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Patricia Puentes

“No Time to Die” Review: James Bond Gets the Opportune Redo in Daniel Craig’s Last Spy Portrayal

james bond spectre places

Rating : 7/10

I promised myself not to mention how much of a soft spot I have for director Cary Joji Fukunaga — you need to see his version of Jane Eyre  — and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge — Fleabag  should be mandatory watching. Yet I’m unable to fulfill my promise because I believe they’re what make the 25th film in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, such an up-to-date and quasi-feminist movie.

I’ve never been much of a 007 enthusiast. I like the action-adventure spy genre with international locations and lots of production value but can’t digest very well some of the franchise’s inherent sexism. Yet I’ve been wanting to watch No Time to Die  — the movie opens exclusively in theaters on Friday, October 8 — since it was first announced Fukunaga was directing it. He’s also co-writing from a screenplay by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade — they had a hand in penning the previous four Bond movies starring Daniel Craig in the titular role: Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall  (2012) and Spectre  (2015). But I knew I was completely committed to this new Bond installment once Waller-Bridge was hired to punch up the script .

She’s responsible not only for making sure the movie has well-balanced women representation, but she also contributed to the whole plot  and brought the essential Britishness to No Time to Die , according to longtime Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. I’ve also decided to believe she’s responsible for all the jokes in the movie that made me laugh.

Fukunaga on the other hand is quite the complete auteur himself. Even though this is a big-budget studio movie of an aging franchise, his filmmaking idiosyncrasy still shows. He can capture romance and longing on screen in a way not that many directors achieve. He’s talented at continuous takes to fully capitalize on the action elements of the movie — not for nothing, he’s the director behind True Detective ‘s infamous season one tracking shot . And he even employs some horror tropes — he’s also the screenwriter of It  (2017) — in very specific moments of the film to accentuate the thriller aspects of the plot. Every shot in No Time to Die  is meticulously framed, lit and dressed for maximum effect and beauty.

Romance, Action, Adventure and Many Chases

james bond spectre places

The movie kicks off not long after Spectre  left things off, which is a problem because that film was released in 2015 and I didn’t deem it necessary to rewatch it. I don’t think you should either; the plot is easy enough to follow. We’re reunited with Bond and the psychologist Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), who are very much enjoying their entanglement. After a session of sea bathing, he drives his Aston Martin DB5 through the winding roads of Southern Italy at sunset. She wants him to go faster; he doesn’t see the need. “We have all the time in the world,” he tells her. And right that instant you know their consuming romance is doomed.

No Time to Die  explores the idea of feeling obsolete and getting old while portraying a retired Bond who spends his time fishing and sailing in Jamaica — it’s better if I don’t tell you how he ends up there. “You’ve done your bit and we thank you for your service, again ,” M (Ralph Fiennes), the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6, tells Bond when he hints at the possibility of getting back to work. But either for MI6 or because the CIA is calling, Jeffrey Wright returns as the American operative Felix Leiter, and you know Bond is going to go back to the running, jumping, chasing, fighting and killing business.

The movie takes the viewer from the hilltop city of Matera, in Italy, to the coasts of Jamaica, the Cuban nightlife, the streets of London and even a foggy forest in Norway. No Time to Die  was shot on location in most of those places — Jamaica stood in for Cuba — and practically manages to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat from one action sequence here followed by an adrenalin-fueled chase to the next paradisiacal setting there. But at two hours and 43 minutes the final hour of the film does suffer a bit from franchise bloating. And I got a little bit disinterested in a plot involving Rami Malek as the very villainous Safin. Although I understand over-the-top villains are one of the staples in any Bond film.

Fukunaga makes sure to also include all the other mandatory Bond ingredients: Vodka Martinis are shaken, not stirred; 007 introduces himself as “Bond, James Bond”; gadgets abound; there’s an homage to the iconic gun barrel sequence ; and even though Billie Eilish’s song for the movie — I’m betting she’ll add an Oscar to her long list of Grammy awards — is the most prominently featured throughout the movie, you’ll also hear some notes from the recognizable James Bond theme .

No Time to Die’s Women

james bond spectre places

But probably where No Time to Die  stands out the most — and where it caught my whole attention — is in its treatment of women. These are no Bond girls but women with agency. First, there’s Madeleine. The movie establishes her backstory and furthers the reason why she’s a good match for Bond.

