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The haunted brothel | Victor, CO

The 11 most haunted Airbnbs in the U.S.

Book yourself a seriously spooky haunted Airbnb where ghosts go bump in the night

If you're a fan of all things that go bump in the night, read on. These scarily good Airbnbs put the 'boo' in booking – admit it, you laughed.  We've scoured Airbnb's most eclectic and eerie listings to find the most haunted Airbnbs, from creepy castles to spooky spare bedrooms to mysterious mansions. These rental haunted houses feature charming creaking floorboards, whimsical wainscoting, and vintage vibes along with chills, thrills, and frights from spirited ghost hosts that are straight out of the best Halloween movies of all time . Probably not for the faint-hearted.

Prepare to be spooked. You might not rest in peace in these haunted homes, but you're bound to have a memorable night preparing for paranormal activity, seeking the supernatural, and greeting ghosts. Or if you're among the skeptical, these Airbnbs will have you make or break what you believe. But beware, bookings go as quickly as ghosts playing tag, so secure these haunted hotbeds ASAP.

This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, click here .

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Haunted Airbnbs in the U.S.

The haunted brothel in Victor, CO

1.  The haunted brothel in Victor, CO

After a fire in 1899 destroyed this Victorian-era brothel, casino, and saloon, the space was rebuilt and meticulously restored, bringing spirited supernatural stories. Legend claims the Victorian Gothic building's electrical wiring was done by Nikolas Tesla. Its bay windows, oak doors, 12- to 15-foot ceilings, and hardwood stairs are all original. The ghost who lives here is said to be a former miner who died in a gunfight. Equally creepy are some of the taxidermy and art the current owners have added.

Beds? 10   king and queen-size   beds and two sofas. Sleeps up to 16 guests.

Location perks?  This haunted house is the thing of nightmares and we're here for it. Location-wise, the Rocky Mountains are nearby while you're in the heart of Colorado's city of Victor.

Budget range?  Affordable when shared among a large group – pricey if not.

The Civil War field hospital in Gettysburg, PA

2.  The Civil War field hospital in Gettysburg, PA

The barn and farmhouse on this historic property were both used as a Confederate field hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg, so you can only imagine how many spirits are milling about. Prepare yourself for the possibility of spotting multiple apparitions: the host of David Stewart Farm says she’s seen plenty over the years, but promises they’re all friendly. Guests have reported hearing footsteps and seeing men dressed in Confederate soldier uniforms. The bedroom itself is decked out in period decor to really put you in the 19th-century frame of mind if that’s your style.

Beds?  A queen-size bed and two single beds across two bedrooms (rooms in a house shared with host). Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks?  This historical home is surrounded by beautiful gardens which were once a Civil War field during the Battle of Gettysburg – great for exploring.

Budget range?  A  very budget-friendly stay for a weekend getaway.

The gothic castle in Ellicott City, MD

3.  The gothic castle in Ellicott City, MD

Renting the Lilburn Mansion near Baltimore will get you two bedrooms, a ballroom, library, a pool and tons of outdoor space. It will also get you a haunted roommate or two (so much for space). After a fire destroyed the original 1857 property, "the castle" as the owners call it went through an extensive restoration. But the stone manor's spectral residents didn't much appreciate the changes, and a string of bad luck followed its living ones — including the death of a child as well as the family's patriarch. Recently, guests have reported plenty of ghostly activity in the mansion , like the time someone spott ed a child hanging from a chandelier.

Beds?  Two queen-size beds and three airbeds. Sleeps up to 12 guests.

Location perks?  This stunning gothic mansion has so much to offer inside its grounds – before venturing out to the nearby Main Street for a healthy dose of reality.

Budget range?  A  really well-priced stay for a group of 12 and an entire home to enjoy.

The mysterious gingerbread house in Bisbee, AZ

4.  The mysterious gingerbread house in Bisbee, AZ

This adorable cottage in Bisbee, Arizona has all the charm you'd want out of an affordable Airbnb retreat—and some mysterious ghostly activity to boot. The listing doesn't go into much detail about what exactly haunts the gingerbread house, but  repeated episodes of odd, unexplained mischief have been reported (though nothing scary or malevolent ... so far). Luckily, the place is pet-friendly, so feel free to bring along Fido to protect you from whatever awaits in Bisbee.

Beds?  One double bed, one single bed, and a sofa bed. Sleeps up to five guests.

Location perks?  This adorable bungalow has all you need to feel safe indoors, in case things go bump in the night. But if you plan to go further afield, the local town of Bisbee is an easy 3 miles away. 

Budget range?  A  delightfully affordable weekend getaway.

Discover the best things to do in Arizona

The dead girl's bedroom in New Orleans, LA

5.  The dead girl's bedroom in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans has its fair share of haunted attractions, but nothing sounds scarier than the idea of sharing a bedroom with a young ghost in a yellow dress. Although the 130-year-old Parks-Bowman Mansion in NOLA's Garden District offers multiple rooms, there’s only one room that’s supposedly haunted by a shy female ghost thought to be the youngest daughter of the house's original owners who was buried on the grounds in the 1890s after her untimely death. Of course, you may or may not actually encounter the youngster or hear her pacing the grounds with a slight limp, softly humming lullabies, or hiding pairs of glasses due to her extreme shyness (apparently, even ghosts can get too spooked for their own apparitions).

Beds?  One queen-size bed in a private room (house shared with host). Sleeps up to two guests.

Location perks?  This haunted house is quite the mysterious offering so you'll be pleased to know that you're in the heart of the Garden District and New Orleans' French Quarter – for all the mindless wandering you could dream of.

Budget range?  A cheap and cheerful yet equally spooky stay.

The mysterious manor in Saint Paul, MN

6.  The mysterious manor in Saint Paul, MN

Built in 1883, The Manor is a mysterious castle in St. Paul brimming with creepy vibes. Formerly the St. Paul Art Gallery, this Victorian home is palatial — perfect for spirits and paranormal activity. Furnished with oddities and curiosities, The Manor may be haunted — or it might not be, depending on your perception — but it's a popular spot for rituals, murder mystery dinners, and paranormal investigations like one undertaken in 1969 by a trio of journalists at the Pioneer Press .

Beds?  A queen-size bed and an airbed in a private room (home shared with host). Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks?  This manor offers a really interesting and private experience on-site but if you're keen to explore nearby, the local neighborhood has lots to see and do.

Budget range?  A spooky steal of a stay.

The 18th century cottage in Savannah, GA

7.  The 18th century cottage in Savannah, GA

Beds?  One queen-size bed and two single beds. Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks?  This historical home has all you need to be plenty entertained on-site, but the local town is filled with unique museums and great walking opportunities. 

Budget range? Super affordable between four guests.

The cozy (haunted) retreat in Oberlin, OH

8.  The cozy (haunted) retreat in Oberlin, OH

Purchased by a paranormal researcher in 2018, this 150-year old Oberlin home is a hotbed of spirit activity , mostly ghosts of past residents who died in the home . The property, now called Inspiration House, is owned by paranormal researcher Michelle Belanger and has even been featured on ghost-hunting shows Paranormal State and Portals to Hell . The four-bedroom, three-bath rental is designed for relaxation (believe it or not) and connecting with the living and the dead. Guests have reported sightings of a ghost dog, hearing a children's musical television set playing on its own, and the sounds of screams. Spiritual communication prompts and Psychic Aptitude Cards are both available to guests, as is a first-floor display room that the host describes as part museum, part paranormal research training ground.

Beds?  One king-size bed, two queen-size beds, and a single bed. Sleeps up to six guests.

Location perks?  This 'haunted retreat' is certainly one of a kind and the local neighborhood is just as peaceful. If you enjoy walking or cycling, this is the area for you.

Budget range?  A cheap to mid-range stay depending on how many guests you bring along for the ride.

The spooky suite in Benton Park, St. Louis, MO

9.  The spooky suite in Benton Park, St. Louis, MO

This spooky home shares some unfortunate history with a neighbor — it was built in 1890 by the same mason that constructed the nearby Lemp Mansion, home to a family that was doomed to die unexpectedly young, one after the other. It’s perhaps no surprise that the suite in this St. Louis, MO home has its own share of unexplained activity from beyond the grave; guests who’ve stayed in this studio-style apartment (once the maid’s quarters of the three-story brick home) have reported all kinds of paranormal activities like doors opening and lights turning on all by themselves, as well as the sound of people rattling around in the kitchen even when they believed the house was empty.

Beds?  One queen-size bed and one airbed. Sleeps up to four guests.

Location perks?  This three-story brick house lives in the historic Benton Park – perfect for escaping to when the nighttime visits get too much.

Budget range? Incredibly cheap for such a unique stay.

The ghost town in Terlingua, TX

10.  The ghost town in Terlingua, TX

One-up the average haunted Airbnb by staying in a Texas ghost town. Once a mining boomtown, just about everyone but the ghosts have long since moved on from Terlingua. In this 100-year-old miner's casita, you’ll find a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and outdoor bathroom (a scary situation in and of itself). Watch for paranormal activity from the porch of this stacked limestone cabin , which luckily has lovely views of Big Bend National Park's mountains and badlands.

Beds?  One double bed. Sleeps up to two guests.

Location perks?  This extraordinary casita is located in the heart of Ghost Town. So really, could it get any spookier than that?

Budget range?  A very budget-friendly getaway for a couple.

Haunted Henry's house in Salem, MA

11.  Haunted Henry's house in Salem, MA

It's fitting that the town where the 17th century Salem Witch Trials took place would have plenty of historic haunted mansions. The Henry Derby House is no exception. Built for tailor Henry Derby, the 19th-century Greek Revival rental home is now owned by Phil Marchand, who grew up in the haunted home. He and others have heard footsteps from the third floor, have been startled by bumps in the night and many guests have spotted a ghost that looks like a teenage girl with long hair.

Beds?  One king-size bed, two queen-size beds, and five single beds. Sleeps up to 12 guests.

Location perks?  This magnificent home offers fun for all the family – if the haunted aspect doesn't creep you out too much – while the local town (none other than Salem) offers even creepier delights.

Budget range?  A very well-priced stay if you take advantage of the 12-guest allowance. 

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24 Haunted Airbnbs and Houses To Stay In – If you Dare

stay in a haunted airbnb or vrbo

Celebrate Halloween with a quick getaway to one of these haunted Airbnbs, hotels, houses and VRBOs. A stay in one of these haunted places is a thrill-seeker’s dream come true. 

Table of Contents

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys going all out over the scary season, then you will love the idea of spending a weekend at a haunted Airbnbs, hotel or VRBO. Chilling thrills are the order of the day in these unique haunted places to stay – if you dare. 

The thought of spending a night in a haunted airbnb or most haunted places may be slightly unsettling, to say the least, but for the thrill-seeker, this is exactly what you have been looking for.  And if it’s your first time seeking an encounter with the other side, don’t fret. According to the owners, all the residents, living or not, are friendly and harmless… for the most part.

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So if you’re looking for more to do than watching horror movie re-runs, why not try one of these epic Haunted Airbnb listing:

Haunted stays in alabama, 01.  malaga inn , mobile, alabama .

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

There is nothing more charming than a historic property. The Malaga Inn is nothing short of fabulous. And if you’re looking for a spooky airbnb, then be sure to ask for room 007. 

Rumour has it that this room is visited by a mischievous ghost of a woman in a white dress who sometimes slams doors and swings chandeliers. You may even feel an unexpected drop in temperature when she’s around which is the perfect spooky experience.

Some of the rooms offer you a balcony or patio, and all the rooms have wifi. The interior is just as stunning as the exterior, and you can expect to be more than comfortable at this amazing historical place. 

Sleeps : 2 Guests

Price : From US$65


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Haunted Stays in Arizona

02.  copper queen hotel , bisbee, arizona.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

One of the oldest hotels in Arizona, you can enjoy an onsite pool, air-conditioning and unexplained mischief here. For many, a stay at the Copper Queen Hotel is more than just enjoying a good night’s sleep in one of their comfortable rooms.

 It’s about a first-hand paranormal experience with one of the sixteen ghosts of previous residents that are rumoured to call the hotel home.

Sleeps : Up to 6 Guests 

Price : From US$489


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Haunted Places to Stay in California

03.  queen anne hotel , san francisco, california.

The Queen Anne Hotel is a stunning hotel and haunted

Victorian-style luxury awaits you at the Queen Anne Hotel. Besides being absolutely fabulous, this hotel is also said to be haunted. But don’t worry, according to reports, it’s a friendly ghost. 

You can enjoy individually decorated rooms that include a beautiful bathroom and wifi access. The lobby is the perfect place to hang out when you aren’t exploring this stunning property and its surroundings. 

This stay includes a daily complimentary breakfast.

Price : From $259

Sleeps : 2 guests


04.  The Hollywood Roosevelt , Hollywood, California

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Favoured by many historic Hollywood stars, dead and alive, The Hollywood Roosevelt is one haunted hotel that is worth a visit. 

It hosted the first-ever Oscars and was once home to Marilyn Monroe, who may or may not still reside here; in a paranormal capacity that is. 

Whether the rumors are true or not, you can expect to be treated like Hollywood royalty when you stay here. 

The hotel houses a state-of-the-art gym with antique furniture and a beautiful pool where you can hang out when you aren’t enjoying the luxurious comforts of your room.

Sleeps : Up to 2 Guests 

Price : From US$299

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Haunted Places to Stay in Florida

05.  biltmore hotel , miami, florida.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

The Biltmore Hotel has a long history that has gained it a reputation for the spooky. Built in 1926, it went from being a fashionable venue to a military hospital and a university before being re-established as an exclusive hotel. 

During that time, the building has seen quite a lot of death, including murder. When you stay here you can enjoy luxurious rooms, scrumptious meals on the grounds, and a few chilling ghost stories.

Sleeps : 2 Guests 

Price :  From US$314

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Haunted House in Georgia

06.  the marshall house , savannah.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

One of the oldest hotels in Savannah, The Marshall House is also one of the most haunted. Besides being a comfortable hotel, it also once served as a hospital during the Civil War and two other times in its long history. 

You can expect to see an array of ghosts at this haunted place to stay in the U.S. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out one of the great ghost tours in Savannah

Price : From US$149

07.  Historic Cottage , Savannah

This Historic Cottage is the perfect haunted place to stay.

There is nothing better than staying in a historic house. You never know what secrets you’ll find hidden in the cracks. The house was built in 1820 by John Ballon, a free man of color. 

This property is perfect for couples and friends that want to explore something unique. There are an open plan kitchen, a warmly decorated living room, and a secluded garden patio.

Price : From $145

Sleeps : 4 guests

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Haunted Places to Stay in Illinois

08.  congress plaza hotel , chicago.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

A long-time favorite with presidents and other high-standing officials, the Congress Plaza Hotel is one of the more luxurious haunted places to stay in the U.S. 

The property has seen several deaths over the years and many more spooky sightings that may cause sleepless nights in selected rooms. 

On the other hand, you can enjoy spacious rooms with city views and scrumptious meals at the onsite restaurants during your stay. There is plenty of places to explore while you’re staying in this haunted city. 

Haunted Place to Stay in Louisiana

09.  fleur de lis mansion , new orleans, louisiana.

The Fleur De Lis Mansion Louisiana

New Orleans is full of haunted properties, including the  Fleur  De  Lis Mansion. Originally built in the 1820s by one of the founding families, this haunted mansion is full of secrets just waiting to be discovered.

The property offers you authentic charm and comfort you won’t find anywhere else. You can choose to stay in one of the rooms or rent out the entire mansion for a minimum of three nights. 

Price : From $850

Sleeps : 20 guests

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10.  Hotel Monteleone , New Orleans, Louisiana

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the Hotel Monteleone offers you true NOLA charm with a paranormal twist. You can enjoy a dip in the rooftop pool which is heated or a drink at the Carousel Bar and Lounge. 

And when you aren’t enjoying the exquisite luxury of this haunted place to stay, you can chase down one of the ghosts that call this hotel home. 

It’s one of the most featured haunted places to stay in the United States. 

Sleeps : Up to 4 Guests 

Price : From US$479

Haunted Places to Stay in Massachusetts

11.  lizzie borden b&b , fall river, massachusetts.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Recently opened as a B&B, the Lizzie Borden House is sure to give you some chills. The house is well-known as the site of the 1892 axe murders of Lizzie Borden’s father and stepmother. 

These events have made this one of the most chilling  and most mysterious house in the world, and according to a few paranormal investigations, the Bordens never really left. 

Price : From US$285

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Haunted Airbnb in Missouri

12.  the hobo hill house , missouri.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

This perfect place is beautiful inside and out. You’ll look at the Hobo Hill House and wonder how it could possibly have ended up on this list. But underneath it, quite literally, lies a spooky story waiting for you to discover. 

