Little Ghost Girl Playing With Her Ball

Little Ghost Girl Playing With Her Ball is a supposed ghost video uploaded by a Canadian YouTube user named FallenRamone on August 7, 2007. Shows back in the background a pictures of woman face appears along with a loud scream

It starts out with the narrator explaining that their apartment had strange noises coming from the last room, and they had put on their webcam to record all of the strange occurrences happening that night. It then shows the room featuring a bed, a cross hung on the wall, a giant speaker, a bunch of clothes on the floor, and the hallway outside of it being very well lit, The narrator explains every now and then what is happening in the video as it cuts back and fourth to the video. The Summer recordes in Los Angeles in 2007 Italic text Suddenly from out of nowhere after a while, footage of a toddler running around the room and into the hallway suddenly shows over the top of it with very low opacity, supposedly playing with a ball. The ending then shows the text explaining that after the narrator and their roommate watched the footage that morning after viewing it, they had moved out the following week in fear of what they had just saw on the footage.

The song that is playing throughout the video is called Salmarnir by American alternative christian rock band, Underoath, in addition, This video is the only video that is on their channel which adds to the scariness of it.

NOTE : the following video contains a screamer !

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More from the sun.

little ghost girl playing with her ball

Creepy footage shows child’s ball rolling by itself inside hotel as owner says it was the ghost of murdered little girl

  • Katie Balevic
  • Published : 12:16 ET, May 28 2021
  • Updated : 13:16 ET, May 28 2021
  • Published : Invalid Date,

A VIDEO from a supposedly haunted hotel shows a child's ball rolling on its own across the bedroom floor as other items shift involuntarily.

Some people say the footage is evidence that spirits roam the halls of the Magnolia Hotel, Texas, where a brutal murder took place in the 1800s.

The historically haunted Magnolia Hotel is located in Seguin, Texas

Erin Ghedi, who owns the hotel with her husband, said her cameras captured the footage at 10pm Saturday night.

The video shows a ball rolling across the floor, along with rem pods that light up. Meanwhile, a dress shifts in the upper right corner of the frame.

“The most exciting thing is watching the shadow figure enter the room on the top left corner by the door. It goes under the table,” Ghedi told KSAT-TV .

The "figure" is a spirit named Mrs. Read, who watches over the children, Ghedi explained.

“That is our children’s room where all of our little spirits enjoy playing because of all the toys,” Ghedi said.

“This was definitely sweet Emma because she is the one who enjoys rolling the ball.”

Ghedi said the 'shadow figure' is spirit who watches over 'the children'

Emma Voelcker is a 12-year-old girl who was killed in the hotel 1800s, according to Ghedi, who is also an author and historian.

"Emma is the little girl who was murdered in her own bedroom in 1874 while she was sleeping," Ghedi said.

"Her friend Mrs. Helene Faust was also blinded in the same attack when a man, assumed to be Mrs. Faust’s husband, Wilhelm Faust, struck them both with an ax."

Ghedi said Wilhelm Faust confessed to the murders and was later killed by Emma's father.

“Emma began showing up right after we started remodeling the hotel,” Ghedi said.

“Each time she would provide us with clues to help solve who the true murderer was."

Despite Faust's confession, Ghedi said someone else confessed to the murders years later.

The hotel is known for its paranormal history

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Person of interest named after mass shooter 'killed 22 and wounded 60' in Maine

'22 dead & 60 hurt' after active shooter targeted multiple locations in Maine

'22 dead & 60 hurt' after active shooter targeted multiple locations in Maine

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Shock update in Edwin Castro's 'stolen Powerball ticket' police investigation

I pulled my kids out of school because their teacher is fat

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"Now (Emma) has grown attached to the other children’s spirits, the hotel and our, and many other’s, love for her which is why she comes forward so often," she said.

Ghedi knows of at least 20 spirits that roam the Magnolia Hotel.

The hotel is known for its paranormal activity. It was built in 1840 by James Campbell, one of the first Texas Rangers, according to KSAT-TV.

  • Ghosts and the supernatural

little ghost girl playing with her ball

Alchey Buzz

The Little Ghost Girl

One day a boy named Veer, was playing in the garden with his friends. Suddenly the ball flew up into the air and fell into the compound of a big old bungalow.

One of his friend's shouted, “ DON’T go into that house my parents said that a Ghost lives in that house ”.

