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Mod ReadMe Links

Abskoth https://github.com/AngelSassin/Abskoth/

AbsoluteZote https://github.com/nearrin/HollowKnight.AbsoluteZote/

AbsRad Configurable Attacks https://github.com/EarlyHemisphere/HK.AbsRadConfigurableAttacks

AbsRad Teleport Control https://github.com/EarlyHemisphere/HK.RadianceTeleportControl

Additional Challenge https://github.com/TheMulhima/AdditionalChallenge

Additional Timelines https://github.com/Emo-hk/AdditionalTimelines

AdditionalMaps https://github.com/SFGrenade/AdditionalMaps/

AlreadyEnoughPlayMaker https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.AlreadyEnoughPlayMaker/

Always Furious https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/AlwaysFurious

Any Radiance 3.0 https://github.com/jngo102/AnyRadiance

Archipelago https://github.com/ArchipelagoMW-HollowKnight/Archipelago.HollowKnight/

Archipelago Map Mod https://github.com/ArchipelagoMW-HollowKnight/Archipelago.APMapMod

AsciiCamera https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.AsciiCamera/

Aspid Queen https://github.com/jngo102/AspidQueen

Aspidnest https://github.com/KaanGaming/Aspidnest/

AspyCompanion https://github.com/jngo102/AspyCompanion

Asymmetric Knight https://github.com/PrashantMohta/HollowKnight.CustomKnight/

Backdash https://github.com/HKLab/HK.BackDash/

BenchRando https://github.com/homothetyhk/BenchRando/

Benchwarp https://github.com/homothetyhk/HollowKnight.BenchwarpMod/

BenchWarpFix https://github.com/SFGrenade/BenchWarpFix/

BenchwarpSpoilerCloak https://github.com/dpinela/BenchwarpSpoilerCloak/

Better Godhome Music https://github.com/CharlesGameDev/BetterGodhomeMusic

Better Void Heart https://github.com/epiceuropean/Better-Void-Heart

BingoBoard https://github.com/JasonILTG/HollowKnight.BingoBoard/

BingoSync https://github.com/pedroteosousa/HollowKnight.BingoSync

BingoUI https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.BingoUI/

BlindRadiance https://github.com/SFGrenade/BlindRadiance/

Bomber Knight https://github.com/Korzer420/BomberKnight

Boss Attacks https://github.com/royitaqi/HollowKnight.BossAttacks/

Breakable Wall Randomizer https://github.com/Bentechy66/HollowKnight.BreakableWallRandomizer/

Brothers of Battle https://github.com/Link459/BrothersOfBattle

Cagney Carnation https://github.com/ygsbzr/CagneyCarnation/

Carefree Grimm https://github.com/ilcheese2/CarefreeGrimm

Challenge Mode https://github.com/Hoo-Knows/HollowKnight.ChallengeMode

ChangeHud https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.ChangeHud/

Charm Changer https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/CharmChanger

Charm Crab https://github.com/DistractionCrab/Charm-Crab

Charm Overhaul https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/CharmOverhaul

CharmPreset https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.CharmPreset/

CompanionCloth https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.CompanionCloth

CompassAlwaysOn https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.CompassAlwaysOn/

CondensedSpoilerLogger https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.CondensedSpoilerLogger/

ConnectionMetadataInjector https://github.com/BadMagic100/ConnectionMetadataInjector/

ContainerConfig https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.ContainerConfig/

ContinueCountdown https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.ContinueCountdown/

ControllerFixes https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/ControllerFixes/

Convenient Path of Pain https://github.com/EnderOnryo/Convenient_PoP

Core.FsmUtil https://github.com/hk-modding/HK.Core.FsmUtil

Corrupted Kin https://github.com/nickc01/Corrupted-Kin/

CountDownForLife https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.CountDownForLife/

Crafted Town https://github.com/pronoespro/PronoesProMod/

CriticalSlash https://github.com/beesnation/CriticalSlash

Crystal Machinist https://github.com/nickc01/Crystal-Machinist/

Crystalblobbles https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.Crystalblobbles/

Curse Randomizer https://github.com/Korzer420/CurseRandomizer

CursedMod 🕶 https://github.com/SFGrenade/CursedMod/

Custom Knight https://github.com/PrashantMohta/HollowKnight.CustomKnight/

Custom Trial https://github.com/jngo102/HollowKnight.CustomTrial/

CustomAudio https://github.com/ygsbzr/HKCustomAudio/

CustomBgm https://github.com/SFGrenade/CustomBgm/

CustomConstraintInjector https://github.com/homothetyhk/CustomConstraintInjector/

CustomGroupInjector https://github.com/homothetyhk/CustomGroupInjector/

CustomImage https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.CustomImage/

CustomJournal https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.CustomJournal/

CustomKnightPlus https://github.com/HKLab/CustomKnightPlus/

CustomLogicInjector https://github.com/homothetyhk/CustomLogicInjector/

CustomPantheon https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.CustomPantheon/

CustomPoolInjector https://github.com/homothetyhk/CustomPoolInjector/

CustomSaveArt https://github.com/SFGrenade/CustomSaveArt/

Cyclone Real Combat https://github.com/HKLab/NailMaster/

Cyclone Throws https://github.com/HKLab/CycloneOut/

DamageValues https://github.com/jngo102/DamageValues

DarkerTransitions https://github.com/RiverRobot/DarkerTransitions

Darkness https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.Darkness/

DarknessRandomizer https://github.com/dplochcoder/HollowKnight.DarknessRandomizer

Dead Cells Barrel Launcher https://github.com/HKLab/DCBarrelLauncher/

Dead Cells Bosses https://github.com/HKLab/DCBosses/

Dead Cells The Queen https://github.com/HKLab/DCQueen/

Dead Cells Time Keeper https://github.com/HKLab/DCTimeKeeper/

Dead Quirrel https://github.com/Hoo-Knows/HollowKnight.DeadQuirrel

DeathCounter https://github.com/ygsbzr/DeathCounter/

DebugMod https://github.com/TheMulhima/HollowKnight.DebugMod/

DecorationMaster https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.Decoration/

Disable Achievements https://github.com/ToboterXP/HollowKnight.DisableAchievements

Disable Enemy Geo https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/DisableEnemyGeo

Disable Low Health Vignette https://github.com/luizeldorado/DisableLowHealthVignetteMod

Discord Rich Presence https://github.com/KaanGaming/HollowKnightDRPC/

DoubleJumpFix https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.DoubleJumpFix/

DoubleRadiance https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.DoubleRadiance/

Dream Warpers https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/DreamWarpers

