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Luigi is a playable character in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 . He is the younger brother of Mario . He can be unlocked when the player makes a certain progress. Luigi can jump higher and run faster than Mario, however, he stops slower.

Before being a playable character, Luigi is a supporting character that not only gives emotional support, but also supplies Power Stars in Super Mario Galaxy. His first appearance is in the first star of Ghostly Galaxy .

Physical Appearance [ ]

As a twin, Luigi looks similar to Mario, except Luigi wears a green shirt and wears a green cap with an "L" for "Luigi". His overalls are also much darker blue than Mario's. Like Mario, he has brown hair and blue eyes. He also has a black mustache like his brother, but is much smoother compared to Mario's.

How to unlock Luigi [ ]

  • Luigi can be unlocked when the player collects all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy. He will then have his own version of the game nicknamed Super Luigi Galaxy.
  • Luigi can be unlocked after the player collects 30 stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2, however, he only shows up on certain levels. After beating Bowser's Galaxy Generator , you can switch to Luigi on Starship Mario anytime.

Differences From Mario [ ]

  • When Luigi spins underwater, he loses 1.5/10 of his air.
  • Luigi runs faster than Mario does.
  • Luigi jumps a shorter distance than Mario does.
  • Luigi comes to a "sliding stop".
  • Luigi jumps higher than Mario.
  • 2 Green Stars
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How do I make the ghost Luigi disappear after clearing the level with Luigi?

Super mario galaxy 2, super mario galaxy 2 (wii).

  • How do I make the Ghost Luigi disappear after clearing the level with Luigi? willowdale - 13 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  • You cant remove him. But he doesn't activate unless you touch him either. 578t7645uyb5 - 13 years ago - report 4   0

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  • Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a 3D action platform game released for the Wii on May 22, 2010 . It is the sequel to the 2007 game Super Mario Galaxy , the thirteenth entry in the Super Mario series, [3] the fourth 3D platformer, and the only 3D platformer in the Super Mario series to be released on the same console as its predecessor. The sequel retains many elements from its predecessor, such as the adventure being in outer space, the element of gravity , and recurring objects such as Launch Stars and Sling Stars . Returning items include the Bee Mushroom and the Fire Flower . However, the game introduces new elements as well, such as the utilization of Yoshi , new power-ups like the Cloud Flower , and the use of a guide within the game for beginner players. All releases of the game except for the American version include a beginner's DVD to help players understand the controls and items if they have not played Super Mario Galaxy . In North America, help for beginners is found on the official website as well as on the Nintendo Channel .

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is also the first Wii title to be digitally re-released on the Wii U 's Nintendo eShop service.

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Story [ edit ]

From the instruction booklet

Shining stardust falls on the Mushroom Kingdom once every hundred years. That time had come again... Dear Mario, Would you like to share some cake while we watch the shooting stars? Meet me at the castle! Peach Mario ran through the field with stars falling around him. Suddenly, he noticed a strange light in the grass. As he peered cautiously through the reeds, he saw a small, lost Luma. With the baby Luma tucked safely under his cap, Mario rushed on to the castle. But when he got there, something unexpected was waiting for him…

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is "another story of stardust". [4] The game begins at the time of the Star Festival , which only happens every 100 years. Princess Peach invites Mario to share some cake while watching the shooting stars. On his way to Peach's Castle, Mario finds a lost Baby Luma , who seems to like Mario and jumps into his hat, granting him spin power. Near the castle, Mario discovers it under attack by Bowser , now gigantic thanks to the Power Stars, who kidnaps Peach and takes her away to the center of the universe. In response, Lumas who crashed near the castle offer to aid Mario to chase Bowser by transforming into a Launch Star and launching Mario to space.

After collecting a Power Star, Mario arrives on a planet-like object, where he meets Lubba , who tells him that his crew and their spaceship were attacked by Bowser. Realizing both him and Mario need each others' help to collect the stolen Power Stars and rescue Peach, he uses the Power Star to fix his ship and transform it into Starship Mario , which is used to travel through space and find more Power Stars. During his travels, Mario has to deal with Bowser's forces, including Bowser Jr. and Super Bowser himself.

Baby Luma bidding farewell to Mario and Peach.

Finally, Mario and friends locate Bowser's Galaxy Generator , where Bowser is fought for the final time. After Bowser's defeat, his empire becomes undone, and Peach is saved. A comet which was caught by Bowser's fortress is also freed and is revealed to be the Comet Observatory . Rosalina then appears, happy to see that Baby Luma is safe. Baby Luma, overjoyed that he's reunited with his "mama", heads back to his home, and takes Mario's cap as a souvenir, much to Mario's surprise. After the Comet Observatory leaves, Mario and Peach return to their own home using the Starship Mario. Along the way, Bowser is shown in a tiny form near Peach's Castle.

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

If the player collects the first 120 Power Stars and battles Bowser again in his fortress, an extra scene is shown after the credits, revealing Rosalina and her Lumas in the Comet Observatory's Library. She has finished reading a story to them (possibly the events of the game itself) and plans on telling the Lumas a new story about the Green Power Stars . A new feature is then unlocked in which all the galaxies are visited by green Prankster Comets. From there, the player must hunt down all the Green Stars. When they are all collected (adding up to 240 Power Stars), the Grandmaster Galaxy is opened in World S. It houses the last two Power Stars, and when the last one is reached, Rosalina congratulates the player and appears on Starship Mario .

Gameplay elements [ edit ]

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

The gameplay is similar to Super Mario Galaxy , with a focus on platforming based on and around 3D planets of varying sizes and with many different types of surfaces. Power-ups, such as the Bee Mushroom , Boo Mushroom , Spring Mushroom , and Fire Flower make a return, along with new ones such as the Rock Mushroom and the Cloud Flower , as well as various enemies and Airships . Launch Stars reappear for interplanetary navigation, along with a Luma and Mario 's spin action. Additionally, the concept of "dark matter" appears as the medium of which Cosmic Clones are composed, and as a portal through which Airships emerge. 2-D stages featured in Super Mario Galaxy are also included in Super Mario Galaxy 2 , introducing many new features. The game has only three file slots to use, unlike the six files in the preceding game; also, files can no longer be copied.

A Button

The game also uses the motion sensors in the Wii Remote. The pointer of the Remote appears as the Star Pointer on the screen. The Star Pointer is used to perform a variety of actions, such as using Pull Stars , manipulating Sling Pods , and collecting Star Bits . Shaking the Wii Remote or Nunchuk makes Mario perform a spin .

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

One of the more notable additions in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the inclusion of Yoshi . When Mario finds a Yoshi egg , he can crack it to release and use Yoshi. Yoshi changes colors when eating either a Dash Pepper , Blimp Fruit or Bulb Berry ; a Dash Yoshi darts at rapid speeds, a Blimp Yoshi inflates and floats upwards, and a Bulb Yoshi lights up and shows hidden paths for a certain amount of time, respectively. When utilizing Yoshi, the player's Wii Remote cursor turns into a red sphere that detects targets for Yoshi's tongue. Using the cursor allows Yoshi to swallow enemies and swing from special flowers.

Elements from older games are also included in the new game. These elements include a remix of Super Mario Bros. 's overworld theme (which is originally heard in Toy Time Galaxy from the predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy ), Supermassive Galaxy , a galaxy that is reminiscent of Giant Land from Super Mario Bros. 3 , a remix of the second overworld theme from Super Mario World , the Checkpoint Flag from New Super Mario Bros. Wii , Throwback Galaxy , a galaxy based on Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64 , and a remix of the main theme and slide theme from Super Mario 64 .