Veer replied,“ There are no such things as ghosts ”. And he went inside the bungalow. The bungalow was covered with spider webs and dust. He walked inside and looked around but he couldn’t find his ball. Suddenly he heard strange noises. He saw a little girl's ghost with long hair. Veer got very scared and he started running. He ran and tried to hide but the Ghost Girl kept appearing in front of him. 

The Ghost Girl said, “ I am not going to eat you. Don’t run boy. Please wait”. Veer stopped running, the Ghost Girl asked him “Can you play with me?"

Veer was shocked and surprised to see the Ghost Girl asking him to play with him but he replied – “ I came here looking for my ball”.

Then she said “I will you give the ball after playing “.

Then the boy asked “Is this your house?"

She replied “YES, this is my home “.

Outside the bungalow, Veer's friends were worried about him, so they decided to go inside and check.  When they went inside they saw Veer happily playing with a Little Ghost Girl. They all started running in all directions.

Then the Little ghost Girl said “ I am not going to eat you. Come and play with me but don’t tell anyone about me”.

They all started playing with little ghost Girl and became good friends. They called her ANGEL.

Moral of the Story: Don’t Be Scared, Not Everything that looks scary will harm you.

Written By :-   Shreyanshi  Anand

The Little Ghost Girl

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little ghost girl playing with her ball

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Breaking the Silence

Why the ghost of a little girl now comforts instead of haunts

I realize that maybe she kept coming back because she had felt the love in my hands as I tried to save her

By Tami Bulik, Lakota Ambulance, EMT-A, 30+ years in EMS

This story reveals how piece by piece I learned to deal with the ghosts that follow me around … how I was finally helped by a friend to look at my ghosts differently ...

I anxiously watched the clock’s second hand slowly ticking off the seconds until this shift was over and my ears strained to hear the sound of my replacement driving in the gravel driveway. Thinking “to Hell with the call gods,” I packed up my duffel bag that had become strewed around the on-call bedroom during the 48-hour shift and silently dared the call gods to page me out for another call in these last 15 minutes.

It’s common knowledge after all that if you pack up your duty bag before your shift is over, you are practically guaranteeing yourself another call. But not this time. This time the call gods must have sensed the looming breakdown. They must have known what I did not know. Whatever it was, they waited until 11 minutes after I punched out to drop the tones and page the rig out to an assault on the other side of the reservation.

As EMS6 lumbered out of the driveway with lights and sirens blaring I tossed my duty bag into the backseat of my car and slid exhaustedly into the driver’s seat. If this hadn’t been a “shift from hell,” I may have even felt a little bit of guilt about not even offering to assist the EMT on call. But I didn’t. Not this time. This time all I could think about was getting home. Home to a few hours of solitude and the possibility of sleep until it was time to pick up my son from daycare.

Shifting the car into gear I followed the rig’s tracks down the snow-covered driveway and turned in the opposite direction it had taken and began the long journey home. Four hours of traveling time that I usually enjoyed and used to clear my mind of the events of my shift. Four hours of “me time,” time to think about what I wanted to think about or daydream about anything. Sometimes I cranked the radio up and popped in my favorite CD, but this time I wanted solitude. There was a fresh layer of sparkling snow covering the trash and thrown out garbage that littered the sides of the road here and everything was glittering with the sun’s reflection on the pure snow. I didn’t want to ruin the fresh beauty of the day so I left the radio off and in the silence I admired what a beautiful job God had done creating this land.

Driving along the road and listening to the muffled sound my tires made as they hummed along on the freshly fallen snow, I was slowly decompressing and transitioning myself from EMT to mom. I was closing all the doors and lowering all the walls that kept my EMS life, and all the horror and tragedy that I see in it, away from my real life. I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders as I caught a glimpse of a bald eagle soaring through the crisp spring air over the pastures and rolling hills surrounding me. Just as a former partner of mine had taught me, I tossed a cigarette fresh from my pack out the window as an offering to the spirit of the eagle and whispered a quick prayer and began to feel a peaceful blanket cover me in warmth and chase away the chill of the last 48 hours.

I decided that if I got home early enough this afternoon I would pick my son up from daycare and take him to Wylie Park for the day instead of going home to sleep. I smiled thinking about how he loved going there and seeing all the animals and playing in the fairy tale worlds they had so skillfully created. The sun was warming the air enough now to create a beautiful effect that made the snow sparkle and glitter like ice crystals and light up everything around it. Today was going to be a wonderful day.