I couldn’t help also being interested in where she buys her clothes, though. “We wanted for Madeleine something timeless, at the same time simple and feminine and sophisticated, but not too much,” the French Seydoux explains about her work with No Time to Die  costume designer, Suttirat Anne Larlarb, in the production notes of the film. “It had to be simple in the way that women can relate to and Suttirat really understood that.” They achieved it.

Then there’s the British-Jamaican Lashana Lynch. She plays Nomi, a 00 agent who irks Bond even if she’s all talent and brilliant execution. She’s his younger replacement and he can’t help but resent it a little. She has a sharp sense of humor too.

The Cuban-Spanish Ana de Armas plays one of the juiciest roles in the film. She’s Paloma, a Cuban CIA agent who helps Bond in the rescue mission of a scientist. In true spy flick fashion, it all happens during a black-tie party. Bond’s wearing a tuxedo, Paloma is wearing a navy slip dress. They both achieve lots of ass-kickings, stunt performances and hand-to-hand combat even in those unlikely garments. What’s best, even if there’s palpable chemistry between both agents, it’s clear they’re just colleagues on a mission. And Paloma is fully immune to Bond’s charms.

Naomie Harris rounds out the cast reprising her role as Eve Moneypenny. M’s secretary has come a long way since the early days of the franchise and flirting with Bond. Harris’ version of the character had previously appeared in Skyfall , where Moneypenny wasn’t desk-bound but working as a field officer, and Spectre . In No Time to Die  she plays a pivotal role in connecting Bond with the right intelligence, helped by Q (Ben Wishaw).

No Time to Die  marks the end of a Bond era and is Craig’s last movie as the titular character. For years now we’ve been inundated by stories about what British actor could take his place next. From all the men rumored to be the next Bond , my choice is Idris Elba. But I also see no reason why the franchise couldn’t simply make MI6 agent Nomi the next definitive 007.

That being said, what really intrigues me is not that much the identity of the new Bond — I’m still not an enthusiast of the franchise — but what Fukunaga and Waller-Bridge have in store and whether they could work together again — preferably on a non-franchise indie project, please.

No Time to Die  made it to our list of best and most talked-about movies of the year. Check out the other titles we included on the list .


james bond spectre places

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james bond spectre places

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Filming Locations Guide: Where was Spectre filmed?

Spectre Filming Locations

Down to Morocco: The Spectre Crater

Spectre Crater

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...so Bond was in England after all (Palazzo Cadenza scene) ;-)

james bond spectre places

Theese are amazing places f my fIrst bond film and i loved it so much!!

I loved seeing this movie it was amazing

Was the Spectre headquarters inside the crater a set or does it exist?

It was my backyard.

Other London locations included Spring Gardens near Trafalgar Square (MI6 Safe House) and Rules Restaurant

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007 Mission: The Spots in Tirol Where Spectre Was Filmed

© Tirol Werbung / Rodler Ilvy

"Spectre", the 24th Bond film, was shot in locations around the world – including Sölden and Obertilliach in Tirol. Scroll down to see the precise spots in our region visited by Daniel Craig on Her Majesty's service.

The highest paved road in the Alps. A spectacular steel cable car station high in the mountains. A summit restaurant that resembles an ice cube. All these eye-catching elements feature in the scenes shot in Sölden . This internationally renowned ski resort in the Ötztal Alps was chosen as the setting for some of the most spectacular action-packed scenes in the 24th Bond movie.

In behind-the-scenes footage, associate producer Gregg Wilson says that the film's producers had been talking about how to top the already super-successful “Skyfall” with “Spectre”. “Above all, need a great sequence. It’s going to be spectacular. Tirol offers everything that we needed to pull it off.” Production designer and location scout Dennis Gassner adds, “We are going to continue the history of the Bond films, making things that are exciting for the audience to look at – and what could be more exciting than being on top of the world?”

james bond spectre places

It was the first time the ultimate gentleman spy has graced the Tirolean mountains. He did so mainly because of the daring willingness of Jakob Falkner, head of the ski resort in Sölden. In April 2014, while attending an event, Falkner noticed that the Bond production company was considering shooting key sequences of the latest movie on the Gaislachkogl mountain above Sölden. This was when Falkner embarked on his own personal 007 mission to bring Bond 24 to the lofty peaks of Tirol.