This haunted house is a great place to stay if you are looking for the mildly ghostly retreat. The house was recently featured on a TV show, “The Dead Files”, as well as in several online publications. 

Don’t be fooled by the decor, this house is as haunted as it gets…according to the host.   

Sleeps : 10 Guests 

Price : From US$315

Haunted Stays in New Hampshire

13.  omni mount washington resort , bretton woods, nh.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Built by Joseph Stickney in 1900, the Omni Mount Washington Resort officially opened to guests in 1902. Stickney died shortly after and his widow remarried a European prince. 

It’s rumored that the princess never really left the property and now moves around keeping guests company, so to speak. Besides the paranormal, you can also enjoy two swimming pools and epic hiking and biking nearby. 

Haunted Airbnb in New Mexico

14.  la posada de santa fe , santa fe, new mexico.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

This gorgeous hotel was once a home owned by the Staab family. According to some sources, the lady of the house, Julia Staab, still resides there. The property is perfect if you love ghost stories and luxury, all in one place. 

Pamper yourself at the onsite spa or lounge at the stunning outdoor swimming pool. There are four fantastic restaurants to choose from, each with something special to offer for an Airbnb guest. 

Price : From US$249

Haunted Places to Stay in New York 

15.  the enslin mansion : haunted bedroom, new york.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

According to the host, this family home has a “spooky charm”. This haunted mansion has been a family home for six generations and offers you a wonderfully comfortable stay. 

Feel right at home in the Enslin Mansion where you can enjoy a pleasant stay and some paranormal activity to boot. The hosts are friendly and always willing to give you an inside look into this spooky place.

Price : From US$176


16.  The Otesaga Resort , in Cooperstown

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Elegance, comfort and the paranormal await you at the Otesaga Resort. The 103-year-old property was once an all-girls school and guests have reported hearing children’s laughter in the halls. 

But not to worry, the spirits are just as friendly as the staff. You can also enjoy world-class meals and stunning gardens and grounds that are perfect for afternoon walks. 

Haunted Places to Stay in North Carolina

17.  shamrock house  historic haunted log cabin in brevard, north carolina.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

It’s no secret that the Shamrock House may be haunted, according to the Airbnb host(s). Don’t worry, Weeping Nancy (as they call her) is a friendly ghost of a young girl. The cabin was built in the 1920s and has a great history that includes a presidential stay. 

The compound is made up of  3 fabulous cabins in a quiet and secluded spot with plenty of adventure activities nearby.

 It’s the perfect place for a friend and family retreat despite being haunted.   This property has a minimum stay requirement depending on the season and offers a full refund if you cancel 30 days before check-in. 

Sleeps : Up to 21 Guests

Price : From US$378

18.  The Omni Grove Park Inn , Ashenville, NC

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Enjoy a stay at the Omni Grove Park Inn where you can enjoy a world-class spa and golf course. But it is also well-known for its resident ghost, the “Pink Lady”.  Rumour has it that she is the spirit of a woman that fell to her death in the 1920s. Whether you see her or not during your stay, the haunted Airbnb is still well worth a visit for spooky experiences. 

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Haunted Stay in Pennsylvania

19.  baladerry inn , gettysburg, pennsylvania.

Baladerry Inn is one of the best haunted places to stay in the US

The Baladerry Inn is a great haunted Airbnb to stay. It was a Union hospital during the civil war. Some of its patients haven’t left, and you are sure to have a few ghost sightings here. 

You can choose between 10 beautiful rooms, each offering Egyptian cotton sheets and free Wi-Fi. There are onsite massages available, as well as a delicious complimentary breakfast each morning.

Sleeps : 2 Guests

Price : From US$143

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Haunted Places to Stay in Texas

20.  the emily morgan , san antonio, texas.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Steps away from the site of the Alamo, The Emily Morgan was once a medical facility that was later turned into a luxurious hotel. Of course, considering its location and its previous use, the hotel inherited more than just unique architecture.  Many of the staff have reported seeing unexplainable things happen in the middle of the night throughout the property which has made this property popular with ghost hunters.

Price : From US$197

21.  The Driskill , Austin, Texas

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

A stay at The Driskill is a mix of old-world charm and modern luxury that will leave you in awe. The hotel is also one of the most haunted Airbnb to stay in Texas. 

Several ghosts sightings have been reported including that of a jilted bride who committed suicide in one of the rooms and a little boy who fell to his death on the property.

Price : From US$191

Haunted Places in Virginia

22.  the omni homestead resort , hot springs, virginia.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

A few ghostly tales await you at The Omni Homestead Resort. Legend has it that a jilted bride walks the halls waiting for her groom to return. Besides having a reputation for the spooky, the resort offers you some great amenities for a spectacular stay. 

You can enjoy a relaxing treatment at the onsite spa or try out horseback riding and a carriage ride. Or just enjoy the historical luxury you can expect in your beautifully furnished room. 

Sleeps : Up to 20 Guests

Price : From US$850

Haunted Stays in Washington DC

23.  the mayflower hotel , washington dc.

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Whether the hotel is haunted or not can be contested. But there is no doubt that a  stay at The Mayflower Hotel  is well worth it.  Once favored by presidents and world leaders, the hotel has a penchant for luxury and a unique mix of modern and historic. You can enjoy spacious rooms, great meals at the onsite restaurant, and a great gym.

24.  The Hay – Adams Hotel , Washington DC

Haunted Airbnb, Haunted Places to stay

Enjoy gourmet meals and luxurious rooms filled with every comfort you can imagine at The Hay-Adams Hotel. The haunted Airbnb has a historic charm that is echoed throughout the property, and so are the mysterious sounds of the resident ghost, “Clover”.  The wife of the original owner is said to have committed suicide in the hotel and has never left, making this most haunted inns. 

Sleeps : Up to 3 Guests 

Price : From US$359

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Now you know the best VRBO and houses haunted Airbnb… If you dare this Halloween Season.

stay in a VRBO or Airbnb haunted house this halloween

This post has been updated and republished.

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13 Most Haunted Airbnbs in the US You Shouldn’t Dare to Visit

Atish Sharma

Do ghosts exist or not is a silly yet serious question boggling mankind for years. Stories of witches, monsters, and spirits we’ve heard from our grandparents only add to the trepidation. It is not now that these narratives have been a topic of discussion, if we look at the course of history, one thing that was common then and now is the fear of the unknown.

I am not talking about viruses or aliens, I am rather discussing the soul or spirit of a dead person which we commonly term as a ghost and know by several names in different folklores. Though, from time to time, science has been bursting the myths associated with phantoms, there are incidents that derail science and make us believe in its existence.

Popular culture has further worked in strengthening ghost theories and added a whole new flick to them. The belief set by the culture has hugely popularized mansions, palaces, and bungalows as haunted. The credence is only strengthened by books and cinema. The reason I am talking about this is because the Halloween season is about to kick off and what better than visiting a spooky place on All Hallows’ Eve?

So, what are you waiting for? Muster some courage, pack your bags, and get ready to experience the existence of ghosts, demons, and devils in these 13 scariest and most haunted Airbnbs in the US where people have experienced paranormal activities.

The Black Monarch in Colorado

The Black Monarch_Haunted Airbnbs to Book This Halloween in USA

With the haunted hotel industry burgeoning across America and all over the world, the Black Monarch stays one of the creepiest yet highly popular rentals. Based in Victor, Colorado, the hotel owner rebuilt it from a brothel to a rentable space after it was left dilapidated due to a fire incident in 1899. The legend has it that the building is haunted by the ghost of a miner who died in a gunfight.

The hotel room features luxurious furniture, creepy art, authentic taxidermy, and very real oddities to make your stay full of trepidation. The new hotel owner mentioned to The Guardian that multiple people have seen a woman looking out from one of the hotel’s windows, even when there was no one in the hotel. Other than that, strange sounds and moving objects may be a common sight to witness. So, what are you waiting for? Book your stay now and thank me later, if you are alive and healthy. Just kidding!

Historic Civil War Farm House in Pennsylvania

Historic Civil War Farm House_Five Haunted Airbnbs to Book This Halloween in USA_1

The Battle of Gettysburg holds utmost significance in American history and the historic Civil War farmhouse is an important memoir of it. Based in Pennsylvania, United States, this was the place where causalities of the Civil War were brought in and treated. The space is hosted by Stephani who claims that there are many spirits who live there, but they are all harmless.

Well, if you are not afraid of pets and are completely okay sharing the kitchen, book a room at this place. The host offers you a large sunny room with a queen-size bed. Other than that, you’ll have your own private bathroom equipped with a shower. Don’t forget to carry an Ouija board – who knows you might be able to chat with one or two kind-hearted spirits.

Parks-Bowman Mansion: The Haunted Bedroom in New Orleans

Parks-Bowman Mansion The Haunted Bedroom_Five Haunted Airbnbs to Book This Halloween in USA

Do you like the idea of sharing a bedroom with a young girl in a yellow dress who is apparently a ghost? Well, the legend has it that the ghost was the daughter of the previous property owner and was buried on the grounds. If you are lucky enough, you’d spot her roaming there. This sounds unreal but that’s the fun associated with Halloween.

The haunted bedroom features a queen-size bed and a sitting area. Not to mention, a full shower bath and immediate access to the third-floor porch, with sweeping views of New Orleans which is a beauty to behold. On top of that, the room will have internet access, a mini-fridge, and cable TV for you to watch a haunted movie to make your night scarier.

You can alternatively watch our curated compilation of top 5 most haunted Airbnbs in the USA below:

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The Manor Master Chamber in Minnesota

The Manor Master Chamber_Five Haunted Airbnbs to Book This Halloween in USA

What makes a place or villa haunted is not only the legends associated with it but also its appearance. Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, The Manor Master chamber features a gothic stone exterior, enough to radiate spooky vibes. The manor is not only haunted but also boasts an eerie appearance, enough to send chills down your spine.

It features tall ceilings and plenty of windows that allow natural light to pass in. The entire house is decorated with oddities and antiques that add an even scarier vibe to the place. If you are planning a vacation this Halloween, The Manor Master Chamber is worth a try, especially for its exterior.

Haunted Oasis in New York

Private Spacious Oasis_Haunted Airbnbs to Book This Halloween in USA

Based in Troy, New York, the location lies in the heart of Lansingburgh village. There are multiple theories circulating the place. Most common amongst them are ghosts wandering the attic and the basement. Spooky, right? The space features a haunted bedroom on the second floor equipped with a queen-size bed. Other amenities include a shower and access to a third-floor attic.

If you look at the pictures, the bedroom, gallery, and stairs, everything has a spooky vibe. The place is so raw and natural in terms of horror that one would start feeling cramped just by looking at the pictures, despite it being spacious. This can be booked for $295 per night.

Note: The place is currently unavailable for rent but we are expecting the host to start taking orders as Halloween nears.

Haunted Mansion Retreat in Florida

Haunted Airbnb in USA

You couldn’t ask for a better place to stay than the Haunted Mini Mansion. It is a delightful ghostly retreat where every room has wall-to-wall creeps. The house features three bedrooms and three full bathrooms all inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Offering a spooktacular experience it will let you create memories that will haunt you for a lifetime.

The biggest highlight of the space is the very well-thought-out decor and details that really created the Haunted Mansion feel. The private townhouse includes one king-size bed, one queen-size bed, twin bunk beds with an extra trundle twin bed, and a full-size crib. One bedroom and one full bath are located on the first level. There is no room for paranormal activity here, but the property also offers free parking, a community swimming pool, two children’s playgrounds, and a basketball court.

Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion in Maryland

Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion

If there is a castle, there ought to be some legend associated with it. This is the case with the Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion in Maryland. Featuring two bedrooms, a ballroom, a library, a pool, and tons of outdoor space, the castle looks like a perfect weekend retreat until you turn the history pages. The record states that a fire destroyed the original 1857 property with the owner’s wife and children inside. Other rumors suggest that the family escaped the fire unharmed but died by suicide. Whatever the case, the mansion is truly haunted.

The property was anyway restored with several families occupying the home down the years. There have been multiple reports of paranormal activity in the mansion. Few people have spotted a child hanging from a chandelier while others have observed windows shattering and chandeliers swinging back and forth.

Asian Room in the Cemetery Schoolhouse in New York

Asian Room in the Cemetery Schoolhouse_Scariest and Most Haunted Airbnbs to Book This Halloween in USA

I bet you all have had the fantasy of studying in a school with a cemetery next to it. Located in Hudson, New York, there is one schoolhouse that could satiate this years-old desire of yours. Many Hudson River School painters made it their final resting place. The schoolhouse is a collection of Airbnbs and one Asian Room here will have you experience fear firsthand. The schoolhouse was built in 1900 near one of America’s most historic cemeteries known as The Cedar Park cemetery.

So, what’s the fuss about the Asian Room? Well, the room was traditionally built around an 18th-century opium wedding bed and is a fusion of Asian and contemporary design. The biggest highlight of the room is its interior comprising of furniture, pendants, and every differently sized item that is adding aesthetic to the house.

Apart from the magnificent artistic blend, the bathroom and kitchen in the schoolhouse are made out of steel and frosted glass elevating the spooky vibes to a higher note. To some people, it may be spooky and the home of the dead, but for me, it’s just drop-dead gorgeous.

18th Century Cottage in Georgia

18th Century Cottage_Seven Scariest and Most Haunted Airbnbs You Should Dare to Visit

The older the cottage, the more haunted we assume it to be. Given that, I bring to the list an 18th-century cottage adorned with antiquities and oddities inside. Situated in Savannah, Georgia, the cottage is surrounded by a forest which makes it even eerier. It is said to be haunted by a lady ghost named Laura.

The cottage is filled with antique furniture and regional artwork and finished in pinewood. In addition, Gullah sweetgrass baskets and antique carpets grace the authentic period building. The cottage includes a kitchen, dining and laundry, and a spacious bedroom with a queen-size bed. There is also an upstairs bathroom and living room daybed with two twin beds in case you plan on hosting a Halloween party for your close friends.

Henry Derby House in Massachusetts

Henry Derby House_1

Over 180 years old, this particular Airbnb is an antique house transformed into a vacation rental. As you reach the location, don’t expect it to look or feel like a traditional hotel, because it has got some spooky vibes to it. The stairs will creak, the windows will rattle when it’s windy, and you may experience paranormal activity in the house during your stay. I am not exaggerating, that’s how the current owner actually describes it.

As far as visitors’ comfort is concerned, it is perfect for families or large groups traveling together looking to explore downtown Salem in Massachusetts. You can have access to the whole house featuring a family room, kitchen, dining room, and living room on the first floor. Guests have frequently reported mysterious sounds and sightings. Other than that, there are four bedrooms with two baths on the second floor, and two small bedrooms on the third floor as well. Overall, it is a perfect abode for a family reunion this Halloween.

Tiny Home Cottage in Florida

Creepy Cottage in Florida

We have covered a plethora of tiny homes from across the world but this one is really special. Because it’s super spooky! Don’t expect basic amenities here or you will be left disappointed. Not technically haunted, it is a small space adorned with creepy items to evoke the vibe. There is an Ouija board table to summon the ghost, a coffin but you can’t sleep in it, and a bathroom hidden behind a bookshelf.

The creepy décor is the highlight of the room which features a queen-size double bed. If you ever dreamt of living life downsize and wanted to stay in a haunted tiny house, this is an ideal package for your Halloween.

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Haunted Inn Built in Boston

Haunted New Boston Inn Built in 1731

Built as a revolutionary training ground, this 1737 haunted inn is encapsulated by three mountains and two rivers and also has gardens to sit in. Visitors often hear voices of ‘Harriet,’ a bride who was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend at her wedding in 1805 and since then it has been a hotspot of paranormal activities.

There is a total of seven rooms, each featuring a double bed. There is also a private bath inside the inn, all tastefully decorated in period décor. In addition, guests have access to the gentleman’s parlor, fireplace room, and the garden outside.

Pet-Friendly Bungalow in Arizona

Pet-friendly house in Bisbee, Arizona

If you are one of those folks who always wanted to be a ghost hunter, this is your moment to shine. This pet-friendly house in Arizona is famed for strange happenings that are hard to describe. Nothing to be scared though, as the incidents are not reported to be malevolent.

Featuring a couple of bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a large stocked kitchen, and a fully fenced yard, the bungalow boasts a gothic interior with a 1919 Brunswick phonograph player vintage-tiled full bathroom that elevates the spooky factor of the house.