And then I came to the curve. The curve where 22 hours ago there had been a tragic accident. The curve where we had scooped up the tiny body of a 3-year-old girl who had been thrown from the back window of the car her drunk mother had rolled while trying to negotiate the curve at a high rate of speed. I tried not to look at it. I tried not to let my anger at the mother and the pain of losing the child fill me with sorrow. I tried to keep those feelings on the other side of the wall I had built in my soul. Tried to keep them where they belonged and contained to a different part of me.

But my eyes were drawn to a tiny little pink cross with white flowers on it standing there, like a brave little soldier surrounded by busted car pieces and empty beer cans and random pieces of paper. Silently standing guard in the middle of the ditch and daring me not to care. Daring me to drive by without letting the walls come down and reliving the entire call in my mind. Daring me to not shed a tear, to not to feel the anger I had felt earlier towards the mother. And the wall in my soul crumpled and buckled under the weight of the memory of those beautiful brown eyes of the child glazing over as the life drained from her body beneath my hands.

I pulled the car over to the side of the road and dissolved into a ball of sobbing tears and gasping breaths for air. The sadness and the futility of the fight to save the little girl’s life filled my entire being and I cried for at least an hour. I let the tears flow and the emotions take over as I sat in my parked car and stared at that tiny little cross so bravely marking the spot where a beautiful little girl had lain just hours before all crumpled and broken.

I ran the entire call through my mind again and again, critiquing everything I had done, everything I hadn’t done. I questioned myself if there was anything I missed, anything I could have done differently. I knew that I had done everything I could and had given her every chance I could to live, but I still couldn’t make a difference. I cried as I remembered seeing the mother’s expressionless face as she lay on the long spine board secured to the bench seat beside her dying little girl. Uncaring, unaware, or maybe just unable to feel the pain, or understand that she had just killed her baby. Maybe her life was so miserable that she didn’t expect anything less than to lose a precious little girl that she had given life to. My mind replayed how she had screamed at me to give her something for the pain in her leg while I was trying to intubate her little girl. How she had called me a “white bitch who didn’t give a damn about her” when I was doing compressions on a tiny little chest that was crumpled and broken inside. I once again felt the cold grip of her hand as she grabbed my arm while her daughter took her last breath and demanded that I call her ex-boyfriend and tell him his “baby girl” was dead.

I felt the empty hollowness in the pit of my stomach that I had when my partner and I had walked past the trauma room that held that tiny little body on the cold metal steel bed, covered with a white blanket and lying all alone while her mother cursed out the hospital staff across the hallway from her.

I worried about my partner and recalled the hollowness in her voice when I asked her in the rig on the way home if she was okay and she shrugged her shoulders and said “yeah.” I told her I was going to call a CISM (critical incident stress management) team in and she shrugged her shoulders again and said “I won’t come anyway,” and I tried to talk to her knowing full well that she wouldn’t talk about it until she was ready. I knew she would just go home and call up her buddies and they’d go out and get drunk and there wasn’t anything I could do about. I looked over at her and I told her, “You know you’re like a little sister to me right?” and she shrugged and nodded her head. I knew she would be calling in “sick” to work for our shift next weekend and I probably wouldn’t see her again until she had dealt with this in her own way. “You know I love you right?” another nod, but this time without the shrug to her shoulders. A small victory. A small acknowledgment that she knew how much I cared about her and wanted to help her whenever she was ready. And we rode the rest of the trip back to the bay in silence, both of us lost in our own thoughts as the headlights of the rig guided us through the dark cold night back home.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and began to close the memories and feelings back up behind the wall in my soul, and I stared at that little pink cross in the middle of the glittering snow and prayed that whoever had placed it there had shown the little girl some measure of love. I prayed that in her short life there had been someone there to give her some measure of happiness. And I told her that I was sorry that I couldn’t keep her alive and that she will always be loved by me and that her memory will be carried in my heart. And finally, I asked her to forgive me and I wished her a safe journey to a place where I knew she would be happy and feel a glorious love. Then I put my car back into gear and continued my journey home.

The cross is probably gone by now, but I have carried her memory in my heart since that day. Several years and many calls later, I have finally become friends with her spirit that has visited me many times since that tragic night. She always seemed to come in the dead of the night, or in moments of great stress when I felt like I was all alone and couldn’t do this job anymore. At first it would make me sad and make me question why I even kept putting the uniform on and why I was going out to do this job over and over again until I finally talked to a friend about her.