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

Like Super Mario Galaxy , Super Mario Galaxy 2 features a main hub. For traveling between different galaxies, Mario uses a planet shaped like his head, Starship Mario . Starship Mario can be explored, much like the Comet Observatory, although it is smaller. The game has a total of 242 stars to collect, twice the number of stars found in Super Mario Galaxy , including 120 Power Stars , 120 Green Power Stars and an extra 2 Power Stars in Grandmaster Galaxy .

Multiplayer from the original Super Mario Galaxy reappears, but in addition to being another star pointer, the second player is a Co-Star Luma . The second player can stun enemies and pick up Star Bits like in Super Mario Galaxy , but now they can pick up coins (including Purple Coins ) and mushrooms, defeat enemies by spinning, stop the Star Ball (while player 1 is riding on it), activate checkpoints, and flip switches.

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

Unlike in Super Mario Galaxy , the player can now switch between playing as Mario or playing as Luigi in certain levels. If the player clears Bowser's Galaxy Generator , Luigi can be played as in any level. Like in most Super Mario games, Luigi can jump higher but has reduced traction.

Controls [ edit ]

Locations [ edit ], setting [ edit ].

A screenshot from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is set in outer space . With the exception of the prologue that is staged in the Mushroom Kingdom , all levels – referred to as "galaxies" in this game – occur on distant, off-world lands. A galaxy is a cluster of planetary objects and other celestial bodies that can be traveled between. Most of these objects have their own gravitational pull . This prevents Mario from falling off their edge and mitigates the chances of the player getting lost. [5] [6] There are few walls or ceilings on the planets to obstruct Mario's path, and if he keeps moving forward in one direction, he returns to his starting position. Most planets are spherical or at least have rounded edges to complement this concept. Not all planets are structured like this: some are structured like traditional Super Mario courses and have their center of gravity below their mass.

Nunchuk Control Stick

The theme of space is more subdued in Super Mario Galaxy 2 than it is in its predecessor . While there are galaxies that feature skyboxes with nebulas and stars, the most recurring backdrop is a blue sky with fluffy clouds. However, the game does convey the outer space setting in ways distinct from the first Super Mario Galaxy . As Starship Mario , the game's hub, travels through space, it passes asteroid belts, falling stars, and black holes . Lumas , star children introduced in its predecessor, appear in nearly all galaxies and on the hub. The game's thematic core is surreal and whimsical. Rather than resemble a spacecraft, the hub is a grassy planetoid shaped like Mario's head and has a wooden bow like a seafaring vessel. Gulls fly alongside the ship, as if it were on the open ocean. The whole game is framed from the perspective of an unseen narrator reading a storybook to the player, and many locations have Carrollian elements. A pair of robots have tea together in a garden on Starship Mario. Several galaxies resemble topiaries and dollhouses. Some planets look like wooden blocks, candies, clouds, and musical instruments.

According to producer Shigeru Miyamoto , the integration of 2D levels derived from a desire to make Super Mario Galaxy 2 more accessible and less daunting to players inexperienced with 3D platformers. Integration of elaborate switch elements bore from the desire to differentiate Super Mario Galaxy 2 from its predecessor similarly to how The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000) was differentiated from Ocarina of Time (1998). [7] Many elements not present in the first Super Mario Galaxy informed the setting of the courses that feature them. For example, the first galaxy to feature the Spin Drill item, Spin-Dig Galaxy , visually alludes to construction sites and has enemies that tunnel through soil. [8]

Galaxies [ edit ]

World 1

In Super Mario Galaxy 2 , levels are accessed linearly within worlds . This is a departure from the proceeding 3D Super Mario games and is comparable to the 2D ones. The player accesses worlds from the Starship Mario , a small planetoid that serves as the game's hub. When Mario steps on a panel on the starship's bow, the perspective rapidly pans out to a view of the current world. Starship Mario – itself shaped like the protagonist's head – is a stand-in for Mario himself that can be moved between galaxies like a cursor. Galaxies are unlocked unilaterally – collecting a Power Star within one opens up paths to the nearest galaxies. Except for World S , the final galaxy of each world is a boss galaxy that features a fight against Bowser Jr. or Bowser . Defeating them unlocks the following world. The earliest worlds have the simplest, most straightforward paths between galaxies, but the paths become more divergent with each world, enabling the player to visit galaxies in whatever order they want (see right).

Unlike proceeding games that feature worlds – like Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988) and New Super Mario Bros. (2006) – the galaxies within the worlds of Super Mario Galaxy 2 are not thematically unified. For example, World 3 contains galaxies themed around forests, snow, and haunted houses. While not all galaxies need to be completed, no numbered worlds can be skipped over to reach the end credits.

Each galaxy contains objectives called missions . Completing a mission has Mario obtaining one of the galaxy's Power Stars . One mission correlates with one Power Star. The structure of missions is closely derived from the first Super Mario Galaxy (2007). However, there are fewer dedicated missions in individual galaxies, with none having more than three. By contrast, the most robust galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy have as many as six missions. Some missions have one or more hidden Green Stars that begin to appear once the player has collected 120 normal Power Stars. Like regular Power Stars, collecting one is considered as the end of the mission. Grandmaster Galaxy is the only course in the game to lack any Green Stars. Combined, there are 242 collectible Stars in the game, the same number in its predecessor.

Some galaxies can only be unlocked by feeding Hungry Lumas a requested number of Star Bits . They appear on the world map and transport to the Starship Mario when touched. There is one in every world. Hungry Lumas appear within galaxies too, but these individuals eat coins instead of Star Bits. Feeding one the requested amount causes it to transform into a planet that contains a Secret Star. Secret Star missions are otherwise unlocked by completing certain criteria. Doing so causes non-playable characters to write letters to Mario requesting his help or to challenge him in specific galaxies he has already visited at least once. The most recurring writer is The Chimp , a monkey from Fluffy Bluff Galaxy who considers Mario to be his rival.

After Mario has completed " Bowser's Big Lava Power Party " and collects three Power Stars from World 3 , his brother Luigi begins to appear in some galaxies and offer to collect the Power Star for him. Selecting "yes" allows the player to control Luigi for the mission until it is completed or exited. Completing the mission as Luigi unlocks a staff ghost for the galaxy. When followed, it leads the player towards hidden items or Secret Stars. Once " Bowser's Fortified Fortress " is completed, Luigi becomes permanently accessible via a room on Starship Mario's stern and can be played as in any level.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the first 3D Super Mario game to include a dedicated secret world accessible only after completing the main story, similar to the Special Zone of Super Mario World (1990) or World 9 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009). Called World S, this world contains several galaxies based around planets from the first Super Mario Galaxy that have been modified in ways that make them more challenging.

There are 49 galaxies in the game. There are 50 if Starship Mario is included. The chart below lists the galaxies in the order that they appear on the Star List . The galaxies are separated and color-coded according to the world they occur in. Each galaxy is given a brief description, an in-game screenshot, and a list of its missions. The descriptions come from the official Prima Games guide for Super Mario Galaxy 2 . [9] There is a legend at the bottom of the chart that details what the symbols used in it represent.