Dreamer Shard Rando https://github.com/ToboterXP/HollowKnight.DreamerShardRando

DreamShield Coop https://github.com/RedFrog6002/BetterDreamShieldCoop

DumbEnemy https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.DumbEnemy/

EasyMode https://github.com/homothetyhk/HollowKnight.EasyMode/

EasySoulRefill https://github.com/Acu1000/EasySoulRefill

EmoteWheel https://github.com/PrashantMohta/EmoteWheel/

Empty Menu https://github.com/Cavernosa/HollowKnight.EmptyMenu

Enemy HP Bar https://github.com/ygsbzr/Enemy-HP-Bars/

Enemy Randomizer https://github.com/Kerr1291/EnemyRandomizer/

EnemyChanger https://github.com/SFGrenade/EnemyChanger/

ESoulLink https://github.com/PrashantMohta/ESoulLink/

EssenceAlways https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.EssenceAlways/

Everwatchers https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.Everwatchers/

Extra Rando https://github.com/Korzer420/ExtraRando

ExtraMenuBackgrounds https://github.com/beesnation/ExtraMenuBackgrounds

Fake Peppino https://github.com/jngo102/FakePeppino

FallDamage https://github.com/Makeit-Hardcore/HK-FallDamage

Fast Travel https://github.com/jngo102/HollowKnight.FastTravel

Fennel https://github.com/ygsbzr/Fennel/

FiendMod https://github.com/Zickles/FiendMod

FireIsSmolBrain https://github.com/SFGrenade/FireIsSmolBrain/

FLACCodec https://github.com/Clazex/FLACCodec/

Floor Time Counter https://github.com/CharlesGameDev/FloorTimeCounter

FountainPreview https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.FountainPreview/

Fragile Purse https://github.com/Mimijackz-HKModding/FragilePurse

FragileStrengthForNailArts https://github.com/Araraura/FragileStrengthForNailArts/

FrogCore https://github.com/RedFrog6002/FrogCore/

FStats https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.FStats/

FuryFix https://github.com/SFGrenade/FuryFix/

FuryMod https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.FuryMod/

Fyrenest https://github.com/BubkisLord/Fyrenest/

Game Object Dump https://github.com/jngo102/HollowKnight.GODump/

GatheringSwarmAlwaysOn https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.GatheringSwarmAlwaysOn/

Gatling Aspid https://github.com/jngo102/GatlingAspid/

GeoHunger https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/HollowKnight.GeoHunger/

GeoLog https://github.com/SFGrenade/GeoLog/

GhostHunter https://github.com/PrashantMohta/GhostHunter/

Glass Cannon Mod https://github.com/Nexade/GlassCannon/

GlassSoul https://github.com/TheMulhima/GlassSoulMod/

God Soul https://github.com/Nexade/God-Soul-Mod/

Godhome Win Loss Tracker https://github.com/royitaqi/HollowKnight.GodhomeWinLossTracker/

Godseeker Memory Jump https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.GodseekerMemoryJump/

GodSeekerPlus https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.GodSeekerPlus/

Golden Godhome https://github.com/Fyremoth-project/GoldenGodhome/

Gorb Plus https://github.com/TheMulhima/GorbPlus/

GPZ Precepts https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/GPZ_Precepts

Graphic Options https://github.com/SFGrenade/GraphicOptions/

Grass Randomizer https://github.com/StormZillaa/HollowKnightGrassRando

GrassyKnight https://github.com/flibber-hk/GrassyKnight

Gravity Mod https://github.com/TheMulhima/GravityMod/

GreatChampion https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.GreatChampion/

Grimmchild Anywhere https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/GrimmchildAnywhere

Grub Names https://github.com/CharlesGameDev/GrubNames

GrubTrain https://github.com/PrashantMohta/GrubTrain/

Hall of Gods Extras https://github.com/jngo102/HoGExtras/

Hallownest-Vocalized https://github.com/Hallownest-Vocalized/Hallownest-Vocalized

Hallownest-Vocalized-AudioLoader https://github.com/Hallownest-Vocalized/Hallownest-Vocalized-AudioLoader

Hat https://github.com/PrashantMohta/hat.hollowknight/

Heal On Wall https://github.com/Zickles/Heal_On_Wall

HealthShare https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.HealthShare/

Hell Mod https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.HellMod/

Hide Mod List https://github.com/TheMulhima/HollowKnight.HideModList/

Hit Counter https://github.com/Dastan21/HollowKnight.HitCounter/

HitboxOnly https://github.com/nearrin/HollowKnight.Abstraction/

HKHKHKHKHK https://github.com/SFGrenade/HKHKHKHKHK/

HKMirror https://github.com/TheMulhima/HKMirror/

HKmote https://github.com/PrashantMohta/hkmote/

HKMP https://github.com/Extremelyd1/HKMP/

HKMP HealthDisplay https://github.com/TheMulhima/HKMP.HealthDisplay/

HKMP Prop Hunt https://github.com/jngo102/HKMP.PropHunt

HKMP Tag https://github.com/Extremelyd1/HKMP.Tag/

HKMP.ModDiff https://github.com/BlindGarret/HKMP.ModDiff/

HkmpPouch https://github.com/PrashantMohta/HkmpPouch/

HKRoomLogger https://github.com/RanDumSocks/HKRoomLogger

HKTimer https://github.com/Yurihaia/HollowKnight-Timer/

HKTool https://github.com/HKLab/HollowKnightMod.Tool/

HKTool Legacy https://github.com/HKLab/HollowKnightMod.Tool/

HKTracker https://github.com/kingkiller39/HollowKnightRandomizerTracker2.8/

HKVR https://github.com/jngo102/HKVR/

HollowPoint https://github.com/RedFrog6002/Hollow-Point/

HollowTwitch https://github.com/Sid-003/HKTwitch/

HowwowKnyight https://github.com/DDRM-VGV/HowwowKnyight/

HueShifter https://github.com/beesnation/HueShifter

ICDebug https://github.com/BadMagic100/ICDebug/

ICExtraDeployers https://github.com/homothetyhk/ICExtraDeployers/

Infection Bomb https://github.com/Mimijackz/HKModding.Infectionbomb

Inferno King Grimm https://github.com/nickc01/Inferno-King-Grimm/

Infinite AbsRad Phases https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/InfiniteAbsRadPhases

InfiniteNotches https://github.com/homothetyhk/HollowKnight.InfiniteNotches/

InfoPanelUtil https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.InfoPanelUtil/

Input Buffers https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/HollowKnight.InputBuffers/

Invincibility Monitor https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.InvincibilityMonitor/