I told him how I felt she was pleading with me and asking me why I let her die. I told her how she always seemed to show up when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore and he asked me if maybe I was looking at it the wrong way. He helped me to look at in a different way and realize that maybe she kept coming back because she had felt the love in my hands as I tried to save her. Maybe she kept coming back because I was the only one here that had shown her true and selfless love, helping her with no thoughts of any reward in return. Maybe she was coming back to tell me it was okay. That she knew I could not have saved her. Maybe she was telling me thank you. And now she comforts me instead of haunts me. She helps me to be a better provider and reminds me that this is the job I love, this is where I was meant to be.

She is piece of me, she comforts me, and I will carry her forever in my heart.

About the author

Recommended for you, helping the helpers, coping skills: finding an outlet, the wins make it all worthwhile, ems week 2020: reflecting while we celebrate, when ptsd comes knocking, that sinking feeling when the tones go off, join the discussion.

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little ghost girl playing with her ball



little ghost girl playing with her ball

  • March 17, 2020
  • No Comments

The Ghost of Gracie Watson

Savannah Georgia is considered by many to be the most haunted city in the United States. (Can you still call it a ghost-town if there’s still people there?) With that kind of title, one would expect that there would be many ghost stories tied to the town, and there are. There are quite a bit of stories and experiences.

Established in 1733, Savannah Georgia is the first city in the state. Given that, it does make some sense there would be so many ghosts, but it also does beg the question as to why this is the most haunted city and not another older city. Perhaps it’s the enticing atmosphere that no other city of America can provide.

Nightly spirits - image 276 - 1

There are multiple notable ghosts of Savannah Georgia , one of which is a young girl, Gracie Watson. Unlike many at the time and the past, her untimely demise was not one from war, murder, or another sinister motive. No, although still sad, she fell victim to pneumonia, which granted, death to disease wasn’t uncommon, especially for children. 

The Spirits of Savannah Georgia 

As previously said, Savannah is considered the most haunted city in the United States . To provide substantiation to this, some examples would be the Hamilton-Turner Inn, the Marshall House, 17 Hundred 90, Pirate’s House, Kehoe House, and the Moon River Brewing Co. Another example that ties into this all is the Bonaventure Cemetery.

This makes sense given the amount of tragedy. There were also fires and diseases within the town. In 1796, the city of Savannah suffered a catastrophic fire. The fire ended up destroying 229 houses and 146 other buildings. You can imagine the number of deaths that would come out of that.

After that, there was another fatal fire in 1820. This fire broke out in a stable and subsequently destroyed 500 buildings, luckily, or as lucky as you can be in that situation, the fire died by the afternoon. Once again, you can imagine the numbers, which left some to wander the streets of Savannah as an apparition, a shell of their former life. 

Before the fires, there was also an epidemic of Yellow Fever . The disease ravaged the city and there was no known cure for it at the time so all they could do is hope their immune systems were good enough to survive. Around 700 Savannah residents died from the disease and most were placed in mass, unmarked graves.

This was not the last time such an epidemic of Yellow Fever would occur as more did in 1854 and 1876. Living without medicine sure is scary. But once again, many lives were lost by this and you can just be happy that medicine has advanced enough to where this becomes less of a concern.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn 

The Hamilton-Turner Inn became famous due to the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Which spoke of the parties thrown by one of the numerous owners of the Inn. This prestigious hotel is also pet-friendly so it’s possible your pet can let you know about a ghost so you can be sure you don’t miss out.

Paranormal activities include ghost children laughing, billiard balls rolling, and a cigar-smoking man on the roof. Surely if you make a good joke, the children will laugh, that is unless they died without their sense of humor intact.

The Marshall House

The Marshall House is similar in the regard that it’s also a hotel. Not only has it been a hotel but it has also been a hospital three times, either to treat the wounded or treat the sick during the civil war and the Yellow Fever epidemic. The paranormal includes seeing ghosts in hallways, hearing nonexistent children and faucets turning on by themselves.

Within the Marshall House is a small museum. It offers a collection of prints, newspapers, letters, and documents originating from the Civil War. This could potentially give insight on any ghosts inhabiting the house. With insight into the ghosts, it might be easier to spot one if you get enough information.

17 Hundred 90

Similar to the other two, this one is also an Inn, but also a restaurant, how fancy. 17 Hundred 90 is pretty tame for the dining area, you may hear a cook banging pots together or a servant boy. For the Inn, there’s Anna, a famous ghost of the city, who haunts the upstairs guest rooms. 

The Kehoe House

For some reason, most of these haunted places are places of relaxation. The Kehoe House is a bed and breakfast that used to be a funeral home, how cozy. Local legend has it that there were 10 children of the Kehoe family but two of them died. 

