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I'm building Spright Ghostrick because I like to mash random things togeather, and so far the average end board is Gigantic Splight, Toadally awesome, Ghostrick Angel with 4-5 material, Ghostrick Nekomusume, and 1 card left in my hand. The prime board being that with Secret Village of the Spellcasters up in addition. But the deck feels a little dead, so I wanted to know how other People played Spright so I could get an idea of what to do next with my deck to make it better.

The decks goal is to keep the opponent in a lockdown while getting Angel to 10 material, or I'll add a second goal decided from the information I gather about Spright.

Update: I can now sometimes throw DPE into the mix with cyberstein and end with up to 3 cards in my hand with 2 of the 3; DPE/Toad/Secret village. Along with Gigantic Splight, Nekomusume, and Angel at 4-5 material.

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Ghostrick is more than just Level 2 so it won't work with Spright.

Oh I made it work, the only important cards from Ghostrick are Nekomusume, Socuteboss, and Angel. The other Ghostrick cards(Shot, Mummy, Witch and experimenting with Siren) either help get Nekomusume out, or give Angel extra material and I just need them to be drawn to transfer, and don't usually need mummy's effect for the extra summon, allowing me to sometimes use Splight starter. Splight on their own can usually pull off enough summons to get out the entire board without Splight Starter. When they can't however, is why I'm looking to their usual strats to get an idea of a backup play. Ghostrick also allow me to use Allure of darkness. And I just summon Angel before using Gigantic Splights effect so I don't lock myself into level 2 untill after I've summoned my single rank 4. It works consistently for now, I'm onto fine tuning before field testing.

So basically I'm either locked out of Angel, or locked out of Splight Starter. Either way I can still use Nekomusume and Socuteboss since they are level/rank 2.

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Spright’s most basic endboard literally requires one card to do full combo and it ends on spright elf and Toadally Awesome. Due to Toad not being a hard once per turn, Spright Elf can revive toad as a quick effect to use its negate again. Also toad can summon dupe frog from deck to protect it from battle.

The deck can make a lot more negates than this, but a one card two omnis is absolutely broken, not even taking into account the deck can survive handtraps.

Spright is really consistent, but you need to throw in an extra engine or two to add some power to the endboard.

Giant spright is fine, but adding in a DPE, Toadally Awesome and socuteboss is much stronger.

What do you think?

Runick Spright TCG   September 2023  · Created by  Shay4k    4 hours ago

Your deck is legal.

If you have your collection on cardcluster, you can see here directly which cards you are missing to play this deck.

ghostrick spright

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Card Tips:Ghostrick Nekomusume

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  • This card can be searched by " Ghostrick Mary ", " Ghostrick Doll ", " Ghostrick Festival ", " Ghostrick Jiangshi ", " Ghostrick Parade ", " Apprentice Magician ", " Dark Renewal ", " Dark Horizon ", " Magician's Circle ", " Arnis, the Empowered Warrior ", " Thelematech Clatis ", " Dragodies, the Empowered Warrior ", " Magician Navigation ", " Ebon High Magician ", " Spellbook of Judgment ", " The Grand Spellbook Tower ", " Spellbook Star Hall ", " Lucky Loan ", " Timestar Magician ", " Lemon Magician Girl ", " Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy ", " Mystic Potato ", " Mystic Tomato ", " Chaos Zone ", " Gigantic Spright ", " Small Scuffle ", " Packet Link ", " Mimiclay ", " Serpentine Princess ", " Battle Royal Mode - Joining ", " Vampire Dragon ", " Rescue Ferret ", " Umbramirage the Elemental Lord ", " Sangan ", " Witch of the Black Forest ", and other generic searchers .
  • While most "Ghostrick" monsters may remain face-down, " Ghostrick Alucard " and " Ghostrick Dullahan " will often remain face-up on the field, leaving you with another "Ghostrick" to use this effect with.
  • Use this card in combination with "Ghostrick Alucard", destroying the monsters this card flips face-down.
  • Use " Ghostrick Lantern " to protect this card from an attack, once it have to be exposed in order to activate its effect.
  • Use " Ghostrick Ghoul " to give this card a huge amount of ATK until your opponent's End Phase so, even if they Summon a monster that would surpass this card's effect, that monster will have to deal with its increased ATK.
  • You can also combo this with " Ghostrick Mansion " and " Ghostrick Stein ", being able to always attack directly and search for a "Ghostrick" card every turn.

Traditional Format [ edit ]

  • This card can be searched by " Last Will ".

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