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Various Organization-related map icons.

Organizations are a gameplay element in Grand Theft Auto Online introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals update and expanded upon in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony , Import/Export and The Criminal Enterprises updates. It allows players to start a criminal organization as a VIP/CEO and carry out various tasks while hiring other players as bodyguards/associates to protect it.

  • 1 Description
  • 2.1 Further Adventures in Finance and Felony
  • 2.2 Import/Export
  • 2.3 Gunrunning
  • 2.4 Smuggler's Run
  • 2.5 The Doomsday Heist
  • 2.6 After Hours
  • 2.7 Diamond Casino & Resort
  • 2.8 The Diamond Casino Heist
  • 2.9 The Cayo Perico Heist
  • 4 Bodyguards/Associates
  • 5.1 Solo Organization Modes
  • 5.2 Solo Organization Modes with vehicle requirements
  • 5.3 Group Associate/Bodyguard Modes
  • 5.4 Multiple Organization Modes
  • 6 Organization Challenges
  • 7 Organization Abilities
  • 8 Organization Vehicles
  • 9 External Links
  • 10 Navigation

Description [ ]

Main articles: SecuroServ , Special Cargo , and Vehicle Cargo

Organizations are run through the SecuroServ network and are created by players in Free Mode . A player may start an organization as a VIP only if they have at least $ 50,000 in their bank account. A player may also start an organization as a CEO after purchasing an office with no bank balance prerequisite required. They then have multiple options from which to choose, such as hiring and firing other players as bodyguards/associates. These bodyguards/associates then work for the VIP/CEO and help them to generate an income from the organization.

The name of newly registering organizations defaults to 'An Organization' during creation. As VIP status is temporary, only CEOs can keep a permanent organization name. The name can be changed post-registration for $50,000.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online [ ]

The presence of the CEO status has become an increasingly important role to assign to, as players who are part of Organizations have the ability to conduct a variety of business-based work parallel to Motorcycle Clubs . Some of these features can be played in GTA Online Freemode , while others are structured like Contact Missions and are based in job lobbies.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony [ ]

Main articles: Special Cargo and GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

As part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update , CEO organizations are able to perform buy/sell missions through SecuroServ , in which they obtain Special Cargo , store it in a Warehouse and sell the product on through Ad-Hawk .

Import/Export [ ]

Main articles: Vehicle Cargo and GTA Online: Import/Export

As part of the Import/Export update , CEO organizations are now able to source Vehicle Cargo , where they steal high-priority vehicles and store them in a Vehicle Warehouse , and sell the vehicles on to buyers through Ad-Hawk Autos . The entire concept as a whole is relatively similar to Special Cargo added in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.

Special Vehicle Work is also able to be performed. These unique missions are unlocked as source vehicle cargo progress is made. Given by SecuroServ , the missions can be started at the CEO's Office , and involve using the Special Vehicles added with the update, which are discounted if the mission is passed successfully. These missions can be replayed at any time through the Office 's computer terminal.

Gunrunning [ ]

Main articles: Supplies and GTA Online: Gunrunning

As part of the Gunrunning update , VIP or CEO organizations (as well as Motorcycle Clubs ) are now able to source Supplies , where they steal weaponry and equipment and store them in a Bunker facility, and sell the produced weaponry on to buyers through Disruption Logistics . The concept is similar to Biker's update MC bussinesses , wherein the supplies act as the main source of profit once sold on, the Bunker features a section that acts as the storage unit, and the computer in the Bunker itself acts as the method of source missions.

Mobile Operations are also able to be performed. These mission are similar to the way Special Vehicle Work plays out - the Mobile Operations Center is required in order to start these missions. The trailer center has on-board a computer where the missions can be started. Like Vehicle Cargo, Supply missions are needed to be carried out in order to unlock the individual missions. These missions feature the update's Weaponized Vehicles , which are discounted if the missions are passed successfully. These missions can be replayed at any time through the Mobile Operations Center 's touch-screen terminal.

Smuggler's Run [ ]

Main articles: Air Freight Cargo and GTA Online: Smuggler's Run

As part of the Smuggler's Run update, VIP or CEO organizations (as well as Motorcycle Clubs ) can purchase a Hangar and source Air Freight Cargo to steal and sell, acting as an air-business equivalent to Special Cargo added in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. Completing Air Freight Cargo Steal Missions unlocks vehicles added in the same update at discounted prices. The player requires a hangar to store these aircraft in regardless of what price they purchase them at.

The Doomsday Heist [ ]

Main articles: The Doomsday Heist and GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist

As part of the Doomsday Heist update, VIP or CEO organizations (as well as Motorcycle Clubs ) can purchase a Facility and conduct a new three-act heist, The Doomsday Heist . Structured similarly to the Heists added in the Heists update, these heists can only be started as a Heist Leader if the player owns a facility, although any player is free to join them as Heist Crew/Members.

After Hours [ ]

Main articles: Nightclubs , Business Battles , and GTA Online: After Hours

As part of the After Hours update, organizations (as well as Motorcycle Clubs ) can purchase a Nightclub alongside Tony Prince , English Dave and Lazlow to set it up and convert it to one of the hottest spots in the city. The VIP or CEO will have to set the business up, obtaining the equipment and getting a DJ.

Also, the players will be able to hire technicians for the Nightclub Underground Warehouse, which will be able to store Goods accrued and stolen from Business Battles , and then selling the Goods for profit.

The Terrorbyte is stored in a dedicated Nightclub Warehouse floor, and player are able to run Client Jobs from inside of it for Paige Harris .

Diamond Casino & Resort [ ]

Main articles: Casino Work and GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

As part of the Diamond Casino & Resort update, organizations (as well as Motorcycle Clubs ) can purchase a Master Penthouse inside the newly-opened Casino .

Players who are either an MC President or CEO can call Agatha Baker after the purchase of said penthouse to request a random Casino Work mission.

The Diamond Casino Heist [ ]

Main articles: The Diamond Casino Heist and GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

As part of The Diamond Casino Heist update, organizations (as well as Motorcycle Clubs ) can purchase an Arcade , set it up, and use its garage to prepare for The Diamond Casino Heist . The CEO/VIP will have to set up the business before they can start preparing for the heist.

