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Discovering the Latest Features and Updates in Virtual DJ Mixer Free Downloads

Are you a music enthusiast who loves to mix and create your own beats? Look no further than virtual DJ mixer free downloads. With advancements in technology, DJs can now enjoy the convenience of mixing tracks right from their computers. In this article, we will explore the latest features and updates available in virtual DJ mixer free downloads.

The Evolution of Virtual DJ Mixer Free Downloads

Virtual DJ mixer software has come a long way since its inception. Initially, DJs had to rely on expensive hardware equipment to create seamless mixes. However, with the introduction of virtual DJ mixer free downloads, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can dive into the world of professional mixing.

Gone are the days where physical turntables were essential for DJs. Thanks to virtual DJ mixer software, everything you need is now at your fingertips. From beat matching to adding effects and loops, these software solutions offer comprehensive tools that allow you to unleash your creativity.

Intuitive User Interface for Seamless Mixing

One of the most significant advancements in virtual DJ mixer free downloads is the development of intuitive user interfaces. The latest software solutions feature sleek designs that are both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

With drag-and-drop functionality, organizing your music library has never been easier. You can quickly locate tracks by searching through various filters such as artist name, genre, or BPM (beats per minute). Additionally, these interfaces provide real-time waveform displays that allow you to visualize each track’s structure and make precise adjustments during your mix.

Advanced Features for Professional Mixing

Virtual DJ mixer free downloads have evolved beyond basic mixing capabilities. They now offer advanced features that rival those found in professional-grade hardware equipment.

One such feature is automatic beat synchronization. This powerful tool analyzes each track’s tempo and aligns them seamlessly so that you can focus on creative transitions rather than manual beat matching. Additionally, loop creation and sampling options enable you to add depth and variety to your mixes.

Moreover, effects modules have become more sophisticated, offering a wide range of audio manipulations. From reverb and delay effects to filters and EQ adjustments, these tools allow you to shape the sound of each track according to your preferences.

Regular Updates for Enhanced Performance

To stay ahead in the competitive world of DJ software, developers are constantly releasing updates to enhance performance and introduce new features. By regularly updating your virtual DJ mixer free download, you can ensure that you have access to the latest tools and functionalities.

Updates often address bug fixes, stability improvements, and compatibility with new operating systems. They may also introduce exciting features based on user feedback or emerging trends in the music industry. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye out for updates from your chosen virtual DJ mixer software provider.

In conclusion, virtual DJ mixer free downloads have revolutionized the way DJs mix tracks. With intuitive user interfaces, advanced features for professional mixing, and regular updates for enhanced performance, these software solutions provide a powerful platform for unleashing your creativity. So why wait? Download a virtual DJ mixer today and embark on a journey of musical exploration like never before.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Support for Phantom 3 Advanced

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how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

HOW TO: Install DJI Phantom 3 firmware

Follow the steps below to install the latest firmware on your Phantom 3, remote controller, and Phantom batteries. Ensure you follow the steps from top-to-bottom. Carefully read each step and ensure you perform them exactly as written.

Install the latest version of DJI GO

1) Before installing a new firmware update, you should confirm that you're using the most recent version of the DJI GO app. If using an Apple device, check the Apple App Store to see if an update is available. If using an Android device, you can check the current version and/or download the latest version of the DJI GO app from the DJI Download Center .

Download the firmware

2) Download the latest firmware ZIP file from DJI's download page:

  • Phantom 3 Advanced Downloads
  • Phantom 3 Professional Downloads

Firmware must always be installed on your Phantom, but not all firmware updates need to be installed on the batteries and remote controller. Review the release notes so you understand what was changed and you're aware of any special installation instructions.

  • Phantom 3 Standard Release Notes
  • Phantom 3 4K Release Notes
  • Phantom 3 Advanced Release Notes
  • Phantom 3 Professional Release Notes

Prepare your memory card

3) Delete all files from your memory card or format it.

4) Open the firmware ZIP file downloaded in step #2 above, extract the BIN file, and copy it to the root level of your memory card.

Install the firmware on your Phantom

5) Ensure your Phantom battery is at least 50% charged. This means you should see at least 2 lights illuminate when pressing the power button . If needed, stop here and charge your battery until it is at least 50% charged.

6) Make sure both your Phantom and remote controller are turned off.

7) Remove the props and gimbal lock from your Phantom.

8) Insert the memory card into the memory card slot on the camera.

9) Insert the Phantom battery into your Phantom and power it on. To power on the battery, press and release the battery button quickly – and, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

10) Watch the camera status light to monitor the installation process. It should do the following:

  • Flash green while your Phantom is starting up.
  • Alternate between red and green while the firmware update is being installed.
  • Turn solid green when the firmware update successfully completes. You will also hear a D-DD beeping sound that repeats.

11) When the camera status light turns solid green, power down your Phantom by turning off the Phantom battery. To power down the battery, press and release the power button quickly – and, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

12) To verify the firmware installed successfully, open the TXT file that was created on your memory card and verify that the last line of the TXT file includes success .

13) Delete the TXT file from your memory card.

Install the firmware on your remote controller using the DJI GO app

14) Install the latest version of the DJI GO app on your mobile device. If you have an Apple device, you should install the DJI GO app from the App Store on your Apple device. If you're using an Android device, you should download the DJI GO app from DJI's download page.

15) Turn on your remote controller. To power on the remote controller, press and release the power button quickly – and, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

16) Ensure your remote controller has at least 50% battery level (at least two white lights are lit up at the bottom of the remote controller ). If needed, stop here and charge your remote controller.

17) Connect your remote controller to your tablet/phone using a USB cable (for Android devices) or Lightning cable (for Apple devices).

18) Turn on your tablet/phone.

19) Verify that your tablet/phone has at least 30 MB of free memory. If it does not, remove some unneeded files and/or uninstall some unneeded apps to free up enough memory.

20) Connect your tablet/phone to the Internet.

21) Start the DJI GO app.

22) Click the Enter Camera View button.

23) Click the rectangle status message at the top, center of the DJI GO app. You should see an "Upgrade Required" message to the right of Overall Status . If you do not see this message, disconnect and reconnect your USB/Lightning cable .

24) Click the Upgrade Required message.

25) Tap download the firmware update package to download the firmware. Once downloaded, click the "Start to upgrade" button to start the firmware installation process. A progress bar will be displayed to allow you to track the installation progress.

26) The remote controller status light will blink blue while the firmware is being installed. The remote controller status light will blink green when the update has successfully completed.

27) When the installation has completed, the remote controller status light blinks green and you'll see an upgrade completed message in the DJI GO. Power down your remote controller via the power button. To power down the remote controller, press and release the power button quickly – and, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

28) To verify the firmware installed successfully, look in the General Settings --> About section of DJI GO to verify you see the new firmware version. The Overall Status in the DJI GO app should display a "Normal" status .

Install the firmware on your remote controller using a memory card

29) Turn off your remote controller.

30) Insert your memory card into a memory card reader and plug the memory card reader into the USB port on the back of your remote controller.

  • Insert the memory card into the camera memory card slot on your Phantom.
  • Connect the DJI USB cable from your camera to your remote controller.
  • Remove the props from your Phantom.
  • Power on your Phantom. To do so, press and release the battery button quickly – and, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

31) Turn the remote controller on and wait for the update to begin. It can take up to 60 seconds for the update process to start.

32) The remote controller status light will be solid blue while the firmware is installing. The remote controller status light will be solid green when the update has successfully completed.

33) To verify the firmware installed successfully, open the TXT file that was created on your memory card and verify that the last line of the TXT file includes success .

34) Delete the TXT file from your memory card.

Install the firmware on your Phantom batteries

35) Ensure your Phantom battery is at least 50% charged. This means you should see at least 2 lights illuminate when pressing the battery button . If needed, stop here and charge your battery until it is at least 50% charged.

36) Turn off your Phantom.

37) Remove the props and gimbal lock from your Phantom.

38) Insert the memory card into the memory card slot on the camera.

39) Insert the Phantom battery into your Phantom and power it on. To power on the battery, press and release the power button quickly – and, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

40) The upgrade process will begin automatically after your Phantom is powered on. Watch the camera status light to monitor the installation process. It should do the following:

41) Power down your Phantom by turning off the Phantom battery. To power down the battery, press and release the power button quickly – and, then immediately press and hold it in for 2 seconds.