ItemChanger https://github.com/homothetyhk/HollowKnight.ItemChanger/

ItemChangerDataLoader https://github.com/homothetyhk/ItemChangerDataLoader/

ItemSync https://github.com/Shadudev/HollowKnight.MultiWorld/

Keep Me Geo https://github.com/CDoggggg/KeepMeGeo

KeybindChaos https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.KeybindChaos/

Konpanion https://github.com/PrashantMohta/Konpanion/

KorzUtils https://github.com/Korzer420/KorzUtils

Kronk https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.Kronk/

LanguageSupport https://github.com/SFGrenade/LanguageSupport/

Legacy Charm Costs https://github.com/Arwangha/LegacyCharmCosts

LessVisualNoise https://github.com/Acu1000/LessVisualNoise

LoadNormalizer https://github.com/homothetyhk/HollowKnight.LoadNormalizer/

Lore Master https://github.com/Korzer420/LoreMaster

Lore Randomizer https://github.com/Korzer420/LoreRandomizer

LoreCore https://github.com/Korzer420/LoreCore

Lost Artifacts https://github.com/Hoo-Knows/HollowKnight.LostArtifacts

MagicUI https://github.com/BadMagic100/HollowKnight.MagicUI/

MajorItemByAreaTracker https://github.com/BadMagic100/MajorItemByAreaTracker/

Mantis Gods https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.Mantis-Gods/

MapChanger https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/MapChanger

Mash Dash https://github.com/Makeit-Hardcore/HK-MashDash

Mash Slash https://github.com/Makeit-Hardcore/HK-MashSlash

Mask Maker Notches https://github.com/IronLucario2012/MaskMakerNotchesMod/

Memesong https://github.com/yoink-city/memesong/

Menderbug Options https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/MenderbugOptions

Menderbug's Revenge https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.MenderbugsRevenge/

MenuChanger https://github.com/homothetyhk/HollowKnight.MenuChanger/

MenuThemesInGame https://github.com/SFGrenade/MenuThemesInGame/

Mirrored Hallownest https://github.com/Mimijackz-HKModding/MirroredHallownest

ModConsole https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.ModConsole/

ModScript https://github.com/PrashantMohta/ModScript/

ModTerminal https://github.com/BadMagic100/ModTerminal/

MoreDoors https://github.com/dplochcoder/HollowKnight.MoreDoors

MoreHealing https://github.com/SFGrenade/MoreHealing/

MoreLocations https://github.com/BadMagic100/MoreLocations/

MoreSaves https://github.com/TheMulhima/MoreSaves/

MultiplayerEvents https://github.com/PrashantMohta/MultiplayerEvents/

MultiWorld https://github.com/Shadudev/HollowKnight.MultiWorld/

MultiWorldLib https://github.com/Shadudev/HollowKnight.MultiWorld/

MylaFlower https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.MylaFlower/

Nailgod https://github.com/nearrin/HollowKnight.Nailgod/

Nailmaster's Pride https://github.com/Exempt-Medic/NailmastersPride

NailsmithBackPay https://github.com/SFGrenade/NailsmithBackPay/

Negative Nail https://github.com/Nexade/NegativeNail/

NeverMuffle https://github.com/SFGrenade/NeverMuffle/

Nightmare Spark https://github.com/RiverRobot/Nightmare-Spark

No Particles https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.NoParticles/

NoBlur https://github.com/Destalta/NoBlur

NoDying https://github.com/TheMulhima/NoDying/

Nosk God https://github.com/HKLab/NoskGod/

NoSpiders https://github.com/MansenC/NoSpidersMod

NoWalkOfShame https://github.com/lukeadickinson/HollowKnight.NoWalkOfShame

OrbTracker https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/HollowKnight.OrbTracker/

Osmi https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.Osmi/

Pale Court https://github.com/PaleCourt/PaleCourt

Pale Prince https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.Pale-Prince/

PaletteSwapper https://github.com/homothetyhk/HollowKnight.PaletteSwapper/

Pantheons Hit Counter https://github.com/Dastan21/HollowKnight.PantheonsHitCounter/

PaperKnight https://github.com/AngelSassin/PaperKnight

ParryKnight https://github.com/AngelSassin/ParryKnight1.5/

PathOfPureVessel https://github.com/ygsbzr/PathOfPureVessel/

PersistentDivine https://github.com/YoJames2019/PersistentDivine/

Pet https://github.com/royitaqi/HollowKnight.Pet/

PlayerDataManager https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.PlayerDataManager/

Poorly Translated https://github.com/TheMulhima/HollowKnight.TranslationMod/

press g to dab https://github.com/Link459/PressGToDab/

Propeller Knight https://github.com/ygsbzr/Propeller-Knight/

PurenailCore https://github.com/dplochcoder/HollowKnight.PurenailCore

PureZote https://github.com/nearrin/PureZote/

PvP Arena https://github.com/SFGrenade/PvpArena/

QoL https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.QoL/

QuirrelBoat https://github.com/AngelSassin/QuirrelBoat

QuirrelFlower https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.QuirrelFlower/

RadianceExtras https://github.com/Zickles/RadianceExtras

RadiantMenu https://github.com/SFGrenade/RadiantMenu/

RainbowEggs https://github.com/dpinela/RainbowEggs/

Rando Vanilla Tracker https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/HollowKnight.RandoVanillaTracker/

RandoChecksCounter https://github.com/BadMagic100/RandoChecksCounter/

Random Pantheons https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.RandomizedPantheons/

RandoMapMod https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/RandoMapMod

RandomCharm https://github.com/ygsbzr/RandomCharm/

RandomCompanions https://github.com/PrashantMohta/RandomCompanions/

RandomGravityChange https://github.com/TheMulhima/RandomGravityChange/

Randomizable Levers https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.RandomizableLevers/

Randomizer 4 https://github.com/homothetyhk/RandomizerMod/

RandomizerCore https://github.com/homothetyhk/RandomizerCore/

RandomizerSettingsRandomizer https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.RandomizerSettingsRandomizer/

RandomTeleport https://github.com/TheMulhima/HollowKnight.RandomTeleport/

RandoPlus https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.RandoPlus/

RandoSettingsManager https://github.com/BadMagic100/RandoSettingsManager

RandoStats https://github.com/BadMagic100/HollowKnight.Rando4Stats/

RandoZoomZoom https://github.com/dpinela/RandoZoomZoom/

RCPathfinder https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/RCPathfinder

RecentItemsDisplay https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.RecentItemsDisplay/

RedoBirthplace https://github.com/SFGrenade/RedoBirthplace/

Remove Haunted Foes https://github.com/CharlesGameDev/RemoveHauntedFoes

ReopenCityDoor https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.ReopenCityDoor/