The Cayo Perico Heist [ ]

Main articles: The Cayo Perico Heist and GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist

As part of The Cayo Perico Heist update, organizations (as well as Motorcycle Clubs ) can purchase a Kosatka and use it to prepare for The Cayo Perico Heist . Again, the heist finale can only be started by Kosatka owners, but any player can join them as Heist Crew/Members.



CEO Management (APNG; may not appear animated).

Once a player becomes a VIP, this status will last for 4 (real time) hours. CEOs lack countdown and cooldown timers, and can retire and re-register at any time. There can be up to 10 VIPs/CEOs in one session. Once they become a VIP/CEO, players can select VIP Work, new job types performed in the Free Mode world, which can be completed for cash and RP rewards. VIPs/CEOs can hire up to 3 bodyguards/associates to help and protect them. Similarly, VIPs/CEOs can start VIP Challenges, which are competitions between them and the bodyguards/associates they employ for cash and RP rewards.

VIPs and CEOs also have the ability to drop armor and ammunition or order vehicles for their bodyguards, albeit at a higher cost. VIPs and CEOs can use a Ghost Organization feature to hide all bodyguards from the map. Any cash that the bodyguards earn from Freemode Events and Challenges or other profitable in-game actions, such as robbing a store, go to the VIP/CEO, although profits from VIP Work are split among all members of the organization. When killed, VIPs/CEOs will respawn near their bodyguards.

The VIP can manage their organization by renaming the organization (for $ 50,000), setting their clothing styles for the CEO and Associate members, enabling/disabling friendly fire, and employing bodyguards.

Bodyguards/Associates [ ]


Associate Management (APNG; may not appear animated).

Players can become a bodyguard/associate either by being contacted directly (via text message) by a VIP/CEO, or by choosing the "looking for work" option in their interaction menu. When hired by a VIP/CEO, they become a bodyguard/associate. Bodyguards/Associates earn a $5,000 salary every 15 minutes, although this will reduce by $250 each time the VIP/CEO is killed while the player is in their employ, and it resets every time the bodyguard is paid. A $500/10% salary raise called "Wage Bonus" is given to the Bodyguards/Associates every time a business-related job is completed. This Wage Bonus is shown before joining an Organization in a percentage. This bonus stays until the CEO/VIP resigns; changing sessions does not remove this bonus.

While in the vicinity of the VIP/CEO, bodyguards will earn a 100 RP bonus per minute while associates will receive 200RP per minute. They can also earn additional RP bonuses for either being in a vehicle with the VIP/CEO or driving the VIP/CEO around themselves, the latter of which gives a larger bonus. Bodyguards/associates will also have their health regenerate and will earn up to two levels of stat boosts (the higher the VIP's/CEO's level, the higher the boost) when near their VIP/CEO. All of these bonuses are also given while playing missions in the Doomsday Heist. Bodyguards/associates have the ability to call in vehicles that the VIP/CEO has purchased for them to use.

Organization Work [ ]

Main article: Organization Work

List of VIP Work.

There are nine different jobs available to VIPs and CEOs called VIP Work, that can be started by the VIP/CEO at any time they choose and will give cash and RP rewards. Upon completing any job, there will be a 5-minute cooldown before the VIP/CEO can start another or a 10-minute cooldown in case of starting the same VIP work, with Piracy Prevention having a 60 minute cooldown.

VIP jobs that were introduced with the Import/Export cannot be done as a 'registered VIP', as the update requires the player to become a CEO to not only purchase a vehicle warehouse, but also purchase the special vehicle associated with the mission. These all have longer cooldowns than the other VIP jobs.

Solo Organization Modes [ ]

The following VIP jobs can be started without any bodyguards/associates, or rival players required to play:

  • Asset Recovery - The VIP/CEO and their bodyguards/associates must steal one or more impounded vehicles from a police station and deliver them to a drop-off location.
  • Hostile Takeover - The VIP/CEO and their bodyguards/associates are tasked to retrieve a package from a high-security location and deliver it to a drop-off location.
  • Sightseer - The VIP/CEO and their bodyguards/associates must hack the system to reveal packages to collect across the state of San Andreas without getting caught or killed by rival Organizations and/or other players.
  • Headhunter - The VIP/CEO and their bodyguards/associates must hunt down 4 VIP targets that have their own bodyguards within a time limit. Added as part of the Finance & Felony update.

Solo Organization Modes with vehicle requirements [ ]

The following VIP jobs can be started without any bodyguards/associates, but the CEO must own the required vehicle to be used for the job:

  • Fortified - The CEO and their associates must protect and defend an Armored Boxville from NPC and rival players for 10 minutes. Added as part of the Import/Export update.
  • Velocity - The CEO or their associates must drive a Rocket Voltic around Los Santos while staying above 60 MPH, while the rest of the group collect checkpoints dotted randomly across the map to reduce the time limit. Added as part of the Import/Export update.
  • Fully Loaded - The CEO and their associates must destroy 10 turreted vehicles using a Ruiner 2000 , the target vehicles will be either manned Technicals if started in Blaine County, or Turreted Limos if started in Los Santos, rival players are tasked to defend these vehicles for 15 minutes. Added as a part of the Import/Export update.
  • Transporter - The CEO and their associates must deliver a loaded Wastelander to the destination within the time limit, rival NPCs and players are tasked to destroy the vehicle. Added as part of the Import/Export update.
  • Plowed - The CEO and their associates must use a SecuroServ Phantom Wedge to destroy three groups of rival cargo caches dotted randomly across Los Santos and Blaine County within the time limit, rival NPCs and players are tasked to destroy the Phantom Wedge. Added as part of the Import/Export update.
  • Stockpiling - The CEO and their associates must use a Blazer Aqua to collect 40 cargo crates within the time limit, rival players are tasked to destroy the cargo crates. Added as part of the Import/Export update.

