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From Haunted Houses to Zombies: The Most Frightening Scary Horror Games

Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared out of your wits? Are you a fan of horror movies and looking for a new way to experience fear? Look no further. In this article, we will explore some of the most terrifying scary horror games that will leave you trembling with fear. From haunted houses to zombies, these games will push your limits and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Haunted Houses: A Classic Thrill

If you’re a fan of haunted houses, then horror games that feature eerie mansions or abandoned buildings are sure to provide an exhilarating experience. One such game that comes to mind is “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.” Set in a dilapidated plantation house in rural Louisiana, this game combines atmospheric horror with intense gameplay. As you navigate through dark corridors and solve puzzles, you’ll encounter grotesque creatures and terrifying jump scares that will keep your heart pounding.

Another notable haunted house game is “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” In this first-person survival horror game, players find themselves trapped inside an ancient castle with no memory of how they got there. With limited resources and a lurking presence that feeds on fear, this game is guaranteed to make even the bravest players feel vulnerable and terrified.

Zombies: A Never-Ending Nightmare

Zombies have been a staple in horror culture for decades, and scary horror games featuring these undead creatures are always popular among thrill-seekers. One standout title in this genre is “The Last of Us.” Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by infected humans turned into zombies, this action-adventure game blends intense combat with an emotionally gripping storyline. The realistic graphics and immersive gameplay make every encounter with the infected a heart-pounding experience.

For those seeking a more intense zombie experience, “Resident Evil 2” is a must-play. This remake of the classic survival horror game takes players back to Raccoon City, where a zombie outbreak has turned the population into flesh-eating monsters. With its atmospheric setting and relentless undead enemies, this game will keep you on your toes as you fight for survival.

Psychological Horror: A Mind-Bending Challenge

If you prefer horror games that mess with your mind, then psychological horror games are perfect for you. “Silent Hill 2” is often regarded as one of the best examples of this subgenre. As players control James Sunderland through the foggy town of Silent Hill, they unravel a deeply disturbing story filled with symbolism and psychological torment. The game’s haunting atmosphere and psychological twists will leave you questioning reality long after you’ve put down the controller.

Another mind-bending horror experience is “Layers of Fear.” In this first-person exploration game, players step into the shoes of a disturbed painter as they navigate through a constantly changing mansion. Delving into themes of madness and obsession, this game uses clever storytelling and visual trickery to create an unsettling experience that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Survival Horror: Fight or Flight

For those who enjoy intense gameplay and heart-pounding action, survival horror games provide an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other. “Outlast” is a prime example of this genre. Armed only with a camcorder, players must navigate through an abandoned psychiatric hospital filled with deranged inmates. With no means to defend yourself other than hiding or running away, every encounter becomes a tense battle for survival.

Another standout survival horror game is “Alien: Isolation.” Set fifteen years after the events of Ridley Scott’s iconic film “Alien,” players assume the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter as she tries to survive aboard a space station infested by one relentless xenomorph. The game’s AI-driven alien enemy constantly adapts to the player’s actions, making every encounter a nerve-wracking game of cat-and-mouse.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of being scared senseless, these scary horror games will provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer haunted houses, zombies, psychological torment, or survival challenges, there is a game out there that will cater to your darkest fears. So grab your controller and prepare for a night of terror as you dive into these spine-chilling virtual worlds.

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haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight

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haunted house open tonight

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haunted house open tonight

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haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight


haunted house open tonight

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haunted house open tonight

Cincinnati, OH 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/cincinnati

Cincinnati Ghosts: Chilling Chronicles of a City Cincinnati Ghosts beckons you to unearth sinister secrets hidden beneath the beauty of the "Paris of America." Roam through Cincinnati's historic streets, where the echoes of calamities, disease,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Cleveland, OH 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/cleveland

Cleveland Ghosts: Rock n' Roll with the Restless Spirits Cleveland, renowned as the home of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the birthplace of Superman, holds an even more haunting claim to fame – a history steeped in chilling ghostly tales and... Read More

Peninsula, OH 330-657-2330 heritagefarms.com

Fall is a special time at Heritage Farms. Pumpkins, hay rides, falling leaves and the laughter of children! All of your favorite memories and traditions associated with this season are alive and well at Heritage Farms during our annual... Read More

Amherst, OH 440-988-8405 millerorchardsltd.com

Miller Orchards is a family-owned fruit farm, in business for more than 4 generations. Miller Orchards is primarily in the business of providing fresh, home-grown fruit, but we also carry other items in our farm store according to the season. We... Read More

Logan, OH 740-385-6758 www.facebook.com/Walker-Farm-124802044230897

Walker Farm is located at Logan in Ohio. Pick your own pumpkins in the field on all days from mid-September to the end of October. Come and enjoy a wagon ride and corn maze with your family and friends also. ... Read More

Kenton, OH 419-788-8236 scaryoncherry.com

Every October Friday and Saturday our Spooky Halloween House comes alive and puts on a free show. You can catch our FREE Digital Projection and Music Light Show, Family Friendly Walk-Through, and enter your Nightmares with our Scary Haunted... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Newton Falls, OH 330-984-4525 www.kuchtafarms.com

Kuchta Farms Pumpkin Patch offers a full variety of products! We have a large selection of pumpkins, from the small gourds of every shape and size, to the large carving pumpkins that are customary to fall and Halloween spectacles every year! We also... Read More

Wellington, OH 440-647-5480 www.hooksgreenhouse.com

Visit the farm to decorate your own pumpkins every fall season and getting together the most out of our favorite fall flower -- the Mums. We grow a large variety of pesticide free produce from tomatoes, peppers, onions; squash and sweet potatoes.... Read More

Milford, OH (513) 575-2022 shawfarmmarket.com

Fall Festival at Shaw Farms provides an exciting opportunity for terrific family memories, photo ops, and, of course, some awesome, farm-grade adventures. Take the family on a ride around our scenic farm property in one of our traditional tractor... Read More

Miamisburg, OH 937-847-2760

Sizemore Farm is all about family fun. Come and pick your pumpkin in our pumpkin patch...pack your own bag of fresh apples with several varieties to choose from.... let the kiddos take a Dragon Wagon Ride around the yard...sample our freshly... Read More

Calcutta, OH 330-386-9177 www.randysraisings.com

In the fall, Randy's Raisings opens their Annual Corn Maze and Hayrides to their pumpkin patch at the farm market. This is a great time you don't want to miss! The whole family will have a great time trying to navigate the maze. The farm has huge... Read More

Radnor, OH (740) 361-0055 lehnerpumpkins.com

Lehner’s Pumpkin Farm is family owned and operated. We have the best prices on pumpkins, gourds, corn shocks, straw, and Indian Corn. Come spend a day on the farm and enjoy some good, old fashioned, country fun for very reasonable prices! We have... Read More

New Paris, OH (937) 437-8921 www.weslerorchards.com

The farm offers a 20-minute hayride to enjoy a scenic drive to Wesler Orchards. Buy pumpkins and 25 varieties of apples to meet that certain crunch you desire, along with top quality peaches, apple cider and farm fresh produce that can't be outdone.... Read More

West Salem, OH 419-846-3818

Badger Pumpkin Patch is pick your own pumpkin farm located at West Salem, Ohio. In fall, Badger Pumpkin Patch offers hayrides, pumpkins, a petting zoo, and a straw maze. ... Read More

Mansfield, OH 419-884-1993 waynescountrymarket.com/fall-fun

Wayne’s Country Market is a family owned and operated established in 1993 as a small produce and landscaping store. Join us throughout the month of October to enjoy local fall fun! At Wayne’s we offer a variety of activities for children... Read More

Kent, OH 330-673-5957 www.dusselfarm.com

Corn Maze, and Haunted Bus for our Fall Pumpkin Festival. The festival is open from late September through October. There are many entertaining displays in our outdoor sales area including a "Haunted Bus" and a free tent-maze for children. On... Read More

Sandusky, OH 419-626-4467 ghostlymanor.com/ghostly-manor-haunted-house

The Ghostly Manor Haunted House is one of the top rated haunts in the United States and is now better than ever! Ghosts lurk in every corner as you wander through this “old mansion.” See if you can make it all the way through as Ghostly Manor comes... Read More

North Lawrence, OH 330-323-9714 www.nickajackfarms.com

The countdown is on! We love fall festival and cannot wait to share with you the celebration of the harvest! The Fall Festival includes a petting zoo, pick your own pumpkins, hayrides, tractor train rides, discovery barn, midway games, concessions,... Read More

Wilmington, OH 937-383-2133

Bergefurd's Farm Market and Greenhouses is a small family owned and operated produce farm in Wilmington, Ohio centrally located between Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. Attractions: Pumpkin Patch Hayrides Pumpkin Sling Shot ... Read More

Chesterland, OH 440-478-3427 www.mulberrycornerspumpkins.com

We are a family owned business and are dedicated to our customers. We are your one stop shopping for all your fall needs! Enjoy a day in the country. Pack a basket or a snack. Let the kids pet the goats, play on the giant hay stack, and go through... Read More

Loveland, OH 513-697-9173 www.bloomsandberries.com

Traverse our 7-acre corn maze to solve The Migration Mystery. Get lost in this fun story as you track down the items lost by Monica the Monarch and solve this a-MAIZE-ing puzzle! PLUS – little tikes can enjoy our mini kids’ maze and play a game made... Read More

Anderson, IN (317) 218-9515 www.indyscreampark.com

Indy Scream Park Haunted House - Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid - Serving the Indianapolis, Indiana Metro - Indy Scream Park is Indianapolis, Indiana's SCARIEST haunted house! Located just minutes northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana - Indy Scream Park... Read More

Valley City, OH 330-350-2486 beriswill-farm-market.square.site

Beriswill Farms has been located in Valley City since 1955. The family is growing and raising a wide range of agriculture products: corn, soybeans, berries, vegetables, pumpkins and beef cattle. Corn Maze: Discover a maze in a cornfield of great... Read More

Plain City, OH (614) 873-5725

Jacquemin Farms along with many other central Ohio produce farms is in the midst of their busy harvest season. The farm offers fall family fun with a host of activities including picking your own pumpkins, carmel apple making, straw maze. The farm... Read More

New Paris, OH 937-877-6030 todaysharvestfarm.com

In addition to the 18 Checkpoint Corn & Bean Maze we offer a wide variety of awesome and family friendly attractions built into our admission. 2 Look-Out Bridges Cow Pattie Toss Corn Hole Putt - Golf Life Size Checkers Rope Maze Duck... Read More

Marion, OH 740-389-3019 www.lawrenceorchards.com

This year we are inviting you to Harvest Saturdays with pick your own apples, food trucks, and fun orchard activities. Plan to spend a few hours in the orchard picking apples. Take a stroll though our Story Stroll- take a walk and read the book... Read More

Perry, OH 440-259-3192 westorchardsfarmmarket.com

West Orchards is a small family owned business farm that offers locally grown produce to pick pumpkins and have pictures taken with your family, children and dogs too! You can even dress up your pup! The farm has also lots of small veggies, herbs, &... Read More

Monroe, OH 513-539-6366 www.garverfarmmarket.com

Garver Family Farm Market takes pride in serving customers by providing a fresh quality product in the most efficient manner possible. We provide a wholesome product to consumers which often involves great care and attention. Pick your own... Read More

Bowling Green, OH 419-409-0252 bowlinggreenchristmastrees.com

The fall season just isn’t complete without a hayride to a pumpkin patch, and we at The Pumpkin Peddler offer a memorable ride through our tree farm for you and your family to enjoy. There are thousands to choose from and your children can pick... Read More

Grove City, OH 614-878-7980 www.circlesfarm.com

Circle S Farms would like to invite your school, church, company, organization, scout troop or family to the farm for a celebration of fall fun days and enjoy a beautiful day in the country. Circle S Farms is family owned and operated and we look... Read More

West Alexandria, OH 937-687-3848 www.tukensfarmmarket.com

Tuken's specializes in a wide variety of seasonal, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. U-pick destination for pumpkins, apples, strawberries, and assorted gourds to decor in fall season. The orchard is open to families, children are welcome. We... Read More

Ross, OH 513-738-1145 www.burwinkelfarms.com

Burwinkel Farms is a small, family-owned farm located in Southwest Ohio and has been in operation since 1918. Our third-generation farm strives to provide the best produce on the market. During the month of September, our farm in Ross... Read More

Kenton, OH 419-673-0637

Althausers' Pumpkin Patch's goal is to provide an educational and entertaining opportunity for folks to select fall decorations at a reasonable price while reminding everyone that food does in fact come from a farm. Attractions: U-pick... Read More

Beavercreek, OH 937-217-7656

Katie’s Pumpkin Barn started 22 years ago at the end of our driveway selling pumpkins. We are a mother daughter family team. We love the community and enjoy seeing many of the same faces year after year. You folks are what keep us open year in and... Read More

Fostoria, OH 419-619-0031 coninescountrymarket.com

Welcome to Conine’s Country Market, a family owned business for over 30 years delivering outstanding product value and customer service. Our farm market offers something for everyone. Visit us at our Country Market for your Fall decorating... Read More

Kirtland, OH 440-478-9861 www.pumpkinvilleohio.com

Welcome to Pumpkinville, located in Kirtland, Ohio. You will be amazed at what you'll find at Pumpkinville. We have Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, beautiful Mums, Apples, Fresh Cider and Corn Stalks too. ... Read More

Huntsville, OH 937-686-4463 www.visithurleyfarms.com

Hurley Farms is dedicated to providing you with the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. While most of the vegetables are grown on our farm, we also carry fruits and vegetables that are available from other quality growers. Pumpkin Fest is... Read More

Lancaster, OH 740-654-2689 www.ochsfruitfarm.com

Ochs Fruit Farm a family run farm and enterprise since 1872. The farm features more than 90 varieties of apples, 25 varieties of peaches along with a number of other fruits and vegetables. Large varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squash during... Read More

Coldwater, OH www.facebook.com/MenchhoferFarms

Menchhofer Farms has apples, cider, pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, maple syrup, honey, baking mixes and spices for sale. We also offer horse-drawn wagon rides, a u-pick pumpkin patch, and barn animals to view and feed. We offer fun filled... Read More

Galena, OH 740-548-7866 freemansfarm.com

Freeman's Farm awakens to a fall filled with great festivities for its guests. Visitors arriving at the farm will find a world of activities and will smell the aroma of apple butter a stirrin' and kettle corn a poppin' Freeman's Farm offers its... Read More

Oregon, OH 419-836-7613 www.fleitzpumpkinfarm.com

Savor the season at Fleitz Pumpkin Farm! Enjoy a delightful, affordable day at our family farm with all kinds of mazes, a straw bale play tower, goat and chicken feeding, the crafts barn, and more! 1-Acre Corn Maze: Our 1-Acre Maze is perfect... Read More

Hartville, OH 330-877-6241 kingswaypumpkinfarm.com

Kingsway Farm prides itself in offering a family oriented, cheerful atmosphere, free from the dark side of Halloween. Creative, artistic photo ops are displayed throughout the farm. Children can crawl through a long indoor straw tunnel, play in a... Read More

Utica, OH 740-892-3989 www.branstoolorchards.com

Branstool Orchards is set in the scenic countryside of Utica, Ohio. We are best known for our sweet and juicy peaches, but our crisp apples and savory pears are increasingly popular year after year. Our picturesque orchard sprawls across 75 acres of... Read More

Burton, OH 440-834-1298 sunrisefarmgifts.com

We host our Fall Festival where you can enjoy freshly made hot apple fritters, caramel apples and pure apple cider from our farm kitchen. Select from over ten varieties of crisp fall apples in our farm store. Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins right from the... Read More

Lowellville, OH 330-536-2178 countrysidefarm.net

Countryside Farm is a family owned farm Located between Poland, Struthers and Lowelville. Once the leaves begin to turn orange and red, it is time for our harvest of pumpkins and apples. Stop by for some hot cider or to pick up your fall... Read More

Springboro, OH 937-748-9826 www.kleathers.com

Kleather's Pumpkin Patch is a family run business and has been up and growing for 35 years now! We sell an assortment of fall items including pumpkins, gourds, squash, straw bales, fresh apple cider, apples, snacks and many other fall... Read More

Oak Harbor, OH (419) 898-3215 jasonspumpkinpatch.wixsite.com/jasonspumpkinp...

Jason's Pumpkin Patch features over 100 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash. We have a giant pumpkin tree, Amish mums, hay rides, pedal go karts, pony cart rides, kids zone, tower of slides, a corn maze and much more! Don't forget to bring... Read More

Mansfield, OH 419-834-7770 www.pumpkinheadfarm.com

Our patch is a self-serve, pick-your-own-pumpkin-patch. You can start your adventure in the gazebo, where directions will be posted on signs. The patch is located directly across the street. All items can be picked from the field by the customer... Read More

Chesterland, OH 440-729-9809 www.pattersonfarm.com

Bring the family, pack a lunch (or visit our concession, available on weekends only) and relax in our outdoor farm fun area – designed for families with preschool and elementary age children to choose the pace and activities you most enjoy... Read More

Hebron, OH (740) 928-4925 www.pigeonroostfarm.com

Pigeon Roost Farm has a huge assortment of pumpkins! What's your favorite? Do you like the big, round orange ones? Or tall, and skinny and warty? Straight stems, or with that special twist? We have them all. From dainty little mini pumpkins, up to... Read More

Cincinnati, OH (513) 445-9767 frightsite.com

The Dent Schoolhouse is a house haunted by Charlie, the school's janitor, who allegedly murdered numerous children. Come experience the house in the dark or with lights on. Queens City Slaughteryard is also part of the schoolhouse, but it will... Read More

Hilliard, OH 614-876-2833

Kuhlwein's is a local business farm market and deli located in Hilliard, Ohio. We would love to have you come visit. Kuhlwein's offer Pumpkins, Indian Corn, Popcorn and Gourds when in season. During the month of October we are open to the... Read More

Wooster, OH 330-264-0264 ramseyerfarms.com

Come on down to the farm and enjoy the day exploring, racing, sliding, jumping, playing, and making memories with over 45 family fun activities. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make Ramseyer Farms your new favorite fall tradition! There is... Read More

Circleville, OH 740-474-7000 www.pumpkinshow.com

The Circleville Pumpkin Show is not only the "Greatest Free Show on Earth", but it is the largest festival in Ohio and one of the largest in nation. Hundreds of thousands of pumpkin fans crowd the streets of Downtown Circleville Ohio for just about... Read More

Ashland, OH 419-289-3384 honeyhavenfarm.com

Honey Haven Farm is a great place to visit in fall! Enjoy a leisurely afternoon with family and friends at our fall festival Take a Belgian horse-drawn wagon ride to the field to pick pumpkins, then test your strength and accuracy at one of our 4... Read More

Mogadore, OH 330-628-1082 rufeners.com

The Fall Harvest: A great time of the year for festivities! Check out our eight acre corn maze! We supply a map to ease the navigation. Junior maze available for easier experience. Take a fun relaxing hayride on a tour of the farm to the pumpkin... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Holly, MI 248-930-2835 rottenmanor.com

Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction is a highly detailed and immersive haunted attraction that includes, The Manor and The Rotten Forest/Aslyum, & The Rotten Theatre. The Manor & The Forest/Asylum are approximately 35-45 minutes long. The Rotten... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Columbia Station, OH 440-236-5454 www.spookyranch.com

Spooky Ranch- Cleveland’s Premier Haunted Event! Nationally ranked as one of the top haunted attraction in the country. You will scream, laugh, and be amazed! It began over 30 years ago with The "Famous Haunted Hayride", taking customers on a... Read More

Minford, OH 740-280-2676

Enjoy making memories with your family this fall at Noble Family Farms! Pumpkin patch, mazes, corn pit & more. Spend the day exploring our Mega Maze or our smaller Mini Maze. Pick your favorite pumpkin from our large pumpkin patch. Race your family... Read More

Hartville, OH 330-877-8344 www.maizevalley.com

With activities for all ages, Maize Valley is the perfect destination for fun fall family outings. Plan to spend several hours here to experience the FUN family entertainment we offer. Enjoy an 8 acre corn maze, wagon rides, pumpkin patch, animal... Read More

Monclova, OH 567-402-0900 fieldoffear.com

The Most Terrifying Haunted Corn Maze in Ohio Join us on a dark and twisted journey of terror that will test even the bravest of souls. From ghoulish zombies and psychotic doctors, to vengeful spirits and ax-wielding murderers, the Field of Fear... Read More

Pataskala, OH www.deadacres.com

Dead Acres and Haunted Hoochie are a two-for-one haunted house set that promises an extremely scary experience.... Read More

Germantown, OH (937) 866-2777 tomsmaze.com

Don't settle for a cookie-cutter corn MAZE that only looks good from the air but leaves little to the imagination on the ground. Tom's Maze is grown from the ground up. 8 fun-filled acres of corn on the cob. It's more than just a regular Corn... Read More

Sandusky, OH (419) 627-2350 www.cedarpoint.com/halloweekends

Haunt at HalloWeekends - Fear is Waiting for You! Survive immersive mazes, spine-tingling scare zones, thrilling shows and more. Enveloped in darkness, every path seems like a blind alley. Pulse-pounding claustrophobia takes hold as you... Read More

Liberty Township, OH 513-779-3228 www.niedermanfamilyfarm.com

Make family memories at Niederman Family Farm! The fall activities at Niederman Family Farm have become a yearly tradition for making memories. Our 14 Acre Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is fun for all age and don't forget to try our fall treats.... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Lordstown, OH 330-824-3141 fearforest.com

Take a ride through 68 acres of the area's most terrifying hayride and then get dropped off at the InsaneAtarium, the area's most intense haunted house in Youngstown Ohio. The Insane Atarium is a mental institution where the patients here experience... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Canton, OH 330-576-6501 carnivalofhorrors.com

Voted TOP Haunted House in the Midwest and TOP 5 in the WORLD. "Scariest Haunted House in ALL of OHIO" - Channel 5 News What are YOU afraid of?? We dare you to experience the SCARIEST, MOST HORRIFYING, UNIQUE and UTTERLY INSANE HAUNTED HOUSE... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Shelby, OH 419-566-3955 www.jjfieldofscreams.com

J&J Field of Screams! North Central Ohio’s newest haunted attraction takes you on a ¼ mile hayride to the doorstep of our cemetery. Here you must exit the wagon to begin your nightmarish trek to find your way back to safety. Most of our visitors do... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mansfield, OH 419-522-2644 www.bloodprison.com

The United States prison system is in disarray…The worst inmates all over the United States have escaped their respective institutions looking for a new place to call home. After numerous murder sprees and in some cases “Clown Sightings” across the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Akron, OH (330) 285-7000 www.hauntedschoolhouse.com

For more than four decades, Akron’s autumn air has been swarmed with screams gushing from millions of souls brave enough to explore our seven floors of combined terror. The Haunted Schoolhouse takes you on a three-floor journey through the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Montville, OH hiddenlakescampground.com/rotlp-dungeon-of-do...