Final Thoughts

It’s a matter of great debate whether ghosts exist or not. It’s even more wrangling to discuss if any place can be really haunted or if it is just being promoted or brought to the limelight to generate revenue. Whatever might be the case, the latter half of the year is about celebration. Whether it’s enjoying Halloween or celebrating Christmas , we should rather be traveling and exploring more and drawing conclusions based on personal experiences. Nonetheless, these haunted Airbnbs in the US will be perfect for daredevils and fans of horror.

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The Haunted Houses of Airbnb: Desert Ghost Towns, Paranormal Activity, and the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln

By Alexandra Toto

The Best Haunted Airbnbs Desert Ghost Towns Paranormal Activity and the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln

Ever thought of staying at a haunted Airbnb ? You may have seen on Instagram, TikTok, or elsewhere on the internet in recent weeks that Airbnb recreated the cottage from Hocus Pocus in a home near Salem, Massachusetts and made it available for a single stay on the night of October 20. Naturally, it has been snagged. The ultra-exclusive offering came in celebration of Hocus Pocus 2 , which began streaming on Disney+ on September 30.

But fear not if you didn't land the stay at the Sanderson Sisters’ cottage—we’ve selected five spooky existing listings across the country to deliver the scare and wonder you’re seeking this season . Whether you’re searching for ghosts, witches, or UFOs, we have a place sure to make for a memorable Halloween trip. Below, five of our favorite haunted Airbnbs.

  Condé Nast Traveler vets its featured Airbnbs on the quality of amenities, location, previous guest reviews, decor, and Superhost status.

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Image may contain Furniture Couch Living Room Room Indoors Animal Bird and Rug

Hudson, New York

If the thought of sleeping in an old schoolhouse nestled inside a European-inspired historic cemetery “totally removed from any living soul” gives you the good kind of heebie jeebies, then this colorfully decorated and tantalizingly eerie Hudson home built in 1900 is for you. Furnished with an authentic 18th-century Opium Wedding bed and artistic, contemporary touches, the room is as bright and funky as it is cozy and curious. The building itself evolved from schoolhouse, to tool factory, to art studio, to rental, and currently also serves as a full-time home to a few unique guests: three chatty cockatoos.  Enjoy the use of two bikes during your stay to ride into town or take a stroll through the soulful quiet of the funerary art-filled Cedar Park Cemetery, final resting place for thousands. War heroes from the Revolutionary War and Civil War, famous artists, and founding families are all buried here, and an engraved sundial crowns one of the graves with the ominous message “The Last Hour to Many, Possibly to You.” See more of our favorite New York state fall getaway rentals here.

haunted airbnb usa

Salem, Massachusetts

Rumor has it that visitors staying at the Henry Derby House in Salem’s McIntire district may not be the only guests. The 184-year-old New England colonial home accommodates 12 guests in six bedrooms and was originally built for tailor Henry Derby in 1838, but it is now reportedly inhabited by the ghost of a young woman named Sarah who periodically cleans rooms, walks the halls, and occasionally tickles feet. The residence has historically been a stop on local ghost tours.  Beyond potential paranormal activity, the surrounding area is where the 17th-century Salem Witch trials took place. Salem’s Haunted Happenings —the world’s largest Halloween celebration, bringing in half-a-million attendees annually—will be taking place, and this year is its 40th anniversary. Psychic fairs, historic tours, witch shops, and more are part of the festivities. You might also consider spending a day at the Salem Witch Museum . Salem is one of our favorite towns around Boston to spend the day , and you’re sure to feel the eeriness in the air.

Image may contain Housing Building Nature Outdoors House Cabin Shelter Countryside Rural and Architecture

Terlingua, Texas

This self-sustaining West Texas cliff house situated at the end of a dirt road not only overlooks the natural beauty of the Chisos mountains at the heart of Big Bend National Park , but also perches above the mysterious Chihuahuan desert ghost town of Terlingua. The three bedroom home accommodates eight guests and functions wholly from solar power, battery storage, and recycled rainwater.  Architecturally, the design blends brutalism with retro sci-fi, as well as Scandinavian prefab with notes of classic Japanese summer home style. When you dare venture into the old mining town, be sure to walk among the ruins and take in the history at the town cemetery. Just over 1.5 hours away is the creative and contemporary town of Marfa, Texas , which is a worthwhile visit for art and alien-lovers alike. The unexplainable Marfa Lights that flash nightly in the middle of the desert are a phenomenon that onlookers theorize could be UFOs, aliens, or ghosts. Modern meets mystery at this peculiar, off-grid oasis.

Image may contain Flooring Interior Design Indoors Furniture Wood Floor Hardwood Living Room Room Couch and Bed

Lincoln, Illinois

This dark, gothic, octagonal 18th-century wonder has black floors, black ceilings, and black-tinted windows. Intentionally designed to have no square rooms, the space features a spiral staircase, soaring cathedral ceilings, and skylights. The three bedroom home sleeps nine and is situated on a secluded yet central street just a mile away from the richly historic downtown named after president Abraham Lincoln.  The late president—along with other spirits—is said to haunt the area, specifically where he rests at the Oakridge Cemetery in the neighboring town of Springfield. Since his death, there have been reported sightings of the former president along with other ghosts. When exploring downtown Lincoln, don’t miss the old Route 66 Salt Creek Bridge ruins—otherwise known as the “Ghost Bridge” on “Bloody 66” or “Dead Man’s Curve” due to its macabre history of car wreckage.

Image may contain Furniture Bed Wood Interior Design Indoors Room Bedroom Hardwood Living Room Floor and Flooring

St. Paul, Minnesota

The occurrence of paranormal activity at this mysterious Victorian castle Airbnb remains an unanswered question to this day. Built in 1883, the ornate former art gallery has remained in the same family for generations. The interior of the manor is filled with oddities, plants, antiques, and heirlooms. Notable features include stained glass windows, taxidermy, and a Narnia-style armoire.  The suite accommodates up to four people, and overlooks a strangely tranquil gated courtyard for contemplation. Once voted the most mysterious house in St. Paul by the Pioneer Press , there have been firsthand accounts of rendezvous with the unknown—including seances, rituals, and investigations initiated by the ghoul-curious and the brave. A St. Paul spiritual-medium named Roma Harris has supported the claims. The city of St. Paul itself has a plethora of ghostly sites to ignite intrigue during your stay, including Forpaugh’s haunted restaurant, Mounds theater, Wabasha Street Caves, Hamline University, and the Landmark Center—an old courthouse turned community space.

Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts Collection

20 Haunted Airbnbs That'll Make You Believe In Ghosts

spooky house

If you enjoy watching scary movies, attending Horror Nights at Universal Studios, or love everything spooky in October, then you'd enjoy staying a night at a haunted Airbnb . Airbnbs have become more popular to stay in than hotels nowadays as they oftentimes offer a better discount since they don't incur extra fees like hotels do, according to Investopedia . The exciting thing about Airbnbs is that they're designed and set up differently from one another. You never know what you're going to get aside from what's shown in the online photos.

It could be a bit nerve-wracking to stay in a haunted Airbnb at first, but if you respect the home you're staying in and don't upset the ghosts, they'll leave you alone. Many of the Airbnbs have a couple of things in common when it comes to the style of the homes: They're typically decorated with unique wallpaper and include wood furniture, floral patterned bedding, and wood flooring. They also boast historical charm and some friendly ghosts.

The Enslin House

Located in Troy, New York, the Enslin House is filled with history. You have the choice to stay in the room where the friendly ghost lives, the haunted bedroom, or the host-free room, the whimsical room. This house has been used to film various shows and films and hosts two guests for $470 a night.

The Manor Master Chamber

The Manor Master Chamber was built in 1883, and the look of the home is creepy enough. The interior amenities will give you a spook just from the look of them: a leather headboard on the bed and a black mirror hung on the ceiling diagonal from the bed. It hosts four guests for $83 a night.

The Stroud House

The  Stroud House has a French-style interior with floral patterns, wood accents, and white walls. The private bedroom has a beautiful, white wood vanity with a white wooden side chair. It sleeps two guests for $71 a night.

Rensow Manor Retreat

The Rensow Manor home has various spooky features with its all-wood interior and rooms filled with books and antique furniture. Some of the rooms are decorated with darker colors, giving it an even spookier atmosphere. It's a secluded home two hours away from Berlin. It hosts two guests for $126 a night.

Sweet Organic Pet-Friendly Getaway

This is a charming haunted bungalow where you can take your pets with you on vacation free of charge. Some bizarre events have happened here, but nothing horror-like. You'll enjoy the company of Kat and her pets as well. It hosts five guests for $99 a night.

The Beck House

A gorgeous Victorian home, also known as The Beck House , was turned into an apartment complex 70 years ago. While the home had a few changes made, the spirits stayed. It is decorated in an old-fashioned style with wood furniture and bright red, mint, and beige colors throughout. It hosts four guests for $121 a night.

Inspiration House

Filled with many friendly ghosts, Inspiration House appeared on Netflix's Amazing Vacation Rentals where owner Michelle Belanger talks about the ghosts that live there. You'll have the home all to yourself with your friends. It's decorated in a cozy-chic style and hosts up to seven guests for $233 a night.

Historic Civil War Farm House

This farmhouse was used as a hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg, which means there are a ton of spirits hanging around, some for hundreds of years. The ghosts are all friendly, according to the host, Stephani. You'll be able to visit the battlefield grounds where the war happened. The home hosts four guests for $108 a night.

Parks-Bowman Mansion

Buzzfeed voted the Parks-Bowman Mansion  part of the Top Ten Haunted Airbnb Locations. The ghost that lives here is a little girl in a yellow dress who is shy, so you probably won't run into her too much. It hosts two guests for $130 a night.

Gurnard Cottage

This enchanting cottage has a tall lighthouse attached to it. It's beautifully decorated in a modern style, so you wouldn't even think there were ghosts staying here. It's just a 10-minute drive from the coast of Ventnor and hosts five guests for $177 a night.

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston

While most of these Airbnbs have a spooky feel to them,  The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston has a horror look to it, especially in the master bedroom. It's decorated in a Scottish Art Nouveau style with a dark interior and huge drapes covering the windows. You'll feel a bit scared sleeping here. It hosts two guests for $180 a night.

The Stone House

The idiosyncratic  Stone House  makes the skin crawl just a bit with the design of the stones. It was built in the '30s in Charleston. The interior of the home is clean and colorful with a different style in every room. It hosts six guests for $299 a night.

Laura's Cottage

Laura's Cottage is filled with tons of history and is visited as part of local ghost tours. It's a complete wooden cottage with various antique furniture and wooden beds. Don't be alarmed if you hear some creaky wood or feel a drop in temperature. It hosts four guests for $219 a night.

Haunted Suite in Historic Benton Park

The three-story building is rundown with an old-fashioned interior and a  haunted suite . There are creepy framed photographs hung on the walls throughout the home that will spook you and make you feel like someone might be watching you while you sleep. It hosts four guests for $67 a night.

The Chamber Apartment

This chilling chamber apartment is well over 600 years old and it is definitely haunted, according to the Airbnb description. It has some luxurious features with a clawfoot tub, curtained bed in one of the rooms, and a beautiful yellow interior kitchen. It hosts four guests for $158 a night.

Phantoms Lair

Phantoms Lair has a creepy theater with a dark interior and dim lighting. You get to stay in a gorgeous private room with red velvet couches and a crystal chandelier. The bed is a four-poster wooden frame with maroon bedding. It hosts two guests for $208 a night.

Casa Las Azucenas

While there's no mention of ghosts, Mexico is known to have a few spooky hauntings that occur throughout the country. Casa Las Azucenas has a beautiful and simple private room with the chance to explore and tour Tlacolula. It's decorated with art and various colors. It hosts two guests for $20 a night.

The Married Quarters

Even though this rundown cottage has a stunning modern interior, don't let it distract you from the spookiness you could encounter. Stirling Castle is just a few minutes away on foot, which could host a lot of different ghosts. You get the entire unit to yourself and up to four additional guests for $112 a night.

Henry Derby House

This bright yellow Henry Derby House has a fun personality and is rumored to be haunted. Every room in the home is decorated in pastel colors. The owners have many stories to tell about the things they've heard or seen that may or may not be true. It hosts 10 guests for $518 a night.

Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion

The  Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion is filled with mystery and elegance. It's been used to film movies and do photoshoots; there's an amazing pool you have all to yourself. You can party it up with the ghosts or any other spooky guests all night long. It hosts 12 guests for $500 a night.

The Spookiest Places to Rent Airbnbs for Halloween

Mary Frances "Francky" Knapp

We go all out for Halloween. Haven’t you seen the pumpkin butt plug on our nightstand? We did not come here to play, even if we did come for some serious spooky season shenanigans and intricate group costumes . We will go to any lengths, sexual metaphorical and literal, to soak up our favorite holiday’s immaculate vibes, which is why we’re scoping out the spookiest places and haunted hotels to rent from Airbnb .

The Best Halloween Costumes Honoring the Weirdest Viral Moments of 2023

When it comes to haunted hotel-chasers, there’s something for everyone; you can be the converted-mental-hospital- American-Horror-Story stan, or the kind of vacationer who mostly just wants a luxury escape in a famously spooky town such as New Orleans. We’ve whittled down a list of some of the most haunted stays in America, from the hotel that inspired The Shining to a cottage in a real, working village of psychic mediums just a stone’s throw from New York City. 

Assemble your goblincore bros and heaux, and let’s get ready to hang with some ghosties. 

This (entire) Salem haunted house

Photo Courtesy of Airbnb

This wouldn’t be a spooky haus breakdown without a listing in Salem, Massachusetts, where the 17th-century witch trials infamously took place (except now there’s a Bewitched statue, and everyone is chill??). This Greek Revival home can host up to a dozen people, and is supposedly haunted by a maid named Sarah who probably just wants her overtime paychecks. As one Airbnb guest wrote, “We did not have any ghostly encounters, but there were some unusual occurrences!” 

Henry Durby House; sleeps up to 12, $924/night at Airbnb

This spooky A-frame in upstate New York

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Lake views, a dense forest, and perfectly A24-esque A-frame architecture? This home is one of the things that upstate New York does so well, which is give the people spooky-retro rentals that feel as if they’re haunted by the ghosts of folk singers. The Hancock, New York home was restored to its 1960s glory by the owners, and the backyard even has a stream. It’s the perfect place to watch the leaves change color .

Catskill A-Frame Cabin; sleeps up to 6, $375/night at Airbnb

This village of psychic mediums in New York

Welcome to Lily Dale, the sleepy Victorian Spiritualist town in New York that has inspired investigations and features from the likes of The New York Times . This rural Airbnb is a stone’s throw from the veritable Vegas Strip of psychics, and is perfect for the more cottagecore witch-bent travelers who want to escape from the big city by posting-up at a cottage on 10 acres of land surrounded by hiking trails, swimming spots, and some the lovingly eccentric Lily Dale residents.  

Rural Studio; sleeps up to 4, $109/night at Airbnb

Lana, is that you?

“Don’t worry, our ghost (a young girl in a yellow dress from the 1890s) is very shy,” write the hosts of this New Orleans Airbnb, “you probably won’t see her, although some people swear she exists!” How Lana Del Rey-core. There are a few different rooms available for rent in the historic mansion, but the most haunted by far—and the favorite of the yellow dress girly—is this bedroom. 

Parks-Bowman Mansion; sleeps up to 2, $110/night at Airbnb .

The ghost of Camelot

The Halloween and Renaissance faire season overlap is one of our favorite things about this time of year, and if you roll with an especially Enyacore crew, y’all are going to need a particularly Medieval Times-core abode for watching scary movies and haunting corridors like a ghost from Macbeth. This Bavarian-inspired castle in Irasburg, Vermont is filled with all the decor trappings of a 16th century fortress, plus a hot tub, private pond, and fire pit.

Stunning Castle; sleeps up to 8, $690/night at Airbnb

This sweet New Orleans French Quarter mansion

When it comes to spooky tourism, there are the folks who dream of posting up at a semi-crumbling roadside motel, and then there are those who would prefer glamping or an Airbnb with a little more luxury than your average hotel. This New Orleans Airbnb speaks to the latter with its decadent furnishings and prime placement in the haunted French Quarter; the home itself may not be haunted, but it’s filled with Corinthian columns, marble fireplaces, and very Interview with the Vampire- esque furnishings.

Balcony Loft by Bourbon Street; sleeps up to 5, $377/night at Airbnb

This Airbnb modeled after Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride

While we can’t confirm (or deny) that ghosts prowl the premises of this Haunted Mansion-themed Airbnb in Fullerton, California, the painstakingly-curated decor is more than enough to get us in the mood for Halloween. Here’s hoping the Alexa device is that floating head-in-a-crystal-ball- lady from the Disney ride. 