Top-secret mission

With the support of “Location Austria”, which cordinates film productions shot in Austria, he contacted the Bond production company and travelled to London. Encouraged by friends and colleagues in the tourism industry, he embarked on his very own daring mission “to show the James Bond producers how strong our interest was by showing up in person.” As well as commitment and charm, he had strong arguments in favour of Sölden: “The resort is readily accessible, the logistics are excellent, and the views are sensational.”

It was not Falkner's first time in London. He had visited the city as a boy to learn English and remembers getting his hands on tickets for the world premiere of a James Bond movie. When he arrived at the cinema, there were so many people waiting that there was a queue to get to the queue. He and his friends thought “it wasn’t worth the wait” – and went to the cinema a few days later to see the movie.

The ice Q restaurant in Sölden

This time, his Bond mission was more successful. Sölden was put on the shortlist of locations with most potential and Falkner returned to Ötztal Valley “with a good feeling”. Soon, arrangements were made for the Bond production crew to go to Soelden to finalise plans for filming there. They wanted to drive the switchbacks of the road leading up to the Rettenbach Glacier to an elevation of 2,829 metres themselves. They wanted to tour the spectacular steel structure of the gondola station, the amazing viewing platform and the distinctive cuboid-shaped ice Q mountaintop restaurant in person to confirm the suitability of the locations in question.

One thing had to been taken into consideration, though. The road leading up to the glacier is usually closed in winter due to avalanche conditions. Heavy snow creates dangerous conditions for tourists, and as well for Daniel Craig.

The Sölden Glacier Road is the highest paved road in the Alps. The 1.8-kilometre-long Rosi Mittermaier Tunnel is the highest road tunnel in Europe. Though it is usually closed in winter, the road was specially opened for the filming of “Spectre”., © Jörg Koopmann

And ... action!

Back in Sölden, Falkner gathered a small team of experts who were the only ones in the know – no one else was initiated into the secret of the “B 24” mission. Eventually, the producers confirmed their plans for shooting Bond 24 in Soelden. In December 2014, the production team visited once again to prepare for filming by scoping out the locations. “Safety first” was the paramount rule but, luckily, the road could be opened. Spectre began filming in January 2015 with Daniel Craig, joined by Bond girl Léa Seydoux and a muscular henchman called “Mr. Hinx”, played by Dave Bautista. Shooting continued in February with stuntmen and extras.

Some of the indoor scenes were finally shot at the London Studios in a replica of the “ice Q” restaurant. Falkner flew to London to view the set. “That was really awe-inspiring,” he said. Of course, you won’t be able to notice the difference between original and replica in the movie.

Filming in Sölden for the new James Bond 007 movie took three weeks in total, including spectacular car chases and fighting against the white snow, mixed with a beautiful deep blue sky and the stunning scenery of the mountains. Falkner knew from the first second that the resort of Sölden and the British spy were the perfect match: “Bond is action and adventure. Sölden is action and adventure! They go together like hand and glove.” Just a few metres from the ice Q restaurant, local Tirolean architect Johann Obermoser has designed the spectacular 007 Elements adventure world in which visitors can see how “Spectre” was filmed and delve into the world of James Bond. The iconic cable car station visited by Bond is also open to the public. In fact, right next to the ski pistes you will see the winding road where 45 Range Rovers and two Britain Norman Islander planes engage in a spectacular chase sequence in the movie.

Like winning the lottery

Thanks to the wonders of technology, the chase which started in Sölden in North Tirol actually ends a few hundred kilometres away in Obertilliach in East Tirol. It was here that a traditional wooden hut (originally from Styria but taken apart and paintakingly rebuilt above Obertilliach) aptly named “Bond House” by local residents took centre stage. Shooting for “Spectre” took place at four locations in and around Obertilliach. Daniel Craig was on location for three days in the middle of January 2015, filming scenes at the so-called “Bond House” as well as on the ski pistes. The filming sites were abuzz with Bond fever. A farmer in the village even named two baby calves that were born on the first day of shooting “Daniel” and “Léa”.