Group Associate/Bodyguard Modes [ ]

The following VIP jobs require at least one associate or bodyguard within the organisation in order to start:

  • Amphibious Assault - The CEO and their associates must destroy 9 cargo crates along the coastline using a Technical Aqua before time runs out, rival NPCs and players are tasked to destroy the Technical Aqua and protect the cargo. Added as part of the Import/Export update.
  • Ramped Up - The CEO and their associates must utilise a Ramp Buggy to collect 20 cargo crates within the time limit, the crates can only be collected while on a motorcycle, the collectors will spawn on a Sanchez upon death. Rival players are tasked to destroy the Ramp Buggy. Added as a part of the Import/Export update.

Multiple Organization Modes [ ]

The following VIP jobs require at least one member outside of the organization in order to start:

  • Haulage - The VIP and their bodyguards must deliver a trailer to the drop-off location. Other players must intercept the trailer and attempt to deliver it themselves. Added as part of the Finance & Felony update.
  • Airfreight - The VIP and their bodyguards must steal a guarded container and deliver it to the drop-off location using a Cargobob Jetsam . Added as part of the Finance & Felony update.
  • Piracy Prevention - Defenders must stop attackers from capturing the upper deck of their yacht .
  • Executive Search - Bodyguards need to keep the VIP alive for 10 minutes while everyone else in the Free Mode lobby tries to hunt and kill the VIP for cash money rewards.
  • Executive Deathmatch - Organization versus Organization deathmatch . The VIP only has ten lives.

Organization Challenges [ ]

Main article: Organization Challenges

Organization Challenges are intra-organizational challenges that can be started within Freemode that pit members against each other for their own personal gains.

  • Most Wanted - The heat is right around the corner, with all players in the organization hit with a 5-star wanted level. With a countdown of 10 minutes, the last player alive wins the challenge.
  • Auto Buyout - Players must steal and deliver as many vehicles as they can. Every vehicle has a specific value displayed when entering the vehicle, so choose the acquisitions carefully. The player with the highest total value of vehicles delivered at the end of the timer wins.
  • Market Manipulation - All open convenience stores are blipped on the map. Players have to race from store to store in a hold-up spree to collect as much money as possible. When time counts down, the player with the most money wins.
  • Point to Point - A point-to-point race, set by the VIP/CEO.
  • Due Diligence - Find and collect packages marked with a Flare. While each one collected is worth GTA $100, the player with the most collected Packages wins.
  • Courier Service - Find and deliver a designated cash bag to a drop-off point while avoiding being hit. Any remaining cash left in the bag at the end becomes the winning score.
  • Cashing Out - Players compete to hack the most ATMs within a time limit.
  • Salvage - Players, equipped with rebreathers, compete to gather the most underwater salvage within a time limit.

Organization Abilities [ ]


List of VIP Abilities.

The player is able to utilize numerous abilities as a VIP/CEO. From here they can:

  • Request Luxury Helicopter - $5,000 (unlocked after purchasing an office , functions like a Merryweather Helicopter Pickup but can also travel instantly to any of your Special Cargo or Import/Export warehouses)
  • Drop Bullshark Testosterone - $1,000
  • Drop Ammo - $1,000
  • Drop Super Heavy Armor - $1,500
  • Ghost Organization (hides all members as well as mission and all Special Cargo related icons from the map for 3 minutes) - $12,000
  • Bribe Authorities (removes any active wanted level and immunity from wanted level for 2 minutes unless a lawman is attacked) - $15,000
  • Spectate Bodyguards

Organization Vehicles [ ]


List of VIP and CEO Vehicles.

The player can request a range of unique vehicles, most of which are armor-plated. All vehicles will spawn in a matte-black finish, and will spawn near players on almost any area where Personal Vehicles or helicopters normally do not reach (i.e. beaches or dirt roads), as long as players are still in a suitable area. Note that requesting the same vehicle will simply relocate the previous one and will not be repaired from any damage, and destroying them will result in a 2-minute cooldown before requesting another one. Leaving an organization while driving a VIP/CEO vehicle will simply kick the player from it.

External Links [ ]

  • GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals announced on Rockstar Newswire
  • Organizations Tips on Rockstar Newswire
  • VIP Work Tips on Rockstar Newswire
  • VIP Challenges Tips on Rockstar Newswire

Navigation [ ]

  • 1 Missions in GTA San Andreas
  • 2 100% Completion in GTA V
  • 3 Hao's Special Works

All Ghost Locations GTA Online, Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023

Home » Grand Theft Auto 5 » GTA 5 Online » All Ghost Locations GTA Online, Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023

Want to know where to find every GTA Online ghost location in the GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023 event? The Halloween 2023 event for GTA Online is here, and it brings a lot of fun and frightful activities, enemies, outfits, and items to the game. As usual, you can also find some Halloween-themed collectibles hidden around the map of southern San Andreas. These collectibles are not only creepy, but also rewarding, so don’t miss this chance to explore the dark side of GTA Online. In this guide, we provide all GTA Online Ghost Hunting locations map for Halloween 2023.

GTA Online Ghost Locations Map, Ghost Hunt Halloween 2023

All GTA Online Ghost Locations Map in Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023 Event

Halloween Horrors is the name of the new GTA Online Halloween event that has just arrived. It offers a variety of activities, rewards, unique enemies, and special tasks to complete. You can face off against horror icons like Slashers, Clowns, and FIB agents in this event. But that’s not all you can do in these four weeks. You can also experience paranormal phenomena and find “spooky collectibles” . One of these events is the GTA Online Ghost Hunting event. To learn where to find all 10 Ghosts locations in GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023, keep reading.

During this event, players will be tasked to find 10 Ghost Hunt Collectibles locations and take photos of them. After all, if you don’t have proof of paranormal activities, who would believe you? In total, there are 10 ghosts that you need to take photos of. SPOILER AHEAD: After you find nine of them, a special 10th ghost will appear – the ghost of Johnny Klebitz! An important note, these Ghosts during the Ghost Exposed event only appear between 8 pm and 6 am in-game . Hence, only then will you be able to find the GTA Online Ghost locations. With that said, without further ado, here’s the GTA Online map with all Ghost Hunt locations. Images courtesy of GTA Lens , check them out for more details! One final note: All Ghost Locations are in the northern part of the map, in Blaine County!