Prankster Comets [ edit ]

Comet Medals are collectibles hidden in galaxies. Every galaxy has a Comet Medal. Collecting one adds it to the player's total, much like Power Stars, Star Bits, and coins. If Mario loses a life after collecting one and finishes the mission, the Comet Medal will not be added to his total. He will have to return to a mission in that galaxy to collect it again. Accumulating Comet Medals causes Prankster Comets to orbit previously visited galaxies. The comets unlock new missions in their corresponding galaxies with unique attributes, namely speed runs; "daredevil" runs (in which Mario is defeated if he takes a single hit); Purple Coin runs; races against Cosmic Clones ; romps requiring Mario to defeat 30 enemies within a time limit; and missions where the speed of obstacles is increased. Not every galaxy can be orbited by these types of Prankster Comets. After completing all 120 missions and completing " Bowser's Fortified Fortress " a second time, Green Comets begin orbiting every galaxy except for Grandmaster Galaxy. This causes hidden Green Stars to appear in previously completed missions.

Prankster Comets were an element in the game's predecessor , but their integration has been simplified in Super Mario Galaxy 2 . Additionally, unlike in the prior game, Prankster Comets permanently remain in orbit around their corresponding galaxies, allowing the player to access the new missions at any time they wish.

Starship Mario [ edit ]

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

The Starship Mario is the hub of the game. It is a planetoid-turned-spaceship created by Lubba as a home for his Lumas . After becoming acquainted with Mario , he transforms it into his likeness. Rather than invoke a spaceship design comparable to those in science fiction, the Starship Mario has a fantastical design: it has a bow like a seafaring vessel, a stone chimney, and is flocked by sea gulls. It is covered in flowers and has a small brook. It has two accessible rooms: one is the Engine Room that houses the beacon – the source of energy for Starship Mario. The other is a pipe room occupied by Lumalees accessible via a pipe in the starship's left ear. It only appears after Mario has collected a Power Star in World 3 . The bow of Starship Mario has a button before a steering wheel that allows the player to access the world map and move the starship like a cursor. After collecting sixteen Power Stars, Lubba places a Totals Sign to the left of the helm that outlines all of the Power Stars and Comet Medals that the player has collected. Lubba himself is to the right.

A grassy platform with fruits begins orbiting the starship after completing " Saddle Up with Yoshi ", and a Starshroom bearing members of the Toad Brigade flies with it after completing " Digga-Leg's Planet ".

In Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy , completing missions would cause portions of their respective hub worlds to become illuminated. This gave the player a passive visual indication of progress and an indicator as to where one can go. In Super Mario Galaxy 2 , this is instead achieved by filling up the Engine Room and in having non-playable characters board the Starship Mario as passengers. The Engine Room is accessible under the stone brim of the starship's cap. Most power-ups will be put on display here after Mario has encountered it in a mission. The only exceptions are the Cloud Flower and Yoshi egg , which instead appear on the exterior of Starship Mario and can actually be used. The power-ups in the Engine Room are only for display. The Spin Drill is among them despite functioning as a held item.

The passengers that board the Starship Mario represent the various people and characters encountered in the galaxies. Some passengers will board once they are met in a mission, but others have more specific criteria required (see below). The more the player completes of the game, the livelier the Starship Mario becomes with characters and the more elaborate its music becomes – elements shared with the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy . The passengers will share tricks on level progression or actions when prompted. Some allude to late-game secrets. The last passenger – Rosalina – is the final unlockable of the game. Piantas are the only people to not have a representative on the Starship Mario. The passengers and the criteria needed for them to board is outlined below.

Characters [ edit ]

Playable characters [ edit ], rideable characters [ edit ], non-playable characters [ edit ].

A star symbol (★) denotes a character that was not in the first Super Mario Galaxy . In addition to the characters listed below, a Mii can be set as the file select icon for the player's saved file.

Enemies [ edit ]

New enemies [ edit ], returning enemies [ edit ].

A star symbol (★) denotes an enemy introduced in a prior Super Mario title but was not in the first Super Mario Galaxy .

Obstacles [ edit ]

Bosses [ edit ], items and objects [ edit ], items [ edit ].

Collectibles, pickups, and launchable objects.

Power-ups [ edit ]

Items that transform Mario's appearance and give him unique abilities. The Ice Flower and Red Star are the only power-ups from the first Super Mario Galaxy to not return.

Yoshi's fruits [ edit ]

There are fruits that function as power-ups for Yoshi . When consumed, he is temporarily transformed and gains new abilities.

Objects [ edit ]

Differences from super mario galaxy [ edit ], gameplay [ edit ].

  • While swimming underwater, Mario and Luigi can no longer spin rapidly.
  • An exploit that allowed Mario to climb up slopes was patched.
  • The game now saves automatically instead of the player having to manually save after every Power Star collected.
  • If the player gets a Game Over, they return to the hub world, rather than being asked to save before going all the way back to the title screen.
  • Rosalina and Luma are new save file icons, while Luigi's can be used as an icon from the start.
  • The player cannot copy save files like in the previous game.
  • Bugaboom's boss fight now uses the Cloud Flower and springs, rather than the Bee Mushroom and swinging flowers.
  • Coins are now a general collectible like Star Bits, rather than just being collected for a high score. After collecting a Power Star, coins collected are added to the coin collection, similar to Star Bits.
  • Checkpoints are now marked by a Checkpoint Flag, rather than being invisible.
  • The game now records the time the player has taken to beat the level.
  • Luigi is now unlocked after defeating Bowser and unlocking World S , instead of the player playing through the game twice as Mario and Luigi.
  • Cutscenes are now done in a storybook format, and the player has to press a button to progress dialogue.
  • The game rewards a 1-Up upon collecting 100 Star Bits, rather than every 50.
  • Collecting a Life Mushroom while having a full six hit points now rewards a 1-Up rather than nothing.
  • Luigi no longer receives 20 1-Ups from Peach's letters, only receiving 5 like Mario.
  • The credits are more interactive, with the player playing through various levels in the game, rather than having standard credits.
  • The first-person camera is able to turn 360 degrees rather than 90 degrees left and right.

Levels [ edit ]

  • The type of stars each galaxy has now varies, rather than having a constant amount of each type per galaxy. Major galaxies have either two missions and a Prankster Comet, two missions and a Hidden Star, or one mission, Prankster Comet, and Hidden Star each. Minor galaxies have either one mission and a Prankster Comet, one mission and a Hidden Star, or two missions (with the second mission being a challenge from either The Chimp or Jibberjay ).
  • Hungry Lumas that create planets in galaxies now require coins to be fed to them instead of Star Bits. However, Hungry Lumas that make galaxies still require Star Bits.
  • Hungry Luma galaxies can be accessed via the World Map, just like the rest of the galaxies in their corresponding world, rather than using an alternate method to access it (a launch star outside of the dome).
  • The galaxy icons on the World Map are much more detailed than in the first game, and some of them have more animated features, rather than being completely stationary models. Similar concepts have been used later in Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World 's stage icons.
  • Prankster Comets are no longer categorized by type, simply leaving them as generic Prankster Comets.
  • Boss galaxies now have Prankster Comets.
  • During Speedy and timed Purple Coin missions, the clock now stops and disappears after the star appears, whereas in the original, the clock continued to run until the star was grabbed.
  • Some Speedy Comet missions have clocks that must be grabbed to keep the timer going.
  • Cosmic Comets and Fast-Foe Comets do not return, being replaced by Clone Comets and Double Time Comets respectively.
  • The game now notifies a player when a Prankster Comet has appeared in a certain galaxy, rather than having to check themselves.
  • The player can select any mission in the galaxy they want even if a Prankster Comet is in orbit. Because of this, Comet Tico and its ability to move Prankster Comets do not return.
  • If the player loses a life during a Prankster Comet mission, the game does not ask the player if they want to retry the mission or return to the hub world, instead restarting the mission as normal.

