Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Actual Map Size

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Map Size

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open-world tactical shooter that throws you into the heart of Bolivia, tasked with dismantling a ruthless drug cartel.

Released in 2017, the game captivated players with its vast, diverse landscape and immersive tactical gameplay. But one aspect that continues to spark debate is the true size of the playable map .

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Official Numbers vs. Player Measurements

The Ghost Recon Wildlands wiki says the map is 440 square kilometers , but some players disagree . In the closed beta, they went out of bounds and marked the farthest corners, finding a bigger area of about 24 kilometers by 24 kilometers , which adds up to 576 square kilometer s.

Still, some weren’t convinced. Enterprising players took matters into their own hands. They captured the full map from the in-game menu and meticulously measured its dimensions. Their findings? A staggering 100 kilometers by 100 kilometers, translating to a whopping 10,000 square kilometers!

How big is Wildlands?

If the player measurements hold true, the map size is:

  • 22.7 times larger  than the official wiki claims
  • 17.4 times larger  than the closed beta calculations
  • Over 3 times larger  than the map of Grand Theft Auto V

A World of Exploration Awaits

Regardless of the exact size, there’s no denying that Ghost Recon Wildlands boasts an expansive open world. From the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the sun-drenched plains of the altiplano, the diverse terrain offers endless opportunities for exploration.

Whether you’re stalking cartel members through dense jungles, navigating treacherous mountain passes, or cruising across the salt flats on a dirt bike, the world feels alive and dynamic.

While the map size debate is intriguing, it’s important to remember that it’s just one aspect of what makes Wildlands a great game.

The meticulously crafted environments, the dynamic weather system, the day-night cycle, and the engaging tactical gameplay all come together to create an immersive and rewarding experience.

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is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Originally posted by AstroArchon : I heard people say that GTA V map is only 252 km^2, excluding the ocean, and that the map of this game is roughly 600000 km^2. Do you guys think this is accurate?

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Originally posted by bRice153 : Who cares if the map is filled with nothing. GTAV may not be HUGE but at least the entire world is filled with so much freaking detail and buildings and people and cars and unique stuff to see it feels like a real, living world. Wildlands has trees and trees and trees. Just like the Far Cry games it is just full of nothing. I think the saying is "Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle".

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Originally posted by khremsauce : this game is going to be unadulterated over hyped garbage just like the last few tom clancy games/ubisoft games... do ur self a favour and dont preorder wait until its actually out and read some reviews that arent financially backed by the developers

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Originally posted by ❕𝕊𝕋⚪𝕄𝔾❕ : Steam level 0 and a private profile......seems fishy.....

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

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Ghost Recon Net

60 Million Pixel Interactive Wildlands Map

Ubisoft pulled off a remarkable feat with Ghost Recon Wildlands; a beautiful massive open world environment that is hugely detailed, and doesn’t stop for a single loading screen. Being so huge, and with so many collectibles, the impatient gamer may find that they need a little help to locate that specific weapon, or missing Kingslayer file – enter Wildlands Interactive Maps!

Creating an interactive Wildlands map is no mean feat, it will require to be huge (over 6000 pixels square), and it will require to reveal many hundreds of collectables. We found three of the best Ghost Recon Map guides (including a remarkable 60 million pixel , interactive map), check them out below.


Captain Camper at Gamers Heroes has created collectable mini maps for every region in Wildlands. Once you select the region, a series of mini maps open up revealing the location of skill points, supplies, rebel ops, medals, weapons and accessories.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate


This is the Daddy of them all.

Those crazy dudes at have created an amazing 60 million pixel  interactive Wildlands map of Bolivia . Not only does it reveal the location of absolutely everything, but it is totally interactive.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

What does that mean? It means there are over 900 items on this map, meticulously plotted and individually tagged so you can toggle any individual item and find that elusive attachment, file, intel, mission, boss, skill points, medals, weapon and more!

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

It really is a remarkable piece of work, check it out !

You can even toggle everything off, and have a nice clean Wildlands map for your own use.  XOottatX has already done this, you can grab that image right here !


Here’s another interactive Wildlands map, this time from Swiss Game Guides .

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Each collectible can be toggled on or off using the tick boxes on the right, and each icon on the map has mouseover pop-ups explaining the detail of the collectable or mission – very cool. The also have a huge hi-res clean map you can download from here .


Finally, it doesn’t seem right to have a Wildlands map guide without at least one Youtube movie, so here’s Wiki Game Guides explaining the enormous size of the Wildlands play area with a Bolivia fly past.


Rebel Ops are not showing up on this map.


Where to find the g36 buttstock?

Goliath Beta Gamer

To unlock rewards (G36 Buttstock loadout) is to:

1- Make a new character with Cloud Sync turned off. then, 2- turn it on and everything unlocked.


Super efficace

Poul Sejersen

Anywhere to download a high-resolution image of the map? The link above is broken.

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Heroes Unleashed

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

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  • Tips and Tricks

This page contains helpful information for all players that are playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. If you've just begun playing and haven't put a lot of time into exploring Bolivia, this is important information you're going to need to start off right.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

These are standard gameplay tips that will be useful to anyone playing in either single player or online multiplayer with a group. Though some information here may be basic to some, everything listed here is important to keep in mind as you play through Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Things to Do First

When you first start playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, these are some of the very first things you'll want to do to get started right.

USE your Tacmap TO GET Around

Once you finish creating a character and finally get inside the game, these tips will be useful while you explore the immense landscapes present in Wildlands' take on Bolivia. The Tacmap is essential for getting around Bolivia. There is a lot of information that you can find just by taking the moment to view your Tacmap.

As you complete missions and gather new information, more icons will appear on the tacmap to reveal various points of interest. These include enemy strongholds, side missions, skill upgrades, and weapon items. You can access dossiers and mission listings through your Tacmap.

Optimize Your Loadout from the start

Before you go looking around Bolivia for missions and side ops to complete, you need to make sure you're equipped for the job. Take a moment when you first start playing to look through your weapon loadout and choose the best weapons and equipment for the task ahead. Playing alone during missions may require a different loadout than if you were playing with others online.

A good loadout to use when playing alone is to have a medium/long-range weapon with a silencer and a light machine-gun or sniper rifle. This will give you the ability to be both stealthy and equipped for assaults against enemies. Either combination you go with will be enough for you to tackle any situation on lower difficulty levels, though it won't be the same if you decide to play at a higher difficulty.

Tag all supplies You Find

When exploring the open world or clearing enemy encampments, keep an eye out for any valuable supplies - either shining in the world or marked with a green icon on your minimap. These supplies are Fuel, Medicine, Food, and Communication Supplies.

Make sure to interact with these items to mark them for pickup. Tagging these supplies will allot more resources for you to use towards purchasing new skills within the character skills menu. Later skills will need much more resources to unlock them. So the more you have, the better.