Take photos of Ghosts GTA Online Halloween 2023

GTA Online Ghost Spawn Times in Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023 Event

As we’ve already mentioned, these ten ghosts will only appear in the dead of night, between 8 pm and 6 am in-game time. However, not every ghost has the same spawning time. Namely, each will only appear for one hour. I you miss them during that hour, you will need to try to take a photo of them on the next day. Hence, check out spawn times and locations for every ghost in the GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023 event:

  • Grapeseed #1 ghost spawns between 8 PM and 9 PM
  • Sandy Shores ghost spawns between 9 PM and 10 PM
  • Grapeseed #2 ghost spawns between 10 PM and 11 PM
  • Mount Gordo ghost spawns between 11 PM and 12 AM
  • Harmony ghost spawns between 12 AM and 1 AM
  • Mount Josiah ghost spawns between 1 AM and 2 AM
  • Paleto Bay ghost spawns between 2 AM and 3 AM
  • Tongva Hills ghost spawns between 3 AM and 4 AM
  • Raton Canyon ghost spawns between 4 AM and 5 AM
  • Grapeseed ghost spawns between 5 AM and 6 AM
  • Johnny Klebitz – The final ghost appears at Sandy Shores between 12 AM and 1 AM once you have the photos of all other ghosts.

GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Rewards (Halloween 2023)

Each individual photo of a ghost will net you 5,000 RP and GTA$ 20,000 Once you snap all ten ghost photos, you will receive an additional GTA$ 50,000 bonus. In total, this event will make you richer for 50,000 RP and GTA$ 250,000. Hence, ghost hunting in GTA Online is not only fun but also well worth your time in terms of rewards. However, that’s not the coolest part, as there’s more!

Once you snapshot all 10 Ghosts in GTA Online Halloween 2023, you will receive a unique livery for the Brigham, themed around the Ghosts Exposed organization , which will set you on this task. The obvious inspiration for both the organization and the livery is the legendary Ghostbusters. It’s simply the perfect ride for the Halloween season. If you don’t already own this four-door coach wagon, you can purchase it for GTA$ 1,499,000 and equip your spooky livery.

GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Halloween 2023 Rewards


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All GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Ghost Locations (Halloween 2023)

All GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Ghost Locations (Halloween 2023)

Looking for a paranormal experience? You've come to the right place! This guide will detail where to find all the ghosts in the GTA Online "Ghosts Exposed" Halloween event. Oh — and the best part? You'll get to unlock a special ghostly livery for the brand-new Albany Brigham.

Need more convincing? We thought not. This latest event comes courtesy of the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC and is definitely not one you want to miss! So, get ready to embrace your inner spirit chaser as we detail all the ghost locations in the GTA Online Halloween 2023 event.

Table of Contents

What is the ghosts exposed event in gta online, all ghost locations in ghosts exposed event, albany brigham ghosts exposed livery.

Before we begin, you might ask: What is the Ghosts Exposed event? In short, it's a new Halloween event that invites players to embark on a ghost hunt. During this event, players must snap photos of ten elusive ghosts concealed within Los Santos and Blaine County.

The apparitions eventually lead to the discovery of Johnny Klebitz's ghost, a character from GTA V, breathing life into the eerie lore of the Grand Theft Auto V universe. Players will be rewarded with cash and a special Halloween-themed item for participating (more on that later).

Rockstar Games' official GTA Online Weekly Update blog post read as follows:

The Halloween festivities continue with the introduction of three new deathmatches, UFO Business Battles, encounters with Phantom Cars, and more starting this week. Players can also help local paranormal investigators, Ghosts Exposed, track down photographic evidence of apparitions.

Where To Find All Ghosts In GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Event

ghosts exposed ghost locations gta online halloween 2023 _1_

Alright, enough waffling. There are exactly ten ghost locations in the Ghosts Exposed event of GTA Online, all of which are mostly scattered across the northern part of the map, around the Blaine County region.

Like most spooks, you can only find these ghouls in the nighttime. To be more specific, the ghosts will appear between 8 PM and 6 PM in-game time , in hourly intervals. You must find them in the order displayed in the image above.

Still struggling to find all the ghost locations in GTA Online. I get it — my descriptions suck — but truth be told, I tried my best. So, if you need a visual walkthrough, check out the video below by YouTuber GTA Series Videos.  

What Are The GTA Online Ghosts Exposed Rewards?

Finding all ten ghosts in the GTA Online Ghosts Exposed event will reward you handsomely. Specifically, you'll get 5,000 RP and GTA$ 20,000 for every ghost located, plus a bonus of GTA$ 50,000 for finding them all. That totals GTA$ 250,000. Not a bad payday, if you ask me.

But that's not all. Snapping photos of all ten ghosts in the Halloween 2023 event in GTA Online will also reward you with a special Ghosts Exposed livery for the Albany Brigham .

It basically transforms this 50s-style hurse into the bad-ass Ghostbusters Ectomobile ghost-hunting automobile. Pretty cool, eh?

ghosts exposed livery albany briham

The Albany Brigham is a four-door coach wagon that retails at GTA$ 1,499,000 at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in GTA Online, making it well worth kitting out this Halloween.

The car's in-game description reads:

Back in the 50's, the Albany Brigham was the perfect car for any stage of life. A respectable Sunday strolling wagon for the white picket newlyweds, an ambulance for when you were horrifically disfigured in a preventable accident, and when you didn't make it to the hospital in time, a very dignified hearse. And like you tell your grandpa, all those skills are all completely transferable to the modern economy.

And that's everything you need to know about the Ghosts Exposed event in GTA Online. We hope you found this guide useful. Want more cool content? Check out the section below for more Grand Theft Auto news, guides, and tutorials.

For more GTA Online news be sure to check out our dedicated section, or some of our Guides & Tutorials on the drop downs below:

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Home » Unraveling the Mystery: The Ultimate Guide to the GTA 5 Ghost Location

Unraveling the Mystery: The Ultimate Guide to the GTA 5 Ghost Location

Ready to uncover the chilling secret of the Mount Gordo Ghost in Grand Theft Auto 5? Discover the ghost’s tragic backstory and exact location in this guide.

Want to explore the ghost locations of GTA 5? Our guide has you covered with detailed descriptions.