Music [ edit ]

  • The theme of Bowser's Star Reactor and Bowser's Dark Matter Plant , used in Bowser's Lava Lair and Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet .
  • The theme of Honeyhive Galaxy and Gold Leaf Galaxy used in Honeybloom Galaxy and Honeyhop Galaxy .
  • The theme of Toy Time Galaxy used in Supermassive Galaxy .
  • The mission selection theme.
  • The level introduction theme.
  • The Power Star and Grand Star fanfares.
  • The jingle that plays when the player returns to the hub world.
  • The theme of the Baron Brrr and Undergrunt Gunner boss battle, used in the King Lakitu and Mandibug Stack battles.
  • When the star appears, the music changes to the soft "star appears" theme for the rest of the mission, unlike the original, which only played the theme after a boss was beaten.
  • When Mailtoad has a letter from Peach, there is no sound that constantly plays when the player is near him.
  • During the egg phase of Dino Piranha and Fiery Dino Piranha's boss fights, as well as the first phase of Major Burrow's boss fight, a new soundtrack (namely the theme of Boss Blitz Galaxy ) is used during those sections instead of the originals.
  • The Mandibug Stack mini-boss now has an actual theme playing (which shares the same with King Lakitu), rather than using the same theme as the level.

Aesthetic [ edit ]

  • When Lumalee asks if the player wants to buy a 1-Up Mushroom or Life Mushroom, the dialogue boxes now show their names alongside their icon (like the Japanese version of the first game), rather than just their icon like in the English version of the first game.
  • In the American version of the game, when getting an extra life, the text now shows "1UP" like the Japanese version instead of "1-UP" like the English version of the previous game. However, it's still "1-UP" in the European version.
  • The "Game Over" text is now yellow instead of pink. The text is also slightly wider than in the previous game.
  • The first Star that the player obtains is a Power Star rather than a Grand Star. It is also guarded by a boss, when there was no boss in the first game.
  • The text saying "You got a Star/Grand Star" during the star collecting victory animation as well as the text saying "TOO BAD!" during when Mario/Luigi loses a life are slightly larger than in the first game.
  • Similarly, when the player collects a Green Power Star, the text box says, "You got a Green Star", instead of "You got a hidden Star".
  • Fiery Dino Piranha's egg now has visible heatwaves around it.

Staff [ edit ]

General producer [ edit ].

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

Producers [ edit ]

  • Yoshiaki Koizumi
  • Takashi Tezuka

Director [ edit ]

  • Koichi Hayashida
  • Mahito Yokota
  • Ryo Nagamatsu

Development [ edit ]

A pre-release screenshot of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The development of Super Mario Galaxy 2 started as soon as the first Super Mario Galaxy was released. Many of the ideas were based on those shown in the first game, which, for example, included moving or adding new stars in the levels. The project was initially called Super Mario Galaxy 1.5 . The development of the new version of the game lasted a year; however, Miyamoto realized that the new game was beginning to overflow with new elements and ideas. Therefore, the team decided to create a real Super Mario Galaxy sequel rather than a new version of the original installment. [24] The development of the sequel then lasted two and half years. [25]

The game was revealed at E3 2009, along with New Super Mario Bros. Wii . Although the game was far along in development, it was held back to 2010 due to the release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii in November 2009. [26] According to Shigeru Miyamoto , 90% of the features in the game would be new, whereas the remaining 10% were already introduced or featured in the original Super Mario Galaxy . Shigeru Miyamoto noted, "Really what we ended up with is more than 90% of what you'll see in Galaxy 2 is brand new. I'd say closer to 95, maybe even 99%. One of the new things was the inclusion of Yoshi, and also the use of the drill to open up and drill through stages." [27] On the other hand, Miyamoto stated in an interview that he wanted to go with as little story as possible for Super Mario Galaxy 2 . [28]

Some of the developers wanted to include characters from other Nintendo franchises, such as Pikmin or Donkey Kong . However, Miyamoto shot down the idea. [29]

CEO of Nintendo America Reggie Fils-Aime stated that Super Mario Galaxy 2 would be more challenging regarding its predecessor. It was hinted that the new game would implement a tool-assisted guide, similar to the Super Guide from New Super Mario Bros Wii . It was eventually confirmed, although it worked differently. Beginner players could use the Cosmic Guide mode (activated when encountering the Cosmic Spirit) or the Tip Network to learn moves and hints during gameplay. Japanese, European and Australian boxes came with a special DVD to help players to know basic and expert techniques of the game.

Reception [ edit ]

Upon its release, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was met with universal acclaim, and is one of the highest rated video games of all time on the aggregation sites Metacritic and GameRankings. EDGE magazine has given the game a perfect score of 10 out of 10, being the third Super Mario game so far to receive such rating (the others were Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy ). Official Nintendo Magazine grants it a 97%, while Game Informer has given the game 9.25 out of 10. Nintendo Power gave it a 9.5 out of 10. IGN and Gamespot granted the game a perfect 10/10, as well as GamesRadar. Gamespot also gave the game the Best Platforming Award and the Best Wii Game Award of 2010. IGN named it the Best Wii Game of all time. Gametrailers has given a 9.7 from 10, while Famitsu a 37 out of 40. GamePro gave it four and a half stars, X-Play gave it a perfect five out of five stars, and 1UP.com an "A" rating.

Sales [ edit ]

Super Mario Galaxy 2 sold 143,000 copies on its first day of release in Japan and 340,000 copies in its first week. [30] In North America, the game sold 650,000 copies during the month of May 2010. [31] In the United Kingdom, it was the third best-selling game among multiplatform releases and the best-selling single platform release for the week ending June 26, 2010. [32] As of July 16, 2010, the game has sold 1 million copies within the USA [33] and 6.36 million copies worldwide as of April 2011. [34]

Awards [ edit ]

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was awarded Game of the Year by Nintendo Power [35] and named "Wii Game of the Year" by IGN, [36] GameSpot, [37] and 1UP [38] in 2010. In the March 2012 issue of Official Nintendo Magazine , the publication named Super Mario Galaxy 2 the "Greatest Nintendo Game Ever Made" ranking at #1 out of 100. [39] It was awarded Game of the Year and Best Game on Wii by Guinness Book of World Records Gamer's Edition 2011 . [40]

Quotes [ edit ]

  • " Oh, by the way, I found this 1-Up Mushroom a little while ago! Think you can use it? " - Banktoad
  • " Super Mario Galaxy, Wahoo! " - Mario
  • " First time in galaxy, always Comet medal somewhere. Look hard. Find! " - Whittle

Glitches [ edit ]

Yoshi's infinite flutter jump [ edit ], flip-swap superjump [ edit ].

In the Flip-Swap Galaxy , Mario can use the upward momentum from a Red-Blue Panel flipping up to perform an extremely long, high jump . Mario must be on one of the non-flipping platforms in the galaxy. Then, he must run toward an empty space that a flipping platform flips to when Mario spins. Right before Mario runs into the empty space, he must spin to make the flipping platform flip to the empty space. Mario should fall onto the flipping platform while it is still rising. Finally, Mario must perform a Long Jump right before the platform stops moving. The timing for this is difficult, but if performed correctly, Mario does a "superjump" that covers huge distance and can be used as a shortcut. [41] [43]

This can also happen if Cloud Mario jumps immediately after he forms a cloud. [41]

Pre-release and unused content [ edit ]

In the debut trailer from E3 2009 and the two Media Summit Trailers, there were several differences from the game's release.

