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The Ghosts of Colorado’s Historic Hand Hotel

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The Stanley Hotel often gets recognized as being the most haunted hotel in Colorado , but there are several other accommodations in the state that have plenty of paranormal activity present on their respective properties too.

The historic Hand Hotel in Fairplay, Colorado is one of those places.

Hotel History

In 1859, the discovery of gold in South Park brought many miners to the nearby town of Fairplay. Subsequently, these prospectors began setting up camps and establishing actual towns. Unfortunately, during the 1920s, an intense fire ravaged Fairplay, destroying much of what was in its path. This included the building at 531 Front Street where the Hand Hotel now stands.

haunted b&b colorado

In 1931, Jake and Jessie Hand built a brand new structure at the Front Street site. The Hands opened the establishment as a hostelry. Jessie furnished the entire interior, including each of the 11 guest rooms, with Western and Native American memorabilia from the South Park area. Business was booming at the Hand Hotel throughout the 1930s. A steady clientele from the east kept the hotel booked months ahead. During their stays, guests were offered fishing and hunting excursions, as well as day trips into the mountains.

The rustic hotel stayed in the Hand family for many years.

Despite the hotel's success, the building became rundown and was eventually abandoned by the Hands. With the structure at risk of being condemned, a woman named Pat Pocius and two partners purchased the property in 1987 and began major renovations. She ran the new hotel for the next decade.

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After that, the hotel changed hands a few more times. The downside to that was that each time it was sold and remodeled, much of the building's historic character was taken away.

However, the current owners  completely stripped the building back to the original walls and have taken the iconic hotel back in time to the period of 1890 to 1910. It continues to operate as a quaint bed and breakfast, overlooking the scenic Rocky Mountains and South Platte River.

Haunted Hotel

Besides just being a charming B&B, the Hand Hotel is also a popular destination for paranormalists. At least five different ghosts allegedly haunt the halls of this historic Colorado hotel. Employees and guests have reported incredibly eerie experiences inside the building but fortunately, all of the lingering souls seem to be in good  spirits.

For example, housekeeping staff often find messed-up beds after they’ve prepared and locked rooms. Child-size imprints have also been observed on freshly made beds.

Apparations of mysterious children and adults who manifest via shadows have been seen in the guestrooms as well as roaming the second-floor hallway. Faces have also been said to randomly appear in one of the guestroom mirrors and unexplained figures were observed peering out of the windows - freaky, for sure!

The ghosts of two little girls who died during a smallpox epidemic are also believed to haunt the hotel. Occasionally seen near the staircase, the girls also make their presence known in the kitchen.

Another resident ghost is an older man named Ben, who was once the hotel's caretaker. Guests have encountered his spirit in the hallway. One person saw Ben pushing a cart and even recalls having a conversation with the friendly staff member ( that didn't actually exist ).

Still not convinced the hotel is haunted?

There have been reports of feet tramping on the second-floor ceiling and guests have often inquired how to get to the party on the third floor. There is no third floor.

The wife of a previous hotel manager twice smelled the scent of rosewater perfume in the Grandma Hand Room. The wife later learned that was the exact scent Grandma Hand used to wear.

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It's not just the spirits of humans that are inside the Hand Hotel. A ghost dog also roams the premises, but especially loves the downstairs bathroom, and Rooms Two and Eleven. Several guests have seen the dog, and some people have even asked the front desk about the cute canine - yet no one could find a dog in the facilities afterward.

Due to the frequency of these haunted happenings, the Hand Hotel has been the subject of many paranormal investigations. Yet, that doesn't stop travelers from continuing to rent out rooms here.

Would you be brave enough to book a stay ?

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These Are Colorado's 12 Most Haunted Hotels

Some people like to include a bit of the spooky and supernatural in their Halloween celebration. Here are 12 of the most haunted hotels in Colorado.

Read update

More Haunted Hotels In Colorado

While the Halloween season is not some people's kind of thing, others consider it one of their annual outings to host parties and celebrations galore. There are many ways to make October 31 a memorable experience , such as encouraging the Halloween spirit by wearing scary costumes, decorating the area with pumpkins and candies, and putting a suspensor playlist in the background conformed to the vibe. However, some people aim to celebrate it in a more inspiring way, adding a bit of the spooky and supernatural to make this event memorable, festive, and scary. From legendary sites to chic stays with a rich history, these hotels offer an unforgettable experience. Here are 12 of the most haunted hotels in Colorado.

UPDATE: 2023/06/01 21:31 EST BY KHYATI DAND

The rise of dark tourism shows that more and more visitors want to explore the "other" side of a new destination, the side that's riddled with mystifying tales of death, tragedy, ghosts, and abandonment. No city showcases this fascination with dark tourism better than Colorado. With dozens of haunted hotels sprinkled all over the city, Colorado is a popular spot for spooky encounters regardless of Halloween (ghosts tend to haunt the city's establishments all year round). This list was updated to include more haunted hotels in Colorado where stays include sharing a bed with the dead.

Our recommendations for the most haunted hotels included in this article are based on research regarding the state of Colorado. All accommodations selected are based on tales of haunting as told by staff members, previous guests, and hotel owners. We've made sure to include only those hotels where booking a night comes with a fair chance of paranormal encounters.

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The Oxford Hotel

Lumber baron inn & gardens, the stanley hotel, the victor hotel, hotel st. nicholas, patterson inn, hotel jerome, the windsor hotel, strater hotel, delaware hotel, brown palace hotel and spa, hotel colorado, the oxford hotel, denver.

The Oxford Hotel first opened its doors in 1891, and any establishment that has been around for over 130 years is bound to have acquired a ghost story or two. The luxury hotel has had one permanent resident for a little over a century: the spirit of Florence Montague, who killed herself and her lover in room 320. Montague's ghost is known to have a fondness for lone male guests staying in the haunted room . The hotel has heard so many complaints of taps turning on and off on their own, lights flickering for no known reason, and covers being pulled off at night that the staff tend to avoid assigning single men to room 320. Staff members say that there's another ghost in the hotel’s martini bar, Cruise Room -- a postman who is frequently seen chugging a glass of beer at the bar which shockingly, always stays full.

1600 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202

The Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens, Denver

Located in the Potter-Highlands neighborhood, where it's known as "that haunted castle" among the locals, The Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens has witnessed two gruesome deaths in the past. Tales from the 1970s claim that two teenagers were brutally murdered in what was a mansion at the time, and the killer was never to be found. The restless spirits of the young women now roam in the halls of the inn wearing flapper-style dresses and holding champagne, making strange noises and moving furniture at odd hours.

2555 West 37th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

Located in Estes Park, the Stanley Hotel is a legendary hotel that opened its doors in 1909 and has since been famous for its ghostly events. It is said that during their journey at the Stanley Hotel , guests will face the hotel's original owner, Mr. Stanley, who sometimes walk through the lobby, and his wife, who plays the piano. Moreover, the former housekeeper, who died at the hotel in 1911, would assist visitors while unpacking in Room 217. On the 4th floor, guests will often hear the sounds of children running and laughing down the halls. Stephan King was inspired to write "The Shining" after staying a night at this scary hotel -- is it really any wonder that Stanley is one of the most haunted hotels in Colorado.

333 Wonderview Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517

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The Victor Hotel, Victor

The Victor Hotel was originally a bank but also was a storage place, hosting the dead bodies of people who passed away in the winter, as the ground was too hard for burial. Although the hotel is home to a beautiful Victorian-style lobby and authentic birdcage elevator, the 4th floor is said to be very active at night. People reported hearing footsteps and voices when no one was there and seeing weird apparitions and lights turning on and off on their own. Room 301 is also said to be haunted by a ghost named Eddie, as she fell down the elevator shaft, making since then the doors of the elevator open and close on their own.

321 Victor Avenue, Victor, CO 80860

Hotel St. Nicholas, Cripple Creek

The Hotel St. Nicholas was a hospital hosting mentally ill people during Cripple Creek's greatest mining boom and is now a haunted hotel in Colorado. People come to experience all sorts of strange happenings, including spirits taking care of and watching over guests while they're in bed. Investigators and guests have encountered paranormal activities and mysterious incidents in room 11.

303 3rd St, Cripple Creek, CO

Patterson Inn is a bed and breakfast known for its strange encounters with the "other side," and the presence of paranormal activity remains within the walls.

The story began during the hotel's renovations when construction crews began to notice work they had done the day prior would be disorganized the following day. Thinking it was the work of some delinquent, they left a pair of guard dogs to protect the property overnight. When they returned the next day, both dogs were found dead, having jumped from the third-floor window. Guests say that the spirit that haunts the building is that of a little girl buried on the basement floor.

420 East 11th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

Hotel Jerome, Aspen

The Hotel Jerome in Aspen is also referred to as the "Bad Luck Hotel" due to its unusually high number of tragedies and deaths. Throughout history, many guests have checked into this top-rated hotel without ever checking out. Legend has it that a 10-year-old boy drowned in the hotel pool in 1936, and its ghost still occasionally appears, shivering and looking for a place to dry off and get warm. Another has it that a man who'd become rich in mining died there brokenhearted after his sweetheart refused to marry him because her father forbade it. The man can still be heard occasionally crying in the hotel's halls.

330 East Main Street, Aspen, CO 81611

Windsor Hotel, Del Norte

The Windsor Hotel in Del Norte is one of Colorado's oldest hotels and became its social and commercial hub in the late 19th century. The hotel is believed to be haunted by Maude, who lived there with her husband, who left her one day for another woman. Brokenhearted, she bought a gun and committed suicide in the room where guests can still hear her crying in pain from the wound and the loss of her love.