Bond-Obertilliach-CEXPA-Johann-Groder, © EXPA – Johann Groder

Another shooting location was the historic village centre in Obertilliach. “This was the main reason why Obertilliach was chosen as the setting for the film’s mountain scenes,” explains mayor Matthias Scherer. In March 2014 he was informed that Obertilliach was on the shortlist for a Spectre film shooting. Soon after that the production company told us that if the local community gave their OK, they would not look for other locations anymore. Scherer knew he had to seize this opportunity with both hands. “For a tourism resort, a film shoot of this kind is like winning the lottery.” The film crew began preparing the area in anticipation of the arrival of the main unit in early September 2014. Snow was brought in by the truckload to top up the snow on the set in the centre of the village.

687 residents and one secret agent

The main filming in Obertilliach began in mid-January 2015. The ski lift was closed for two days to allow the crew to record the movie’s intense action scenes. Daniel Craig’s 007 was seen on set aiming at a target with his handgun. Various scenes involving the badly damaged wreckage of the cockpit of a crashed plane were also shot in Obertilliach. “In the previous winter we had cleared a lot of woodland to place the overhead power lines in the ground as they were often broght down by heavy snowfall. It turned out that this clearing was very useful for filming," explains the local mayor Matthias Scherer.

Watch out for the action-packed scenes in Obertilliach involving the badly damaged wreckage of the cockpit of a crashed plane., © EXPA – Johann Groder

As was the case in Sölden, Scherer says that working with the production company and the film crew was very pleasant and less complicated than imagined. “They made a real effort to take into account the needs of the local population,” he says. The friendly owners of a home situated close to the so-called “Bond House” in Obertilliach invited members of the cast, crew and security to warm themselves up over homemade delicacies in their lovely wood-panelled parlour. ‘Villainous henchman’ Dave Bautista felt so ‘at home’ that he enjoyed a nap on their sofa, next to the cat.

And once 007 had left, East Tirol returned to its roots as a peaceful place surrounded by wonderful nature. With Bautista, Craig, Seydoux and all the other actors gone, Obertilliach once again began welcoming visitors in search of rest and relaxation as well as action and adventure. The resort is known as one of the best spots in the world for cross-country skiing and biathlon. But it is also enjoyed in summer by hikers and bikers. And after all that effort, the only trace of 007 left behind in East Tirol is a small hut. Even the clearing in the forest has now disappeared, filled with trees that cover the spot where James Bond crash-landed in his airplane.

Daniel Craig’s 007 was on location for three days in January 2015, filming scenes in the village of Obertilliach., © Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

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Daniel Craig’s 007 was on location for three days in January 2015, filming scenes in the village of Obertilliach., © Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

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Dazzling lights and beautiful cityscapes: Ines Mayerl loves the exciting, fast-paced big city life. But no matter how far she may travel, she always returns home to escape to the mountains, to discover stylish, new cafés in Innsbruck and to hit the slopes.


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james bond spectre places

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james bond spectre places

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james bond spectre places

whens the trailer out

james bond spectre places

Hello Adam. Teaser trailer will be released 28th of March and full trailer is scheduled to be released on 4th of September 2015.

Is filming over now its july

And any chance film brought forward

Hello Adam. Looks like filming is over. We have heard rumours that there is a wrap party this evening (July 5th). SPECTRE global release date is still 6th November 2015

Waiting for the schedule for Morrocco

Hello. We will update this information as soon as we know. :)

Morocco lovely, I lived there many years.

Should be wrap after the shoot in N.Africa right ..?

Hello Glenn. Yes, we think so. As far as we know they are about to film 10 days in Morocco at the end of June, but we don't have any material of the filming so far. We hope to get some photos soon!

Is there any possibility the filming could go farther than July 5th? To maybe mid-July?

At this point it seems that filming will be wrapped in the beginning of July. However, it is always possible that they will continue at Pinewood studios if needed.

james bond spectre places

Does anyone know what the church in the funeral scene shown briefly in the trailer is? It looks like a Modernist, exposed concrete one... Any clues much appreciated! Thanks.

Hello Miss Marie. James Bond was supposed to attend a funeral at Cemetery of Verano in Rome, Italy but the plans were blocked by a mysterious and ancient religious order. Archconfraternity of the Departed, a religious order which historically provided burial for the poor and destitute, and which still has sway over the cemetery, has refused entry to cast and crew. They didn't want an invasion of trucks and heavy goods vehicles inside the cemetery. The Mayor´s office received earlier a request that "SPECTRE" crew could film in the piazza outside the Museum of Roman Civilisation and reworked the funeral scene there.

