney and Gale.

Richard "Richie" Kirsch (Jack Quaid) in Scream 2022: Amber couldn’t do everything herself, so she enlisted the help of Richie, the second Scream killer. Though he was thought to be Sam’s loyal boyfriend, he was actually a sadistic Stab fan who Amber met on a subreddit. Also upset by the recent direction of the Stab movies, Richie agreed to help Amber enact Scream 2022's Ghostface killings to fix the franchise. In reality, he personified the toxic fanbase he claimed to hate. Sam later killed him after a one-on-one showdown.

Ghostface Killer Identity In Scream: The TV Series

Piper Shaw (Amelia Rose Blaire) in Scream: The TV Series Season 1: Initially posing as a podcaster looking into the new murders occurring in Lakewood, Piper Shaw was ultimately revealed to be the daughter of Brandon James, the original Lakewood serial killer. Piper's primary motivation for murder was jealousy of her half-sister Emma Duvall, who grew up with their mother while Piper was given up for adoption.

Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serafini) in Scream: The TV Series Season 2: Unbeknownst to the survivors of Piper's massacre during season 1, Keiran Wilcox was her secret lover and accomplice. Kieran assisted Piper in coordinating her kills and sometimes posed as the killer when Piper was unable to. After Piper ended up dead, an enraged Kieran embarked on a new killing spree in the Scream season's story but was eventually caught and arrested. He later died in prison after being killed by a different, unidentified Ghostface killer. Sadly, this plot thread was abandoned for season 3.

Beth (Giorgia Whigham) in Scream: The TV Series Season 3: Notably, this third and most recent Scream season rebooted the series' story, moving away from Lakewood. The Scream killer(s) also wore the classic Ghostface mask from the films and were voiced in costume by Roger L. Jackson. A horror-obsessed goth with outwardly anti-social tendencies, Beth basically did what she did for fun and had no real underlying motive of revenge like some of the franchise's other kills. She didn't survive season 3.

Jamal Elliot (Tyga) in Scream: The TV Series Season 3: Jamal's Ghostface motive in Scream season 3 was more common for Scream killers' standards, stemming back to issues with his family, mainly one of his brothers assuming the identity of another deceased sibling. Jamal was a ticking time bomb set to explode by a calculating Beth. However, Jamal wasn't evil to the core like Beth, leading him to reveal her identity to his brother and her to brutally kill him via stabbing.

Ghostface Killer Identity In Scream VI (2023)

Detective Bailey (Dermot Mulroney): Though Scream 6 features more Ghostface killers than any movie in the franchise, Detective Bailey can be considered the main killer. Bailey is introduced as a cop and father of Sam's roommate Quinn who helps the group when Ghostface returns. However, it is ultimately revealed he is the father of Richie from Scream 2022, looking to get revenge on Sam for killing his son. Bailey makes it a family affair, bringing along his surviving children only to see them killed before Sam dons the Ghostface mask to finish Bailey off with a knife through the eye in one of Scream 6 's most gruesome kills .

Ethan Landry (Jack Champion): Ethan is introduced as one of Sam and Tara's college friends and a bit of an outcast. Amusingly, after being suspiciously absent for one of the major Ghostface attacks, the group immediately suspects he is the culprit. Those instincts turn out to be correct as Ethan reveals he is Ritchie's younger brother. After being stabbed through the mouth by Tara, Ethan gets the distinction of getting the final scare as he attempts to attack Sam and Tara only for Kirby to finish off with the same TV that got Stu.

Quinn Bailey (Liana Liberato): Quinn is introduced as Sam's roommate in New York City and the daughter of Detective Bailey. However, the movie attempts to take her off the suspect list early when she is seemingly killed by Ghostface (although the fact that it is an off-screen death doesn't help). After revealing herself to be alive and helping with her father's plan for revenge, Quinn dies for real when Sam shoots her in the head.

Jason Carver (Tony Revolori): Scream 6 's opening scene plays on audience expectations for the formula these movies have established. After a young woman is killed by Ghostface, instead of cutting to the title card, Ghostface removes his mask to reveal Jason Carver. The scene goes on to show Jason is an aspiring Ghostface along with his roommate Greg (who never gets the chance to don the mask). His plan is to kill Sam and Tara in an attempt to finish Richie's movie. Instead, a rival Ghostface targets him and stabs Jason to death after discovering Greg's dismembered body in the fridge.

Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera): Following in Sidney Prescott's footsteps, Scream 6 's final girl Sam puts on the Ghostface costume in the final act to take down Bailey. However, seeing Sam in the Ghostface mask has different connotations as she is the daughter of Billy Loomis and has struggled with whether or not she has his killer instinct. In fact, Bailey refers to the mask as her birthright. Though she hesitates to become the monster everyone thinks she is, she gets Tara's approval to kill Bailey anyway.

RELATED: 7 Past Ghostface Killers Who Can Return In Scream 7

Which Characters Could Be Ghostface In Scream 7?

Though there hasn't been much news on Scream 7 , it is safe to assume Ghostface will return and fans can speculate on who will don the mask this time. Legacy characters like Kirby Reed and Gale Weathers survived again, and while Sidney Prescott isn't in Scream 6 , she is alive and could return for a sequel. However, it seems highly unlikely any of them would suddenly be made the new Ghostface. Similarly, the new "Core Four" of Sam, Tara, Mindy, and Chad were still (more or less) standing at the end. Though the movies continue to play with Sam's inner demons related to Billy Loomis, making her Ghostface would undermine so much of these new sequels.

As with many Scream movies, there weren't many of the new characters in Scream 6 left standing at the end. Danny Brackett, Sam's neighbor and secret lover, is really the only new cast member who could possibly return in Scream 7 . It is rare to have the boyfriend character turn out to not be Ghostface and still survive, but that doesn't necessarily mean Danny couldn't be Ghostface in the future. Scream fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for the franchise.

Bloody Disgusting!

Ghostface Glossary: A Guide to Every Horror Reference in ‘Scream 2’

' src=

Welcome to the Ghostface Glossary , a guide to every horror reference and nod throughout the first five films of the Scream franchise.

After a lot of pausing, rewinding, and zooming in, as well as researching, we’re catching all of the many horror-specific references Williamson, Craven, and Co. included in this beloved postmodern slasher franchise. If we’ve forgotten any glaring ones, kindly let us know.

This guide will exclude homages from previous Scream films and their respective sequels— we’re only looking at outside horror franchises and inspirations, because any red-blooded Ghostface fan is likely already aware of those. (Goes without saying that the beloved faux franchise ‘Stab’(s) 1-8 will also not be counted, since, even though our neon green ‘Stab’ t-shirts and mock VHS tapes feel very real, it’s still a very fake franchise). If we’ve forgotten any glaring ones, kindly let us know.

“By definition alone, they’re inferior films!”

With a lightening speed turnaround of exactly one year after the release of its OG predecessor, Scream 2 has less to say about the horror genre itself (or its then-current state of its 1997 release year). Instead, Williamson and Craven continue to drop old slasher movie Easter eggs galore, both mainstream and obscure, while also focusing on the specificities, tropes, and rules of movie sequels, in general. From its arguably all-time best opening sequence within a room full of jacked-up ‘Stab’ fans to its Pamela Voorhees-inspired “good old fashioned revenge” motive, this first sequel is right up there amongst some of the other great Part 2 horror pantheons ( Friday the 13th Part 2 , Child’s Play 2 , Hellbound: Hellraiser II , etc.) as a respected pinnacle of what constitutes as a superb follow-up and beginning of a decades-spanning franchise. Could it have included more commentary about said horror sequels? Sure.

But these horror references are more than satiating to horror fans of any level— elementary or expertise. 

ghostface horror movie

‘House on Haunted Hill’

House on Haunted Hill (1959): 1) Ghostface dummies fly over the heads of the rowdy audience before ‘Stab’ begins and 2) the glow-in-the-dark “Stab-O-Vision” appears on the screen before the ‘Stab’ title card— both odes to William Castle gimmicks. 

Psycho (1960): 1) The ‘Stab’ version of Casey Becker removes her clothes and turns on the shower. 2) Later, Mrs. Loomis sticks her eyeball through a hole in the door, in the same fashion as Norman Bates does to spy on Marion Crane. 

Demons (1985), Popcorn (1991), He Knows You’re Alone (1980), Anguish (1987), and Messiah of Evil (1973): All five are distinct influences for the film’s opening movie theater sequence and/or Maureen’s death in front of the movie-going audience. Anguish also later parallels Mrs. Loomis’ killer mommy reveal. 

Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), and House II: The Second Story (1987): Randy and Mickey’s film class debates which horror sequels rival their predecessors. T2 is also later referred to again, when Mickey compares Sidney to Linda Hamilton. 