605 Grand Avenue, Del Norte, CO 81132

Strater Hotel, Durango

Built-in 1887 on old railroad tracks, the Strater Hotel in Durango is haunted, with numerous paranormal reports and Strater Hotel deaths. Although it has a gorgeous interior, including a collection of Victorian antiques, and is also home to one of the most prestigious active theaters, the hotel staff is so worried that they won't work alone on the hotel's upper floors because of the many bizarre phenomena that occurred. Some have witnessed the apparition of a railway engineer dressed in period clothing strolling through the lobby and a man's shadow dressed in a white shirt who vanishes as quickly as he appears.

699 Main Avenue, Durango, CO 81301

Delaware Hotel, Leadville

Built in 1886, the Delaware Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in not just Colorado but all of the U.S .

Located in America's highest incorporated city, Leadville, and surrounded by the splendid Rockies, it offers a beautiful setting and a lot of history. People reported seeing the apparition of a woman named Mary Coffey, who used to live here with her husband in 1899, tragically shot her in the back in a jealous rage. She lived for a few days before succumbing to her wounds and has haunted the hotel's halls ever since.

700 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, CO 80461

Brown Palace Hotel And Spa, Denver

Regarding luxurious accommodations in Colorado , the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa has always been at the top of the list. It has hosted countless presidents and celebrities, but it's also said to be home to several spirits. Staff and guests reported many unexplained activities throughout the years, including unexpected musical performances heard and seen and an elegantly dressed musician who vanished the moment the witness turned his back around in the San Marco Room, where guests used to enjoy concerto.

321 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202

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Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs

Over the years, guests and staff at Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs have reported many bizarre events. People could hear a woman's screams throughout the hotel, believed to be that of a chambermaid her lover killed. The room where she was murdered has since been turned into a storage area due to the many weird occurrences. The third floor also hosts the most mysterious activities, like lights on and off, televisions changing channels on their own, apparitions, and more. Moreover, most often in the early mornings between 2 am and 4 am, guests notice elevators moving from floor to floor with no one inside or smell cigar smoke through the halls, though no one is smoking.

526 Pine Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

One Of The Creepiest Bed And Breakfasts In The World Is Right Here In Colorado

haunted b&b colorado

Annie is a freelance writer, content editor, and marketing whiz with a background in broadcasting and a passion for chicken nachos.

More by this Author

As local travel experts, we know what travelers are looking for when it comes to finding the perfect accommodations for their next trip. To compile our lists, we scour the internet to find properties with excellent ratings and reviews, desirable amenities, nearby attractions, and that something special that makes a destination worthy of traveling for.

Colorado is known for having countless historic accommodations that range from low-key all the way to super posh. What you may not realize about Colorado, however, is that in addition to having historic hotels and inns, we also have a historic and haunted bed and breakfast, the Hand Hotel in Fairplay CO , that the faint of heart should avoid at all costs:

haunted b&b colorado

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haunted b&b colorado

Have you ever stayed at the Hand Hotel? If so, we’d love to hear all about your experience in the comments! Do you know of any other haunted hotels in Colorado besides the Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast? Nominate them for a chance to see them featured in an upcoming article!

For even more Colorado frights, learn about this haunted Colorado road — if you dare!

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Haunted hotels in colorado & related info.

Are there any other haunted hotels in Colorado besides the Hand Hotel?

The most haunted hotels in Colorado include:

  • The Stanley Hotel , Estes Park

Located about five miles from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, the infamous Stanley Hotel served as inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's acclaimed 1977 novel,  The Shining, as well as the 1980 film adaptation. The hotel's hauntings are not only fictional - reports of paranormal activity date back to the 1970s.

  • Brown Palace Hotel , Denver

One of the oldest hotels in Denver, the Brown Palace opened in 1892. Alleged paranormal activity within the hotel includes phone calls from vacant rooms, disembodied voices, and sightings of an apparition of an old train conductor.

  • St. Cloud Hotel , Canon City

In the small town of Canon City, the St. Cloud Hotel is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of rambunctious children who enjoy playing pranks on guests and staff members.

  • Imperial Hotel , Cripple Creek

Now closed, the Imperial Hotel was constructed in 1896 and became infamous after the owner, George Long, died under suspicious circumstances. It is rumored that his spirit remained in the hotel and began harassing guests.

What are some of the most haunted places in Colorado (aside from hotels?) 

Some of the most haunted places in Colorado are:

  • The town of Blackhawk

Ghost sightings in Blackhawk have occurred all over town, including at casinos, hotels, and cemeteries.

  • Fitzsimons Army Hospital , Aurora

This abandoned hospital is said to be haunted by the spirits of deceased military members.

  • Cheesman Park , Denver

Cheesman Park was built on top of a cemetery, which explains why it is rumored to be haunted.

  • The Molly Brown House , Denver

A historic house museum, this iconic landmark has been the sight of strange happenings such as pianos playing by themselves, the scent of cigar smoke wafting through the air, and apparition sightings.

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Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast in Fairplay, Colorado

Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast – Fairplay

High in the Colorado Mountains, the Hand Hotel Bed and Breakfast overlooks the South Platte River on the edge of Fairplay. This rustic wood-paneled building is home to 11 country-style rooms with haunting ties and recorded phenomena.

Guests have access to an open deck and can relax in front of the lobby fireplace.

The rooms have been named after local South Park and Fairplay legends, such as Trapper, Outlaw, Silverheels, and Mattie Silk. Each room has a distinct personality and a private bath, but no TV. A complimentary continental breakfast buffet is served in the sunroom each morning.

Check prices, availability or book 719-836-3595

Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast in Fairplay, Colorado

Address: 531 Front St, Fairplay , CO 80440

Phone: 719-836-3595

Type: Bed and breakfast

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Haunted Hotels in Colorado

Historical haunted hotels in colorado, the haunted hotels list, the stanley hotel, hotel jerome, victor hotel, patterson inn, hand hotel b&b, hotel st. cloud, hotel colorado, glenwood springs, brown palace.

by Emily Krempholtz

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Totally Haunted! - Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

  • United States    
  • Colorado (CO)    
  • Denver    
  • Denver B&Bs / Inns    
  • Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

Totally Haunted!

I love this place! It's truly a historic B&B with ghosts and all. It's featured in "Colorado's Most Haunted, A Ghostly Guide to the Rocky Mountain State." Check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed!!

  • Sleep Quality
  • Cleanliness

haunted b&b colorado

  • Visit hotel website

haunted b&b colorado

  • Free parking

haunted b&b colorado

My husband and I try to get away each year to celebrate our anniversary to a B&B in the mountains....but saw the Living Social special and decided to save the gas money and stay in Denver since we live in the burbs and don't get downtown much. The owner was quick to respond to my emails to book our room and I loved that there were no surprises or hidden fees (I sometimes am leery of those "too good to be true" discount specials!) We started the day with lunch and sightseeing on the 16th street mall then checked into our room around 4. I LOVE old style architecture and decor and was not disappointed! The Inn is beautiful! Right down to the creaking floors! This is an old house so of course it is going to look weathered and worn - if you don't like that style then you will probably not be happy. We stayed in the Honeymoon Suite. It was amazing! The bed was beautiful and comfortable, the room was clean and organized, the jacuzzi tub was so relaxing, and the HUGE flat screen TV and complimentary ipad were nice touches! We attended the Shakespear Murder Mystery Dinner. It was hilarious! But I have to admit that at first I wasn't sure if it was something I was going to like and I almost suggested to my husband that we skip out and go relax in our room. So glad we stayed because it was so much fun! We always do the same old date night - dinner and a movie - and it was so fun to do something new and different! The food was yummy and the actors were the best. They had a young man taking pics throughout the evening - which I assumed you would have to pay for after - but was pleasantly surprised to learn they post them online for free for you to download! Most places will squeeze a buck out of you anyway they can so was impressed to see they made the pics available at no charge. The next morning we had breakfast in our room - delicious warm muffins and fresh fruit - and then headed downstairs for a couples massage. We had a chance to chat with Walter and another couple that were eating breakfast. I love meeting new people and enjoyed hearing about the Inn's history from Walter who was happy to chat and answer any of our questions. The couples massage was a great end to a perfect getaway! Thank you Walter for a wonderful experience!

This place was very cool. Every room is very different and the whole place just feels like a warm cozy mansion. The magic cabaret show w/ Dave Elsten was a blast. Highly recommended.

Wow! What a great long weekend we just had at the Lumber Baron. My wife and I came in on Friday the 16th from our skiing vacation, and wanted to go to the St. Patricks Day parade in Denver and experience the Casino & Mystery Dinner Theatre they have. The owners Walter and Julie made us feel like it was home. We had a very nice room called Colonel Lincoln, and we got to see all the rooms before we left. They are all unique and have plenty of character, and the honeymoon suite is one for a anniversary weekend and another option is the valentine suite. You can see pictures, and hear about how Walter took this condemned old house in the early 90’s, and turned it into such a gem of a place, bringing out the old historic times with his wife Julie helping with the furnishings. The breakfast can be provided even in your room if you like, was raisin bread French toast with cream cheese with plenty of fruit and the next day they gave us egg soufflé with bacon, fruit, and muffins. We made our way to a local restaurant that was easy to walk to on Friday night, and had dinner outside with people from the local Highland neighborhood. There seemed to be plenty of places to walk to for dinner or a drink, so you don’t have to drive. We got help from Julie and made our way by bus to the parade downtown on Saturday. What a fun time we had without the hassle of driving and traffic. Downtown is close with plenty to see and do, plus sporty events are close by even if you want to drive. The Casino & Mystery Dinner Theatre was so much fun, and my wife and I both got to play along with the really good cast of actors. I would highly recommend local’s in Denver to experience the Lumber Baron’s unique B&B experience and the variety of shows that Walter and Julie put on. Life’s to short, so go experience the Lumber Baron, its one you will remember for a lifetime. Mike and Agnes from Dallas, TX.

