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From Haunted Houses to Zombies: The Most Frightening Scary Horror Games

Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared out of your wits? Are you a fan of horror movies and looking for a new way to experience fear? Look no further. In this article, we will explore some of the most terrifying scary horror games that will leave you trembling with fear. From haunted houses to zombies, these games will push your limits and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Haunted Houses: A Classic Thrill

If you’re a fan of haunted houses, then horror games that feature eerie mansions or abandoned buildings are sure to provide an exhilarating experience. One such game that comes to mind is “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.” Set in a dilapidated plantation house in rural Louisiana, this game combines atmospheric horror with intense gameplay. As you navigate through dark corridors and solve puzzles, you’ll encounter grotesque creatures and terrifying jump scares that will keep your heart pounding.

Another notable haunted house game is “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” In this first-person survival horror game, players find themselves trapped inside an ancient castle with no memory of how they got there. With limited resources and a lurking presence that feeds on fear, this game is guaranteed to make even the bravest players feel vulnerable and terrified.

Zombies: A Never-Ending Nightmare

Zombies have been a staple in horror culture for decades, and scary horror games featuring these undead creatures are always popular among thrill-seekers. One standout title in this genre is “The Last of Us.” Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by infected humans turned into zombies, this action-adventure game blends intense combat with an emotionally gripping storyline. The realistic graphics and immersive gameplay make every encounter with the infected a heart-pounding experience.

For those seeking a more intense zombie experience, “Resident Evil 2” is a must-play. This remake of the classic survival horror game takes players back to Raccoon City, where a zombie outbreak has turned the population into flesh-eating monsters. With its atmospheric setting and relentless undead enemies, this game will keep you on your toes as you fight for survival.

Psychological Horror: A Mind-Bending Challenge

If you prefer horror games that mess with your mind, then psychological horror games are perfect for you. “Silent Hill 2” is often regarded as one of the best examples of this subgenre. As players control James Sunderland through the foggy town of Silent Hill, they unravel a deeply disturbing story filled with symbolism and psychological torment. The game’s haunting atmosphere and psychological twists will leave you questioning reality long after you’ve put down the controller.

Another mind-bending horror experience is “Layers of Fear.” In this first-person exploration game, players step into the shoes of a disturbed painter as they navigate through a constantly changing mansion. Delving into themes of madness and obsession, this game uses clever storytelling and visual trickery to create an unsettling experience that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Survival Horror: Fight or Flight

For those who enjoy intense gameplay and heart-pounding action, survival horror games provide an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. “Outlast” is a prime example of this genre. Armed only with a camcorder, players must navigate through an abandoned psychiatric hospital filled with deranged inmates. With no means to defend yourself other than hiding or running away, every encounter becomes a tense battle for survival.

Another standout survival horror game is “Alien: Isolation.” Set fifteen years after the events of Ridley Scott’s iconic film “Alien,” players assume the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter as she tries to survive aboard a space station infested by one relentless xenomorph. The game’s AI-driven alien enemy constantly adapts to the player’s actions, making every encounter a nerve-wracking game of cat-and-mouse.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of being scared senseless, these scary horror games will provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer haunted houses, zombies, psychological torment, or survival challenges, there is a game out there that will cater to your darkest fears. So grab your controller and prepare for a night of terror as you dive into these spine-chilling virtual worlds.

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haunted house in pataskala ohio

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Central Ohio's Longest Running Haunted Attraction Est. 1989

On behalf of the Pataskala Lions Club,

We would like to thank you for making this another successful haunting season.

See you again in 2024 for our

35th season!

Facebook Logo


740.755.9775 8838 REFU GEE ROAD SW, PATASKALA, OH 43062

Thepataskalahauntedforest@g mail.com


Storm Guard Ad


Name Logo

©2023 This site is the property of Pataskala Lions Club - United States

Haunted Hoochie

Photo of Haunted Hoochie - West Pataskala, OH, US. The entrence

Review Highlights

Cobra K.

“ The regular line must have had over 100 people in it so we decided to just upgrade to VIP . ” in 16 reviews

Rachel R.

“ This place is WELL worth every penny you will spend. ” in 2 reviews

Bri B.