Nosferatu (1922): Cici settles on watching the expressionist vampire classic as she talks on the phone with her friend.

ghostface horror movie

‘Friday the 13th’

Friday the 13th (1980): Arguably Scream 2 ’s most prominent homages come from the 1980 film in the following circumstances:

1) Cici’s friend says a variation of the famous “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma” as a joke over the phone

2) Randy says later, “Mrs. Voorhees was a terrific serial killer!” 

3) Mrs. Loomis is finally revealed to be the mommy revenge killer a la Pamela Voorhees, of course. Mrs. Loomis also attempts to break down a door with Sidney on the other side, just like the ending scene with Pamela and Alice in the 1980 film.  

Black Christmas (1974): Cici, the sorority girl, gets a freaky phone call from Ghostface inside her sorority house, akin to Billy harassing the girls inside their sorority house in BC .

Halloween (1978): While the 1996 film takes the whole cake in terms of odes to Halloween , Scream 2 can’t help itself, either. 1) Cici’s body splayed on the ground after falling off the roof looks very similar to Myers’ body in the Carpenter film, before he’s revealed to have survived and his body disappears. Of course, Cici is not as fortunate. 2) The detectives assigned to protect Sidney are named Richards and Andrews, likely after child actors Kyle Richards and Brian Andrews. 3) Finally, Debbie Salt’s actual last name is revealed to be Mrs. Loomis, obviously. 

Faces of Death (1978): Cameraman Joel complains to Gale: “I was brought here to do an interview— not ‘Faces of Death 14.’” To be fair, there are only 8 volumes in the series (to date.)

ghostface horror movie


Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985) or Beetlejuice (1988): Ghostface says “It’s showtime!” to Sidney via phone, in the post-college party scene. This could be a nod to either film…but we’re leaning towards the former, knowing Williamson’s love for the Friday films. 

Candyman (1992): While explaining who he thinks the killers could be to Dewey, Randy notes there is “always room for Candyman’s daughter,” when discussing the possibility of Hallie. “She’s sweet— she’s deadly! She’s bad for your teeth.”

The House on Sorority Row (1982), The Dorm that Dripped Blood (1982), Splatter University (1984), Graduation Day (1981), and Final Exam (1981): Showing off his horror expertise to Ghostface, Randy lists these college campus-themed titles over the phone while attempting to locate him. 

ghostface horror movie

‘Slumber Party Massacre’

The Slumber Party Massacre (1982): Randy gets yanked into the news van, in the middle of the afternoon, where he meets his demise— similarly to another shortly-lived character’s fate in the early moments of this 1982 slasher. However, there was no blaring boom box to comically cover the sounds of agonizing screaming, like what occurred to poor Randy.

Mute Witness (1995): While Gale and Dewey are studying Joel’s news footage in the campus’ projector/editing room, Ghostface finds them and (nearly) murders Dewey. The 1995 film features a similar set piece and chase sequence within the walls of a film editing space.   

Twin Peaks franchise (1990 series and subsequent films): As Sidney and Hallie are riding with the detectives, for a few frames, the camera focuses on the changing traffic lights— similarly to the ominous usages of changing traffic lights within the bulk of the TP series. 

Stage Fright (1987): Scream 2 ’s final battle between Sidney and Mrs. Loomis, which takes place on a stage set piece, is akin to this ’87 slasher about a bunch of stage actors prepping for a play. Scream 2 also notes you must shoot the killer between the eyes for them to finally die, which is another direct reference to Stage Fright – except, Mickey and Mrs. Loomis are a lot more dead than SF killer Wallace may be…

Thanks to  IMDb  and the  Zack Cherry  YouTube channel for picking up a couple this writer had missed for this comprehensive guide. 

ghostface horror movie

‘Scream 2’

' src=

Journalism/Communication Studies grad. A24 horror superfan- the weirder, the better. Hates when animals die in horror films.

ghostface horror movie

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ghostface horror movie

The Original Screen-Worn Freddy Glove from the Original ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Is Up for Auction!

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Spirit Halloween: 10 Costumes That Aren’t Barbie and Ken

ghostface horror movie

Spirit Halloween: 10 Essentials for Every Horror Home

Looking Back on the Surreal Thrills of ‘Metallica: Through the Never’ 10 Years Later

' src=

From Robert Johnson’s alleged deal with the devil to Alice Cooper’s monster-filled performances, rock ‘n roll has always had a foot in the horror genre. Hell, even the world’s most successful metal band has some horror-inspired hits up its sleeves, with eerie songs like The Call of Ktulu and The Thing That Should Not Be adding some Lovecraftian flavor to Metallica’s discography.