There’s no actual proof in that but there have been people who say they have seen ghost children. It is pretty difficult for there to be ghost children present if no children actually died. Unless of course, the ghost children aren’t part of the Kehoe family.

The Pirate’s House

Moving to something new, The Pirate’s House is a restaurant that used to be a saloon for seamen as the name might suggest. However, the saloon has a dark past of many being shanghaied which is being forced to serve as part of a crew on a ship. Ghost experiences for this include seeing ghostly pirates walk through the dining area.

Moon River Brewing Co.

What’s considered the most haunted place in Savannah, you ask? Well, to many, that would be the Moon River Brewing Co. This beerhouse has accounts of patrons and staff saying they’ve seen a woman on the staircase, bottles being thrown at them, and tricks even being played on the staff.

This is a beerhouse so you must wonder if the ghosts get tipsy themselves. Which is why they throw bottles and play tricks on the staff. How spooky; either way, getting hit by a bottle thrown by a ghost does not seem all that pleasant.

The Bonaventure Cemetery

Nightly spirits - image 277 - 2

Like the Hamilton-Turner Inn, the Bonaventure Cemetery was also made famous by Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil , this is due to it appearing on the cover of the book. Paranormal activity at this site includes seeing tears of blood streaming down the statue of Gracie Watson and even hearing a pack of dogs snarling and barking.

Poetically, this cemetery is considered by some to be one of the most beautiful in the country and even the world. I suppose that means there is some truth in the saying that there’s beauty in death. Like Gracie Watson, there are also other statues within the cemetery and some say that the statues grimace or smile at you when standing beside them.

The Life of Gracie Watson

Gracie Watson, affectionately known as Little Gracie, is the daughter of Wales J. and Frances Watson. Originally from Massachusetts, she was born on July 10, 1883, and died only 6 years later on April 23, 1889. Her cause of death was pneumonia and although she lived a short life she still had an impact on her family and those around her. 

Her parents ran the Pulaski Hotel and Gracie often played in the hotel. She also entertained guests by dancing and singing songs and practically became the unofficial greeter as well. She would also play under the back stairwell of the hotel, such is the joyous and pure nature of children. 

Given this, it makes sense that her parents and those that were around Gracie would be devastated by their loss. Childhood mortality rates were high but that didn’t soften the blow of the loss. Her parents still lost a wonderful, energetic child. It’s clear she made a positive impact on many lives. 

Due to the death at a young age mixed with her parent’s sorrow and love, they hired a sculptor. A John Walz, he was commissioned by the father to represent Gracie in the form of a statue. And he did. 

Using only a photograph of Little Gracie, John Walz made a life-sized and photo-accurate representation of Gracie. A statue that now sits in the Bonaventure Cemetery. 

Due to the popularity of the statue, a fence has been placed around the site to prevent destruction either purposely or accidental. Which is fair given no one is interested in losing such an iconic part of the Bonaventure Cemetery.

After her death, her father fell into depression and ended up moving towns and the Pulaski House altogether. It’s a sad tale, there’s no arguing against that. At the very least, there’s a permanent physical representation of who their daughter, Gracie, was. Due to that, her memory still lives on to this day.

The Afterlife of Gracie Watson

Nightly spirits - image 278 - 3

Lively in life, lively in death. Some things just never change, and Gracie Watson’s behavior upholds such a saying. Her ghost has been seen many times in Johnson Square. Little Gracie has been seen playing in the Square, running through bushes, and also interacting with people. I guess once an extrovert, always one. 

Seemingly when she is seen it is by someone sitting on the benches of Johnson Square, which makes sense given they’d have a lot of time to be able to see her. When she is seen, her appearance is of her wearing a white dress.

In Bonaventure, it would seem that Gracie is one of the more active spirits if not the most, at the very least she is still one of the more active spirits in Savannah. Visitors will leave items for Gracie , be it flowers or even playthings. Local legend says that if you remove one of the playthings then the statue of Gracie will start to cry tears of blood.

There’s apparently no trace of any kind of tear on the face of the statue so ghost-tears are a possibility. Another local legend says that if you place a quarter in her hand and then circle around the statue three times then the quarter will disappear. It’s like a coin-donation bin but instead of the coin going in circles, you do, how exciting.

After her death, her mother and Pulaski House staff claimed to still be able to hear her laughing and playing. This cannot be experienced today given that the Pulaski House has since been torn down. But the spot where the hotel used to sit still has many sightings of ghosts and potentially even Gracie.