Upgrade Your Character Skills

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

As you complete missions and gain experience, you’ll be able to improve upon various skills and abilities of your character. In order to obtain or improve a skill, you need a certain number of skill points and specific resources to purchase skill upgrades.

You can obtain extra skill points by leveling up from completing missions and side missions, as well as finding extra skill points that you discover while exploring. In addition to Skill Points, you will need different supply types to purchase specific skills .

You can also unlock EPIC SKILLS that give massive boosts to one type of skills for your character. This may be faster regeneration from injuries or a larger explosive radius for all explosions. However, in order to unlock these skills you will need to be at a minimum level for your character, as well as have at least one point purchased for every skill within the same skill tree. Once you have fulfilled both requirements, you will permanently have the EPIC SKILL unlocked for your character.

Open Rally Points for Fast Travel

You have the ability to fast travel between locations. It's a great alternative to driving around in a car to a given location that is far away. When possible, you'll want to discover as many Rally Points as possible around Bolivia. This will significantly cut down the time it takes to get from one side of Bolivia to the other.

It should be noted that you can only fast-travel between specific Rally Points when you aren’t engaged in combat with enemies, or discovered and are being hunted by them. Rally Points are locations color coded white on your tacmap, while any locations you can't fast travel to are outlined in black.

The more missions you complete and places you explore, the more Rally Points you will open up to use for fast travel. This will save you an immense amount of time when looking for any collectibles you may have missed or while you're trying to reach the next primary objective.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

When fast traveling, try not to be seen by nearby enemies and get forced into combat. You won't be able to fast travel away from an encounter if you're discovered, even when there are only a few enemies in the area. If you're spotted, you will either need to eliminate all enemies or flee the scene to open up fast travel once again.

Pick up Collectibles along the way

You will occasionally find collectibles on the map while playing missions. Make sure you take a moment to pick them up when you find them, even if they aren't your biggest priority at the time. Every collectible you find, including weapons , kingslayer files, and intel, will give you more XP towards your character.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

This will be helpful for when you're looking for collectibles later on, especially if the majority of the ones you found are located in places you've previously visited during missions. It will save you an extra trip to the same area. The locations of collectibles are revealed when you find Intel or interrogate enemies.

Complete Main Story Missions

Completing Story missions in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands opens up more missions and bonuses, as well as give you XP to level up your character. These core missions relate to the main story of the game, and be expanded upon the narrative.

However, you can't play some story missions without gathering specific intel or obtaining new information from civilians or enemies. When you complete a mission, you will need to gather more new information in order to open up the next mission. Try to find all of the main intel whenever possible in order to open up more missions and gain bonus XP towards your character early on. During this time, you can also partake in side-missions that open up for even more XP.

The necessry documents you need to obtain to unlock new missions are marked on your tacmap once you finish a story mission. You can collect them at any time once you have their location marked. Gathering these as soon as possible will open up all of the main missions for you and give you additional XP towards your character.

Complete Easy Rebel Side Missions

You don't have to immediately start and finish all of the main missions right away, but can instead explore Bolivia and complete side missions. Completing some of the Rebel Side-Ops missions will begin to open up the Rebel Support Skills for later use. You will get notified when you're within the area of a Rebel Op, or when you obtain intel on specific locations for them.

Most of the first Rebel Ops you find in Itacua will be fairly easy, which allow you to call in a vehicle drop or distraction against enemies. But in addition to opening up these first skills , you also gain a nice boost in XP for your character, which makes them all the more useful early in the game.

Things Wildlands Doesn't Tell You

Here is some really important information that you should know that isn't explicitly told to you in anywhere within the game. While playin Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, these are things discovered not included within any tutorials or game menus.

Each of these tips will help you stay efficient in completing missions, navigating your surroundings, and taking out enemies as you play solo or with a group.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

If you have any extra tips that you discover while playing Tom Clancy's ghost Recon: Wildlands, feel free to add them to the list below!

Tagging Resources

Whenever you see an object that is flashing lightly, that is something you can tag for the Rebels to pick up. These are resources that you can use to purchase new upgrades on your character. Whenever you see something you can tag, make sure you take the time to do so, every bit of resources you find can help you gain new abilities and better skills .

There are four different kinds of resources you can gather while roaming around; Gasoline, Medicine, Comms Tools, and Food. There are some side missions that can give you a huge bonus of one specific resource when completed, which can make all the difference when obtaining helpful skills for your character. These will range from executing raids on enemy Armored trucks, attacking a stronghold, or even protecting a radio broadcast from being stopped.

You can also gain extra resources by finding smaller collectibles that appear on your Tacmap when exploring. Most buildings or structures will have a few extra resource pickups nearby that you can quickly grab while completing missions. Just walk up to them and tag them to gain their bonuses.

Driving Efficiently Around Bolivia

Getting around in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands can be a bit time consuming, if not frustrating in some instances. Here are some things to remember while you navigate the country of Bolivia.

While it might be faster to cut throw areas to reach a destination while driving, most of the landscape in Itacua doesn’t lend itself to off-road driving. There are many hills, bumps, rocks, and large foliage that will make your path much harder to drive through towards your destination.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Most of the time, its a much better idea to drive along the main roads and paths towards your destination. Even off-road vehicles , like trucks or jeeps, can be difficult to drive around offroad away from roads or highways. Not all situations are like this however, and you can sometimes cut corners to avoid something ahead of you.

But sometimes doing so will be a very bad idea and will lead to you falling off a cliff, or even slamming right into a large rock or tree. Most of the time, your car may end up flipping over after going over a chain of bumps, or even being heavily damaged.

Using Other Vehicles while Traveling

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Sometimes you can find a different vehicle ­to use that may be faster than a typical car you find. You can drive motorcycles, large trucks, and pilot helicopters and planes to move around the country. These are more efficient ways of traveling greater distances and avoiding unwanted attention from enemies. The only exception to this is using helicopters to fly over enemy bases, which always leads to having missle launcher detect and fire at you.

If you aren't able to fast travel to a location, but still want to get there fast, try looking for a different mode of transportation nearby. There will alwyas be something you can drive or pilot wherever you are. By helping out the Rebel Forces, you can even gain the ability to emergency drop in an extra car or helicopter if needed.

Fast Traveling to Teammate Positions

When playing online multiplayer with any number of other player, you can fast travel to another player's position when not engaged in combat. This can be helpful for getting around Bolivia and completing missions together that some players may not have activated. Players that don't have some Rally Points unlocked can still fast travel to players who are still able to do so.

Fast Traveling to another player's location also allows everyone to regroup should anyone fall in combat and not be revived. Any player who is left to bleed out can choose to spawn on another player's position after a set amount of time from being downed. This can only be done during online multiplayer sessions and not with A.I. teammates when playing solo.