That’s why it makes sense that a narrative concert film produced by Metallica would also borrow from some of their favorite genre thrills. And with Nimród Antal’s experimental masterpiece Metallica: Through the Never celebrating its 10 th anniversary this month, I’d like to take this opportunity to dive into how this unique film uses its genre influences to tell a surprisingly compelling story accompanied by one of the band’s best live performances.

The idea for Through the Never spawned from the band’s wish to produce a concert film that harkened back to the musical storytelling of classics like Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 . Hiring veteran genre director Nimród Antal, who had previously helmed Predators and Vacancy (and has since worked on Stranger Things ), the Metallica crew teamed up with the filmmaker to write a screenplay mixing the surreal atmosphere of The Twilight Zone with the apocalyptic imagery of Mad Max , investing their own money into what they thought would be their cinematic magnum opus.

In the finished film, we follow Dane DeHaan as a young roadie who embarks on a perilous quest during the band’s 2012 performance in Vancouver’s BC Place, with his journey through a city on the edge of anarchy being intercut with the band’s performance in a thrilling hybrid experience that basically amounts to a feature-length music video.

Unfortunately, while critics praised the film as a visually stunning experiment as well as an innovative celebration of the band’s history, Through the Never didn’t even manage to make its budget back at the box office. In fact, James Hetfield is reported to have called the entire experience “bittersweet,” lamenting how much the band ended up spending on such a risky endeavor.


ghostface horror movie

The mere existence of a narrative concert film starring Metallica is enough to justify the price of admission for heavy metal fans, but Through the Never is also a genuinely entertaining piece of storytelling in its own right. Not only does the film depict one of the band’s all-time best performances, with the Vancouver venue being completely retrofitted to enhance their theatrical flourishes and dangerous-looking pyrotechnics, but it’s also accompanied by some truly gorgeous cinematography.

I mean, this whole affair was clearly intended to be experienced on the big screen, with the 3D IMAX elements making the film feel especially impressive during a time when most 3D productions were lazily post-converted into the format instead of being specifically shot with stereoscopic viewing in mind. That being said, the film still holds up as a gorgeous piece of art when viewed on traditional television sets – so long as you keep the volume loud!

From violent car crashes to city-wide riots – not to mention the blood-pumping spectacle of the concert itself – there are plenty of shots here that will likely stick with you long after the credits roll. I actually wish that the band would rerelease the film in theaters, as it’s a damn shame that most fans will never get to experience this bold experiment the way it was meant to be seen (and heard).

Sure, Through the Never is a little light on plot, focusing more on surreal imagery and a general sense of anarchic dread rather than a proper story, but you can still infer some semblance of a cohesive narrative here as Dane DeHaan goes about his near-mythical quest for an unidentified McGuffin. Hell, you can even interpret his bizarre interactions with rioters as drug-fuelled hallucinations – or maybe even the result of severe cranial trauma due to his frequent injuries.

That being said, I love the implication that this might very well be the actual end of the world.


ghostface horror movie

From masked killers to mass murders and zombie-like riots, it’s pretty clear what kind of genre films inspired the madness of Through the Never . That’s precisely why I think horror fans are likely to appreciate the film’s unconventional take on the symbiotic relationship between movies and music.

Hell, some of the more brutal scenes even make the film feel like an unofficial entry in the Purge franchise, with the movie featuring some particularly gnarly depictions of urban chaos as masked citizens enact their wildest (and most violent) fantasies. I especially enjoy how DeHaan’s character deals with being cornered by a group of dangerous rioters towards the end of the picture, with this fiery scene serving as a perfect vertical slice of the entire experience.

To be honest, my only gripe with the picture is the fact that there aren’t more of these story elements. DeHaan’s final confrontation with the masked rider and his subsequent return to the concert may end the movie on a satisfying note, but it still feels like there was room for more apocalyptic adventure here. I didn’t exactly time it, but I’d wager that the narrative bits only make up a single third of the experience, which is a shame when you have such an engaging premise and a naturally charismatic leading man.

That being said, I think that Metallica: Through the Never makes for a great mood piece during the Halloween season, even if the band doesn’t actually get to play their more horror-oriented songs. From brutal fight scenes to instantly iconic heavy metal imagery, there are plenty of genre thrills to be had here if you can accept the movie for what it is. I mean, we still haven’t seen anything close to this level of unbridled creativity in concert films in the 10 years since it was released, so we might as well appreciate this oddball musical experiment.

