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This page is part of IGN's Stardew Valley Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about the item spawning cheat, including how to spawn items and a complete list of all item spawn codes. For more information on item codes and the spawning cheat, be sure to continue reading below.

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How to Spawn Items in Stardew Valley

List of all stardew valley item codes.

To spawn items , name your character with 1-3 of the values listed below, each surrounded by brackets (for example, you might name your character [611][577][532], if you anticipate having a regular need for those items ). Doing so will cause items to spawn one or more of those items whenever your name is referenced within the game . Note you can also do the same thing when naming an animal you are buying, but that only works the one time.

On any Monday, go to the saloon and talk with Gus. The first time he will give a generic welcome and then for the rest of the day he will welcome you with your full name. You can be in the saloon from 12pm until 2am when you fall asleep. This gives you 14 hours to spam Gus and allows you to generate thousands of the items in your name every Monday. 

This list of items codes was provided to IGN by Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone for use with the item spawning cheat.

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Item Codes List

Find below an updated list of 702 item numbers for use in Stardew Valley cheats .

The cheat codes in this list are for the latest version of Stardew Valley on all platforms including PC/Mac (Steam), PS4, XBOX One and the Nintendo Switch.

Type the name of an item into the search box to instantly search for a specific cheat code.

You can spawn items into the game with two different methods:

By naming an animal that you purchase with the IDs of up to three items you wish to spawn, surrounded by square brackets. For example, purchasing a chicken and naming it [645][446][163] would give you an Iridium Sprinkler (ID 645), a Rabbit's Foot (ID 446) and the Legend Fish (ID 163).

By naming your character with the IDs of up to three items you wish to spawn, surrounded by square brackets and then speaking to a villager that says your name in their dialogue (for example, Gus at the Stardrop Saloon). The ID for clay is 330, naming your chracter [330] would spawn clay every time a villager says your name in dialogue.

Note: as you cannot change your name in Stardew Valley, the naming your character method can only be used to spawn up to three types of items each game.

For more in-depth help using the item cheat, please see our spawning items guide .

All Item Codes Stardew Valley (UPDATED LIST 2023)

Do you want to get free items in Stardew Valley? Need something effortlessly for quests? Read this guide about item codes in Stardew Valley as we give the complete list and everything you should know!

The player using a mod (acting as an item code spawner) in a Stardew Valley gameplay.

Getting items in Stardew Valley can be as simple as using your tools for gathering to the most complicated trading. There’s a clear difference between common and rare types you’ll acquire in-game. For example, Hardwood and Prismatic Shards are helpful, but the latter is a game-changer.

Nonetheless, with several items in Stardew Valley, you might be considering getting them (easily) no matter what. If you need to spawn a specific object, we’ll help you in this guide. Warning: use item codes below at your risk. Doing so may affect your gameplay experience.

Table of Contents

What is an Item Code?

An item code represents an item in Stardew Valley. Its purpose is to spawn items seamlessly, cutting the trouble of spending time acquiring them legitimately. Eric Barone ( ConcernedApe ), the game developer, provides players with the item codes.

How to Spawn Items?

The player naming the farm animal after an item code and the main menu starter (up and below) in Stardew Valley.

  • There are two ways to use this exploit:
  • Naming your character (works infinitely)
  • Naming your farm animal (single-use only)

Whenever your character’s name with one of the item codes below is mentioned, you’ll get the item. The same works for farm animals, but it’s one-time only.

Here’s a well-known trick for getting thousands of items: talk to Gus at the Stardrop Saloon on Mondays. He’ll be available there from 12pm to 2am until you pass out.

Animal Products

Artisan goods, cooked food, crafted items, foraged minerals, geode minerals, kitchen ingredients, minerals (gem), monster loot, quest items, special items, uncategorized.

Wallet Items

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Stardew Valley Review

06 October 2017

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Stardew Valley: The Best Cheats You Might Not Know About

Stardew Valley is one of the best games to sink hours into, and these cheats will make it even more fun.

The farm life is a fruitful life, but one that takes a lot of time. Many days are spent toiling away under the sun, tilling the soil, and tending to crops to eventually reap the rewards. Well, it’s a good thing Stardew Valley is a video game, because with video games come cheats, and with cheats the farm life is easier than ever.

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There are several cheats and exploits in the game to help you out; some may not work on every console or past particular updates, but they exist nonetheless to shortcut some of the grinding, and help your small-time farm reach the big leagues.

Updated November 7, 2022 by Jacqueline Zalace: As time goes on, cheats are patched out of Stardew Valley. We've updated this list with the status of these cheats. Additionally, you can now find a master list of all item-spawn cheat codes. There are hundreds of codes, so we've put them in an expandable table, allowing you to open and search for the code that you need.

8 Gold Quality Spring Onions

Note: This seems to have been patched out. It may still work on an older version of the game.