ResetCharmNotches https://github.com/SFGrenade/ResetCharmNotches/

ReverseKnight https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.ReverseKnight/

Rope Rando https://github.com/Bentechy66/HollowKnight.RopeRando/

Sanic https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.Sanic/

Satchel https://github.com/PrashantMohta/Satchel/

Scatternest https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.Scatternest/

ScreenshotMachine https://github.com/BasedJellyfish11/HollowKnight.ScreenshotMachine/

SeedSummon https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.seedSummon/

SFCore https://github.com/SFGrenade/SFCore/

ShadeControl https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.ShadeControl/

ShieldParry https://github.com/HKLab/DCParry/

Shuriken https://github.com/randomscorp/Shuriken

ShyKnight https://github.com/Acu1000/ShyKnight

SilkSong (but not really) https://github.com/yoink-city/Silksong_bnr/

Sit Button https://github.com/Mimijackz-HKModding/SitButton

SkillUpgrades https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.SkillUpgrades/

SkipToRadiance https://github.com/Nexade/SkipToRadiance/

SlantedKnight https://github.com/droid042/HollowKnight.SlantedKnight

SmashKnight https://github.com/PrashantMohta/SmashKnight/

SmolKnight https://github.com/PrashantMohta/Smolknight/

Snom https://github.com/sawayoshisy/HollowKnight.Snom

Soul Nail on Heavy Blow https://github.com/pronoespro/Ancient-Awakenings

Soul Paladin https://github.com/Samihamer1/Hollow-Knight-Soul-Paladin

SpeedRunQoL https://github.com/TheMulhima/SpeedRunQoL/

SpoilerViewerMod https://github.com/dplochcoder/hkspoilerviewer

SpriteDumper https://github.com/SFGrenade/SpriteDumper/

Static Camera https://github.com/EarlyHemisphere/HK.StaticCamera

Steady Hands (automap) https://github.com/AuthorX/SteadyHands/

SteelSoulHUD https://github.com/dpinela/SteelSoulHUD/

STFUGrimmChild https://github.com/Zickles/STFUGrimmChild

Test of Teamwork https://github.com/SFGrenade/TestOfTeamwork/

Text Randomizer https://github.com/ToboterXP/HollowKnight.TextRandomizer

The Glimmering Realm https://github.com/ToboterXP/HollowKnight.TheGlimmeringRealm

The Pain of the Path https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.ThePainOfThePath/

ThecurseofSly https://github.com/ygsbzr/HollowKnight.ThecurseofSly/

TheGloryOfBeingAFoolRandomizer https://github.com/dpinela/TheGloryOfBeingAFoolRandomizer/

TheRealJournalRando https://github.com/BadMagic100/TheRealJournalRando/

Toggle Rando Split Options https://github.com/TheMulhima/Toggle-Rando-Split-Options/

Toggleable Bindings https://github.com/Unordinal/HollowKnight.ToggleableBindings/

TrandoPlus https://github.com/flibber-hk/HollowKnight.TrandoPlus/

Transcendence https://github.com/dpinela/Transcendence/

Transtrans https://github.com/hk-modding/transtrans

TribeOfBattle https://github.com/Clazex/HollowKnight.TribeOfBattle/

Twister Indicator https://github.com/Mimijackz-HKModding/TwisterIndicator

Unity Explorer https://github.com/jngo102/UExplorer/

UnityExplorerPlus https://github.com/HKLab/UnityExplorerPlus/

Upgraded DreamShield https://github.com/pronoespro/UpgradedDreamShield/

Uumuu Plus https://github.com/HKLab/UumuuPlus/

Vanilla Map Mod https://github.com/syyePhenomenol/HollowKnight.VanillaMapMod

Vasi https://github.com/fifty-six/HollowKnight.Vasi/

Vessel May Cry https://github.com/Samihamer1/Hollow-Knight-VesselMayCry

WeaverCore https://github.com/nickc01/WeaverCore/

WebPCodec https://github.com/Clazex/WebPCodec/

WideCamera https://github.com/SFGrenade/WideCamera/

Zaliants Surprise https://github.com/SFGrenade/Pail-Curt/

Zote Killer https://github.com/HKLab/ZoteKiller/

ZoteCollectorHelper https://github.com/nearrin/HollowKnight.ZoteCollectorHelper/

Indie Game Culture

Best Hollow Knight Mods

Bottom line up front, my top picks at a glance, best combat mod: lightbringer mod, best visual mod: custom knight, best spell mod: hollow point, best map mod: randomizer mod, best multiplayer mod: hollow knight multiplayer, best charm mod: charm overhaul, best boss mod: inferno king grimm, question: can i install hollow knight mods on console, question: is it safe to download hollow knight mods, question: how to uninstall hollow knight mods.

Hollow Knight was originally released in 2017 to universal acclaim. However, it has proven to be a modern classic, continuously garnering new players and even breaking its all-time concurrent player count on Steam last year.

Team Cherry has created a beloved game with a dedicated community. The combination of its dreary atmosphere, unmatched exploration, challenging combat, and memorable characters sticks with you long after completing the game. Players often want to jump right back in to discover what other secrets Hallownest is hiding.

Mods can help keep the experience fresh by altering and improving certain parts of the games. I’ve tested many high-quality mods to determine which ones are the most worthwhile. In this list, I’ve compiled them along with my reasoning as to why these are the best Hollow Knight mods.

If you were only to try one mod in this list, it would have to be the Randomizer Mod . Shifting the locations of every enemy, item, and room in Hollow Knight is already an impressive feat, but they did the Herculean task while making sure players could progress. All the subtle changes and additions also come with various degrees of customization so that all players can enjoy the mod regardless of skill level.

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

  • Lightbringer Mod – Switches up the core combat to Hollow Knigh
  • t by replacing your nail with a ranged lance of light.
  • Custom Knight – Allows players to download custom-made sprites made by the talented community.
  • Hollow Point – A stupidly fun game-breaking mod that arms the Knight with modern weaponry.
  • Randomizer Mod – An essential mod that makes the game endlessly replayable. Switches up the spawns for enemies, items, and rooms.
  • Hollow Knight Multiplayer – Enables players to host and invite other players into their world. You can also turn friendly fire on to turn Hallownest even more dangerous.
  • Charm Overhaul – Reworks and rebalances many of the underwhelming charms in the base game. Also adds new secret charm combinations.
  • Inferno King Grimm – Inferno King Grimm is the crème de la crème of modded boss fights. It’s intense, visually striking, and complex, but most importantly, it’s a fair fight.

How I Chose the Best Hollow Knight Mods

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

All the tested mods were categorized based on what part of the game it attempted to change. Despite its exceptional score, some great mods were left out of this list to avoid redundant features.