When we first got married years ago, we stayed a night at the Lumber Baron Inn and attended the Lannie Garret concert in their ballroom. The concert was entertaining but the food left a lot to be desired. However, the room was beautiful and the service was great. It was a cherished memory. We recommended it to friends and always wanted to go back. If the story ended there, then I would have given it 5 stars! Since then we have moved out of state, had two kids, and recently moved back to Colorado. Two days ago, the Lumber Baron Inn did a Living Social voucher that included either the Anniversary, Valentine, or Honeymoon Suite, an hour couples massage, and breakfast for $200. I thought what a great deal! This was the perfect chance to go back! We just had a baby 6 months ago and we really needed to get away! The voucher was good until Sept. 21, so it gave us the summer to get the baby weened, so it could be just the two of us! So I bought the Living Social, followed the voucher's instructions to redeem, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the room and date I wanted (Sept. 1) were available on the Lumber Baron website. I submitted the request. Within a few minutes the owner, Walter, responded with an email saying: "Got your reservation request, but we don't book more than one or two months out." I thought that was weird since it showed available on their website and nothing on the Living Social stated any booking stipulations. So I emailed him back explaining that we wanted to insure we got the date and room and were afraid that waiting until the middle of summer to book that it might be unavailable. Here's what he wrote me word for word: "I wish I could say yes to your request, but it doesn't work exactly like clockwork in regards to dates becoming available for shows. Throughout the year we get lots of requests for total buy-out nights (I'm working on one for June right now for instance) where folks take all the tickets and sometimes all the rooms too. Those events generally book more than four-six weeks out. As a result, we generally book single room nights and pairs of tickets within that 4-6 week period prior to the date. As for having dates available in September, I'm sure there will be plenty of chance to book as the summer rolls on and it's a good idea to start looking as soon as July. Talk to you then..." I was a bit baffled. Obviously this guy has never heard the proverb, "a bird in hand is worth more..." Basically he was hoping to book all those rooms and the weekend dates with events and guests paying full price! Then if there was any unbooked within 4-6 weeks, which is really considered last minute, he would be more than happy to reserve the room for anyone that had purchased the Living Social deal. I don't know why this guy is doing Living Social deals! If he can rent the rooms out without a special deal, then why do a Living Social? Living Social is advertising to either attract new customers or to get previous customers to come back. If he wants to be so selective about when you can book, then why not state that in the fine print of the Living Social voucher? Is it because it would then reduce the number of people that would purchase a voucher? It seems that Walter wants the best of both worlds: he wants to book as much as he can at full price and then whatever is left over, he wants to book at the special price. I returned my voucher and got my $200 back. I don't support business that are only concerned with how everything affects them. What about customer's schedules? With two kids and jobs, our only chance to getaway is on the weekends. The chance that the Honeymoon Suite would be available over Labor Day weekend was about nil. I would have been forced to either let my Living Social voucher expire, which then I'm out $200, or rearrange my schedule to use it on a weeknight since that's what would be "available" come 4-6 weeks out from September. In fact, Walter has tarnished a cherished memory! I will never attend his Lumber Baron Inn again and anyone considering staying here should know that this establishment does NOT value you as a guest! It only sees you as a dollar sign! If you need another reason, last night I went back on the Lumber baron website to see what dates were available on the reservation list and he has blocked out every weekend May through October. Must have gotten quite a number of calls from people with Living Social vouchers! If they were smart, they returned theirs as well!

Let me first apologize for not meeting your expectation in communicating to your about our policies in regard to booking weekend dates into the future with or without vouchers. My attempt at giving you a quick, but short response simply fell short. Clearly I did such a poor job that it prompted you to spend a good deal of time writing a lengthy review on Trip Advisor. Thank you- too often customers are silent with their concerns. Of course my fear is that any further explanation could simply make matters worse as your review of one star reveals just how frustrating the process must have been for you. I'm so sorry for that and can assure you that we have had lots of great experiences with folks who purchased discount vouchers over the years. However, I'd like to respond since you've chosen to take the issue public and my name and reputation are at stake. Booking weekend dates: Having kept our preservation project known as the Lumber Baron a contributing member of the community for nearly 20 years has provided many lessons in business. As you know, the Lumber Baron Inn is unique in the marketplace- no other facility in Denver successfully hosts dozens of weddings, over 100 murder mystery dinners while hosting overnight guests in grand B&B fashion- points that align with the positive comments you made in the first part of your review. To stay in business and keep the preservation project alive, we've had to make choices about when we release our rooms for booking. We don't rent weekend rooms more than about two months out because we've found that such reservations can conflict with the successful booking of large events like weddings for instance. By about 60 days out, most weddings have already booked and this is also the window in which the vast majority of folks looking for a murder mystery dinner/overnight room package plan their night out. You're right when you say we're concerned about the bottom line-but we're in this business because we love people and we love the chance to please our guests. Your objection to our policy however I don't think takes into account the unique challenges we have in providing a variety of services to wide market of theater-goers, brides & grooms, and overnight guests. So the policy has nothing to do with the Living Social voucher redemption. I didn't consider putting this in the "fine print" as you suggested because in 18 years I very rarely get a reservation request like yours- six months into the future. Your request is very much the exception. I would hope you could consider these factors in fairness. Ma & Pa vs. Big Box Hotels: The Lumber Baron Inn has four B&B rooms perfect for a night away, as you pointed out. But that's only four- we're the smallest B&B in Denver. Unlike the big box hotels where literally dozens or even hundreds of rooms go unsold frequently all to provide greater flexibility to the large, faceless corporations that manage the nationwide or even global chains, our four rooms simply don't provide enough wiggle room. Speaking of big- these new electronic coupon hawkers, or deal carriers, are in most of the cases are making better margins than the small business merchants themselves. Stories abound about ma & pa businesses driven under by the deep discounts demanded by this new social media. And as for Pa, well me, you got an email from him/me directly and promptly when you had a problem. That's certainly a sign that I care about you, your concern, and all my customers. I also realize that even though the Lumber Baron may be among the smallest lodging facilities in Denver, we have to play by the same rules as the biggest resorts so long as we're able to do so. Another chance: I'm so confident that we can deliver you another five star experience, that I would hope you would give us another chance. With the new baby it sounds like you need a getaway and we'd like to be your destination. Because I pride being fair with the policy, I can't book your September date until about 60 days out, but if you'd like to visit sooner, we've got several weekend dates coming up. Thank you for taking the time! Walter Keller owner & Innkeeper Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens

Attended last week show at the Lumber Baron Inn with my girlfriend and we laughed our heads off. The show is so unique and funny!! My girlfriend and I love murder mysteries and have seen all the others in town and this is by far the best. It is the only one, (that we have seen anyway) that uses live original music!! How cool. And the way the actors work and play with the audience gives everyone a chance to have their moment. The food is so good i would almost go back for the flank steak (which I had seconds). I run a small business and am already planning to bring my employees and their spouses to a show in June. What can I say the Lumber Baron rocks!!

Thanks Jim- we love to hear the positive feedback from folks that visit the Lumber Baron for our Comedy Mystery Dinners. I'll give our in-house chef your compliments on the flank steak- don't forget that we change our menu monthly to take advantage of in-season favorites and add some diversity for our return guests. Thanks again Jim!

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The 12 Most Haunted Hotels in Colorado

Amidst the stunning landscape of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado’s most haunted hotels hold spine-chilling secrets waiting to be discovered. These eerie establishments blur the line between the living and the dead, offering an unforgettable experience for the brave-hearted.

In this thrilling journey, we’ll explore the 12 most haunted hotels in Colorado, each with their own ghostly stories to share. From historic grandeur to intimate charm, these haunted hideaways offer a chilling twist to Colorado’s hospitality. Are you ready to check in and uncover the mysteries that lie within?

1. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

First on our journey through Colorado’s haunted hotels, is the infamous Stanley Hotel.

Not only is the Stanley Hotel one of the most haunted places in Colorado , but it is quite possibly one of the most infamous hotels in the entire world. Why? To put it simply, this is the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s creepy novel The Shining!

The most commonly reported spirits at the hotel are former owner F.O. Stanley and his wife Flora. Flora is often seen or heard playing the piano in the ballroom, which was a gift from her husband.

Lights turn on and off, phantom footsteps, and disembodied voices are all common occurrences. There are also many child ghosts said to be haunting the hotel. Rooms 407 and 418 are particular hotspots.

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2. The Oxford Hotel, Denver

The Oxford Hotel, Denver

The Oxford Hotel in Denver was built in 1891 at the height of the silver boom. It was designed by the same man responsible for The Brown Palace Hotel, which we will look at later.

One of the ghosts said to haunt the hotel is a male postal worker who often drops in and orders a drink.

There is also a tragic haunting linked to room number 320, where a young woman was allegedly murdered by her husband after he caught her there with her lover.