42) To verify the firmware installed successfully, open the TXT file that was created on your memory card and verify that the last line of the TXT file includes success .

43) Delete the TXT file from your memory card.

44) If you have additional batteries, then go back to step #35 above and repeat these steps with the next battery.

Keep or delete the firmware BIN file

45) At this point, you can delete the BIN file from your memory card OR keep it on your memory card. DJI recommends keeping the BIN file on your memory card in case you need to install it on new batteries in the future.

Check and/or restore all settings in the DJI GO app

46) Open the DJI GO app and verify that all of your previous settings are still set. You'll want to do this while your Phantom is turned on (with the props off) and your remote controller is connected to the DJI GO application via your mobile device. This is important since many of the settings are saved on the Phantom itself.


47) Do the following calibrations from within the DJI GO application:

  • Calibrate the IMU (on a completely level surface)
  • Calibrate the compass (outside away from anything metallic)
  • Calibrate the remote controller


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  • CAD - Canadian
  • Family Run, Personal Service.
  • Drone Tips and Tricks

Force Firmware Reinstall on DJI Phantom 3 Series Drone

If any of you have had the firmware fail and not start up again, or if you want to force install a lower firmware, give this a shot.  In the video I did it in one take so you can see the Phantom 3 started up with current firmware, I then shut off the drone. Hold in the bind button located on the VPS unit and turn the drone back on while holding the button.  Wait until the start up beeps then release the button.  This is how to force install or reinstall firmware on the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced or Professional. This may not fix all problems with an update if there is a different underlying problem. 

How to do a Phantom 3 Firmware Upgrade

In this article, we will describe the steps you must take to perform a Phantom 3 firmware upgrade. It doesn’t matter if you own a Professional, Advanced or Standard version of the Phantom 3. We will help you get it upgraded.

It’s a good idea to update the firmware before you go take off for your maiden flight. I followed these steps and successfully upgraded my phantom 3 pro. The times noted below are in reference to the initial firmware upgrade after receiving the new phantom 3. If you have issues with the upgrade read the common solutions at the end of this post.

Here’s what’s needed to do a Phantom 3 firmware upgrade:

  • A charged Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced (I normally upgrade with a fully charged battery. Technically you can use a >50% charged battery, but it’s better to play it safe.)
  • Charged Remote Control or Transmitter (Tx)
  • microSD card
  • microSD to SD adapter or card reader. I use the one that came with my Lexar 64gb microSD card .


To upgrade the Quadcopter/Drone itself follow these steps:

  • Charge your DJI Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced
  • Charge your Remote Control
  • Take microSD card from Phantom 3
  • Insert it into a cardreader, and plug into your computer
  • Backup contents of your microSD card
  • Phantom 3 Professional Official Firmware Download
  • Phantom 3 Advanced Official Firmware Download
  • Phantom 3 Standard Official Firmware Download


  • Safely remove the microSD card from the computer
  • Make sure the Phantom 3 is powered off
  • Make sure the Remote Control is powered off as well
  • Insert microSD card with Firmware .bin file into the Phantom 3
  • Power on Phantom 3 alone
  • (Note it may take 25 min for firmware upgrade)
  • During the Bootup Phase (first 60 sec) it will initialize the gimbal and do a normal startup. After the minute it will beep in a pattern such as “Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep-Pause” and this will be repeated during the whole firmware upgrade. The good news is its not the Startup Beeps (ESC’s & Motors) but something on the gimbal board. It’s much quieter than the startup beeps. During the process the front LED indicators are solid red, and the Aircraft Status Indicator LED’s flash yellow.
  • (Updating to 1.4.0010 i got the normal standard bootup beeps four times around the 13th, 14th, 15th and 17th minute into the process) After each it just continued it’s normal “Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep-Pause” sounds.
  • (Updating to 1.4.0010 at 31min the beeps got a bit distorted for a few seconds then returned to normal)
  • After about (13 minutes in my case for 1.1.0006 and 32 minutes for 1.4.0010) The beeps will change to a “Beeeeeeeep-Beep-Beep-ShortPause” tune. This means the firmware upgrade is complete.
  • Shut down your Phantom 3 Note:  The Camera Processing Board, Gimbal and Camera can be hot to the touch, happens to me too. Just be sure to let it properly cool before flying or putting it away.


  • Check for success message. (If you don’t receive a success message try the upgrade again AFTER  reformatting your microSD card and re-downloading the firmware. As always backup your data before reformatting)

To update the Remote Control:

Either update using the dji go app:.

  • Make sure the DJI Go App has been updated to v.1.2.0 before trying this upgrade. If there is an upgrade available for your remote control and your current version of the Go App allows for it to be installed the System Status Bar in the Camera View will flash several times.
  • Tap the System Status Bar.
  • Tap Overall Status.
  • Tap Download the firmware update package to download and update the firmware. You can track the progress in the DJI Go App. The status LED on the remote control will blink blue during the update and blink green once the update has been completed successfully.

Or to upgrade using a USB Drive (only option until you get to v1.3.20. See what happened to me below instructions):


  • Safely remove the USB drive from your computer.
  • Make sure both the Remote Control and the Phantom 3 are turned off.
  • Place the USB drive into the USB port of the Remote Control.
  • Turn on the Remote Control.
  • After about 25-30sec it will start beeping. During the upgrade, it can beep in different intervals and patterns. As long as the Status LED is Blue the upgrade is in progress!
  • Once the beeping stops (took in my case 1m33sec for 1.1.0006 and a bit longer for 1.3.20) and the Status LED shows solid green the upgrade is complete.
  • Turn off the Remote Control and remove the USB drive.

I happened to have the 1.1.0006 firmware on my remote control when i tried to update to 1.4.0010. My DJI Go App told me I couldn’t update with the mobile App and the 1.4.0010 firmware on a USB stick caused the following result:

==========2015.09.08 19:12:03========== Packet: /mnt/usb/P3X_FW_V01.04.0010.bin, Result: Abort The firmware on the SD card is identical to or older than the current firmware on the remote controller.

My Solution was to install the 1.3.20 firmware on the remote control.

After the above steps are completed you will have the current firmware on your phantom 3. After each firmware update i highly recommend resetting the IMU and recalibrating the gimbal. Of course the first flight should then be started with a compass calibration.

Common Issues & Fixes:

Remote control shows cyan status led and won’t bind with phantom 3:.

  • If normal bind procedure doesn’t work, here are the steps to do a hard reset on your remote control:
  • Power Cycle your remote control
  • The Video Record Button


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Author: Felix


June 3, 2015

I have a DJI 3 PRO new out of box, never flown it yet. I got the drone updated with no problems. I can’t get the Remote Controller updated. I have tried several times with no luck. used usb adaptor memory stick and all. It just sits and red light stays on and does not go into the setup process. what should I do next? thanks, Gene

September 3, 2015

Hi Gene, thanks for reaching out. Try these steps:

Power all devices off. Place the sd card directly into the gimbal (with the .bin file from the firmware update only). Connect the remote to the gimbal via USB cord. First power on the drone. Then the remote.

December 18, 2015

I Have a new dji 3 pro, never flown. I did not have any interaction with remote controller. My aircraft is making a lot of beep beep beep sounds for 60 min, what can I do?

December 20, 2015

Hi Manoj, I would download the latest firmware from Phantom 3 Pro Firmware Downloads . Then only turn on the Phantom 3 Pro with the firmware on the microSD card as detailed above in the article.

February 25, 2016

FYI: I found out that the firmware version on the bird is not the same as on your remote control, for example this is what they said in an email to me.

“please notice that the latest version for RC is 1.5.7 and if you already have RC firmware 1.5.7 then you won’t upgrade it to 1.6.4. The firmware version 1.6.4 is only for the aircraft. Mine works fine now.

February 27, 2016

Thanks for your comment! Enjoy your P3.