  • The starting planet in Boo Moon Galaxy was originally going to look similar to the Crystal Planet in Space Junk Galaxy from the first game.
  • When a player used a Dash Pepper , the player did not glow or leave a glowing trail as in the final version.
  • Good Egg Galaxy 's background was used in Tall Trunk's Slide, and in Space Storm Galaxy 's Topman 's tower.

Gallery [ edit ]

Mario, Yoshi, and a Luma

Mario , Yoshi , and a Luma

Co-Star Luma

Co-Star Luma

Super Bowser

Super Bowser

Starship Mario

Starship Mario

Battle Belt Galaxy

Battle Belt Galaxy

An official two-disc soundtrack was released exclusively to Club Nintendo members in Japan, which holds all seventy songs from the game. The game's official soundtrack is performed by the Mario Galaxy Orchestra .

Media [ edit ]

References to other games [ edit ].

The Secret of Ricco Tower

  • Super Mario Bros. : Supermassive Galaxy 's music, which is itself a remix of Toy Time Galaxy 's music from the first game , originated from this game's overworld theme . The first few notes of this music are played when switching between Mario and Luigi. Other music from this game returned from Super Mario Galaxy as well. In the Grandmaster Galaxy, there is a backdrop featuring elements and enemies, as well as Mario and Luigi in their 8-bit sprites from this game.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 : Supermassive Galaxy is similar to Giant Land from this game, as the two are of massive size and feature giant versions of common items and enemies.
  • Super Mario World : Yoshi , who first appeared in this game, is playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2 , and the percussion sounds heard when riding on Yoshi are reused. In fact, when Mario first saves Yoshi, his speech is obviously based on his speech in this game. Additionally, this game's athletic theme returns as Hightail Falls Galaxy 's music (as well as the music that plays during the mission for Starshine Beach Galaxy, "Purple Coin Beach Dash"), and the Ghost House theme returns as Haunty Halls Galaxy 's and Boo Moon Galaxy 's music. Also, the sound effect that is heard when a P Switch 's effect is about to run out is used in the bonus areas of Super Mario Galaxy 2 , and the sound effect heard when passing through a door in this game is used when opening a door in Boo Moon Galaxy . In Puzzle Plank Galaxy, the Rainbow Notes play the bonus game theme from Super Mario World .
  • Super Mario 64 : The slider theme from this game is used for Tall Trunk Galaxy and Rolling Coaster Galaxy . The "Bowser's Road" theme is remixed once again, appearing in several Bowser-themed galaxies. Also, the Throwback Galaxy is a replica of Whomp's Fortress ; its boss, the Whomp King , is fought there, and an arrangement of the course's music plays there as well. Both games start with Peach sending a letter to Mario involving cake . Additionally, the "Inside the Castle Walls" theme can be heard when rescuing Peach and the final Grand Star in Super Mario Galaxy 2 . The Rainbow Star theme is remixed once again from the Wing Cap and Vanish Cap theme. Finally, Mario says, "Thank you so much for playing my game!" after the ending credits, just as he did in this game.
  • Super Mario Sunshine : The Starshine Beach Galaxy is based on some elements from this game. The main mission of Twisty Trials Galaxy is a replica of the secret level found in Episode 4 of Ricco Harbor . The red and blue flipping platforms return, although they work differently. A few of Yoshi's sound clips are reused from this game. Piantas also return.
  • Super Mario 64 DS : The Silver Stars from this game return in Super Mario Galaxy 2 .
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii : The Checkpoint Flag returns from this game, and the Cosmic Guide and Tip Network are based on the Super Guide and hint movies from this game, respectively. Also, the world maps are based on the one from this game. In both games, Bowser is giant, and the final battle is divided in two different parts, the latter having a bigger Bowser. The model for the Koopalings' cake reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2' s credits. Additionally, when players collect all the coins in a certain time limit that were accessed by a switch in Super Mario Galaxy 2 , the audience claps in the same fashion they did in this game.

References in later media [ edit ]

The Super Mario Galaxy 2-based puzzle from the StreetPass Mii Plaza game, Puzzle Swap

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns : The Flip-Out Galaxy 's concept is back (but slighty changed) for the Switcheroo level.
  • Super Mario 3D Land : Star Medals look similar to Comet Medals . In addition, the theme used on bonus planets is covered for Mystery Boxes. The blue and red flipping platforms return, but they are activated by jumping. The "beat blocks" return as well. Cosmic Clones return, but they look different. An early theme for the Boom Boom battle was the same theme played when fighting Peewee Piranha . Also, a lot of the voice clips, sounds, and enemy animations and behaviors are reused. World 7-5 is similar to Puzzle Plank Galaxy , and Special 5-1 is similar to Flip-Swap Galaxy . Also, a strange, ghostly entity can be seen in the woods near the Goal Pole of World 4-4 , which bears resemblance to the three, strange, black Kodama-esque figures (Hellvalleyskytrees) seen in the background of Shiverburn Galaxy .
  • Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games : The Sky Station Galaxy (under the name "Synchro Battle Galaxy") appears in the Dream Spacewalk event. Puzzle Plank Galaxy's music appears as an arrangement.
  • Fortune Street : Starship Mario makes an appearance as one of the Super Mario franchise game boards.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U : Balloon Baby Yoshi and Glowing Baby Yoshi 's abilities resemble to those of Blimp Yoshi and Bulb Yoshi, respectively. Magmaarghs and Magmaws make reappearences as well.
  • Super Mario 3D World : Green Stars make an appearance, replacing Star Medals from Super Mario 3D Land . Fizzlits return, although in a more square-shaped appearance. The final boss themes (and the Meowser defeated fanfare) have portions of the themes for Bowser's Galaxy Generator . Also, Grumblumps have a similar appearance to Rhomps . The Beat Block mechanic returns under the name "Beep Block", and the Beep Block stages return to the "beep-beep-beep-switch" rhythm as in this game with the same tempo as the Beat Block Galaxy theme as well. There is additionally a level called Boss Blitz , which is in reference to the Boss Blitz Galaxy .
  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U : Starship Mario appears in the background of the Mario Galaxy stage.
  • Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe : The giant dragon used for the Dragon Driftway racetrack has a similar design to Gobblegut , but with legs. In Deluxe , the battle course Dragon Palace has two statues of the same Gobblegut-like dragons. In the Booster Course Pass DLC, the Rock Cup 's icon is a Rock Mushroom .
  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle : Gobblegut is used as the base design for a weapon in this game.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate : Rock Mario, Lubba, and Starship Mario appear as spirits using their artwork from Super Mario Galaxy 2 . Also, Melty Monster Galaxy's theme is added to the Super Mario franchise track list.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie : Bowser is shrunken to a small size after his defeat, just like in the end credits of Super Mario Galaxy 2 .
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder : The Drill Mushroom powerup resembles and functions similarly to the Spin Drill item from Super Mario Galaxy 2 . Mario's Spike Ball form under the effects of the Wonder Flower functions similar to Rock Mario.

Names in other languages [ edit ]

Trivia [ edit ].