There’s no understating the importance of a balanced media diet, and since bloody and disgusting entertainment isn’t exclusive to the horror genre, we’ve come up with  Horror Adjacent  – a recurring column where we recommend non-horror movies that horror fans might enjoy.

sawtooth jack

These 13 New Horror Movies and Shows Are Releasing for Friday the 13th This Week!

ghostface horror movie

Five Autumnal Horror Movies to Stream This Week

Halloween Miramax

‘Halloween’ – Miramax Slashes Into the TV Rights to the Franchise!

ghostface horror movie

Over 13 Brand New Pieces of ‘Friday the 13th’ Merchandise Released for Friday the 13th Today!

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7 Horror Movie Marathons to Watch This Weekend

Binge these iconic horror franchises all october long.

Jacob Kienlen

We are full into October now and there's never been a better time to have yourself a horror movie marathon. There are a lot of different ways you could approach such a marathon. You could binge a bunch of classic horror movies or just dive right into some of the best Halloween movies . If you're looking for a bit more continuity to your marathon, however, we suggest sticking to horror franchises.

We've gathered some of the most popular horror movie franchises below to help give you an idea of where to start. You can also check out our list of the best movie marathons for some non-spooky options.

Friday The 13th Movies

ghostface horror movie

With Friday the 13th happening in October this year, there's never been a better time to dig into the Friday the 13th movies. Jason is one of the most iconic horror villains of all time and these films are some of the best slashers ever made. There are currently 12 movies in the franchise, including one where Jason goes to space for some reason.

If you're looking to watch all of the Friday the 13th movies in order , it will take you a little under 17 hours to do so. So definitely possible in a single weekend if you're determined enough.

The Conjuring Movies

ghostface horror movie

The Conjuring universe is surprisingly large, and if you’re just entering the series for the first time, it can be a pretty confusing timeline. There are a total of 9 movies in the franchise so far, with a 9th one arriving on September 8. This list includes The Conjuring films, Annabelle movies, and The Nun.

If you include all 9 movies and the 5 shorts in your streaming marathon, you can potentially watch all of the Conjuring movies in just under 16 and a half hours .That list includes The Nun 2 , which is still only available in theaters.

The Child's Play Movies

ghostface horror movie

Chucky is another iconic slasher that just won't give up. There are currently 8 Childs Play movies and a Chucky TV series that is currently in its third season. If creepy dolls are right up your spooky alley, then we suggest starting with the original 1988 film and working your way through the series. You can also include the 2019 reboot, but it doesn't fit directly on the Child's Play timeline .

If you're planning on bingeing all 8 of the films, it will take you just over 11 hours and 40 minutes to get through them all, and that's not counting the TV series.

The Halloween Movies

Yet another classic slasher series, the Halloween films feature Michael Myers brutally murdering people with his iconic mask on. If you're hoping to watch the Halloween movies in chronological order , however, we regret to inform you that the timeline is incredibly complicated. The Michael Myers universe can be split into 5 different timelines. If you want to watch all 13 movies, you may find it difficult. We suggest starting with the original 1978 film and then moving on to the newer trilogy.

If you do want to try to watch all 13 of the Halloween movies, it will take you over 20 and half hours to do so.

The Scream Movies

ghostface horror movie

The Scream franchise is currently enjoying a surge in popularity after Scream 5 in 2022 followed by Scream 6 , which came out in March this year. If you're looking for a horror movie marathon that doesn't take itself too seriously, watching all the Scream movies in order is a great way to do so.

If you want to watch all 6 of the Ghostface movies in marathon form, it will take you a little over 11 and half hours to do so. Here's where you can watch all of the Scream movies online .

A Nightmare On Elm Street Movies

If you do a Friday the 13th movie marathon, then you're going to end up with a Freddy vs. Jason match up. If you'd prefer just a Freddy movie marathon, you'll be happy to hear there are currently 9 films in the series. Although it's been almost 13 years since we've had a Freddy movie, the franchise is still iconic enough to be worthy of movie marathon status.

If you're trying to watch all of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies in order , it will take you just a little over 14 hours to get through all of them.

The Saw Movies

ghostface horror movie

With the release of Saw X this year, there's never been a better time for watching all of the Saw movies in order . There are currently 10 movies in the franchise, though you may want to skip Spiral: From the Book of Saw if you're planning a marathon as it's a bit of an outlier. It's also the first movie that didn't have Tobin Bell playing Jigsaw.

If you're hoping to watch all of the movies in one go, it will take a little over 16 hours to do so. You can see our guide to where to watch the Saw movies online to get started.