She is believed to have been captured in photographs in that particular room.

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3. The Victor Hotel, Victor

Haunted Victor Hotel CO

One of many historic mining towns in Colorado, Victor, is among the towns with the highest elevation. It’s that high the city struggled to bury their dead between October and June as the ground was completely frozen solid.

As a solution, the town used several buildings to house the dead, and one of the largest ones was the Victor Hotel. Bodies were stored on the hotel’s fourth floor until the ground had thawed enough.

The spirits of these long-dead Victor residents haunt the Victor Hotel today. Guests and staff members have witnessed full-bodied apparitions on the fourth floor, wandering throughout the hallway and rooms.

More reports include sightings of both doctors and patients, sometimes appearing disfigured or missing limbs. On one occasion, a headless spirit was seen standing at the end of the hallway.

In other areas of the hotel, people may experience disembodied footsteps accompanied by unexplainable rushes of cold air.

4. Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs

Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs

Over the years, many reports of paranormal activity at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs have been reported. Most of the strange occurrences happen between 2 am, and 4 am.

The elevators have a habit of moving between floors by themselves, and there is often a strong cigar smoke smell with no explanation for why it is there!

The Devereaux Dining Room is where many people have smelled perfume and heard the sound of dishes being moved around.

Many guests and employees have reported seeing a young girl in Victorian-style clothing playing with a ball.

Finally, and perhaps most chilling, guests often report disembodied screaming, attributed to a chambermaid who was murdered in the hotel while involved in a love triangle.

Overall, it seems to be the third floor that serves as a focal point for paranormal activity.

5. Hotel Jerome, Aspen

Hotel Jerome, Aspen

Some locals refer to Aspen’s Hotel Jerome by another name entirely – the ‘Bad Luck Hotel.’ This is because of the unusually high volume of deaths and other tragedies that seem to have occurred at this hotel.

Many guests throughout the hotel’s history have checked in and never managed to check out.

There have been drownings, accidental deaths, and murders in the hotel, and as a result, many spirits are still roaming the halls – even pitching in with some of the chores!

One drowned spirit can even be seen in the pool on occasion!

6. Brown Palace Hotel, Denver

Brown Palace Hotel, Denver

The Brown Palace Hotel is the second oldest operational hotel in Denver, so it is no great surprise that it is also famous for being haunted!

Since the hotel opened its doors for the first time back in 1892, it has never been closed even a single day.

Until 1985, several people took up permanent residence in the apartments on the upper floor, and one of those residents has become the hotel’s most famous ghost story.

The lady named Louise Crawford Hill was an influential part of Denver’s society, and she spent 15 years living in the Brown Palace Hotel.

However, her life also knew great sadness. Shortly after the historic tours began at the hotel, some of her stories were told, and it is believed her spirit became upset and started to cause strange disturbances.

The front desk began receiving calls from her room despite no telephone line present.

Guests also report strange noises and disembodied voices! Other ghosts said to haunt the hotel include those involved with one of Denver’s most high-profile murders, which took place in 1911.

Frank Henwood murdered Tony Von Phul and an innocent bystander, George Copeland, over their love of one Isabel Springer, a local politician’s wife!

7. Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Fairplay

Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast, Fairplay

If you are searching for haunted accommodation in Colorado, you cannot go wrong with the Hand Hotel Bed & Breakfast in Fairplay. The hotel has 11 rooms, and each one of them has its own ghost story to tell!

This is a regular spot for paranormal investigators, and apparently, the activity level is off the charts!

There is a mix of benevolent and malevolent spirits in this particular property, with the stories ranging from a pair of mischievous twin girls hanging out in the kitchens to a demonic dog terrorizing the basement!

One of the most common sightings is Grandma Hand, who haunts the room named for her. Guests know that Grandma is home when her chair starts to rock back and forth all by itself!

8. Hotel Teatro, Denver

Hotel Teatro, Denver

Hotel Teatro occupies what was once the old Denver Tramway Building built back in 1911. In 1997, the old building was transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel.

During these renovations, the first reports of paranormal activity began to surface! The construction crews working on the new hotel started to experience various strange things, including disembodied voices.

The most commonly sighted spirit at the Hotel Teatro is a mechanic who is seen walking the halls carrying his tools – earning him the nickname ‘the tool man.’

He is believed to be one of the mechanics who worked on the railcars in the basement while the Tramway was still in operation. He died on the job in an accident and is now tied to the building in death. [Book a Room]

9. Black Monarch Hotel, Victor

The Black Monarch Hotel in Victor, Colorado

Located in the picturesque mining town of Victor, Colorado, the Black Monarch Hotel is a historic building that’s been around since the gold rush in the late 1800s.

The Monarch, as it was originally known, was a brothel, casino, and saloon. The place was frequented by the wealthy gentlemen in the mining industry, mostly from big corporations.

During a barfight in the late 1800s, the saloon’s barkeep was shot and killed. He’s believed to be one of many spirits still said to haunt the property.

Passers-by will often see the white figure of a woman looking at them from one of the upstairs windows, even when the place is empty. Her apparition is just one of many one-time bordello workers said to haunt the building.

Expect to hear unexplained noises and disembodied footsteps in the dead of night, too.

If you’re looking for ghosts, Victor is the perfect town to visit, with many ghost sightings all over town.

10. The Patterson Inn, Denver

Haunted Patterson Inn

The Patterson Inn is a brownstone mansion in the heart of Capitol Hill. It was built in 1890 by Colorado Senator Thomas B. Croke, who lived there until 1893, when it was sold to another prominent politician, Thomas M. Patterson.

The house went on to be the family home of Thomas M. Patterson. His family stayed in the home for multiple decades before transferring ownership. The building, which has served as everything from a radio station to a dance studio, has a history of paranormal activity and bizarre occurrences.

The home remained in the hands of the Patterson family for multiple decades, and it’s believed Thomas Patterson himself still wanders throughout the building.

It wasn’t until the 1970s when construction work started, that paranormal activity started ramping up. During renovations, two guard dogs were left overnight at the mansion, then found dead, having jumped from a three-story window to their deaths.

Workmen would leave, having done work for the day, only to return the morning after to see it had been undone.

Phantom footsteps, bangs on walls, disembodied footsteps, and even the sounds of babies crying are all commonplace at the Patterson Inn.

One of the oldest buildings in Denver, you’ll come for the history and stay for the ghosts. [ BOOK A ROOM ]

11. Goldminer Hotel, Nederland

goldminer hotel nederland co

In the quaint town of Nederland, nestled amidst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, there’s an old hotel with an air of mystery that sends shivers down your spine. The Goldminer Hotel, built in 1897, seems to have held on to more than just its nostalgic charm and stunning night skies.

Some say the spirits of former guests still roam its creaky halls, unable to let go of their love for this hauntingly enchanting abode.

Imagine a woman getting ready for bed, her heart racing as she senses the unsettling gaze of a “female entity” lurking in the shadows. She’s not the only one to encounter the eerie presence that’s said to watch over the Goldminer.

A plumber, once skeptical of the supernatural, found himself facing a ghostly challenge. He’d turn off the water in the basement, only to find it mysteriously flowing upstairs again.

After the third nerve-wracking incident, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “OK, I believe now! Let me finish and get out of here!”

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12. Delaware Hotel, Leadville

Delaware Hotel in Leadville CO

In the historic mining town of Leadville, the Delaware Hotel stands as a testament to the opulence of a bygone era. Built in 1886, this grand establishment once housed luxurious rooms and offices on its upper floors, while the sidewalk level bustled with thriving storefronts.

However, beneath its lavish facade lies a chilling tale that echoes through the haunted hallways.

Mary Coffey, a tragic figure from the hotel’s past, is said to wander the Delaware’s corridors. In 1899, her jealous husband shot her in the back while they were renting a room there.

Mary fought for her life for several days before ultimately succumbing to her wounds. Her restless spirit now lingers, a chilling reminder of the hotel’s sinister history.

Roger Pretti, author of “Lost Between Heaven & Leadville: Specters, Spooks, and Shades of the Departed in a Colorado Silver Camp,” affirms that the Delaware Hotel is rife with paranormal activity.

As you step into its haunted halls, you can’t help but feel a shiver of anticipation, wondering if you might catch a glimpse of Mary or the other specters that call this eerie establishment home.

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haunted b&b colorado


Spirited Tales and Haunting Stories

A Playful Haunting at the Hand Hotel B&B

A Playful Haunting at the Hand Hotel B&B

' src=

High up in the Rocky Mountains, continuing the legacy of mining and mountain life, a small bed and breakfast sits on the main street of Fairplay, Colorado. The structure is unassuming, with a vintage flair to the architecture. It looks like it could have stepped out of any western film, ready to take overnight guests like cowboys, miners, and trappers. The two story building has seen decades of history pass before its facade, including a fire in the 1920s that destroyed the original hotel. Today we explore the haunting of the Hand Hotel B&B. 

haunted b&b colorado

A rustic build gives the B&B a quality that makes it look a step out of time. With 11 rooms in the small hotel, each room is themed and cared for, waiting for guests to rest their heads. However, some of the residents of the hotel are not at rest, restless in the afterlife. Like many towns in Colorado, the establishment of the town of Fairplay was influenced by the discovery of gold in the region. The area had long been a summering location for the local Ute tribe, and the trappers that traded with them. After the discovery of gold, however, the camps began to pop up all over the side of the mountains. The Hand Hotel was one of the first permanent structures to go up in the town as a hostelry, taking in miners and other guests during the early 1900s. 