Forget what you think you know about run-of-the-mill "walk through" haunted houses! This is a live action dungeon adventure experience. You solve the puzzles. You defeat the enemies. You open the secret doors. It is a mix of escape room mechanics,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Dayton, OH 937-397-2273 www.daytonscreampark.com

Dayton, Ohio's premiere scream park with four attractions! Come check out our New Compound! Trail trail sits on over 22 horror filled acres with over 25 scenes an more than 60 monsters waiting to see you as you take a half hour plus walk thru the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Hudson, OH 330-697-1279 www.hudsonhauntedhouse.org

Deep in the woods of Hudson, terrifying screams can be heard. The Hudson Jaycees are proud to present the annual Hudson Haunted House. Room after room of monsters and horrors that will shock and surprise. Winding corridors lead you down a maze of... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Chardon, OH 440-285-0910 pioneerwaterland.com/cp/events

Don't miss our Nightmare @ Pioneer!! No age restriction but use discretion for children under 12 in the haunted houses. Attractions: Undead Mini Golf Freak Show Addition, Deads End Haunt Go Karts, Zombie Shooting Range and Zombie Town USA... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Canton, OH (330) 455-3327 fotohio.com

The Factory of Terror in Canton, Ohio has won the Guinness World Record 3 times as the Longest Indoor Haunted Attraction in the world. The Factory is located inside an abandoned 160,000 sq. ft. aluminum foundry and features 5 full-length... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Perrysville, OH 419-565-5947 www.mohicanhauntedschoolhouse.com

Opening officially in 2016 (originally as Lessons in Fear), Mohican Haunted Schoolhouse has evolved into one of the top haunted house attractions in Northeast Ohio. We strive to provide a haunted schoolhouse experience near the Mansfield, Ashland,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Chippewa Lake, OH 440-623-3334 slaughterhouseohio.com

THIS HALLOWEEN SEASON PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A TERRIFYING HAUNTED HOUSE EXPERIENCE IN A REAL SLAUGHTER HOUSE! This Halloween season prepare yourself for a terrifying haunted house experience in a real slaughter house! Hollywood quality sets and... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Lafayette, OH 567-204-7695 hauntedtownhall.com

2 story haunted attraction in the original Town Hall building built in 1899. Many of the scenes depict different uses of the building over the last 100+ years... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Middletown, OH 513-423-9960 haunt.landofillusion.com

Tired of the same old haunted house? At The Land of Illusion – Haunted Scream Park, we know how to dial up the dread. Come scream through this sprawling haunted theme park of delightful autumn fright… and bring your friends. We’re always looking for... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Columbus, OH 614-535-8516 carnagehaunt.com

Welcome to Columbus Ohio's newest and most entertaining Haunted Attraction. Our indoor Haunt features innovative, scary and exciting new ideas that have been brought to life! We utilize a combination of realistically details sets, lighting and... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Wilmington, OH 513-409-0644 www.brimstonehaunt.com

Four great scares for the family and the brave! Brimstone Haunted Hayride: Brimstone Kingdom was once a beautiful and prosperous place but that was before the Curse of Brimstone Road fell upon these lands. Now monsters, evil spirits, and various... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Sandusky, OH 419-626-4467 www.lakeeeriefearfest.com

Experience the #1 Haunted House in Ohio Looking for the best haunted house in Ohio?! Lake EERIE Fearfest @ Ghostly Manor Thrill Center is the one haunted house in Ohio you don’t want to miss this haunted house season! Find out why Haunted... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Alliance, OH 330-823-3933 www.fortressoffear.com

DON'T GO ALONE...Fortress of Fear is a Haunted Scream Park and Ohio's top rated haunted house and best haunted attraction located in the dead center of Akron, Canton and Youngstown. 2X Award Winner by Ohio Haunted Houses. Featuring 5 FREAKING... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Cleveland, OH (216) 377-2377 nightmarecleveland.com

Cleveland's Premiere Haunted House! From the creators of Chippewa Lake Slaughterhouse, Nightmare Cleveland features High quality sets, immersive audio and horrifying characters that puts this show right on par with Universal Studios Hollywood Horror... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Marion, OH 567-233-2905 hauntedhoorah.com

Haunted Hoorah is a 15,000 square foot, ten acre facility located in Marion, Ohio. You become part of the story, in this unique, interactive, Military/Sci-fi themed haunted attraction! Attacking your senses and fears with every twist and turn. The... Read More

Troy, OH 937-339-9731 www.idle-hourranch.com

CORN MAZE CLOSED 2023 IHR Mini Corn Maze for Kids Join us with the little ones for games in the Mini Maze, a giant slide, pumpkins, corn cobb swing, straw jump, duck races, shelled corn box, bucket ball game, toy car raceway, hill billy golf,... Read More

Kings Mills, OH 513-754-5700 www.visitkingsisland.com/play/haunt

With 20 thrill rides, nearly a dozen spooky mazes, scare zones, and much more, Fright Fest will give you the scare of a lifetime!... Read More

Roseville, OH 740-621-3039

We moved and have a great place same awesome frights and scares around every corner just awaiting for your screams. Just gotta come out and see. ... Read More

Paris, OH (330) 862-2733 www.arrowheadorchard.com

Visit Arrowhead Orchard and enjoy lots of fall fun activities Corn Maze - Hay Rides - Pumpkin Patch - Hamster Run - and much more! What better family outing is there than coming to the farm, having a fun-filled experience and ending up with a... Read More

Ottawa, OH 419-538-6333 www.pchaunt.com

Putnam County's Haunted Cornfield was one of the first cornfields in Northwest Ohio to be taken over by Ghouls and Goblins. The haunting began almost 13 years ago under the name Schmitz's Haunted Cornfield. In 2004 a new crew of haunters took over... Read More

New Castle, PA 724-657-6934 hauntedhillviewmanor.com/scare-manor-hill-vie...

Scare Manor is open from late September through the end of October. The event consists of a Haunted House and grass maze field behind our main building. There are also guided tours of Hill View Manor during the evening. The Haunted House utilizes... Read More

Saint Clairsville, OH 740-720-0830 www.fearfield.com

A SCARY, GUT-WRENCHING, HEART-POUNDING experience is waiting for you this September and October in the woods. The Story / The Legend: In a small town just minutes from the city folk lived a group of people in the woods. They lived in ran down... Read More

New Springfield, OH 330-549-9000 columbianamazecraze.com

Get Lost at Maze Craze! We have transformed over 21 amazing acres of corn into a life-size maze. There is a total of 8.6 miles of trails that twist, turn and sometimes come to a dead end. Our maze was professionally designed and cut by Shawn... Read More

Springfield, OH 937-215-2905 www.terrormaze.com

You will see ghastly scenes of Murder and Mayhem including Dental Death, the Blood bed and The Chain Saw Death Box. You will be shocked and terrified. Your trip through the Terror Maze will take approximately 30 minutes. The Terror Maze is open even... Read More

Dayton, OH www.survivehellsdungeon.com

Brand new haunt in Dayton Ohio. We are an 100% indoor haunt. From the deep backwoods, to the abandoned halls of an archaic medical facility, and to the glitz and glamour of a traveling carnival.... We have such sights to show you. 3 Unsettling... Read More

Caledonia, OH

Come out and "play" with us! See if you can make it out alive or if you'll be stuck in our woods forever!!! Welcome to The Dead Woods haunted trails, established publicly in 2017! This is a walk through experience with live actors and other... Read More

Painesville, OH (440) 358-7275 www.lakemetroparks.com

Family-friendly chills and thrills! Travel Farmpark's trails and roadways after dark in the comfort and safety of your own vehicle and experience many playfully frightful sites throughout the park--some that you have come to love and some new... Read More

Springboro, OH 937-885-3965 www.windmillfarmmarket.com

Windmill Farm Market is the home of Ohio’s favorite fall festival and features our famous adventure hayride which takes you over the hills and through the mud! SPOOKTACULAR Fall Hayride: Enjoy the best of Windmill Farm Market’s SPOOKTACULAR... Read More

Jewett, OH 740-491-7807

Harco House Of Horrors - You'll have 3.5 stories of terror to walk through, but are you really brave enough to go all the way? So far this season we've had multiple groups who couldn't make it all the way through, because it's too terrifying, are... Read More

Findlay, OH 419-423-2995 www.nworrp.org

Take a whimsical ride on a classic locomotive to the pumpkin patch for a day of family fun! New this year: Visit the Non Haunted CORN MAZE! Kids and adults can walk through the Maze and receive candy from various stations. Pumpkin... Read More

Zanesville, OH 740-452-4858 mcdonaldsgreenhouse.com/fall-corn-maze

If you are looking for a great place to bring the family for a wonderful fall experience, you've come to the right place! Our Corn Maze and Fall Farm Fun includes a giant sand box, petting zoo, pumpkin painting and carving, corn maze, hay wagon... Read More

Brunswick, OH 330-225-5577 mapleside.com

If you love to have fun with your family and friends, then experiencing Mapleside Farms in the fall is a must. Pumpkin Village is when Mapleside Farms morphs into the finest fall family experience in the country with dozens of special... Read More

Vincent, OH 740-678-7447 www.sweetapplefarm.com

Stroll through the maze and make a 'baa baa here' and a 'moo moo there' to the other friends you make along your journey! How close have you ever been to a real cow? Time for a Hayride! The hayride lasts 30 minutes and takes guests up the hill to... Read More

Pataskala, OH 740-927-1333 www.lyndfruitfarm.com

Fall family fun begins when u-pick pumpkins, apples, peaches, and more at Lynd Fruit Farm! Maze: The Maze is an 8-acre scavenger hunt for clue stations. Most participants accept the challenge of finding each information post and gathering... Read More

Nashport, OH nightmareinnashport.com

The Nightmare in Nashport "Trail of Terror" is not your typical Haunted House. Our night of Evil is staged along a one half mile trail through an actual woods, not a zig-zag through a field with scares over lapping or stuffed into an over crowded... Read More

Yellow Springs, OH 937- 325-0629 youngsdairy.com/haunted-wagon-rides

Haunted Wagon Rides: Things are going to get a little scary around Young’s this fall! Our Haunted Wagon Ride and Scary Stories are designed for families with children. It will be scary! We have designed this ride for families with children. We... Read More

Milford Center, OH 937-349-4781 www.mazeandberries.com/field-of-fright

The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek is entering its 13th exciting fall season and 9th summer u-pick berry season. The MAiZE is becoming a tradition for fun on the farm for families and friends in the Central Ohio area and beyond. This summer and fall... Read More

Cincinnati, OH 513-729-1974 www.hauntedhallinfo.com

The Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall got its start in 1990 with only the main building featuring scenes. Since then the Haunted Hall has expanded to include not only the house but also five tents, backyard areas, and one giant vortex! The Haunted Hall... Read More

Laurelville, OH (740) 601-8574

2023 focuses more on Hollywood Horror. Come see some of your favorite horror movie killers!... Read More

Mantua, OH 330-414-1180 www.derthickcornmaze.com

Derthick's Corn Maze and Farm Experience brings weekend fall fun toe everyone! Enjoy 17 acres of fun, including three mazes, Farmer Joe's Clue Game, the Farm Tracks kids' maze game, a treasure hunt, maze game, and much more!... Read More

Milford Center, OH 937-349-4781 www.mazeandberries.com

The MAiZE at Little Darby Creek is entering its exciting fall season and summer u-pick berry season. The MAiZE is becoming a tradition for fall family fun on the farm in the Central Ohio area and beyond. This summer and fall the Rauschs invite you... Read More

Napoleon, OH 419-599-1570 www.leadersfarms.com

Leaders Farms, located in Napoleon, Ohio, is home to Ohio's first corn maze! Over the past 16 years the farm has grown into Northwest Ohio's premier fall destination. Get back to the basics and pick out a pumpkin, take a scenic hayride, and crawl... Read More

Millersburg, OH 330-674-6096 hershbergersfarmandbakery.com

Hershberger's Farm & Bakery is a one-of-a-kind destination in Ohio's Amish Country featuring an Amish bakery, store, produce market, food trailer, and a farm animal petting area. Each season offers a different unique experience with different... Read More

New Springfield, OH (330) 549-9000 columbianamazecraze.com

Get Lost at Maze Craze....The best corn maze in Ohio & Pennsylvania transformed over 21 amazing acres of corn into a life-size maze. There is a total of 8.6 miles of trails that twist, turn and sometimes come to a dead end. There is fun for the... Read More

Riverside, OH 937-254-2576 www.riverside-jaycees.com

We have been scaring the yell out of you since 1986 one of the longest running haunt in the area! Haunted Castle in 3D Trail of Terror 6,000 sq ft Maze... Read More

Doylestown, OH 330-658-6125

Walsh Farms is a family owned farm located at Doylestown, Ohio. We offer many fun filled activities for all ages. Come out and enjoy a day in the farm and make memories with us. Attractions: Pumpkins Hay Rides Pumpkin Train Petting... Read More

Wilmington, OH 937-382-3643 themurphytheatre.org

In this cult classic, sweethearts Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), stuck with a flat tire during a storm, discover the eerie mansion of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a transvestite scientist. As their innocence is lost, Brad and... Read More

Madison, OH 440-812-4936 www.regalvineyards.com

The Haunted Winery & Haunted Corn Maze: Spend an evening at Grand River Cellars and enjoy dinner with a tasting our our Blood Red and Fright White wines followed by experiencing the Haunted Winery at Regal Vineyards The Haunted Winery: You... Read More

Wellington, OH 440-647-6749 www.braseescornmaze.com

Brasee's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is family owned and operated. We start working on our Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in May to open mid September. New for 2023 - Haunted Walk We have a 8 acre corn maze. Through our maze we have stamps that... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Miamisburg, OH 937-671-2989 www.warrickfarm.com

Come visit out our working farm and enjoy a nice hayride. Our farm features the cow encounter hayrides where we feed the cows right from the wagon! Hayrides take about a half hour to run and wait times vary depending on crowds. We also feature a... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Genoa, OH 419-461-1298 panicinthepines.com

Panic in the Pines 2023 Panic in the Pines is a yearly Halloween haunt at Country Lane Tree Farm. There are 3 haunts which are all included in the price of your admission ticket. First board a wagon on the longest running, most interactive... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Genoa, OH 419-461-1298 www.countrylanetreefarm.com/fall_family_fun_w...

Fall Festival Farm Weekend Admission includes: Milking a real cow, not a Replica! Feeding Large Farm Animals (animal food is included in the cost) Feeding Goats, Llamas, Alpacas, Donkeys, Sheep. Feeding our Fallow Deer Families and our pig... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Columbia Station, OH 440-236-5454 www.clevelandhayride.com

More than just a pumpkin patch, pumpkins & hayrides. We offer, Fall fun for everyone. All day long unlimited activities for one low price. Unlimited hayrides, pony rides, live costume character show, "Monster Vision in 3-D", Children's Haunted House... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Waynesville, OH 937-790-0036 waynesvillefallfest.com

If you’re looking for a new family tradition, Waynesville Fall Fest has you covered! We offer exciting and unique attractions that everyone in the family will enjoy. Our attractions: Wildwater Mining Co. Mega Play set S.L. Expeditions - take a... Read More

Ostrander, OH 740-666-2020 www.leedsfarm.com

We feature fall family fun on the farm. Spend the day getting plenty of fresh air and having fun as a family in our many barnyard and outdoor activities for the young and young at heart. Select the perfect pumpkin from the thousands we grow right... Read More

Albany, OH 740-590-9788 www.libbyspumpkinpatch.com

Looking for a U-Pick pumpkin patch in southeast Ohio? Libby's Pumpkin Patch specializes in large carving pumpkins, pie pumpkins, decorative pumpkins, and outdoor fall decorations. Come and check us out! We have a variety of family-friendly... Read More

West Salem, OH 330-461-1178 stoneycreekfarmohio.com

We offer a variety of activities for wholesome, affordable family fun. Stoney Creek Farm literally has thousands of pumpkins to choose from. We grow a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of pumpkins. The giant pumpkins surpass 100 pounds, and have... Read More

Poland, OH 330-757-3142 www.molnarfarms.com

For four generations Molnar Farms family has been proudly growing the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables. We are open seasonly June through November. Fall Attractions: Pumpkin Patch - Find the perfect pumpkin on our Pumpkin... Read More

Richfield, OH 330-659-2526 www.lutherfarms.com

Enjoy a day on the farm taking a hayride through the field, navigating your way in our corn maze and petting our beloved animals. We also have a wide range of children’s activities including face painting, hay maze, corn pool, games, and crafts.... Read More

Berlin Heights, OH 419-588-2138 www.burnhamorchards.com

Burnham Orchards is a family owned and operated farm, providing great tasting fruits along with our fun filled activities in fall. From pick your own pumpkins to orchard hayrides, we provide a taste of the farm that you just can’t get anywhere else!... Read More

DELAWARE, OH 740-363-5021 www.millerscountrygardens.com

Fall season brings in the pumpkins. Whether you need pumpkins for making pumpkin pies, decorations or for Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween, be sure to come to our farm to select your pumpkin. You can either pick one out of our huge pumpkin pile, or you... Read More

Arcanum, OH (937) 692-8084 www.brumbaughfruitfarm.com

Brumbaugh's Fruit Farm designed a "mini maze" for those little ones (and some adults who cannot manage the 5-acre corn maze). Children will work their way through the paths by identifying colors, adding and subtracting, and counting. Take a hayride... Read More

Yellow Springs, OH 937-767-2208 www.peiferorchards.com

Fall at the orchard is a fantastic family destination; pumpkin picking, and more. Peifer's has the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the beautiful season. The farm market has a variety of crisp apples, juicy peaches, farm fresh vegetables, jams, local... Read More

Columbiana, OH 330-482-4064 www.catalpagrove.com

Catalpa Grove Farm is a family run garden center/produce farm. We raise annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, succulents, herbs and so much more, right here at the farm. In the fall, we have fall activities. We offer hayrides to the pumpkin... Read More

Sidney, OH 937-498-9528 sidneyhauntedwoods.moonfruit.com

Welcome to The Sidney Haunted Woods! Come out and visit the fire before you are taken back to our 1/2 mile track of relentless terror in which you will enjoy thrill and excitement were you will see your favorite Halloween characters such as the evil... Read More

Lebanon, OH 513-932-2853 www.ironsfruitfarm.com

Hayrides for pumpkins on fall. Our side-railed, tractor-driven wagons take you to our pumpkin patch where you can pick the perfect pumpkin. Then just board the next wagon that comes in (usually every 15 minutes) and bring your pumpkin back to be... Read More

Wauseon, OH 5674543363

This is a home haunt that was constructed inside of a barn and is a maze style haunt. The haunt is approx 1,000 sq ft in size and changes every year including the theme. ... Read More

Mansfield, OH 419-884-1500 applehillorchards.com

A family owned operated orchard offering u-pick your own pumpkins in fall season. Home grown apples, pears, plums, etc. are also available on a pick-your-own basis. Not only just a pumpkin, our friendly resident goat, sheep and chickens are more... Read More

Middletown, OH (937) 672-8248 www.fallpumpkinfest.com

Fall is approaching quickly and we have the perfect place for some family fun. McMonigle Farms Pumpkin Fest offers the most affordable and unique pumpkin patch in Middletown, Ohio. New large play area with slides, tunnels and corn boxes. New cow... Read More

Trenton, OH (513) 988-9211 www.barnnbunk.com

Come out to the farm for lots of family fun, activities, entertainment, food, pumpkins, etc. in the fall. Barn-n-Bunk Farm Market Fall Festival also include hayrides, entertainment, games, and more. Take some time to come out to the farm, enjoy a... Read More

Columbia Station, OH 440-236-3007 redwagonfarm.com

Come out and enjoy a great family day out at the farm! Enjoy a wagon ride through our New & Improved scarecrow village, visit our 5 acre corn maze; younger visitors can climb and play in our corn kernel sandbox in our kid’s play area. Then move... Read More

Mantua, OH 330-562-5234 www.guyettefarms.com

Guyette Farms is committed to providing unique family fun activities. While visiting our maze, we want our guests to have the opportunity to spend quality time together while enjoying all the fun. Maze: Our maze is designed and cut by hand. We... Read More

Pandora, OH 419-384-3331 www.suterproduce.com

Enjoy a day of family fun at Suter's! Take a stroll through the corn maze, go on a hayride, pick your own pumpkins, shoot the corn cannons, roll around in giant human hamster wheels, and take part in many more fun activities! Hayrides to the... Read More

Swanton, OH (419) 826-1453 www.johnstonfruitfarms.com

Pumpkins! U-Pick or We Pick... we also have pie pumpkins, Mini pumpkins, and decorative squash for all your fall wishes. Guess the weight of the "Great Pumpkin" and win a free bushel of Honeycrisp! Apple Pickin'.. It's always a day of food,... Read More

Amherst, OH 440-965-8884 www.hillcrestfunfarm.com

Join us for an adventure! Our maze is sure to corn-fuse you this year with it's twists and turns! It's a explorer's dream adventure through our jungle themed labyrinth. We're sure you can find your way in, but can you find your way out? Be sure... Read More

Sunbury, OH 740-815-9371 www.hiddencreekfarms.com

“Fall is for Fun” at our farm during our Annual Fall Festival. Come and enjoy our Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch, Great Pumpkin Slide, Kids Play Barn with Corn pit and Slide, and more games! Visit our Farm Animals -- Also, we sell fresh eggs from our... Read More

Plain City, OH 614-873-0510 www.theorchardandcompany.com

Return to nature this fall at The Orchard and Company. We provide a variety of exciting things for the entire family. We pride ourselves with our unique tractor drawn wagon rides, large corn pit to excavate in, and hay barn. Come make new farm... Read More

Burton, OH (440) 548-5521 www.maandpas.com

Nothing says fall better than a horse drawn hay ride through the woods with the leaves crunching beneath the feet of a team of percheron horses, a glass of Ma & Pa's cider in your hand and a maple cookie! Come experience the fall harvest this... Read More

Tiffin, OH 419-992-4392 funacres.net

Barnyard Fun Weekends: Come on down to the farm and enjoy the day exploring, racing, sliding, jumping, and making memories with over 20 fun activities for all ages. If you haven’t already, it’s time to make coming to the farm your new favorite... Read More

Convoy, OH 419-749-4224 www.lincolnridgefarms.com

Join us at Lincoln Ridge Farms as we celebrate our 30th season of farm fresh produce, u-pick pumpkins, apples and strawberries, exciting festival activities and festive fall color! Our farm is the perfect outing for friends and family to come... Read More

Mount Sterling, OH 740-869-4208 www.lohstrohfamilyfarms.com

Lohstroh Family Farms is a fall farm market & pumpkin patch located in Mount Sterling, Ohio. Our diverse farm includes a retail fall farm market and activities including pumpkin picking wagon rides and a corn maze. With the help of family, and good... Read More

Columbiana, OH 330-482-2276 www.detwilerfarm.com

Come out to Detwiler Farm for pick-your-own pumpkins, hayrides, and our cornfield maze! Admission includes a 15-minute hayride to the 10-acre pumpkin patch, an indoor straw maze, a 4-acre cornfield maze and petting zoo. Hayrides leave about every... Read More

Hamilton, OH 513-738-0404 brownsfarmmarket.com

Our market takes on a festive appearance in the fall with all of the fall decorations and color. Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and bales of straw, added to the beautiful mums, enhance the beauty of the season. All are bundled and ready to decorate... Read More

Troy, OH 937-335-6983 fultonfarms.com

Come to Fulton Farms for the freshest, locally-grown produce around. The Farm Market houses the retail side of Fulton Farms. Located in a barn over 100 years old that is an excellent example of constructions techniques from the 19th century, the... Read More

Newtown, OH 513-561-8634 burgerfarms.com

Burger Farm is a family owned and operated garden center since 1904. Burger Farm & Garden Center hosts one of the largest fall festivals on weekends in October with pumpkins, corn stalks, mums, gourds, apple cider, animated pumpkin land characters,... Read More

Zanesfield, OH 937-593-8000 marmonvalley.com

Round up the family for a Sunday in October to make memories during the Harvest Round-Up Days at Marmon Valley Farm! The kids will enjoy Pony Rides. The entire family will have fun on a Hayride and picking out a Pumpkin from our stock. Enjoy... Read More

Mentor, OH 440-364-7222

Garage complete with multiple themed haunted rooms, props, jump scares and fun!... Read More

haunted house open tonight

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haunted house open tonight

2023 Haunt Opening Night Guide

Your essential schedule of Opening Nights for Haunted Houses, Haunted Trails, Night Hayrides, Haunted Hayrides, Flashlight and Haunted Corn Mazes

♦   Click on the attraction name for a list of features, contact info, and a map!   ♦    

Friday, October 13th, 2023

Halls of Horror (ME)

Scarrybrooke Park Haunted Trail (CT)

Cursed Orchard Haunted Hayride (CT)

​​​​​​Saturday, October 14th, 2023

Maineiac Manor (ME)

Fright at the Fort (ME)

Hicks Family Farm  (MA) Haunted Corn Maze  

Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Nightmare Vermont (VT)

Friday, October 20th, 2023

Farmington Fright Fest (ME)

Treworgy Family Orchard Flashlight Maze (ME)


Saturday, september 9th, 2023.

Factory of Terror - Fall River (MA) 

Friday, September 15th, 2023

Chambers of Terror (MA)

Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Barrett's Haunted Mansion   (MA) 

Fear Town (MA)

Nightmare on the Ridge (ME) 

Devil's Playground (NH)

SpookyWorld  (NH) 

Scary Acres (RI)

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Weather note: double check these haunts will be open before heading out!

Fright Haven (CT)

Fright Fest at Six Flags New England (MA)

Screeemfest at Canobie (NH)

Friday, September 29th, 2023

Weather note: If you're headed to an outdoor attraction, check their social media before heading out in case of postponement.

DementedFX (MA)

The Dark Manor (CT)

Rails to the Darkside (CT)

The Dark Woods (NH)

Evidence of Evil (CT)

West End Creamery (MA) - non-haunted Flashlight Corn Maze

Marini Farm (MA) - non-haunted Flashlight Corn Maze

Connors Farm (MA) - non-haunted Flashlight Corn Maze

Witch's Woods  (MA)

Seven Cedars Haunted Hayride (RI)

Haunted Labyrinth (RI)

Fright Kingdom (NH)

Saturday, September 30th, 2023

Weather note: If you're headed to an outdoor attraction, check their social media before heading out in case of weather postponement.

Haunt on Eden (CT)

Trail of Terror  (CT)

The Forsaken Lands   (CT)

Haunting at the Ridge (CT)

Legends of Fear   (CT) - Trail and Haunted Hayride

13th World Fright Park (MA)

13th World (RI)

13 Nights at Jiminy (MA)

Hysteria Danvers (MA)

Nightmare Acres (CT) 

Sunday, October 1st, 2023

Dark New England (RI)

Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Haunted Overload   (NH) - Fright LITE ( event info )

Friday, October 6th, 2023

Haunted Grandview Manor   (ME) 

Trail of Terror Haunted Walk (ME)

Fear World (CT)

Haunted Overload   (NH) - Full Show Opening Night

Terror at Quassy (CT)

Fear on the Farm at McCrays Farm (MA) - Haunted Hayride and Walk-through

Haunted Gallows (RI)

Vengeance in the Valley (VT)

haunted house open tonight

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haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight


haunted house open tonight

Pennsylvania 2023 Halloween Events Calendar

Attention Pennsylvania Haunt Owners

Looking to plan a day of haunt-filled fun this fall? Make sure to check out PAHauntedHouses.com's Calendar of Halloween Events to find the best Fall Festivities and terrifying Haunts each and every day this September through November. Whether you're planning a last minute outing with friends, or you are putting together a day filled with family fun, make sure to utilize PAHauntedHouses.com's Halloween Events Calendar to get the most out of the season this autumn! Click on a day to see all events for that day.