March 27, 2016

I Updated drone with the new firmware Phantom 3 Advanced firmware v1.7.0060 03/15/2016 , and everything is right . Then via internet STAVO updating the transmitter , but after 30 minutes kept flashing blue LED . so I turned it off ’cause it was all blocked . Now if I turn on the transmitter , after 15 seconds the red LED flashes fast and makes ‘ fast bep . Help me please I am Italian and I am using the translator . Thank you very much Marcello

March 31, 2016

Hi Marcello, thanks for your comment. We recommend you reset your Remote Control (transmitter) by following the steps above under “Common Issues & Fixes:”. Redownload the update and use the USB Drive method to update to 1.7.0060.

May 16, 2016

Update to the oldest version on dji site then use the app to update it the rest of the way

June 4, 2016

Hi Guff, thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a good plan if the normal process doesn’t seem to work. Cheers

June 24, 2015

I cannot upgrade the firmware on the RC of the Phantom 3 Professional. I get a red light and beeps but nothing else. What do I do?

July 9, 2015

Hi Anthony, DJI just published the latest version of the DJI Pilot App and one of the listed features is to update the RC from the phone. Try that.

July 6, 2015

Thanks. Did you delete the update from the MicroSD card once done?

Hi Ben, theoretically it’s best to leave it on so that if you ever pop in a new battery that doesn’t have the latest firmware it automatically gets installed. I like to format my card after dumping all footage so i lost my update files pretty quick. Your preference.

July 10, 2015

how do you actually *know* that the battery firmware is successful (there’s no log like they have for the aircraft and remote FW upgrades) and how to even *check* the actual firmware currently in the battery thereafter? The way I see it, it’s a blind upgrade and we’re putting all our trust on DJI and hope they thoroughly tested it before they posted them.

July 16, 2015

Hi Nelson, thanks for your question. Currently to-date DJI hasn’t released a firmware update for the P3 batteries. Once an update for the batteries is released i would hope that we have a way to confirm the firmware version either through a textfile on the SD card or a section of the DJI Pilot App.

July 25, 2015

I started the firmware update and it was making the beeping sounds mentioned and decided to pick up the drone during the update and take it out to the patio as I have seen no warnings about moving it during the update. Immediately when I picked it up, it stopped the beeping sounds and the back leds began flashing a fast yellow. There is a small red led light on the bottom back underside of the drone that is also on. I am going to leave it on for at least a half hour to be safe but if this just continues, I’m afraid to shut it off. Any advise?

August 15, 2015

Thanks for your comment Brett. Your plan of leaving it for 30 min then if nothings changed shutting it off is what i would do. If in doubt let it sit for a good 25min and if it finishes the update it will do it in that timeframe, if not it’ll keep doing the same thing and i’d shut it off after waiting the extra time.

August 10, 2015

When you do these upgrade steps, you say remove SD card from phantom (mine is adv.) Are we talking about the card that is for the camera.. And where do I plug the card into once firmware has info downloaded on it.( the port on the end of the phantom?) The card I have in the camera has pics. On it , should I just get a new one. Also My phone says I’m running 1.19 firmware and once just before takeoff a message pops up that said upgrade now or latter I chose later. By clicking now was it going to upgrade the copter right then. I’m so confused and new to this. My bird is flying fine except when I turn off remote and copter to relocate ,I have to reboot phone again to get fpv to work, no big deal. Help. Bill New Texas, Galveston pilot.

Hi William thanks for your comment. The firmware upgrade files are placed onto the root of the microSD card. That means the same card that has the photos and videos on it. You just place the files at the highest level folder possible for the microSD card. Then you plug it back into the normal slot where it was to begin with. On the mobile app i always just select update later or cancel and do the firmware update how i describe on this page. Hope that helps.

September 1, 2015

I inserted sd card with new dji phantom 3 pro upgrade. The system seemed to be taking software. Until around 25 mins the red lights stayed on and alarm kept sounding. The camera is really hot. I shut it down after 30 mins and tried many times to upgrade. No luck after a minute light stays red and alarm sound stays on..

Hi Phil, thanks for reaching out. In your case, I would try downgrading to the firmware before the current version that you are trying to upgrade. I will check the temperature of the camera during my next Firmware upgrade next week. Format the micro SD card in a computer and re-download the firmware is always a good start.

September 5, 2015

I have just taken the copter out of the box and copied the latest firmware update. I inserted and seem to be well lights and sounds then finished. When I placed the sim into my computer to read the results it said “updating”. I noted the camera and gimbal were very hot. Tried the process again and now no light and a very loud alarm.

Remote now shows three messages Aircraft upgrade required Camera upgrade required Gimbal upgrade required

Also a message about the MC and gimbal? Is this normal? When powered up the copter sounds like an alarm

Hi Tim, thanks for your question. I would try updating the firmware again following the steps above. Format your microSD card after backing up its contents first.

Hi Tim, I would format the microSD card re-download the firmware file from the DJI downloads page. The update takes a very long time.

May 3, 2016

I have a phantom 3 pro and am trying to update the RC firmware, this won’t work no matter how many times I try with the SD card. I cannot do it on the app as the app won’t connect the camera or doesn’t even give me the option to.

May 26, 2016

Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. In order to update the RC Firmware you have to use a USB Drive/Stick or the DJI Go App. I would recommend the USB Drive Method. If you need to reset the Remote Control see the steps above on how to do that.

September 7, 2015

once the firmware is updated does it need to stay on the sd card? so for example if I had multiple sd cards do I need the firmware on all of them or just when updating?

Hi Ken, thanks for your question. You don’t have to have the firmware on the microSD cards but if for example you were to add an additional battery to your arsenal and it needed an upgrade having the file on your microSD card would update it automatically for you. I normally format the microSD card after a successful firmware upgrade. Up to you what you prefer.

Tried all the above, it’s not even making a noise apart from start up

September 8, 2015

Hi Kevin, thanks for reaching out. From what you describe it seems like the firmware file isn’t being located by the phantom 3. I would reformat your microSD card from your Phantom 3, then re-download the firmware file from the DJI download pages for your model (whether it be Professional or Advanced). Make sure the firmware file is directly on the root of the microSD card.

September 11, 2015

Hi! I just upgraded my Phantom 3 Pro to v1.4.0010_en. I have 4 batteries, and one of them was upgraded with the aircraft upgrade. How the other batteries are upgraded?

November 4, 2015

Hi Tomas. If the firmware file stays in the root of the microSD card then each time the Phantom 3 turns on it will check to see if all components are upgraded to the version of firmware on the microSD card. This means that you can turn on the phantom 3 with each battery and the firmware for the batteries will be upgraded at that time.

September 13, 2015

Dear Felix:

New Phantom 3, same problem as you experienced (updated copter with 1.4.001 firmware, but controller wouldn’t accept it – got same message – Result: Abort The firmware on the SD card is identical to or older than the current firmware on the remote controller). Tried to install 1.3.002 on controller using clean drive first, then connected with micro USB cord. Controller gets green light but no blue light showing transfer. Couple of questions, do the compressed (zip) firmware files self extract when copied to the USB drive ? If not, then does the Phantom software on the copter decompress the bin file? Next, do I need to load the 1.3.002 on the copter replacing the 1.4.001 firmware before trying to load 1.3.002 on the controller. The whole firmware installation procedure (when things don’t go smoothly) leaves a newbie pretty bewildered. Thank you in advance for your advice.

September 16, 2015

Hi Gary thanks for your question. I believe in your situation the light isn’t turning blue because the firmware is still in the .zip format on your USB Drive. You have to unzip the file and place only the .bin file onto the root directory of the USB flash drive, as the drone doesn’t unzip it for us. The answer to your second question: No you don’t need 1.3.20 on the quadcopter, leave the 1.4.0010 version on it.

Hi, I have been reading the forum, and tried everything written here. I Have a Phantom 3 profesional. When I try to update, the light goes from red to green, as described it should be updated (it does not go into blue blinking thoug). On the App (2.2), when i open “about” it says I have version 1.3.20 – what do I do wrong?

Hi, there. It appears the Remote Control (think that’s what you are talking about since it has the red,green and blue lights) isn’t seeing the firmware file or the firmware file is corrupt, or the firmware on the USB drive is older than on the device. If there is no result file located on the USB drive then make sure you reformat the USB drive, re-download the firmware and ensure that only the extracted .bin firmware file is on it when you try the update again.