“ The chainsaws were also really nice because i even had to tell myself "they're not real" over and over again. ” in 5 reviews

Location & Hours

Suggest an edit


13861 Broad St SW

West Pataskala, OH 43062

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Brush Crazy

Brush Crazy

17.0 miles away from Haunted Hoochie

Art Camp is a great way to spend the summer creating! Walk in and Paint What You Want When You Want, even during events! CRAFT your own ideas or use one of ours. Artists are always on site to help you through your art projects!! We… read more

in Paint-your-own Pottery, Paint & Sip, Art Classes

School of Rock

School of Rock

8.0 miles away from Haunted Hoochie

School of Rock Gahanna provides both in-person and online music lessons for students of all ages. Our programs, camps and workshops for toddlers, kids, teens and adults make learning to play music fun and create great communities of… read more

in Musical Instruments & Teachers, Performing Arts

Chuck E. Cheese

Chuck E. Cheese

10.1 miles away from Haunted Hoochie

Mark K. said "Went back on a weekday- Baby K is on spring break, others aren't. Definitely a better time to go. We got there around 1145, almost empty. By 1 it was starting to pick up but not crazy. Mostly toddlers, and parents were on top of…" read more

in Indoor Playcentre, Arcades, Eatertainment

Amenities and More

About the business.

Americas favorite haunted house …

Ask the Community

Ask a question

Do you have to have a group of 10 to get in?

No. Just bring us your soul so we can feast!

Can you use the tickets on your phone to get in or do you have to print them out?

Phone works

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Photo of Bri B.

10/10 it was so much fun. I'm a teenager myself (14) and it was my favorite haunted house so far. i'm not gunna say "people are so soft now days" because that just seams so old to say but it is fr, don't listen to these horrible reviews, this place is awesome!! i really reccomend getting the VIP so you can get to the front, trust me it's worth it!! only bad thing is the mud but they can't control the weather. i really enjoyed when they were playing rock music loud, that was personally my fav. The chainsaws were also really nice because i even had to tell myself "they're not real" over and over again. The staff were not mean AT ALL!! and infact i even had a conversation with one of the scary people while in line, just talking about how they liked working at the place and talking about what their favorite part was, which were the animatronics . Please go to this it's so much fun, i went with my halloween-horror loving family and they even had more fun than me

haunted house in pataskala ohio

With Halloween quickly approaching, I have to share last year's experience: Positives: - Very scary in some parts, even for my horror-loving, generally stoic friends - When waiting in line, there are pole dancers at the top of the structure. They are very good at what they do. Negatives: - They had warnings and "trigger warnings" posted and explained about a "live demon birth." Yet they did not have a trigger warning for a simulated s*icide. An actor who sticks a fake gun in his mouth and splatters his brains against the wall. This isn't fun or scary, just plain disgusting to sensationalize and not have a trigger warning for, especially when they have one for something stupid and unserious. This was deeply deeply disturbing and triggering. - Many of the actors are AGGRESSIVE. This is one of those places who doesn't care if they hire sadists and probably enjoy it. I understand it's a hands-on experience, but there is no reason for grown male actors to be shoving a group of girls or anyone else around back and forth. One of them even grabbed my head and pushed me toward the ground. This did not feel scary in a horror sense, just in a man-abusing-his-job-and-anonymity sense. It felt scummy and s*xual. - The haunted maze contains areas of flashing strobe lights and a spinning tunnel. Again, not scary, just disorienting. To the point of dizziness and nausea for many, not just in our party. - The line is long, at least an hour, and very cold depending on where you go. There is no one patrolling or enforcing this long, winding line, so I saw countless teenagers and others cutting line, especially as we got closer to the front. At times, employees saw. They never said anything. 1000000% not worth the money. I don't recommend to anyone, but especially women or anyone who would be sensitive to s*icide. I will absolutely never be back or recommend to anyone, ever.

Photo of Veronica M.

most amazing haunted attraction I've ever been to!!!!!! 10/10 would recommend! worth the wait!!!

haunted house in pataskala ohio

100% not worth it. I understand a long wait, but we got there at 8:30 and were in the line until 11:30 when we decided to just go home because we were about halfway done. Basically paid $30 for nothing except the strobe maze. Will not be coming back until they find a better way to get the line moving because 3 hours is ridiculous to not even get to go in.

Photo of Kennedy Warner W.

I'll have to give this a haunted house a 10 /10. I've seen a lot of reviews talking about how the area and the people are awful, and the way that they say you'll get "abused." that's bs because they never hurt you, you'll just get touches a lot. people are so soft these days. i loved all the different rooms you walked through, it was so dark but it gave the whole haunted house a good vibe. i 100% recommend so fun!

second time coming would recommend to ppl that love a thrill.

second time coming would recommend to ppl that love a thrill.

Photo of Jack L.