More Horror Movie Binges

If you're looking for more horror movie binges, we have a variety of other suggestions for what to watch in 2023. Whether you're looking for a slasher binge or just want some vampire action in your life, these lists should help get you on the right track:

  • The Best Slasher Movies
  • The Best Vampire Movies
  • The Best Werewolf Movies
  • The Best Witch Movies

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Endless Dungeon Review


The Simpsons Crosses Over With Ghostface In Bloody Pulp-Style Art

  • The Simpsons and the Scream franchise come together in new spooky crossover art, featuring Lisa Simpson and Ghostface in a vintage-style horror poster.
  • The poster is titled Treehouse of Horror, paying homage to The Simpsons' annual Halloween episodes that incorporate horror tropes and movie spoofs.
  • This art suggests that The Simpsons should consider a Scream parody in a future Treehouse of Horror episode, as the long-standing animated series continues to embrace horror elements.

The Simpsons and the Scream franchise get a spooky crossover in new art timed for the Halloween season. With October in full swing, there has been a sharp rise in horror content, both on the big and small screens. While the Scream franchise released a movie back in March, The Simpsons has another installment of its Treehouse of Horror series on the horizon. It is set to air on November 5.

The Simpsons now gets its own horror take in new Scream -inspired crossover art from @theartofcrowphantom . This piece poses Lisa Simpson next to Ghostface in a vintage-style horror poster. On it, Lisa wears a frightened expression while clutching a telephone as Ghostface holds a bloody knife.

The artist titles it Treehouse of Horror , an homage to the ongoing Simpsons horror specials of the same name. The caption reads, “ It’s that time of year again !” and encourages onlookers to “ stay spooky .”

The Simpsons Has A Long-Standing Relationship With Horror

@theartofcrowphantom uses a simple but effective approach to mix the two franchises. On the poster, Lisa and Ghostface pose above a home highly reminiscent of the Simpsons' own household. The colors are sparse, with the only light coming from the house and an eerie moon behind the two central characters.

While a comedy series, The Simpsons has an annual tradition of creating “Treehouse of Horror” episodes during the Halloween season. These episodes use horror tropes and draw from specific movies to give the animated comedy a spooky flair. With the 33 Treehouse of Horror episodes to date, there are copious horror film homages, including spoofs of Frankenstein , 2001: A Space Odyssey , The Shining , and The Fly .

Related: The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Could Confirm A Big Death Note Theory

The Simpsons has yet to have a Treehouse of Horror specifically dedicated towards a Scream parody, though Ghostface did appear briefly in season 16, episode 20, “Home Away from Homer.” This newest spooky art seems to be the sign that perhaps The Simpsons should take on Scream in a future edition of the Halloween special. The Simpsons will have plenty of opportunities ahead , as Treehouse of Horror continues year after year, and the series has already been renewed for season 36.

Source: @theartofcrowphantom /Instagram

The Simpsons Crosses Over With Ghostface In Bloody Pulp-Style Art

Wes, aka Oldmanghostface, interviews people from the horror community on social media.

Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface

  • TV & Film
  • OCT 16, 2023

Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface - Victim #6: DesmondFlicks | New Movies and Current Projects

It's time again to take my next victim! Next up is my good friend Desmond Alexander, aka  @DesmondsFlicks  ! We discuss new movie releases and some current projects in the works. Thanks again Desmond for being on the show. Truly appreciate you brother! --------------------------------------- Show Links Desmond (DesmondsFlicks) Instagram - @desmondsflicks YouTube - @DesmondsFlicks Patreon - patreon.com/desmondsflicks Twitch - itsdesmondsflicks --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dont-kill-me-mr-ghostface/message

  • OCT 9, 2023

Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface - Victim #5: NewEnglandHomeofHorror | Devils Are We

It's time again to take my next victim! Next up is my good friend John Turner, aka NewEnglandHomeofHorror ! We will be discussing his phenomenal horror film Devils Are We, that came out last month here on Youtube! Thanks again John for being on the show. I really appreciate you brother. We are currently only on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. The links can be found in the bio or just search the name in the appropriate apps. And thank you to everyone who supports me. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dont-kill-me-mr-ghostface/message

  • OCT 1, 2023

Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface - Victim #4: Skynetvideo | Horror Short Film Nest