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haunted house open tonight

Gettysburg, PA 844-757-5657 civilwarghosts.com

Civil War Ghosts: Gettysburg's Gripping Ghostly Chronicles Join Civil War Ghosts tonight to delve into the daunting stories of Gettysburg's ghostly past. Wander through the very spots where civilians and soldiers succumbed, and where their... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Philadelphia, PA (201) 402-2880 halloweenhousephiladelphia.com

Come visit us at Halloween House Philadelphia, located in the Andorra Shopping Center at 701 Cathedral Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19128 NOT A HAUNTED HOUSE, IT'S SO MUCH MORE! Philly's #1 BRAND NEW Halloween Attraction More fun, less fear, and... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Gettysburg, PA (717) 997-7511 usghostadventures.com/gettysburg

Enjoy a glass of 100-year-old, barrel-aged wine over dinner while cannons fire in the distance at the advancing enemy. Stroll the pristine, brick-lined byways and back alleys, but make sure to dodge the Confederate soldiers limping back from... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Glen Mills, PA 610-459-0647 thebatesmotel.com

Pennsylvania’s Legendary Haunted Attraction! The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride beckons with an electrifying blend of high-octane scares and adrenaline-pumping action, boasting three colossal attractions, with the legendary Haunted Hayride as its... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Philadelphia, PA (757) 532-8805 phillyghosts.com

Philly Ghosts Discover the secret lives and hidden spirits behind some of history’s most famous figures… Want to know why the Liberty Bell really cracked, or why Benjamin Franklin’s ghost dances in the street at night? Come and learn all about... Read More

Hellam, PA 717-252-2540 www.flinchbaughsorchard.com

Set a day to enjoy a trip to our Pumpkin Patch and Orchard to gather your pumpkins, apples and smiles! Enjoy our Wagon Rides, Corn Maze, Straw Bale Jungle Gym, and so much more... Our Market has a large selection of fall decorations, crafts, fresh... Read More

Chambersburg, PA 717-729-5343 countrycreekproducefarm.com

Sky’s the limit this fall with our 10 acre Aviation Corn Maze!! Spend about about 45 minutes in Franklin County’s largest Corn Maze with over 2 miles of paths! If you need help, our mailboxes scattered throughout the maze will guide you in the... Read More

Ligonier, PA 724 - 238 - 9066 www.chadscornmaze.com

The cornfield is about 3.5 acres and it has 1.5 Miles of walking paths within it! Not only is it a confusing maze to enter and exit but has also hidden stations with wooden coins to collect along the way! Each year Chad picks a hit country song... Read More

Doylestown, PA 215-766-8388 hellericksfarm.com

Hellerick’s Family Farm has pull wagons and wheelbarrows available to help you gather and bring your fresh prized pumpkins back down out of the field with ease! Pumpkin prices (based on weight) are posted at the entrance to our Pumpkin... Read More

Gettysburg, PA 717-334-8838 www.farnsworthhouseinn.com

We are the home of Gettysburg's longest running ghost tour company. For over 20 years the Farnsworth House has provided Gettysburg's original and exciting haunted tours. Mourning Theater Follow us down to the cellar of one of the most haunted... Read More

McMurray, PA (724) 941- 1490 www.simmonsfarm.com

Come to the farm and enjoy fall activities with Hayrides, Rubber Duck Races , Apple Rock Labyrinth, Five acres of Pumpkins, Hay Maze, 4 acre and 2 acre Corn Maze, 100 ft slide and smaller Fire Truck slide! , Petting Zoo, Play Area, and Corn Play Bin.... Read More

Easton, PA 610-253-1419 www.raubsfarmmarket.com

What is a corn maze? It is a fun experience where you wander through paths cut into a large cornfield. At Raub’s Farm Market, we offer a large 14-acre corn maze for your family to enjoy. We have three mazes to test your ability. Try all three and... Read More

Lancaster, PA (717) 872-9311 www.cherryhillorchards.com

A family owned "Pick Your Own" Orchard in beautiful Lancaster County, PA.We offer seasonal "Pick your own" pumpkins & apples in fall as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods and many seasonal items at our Outlet Store. Our Orchard Events... Read More

Plymouth Meeting, PA 610-828-7395 www.mapleacresfarmmarket.com

What's the fall season without a family hayride on the farm? Stop by for pumpkin patch pickins', tractor rides and fresh pies (oh my!) From fresh Kale and seasonal fall vegetables to picking your own pumpkins and farm fresh pies, Maple Acres has... Read More

McDonald, PA (724) 926-2541 bednersgreenhouse.com

Bedner’s is a farm, garden center, and landscape business located in McDonald, (Cecil Township), just 30 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh. Celebrate fall with fun for the whole family. Activities: Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins Interactive Corn... Read More

Glen Mills, PA 610-459-0647 www.thebatesmotel.com

Perkasie, PA 215-795-0660 www.agafarms.com

Halloween isn't complete without your Jack-o-Lantern! We have over 20 varieties of pumpkins and gourds. You can choose them right off the vine from our pumpkin patches. The farm provides all of your fall fun with two corn mazes and locally-made... Read More

Mechanicsburg, PA (717) 697-4330 paulusfarmmarket.com

Enjoy our new corn maze and pick your own pumpkin patch areas. After taking a ride on our tractor-pulled hay wagon, take a seasonal walk through our maze of field corn. It's not too easy, but not too difficult either. You should make it through in... Read More

Alexandria, PA 814-832-3430 www.jbtreefarm.com

Test your sense of direction in our 6-acre Corn Maze. Navigating the Corn Maze can take you anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. We create a new design every year for the maze, so you'll never walk the same path from year to year. Pick your... Read More

Mount Cobb, PA 570-689-5144 www.ritterscidermill.com

Ritter's Cider Mill still believe in old-fashioned quality and down-home goodness, so the same cleanliness and freshness go into all our products as the day we began. Our fall attractions are open mid September through Halloween.... Read More

Media, PA 610-876-7116 www.linvilla.com

An annual trip to Pumpkinland has been a family tradition for generations of Delaware Valley Residents. During Fall season, Pumpkinland takes center stage at Linvilla Orchards. Larger than life figures and scarecrows illustrate the legends and lore... Read More

Aliquippa, PA 724-375-5350 hopewellwindmill.com/haunted-mini-golf

Haunted Mini Golf: Starting mid September something strange and spooky happens to our 18 hole miniature golf course. The ghosts and ghouls come out to haunt the course and provide an amazing experience for you this fall! Stop by this Halloween... Read More

Mifflinburg, PA 570-966-1151 www.buffalovalleyproduce.com

Buffalo Valley Produce Auction Inc features Pennsylvania's Freshest & Finest Produce. Buffalo Valley is the place to be for all your Pumpkin and fall item needs! Huge selection with up to 2000+ bins at times per sale. ... Read More

Annville, PA 717-838-1438 rissermarvel.com

At Risser-Marvel Farm Market & Robin Hood Adventure Maze, we are growing over 40 acres of mouthwatering fruit and vegetables. We are a family-owned business dating back to 1924, founded by Abram and Naomi Risser and Robert and Evelyn Marvel. The... Read More

West Chester, PA 610-269-3494 highlandorchards.net

With over 200 acres of growing crops, there's always something going on the farm. We offer all our crops already picked for you in our Farm Market or you can Pick Your Own Pumpkins and Apples in fall. This is the great time to get out in the... Read More

Lansdale, PA 610-584-4410 www.merrymead.com

Our variety of pumpkins, squash, and gourds will delight the avid fall decorator! We have everything you need to decorate your home or office! We offer a huge variety of carving pumpkins, pie pumpkins, gourds, winter squash, straw bales, Indian... Read More

Clarks Summit, PA 570-587-3399 www.millersorchards.com

Different varieties of U-Pick pumpkins and apples can be found during Fall season. Enjoy Hayrides while watching the scenic beauty of the farm. Fall season for visitors to see real farmers farming up close and personal with hands-on interaction with... Read More

Waterford, PA 814-796-4500 www.portfarms.com

Port Farms is a fun-filled family tradition during the fall season. Where family fun is always in season! Fall Harvest Festival attractions include hay wagon rides, 8 acre corn maze, slide mountain, corn box, pedal carts, animal exhibits, mindbender... Read More

Yardley, PA 215-968-1670 shadybrookfarm.com/fallfest

Come to FallFest for fun day and night without the fright! Come for pumpkin picking, scenic wagon rides, 5 acre corn maze (byo flashlight after dark), bonfires, live music, + lots more fall fun! Once checked in, you are welcome to spend as much... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mullica Hill, NJ 856-223-1669 www.nightofterror.com

Night of Terror at Creamy Acres Farms The most fun you'll have, being scared! Attractions: The Ride of Terror The Harvest The Playground Dark Dreams Haunted Paintball Hayride - Celebrating 10 Years ! ... Read More

Passaic, NJ 201-716-2827 brightonasylum.com/the-bleeding-grounds

Journey through the staff quarters of Brighton Asylum, located on the abandoned 2nd floor of Brighton Asylum, closed in 1952, and re-opened in 2018 to the public! Find out why these elaborate quarters, where staff once worked, slept, researched,... Read More

New Wilmington, PA 724-946-5455 www.ironsmillfarmstead.com

Irons Mill Farmstead is a family farm located in scenic Western Pennsylvania — we have a pumpkin patch, 10-acre corn maze and lots more at our month-long Fall Festival! Besides a heap of pumpkins to pick from and 10 aMAZEing acres of cornfield to... Read More

North Versailles, PA 412-357-8806 www.hauntedhillshayride.com

Come on out for annual Haunted Hills Hayride and the Valley of Darkness Haunted Walking Trail on Mosside Boulevard in North Versailles. Bring your Halloween party to Haunted Hills Hayride! You never know what you will find behind the castle... Read More

Smock, PA 724-677-2589 www.allenshayrides.com

Haunted Hayrides: Come and enjoy our haunted hayride. Sit in a wagon filled with straw and frightened guests. The tractor will take you on a 1 mile tour of our farm through a haunted forest, barn, and fields. Visit the Allen Family Cemetery and... Read More

Bethel Park, PA 412-851-4286 hundredacresmanor.com

Pittsburgh's Top Halloween Tradition, Hundred Acres Manor, brings you a whole new vision of horror and fun all within one haunted house in Pittsburgh, PA! Your favorite Halloween tradition features a 6 themed haunted house sections as one LARGE... Read More

Feasterville, PA (215) 942-9787 www.valleyoffear.com

The Original Haunted Hayride Area's Best and Original! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two Haunted House Tour The New and Frightening... Zombie Research and Control Facility and The... Read More

Mertztown, PA 610-682-6616 savidgefarms.com

Savidge Farms celebrates autumn in our own unique way with Autumn Adventure. Our adventures now feature horse drawn carriage rides through the fall scenery. We also have an 18 hole mini golf course, corn boxes, barnyard cannons, 4 acre corn maze,... Read More

Passaic, NJ 201-716-2827 brightonasylum.com

BRIGHTON ASYLUM, the legendary haunted asylum complex featured on The Today Show, Cake Boss, Buzzfeed, Nickelodeon, ABC, NBC, FOX, HLN, and media outlets all over the country, shut down in 1952 due to staff and patient disappearances, as well as... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Freedom, PA 724-775-6232 zombiesofthecorn2023.fearticket.com

PITTSBURGH’S ZOMBIES OF THE CORN HAUNTED ATTRACTION! STOP The ZOMBIE Apocalypse in Pittsburgh NOW! That’s Right, this is your chance to “open fire” and protect our city. Have you ever wanted to play paintball but didn’t like the idea of getting... Read More

Altoona, PA 814-329-1563 www.imaginariumsanitarium.com

This year A Haunting at Skyline Hollow takes Halloween to a whole new level. In Altoona Pennsylvania there's a New Haunted house in town. After 100's of years of sightings of ghosts and spirits on the grounds of the lake, it is now your turn... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mill Hall, PA 570-660-5504 www.spookhaven.com

Spook Haven is unlike any other haunted building you will find. It lives. It waits. It silently looks for its next victim. But it is not simply the building you need to fear…it is the entire area. Spook Haven is offering for the firs time 3... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Spring Grove, PA 717-225-4811 kimskrypt.com

Haunted Mill: Centuries old, its evil has grown massive and restless. Your life and your very soul may be at stake as you walk among the ashes of the DEAD in the stone basement. The cursed second floor is open once again for your screaming... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Marlboro, NJ 732-946-8885 www.hauntedcasola.com

4 Terrifying Attractions! One Location! Haunted Hayride of TERROR Take a Haunted Hayride into the back woods of New Jersey. People say they see and hear things that come alive. So maybe if you’re lucky you may see their shadows and hear the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Schaefferstown, PA 717-450-8080 www.thehauntpa.com

NEW LAYOUT FOR THE 2023 SEASON!! We are excited for our third year in operation at this location, the only premier haunted attraction in Lebanon County. Can you make it through?! Only the strong will survive. Enter at your own risk! The Haunt is... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Alliance, OH 330-823-3933 www.fortressoffear.com

DON'T GO ALONE...Fortress of Fear is a Haunted Scream Park and Ohio's top rated haunted house and best haunted attraction located in the dead center of Akron, Canton and Youngstown. 2X Award Winner by Ohio Haunted Houses. Featuring 5 FREAKING... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Lehighton, PA 484-553-9000 devilslastlaughhaunt.com

The Walcksville Asylum was founded in 1863 where Dr. Fredrick housed the most insane killers of all time. The latest and most recognized is “Mr. Pickles” who has been convicted of murder and proven insane. The time is now! This is where you come in!... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Saylorsburg, PA 570-99 BEAST hotelofhorror.com

The Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares are both indoor, walk through Haunted House attractions featuring live actors and paranormal activity housed in the 200 year old “abandoned “ Pocono Mountain resort once called The Lake House Hotel,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Aliquippa, PA 724-775-5801 beavercountyhumanesociety.org/beastly-haunted...

Each Friday and Saturday evening in October, starting on Friday, September 29, 2023, hundreds of residents will creep out of their dwellings under the cover of darkness and head, like zombies, to the Beaver County Humane Society to experience its... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Palmerton, PA www.hallsofhorror.net

HALLS OF HORROR.NET is home of THE Blood Experience. We know there are plenty of haunted attractions to pick from. Our haunt is the Bloodiest most interactive haunt in the country. We're not for the lightweight horror fan or those who are... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mansfield, OH 419-522-2644 www.bloodprison.com

The United States prison system is in disarray…The worst inmates all over the United States have escaped their respective institutions looking for a new place to call home. After numerous murder sprees and in some cases “Clown Sightings” across the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Fredonia, PA 724-992-8079 zombiefightnight.com

The Zombies are BACK!!!! We need you to come aboard the Zombie Battle Wagon, with individual, bolted down paintball guns loaded with zombie killing paint balls to help eradicate these flesh eating zombies that are taking over Mercer County! You will... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Canton, OH 330-576-6501 carnivalofhorrors.com

Voted TOP Haunted House in the Midwest and TOP 5 in the WORLD. "Scariest Haunted House in ALL of OHIO" - Channel 5 News What are YOU afraid of?? We dare you to experience the SCARIEST, MOST HORRIFYING, UNIQUE and UTTERLY INSANE HAUNTED HOUSE... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Coal Township, PA 570-274-3460 app.hauntpay.com/events/field-of-horror-terro...

Two inflatable mazes followed by walking through a haunted trail through the woods. 2023 will have some new additions in addition to a longer trail. Appropriate shoes are required. No sandals, crocs, or flip flops. "NO TOUCH" glow... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Hallstead, PA 570-396-5871 hellsteadmanor.com

The tour begins inside in the Manor where the curious witness the horrifying outcome of a failed experiment by Dr. Halstadt. The poisonous gas cloud he created infected those living in the house at the time, and caused body altering mutations. Only... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Orefield, PA 484-408-4888 lehighvalleyscreampark.com


haunted house open tonight

Flintstone, MD 240-580-0137 www.shadyresthaunt.com

Welcome to Shady Rest Haunt. What was once a stop for stagecoaches heading west has become a home to lost souls, a haven to monsters and cryptids, and a waystation for the undead. As you wander through our land you will meet the mistress of the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Greensburg, PA 724-423-4290 www.lonesomevalleyfarms.com

Dare to take a ride at Lonesome Valley Farms Valley of Terror. You are in the middle of NOWHERE! It's dark, it's scary and it's terrifying! This haunted hayride takes you across the fields at the "Slotter Farmstead" and includes a Haunted Maze /... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Newtown, PA 215-860-6855 sleepyhollowhayride.com

Are you brave enough to experience all three of our terrifying attractions ? Capacity is limited so order online to guarantee admittance. Ride the SLEEPY HOLLOW HAYRIDE on a mile and a quarter trip through acres of dark woods and fields.... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Smithfield, PA 724-564-7644 www.frightfarm.com

Fright Farm has been an integral part of many people’s Halloween tradition for three decades, growing every year since its inception. Entering its 30th season, Fright Farm is one of Pennsylvania’s top rated professional haunted attractions. The fun... Read More

haunted house open tonight

New Castle, PA 724-657-6934 hauntedhillviewmanor.com/scare-manor-hill-vie...

Scare Manor is open from late September through the end of October. The event consists of a Haunted House and grass maze field behind our main building. There are also guided tours of Hill View Manor during the evening. The Haunted House utilizes... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mountville, PA 717-285-7748 www.fieldofscreams.com

When it comes to terrifying thrills and spine-tingling chills, Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA, will give you more than you can handle! Celebrating our 30th Season with four world-class Haunted Experiences and an impressive Midway Area, Field of... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Lordstown, OH 330-824-3141 fearforest.com

Take a ride through 68 acres of the area's most terrifying hayride and then get dropped off at the InsaneAtarium, the area's most intense haunted house in Youngstown Ohio. The Insane Atarium is a mental institution where the patients here experience... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Elysburg, PA 570-672-2920 www.facebook.com/ElysburgHauntedHouse

The Elysburg Haunted House which began in 1976 is Central PA's first and best haunted attraction. Upon entering the line, you will be met by some of our ghouls that are prowling about. Once you reach the end of the line you will be directed up the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Lehighton, PA 610-824-6835 www.waldorfestateoffear.com

The Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel: The harvest begins this fall… the soul harvest. Oliver is weak and has one month to collect the souls that he needs to survive the year in Abaddon. Lucky for him, he has the damned, who still wander the halls to... Read More

Plains, PA 570-821-6500 www.gravestonemanor.com

Gravestone Manor is arguably Pennsylvania's most unique haunted house attraction. Don't come expecting air horns, pointless dark corridors, and madmen wearing hockey masks. You won't even find a single chainsaw in operation at Gravestone Manor.... Read More

Pittsburgh, PA 412-385-2015 www.hauntedpittsburghtours.com

PITTSBURGH'S GHOST TOUR: The curators of Pittsburgh's nightmares, the archivists of its fears, and the trustees of all things that go "bump in the night" in Western Pennsylvania. Tours run approximately 90 minutes ... Read More

Homer City, PA 724-840-2976 www.scaryharrys.com

Welcome to our Season Haunti-versary!! Scary Harry’s is a multi-level walk-through Horror attraction featuring 5 indoor walk-thru houses which are interconnected with a walking trail through the woods. Come by and check out our newest addition:... Read More

Sinking Spring, PA 610-375-SCREAM www.shocktoberfest.com

The Premier Haunted ScreamPark on the East Coast! Looking for some thrills this Halloween season? Come check out the best, Shocktoberfest. Consistently voted among the top in the entire world. Zombie Safari Hayride: Take a tour with the Zombie... Read More

Aliquippa, PA 724-650-0050 freddyshaunts.net

Mary Reinhold had a nervous breakdown and was eventually committed to a sanitarium. Their daughter, Melissa and four other sons, were sent to live with the Aunt in Baltimore. The property on McCune road has been left abandoned and desolate for... Read More

Boyertown, PA (610) 367-2387 www.wilcoxfamilyfarm.com

Wilcox Farms corn maze…The largest maze in the area! Over 8 miles of trails wind through a 25 acre maze of corn. The large maze is actually made up of many small ones. There are so many exciting activities available at Wilcox Farms. Come out and try... Read More

Bring your family, your group and your friends for a great day of Fall fun to Lonesome Valley Farms. The Big Get Lost Corn Maze: You may be asking, "What is a corn maze?" It is a fun, interactive puzzle cut into a corn field, where the goal is... Read More

Butler, PA www.eerieacresfarm.com

Eerie Acres Farm is the latest must visit Halloween venue in Western Pennsylvania. Located just north of Pittsburgh and loaded with attractions, this haunted farm is ready to test your fear and give you the halloween scare you need. ... Read More

Philadelphia, PA 215-525-1776 www.spiritsof76.com

One Part History, Two Parts Haunt!™ Visit more than 20 scary sites to hear Philadelphia's haunted facts and folklore. Experience Philadelphia's monuments by moonlight. Travel the cobblestone streets of Old City to hear chilling stories about the... Read More

Brookville, PA 8146480777

Annual event in October. We give you a scare or a laugh. Come join us. ... Read More

Lancaster, PA 717-872-1554 countrybarnmarket.com

Looking for outdoor fun in Lancaster County? Head on over to the Country Barn’s Barnyard Kingdom. Visit a real working farm that has dedicated 10 acres to down home fun on the farm! Venture through our giant 5-acre Corn Maze designed by Maize Quest.... Read More

Lancaster, PA (717) 872-1554 countrybarnmarket.com

Few experiences are more synonymous with fall than pumpkin picking. The Country Barn Farm Market is one of the most popular pick-your-own pumpkin destinations in Lancaster County. You can jump on board one of our wagons and enjoy a ride out to our... Read More

Pittsburgh, PA 412-682-7275 www.pittsburghparks.org/bump

Every October, kids and adults love to discover what goes BUMP in the night in Frick Park! Bump in the Night is an annual family fun event celebrating fall. Children and their adults are invited to Frick Park for an evening of non-spooky... Read More

Lebanon, PA 717-274-3642 www.seyfertscornmaze.com

Seyfert's Corn Maze is unique for many reasons. The maze is constructed from a 14 acre corn field, which makes it one of the largest corn mazes around! Since our maze is illuminated, you are able to enjoy it by day or night. We also offer a... Read More

Sidman, PA 814-619-8903 www.thehauntedacres.com

The Haunted Acres is an outdoors haunted trail open Fridays and Saturdays through October. We offer a 20 minute walk through the chilling woods that will take you through many different themes and Scares.... Read More

Evans City, PA NA www.thelivingdeadweekend.com

Night of the Living Dead Weekend is a full weekend of events including Movie Screening, Film Location Tours, Celebrity Appearances, Film Prop Exhibits, Community Events and much more! We're inviting everyone to celebrate all things zombies and... Read More

Aspers, PA (888) 677-0093 www.fieldsofadventure.com

Fall Harvest is a special time of year on the farm. Our mission is to put people in 'touch' with their food and this is the prime season. When you bring your family and friends, you experience the joys of harvest first-hand. At Fields of... Read More

Dalton, PA (570) 563-2904 www.robafamilyfarms.com

Families and friends gather together amidst the beauty of autumn’s finest colors to enjoy a day on the farm. The attractions, special events, and activities are sure to create memories worth repeating. Take the hay wagon for a ride out to the... Read More

Chester Springs, PA 610-827-1484 www.milkywayfarm.com

Milky Way Farm hosts a Pumpkin Harvest Season, a pick-your-own pumpkin patch and corn maze. Free hayrides run continuously to take visitors to the pumpkin patch. An easy walking path is also available for those who choose to stroll to the... Read More

Tylersport, PA 215-257-5900 www.tylersportfireco.com

Almost a mile of dark and twisting trails of terror! If you survive, enjoy refreshments after the journey and tell your friends about the terrifying experience. Hot food and drinks will also be available, to warm you up after your horror... Read More

Noxen, PA 570-298-0962 www.whistlepigpumpkin.com

The Whistle Pig Pumpkin Patch is a 135 acre farm just outside the town of Noxen. It is nestled at the base of Schooley's Peak and adjacent to Bowman's Creek. The farm began in the 1870's as a dairy farm and is now being developed into a "pick your... Read More

Allentown, PA 610-395-3724 www.dorneypark.com

This fall, Dorney Park transforms into a horror-filled nightmare. From mazes with terrifying creatures around every corner to thrill rides that'll haunt your dreams, it's everything you fear and can't wait to experience. Not for anyone under 13.... Read More

Renfrew, PA 724-586-6233 www.gotothebeacon.com/haunt

15+ Acre Haunted Corn Maze and House. The Haunting begins Fridays and Saturdays at Dusk. Come for the evening and enjoy our Concession Stand with lots of Goodies, The Bon Fire and even an Icy Miller Lite! Must be 21 and have proper ID.... Read More

Warrington, PA 215-343-8880 www.windingbrookfarm.com

Night Chills Haunted Hayride: Experience Night Chills! Our haunted hayride will take you out of your world and into one where horrid creatures threaten the very fabric of your existence. Keep your wits about you or end up their next victim. Join us... Read More

Bath, PA (610) 837-0847 www.seiplefarms.com

You can enjoy visiting farm animals, a straw maze, a haunted barn, pony rides, hayrides to pumpkin patch, our famous corn maze, rides and food for everyone! Seiple Farms also offers pick your own pumpkins, gourds, squash, neck pumpkins, Indian... Read More

Chalfont, PA 215-249-3016 www.taborafarm.com

Tabora Farms has a great selection of fall fun activities for all the family. Pumpkins, Kids’ maze, Spooky Walk, Wagon Rides are really amazing! Tabora offered a one stop place for wine and dessert to bring home. They also had a nice rustic... Read More

Murrysville, PA 412-302-0739 gearhardfarms.com

Gearhard Farms Corn Maze, located in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, offers a fun and challenging maze for all ages and includes hay rides, camp fires, and more. The maze has a "mystery aerial message" which is revealed once the maze is completed.... Read More

Mount Union, PA 814-329-8114 horrorweenhaunt.com

Your Nightmare begins! Step into the depths below and journey though your nightmares, one after the other. Nothing makes you feel more alive then to be scared half to death!! Horrorween Haunted Warehouse in the basement of The Bricktown Museum... Read More