Next to the hotel is a bit of town lore and love for a hard working animal. A burro named Prunes was a constant mainstay in the town’s mining history, working in the mines and coming to town with his owner for over 60 years. When he became too old to work in the mines, he became a bit of a town pet, before his death. The town erected a monument to the faithful animal and every year “Burro Days” begins at the monument to Prunes, where his loving owner was also reportedly buried, next to his companion. 

haunted b&b colorado

A fire in 1920 wiped most of the town from the map, but industrious settlers rebuilt and overcame the flames. Within a few years, the newly rebuilt Hand Hotel reopened in 1931. Since then, it’s been providing hospitality and warm beds for weary travelers. The hotel, however, doesn’t just house the living- in fact, staff claim that every single room in the B&B contains a spirit- That’s 11 rooms in all, each with their own uninvited guest. 

Full bodied apparitions have been reported all over the building, with one employee saying a woman appears on the second floor often, but disappears when she double-takes. It’s reported that Grandma Hand, from the Hand family that founded the hotel, can be heard keeping herself busy all over the hotel, making sure the rooms are up to her standards. Still more spirits that remain at the Hand are two young girls that cause mischief all over the building, often being seen playing on the stairs or clanging pots and pans in the kitchen. 

haunted b&b colorado

One story from the proprietor of the hotel tells of the girls turning off a heavy pilot knob in the kitchen in the middle of breakfast. When the owner went to repair the grill, she found frayed wiring that was a fire hazard. She believes that the girls did what they could to prevent a catastrophe. Another story tells of the owner, Pat, taking a friend to see the second floor. She encountered an older man, pushing a cart and told the woman to let him know if she needed anything. However, there were no staff in the hotel at the time, and the man, known as Ben, had been a previous caretaker of the hotel— over 50 years prior. Another guest asked how to gain an invite to the party occurring on the third floor. There is no third floor of the hotel, the sounds of a celebration came through the ceiling with ghosts having their own soiree being the only explanation. 

The most playful of the ghosts, however, is the ghost dog that still plays and runs on the premises. Two little girls once reported enjoying playing with the puppy in the basement before being informed that there were no dogs in the hotel at all. Many similar sightings have been reported, with guests inquiring about who was keeping the dog at the hotel. Barks in the night and sheets being pulled from beds are attributed to this playful canine. 

haunted b&b colorado

Sights, smells, sounds and more keep the Hand Hotel Bed and Breakfast at the top of anyone’s paranormal “to visit,” list (Including mine.) 11 chances to see a spirit keep the hotel as bustling and busy as the days past– not all of the guests are still alive, however. The proprietors are insistent that the ghosts in their establishment would never hurt a guest and no senses of malice have been reported. So if you’re not a fan of the paranormal, you will still have a great time. If you want to visit, be ready for a trek through the mountains and back in time to the wild west days. And keep your eyes peeled for a friendly ghost dog that wants scratches behind the ear. 

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haunted b&b colorado

Born in Death Valley and raised on the prairie, Deborah is a Wyoming-based paranormal researcher and a senior at the University of Wyoming, studying Communication. Her interests lie in folklore, history, rhetorical analysis and research. With an obvious love for ghost stories, frequently those interests combine with her work on Ghostlandia.

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haunted b&b colorado

Aspen Historical Society

Ashcroft Ghost Town

haunted b&b colorado

Location: 11 miles up Castle Creek Rd. from the roundabout at the west entrance to Aspen

Hours: Self-guided and honor system admission (admission payment dropbox located on welcome sign)

Admission: $5 adult / children 18 and under free (must be accompanied by an adult) Free for active military personnel

Ashcroft is a dog-free area, please leave your pets at home.

haunted b&b colorado

About the Ghost Town: Located eleven miles up Castle Creek Road among spectacular alpine meadows at the storied headwaters of Castle Creek, the former silver mining ghost town features the restored remains of several historical buildings, including a saloon, post office, and hotel. Docents (during open hours) and interpretive signage tell the stories of the boom town that once rivaled Aspen.

Site History: In the spring of 1880, prospectors Charles B. Culver and W. F. Coxhead left the boomtown of Leadville to search for silver deposits in the Castle Creek Valley. After vigorously promoting their findings back in Leadville, Coxhead returned to find 23 more prospectors had joined “Crazy Culver” in the camp they named Castle Forks City. They formed a Miner’s Protective Association, built a court house, and laid out the streets in only two weeks. Each of the Association’s 97 members paid $5—or one day’s work and $1—to draw for building lots. By 1883, the camp, now called Ashcroft, was a town with a population of perhaps 2,000 with two newspapers, a school, sawmills, a small smelter, and 20 saloons—bigger than Aspen and closer to the railroad in Crested Butte.

As quickly as it boomed, Ashcroft went bust. The mines, which initially produced an amazing 14,000 ounces of silver to the ton, were just shallow deposits. Promised rail links to Crested Butte never materialized. Major strikes in Aspen, already the county seat, lured away investors and workers. By 1885 there were just 100 summer residents and $5.60 in the town’s coffers.

Only a handful of aging, single men made Ashcroft their home by the turn of the century. They all owned mining claims, but spent their time hunting, fishing, reading and drinking in Dan McArthur’s bar. They told stories in exchange for drinks and served as an informal employment service, matching sporadic work at the remaining mines above Ashcroft with an unstable work force. Every four years they elected municipal officers from among themselves. “Judge” Jack Leahy—who died in 1939—was the last of the original citizens. He cultivated a reputation as a scholar and legal expert and wrote long, melodramatic poetry. Historian Jon Coleman calls these men “prospectors with dismal prospects, boosters with nothing to promote, and town fathers with no children.”

In the 1930s there was a new flurry of interest in Ashcroft, this time by international sportsman Ted Ryan and his partner Billy Fiske, captain of America’s gold medal Olympic bobsled team. They built the Highland-Bavarian Lodge (north of Ashcroft on Castle Creek Road) and planned a European-style ski resort in Ashcroft with an aerial tramway up Mount Hayden. World War II put an end to their plans. Fiske died in combat and Ryan leased Ashcroft to the army for $1 a year. The 10th Mountain Division, America’s soldiers on skis, used Ashcroft for mountaineering training in the summer of 1942.

After the war, ski area development moved to Aspen, and Ryan later deeded the site to the United States Forest Service. In 1948, Stuart Mace, a veteran of W.W.II and commander of a canine division, brought his family and dog sled operation to Ashcroft. Mace and his Toklat huskies were featured in the popular 1950s TV series Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. The ghost town was fitted with false fronts to create a Canadian set. Given use of five acres in exchange for caretaking on behalf of the Highland-Bavarian’s remaining holdings, Mace devoted the rest of his life to protecting the area from development and restoring the ecology.

In 1974, Mace was joined in that effort by Aspen Historical Society. Under the direction of Ramona Markalunas, Ashcroft became a National Register Historic Site, and Aspen Historical Society received the first USFS permit ever granted to a historical society to preserve and interpret a ghost town.

We gratefully acknowledge we gather on the land of the Uncompahgre band of the Ute Nation, or Nuche, past and present. We honor this land and the people who lived in harmony with the natural world for generations before their forced removal. We are committed to  sharing complete history   of the land,  recognizing  and partnering  with Native Peoples, and supporting the advancement of  N ative places and heritage. This calls us all to be better stewards of the land we inhabit and the natural resources we benefit from today.

The Blue Mirror Saloon This building (seen here to the left of the Blue Mirror Saloon, which has a roof), believe it or not, used to be a saloon. There were between 16 to 20 saloons in town at the high point of the boom which was around 1883.

The Post Office The post office is an original building in its original location. It is not, however, the original post office. If you look at early Ashcroft photographs, you’ll notice that the post office is a much larger building. As the town shrunk, so did the post office. They moved it from the large building to this smaller one which was easier to maintain.

Aspen Historical Society actively preserves and passionately presents local history in an inspired and provocative manner that will continue to anchor the community and its evolving character.

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  • Eye of the Archive: Entrance to Aspen, Gone to the Votes September 14, 2018
  • Eye of the Archive: One Cool Collection August 31, 2018

620 West Bleeker St. Aspen, Colorado 81611 Phone: 970.925.3721 Fax: 970.925.5347 Email: [email protected]

haunted b&b colorado

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haunted b&b colorado


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Creepyworld Screampark in Saint Louis/Fenton, Missouri

Creepyworld is America's Biggest Haunted Screampark with 13 Haunted Attractions in one location including THREE new attractions in 2023. Prepare for the all-new Slaughterhouse - Fright High and live Freakshow Stageshow. Creepyworld features multiple haunted houses, hayride, drive inn 666, scarezones, and much more. For all highlights and haunt information including ticket info: http://www... [ Read more ]

  • 10 Web reviews
  • 29 Youtube Videos
  • 262450 Profile Views

haunted b&b colorado


Find haunt near you, zoom over state below to find an attraction near you, most recent video colorado uploads.

haunted b&b colorado


haunted b&b colorado


Top 10 featured articles colorado.

Article Logo

Denver Colorado features one of the scariest and best haunted houses called Field of Screams.  Once you enter the Field of Screams in Denver Colorado you enter the scariest corn field in America!  What lies inside hte corn, what nightmare will become your reality?  Field of Screams located in Denver Colorado is an experience you may never survive!  Read the details here at Hauntworld.com


haunted b&b colorado


haunted b&b colorado

Find Haunted Houses

Find haunted hayrides, find pumpkin patches, find corn mazes, real haunted houses, escape rooms.