You Can Skip Main Missions in Multiplayer

When you are playing online with other teammates, you actually have the ability to skip some of the main missions. This can only be done however if another player has already opened up or completed a specific mission you are trying to play. This allows some players to bypass some of the lower bosses and immeditaely take on missions that have prerequisites.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

If at least one player has a mission open or completed, they can start the mission up and prompt everyone in the squad to join in. When the mission is complete, everyone in the group will get credit for finishing the mission. Even if you haven't unlocked the mission yourself or completed any of the other main missions below it, you'll still get credit and the rewards for completing it. This is an easy trick to bypass most of the game and go straight for any of the Santa Blanca Cartel bosses, or even the final boss El Sueno.

This can be done with any number of players in the squad and doesn't necessarily need a full group to be done. You can also use any XP Boosters you have in your inventory to gain additional XP from these missions as well.

Boosters Give Additional XP - Power Leveling

When you complete missions and take down enemies, you gain XP towards your character to level up and obtain Skill Points. However, you can gain additional XP by utilizing Boosters that you can obtain from pre-ordering the game or through the Ghost Recon Wildlands in-game store. Boosters improve the percentage of additional XP you gain for everything you do, but only last for a certain amount of time.

When playing in multiplayer , you can use a Booster to increase the XP you gain, as well as give an additional boost to the XP that your teammates gain. If you have a full 4-player squad online, it may be possible to stack the effects of the XP boost you gain from Boosters.

NOTE: This is still unconfirmed and has not been properly tested fully to see if true. Some players have reported that the effects of each booster from a player in a squad DO stack effects for more XP gains, but this might not fully be the case.

Things You Should Not Do in Wildlands

There are some things that you should try very hard not to do while playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Most of the time, going about a mission or approaching a situation one way will lead to failure, especially when playing on higher difficulties. Enemies will capitalize on your mistakes and kill you if you aren't careful.

Here are some important things to avoid at all cost. If you discover more tips on what to be wary of, feel free to add them to the list below!

Don't Go into Missions Unprepared

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Its very important to bring the right weapons and equipment with you when taking on different missions in. You should definitely change your loadout and equip the best weapons to your character for the right situation. If you neglect to do this, you will end up making situations and scenarios harder on yourself, and nearly impossible to complete in some cases.

This is equally as important for your Character Skills . If you don't spend Skill Points to unlock new abilities and skills , you may find some missions incredibly more difficult to complete. Some skills you unlock are necessary for a select number of missions that require a stealthy approach. So its best to update your character skills frequently as you progress through the game's various missions.

Don't Ignore Picking Up Supplies

Skill Points are very important for obtaining new skills as you level up, but you still need supplies to purchase them. Better skills on the Skill Tree for your character will cost more and more supplies to obtain them, so you need to constantly have enough supplies.

When exploring around, make sure you pick up supplies you see laying around the area. Whenever possible, try to take on a few of the supply side-missions that give you large boosts of different supplies to spend on new Skills . If you ignore doing any of this, you will not be able to purchase some of the later skills that are vital.

Don't Casually Approach Bases and Strongholds

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

When approaching places that have a concentrated amount of enemies in one spot, its best to avoid directly entering the area. Doing so is almost guaranteed to alert them, as well as put you in their direct line of sight. This is especially true for bases that have turret guns stationed along the perimeter or snipers posted in high areas nearby.

This is also true for approaching bases or strongholds while piloting a helicopter or another vehicle. Unless you are driving a vehicle that is from the same Faction as the nearby base or stronghold, you will be spotted and alert enemies into firing on you. In some instances when flying a helicopter, bases will have missile launchers nearby that will fire if you fly too close within the area. Its always a better idea to fly far away enough to land nearby without alerting the base of your presence.

Don't Interrogate Enemies While in Combat

This may sound like common sense, but its important to know that you are NOT invincible when interrogating enemies or speaking to civilians. When doing either of the two, you temporarily lose control of your characters until the dialogue exchange is complete.

During this time, you can be shot and killed quickly without any way to defend yourself for the time. This can be devastating when you grabbed a key enemy and can't do anything as you are gunned down during the dialogue. You can stop the exchange mid-talk, but most of the time you or the enemy will be killed.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Grabbing important enemies for interrogation is also a sure way to fail a mission quickly if there are enemies firing on you nearby. When you grab an enemy, you use them as a human shield against gun fire, which can kill them quickly before you. If you have a person-of-interest in hand, you will want to run away behind cover immediately if you notice any shots being fired your way before interrogating.

Don't Constantly Kill the Unidad Soldiers

The Unidad Faction is the army of the country that will constantly attack you are noticed or if provoked via gun fire. This will increase the Unidad Patrol rank for the given moment. If you kill more soldiers or destroy Unidad vehicles , the rank will increase and provoke more Unidad soldiers with bigger guns and stronger weapons to appear.

Its best to avoid fighting the Unidad if you can, especially when you are trying to complete missions and side-missions. The higher Unidad Patrol will make things very difficult for you to complete any tasks and make it just as difficult to get away and lose notoriety. At some point, usually between Rank 3 or 4 Unidad Patrol, the Unidad will start calling for mortar shots on your position. When this happens, it will be increasingly difficult to get away unscathed.

Tips for Combat and Stealth

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

You'll be engaging enemies in many battles while you complete missions. Here are some tips to help you take down enemies quickly and efficiently.

Use Your A.I. Teammates

Your teammates, whether AI or human controlled, are your biggest asset in any given situation. They will have your back when you're focused on completing objectives or taking down another enemy. While human squad members are superior in most situations, working together with your A.I. squad mates can make most scenarios easier to approach.

Should you get shot enough in battle and fall, your A.I. squad members can revive you back one time in combat. As long as you're within a close range of at least one ally, they will move to your location and revive you. While online with other players in multiplayer, you will have to communicate with your teammates if you need to be revived.

If you happen to fall once again, you will respawn at the previous checkpoint before the engagement. Always make sure you have a nearby ally whenever you predict you'll be in a fire fight. It can be the difference between success and having to replay an entire section over again.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Your allies can also attack enemies while you are driving a vehicle. This is helpful for on-road engagements, as well as when you're trying to escape from a location. When you're playing single player, you want to be the one in the driver's seat instead of you A.I. squad members.

Not only do they have great aim while the vehicle is moving, but you will be able to go in the direction you wish to travel, rather than random directions because of the A.I. being behind the wheels.

Sync Shot with your allies

The Sync Shot ability is a great way to take out multiple enemies at once. When you're playing solo, you can use your drone or aim down the sight of your gun to mark different enemies that your allies will focus on and engage once you fire upon an enemy. This is great for raiding enemy strongholds or checkpoints when you need to maintain a stealthy approach.