Jonestown, PA 717-418-3480 www.graysappleridge.com

Individuals, families, or groups may pick different varieties of pumpkins & apples in Fall. Come out for this fun experience. All apples, and pumpkins are available for retail or pick your own. All of our apple trees are dwarf to allow very easy... Read More

Morgantown, PA 610-286-9315 mastmaze.com

Navigate your way thru the miles of paths cut into the tall corn. You’ll have to be especially cunning to find your way out, making decisions at every corner as to which way to go. Compete with your friends or join forces to exit in the quickest... Read More

Boyertown, PA 610-367-6200 freconfarms.com

Come visit to pick your own pumpkins right from the farm & enjoy a day strolling the Frecon farms with family & friends during fall season. Our estate Cidery produces award winning artisanal ciders available at our Retail Store, Farmers Market, and... Read More

Mercer, PA (724) 699-3221 www.coolspringmaze.com

Coolspring's Trail of Fear! ? Back by Popular demand, and expanded this year, our very own "Trail of Fear!" ... Read More

Newry, PA n/a hauntedfrightfest.com

The areas largest, scariest, most hair raising haunted attraction! Zombie's Haunted House This is the main attraction, you don't want to miss this one! Cold, dark hallways lead you to your worst nightmare. The smell of rotting corpse fills the... Read More

Butler, PA 724-284-5383 www.co.butler.pa.us/parks-and-rec-programs

Monster Mile Family Walk at Alameda Park: Halloween at Alameda Park invites you and your family dress in their favorite cosutme and walk through our Alameda Park. Starting at the Masonic Shelter and walking back towards the Odd Fellow Loop. We will... Read More

Washington, PA 724-228-9256 pa-trolley.org

As summer winds down and fall approaches, it means one thing: fall fun at Museum! We will host our annual Pumpkin Patch Trolley. Visitors are invited to experience the fall season with rides on trolleys that are outfitted with autumn decorations.... Read More

Spring Mount, PA 610-287-7900 springmountainadventures.com/scream-mountain

Haunted Hay Ride: Beware of the Quarrymen who still roam the mountain, waiting to exact revenge on the unknown strangers who destroyed them. It’s not safe to be on the mountain after dark...beware! Starter Haunted Hay Ride: Too scared to do the... Read More

Hershey, PA 1-800-HERSHEY www.hersheypark.com

Visit Hersheypark In The Dark and experience thrilling "roller ghosters," spooktacular attractions, and exciting holiday-themed live entertainment! Kids 12 and younger can also visit Hershey's Trick-or-Treat Adventure, starting at Hershey's... Read More

Mount Joy, PA 717-653-2056 www.bubesbrewery.com/events

Bube's Brewery has been featured on TV’s Ghost Hunters. And, it's official. we're haunted! Bube's Brewery 1800s building complex houses spirits other than the drinking kind. The apparition of a young woman in a long gown wandering through an art... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Uniontown, PA 724-984-5915 www.hauntedhillsestate.com

HHE Scream Park offers so much more than just a haunted house. It's a entertainment adventure with 3 separate haunted attractions, a Midway with Food trucks, photo ops, music, bon fire, novelty shop and roaming creatures. Three separate unique... Read More

Jonestown, PA (717) 867-4389 sycamorespringorchard.com

Take a wagon ride into the orchard to a roaring campfire. Sit around the fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows followed by fresh apple cider. We provide the hot dogs, marshmallows, roasting sticks, cider and everything you need. This is a great... Read More

Clinton, PA 724-899-2400 www.hozakfarms.com

Enjoy a short tractor drawn hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins. Plus, pumpkin painting, straw pile, maze, and farm animals are open every weekday afternoon. Stop in the Gift Barn for all your fall and Halloween... Read More

Ivyland, PA (215) 396-6898 www.farmandgardenstation.com

In the Fall, we have a huge selection of specialty pumpkins, squash and gourds along with “Pick Your Own Pumpkins” on our farm. Our mums and ornamental cabbage & kale are very popular every year. We also have a huge selection of Halloween and Autumn... Read More

Linden, PA 570-398-2311 www.carpenterpumpkins.com

Carpenter Pumpkin Farm LLC is a family farm and were founded in 1994. We offer fresh vegetables and 30 different varieties of pumpkins when they are in season. In September and October we have corn stalks, Indian corn, straw bales and gourds. We... Read More

Gibsonia, PA (724) 898-3276 www.harvestvalleyfarms.com

October is a very special time of the year for Harvest Valley Farms! The entire valley is transformed from a full-time working produce farm into a fun-filled, pick-your-own pumpkin festival! Additional Activities include Hayrides, Cornstalk Maze,... Read More

Monongahela, PA 724-258-3557 www.triplebfarms.com

The best!! Pick-your-own apples and a giant pumpkin festival highlight the season at Triple B Farms during Fall season. Apples and pumpkins abound at Triple B Farms, where a festival atmosphere prevails all season long. Bring the WHOLE family! Fall... Read More

Newport, PA 717-567-3539 www.butchersfunfarm.com

Welcome to Butcher's Family Fun Farm & Corn Maze. We are your place for outdoor family fall fun! A variety of attractions including a 4-acre corn maze, corn cannon, pumpkin patch, wagon rides, and more await you. Giant Corn Maze: "Get lost" in... Read More

Greensburg, PA 724-830-3959 www.co.westmoreland.pa.us/756/Hobgoblin-Hikes

Hobgoblin Hikes are half-mile outdoor guided walks through the haunted woods of our County Parks. Visitors can expect to be led through mazes and cemeteries, and past more than 100 ghouls, goblins and monsters. The Hobgoblin Hikes are offered to... Read More

Pittsburgh, PA 412-665-3640 www.pittsburghzoo.org/Event-ZooBoo

ZooBoo is our kid-friendly Halloween event occurring throughout the Zoo grounds. Enter our not-so-scary haunt spots, if you dare. Create creepy crafts at Casper's Craft Corner. Race through the children's hay maze. Show off your spooktacular... Read More

Mohnton, PA 717-445-5704 www.brecknockorchard.com

Brecknock Orchard’s rich Lancaster County soil has been growing fruit for over 75 years. Welcome to our farm to enjoy the outdoors during our special activities at the orchard, the bounty of fall during our Fall Festivals. Fall Activities: Pick... Read More

Washington, PA (724) 228-3339 www.springhousemarket.com

Fall in 84, PA is a beautiful time of year and we realized that our customers are ready to enjoy fall NOW! So we’ve kicked off our Great Pumpkin Weekends a week early. Come join us for all the old fashioned fun… Pumpkin patch hayrides, Giant Bale... Read More

New Park, PA 866-935-6738 mazefunpark.com

Don't miss our Fall Adventure Season - the most exciting time of the year at Maize Quest Fun Park! From our Giant Cornfield Maze featuring a new theme each year to over 30+ other attractions, Maize Quest is the perfect place for your group or family... Read More

Trappe, PA 215-859-7302 www.northernstarfarm.net/fall-fest

Enjoy our Fall Fest Weekends for more fall fun, and seasonal treats and decorations. Activities include Hayride to the Pumpkin Patch, Explore the Corn Mazes, Giant Apple Slingshots & Air Cannon, Antique Tractors on Display, Pony Rides and Farm... Read More

Morgantown, PA (610) 856-7300 www.weaversorchard.com

Fall Family Fun Days festivals feature food, hay rides, pick-your-own fruit & pumpkins and plenty of kids’ activities. Kids will love face painting, obstacle courses and the clown. Also include Giant straw bale play area, Barrel train, Inflatable... Read More

Finleyville, PA 412-835-3246 traxfarms.com

Our annual Fall Festival on our 150-year-old farm, is a tradition for many families in the South Hills and greater Pittsburgh area. There’s something for everyone from grandparents to grandkids. Enjoy a hayride to our pumpkin patch to pick-your-own... Read More

Red Lion, PA 717-332-6365 familytreefarm.com

Family Tree Farm has a mystery to solve in our 3 acre corn maze. Fun for all ages! Farmer Joe is missing and there are seven farm animal suspects that need to be investigated. Farm Tracks is a tactile game that adds fun to the maze for the younger... Read More

Wexford, PA 724-935-1743 www.soergels.com

Celebrate fall at the farm! Pick out a pumpkin, find all your favorite indoor and outdoor decorations, plus every weekend there is a festival with activities, games, hayrides, great food, and more! Vist our family's farm market. Warm pies right... Read More

Girard, PA (814) 873-5201 www.sissonspumpkinpatch.com

Bring your family and friends and begin a new family tradition at Sissons' Pumpkin Patch. We offer a wide variety of activities for the whole family. Hay Ride, Corn Maze, Slides, Obstacle Course, Logic Maze, Hay Fort, Pedal Karts...and much more!... Read More

New Brighton, PA 724-846-1870 www.nbarc.net

Registration is now open for the Recreation Commission's Halloween 5K & Fun Walk! The event will start and end in Grove Cemetery with a run over to St. Joe's Cemetery as well. This makes it a partial trail run. It will also give you a chance to... Read More

Clinton, PA (724) 899-3438 www.janoskis.com

Pumpkinland is open in Fall season. Come to the farm and take a hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin. When you come back from your hayride you can get your face painted, walk through our corn maze, enjoy our petting zoo, paint a... Read More

Saylorsburg, PA 570-402-7378 www.mazezilla.com

Mazezilla is a 11 acre corn maze with a new and unique design each year. We are proud to be able to offer this outstanding addition to our Pennsylvania farms complex. Since 1998, Mazezilla and Klingel Farm have welcomed thousands of visitors for... Read More

Boyertown, PA 610-310-8497

Join us for the Boyertown Jaycees Halloween Parade! Formation will begin at the Boyertown Elementary School, Boyertown Junior High School West, and Federal-Mogul parking lots. Due to safety concerns, related parking, traffic and... Read More

Portersville, PA 724-368-3233 cheesemanfarm.com

Cheeseman Farm is family owned and operated offering a variety of activities. Come on out to the "Cheeseman Pumpkin Festival" and start a new family tradition. Take a hay ride, pick a pumpkin, run and jump in the hay maze, spend some time enjoying... Read More

Heilwood, PA 877-931-2288 www.tricountyatv.com

A perfect haunted ride for ATV riders. Guided haunted tour through haunted woods. Tri-County ATV Recreation Haunted Ride: Depart from 632 Tower Hill Road, Heilwood, PA 15745 parking lot in Tri-county at 4:30 pm, Henry will lead. ... Read More

Portage, PA 814-736-9531 www.weaklandfarms.com

Come enjoy the fall fun, pumpkins, and flowers only available here at Weakland Farms! The corn maze is a fun activity to welcome in the fall season. Enjoy the fresh air as you stroll through an actual home grown corn field. Weakland Farms’ corn... Read More

Oxford, PA 610-932-0740 oxfordpa.org

Please join us as well celebrate Halloween with our annual parade through Oxford! One of Oxford’s great traditions! A truly special gathering of organizations, businesses and community members in a family friendly and festive e... Read More

Jim Thorpe, PA 570-325-8566 www.murdermansion.com

The Murder Mystery at the Harry Packer Mansion is based on factual events with a creative twist. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rub elbows with the elite? Now's your chance... The characters in our scenario of murder and mayhem... Read More

Ambler, PA 215-646-1000 amblermainstreet.org

Bring your ghost and goblins out for trick or treating, pumpkin decorating, entertainment, kid friendly activities and yummy treats all provided by Ambler business. The theater lobby is the hub of activity – when you check in there you can... Read More

Tatamy, PA 484-541-3968 www.facebook.com/garageofhorrors

DON'T MISS THE GARAGE OF HORRORS 2023!! Sat. Oct 28, 6-9 PM Tues. Oct 31, 6-9 PM Garage of Horrors is not your average garage haunt- we've got 8 rooms/halls inside and 4 areas outside, all filled with pure TERROR! Lots of props and effects,... Read More

Loganville, PA 717-428-2036 www.brownsorchards.com

During the hayride, the wagon will stop and everyone has an opportunity to pick apples or pumpkins if they choose, then grab a ride back on the wagon when finished. Apples & Pumpkins are purchased separately. PYO is a great experience for the family.... Read More

haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight


haunted house open tonight

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haunted house open tonight

Diana, TX 903-968-6924 thomasfalls.com/october/index.html

Not a cheesy Haunted House Zip Line in total darkness on our 900' line over the bog only to be greeted by a zombie and then two more zip lines into the swamp abyss. That's if you are brave enough after the creatures of the night walk, thru the tomb... Read More

haunted house open tonight

San Antonio, TX 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/san-antonio

River City Ghosts Welcome to San Antonio's haunted Stories, the #1 rated ghost tour that invites you to meet the ghost of Davy Crockett and the spirits of The Alamo's villains and victims. Prepare to discover the origins of a haunted Wild West... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Austin, TX 844-757-5657 www.usghostadventures.com/austin

Explore Austin's supernatural side with Austin Ghosts and unearth the most perplexing and paranormal mysteries in Texas. Traverse the quirky streets of the Live Music Capital while unraveling spine-chilling tales of the city's eerie past. Known for... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Fort Worth, TX 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/fort-worth

Flagstaff Ghosts: Gateway to the Haunted Southwest Flagstaff, Arizona, known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon and Route 66, holds more than just scenic beauty. It's also a doorway to the darkness of the unknown. Book your journey into the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Houston, TX 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/houston

Houston Ghosts: Unearth the Haunting Secrets Join us on a thrilling journey into the supernatural with Houston Ghosts. Book your tour now and peel back the layers of Houston's history, where revolution, oil, and NASA's quest for the stars sowed the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Galveston, TX 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/galveston

Galveston Ghosts: Unearth the Haunting History Prepare for a spine-chilling adventure as you embark on a ghost tour with Galveston Ghosts. Book your tour now and witness the terrifying hauntings that lurk in the shadows of Galveston, where the dead... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Dallas, TX 844-757-5657 dallasterrors.com

Dallas Terrors: Deep Dive into the Dark Side In the heart of Texas, where glittering lights often blind the curious, lies the chilling truth – the ghosts of Dallas. Beneath the dazzle of the Lone Star State, genuine hauntings lurk, tormenting... Read More

haunted house open tonight

El Paso, TX 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/el-paso

Sun City Ghosts El Paso: Unearth the Haunted Secrets Prepare to have your spine tingled in the scorching heat of the Texas desert with Sun City Ghosts El Paso. Book your tour now and venture into the bone-chilling hauntings that grip this city... Read More

Aubrey, TX 940-343-5155 www.teamfamilyfarms.com

Team Family Farms hosts its Annual Fall Farm Pumpkin Festival. We are proud to share our farm, love of family, and beauty of nature with you! You will love our simple down home charm. We are looking forward to making lots of new friends this... Read More

Lubbock, TX 806-763-5594 atldofarms.com

Admission to the farm includes the corn maze, hayride, cow train, corn cannon, barnyard, and hay bale maze. The regular maze can be a little overwhelming so we have created a special Fairy Tale Trail through the corn for families with younger... Read More

San Antonio, TX 210-549-7133

Good News Pumpkin Patch is in southeast San Antonio off of IH-37 and US 181 south. This an annual Pumpkin Patch in our field. We offer hayrides, moon bounce, mazes every evening and all weekends, laser tag on Sunday afternoon, movie in the patch... Read More

Rockwall, TX 972-772-3645 www.blasefamilyfarm.com

We can not wait to welcome your family to our farm in October. Come enjoy: Hayride - around our wooded 13 acre property Pumpkins for sale - Jack-o'-Lantern, Pie, and Specialty Farm train Picturesque background for family pictures... Read More

Gunter, TX 972-382-4995 www.prestontrailfarms.com

Dallas Pumpkin Patch – Big Orange Pumpkin Farm – has a new home at Preston Trail Farms. The Kimbrell family started this Dallas pumpkin patch in 1997. Now we are located in Gunter, Texas as part of Preston Trail Farms. Our Dallas-area pumpkin... Read More

Spring, TX 281-355-6884 jjsnursery.com

We are a family owned business that started back when FM 2920 was out in the country. We started out as a local farmer produce stand and evolved into the business we are today. Visit our Greenhouse! We carry a great variety of plants, flowers and... Read More

Floydada, TX 806-983-3611 pumpkinranch.com

Assiter Punkin Ranch is a real Pumpkin Farm offering Retail, Wholesale and Tours. We have big punkins, little punkins, white punkins, orange punkins, red punkins, green punkins even painted punkins. Other than the pumpkin patch we have our mini... Read More

Hockley, TX 281-859-1616 www.oilranch.com

The annual Scarecrow Festival & Pumpkin Patch will return in October! The festival has been a staple of the Texas Oil Ranch community for over 20 years, with thousands of pumpkins piled high for great photo ops! The ranch features more than 85... Read More

Alvin, TX 281-585-3531 frobergsfarm.com

Froberg Fruit and Vegetable Farm Corn Maze: Join us for our Annual Corn Maze and Fall Festival as we start a new season. Come out and test your luck through our strategic Corn Maze. And if you’re looking for more fun, our scenic Hay Ride will take... Read More

Grapevine, TX 817-991-1052 www.hallspumpkinfarm.net

Welcome to Hall’s Pumpkin Farm, where families from all over Tarrant County and beyond come to enjoy an old fashion fall celebration. Every October, our family celebrates the harvest by inviting folks to visit our farm. We’ve got pumpkins of all... Read More

Decatur, TX 940-389-0517 www.badgerblackcreekfarm.com

This fall enjoy some time outdoors with the family and Black Creek Farms. During the Pumpkin season we offer a fun-filled Pumpkin Patch with a little something for everyone. Go on an old-fashioned hay ride, or ride in our barrel train. Enjoy... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Bedford, TX 682-231-1313 moxleymanor.com

Located in Dallas, Moxley Manor Haunted House is a Top Rated Halloween Haunt that features two terrifying attractions at one great location. Moxley Manor has been featured in a number of publications, both local and national, including the Dallas... Read More

Longview, TX 903-297-5397 www.docwilkeshaunt.com

As a young kid Wilkes aspired to be a magician, seeing magic done at and around conventions his mother (Joyce Wilkes a well known ventriloquist) attended. Wilkes began to buy small magic sets learning and mastering many tricks & slight of hand. As... Read More

San Antonio, TX 210-697-5050 www.sixflags.com/overtexas/events/fright-fest

Fright Fest features a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. You may have thought you knew Fright Fest, this year prepare yourself and your friends to scream bigger! Featuring thirteen terrifying Halloween-themed attractions, from... Read More

Hondo, TX 830-741-3968 graff7aranch.com

The South Texas Maize in Hondo is a family experience — with food and fun for all! We’re open weekends in the Fall. Just a short country drive from San Antonio in the heart of South Texas. Get lost in a 7 acre maze or enjoy other fun activities... Read More

Lubbock, TX 806-543-8469 nightmareon19thstreet.com

With 4 different attractions, which will become your worst nightmare? Dead Doll Island Blood Moon Manor The Wastelands Clowntown 3D ... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mineral Wells, TX 817-819-6773 texasscaregrounds.com

Texas Scaregrounds - Fort Wolters Edition TWO Haunted Houses & The Oddities Museum Get $1 off per canned good up to 5 maximum! Group discounts of 10 or more… Contact 817-819-6773 for details. #ScreamsDoComeTrue... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Cleveland, TX 832-401-8152 www.forestoffeardrive.com

Located on 10 acres in San Jacinto County, our 1/3 mile drive is shrouded by towering trees and the dark night sky. Forest of Fear Drive is the most frightening haunted drive through in East Texas! The drive through experience incorporates real... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Concan, TX 830-232-6118 www.nealslodges.com

This Haunted Hayride is like no other! Approximately 75 characters ready to scare you along the dark banks of the Frio River. "Deadly DJ Dave" Friday and Live Music with "Sonic Radio" Saturday - free with ticket purchase!... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Waxahachie, TX (972) 938-3247 screamspark.com/ticket-information

Screams® Halloween Theme Park is the ultimate Halloween experience in the D/FW Metroplex with 5 Haunted Houses & a whole lot more! Each of the haunted houses has a unique theme - they are sure to find what makes you Scream!! And there's so much... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Cleveland, TX 832-591-8484 haunteddrive.com

Haunted Drive is a drive-thru haunted house. You will experience frights, thrills and scares from all angles while driving through 13 acres of horror. A 10,000 square foot maze with creatures around every corner ready to devour you. An adult... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Richmond, TX 281-342-5885 www.bigmanadventures.com/monster-hunt

TX ZOMBIE HUNT is not a haunted house but an interactive, real-time, first-person shooter experience (live action video game of sorts) where you get to shoot without return shots. You and others are carried through a city where the zombie horde is... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Plainview, TX 806-518-9696 theblacknesshauntedhouse.com

The legend of "The Blackness" started in the late 1950's with a hideously deformed warehouse worker named Dominique. "Dom" worked night and day to repair the mechanical workings of the produce facility , but because of his condition, he couldn't... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Katy, TX 281-657-9220 agrsports.com

Zombie Adventures: Escape the Lab The year is 2022, humanity is on the verge of extinction. It is believed that this was caused by an evil mad scientist who's one and only goal is the extinction of all humanity. He has released a toxic gas into... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Plano, TX 469-298-0556 darkhourhauntedhouse.com

There are Backstage Tours available for this season, but the haunted house will not be open normally for the Halloween 2020 Season. Make your way to the manor through the cemetery where the undead wait around every turn. The witches anticipate... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Vernon, TX 940 839-9118 nightmareonmainst.com

Nightmare on Main Street & Dark Water Asylum's Haunted Houses are located in Vernon TX. Both are an experience that will arouse feelings of intense fear, horror and distress. You will enter our 5000 sq ft historic building roaming through 32 rooms... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mount Pleasant, TX 903-575-8861 hauntedhallows.com

The Forest Holds a Dark Secret.... or several. Take a walk through the old woods where indians, pioneers, rednecks and more have lived and died. We know many have really been buried on the property and ghosts have been known to make their... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Amarillo, TX (806) 367-9516 www.amarilloscaregrounds.com

Amarillo Scaregrounds is the largest haunted house in the area offering 5 seperate attractions: Insanitarium, Terror, The Basement, Blackout Maze, Axe Slinger Society and Xcape Room Village. Insanitarium is our Zombie infested hospital. Terror... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Little Elm, TX 678-267-5632 nightmareonlittleelmstreet.com

"A fully immersive Haunted House experience. This year we are bringing you Aliens! Tremble as your worse fear's come to life when you stand face to face with a Xenomorph and realize there is no escaping. Your heart will fall to the floor when you... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Rosharon, TX 1-800-357-3323 creepyhollowhauntedhouse.com

Voted Scariest Haunted Attraction in Texas! Only minutes south of Houston. 3 Haunted Attractions, Covered Lines, Free Parking, Open Rain or Shine!! Midway, Freakshow, Vendors, Food, Music, and SCREAMS!!! The 288 Scare Factory is the mobile... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Guthrie, OK 405-243-7671 guthriescaregrounds.com

Guthrie Haunts is now considered a Super Haunt now featuring 1 huge extreme haunted house attractions . Covering over 30,000 sq feet and over half mile of indoor and outdoor scares!!! We have added a MIDWAY and outdoor performers. Food trucks... Read More

Fort Worth, TX 817-348-8444 www.cuttingedgehauntedhouse.com

Cutting Edge Haunted House is a dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters. Celebrating its new Guinness World Record, this intense, cutting edge, multi-story, multi-themed haunted attraction... Read More

Smithville, TX 512-710-8267 screamhollow.com

Mansion of Terror Phantoms - In late fall of 1842, a wagon train rode into the Bastrop area, but not before cholera and Comanche Indian raids left many of the children without parents. A mysterious woman, Adella, took the orphaned children in. She... Read More

Midlothian, TX 469-471-4030 www.creeksidefright.com

Surrounded by haunted woods and sinister waters, Creekside Manor watches for those who would dare walk through its gates, pass its cemetary and enter its narrow, winding halls. Are you ready to look fear in the face? Then by all means, come in! Once... Read More

Brookshire, TX 281-934-3276 dewberryfarm.com

Texas Size Fun For The Whole Family! With acres and acres of fun at Dewberry Farm! 50+ attractions! Lotsa eating spots with good grub — seasonal live entertainment and music on KDEW radio. In the Fall: 8 acres of cornfield maze, and heaps of... Read More

Canton, TX 903-567-2255 www.yesterlandfarm.com

Come to YesterLand Farm for a nostalgic step back in time. It’s old-fashioned fun on the farm, but with a new twist! Fall festivities and pumpkins. Christmas trees and a winter PlayLand with Santa. School field trips and more! Family entertainment... Read More

San Antonio, TX 800-700-7786 seaworld.com/san-antonio/events/howl-o-scream...