  • Haunted Houses – Find Real Haunted Houses, Explore Hauntings and Halloween Attractions
  • Paranormal Videos

Colorado Springs Colorado

Hearthstone inn, a rambunctious child spirit is a handful for the living., other entities get their chuckles in mild and surprising ways., description/history.

This 3 story, charming Victorian B & B Inn, is made up of two connected 1887 Victorian homes, offering 25 rooms for its guests. Whoever attached these two homes did a fabulous job! The old study, library and other rooms has been made into guest rooms, which are nicely decorated, and some have fireplaces.

One guest gave a review on tripadvisor.com and explained about their Study Bedroom. “We stayed in the ‘Study’ with a huge brass bed, fireplace, reading alcove and a separate “anti-room” for our two children. Cookies, and a wide assortment of beverages are served nightly in the large parlor and we enjoyed breakfast in the restaurant which is in the restored house next door (attached). This B&B is full of history and charm and a very welcome relief from cookie cutter hotel chains.”


Old homes often come with unseen residents.

The mischievous entity of the little girl, who must have been a handful when she was alive, causes most of the trouble around the inn.


Entity of little girl.

Staff and guests have seen a rambunctious apparition of a little girl who likes to run through both houses, laughing loudly, like any exuberant live child full of energy would do!

Pictures and decorations hung securely on the walls also have been known to lift off their hooks and propel themselves, flying into the room.

Items on shelves also are pushed or pulled off by an unseen presence.

Other Entities?

Other entities may be keeping her company!

In various rooms and areas in both houses, the living have reported feeling unexplained cold spots which cause goose bumps and sometime shivers.

These unknown entities (or entity) like to get their chuckles as well, sometimes doing things to surprise the living, with the effect of giving a fright but never in a threatening manner.


Someone’s little angel still resides in these two houses. She may have lost her way to the other side, but she is entertaining herself. Perhaps members of her family have stayed behind as well, or other entities attached to these homes may keep her company.

Haunted Times magazine is offering a series of seminars on hunting ghosts. The Hearthstone Inn in Colorado Springs is on the list.

“We teach people how to use their own cameras and video cameras to get results,” said senior editor Christopher Moon.

506 North Cascade Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 (616) 844-7176 * Toll-Free: (800) 521-1885

The Hearthstone Inn is within walking distance of downtown Colorado Springs, a wonderful bookstore and bakery, and the Colorado College.

Our Haunted Paranormal Stories are Written by Julie Carr

Your Paranormal Road Trip

Find a haunts across the country.

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haunted b&b colorado

Ghost Guide to Denver, Colorado's Most Haunted Places

Haunted hotels, spooky cemeteries, and eerie restaurants.

  • Featured Trip Guides
  • Ghost Guides

Created by Planet Weird - April 14th 2016

If you're looking to get spooky in the Mile High City, you've come to the right place. From haunted hotels to mysterious museums to restaurants filled with tales of restless spirits, this Ghost Guide to Denver, Colorado will have you hunting the city's ghosts before you can say "boo"!

Photo of The Lumber Baron Inn

2555 W 37th Ave, Denver, CO, US

The Lumber Baron Inn

Click to discover a great deal!

Once the home of John Mouat, Denver's most prolific lumber baron, the Lumber Baron Inn is now a luxury B&B that offers more than just gourmet breakfasts and Jacuzzi tubs - it offers brushes with the afterlife.

According to the Denver Post, the bodies of two murdered girls, Cara Knoche and Marianne Weaver, were discovered in the second-floor Valentine Room in 1970. The murders were never solved, and to this day, guests report sightings of the two restless souls during their stay.

While a visit from the resident ghosts isn't guaranteed, you can always sign up for Lumber Baron Inn's Casino Murder Mystery event, where you'll spend the evening trying to solve the (thankfully temporary) murder of one of your fellow guests.

Photo of The Buckhorn Exchange

1000 Osage St, Denver, CO, US

The Buckhorn Exchange

The Buckhorn Exchange, located smack dab in the middle of Denver's oldest neighborhood, is also the oldest steakhouse in the state, serving up food since 1893. It was also one of the very first fur trading posts in the area. With a long and rich past like that, it's bound to be haunted!

Visitors have reported everything from disembodied voices to phantom footsteps echoing through the building, and more than once, the waitstaff has witnessed chairs sliding away from tables on their own, as if a ghostly diner has just finished their meal.

Even if you don't run into any spirits at the Buckhorn Exchange, you can always bank on doing something really scary: trying their Rocky Mountain Oysters, a regional specialty made from bull testicles.

Photo of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO, US

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Located in the Rocky Mountain Foothills, most associate the incredible Red Rocks Amphitheater with memorable music acts, but as it turns out, the venue also has a reputation for being haunted.

Visitors have often seen a bearded prospector leaning over the "restricted" railings while drinking from an antique whisky bottle, but it's the headless woman that gets the real scares. Would-be vandals have reported that the decapitated lady patrols the area on horseback, wielding a bloody hatchet.

In 2009, a paranormal investigation into the amphitheater yielded some stunning evidence, including strange footage of a ball rolling uphill.

Photo of Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

987 Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO, US

Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

It's no surprise that the grave of Buffalo Bill himself would be home to tales of ghostly visitation, but it isn't just the legendary cowboy that's been spotted at the museum. Guests have been seeing the spirit of a woman in a dress, and those browsing the gift shop have even been startled by objects flying off the shelves.

Back in 2009, SyFy Channel's "Ghost Hunters" performed a paranormal investigation at the location, deciding that high electromagnetic fluctuations from the nearby cell phone towers might be heightening visitors' fears, so bring a tin-foil hat just in case.

Photo of Yak & Yeti Restaurant & Brewpub

7803 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO, US

Yak & Yeti Restaurant & Brewpub

When you've worked up an appetite from all that paranormal investigating, head to the Yak & Yeti, where you can chow down on some delicious Nepalese cuisine, and if you're lucky, even meet the restaurant's resident ghost.

Long before it was ever a dining establishment, a woman named Cora Van Voorhis took a deadly fall down the building's steps. Today, her ghost is still seen wandering the Yak & Yeti.

The paranormal activity has occurred so often that a team of ghost hunters was called in to investigate, verifying the claims with video footage of chairs moving on their own and recordings of disembodied voices.

Photo of Olde Town Arvada

W 57th Ave & Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO, US

Olde Town Arvada

Investigating haunted buildings is cool, but how about a whole haunted town? Olde Town Arvada was an old gold prospecting town in the mid-1800s, and it would seem that the ghosts of its past still linger in just about every building along its historic streets.

Speaking of history, the Arvada Historical Society provides a fantastic tour of he old downtown area, including the 1926 Arvada Flour Mill, where visitors have reported the ghostly visage of a woman in a white dress.

Photo of Hotel Teatro

1100 14th Street, Denver, CO, US

Hotel Teatro

Surrounded by culinary hotspots and high-end shopping, the Hotel Teatro is one of the hottest luxury hotels in downtown Denver... it's also super haunted.

When major renovations began on the building back in 1997, the construction crews began to hear strange voices coming from empty rooms, and the ghostly experiences have only gotten stranger since then.

Today, guests report sightings of the "tool man", a former mechanic who once worked on railcars in the building's basement. Since his tragic death during a work-related accident, he's been spotted, tools in hand, wandering the halls of the building.

Photo of Byers-Evans House Museum

1310 Bannock Street, Denver, CO, US

Byers-Evans House Museum

Once home to two of Denver's most prominent families, the Byers-Evans House is now a beautifully restored museum that provides a glimpse into life in the early 1900s, and if you're lucky, you might even get to meet the former residents.

While they don't publicly discuss their reputation as a haunted mansion, museum staff have long been witness to mysterious phenomena in historic building. Phantom voices, doors opening on their own, and even full-body apparitions are just a few of the things you might encounter on the $6 tour.

Photo of Oxford Hotel

1600 17th St., Denver, CO, US

Oxford Hotel

The Oxford Hotel officially opened the day after Prohibition ended in 1933, and it has seen countless guests check-in for nearly a century since, but it's the guests that never check out that have given the historic hotel its spooky reputation.

Tales of mysterious flickering lights, faucets running on their own, and guests locking themselves into their rooms are just a few of the unexplainable occurrences reported at the Oxford Hotel, but the most famous ghost story comes from Room 320, where Florence Montague shot and killed her lover in 1898, then turned the gun on herself.

Today, men who find themselves booked in room 320 report having their covers violently tugged away in the middle of the night.

Sweet dreams!

Photo of Colorado State Capitol

200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO, US

Colorado State Capitol

If you think politics are scary, you haven't seen anything yet. Visitors to the Colorado State Capitol Building often witness everything from the sounds of ghostly horses to restless spirits wandering the top floor.

Some witnesses say that a phantom nicknamed "Henry" can still be found guarding a secret stash of cash that's been reportedly hidden in the tunnels beneath the capitol.

Photo of Molly Brown House Museum

1340 Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO, US

Molly Brown House Museum

Remember the sassy, busty lady from the Titanic, the one played by Kathy Bates in the James Cameron movie? Well, believe it or not she was a real person! Though the movie is a little shaky with the factual details of her life, it does stay true to her personality. She was independent, out-spoken and, well, loud. She was known for constantly challenging the societal norms and, after surviving the Titanic's sinking, she became a bit of a celebrity. Her house in Denver was fully restored to its former glory (after being converted for different uses) and was opened to the public as a museum, The Molly Brown House Museum... and according to some, she's still hanging out there.