After the initial sorting was done, I had three simple criteria to ascertain which ones stood out.

First, whether the mod was functional , or the overall quality of the mod. This includes if its features were working as intended and how seamlessly it was integrated into the game.

Second, whether the mod encouraged replayability . More points are given to mods that made me want to replay the entirety of the game from the beginning.

Third, whether the mod is lore-friendly . This point is given to a mod that can successfully convince me that it belongs in the world.

With everything explained, here are the best Hollow Knight mods:

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

The Lightbringer mod replaces your trusty nail with a ranged lance of light. The mod also scaled back the weapon’s base damage to compensate for the distance advantage. It also reworks many charms to customize your ranged playstyle.

The overall reduction to damage makes the early game more of a challenge. Lowly bugs that were easily cut down before now take up more time. Additionally, spell slingers might want to avoid this mod since soul doesn’t generate when striking foes. Instead, soul fills up over time, similar to the Kingsoul charm. To top it off, you start with one less mask, and upgrades aren’t as good.

In return, you gain a new approach to playing Hollow Knight. If you manage to persist through the rough start and collect more charms, the real quality of the mod starts to take center stage. The reworked charms more than makeup for the handicap with their creativity. For example, there is a charm that allows you to simultaneously throw your lances in both directions, encouraging a riskier playstyle. There’s also a charm which multiplies your lances when aimed upwards, making quick work of flying bugs.

The amount of care and thought into shaking up the gameplay makes this one of the best Hollow Knight mods out there, making it an easy recommendation.

Custom Knight allows you to easily download and integrate custom-made sprites for the Knight. There are plenty of skins to choose from, all created by the passionate community. At first, I stuck to simple palette swaps like changing the Knight’s cloak, then I couldn’t resist playing as the different in-game characters such as best boy Quirrel and the infamous Zote the Mighty . For now, I’m pretty satisfied with Grimm Knight, a skin pack inspired by the troupe master himself.

The individual skins vary in quality as they’re made by different mod makers. However, I highly appreciate the skins which go above and beyond, changing the Knight’s spells, charms, and attacks to fit their particular theme. If you have the skills, you can even create your skin pack for other players to take in this beloved metroidvania .

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

Hollow Point straps the Knight with a modern-day assault rifle. When I first read the premise for Hollow Point, I thought it was an overpowered mod that could break the game. Though my initial assessment was partially correct, it does so in a fun fashion.

The mod is surprisingly well-balanced contrary to the power fantasy it promises. For example, shooting the gun draws from your old soul resource, now replaced by the adrenaline meter. You can fill this up by either traditionally striking foes with your nail or through connecting shots. Unfortunately, you also lose your ability to cast spells and heal on-demand, as healing only works when you attack with a full adrenaline meter.

Most charms have been reworked to sync with the new weapons. There are also three new classes with their own unique sets of abilities and fitting guns.

  • Breacher: Uses the SMG or a shotgun to rain down severe damage in close quarters. Can blast explosive shrapnel and automatically shoot at nearby enemies.
  • Saboteur: Fights from the mid-range using either the rifle, carbine or light machine gun. Can release a poisonous gas to deny an area or litter the level with dung bombs.
  • Observer: Hits enemies from afar using either the Marksman’s rifle or the Sniper rifle. Though it hits hard, the weapon also has a slow rate of fire and consumes more adrenaline. Can call in artillery near your location or towards one direction.

Jumping while shooting down also causes the Knight to float. You can effectively sequence breakthrough areas with enough soul, such as going to the Blue Lake from Forgotten Crossroads early.

Whether you want to show Radiance what real power is or find new creative paths through Hallownest, Hollow Point is a fun, game-breaking mod.

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

Hallownest was able to invoke a strong sense of wonder and mystery to new players. Its diverse areas, hidden secrets, and interconnectedness urge players to explore. The Randomizer mod aims to capture that same sense of being lost by shifting enemies, items, and even rooms around for the returning adventurer.

The Randomizer mod keeps the game fresh by mixing up the locations of anything you want. If you want a straightforward playthrough with the map layout staying the same, you can opt just to randomize enemy spawns. Every room is a surprise as you won’t know which enemy is waiting for you in the next room. You can also switch the item spawns around, including spells. For example, you could journey into an area that usually contains a charm and instead find a spell.

Advanced players knowledgeable of the different skips can opt to completely randomize room transitions. While playing this mod, you have to accept situations like how a single room in Greenpath can lead to the Ancient Basin and the Resting Grounds.

The modders made their best attempt to ensure that players wouldn’t be soft-locked without the tools to progress. There’s a surprisingly large number of subtle changes made to guarantee progress. For example, there are key areas where they added more platforms like the Ancient Basin, just in case you haven’t found the Monarch Wings. For additional help, the supporting Randomizer map mod helps keep track of the sprawling labyrinth. And for extra safety, the Benchwarp mod could teleport you to previously discovered benches.

The Randomizer Mod is a must-have for players who want to re-experience the game.

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

Take a friend or more with you to traverse through Hallownest with the Hollow Knight Multiplayer mod. Though you travel and explore the same world, progress isn’t fully synchronized between players. It is expected since the game wasn’t meant to be played with other players in the first place.

Items, abilities, and bosses are all completed individually. You can try fighting the same boss, but you have to enter together to avoid players getting knocked out. The modders are currently working on accurate synchronization, so hopefully, we can witness an actual multiplayer run soon.

Turning on friendly fire enables PvP mode in the server. It is chaotic fun to hunt and sabotage each other’s run. A popular game within the community is to have one player attempt to speedrun the game while the others try to stop them.

I used this guide to set up a host network for my friends correctly.

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

The charm system is the heart of Hollow Knight’s customization. Unfortunately, over time, the community isolated which ones were the top tier while the others were there for collection’s sake. The Charm Overhaul mod seeks to rebalance weak and underwhelming charms and tweak certain charm combinations.

The biggest hindrance with other charms is the number of notches they demand, making it hard to build. Charm Overhaul determines a few of them and reduces the number of notches required. For instance, the Deep Focus charm has been lowered to three notches instead of four.

About the aforementioned weak charms, most of them received buffs to their numbers, like the Sprintmaster’s walk speed. In addition, other charms received bonus effects, most notably the Heavy Blow charm, which now increases nail damage by 15% on top of its base effect.

The mod adds more layers of complexity to equipping charms by including new secret charm combinations. For example, Kinematic Shell gained through equipping Stalwart Shell and Defender’s Crest is a fun complement to my aggressive playstyle. It makes the Knight’s shell harden when falling quickly, dealing damage while also becoming invulnerable. Another combination that I can’t live without is the Sorcerer Stone combo. By using the Shaman Stone and Kingsoul charm, you gain a chance to fire a soul blast when swinging your nail at full soul. Handy because I forget to weave spells between attacks from time to time.