  • The Japanese equivalent is 「銀河を舞台にまたまた大冒険!」
  • Even though Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not featured in the compilation title Super Mario 3D All-Stars , an abridged version of the theme for when Mario or Luigi grabs a Power Star is recycled for the game's title screen.

Notes and references [ edit ]

Notes [ edit ].

  • ^ a b c Unless explicitly specified otherwise, any mentioning of Mario is equally applicable to Luigi while the player is controlling him.
  • ^ Any mentioning of coconuts is equally applicable to watermelons , which replace all coconuts if the player accumulates 9999 Star Bits .

References [ edit ]

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

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SM wiki icon

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a 2010 video game released for the Wii and is the direct sequel to the first game in 2007 . The game was released in North America on May 23, 2010, May 27, 2010 in Japan, June 11 in Europe, and was released in Australia on July 1, the rest of Asia on December 4, 2010, and in South Korea on January 20, 2011.

The game sees Mario traveling through space once again to save Princess Peach from Bowser , who has stolen the Grand Stars to restart building his galactic empire.

  • 2 Development
  • 4.1 Playable Characters
  • 4.2 Protagonists
  • 4.3 Antagonists
  • 4.4.1 New Enemies
  • 6 Galaxies and Missions
  • 8.1 Fan Reception
  • 11 External links

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Review - This Sparks Joy

20 October 2022

Mario Golf: Super Rush Review - Leisurely Chaos

24 June 2021

Gameplay [ ]

The most notable feature in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is Yoshi , whom Mario can ride on. Yoshi can gain new powers by grabbing special items, such as the Dash Pepper, which lets him run up steep slopes, the Blimp Fruit, which causes him to float, and the Bulb Berry, which allows him to find hidden platforms. New items include a drill head, used to perforate planets. Also found are two new suits called Rock Mario and Cloud Mario; the former turns Mario into a rock ball that rolls around hitting enemies, and the latter lets Mario make clouds to climb. There is also a switch that slows/stops time, a rotating item block similar to a die that Mario can use his spin attack on—gaining whatever is rolled on the block, winged Question Blocks and more. Miyamoto stated that most of what didn't make it into Super Mario Galaxy would appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2 . It is like Super Mario World and also has some Super Mario World themes.

Star Bits, as well as suits such as the Bee Mushroom and other mechanics of Super Mario Galaxy reappeared in the game. However, the Comet Observatory has been eliminated as Mario's means of accessing the galaxies. The new method of traveling through space is the Starship Mario , built by Lubba . It is a planetoid in the shape of Mario's head which uses a map screen, with a word scheme similar to the ones in previous Mario games: Super Mario Bros. 3 and New Super Mario Bros. Bowser returns as a villain for this sequel. There are several other bosses, including one that resembles a smaller version of Megaleg , a snowman head called Sorbetti , and a giant armadillo named Rollodillo .

Luigi is also playable in the game, unlocked after Mario gets 3 Power Stars in World 3. Afterward, at specific points in time, Mario will find him at the beginning of a galaxy. If Mario speaks to him, Luigi will offer to take Mario's place for the duration of the time spent in the galaxy. As in the original game, Luigi runs faster, jumps higher, and farther, and has slightly less traction than his brother. When the player uses Luigi to gain any star in a galaxy, that galaxy will gain a Luigi ghost they can race against. After finishing the game, the player can switch between Mario and Luigi at will on the Starship Mario.

If a player dies a certain number of times on a single level, the Cosmic Spirit appears at a certain point in a level. When the player talks to her, she asks if Mario needs help. If the player agrees, the Cosmic Spirit turns into a small blue orb and circles Mario, then gains control of Mario's body. At any time, you can press the plus button on the Wii Remote and choose to have her stop controlling Mario and you can regain control. If not, the Cosmic Spirit continues to beat the level. After she completes it—or even if she does part of it—you get a Bronze Star instead of a regular Power Star. It counts as a Regular Star and adds to your Star count, but you can only get a Power Star by completing the level by yourself. The Cosmic Spirit is a similar guide found in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns (Super Kong).

Due to high rankings, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the second-highest rated game of all time behind The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time .

Development [ ]

Miyamoto noted that the game would be less focused on the plot.

In an interview, he said the game would be more challenging than its predecessor. He stated that he hoped the game would be as successful as the original. Miyamoto also mentioned that some levels, maybe even several, may be repeated.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was initially named Super Mario Galaxy More , in fact, on the code, the name Super Mario Galaxy More is still there. This was because it was initially an expansion pack for Super Mario Galaxy , containing content cut from the original, before transforming into an original game.

Following off from the end of Super Mario Galaxy , Rosalina's end of game speech stating that, "The cycle repeats itself, but never quite in the same way," starts becoming true.

The game starts again with the Star Festival. Continuing from the ending of the first Super Mario Galaxy , Princess Peach invites Mario to share some cake while watching the shooting stars. On his way to Peach's Castle, Mario finds a lost Baby Luma . Baby Luma seems to like Mario and jumps into his hat. At Toad Town, Mario discovers Bowser attacking the castle. Bowser explains that he used the power of the Power Stars to become a giant, and kidnaps Peach and takes her away.

Mario starts at the Sky Station Galaxy, where Mario must fight Peewee Piranha. Afterwards, Mario lands on a strange planet that is inhabited by Lumas . Lubba, the captain, turns the planet into a faceship ( Starship Mario ) to assist Mario and Baby Luma in their Quest for the Power Stars.

After a long journey, Mario collects enough stars to reach Bowser's main fortress. Infiltrating Bowser's fortress, Mario defeats Bowser, collects the final Grand Star, and rescues Peach. Suddenly, Rosalina and the Comet Observatory appear in front of the Starship Mario. Rosalina thanks Mario for protecting Baby Luma, and Baby Luma returns with Rosalina, taking Mario's hat as a souvenir. The Comet Observatory disappears while Mario and his companions return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Characters [ ]

Playable characters [ ], protagonists [ ].

  • Princess Peach
  • Toad Brigade
  • Hungry Luma
  • Giant Lumas
  • Bob-omb Buddies
  • Star Bunnies
  • Co-Star Luma
  • Cosmic Spirit

Antagonists [ ]

  • Peewee Piranha
  • Giga Lakitu
  • Prince Pikante
  • Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine
  • Fire Gobblegut
  • Giant Bowser
  • Dino Piranha
  • King Kaliente
  • Major Burrows
  • Bouldergeist
  • Fiery Dino Piranha

Enemies [ ]

  • Astro Goombas
  • Banzai Bill
  • Bullet Bills
  • Chain Chomps
  • Cheep-Cheeps
  • Electricity Shooters
  • Fire Shooters
  • Golden Chomps
  • Grand Goombas
  • Incoming Chomps
  • Jack O'Goombas
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Mega Gringills
  • Micro Goombas
  • Micro Mecha-Bowsers
  • Piranha Plants
  • Pokey Heads
  • Preying Mantas
  • Prickly Piranha Plants
  • Puffer Fish
  • Pushy Walls
  • Spiky Plants
  • Stretch Plants
  • Undergrunt Gunners
  • Water Shooters

New Enemies [ ]

  • Boomerang Bros.
  • Cosmic Clones
  • Elite Octoombas
  • Gargantua Koopa Troopas
  • Grand Paragoombas
  • Hammer Bros .
  • Ledge Hammers
  • Mattermouths
  • Mega Wigglers
  • Paragoombas
  • Piranhacus Gigantici
  • Silver Chomps
  • Spiky Piranha Plants
  • Spiny Hermits
  • Spiny Stretch Plants
  • Super Thwomps
  • Swaphoppers
  • Venus Flower Traps

Transformation [ ]

Some of Mario's power-ups have returned from the first game, including some new ones. Yoshi also has power-ups of his own.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 includes all of the power-ups featured in Super Mario Galaxy except for Ice Mario and Flying Mario . However, the data for those suits was placed in the game, but never used. They can still be seen and used if the player hacks the game.