🔔 Calling all gaming champions! Unlock your key to a world of sports gaming!

You will receive the eBook download link straight to your email.

  • 1 A Mysterious Apparition: The Mount Gordo Ghost
  • 2 Finding the Elusive Spirit: The Ghost Location
  • 3 Embrace the Supernatural: Facing the Mount Gordo Ghost

Have you heard the whispers about the eerie ghost lurking within the world of Grand Theft Auto 5? Are you itching to uncover the truth and find the infamous GTA 5 ghost location for yourself? Fear not, for this guide will take you on a thrilling adventure, revealing everything you need to know about the Mount Gordo Ghost and how to uncover its chilling secret.

  • Mount Gordo Ghost is GTA 5’s most mysterious Easter egg
  • Only 10% of players have found the ghost location
  • Discover the ghost’s tragic backstory
  • Uncover the exact location and best viewing times
  • Challenge your bravery and face the supernatural

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A Mysterious Apparition: The Mount Gordo Ghost

Grand Theft Auto 5 has long been known for its expansive, immersive world, filled with countless secrets and Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered by intrepid players. Among these hidden gems lies the Mount Gordo Ghost, a spine-tingling apparition that has captivated the imagination of gamers since the game’s release. As IGN puts it, “ The Mount Gordo Ghost is one of the most mysterious and intriguing Easter eggs in GTA 5, and has sparked countless theories and discussions among players. “

Finding the Elusive Spirit: The Ghost Location

The ghost location in GTA 5 , known as the Mount Gordo Ghost, resides atop Mount Gordo, one of the highest peaks in the game. Despite the in-game world’s vastness, only 10% of players have stumbled upon this enigmatic phantom, according to a survey conducted by Rockstar Games. Finding the ghost requires a keen sense of exploration and a willingness to venture into the unknown.

Unearthing the Ghost’s Backstory

What makes the Mount Gordo Ghost even more compelling is its tragic backstory. Delving into the game’s lore reveals that the ghost is the spirit of Jolene Cranley-Evans, a woman who met her untimely demise on the very spot where her ghost now appears. As players piece together clues scattered throughout Los Santos, they’ll uncover a tale of love, betrayal, and murder.

Discover the haunted locations of GTA 5 and experience the chills down your spine

The Best Time to Spot the Ghost

Time is of the essence when it comes to spotting the Mount Gordo Ghost. The spectral apparition only appears between 23:00 and 0:00 in-game time, vanishing as quickly as it appeared. Make sure to plan your visit accordingly, as missing the narrow window of opportunity means waiting another in-game day to catch a glimpse of the elusive spirit.

Embrace the Supernatural: Facing the Mount Gordo Ghost

Armed with the knowledge of the ghost’s location, tragic backstory, and best viewing times, you’re ready to embark on your eerie quest to face the Mount Gordo Ghost . But be warned: the ghost’s chilling presence is not for the faint of heart. Are you brave enough to confront the supernatural and unravel the mystery of the GTA 5 ghost location?

What happens when I find the Mount Gordo Ghost?

Finding the ghost serves as an exciting and eerie Easter egg for players to uncover , adding an extra layer of intrigue to the game’s vast and immersive world. While there’s no tangible reward for finding the ghost, the experience itself and the thrill of uncovering a well-hidden secret is a reward in its own right.

Can I interact with the Mount Gordo Ghost?

Unfortunately, players cannot interact with the ghost directly. The Mount Gordo Ghost serves as a chilling visual spectacle that adds depth to the game’s lore, but there’s no direct interaction available.

Are there any other supernatural occurrences in GTA 5?

Yes, the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is filled with various Easter eggs and mysteries, some of which have supernatural themes. Players can explore the vast game world to discover UFOs, Bigfoot sightings, and other intriguing secrets that make the game even more fascinating.

Can the Mount Gordo Ghost be found in GTA Online?

Yes, the Mount Gordo Ghost can also be found in GTA Online, with the same location, backstory, and appearance conditions as in the single-player mode of GTA 5.

Are there any prerequisites to finding the ghost?

No prerequisites are needed to find the Mount Gordo Ghost. As long as you visit the correct location at the right time, the ghost will appear, regardless of your progress in the game or any specific actions taken beforehand.

For more content like this, check out this piece on GTA 5 actors .

  • IGN –
  • Rockstar Games –
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 –

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Top 7 Best Vehicles in Hill Climb Racing 1 (The Ultimate List)

gta 5 ghost organization

How To Build Your Own Tree Farm In Terraria – Step-by-Step Guide

gta 5 ghost organization

How To Stop Rebellion In Civilization 6 – Quick Guide

How to go ghost mode on gta 5 – quick guide.

Tony Nelson

I thought I knew everything there was to know about Grand Theft Auto 5, but little did I know, there was a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered – Ghost Mode.

This fantastic feature is like the holy grail of GTA gaming, especially for someone who loves escaping the chaos and living on the edge. So what exactly is Ghost Mode?

It’s an incredible in-game feature that allows you to temporarily become invisible to other players, giving you precious time to plan your next move or escape from sticky situations.

If you’re anything like me, always craving freedom and seeking new ways to outsmart opponents in this adrenaline-pumping game, you’ll love learning how to go Ghost Mode on GTA 5.

Let’s dive right into it!

In a hurry? Here’s a quick & short answer that will help you out!

In GTA 5 Online, to activate Ghost Mode and become temporarily invisible on the map, press the ‘M’ key to open the Interaction Menu, then navigate to ‘SecuroServ’. Select ‘CEO Abilities’, then choose ‘Ghost Organization’. This costs $12,000 and lasts for 3 minutes. Remember, it’s only available when you’re a CEO or VIP.

Ghost Mode in GTA

Diving into the mysterious realm of vanishing in GTA 5, let’s explore the elusive ghost mode.

This fantastic feature enables us to slip under the radar, allowing us to roam around Los Santos without being harassed by fellow gamers. It’s perfect for evading pesky players who won’t leave us alone or sneaking up on unsuspecting victims.

Activating ghost mode is surprisingly simple – we must become a CEO or MC President and navigate to our organization panel.

From there, we can choose ‘Ghost Organization’ or ‘Ghost Motorcycle Club,’ respectively, and voila! We’re invisible on the map for three glorious minutes.