The ghostly phantoms of Molly Brown and her husband have often been seen wandering the museum, complete with the unmistakable smell of cigar smoke emanating from Mr. Brown's room... even though the museum is smoke-free.

Photo of Cheesman Park

1599 E 8th Ave, Denver, CO, US

Cheesman Park

You know how the film "Poltergeist" centers on a housing development that decides to build over top of an old cemetery, angering the spirits of the dead? Well, Cheesman Park is basically the real-life equivalent.

Located in central Denver, Cheesman Park is a former cemetery rumored to be home to nearly 2,000 angry ghosts whose graves were never moved during the park's development. Even as recently as 2008, road workers doing routine maintenance discovered human bones during their repairs.

Thanks to the poor treatment of the dead, park visitors are constantly reporting frightening encounters with apparitions, the overwhelming feeling of oppression, and even disembodied voices whispering "Get out!"

Photo of Lodo's Bar and Grill

8545 S Quebec St, Highlands Ranch, CO, US

Lodo's Bar and Grill

If you're looking to dine with the dead, you'll be well served by visiting Lodo's Bar and Grill, a Denver staple with a second floor that might scare even the most seasoned ghost hunters.

After a suicide occurred on the second floor, the building has been host to all sorts of strange phenomena, from elevators moving up and down with no one inside, the phantom smell of women's perfume, and dark figures spotted darting down the halls.

Dudes, you might have to sit this one out. The staff have come to discover that the second floor ladies room appears to be the source of the haunting, making this paranormal investigation one best-served by females.

Photo of Fairmount Cemetery

430 South Quebec Street, Denver, CO, US

Fairmount Cemetery

Founded in 1890, Fairmount Cemetery has earned a pretty great reputation with local ghost hunters as one of the most active locations in Denver, partially due to the fact that it became the new home for many of the disinterred bodies discovered at Cheesman Park.

The legendary haunt has seen dozens of paranormal investigation teams scope out the cemetery, only to find their equipment malfunctioning and their ghostly evidence erased from their recording devices. Spooky!

Reports of phantom vehicles, mysterious floating lights, and the occasional push by a pair of unseen hands are the usual tales here, but even if you don't meet a ghost, Fairmount Cemetery is worth the visit for its stunning architecture and beautiful location.

Photo of Riverside Cemetery

Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO, US

Riverside Cemetery

Despite the fact that it hasn't sold new plots for the better part of a decade, Riverside is one of the most-visited graveyards in Denver, a fact that's owed to its ghosts.

The oldest operating graveyard in Denver, Riverside Cemetery is the final resting place for 67,000 people, including many of the area's most fascinating citizens, like abolitionist Silas Soule and Jack the Strangler victim Kiku Oyama... and if you're lucky, you might get to meet some of them yourself.

For a special treat, visit Riverside Cemetery in October, when you can join on a guided Halloween tour that delves into the location's spookiest sightings.

Photo of The Brown Palace Hotel

321 17th St, Denver, CO, US

The Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace opened in 1892 and has the special distinction of having not closed down once ever since. It's served as a resting place for the Beatles, was raided during Prohibition, and even once housed a secret tunnel that led to a brothel. Today, paranormal investigators insist that The Brown Palace Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in Denver.

One of the most famous ghosts is the spirit of a socialite who lived in Room 904 from 1940 till 1955. When the hotel officially began a series of ghost tours, the tales of the woman's loss and heartbreak appeared to stir up all kinds of ghostly activity, including strange phone calls routed from room 904... even though it was empty.

Other ghosts include a former bellhop, a train conductor, and even a phantom band, complete with instruments!

Whether you're headed to Denver for a weekend road trip or a long-term paranormal investigation, the Mile High City has plenty to offer ghost enthusiasts eager for a brush with the afterlife. Just don't forget to bring your proton pack!

Planet Weird

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Ready to scream? 10 haunted houses to visit this season

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Colorado has a ton of haunted houses to visit each year. So gather up some friends and seek some scares…if you dare. Below is a roundup of some of the most chilling haunted houses (and more) that Colorful Colorado has to offer. Some are close to campus, while others may require some travel time. Regardless, you’re guaranteed to have a boo-tiful time.

3400 E. 52nd Ave., Denver $24.99–$99.99 The 13th Floor haunted house is named after the unlucky number 13. This year’s attractions are called, The Deadlands, Repossessed and Fairytale Nightmare. In the Deadlands, participants will find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world trying to uncover the truth of how a virus was released. During Repossessed, you will face Mara the Nun. Finally, in Fairytale Nightmare visitors face villains of the fairytale world. Additional activities include a bar, tarot reading, No Name's Curtain Chaos and more.

Horror Theatre Haunted House

4504 S Independence St., Denver Free admission If you’re tight on money this time of year, Horror Theatre Haunted House has you covered. You are allowed to enter free of charge (save for your soul). The theme of the attraction is a long forgotten movie theater, but you may just enter a horror film by mistake.

The Empty Grave

218 Kimbark St., Longmont $20–$50 Take an immersive walk through a haunted house. Lighting, animatronics, actors, special effects and more will be featured. The haunt is held at the abandoned Longmont Foods Co. processing plant. Here, it is rumored that the plant was processing something other than poultry.

Halloween events

Movie screenings, haunted halls, themed activities at the Rec and more—there are tons of options for celebrating Halloween and scoring free candy this month. Check out upcoming Halloween events for students .

Haunted Field of Screams

10451 McKat Road, Thornton $29.99–$39.99 The Haunted Field of Screams backs Riverdale Road, a famously haunted pathway in Thornton. This 40-acre corn field has plenty of uncharted territory to weave through. Watch out for what lurks in the shadows.

The Frightmare Compound

10798 Yukon St., Westminster $29.99–$59.99 per person The Frightmare Compound is Colorado’s oldest haunted house, and this year, they’re celebrating their 40th year of fright. When visiting the compound, you’ll find yourself wandering with no light guiding the way. With so much experience under their belt, The Frightmare Compound ensures a horrific experience.

World’s Scariest Haunted House

10500 W Bowles Ave., Littleton $23–$40 The World’s Scariest Haunted House is said to live up to its name. You may want to skip this one if you’re afraid of chainsaws. Don’t forget to snag this $3 off coupon .

301 Englewood Parkway, Englewood $25–$40 The Ritual, just south of Denver, will make you question reality. The experience begins in a rickety shack that leads to a gloomy swamp. It is said that previous victims lurk in the water, waiting to claim your soul.

Terror in the Corn

6728 County Road 3 1/4, Erie (Anderson Farms) $39–$130 While its not your average haunted house experience, Terror in the Corn may be even more frightening. In 2022, The Scare Factor rated it the best haunted house in Colorado and the third best in the nation.

Dark Side of The Abbey

3011 US-50, Cañon City $25–$40 The Dark Side of The Abbey is located in an abandoned monastery inside the grounds of the Holy Cross Abbey. Although it is a few hours away from Boulder, once you get there you will experience a thrilling, heart-racing time in a real-life monastery.

3021 N Hancock Ave., Colorado Springs $24–$64 If you’re up for a bit of a drive, HellScream provides a horrific, circus-themed experience. The house has been around for 15-plus years and has a story centered around a circus train crash, which took many lives.

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Colorado Has One Of The 'Most Haunted' Roads In America

Posted: October 18, 2023 | Last updated: October 18, 2023

The United States is a relatively young country, but that doesn't mean it has its fair share of urban legends and shocking histories. Most of these recountings focus on ghost towns , abandoned military outposts, creepy manors, and other fascinating locations.

Instead of visiting some haunted places, how about taking a drive down a legendary road? That's what RVTrader hopes to do with a recent list. The website compiled a roundup of the most haunted roads across America. The "cursed" paths featured on this list were organized by the four main regions: Northeast, South, Midwest, and West.

Colorado has a small-town road getting the spotlight: Riverdale Road in Thornton! Writers also revealed the urban legend behind this historic highway:

"Local drivers know to be wary when traveling the more rural stretches of Riverdale Road, along which legend says you can find chicken coops maintained by pagans who sacrifice the birds to summon unholy demons. Some of the coops are even supposedly underground, beneath the road itself. There are also stories of a Camaro driver who challenges others on the road to race, then attempts to run them off the road before abruptly disappearing."

Curious about the terrifying tales of other U.S. roads? Visit rvtrader.com for the full list .

Colorado Has One Of The 'Most Haunted' Roads In America

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Can Trump Legally Run For President After Jan. 6 Riot? Trial Moves Forward After Colorado Judge Refuses To Dismiss Case

Can Trump Legally Run For President After Jan. 6 Riot? Trial Moves Forward After Colorado Judge Refuses To Dismiss Case

You Can Visit All 3 Haunted Houses Featured In Netflix’s 28 Days Haunted

Book your stay now — if you dare.

Paranormal investigators Ray Causey, Amy Parks and Shane Pittman in '28 Days Haunted' on Netflix

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren have posited that the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds would weaken with 28 days of exposure. After all, that is the same number of days that the Lutz family remained in the notorious Amityville Horror house after experiencing a series of demonic disturbances. The Warrens’ theory serves as the basis of Netflix’s new reality series, 28 Days Haunted .

During the social experiment, three paranormal investigative teams — without any prior knowledge of their destinations — spend 28 days in three of America’s most haunted locations. What’s more, they’re cut off from the outside world, operating without phones, TV or radio, or even a camera crew. “This pushed me to my limits and beyond,” lead investigator Shane Pittman tweeted on Oct. 5.