September 23, 2015

Hello Gary, hello Nils,

I just get a P3 pro on september 2015 17th and have been in front of upgrading issues mostly about RC controller update. Here are the answers that may help you both I hope. A: you may go into dji.com and upload the zip file V1.04.0010.Immediately be careful about what DJI wrote in red on top of the download list : it says exactly : “The all in one firmware v1.4.0010. does not include remote controller update package. However, for the best user experience, it is recommended that the user who are using the firmware that older v1.3.20 to update the firmware to v1.3.20 before updating the aircraft” It means two things so : First that last versus V1.04.0010 isn’t suitable for RC so you must not upgrade the RC the same way you did for the copter ie using the firmware bin file on root of the SD. Second, that you may first upgrade with full package versus v1.3.20 before going to V1.4.0010 in case you have an older actual versus on your copter. Question is how do you know current versus already on your quad when you receive it ? and how and way to manage the RC upgrade. So easy, just follow action step by step: After you downloaded V1.04.0010 on your computer you will unzip the file package and find two files : One is the bin file acting as the firmware itself, the other is a PDF file you must read since it gives you exact information about how doing the correct process but I here give myself a few more detailed information. B: be sure copter is off and remove micro SD card out of the phantom. Place it into an USB adaptator and plug it into the PC. C : Copy the bin file onto the micro SD at the root of it. Be sure this is the only file here so update wont be messed up and corrupt in case different files. Delivered 16 go Micro SD CARD appear free of any file except DCIM directory where future mov files will be stored. If you use any other new micro SD ie with a larger capacity be sure that class is suitable and it well being formated before as required. Be sure to erase any file or ghostfile thay may appear on MSD root. Thay may be a first problem to check in case no success in copter update process. C: Once bin file copied onto the MSD root gently and secure extract the USB MSD card holder from PC,take out the MSD and replace it into the phantom. Be sure everything is turned off when you replace back the MSD. D: Then, switch on the phantom only pushing the battery button. Be sure to have full battery charged before in case interrupting update process would be a bad idea. Camera copter will emit a few beeps first and then will proceed to a “DDDD” sound meanwhile led on top of the camera on the front frame of the gimbal will alternate blinking red to green. All this means update process is correct and running. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to release and install it full. Once finished the phantom will emit a “D – DD” sound and led will be fixed green. Wait a little bit more just to be sure everything is truly done and F:turn off the copter with the classic battery button. E :Then remove again the MSD from the phantom once power off and replace it back into the MSD USB holder. Plug it it again on PC and check now files at the roots of the MSD : A txt file is generated during the update process and has now appeared at the MSD root. F :Open the txt file and check if result of the update is “success”. Green fixed LED light upper cam and “D – DD” sound at the end of the copter update process will be already a good sign of success but check the txt file to be sure. You are not obliged to keep the txt file onto the MSD so you can cut/copy it onto your PC before G: putting back the MSD into the power off phantom. You may here at this step classic restart your phantom (RC first and copter second) but just leave it for later after we will have taken care about the RC update. Do not forget to remove plastic camera holder before starting the update process since many and hazardous moves of the cam are happening during the process. Its normal and cam must have the possibility to move freely. Then H : Update the RC; here comes often some hesitation or troubles since DGI let us 3 different possibilities to proceed so. You MUST follow exactly what is being said in the PDF file coming out of the zip V1.4.0010 and forget about other possibilities shown out into the DJI tutorial video.ie it means you should update the RC with and throughout the DJI GO tablet app only. The 3 shown possibilities are : 1 : Putting the MSD CARD with same bin file into USB holder and plug it into the plug at the back of the RC. Switching on the RC and wait that the update process start but IT DOES NOT. Update process should also leave 2 new txt files mentioning “success” but it WONT WORK. OR 2: Putting the MSD back into the Phantom, then connect the phantom and the RC with the DJI furnished cable in between the cam plug placed onto the frame of the gimbal (and not the one in the middle of the front face craft) and the USB port of the RC then power on both Copter and RC but IT WOULDNT WORK as well since in fact you have to remember here the red written DJI sentence located on top of the update firmware list on dji.com saying that V1.4.0010 DOES NOT include RC update but in fact only copter update OR 3 : Updating the RC with DJI GO app which is the ONLY actual solution that had been successful for me with a correct an good endless process. To proceed to solution 3 updating the RC you may do so : H : Downloading the last versus of the DJI GO app and install it onto your tablet. Then I : Connect the tablet and the RC with suitable USB cable, then J: opening the app and powering on the RC. then K : opening overall status menu by clicking onto main central and up icon of the app where icon says “disconnected”. First line of the menu will mention if status is normal or being needed for RC update. In case you need it a red signal mention it. You may at this point start the download of the proposed firmware and confirm installation process. Before you proceed so you can check ou the prior versus of the RC firmware. To check that you may click on the top right icon of the app just in the corner “General settings” then it the last icon on bottom left corner of the open menu, then scroll down until you find the “about” section (“a propos” section on French menu). Click this and it will appear number of the versus you are currently using fort the DJI GO App AND also the versus of the RC firmware (RC should be of course powered on before for this line to be appearing into the menu. Mine was saying ” Dji Go App 2.2.0. and RC 1.2.6+” before I launched the download and the updating process. Once firmware downloaded the app will ask installation confirmation. Just valid and the process may start after a few seconds. RC will emits some beeps and first led on the left of the RC will turn blu instead of green or red. Process will take a few minutes until everything stop beeping and lighting. Please wait an additional secure time to be sure and then turn off the RC. Turn it on again an check if new versus had been correctly installed. Proceed as upper said to check out. Mine actually said after update process : V1.3.20. as it well suits referring to last full (Copter + RC) firmware released by DJI before last versus V1.4.00010 that only update the copter itself. This result typically confirm good information and status relative to what is fully explained in the PDF document that comes with the zip package of versus 1.4.0010. It’s now logical and obvious that 2 processes of the 3 to update the RC wont work since there is no RC information update part in versus V1.4.0010. Current and last to date good firmware Versus of the RC will be definitively V1.3.20. With the DJI Go App downloading and updating process, not any new txt file will appear onto the MSD since it’s already in the aircraft on his own and aircraft remaining off during RC updating process but one can definitively see installed RC firmware versus into the menu of the DJI GO App as mentioned upper. Be sure to have only powered the remote controller (and not the aircraft) before updating and also be sure to have full batteries charged when you do it since lack of energy could badly interrupt meanwhile processing. You also need a good internet connection with your tablet so DJI Go app wont be in trouble to correctly download and install the new firmware. About updating firmware battery you must L : Leave the bin file firmware onto the MSD once into the MSD slot onto the gimbal so it could automatically update each different batteries when new to the aircraft. Last note for those who had tried several times to install the aircraft firmware.(plug the MSD with correct bin file into the aircraft gimbal slot and only turn on the copter)a new txt file will appear saying “Result: Abort. The firmware on the SD card is identical to or older than the current firmware on the aircraft.” Don’t get worried about. It in fact means you have already the good and last firmware versus up to date installed on your copter. You can also delete this txt file after wise since this back log isn’t useful for service but just for your information. Last step is to control if everything is working FINE. So M : Power on RC first and Copter second. Be sure to have taken out all propellers before. Start the motors with Sticks combo and test if everything answering well. Just give little stick moves to assure every direction control is ok before you real fly. One also may find gimbal is hot during updating aircraft but according to DJI its normal.Dont forget to calibrate compass after updating process and sometimes you could be in a situation where you need to relink the RC and the aircraft after updating in case your RC light led stay red once both aircraft and RC powered on. Just be patient and methodical, be sure to have all electronic batteries fully charged (RC, aircraft and ipad)before you start processing any update, follow step by step the process and you wont get into bad issues. I hope those notes will help you so far

September 25, 2015

having trouble updating 1.4.0 firmware. Tried new SD card, formatted each time. Tried at least 5 times, bin file placed in root, RC off. Copter flashes Red and Green with a few beeps, then Camera droops. No sound from copter, I have left SD card in copter for up to 2 hrs. Camera LED flashes Red and Green. No D-DD sound. When I put SD card in computer there is no text file only bin file. When I turn on RC and copter there is no video feed but I can start and stop motors. Any suggestions Please

September 27, 2015

Hi Belbin, I would try to upgrade or reload firmware 1.3.20 in your case to see if you have better luck with that version. If it still does the same thing i’d reach out to DJI Support.