Ghost Mode On GTA 5

But beware; this stealthy state comes at a price – $12,000. So next time we crave peace in chaotic Los Santos or want to catch our rivals off guard, remember that ghost mode is just a few clicks away.

Embrace the thrill of going incognito and revel in those fleeting moments of anonymity as we unleash our inner mischief-maker upon an unsuspecting city. Happy haunting!

How to Activate Ghost Mode in GTA

Ready to vanish from the radar and pull off some stealthy moves? Let’s dive into activating this secretive feature in your gameplay!

Ghost Mode in Grand Theft Auto 5 is a fantastic way to hide from other players or sneak up on them without being detected.

It’s beneficial when trying to shake off a relentless pursuer, complete an under-the-radar mission, or even have fun with friends.

First, open the Interaction Menu by holding the touchpad (PS4) or selectia ng button (Xbox One). Scroll down to find ‘Enable Passive Mode’ and click it. Wait for the quick countdown timer to finish, and voilà – you’re now invisible on the map!

Remember that Ghost Mode only lasts briefly, so use it wisely. While in this mode, other players won’t be able to target or harm you – but remember that this goes both ways.

You also won’t be able to cause damage to others during your ghostly adventures. It’s important not to abuse the system; fair play keeps everyone enjoying their time exploring Los Santos and Blaine County.

So go ahead, slip into Ghost Mo, de and embrace your inner phantom! Experience unparalleled freedom as you navigate GTA 5 unseen by those around you.

Whether sneaking past rivals or simply taking a break from high-speed chases and chaotic gun battles, Ghost Mode offers an exciting new way for players who crave that extra layer of mystery while navigating the game world.

The streets are yours – own them!

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Limitations and Duration of Ghost Mode

Now that you’re familiar with activating this stealthy feature, let’s discuss its limitations and how long it lasts in-game.

Ghost mode in GTA 5 has certain restrictions to keep the gameplay balanced and enjoyable for everyone. Understanding these limitations is essential so you can plan your moves accordingly while staying invisible.

Ghost mode is not an unlimited power-up; it only lasts briefly. Once activated, you will typically have approximately two minutes of invisibility from other players on the map.

This gives you enough time to execute your mission or evade potential threats without being overpowered. Remember that shooting or making loud noises while in ghost mode will reveal your location on the mini-map, so tread carefully!

With great power comes great responsibility, so use ghost mode wisely! Take advantage of those precious two minutes by planning and using stealth tactics when necessary.

Remember that even though you’re hidden from others’ views, they might still hear your actions if you’re not cautious enough. Embrace your newfound freedom as you navigate Los Santos undetected – but don’t forget about the limitations that come with it!

Strategic Uses of Ghost Mode in GTA

Ghost Mode On GTA 5

You’ve got the power of invisibility at your fingertips, so let’s explore some clever strategies to make the most of it in-game. Ghost Mode can be a game-changer when used strategically in GTA 5.

As you already know, Ghost Mode makes you temporarily invisible to other players on the map. This allows for some sneaky maneuvers and tactics that can help give you an edge over your opponents.

  • Surprise Attacks: Activate Ghost Mode when approaching enemy territories or during a heated battle with rivals to catch them off, guard. They won’t see you coming, allowing you to take them out quickly and efficiently.
  • Evading Bounties: If there’s a bounty on your head, going into Ghost Mode will help evade those pesky rivals looking for easy cash by taking you down. Use this time wisely to plan your escape route or lay low until the heat dies.
  • Safe Heist Planning: When organizing heists with friends, go ghost before meeting up at a specific location to avoid unwanted attention from rival players who may be after the same loot as your crew.

As mentioned earlier, using Ghost Mode effectively is about timing and strategy. Knowing when and how best to utilize its temporary effects can dramatically improve your chances of success in various situations throughout Los Santos.

So whether it’s seeking revenge on those who wronged you or executing daring missions without detection, remember that mastering this powerful tool is critical to unlocking new levels of freedom within the chaotic world of GTA 5!

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Tactical Tips for Utilizing Ghost Mode

Ghost mode in GTA 5 is a powerful tool that can give you an edge over other players, both offensively and defensively.

When used strategically and with precise timing, this ability maximizes your potential to outsmart opponents and accomplish objectives without revealing your position.

Now that we’re equipped with these tactical tips for utilizing ghost mode in GTA 5 let’s unleash our inner ninja! Remember to be patient and observe your surroundings before activating ghost mode;

this will ensure you maximize its limited duration while maintaining an element of surprise on unsuspecting opponents or escaping to freedom when the heat is turned up too high!

So go forth, fellow gamers, and harness the power of invisibility to dominate Los Santos like never before!

Common Mistakes While Using Ghost Mode

Don’t be that player who squanders their invisibility powers, leaving themselves vulnerable and regretful! I’ve seen too many players make simple mistakes that could have easily been avoided while using Ghost Mode in GTA 5.

Let’s talk about some of these common slip-ups and how to avoid them to ensure you get the most out of your stealthy adventures.

Firstly, remember to disable your car’s headlights. This might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how often people overlook this detail when trying to sneak around unnoticed.

Even when you’re invisible on the radar, other players can still spot your vehicle if your headlights are shining bright. So always remember to turn them off by pressing right on the D-pad (or H key on the keyboard) before going anywhere in Ghost Mode.

Lastly, keep a low profile while navigating through Los Santos. Although you may feel invincible while in ghost mode, remember that you are not entirely undetectable – other players can still see and hear you if they cross paths with you directly.

Avoid running or making loud noises, as these actions may attract unwanted attention from nearby enemies or curious bystanders. Stick to walking and crouching whenever possible for maximum stealthiness during your ghostly escapades!

By keeping these tips in mind, not only will you successfully evade rivals but also enjoy the sweet taste of freedom as a true master of invisibility in GTA 5!

Can Ghost Mode be prolonged in GTA?

Can you extend your sneaky spree in the world of Los Santos? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Ghost Mode in GTA 5 Online lasts for a total of three minutes and cannot be prolonged. It’s designed to give players a limited time to escape or take advantage of their temporary invisibility on the map.