Howl-O-Scream is back this year like never before. Beware, this is not the SeaWorld you know. It was supposed to be a simple dig. Then it became a complete nightmare. We dug too far. Karver's Kradle They say that Mr. Karver put his heart and... Read More

Corpus Christi, TX 361-888-4873 usslexington.com/haunted-house

The Castle of Terror Productions was established in 2012 from an opportunity that we just could not pass up.... For eight years Abie Arrisola had fun with his neighborhood trick or treaters on Halloween night. He would set up a mannequin and a... Read More

Houston, TX 713-526-3323 www.darke.com

Houston's mega-screampark. Experience chilling chainsaws, depraved zombies, manic mental patients, and much more at phobia! A massive collection of diverse terror! Check the all new location - Kemah Boardwalk Attractions: Dawn of the... Read More

Sherman, TX 903-487-8103 hatchandkravens.com

There is nothing that frightens us more than the things the human mind can do when given no way out. In the 1930's, a time of famine and despair left two young brothers fighting to stay alive. In the small town of Sherman, Texas lived Hatch and... Read More

Moulton, TX 361-722-4718 rockycreekmaze.com

Haunted Trail: Listen to a terrifying tale on the hayride on your way down to the entrance of the Haunted Trail. The path winds through a separate corn field behind our regular maze, and upon exit, well if you make it that far- Muhahaha!!- a... Read More

Kemah, TX 281-535-8100 www.dungeonofdoomkemah.com

Dungeon of Doom Haunted House - Terror reigns through Halloween. Welcome to the Dungeon of Doom, you are about to take a stroll through the dark side of reality. ... Read More

Granbury, TX 817-559-0849 www.granburytours.com

Granbury is among one of Texas' most historic cities. Whether you have lived here all your life, or you are visiting us only for a weekend, we aim to provide you with a great experience while learning the history, legends, and folklore that... Read More

Fredericksburg, TX 830-644-2404 www.vogelorchard.com

Pumpkins, pick-your-own Pumpkin Patch, Fall store, and more from late September to October 31. ... Read More

Quinlan, TX n/a

MRW Haunted Trails of Terror is located outside of the city, deep in the woods of Quinlan Tx. We invite everyone to come join us for a fun and frightful night.... Read More

Richmond, TX 832-872-2733 www.redrumhaunt.com

All 3 haunts this year are indoors, Twisted Circus 3D, Deadwood Asylum, and Cinegore. Cinegore: It’s been eight years since Redrum’s inception; Eight seasons exploring the dark depths of assaulting all senses to create endorphin rushing... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Natchitoches, LA 318-228-1725 www.darkwoodshaunt.com

Dark Woods Haunted Attraction® original outdoor haunt returns for 2022 with Ashes to Ashes! After suffering a devastating fire in winter 2020, Dark Woods® returns from the ashes of flames and despair. Cursed by the Old Ones to suffer the... Read More

Blossom, TX 903-202-0123 www.afterlifehaunt.com

Phas3: Have you ever feared something so much that it makes you feel paralyzed? A group of researchers have developed an experimental drug that extinguishes your fears. It was not until Phase 3 of testing that the horrible side effect of the drug... Read More

Houston, TX n/a thehoustonscreamfest.com/thehoustonscreamfest...

The Houston Scream Fest is more than a haunted house, it's a month long Festival. We are the largest and best haunted festival in Texas. You can shoot at the walking dead zombies in our zombie maze with paintball markers. We have live concerts... Read More

Elgin, TX 512-281-4833 www.evergreen-farms.com

The Pumpkin Hunt is a family-friendly event where children of all ages can enjoy fall activities. All activities are ongoing throughout the day, allowing families to customize their experience at the farm. Pumpkins of all sizes will be available... Read More

Odessa, TX n/a www.bloodybill.com

Newest haunt experience from hauntrepreneur and filmmaker Billy "Bloody Bill" Pon. Located in Odessa, Texas. Mix a great haunt with laser tag technology and you get your own personal horror movie roller coaster ride that you participate in!!!!... Read More

Spring, TX 281-370-9141 www.oldtimechristmastree.com

Family owned since 1996! visit the Pumpkin Patch at The Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in October. Pick out the perfect pumpkin to purchase and take home! Take pictures of your kids in the pumpkin patch. Train Ride Hay Ride Giant... Read More

La Vernia, TX 210-326-1741 www.circlencornmaze.com

Get ready for fun in the Fall. Circle N Maze offers the biggest Corn Maze in San Antonio and South Texas - 10 acres! With three mazes built into this 10 acre design, you can try the .3 mile, the 1.5 mile, and the 2.9 mile trail! Get lost with... Read More

Yantis, TX 903-383-7500 www.terrortrails.com

Terror Trails & House of Terror One location, two attractions, lots of fun! Making nightmares since 1998.... Read More

Elgin, TX 512-281-5016 www.elginchristmastreefarm.com

During fall, Elgin Christmas Tree Farm offers lots of fun in the fall for all ages and that fits any budget. Open House: This day is set up to be a relaxing day on the farm. Most of the regular field trip activities are offered but we don't... Read More

Amarillo, TX 806-373-9600 www.maxwellspumpkinfarm.com

Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm is the ultimate family fun destination in West Texas! In the fall, stroll through our sunflower fields, corn maze & pick out the perfect pumpkin. In the winter, experience our brand new event, Maxwell's Magical Christmas,... Read More

Simonton, TX 832-444-8717 blessingtonfarms.com

It's Time! Come enjoy the Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festivities at Blessington Farms. A great outing for the entire family with many Fall activities that include hay rides, giant slides, barrel train rides, pedal cars and animal encounters with camels,... Read More

Robstown, TX 361-537-3308 www.rockinkmaze.com

Rockin’ K Maze opens in the Fall every year for fun with a farming theme! It’s all outdoors and it’s a-maze-ing. With 20+ activities and lots of good things to eat, it’s the perfect place to spend the day with friends and family. Our goal is to make... Read More

San Antonio, TX 210-226-2828 www.ripleys.com/sanantonio

Experience three unique attractions including Guinness World Records Museum which introduces the brand NEW Attempt Arena! Our 3D attraction,Tomb Rider 3D, and our bone-chilling Haunted Adventure. Haunted Adventure: Ripley's Haunted Adventure is... Read More

Devine, TX 830-665-9730 devineacresfarm.com

We’re a family-owned agri-tourism destination in Devine, Texas. Open Spring, Fall and Christmas for wholesome family entertainment. 30+ attractions and activities for “kids” of all ages! Pumpkin Patch: It’s a Fall Pumpkin Extravaganza! Our... Read More

Wall, TX 806-983-9173 circlesacres.com

Haunted Corn Maze at Circle S Corn Maze. Come and enjoy the spooks and scares created by the San Angelo Broadway Academy! ... Read More

Sugar Land, TX 281-633-2000 holycrosschurch.com/pumpkin-patch

Holy Cross Church has been hosting a Pumpkin Patch since 2007. Open weekends in October to the local community. We have beautiful pumpkins from a grower in New Mexico. Families return year after year to find "their" pumpkin, whether it be for... Read More

Pipe Creek, TX 210-426-6191 pipecreekpumpkinpatch.com

Join the fun at the PUMPKIN PATCH located at Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm! Admission includes a hayride, hay jump, scarecrow dressing, visiting farm animals, pumpkin painting (with purchase of a pumpkin), photo ops and strolling through 6000... Read More

Midland, TX 432-687-6293 fiddlesticksfarms.com

Come spend the day at Fiddlesticks Farms! You can explore our 7-acre cornfield maze, wander through our 10 acres of pumpkin patch, visit friendly farm animals, gather ’round a campfire, and romp through 25+ attractions that are fun for the whole... Read More

Denison, TX 903-463-7260 www.elvesfarm.com

Our farm offers hayrides, The Maze, Dress the Scarecrow, and farm zoo and much more. Our barn is full of Pumpkins, Gourds, Indian Corn and many specialty pumpkins (Big Macs, mini's, Carnival Squash, Cinderella, Lumina and Fairytale pumpkins).... Read More

Temple, TX 254-931-9564 www.therobinsonfamilyfarm.com

The Robinson Family Farm is a family owned and operated pumpkin patch located in the heart of Central Texas. With a host of new activities and special events planned, this years Pumpkin Patch will be bigger and better than ever. Come spend the day... Read More

Montgomery, TX 936-597-6062 www.p-6farms.com

Have you been searching for the perfect outing for your family? The Poole Family invites you to P-6 Farms for a fun family adventure just outside of Houston! If you're looking for the perfect place to spend your days, P-6 is the answer. With our... Read More

Texas City, TX 409-945-4232 hauntedwarehouse.galvestoncountyfoodbank.org

Galveston County Food Bank presents a unique fundraising experience for the Galveston County community. Family Friendly. Fun for all ages! This fundraiser benefits food insecure residents of Galveston County.... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Brownwood, TX 325-641-1926 www.browncountymuseum.org/events.html

Do you dare to take a walk inside a haunted historic old jail? The castle-like Old Historic Brown County Jail was built in 1903 and for the next 78 years, the building served as the county's main jail with a countless number of prisoners processed... Read More

Gainesville, TX www.ntmcfoundation.org

The Halloween Hustle is a 5K Run/Walk and 10K Race held on a USATF Certified Course. The race features digital timing with results posted immediately following the race. The race is held annually on the Saturday on or before Halloween. All... Read More

Reno, TX 903-785-6581

We have SPOOKTACULAR things in store for you at Reno's Monster Mash Halloween Festival this year! As always, we plan to make this a free event for our community so that all families can attend. ... Read More

haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight


haunted house open tonight

Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions in Illinois

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Here at IllinoisHauntedHouses.com, we want to make sure you have the most memorable, fun, and spooky Haunt Season. That's why we've put together a bunch of the greatest things to do this Fall. It's the most organized, simple, and extremely easy way to plan ahead and find the greatest stuff going on in your area. Anything from Halloween parties to haunted houses and corn mazes, we've got you covered. Still not convinced? Start searching now – our site is broken down by area and event type to make your searching made simple. The Haunt Season will be here before you know it, so don't delay!

haunted house open tonight

  • Curse of the Bayou

Located in Lockport 815-838-1183--> Next open 10/20/23

Are you one of the brave souls to seek out the underground of Dellwood Park? We dare you to attempt the Curse of the Bayou. The veil between the living and the dead has been lifted, and a powerful Voodoo Priestess has been called forth from her home in the swamps. She commands a legion of fiendish monsters to assist her so that she may stay in this realm, wreaking havoc. Do you carry the still b... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Undead Acres

Located in Monee (708) 534-3600--> Next open 10/20/23

Join us on a zombie hunting safari, wielding your trusty paintball gun against the legions of undead. WILL YOU SURVIVE??? Zombie Paintball Ride through our Zombie Infested Nursery in our specially designed paintball trailers with mounted paintball guns. Shoot live zombies!! But don't worry, they don't shoot back. Paintball Shooting Gallery Practice your aim ... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • HellsGate Haunted House

Located in Lockport 605-301-4283--> Next open 10/19/23

Hidden deep in the woods, HellsGate is a multi-level mansion filled with secret passages, giant slides, ghastly secrets, undead abominations, really nervous groundskeepers and a darkness that the gate can no longer contain! This is not just a haunted house, it’s an adventure! Since you were a kid, you've heard about the haunted house with the giant slide, the one hidden out in the woods... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Torment at Twelve Hundred

Located in Orion 309-945-5237--> Next open 10/20/23

"Torment at Twelve Hundred" the Innovative Haunted Attraction. 2023 Celebrates 20 years of the daunting saga where true Torment originates. This innovative haunt exceeds the boundaries of fear, sending you on a walking path through dark winding tunnels, outdoor wooded trails, highly detailed buildings and more. Rated a top 10 haunt Illinois! Non-profit concession stand... Read More

  • Basement of the Dead Haunted House

Located in Aurora 630-896-2466--> Next open 10/18/23

Basement of the Dead: In the late 1920’s, Walker Laundry opened at 42 West New York St. and became Aurora’s largest laundry Company. Around 1945 Imus Kilya was working there as maintenance engineer. His son Al came to work as his assistant in 1960. Heat for the building and steam for the presses was supplied by a coal fired boiler installed when the building was built. Al and I... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Hayride of Horror

Hayride of Horror: Dellwood has always been a family destination for recreation and entertainment. We invite you to ride our Hayride of Horror through the heart of this great park while the spirits of the long forgotten welcome you home. Dark and mysterious forces will toy with your imagination as our creatures inspire fear. Eerie movies will air on our 20 foot outdoor screen while... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Reaper's Realm

Located in Hammond 219-853-0518--> Next open 10/20/23

Do you DARE TO ROAM THE REALM? Find yourself within the walls of this eerily HAUNTED 1920’s Stone Mansion with its 3 FLOORS OF TERROR.Evil lurks around each corner as demented spirits, seedy characters, and disturbed demons are trapped for eternity General Information Please understand that our hours only run in the month of October. If you are attempting to contact RR with no ... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Windy City Ghosts

Located in Chicago (757) 532-8805--> Next open 10/17/23

Windy City Ghosts The Great Fire, Al Capone, prohibition, and violent riots have left indelible scars on Chicago, giving birth to the real ghosts and hauntings of the Windy City. Book Now and embark on a blood-curdling ghost tour of Chicago to delve into the city's most haunted locations. Discover why Chicago stands as one of the most disturbing and dark cities in America, where the... Read More

  • Disturbia Haunted House

Located in Downers Grove 630-896-2466--> Next open 10/18/23

The legendary Disturbia Haunted House has been resurrected from the depths of Hell! Come relive your darkest nightmares and experience all new evils. Only in Downers Grove and presented by Basement of the Dead. Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Aura Haunted House

Located in Bartonville --> Next open 10/20/23

Located in the Old Peoria State Hospital Historic District at 4500 Enterprise Drive, Bartonville, Illinois in the Historic Pollak Hospital Building. The Peoria State Hospital Historic District, also known as Bartonville State Hospital or Illinois Asylum for the Incurable Insane, was a psychiatric hospital operated by the State of Illinois from 1902 to 1973. The hospital is located i... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • The Haunting at Horse Creek

Located in Bluford 618-315-4752--> Next open 10/21/23

Hidden away in the northeast corner of Jefferson County lurks what many haunt enthusiasts consider the most unique and genuinely frightening haunted event in Southern Illinois. Upon arrival visitors enjoy a light-hearted hayride into the surrounding dark woods, but once the wagon stops, and they disembark the mood changes. Dancing flames draw them close to hear an original ghost story inspired b... Read More

Featured 2023 Halloween Events

  • Midnight Terror Haunted House
  • Soul Reapers Haunted House
  • Thrashers House of Terror
  • Blood Moon Manor
  • Killdare Haunted City
  • Spider Hill
  • Terror Roulette
  • Camp Tuckabatchee Haunted Camp
  • Siegel's Cottonwood Farm Pumpkin Fest & Sniper Paintball Ride
  • Clinton's Terror On Washington Street Haunted House
  • Soul Takers Acres
  • Spirited Escapes - Haunted Mansion
  • Necrosis Haunted House
  • The Park After Dark

haunted house open tonight

Illinois Halloween Events

Halloween event list including haunted houses, corn mazes, hayrides, spookwalks, home haunts, and more.

  • Drive-Through (3)
  • Haunted Houses (40)
  • Haunted Hay Rides (9)
  • Zombie Hunts & Shootouts (5)
  • Haunted Mazes / Haunted Corn Mazes (9)
  • Haunted Trails (18)
  • Pumpkin Patches (93)
  • Home Haunts (58)
  • Theaters & Plays (3)
  • Halloween Festivals & Parades (25)
  • Ghost Tours (8)
  • Halloween Parties & Nightlife (6)
  • Escape Games (17)
  • Scream Parks (4)
  • Zombie 5k Runs (1)
  • Hay Rides (Kid Friendly) (78)
  • Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly) (16)
  • Kids Parties (8)
  • Safe Trick or Treating (9)
  • Pub Crawls (1)
  • Mazes / Corn Mazes (Kid Friendly) (62)
  • Other Events (48)
  • Haunted Mini Golf (1)

haunted house open tonight

  • Karnival of Karnage - Gates of Hell
  • The Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House
  • Halloween Haunted Trail - Worth Park District
  • Haunt on the Hill
  • Sonny Acres Farm
  • Bengtson's Pumpkin Fest
  • Scream Scene
  • D.O.A. Room Escape
  • Hallow-tween at Village of Glendale Heights
  • Bushnell Haunted House
  • Insanity Haunted House
  • Haunts Against Hunger Park Forest
  • Egyptian Theatre Haunted Tours
  • Dollinger Pumpkin Farm
  • Days Of The Dead Chicago
  • Carnival at Jo Daviess County Fair
  • Sinister Acres Haunted Attractions
  • Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch
  • Ravenscroft Haunted Society Haunted House

haunted house open tonight

  • Heap's Haunted Corn Maze & Moonlight Hayrides
  • Haunted Forest Walk
  • Waterloo Sportsman's Club Haunted Trail & Hayride
  • Eckert's Millstadt Farm Haunted Hayrides

haunted house open tonight

  • Odyssey Fun Farm
  • Greenbriar Cemetery

haunted house open tonight

  • Jonamac Orchard Haunted Corn Maze
  • DeLair's Cornstalk Farm Orland Park
  • Haunted Forest Oak Brook

haunted house open tonight

  • Halloween Scare Walk
  • Nightmare On Chicago Street
  • Oswegoland Park After Dark
  • Sandwich Halloween Walk
  • Alton Hauntings
  • Dacey's Hollow Haunted Trail
  • Farmer City Haunted Forest

haunted house open tonight

  • Death Toll: A Drinking Game
  • Spring Valley Autumn Harvest Festival
  • Eastern Illinois ABATE Halloween Party at Rolling Hills Campground

haunted house open tonight

Illinois Real Haunted Places

Check out Illinois's Real Haunts, where ghosts, ghouls, and apparitions make their home year round! Across Illinois, there are tons of houses, cemeteries, and places that are truly haunted - get all the gory details about Illinois's Real Haunts right here!

  • Real Haunted Houses (15)
  • Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging (13)
  • Real Haunted Cemeteries (21)
  • Real Haunted Bridges & Overpasses (5)
  • Real Haunted Places (6)
  • Real Haunted Hospitals & Asylums (3)
  • Real Haunted Colleges (12)
  • Real Haunted Theaters (9)
  • Real Haunted Museums (5)
  • Real Haunted Restaurants & Bars (4)
  • Real Haunted Nature & Outdoors (ie. Haunted Woods) (6)

haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight


haunted house open tonight

Michigan 2023 Halloween Events Calendar

Attention Michigan Haunt Owners

Looking to plan a day of haunt-filled fun this fall? Make sure to check out MichiganHauntedHouses.com's Calendar of Halloween Events to find the best Fall Festivities and terrifying Haunts each and every day this September through November. Whether you're planning a last minute outing with friends, or you are putting together a day filled with family fun, make sure to utilize MichiganHauntedHouses.com's Halloween Events Calendar to get the most out of the season this autumn! Click on a day to see all events for that day.

  • This Weekend
  • Next 7 Days
  • Drive-Through
  • Escape Games
  • Ghost Tours
  • Halloween Festivals & Parades
  • Halloween Parties & Nightlife
  • Haunted Hay Rides
  • Haunted Houses
  • Haunted Mazes / Haunted Corn Mazes
  • Haunted Trails
  • Hay Rides (Kid Friendly)
  • Home Haunts
  • Kids Parties
  • Mazes / Corn Mazes (Kid Friendly)
  • Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly)
  • Other Events
  • Paranormal Events
  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Safe Trick or Treating
  • Scream Parks
  • Theaters & Plays
  • Zombie Hunts & Shootouts
  • Has Reviews
  • Listing w/ Photos
  • Coupon Available

haunted house open tonight

Detroit, MI 844-757-5657 www.usghostadventures.com/detroit

Motor City Ghosts: Unveil Detroit's Eerie Enigma Detroit, the once-dubbed "automobile capital of the world," resonates with the smooth sounds of Motown and echoes of a violent past that continue to haunt the streets of Michigan's Murder... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Grand Rapids, MI 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/grand-rapids

The stench of murder infects the fresh air of Grand Rapids, tainting its grounds and manifesting heart-stopping hauntings that continue to send chills through the River City. Book Now Journey through the dark underbelly of Grand Rapids on a... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Pontiac, MI 248-332-7884 hauntedpontiac.com

Descend into Erebus, Michigan's Best Haunted House Attraction The four-story haunted house, tower of terror, is located in Downtown Pontiac, MI. Serving terrifying thrills, unforgettable moments of laughter, and blood-curdling screams. Come feast... Read More

Commerce, MI 248-360-3774 www.longsorchard.com

Pumpkins: Come and get your perfect pumpkin right from the patch in October! Corn Maze: Come get lost in our new 8 acre maze with only the light of the moonlight and a glo-stick which is included. If you'd rather visit during the day, the... Read More

Erie, MI 734-848-4049 www.trabbicpumpkinfarm.com

The Trabbic Family Pumpkin Farm has been in the family for over 100 years. We are Pumpkin Farmers in Erie, Michigan.Come visit our Farm for a Family fun experience during the fall season! Field Trips include: Learning and educational experience... Read More

Plymouth, MI 734-459-0655 www.donaheefarms.com

Donahee Farms has been a family-run business for more than three generations, serving the southeast Michigan area. The working farm has 80-plus acres of pumpkins, and during the autumn, there are hayrides, cider, donuts, a hay maze and other... Read More

Grand Blanc, MI 810-965-8166 thelittlepumpkinpatch.weebly.com

The Little Pumpkin Patch was started back in 1996 by Chad and Kristin Ivan. The farm currently consists of approximately 3.5 Acres of pumpkins, gourds, and corn that are sold on the honor system. The pumpkin patch sales area is open 24 hrs a... Read More

Temperance, MI 734-780 5800 chamberlinponyrides.com

Chamberlin Pony Rides & Mobile Petting Zoo is Michigan's Premier Pony Ride and Petting Zoo Company. We offer: Pony Rides, Petting Zoo (we bring grain so you may feed the animals), Pony Cart Rides, Llama Rides, Horses, Complete Petting Farm, and... Read More

Sparta, MI 616-785-9896 schwalliers.com

Come experience life and leisure at our farm. We offer U-pick apples, raspberries and pumpkins, a giant corn maze, play area and rides and a farm animal barn. Every year, we create a completely unique maze adventure based around a fun,... Read More

Dowagiac, MI 269-930-4566

Welcome to our farm. We have a great selection to choose from with many extra large pumpkins available. You can choose from many different specialty pumpkins to many decorative ornamentals. We carry many different varieties; we have... Read More

Grand Haven, MI 616-846-8986 bethkefarms.com

With fields of pumpkins in the Grand Haven area, families come from all over West Michigan to take a picture of their children as they find the perfect Halloween pumpkin and pick it right off the vine. With little pumpkins as small as an orange, and... Read More

Traverse City, MI 231-632-6293 www.jacobsfarmtc.com

Jacob’s Farm (Formerly Jacob’s Corn Maze) is a venue that is fun for the whole family. We have a variety of activities that you can participate in when you come out to enjoy the fun. Experience Jacob’s Farm, a 40 acre farm boasting best of all... Read More

Saginaw, MI 989-752-3133 johnsonsgiantpumpkins.com

Welcome to Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm! Whether you are a week old or 100 years young, and every age in between - there is something here at the farm for you to enjoy! It may be your first picture with a pumpkin, a chance to feed a farm animal or... Read More

Munith, MI 517-240-4600 pregitzerfarmmarket.com

Pregitzer Farm Market is a 20/a produce farm and a 200/a row crop farm with beef and chickens sold the public. We also have 5 green houses providing the great plants and flowers we use and sell at market , our farm has a great fall full program for... Read More

Beaverton, MI 989-435-9249 www.maxwellpumpkinfarm.com

Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm is a family-friendly destination where you can enjoy a fall atmosphere while picking out your favorite pumpkins and fall decorations. At Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm, we have pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, we have many... Read More

Williamsburg, MI 231-264-8387 www.rennieorchards.com

Rennie Orchards is a family farm that offers fun for all ages and the beautiful surroundings of northern Michigan. It’s just magic at the Rennie Orchards family farm during the Fall. Please stop by and visit us. It’s so much more fun when we can... Read More

Fenton, MI 810-632-7692 www.spicerorchards.com

The Spicer family has been growing fruit in southeastern Michigan for five generations. Fall Festival Weekends at Spicer Orchards include Hayrides to Pick Fruit View Cider Making Process Donut Production Large Farm Play Area Farm Animal... Read More

Benton Harbor, MI 269-876-9269 www.piggottsfarmmarket.com

Piggott’s Farm Market specialize in locally grown, fresh Michigan produce. We offer all of your favorites throughout the Michigan growing season including, asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins, our... Read More

Temperance, MI 419-261-9143 lavoypumpkinfarm.weebly.com

At the LaVoy Pumpkin Farm, we keep the spirit of the business alive, originally started by Grandpa LaVoy over 50 years ago. It is nice to see people come out to the farm and support a local business. Meeting new folks is awesome and to see them come... Read More

Stevensville, MI 269-422-2378 www.barbott.com

Barbott Farms & Greenhouse is always here and always growing. We are a four generation farm composed of 200 acres. In the spring we grow over 170 varieties of hanging baskets and 200 varieties of perennials. In the fall we plant over 10,000 mums.... Read More

Ada, MI 616-676-1153 www.blokorchard.com

Three generations of the Blok family currently work at the orchard since 1965. Fifty years of serving our community with the freshest products grown locally. Our fruits and vegetables are picked daily, and freshness can't be beat. We love seeing... Read More

Saint Johns, MI 989-224-3686 www.ujcidermill.com

Hard cider, a fruit winery, live music, kids activities, fresh produce, homemade baked goods... we have it all at Uncle John's Cider Mill! Corn Maze & Play Area: Get lost in Uncle John’s 5-acre corn maze! We also have a designated area for kids... Read More

Remus, MI 989-309-1325 www.facebook.com/Hearty-Harvest-2649966235375...