October 2, 2015

Thank you. This was very helpful for my first time upgrading.

Thanks for letting me know!

October 6, 2015

I faced the same problem while updating remote firmware…. the red light keeps on. I fixed it by doing these—-

1.First i updated the aircraft. 2. I tried to update my remote by pluging a usb card reader … (it failed…the red light keept on like forever) 3. I unpluged the card reader 4. Plug my mobile device into the remote 5. Open Dji Go app 6. Choose “Enter the camera mode” 7. then it showed “firmware upgrade required”.. 8. I press it and it showed “download latest firmware” 9. I choose Download 10. magic happened !

it works for me. Hope it will help you . thanks…..happy flying !

October 13, 2015

Thanks Zaber, hope that helps out people having issues with the red light!

January 12, 2016

Thanks for posting this. This method worked great for me!!!!!!!!

January 21, 2016

Glad the info helped you out Mark!

October 16, 2015

I have just purchased the Advanced, and i need to update the battery, drone and controller.

do i just update straight to the latest version- v1.4.0010 or do i need to climb up the updates?

Eg, if its Phantom 3 Advanced Firmware v1.2.8 then can I go straight to v1.4.0010 or would i need to install Phantom 3 Advanced Firmware v1.3.20 first?

Hi Daniel, thanks for your question. The Phantom 3 can be upgraded straight to 1.4.xxxx. I had issues with my Remote Control when I tried to go straight to the final firmware version. On the remote I had to go to 1.3.20 first then to the final version 1.4.x

November 6, 2015

I just opened my Phantom 3 Professional today, and of course it said I needed firmware updates. I successfully updated the aircraft and gimbal, but it won’t connect to my controller now.

So I tried to update the controller, and it just won’t do it. I’ve tried a USB stick, connecting to the aircraft, and using the DJI Go app. It just keeps failing with the app (lots of reboots and stuff), and still won’t link to the aircraft. When I check my firmware versions, it tells me that the app version is 2.4, and the controller firmware version is unknown.

I have a solid white light on the controller, too.

November 8, 2015

Hi Joel, Bummer your having issues. I would try to relink the remote control to the Phantom 3. When you say “lots of reboots and stuff” is that the mobile app rebooting while trying to update or? Which mobile platform are you using?

“Lots of reboots and stuff” meant I had rebooted the controller, the Phantom, and the app. I’d also reinstalled the app, and relinking wasn’t an option (it just wouldn’t do it – I’d press the link button, and it wouldn’t do anything). This was all with iOS, and I tried an iPhone and an iPad Air. The controller originally had 1.3.2 on it, but then said the version was unknown (after the first in-app firmware update attempt).

I spoke to DJI, and they sent me a file to wipe the controller and start over, but that didn’t do anything. I also did a hard reset, with no change.

I was able to resolve the issue by exchanging the entire Phantom 3 Pro package. I have since successfully updated the controller through the iOS app, exactly as it’s supposed to happen, on the first try. I haven’t updated the Phantom itself, as I had to leave the house, but I’m hopeful it will work just fine, as it did with the first one.

DJI said there wasn’t anything I did to cause it; it just bricked when I tried to update it. Thanks for responding!

November 11, 2015

Hi Joel, glad you got it resolved.

Remote for phantom 3 has cyan status light after trying to update firmware from app and will not recognize aircraft.

Aircraft has taken new firmware update and seems to be updating normally, it just will not recognize the app or remote.

Every time I turn on the remote a cyan status light is on. The aircraft flashes red and yellow lights and link button is red.

Hi Cody, I would try to relink the Remote Control to the Phantom 3. Then reinstalling the App on the mobile device.

November 15, 2015

I have the same situation. I have a cyan solid light and no way of connecting the controller to the quad

November 19, 2015

Hi Raymond, I have come across some new information on how to reset the remote control. Please take a look at the last part of the article above as it has been updated with steps on how to reset the transmitter. Please let me know if that helped you

November 9, 2015

Hi, I have the phantom 3 advanced that i got recently (new). When i powered it up, the application showed a notification for an upgrade. i clicked on it, and then the application downloaded and updated the RC without updating the aircraft, battery and camera. Now i have no live feed when i start the application, only a notification in the overall status area saying “Camera requires upgrade”, “Aircraft requires upgrade” and “Battery requires upgrade”. I have gone through the update processes as required (downloaded the latest FW, extracted and placed the .bin file on the micro USB, inserted that into the gimbal) but the system does not seem to recognize any update file on starting up. Does it matter that the RC was updated first? if not, what am i doing wrong??

Hi Reynell, thanks for reaching out. I would make sure the remote control is turned off before attempting the upgrade of the Phantom 3. Remove propellers from the Drone. Reformat the microSD card as FAT and redownload the firmware file and extract it to the freshly formatted microSD card, place the microSD card into Phantom gimbal. Turn on the Phantom 3 and wait. If in 45 Minutes nothing has happened (no recognizable patterns from the guide above) turn off the Phantom 3 and check the microSD card for any log files. I always update the Phantom 3 first but the Order shouldn’t matter especially when the opposite component is turned off.

So I just recently purchased the DJI phantom 3 advance what is the best way for me to do a clean upgrade. I read all the above and saw some videos of fellow DJI pilots having firmware upgrade issues. Please help me as I really want to get into this hobby. It will be horrible to start of very rough.

Hi Manny, you can stay or upgrade to the 1.3.20 Version if you want a tried and true Firmware. Get to know your Phantom on that version if you would like, and then upgrade to the 1.4.x at a later date. As with any Drone or Aircraft, Keep it a safe distance away from you but close enough so you can tell quickly if something is off so you can react.

December 26, 2015

I’ve watched videos, showing how to do firmware updates but things do not work like the videos. Help! I think my desktop is the problem. I put the micro SD card in the micro slot on my computer. I go to the DJI site and I push the zip to download the files. That happens. I then put that back in my drone. Yes, stuff happens. I then put the SD card back into my computer. I go back into my SD card to see if my download was successful, but my computer does not allow me to see anything. I can not open it.

December 29, 2015

Hi Chris, are you unzipping the contents of the .zip file before you place the .bin file on the microSD card? Just the .zip won’t start the firmware upgrade process. Since you may be having computer issues, I’d recommend trying a microSD to USB adapter or any other cardreader as well.

Hey. Have not yet flown our P3. Successfully updated the remote firmware. Am trying to update aircraft with v1.6. It was seemingly going well until five minutes ago when the beeps turned into one steady tone and I see that camera light remains red. Status lights are blinking rapidly yellow. How long should I wait?

Hi Richard, if after 45-60 minutes the beeps havent changed I would turn off the Phantom 3 and take a look at the microSD Card. There should be some log files to take a look at. Then reformat the microSD card after backing up any images you may have on them from just playing around, and re-download the Firmware from the Links listed in the above article.

December 30, 2015

Felix, I have run into similar issues as the others above. I completed the RC update as instructed on the DJI Go app prior to the Phantom 3, as I did not get an indication that it mattered. I then tried updating the firmware in the Phantom 3 and did not seem to have a successful experience. I received an error in the app (first mistake was turning on the RC when completing the Phantom 3 update I suppose?) that said something was going on with the Gimbal…

So to troubleshoot, I formatted the SD card, and re-downloaded the firmware file for round 2. When I turned on the Phantom 3, I got a consistent loud start up beep that went on for about 5 minutes. It then switched to a beep beep beep beep, the gimbal/camera was moving as if it were working, but then all of the sudden I received a steady beep that has lasted quite some time with all indicator lights turning red (including the light on the gimbal). I removed the SD card to check the file, and the result was FAILED. Can you please provide guidance on this issue, as I am very much frustrated with the experience thus far?

January 9, 2016

Hi Jacob, I reached out to DJI for this problem and they said to send in the Log file to their support for further info. To get to your Logfiles:

1.Make sure your PC can show the hidden files. 2.Connect your phantom 3 gimbal with your PC through usb, and turn on the aircraft, then the SD card in the camera will be shown. 3.You can find the LOG file through this path — P3X_FW_LOG_AB .txt, and please send the .txt. to us through chat or email.

Please provide the following information: a. your current location b. Your dealer’s name or your order number, if the item was purchased through the DJI Store online d. the aircraft serial number beginning with P which can be found on the package box and at the bottom of aircraft

Hope that helps!