  • Spring Mario
  • Cloud Mario
  • Rainbow Mario
  • Blimp Yoshi

Galaxies and Missions [ ]

(*) = Unlocked by feeding a Hungry Luma .

Much of the music in the game is reused or reorchestrated from the past Mario titles. Examples of which are:

  • The theme heard on Starship Mario is a remix of the music box theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island , though most fans disagree.
  • In Puzzle Plank Galaxy, music from Super Mario Bros. 2 can be heard while collecting musical notes.
  • In Hightails Falls Galaxy, one of the overworld themes from Super Mario World can be heard.
  • In Haunty Halls Galaxy, music from the ghost houses in Super Mario World can be heard.
  • The music heard during the slide portion of Tall Trunk Galaxy and the music in Rolling Coaster Galaxy are from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS ' s Peach's Secret Slide.
  • Throwback Galaxy includes some of the original music from the Whomp's Fortress level of Super Mario 64 . The galaxy's name suggests that it is intentionally added for nostalgic purposes.
  • Themes from the original Super Mario Galaxy were reused for this game.

Reception [ ]

Like its predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was widely acclaimed by major video game critics with numerous reviews praising the game for its creativity and technical improvements over the original. Most reviewers agreed that the game either lived up to or surpassed the original Super Mario Galaxy . It has an average critic score of 97% at GameRankings and 97/100 at Metacritic, making it one of the highest-rated games on the sites alongside its predecessor. [1] [2]

Tom McShea from GameSpot called it a "new standard for platformers", giving it a perfect 10, making it the seventh game in the site's history to earn that score. [3] Other perfect scores came from Edge , stating "This isn't a game that redefines the genre: this is one that rolls it up and locks it away," [4] and IGN 's Craig Harris, who felt that the game "perfectly captures that classic videogame charm, the reason why most of us got into gaming from the start". [5] IGN later placed Super Mario Galaxy 2 fourth on their "Top Modern Games" list [6] and listed it as the greatest Wii game of all time. [7] The Escapist editor Susan Arendt echoed this view by stating it "doesn't tinker with the established formula very much, but we didn't really want it to", [8] while GameTrailers commented that "there's something tremendous for just about everyone and games that we can truly recommend to almost everyone are rare". [9] Ryan Scott at GameSpy regards it a much better game than the first Super Mario Galaxy , stating, "For a series that's explored every conceivable angle of its genre, the Mario games keep coming up with ways to challenge our notions of what a platformer can and should do." [10]

Giant Bomb 's Ryan Davis particularly praised the improved level designs, commenting that the designers were "bolder" and "more willing to take some weird risks with the planetoids and abstract platforming that set the tone in the original Galaxy ", [11] while Chris Kohler from Wired commented that the level concepts alone "could be made into full games on their own". [12] Additionally, 1UP.com 's Justin Haywald noted the expanded soundtrack as "sweeping". [13] X-Play editor Andrew Pfister awarded Super Mario Galaxy 2 a 5/5, calling it "the culmination of 20 years of Mario gaming into one fantastically-designed and creative platformer". [14]

Despite this praise, some critics raised complaints over increased difficulty and the game's similarity to the original Super Mario Galaxy . Chris Scullion from Official Nintendo Magazine called it the "new best game on Wii", but said it lacked the original's impact (though they admitted the extreme difficulty of this, due to the quality of the original). [15] Game Informer editor Matt Helgeson was concerned with some of the challenges being potentially "frustrating", [16] particularly towards the end of the game; [17] similarly, Ben PerLee from GamePro remarked that the "increased difficulty and high proficiency requirement may turn new fans off". [18] However, Worthplaying editor Chris DeAngelus praised the game's difficulty, stating that "there are very few sequences where death will feel like a result of bad design instead of player error, which helps keep the frustration down". [19]

The removal of story elements present in Super Mario Galaxy also received criticism, with Chris Kohler from Wired stating "streamlining I don't think was necessary was removing nearly all the story elements. Galaxy showed that the Mario team has some genuinely solid storytelling ability, and they implemented it in a way that didn't distract from the gameplay", mentioning that it felt like a "waste of talent". [12]

Fan Reception [ ]

WatchMojo ranked it as the fifth best Super Mario game in their "Top 10 Mario Games of All Time" list countdown (following behind Super Mario World (#4) , Super Mario Odyssey (#3) , Super Mario 64 (#2) , & Super Mario Bros. 3 (#1) ), [20] and they also ranked it as the tenth most hardest game in the series in their "10 HARDEST Super Mario Games" list countdown over on MojoPlays. [21]

  • This is the second 3D Mario game in the franchise to be "Course clear" styled, following it's predecessor . [22]
  • Bowser must be beaten twice in order to collect the Green Stars. This is done when 120 Stars are collected.
  • Though Luma collects Mario's cap at the end of the game, after the credits roll, Mario has it back.
  • Super Mario 64 was supposed to receive a sequel for the Nintendo 64DD but was cancelled due to the failure of the 64DD.
  • It was one of the games that was skipped at the end of the Mario Direct.
  • Controversy about Super Mario 3D All-Stars came from the fact that this game was not featured in the collection.

Gallery [ ]

External links [ ].

  • Title at Moby Games
  • Title at Gamefaqs
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  • 1 Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Ghostly Galaxy

Up next: luigi and the haunted mansion, top guide sections.

  • Walkthrough

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Super Mario Galaxy

THE 10 BEST Moscow Shopping Malls

Shopping malls in moscow.

  • Traveler favorites Things to do ranked using Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.
  • Traveler ranking Highest rated attractions on Tripadvisor, based on traveler reviews.
  • Gift & Specialty Shops
  • Art Galleries
  • Shopping Malls
  • Antique Stores
  • Flea & Street Markets
  • Farmers Markets
  • Department Stores
  • Shopping Tours
  • Factory Outlets
  • Fashion Shows & Tours
  • 3rd Transport Ring (TTK)
  • District Central (TsAO)
  • Garden Ring
  • District Western (ZAO)
  • Good for a Rainy Day
  • Good for Kids
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good for Big Groups
  • Good for Couples
  • Honeymoon spot
  • Good for Adrenaline Seekers
  • Hidden Gems
  • Adventurous

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

1. Central Children's Store


2. Gostiny Dvor


3. Aviapark Mall


4. Mall Yevropeyskiy


5. Okhotny Ryad


6. Crocus City Hall


7. Vegas Kashirskoye Shosse


8. Afimoll City


9. Shopping-Entertainment Complex Atrium

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

10. Tsvetnoy Central Market

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

11. Mall Columbus


12. METROPOLIS shopping mall


13. Bagration Bridge


14. Riviera


15. Zolotoi Vavilon

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

16. Russian Watches


17. Kuznetsovo Plaza

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

18. Paveletskaya Plaza Mall

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

19. Raikin Plaza

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

20. Shopping and Entertainment Center Gagarinskiy

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

21. Crocus City Mall

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2


23. techno mall gorbushkin dvor.