Haunted Mansion Inspired Ghostly Retreat; sleeps up to 8, $658/night at Airbnb

This converted church

Remember that dramatic church scene in The Fog ? Well, now you can recreate it with your friends in this converted 1913 church in Woodstock, New York. Plus, think about all of the spooky photo opportunities y’all will have by the spiral staircase, red doors, and dramatic stained glass windows.

Stunning Historic Church; sleeps up to 4, $297/night at Airbnb

You wanna honky tonk with your ghosts

“We are NOT your normal bed and breakfast,” writes the host of this Senguin, Texas Airbnb, which has been featured on Ghost Adventures , Ghost Brothers , and Paranormal Caught on Camera , and is just an hour drive from downtown Austin. The former brothel was built in 1850, and is rumored to have many paranormal happenings. “Such a diamond,” one Airbnb reviewer writes, “[It’s] so cool to have an entire floor of a haunted hotel completely to yourself! Very spooky and the ghost hunting tools [they provide] really came in handy.”

Haunted Magnolia B&B; sleeps up to 4, $249/night at Airbnb

A haunted hospital 

The Traverse City State Hospital in Traverse City, Michigan was established over a hundred years ago, and has since been converted into apartments with some purportedly otherworldly residents. Blogs abound on the web about what it’s like to stay the night (spoiler: spooky), and Airbnb reviewers praise everything from the host’s welcoming vibes to the lore. “[There’s] great architecture, and a lot of character to the building and unit,” one Airbnb fan writes. 

The Village; sleeps up to 2, $252/night at Airbnb

This Montauk manor is giving spooky Tudor vibes

Built in 1927, this timbersil manor in Montauk, New York is close to the city but feels worlds (and centuries) away from Manhattan. Internet peeps love to debate whether or not it’s haunted , but they all agree that it’s always decorated on-point for Halloween.

Deluxe Studio at Montauk Manor; sleeps up to 2, $218/night at Airbnb

A haunted Victorian brothel

The Black Monarch brothel and saloon in Victor, Colorado was rebuilt after a fire in 1899, and wired by none other than Nikola Tesla (eat your heart out, Elon) and has been restored to its Victorian-era Americana glory for your pleasure. According to the hosts, it’s haunted by the ghost of a local miner who died in a gunfight. 

The Black Monarch; sleeps up to 16, $1,057/night at Airbnb

You’re a ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ stan

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

… Who isn’t?? Savannah, Georgia has always been known as a sleepy town with a lot of spooky secrets, but the 1994 blockbuster book by John Berendt (and the John Cusack film adaptation that followed) truly put it on the map as a destination for ghost hunters. This 18th-century cottage is in the heart of Savannah’s Landmark Historic District, and the perfect place to hole-up for Halloween in-between local ghost tours . In the words of one reviewer, “It is charming, spotless, quiet, and very comfortable.”

Laura’s Cottage; sleeps up to 4, $227/night at Airbnb

Your own tiny Savannah swamp home

There’s nothing quite like sipping a mint julep on a porch, and watching the Spanish moss blow in the breeze. This tiny house in Savannah, Georgia is another great option for those visiting the historic town this Halloween. It’s close to the oldest part of town, and is nestled into a private woodland estate. In the words of one Airbnb reviewer, “This place is awesome. [As] soon you get there, you feel free from the rest of the world.”

Urban Craftsman Tiny Home; sleeps up to 2, $152/night at Airbnb

Does A24 know about this barn yet?

Someone beep Robert Eggers, because this spooky-chic converted silo is just begging to be the set for a horror film with Anya Taylor-Joy. Located in Litchfield, Connecticut, the house is situated on over 100 acres and includes a private pond. As one Airbnb reviewer wrote, “The house was very open. The bedrooms are comfortable, [and there’s] open air lofts above the main space. It’s quite unique and conducive to socializing.”

Silo House; sleeps up to 4, $599/night at Airbnb

San Francisco’s most haunted hotel

The Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, California has a long, juicy history of scaring the hell out of its guests. As a college student in the Bay Area, I remember hearing stories from friends whose parents spent the night at the hotel only to feel totally spooked by the Victorian mansion, “I believe the hotel is haunted,” one Tripadvisor reviewer writes , “I half awoke one night to experience a feeling like someone was tucking me in and gently pushing on my collarbone.” The next day, the reviewer found out that the hotel, which was a former girls’ boarding school, is supposedly haunted by its former headmistress.

Room in the Queen Anne Hotel; sleeps up to 2, $226/night at Airbnb

A haunted mini-castle

Voted as the most mysterious house in Saint Paul, Minnesota by Pioneer Press , this miniature castle was built in 1883 and abuts a woodland cemetery worthy of your spooky season seances. “They are makers of special sort of magic,” one Airbnb reviewer writes about the home’s hosts; another reviewer writes, “[The host] has put so many hours meticulously creating a space that gives off the perfect spooky vibe [...] There are interesting details around every corner, and with every look you can find something else that will catch your eye.” Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to chatting with one of the ghosts in the Whirlpool tub. 

The Manor Master Chamber; sleeps up to 4, $93/night at Airbnb

The IRL hotel from ‘The Shining’ 

Photo Courtesy of the Stanley Hotel

While it’s not on Airbnb, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, is too big of a classic to pass up. The 119-year-old hotel is just a few miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, and famously inspired Stephen King to write The Shining after a stay at the hotel gave him freaky-ass dreams.  There’s no A/C, but who needs it during fall? Plus, the hotel really leans into its connection with both the horror classic and the real-life purported hauntings on site from the hotel’s founder and his wife, whose ghostly piano playing can apparently be heard during the night. 

Book the Stanley Hotel at Tripadvisor . 

Happy Halloween, and good luck falling asleep. 

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One of the scariest haunted houses on Airbnb with purple moon in the back.

You Can Actually Stay At These 25 Haunted Airbnbs In The US

These rentals are to *die* for.

We only recommend places we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from bookings made from this article, which was written by our Editorial team.

Mobile, Alabama

Built in 1862 as twin townhouses for two brothers-in-law, the Malaga Inn sits atop secret Civil War-era tunnels. The boutique inn is rumored to be haunted by a female spirit in white, who can be seen pacing Room #007’s balcony. Guests have also reported moving furniture and a swinging chandelier.

haunted airbnb usa

haunted airbnb usa

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The 6 Best Haunted Airbnbs to Book If You Dare

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So you’re trying to book a trip this fall but don’t want to go to the typical cozy cabin or romantic getaway . Well, nothing says switch it up more than a haunted Airbnb. Yup, I said it. There are incredibly spooky places to stay that claim to house spirits. These Airbnbs are sure to make you say “boo” to jokingly scare the brave souls that accompany you, or perhaps it’s the specters themselves that visit you at night and leave you with goosebumps.

From Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to New Orleans, Louisiana, you’d be surprised at how many options are available to book right now. And I’d like to emphasize “right now” because there’s absolutely no time to waste with fall, especially Halloween , creeping up.

Now I should clarify that all of the best haunted Airbnbs are totally normal and some are even quite charming. No actors in clown costumes or silly pranks will be played on you in these abodes, but keep an eye and ear out for supernatural sensations. There may or may not be the ghost of a miner or even a little girl in a yellow dress ( The Shining , anyone?) floating from room to room.

If you’re a Ghost Hunters superfan or are simply seeking new experiences and more thrill, check out the six best haunted Airbnbs that you should only enter if you dare.

The Black Monarch

The Black Monarch Haunted Airbnb

The Black Monarch – Victor, Colorado

  • Price: $757/night
  • Space: 10 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Superhost: Yes
  • Rating: 4.76 stars (17 reviews)

Local legend has it that the ghost of a miner who died in a gunfight lingers in the halls of The Black Monarch . From the high ceilings and intricate oak wood doors to the sinister decór and creepy taxidermy, mysterious vibes follow you everywhere in this Airbnb.

Historic Civil War Farm House

Historic Civil War Farm House Airbnb

Historic Civil War Farm House – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

  • Price: $124/night
  • Space: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
  • Rating: 4.92 stars (560 reviews)

The David Stewart Farm is a farmhouse and barn that served as a Civil War field hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg, so it’s easy to see how spirits might’ve taken over this abode. The host, Stephani, says there are plenty of ghosts that live at the farmhouse—some have even been there for hundreds of years.

Besides surrounding yourself with specters, check out the nearby battlefields and consider taking a day trip to Washington, D.C.

Parks-Bowman Mansion

Parks-Bowman Mansion Airbnb

Parks-Bowman Mansion – New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Price: $125/night
  • Space: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
  • Rating: 4.92 stars (530 reviews)

The Haunted Bedroom in the Parks-Bowman Mansion is really giving me the heebie-jeebies. Why? Oh, just a casual ghost—a young girl in a yellow dress from the 1890s—that inhabits this home. According to the host, Adrienne, she’s quite shy and you probably won’t see her, but still! The creepy-crawly vibes are certainly felt in this Airbnb.

Inspiration House

Inspiration House Airbnb

Inspiration House – Oberlin, Ohio

  • Price: $234/night
  • Space: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
  • Rating: 4.95 stars (159 reviews)

Michelle Belanger , an author who writes about paranormal and occult topics, has declared that spirits (mostly previous residents) still hang around in this haunted Airbnb , according to the host. The home was constructed in the 1870s and was acquired by Belanger in 2018. While this might all sound a bit eerie, the author swears the ghosts are friendly.

Haunted Getaway

Haunted Getaway Airbnb

Haunted Getaway – Bisbee, Arizona

  • Price: $99/night
  • Superhost: No
  • Rating: 4.73 stars (325 reviews)

Don’t let the vibrant colors of this home fool you; there seem to have been “repeated episodes of odd, unexplained mischief” in this Airbnb , per the host. Although nothing truly evil has taken place here, it’s still enough to make you (a.k.a. me) squirm a little. The best part about this rental is that there are no pet fees. Pack up your car, bring the doggo, and get ready to coexist with some friendly ghosts.

Haunted Magnolia Hotel Bed and Breakfast

Haunted Magnolia Hotel Bed and Breakfast Airbnb

Haunted Magnolia Hotel Bed and Breakfast – Seguin, Texas

  • Price: $195/night
  • Rating: 4.96 stars (674 reviews)

You might want to bring your teddy bear with you to stay in the Haunted Magnolia Hotel Bed and Breakfast . The hosts, Erin and Jim, advise all future visitors to stay open-minded to the possibility of spirits in their abode. The bed and breakfast originally opened its doors in 1850 and functioned as a frontier hotel, stagecoach stop, saloon, restaurant, and brothel. You can only imagine what frightening things have gone down at the Haunted Magnolia B&B.

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  • Historic Homes & More

33 Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs to Book for a Spooky Halloween

These reportedly haunted hotels, inns, and b&bs promise bona fide fright nights on halloween—or any night of the year..

By Manasa Reddigari and Teresa Odle | Updated Sep 18, 2023 12:56 PM

We may earn revenue from the products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs.

Old hotel and sign


Who said you need a Ouija board to drop a line to the dearly departed? Apparitions both sympathetic and sinister are believed to abound—no board required—in accommodations around the country. Families love to travel over Halloween; as many as 40 percent planned a trip in October 2022, according to ValuePenguin. Ghost tours and haunted attractions bring in about $300 million annually in the U.S. Commercial haunted houses are one thing, but staying in a hotel or inn with reports of hauntings and paranormal activity takes it to another level. Though most properties on this list have been updated or changed hands or purposes over the years, all have interesting histories.

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts

Green building

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

True crime buffs can spend the final hours of October at this bed-and-breakfast where Lizzie Borden infamously inflicted “40 whacks” on her father and stepmother in 1892. Borden was acquitted of the grisly double murder and vacated the home shortly thereafter, but those who have explored the stately sitting room report sightings and hauntings like shadowy figures (even Lizzie herself?), tousled bed linens, and other surreal events. From $250 per night at Lizzie Borden House .

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Inn at 835 in Springfield, Illinois

Large inn with green accent


High-society florist Bell Miller is thought to have become so enamored of her 1909 Classical Revival-style apartment building and its well-heeled residents that she never left. Some visitors staying in one of the inn’s 11 rooms have recognized Bell’s friendly ghost by the mellifluous voice that plays on the walls of what is now a historic bed-and-breakfast. Others know the specter by her sweet tooth, signaled by the clink of the lid of a crystal candy jar being removed although there’s no one around. From $122 per night at the inn’s Facebook page or Conn’s Hospitality Group .

Redstone Inn & Suites in Dubuque, Iowa

Redstone Inn and Suites, Debuque Iowa

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Kepper66

It took Augustine A. Cooper only 17 years to ascend from steamship crewmate to proprietor of Cooper Wagon Works and owner of this imposing brick and sandstone Victorian (one of his three mansions). A series of fires, coupled with the decline in importance of the wagon, led to the downfall of his business. But Cooper still makes his presence felt at the 12-room Redstone Inn, in the form of a gentlemanly apparition whose soft footsteps can be heard throughout the property. The entire property is up for sale, but some rooms still are available for booking. From $145 at Redstone Inn .

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21c Kansas City, Missouri

Hotel with neon lights


The tragic past as much as its enigmatic Art Deco architecture made the Savoy the oldest continuously operating hotel west of the Mississippi, and the talk of the town in Kansas City. Transformed into 21c Kansas City, it now offers 120 modern guest rooms and suites, plus contemporary art. However, throughout its long history, guests have reported unexplained voices and a girl in Victorian clothing on the fourth floor. From $291 at 21c Museum Hotels .

Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts

Brick hotel


This Federal-style hotel in the city infamous for its 17th century witch trials is believed by some to occupy the site of an apple orchard owned by Bridget Bishop, the first person executed for witchcraft during the trials. Although paranormal activity hasn’t been confirmed, the hotel was the site for filming some scenes on the historic property. Guests at the hotel, which was constructed in 1925, have reported the aroma of apples wafting through the air, though nothing on the hotel’s menu could account for the sweet scent. From $184 at Hawthorne Hotel .

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Erie Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Clyde, New York

Brick mansion

This 2.5-story brick beauty has played host to two distinguished families: the original owners, Dr. Smith and his family, and later, their daughter Eugenia and her husband, glassmaker Charles Ely. These residents and their staff are rumored to haunt the stairway, halls, and kitchen of the Classical Revival abode. But the most sought-after specter is undoubtedly that of a reportedly headless kitchen staff member who is said to have been murdered at the mansion. From $150 for a B&B suite at Erie Mansion .

Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton, Montana

Red brick building


This hotel on the National Register of Historic Places is rumored to have a number of resident ghosts, including a cowhand who rode his horse up the main staircase and was then shot and killed by the hotel’s bar manager. Keep your eyes and ears open, and you might detect the shadow of a man donning a long coat and hear the faint hoofbeats of a phantom horse stampeding through the halls. The hotel has survived several transitions, and now blends its 1882 charm with modern luxury. From $199 a night at Grand Union Hotel .

The Wayside Inn in Middletown, Virginia

Historic buildings


You’d expect nothing short of a cavalry of ghosts haunting a centuries-old hotel that once hosted both Union and Confederate soldiers—and you’d be right. Wander this eerie, wood-framed accommodation and you may pass through inexplicable cold spots, hear the disembodied laughter of children, and, if you’re lucky, men in blue or gray uniforms. Restored after a fire in the 1980s, the Wayside Inn has retained much of its 18th century charm, with 22 rooms plus the booming Larrick’s tavern with live music and events. From $85 through Wayside Inn .

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The Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee

Exterior view of large hotel building at night


In a routine that dates back to the 1930s, the “Peabody Ducks” leave their rooftop “duck palace” and waddle over a red carpet to the hotel lobby fountain every day at 11 a.m. to the strains of John Phillip Sousa’s “King Cotton March.” At 5 p.m., they march back to their quarters. Yet the ducks aren’t the only unusual fixtures of this historic hotel with 400-plus rooms. The 11th floor is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, including a whispering ghost, unexplained noises, and cold spots that would give even lionhearted lodgers the goosebumps. From $239 a night at Peabody Hotels and Resorts .

Union Station in Nashville, Tennessee

Large historic building during sunset


Rarely, if ever, do ordinary hotels furnish their rooms with the design tastes of a particular guest in mind. But then again, Union Station is anything but ordinary. The hotel furnished Room 711 in honor of Abigail, a young woman who bid farewell to her soldier beau at Union Station (then a train station) during World War II. Years later, she threw herself in front of a speeding train when she learned that he was never coming home.

Although the ghost continues to make her presence known in the room through flickering lights and loud noises, the now-luxury 125-room hotel insists she’s a harmless soul searching for her lost love. From $381 at The Union Station .