**SPOILER WARNING FOR "NEST"** It's time again to take my next victim! I'm doing my very first video podcast with none other than one of my very best friends Taylor, aka @skynetvideo ⁠ ! Taylor is also apart of @checkthecandy so go check them out as well. We will be discussing his amazing short horror film, Nest, with debuts on October 21st! Thanks again Taylor for being on the show. I really appreciate you and our friendship. You truly mean a lot to me. We are currently on YouTube. The link can be found in the bio or just search the name in the appropriate apps. And thank you to everyone who supports me. If you are interested in being on the show, send me a DM on Instagram or comment on the show on Youtube. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dont-kill-me-mr-ghostface/message

  • FEB 1, 2022

Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface - Victim #3: Karlie - 5cream The Next Chapter *SPOILER WARNING*

*HEAVY SPOILER WARNING!* It's time to take my next victim! I will be talking to Karlie, aka Letswatchsacarymovie, about Scream 5. The ups, the downs and everything in between. If you are interested in being on the show with me, send a DM on the @dontkillmemrghostface Instagram page. You can follow me over on @oldmanghostface and Karlie at @letswatchsacarymovie. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dont-kill-me-mr-ghostface/message

  • 1 hr 14 min
  • AUG 29, 2021

Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface - Victim #2: Misa - Favorite Horror Sondtracks

It's time to take my next victim! I will be talking to Misa, aka Misarox, about our top horror soundtracks. We also talk a little about Misa's podcast, Soundtrack City! If you are interested in being on the show with me, send a DM on the @dontkillmemrghostface Instagram page. You can follow me over on @oldmanghostface and Misa at @misarox and @heysoundtrackcity. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dont-kill-me-mr-ghostface/message

  • 1 hr 25 min
  • MAY 18, 2021

Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface - Victim #1: Mandy - Favorite Book to Movie Adaptations

Welcome to the inagural episode, a Wes side podcast, Don't Kill Me Mr. Ghostface! I will be talking to Mandy, xoo_mandy on Instagram, about her top book to movie adaptations. We will also discuss the Scream franchise and future plans for this little show. If you are interested in being on the show with me, send a DM on the @dontkillmemrghostface Instagram page. You can follow me over on @oldmanghostface and Mandy on @xoo_mandy. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dont-kill-me-mr-ghostface/message

  • © Don't Kill Me Mr Ghostface

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Six years after Woodsboro's most recent 'Stab' massacre, a new killer has seemingly emerged from the shadows, intent on tracking down the three remaining survivors from the original 1996 inc... Read all Six years after Woodsboro's most recent 'Stab' massacre, a new killer has seemingly emerged from the shadows, intent on tracking down the three remaining survivors from the original 1996 incident and carrying on the infamous legacy of the ever-changing masked murdered known as 'G... Read all Six years after Woodsboro's most recent 'Stab' massacre, a new killer has seemingly emerged from the shadows, intent on tracking down the three remaining survivors from the original 1996 incident and carrying on the infamous legacy of the ever-changing masked murdered known as 'Ghostface'.

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Halloween costume trends for 2023 include Barbie, pop culture icons, horror movies and more

Halloween costume shopping started slow this year, but here are the themes that could be popular for 2023.

‘AGT' judge Heidi Klum says her Halloween costume is 'complicated'

‘AGT' judge Heidi Klum says her Halloween costume is 'complicated'

‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Heidi Klum tells Fox News Digital she doesn’t want to give away too much when it comes to this year’s Halloween costume.

Halloween is near and celebrators are flocking to digital and physical costume shops to find their perfect outfit.

While some may already know what they want to "be" for Halloween this year, others may need help deciding in light of the season’s reported slow start.

"In 2022, we witnessed a lightning-fast start, but 2023 presents a different rhythm. Regardless, the spirit of Halloween remains strong, and we're confident that this year will deliver its own brand of excitement," said Gregor Lawson, chair of the Halloween & Costumes Association (HCA), in a statement.


The New Jersey-based trade organization, which has reached over $3 billion in cumulative sales, released a trend report on the Halloween costumes that are likely to be popular as American consumers make their way into stores.

Here are the Halloween costume categories that might be prevalent amid parties, parades and trick-or-treat outings this year.

Popular costume trends for Halloween 2023

Celebrities and pop culture stars.

Just as in other years, celebrities, fictional characters and pop culture icons are inspiring a good number of costumes, according to the HCA.

Left: Barbie Pink Power Jumpsuit, Middle: Jumbo Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Right: Adult Ariel The Little Mermaid 2023

Films could be a source of inspiration for Halloween costumes in 2023, including "Barbie," "Killer Klowns" and "The Little Mermaid." (Spirit Halloween)

"These costumes draw inspiration from beloved pop culture figures, reflecting the enduring popularity of dressing up as a favorite character from film, music or television," the trade organization wrote in its trend report.