You need to unlock the the Sync Shot ability with your Skill Points, and boost it up with more skill points to mark more targets while engaging. Its an invaluable ability that you will frequently use on most missions when you want to have a stealthy approach, but the Sync Shot can still be helpful when you're assaulting a location.

Using Stealth Helps A Lot

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Unlike some Ghost Recon games in the past, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands doesn't harshly punish players for not being stealthy during missions. However, approaching things with stealth can be incredibly rewarding in almost any situation.

Try to keep enemies unaware of your presence when you are executing mission objectives and you'll be able to dwindle down enemy numbers. Taking out lots enemies while undetected will help limit the difficulty of a situation when things get loud.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Enemies that you fail to kill when you are spotted will call for reinforcements and make things more difficult for you. You won't get a game over immediately when this happens, but you will have a much harsher fire fight to deal with. But if you stay quiet and remain hidden, you'll have a much smoother time completing your objectives.

Extra Weapons for Gunsmith

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Hidden throughout the environment are weapon cases that unlock new guns to add to your weapon loadouts. You need to find these cases to unlock new kinds of weapons at Rally Points, which you can customize your individual loadout. There are a select number of weapon cases you can find; their locations are revealed on your tacmap.

If you find yourself struggling with a given mission or side ops, try taking some time to gather these extra weapons and give yourself a better edge in combat. You will notice a difference in how you approach missions when you have more gun options open to you.

Gather Information From Civilians to Find Collectibles

The civilians of Bolivia can be super helpful when finding out the locations of points and items of interest. Make sure you take the time to stop and speak with local civilians for information on where you can find Skill Upgrades and Weapon Items. Whenever a civilian that you can speak with is nearby, an icon will appear over them.

When you speak with civilians, you can choose which locations you want to know about and have appear on your Tacmap. You can choose to reveal Side Missions, skill point locations, weapon items, or resource locations. The selected option will immediately appear on your tacmap. You will need to find other civilians in order to select the other options.

In addition, interrogating enemies and finding intel caches during missions can also reveal locations on your Tacmap. You can grab and interrogate certain enemies that are marked on your map when you get close to their location or tag them with your drone. Intel caches are handled the same way, but can be found in buildings and a variety of other areas.

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

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Ghost Recon: The Ghosts of Bolivia

We explore the setting for Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft’s largest ever open-world game.

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Polygon recently visited Ubisoft's headquarters in Paris, France for a deep dive into the making of the next Ghost Recon game. This story is the first in a series.

Part of the allure of the Ghost Recon universe is its exotic settings. To be part of Tom Clancy’s fictional U.S. Army special operations team is to remain anonymous. Your name will never be known and your work will likely go unnoticed by your countrymen back home. But on the upside, you get to travel the world, visit far-flung locales and kill the most interesting people.

For the next title in the iconic series, Ubisoft is pulling out all the stops. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands takes the franchise to Bolivia, a landlocked South American nation known for its rugged landscape and breathtaking ecological diversity. The game will also mark a milestone for the company as a whole.

When Wildlands releases in early March of next year, Ubisoft says, it will be the largest open-world action adventure game the company has ever made.

To recreate such a huge chunk of this unique part of the world, the team at Ubisoft had to become intimately familiar with the place, and perhaps no one on the development team knows Bolivia better than Benoit Martinez. Wildlands’ lead artist and technical art director, Martinez was part of a team of more than 30 designers who travelled there in 2012. He spent more than two weeks in the country, traveling thousands of miles to capture reference material for the game.

"The very first step was to go there," Martinez said, "to send a team for a couple of weeks to really investigate the country. Four groups split to go in every direction — from north to south, east to west — taking thousands and thousands of pictures. We came back with hours and hours of video, interviews and footage from just filming in the wild.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

"We were taking pictures of all the little details in the stores, of people’s doorsteps, of any building that caught our eye. We wanted to just understand how it all fit together, and we returned with such a large amount of data that we spent more time here in France just parsing it than it actually took to take the pictures. But it was very important, because then for the years after that it was our reference database to work from."

The end result was a series of produced videos the team used to set the tone for each location, but also a kind of scrapbook. Several of these 11-by-17 inch, spiral-bound tomes sit on desks at the studio outside Paris, heavily dog-eared and marked with Post-It notes.

For Martinez, these books are as much a treasure as they are a tool.

"This game is something we’ve dreamt about for a very, very long time."

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Tilting at windmills

One of the unique features of Bolivia, Martinez said, is the diversity of its regions. During their trip, his team was able to catalog 11 different ecosystems, some of which exist only in close proximity to the Andes Mountains. But knitting them together into a sensible game world was a challenge.

"The reason why we needed so much space on our map is because we wanted so many different environments," Martinez said. "If we had put in everything it could look like a mini-golf course or something. So we needed room to spread, to be large."

To accomplish their goal, Martinez and his team began to create a fictional amalgamation of Bolivia from the ground up.

The first step was to sculpt the terrain by hand, adding mountains and fields where they thought they might be necessary. But how do you keep such a large team (Ubisoft declined to give a headcount) of artists consistent when they’re working on such a sprawling map? One of the secrets, Martinez said, was to create tools based on geologist’s understanding of the process of erosion.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

"You have to think about how a river works." he said. "How does a river sculpt the terrain and the vegetation? ... If you can define those rules, you can probably start to feed them to your layers automatically with specific tools. Or, at least, you can share the same methodology with your whole team and everyone can speak the same language.

"For example, if we take a terrain and we take two different mountains, one big and one small, they’re very different," Martinez said. "The waterflow carries some sediment, and the sediment goes into the valley and all the rock particles are transported so the cliff top is going to be eroded. The cliffs are going to be less crisp, and the valleys will start to be created. You will know then where to place lakes and other rivers."

Using an understanding of how terrain forms naturally, Martinez said he and his team were able to create guidelines and actual tools to shape the land in realistic ways, always checking back with their on-the-ground images to make sure they were getting the overall feel just right.

"Once you understand this logic, you can start integrating this kind of stuff into the game. You can hand-apply it, or you can start to define the algorithm to help the artist."

That sort of attention to detail, he said, enabled his team to craft their version of Bolivia down to a very granular level, defining even the differences in the soil itself from place to place.

That, in turn, influenced the placement of some five million trees and two million bushes and rocks.

"The soil, the altitude, the steepness, the proximity of water or not ... all of that was being defined by the biome where the vegetation was going to actually grow," Martinez said. "For each tree we decided where it would be based on an understanding of every biome. ... If there was some water, we wanted to use more of a specific species there, and perhaps we wanted to make them bigger or more dense. We started to define rules for the grasses as well ... and how the presence of water would effect their color, and how densely they grow. How does the sunshine effect each tree? We computed that as well, and then we mapped the shadows of the mountains we had made and decided trees there are probably going to be weaker, or not as large. Perhaps they needed to be a different kind of tree entirely."