Very pathetic establishment. Every workers got something up there a*s . Very pathetic ways to attempt to scare you . If I were you go to the woods for something scary . This is a waste of time . Very sad how terrible all these people are at there job . Don't waste 25 bucks for this .

Photo of Diana P.

This place kept popping up as a good haunted house to attend, so I finally decided to buy tickets this year. The price for a standard ticket was average compared to other places. We got there about thirty minutes early and the line was already very long, so get there early!! Employees in costume were scaring people as they walked to the line, including a guy with a chainsaw. Super cool! In order to make this review easy to follow, I'll make a list of what I did and didn't like. What I liked: The actual haunted house is huge! I kept thinking it was going to end soon, but we kept on going. I really liked how different rooms had their own themes. I don't want to spoil what's inside, but they have some animatronics and effects that make it feel like you're tripping on drugs. I was blown away! The sensory overload was awesome. What I disliked: There's no way to put this kindly, but there are some *tasteless* people who attend this haunted house. So many people were smoking cigarettes or weed in line and blowing it on people. I reeked of weed afterwards. Two guys actually peed IN LINE. It was disgusting. There's music and videos to watch/listen to while waiting, but be aware that a lot of it is conspiracy theory stuff. For example, there were videos of the twin towers falling with text saying it was an inside job. The last thing I didn't like is the amount of people that go inside with your group. I can't really blame them for this though because they have to keep the line moving. So, be aware that you'll constantly be butted up against other people while making your way through. Overall, would I recommend it? I would go if I was a teenager. As an adult, it wasn't scary. If anything, it was cool because of the creativity. They definitely did their best to use every inch of space!

Waiting in line.

Waiting in line.

Photo of Patricia C.

Dirty, gross people pulling and grabbing on you hard and when you tell them to stop they yell at you and tell you that you PAID TO BE ABUSED???!!!! One of the staff sprayed my sweater with orange paint and it didn't come out.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

Photo of Nun Ya B.

Best haunted to I've ever been too All the Crazy extra shit they do is meant to scare u n let me tell I it does, And The Line Is Worth The wait!! get vip if you don't want to wait in line long/Simple As That. Ohh and This Haunted house is huuuge I don't know if like the beginning or the ending the best ! My Stomach muscles Were Sore from screaming So Much

Photo of spencer h.

Great place, pretty scary. Me and my friends had a good time. It's not a good place if you scare easily.

17 other reviews that are not currently recommended

AMF Stardust Lanes

AMF Stardust Lanes

18.6 miles away from Haunted Hoochie

Jane W. said "Stardust is a nice place to bowl. We went on a Saturday afternoon to use a Groupon and it was a no-hassle experience. We were able to quickly get a lane. At other places, my ball would get stuck and I would have to repeatedly call…" read more

in Arcades, Bowling, Venues & Event Spaces

Star Lanes Polaris

Star Lanes Polaris

16.1 miles away from Haunted Hoochie

Bowling optional! Star Lanes Polaris has delicious food, hi-tech bowling, a massive game room & arcade, Omni Arena VR, XD Theater Ride, and much more! Our venue is perfect for holiday parties, company events, kids' parties, or group… read more

in Arcades, Bowling

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Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH

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haunted house in pataskala ohio


haunted house in pataskala ohio

Haunted Houses, Spook Walks & Other Halloween Attractions in Pataskala

haunted house in pataskala ohio

J&J Field of Screams

Located in Shelby 419-566-3955-->

J&J Field of Screams! North Central Ohio’s newest haunted attraction takes you on a ¼ mile hayride to the doorstep of our cemetery. Here you must exit the wagon to begin your nightmarish trek to find your way back to safety. Most of our visitors do make it back alive but for those less fortunate, Read More

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Carnage Haunted House!

Located in Columbus 614-535-8516--> Next open 11/4/23

Welcome to Columbus Ohio's newest and most entertaining Haunted Attraction. Our indoor Haunt features innovative, scary and exciting new ideas that have been brought to life! We utilize a combination of realistically details sets, lighting and special effects to create a unique new take on the Read More

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Dayton Scream Park

Located in Dayton 937-397-2273-->

Dayton, Ohio's premiere scream park with four attractions! Come check out our New Compound! Trail trail sits on over 22 horror filled acres with over 25 scenes an more than 60 monsters waiting to see you as you take a half hour plus walk thru the compound, being chased by movie favorites, four Read More

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Escape from Blood Prison

Located in Mansfield 419-522-2644--> Next open 12/8/23

The United States prison system is in disarray…The worst inmates all over the United States have escaped their respective institutions looking for a new place to call home. After numerous murder sprees and in some cases “Clown Sightings” across the nation these psychopaths have found the Read More

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Visit Website

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Categories: Haunted Houses

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Categories: Haunted Hay Rides | Haunted Mazes / Haunted Corn Mazes | Haunted Trails

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Categories: Haunted Houses | Zombie Hunts & Shootouts | Haunted Mazes / Haunted Corn Mazes | Haunted Trails | Scream Parks | Other Events

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Categories: Haunted Houses | Other Events

haunted house in pataskala ohio

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Pataskala Haunted Forest

Own this Attraction?