Tried unsuccessfully (twice) to upload firmware into my P3 ship. The red light stays on… indicating an unsuccessful upload… and when I remove the SD card and check it on my computer (MacBook) there is not text file showing my results / efforts. I’ve gotta be doing something wrong. Suggestions? Is there a # I can call to get a walk-thru over the phone…. or a company pro at a brick and mortar retailer who might help? I haven’t bothered to attempt putting the firmware onto the remote.

Hi Bill, I would check a few things. 1) Make sure that you are puttng the .bin file onto the root of the microSD card and not the .zip file (It has to be extracted first from the .zip). It can’t be in any subfolder. 2) Update the Phantom 3 with the Remote Control turned off and ensure propellers are removed! 3) Ensure that you let it sit for a good 30-40 minutes. Does it have any Beep Patterns? 4) Macbook isn’t an issue. I use mine for placing the .bin file on the microSD card.

If all else fails you can contact DJI http://www.dji.com/contact

January 25, 2016

I just bought Phantom 3 Pro and has hard time with firmware. Do I update all on their web site or only the Latest. Thanks.

January 30, 2016

Hi Mandip, DJI claims to require the use of the DJI GO App once your firmware on the remote control is up to 1.3.20. I’ve always just used the microSD method for updating the Phantom 3 and usb stick method to upgrade the remote control.

January 26, 2016

Can you download the firmware update a different way if you have a computer that doesn’t have a mini SD card reader?

Hi Chris, you can connect the Phantom 3 via a USB cable directly. Try that. Otherwise if your phantom 3 remote control has at least the 1.3.20 firmware you can update through the DJI GO App.

January 29, 2016

Felix, My P3 Advanced can’t bind to drone. I know how to bind and I have done before but this one just can’t bind. On the app shows RC needs update firmware. But also can’t update the firmware too. First LED has cyan light. Other 4 LEDs have white. I tried with USB flash drive directly to RC. No beep sound or anything waited over 30min. Just all solid one cyan and 4 white lights. I tried as you said power cycle but still didn’t work. What can I do? Thanks for your time

Hi John, for the Cyan Light Issue see the section above titled “Common Issues & Fixes:”. It will show you how to reset the remote control. I would try binding again after resetting the remote control.

April 16, 2016

I have Phantom 3 professional and i try it to update Firmware on v1.8.80, but first time it like update it one hour and didn’t stop and i shut it down. And after that i try it few times but every time it says it is update. When i power on RC it say to me no signal. And i try it one more time and that happens that i get loud beeps from drone. I try it few times to reinstal it and it didn’t help me, I put it around one and half hour to update and no help.

And if i update my Rc first is it that big problem ?

April 25, 2016

Hi Cera, Try downgrading to the previous version on your phantom 3. Also be sure you are reformatting the microSD card before each attempt and are downloading the firmware fresh off DJI’s Site . You can reset the RC if needed by following the steps above at the end of the article. If you update the RC first it should be fine. Hope that helps!

May 5, 2016

I’m having such trouble. My controller is at 1.6 firmware, I’ve successfully updated my aircraft to 1.7. I don’t seem able to update either to 1.8 and can’t update my controller to 1.7 or find a version of 1.6 to load on the aircraft. The result is I have RC signal lost showing constantly as I can’t get matching firmware on the devices. Help please,

Hi Wayne, what are the reasons you can’t update the Controller? Have you tried resetting it to factory settings as detailed above? I would try resetting it and downloading either the 1.7 or 1.8 Update or even resetting it again and trying the 1.3.20 version. Firmwares are available here .

July 25, 2016

Thanks Felix, I’ve taken a long time getting back to this issue. I also had a reply from DJI and they also told me that I should take the controller software back a version then upgrade the aircraft and then get back to updating the controller. They gave a great pointer to get the controller back but without your firmware update step by step tutorial I wouldn’t have been able to get the thrill of watching controller talk with aircraft and back to taking great aerial photos and videos. Thank you so much. Regards, Wayne

August 18, 2016

Thank you so much Wayne for taking the time to post your reply. This is the reason we do this! Take care,

June 26, 2016

P3A Just purchased….have tried to update many times….have successfully got past the 4 beeps, 3 beeps….but at the end gives me a constant on….re-did the install many times. disk was formatted and cleared, the bin file only was copied to disk….read the disk after the install and the message says FW already installed at current version….failure among others… see below. ========== 2014.01.01 00:00:10 remo-con disconnect====== Packet: P3S_FW_V01.09.0060.bin Upgrading …

========== 2014.01.01 00:00:12 remo-con disconnect====== Packet: P3S_FW_V01.09.0060.bin Result: Failed. Reboot the aircraft and try to upgrade the firmware again.

========== 2014.01.01 00:00:32 remo-con disconnect====== Packet: P3S_FW_V01.09.0060.bin Result: Failed.

2 red lights on and 2 white flashing.

July 12, 2016

Hi Dan, sorry your firmware ugprade isn’t working as it should. Have you tried downgrading to v1.3.20?

July 16, 2016

Hi, just came across this site. Just got my new phantom 3 advanced and doing the firmware update. I believe I downloaded the entire file to the sd card by mistake. No beeps just blinking lights. Am I doing the right thing, can I turn it off and start over? I heard from some one that during update can’t turn it off because can cause phantom damage.

Hi Manny, thanks for your message. If you put the .zip file onto the microSD card then the firmware update won’t start, therefore it won’t harm anything if you turn off your Phantom 3 Advanced. Go ahead and place just the .bin file from Phantom 3 Advanced Firmware Download onto your memory card and try it again. And you are correct turning off your Phantom 3 during a firmware upgrade is not ideal. If you have doubts that the file isn’t correctly placed on your memory card it’s best to wait 45-60min just in case it is doing the firmware update before turning off your quadcopter.

I have a Phantom 3 standard that has no wifi signal. Firmware download link has been removed from the DJI website. Anyone have a link? Also is there any way to update/reset the P3S remote?

Hi there, thanks for your comment, reformat your microSD Card in a computer. Delete your DJI Go App. Turn on the Remote Control, turn on the Phantom 3 Standard, and re-download the DJI Go App. The App will ask you to install the new firmware and start the installation. You can reset the Remote Control by following the steps above. Look for “Common Issues & Fixes”.

August 11, 2016

Hello, I’m trying to update my Phantom 3 professional. One day I noticed when I turned on my drone, the gimbal did its typical beep and twist and after a few seconds it went straight down. I tried to fix it by updating to 1.8.8 then noticed v1.9.60 came out but it’s not updating. Any ideas?

August 25, 2016

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comment. Regarding the camera pointing straight down after initializing, are you sure the camera isn’t just pointed down on the remote control? On our Phantoms for example, we set one of the C1 or C2 buttons on the bottom of the transmitter to move the camera up or down. This let’s us quickly change between pointing the camera exactly forward and pointing it all the way down, as our rate of camera movement has been set low for smooth panning shots. I would try redownloading the firmware (see the links above) and trying again. Plan B would be to downgrade to 1.3.20 and then upgrade. Hope that helps!

September 30, 2017

thank u very much for help fro this information . .dji phantom 3 professional firmware update

November 5, 2017

thanks for letting us know!

December 14, 2018

I loved this post! I read your blog fairly often and you’re always coming out with some great stuff. I shared this on my Facebook and my followers loved it! Keep up the good work. :)

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how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

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how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing a Firmware Update on the Phantom 3

How to do a firmware update on the phantom 3.

Unfortunately, updating your firmware can be the most frustrating part of owning a DJI drone. DJI is always improving the DJI Go App and the capabilities of their products, but a firmware update is required once these updates are ready. Firmware updates can be a complex and intimidating process for new drone pilots. This tutorial will go over the process of doing a Phantom 3 firmware update. (The Phantom 4 has a different firmware update process so this tutorial won’t be very relevant for you.)

It is important to stay up to date with the latest firmware for your aircraft. This tutorial will teach you how to upgrade your Phantom 3 firmware to the latest software. For this tutorial, we will be using the Phantom 3 Advanced, but this process can be applied to the Phantom 3 Standard and Professional models as well.