How long will spectre be

Unfortunately we don't know yet

Running time is 2 hours and 28 minutes

Thanks for this blog, have been following it over the year. The film is fantastic - clearly all this hard work has paid off.

Thanks Gary :) SPECTRE is really awesome. Good plot, great cast and wonderful locations!

Where was the Spectre lair filmed (it was in a meteorite crater in the desert)?

Hello John. Exteriors were filmed near Erfoud, which is an oasis town in Morocco. Interior shots were made at Pinewood studios, England

Been through Erfoud, there's nothing like that there. There is a nice Palace, maybe they stayed there. But where did they actually film the crater?

Hi. We heard today that the set was built in desert: Gara Medouar, Rissani, where the crater is.

In the film credits at the end it says the location where it was filmed in Tokyo ? But cannot see this

Hello John. Tokyo sequence was filmed at the Pinewood Studios End credits of SPECTRE states that the film was made at Pinewood Studios, London, England and on location in Mexico City, Mexico, Rome, Italy, Lake Altaussee, Styria, Sölden and Obertilliach, Tyrol Austria, Tangiers, Erfoud & Oujda, Morocco, London, England

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james bond spectre places

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Spectre Filming location

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Sölden and Spectre

Hotspot in the alps.

In 2015 the film crew for the 24th James Bond film, SPECTRE, arrived in Sölden. Locations in and around the resort were used in the film. The ice Q restaurant at the top of the Gaislachkogl Peak became the Hoffler Klinik where James Bond meets Madeleine Swann. This location is also where the snow chase began. Villain Hinx, and his henchman, kidnap Madeleine and drive off down the mountain whilst James Bond pursues them in a plane. Some of the action took place in the tunnel between the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers and adjacent glacier road.

The Gaislachkogl gondola station at the mid-station also featured in a tense sequence involving Q.

Glacier Road

Sölden James Bond Glacier Road

Tunnel between Rettenbach and Tiefenbach Glaciers and adjacent Glacier Road

Producer's request: "What we need is an extreme mountain road for action-packed chase scenes where Bond in an airplane hunts the villains right through the high Alpine mountain world. Amidst a scenic winter landscape. Can you do that?" Of course! You can even experience it firsthand when skiing down on Piste no. 30 leading from Rettenbach Glacier to the valley floor.

Gaislachkogl peak

ice Q Restaurant and summit (3048 m)

Glass-covered, spectacular, unique and one of the main reasons why Sölden was chosen as a filming location: fine dining in the ice Q gourmet restaurant at the highest levels – both culinary delights and breathtaking high-altitude location (3048 m) await our guests. But in the movie this futurist building has a different purpose. All we are allowed to tell you: not only snow is coming out of the cannons!

Sölden James Bond ice Q

Gaislachkogl gondola

Sölden Gaislachkogl Gondola Spectre

middle station

Probably the most modern mountain gondola in the Alps makes the best backdrop for a wintry James Bond Movie. The state-of-the-art middle station of Gaislachkogl Mountain Gondola has become a part of the action movie as well. A couple of film scenes took place in the triple rope gondola on its way up to the peak. Simply enter the panoramic cabin and enjoy a breathtaking mountain gondola ride.

james bond spectre places

Spectre Filming Locations

Poster for Spectre.

James Bond is pitted against a mysterious organization that is attempting to gain control of the sinister new global surveillance system and he finds himself fighting against a figure from his past.

Craig Films : Casino Royale , Quantum of Solace , Skyfall , & No Time to Die .

Other Bonds : Connery , Lazenby , Moore , Dalton , & Brosnan .

Spectre was filmed in Rome in Italy, London in the United Kingdom, Mexico City in Mexico, Tangier in Morocco, and in Austria.

Calle de Tacuba (between Marconi & Filomeno Mata) as Day of the Dead Parade

James Bond follows his target through the Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City.

12 Calle de Tacuba as Hotel (entrance)

Bond heads inside a hotel with some woman after spotting his target.

Gran Hotel Ciudad de México as Hotel (interior)

Bond heads up to his hotel room but then ducks out the window.

Xicoténcatl 3 as Hotel (roof)

Bond exits his hotel room and walks along to an adjacent building.

Xicoténcatl 9 as Building by Hotel

Bond runs across a rooftop near the hotel and exits from the ground floor after the building collapses.

Donceles 22B as Terrorist Building

A group of terrorist bombers meet in a building but they spot Bond who is watching from across the way.