Hearty Harvest is a family-owned western-themed farm market in Remus, Michigan. We are more than just "the giant pumpkin patch." Our customers come for produce ranging from sweet corn to pumpkins and everything in between. Every year we add new... Read More

Ellsworth, MI 231-599-3222 royalfarmsinc.com

Visit Royal Farms for fresh fruits and vegetables off the farm- u-pick and we-pick, Bakery, Greenhouse, Icecream/ fruit smoothies, Dried fruit, preserves, and cherry concentrate, Wine and wine tasting. Corn Maze: Our 5 acre corn maze is open... Read More

Belding, MI 616-794-0922

Paulson's Pumpkin Patch is a family run farmers market in Belding, Michigan. We grow fresh fruits and vegetables: Summer Squash, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Pumpkins, Squash, and Indian Corn. In the fall in October we offer free Hay Rides through... Read More

Kaleva, MI 231-362-3796 www.grossnicklefarms.com

Welcome to Grossnickle Farms. We are a family owned business since 1964. Our farm market is located right at the farm and is open from May till the end of October. Our main crops are Pumpkins, Sweet Corn, Gourds, Corn stalks, Asparagus,... Read More

Britton, MI (517) 423-7419 kapnickorchards.com

Pick your own pumpkins in the Fall and our wagon ride will take you out to the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch. Pickers will also take a ride through out decorated woods - Lots of fun, non-scary things to look at. Aside Pumpkins, Kapnick... Read More

Northville, MI 248-437-8200 threecedarsfarm.org

Three Cedars Farm is the perfect fall destination spot. Activities: Hayrides, U-Pick Pumpkin Patch, 7 Acre Corn Maze, Fresh Cider, Hot Donuts, Caramel Apples, Play Area, Petting Farm, and a General Store with old fashioned candy and seasonal... Read More

Laingsburg, MI 517-651-9193 peacockrff.com

Fall Fun on Peacock Road Family Farm. Bring your family, bring your friends...come out for a great weekend down at Peacock Road Family Farm! Farm Activities: Pumpkin Patch Wagon ride to the Pumpkin Patch Explore the Mazes Head to Pork Chop... Read More

Kalamazoo, MI 269-375-0153 www.verhagesfruitfarmandcidermill.com

VerHage Fruit Farms & Cider Mill have taken family fun to a whole new level and length. We are famous for fall fun beginning in September that is when we open for Weekend activities; like our Zip Line, Pony Rides, Apple Picking, Family Hay Rides and... Read More

Adrian, MI 517-265-8399 carpenterfarmsadrian.com

Carpenter Farms consists of 189 acres and became a seasonal agri-tourism business with a Corn Maze, Indoor Straw Maze, Hay Rides, Farm Animal Petting Zoo and much more. Carpenter Farms currently grow 35 acres of 60 different varieties of Pumpkins,... Read More

Auburn, MI 989-662-7002 www.warmbierfarms.com

Warmbier Farms is a family owned and operated business located in Auburn, Michigan. Come and enjoy the fun of Farmer Bill's Family Fun. Join on Weekends for Great Family Fun. Activities: Corn Maze: Huge 17 Acre Cat Shaped Corn... Read More

Lachine, MI 989-379-3061 www.ajsberryfarm.com

AJ's Berry Farm strives to be a family friendly destination and because we are a U-Pick farm our customers get a personal taste of a working farm. U-Pick is a great way to spend time together as a family and it's fun for kids of all ages. And... Read More

Hudsonville, MI 616-669-1964 postfamilyfarm.com

Post Family Farm is a family owned and operated farm that is rooted in our family values and commitment to excellence. We offer a variety of services and events for your group, year round. School tours, U-pick pumpkins, weddings, bonfires, Fall... Read More

Beaverton, MI (989) 941-9562 thewildpumpkin.com

Fun includes their hay wagon ride, pumpkin picking, four mazes and fresh donuts. They have a 10 acre corn maze, hay maze in the barn loft, and kids sunflower and straw mazes. Also spend time in their petting farm and farmers market. The Wild... Read More

Plymouth, MI 248-685-2769

Bring the family out for u-pick pumpkins and more! It's pretty simple, take a wagon out into the field and pick the pumpkins of your choice. You can take the pumpkins we've brought up close, or go as far back into the field as you wish. Pumpkins are... Read More

Holly, MI 248-634-8981 www.diehlsorchard.com

Diehl's Orchard & Cider Mill has been helping families make memories for over 60 years now. Activities: Corn Maze: The Corn Maze is located among our beautiful Apple Orchard. It is a winding 1/2 to 1 mile maze that is a good challenge and... Read More

Ann Arbor, MI 734-998-0182 www.pettingfarm.com

The Petting Farm was opened in 1984 at Domino's Farms Office Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Below is a collection of barnyard residents you can meet at the Farm. We do not feature all of our animals here so we hope you will be able to stop by and... Read More

Saint Johns, MI 989-224-7674 andyts.com

Andy T's Farm is a great place to have fun with your family. Andy T's Farm Market has so much going on from a full scale scratch bakery to 70 acres of direct sow vegetables. There is a gift shop, greenhouse and nursery, wine bar with wine sampling,... Read More

Ypsilanti, MI 734-434-5001 colemansproduce.com

Coleman's Farm Market have been a family owned and operated establishment since 1986. We carry all the things you need to decorate your home, yard or business with the colors and sights of fall. From tiny pumpkin gourds to bales of straw, we can... Read More

Lowell, MI (616) 897-6707 www.heidisfarmstand.com

A 10 Acres with 2 mazes. Kids’ maze takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Second maze is larger and more difficult. Complete the punch card to get a free cider slushy. Treat yourself and others with a variety of fresh baked goods from our bakery. There... Read More

Romeo, MI 586-752-2453 www.stonycreekorchard.com

A fall outing wouldn't be complete without a trip to Stony Creek Orchard and Cider Mill. As you drive up the prolonged drive, lined with locus trees and majestic pines over three hundred feet tall. The first thing you notice is that it doesn't look... Read More

Freeland, MI 989-695-2465 www.greenapplebarn.com

Leaman's Green Applebarn is a centennial farm localed in Freeland Michigan. Six generations have grown and sold apples on the corner of River and Wilkinson Road. More recently they have added family fun activities on the farm. Farm... Read More

Midland, MI 989-513-5222 www.grandmaspumpkinpatch.com

Grandma's Pumpkin Patch loves to have visitors! If you have a group, school, or daycare looking for a tour of the farm or if you are looking for a fun place to have a birthday party, we have lots of options! Each year Grandma's Pumpkin Patch... Read More

Traverse City, MI 2315902678

Yard walkthrough is designed to enlighten all your senses as the production and meticulous detail to an audio/visual experience is professionally created. From HD rain and thunder to the ground you walk on generating smoke from underneath, you will... Read More

Washington, MI 586-752-3123 www.westvieworchards.com

Fill your Fall days with fun! There's a ride to the pumpkin patch where you you'll find giant ones, small ones, even white ones! Find the perfect shape and size for your jack-o-lantern creation. Also enjoy the indoor maze on weekends. Looking for a... Read More

Grant, MI 231-834-8441 www.nelsonsfarmmarket.com

Nelson's Farm Market is a family owned farm and retail market growing a variety of fruits and vegetables to meet the demands of our fresh market customers. We also have a bakery and a free petting barn! The first Saturday of October every year is... Read More

Richland, MI 269-629-4214 www.gullmeadowfarms.com

Enjoy Fall family fun at Gull Meadow Farms! Activities include the corn maze (day and night) with 8 foot tall corn stalks, a pumpkin patch (enjoy the wagon ride there) and other activities like a petting farm, apple picking and much more! With... Read More

Kalamazoo, MI 269-668-2952

Gene The Pumpkin Man is a family farm in the Kalamazoo area. The farm features a large selection of fresh pumpkins, squash, and tons of unique seasonal selections. They also have hayrides and cider. Great place to have fun with the little ones... Read More

Rockford, MI 616-862-5408 www.grangefruits.com

Grange Fruit Farm mission is to provide our community with fresh tree ripen fruit in Michigan's growing season. During October we have you pick Pumpkins along with Honeycrisp/Jonagold/Glala. ... Read More

New Era, MI 231-861-5730 www.lewisadventurefarm.com

We are a 700 acre farm in New Era, Michigan — family owned and operated, with home grown produce, fruit orchards, a market with gifts and goodies, and a scrumptious bakery. The fun starts in May and continues through our Harvest Festival (with... Read More

Mount Pleasant, MI 989-773-4345

A pumpkin patch and country farm market open most days with hayrides, Pumpkin Train rides, playground center, farm parties and shopping. A number of different mazes including a 9 acre corn maze, straw maze and pumpkin maze. Also features a sandbox,... Read More

Fennville, MI 269-561-5126 cranesupick.com

Nestled in the very southeast corner of Saugatuck Township and just west of Fennville, Michigan lies a beautiful small farm known as The Gary Crane Farm, or "Cranes U-Pick. This is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. Countless... Read More

Fennville, MI (269) 561-8651 www.craneorchards.com

While Crane Orchards haunted maze is no longer active, it does have the 20 acre daytime corn maze open! Compared to our corn maze designs of previous years, this one will have many new and different challenges. For those of you who've tested the... Read More

South Haven, MI 269-637-8334 dutchfarmmarket.com

Escape from the hustle and bustle to enjoy a leisurely stop at the “Dutch Farm Market” and Orchard, just north of South Haven, Michigan. Horse Drawn Wagon Rides are offered every year during September - October for free. ... Read More

Plymouth, MI 734-455-2290 www.plymouthorchards.com

Since 1977, Plymouth Orchards has been the local cider mill for families to enjoy fresh-pressed, award winning apple cider, fresh-made donuts, crispy caramel apples and a fun farm experience. We now have fresh mums and pumpkins of all sizes in... Read More

Ottawa lake, MI 734-854-2523 www.bennettsorchard.com

For over 50 years Bennett's Orchard have grown quality fruits and vegetables at best prices around. Come visit us for fresh air and apple picking or buy them already picked. Pick your own pumpkins from late September to October 31st. Horse... Read More

Temperance, MI 734-856-6740 bjpumpkinfarm.com

BJ Farm is a family owned and operated pumpkin farm. At BJ Farm we strive to provide a wonderful destination for your family to experience all the wonderful parts of fall! Activities: Corn Maze U-Pick Pumpkin Patch Hay Rides Lots of Kids... Read More

Bloomfield Hills, MI 248-225-7815

Killington Lane is a drive by yard haunt that has been featured on Haunters Hangout and there are a half dozen You Tube Videos you can view to get a feel for the Haunt. The theme is an old abandoned cemetery that is now zombie infested where the... Read More

Gladwin, MI 989-426-3971 michiganappleorchard.com

The Fruitful Orchard and Cider Mill features over 35 varieties of apples, a bakery, country store, U-pick apple area, hayrides, tours, and fresh pressed unpasteurized cider. Pumpkins: The Hay Ride and tour will take you right past our two... Read More

Marshall, MI 269-781-4905

Come and visit us at Bosserd Family Farm! We have beautiful annuals and perennials during the spring and summer, a large assortment of produce during the summer and early fall, and a large selection of fall produce, decorations, and entertainment in... Read More

Williamsburg, MI 231-632-1500 www.farmerwhites.com

Farmer White's is a 3rd Generation fruit farm in the heart of Northern Michigan's Cherry Country. The family farm raises cherries, peaches, plums, pears, apples, strawberries, raspberries and more. We have good assortment of fall pumpkins... Read More

Stanton, MI 989-831-4228 www.andersonandgirls.com

Fun on the farm with pumpkin picking, wagon rides, barnyard animals, cider mill, farm market and ice cream parlor. Come out to the farm and enjoy a day filled with fresh air and family fun.! Mr. Anderson's farm offers a wide variety of animals... Read More

Buckley, MI (231) 269-4400 www.pahlscountrystore.com/pumpkin-patch

Fall Fun for the entire family. Wagon Rides, Barrel Train Rides, and Concessions on the weekends. Delicious Pumpkin and Apple Cider Donuts, Hot dogs, & other treats awaits you! Affordable family fun outdoors! Field trips available. Largest Goat... Read More

Ottawa Lake, MI 517-486-2237 www.gustbrothers.com

Gust Brother's Pumpkin Farm is a working farm that provides a real farm experience to all visitors. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a wholesome and fun family atmosphere. With so much to do and see, our farm is a perfect destination... Read More

Sparta, MI 616-887-2404 www.steffensorchardmarket.com

Steffens Orchards is a family farm operation currently operating 300 plus acres of apples. The existing barn is over 100 years old and was refurbished in 2010. It has beautiful hand-hewn beams inside. The barn is where we teach children about the... Read More

Grand Rapids, MI 616-453-3927 wellsorchards.com

Wells Orchards have been committed to growing the highest quality fruit at a reasonable price and with friendly service since 1919. Wells Orchards attends several farmer’s markets in West Michigan during the spring and fall. The fall harvest is a... Read More

Haslett, MI 517-655-1454

We are a local family farm that is focused on selling Apples and Peaches. We have 15 kinds of apples and a pumpkin patch too. We also have pumpkins, gourds, and squash for sale. These are usually available during the later portion of September... Read More

Petoskey, MI 231-348-1278 coveyouscenicfarm.com

Coveyou Scenic Farm Market is a working Michigan Centennial Farm owned and farmed by the same family for more than 140 years. We specialize in seasonal annuals and perennials, locally grown produce, fall mums and pumpkins. Visit our historic... Read More

Erie, MI 734-848-4518 erieorchards.com

Erie Orchards and Cider Mills is a family owned orchard producing fruit and cider that is nutritious and delicious! Apple Festival: It’s our first big Festival weekend with great apple picking, pony and hayrides, inflatables, and a corn... Read More

Howell, MI 810-252-7718

Fawcett Farms is a family owned and operated farm located at Howell, Michigan. We have great selection of pumpkins to choose from. We also have other fall items like mini white pumpkins, baking pumpkins, hay stacks, hay bales, Indian corn,... Read More

Charlotte, MI 517-543-1019 countrymill.com

Family fun on the farm for all ages at our cider mill, orchard, winery and farm market. Pick your own apples, blueberries, peaches and pumpkins at our 120 acre farm. Relax on a wagon ride before enjoying fresh donuts, caramel apples, and pies in our... Read More

Grand Rapids, MI 616-361-7180 robinettes.com

Robinette's was started in 1911 by Barzilla Robinette. In 2011, we officially became a centennial farm. We grow apples, peaches, cherries, nectarines, and apricots. The Apple Haus houses a lunchroom, bakery, donut makers, and cider mill. The big,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Westland, MI 734-502-6026 hushhauntedattractions.com

Prepare yourself for an adventure filled with mystery, adventure, and horror, as you step into the 4th dimension at Hush Haunted Attraction. Dare to enter our 4 cryptic haunted attractions, where darkness unveils chilling secrets. Next, discover 3... Read More

Grayling, MI 989-348-5187 www.wellingtonfarmusa.com

Wellington Farm, USA is a 60-acre open-air interpretive museum designed to provide an educational opportunity for visitors to experience life as it was in rural mid-America during The Great Depression. Punkin-Chunkin: When cider and donut... Read More

Edwardsburg, MI 574-370-3403 a-mazingacres.com

We have 90+ A-Mazing acres in beautiful southern Michigan — and 45+ attractions and activities for unique family entertainment. Our farm opens each year in the Fall for a traditional harvest season celebration and more! 15-acre of Corn... Read More

Conklin, MI 616-899-5400

DK Orchards offers Pumpkins, Gourds Indian corn and a free Corn Maze for the little ones. Many things to help decorate for the harvest time of year. ... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Taylor, MI 313-666-3327 www.thescreammachine.com

The Scream Machine is in a NEW LOCATION for 2023!!! Located at 25710 Northline Rd in Taylor, MI Do you dare cross the threshold of insanity and come face to face with your deepest fears? Those brave enough to enter the Machine will start their... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Holly, MI 248-930-2835 rottenmanor.com

Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction is a highly detailed and immersive haunted attraction that includes, The Manor and The Rotten Forest/Aslyum, & The Rotten Theatre. The Manor & The Forest/Asylum are approximately 35-45 minutes long. The Rotten... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Madison Heights, MI 734-718-0088 www.azrahaunt.com

Azra Chamber of Horrors is Metro Detroit's newest and most terrifying haunted house experience. Each chamber is more menacing than the last. Every turn holds a new terror, so no matter what your darkest fear is, we’ve got it covered. Rated number... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Sparta, MI 616-914-6004 www.abandonedacresfarm.com

ABOUT OUR ATTRACTIONS: Our Haunted Attraction is a unique, immersive experience so prepare to be scared. First up the Bloody Butcher Corn Maze is full of Mutant Pumpkins, Witches, Hillbillies, Wandering Corpses, Scarecrows and other insane farm... Read More

Sparta, MI (616) 914-6004 abandonedacresfarm.com

Our Haunted Attraction is a unique, immersive experience so prepare to be scared. First up the Bloody Butcher Corn Maze is full of Mutant Pumpkins, Witches, Hillbillies, Wandering Corpses, Scarecrows and other insane farm animals. Second is... Read More

Mason, MI 517-676-1649 www.shawhavenfarm.com

Shawhaven Farm is family owned and operated since 1947, it’s a working and educational farm. Shawhaven is not your ordinary farm. We have a different event for just about every season. Spring time means Maple Sugaring and Lamb Festival. Summer... Read More

Three Rivers, MI 269-858-9399 www.stephensonfarmandmarket.com

Stephenson Family Farm proudly offers a large selection of high-quality seasonal produce and other locally made products. We raise pumpkins, squash, ornamental and edible gourds, as well as many other garden fruits and vegetables. ... Read More

Marquette, MI 906-361-4655 marquetteshauntedhayride.com

Marquette’s Haunted Hayride is a tractor drawn hayride which weaves through the Marquette County “Scare”grounds. The ride is filled with terror and surprise, fun and laughter. As you travel through the cold darkness, be warned that the unexpected... Read More

Brutus, MI 231-347-8203 www.facebook.com/UncleFranksAppleTown

Uncle Frank's Apple Town is the real cider mill experience. We offer Hayrides, fresh pressed cider, donuts, pies, bakery items, honey, apples, pumpkins and various snacks. You can watch donuts and cider being made by the staff in the barn and the... Read More

Mackinac Island, MI 906-847-8018 www.hauntsofmackinac.com

Haunts of Mackinac runs haunted history tours on Mackinac Island. The tour was founded by Todd Clements, who wrote a popular book about the ghosts of Mackinac Island and customer demand led him to create the tour. Costumed guides lead guests on 90... Read More

Dearborn, MI 313-271-1620 www.thehenryford.org

What’s the most enchanting, nostalgic and fantastical Halloween adventure? It’s The Henry Ford’s Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village, Michigan's premiere outdoor October celebration. From harvest markets and fall themes to costumed storybook... Read More

Belleville, MI (734) 260-0334 www.debucksfamilyfarm.com

DeBuck's Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch: With more than 15 acres of twisting and winding corn maze trails, a 20-acre pick-your-own pumpkin patch, family-oriented fall attractions, and hands-on field trips, DeBuck's Corn Maze offers some of the best... Read More

Frankenmuth, MI 989-652-5437 www.grandpatinys.com

Grandpa Tiny's Farm is a fully operational centennial farm, farmed by traditional methods. Take a step back in time at this working Historical Farm. Your tour includes many hands on exhibits and learning experiences including petting the Farm... Read More

Monroe, MI 734-240-0825 kackleberryfarm.com

Kackleberry Farm is a seasonal agri-tourism adventure in Monroe, Michigan. We open during the Fall each year for old-fashioned family entertainment with corn maze, pumpkin patch, events and attractions that are fun for kids from ages 2 to... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Bay City, MI 989-402-5239 www.edsonincident.com

The Edson Incident is a premier haunted attraction aboard the mighty USS Edson in Bay City, Michigan. Those brave enough to enter will twist and climb their way through 5 hellish decks of the Vietnam era U.S. Navy Destroyer! Each turn and stairway... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Lapeer, MI 810-664-5559 pasttenseafterdark.com

Welcome to Past Tense After Dark, Lapeer's PREMIER haunted destination. We feature 3 heart pounding haunted attractions, The Hayride of Despair, The Corn Maze of Fear and the House of Horrors. Can you survive all 3? Before, after or while you wait,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mason, MI 517-676-1649 shawhavenhauntedfarm.com

Opening for our 18th year. We have over 140 acres of fear. Every year we re-create our haunts to ensure farm fresh fear! This year we’ve added more rooms for the biggest Haunt ever. This year, the Freak and Oddities show has been expanded. Enter and... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Jonesville, MI 517-549-5100 darksydeacres.com

Haunted House and Halloween Attractions: Darksyde Acres Haunted House and Halloween Attractions, located in Jonesville, Michigan, just off U.S.12. With multiple Haunted Houses and Attractions this Halloween Season, there is something for the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Niles, MI 269-687-3327 haunted.org

The Place Everyone's Screaming About! The Niles Scream Park is not just scary--many consider it to be one of the top haunted attractions in the country! Certainly one of the largest, Niles Scream Park offers 44 acres of blood-curdling fear!... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Hammond, IN 219-853-0518 reapersrealm.com

Do you DARE TO ROAM THE REALM? Find yourself within the walls of this eerily HAUNTED 1920’s Stone Mansion with its 3 FLOORS OF TERROR.Evil lurks around each corner as demented spirits, seedy characters, and disturbed demons are trapped for... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Howell, MI 517-302-2136 slaynights.com

2023 season Slay Nights presents: Blood Oath Dare to enter Slay Nights Haunted House, Michigan's premier haunted attraction. This indoor, two-story haunt is approximately 20-30 minutes long filled with high-tech effects and gruesome scenes that will... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Fowlerville, MI 517-223-9140 slaughterhouseadventure.net

Our Haunted Maze is all in your mind…. or is it ? What’s truly around the next corner. Come to find out. We have unique scares, animatronics, chainsaws, cage lift off ground with you inside, 30’ fire explosions, clowns, monsters and did I say... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Manistee, MI 231-723-3587 www.manisteesghostship.com

Manistee's Ghost Ship is a haunted house attraction located on the historic carferry S.S. City of Milwaukee. It typically consists of 5 to 6 decks and takes about 25-45 minutes to walk through. ... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Middletown, OH 513-423-9960 haunt.landofillusion.com

Tired of the same old haunted house? At The Land of Illusion – Haunted Scream Park, we know how to dial up the dread. Come scream through this sprawling haunted theme park of delightful autumn fright… and bring your friends. We’re always looking for... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Fenton, MI (810) 629-0723 www.thehowlinghauntedtrail.com

Gather your friends and walk the almost 1 mile twisty, turning, haunted trail. IF you get out, come to the food tent for nourishment or the beer tent for adult beverages. The best part is that you don't wait in a long line. Instead, you can have... Read More

Grand Rapids, MI 616-784-0058 www.dunnebackgirls.com

Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm Market is a third and fourth generation fruit farm located on the northwest side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, just 10 minutes from downtown. The family farm is owned and operated by The Girls! We pride ourselves on growing... Read More

Rogers City, MI 989-734-2567 www.mmmunchykrunchyapplefarm.com

Knaebe's Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm is a cozy apple farm and cider mill nestled in the hills just west of Rogers City, in beautiful Northeastern Lower Michigan. If you're looking for fun in the fall, look no further! The weekends at Knaebe's... Read More

Saginaw, MI 989-771-6900 factoryofthedead.com

Factory of the Dead is located at 906 Lapeer Ave. in Saginaw MI 48607 just blocks from the DOW Event Center Aside from the Haunted House, we have other reactions to check out while you are here. We offer 3 fully immersive Escape Rooms that are... Read More

Kent City, MI (616) 887-5052 fruitridgehayrides.com

Good old-fashioned fun is what the fall havest season is all about at our 130 year old fruit farm! Huge draft horses pull wagons full of enchanted guests through the woods and around our scenic farm. Pumpkins and apples are ripe for picking, and... Read More

Northville, MI 248-374-0200 www.mayburyfarm.org

Maybury Farm is a fun-filled educational farm. Come for the day and enjoy our animals, farm-themed playground, picnic area, & general store. Join us each year for Farm Fest and our Corn Maze. Harvest Festival: Join us as we kick off our Corn... Read More

Casco, MI 586-365-9401 www.cornfun.com

U-Pick Pumpkins: Continue a family tradition or start a tradition of your own in our pick-your-own pumpkin patch! The u-pick pumpkin patch is a great place to get timeless family photos, instagram shots, and, of course, plump orange pumpkins!... Read More

Saint Charles, MI (989) 928-8865 www.stchauntedhouse.com

We’re a volunteer organization dedicated to funding programs in our community. We operate every year during the month of October in support of our main haunted attraction, The Village of the Living Dead. We’ve become an attraction for the... Read More

LAnse, MI 906-524-5001

Face your fears and meet us at this years haunted house...at the Meadowbrook Arena in L'Anse! ... Read More

Dexter, MI 734-845-7127 nixonfarmsdexter.com/blast-corn-maze

The Blast Corn Maze is located in Dexter, not to far from Ann Arbor. We have a 10 acre field of corn with 3 1/2 miles of trails. This maze has 3 exits. Short, medium, and full corn maze exits in order to accommodate many corn maze fans &... Read More

Coloma, MI 269-468-3075 www.jollayorchards.com

Jollay Orchards is home to Southwestern Michigan's Premiere Fall Event! Located in the heart of Michigan's fruit - rich region, Jollay Orchards offers a unique family outing. Come and spend the day at the Orchards. Jump on the Hayride and your... Read More

Holly, MI 248-634-5552 www.halloweeninholly.com

Welcome to the Annual Halloween in Hollygrove! Featuring: Phantom's Feast - a fantastic 5-Course dinner with Beer and Wine, Games, Live Music and More! Don't miss out this October! Phantom's Feast: Wine & dine with the Phantom of the Opera... Read More