Plan your moves carefully during those three precious minutes, and use this time wisely. Whether you’re trying to evade pursuers or set up an ambush for unsuspecting players, always keep an eye on the clock as it ticks down.

Remember that once Ghost Mode ends, you’ll be visible on the map again and might become vulnerable to retaliation from other players.

Although extending our invisible escapades in Los Santos would be great, having a time limit forces us to think strategically and act quickly.

Embrace this challenge and use your brief moments of incognito glory wisely – after all, part of the thrill comes from knowing that nothing lasts forever!

Does Ghost Mode make you utterly invisible in GTA?

After discovering that Ghost Mode’s duration can’t be prolonged, it’s essential to know just how invisible this mode makes you in the game.

Whether Ghost Mode makes you utterly invisible in GTA 5 is interesting, and understanding its full implications can help players use this feature better.

When activated, Ghost Mode does make your character appear invisible to other players in the session. This means they won’t see your blip on the radar or your physical presence on screen.

Ghost Mode On GTA 5

However, it’s important to note that while you’re virtually undetectable by other players, NPCs (non-player characters) within the game can still see and interact with you.

So, if you cause chaos around them or engage in criminal activities, expect law enforcement to come after you – even if other players remain unaware of your actions.

While Ghost Mode temporarily escapes potential player conflicts and unwanted attention, remember that its effects are limited. It may grant some freedom from interference for ten minutes but doesn’t exempt you from consequences from interactions with the game world.

Use this feature strategically when needed, and enjoy everything Grand Theft Auto V offers!

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In the end, ghost mode is like a cloak of invisibility that can give you an edge in the chaotic world of GTA. It’s a powerful tool up your sleeve, so use it wisely and strategically.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility – don’t let this sneaky trick turn you into a reckless phantom terrorizing Los Santos.

Instead, count every second and leave your opponents wondering what hit them.

Tony Nelson

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GTA 5 : The Ghost of Mount Gordo [Location Guide]

A spooky Easter Egg in GTA 5 that will keep you up at night.

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online are packed to the brim with content. There are always new things to find in the game and always new things to try. The attention to detail paid to this game is the reason this game has dominated for this long. The game is full of easter eggs for players to find. The Ghost of Mount Gordo is one such infamous easter egg that has left many players with nightmares. This guide will help you locate and experience the Ghost for yourself.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • There are many easter eggs present in the world of GTA 5.
  • The Ghost of Mount Gordo is a famous easter egg in GTA 5 .
  • This is one of the few supernatural elements present in the game.
  • This ghost occurrence only happens in one location, at Mount Gordo in Blaine County .
  • You can find this ghost at this location from 11 pm to 12 am . The Ghost can be seen wearing a long white robe.
  • The Ghost can only be seen from a distance and disappears when you walk close.
  • Along with the Ghost, something is written in blood on this cliff. The bloody alphabet makes up the word Jock.
  • The Ghost is a well-thought-out easter egg with an entire story. You can piece this whole story through the evidence in the game.
  • Other players have also reported having heard screaming at this location.

Rockstar developers did not just pay attention to the main campaign. They have successfully created a living, breathing, immersive open world. As a result, every street, alley, and corner of this world has a unique myth attached to it.

The world of GTA 5 should be experienced deeply to be fully appreciated. Therefore, every player should at least once go on to look for this easter egg at least once.

The Ghost Of Mount Gordo In GTA 5

The supernatural occurrences in GTA 5 have gained legendary status among the gaming myths. The myth of the Ghost of Mount Gordo is an old tale in GTA 5.  The old-timer players definitely know about this ghost.

However, newer players who stumble on this easter egg are often scared. It is a scary sight when you first encounter this ghost.

The ghost can be spotted at only one location in GTA 5. You will see a frightening floating woman on the edge of the mountain. Moreover, this woman has terrifying facial features you can view through a camera.

In classic horror ghost fashion, the ghost is seen sporting a long white robe and long black hair. Moreover, to add to the ghost aesthetic, this ghost is slightly transparent, indicating it’s not a living person. Furthermore, you can see something written in red at the feet of this ghost.

Moreover, due to the entire set of this scene, we can assume that these words are written in blood. Furthermore, if you get close to the cliff, you can see that the word spells out Jock.

Where To Find The Ghost In GTA 5

The Ghost of Mount Gordo appears in only one place, Mount Gordo. This mountain is one of the three mountains in GTA 5. However, this is the smallest mountain in the game. The hill is located on the northeast end of the map. Mount Gordo is in the northern region of Blaine County .

This mountain also overlooks the lighthouse on the other side. This lighthouse is also a famous location in Blaine County. However, be careful as this mountain is a dangerous place. Surprisingly the ghost is the least of your worries here. However, you must be careful of the steep hill as the fall from here could be fatal.

Moreover, this place is swarmed with mountain lions. These lions are capable of killing you instantly with a single hit. Therefore, you should pack weapons to take care of any lion that would pose threat.

How To Trigger This Easter Egg

This is one of several easter eggs in GTA 5. The Ghost in GTA 5 only appears in certain special conditions. As this is a special easter egg, it also works at only a specific time.

This is what you need to do to see the Ghost:

  • Head out to the Location of the ghost at Mount Gordo.
  • You need to visit this place strictly between 11 pm till 12 am. The ghost only appears during this one-hour in-game. Moreover, it is essential to note that this is in-game time.
  • Next, stand at a distance from the location. Use your binoculars or sniper scope to see the ghost.
  • You can not go near the Ghost. This easter egg is designed so that if you get too close, the Ghost will disappear.
  • However, the Jock written in blood stays on the rock even if you go close to it.
  • As soon as the clock hits 12 AM, both the ghost and the word written in blood will disappear.
  • You can also take Ghost’s picture using your phone.

The Ghost can be seen overlooking the edge of the mountain, staring at the lighthouse. However, players can not interact with the Ghost in GTA 5.  Moreover, the Ghost’s appearance does not affect the player or the game.

The Ghost appears to frighten the unsuspected players and disappears again into the unknown. However, the disappearance is not for long as this ghost enjoys attention and will be here the very next day at the same time.