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The Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Heathman hotel

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Steve Morgan

The bronze bulldog statue that stands watch at the entry of this 10-story Jacobean Revival hotel hasn’t managed to protect the building from spirits. Legend has it that a guest once leaped off the building to his death and now haunts the rooms he passed on the way down. As a result, guests staying in rooms ending in 03—most notably 1003, 803, and 703—often report poltergeists and temperature drops. The historic hotel has modern rooms, and is part of historic downtown Portland. From $155 at the Heathman Hotel .

The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida

Ariel view of large hotel in Florida


If you have a penchant for the paranormal, 13 is your lucky number when you stay at this Mediterranean Revival-style hotel that has hosted the likes of Franklin Roosevelt, Greta Garbo, and a number of less savory characters. The 13th floor, where mobster Thomas Walsh was shot dead by a rival, is the source of much of the otherworldly activity that reportedly has been witnessed at the hotel. Renovated in the 1980s, the Biltmore offers opulent rooms and fine dining, including afternoon tea. From $255 a night at the Biltmore Miami Coral Gables .

Occidental Hotel in Buffalo, Wyoming

Occidental Hotel lobby


Serving at various points as a saloon and a bordello, as well as a hotel, the Occidental once witnessed the tragic death of a young woman on one of the upper floors. If you feel a tap on your shoulder, hear the creaking of furniture, or see the full-bodied specter of a woman with long dark hair and a white dress during your stay, you can be sure it’s not the hotel’s receptionist! Play cowboy or pioneer this Halloween with a stay in one of the restored rooms, which retain some feel of the Old West. From $125 per night at the Occidental Hotel .

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Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Aerial view of Crescent Hotel surrounded by forest


The Crystal Ballroom of this historic haunt hosts annual seances, ghost talking sessions, and live hypnosis events in memory of Anna Eva Fay, a famous vaudeville spiritualist, and “Dr.” Norman Baker, one of her great admirers. Baker, himself once a vaudeville performer, was also a quack who opened a cancer hospital on the hotel’s premises in the 1930s. Visitors report Victorian ghosts, as well as spirits believed to haunt the edifice from Baker’s era. You can search them out by taking a ghost tour of the hotel. From $245 a night at 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa .

Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, Kentucky

The Seelbach Hotel at night


Ghost hunters from around the country check into The Seelbach to delve into the real-life whodunit involving Patricia Wilson, an enchanting, raven-haired guest. She was found at the bottom of the hotel’s elevator shaft one day in 1936 after learning that her husband, from whom she had recently separated, had died in a car accident. Was it suicide or an accident? While no one has yet unraveled the mystery, many guests have encountered Wilson wearing a blue dress and wandering the eighth floor or the mezzanine of the French Renaissance-inspired hotel. From $154 at Seelbach Hilton Louisville .

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel from The Shining

The site where “The Shining” was filmed, this Colonial Revival-style hotel promises a spine-tingling experience no matter which room you enter. Among many sightings by hotel guests are reports of seeing a face looking out from the window of Room 407. Ghost hunters prefer rooms 401, 407, and 428. Or you can choose the Stephen King Suite, room 217. From $309 at The Stanley Hotel .

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Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in Death Valley, California

Amargosa Opera House and Hotel in Death Valley, CA

After a fortuitous flat tire led New York City dancer Marta Becket to this down-on-its-luck hotel and opera house, she abandoned the Big Apple to restore the building and turn it into a vibrant performance venue for herself and other local artists. But evidently, it’s not only the living denizens of Death Valley who have descended on the Amargosa, which now is a ghost town. A menacing miner skulks in Room 32, a crying child reportedly haunts Room 24, and a ghost cat has been known to prowl around the opera house. Today, 16 rooms are available for lodging. From $113 at Guest Reservations or contact the hotel ([email protected]) .

Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California

Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, CA

You won’t find the occupants of Stateroom B340 on the manifesto of this 1,019-foot-long retired passenger liner, but you’ll certainly feel their presence. Guests who have spent the night in the recently reopened room have reported lights turning on and off, bed linens being pulled off, and even a specter looming above them as they awoke. Other activity includes staff reports of cold air and apparitions such as fading guests. The historic liner has more than 300 staterooms available. From $144 at The Queen Mary .

Parks-Bowman Mansion: The Haunted Bedroom in New Orleans, Louisiana

Parks-Bowman Mansion surrounded by foliage


While the skeleton and mounted cow skull that adorn this one-bedroom rental are purely ornamental, make no bones about it: The Parks-Bowman Mansion is haunted. You’ll be sharing the cozy room in the palm-tree-shrouded pad with the friendly ghost of a young girl who lived at the turn of the 19th century. Although the wee wraith is said to be shy, you can’t miss her trademark yellow frock! From $98 a night at Airbnb .

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Civil War Farmhouse in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Civil War Farmhouse interior with wood paneling

The past will both charm and haunt you at this farmhouse that once served as a Civil War field hospital. In addition to architectural holdovers from the antebellum era, from the stone exterior to the paneled walls, the house retains a gang of friendly ghosts that the owner claims have peacefully shared the property for decades. From $117 a night at Airbnb .

The Manor in Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Manor in St Paul, MN

The owner of this Airbnb once told Reader’s Digest that an old barrette he found at the property years ago could be traced back to young Rosalia Fihn, a girl who died of typhoid fever in the home in the early 1900s. Residents and visitors have reported a supernatural force at The Manor ever since. Although the barrette is now nowhere to be seen, you’ll find an abundance of other thoughtfully curated objects in the master bedroom that hint at Rosalia’s eternal presence at the estate, including a teddy bear and a wall-mounted portrait of a cherubic child. From $93 a night at Airbnb .

Shamrock House in Sunset, South Carolina

Shamrock House, a cabin in SC


Whether the weeping heard within this chilling cabin emanates from the emotional resident ghost, Nancy, or merely the creaking floorboards boils down to whether you’re a believer in or a skeptic about spirits. Either way, you’re in for a memorable Halloween when you stay at the lodge’s main cabin or one of two other cabins. They are situated, in the owner’s own words, “in the sticks,” far away from the throngs of noisy trick-or-treaters. From $370 a night at Vrbo .

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Laura’s Cottage in Savannah, Georgia

Laura's Cottage, Savannah, GA

This quaint 1,000-square-foot cottage that dates to 1799 served as a filming location for Robert Redford’s 2010 crime drama, “The Conspirator.” But the phantom presence on the property is anything but a conspiracy. The ghost of Laura, a woman who reportedly lived at the cottage for 50 years, is often blamed for unexplained phenomena such as the opening and shutting of windows, flickering lights, and the scent of burning wood that hangs in the air long after the last fireplace embers have been stamped out. From $224 a night at Airbnb .

Concord’s Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts

Concord's Colonial Inn -- sign in front of building

Given its close proximity to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, visits from beyond the grave are to be expected when you stay at Concord’s Colonial Inn. But to up the fear factor, spend the night in Room 24, the former site for housing wounded soldiers in the 1700s. Previous guests have frozen in fear at the sight of the shadowy figure that is said to float across the room and vanish before people can make sense of what they have seen. From $209 at Concord’s Colonial Inn .

Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Red Lion Inn -- a white house with red porch stairs


Mrs. Plumb, the wife of Mr. Charles H. Plumb and the original co-owner of this former saloon, helped assemble the vast collection of antiques that adorn the hotel to this day. But little did the Plumbs know that nearly 250 years after the hotel’s opening, its most impressive collection would be that of its ghosts. The 4th floor is credited with most of the paranormal action, which includes unexplained knocking, cold spots, and full-bodied apparitions of a girl with flowers and a man donning a stovepipe hat. From $349 a night for a room in the Main Inn at Red Lion Inn .

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Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans, Louisiana

Hotel Monteleone front facade

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Bart Everson

Maurice Begere, a toddler on a mission to reconnect with his mother, and William “Red” Wildemere, a man who died of natural causes, are but a few of the ghosts who are said to call Hotel Monteleone home. In fact, the International Society of Paranormal Research identified at least 12 resident ghosts during a paranormal investigation of the property. Even if you don’t come face-to-face with a phantom during your stay in the French Quarter, you may notice haunted happenings, such as a restaurant door that occasionally opens after it’s been locked and an elevator that drops guests off on abandoned floors. From $349 at Hotel Monteleone .

Jekyll Island Club in Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jeckyll Island Club during sunset


While this private club off the coast of Georgia once catered exclusively to high-fliers like the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, it’s an equal-opportunity haunt for its live-in spirits. Guests of the Sans Souci cottage can reportedly catch a whiff of cigar smoke from J.P. Morgan himself, while grooms-to-be who book the venue for a wedding have been known to be visited by the well-wishing ghost of a bellhop on their big day. From $299 at Jekyll Island Club Resort .

Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Large historic building in the city

Known for his service-oriented mindset, businessman Guido Pfister never stopped overseeing the Romanesque Revival-style hotel that he opened with the help of his son, Charles, way back in 1893. Keep your eyes peeled on the ninth floor, in the Minstrel’s Gallery, and at the top of the grand staircase for a glimpse of the friendly ghost of Guido keeping an ever-watchful eye on the crowds of hotel guests. In addition, watch for strange knocking and other paranormal phenomena. From $200 at The Pfister .

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Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

Large red roof hotel

More than a century after the death of her first and second husbands, a ghost named Caroline continues to haunt this Renaissance Revival hotel where she lived with her first husband, businessman Joseph Stickney, until the early 1900s. Still determined to be the belle of the ball, the elegant apparition has been known to survey the guests from the balcony or gracefully descend the stairs at dinnertime. From $338 at the Omni Mount Washington Resort .

Boone Tavern in Berea, Kentucky

White tavern building

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Parkerdr

Guests of this more than 100-year-old hotel have a ball at the murder mystery dinners regularly held around Halloween. But for real-life chills, head down to the basement of Boone Tavern to witness a flurry of paranormal activity. The hotel maintains that most of the ghosts down there are shy when it comes to meeting strangers, but you should prepare for at least a few jump scares if you stay long enough. From $204 at Historic Boone Tavern .

La Fonda in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe hotel

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Atakra

Local lore has it that this hotel is located on the former site of a courtroom and that hangings were conducted in the spot that is now the lobby. Possibly as a result, it’s believed that La Fonda continues to be haunted by a parade of poltergeists, from the Honorable Judge Slough to a cowboy haunting the hotel’s bar. From $624 a night at La Fonda on the Plaza .

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The Hollywood Roosevelt in Hollywood, California

Roosevelt hotel

Frequented by the likes of Shirley Temple and Brad Pitt, the guest list—and the ghost list—of this hotel named after Teddy Roosevelt reads like a who’s who of Hollywood elites. The specter of Marilyn Monroe is believed to linger in Suite 1200, and Montgomery Clift can be seen in the hallway outside Room 928. Others, like the spirits of two Oscar hopefuls that haunt the Blossom Ballroom, were never on the silver screen, but seem content to be in the midst of red-carpet royalty. From $280 a night at the Hollywood Roosevelt .

Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown, New York

Brick hotel with patio bonfire


The living and dead mingle at this upstate resort aptly named after the Iroquois term for “a place of meetings.” If you’re after a close encounter with the supernatural, head on up to the fifth floor of the hotel, which has been owned by the Clark family since its construction in 1909. There, you may hear the ghastly giggling of running children, spy a specter looming across the hallway, and perhaps most mysterious of all, detect strange noises emanating from above the fifth floor—the topmost floor of the hotel. From $454 at the Otesaga Resort .

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Lots of things can happen when you stay in an Airbnb, from the good, to the bad… to the haunted. I mean that literally, by the way; there are tons of allegedly haunted Airbnbs you can actually stay in listed on the accommodation rental site. Are all of them truly haunted? That’s up for debate — but you can’t deny the thrill that comes from just the mere possibility that you might encounter something supernatural while you’re away. And hey, if you’re planning a trip around Halloween this year, there’s no better way to get in the spirit of the spookiest holiday of the year.

Interestingly, it’s no secret that many listings in Airbnb’s database claim to be haunted. Indeed, the site actually released a piece on its official during the 2017 Halloween season detailing the stories behind five allegedly haunted homes available for booking. Besides these five, though, there are many, many more listings all over the world that claim to come with a side of the paranormal when you stay in them — and although the listings do tend to come and go, there’s never any shortage of ghost stories for those hoping to engage in a little haunted travel .

These 13 listing were all active as of the end of September, 2018. The alleged hauntings in each one all seem to relatively benign in nature — I doubt the rentals would be available to book if they weren’t — but still: Know that if you choose to stay in one of these paranormal hotspots, you do so at you own risk.

Are you brave enough to stay in them?

The Stroud House, Wake Forest, North Carolina

haunted airbnb usa

Built in 1940, the Stroud House has been in the family for several generations, according to it listing. It’s located just a block from downtown Wake Forest, includes plenty of shiplap (“Eat your heart out, Joanna Gaines!”, the listing cheekily notes), has its own private entrance, and sleeps three on one queen-sized bed and a twin.

It’s also haunted.

According to the listing, “several friends, family, and guests” of the owners “have experienced supernatural events here”; footsteps in the hallway, lights turning on and off on their own, orbs in the living room, a music box that plays by itself (yikes!), and even “a shadowy figure in the kitchen and dining room” have all been observed inside the house. However, the owners are careful to note that no activity has been reported in the guest room; furthermore, the activity isn’t “malevolent in nature.”

Book it here .

The Parks-Bowman Mansion, New Orleans, Louisiana

haunted airbnb usa

There are actually three rooms available to book in the 130-year-old Garden District abode known as the Parks-Bowman Mansion — but only one of them is haunted. Per the listing, guests share the Haunted Bedroom with the ghost of “a young girl in a yellow dress from the 1890s”; she’s apparently “very shy,” though, so you may or may not actually encounter her while you’re there. Host Adrienne Parks told in 2017 she believes the ghost to be the youngest daughter of the first family to occupy the house; she died young and was buried on the grounds next to her father.

The room itself is one of the largest rooms in the house, with a queen-sized bed, a sitting area, a full shower bath of its own, and access to the porch on the third floor. If you’re not into ghosts, though, you can also stay in the Red Room or the Library .

Laura’s Cottage, Savannah, Georgia

haunted airbnb usa

Laura’s Cottage is located in a designated historic district in Savannah — which, by the way, happens to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States . The cottage itself was built in 1799 and features pine beams, antique furnishings, and a Juliet balcony; it’s also been modernized, however, so you’ll have all of today’s conveniences at your beck and call, too.

We don’t know much about Laura, other than the fact that she haunts the cottage; she reportedly lived there when she was alive and grew the most beautiful flowers. According to one account on Road Trippers, she makes herself known by opening windows and turning lights on and off. She’s benign — and gorgeous flowers still grow at her former home.

Chateau Pitau, Vidnoye, Russia

haunted airbnb usa

You probably won’t want to book Chateau Pitau , which is located about 10 kilometers from Moscow, unless you’ve got a large group with you: An actual small castle, it can sleep up to nine people. It’s also got several swimming pools, a billiards room, a wooden sauna, and tons of gardens.

I’ll admit that I’m a little skeptical of the claim that it’s haunted; no detail is given about the alleged ghost other than the fact that it “appears weekly at midnight.” The smiley face after that pronouncement makes me think that maybe it’s a gimmick — but I mean, who knows? Maybe it is haunted. It is a castle, after all.

The Haunted Chamber Apartment, York, UK

haunted airbnb usa

Right off of Stonegate — a historic road built during the period of Roman rule in Britain — and right around the corner from York’s 7th century cathedral, York Minster, the Haunted Chamber Apartment is over 600 years old, so perhaps it’s only to be expected that at least one of its visitors never checked out.

When Matt Risley reported on his stay in the apartment for MTV in 2016, he regretfully didn’t see the ghost; he did, however, note that according to the rental’s welcome manual, the ghost is apparently “a man with long dark hair wearing a cap” who suddenly appears over people’s shoulders. His presence is usually heralded by a drop in temperature.

The Manor Master Chamber, St. Paul, Minnesota

haunted airbnb usa

The listing for the Manor Master Chamber doesn’t mention anything about a ghost — but when owner Sean Doyle spoke to Reader’s Digest about the 130-year-old, castle-like home in 2017, he revealed a fascinating story. Apparently, Doyle found an old barrette on the ground while he was looking at the house about a decade ago, picked it up, and immediately had a vision of a girl in a white dress pop into his mind. When descendants of the family who had built the house, which dates back to 1883, got in touch with Doyle about a year later, he asked if any little girls had ever died in the house — and it turns out that there was: In 1908, Rosalia Fihn had caught typhoid fever and died. Doyle even identified her in a photograph based on the vision he’d had.