The HCA predicts that Taylor Swift , Wednesday Addams, Super Mario Brothers and The Little Mermaid will be top choices this year.

Swift is making headlines for her ERAS concert tour and her potential relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s original series "Wednesday" (November 2022), Universal’s "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" (April 2023) and Disney’s "The Little Mermaid" live action (May 2023) film were released over the last 12 months.

Although some would lump Barbie costumes into the pop culture category, the HCA believes the famous doll deserves a category of her own, given the success of Warner Bros. Picture’s live action "Barbie" movie (July 2023).

Western Barbie and Ken Halloween costumes side-by-side.

The Halloween & Costume Association and Spirit Halloween say Western Barbie and Ken costumes are popular this Halloween season. (Spirit Halloween)

Barbie and Ken costumes will be popular for couples and families, the HCA predicts. 

The Western Barbie costume and Pink Power Jumpsuit Barbie are two movie-inspired options that will likely be go-to costumes for Barbie fans.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Another technical pop culture pick that’s deserving of its own category, according to the HCA, is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

The HCA predicts Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello costumes will be popular this year given the release of Paramount Pictures’ new animated film, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem" (August 2023).

"Whether one is a fan of the new or the classic, the Turtles are poised to remain a Halloween favorite," the HCA wrote in its trend report.

‘Nostalgia, fantasy and medieval’

Halloween celebrators are also taking a look at history, legends and myths for their costumes, according to the HCA.

Adults at a Halloween party wear costumes while celebrating.

The Halloween & Costume Association says shoppers will seek out costumes in the fantasy, legend and myth category during the Halloween 2023 season. (iStock)

Nostalgia, fantasy and medieval costumes are three themes, says the HCA, that will be popular in 2023 as costume shoppers aim to dress like another era or as legendary figures and mystical creatures.

‘Creepy’ and ‘grim’

Halloween shoppers will turn to traditional scary costumes this year as well.


"Creepy" and "grim" themes are seeing "a robust resurgence" in 2023, the HCA reports, with celebrators seeking "eerie and haunting" costumes.

Woman paint skull face on boy wearing skeleton costume.

Skeleton costumes will be popular in 2023, says the HCA, as shoppers continue to seek out scary costumes. (iStock)

The trade organization notes that spine-chilling costumes will be popular, especially skeleton and macabre ensembles.


Spirit Halloween, a seasonal costume, prop and decoration retailer with locations throughout the U.S., said horror movie and video game characters could be top picks this year, according to a press release in late September.

Horror movie antagonists that stand out to the organization include Chucky, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Ghostface, Frankenstein and The Invisible Man (AKA Dr. Jack Griffin). 

Shorty and Jumbo from "Killer Klowns" (1988) could gain traction since the cult-classic film reached its 35th anniversary, according to Spirit Halloween.

'Killer Klowns' Jumbo Halloween costume.

Jumbo from the horror movie "Killer Klowns" could be a popular costume for the 2023 Halloween season in light of the film's 35th anniversary, said Spirit Halloween. (Spirit Halloween)

Spooky video game characters that may attract Halloween shoppers include Huggy Wuggy from "Poppy Playtime," an episodic horror game, and Freddy Fazbear from "Five Nights at Freddy’s," a point-and-click survival horror game.


Halloween accessories

Halloween costume accessories such as wigs are reportedly experiencing high demand, according to the HCA.

It’s not immediately clear if Halloween accessories are on the rise because consumers need them to complete their costumes or if some are choosing accessories in place of full costumes due to the holiday's occurring on a weekday this year.

Wigs set on mannequin heads in a store.

Wigs are a costume accessory category that's seeing high sales for the 2023 Halloween season, says the Halloween & Costume Assocation. (iStock)

The HCA believes Halloween sales are down due to October 31's falling on a Tuesday.

"Halloween falling on a Tuesday has historically not been the most conducive for elaborate celebrations , prompting some to prolong decision-making," the trade organization wrote.


Economic strain and a lack of confidence in costume availability are two other factors that could be contributing to a slower start in costume sales this year, according to the HCA.

The HCA expects to see an uptick in Halloween costume sales throughout October as celebrations near. Overall costume sales could surpass last year’s numbers, it also said.

The National Retail Federation, the world's largest retail trade association, predicts that the 2023 Halloween season will bring in $12.2 billion — and that Americans will spend $108.24 per person on costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards.

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