The end result, Martinez said, is a lush and varied landscape that players will enjoy exploring on foot as an infantrymen, or driving with their squad through the countryside.

"If someone has already been to Bolivia," Martinez said, "I wanted them to be able to recognize a specific place. And for someone who has never been there, I wanted them to be able to see something that they might actually be able to see if they went there in person."

But while Ubisoft’s Wildlands is very much a geotypical recreation of Bolivia, evoking rather than representing the country in minute detail, there are several areas of the map that have been designed more as specific landmarks. Without them, Martinez said, the team simply wouldn’t have been able to do the country justice.

There’s the Laguna Colorada, or the Red Lagoon, a shallow salt lake located in the high plains — known as the altiplano region — of southwest Bolivia. Martinez said it took his small team an entire day to travel there, but for its effort it has been able to craft a remarkable in-game facsimile.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

A separate team took the long, dangerous drive from Bolivia’s third-largest city, La Paz, to Coroico along the North Yungas Road. Known as the "Road of Death," the Yungas Road is a single, 40-mile long lane carved into the side of a cliff. One of the only roads between the two cities, it runs through some of Bolivia’s most beautiful broadleaf forests. It’s also responsible for the deaths of hundreds of motorists each year.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Another landmark is the train cemetery. The well-trafficked tourist destination is just outside the Bolivian city of Uyuni and is home to a small fleet of rusted out, late 19th century steam locomotives. Originally brought to the country by a team of British engineers working for local railway companies, they were largely abandoned in the 1940s when Bolivia’s mining industry collapsed.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Martinez and his team also attempted to recreate Bolivia’s famous silver mines, like the ones found near the city of Potosí. Continuously mined since the 1500s, the city is now home to some of Bolivia’s most impoverished indigenous people. Martinez and his team met them, and traveled below the mountains where they work.

"People have been digging in there for centuries," Martinez said. "It’s the same mines, and underground it is like a piece of Swiss cheese. They just buy some dynamite in the morning at the market and then they just go in there and blow up some rocks, hoping that it’s not going to fall down around them.

"It’s something you have to see for yourself. It was of course a bit shocking to us, the reality and the truth in front of our faces but it was an important part of how to be truthful to this country and to all the people we met there and to be truthful to their stories."

"It’s something you have to see for yourself."

By spending time with the Bolivian people, by asking about their lives and experiences, Martinez and his team believe they were able to truly make the game world feel authentic. Their anecdotes trickled down into every facet of the game environment, and even influenced the design of non-player characters and civilians in the game world.

Within each region of the map the population behaves differently, Martinez said. Each place has its own industries, and its own unique way of life.

"We have a full agenda for the NPCs, so they really live in the world," Martinez said. "They go to bed at night. They get up. They go to work. Whether or not you interact with them or not, they live their own life."

There was one encounter that stood out for Martinez during his time in Bolivia, and eventually came to influence the iconography of the game’s in-fiction enemies, the Santa Blanca drug cartel.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

"Just on the border of a road in the middle of nowhere we found this perfect scarecrow," Martinez said. "We asked the Bolivians, 'What the fuck is that?’ They told us that there was a settlement out there, or a village. What the scarecrow is saying is, ‘You are not welcome. If you are not coming with good intentions, or if you’re coming to rob, us you’re not welcome.’

"It’s a scarecrow for people. But when you are just driving in the car and you’re driving by and you’re just barely gasping that. We had to get out and ask these wonderful people about it."

Eventually, the story team borrowed that image to become the foundation of some of the religious iconography used by the Santa Blanca drug cartel. We’ll have more on Wildlands’ narrative in the new year.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Direct action

Mechanically, Wildlands will be an incredibly ambitious game for Ubisoft. As Polygon learned prior to E3 in June, the entire game is meant to be played cooperatively with up to four players .

"The whole experience has been built from the ground up to be able to be played by yourself, supported by AI teammates," lead game designer Dominic Butler said at the time. "Then, as friends come by they’re made available. Whatever happens with your friends, you’re able to join together and continue your progress unimpeded."

But it’s also a change in tone for the Ghost Recon universe as a whole. Gone are the clearly recognizable U.S. Army uniforms, ballistic helmets and the like. The order of the day is for Ghosts to blend in, wear their hair long and live among the locals in plain clothes.

"There’s a difference between special operations and special missions," said senior producer Nouredine Abboud in June. "Missions [in Bolivia] are long term. You will spend lots of time deep behind enemy lines, and there are many things that are happening in the background. This is kind of the fun idea even in terms of gameplay, exciting that you’re not just there to just do a special operations attack or just to execute these three guys."

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

In short, Wildlands will be more of an open world experience than the series has known in the past. The way that Bolivia has been created will encourage players to explore the wilderness and the urban spaces to create their own strategies, and improvise with the resources, weapons and skills they have at their disposal.

To enable that, certain locations in the game required special attention.

"In the case of a mission area, or if you’re really close to an enemy camp or to something specific we had to be really precise," Martinez said. "We have tools that help us to define rules and for how to place objects or sculpt the terrain at the larger scale or for more complex items. But we always feel that a lot of artistic control must be defined inside the curve once you apply these kinds of rules.

"Perhaps we want this kind of distance between each tree so we are sure that it is going to make good cover for the player when he approaches the camp from a certain direction; these sorts of things. So the key was to give artists the maximum amount of control — the finest control — but to create at a large, regional scale as well. So when it comes to control, ‘to the grass blade to the mountain’ was the key concept when we started. How can we control both, and at the same time design for both?"

For instance, the network of roads in Ubisoft’s Bolivia is huge, over 800 kilometers in total. Martinez and his team built them in much the same way that they built the landmass itself, using various algorithms. The same equations that drive pathfinding AI for the game’s enemies were put to work drawing roads, snaking around mountains and through valleys to connect large towns. Then, where needed, artists massaged them into place in order to meet specific requirements within mission areas.

To provide variety and the opportunity for improvisation, density was required as well. So the same process was repeated four times, once for large arterial highways and then again and again, down to the narrow footpaths cut into the jungle that aren’t marked on any map. The more than 150 kilometers of railway were designed much the same way.

Just as with real life, boots-on-the-ground infantry operations, weather will play a key role in how gameplay unfolds Martinez said. Each of the 11 different biomes has its own climate and its own periodical weather events, including monsoon-like downpours that will cause trees to bend and sway and obscure player and enemy vision alike.

The goal is to allow players to become more immersed in the world. And of course every game developer says that, but Martinez showed off a particularly breathtaking example of Wildlands' visual fidelity at the conclusion of his presentation.