  • Charge Batteries

Before beginning the firmware update process, make sure both the controller and DJI Phantom 3 battery have at least a 50% charge. Starting the firmware update process with the batteries fully charged is the best case scenario in case the update takes more time than expected. You do not want to run out of battery in the middle of an update.

  • Plug MicroSD Card into Computer

Turn off the Phantom 3 and eject the microSD card from the gimbal. Make sure that you have either a card reader or adapter so that you can then plug the microSD card into your computer.

  • Find the Latest Firmware from DJI.com

Download the latest firmware for your specific aircraft. Navigate to DJI’s website ( www.dji.com ) and choose your model. Then locate and select the “Downloads” tab. You will be navigated to a page of downloads. Find the most recent version of the firmware for your drone model and download the “ZIP” file.  

  • Download the Latest Firmware

The file will then begin to download. Once the file is fully downloaded, locate the Zip file and extract it. After extracting the file, you will see a BIN file. Drag the BIN file onto the microSD card that you are using for the Phantom. Replace any old BIN file that was on the microSD card previously with this new BIN file. Once the file has been copied onto the microSD card, eject the microSD card from the computer.

  • Add New Firmware To The Phantom 3

Insert the microSD card into the DJI Phantom. The Phantom will go through a series of system checks with the new firmware. The Phantom will blink yellow and make a distinct noise which indicates that the Phantom 3 is in the process of updating the firmware. The process can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Once the process is complete, the Phantom 3 will make another distinct sound which can be heard in the Firmware Update Video above. After you hear the firmware update completion sound, power down the aircraft.

  • Confirm The Firmware Update Was Successful

Eject the microSD card from the gimbal, and insert the microSD card into the computer. You will now notice there is a new text file on the microSD card. Open the text file to confirm that the firmware update was a success.

  • Return MicroSD Card to the Phantom 3

Once you confirm that the firmware update was a success, plug the microSD card back into the  aircraft. The Phantom 3 should be ready to fly!

Thank you for watching, and we look forward to flying with you soon.

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how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Alex Abatie

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

David Barker

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

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how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

DARTdrones Instructor Danny Burk currently resides in Great Falls, Virginia where he is the founder and president of FnGravity, LLC. Prior to FnGravity, he spent many years as a technology lawyer and then as the owner of a computer consulting firm which was later sold to an aerospace firm.

Danny possesses his commercial/instrument rating for single-engine land planes and has over 350 manned flight hours and over 500 hours unmanned commercial flight hours. Danny’s sUAS experience specialties include mapping and modeling, construction, education, sports, composting, agricultural, and real estate.

Danny is passionate about all things related to flying, photography, and educating aspiring drone pilots. Danny is versed in flying DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom, DJI Matrice, DJI Inspire, DJI Mini, Parrot ANAFI, and Skydio drones.

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Dennis Fisher

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Kevin Gillespie

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Chris Grazioso

After working 30+ years in public safety, Chris Grazioso is now the Operations Lead for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's Aeronautics Division’s Drone Team. 

Chris is responsible for flying missions, the team's initial and recurrent training, coordination of emergency responses which include pre and post incident damage assessments and large scale transportation accidents.

Chris is the team lead for the Metropolitan Law Enforcement SWAT Tactical Drone Unit which assists with pre-mission planning, real-time situational awareness, live streaming, search and rescue, and indoor and outdoor suspect searching.

Chris is also a FAAST Team DronePro for the Boston FSDO and on the Board of Advisors and is a Public Safety Technical Expert with DRONERESPONDERS.

Chris's extensive aviation experience includes 11 years as a manned aircraft pilot and 7 years as an unmanned pilot. He has significant experience in all of DJI’s rotorcraft as well as the Delair and eBee fixed wing aircraft. Chris's sensor experience includes EO, thermal, multispectral and LIDAR. Chris's UAS areas of expertise include aerial mapping and inspections, aerial photography and videography, public safety operations, night operations, search and rescue, and indoor flying.

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Josh Haddad

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Roger is a retired firefighter who has not only dedicated his life to helping others but has also committed himself to elevating the efficiency of fire, police, and other municipal department employees across the nation by training fire, police, and EMP personnel to become proficient at flying drones before, during, and after emergencies of all types. Roger co-developed the DARTdrones Part 107 test prep program which has aided in over 15,000 students passing their FAA Remote Pilot Exam, becoming FAA certified drone pilots. Roger also co-developed our public safety UAS classes which were taught to emergency service personnel globally. These courses include Search and Rescue, Thermal and Night Operations, and our online Disaster Response class for licensed UAS pilots looking to assist after natural disasters like hurricanes in Florida.

Roger started working as a commercial UAS pilot in 2015 and started his own drone business in 2018. He acquired his Remote Pilot Certificate on the first day it was made available August 29, 2016.

Roger has over 940 UAS flight hours and has trained over 1,000 Florida residents, small businesses, educational institutions, corporations, public safety officers and others on how to fly drones recreationally and professionally. He has also taught over 500 Florida residents the knowledge required to pass the FAA Certified Drone Pilot Knowledge Test.

In addition to his training and encouragement of safe flying practices to Florida residents, Roger has served as an Ambassador for Aviation Safety Volunteers as a FAAST Team 'Drone Pro' Representative.

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Mark Kurzinski

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Michael Martin

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Louis Morales

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Jim O’Keefe

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Sean Pagliari

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Gregory Pratt

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Jerry White

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Seth Zora is a retired, disabled veteran and drone business owner and operator currently based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Seth learned the capabilities of drone technology while serving in Afghanistan in 2008. After spending twelve years in the U.S. Air Force, Seth created AerdiA, a drone business primarily focused on the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. Seth has 300+ hours flying unmanned aircraft and is versed in flying DJI M600 Pro, DJI M210, DJI Phantom 4 RTK, DJI Mini, DJI Mavin Pro Platinum, and DJI Spark. Seth's training specialties include mapping, inspections, and LiDAR.

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how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

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DJI Phantom 3 Firmware Update – Complete Guide

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

Firmware is an important update in several points of view. Not all drone owners, know how to update their  Phantom 3. Firstly, it eliminates the errors of older versions of software, and secondly, it allows you to access the new features of applications for your drone. When you are upgrading Phantom 3 software, you get the access to the new features. Except for the firmware upgrade on your Phantom 3 itself, you have the option to upgrade the battery, controller and mobile application. Here we will explain to you why, when and how you need to update the firmware on your DJI Phantom 3 for Pro, Advanced, 4K and Standard model. So let’s begin.

Table of Contents

Why You Need To Upgrade The Latest Firmware Version?

Firmware is software that controls the operation of the hardware of the device (in this case the Phantom 3).  Without firmware, most of the electronic devices we use daily can’t work. Firmware performs a limited number of functions, as well as a full-fledged, multi-functional operating system. Smartphones, tablets, iWatches use the operating system, and its installation can be called the firmware process. It is pre-modified and compiled into an image, and recorded in the internal memory of the device. Drones use a lot of complex firmware system, as it is necessary to maintain and coordinate drones in the air.

What are the benefits of upgrading the firmware to DJI Phantom 3?

  • New update of firmware can unlock new features that are released by DJI.
  • New update can fix bugs that have been identified
  • New update can add the support for latest apps

Therefore, the main purpose of updating the firmware is to correct, adjust, in rare cases, the disclosure of previously hidden potential to your Phantom 3. Most manufacturers release updates for the firmware of their devices on a regular basis, while providing the necessary software tools for recording new firmware. With each new version we advise you to make an update that has been released by the DJI. With regular maintenance and firmware updating, you will avoid all possible errors and keep your drone to the best of its abilities.

Where You Can Find The Latest Phantom 3 Firmware Updates?

The latest firmware updates for Phantom 3 can always be found on DJI official website . On their page you will find all the latest versions that have also been checked and updated. Here we will provide you with the links for all Phantom 3 models. By the way, with each update DJI release an article release with full information about changes in this version of the firmware – this way you will know what new features will appear on your drone and what will work better after the update.

  • Phantom 3 Pro (Download link)
  • Phantom 3 Advanced (Download link)
  • Phantom 3 Standard (Download link)
  • Phantom 3 4K (Download link)

Each firmware file has its own “code” name and number by which you can identify the latest version of it, which usually has the largest number in the name. Just look at the download page, download the new firmware, and for safe installation it is better to be guided by the provided documentation. Example: “Firmware vX.Y.ZZ”. So make sure you always keep up with the date of the latest firmware version that DJI release through DJI Go app.