Sweet Organic Pet Friendly Getaway, Bisbee, Arizona

haunted airbnb usa

95 miles south of Tucson — or about 23 miles south of Tombstone, if you're into wild west history — is Bisbee, a small city in Arizona known for its scene and well-preserved historical setting. And in Bisbee is this cute little gingerbread house , whose guest bedroom features organic sateen sheets and whose living room houses a working 1919 phonograph. And according to its listing, it’s also “genuinely haunted.” Few details are given, but apparently there have been “repeated episodes of odd, unexplained mischief” in the house. None of it has been “scary or malevolent,” though, so it’s probably just a harmless trickster.

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston, Great Dunmow, UK

haunted airbnb usa

I mean… yeah, that room totally looks haunted.

According to the listing, the Haunted Bedroom at Talliston is “decorated in the Scottish Art Nouveau style” (think Margaret and Frances MacDonald or Charles Rennie Mackintosh ) and designed to “[recreate] in nightmarish detail the bed chamber of a seven-year-old Edwardian child complete with books, toys, and ephemera.” You might encounter “unexplained smells and sounds” while staying in it; the listing states that it is “not for the faint hearted.”

The really amazing thing is that the house was once just a regular, “three-bedroomed, semi-detached, ex-council house in Essex,” Somerset Live reported in 2017; after journalist John Trevillian bought it, however, he began making it over, room by room, such that each room was “designed reflect a different time and place in history.” And, well... here we are.

Haunted Suite in Historic Benton Park, St. Louis, Missouri

haunted airbnb usa

It’s not totally clear who might be haunting this suite , or how that haunting might manifest — but given that the building was built in 1890 and the suite is located in what was once the maid’s quarters, it’s perhaps unsurprising that unexplained activity might be experienced.

There’s a double dose of freakiness here, too: Nearby is the Lemp Mansion, which was once home to the powerful — and possibly cursed — family behind the Lemp Brewery . Nearly every one of the Lemp family members — patriarch William Sr. and children Frederick, William Jr., Elsa, and Charles — died unexpectedly young, by their own hand, or both. Only the youngest Lemp child, Edwin, survived; he lived until the age of 90s. He left instructions for his art collection and family heirlooms to be destroyed after his death.

Again, this listing isn’t for the Lemp Mansion — but the Mansion is close by. Also, the house in which the haunted suite is located was built by the same mason who built the Lemp Mansion. Just sayin'.

Marjorie’s Room, Dixfield, Maine

haunted airbnb usa

Marjorie’s Room is just one of several available rooms in the Marsh-Edwards House/Weld Street Inn, a Victorian B&B in the mountains of Western Maine. According to the paranormal research group Riverside Paranormal, Mary Stanley bought the land on which the Marsh-Edwards House was built in 1881; the house itself was built in the neo-Colonial style with only a few nods to the Victorian style popular at the time. In 1887, the Stanleys sold the house to the Marsh family, whose descendants held onto it for nearly a century. It’s changed hands a few times since the late 1980s, but these days, it’s a bed and breakfast — a haunted one.

The Airbnb listing for Marjorie's Room notes that activity recorded on the property includes “a little boy playing in the second floor kitchen; a lady walking around outside; mysterious music being played at all hours; [and] the ‘Big Man’ in the hallway.” Many of the spirits are believed to be members of the Marsh family . Marjorie, by the way is Marjorie Hope Edwards ; born in 1909, she died in 1966 at the age of 56. She’s thought to be one of the spirits haunting the house.

Haunted 1890’s Home, Port Angeles, Washington

haunted airbnb usa

There isn’t much information available about the activity that goes on in this hundred-year-old house ; the listing just notes that the it’s “allegedly still occupied by a mischievous ghost.” Port Angeles has a long history, though — and as a bonus, there’s an “underground” here : The remains of what used to be street level before the decision was made to build them up one more level in 1914.

Undergrounds are weird and fascinating; I’ve been a to a few ( Seattle’s , Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Dupont Underground in Washington, D.C., namely), and while they’re all very different from each other, they’re all very much worth exploring. I can’t think of anything more fun than a stay in a haunted house and a (legal) trip through an abandoned underground system, so, I mean, Port Angeles? Consider yourself added to my travel bucket list.

Dead and Breakfast, New Orleans, Louisiana

haunted airbnb usa

Not into the Garden District? Skip the Park-Bowman Mansion and head on over to Bywater to stay at the “Dead and Breakfast” located there. Based in an allegedly haunted house that’s roughly a century old, the Dead and Breakfast has five rooms listed on Airbnb: The Manhattan Room , the Master Bedroom , the Mediterranean Room , the Drawing Room , and the Temple Room . It’s not clearly precisely what might be haunting the place, but visitors are warned that “paranormal investigations are performed regularly in this home, from 9 PM till midnight.”

Castello Dal Pozzo, Piedmont, Italy

haunted airbnb usa

If you want to rent an entire Italian estate, you can do that in Piedmont thanks to the Castello Dal Pozzo . It’s not cheap — it runs at more than $4,000 a night, which is likely far, far out of most people’s budgets — but the story attached to it is good, so let’s take a look, shall we?

According to Airbnb’s 2017 Halloween blog post , a young woman named Barbara fell in love with an army captain named Matteo in 1467 — but before the lovers could elope, Barbara’s father found out about their affair and locked her in the Castle Tower. Matteo, meanwhile, was exiled to France — but Barbara didn’t know he’d been sent away. She died in the tower waiting for him to return. Visitors to Castello Dal Pozzo say that they’ve seen Barbara’s looking out from a tower window, still waiting for Matteo to come back.

haunted airbnb usa

Matador Original Series

haunted airbnb usa

Stay at These 7 Haunted Airbnbs for a Truly Terrifying Halloween Night

S eptember is the unofficial start of the fall season. And besides the fact that leaves are starting to change colors, and that pumpkin spice is making its way back onto the beverage scene, this is the time of year when everyone gathers up their courage and visits locations that are infamous for horror- and haunted-related associations. If you’re willing to take things one step further and truly test the limits of your bravery, staying in a haunted Airbnb is a surefire way to have a spooky experience. From a Victorian home in Canada to a manor in Germany, here are eight haunted Airbnbs you can rent this fall.

We hope you love the haunted Airbnbs we recommend! Just so you know, Matador may collect a small commission from the links on this page if you decide to book a stay. Listed prices are accurate as of the time of publication.

The Haunted House — Penetanguishene, Ontario

haunted airbnb usa

Four guests, two bedrooms Price: $113 per night

Inspiration House — Oberlin, Ohio

haunted airbnb usa

Seven guests, four bedrooms Price: $220 per night

Manor Retreat — Rensow, Germany

haunted airbnb usa

Two guests, one bedroom Price: $136 per night

Manor Master Chamber — St. Paul, Minnesota

haunted airbnb usa

Four guests, one bedroom Price: $78 per night

The Haunted Bedroom — Talliston, England

haunted airbnb usa

Two guests, one bedroom Price: $173 per night

Parks-Bowman Mansion: The (other) Haunted Bedroom

haunted airbnb usa

The bedroom is located in the Parks-Bowman Mansion, a historic landmark that has been voted among the “Top Ten Haunted Airbnb Locations” by Buzzfeed. The mansion is said to be haunted by the ghosts of its former owners, who died in mysterious circumstances. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable New Orleans experience, the Haunted Bedroom is the perfect place for you.

Two guests, one bedroom Price: $128 per night

Gurnard Castle

Five guests, three bedrooms Price: $179 per night

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13 Haunted Airbnbs You Can Stay in — If You Dare!

haunted airbnbs

Whether you are seeking a spiritual connection for All Hallow's Eve or just love a good spook, your getaway will be a thriller if you stay in a haunted abode. 

Airbnb hosts provide unique accommodations, including some that come with things that may go bump in the night. If you are brave enough, give the following haunted Airbnbs a try.

Just beware that you may want to sleep with one eye open. (Or pull the blankets over your head.)

Parks-Bowman Mansion — New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans is renowned for its spirits. Experience a sighting of your own by staying in the Parks-Bowman Mansion , which has not one but three available rooms for overnights.

In this Garden District mansion, you can opt to stay in the "Haunted Bedroom," "Library" or "Red Room."

What Airbnb Guests Have to Say

library airbnb

"We did experience some early morning footsteps and jingling noises on our floor. It was confirmed that the [host] was not up there and there were no other guests at that time. Spooky cool!" — Kindall

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston — Great Dunmow, England

Talliston haunted bedroom

Touted as "Britain's Most Extraordinary Home," Talliston offers a master bedroom decked out to look like the room of an Edwardian child.

The toys and books may have been in style in that day and age, but in this day and age, they're extremely creepy. Add in what the host calls "unexplained smells and sounds" and you have the makings for a thrillingly restless night of sleep. 

Haunted Airbnb

"What an incredible space! From the moment you step off the street, you are transported into a different realm. Our host Marcus was brilliant at getting us to leave the world behind and get lost in the fantasy that has been created at Talliston and we were happy to let go and take ourselves on a journey. The attention to detail is truly a life's work and impossible to do justice." — Anita

Laura's Cottage — Savannah, Georgia

laura's cottage

One of the most haunted cities in America features numerous ghost tours. You, however, can get the experience without the tour by staying in Laura's Cottage , built in 1799.

Laura haunts this cottage, flipping the lights and opening windows. But she's a sweet spirit; she even loves flowers. (Don't pick any on the grounds, just in case it doesn't sit well with Laura!)

haunted airbnb

"We did a haunted pub crawl our first night and when we told him where we were staying, he said 'I'm so jealous that's a great historic house.'" — Cheryl

Craigston Castle — Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Craigston Castle, Scotland

Built in 1604 in Aberdeenshire on Scotland's coast, this castle's rumored past includes an exorcism in the Red Room. (Covered in — what else? — red wallpaper.)

The home belonged to the Urquhart family and sits on 250 acres. Open for seasonal tours, a stay in the castle is available year-round. Visit when it's closed to the public to have it more to yourself. And try not to think of Linda Blair's head spinning around like in "The Exorcist." (Shiver.)

airbnb castle

"Great place, everything that you would need for a great stay. Great hosts, would recommend a visit." — Ricky 

Manor Attic — Whitby, England

Manor Attic, England

Bram Stoker was inspired to write the haunting tale of the blood-sucking vampire "Dracula" in this attic space. Wonder what it was about this room that caused him to think up such a scary story? Well, there are bats in the rafters, for one thing. 

Plus, aren't attics always a little creepy?

attic airbnb

"An ideal central location, full of character with lovely views of the harbor." — Christopher

Captain Grant's — Preston, Connecticut

Captain Grant's

Added to the U.S.' National Historic Register, this home dates back to 1754. The host hasn't noted any ghosts, but the Revolutionary War-era abode housed soldiers and escaped slaves. By some accounts, it remains haunted by its horrifying past.

Guests have said they've felt touched by invisible hands, seen a TV turning on and off on its own and heard strange knocking.

elizabeth's room Airbnb

"The Elizabeth room was the room we stayed in. It was amazing and cozy, and the history and mystery of the home are intriguing and were the reason we chose to stay there. We did not experience anything paranormal but it was cool anyway." — Melanie

Witches' Dorm — Salem, Massachusetts

harry potter room

Salem's history is steeped in witchcraft and so is this crazy room decked out in full Harry Potter weirdness.

There aren't ghosts here, it seems, but you'll almost certainly have a hard time falling asleep in these surroundings. 

salem airbnb

"MAGICAL! My children and I have been to Salem many times but never has the experience been so delicious as our stay in Hope's Airbnb. So much detail, love and work went into this creation, and you can FEEL it when you are there!" — Anne-Marie

Hobo Hill House — Jefferson, Missouri

Hobo Hill House

Featured on the television show, "The Dead Files," the Hobo Hill House has experienced tons of paranormal activity. Take the guests who've heard the whisper of a "hi" and seen a tall man in a suit and top hat — even though no one is actually there. Doo-doo, doo-doo!

One look at the house and you'd think it was perfectly fine — it's been beautifully redone and lacks the ramshackle vibe of most haunted places. But make no mistake: This is an Airbnb where you, too, can feel a spiritual touch, especially if you make your way into the basement.

Hobo Hill House basement

"The entire house was cozy and a treat to stay in ... even though it’s haunted! We experienced a few spooky knocks and walking around, but never felt uncomfortable or scared." — Lindsay

Cahercastle — Galway, Ireland


Sure, the owner of this Irish castle doesn't note ghosts, but considering it dates back to the 1400s, it certainly has seen its share of intrigue.

It's an official castle, and guests are warned of lots of dust and cobwebs — eerie in and of itself!

haunted castle

"This is not only a place to stay; it's an entire experience!" — Molly

Medieval Tower — Tuscany, Italy

Medieval Tower, Italy

This tower in Tuscany was built during the Crusades, a time of serious strife across Europe. There may not be evidence of bloodshed in this tower, but after so many generations there must have been a tragic death at some point.

Maybe this is why guests of the tower have reported seeing a ghost or two.

tuscany haunted

"Silvia’s place is absolutely incredible. Seggiano is such a great little village, and to stay in one of its medieval towers was like taking a trip back in time." — Joseph

Chamber Apartment — North Yorkshire, England

Haunted Chamber

Stay in a chamber that is more than 600 years old near a medieval-style pub dubbed the Trembling Madness .

Themed apartments are available and guests receive ghost-hunting equipment to seek out the property's spiritual residents.

england airbnb

"No ghostly presence, but it feels like it could be haunted just from the atmosphere. You will not be disappointed." — Tyra

Bookeen Hall — Galway, Ireland

Bookeen Hall, Galway, Ireland

What could be creepier then spending the night in a church? How about spending the night in a church beside a cemetery? Cue the theme from "Friday the 13th."

Bookeen Hall , near Galway, is over 200 years old and a national monument in Ireland. Guests note the church is "quirkily decorated" and the whole thing definitely gives off a chilling vibe. 


"Lovers of history and nature would just adore this. The house/church is beautifully and tastefully renovated, and the hosts are warm and welcoming. Joggers, walkers, cyclists, and dog lovers would especially feel right at home!" — Melis

Manor Master Chamber — Saint Paul, Minnesota

Manor Master Chamber, Saint Paul, Minnesota

This Airbnb host upped the game of rental options by offering a home slightly resembling a haunted house . Built in 1883, the house has been voted "most mysterious" and the host has opened it up to paranormal investigations, "ceremonies" and "rituals." 

If you are interested in breaking out the Ouija Board, guest Shannon noted that the house is "perfect for a Halloween stay."

haunted airbnb

"The Manor was the perfect place to host our private murder mystery party. This venue dances between adorable and creepy. Beautiful and eerie. Sean was a thoughtful and friendly host who was very knowledgeable about the home’s unique history and quirks. I’d recommend a stay!" — Alex

Sleepover with ghosts: Haunted hotels and rentals across NC

Haunted NC hotels and rentals: The Dunhill Hotel in Charlotte. Image courtesy of Google Maps.

1. The Dunhill Hotel - Charlotte

2. the stroud house - wake forest, 3. the carolina inn - chapel hill, 4. the biltmore hotel - greensboro, 5. grove park inn - asheville, out and about has ghostly experience at asheville's grove park inn, do you know any other haunted rentals, more on this, 'no human knows:' devil's tramping ground legend predates founding of the united states, abandoned town, monster beneath nc lake: 6 eerie legends with real historic roots in nc, don't miss it, visit wral at this year's state fair, the nc state fair's most instagram-worthy locations, photos to remember: grab these ideas for family halloween costumes, cricket and flag football among 5 sports given olympic status for 2028 los angeles games, ap top 25: unc enters the top-10 after drubbing of miami, duke up to 16, courage host home playoff game on sunday, raleigh homeowners can get up to $90k for repairs, 'move, move, move' speeding wrong-way driver plows through durham parade.

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Spooky Places to Stay: Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs

This post contains some affiliate links. Click here to find out more.

Halloween is almost here and while these days it’s mostly associated with fun dress up parties and sugar rushes from trick or treating candy, it all started in a much more spiritual way.

More than 3,000 years ago the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) celebrated the harvest and welcomed ‘the dark half of the year’ on October 31 st , when it was believed the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is the thinnest.

Last year thousands of people gathered in Ireland’s ancient east to celebrate Samhain at the first Puca Festival , and as this year’s festival will be virtual you can watch the lighting of the fires from where it all began anywhere in the world.

Or if you’re feeling brave perhaps you’d like to stay in a haunted room on the night when it’s believed spiritual activity is at its strongest?

After living with a poltergeist who well and truly got our attention when it started throwing things at a wall I fall into the believer side when it comes to the woo. In fact, when I stay somewhere new I’ll usually introduce myself to any spirits that might be there and if needed I’ll do some space clearing exercises that I shared in this story on the woo woo things I do on my travels .