Towards the end of an in-engine demonstration of the game’s weather effects, Martinez moved the game’s camera up high into the mountains. A light mist clung to the rim of a narrow valley several hundred feet above a tiny village. Sliding a dial along the right edge of the screen, Martinez caused Ubisoft’s proprietary Anvil engine — a highly customized version that his team has spent the past four years caring for — and lowered both the sun and the moon from the sky.

A single street lamp in the center of the frame showed a few cars moving through sleepy streets. But the distance, deep in the jungle crawling up the mountainsides were a handful of flickering lights.

They were campfires burning below the canopy, their lights filtering up through the leaves kilometers away.

"Do you want to attack at night," Martinez asked, "or do you want to attack during the day? Because enemies could be asleep at night. Of course it depends on which area you’re attacking.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Map Size; Here’s How It Compares to Wildlands

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

The Ghost Recon series’ transition from a linear tactical third-person shooter to a sandbox stealth game has seen it feature some of the largest open-world maps ever in video games.

In fact, at 170.2 mi², Wildlands is beaten only by Just Cause 3 on Twinfinite’s list of biggest open-world maps this console generation . So now that its sequel, Breakpoint, is out we couldn’t wait to jump in and do some rough calculations to see how it compares.

So how do we achieve this? Well, map measurement in video games is a bit of a tricky business, but thankfully it’s made a little easier in Breakpoint by a gridded map and Ubisoft’s signature waypoint system

By gridded map I mean the gridlines that appear across the map and section off areas into rectangles; and by waypoint system, I’m referring to the ability to drop a waypoint on the map and then check its distance from the player.

With the ability to measure in-game distance and a map that’s divided into rectangles, working out the total area of Breakpoint’s entire map is relatively simple.

Note: I’ll be working in kilometers until the final measurement as those are the units used in-game.

First, we measure the rectangle sizes and work out what surface area they represent. Rectangles appear in two types depending on your zoom level: the smaller rectangles (max zoom) are 3 x 1.5 km and the larger rectangles (regular map view) are four smaller ones combined, which works out to 4.5 km 2 and 18 km 2 respectively.

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Now that we know each large rectangle is 18 km 2 it’s just a case of counting the total number of grid rectangles and adding them together to find the area of Breakpoint’s entire map surface.

There are 112.5 large rectangles (15 across, 7.5 down), which means Breakpoint’s entire map surface is a whopping is 2025 km 2 (112.5 x 18 km 2 ) or 781.9 mi².

Of course, that’s not quite the whole story because the vast majority of this area is water and two of the map’s major islands, Moa and Golem, aren’t yet a part of the game.

Breakpoint’s playable area, then, is much smaller than this, and this is where the measurement starts to drift into guesswork rather than precise math.

Because Aroa’s islands don’t always take up entire grids and several parts of the maps are essentially inlets and fjords, I’ve had to make up a rule about what I consider “playable” and what is just empty space. Basically, anything reasonably close to the shoreline is counted. This gives us a rough total percentage of the surface area taken up by “playable space.”

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

The result? An estimated 70 small rectangles or 17.5 large ones taken up by playable space, making for a 315 km 2 or 115 mi² of playable map. That’s just 14% of the total map surface.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, that means that while Breakpoint’s map surface is way bigger than Wildlands (170.2 mi²), its playable area is actually slightly smaller.

That being said, it’s worth pointing out that Golem island’s arrival as the game’s raid island sometime in the future will likely make the games similar in size. And if Moa island really is the DLC chapter many fans believe it to be, that would make Breakpoint substantially larger than its predecessor.

That does it for our measurement of Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s map. If you’re after more information and/or tips on the game I’d encourage you to check out Twinfinite’s extensive guide wiki .

About the author

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

Alex Gibson

Alex was a Senior Editor at Twinfinite and worked on the site between January 2017 and March 2023. He covered the ins and outs of Valorant extensively, and frequently provided expert insight into the esports scene and wider video games industry. He was a self-proclaimed history & meteorological expert, and knew about games too. Playing Games Since: 1991, Favorite Genres: RPG, Action

More Stories by Alex Gibson

Ghost Recon: Wildlands review: "A stunning open world, brutal combat, and deep customization."

is ghost recon wildlands map accurate

GamesRadar+ Verdict

A stunning open world, brutal combat, and deep customization combine to bring Ghost Recon roaring back from the dead.

A huge open world with ultimate freedom

Endless customization keeps things fresh

Taking down the cartel with a friend is really satisfying

Small bugs make their presence felt frequently

Playing solo is disappointing once you’ve tasted co-op

You can’t ride the llamas

Why you can trust GamesRadar+ Our experts review games, movies and tech over countless hours, so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about our reviews policy.

It’s hard to believe that the first Ghost Recon title is over a decade and a half old, and it’s equally shocking to think that it’s been nearly five years since the most recent entry, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Other Tom Clancy titles have helped fill in that gap, but the typically excellent Ghost Recon sub-franchise has laid dormant. With Wildlands, it’s most certainly back, but it’s almost unrecognizable. Surprisingly, that’s not nearly as dire as it might sound. 

Like most of the Ghost Recon series, Wildlands throws you into a troubled, war-torn land that is absolutely overrun with bad guys who need to be dispatched as efficiently as possible. This time around the action takes place in the South American country of Bolivia. Plenty of artistic liberty has been taken with both the landscapes and politics of the region, but the game does its best to fit the story arc into something resembling modern-day world affairs. Thankfully, you’ll be too busy flying helicopters, rescuing rebels, and sniping heavily armed cartel members to care how well it pulls that off. 

From the very first seconds of initial mission it’s made clear who your final target is: El Sueño. El Sueño is the top boss and leader of the Santa Blanca cartel, which holds control over the entire region thanks to the massive wealth generated by its thriving cocaine business. Every single thing you do in Wildlands is ultimately just another small step towards finally taking El Sueño down, and even if you pause your story missions for a bit to take care of some side quests, those objectives are still linked to the overarching goal of putting ‘the Boss of Bosses’ six feet under. 

Wildlands is an open-world game in every sense of the word, with complete freedom of movement and frequent clashes with both cartel members and nefarious local law enforcement, which also happens to be extremely corrupt. You’re given total control to approach each objective the way you want, whether that means stealthily stalking a jungle hideout while sniping militants or driving a farm tractor into a military base and lobbing grenades at everything that moves. Sometimes stealth is necessary to survival, but other times doing your best impression of Rambo is not only extremely effective, but also a whole lot of fun. 

The singular goal structure is really what helps Wildlands separate itself not just from the rest of the Ghost Recon franchise but also from most other story-based open world games. The overworld map is like a directory of the smaller players in the Santa Blanca cartel, and each one has to be taken down in order to make progress, but it really doesn’t matter what order you do it in. Some of the areas of the map might have more enemy reinforcements, heavy units, or simply better tactics than those elsewhere, but there’s no arbitrary walls or invisible barriers stopping you from heading anywhere you want on the massive map. 