“Central Ohio’s Longest Running Haunted Attraction”

Pataskala Haunted Forest is a Haunted Attraction located in Pataskala, OH.

Pataskala Haunted Forest

8838 Refugee Road SW, Pataskala, OH 43062

( Click for Fullscreen Map )

About This Attraction:

Haunt Types:


Free Parking, Handicap Accessible, You will NOT be touched, All-Outdoor Attraction

haunted house in pataskala ohio

Payment Methods:

Cash Icon

Guest Reviews Guest Average: 8 out of 10

Shelby – 8 / 10 – October 18, 2020 We loved it! Perfect for someone who isn’t sure if they like haunted attractions to kind of get …show more their feet wet. Not extreme at all.

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Featured Listings:

Haunted Town Hall Ohio

Disclaimer from The Scare Factor: Our listings are usually only updated a couple of times per year. A lot can change in that amount of time, especially during Halloween season. For this reason, even though we try our best to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, it is ultimately your responsibility as a customer to do your own due diligence and research the attractions directly that you would like to visit. We are not liable for any mistakenly inaccurate information that you may find on our website. We appreciate your understanding and, as always, stay scary! ~ The Scare Factor

haunted house in pataskala ohio

The Scare Factor provides reviews and directory listings for Halloween haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted hayrides, scream parks, and other types of haunted attractions.

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    haunted house in pataskala ohio

  2. Top 4 Haunted Houses to Visit in Ohio

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  3. Haunted Hoochie

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  4. Haunted Hoochie House☆☆ Pataskala, Ohio☆☆Haunted House Vlog☆☆October 15

    haunted house in pataskala ohio

  5. Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres in Ohio

    haunted house in pataskala ohio

  6. Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres in Ohio

    haunted house in pataskala ohio


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  4. Dead Acres

    Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie is the worlds MOST EXTREME Haunted Attraction. It is a Haunted House and Haunt Forest in Patatskala, Ohio that is the Darkest

  5. Pataskala Haunted Forest

    The Pataskala Haunted Forest is Central Ohio's Longest Running Haunted Attraction. Located in Pataskala, Ohio. Come find out the secrets the Murdock family


    Haunted Hoochie · Map · 13861 Broad St SW. West Pataskala, OH 43062. Directions · More Info. Hours · Known For. Other · From the Business. Specialties. Americas

  7. Haunted Hoochie

    The Haunted Hoochie is a haunted house located in Pataskala, Ohio. This is a very unique haunt that offers a ton of shock value to its

  8. Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres in Ohio

    HAUNTED HOOCHIE is one haunt that isn't afraid to cut you open just to see what makes you sick! Be a part of the World's MOST EXTREME Haunted House in Pataskala

  9. Pataskala Haunted Forest

    Every Friday and Saturday in October at Lions Park, 8838 Refugee Road SW, Pataskala OH 43062. As a reminder this is a fundraiser, run by local volunteers.

  10. Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie

    “Not Recommended for Anyone!” Dead Acres Haunted Hoochie is a Haunted Attraction located in Pataskala, OH. Rated 8.81/

  11. Dark Soul

    Steve and Amy are called to Pataskala, Ohio, to investigate claims of paranormal activity terrorizing a grandmother and her family.

  12. Pataskala OH Halloween Attractions

    Haunted Houses, Spook Walks & Other Halloween Attractions in Pataskala · J&J Field of Screams · Carnage Haunted House! · Escape from Blood Prison · Dayton Scream

  13. Pataskala Haunted Forest

    Pataskala Haunted Forest is an outdoor walking haunt trail attraction in Pataskala, Ohio near Columbus. This scary event offers Halloween fun and fright.

  14. Haunted House in Pataskala, OH Haunted Hoochie at Dead Acres

    The Haunted Hoochie is a well-rounded, fully functional mega haunt. With a 50,000 square foot haunt floor and over 100 trained actors, it packs the scares tight