Foraging for spring onions is a great way to earn money, especially once you’ve got Spring Onion Mastery. As we know, gold star quality items fetch more money than silver or normal items. Well, with this trick you can get gold spring onions all the time!

How To Do It

Simply fill your inventory so there are no spaces left, and make sure that you have a gold star spring onion in there already. When you go to pick one, the game actually randomizes the quality each time you do. So if your inventory’s full and the one you pick isn't gold, it won’t be picked up, allowing you to try again until you get the gold.

7 Early Galaxy Sword

For those who don’t know, the Galaxy Sword is an awesome weapon with +4 speed and 60 to 80 damage. It takes a while to get hold of it, though: you need to travel to the Calico Desert, and hold a Prismatic Shard between the three pillars to get it. Prismatic Shards are one the rarest items in the game, and it can take a long time to get one.

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Luckily, you can speed things up, buy the Catalog from Pierre and get the green (75th) wallpaper. I know what you’re thinking: how on earth will green wallpaper help? Well, if you take it to the desert and hold it between the pillars, the game counts it as a Prismatic Shard and you’ll get the Galaxy Sword!

6 Multiple Diamonds

This cheat works best when you use multiple Crystalariums. You’ll need a quartz per machine, but they’re pretty common and easy to find, so it shouldn’t be long before you have one.

Put a quartz into each Crystalarium and wait until it’s finished. Each machine should have duplicated another quartz. Go up to them while holding a diamond, and when you grab the new quartz it will enter your inventory as a diamond instead. Do this with multiple Crystalariums and you’ll have tons of diamonds, making cash in no time.

5 Out of Bounds

This was last confirmed to be working in version 1.4.5

Some of the best cheats let you completely break the boundaries of games, and there’s one in Stardew Valley just for that. This is a handy trick for fishing in early game, as you can actually walk out to the deeper parts of the sea or the lakes when your fishing level is too low to reach them.

If you stand at the edge of an area – at the top of the beach, for example – and swing a weapon rapidly, you’ll gradually start shifting forward. Keep going far enough and you’ll actually bust out of the boundaries of the area, allowing you to move around in spaces you can’t usually access.

4 Infinite Energy

This seems to have been patched out. It may still work on an older version of the game.

This cheat lets you have infinite energy, so you can get a ton done without having to worry about exhaustion. It takes advantage of the Spa's restorative properties.

Using the same trick above, exit the game’s boundaries in the Spa. Now go to the pool and put a post in the water. Any post will do – the cheapest way would be to make a wooden one. Then touch the post and leave the water, and the game will think you’re still swimming, even when you leave.

You can ‘swim’ all the way back to your farm, and go about your day. It looks pretty funny, but it means you have unlimited energy; you’ll never get tired from chopping down trees or watering crops. Imagine all the things you can get done!

3 Endless Fishing

Fishing’s a pretty time-consuming activity, and it’s a long slog to level ten. It doesn’t help that you’ve got to allow plenty of time, taking into account the travel there and back. But what if you could stop the clock?

As long as you have an active quest in your journal, this trick can net you more time on the clock. Cast your fishing rod and open the journal. This stops the in-game clock from moving forward. When a fish bites, you can reel it in as usual, then rinse and repeat. This cheat saves a load of time, boosting you to level ten way faster than you thought was possible.

2 Never Sleep

When the clock hits 2 a.m., your character will pass out wherever they are. They might have things stolen from their inventory, charged money, or just wake up groggy with little energy left. If you’re really into your farm, chances are you’re sorting out crops far into the wee hours of the morning at times. This cheat will put off sleep to help you work longer.

Simply open the journal when your little farmer yawns, about to pass out. This alters the clock, and you can continue farming. The game will trigger the passing out several times, so you have to keep opening the journal, but it’s worth it to finish planting those parsnips.

1 Free Items

This no longer works on console versions of the game as of the 1.3 update. It still works on PC. ConcernedApe previously said in interviews that it wouldn't get patched out for PC but he had to do so on the console versions due to stability reasons.

This is arguably the very best cheat of all. Each item in the game has a code assigned to it. Knowing the code for an item allows you to get as many copies of it as you want.

Name your character with one to three of those codes in brackets, and every time your name is said in the game, one or more of those items will be spawned.

  • Example: Naming yourself "[163][166][434]" will cause a Legend fish, Treasure Chest, and Stardrop to spawn in your inventory any time your name is spoken.

The best way to milk this is to talk to Gus in the Saloon. He says a generic welcome the first time you interact with him, but after that, he says your full name. Talk to him over and over to spam free items for yourself. Go wild – assign your name to make expensive stuff like diamonds, or useful items like ore. You can also use this exploit by naming an animal with one of the codes when you buy them, but it only works once.

In the expandable table below, you can find every code you can use.

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