If you’re playing alone you’re given a compliment of three AI partners. They’re not terribly smart, but they’re definitely useful, and can be commanded to follow orders with reasonable accuracy. However, the game is really meant to be played with friends, and that’s made apparent once you add another player to your squad. As soon as a second human is present, all of your AI partners disappear, taking you from a four-man squad to a duo. Still, two human players are usually enough to carry out just about any mission in a few tries, so it’s not exactly game-breaking, but it’s also never really explained. The only glaring issue is that even after the AI soldiers disappear, they continue to chat and make small talk while traveling around the map. At one point I had just two player-controlled female soldiers in the car, but the drive to the next objective came with a humorous chat between two dudes. 

8 things I wish I knew before starting Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Customization is another huge strong point for Wildlands, and it’s clear that Ubisoft took many of the criticisms of The Division’s cookie cutter protagonists to heart because there’s an absolute wealth of ways to tweak how your character and weaponry look and behave. Your warrior can be as intimidating or ridiculous looking as you want him or her to be. A friend I teamed up with was decked out in full black tactical gear, while I chose white cargo pants, an orange plaid shirt, blue camo backpack, ski goggles, and cowboy hat. The best part is that the cutscenes are rendered using your in-game characters, so watching my ponytailed gal talk shop with other deadly agents while gazing through a pair of shiny, pointless ski goggles really made the entire experience worthwhile. 

That level of customization extends to your weaponry. There are dozens and dozens of guns to find in the world and add to your loadout, and each of them has a number of different components that can be swapped out. New barrels, sights, scopes, triggers, grips, launchers, stocks, and other bits and pieces are littered throughout Bolivia, and if you’re a completionist you’re going to want to rethink things a bit. Oh, and each individual component can have its own color scheme, too, in addition to the full-gun paintjobs available to choose from. This is a very, very deep game. 

Actually using the guns is a similarly blissful experience. Assault rifles like the M4A1 and AK-47 will quickly become your new best friend, and they’re extremely useful in just about any scenario. More specialized weapons, like sniper rifles or sawed-off shotguns, are either dreadful or a godsend depending on the specific scenario. If you find yourself in a long-range engagement with just shotgun ammo left in your reserves, your options become quite limited. Firefights feel tense and you’ll find yourself repeatedly toggling between the aim-down-sights and over-the-shoulder firing modes as you hop between the various types of cover and swap between weapons. Each firearm behaves slightly differently in battle, and each component can further modify that behavior. Learning the recoil patterns and managing the ammo capacity of a gun makes it a much more efficient killing machine, but branching out to new weapons never feels like you’re deliberately hindering your own effectiveness, which is a big plus.

As you collect new guns and accessories and use them to take down terrible people you earn experience points which can then be spent, along with credits you get for aiding the friendly local rebels, on upgrades to your soldier. These can range from new abilities like a deployable parachute to more stamina and health. Many of the skills have several levels, but the skill tree itself is fairly short. That’s not really a drawback, however, as it allows any soldier to be good at just about everything, which is crucial during solo play. 

The sense of scale in Wildlands never ceases to impress, but that ambition can also cause some headaches. The world map is absolutely massive, and although the exact measurements haven’t been revealed, it’s clear that it puts Grand Theft Auto 5 to shame. That’s a heck of an accomplishment, especially when you get a glimpse of the variety of environments Ubisoft managed to cram into this make-believe Bolivia, There’s salt flats, jungle, desert, tundra, grasslands, and everything in between, with no loading screens or stops. Unfortunately, while the game looks really impressive (on a standard PlayStation 4 even), the framerate can get a bit choppy during particularly hectic scenes. Battling a dozen soldiers? Everything is smooth. Add in a couple of helicopter explosions, a few waves of reinforcements, and a herd of 30 llamas kicking up dust in the glare of car headlights and suddenly things start to slow down a bit. 

That brings me to my only real issue with Wildlands: it’s too ambitious for its own good. Ubisoft has repeatedly said that this is the biggest open world game it’s ever made, and it truly is a stunning achievement as a final product, but the sheer size and depth of every aspect of the game has left many, many crevices for bugs to creep in. It’s not just the phantom AI soldiers having conversations in your ear. It’s the fact that the radio and NPC conversations aren’t synced for both you and your real-life co-op partners, the surprisingly frequent glitches that prevented me from reviving my allies in battle, and the bug that made me appear to my partners to be running behind every car I hijacked, when I was clearly in the driver’s seat on my own screen. 

None of those recurring glitches or other, one-time bugs I experienced were game-breaking, and most of the time they resulted in a fit of laughter rather than any actual frustration, but they’re definitely present. Still, it’s hard to look at those shortcomings as anything other than the small unwanted side effects of building a game as massive, detailed, and rich as Wildlands is. In fact, Wildlands is so far removed from what most have come to expect from a Ghost Recon title that it could have benefitted from shedding its sub-franchise namesake and simply standing on its own. It’s certainly got the legs for it. 

This game was reviewed on PS4.

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Review

A repetitive military shooter saved by crazy co-op antics..

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

After 42 hours, 1,415 enemies, and 17,644 bullets, I have completed Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ campaign and hit the level cap. I also crashed some helicopters, which may or may not have led to the accidental deaths of my fellow IGN teammates. That’s classified.

Wildlands’ map is, outside of MMOs, the largest I’ve seen in a game in a long time. If you played the beta ( 6.8 million of you did ), you were restricted to only one province; the final game includes more than 20 provinces, some smaller, some larger, all packed with things to do. Each area includes at least one Santa Blanca Cartel boss, hidden weapons and attachments, enemies to interrogate, fast-travel locations, skill points and resources, commendation medals, bases to raid, and more. If you want a game that’ll keep you busy for a while, Wildlands absolutely has your back.

Biomes aren't just eye candy; they have a major impact on how you play.

Speaking of vehicles, yes, the chatter is true: many of them don’t control well. Even on a bone-dry dirt road, some cars and jeeps feel like they’re skidding around on slick ice. After 15 or so hours I was able to pilot anything without much trouble, but it took far too long to nail Wildlands’ “feel.” Choppers, in particular, take a while to break in: once you’re cruising, you’re good, but building up to that speed requires a weird dance of tipping the nose up and down and easing up on the throttle. And, because the map is so large, you’re forced to spend a ton of time in vehicles to get to locations between fast-travel points. Also, it’s very common for high-priority targets to jump into a vehicle and flee, and if they get too far away you’ll often lose them and fail. These situations take an already uneven driving and piloting system and push it to its frustrating breaking point.

Wildlands’ main issue, however, is poor mission variety. For the first five or so provinces everything felt exciting. The next 15? Not so much. Until I switched to playing co-op, it descended deeper and deeper into repetition.