The Backstory

The GTA 5 developers did not just insert this easter egg as a one-off thing; they crafted an entire story behind it. The Ghost of Mount Mordo in GTA 5 has an in-depth backstory that the players have been able to uncover.

However, this search for backstory starts on the Internet. You need to search the website Who Killed Lenora Jhonson through your in-game phone.

This is a conspiracy theory mystery website; Lenora Johnson will not be the main concern. However, on this website, you will find other mysteries. So after a little browsing, you will come across the mystery ‘Blood On the Rocks.’ This is the story of our ghost, and here we will find more information. If you click on this tab, you will see a picture of a newspaper article titled Tragedy at the Cliff.

Tragedy at the Cliff describes the death of his wife, John ‘Jock’ Cranley. Moreover, Cranley is a recurring character in GTA 5, as he appeared in previous titles in the game.

Who is John ‘Jock’ Cranley

John ‘Jock’ Cranley is a character deeply rooted in the GTA franchise. Moreover, GTA 5 is not his first appearance, as Jock also was a prominent figure in GTA Vice City Stories. Back then, he was an actor and stuntman, and he notably starred in his own TV Show. However, as the years passed, he moved to Los Santos and became a politician.

This is how we find Jock Cranley in GTA 5. Here he is a candidate for the governor of San Andreas for the Conservative Party. You can find this information on his in-game website, .

Moreover, Jock Cranley writes about his drug addiction from the past on his website. Here he uses his previous drug abuse to show how he is a changed man. However, there is no mention of his wife, which is odd considering he could have used this as a marketing tool. Maybe he did not want other people to look into his past.

Jock Cranley Major Suspect

However, if we further dissect the newspaper clipping, we can start seeing our principal suspect. The newspaper article also mentions some peculiar details. Here we are told that Jock Cranley and his late wife Jolene had a troubled marriage. Jock wanted to move out to Los Santos to become a stuntman, while Jolene wanted to stay in Blaine County to take care of her parents.

Moreover, his wife’s death seems less like an accident and more like murder. This is also why her ghost still haunts that cliff, as that was the place of her death. Furthermore, the suspect is always the person that gains most from someone’s death.

This is also evident in Jock’s statement after his wife’s death. In this statement, he mentioned how his wife was the only thing coming between him and his dreams.

Moreover, even Jolene’s father asked the police to investigate Jock as the major suspect. This clearly proves that their marriage was not doing great, and her father did not trust Jock. Even the Ghost tells us that Jock is the murderer as she writes his name with blood on the cliff.

Therefore, all signs point to John Jock Cranley as the major suspect in the murder. Cranley got his dream of becoming a stuntman and leaving Blaine County behind. However, this would not have been possible if his wife was still alive.

Some Other Myths About This Ghost

The Ghost in GTA 5 is a well-thought-out easter egg. Moreover, there are many myths associated with the Ghost. This is because other players have also heard voices near the cliff. Players have reported having heard faint screams from this area.

However, one of the most popular myths is a recording of Jolene’s plea. Some players have reported having heard Jolene’s final plea for her life. There is a game recording where you can hear Jolene asking someone not to do it. This is clearly Jolene asking her husband, Jock, not to push her off the cliff.

However, it is important to remember that only a few players have heard these voices. There is no fixed way to trigger this easter egg, and it stays purely random. So there is a chance you can hear her last plea for help or someone screaming.

The Ghost of Mount Gordo is well thought easter egg in GTA 5. This supernatural element has a dark, twisted story that is not for everyone. Not everyone can digest murder and horror imagery. However, everyone should at least try it once during their gameplay. Furthermore, it is not difficult to trigger this easter egg as it works automatically.

Developers of GTA 5 spend time and resources on setting up this ghost. This shows the commitment to the game from its developers and makes the game’s world even more immersive. As a result, there isn’t just a scary ghost at the cliff; we have a victim and the culprit.

Moreover, the culprit is someone familiar and well-integrated into GTA 5. The Ghost will be waiting for you at Mount Gordo; you only need to show up.

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    The ghost location in GTA 5, known as the Mount Gordo Ghost, resides atop Mount Gordo, one of the highest peaks in the game. Despite the in-game world's vastness, only 10% of players have stumbled upon this enigmatic phantom, according to a survey conducted by Rockstar Games. Finding the ghost requires a keen sense of exploration and a ...

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    Alternate Spawn Ghost 5 (1 AM - 2 AM) Alternate Spawn Ghost 6 (2 AM - 3 AM) Alternate Spawn Ghost 7 (3 AM - 4 AM) Alternate Spawn Ghost 8 (4 AM - 5 AM) Alternate Spawn Ghost 9 (5 AM - 6 AM)

  19. How to Activate Ghost Organization and Become Invincible In GTA Online

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  20. How To Go Ghost Mode On GTA 5

    In GTA 5 Online, to activate Ghost Mode and become temporarily invisible on the map, press the 'M' key to open the Interaction Menu, then navigate to 'SecuroServ'. Select 'CEO Abilities', then choose 'Ghost Organization'. This costs $12,000 and lasts for 3 minutes. Remember, it's only available when you're a CEO or VIP.

  21. Is there a cooldown timer for Ghost Organization? : r/gtaonline

    Yes. I think it's 10mins. Could be wrong. reverse_neon. • 3 yr. ago. Yes and pretty sure every other calling ability or stuff like that has a cool down. [deleted] • 3 yr. ago. 5 minutes.

  22. GTA 5 : The Ghost of Mount Gordo [Location Guide]

    Key Takeaways. There are many easter eggs present in the world of GTA 5.; The Ghost of Mount Gordo is a famous easter egg in GTA 5.; This is one of the few supernatural elements present in the game.; This ghost occurrence only happens in one location, at Mount Gordo in Blaine County.; You can find this ghost at this location from 11 pm to 12 am.The Ghost can be seen wearing a long white robe.

  23. How do you get free ghost organization? : r/gtaonline

    How do you get free ghost organization? Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. 4 Sort by: 1sockwonder • 1 yr. ago I'll say 12k for maximum sale in public lobby is dirt cheap. Even if you managed to do it twice. 22 stuecken • 1 yr. ago GTA+ 22