The 28 Days Haunted teams — who were blindfolded during parts of their drives to the haunted houses — were taken separately to three locations in Denver, Colorado; Preston, Connecticut; and Madison, North Carolina. “There was no acting taking place,” investigator Aaron G. Thompson, who was part of the Connecticut crew, recently told Iowa and Illinois’ I-Rock 93.5, admitting he truly questioned if he’d ever leave the house alive.

If that’s not enough to scare you off, here are all the haunted sites the series visited — and how you can have your own supernatural experience.

Captain Grant’s Inn — Preston, Connecticut

Preston, Connecticut's Captain Grant's Inn, featured in '28 Days Haunted' on Netflix

Built in 1754, the Captain Grant’s Inn is situated in an area famous for its witch trials in the 1600s and early 1700s. The Connecticut home’s namesake was a 19th-century owner and sea captain who died on an expedition, leaving behind his pregnant wife, Mercy Adelaide, and their two children. “Although Mercy died in the 1800s, she continues to occupy the home, as does one of her children,” owner Carol Matsumoto wrote in her 2017 book, The Ghosts of Captain Grant’s Inn . “She says that she is still waiting for the captain to return.”

Now a bed and breakfast, the property welcomes visitors to rent rooms , with rates currently ranging from $169-$199 per night. That includes the Adelaide room, which Matsumoto says is the most haunted part of the house.

Lumber Baron Inn — Denver, Colorado‌

Denver, Colorado's Lumber Baron Inn, featured in '28 Days Haunted' on Netflix

According to the Denver Post , the Lumber Baron Inn is one of the most haunted houses in the world. That could be because, in 1970, two teens, Marrianne Weaver and Cara Lee Knoche, were killed in the building , which was built in 1890, and their murderer was never captured. Denver-based paranormal investigator Chris Moon — who said the property was the most active location he’s ever visited as a ghost hunter — told the newspaper that he’s made contact with Weaver and Knoche.

Not only is the historic Denver B&B open for visitors, but they also host weddings. Rooms currently range from $229 to $259 per night.

Madison Dry Goods — Madison, North Carolina

Madison Dry Goods in Madison, North Carolina, featured in '28 Days Haunted' on Netflix

On Christmas Day 1929, Charlie Lawson murdered his wife and six of his seven children before killing himself. All eight family members’ bodies were taken to be embalmed at the T.B. Knight Funeral Home, which is now the site of North Carolina’s Madison Dry Goods . First opened as a hotel in 1908, all the original hotel rooms remain, serving as a free museum of local and regional history, including the Lawson family murders. Current owner Richard Miller told Strange Carolinas that there are ghosts in the building, including a little girl.

“I’ve never seen her, but four people have seen her,” he said. “I was in here years ago and apparently she was looking out the window because the man wanted to know if my daughter was in here working with me. . . . One kid, about three years ago, grabbed his dad's arm and said, ‘I’m not going up there. There’s a little girl standing there.’ I’ve had a couple kids who won’t go down the hallway.”

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After 189 bodies were found in Colorado funeral home, evidence suggests families received fake ashes

Several families who sent loved ones to a Colorado funeral home where 189 decaying bodies were discovered fear they were given fake ashes

Black plastic covers fencing placed around the Return to Nature Funeral Home in Penrose, Colo., Monday, Oct. 16, 2023. The remains of at least 189 decaying bodies were found and removed from the Colorado funeral home, up from about 115 reported when the bodies were discovered two weeks ago, officials said Tuesday, Oct. 17. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A Colorado funeral home where 189 decaying bodies were discovered this month appears to have fabricated cremation records and may have given families fake ashes, according to information gathered by The Associated Press from customers and crematories.

The families that did business with Return to Nature Funeral Home fear their loved ones weren’t cremated at all and instead could be among the yet unidentified corpses authorities discovered after responding to a report of an “ abhorrent smell.”

“My mom’s last wish was for her remains to be scattered in a place she loved, not rotting away in a building,” said Tanya Wilson, who believes the ashes she spread in Hawaii in August were fake. “Any peace that we had, thinking that we honored her wishes, you know, was just completely ripped away from us.”

Return to Nature gave Wilson's family and some others death certificates stating their loved ones’ remains had been handled by one of two crematories. But those businesses told the AP they were not performing cremations for Return to Nature on the dates included on the certificates.

Calls and texts sent to numbers listed for Return to Nature and owners Jon and Carie Hallford have gone unanswered since the discovery of the decaying bodies. No arrests have been made. Law enforcement officials have said Return to Nature’s owners were cooperating as investigators sought to determine any criminal wrongdoing.

Numerous remains have been identified and notification of family members will begin soon, Fremont County Coroner Randy Keller said in a Thursday night statement. But he added that the identification process is becoming more complicated and could take months to complete.

The AP reviewed four death certificates shared by families. All list a crematory owned by Wilbert Funeral Services, but the deaths came at least five months after the company stopped doing cremations for the financially troubled Return to Nature Funeral Home last November. Lisa Epps, attorney for Wilbert, said members of at least 10 families told the company they had death certificates from after November.

A second crematory, Roselawn Funeral Home in Pueblo, Colorado, was contacted by a family last week that had a 2021 death certificate from Return to Nature listing Roselawn as the crematory. Roselawn did not do the cremation, said its manager, Rudy Krasovec.

None of the families the AP interviewed received an identification tag or certificate that experts say are usually given to ensure cremations are authentic. Members of all four families described a similar consistency of the ashes that seemed like dry concrete. Two mixed some ashes with water and said they solidified.

Dry concrete has been used before by funeral homes to mimic human ashes, including at another Colorado funeral home where the operators were accused of selling body parts and received lengthy federal prison sentences for mail fraud. Attorney Dave TeSelle is representing families in that case and said the AP’s findings were “exactly the type and pieces of evidence" that point toward fake ashes.

Stephanie Ford said her dry-witted adrenaline junkie husband wanted to be cremated and had nightmares of waking up in a coffin. He hated the idea of being buried, his body decaying.

Wesley Ford died in April. Return to Nature handled the cremation and when Stephanie Ford learned of the grim discovery at the funeral home this month, her daughter, a physician, took a closer look at the ashes.

“Mom, that’s not dad,” she told her mother.

"I know logically it’s not my fault,” said Stephanie Ford, pushing the words through tears. “There’s a little bit of guilt on my part that I let him down.”

The Hallfords and their company, which opened in 2017 and offered cremations and “green” burials without embalming fluids, were beset by recent financial and legal troubles, public documents show. Among the problems were a forced eviction, unpaid taxes and a lawsuit by Wilbert, which received a $21,000 judgment in June because Return to Nature failed to pay for “a couple hundred” cremations, Epps said.

The couple had claimed they would settle up their rent when they got paid for work they had done for the Federal Emergency Management Agency during the coronavirus pandemic, according to their former landlord, and the funeral home website featured the logos for FEMA and the Department of Defense.

FEMA did not have any contracts with the funeral home, the agency said Friday. A defense department database search also showed no contracts with the funeral home.

When Return to Nature gave ashes to Tanya Wilson's family, her brother thought they were unusually heavy and confronted Carie Hallford about his concerns.

“Jesse, of course, this is your mother,” Elliott recalled Hallford saying.

With both siblings skeptical, Wilson took some of the ashes to another funeral home for a second opinion. Platt’s Funeral Home director Amber Flickinger told AP the ashes were unusually fine and dark, adding, “I’ve never seen anything that looks like that in the range of what cremated remains would typically expect to look like."

Another woman, Michelle Johnston, became skeptical whether the ashes she received were of her husband, Ken, a retired UPS driver with a gentle demeanor. She mixed ashes with water and it looked like concrete, she said.

“I was kind of getting to a place where I wasn’t losing it every day,” she said, and now, “I don’t know where my husband is.”

Proper cremations produce bone fragments without any organic material, which means no DNA that could be used to identify individuals, said Barbara Kemmis, executive director of the Cremation Association of North America. Sometimes RNA is preserved and that can distinguish if the ashes are from a male or female, and if they are human or from another animal, she said.

Determining fakes can be more straightforward, particularly if they are concrete. A simple test entails wetting the material and seeing if it hardens when it dries. Real ashes would not be expected to transform into a solid object and would stay brittle, said Faith Haug, who chairs the mortuary science program at Colorado's Arapahoe Community College.

Authorities could be waiting to bring charges in the case until they determine if there are more bodies, said Ian Farrell, a criminal law expert at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Potential charges under state law could include misdemeanor violations of mortuary regulations and misdemeanor fraud, he said. Each body could result in separate charges, meaning potential fines topping $1 million. The maximum consecutive sentence for misdemeanors is 2 years in jail, he said.

Potential penalties from federal charges could be more severe.

Abby Swoveland hired Return to Nature when her mother passed away. Sally Swoveland had run a muzzleloader gun shop called The Mountain Man for nearly 50 years with a sense of humor and a sharp tongue.

When Abby Swoveland called Wilbert Funeral Services, listed on the death certificate, and learned they had long ago stopped doing business with Return to Nature, she was devastated.

“It completely has undone any healing that was taking place,” Swoveland said.

Associated Press reporters Thomas Peipert in Colorado Springs and Amy Beth Hanson in Helena, Montana, contributed.

Bedayn is a corps member for the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is a nonprofit national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms to report on undercovered issues.

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