Avenida 20 de Noviembre (between República de Uruguay & Venustiano Carranza) as Street near Square

Bond works his way through the parade after Marco Sciarra.

Plaza de la Constitución as Plaza de la Constitución

Bond chases the assassin to the center of the busy plaza, knocks out his guard, and gets into his helicopter with him. The subsequent fight in the chopper occurs mostly over the square (though most of it was filmed at a remote airfield and digitally added in).

Photograph of Her Majesty's Treasury & Revenue and Customs.

Her Majesty's Treasury & Revenue and Customs as Government Courtyard

Moneypenny approaches Bond as he is walking through the courtyard after meeting with M.

Source: The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations

1 Stanley Gardens as Bond's Apartment

Moneypenny visits Bond at his apartment and he shows her a recording from the former M.

Photograph of SIS - Secret Intelligence Service.

SIS - Secret Intelligence Service as Vauxhall Cross

Bond and Bill Tanner look at the old building from the river and later M, Q, and Moneypenny watch it being destroyed.

River Thames (near Vauxhall Bridge) as River Thames

Bond rides down the river with Bill Tanner to Q's new secret facility.

Photograph of Globo Television Network.

Globo Television Network as Canal

Bond and Bill Tanner arrive in Q's underground lab from the canals.

Via di S. Pancrazio (between Giacinto Carini & Mura Aurelie) as Road into Rome

Bond drives his stolen car into Rome.

Via Celio Vibenna (between Cerchi & Claudia) as Passing Colosseum

Bond drives past the colosseum.

Museum of Roman Civilization as Funeral

Bond attends a funeral and talks to the widow Lucia.

Villa di Fiorano as Lucia's Home

Lucia is about to be killed at her home when Bond arrives and saves her.

Passeggiata del Gianicolo (between Piazzale Anita Garibaldi & Via Garibaldi) as Road to Palazzo Cadenza

Bond drives down a tree lined road to the Spectre meeting.

Photograph of Blenheim Palace.

Blenheim Palace as Palazzo Cadenza

Bond parks his car and enters the Spectre meeting.

Via Garibaldi (between Passeggiata del Gianicolo & Giacomo Medici) as Chase around Fountain

Bond is chased out of the Palazzo Cadenza and around a fountain.

Via Nomentana (between Cagliari & Viale Regina Margherita) as Attempting Backfire

Bond attempts to use the guns in his car only to find that no ammo was loaded.

Via Nomentana & Via Reggio Emilia as Turning Corner

Bond and his pursuer turn around a corner.

Via Giovanni Vitelleschi & Via Properzio as Jumping Parked Car

Bond crashes through the roof of a parked car.

Borgo Vittorio & Via Plauto as Approaching Car

Bond is forced to turn when a car pulls ahead of him.

Vicolo delle Palline (between Borgo Pio & Via dei Corridori) as Behind Slow Driver

Bond gets stuck behind a slow driver and pushes him down the street.

Via Panisperna (between Salita del Grillo & Via di Sant-Agata de Goti) as Driving between Walls

Bond turns the corner and drives down the road between two high walls.

Piazza della Cancelleria as Watching in Review Mirror

Bond turns the corner and watches for his pursuer in the mirror.

Piazza di San Pantaleo as Turning Around

Bond turns off behind his pursuer forcing the other driver to spin around to follow.

Via Panisperna & Via di Sant'Agata de Goti as Down Hill

Bond drives over the crest of a hill.

Source: 007 Travelers

Via Panisperna & Via del Boschetto as Near Miss

Bond has to swerve to avoid a car passing through the intersection.

Via della Conciliazione (between Rusticucci & dell'Erba) as Chase towards St. Peter's

Bond is chased down the road towards St. Peter's Basilica.

Via dei Corridori & Largo del Colonnato as Chase around St. Peter's

The chase continues around a corner and through some arches.

Stairs at Via degli Scialoia as Driving Down Stairs

Bond is forced to drive down some stairs onto the riverside walk.

Tiber River (at Via Acciaioli) as Driving along River

Bond is chased along the river.

Tiber River (at Ponte Pietro Nenni) as Driving around Debris

Bond and his pursuer drives up onto the embankment to get around some debris.

Tiber River (at Ponte Mazzini) as Fire

Bond releases flames from his car and ignites the car following him.