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

Hollow Knight’s numerous and complex bosses highlight the game’s combat. Yet, the fanbase craved more, so Team Cherry delivered the free Godmaster update. The DLC tasks the Knight to fight amped-up versions of all the bosses in one continuous run.

But Hollow Knight players are masochists, as evidenced by the insanely punishing mods for nearly all the bosses in the game. So naturally, I dove into that rabbit hole since I am one of those masochists. What I found is that most modded bosses simply increased their numbers such as speed and damage; others gave them new attack patterns and phases. But if you’re looking for a worthy adversary that’s fair, exciting, and aesthetically pleasing, Inferno King Grimm is the best of its class.

The Inferno King Grimm mod significantly increases Nightmare King Grimm’s fight. Most of his attacks were buffed to throw you off your game, like adding more projectiles to cover the area. The three-phase battle will leave you dashing around, looking for the smallest window to strike back. And with each phase, Grimm grows more menacing, as reflected in his color turning darker and darker.

For those who overcame the bout and craved for more, the Absolute Inferno King Grimm mod further pushes Grimm’s capabilities.

Answer: No . Currently, mods are only available on PC. I recommend this detailed guide on how to Steam. The guide also includes links to other mods not mentioned in this list.

Answer: Yes. It is safe to download mods using the mod installer. If you’re hesitant to download links from the internet, you can visit the modding channel in the official Hollow Knight discord.

Answer: The easiest way to uninstall mods is by deactivating them using the mod installer. Another way is to verify game integrity on the Steam client. Finally, though I haven’t experienced my game breaking due to the mods, I suggest creating a separate game folder for your modded playthrough.

Diving into the best Hollow Knight mods creates redesigned content for you to enjoy. That being said, every returning player should download the Randomizer Mod .

By shifting around the placements of enemies, items, and rooms, the mod consistently instills the feeling of wonder and disorientation akin to playing the game for the first time. You’re also forced to interact with advanced mechanics to traverse unexpected obstacles like using pogo jumps and shade skips. You have to be resourceful and crafty with whatever the seed gives you, and it’s always a new layout every run.

Asides from the ones mentioned in this list, there are many more out there for you to explore. So have fun diving back into Hallownest!

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Hollow Knight: 11 Best Mods

These mods will help take your Hollow Knight experience to the next level.

Since Hollow Knight , a Metroidvania-style game, was released in 2017, fans have been searching for ways to make it harder, easier, or just a more unique experience to battle their way through. Whether that challenge is met through things like no-hit or no-geo runs, they have found new and innovative ways to explore Hallownest repeatedly.

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It just so happens that mods are an excellent and easy way to revamp Hollow Knight, providing new players and veterans alike with whatever experience their heart desires. Most mods can be found through websites like GitHub and Nexus mods, but to make your searches easy, here are the best Hollow Knight mods.

Updated on August 29, 2023, by Tallis Spalding: While we still look for any kind of life signal from Silksong, we continue to replay the adventure that began it all. We have updated this article keeping it fresh and also adding one more mod.

11 Pale Court

  • Pale Court Mod

Pale Court is an unofficial expansion to Hollow Knight that, if you didn't know better and had never played before, you'd probably think it was a real DLC. It was made by a fairly sizable team that made a stunning addition to the game that you will probably love.

If you loved Hollow Knight and you've played it so many times that you can't help but wish for more then you need to play through the Pale Court. There are new fights, new charms, new characters, and new lore, and while it's all not canon or official, it is still fun to indulge in after you've beaten the game .

10 One Mask Knight

  • One Mask Knight By Olmoc

If you've been craving a true challenge, tempting yourself with no-hit runs, then the One Mask Knight mod is a must-have mod. Don't be a fool if you are new to the world of Metroidvanias - the One Mask Knight mod was made with veterans in mind.

While the game will start the Knight off with one mask's worth of health, it is possible to gain more by collecting four mask shards. Good luck getting all of your mask shards, though. To fight your way through this mod, your skills must be honed, and your reflexes on point. One hit, and you'll be back on the bench.

9 Inferno King Grimm

  • Inferno King Grimm by nickc01

Did you not think the fight with Nightmare King Grimm was hard enough? Good News! Now you can fight the Inferno King Grimm. As you fight your way through this new battle, Inferno King Grimm's attacks will become more intense with newly modded moves to boot. Through each of the three stages, your fight to survive and escape the Nightmare Heart will only grow more difficult.

If that still wasn't enough for you, the mod includes an additional option in the settings menu to make the Nightmare King just that much more difficult to face off against. The Troupe Master Grimm may be beloved by many, but with this mod, you will learn to fear him.

8 Mantis Gods

  • Mantis Gods by fifty-six

Commonly hailed and praised by many as one of their favorite fights in the game, the Mantis Lords are a force to be reckoned with - until you learn their pattern, at least. With the Mantis Gods mod, the Mantis Lords become faster and more ruthless in their attacks. Their pattern, although similar, is harder to predict, forcing you to adapt on the fly.

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When facing off against the Sisters of Battle, the fight may seem nearly impossible as they fly across your screen in a blur. The Mantis Gods mod fight truly ramps up the stakes of the fight and breathes a new ferocity into the Mantis Tribe.

7 Randomizer

  • Randomizer by homothetyhk

A well-beloved mod by the community, the Randomizer mod can do one of two things: make your life in Hallownest significantly harder or make it significantly easier. Your fate is in the hands of the mod when the Randomizer is turned on.

Late-game items can suddenly become available in the early game and items that are needed in the early game you may find in The Abyss, of all places. No one is safe when the items are randomized, not even the shopkeepers. Even still, the Randomizer undoubtedly breathes new life into Hollow Knight, offering a new experience every time you play.

6 Easier Mode - Cheap Charms

  • Easier Mode - Cheap Charms by noxteryn

Struggling to get through Hollow Knight is to be expected, especially if you're not great at adapting to the unforgiving nature of the game. Fortunately, Charms exist to make fighting your way through Hallownest just a bit easier.

The more charms you get in Hollow Knight, the easier the game gets. Of course, if you could only equip more charms than was previously allowed, the game would be a breeze. In fact, the little Knight would practically be a God among bugs. The Easier Mode - Cheap Charms mod provides that ability in spades, with each Charm costing only a single notch, sans the Wayward Compass and Gathering Swarm Charms, which both cost nothing to equip.