How to See The Current Firmware Version on Your Phantom 3?

If you want to know which firmware version do you have on your Phantom 3, all you have to do is enter the DJI Go app and see. Also DJI Go app can automatically notify the user when he needs to upgrade the new version.

  • Turn on the DJI Phantom 3 and the Remote Controller
  • You need to connect the phone with your Phantom 3
  • Then you need to open the DJI Go app and enter the camera view.
  • Tap the “Settings” that is located on the right corner of the screen.
  • As a final step, scroll down and find the option “About”. Here you will see the current firmware version of your Phantom 3 and your Remote Controller.

What You Need To Do Before Updating the Firmware?

Before you start to update your Phantom 3 firmware, you need to have 7 things prepared:

  • DJI Phantom 3 (fully charged)
  • Remote Controller (fully charged)
  • Computer (with strong Internet connection)
  • Micro-SD card with at least 100 MB of free space (+ reader to attach it to the computer)
  • Time – the whole process will take at least 1 hour

Updating The Firmware on a DJI Phantom 3

So how to update Phantom 3 firmware? The steps for Firmware update is almost the same for all 4 types of Phantom 3 models (Pro, Advanced, Standard and 4K). The upgrade process will takes about 1 hour to complete. It will take time, and therefore, before starting the upgrade, you must check the status of the battery of the drone. It is advisable that you have at least 50% battery charged. Since we need to download and update program files, make sure that there is enough space on the memory card – at least 100 MB. So, here is the step-by-step update process of how to update firmware on your Phantom 3:

Using the Micro-SD card (Option 1)

Phantom 3 Firmware update using Micro-SD

  • Remove the propellers before updating the firmware
  • Insert the Micro-SD card into the Micro-SD slot on the Phantom’s camera
  • Power on the aircraft. The update will begin automatically
  • It will take a maximum of 25 minutes to complete the update
  • The gimbal will emit a beeping sound (D-D-D-D) when it is ready to update. Wait until the sound changes.
  • The gimbal will emit a fast beeping sound (DDDD-DDDD) when the update is in progress. Wait patiently, until the sound changes.
  • Disregard the LED indicator or any sounds from other moduels as they do not reflect the status or progress of the firmware update
  • The gimbal will emit a slow beeping sound (D—DD) when the update is complete.
  • When the update is complete, you must restart the Phantom 3 manually.

Note: If the gimbal emits a long beeping sound (D—-), this means the update has failed. Restart the aircraft and the automatic firmware repair process will begin.

The process is complete when the gimbal stops emitting the long beeping sound (D—). You can also remove the Micro-SD card to check the final status of the update. Open the „.txt“ file that is automatically generated after the update. „result: success“ means the update was successful.

Legend: LED indication on the gimbal:

  • Flashing green then red LED – The process of firmware is still updating
  • Green LED light – The firmware process is complete
  • Red LED light – The firmware process was unsuccessful

Using the DJI Go App (Option 2)

Phantom 3 Firmware update using DJI GO App

  • First thing you need to do is to turn On the Phantom 3 and the Remote Controller
  • Next, you need to connect the Phantom 3 to the internet
  • Open the DJI Go app with your phone or tablet
  • After you entered the app, tap on the “New firmware update is available”.
  • Next step is to connect your phone or tablet to the internet
  • Inside the DJI Go app tap the “Download Now” and wait till the progress bar show you when the file is downloaded.
  • After you have downloaded the file, you’ll need to turn on the Wi-Fi network and change the connection to your controllers Wi-Fi network.
  • Re-open the DJI Go app, find “Start Upgrade” and click on it.
  • The installation will begin, you will see the progress bar. Wait until the process is finished.
  • After the installation is complete, click “Complete” button in the DJI Go app and restart your Phantom 3. The new firmware update is completed.

How To Update the Firmware on the Phantom 3 Controller?

When you have Phantom 3 Pro or Advanced version, you need to regularly update the firmware version to your remote controller. Before you start the process of updating the firmware to your Phantom 3 Remote Controller you need to follow these pre-steps:

  • You need to have the latest DJI Go app version on your phone or tablet.
  • Your Remote Controller need to be fully charged
  • Your Phantom 3 must be turned off.
  • Your mobile phone or tablet need to have stable internet connection
  • Your mobile phone or tablet also need to be fully charged
  • You need to have at least 100 MB of free space on your mobile or tablet before you download the latest version of firmware package.

Phantom 3 Firmware Update using Remote Controller

  • Ensure that the Phantom 3 Remote Controller’s battery has at least 50% remaining power. During the update don’t power off your remote controller.
  • The remote controller’s firmware is included in the update package downloaded from the official DJI website (DJI.com).
  • Insert the Micro-SD card into a card reader and plug the reader into the remote controller’s USB port.
  • Power on the remote controller and wait 20 sec until the update begins. The remote controller will begin updating automatically.
  • A beeping sound and the remote controller’s status LED will indicate the progress and status of the update.
  • The update is in progress when the Status LED is blue and the remote controller emits a fast beeping sound (DDDD-DDDD).
  • The update is complete when the Status LED turns green and the remote controller emits a slow beeping sound (D—DD).
  • Restart the remote controller.
  • The process is complete if no sound is heard.

Note: If the status LED is red and no sound is heard, the update has failed. You need to restart the controller and firmware process will begin. Wait for 5 minutes and then restart the remote controller again.

You can remove the Micro-SD card to check the final status of the update. Open the „.txt“ file that is automatically generated after the update. „result: success“ means the update was successful.

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Using The DJI Go App (Option 2)

How To Update DJI Phantom 4 Remote Control Firmware​

  • You need to connect your Remote Controller to your mobile or tablet by USB cable.
  • Next step is to turn on the Remote Controller.
  • Enter the DJI Go app on your mobile or tablet where you will see camera interface.
  • You need to tap the “Flight Status” bar at the top of the screen in the app.
  • Tap the “Overall Status” where you will see a message “Upgrade Required”.
  • Click on “download Firmware” button in the app.
  • After the firmware download is complete, click on the “Start to upgrade” button that will be shown at the bottom of the window.
  • You will see that the Remote Controller will give you a warning sound that the update process of firmware has started through the LED indication that will flash blue.
  • The progress bar will appear in the DJI Go app and you will see in real-time the update process.
  • Once you see on your remote controller a solid green light on LED, the firmware process is complete.

Battery Firmware Update

If you use several batteries for a quadcopter, do not forget to update the firmware of each of them. To do this, after the update is completed, change the Phantom 3 battery and start the process again – the Phantom software itself will not be updated again, but the smart battery will receive the current software version. The process is worth repeating with each battery that you have.

Useful Tips For Updating Phantom 3 Firmware

  • Make sure you only have one firmware package on your Micro-SD card. Verify that this is the case before starting the procedure.
  • You have to make sure that the file system of your drone and the controller during the upgrade are supporting the media files that have ExFAT and FAT32 file systems.
  • Your internet connection need to be stable on your phone so you can avoid problems during the download process.
  • Important thing before you start the firmware update is to enable “Airplane mode” on your phone so you can be sure that you will not be interfered with incoming calls due the update procedures.
  • Never run updates if the drone is still in flight. This operation should only be done on the ground in compliance with all safety requirements.
  • You need to synchronize the device after the update of the controller.

If you want to flash the controller, you need to insert a Micro-SD drive with firmware into your Phantom 3, connect the remote to the drone with a USB cable, and turn on the power of the remote and the drone – the firmware will start automatically.

Any drone made by DJI regularly needs updating. In this article, we have described in detail the process of how the firmware update should be done and what pre-steps are important. Firmware is software that manages all the functions and capabilities of the drone. Without firmware, the flight of the drone would be impossible, since the control software interacts with all the nodes and systems of the device. The presence of the latest, most “fresh” version of the firmware is necessary for flight safety, since each update contains corrections of identified bugs and deficiencies, which can lead to sad consequences. I hope that this article helped you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

how to update dji phantom 3 advanced

I'm the CEO and founder of DTH. I have been passionate about Drones since I was a boy. I will bring you experience, expertise and knowledge in this new industry which I have gained over the last couple of years.


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