Tiber River (at Ponte Sisto) as Crashing into River

Bond crashes the prototype car into the river after escaping with the ejection seat.

Lungotevere Farnesina (between Ponte Mazzini & Ponte Sisto) as Parachute Landing

Bond lands on the road with his parachute.

Photograph of London City Hall.

London City Hall as Tokyo Meeting

Representatives of various governments meet to vote on the new surveillance program.

Altausseer See as Altausseer See

Bond heads across the lake in a boat.

Jausenstation Seewiese as Mr. White's Cabin

Bond tracks Mr. White to his remote Austrian cabin.

Source: Wikipedia

London City Hall as Centre for National Security

M and Max Denbigh talk while walking up to Max's office in the new security building.

Ice-Q as Hoffler Klinik

Bond tracks down Mr. White's daughter, Madeleine Swann, to a mountaintop clinic.

Upper Station (Gaislachkogelbahn Mountain Gondola) as Upper Gondola Station

Q gets onto the gondola to ride down the mountain and one of Spectre's agents enters the car with him.

Ötztaler Gletscherstaße Tunnel as Mountaintop Tunnel

Madeleine's kidnappers drive her through a tunnel.

Ötztaler Gletscherstaße (bends) as Mountaintop Road

Bond follows the kidnappers car in his plane while Madeleine fights with them on the inside.

Middle Station (Gaislachkogelbahn Mountain Gondola) as Lower Gondola Station

Q uses the crowd of skiers to evade the Spectre agents.

Ötztaler Gletscherstaße & Mittelstation as Turning off Road

The kidnapper's convoy turns off the road and into the trees.

Field above Kartitsch as Sliding across Field

Bond's plane slides on its belly across a field.

Field above Obertilliach as Crashing through Building

Bond's wingless plane crashes through a building before sliding to a stop. This structure was constructed specifically for the filming.

Alley near Dorf as Arguing with Madeleine

Madeleine and Bond argue after her escape from the kidnappers.

Waller Staircase as Walking up Street

Madeleine and Bond walk up a staircase in front of a busy market.

Rue Bab Assa (between Jnane al Captane & Doukkala) as Walking up Road

Madeleine and Bond walk up a narrow road.

Palace Hotel Akaaboune as Hotel L'Americain

Bond and Madeleine arrive at Mr. White's hotel/safe house.

Freemasons' Hall as Government Building

M arrives at a meeting of the intelligence services only to find it has already ended.

Oriental Desert Express Line (west of Ouijda) as Train Leaving Town

The train carrying Bond and Madeleine leaves town and heads into the desert.

Rules as Restaurant

Q and Moneypenny visit M at a restaurant and he tells them it is safer if they leave Bond alone to work.

Road to Erfoud Crater as Driving to Spectre Base

Bond and Madeleine are driven to the hidden Spectre base.

Crater near Erfoud as Spectre Base

Bond and Madeleine Swann are brought to Spectre's hidden base in the desert.

Hill near Erfoud Crater as Spectre Base (helipad)

Bond and Madeleine walk up to the helipad while the base explodes behind them.

Photograph of 35 Spring Gardens.

35 Spring Gardens as Hildebrand Safe House

M, Q, and Moneypenny head to a MI-6 safe house to talk to Bond.

Photograph of Spring Gardens (south of The Mall).

Spring Gardens (south of The Mall) as Madeleine being Followed

Madeleine looks behind her as she is walking away from the safe house.

Photograph of Horseferry Road & Dean Ryle Street.

Horseferry Road & Dean Ryle Street as Kidnapper's Driving

The kidnappers drive down the street.

Photograph of Horseferry Road & Millbank Roundabout.

Horseferry Road & Millbank Roundabout as Driving around Roundabout

The kidnappers head around a roundabout.

Photograph of River Thames (near Lambeth Bridge).

River Thames (near Lambeth Bridge) as River Thames

Madeleine drives the boat up the river while Bond fires on Blofeld's helicopter.

Photograph of Westminster Bridge.

Westminster Bridge as Westminster Bridge

Blofeld's helicopter crashes on the bridge and Bond confronts him as he is crawling away.

Photograph of Whitehall (between Great Scotland Yard & Whitehall Place).

Whitehall (between Great Scotland Yard & Whitehall Place) as Bond & Madeleine Drive Away

Madeleine and Bond drive away.


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