5 Invincibility

  • Invincibility by lololmasta874

Have you ever wanted to simply sit and enjoy the atmosphere of Hallownest without worrying about enemies coming out of nowhere to stab you in the back? Or maybe you want to barrel through the game and enjoy the story without worrying about taking over forty hours to fight tooth and nail to get to the end after nearly rage-quitting more than is fair?

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The invincibility mod is here to save the day, making it so no enemies can land a single damaging blow upon the little Knight, no matter how much they try to smack you around. If you're stuck on the Path of Pain or in the White Palace, desperate to get through, this mod will make your life much easier.

4 Godseeker+

  • Godseeker+ by Clazex

The Godseeker+ mod completely reformats how you carry through Godhome, whether that means making your journey easier or more difficult. One of the more notable options that Godseeker+ gives to you is a segmented Pantheon 5. Whether you've tried to fight Pantheon 5 or you've only heard of it, it is renowned as one of the hardest challenges, if not the hardest challenge, in the entirety of Hollow Knight.

Godseeker+, while it gives the option to take on that challenge head-on, also allows you to take it one step at a time. At least this way, getting the Godh ome endings is a viable option for more than the best of the best.

3 Custom Skins

  • Custom Knight by PrashantMohta
  • Little Grimm Skin by _yukawa_

While the Custom Skins mod doesn't fundamentally change the game or break anything to make it easier, it can add some new flair that gives the game a breath of fresh air when needed. Whether you want your little knight to look like Troupe Master Grimm or even the Hive Knight, the Custom Skins mod makes that possible.

Even better is that this mod allows you to re-texture other things in the game, notably NPCs. If desired, the Custom Skins mod even lets you change out the cutscenes in Hollow Knight. At this rate, with the Custom Skins mod, you could create an entirely new game with an altered story.

2 Git Gud Patch

  • Git Gud Patch by arcade_portal32

The Git Gud Patch mod generally enhances the gameplay for new players and allows them to make the game easier through a debug console. In the Git Gud patch mod, all enemies have health bars and can give you, what essentially equates to God Mode, where the little Knight has unlimited health, can one-shot enemies, and anything else the debug screen is capable of doing.

Ultimately, this mod is one of the better ones for beginners and veterans alike because it can allow you to continue through the game as intended (with the bonus of health bars). If you want to get some of the hardest achievements in the game but with a slightly less stressful gameplay then this is the mod for you.

1 Multiplayer

  • HKMP by Extremelyd1

The Hollow Knight multiplayer mod lets you enjoy the world of Hollow Knight with some of your best friends at your side. This mod can lead to some fun challenges, encouraging its use for team PvP or free-for-all combat to prove, once and for all, who is the ultimate Knight.

Perhaps, if you're in a long-distance friendship or relationship, the mod can even be used to hang out with another. It may be on a virtual space, but while you chat on discord, your little Knights can interact and spend time in the ethereally beautiful remains of Hallownest.

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Best 8 Hollow Knight Mods

Sitting on a Bench in Hollow Knight

It’s hard to believe that Hollow Knight came out over 6 years ago; it’s even harder to believe that it’s still just as popular now as it was when it came out! Hollow Knight is one of the most popular metroidvania games of all time, and for good reason. This 2D action-adventure game has stolen the hearts of millions of gamers with its nonlinear narrative, detailed scenery, complex characters, and addictive gameplay. If you haven’t played Hollow Knight yet, you’re definitely in the minority!

Many fans of the franchise would describe Hollow Knight as the perfect game, but even perfect games can use spicing up every once in a while. If you’re on your tenth playthrough of the game and find yourself growing bored of the same old gameplay and characters, try installing a few mods! If you want to add a mod or two to your game but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck; keep reading for a full list of all of the best Hollow Knight mods that the internet has to offer!

This is a comprehensive list of all of the best Hollow Knight mods on the market. All of these mods are free, in perfect working order, and completely safe to download, so you’ve got no excuse to not try out a few!

Invincibility Mod

Invincibility Mod in Hollow Knight

The Invincibility mod by lolmaster84 on NexusMods is exactly what it sounds like. This mod makes you invincible, meaning you’ll be impervious to all damage for the entire game! This mod is great for beginners who are new to the Hollow Knight franchise because it’s the perfect way to get a good feel for the controls before you play the game for real (mod-less). This mod is also perfect for those who want to focus more on the scenery and story of Hollow Knight, rather than putting all their focus on trying desperately not to die at the hands of giant bugs.

Radiant Soul Mod

Hollow Knight Fight

The Radiant Soul mod by cloudyfrog on NexusMods essentially turns you into Saitama from One Punch Man . Although it won’t make you invincible (or make you bald), this mod will make you so powerful that all of your enemies will go down in one hit! There are only a couple of bosses that this mod won’t work on, but every single other enemy is fair game. As long as you’ve got the Radiant Soul mod on your side, you’ll never have to worry about losing to your enemies in Hollow Knight ever again!

Easier Mode – Cheap Charms Mod

Charms in Hollow Knight

The Easier Mode – Cheap Charms mod by noxteryn on NexusMods is pretty self-explanatory; this mod lowers the price of all charms in the game to almost nothing. Instead of having to shell out handfuls of hard-earned notches for a single charm, all you need to buy a charm with this mod is a single notch! This mod reduces the price of every charm to 1 notch, except for the Wayward Compass and Gathering Swarm charms, whose costs have been reduced to nothing. Saving up to buy charms in Hollow Knight is finally a thing of the past with the Cheap Charms mod!

Moth Knight Mod

Moth Knight Mod in Hollow Knight

The Moth Knight mod by victolivax on NexusMods isn’t quite what you’d think it would be. This mod essentially turns you into a legless moth, hence the name. The Moth Knight mod gives you endless flight, which sounds great at first, until you realize you aren’t allowed to ever touch the ground, walls, or ceiling. This mod is perfect for those who are on their dozenth playthrough of the game and are looking for a bit of an extra challenge; although this mod is definitely not for beginners, it’s recommended that you give it a try if you want to challenge yourself!

Damage Limit Mod

Hollow Knight Boss Battle

The Damage Limit mod by GistOfSpirit on NexusMods is arguably one of the most beneficial Hollow Knight mods out there. The Damage Limit mod allows you to reduce all damage received by enemies to either 0 or 1 (changeable at any time), so although this mod doesn’t technically render you immortal, you might as well be! Whether you decide to change your damage to either 1 or 0, you definitely won’t have to worry about being killed by enemies with this mod installed.