Kalamazoo, MI 269-340-0033 www.ghostsofkalamazoo.com

The Ghosts of Kalamazoo Historic Tour provides history with a twist — delivering the weird, the haunted, and the historic stories found throughout Kalamazoo. Owned and operated by the Kalamazoo Jaycees and is staffed by a group of dedicated and... Read More

Portland, MI 517-743-1830 www.facebook.com/FriendsOfTheRedMill

This 100 yr old Mill is HAUNTED and full of thrills, scares and everything that frightens you about the dark, the dead and ghostly beings. Zombies have invaded and a Tunnel of Terror was discovered. Freaky Chuckie has rearranged his playhouse and... Read More

Leonard, MI 248-693-2432 www.oakgov.com/parks/Pages/events.aspx

Frightful fun with costume contest for all ages, campground trick or treating, Halloween face painting, inflatables, haunted house, family games, costumed DJ dance, campsite decorating contest, Halloween crafts and wagon rides. Create spooky... Read More

Kaleva, MI 231-889-5594 www.calvinlutzfarms.com

Lutz Farms is located in beautiful Northwest Michigan just east of Lake Michigan and south of Traverse City. For almost 120 years, we have served our community with the best in fresh farmed fruits, vegetables, Christmas wreaths and Christmas... Read More

Ypsilanti, MI 734-390-9212 www.hauntedhousemichigan.com

Beware! This is not your average haunted house! The acres of Wiard's Orchards south of Ypsilanti Township, Michigan (near Ann Arbor, in Washtenaw County) are truly haunted. The history of these lands has lived in haunted houses of Michigan lore... Read More

Dorr, MI (616) 681-2342 www.newsalemcornmaze.com

Witches Woods Two Frightening Trails through the woods! The witches, ghouls and mentally twisted have a special night in store for those brave enough to enter the Haunted Woods. You will find yourself clinging to the closest person next you,... Read More

Highland, MI 248-787-4553 bonadeofarms.com

Corn Maze: Explore the corn maze and find your way through all the twists and turns. There are placards on posts throughout the maze so you can get help if you need it. Fun for the entire family. The corn is about 8 to 10 feet tall. You'd better... Read More

Bay City, MI 989-459-5028

Theme tend to change annually including maze design changes. Scare actors and animatronic props are included. Please respectfully park where the string lights are and do not use other driveway for turnaround. More parking can be used across the... Read More

Dundee, MI 734-231-6496 www.farmerjscornmaze.com

We are family friendly corn maze, which means we do not haunt the maze. However, you are welcome to come after dark and bring your flashlight. There are maps and way points to help you make the maze as hard or as easy as you like. Our goal is to... Read More

Wilson, MI 906-399-0525 getzloffcornmaze.com

Getzloff’s Corn Maze is located at Wilson near Escanaba, in Michigan. Activities: Corn Maze Pumpkin Patch Hay Rides Corn Sandbox Super Slide Farm Animals ... Read More

Northville, MI 734-560-2840 www.obstbaum.com

Obstbaum Orchards & Cider Mill is a 40 year-old apple orchard and cider mill, located in Salem, Michigan. Visit us on the weekends for fresh pressed cider, caramel apples, donuts and a Hayride. We look to provide a fun experience for all ages.... Read More

Rodney, MI 231-580-1463 www.fourgreenfieldsfarm.com

It is a pleasant fall evening and there is not a star in the sky. You hear the faint rustling of the corn stalks and you walk down a very dark path with just a small flashlight to guide you and your friends. You don't know why but your heart is... Read More

Frankenmuth, MI 989-652-8748 www.frankenmuthcornmaze.com

Five acres of towering corn stalks, two miles of twisting trails, and strategically located observation bridges await you at the Frankenmuth Corn Maze. As you solve the maze, use our fun game sheet to search for clues on twenty game stations. Get... Read More

Leslie, MI (517) 878-3030 awakenhaunt.com

Awaken Haunted Attraction is a very serious haunted house that is not for the faint of heart. Our haunt designers have years of experience in the haunt and design world and they work hard to turn up the terror for you. Through our heart-stopping... Read More

Oxford, MI 248-628-1611 uplandhillsfarm.com

The Fall Harvest Festival has something for all ages. Enjoy visiting the animals, milk a cow, watch a farm demonstration, be amazed at the Baffling Magic Show, enjoy a hayride in the woods, walk the storybook trail, pick a pumpkin, take a pony ride... Read More

Washington, MI 586-281-3555 www.bigredorchard.com

Family fun begins at Miller's Big Red Apple Orchard, Greenhouses and Cider Mill, the oldest U-Pick Apple Orchard in Washington Twp., Michigan. In the fall enjoy a picnic, visit the petting farm, take a Hayride, get lost in a Corn Maze, climb a... Read More

Naubinway, MI 2316792086 kerridgeshauntedpine.wixsite.com/trail

Kerridge's Haunted Pines is a little over a 1/4 mile walk through spine-chilling, blood curdling exhibits, and live scares, guaranteed to haunt your dreams after your visit! One of the UP's most frightening attractions, for one night only! Walk at... Read More

Harbor Springs, MI 231 526-3276 www.pondhill.com

Pond Hill Farm is a working farm with one stop fun for everyone!!! Enjoy our winery, brewery, cafe, market, livestock barn, playground, trout pond, & more! Fall Activities: Pumpkin patch Pumpkin bowling Hayrides Giant pumpkins Pumpkin... Read More

Ortonville, MI 248-627-3329 cooksfarmdairy.com

Visit our working dairy farm while enjoying a tasty treat! We're your one-stop location for the best homemade ice cream, fresh dairy products, and farm experience. Join us for a family-fun hayride to the pumpkin patch any weekend in October. A... Read More

Crystal Falls, MI 906-282-5812 www.loudacresfarm.com

Haunted Corn Maze at Loud Acres Farm. Enter at your own risk!!... Read More

Gaylord, MI 989-272-3312 www.flemingfarm.com

It's time again for the Fleming Farmss annual pumpkin harvest. Many of you have been attending our harvest over the past decade, and you are again invited to join us. Farm Attractions: Pick your own Pumpkin Hayride to the pumpkin patch 4... Read More

Mason, MI 517-676-4563 www.brimleyspumpkinfarm.com

Brimley's Pumpkin Farm offers pre-picked pumpkins that are all grown organically. Available Pumpkins varieties include: Large White Pumpkins Tall Pumpkins Cinderella Ornamental Pumpkins Pie Pumpkins Larger Pumpkins Carving... Read More

Bloomfield Hills, MI 248-645-3210 science.cranbrook.edu/visit/events/2018-10/ha...

Screaming ghosts, hands-on activities, and a haunted roller coaster ride in the Acheson Planetarium are part of the Institute’s Halloween Science event. Join the zany Dr. Kelp for his latest adventure. ... Read More

Hastings, MI 269-945-4180 cotantsfarmmarket.com

Exploring inside Straw Mountain is always fun. Kids love driving the battery operated John Deere tractors around our racetrack. Take a wagon ride, and more. Fall activities include wagon rides, u-pick apples, pumpkins, corn maze, straw maze, and... Read More

Marshall, MI 269-781-4293 www.turkeyville.com/events/haunted-adventure

Spooky Hay Ride Corn Maze Haunted Barn Ghoulish Train Pumpkins... Read More

Gagetown, MI 989-971-3845 kohlfarmsmi.com

Kohl Farms Haunted Corn Maze in October! Which way to go....I don't know....how do we get out....who only knows.... Enter at your own risk!... Read More

Royal Oak, MI 248-541-5717 detroitzoo.org/events/zoo-events/zoo-boo

The Detroit Zoo’s annual “merry-not-scary” Zoo Boo celebration features a festively decorated trick-or-treat trail through the front of the Zoo. Live, friendly entertainment awaits your costume-clad little ones including the Zoo Boo Revue live stage... Read More

Rock, MI 906-359-4825 www.hayescornmaze.com

Hayes Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch is a Tourist Attraction in Rock. Plan your road trip to Hayes Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch in MI with your family. Come & Enjoy the Hayes Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. Experience the 7-acres corn maze with 6 stations... Read More

Holly, MI 248-634-4753 mitchellfarm.biz

They have a u-pick pumpkin patch offering pumpkins still on the vine, hayrides and play area. The Mitchell family have operated this farm continuously for more than 175 years. Mitchell Farm is perfect for company parties, birthday parties, family... Read More

Livonia, MI 734-427-4311 sites.google.com/wilsonbarn.org/thewilsonbarn

Whether you celebrate Michigan’s Fall Harvest or Halloween’s spookiness, there’s something at the Wilson’s Barn Pumpkin Fest for everyone! Feel the crispness in the air and see the orange pumpkins dotting the Barn’s rolling grounds. There will... Read More

Montrose, MI 810-639-6971 montroseorchards.com

Pumpkin Fantasyland Tours at Montrose Orchards. Bring the children and enjoy a 30-45 minute hayride through a decorated trail. We keep our trail very “kid friendly.” Nothing scary, just good family fun. Pick your own Perfect Pumpkin from our... Read More

Dowagiac, MI 269-782-4650 butlertrees.com

Butler Tree Farm was established by Sam & Brenda Butler in 1998 to provide high quality Christmas trees during Christmas and fresh pumpkins in fall. Fall Attractions: U-Pick Pumpkin Patch Hayrides Petting Zoo... Read More

Somerset Center, MI 517-688-3455 flavorfruitfarm.com

It’s easy to spend a day at the farm because they have so much to offer. If you haven’t made a trip to Meckley’s a family tradition you may want to start. Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm has been family owned since 1956 and while they continue to keep... Read More

Shelby Township, MI 586-781-9113 www.metroparks.com/event/fall-color-wagon-tou...

Hop on our tractor-drawn wagon and enjoy the beauty of fall along a Nature Trail. Along the way, our staff will share stories about Stony Creek’s history and various natural features. After your tour, we welcome you to a roaring campfire to... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Dearborn, MI 313-943-2350 www.dearbornfordcenter.com/events/haunted-tra...

In the flickering twilight, a sinister invitation awaits: the Haunted Trail, a passage into a world where horror movies come to life. Venture forth, brave souls, as ancient trees whisper chilling secrets, and the air grows thick with dread. Each... Read More

Auburn Hills, MI 248-370-9400 auburnhills.org/departments/parks_and_recreat...

Downtown merchants will be handing out candy and goodies! Bring the kids in costume for a frightfully good time! ALL children must be accompanied by an adult. This event is FREE and will be held rain or shine. ... Read More

Auburn Hills, MI 248-370-9353 auburnhills.org/calendar.php

The annual Laser Tag takes place in Riverside Park. Teens 13-18 are invited to come play laser tag in the park during our Spooktacular event. All equipment provided. Costumes are encouraged but not required. This event is free with pre-registration... Read More

haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight


haunted house open tonight

Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions in Georgia

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haunted house open tonight

  • Bucks Barn Haunted Cave

Located in Atlanta 404-869-8003--> Next open 10/19/23

Buckheads Only Haunted House - Two Choices Kid Friendly and Adult Horror On a scale of 1-10, you get to choose how scary you want it to be. We have animatronics, jump scares, crazy costumes, holograms, swamps and actors. Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Atlanta Ghosts

Located in Atlanta 844-757-5657--> Next open 10/17/23

Join us on a ghost tour of the Midtown District to unlock Atlanta’s hidden and incredible stories across hundreds of years of history that have resulted in frightening hauntings experienced by residents and tour guests alike. Atlanta Ghosts tour is a journey through downtown Atlanta’s most haunted hotspots. On our ghost tour, you’ll explore both the paranormal and historical worlds of each o... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • The Village

Located in Fairburn 770-964-8575--> Next open 10/20/23

The Village Outdoor Haunt Experience is a unique, two-part event that incorporates a carnival-style midway with games, food, beverages and music in an area called The Courtyard, and a ticketed walk-through outdoor haunt titled The Village - all located on the grounds of the Georgia Renaissance Festival. The haunt includes some intense, graphic scenes that incorporate simulated blood, fl... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Located in Carrollton 770-854-2267--> Next open 10/19/23

In a sleepy little town just south of Carrollton, Georgia there lies a trail in the woods that few have dared to walk....... Most Run For Their Lives! Camp Blood has been scaring the "Yell" outta folks for 30 years with it's version of redneck humor and horror. "Cajun Carnage" a walk through a deserted (or is it?) backwoods town out in the middle of the swamps where you have to find you way t... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Nightmare's Gate Haunted House

Located in Douglasville 404-275-2757--> Next open 10/20/23

haunted house open tonight

  • Terror Mills Haunted House

Located in Jackson 678-371-0957--> Next open 10/19/23

Step into the halls of an abandoned school at Terror Mills Haunted House. Navigate through the eerie corridors, encounter restless spirits, sinister surprises, and bone-chilling thrills at every turn. Join us for a night of fear and fun that you'll never forget. Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Haunted Trails @ Old Car City, USA

Located in White 770-606-3555--> Next open 10/20/23

Welcome to the Atlanta area “ Fright or Flight" HAUNTED TRAILS @ OLD CAR CITY, USA. Nestled in the foothills of N. W. Georgia Mountains where the same family has owned and operated for over a century These cars are buried in miles and miles of worn trails. There is a story for each car that you can only imagine how it came to rest in this Rust & Chrome graveyard. As you walk in the ... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Savannah Terrors

Located in Savannah (757) 532-8805--> Next open 10/17/23

Savannah Terrors Tour Embark on an encounter with the captivating Savannah Terrors. Let Savannah Terrors guide you through the chilling mysteries of this picturesque city, where authentic tales of lurking ghosts unfold on its shadowed streets. Within the murky origins of the 13th Colony, death, disease, war, and mournful Indian spirits laid the groundwork for Savannah's haunting... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Buford Corn Maze & Haunted Forest

Located in Buford 678-835-7198--> Next open 10/17/23

Looking for a place to be scared silly? Visit our Haunted Forest. The 20-minute haunt attraction comes alive at night and takes guest through a winding maze inside and out. The Haunted Forest is not recommended for children under the age of 8 unless accompanied by an adult. There’s also a “chicken route” for those too scared to take the full challenge! The corn maze, hayride, p... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Lake Joy Trails of Terror

Located in Kathleen 478-338-4062--> Next open 10/20/23

The weather starts to cool down, But wait did you see that clown? Not sure what's going on in the trees, It seems like things were set free. Deep in the trail I hear laughter mixed with screams, Did I just see something from those dark dreams? Come send help for me because I am on the run, I fear for my life but they tell Let's have some fun! Come out for the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

  • Hwy 11 Halls of Horror

Located in Gray (478) 808-9073--> Next open 10/20/23

What makes an impressionable young teacher "go bad"? Is it the school staff or administration? Perhaps the students? Or even their parents? Find out what really happened at the Highway 11 Public School - if you dare. It's said that one teacher had enough and did "something" about it. What went so terribly wrong??? Rumors persist to this very day... The only way to know for certain is to see for ... Read More

haunted house open tonight


Located in Villa Rica 770-550-6119--> Next open 10/19/23

This year’s Ghost Train is almost here! In addition to the Ghost Train itself, we will have a walk-through Haunted House, food vendor, photo ops, and our nightly bonfire! Read More

Featured 2023 Halloween Events

  • Ringgold Haunted Depot
  • Pumpkin Patch at Copper Creek
  • Screamz Haunted Experience
  • Haunted Corn Maze at Copper Creek
  • Dread Hollow

haunted house open tonight

Georgia Halloween Events

Halloween event list including haunted houses, corn mazes, hayrides, spookwalks, home haunts, and more.

  • Haunted Houses (18)
  • Haunted Hay Rides (4)
  • Zombie Hunts & Shootouts (2)
  • Haunted Mazes / Haunted Corn Mazes (6)
  • Haunted Trails (12)
  • Pumpkin Patches (30)
  • Home Haunts (7)
  • Paranormal Events (2)
  • Theaters & Plays (2)
  • Halloween Festivals & Parades (1)
  • Ghost Tours (5)
  • Halloween Parties & Nightlife (2)
  • Escape Games (12)
  • Scream Parks (1)
  • Hay Rides (Kid Friendly) (25)
  • Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly) (6)
  • Kids Parties (1)
  • Safe Trick or Treating (4)
  • Pub Crawls (1)
  • Mazes / Corn Mazes (Kid Friendly) (23)
  • Other Events (33)
  • Haunted Museums (1)

haunted house open tonight

  • Scarehouse of the South
  • Haunted Montrose
  • Hell's Gates
  • Containment Haunted House *Closed for 2023.
  • Haunted Trail of Fears

haunted house open tonight

  • Yahoo Farm Cosmic Corn Maze & Haunted Hayride
  • Haunted Hollow Farm

haunted house open tonight

  • Rutland Farms

haunted house open tonight

  • Poppell Farms
  • Haunted Forest of Statesboro
  • Trail of Terror

haunted house open tonight

Georgia Real Haunted Places

Check out Georgia's Real Haunts, where ghosts, ghouls, and apparitions make their home year round! Across Georgia, there are tons of houses, cemeteries, and places that are truly haunted - get all the gory details about Georgia's Real Haunts right here!

  • Real Haunted Houses (29)
  • Real Haunted Lakes & Waterways (3)
  • Real Haunted Hotels & Lodging (20)
  • Real Haunted Cemeteries (4)
  • Real Haunted Bridges & Overpasses (1)
  • Real Haunted Places (20)
  • Real Haunted Army Posts / Battle Grounds (2)
  • Real Haunted Hospitals & Asylums (1)
  • Real Haunted Colleges (7)
  • Real Haunted Theaters (5)
  • Real Haunted Museums (5)
  • Real Haunted Restaurants & Bars (8)
  • Real Haunted Nature & Outdoors (ie. Haunted Woods) (4)

haunted house open tonight

haunted house open tonight


haunted house open tonight

North Carolina 2023 Halloween Events Calendar

Attention North Carolina Haunt Owners

Looking to plan a day of haunt-filled fun this fall? Make sure to check out NorthCarolinaHauntedHouses.com's Calendar of Halloween Events to find the best Fall Festivities and terrifying Haunts each and every day this September through November. Whether you're planning a last minute outing with friends, or you are putting together a day filled with family fun, make sure to utilize NorthCarolinaHauntedHouses.com's Halloween Events Calendar to get the most out of the season this autumn! Click on a day to see all events for that day.

  • This Weekend
  • Next 7 Days
  • Drive-Through
  • Escape Games
  • Ghost Tours
  • Halloween Festivals & Parades
  • Halloween Parties & Nightlife
  • Haunted Hay Rides
  • Haunted Houses
  • Haunted Mazes / Haunted Corn Mazes
  • Haunted River Tours
  • Haunted Trails
  • Hay Rides (Kid Friendly)
  • Home Haunts
  • Kids Parties
  • Mazes / Corn Mazes (Kid Friendly)
  • Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly)
  • Other Events
  • Paranormal Events
  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Safe Trick or Treating
  • Scream Parks
  • Zombie Hunts & Shootouts
  • Has Reviews
  • Listing w/ Photos
  • Coupon Available

haunted house open tonight

Asheville, NC 844-757-5657 www.usghostadventures.com/asheville

Join us on a journey through the historic mountain city of Asheville and delve into the eerie tales of its past with Asheville Ghosts. Book your adventure now and prepare to encounter the souls of bootleggers, outlaws, and debutantes who still haunt... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Raleigh, NC 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/raleigh

Raleigh Ghosts Raleigh's rich history is shadowed by lost colonies and harrowing battles, leaving behind a legacy of lingering spirits. Welcome to Raleigh's Restless Spirits, the city's top-rated ghost tour that takes you deep into the darkness... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Manteo, NC 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/outer-banks

Outer Banks' Oceanic Odyssey: Unveiling Haunted Shores Welcome to Outer Banks' Oceanic Odysseys, the #1 rated ghost tour that beckons you to explore the enigmatic mysteries lurking beneath the abandoned sand dunes and deep ocean currents of this... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Wilmington, NC 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/wilmington

Wilmington Ghosts Welcome to Wilmington Ghosts, the #1 rated ghost tour that beckons you to explore the legacy of tragedy, real hauntings, and the eerie past that torments the residents of North Carolina's infamous Port City. Prepare to embark... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Charlotte, NC 844-757-5657 usghostadventures.com/charlotte

Queen City Ghosts Step into the spellbinding shadows of the Queen City, where Charlotte Ghosts beckon you to uncover dark truths, real-life terrors, and chilling secrets. Venture into the unknown and unravel the spine-tingling tales that continue... Read More

Charlotte, NC 704-962-4548 www.charlottenctours.com/ghost-tours

Glide like a ghost while riding a segway or bike on this unique and beginner-friendly haunted tour on two wheels! Charlotte NC Tours is Charlotte's only locally owned and operated, full-service tour company. We provide our customers with a... Read More

China Grove, NC 704-857-5242 www.visitpattersonfarm.com

Patterson Farm, Inc. offers a variety of sizes of pumpkins at wholesale prices. Pumpkins are sold during mid to late September and October. Our farm market also hosts special weekend and weekday events during the fall. Attracti... Read More

Pfafftown, NC 336-946-1600 www.wickedwhimsies.com

For centuries, Fairytales have been told to children bringing them comfort, putting their busy little minds to rest and protecting us all from knowing the truth. Because the true story behind faerie tales is even more sinister than the Grimm... Read More

Holly Springs, NC 919-624-8172 www.thefamilyfarmonaventferry.com

The Family Farm on Avent Ferry, located in Southwestern Wake County, has been in the same family for 6 generations. The Farm sells North Carolina grown pumpkins every fall. We sell a variety of specialty pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and hay... Read More

Hendersonville, NC 828-685-1685 www.grandadsapples.com

Pick a pumpkin at Grandad’s Pumpkin Patch. We have all sizes and shapes, including extra large and baby pumpkins to choose from. We grow up to 5 acres of pumpkins each year! Visit Grandad’s for the day and enjoy a variety of fun activities on a 70... Read More

Asheville, NC 828-251-8687 graylineasheville.com/tours/ghost-tour

Glide through the streets like the spirits you seek! This 75-minute narrated trolley tour tells the tales of Asheville’s most spine-tingling spooks. Sit back (if you dare) as we illuminate Ashville's dark side with atonishing stories of spirits &... Read More

Willow Spring, NC 919-567-0504 www.porterfarmsandnursery.com

Porter Farms & Nursery is a family farm offering locally grown fruits and vegetables at our Farm Market. Our produce is picked fresh each morning and is grown on the 100+ acres farmed by Ashley Porter. Pumpkins and Mums are available in fall.... Read More

Littleton, NC 631-220-1231 hauntedlittleton.com

We host walking tours/ghost hunts through the heart of the Historic district in Littleton, North Carolina. The tour includes a house built in 1895, Person’s Ordinary built in 1739 (the oldest historical landmark of Halifax county), and Lakeland... Read More

Hendersonville, NC 828-685-8352 www.costonfarm.com

Coston Farm is a 4th generation family owned farm and apple orchard located on Chimney Rock Road in Hendersonville. Visit Coston Farm and Apple House in the autumn for pre-picked fresh apples, plus everything you need to decorate for the fall... Read More

Dallas, NC 704-922-8688 www.linebergersfarm.com

Linebergers' Maple Springs Farm is a family farm located at Dallas, NC. If you love the taste of fresh-picked berries coupled with fun and educational activities for children, then this is the place to be! This farm has been in the family since the... Read More

Asheville, NC (828) 398-4678 www.hauntedasheville.com

Charming and picturesque by day, Asheville transforms each night into a city of supernatural delight. Witness the spooky history in a multitude of ways, including the Trolley Tour, the Biltmore Village Mystery Tour, the Classic Walking Tour, a... Read More

Charlotte, NC 704-332-6366

Simpson's Produce is a co-op of farmers working together to bring you the most fresh and local fruits and veggies available in our area. During October we are opened to public with fall flowers, variety of pumpkins, and produce. ... Read More

Newton, NC 828-461-2012 www.devinefarmsnc.com

Not open to the public in October for annual Fall events and Maze. Devine Farms is a 133 acre family owned and operated farm having lifetime of experience in farming. We love teaching and educating people about all aspects of modern &... Read More

Hillsborough, NC 919-619-2145 www.smithsfamilyfunfarm.com

Smith's Family Fun Farm is a local family owned Pumpkin Patch and Christmas Tree Farm located in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We have many varieties of pumpkins during fall. Kids can come out and enjoy free hot cocoa. Attractions: Pumpkin... Read More

New Bern, NC 252-571-4766 hauntednewbern.com

Do ghosts inhabit New Bern's buildings and haunt our streets? Take our 1-hour walking tour through New Bern's Historic District with Ghosts of New Bern. We will tell you about the ghosts that haunt the homes and buildings along our route as well... Read More

Harmony, NC 704-539-4994 howardfamilyfarms.com

Howard Family Farm is a local CSA farm located in Harmony, North Carolina. Howard Family Farm would love to grow your food! Activities: Pumpkin Patch: pick your perfect pumpkin straight from the patch in our 12 acre pumpkin patch. We have a... Read More

Apex, NC 919-600-4020 www.djsberrypatch.com

DJ's Berry Patch is a pre-picked or pick-your-own Strawberry and Produce Farm. The fall brings pumpkins and mums. The fall season begins sometime in late September to early October. Farm and Pumpkin Stand: Need pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns,... Read More

Flat Rock, NC (828) 692-7930 www.skytoporchard.com

The mountains of western North Carolina are full of pick your own u-pick orchards. Pick your pumpkins, gourds, and fall decorations (in season). Visit Sky Top Orchard and you'll enjoy panoramic mountain views, orchard ponds with ducks and geese, a... Read More