Gracie Watson of Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia is considered the most haunted city in America. There’s a strong chance that this will not change for a long time, hopefully not anyway. If it switched then Savannah would get less attention and so would Gracie Watson and other ghosts. They may be dead but they still deserve attention.

As said, there are many haunted spots within Savannah seemingly it’s focused on hotels and restaurants. But that’s not all as cemeteries are a big part of the paranormal aspect of the city as well. Mainly Bonaventure. Bonaventure also happens to be one of the most beautiful cemeteries that you will find in the country and potentially the world.

A part of Bonaventure, Gracie Watson plays a large role in its paranormal importance and popularity. This is thanks to John Walz, who made her statue that potentially cries tears of blood and can make quarters disappear out of the palm of her hand. Aside from just the statue, she is also active in John Square and where the Pulaski House used to be.

Savannah’s popularity partially comes from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, where Bonaventure Cemetery acts as the cover and the Hamilton-Turner Inn is referenced. Also, due to Gracie’s popularity, there is an iron fence placed around her gravesite. This is to prevent any further damage.

Despite the fence, this does not stop visitors from placing items on the perimeter of the fence as a gift to Gracie. In life, Gracie was popular with the guests of the Pulaski House. In death, Gracie is popular with many tourists and residents of Savannah alike. There’s only one way to find out if these stories are true though, and that’s by visiting it yourself.

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little ghost girl playing with her ball

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Southern California is all about surf, sand, and sunshine. The amazing weather and stunning scenery

little ghost girl playing with her ball

Nashville’s Top 5 Most Haunted Locations

Nashville is a fascinating city in many ways. The Grand Ole Opry, Elvis Presley’s Graceland, and

little ghost girl playing with her ball

Spookiest Spots in Georgia

Georgia is well known and well loved for its famous sweets and picturesque landscapes, but

little ghost girl playing with her ball

The Haunted Wright Square in Savannah

Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been tales of otherworldly occurrences, especially tied

little ghost girl playing with her ball

Ghost Tours & Pub Tours

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  • New Orleans
  • San Antonio
  • St. Augustine
  • Washington DC

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  1. Ghost Child playing Ball?

    little ghost girl playing with her ball

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    little ghost girl playing with her ball

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    little ghost girl playing with her ball

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    little ghost girl playing with her ball

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    little ghost girl playing with her ball

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    little ghost girl playing with her ball


  1. little ghost girl playing with her ball

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  4. little ghost girl playing with her ball

    me and my roomate kept on hearing strange noises comming from the last bedroom, during the night... so we set up our webcam to rec.

  5. Little Ghost Girl Playing With Her Ball

    The song that is playing throughout the video is called Salmarnir by American alternative christian rock band, Underoath, in addition, This

  6. Little ghost girl playing with her ball.

    TikTok video from Mermids (@mermidsman): "Little ghost girl playing with her ball. #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #nostalgia #2000sthrowback #throwback #ghost

  7. girl playing with ball with ghost|TikTok Search

    Little black girl who was not given a medalBest Korean Food in Seattle.

  8. This creepy video shows a ghost girl supposedly playing with her

    224 Likes, TikTok video from TheRodriguezTwins (@therodrigueztwins): "This creepy video shows a ghost girl supposedly playing with her hair.

  9. Creepy footage shows child's ball rolling by itself inside hotel as

    ... ghost of murdered little girl. Katie Balevic. Published: 12:16 ET, May ... “That is our children's room where all of our little spirits enjoy

  10. The Little Ghost Girl

    Then she said “I will you give the ball after playing “. Then the boy asked “Is this your house?" She replied “YES, this is my home “. Outside

  11. Why the ghost of a little girl now comforts instead of haunts

    I realize that maybe she kept coming back because she had felt the love in my hands as I tried to save her.

  12. Little Ghost Bead Ball Squeeze Toy Pressure Squeeze Balls Tpr

    Shop little ghost bead ball squeeze toy pressure squeeze balls tpr prank toy water ball vent ball foam beads halloween boys girls on Temu.

  13. Mysterious encounters with little girl at Commodore Hotel

    ... ball,” she recalled. In 2007, the Dumonts bought the ... ' And he said, 'Oh, I'm looking for the little girl because I want to play with her.

  14. The Ghost of Gracie Watson

    Her ghost has been seen many times in Johnson Square. Little Gracie has been seen playing in the Square, running through bushes, and also