Pogo Master – The Floor Is Lava Mod

Pogo Master Mod in Hollow Knight

Like some of the other mods on this list, the Pogo Master – The Floor is Lava mod by cloudyfrog on NexusMods is pretty self-explanatory. This mod is similar to the Moth Knight mod, though you don’t technically have infinite flight and you’re allowed to touch the walls and ceilings. This mod allows you to pogo off of terrain and water, and it even has two different versions that you can choose from: an easy version and a normal version . In the normal version, the floor is legit lava and it will damage you if you stay on the ground for more than half a second. The easy version is the same as the normal version, except you don’t receive any damage from staying on the floor too long, so you can simply enjoy the game and the cool mod worry-free!

Game Made Easier Mod

Hollow Knight

Many of the mods on this list are directly correlative to their titles, but this mod by dremor8484 on NexusMods definitely takes the cake. The Game Made Easier mod does exactly what it says it does: it makes the game much easier! If you’re new to Hollow Knight and want to make the game easier on yourself without making yourself invincible, this mod is perfect for you! With this mod, you can expect to have all of these features and more: nail art activation time reduced, nail damage boosted, some charms are boosted, 1 less health, 1 more charm notch, and all charms cost 1 notch.


Reshader Mod for Hollow Knight

This mod is by Jb0238177 on NexusMods, and is the only reshade mod on this list. This mod changes the overall look of the game to an HDR_VHS aesthetic, which honestly pairs really well with Hollow Knight’s design. Although this mod doesn’t really affect the gameplay in any way, it does make your game look really cool! The HDR_VHS_HK mod is perfect for anyone who loves mods but loves Hollow Knight’s original gameplay even better.

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Many people would agree that Hollow Knight is already the perfect game, but even perfect games can use a few mods now and then. If you love using mods to spice up your gameplay, check out Gamer Journalist’s mod recommendations for Stray and Vampire Survivors !

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Originally posted by kanna : Might be a mod on the Scarab installer. I believe the link is in this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2609671089 Alternatively if you don't want mods though (or don't feel like searching through the options to find the one you're looking for), you can always just use rezno[R]'s save file completion analyzer and it will tell you what you're missing: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2209910193

hollow knight ghost hunter mod

Originally posted by Phoenix_ : So I've seen screen shot of people with the hunters journal open and in the bottom right is an indicator helping to show them their completion of it. how do you get this? I don't see it in mine.
Originally posted by Perseus : Originally posted by Phoenix_ : So I've seen screen shot of people with the hunters journal open and in the bottom right is an indicator helping to show them their completion of it. how do you get this? I don't see it in mine.

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    Hollow Knight teamcherry | Released 2017 Hollow Knight is a classically styled 2D action adventure across a vast interconnected world. Explore twisting caverns, ancient cities and deadly wastes; battle tainted creatures; befriend bizarre bugs; and solve ancient mysteries at the kingdom's heart. Post feature RSS The Best Hollow Knight Mods On PC

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    Latest Mods at Hollow Knight Nexus - Mods and community All games Hollow Knight Latest Mods Latest Mods Pages 1 2 Time All time Sort by Date published Order Desc Show 20 items Display Tiles Refine results Found 24 results. 955KB 5 538 17.3MB 16 975 25KB 12 1.1k 1.0MB 11 1.2k 17.7MB 0 59 862KB 32 2k 863KB 19 1.1k

  11. Best hollow knight mods? : r/HollowKnight

    GalaxyStorm2. • 4 yr. ago. If you're looking for high quality mods to shake up the game a bit, the lightbringer mod is one of the best. It's well balanced and overhauls your main form of attack, as well as adding some new charms to augment your new fighting style. There's also a mod being made by some of the developers called "pale court ...

  12. The Best Mods For Hollow Knight

    9 Inferno King Grimm Inferno King Grimm by nickc01 Did you not think the fight with Nightmare King Grimm was hard enough? Good News! Now you can fight the Inferno King Grimm. As you fight your way through this new battle, Inferno King Grimm's attacks will become more intense with newly modded moves to boot.

  13. The Complete Guide to Modding Hollow Knight

    FOLLOW FOR LIVESTREAMS: https://www.twitch.tv/fireb0rnSUBSCRIBE FOR STREAM VODs: @fireb0rnVODs Looking to start modding Hollow Knight? Here's your guide to g...

  14. Steam Community :: Guide :: How to get Hollow Knight MODS!

    To join the official Hollow Knight discord, use this link: https://discord.gg/hollowknight 4 7 2 Award Favorite Share ModInstaller and the Modding API **Update 6/22/21: Hollow Knight was recently updated to version 1.5!

  15. Mod Installer at Hollow Knight Nexus

    Cheers! This Is a mod installer for hollow knight - designed to make mod installation a breeze. It grabs mods from the community drive, and puts them automatically in the correct folder. it is designed to make mod installation as seamless as possible. Drive Folder. List of mods .

  16. Steam Community :: Guide :: How to play Hollow Knight multiplayer and

    Download Scarab https://github.com/fifty-six/Scarab/releases/tag/v1.15.. Going to the link will bring you to the discord with the link to Scarab, click Windows to download it for windows or click any of the other underlined text depending what your using. It should say to extract the file and after just open the .exe

  17. Hollow knight multiplayer mod, enemy sync : r/HollowKnight

    • 1 yr. ago [deleted] Hollow knight multiplayer mod, enemy sync Modding Is there a way to sync enemies in multiplayer?

  18. Best 8 Hollow Knight Mods

    Hollow Knight Modded Knight! Image via Team Cherry It's hard to believe that Hollow Knight came out over 6 years ago; it's even harder to believe that it's still just as popular now as it was when it came out! Hollow Knight is one of the most popular metroidvania games of all time, and for good reason.

  19. Hunters journal completion helper :: Hollow Knight General Discussions

    #1 Phoenix_ Sep 16, 2022 @ 3:24pm Originally posted by kanna: Might be a mod on the Scarab installer. I believe the link is in this guide: 💻🛠️ HELP: Solutions to Most Popular Problems & Issues A Guide for Hollow Knight

  20. A solution to grinding Hunter's Marks. : r/HollowKnight

    A solution to grinding Hunter's Marks. After defeating the Hollow Knight, I was amazed to see that I only held 63% completion. In order to more thoroughly experience the content that the game had to offer, I set to explore all of the areas that I had ignored. I found all sorts of interesting areas that I otherwise never would have been able to ...

  21. Outfits for Little Ghost~ //my old stuff, more info in the comments

    Hunter says that camouflage is very important for a young hunter. Possible ability: thorns of agony deal more damage. Lifeblood cloak. Can be found in the secret Lifeblood room in the Abyss, but only after discovering all of the cocoons. Possible ability: gives additional lifeblood mask when you wear one of the lifeblood charms.