Weddington, NC 704-846-7975 www.thehunterfarm.com

The Hunter Farm is a place where lifelong memories are made. Our Fall Pumpkin Patch is a great place for the whole family to enjoy the trill of the hunt for the perfect pumpkin. Join us for a hay wagon ride to the milk barn, petting barn, where you... Read More

Kernersville, NC 336-769-2387 zanesclodbusterfarms.com

Clodbuster Farms is a family owned and operated strawberry and produce farm located in the center of the Piedmont Triad near Union Cross. We specialize in providing you with only the highest quality produce grown right here on their... Read More

Beaufort, NC (252) 772-9925 pctourco.com/beaufort-ghost-walk

Set sail on the ghostly journey of this interactive, ghost tour, taking place in the area’s “most haunted historic building.” Led by a pirate tour guide, you’ll get to load and fire a working cannon, as well as have your own sword-fighting lesson!... Read More

Bennettsville, SC 843-479-3839 www.mcarthurfarms.com

Looking for great family fun? Look no further. McArthur Farms Fun Park features the largest corn maze in both eastern South Carolina and North Carolina. Come and spend the day outdoors. Keeping Family First. We have fun for all ages. Our Corn Maze... Read More

Hendersonville, NC (828) 685-9083 www.steppapples.com

Take the challenge and navigate our 5-acre corn maze! Cutting the path for the corn maze. Are you up for a challenge? Pick pumpkins in the pumpkin patch or select pre-picked pumpkins are really fun! Enjoy a visit to a working apple farm in the... Read More

Charlotte, NC 704-608-8897 www.hodgesfarmnc.com

Hodges Family Farm is located on 180 acres of land in Mecklenburg County. We are proud of our history and excited to say that our Farm is the longest running farm in Charlotte. Feel free to come to our farm and enjoy a day with whole family. We have... Read More

Greenville, SC 864-905-2289 nightmaredungeon.com

A NEW NIGHTMARE IS BACK.....HE ALL NEW NIGHTMARE DUNGEON... ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE and its gonna be all up in your Nightmare this Halloween Season in Greenville South Carolina !!! This year Nightmare Dungeon has changed, its taken a "Wrong... Read More

Fuquay Varina, NC 910-249-2258 www.naylorfamilyfarm.com

Naylor Family Farm & Giant Corn Maze is North Carolina's newest place for outdoor family fun. Our farm offers a wide range of attractions that are fun for the whole family. When you visit the Naylor Family Farm, you and your family will be able to... Read More

Bryson City, NC 828-488-2376 darnellfarms.com

Haunted Corn Maze at Darnell Farms. Come for a scary night!... Read More

Charlotte, NC 704-562-4021 www.hallfamilyfarm.com

Hall Family Farm is a family owned and operated small farm in south Charlotte. Strawberry picking in the spring and pumpkin picking and 5 acre corn maze in the fall. Musical hayride, giant sandbox, kids' mazes, bouncy balls, trikes, duck race, cold... Read More

Raleigh, NC 919-451-5534 www.pagefarmsraleigh.com

Come on out to the farm and experience what a real working farm is all about. Learn about the land, the people, and the crops that we grow right here in the heart of North Carolina. Enjoy the Spring, Summer, and Fall as you pick your own... Read More

Youngsville, NC 919-556-1771 www.hillridgefarms.com

Welcome to the Triangle's best destination for old-fashioned family fun, group and family outings, picnics, school field trips, birthday parties, and more! Attractions: Pumpkin Patch Hay Ride: Hayrides are great fun for all ages. Hay Ride... Read More

Hamptonville, NC 336-466-5402 www.alphaomegacornmaze.com

We offer a unique corn maze, horse drawn wagon rides, barrel train, inflatables, a bounce pillow, corn box, hay maze with a pipe slide, hay rides, covered picnic area with many picnic tables, and much more. Don’t want to pack a picnic? No worries!... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Gastonia, NC 704-913-9408 www.hghaunts.com

For over 20 years now the Hickory Grove Haunted Trail has been in operation. What started out with a couple of friends and a crazy idea has turned into a tradition in Gaston County. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Aberdeen, NC 910-944-0908 aberdeenfearfactory.com

Largest indoor haunted house in North Carolina, over 25,000 sq feet of industrial strength horror! At night the Aberdeen Fear Factory becomes a place where evil has seeped from hell itself. Fear crawls through the ware house, making it a place... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Roanoke, VA 540-400-7111 terrormanor.com

Terror manor is Roanoke’s first ADA Commercial Haunted House featuring Over 40+rooms of pure terror! Terror Manor is a full immersion haunt featuring high props, animatronics, scent canisters, sound and water.... Read More

Indian Trail, NC 704-628-6232s wiseacresorganic.com

Wise Acres is a family owned u-pick organic strawberry and pumpkin farm in Indian Trail, NC just outside of Charlotte. We want your experience on the farm to be a fun one that you and your family will remember. We are always trying new ways to... Read More

New Bern, NC 252-638-8558 newbernhistorical.org/ghostwalk

The New Bern Historical Society presents their long-lived ghostwalk, with chilling tales to accompany the creepiest spots in town. Ghostwalk is a family-friendly event that combines historic spirits, talented local volunteer actors, historic... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Youngsville, NC (919) 578-8478 www.raleighhauntedhouse.com

One Ticket for 5 Main Attractions 36 Unique Scenes. Our Scare Park offers 5 unique Haunted Attractions: Haunted Forest, Dark Trail, Hayride, Killers in the Corn & The Menacing Maze. While waiting for your heart rate to normalize between... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Greensboro, NC 336-643-3558 woodsofterror.com

... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Mosheim, TN 423-422-4836 www.hartmanshauntedattractions.com

Our corn maze is 8 acres and has approximately 3 1/2 miles of trail in it. There are many twists and turns and numerous chances to get lost. Our goal is for each of our guests to have a great time and want to come back and see us again. If you have... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Blacksburg, SC 864-839-1022 www.scfearfarm.com

First park in our FREE parking lot and your adventure may just begin. Sometimes the creatures wander out of our containment and into the parking lot to mess with guests. Next walk through our new entrance down the long creepy path to the all new... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Thomasville, NC 336-476-5429 screamdreams.com

Castle Boo is proud to present Scream Dreams Indoor Haunted Attraction! Located in the basement of an abandoned furniture factory near Winston-Salem, NC. Scream Dreams turned this old building into a nightmare you could never imagine. Inside this... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Roaring River, NC 336-452-2800 www.hillsidehorror.com

Haunted Woods and Creepy Corn Maze You will experience up in your face terror as you twist in turn through our infamous corn maze and haunted woods. This trail features countless live actors and numerous haunted scenes along the way. This trail IS... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Clinton, NC 910-818-2240 www.hollerinhauntshayride.com

Number #1 Haunted Hayride in NC plus Zombie Paintball and a 5 acre haunted Corn Maze. Come visit us this year! Haunted Hayride: The hayride will last around 30 minutes with the tractor going through and passing several buildings alone the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Jacksonville, NC 9103789008 www.jacksonvillepaintballpark.com/hunted-zomb...

**Mission Briefing:** You and your fearless squad are on a rescue mission! Your friends are trapped in Zombie Land, surrounded by flesh-eating zombies, ferocious werewolves, and unspeakable monsters. Armed with our specially designed weapons that... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Fayetteville, NC 833-787-4868 www.backwoodsterrorranch.com

Backwoods Terror Ranch returns for 2022 at Sweet Valley Ranch in Fayetteville North Carolina. Experience the horrifying experiments of Dr. Surgeon through 3 Terrifying Haunted attractions! Surgeon Manor: The residence on the property, Surgeon... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Monroe, NC (704) 709-7000 www.The13thAcre.com

Escape The 13th Acre if You Can In Monroe, NC, an eerily silent haunted trail captures the attention of many. Unknown creatures create chaos and mayhem in the area at night, but no one ever dares to enter it to know the truth. Are you brave enough... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Kinston, NC 919-437-0284 www.extremefearscaregrounds.com

NIXON ASYLUM The Asylum has long been closed, but emergency services received a phone call with no one on the other end. When deputy Alan arrives on the scene, the front door is open and the power is surging through the building. Something is not... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Fairmont, NC 910-258-3791 www.hollowacresthefieldofmisfits.com

Over 9 attraction Scenes, Corn maze, pumpkin patch, Outdoor Movie Theater... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Ahoskie, NC 252-287-6701 thehotelhaunt.com

Buried beneath the foundation of The Hotel there lies a secret… a makeshift mental hospital where the affluent hid their mentally ill and Dr. Jeremiah Hazzard and his staff performed unspeakable experiments on the patients. Evidence suggests that... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Havelock, NC 252-444-FEAR www.nightmarefactorync.com

NIGHTMARE FACTORY, is a walk-through haunted attraction based on a turn-of-the-century industrial complex that manufactured a wide array of “questionable” products in the early 1900s. Burnt to the ground in 1923 by its tortured workers, “Albert... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Hubert, NC 910-326-4071 www.fishstrongfrightnights.com

It's that time of year for the Fishstrong Foundation's Fright Nights Haunted Hayride and Walking Trail. As every year, we have changed things up a bit with new scares and frightful attractions that you will not want to miss! There are food trucks,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Leland, NC 910-805-7552 www.phobiahaunted.com

Phobia is a haunted trail with live haunters. There is no touching but the haunters will get real close. The haunted attraction taps in to your inner most fears as you weave through the trail. We will have fog machines, chainsaws, strobe lights... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Todd, NC 828-964-2418 terrorbytheriver.com

Haunted Trail/House: Voted best haunted trail/house in the High Country. We are a haunted trail/house at Wahoos at the new river post. We also have an escape room that's open 7 days a week. Must have reservations for that. The Haunted Trail will... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Elliston, VA 540-998-3327 www.deathtofalsehorror.com


haunted house open tonight

Ocean Isle Beach, NC (910)287-3030 www.grissettownfire.net/about-1

We have a haunted trail fund raiser every Friday and Saturday night in October and on Halloween. The trail is a self guided tour filled with interactive props and actors. Actors are firefighters and community volunteers. The trail takes about... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Oxford, NC 919-339-4452 www.granvillehauntfarm.com

Our Drive-Through Drive-In returns! Drive through our giant movie screen and watch your favorite horror movies come to life on the other side, all while staying safe in your vehicle the entire time!... Read More

Hillsborough, NC 336-516-5591 myrtlegrovehaunt.com

Myrtle Grove Haunt is haunted barn experience located in Hillsborough, NC. A 5,500 square foot, two level haunted barn with scares around every corner. Ready to be scared at a haunted house near you? We welcome you to join us in the spooky and fun... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Hendersonville, NC 828-702-7911 nchauntedfarm.com

Celebrating 13 Years of Terror! Voted NC's Best Haunted Halloween Attraction! The Haunted Farm is located in rural farmland near Hendersonville, close to Asheville, NC. The Haunted Farm sits on a mysterious, blood-soaked stretch of land where the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Canton, NC 828-670-8228 www.pinheadsgraveyard.com

Pinhead's Graveyard, located at 562 Main Street, Canton, North Carolina 28716, is one of the Best & Top Rated Haunted Houses and Haunted Attractions in North Carolina and the South. We were Voted #1 North Carolina Haunted House & Attraction in 2018,... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Hickory, NC 828-212-1442 lakehickoryhaunts.com

Voted the best haunt in the Carolina's, Lake Hickory Haunts is a one of a kind haunted house attraction; featuring a large body of water, surrounded by 13 unique haunted attractions. Within these attractions, you will discover awe-inspiring... Read More

Archdale, NC 336-431-1700 spookywoods.com

Get ready for the most spine-tingling and thrilling experience of your life as Kersey Valley Spookywoods returns for its 39th season, and this time, they're introducing a host of terrifyingly fresh elements with their all-new ICONS! As the autumn... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Statesville, NC 704-546-7615 www.midwaywickedwoods.com

Come and join us this our 28th year scaring victims in our Midway Wicked Woods. Walk our haunt in small groups unguided and the woods. You will go into many buildings, a grave yard, 600' dark maze and Vortex tunnel. You may come out alive. Be on the... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Lawndale, NC (704) 477-6783 www.hauntedpyramids.com

The Haunted Pyramids has 5 large indoor Haunted Houses at one location...We bring the scare to you... every night! Don't forget we are open in the rain. The Haunted Pyramids: The Haunted Pyramids is our largest Haunted House! This haunt has been... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Radford, VA 540-260-3111 www.stalbansvirginia.com

In 2011 we entered the Asylum. In 2012 there was Reign of Terrors and Carnival of Cadavers. In 2013 our Fairytales became Nightmares. In 2014 we descended into Havoc! Walk these haunted halls and experience the House of Havoc!!! Lots of twists and... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Tyner, NC 252-312-5796 www.thehauntedforknc.com

Take the scenic route through our 6 acre corn maze or go straight to the scare.. Spooking just over a quarter mile, this haunted trail in the woods is full of ghouls and frights and is not something you want to miss. With this being a natural trail... Read More

Rockwell, NC 704-855-7922 www.boogerwoods.org

Boogerwoods will be in its 46th.. season in 2023. Rated #1 for most entertaining haunt in the Carolina's also rated #1 Haunt in North Carolina by northcarolinahauntedhouses.com. Check out reviews at http://www.boogerwoods.com also on... Read More

Boone, NC 828-406-6305 www.newrivercornmaze.com

New River Corn Maze is located on the historic Brown Family Farm beside the scenic New River. Visit the farm with your family and enjoy getting lost in the maze, stroll along the New River, bring a picnic and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and... Read More

Salisbury, NC (704) 798-3102 www.salisburyghostwalk.com

The Salisbury Ghost Walk began in 2010 and covers a six block area in downtown Historic Salisbury, North Carolina. The stories are well researched and reveal findings from present day investigations. The narratives are published in a book... Read More

Williamston, NC 252-352-1044 www.frightmoreacademy.com

Frightmore Academy is a haunted house which includes 20+ different scenes, both indoor and out. It is not recommended for the faint of heart or those suffering from heart and/or breathing conditions. Visitors will be exposed to strobe lights, fog,... Read More

West Jefferson, NC (828)278-9805 lanternfarm.com

Fall From Grace Haunted Experience: Haunted House & Trail A spooky experience that you won't forget!... Read More

Hope Mills, NC 910-309-7582 gallberrycornmaze.com

Gallberry Corn Maze provides "down-on-the-farm fun" for the whole family! Come out and enjoy the six acres of corn maze paths, including a one acre storybook themed children's maze, jumping pillow, farm animals, hay ride, corn hole, corn shack, sand... Read More

China Grove, NC 704-202-5591 mazeofterrornc.square.site

Maze of Terror is a scary haunted trail. it is indoor and outdoor trail through the woods. We are suitable for most all ages. Come enjoy the hayride, walk through the trails, and the corn maze. You never know what may terrorize you through our... Read More

Indian Trail, NC 704-753-129 www.countrydayscornmaze.com

County Days Corn Maze offers two maze options - the Big Ears Maze (7 acres) and Little Ears Maze (3 acres) - a General Store, Farm Activities plus lots more food and fun! Little Ears Maze: The "Little Ears Maze" is open for ages 10 and under... Read More

Charlotte, NC 704-588-2600 www.carowinds.com

SCarowinds - we couldn't be more excited to debut our new haunted attraction - Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut. We've been working tirelessly all year, and we cannot wait to see your screams! Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut is based off the... Read More

Garner, NC 919-779-4765 www.kenskornycornmaze.com

Ken’s Korny Corn Maze - North Carolina’s First and Longest Running Corn Maze! We offer family fun that can be found no where else. Come see what the talk is about ! Come Get Lost in Our 6 Acre Corn Maze...over 2 1/2 Miles of Paths. Ken’s... Read More

Cary, NC 919-467-3004 phillipsfarmsofcary.com/haunted-farm

Your worst nightmares come to life at Phillips Farms. Entitles you to a horrifying FOUR part experience, including TWO haunted houses that will haunt your dreams: - The Field of Lost Souls – TOTALLY RE-VAMPED WITH ALL NEW TERROR! - The Rebellion... Read More

Snow Camp, NC (336) 513-6938 www.hollywoodhorrorshow.com

The Hollywood Horror Show in Snow Camp, NC is North Carolina's largest and most frightening indoor/outdoor haunted attraction. The only haunted attraction in NC produced by actual Hollywood Filmmakers, the Hollywood Horror Show is more than 250,000... Read More

Asheville, NC 828-254-5356 www.eliada.org

Eliada's Annual Corn Maze is the largest corn maze in West North Carolina. During fall season, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field, Fall festival, corn maze, haunted corn maze, straw or hay bale maze, child-sized haybale maze, corn... Read More

Valle Crucis, NC 828-297-1462 harvestfarmwnc.com

Come create a memory, get lost in our 7 acre corn maze, pick a pumpkin, take a hayride and have a picnic. Bring your spirit of adventure and a flashlight to explore our family friendly flashlight maze. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and let... Read More

Sanford, NC 919-498-6727 www.grossfarms.com

Are you ready to get lost? Try navigating this 15-acre labyrinth! Mazes have been around for centuries but corn mazes are relatively new. Since 1993, they have gained worldwide popularity providing a source of healthy and wholesome entertainment... Read More

Oxford, NC 919-725-9543 www.granvillecornmaze.com

Drive-Thru Drive-In "Get Lost" in our 9-acre corn maze! Our biggest maze yet! Join us in October for more fun, games and activities your whole family will enjoy! ... Read More

Blacksburg, SC 864-492-7246 boogerjims.com

Come with friends never alone. You will walk through the Haunted Trail where fear is the only energy you feel as you enter the shadowy forest surrounded by unusual sounds and shapes your body starts to quiver, your heart pounds heavily in... Read More

Fayetteville, NC 910-323-1934 www.faydogwoodfestival.com

With so many amazing new offerings in downtown Fayetteville, The Fayetteville Dogwood Festival has decided to scale back our activities for our Fall Season. We’ll be offering the community our two favorite fall activities: Historic Hauntings and... Read More

China Grove, NC 704-267-0428 www.reapersrealmnc.com

6000 sq ft haunted house,zombie laser tag with icombat guns, mile long haunted trail with The Slop lot haunted barn and Slim's slaughter house... Read More

Winston-Salem, NC 276-233-6998

Hawks pumpkin Patch is located at Winston-Salem, NC. Hawks pumpkin Patch offers great selection of pumpkins and a beautiful time for the whole family. Take a picnic and spend some time it's beautiful! ... Read More

Cary, NC 919-377-8989 phillipsfarmsofcary.com

Welcome to Phillips Farms, a working farm where we provide clean, wholesome fun for the entire family. Come on out and join us for some good, old fashioned family fun! Our Corn Maze offers lots of new fun for the whole family! During the day,... Read More

Pink Hill, NC 910-375-0285 www.scareuuniversity.com

Located in small town Pink Hill a two story haunted school full of goons and goblins waiting for you to come and get educated! Dark shadows and spirits fill the classrooms and hallways, waiting for their next victim! If your looking somewhere to... Read More

Blowing Rock, NC 800-526-5740 tweetsie.com

It's safe, scary fun for the whole family! Kids will enjoy the Halloween shows and trick-or-treating. And take a chilling journey into the night as we Return to Area 12 on the Ghost Train—if you dare! Admission includes all the nighttime... Read More

Goldsboro, NC 919-738-2905 www.odomfarmingcompany.com

In the fall, we have fun on the farm! We have a 10 acre corn maze and pumpkin patch for your family to enjoy. Come spend an afternoon playing on the playground that we add a corn crib and hay jump to, take a walk through the corn maze, and pick a... Read More

Gibsonville, NC (336) 697-2473 www.jrazz.com

J. Razz & Tazz offers a challenging day and night Corn Maze. Hayrides touring the Farm may be taken during daylight hours, but at night ... our wagons head into the Haunted Forest for a somewhat spooky and very FAMILY ORIENTED Halloween... Read More

Rougemont, NC 919-732-8065 mckeecornfieldmaze.com

We have 2 separate mazes a 2 acre children's maze and a 12 acre maze for family fun. The 12 acre maze has approximately 4 miles of labyrinth pathways leading you in all directions making it FUN TO GET LOST. Haunted trail and maze for four nights in... Read More

Hallsboro, NC 910-520-8940 www.ncmazecraze.com

At Galloway Farm we believe agriculture education is prime. We offer engaging activities suited for grade levels Pre-K thru 5th grade. Our Fairy Tale Trail offers farm-friendly adaptations of classic fairy tales that take early learners on magical... Read More

haunted house open tonight

Maiden, NC 828-302-4653 www.redwolffarm.com

Red Wolf Farm uses natural growing practices and offers pumpkin patch-pick in the field during fall. We have walking trails through the woods, a playground, pedal tractors, and professionally designed corn maze. We also have blacksmithing... Read More

Ruffin, NC 336-344-5522 www.comegetlost.com

Welcome to the Corntacular Adventure at Harvest Ridge Farm!!! Come See The Triad's Best Family Attraction. The Corntacular Adventure is geared toward families and creating memories that will last a lifetime. One price gets you in the gate and... Read More

New Hill, NC 919-362-5416 www.triangletrain.com

The New Hope Valley Railway is The Triangle’s Train, an all volunteer operated railroad where children, parents, grandparents and others can enjoy a day together riding a train, learning about railroad history, watching the G Scale model garden... Read More

Wilkesboro, NC 336-667-3171 wilkesheritagemuseum.com/candlelight-ghost-to...

Immerse yourself in the frightening folklore of Wilkesboro during a narrated journey. If you crave even more ghostly proof, stay late to participate in an actual paranormal investigation. Folkore and ghost tales abound in this area, passed down... Read More

Wilson, NC 252-237-0967 deansfarmmarket.com

Deans Farm Market is a local, working farm that sells fresh produce, local items. Join us at the farm for our seasonal events. We have educational camps, family fun and field trip opportunities. Attractions: Pumpkins Hayrides Corn Spookley... Read More

Asheboro, NC 336-937-2218

It's getting closer and closer to that time of year! We have some more exciting news for the upcoming season! There is an additional attraction this year! Haunted Hollow is still our main priority and we've worked very hard to make it even better... Read More

Fairview, NC 828-628-1027 www.hickorynutgapfarm.com

Fall is a special time at the farm where we provide a wealth of activities and fun for families and visitors of all ages with Corn Maze, Trike Track, Hay Climb, Cider Press, Corn Box, Culvert Slides, Baby Pigs, Goats, Calves, Picnic Areas, and... Read More

Manteo, NC 252-473-6500 obcinc.org/island-farm

Island Farm is a living history site c.1847 on Roanoke Island, NC. The mission of Island Farm is to inspire curiosity about the diverse history of mid-19th century Roanoke Island by creating authentic, tangible, and meaningful visitor experiences... Read More

Greenville, NC 252-754-5029 www.brileysfarmmarketnc.com

Brileys Farm Market is located at Greenville, NC. Brileys Pumpkin Patch features a wide selection of pumpkins of all colors and sizes. Farm Attractions: Corn Maze Hayrides Pony ride Kiddie Corral Fall decorations ... Read More

Jefferson, NC 828-406-0339 ashecountycornmazeandpumpkinfestival.com

The Ashe County Corn Maze has quickly become a family tradition. It is a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy. The corn maze itself is around 5 acres, and can take as little as 30 minutes and up to an hour or so...go at your own pace and... Read More

High Point, NC (336) 431-1700 maizeadventure.com

NC's Pet friendly Corn Maze. Located in High Point, NC. More than just a maze, giant jumping pillow, Gem and Fossi Dig, Tram Ride, Cow Train, Dinosaur Discovery, Rock Shop, and Pumpkin Patch. maizeadventure.com... Read More

Climax, NC 336-685-4888 www.whitakerfarm.com

Whitaker Farms has so much to offer....fresh, local produce, including our strawberries and tomatoes, gorgeous hanging baskets and an assortment of other annuals, perennial, trees, and shrubs. The main farm is in Climax where all of our produce... Read More

Siler City, NC 919-432-4825 huckleberrytrailfarm.com

Looking for a place to have family fun, Huckleberry Trail Farm is the place to be. Fun filled attractions for all ages. After going through the maze and taking a hayride down to the pumpkin patch, come play in our fully enclosed farmyard. The fun... Read More

Kernersville, NC 336-813-2409 www.smithhollowfarm.com

Smith Hollow Farm is nested on a beautiful 20+ acres in the heart of the triad. Located off of Hastings Hill Road in Kernersville, the Smith family has lived, entertained and farmed on the land for generations. The tradition continues today. Fall... Read More

Bunn, NC 919-496-3076 www.vollmerfarm.com

Vollmer Farm is a 5th generation working family farm. We are focused on producing wholesome, organic produce as well as providing a genuine real farm experience. In the Fall, you don’t want to miss coming to the “Back Forty”-a forty+ acre playground... Read More

Newport, NC 252-241-1184 garnerscornmaze.mazeplay.com

Garner's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch is a family farm located at Newport, North Carolina. Our little farm is just growing by leaps and bounds. We are so excited to welcome all our guests. Attractions: Pumpkin Patch Corn Maze Hay... Read More

Kenly, NC 252-205-5280 www.sonlightfarmsnc.com

Sonlight Farms offers fall family fun for all ages! Come find your way through the corn maze (we even have a kid maze), take a hayride around the farm, have a turn on the Bouncin' Barnyard bounce house, pick out a pumpkin to take home, have a... Read More

Rockwell, NC (704) 223-2765 www.forbiddenforesthorrortrail.com

Within the depths of the forest, lies the agony of a thousand souls. In the early 1800's people, from the surrounding areas of Rockwell and Gold Hill, reported the towns went quiet as some eerie presence had taken hold. Several months passed with... Read More

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