While I’ve already stayed at some of the hotels below, as I searched for strange and unusual places to share with you in this story there were times when I thought ‘hell no!’ as soon as I saw an image. And other times when a room was put on my personal wish list to stay in someday.

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Let’s see what your intuition has to say as we take a tour of some of the world’s haunted hotels and Airbnbs in America, Europe and Australia.

America’s Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs

The stanley hotel, estes park, colorado, usa.

When Stephen King was suffering from writers block in 1974 he checked into the Stanley Hotel at the end of the season. By the next day he had all the inspiration he needed for The Shining.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Stanley Hotel (@thestanleyhotel) on Dec 27, 2019 at 3:37pm PST

One of America’s most famous haunted hotels, The Stanley hosts ghost tours and you can turn the TV on any time of the day or night to see Kubrick’s The Shining on a loop.

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While Kubrick changed the room to 237 in the movie, King and his wife spent the night in room 217 where former housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson was seriously injured while lighting lanterns in the room. She may have survived the blast but it’s believed her spirit has returned and likes to move things around. Apparently she’s also doesn’t approve of couples sharing a bed if they haven’t tied the knot, with some unmarried guests in 217 saying they felt a cold presences between them while they were in bed.

Staff members say the ghost of Freelan Oscar (F.O) Stanley who built the hotel and died aged 91 can often be spotted in the billiard room while his wife Fiona’s ghost likes to play the piano. Other ghosts include those of children and even a cat and a dog from the – you guessed it – pet cemetery.

Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood, Oregon, USA

If the Stanley Hotel above looks spooky enough, but not like the hotel you know from The Shining, that’s because Stanley Kubrick used the exterior of this one, the Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood , Oregon.

Timberline lodge on Mt. Hood National Forest

When I drove up Oregon’s tallest mountain to stay at this historic hotel I was having major Shining flashbacks and when Timberline came into view for the first time I had to catch my breath before I could say ‘woah!’

While the exterior is forever linked to that iconic film, when you step through the front door everything is vastly different, in a good way. The hotel was built as part of an economic programme to create jobs during the Great Depression, and is filled with woodcarvings by local artisans and has a huge 800,000-pound stone chimney in the centre of the main house. 

Even though the interior looks nothing like the movie I’ll admit if they were about to close for winter I wouldn’t have stuck around. But considering Timberline Lodge is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Oregon and is the only ski area in North America open 12 months of the year that’s not going to be a problem here.

Fans of The Shining who want to stay in room 237 will be disappointed. The whole reason Kubrick changed it is because the hotel was worried people wouldn’t want to stay in 217 once the movie came out and they don’t have 237 rooms. But wouldn’t you know it, a whole lot of people read the book as well as seeing the movie, and now 217 is the most requested room at Timberline Lodge.

The Driskill, Austin, Texas, USA

When I stayed in Austin, Texas I took off my new cowboy boots at the Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin and didn’t feel anything spooky at all.

I have to wonder if I’d be saying the same if I stayed across the road at another historic landmark hotel, the Driskill .

The Driskill is so beautiful I couldn’t resist popping in for a little look around, and when I asked the concierge if they had any information on the hotel they gave me a guide to the ghostly activity so I could take a self-guided spooky tour around the hotel.

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The Driskill ghosts have been described as ‘helpful and mischievous’ and my favourite story is that time Annie Lennox was staying and couldn’t decide which dress to wear to her concert that night.

She laid the two dresses out on the bed and went to have a shower, and when she got back she discovered the decision had been made by a spirit playing stylist and that one of the dresses had been put away. The story became such a legend that it inspired Concrete Blonde’s song ‘Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man.’

The ghosts at Austin's Driskill hotel have a reputation for being mischievous and helpful

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California, USA

The legendary ship that became a hotel, The Queen Mary has been named one of the ten most haunted places in the world by Time Magazine, and if you really want to put some spook in your stay, Stateroom B340 is the one to be in.

Back when she was still sailing the ship’s logs included complaints about the bathroom lights and sink taps in B340 turning themselves on and off, and some guests have even reported the covers of their bed being pulled off and seeing a dark figure at the foot of the bed.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Queen Mary (@thequeenmary) on Apr 17, 2020 at 9:45am PDT

The stateroom has appeared on episodes of the American series Ghost Hunters and the British TV show Most Haunted, and along with the usual amenities B340 comes with a Ouija board, tarot cards, and a crystal ball.

The Queen Mary embraces its spooky side with an annual Dark Harbor Halloween attraction where hundreds of live monsters roam the ship and guests can give themselves a fright as they try to make their way through six haunted mazes.

Sadly this year’s Dark Harbor has been cancelled due to Covid and the hotel itself is closed at the time of writing. But hopefully you’ll have a chance to stay in Stateroom B340 again soon.

Myrtles Plantation, St Francisville, Louisiana, USA

This beautiful old bed and breakfast in Louisiana is listed on the National Register of Historic Places but it’s what you can’t see that attracts a lot of visitors.

The Myrtles Plantation is famous for being one of the most haunted places on the planet, and is said to be home to at least twelve spirits, including a slave girl named Chloe who was executed at the property.

Unexplained images in photos include a shadowy figure that’s believed to be Chloe standing between two buildings, and a ghostly girl standing in a window.

The owners and guests have reported hearing cries from children, rattling doorknobs and the apparition of a lady in a green turban, and when a television show moved some furniture into another room so they could do some filming they found it all back in its original place when they returned.

The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana is considered one of the most haunted places in the world

HI Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A few years ago in Ottawa I did the Ghost and Gallows Haunted Walk and didn’t feel spooked at all as we made our way from downtown to the old Carleton County Jail. Then we went inside.

As soon as we stepped over that threshold I got a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Built in 1862 the jail was the main cell block anywhere near Ottawa for more than a century, the top floor was used to hold death row inmates, and three executions took place right outside the building, the last one in 1946.

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I was already wigging out as we stood in some of the old jail cells and didn’t exactly calm down when some of my fellow tour goers started screaming as a bat flew around our heads.

So I was not remotely interested in swapping places when a couple on the tour told me they’d be spending the night right there in the old jail.

When the jail closed in 1972, Hostelling International transformed some of the old cells into accommodation. The HI Ottawa Jail Hostel has shared eight kinds of accommodation including rooms for up to eight people, private double rooms in the former solitary confinement area, right down to a small bed in an authentic 3’ x9’ jail cell.

Some areas, like the bright white sixth floor don’t look too scary with the lights on, but the exposed brick and marked walls on the fourth floor are giving me the creeps from the safety of the other side of the world.

HI Ottawa Jail hostel sixth floor

I had to laugh when the tour guide told me that he’s had people booked into the hostel who had no idea it was one of the most haunted places in the city until they did the tour with him. Hopefully they managed to have a better night’s sleep than I would have after that tour! 

Henry Derby House, Salem, Massachusetts

This historic home in downtown Salem was converted into a full house rental in 2016 that sleeps up to ten guests in five bedrooms.

It’s also a stop on local ghost tours in the city that’s famous for its 1692 witch trials.

The owner Phil Marchand says while he can’t guarantee the Henry Derby house is haunted, he’s heard plenty of stories over the years. Some guests have heard strange footsteps, others have said objects moved when they left the room, while some have just felt something strange was in the air.

It certainly looks sunny and bright enough from the outside. The only question is, are you brave enough to stay there all by yourself after the sun goes down?

Henry Darby House, Salem, Airbnb

The Manor Master Chamber, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Once voted the most mysterious house in Saint Paul, Minnesota, The Manor’s gothic architecture dates back to 1883 and has remained in the same family for more than 130 years.

The house is said to be haunted by a girl in a white dress, and the house is sometimes booked for paranormal investigations.

The Manor Master Chamber is a large bedroom with tall ceilings directly attached to the master bath, and you can have an airbed and extra linens put in the room for another two people if you’re thinking there’s safety in numbers.

Most of the  house has been decorated with oddities and antiques, and there’s also a friendly Doberman named Scorch who loves to welcome new guests.

Manor Master Chamber Airbnb

Europe’s Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs

Huntington castle, clonegal, ireland.

An Irish pirate queen, a monk, a bishop and a soldier are among the ghostly sightings at Huntington Castle in the historic Irish village of Conegal.

The castle, which dates back to 1625, offers tours of the building including a visit to the basement that was turned into a temple for the Egyptian goddess Isis in the 1970s, or you could really get to know the castle by spending the night.

You can sleep in a four poster bed with original period features in one of Huntington Castle’s historic guest rooms. Each room has it’s own distinct character and story to tell, and after spending the night some guests have had a story or two of their own to share after hearing strange noises in the night.

Huntington Castle, Ireland

The Witchery By the Castle, Edinburgh, UK 

The last time I was in Edinburgh I fell in love with The Witchery By The Castle , and promised myself that the next time I came to Scotland I’d treat myself to a stay in one of their sumptuous suites.

When that day comes I’ll definitely be talking to the room and introducing myself, because this landmark building is only a stone’s throw from where hundreds of accused witches were murdered from the mid 16 th to early 18 th century. 

Just down the road from the Witchery By the Castle you’ll find a small fountain called the Witches’ Well that remembers those who were burned or hanged without trial.

It’s little wonder there are so many ghostly tales around this part of the city, but if you’re going to share your space with a spirit, this is one very special place to do it.

Witchery By the Castle, Edinburgh, Heriot Suite

Dragsholm Slot, Hørve, Denmark

In the luxury travel world, Dragsholm Slot is a Relais & Chateaux hotel with Michelin starred Nordic cuisine in Denmark’s beautiful Odsherred peninsula.

In the parapsychology world this 800-year-old castle is considered to not only be one of the most haunted hotels in Europe, but one of the most haunted buildings of any kind, with tales of more than 100 ghostly apparitions on the grounds.

The three best-known ghosts are the grey lady, who apparently does good deeds for those who work and stay at the hotel, the white lady, whose skeleton was rather gruesomely found in a white dress entombed in one of the walls, and the Earl of Bothwell, a former prisoner who is said to ride around the courtyard on his ghostly horse.

You can take a guided tour of the castle and its manicured gardens on a day trip, but better yet spend a night in luxury and treat yourself to a meal by ex-Noma chef Claus Henriksen in the castle’s award-winning restaurant, Slotskøkkenet. 

Dragsholm Slot is considered one of the most haunted hotels in the world, image courtesy Dragsholm Slot

The Haunted Bedroom, Great Dunmow, UK

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I don’t think I’d sleep a wink in this room as even the photos are creeping me out. But I really, really want to go and see this house someday as it’s one seriously amazing creation.

The Haunted Bedroom is part of the Talliston House and Gardens, which has been described as “Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home.” There are thirteen extraordinary rooms, but only guests staying in the Haunted Bedroom have guaranteed use of the entire house and gardens.

The Haunted Bedroom was designed to recreate the bed chamber of a seven-year old Edwardian child and oh boy have they managed to tap into something extra creepy with this one.

While the Talliston house only dates back to the 1990s and there are no particular ghost stories linked to the site, some guests have reported unexplained smells and sounds. I think I’d be so on edge if I was spending the night here my imagination would be coming up with all sorts of things. So I’ll stick to that day tour idea on this one. Maybe a nice afternoon tea at Talliston House and Gardens . And I’ll leave this stay to braver folks.

Haunted Bedroom, Great Dunmow, UK

The Langham, London, UK

The first purpose-built luxury hotel in London, The Langham opened in 1865 and counts Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle among its former famous guests.

Then there’s the guests that some believe never left the building, including Napoleon Bonaparte who lived in the hotel during his exile and is said to now haunt the basement.

Other reported ghosts include a German prince, dead butlers and a Victorian-era doctor who killed his wife before killing himself on their honeymoon.

Room 333 is apparently where most of the activity takes place, although the resident ghost of a man in Victorian evening wear only likes to appear in October so if you’re keen to meet him and missed out this year, you’ll need to book ahead for his next time around.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Langham, London (@langham_london) on Mar 7, 2020 at 8:15pm PST

Dalhousie Castle, Bonnyrigg, Scotland

Outside of Edinburgh on the banks of the River Esk, Dalhousie Castle is now a luxury hotel surrounded by wooded parkland where guests can try their hand at falconry, archery and clay pigeon shooting.

The 13 th century castle is also believed to be home to a number of ghosts, including Sir Alexander Ramsay who was starved to death in 1342, and the ‘grey lady’ Lady Catherine who is said to have died of a broken heart.

Spare a thought for poor Sir Alexander as you descend an ancient stairway into the barrel-vaulted dungeons for award winning fine dining at The Dungeon Restaurant.

The dungeons are apparently where most of the ghostly activity takes place, though you might also hear phantom footsteps and see strange apparitions in the hallways and the grounds.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dalhousie Castle Hotel (@dalhousie__castle) on Sep 28, 2020 at 1:47pm PDT

Chamber Apartment, York, North Yorkshire, UK

Described as one of themost haunted properties in the UK The Chamber Apartment is apparently so spooky some guests have walked in, taken one look – or rather feel – around and walk straight back out again never to return.

In the cathedral city of York in North Yorkshire , The Chamber Apartment has more than 600 years of history, and the resident ghost is said to be a man with long dark hair who likes to appear over your shoulder.

After walking up a tight spiralling staircase guests will find a four-poster bed and a standalone bathtub in the main bedroom. There’s a Playstation 3 and more old school ways to play with board games and books.

The apartment is described as ‘silent with a small outside yard’. All the better for hearing any creaks on the antique floorboards.

The Chamber Apartment, Haunted holiday home

Australia’s Haunted Hotels

Q station, manly, australia.

Speaking of trying to get to sleep after a ghost tour…

Ghost hunters and believers say Sydney’s Q Station is one of the most haunted sites in Australia, and a while back I decided it would be really interesting to do one of the ghost tours before spending the night. Alone.

You can read the full story of my sleepless in Manly night here but spoiler alert, I barely slept a wink and even that was with all of the lights on.

That said, I’d jump at the chance to stay there again for a couple of reasons. First, it’s such a beautiful spot in Sydney that feels a million miles away from everything (which rather adds to the whole spooky feel). And second, because I now know no one died in the area that’s been turned into accommodation.

For a haunted hotel in Sydney stay, Q Station Manly offers ghost tours before spending the night.

For those who don’t already know, the Q in Q Station stands for Quarantine, and for 150 years this is where immigrants suspected of carrying contagious diseases did just that. More than 500 people died from diseases including the Spanish flu, the bubonic plague and smallpox, and the list of ghost stories is long.

But the piece of info I wish I’d known before I tried to sleep alone in a three-bedroom cottage is that section was for first class passengers, and if anyone got sick they’d be taken to another part of the station before they died.

Now I’m not saying ghosts won’t go for a wander, but apparently most of the spooky activity takes place in the other part of Q Station, so if you are going to stay and want the full experience make sure you also book on one of the ghost tours. And bring a friend.

Hotel Kurrajong, Canberra, Australia

Today Canberra’s Hotel Kurrajong is an elegant art deco hotel a short walk from Parliament House, but if these walls (or ghosts) could talk they’d have some tales to tell.

When the Kurrajong opened in 1926 it was known as Hostel No. 2 and was a sort of up market boarding house, where politicians and members of the press stayed for the opening of Parliament House in 1927.

The building became a home for members of Parliament, public servants and their families, and Prime Minister Ben Chifley liked it so much he chose to live there rather than in the Australian PM’s official residence, The Lodge.

And there are those who believe that even after death, he never left.

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Chifley suffered a heart attack in his room at the Kurrajong on the 13 th of June 1951 and died in hospital later that night. In recent years some hotel staff and visitors have claimed to see Chifley’s ghost, describing him as a grey-suited man pointing towards Old Parliament House.

The building went on to be used as government offices and a hotel management school, but after a full restoration, it opened in 2015 as part of the TFE Hotels family, the Hotel Kurrajong.

Ben Chifley walking to Parliament from Kurrajong 1945

While the renovations have changed the room numberings, if you book to stay in room 205 you’ll be sleeping where Ben Chifley lived. And if you do happen to see his ghost, maybe don’t bring him up to speed on what’s been happening in politics.

Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour, Australia

From 1839 to 1869, Cockatoo Island was Australia’s own Alcatraz. A brutal colonial prison where many died in custody while others died trying to get away.

Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Image Mark Merton

More lives were lost in gruesome industrial accidents when Cockatoo Island became a shipbuilding yard and naval dockyard, but the darkest and most twisted chapter dates back to when the island was used as a brutal reformatory school, where young girls were beaten and forced to sleep on cold hard floors with no bedding. 

It’s believed the horrors experienced by the young girls have created the island’s most unsettling paranormal experiences, with visions of girls in white dresses and the sounds of girls crying being reported by visitors.