Flamethrower Guy, RPG Guy, and Guy With The Big Shield don't make an appearance.

These issues might have doomed Wildlands if not for its highly satisfying sandbox antics. When you’re a kid and you only have four action figures, what do you do with them? You fire up your imagination, go outside, and make your own ridiculous fun. The same goes for Wildlands.

Yes, you may be on your umpteenth extraction mission... but this time, what if you throw your target in the trunk of a car instead of lifting him out by helicopter? That seems like a good idea, but before you can get into the driver’s seat an enemy truck rams that car down a hill. Now you’re running downhill to check on your VIP passenger, all while shouting at your friends to find a new escape vehicle. In the distance, you hear mortar fire. A second chopper is closing in.

Then, maybe next time you’re on an extraction mission enemies may take out your escape vehicle and you’ll have to run through the woods at night, holding your target by the neck and taking out pursuing enemies with only a pistol. Just when you think you’re home free, you’ll get spotted. The chase continues.

Yes, the missions are too similar in design. You’ll undoubtedly feel the deja vu. But most of the time things don’t go the way you’d planned. The madness that ensues is what saves Wildlands, and what compelled me to keep playing well past the hours a human being should normally be awake. These are the moments I talk about when people ask me how I’m liking it.

Some of those moments are made memorable by the boss characters. Wildlands’ standard enemies may not be special, but it does a fine job of turning cartel bosses into more than just targets. None of them will join the pantheon of great video game villains, but in games like this, it’s often the case for underlings to simply feel like rungs on a ladder, something you just step on in order to move up. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor got around this issue by imbuing its minibosses with personality, and so does Wildlands. These characters are outlandish, unnerving, and pulpy. Remember when Walt and Jesse dissolved bodies in barrels of acid in Breaking Bad? One of the cartel bosses does that too, but he also has a beloved stuffed animal and the mental capacity of a child. Another boss duo of former doctors plays weird sex games while they torture and interrogate the cartel’s enemies. It’s decidedly silly, and often more than a little bit on the nose, but they left a mark on me nonetheless.

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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  1. How much is this game's map accurate to real life Bolivia?

    Completely inaccurate. The biomes, some specific locations like the train graveyard, environments , etc, look like real environments in Bolivia, but the geography, cities, etc, are made up. One_Scallion746 • 9 mo. ago Im hella late, but whole map of Ghost Recon Wildlands is fictional.

  2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Actual Map Size

    Their findings? A staggering 100 kilometers by 100 kilometers, translating to a whopping 10,000 square kilometers! How big is Wildlands? If the player measurements hold true, the map size is: 22.7 times larger than the official wiki claims 17.4 times larger than the closed beta calculations Over 3 times larger than the map of Grand Theft Auto V

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    The size of the map is meaningless in this game, there's a canned linear narritive, and the missions unfold in tiny areas. The exception of the occasional boring chase... The huge map area is uselss. #6 bRice153 Feb 21, 2017 @ 6:18pm Who cares if the map is filled with nothing.

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    WIKI GAME GUIDES Finally, it doesn't seem right to have a Wildlands map guide without at least one Youtube movie, so here's Wiki Game Guides explaining the enormous size of the Wildlands play area with a Bolivia fly past.

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    Ubisoft says Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is their largest open-world action adventure game to date. But even after doing a deep dive on how the art team created an entire South American ...

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    Wildlands is more of a simulation than most open world adventures. Common design tropes teach us that a soldier wearing a helmet is capable of withstanding more than one headshot. Typically, the ...

  9. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

    Wildlands' map is, outside of MMOs, the largest I've seen in a game in a long time. If you played the beta ( 6.8 million of you did ), you were restricted to only one province; the final game...

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    0:00 / 2:08 Ghost Recon Wildlands - How big is the map? In-game map revealed GamesRadar 682K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 46K views 7 years ago Want to know how big the Ghost Recon...

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    Nobody does open world quite like Ubisoft. Whether it's the busy cities of the Assassin's Creed series, the cross-country roads of The Crew, or the jungles of Far Cry, the French company always manage

  12. Maps

    Bolivia, Narco Road - This is an interactive map of Bolivia, the virtual game world available in Narco Road DLC for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Narco Road DLC for Ghost Recon: Wildlands takes place in an alternative version of the same Bolivia you've been exploring in the main version of the game.

  13. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Game Guide

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an open world tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Paris. It's the tenth installment in the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise and the first Ghost Recon game to feature an open world environment. The game features a setting similar to the original Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.

  14. Tips and Tricks

    While playin Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, these are things discovered not included within any tutorials or game menus. Each of these tips will help you stay efficient in completing ...

  15. Ghost Recon: The Ghosts of Bolivia

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands takes the franchise to Bolivia, a landlocked South American nation known for its rugged landscape and breathtaking ecological diversity. The game will also ...

  16. Ghost Recon Wildlands Map

    The Ghost Recon Wildlands map adheres to all the needs of any open world game, crossed with the trademark Ghost Recon feeling including smaller areas to explore, whilst employing a deafening sense ...

  17. Ghost Recon: Wildlands review

    Play Ghost Recon: Wildlands on only the best gaming PC; Ubisoft's biggest world yet. For a start, Wildlands map is huge. There's not an ounce of hyperbole in that sentence - with 21 provinces to ...

  18. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Map Size; Here's How It Compares to Wildlands

    The Ghost Recon series' transition from a linear tactical third-person shooter to a sandbox stealth game has seen it feature some of the largest open-world maps ever in video games. In fact,...

  19. Ghost Recon Wildlands review

    Read our affiliates policy. $59.99. View at Amazon. Ghost Recon Wildlands is better with friends, which means, if you follow the statement to its logical conclusion, it's worse without. Wildlands ...

  20. Ghost Recon: Wildlands review: "A stunning open world, brutal combat

    It's hard to believe that the first Ghost Recon title is over a decade and a half old, and it's equally shocking to think that it's been nearly five years since the most recent entry, Ghost...

  21. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a squad based Tom Clancy game that plays by the numbers. It stays true to the series' Rainbow Six-inspired roots, emulating the cold and calculated nature of organized ...

  22. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Trailer. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world and a minor role-playing game first in the Ghost Recon franchise developed by Ubisoft Paris focusing on a conflict with the Santa Blanca drug cartel and a small team of Ghost Recon operators sent to destabilize the cartel's operations in a fictionalized Bolivia in 2019.. Ghost Recon Wildlands was released on March 7th, 2017 for PC ...

  23. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

    After 42 hours, 1,415 enemies, and 17,644 bullets, I have completed Ghost Recon: Wildlands' campaign and hit the level cap. I also crashed some helicopters, which may or may not have led to the accidental deaths of my fellow IGN teammates. That's classified. Wildlands' map is, outside of MMOs, the largest I've seen in a game in a long time.