These days Cockatoo Island is operated by Sydney Harbour Federation Trust and is one of my favourite Sydney music and arts venues. It’s also where you can go glamping in the middle of Sydney Harbour or stay in Cockatoo Island’s old fire station.

And while you might end up losing some sleep, you can also organise a Haunted History Tour to learn a whole lot more about what happened on the island, and what to watch out for at night.

Cockatoo Island Fire Station Studio

Russell Hotel, The Rocks, Sydney

Today The Russell Hotel is a boutique hotel in The Rocks where you can step out your front door and find yourself right there at Circular Quay.

Back in 1788 this spot was where the first Convict’s Hospital stood, so by the time the foundations were laid for the Russell Hotel in 1887 the space had already seen more than its fair share of deaths. But that’s not how the hotel got its most famous long term guest.

Room number 8 is the said to be the most haunted room in the Russell Hotel, and it’s believed the ghost is an unnamed sailor who was murdered by a sex worker in the room.

The Russell Hotel's room 8 is one of the most haunted in Sydney

Just to be extra creepy, the sailor’s ghost apparently only appears when women are sleeping in the room alone and stands at the end of their bed.

There have also been some spooky goings on in room 20 and 24, and the ghost of a woman in period clothing has been seen walking around downstairs making her way through the kitchen and bar area. 

The Russell Hotel is a popular spot on ghost tours of The Rocks, and if you’re not brave enough to spend the night you can always go enjoy a few spirits in the bar.

When it comes to Haunted hotels in Sydney the Russell Hotel is high on the list.

So how about you? Have you had any spooky moments in haunted hotels? And would you even think twice before staying somewhere if you’d heard rumours of strange things going bump in the night?

This post contains some affiliate links, so if you click on a link and book something I will earn a commission, but don’t worry, it’s at no extra cost to you.

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12 Halloween-Themed Airbnbs Perfect To Book For Spooks Year-Round

Love Halloween so much that you want to celebrate it all year? Then check out these spooktacular stays.

Read update

There Are More Spooky Airbnb's To Consider This Fall And Beyond!

  • Takeaway 1: From haunted hotels to vacation rentals, there are numerous spooky accommodations available on Airbnb for travelers seeking thrills and chills. (137 characters)
  • Takeaway 2: Consider staying at the Parks-Bowman Mansion in New Orleans or the Horror House in Lake Havasu City for a spooky experience this Halloween. (148 characters)
  • Takeaway 3: The Enslin Mansion in Troy, NY and The Black Monarch in Victor, CO are popular haunted Airbnbs with reported paranormal activity. (137 characters)

With Halloween right around the corner, finding the elusive perfect stay to celebrate the spooky season isn't as easy as pumpkin pie. What's more, the possibilities are almost endless for travelers looking to enjoy some all-year fright. From haunted hotels to B&Bs and vacation rentals, if thrills and chills are what you're craving in your accommodations, the world is your oyster. On Airbnb alone, there are over a dozen haunted properties in the US that travelers can stay at. So, whether it's for the upcoming holiday or just because here are ten Halloween-themed Airbnbs perfect to book for spooks year-round.

UPDATE: 2023/09/06 15:15 EST BY NOAH STAATS

This article has been refreshed with two spooky Airbnb's to consider this fall and beyond, as well as tips for nearby ghost sightings. With Lake Havasu and New Orleans being our new Airbnb locations, there should be endless ghost hunting and haunting for the upcoming Halloween season. Remember to abide by house rules, and don't be afraid of the other residents and spirits who may pop out to say hello!

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12 Parks-Bowman Mansion

One extra-eerie Airbnb rental to consider while in the New Orleans area is the Parks-Bowman Mansion , which offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime stay inside the 'Haunted Bedroom.' This property has been featured in many articles and news reports because of its supernatural tendencies and is a top-rated spot in the city. It's worth mentioning that this rental is in the heart of the Garden District and surrounded by hundred-year-old trees. Don't stare too long; they might stare back! The Haunted Room at the Parks-Bowman Mansion also boasts deep porches on all three levels to tempt you to rest and relax. The soaring center hall leads visitors to a carved cypress staircase ascending to the very top of the house, lit by stained-glass windows and massive chandeliers.

There are reports of a little girl who roams the halls, as well as two Earthly dogs who welcome you into the rental. It's quintessential New Orleans!

  • Price : Guests can be spooked for $98 per evening.
  • Location : New Orleans, Louisiana

11 Horror House

One spooky year-round Airbnb to consider comes from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and has room for the whole family. Here, visitors can enjoy a four-bed, three-bath home decked out in creepy/horror garb suitable for up to 18. Guests may never want to leave the game room with a pool table, arcade games, and a Murphy bed! This rental has an eerie feeling, on top of being located in what's been described as a spooky town. Lake Havasu has many tales from locals and those passing by, making this mega-Airbnb the perfect stay this fall or beyond. Checking out the London Bridge in the city is also where many ghost-watchers head at night, as this is where spirits of the past hang out.

Luckily, the Horror House is within walking distance of many sights, although an escape car might be recommended depending on how spooky the trip may become.

  • Price : A spooky booking should cost you $430 per night.
  • Location : Lake Havasu City, Arizona

10 Haunted Mansion

This historic manor promises its guests a hotbed of paranormal activity. Featured on Disney's Haunted Mansion, this spooky Airbnb stay may just deliver some actual scares and screams. There are frequent reports of old-timey children's music playing in the distance, a ghost dog, and disembodied cries for help. In terms of amenities, this rental has four comfortable bedrooms, a lavish and Halloween-themed décor, a six-person Jacuzzi tub for a hauntingly good time with friends, and a fully-stocked kitchen.

  • Price : A haunted stay here is just $808 a night.
  • Location : Orange County, CA.

9 Cemetery Schoolhouse

This chic Airbnb loft in Hudson offers its guests a bone-chilling stay in a historic home adorned with furnishings from the early 18th century . There are four themed lofts in this landmark abode that visitors can rent out. Plus, to take things up a notch, this stylish Airbnb is directly across from the Cedar Park Cemetery. Some notable amenities include a full loft kitchen, balcony, free Wi-Fi, and acres of spooky grounds to explore.

  • Price : These ghostly lodgings go for $189 a night.
  • Location : Hudson, NY.

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8 The Manor

Lovers of all things Hallow's Eve can book a private room on Airbnb in an 1883 Tudor-style home . Upon sight, this manor gives off some seriously spooky vibes , and when you combine that with the antique furniture, guests are in for an eerie stay. Even if this home isn't the most haunted, it's still the perfect location for a murder mystery dinner or Halloween celebration. A few rental highlights include the large old-school fireplace, dedicated workspace, and access to a fully-stocked kitchen.

  • Price : Visitors can book the Master Chamber for only $90 a night.
  • Location : St. Paul, MN.

7 Laura's Cottage

Built-in 1799, Laura's Cottage feels like a doorway to another time and place. Located in Savannah's Landmark Historic District, this cozy cottage offers a quaint stay, ideal for couples—well and ghostly Laura too—as she was always a part of the deal. The original resident of said home, the spirit of Laura, can often be seen tending to the garden or rocking in one of the front porch chairs. Though Laura seems like a friendly apparition, she definitely knows how to put on a scary show, complete with lights flickering and windows opening on their own.

  • Price : Guests can spend some quality time with Laura for $267 a night.
  • Location : Savannah, GA.

6 The Enslin Mansion

Situated in the historic village of Lansingburgh, The Enslin Mansion was passed down through generations before it became an Airbnb and an overall experience. Rumored paranormal activity has made this abode quite popular. Guests have reported various ghostly encounters near the second floor and the attic. Of course, if you consider yourself to be a final girl, then you should think twice before going into any haunted attic. That said, some stay highlights include extra haunted bedrooms, a Spookeasy Dinner/Ghost Tour/Mentalism show, and more.

  • Price : A pleasant stay here starts at $295 a night.
  • Location : Troy, NY.

5 Benton Park Suite

This Airbnb stay is sort of like horror adjacent. Built-in 1890 by the same mason who built the house next door, Benton Park has definitely seen some things. Just one house down, The Lemp Mansion was the site of an unexplainable tragedy. Shortly after its construction, the family that moved in suddenly began to die off one by one. Unfortunately, the paranormal neighbors of Benton Park don't respect the property line and sometimes pop by to make their presence known (so, here's hoping it's just for a cup of sugar).

  • Price : Ghost aficionados can book this suite for $71 a night.
  • Location : St. Louis, MO.

4 Haunted Hospital Stay

The former Traverse City State Hospital in Michigan was converted into an apartment complex ages ago, but it still seems to be more than a little haunted. Many believe that some of the patients of this forgotten hospital/asylum from 1885 may have stuck around. You can book a nice little Airbnb stay here and find out if this urban legend of sorts and all the recounted stories online are true. Here, guests can enjoy cozy digs, a stocked kitchen, views of the surrounding property, plus convenient access to the nearby restaurants and shops.

  • Price : Thrill seekers can book this unique stay for $208 a night.
  • Location : Traverse City, MI.

3 Ghost Town Ruins

If you've ever wanted to spend a few days in an actual ghost town, well, here's your chance. A former mining boomtown called Terlingua has a rather unique stay you can book on Airbnb. Of course, everyone knows those ghost towns are haunted, so be prepared for the unexpected. Here guests can enjoy a ghostly getaway in a 100-year-old miner's casita with all the conveniences of home—a spacious bedroom, living room, kitchen, and an outdoor bathroom. A bonus here is that Big Bend National Park is just around the corner.

  • Price : Guests can book a secluded stay here for $149 a night.
  • Location : Terlingua, TX.

2 The Black Monarch

This Victorian-era building that you and 15 of your closest friends can rent has been many things over the centuries. But, long ago, it was a brothel, casino, and town saloon. The Black Monarch seemingly stands alone in this small former mining town that's not quite yet a ghost town, but it only has 449 or so residents currently . But back to the likely super haunted Airbnb—with its meticulously maintained interior, creepy vibes, and disembodied sounds that tend to wake guests in the middle of the night, this stay is pretty much any Halloween lover's dream.

  • Price : Brave souls can book The Black Monarch for $1,100 a night.
  • Location : Victor, CO.

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1 Hidden Manor

This stately mansion in Maryland looks like the backdrop of any good horror story or murder mystery. Built-in 1852 , this is yet another sinister-looking abode that is brimming with history—one of the oldest trees in the state is even on the grounds. So visitors shouldn't be too alarmed if they happen to see a few spirits roaming about. Here, guests can enjoy the area's rich history, stunning antique furnishings, possible ghost sightings, and convenient access to Washington, D.C.

  • Price : A stay at Hidden Manor is just $450 a night.
  • Location : Upper Marlboro, MD.

KBRQ-FM - Waco's Rock Station

Spookiest Airbnb Listings To Book For Halloween

Airbnb has some good haunted choices for Halloween this year!

haunted airbnb usa

·Parks-Bowman Mansion in New Orleans. The Haunted Room at the Parks-Bowman Mansion also boasts deep porches on all three levels to tempt you to rest and relax. The soaring center hall leads visitors to a carved cypress staircase ascending to the very top of the house, lit by stained-glass windows and massive chandeliers.

·Horror House, Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This rental has an eerie feeling, on top of being located in what's been described as a spooky town. Lake Havasu has many tales from locals and those passing by, making this mega-Airbnb the perfect stay this fall or beyond. Checking out the London Bridge in the city is also where many ghost-watchers head at night, as this is where spirits of the past hang out.

·Haunted Mansion, Orange County, California. Featured on Disney's Haunted Mansion, this spooky Airbnb stay may just deliver some actual scares and screams. There are frequent reports of old-timey children's music playing in the distance, a ghost dog, and disembodied cries for help. In terms of amenities, this rental has four comfortable bedrooms, a lavish and Halloween-themed décor, a six-person Jacuzzi tub for a hauntingly good time with friends, and a fully-stocked kitchen.

·The Enslin Mansion. Troy, New York. Rumored paranormal activity has made this abode quite popular. Guests have reported various ghostly encounters near the second floor and the attic. Of course, if you consider yourself to be a final girl, then you should think twice before going into any haunted attic. That said, some stay highlights include extra haunted bedrooms, a Spookeasy Dinner/Ghost Tour/Mentalism show, and more.


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The Boyd House: A haunted Airbnb in MN

Paranormal investigator Jill Shelley owns a haunted Victorian home in Boyd, Minnesota, which she rents out to other investigators and the general public so they can spend the night and have their own eerie encounters.


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  9. The 18 Spookiest Airbnbs to Rent for Halloween

    The Spookiest Places to Rent Airbnbs for Halloween. Assemble your goblincore bros and heaux for these haunted Airbnbs and spooky stays, from the village of New York psychics to the IRL Overlook...

  10. 13 haunted Airbnbs you can rent to get in the Halloween spirit

    Yup, that's right. We took stock of the scariest haunted houses, apartments, and rooms that you can rent on Airbnb.

  11. The Scariest Haunted Houses In The US On Airbnb You Can Actually Rent

    Sep. 29, 2021 Pgiam/Getty Images Airbnb Celebrate Halloween all year at one of the spookiest haunted houses and mansions in the U.S. on Airbnb. Guests have reported ghostly inhabitants and...

  12. 7 Haunted Airbnbs to Stay in for Halloween

    This haunted mansion in New York is the perfect Airbnb to rent in celebration of Halloween. The basement and attic are filled with spooky spirits. Guests report missing keys and mysterious knocks on doors. Book it now on Airbnb.

  13. Top Haunted Hotels in the USA to Book for Halloween

    The Jewel of Jerome is situated on 10 acres with a spacious lawn, rose garden, and small fruit orchard. A former copper mining town, Jerome has a reputation as the most haunted place in Arizona. The hosts of this quaint Airbnb have even spotted a few apparitions, including a thin lady dressed in white with dark hair, a grumpy old miner, and a ...

  14. 6 Best Haunted Airbnbs to Book in 2023

    The 6 Best Haunted Airbnbs to Book If You Dare The Black Monarch - Victor, Colorado. Local legend has it that the ghost of a miner who died in a gunfight lingers in... Historic Civil War Farm House - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The David Stewart Farm is a farmhouse and barn that served as... ...

  15. 33 Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs to Book for a Spooky Halloween

    33 Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs to Book for a Spooky Halloween These reportedly haunted hotels, inns, and B&Bs promise bona fide fright nights on Halloween—or any night of the year.

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    Sep. 27, 2018 Airbnb Lots of things can happen when you stay in an Airbnb, from the good, to the bad… to the haunted. I mean that literally, by the way; there are tons of allegedly haunted...

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    If you're willing to take things one step further and truly test the limits of your bravery, staying in a haunted Airbnb is a surefire way to have a spooky experience. From a Victorian home in Canada to a manor in Germany, here are eight haunted Airbnbs you can rent this fall.

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    By Lissa Poirot, updated on September 26, 2023 Airbnb Whether you are seeking a spiritual connection for All Hallow's Eve or just love a good spook, your getaway will be a thriller if you stay in a haunted abode. Airbnb hosts provide unique accommodations, including some that come with things that may go bump in the night.

  19. Sleepover with ghosts: Haunted hotels and rentals across NC

    1. The Stroud House - Wake Forest. Over 80 years old, the Stroud House in Wake Forest is a popular overnight rental for those who want to have a sleepover with ghosts. The Airbnb page offers a ...

  20. Spooky Places to Stay: Haunted Hotels and Airbnbs

    The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California, USA. The legendary ship that became a hotel, The Queen Mary has been named one of the ten most haunted places in the world by Time Magazine, and if you really want to put some spook in your stay, Stateroom B340 is the one to be in. Back when she was still sailing the ship's logs included complaints about the bathroom lights and sink taps in B340 ...

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    13. The Haunted Castle Bed and Breakfast: Brumley, MO. via: This house is claimed to be "one of the most haunted houses in the Midwest.". It's construction dates back to about 200 years ago. It stands tall, and looks like a house that would be right at home in a film like The Exorcist.

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    On Airbnb alone, there are over a dozen haunted properties in the US that travelers can stay at. So, whether it's for the upcoming holiday or just because here are ten Halloween-themed Airbnbs perfect to book for spooks year-round. UPDATE: 2023/09/06 15:15 EST BY NOAH STAATS There Are More Spooky Airbnb's To Consider This Fall And Beyond!

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    Featured on Disney's Haunted Mansion, this spooky Airbnb stay may just deliver some actual scares and screams. There are frequent reports of old-timey children's music playing in the distance, a ghost dog, and disembodied cries for help. In terms of amenities, this rental has four comfortable bedrooms, a lavish and Halloween-themed décor, a ...

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    Paranormal investigator Jill Shelley owns a haunted Victorian home in Boyd, Minnesota, which she rents out to other investigators and the general public so they can spend the night and have their ...

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