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

24. SM Okeaniya

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

25. Mall Modny Sezon

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

26. Tishinka Trade and Exhibition Complex


27. Shopping-Entertainment Center Festival

luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

28. Mall Nikolskaya Plaza


29. Shopping Center Kaleidoscope


Novotel Moscow City

Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya 2, Moscow, Russia

Novotel Hotel

  • Wi-Fi in rooms
  • Valet parking
  • 24-hour reception
  • Exercise gym
  • Non-smoking rooms

The 215-hectare Moscow Zoo is placed 10 minutes away by car, and The Moscow Kremlin is 15 minutes' drive from Novotel Moscow City.

Guests can enjoy Russian meals at Ruski within 5 minutes' walk of the property.

Rooms & Availability

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  • Hotel Londra Florence
  • Hotel Savoy Rome
  • Hotel Metropole Venice
  • Edgewater Hotel Casino Laughlin
  • A&O Frankfurt Galluswarte
  • Boutique Hotel Prague
  • Langham Hotel Auckland
  • Metropolitan Hotel Reykjavik
  • Rainbow Hotel Dubai
  • Hoi An Silk Marina Resort & Spa
  • Gran Hotel Lanzarote
  • Hotel Alexander
  • Medici Hotel Florence
  • 27 October - 28 October

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  1. The Softlocked Luigi Ghost of Super Mario Galaxy 2

    luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

  2. Ghost (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

    luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

  3. 38. [60 FPS] Luigi and the Haunted Mansion

    luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

  4. Ghost Luigi by raygirl12 on DeviantArt

    luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

  5. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hack

    luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2

  6. Luigi death: Nintendo kills Mario brother during official broadcast

    luigi ghost super mario galaxy 2


  1. Super Luigi Galaxy

  2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 WalkThrough

  3. Go To Mansion (Luigi's Mansion Interactive)

  4. Super Luigi Galaxy

  5. Super Mario Galaxy: Two Luigi's getting a Green Star

  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 #40


  1. Ghost (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

    A ghost is a helpful character that appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. A ghost can be created at any point in the game, but it is created only when the player successfully completes any mission in a galaxy while playing as Luigi instead of Mario or by having 9,999 coins in the coin collection on Starship...

  2. What does it mean when a ghost has appeared in a galaxy in Super Mario

    What does it mean when a ghost has appeared in a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2? Ask Question Asked 13 years, 1 month ago Modified 6 years ago Viewed 14k times 8 Sometimes after getting a star in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii, often after playing as Luigi, I will get a message similar to:

  3. Luigi Ghost?

    dobinrules 13 years ago #1 Just found in the clockwork ruins galaxy, in the time for adventure misson, and there is a ghost luigi, he backflips onto the fire at the start and then floats......

  4. Unlockables, Cheats, and Tips

    Gold Crown - Get 240 Stars Platinum/Jewel Crown - Get 242 Stars and become the "Master of Galaxies." This title will appear next to your crown. advertisement Unlockable: Death Count Beat The...

  5. Luigi Ghost -sleeping- ?

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 NLAJZY 13 years ago #1 "On the Boss Blitz Galaxy, on the star Throwback Throwdown, Luigi's ghost appears, but when activated, he curls up, and walks over to the first bosses' "Nest" where Luigi broke the egg, and SLEEPS!!!

  6. A Ghost Has Appeared?

    1 answer Why is ghost Luigi always there and what's his purpose? General WII 7 answers What's up with Luigi's ghost in Clockwork Ruins? General WII 1 answer Luigi Ghost -sleeping- ?...

  7. Whats the deal with the Luigi Ghosts? (spoilers)

    For Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Whats the deal with the Luigi Ghosts? (spoilers)". Menu. Home; Boards; News; Q&A; ... Basically if you go back into that Galaxy and choose that star there'll be a Luigi ghost at the beginning, run into the Luigi ghost and you can race the Luigi ghost. PSN: Luke-18-08. ...

  8. Cosmic Clone

    A Cosmic Clone in Super Mario Galaxy 2. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Cosmic Clones are created once a certain point is reached in a galaxy and follow behind Mario or Luigi, mimicking every movement he makes. Boards usually warn Mario and Luigi that Cosmic Clones are present in the area, although they also appear when a Clone Comet orbits a galaxy.

  9. The Softlocked Luigi Ghost of Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Can You Beat Mario 64 if it's Flooded? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq5I5hZBKSEThe Impossible Block in SMG1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ea4shDnC0...

  10. Q & A

    A Cloud Flower and a Yoshi Egg do appear on Starship Mario's surface. EDIT by Legofan613: However, here's the list of levels you must complete to unlock the display cases in the engine room: Spin ...

  11. Luigi

    Luigi is a playable character in both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is the younger brother of Mario. He can be unlocked when the player makes a certain progress. Luigi can jump higher and run faster than Mario, however, he stops slower.

  12. Silly Luigi Ghost!

    Silly Luigi Ghost! littledragonman 13 years ago #1 Your supposed to wait for the Thwomp to raise! Kirby321 13 years ago #2 Which ghost is this? Stone Cyclone? Kirby321 is 60% epicsauce, 40%...

  13. Ghostly Galaxy

    Ghostly Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Many elements of this area are of a haunted theme, and Mario can find Boo Mushrooms that turn him into a Boo. This galaxy also has the first appearance of Luigi in the game, who is rescued in the process of obtaining the galaxy's first Power Star.

  14. Clockwork Ruins Luigi Ghost?

    Sometimes the Ghost Luigi does a speedrun, sometimes he shows you where the Comet Medal or a secret way is, sometimes he just goofs around and give you epic chortles. PokeLoveGuy9 13 years ago #4 Because Clockwork Ruins sucks that bad.

  15. How do I make the ghost Luigi disappear after clearing the level with

    For Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I make the ghost Luigi disappear after clearing the level with Luigi?".

  16. Bouldergeist

    It is the boss of the Ghostly Galaxy. Bouldergeist returns in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the fourth out of five Super Mario Galaxy bosses encountered in the Boss Blitz Galaxy, using the same tactics as in the first game. Boldergeist shares its battle music with Kingfin .

  17. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a 3D action platform game released for the Wii on May 22, 2010. It is the sequel to the 2007 game Super Mario Galaxy, the thirteenth entry in the Super Mario series, [3] the fourth 3D platformer, and the only 3D platformer in the Super Mario series to be released on the same console as its predecessor.

  18. Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a 2010 video game released for the Wii and is the direct sequel to the first game in 2007. The game was released in North America on May 23, 2010, May 27, 2010 in Japan, June 11 in Europe, and was released in Australia on July 1, the rest of Asia on December 4, 2010, and in South Korea on January 20, 2011. The game sees Mario traveling through space once again to save ...

  19. Ghostly Galaxy

    Ghostly Galaxy. By Jason Venter , IGN-GameGuides , IGN Cheats , +723 more. updated Oct 11, 2012. advertisement. Luigi and the Haunted Mansion. A Very Spooky Sprint. Beware of Bouldergeist ...

  20. THE 10 BEST Moscow Shopping Malls (Updated 2023)

    11. Mall Columbus. 93. Shopping Malls. District Southern (YuAO) By 475vladimirm. Located almost on the outskirts of Moscow, at the crossroads of the Warsaw highway and the Red Lighthouse street... 12. METROPOLIS shopping mall.


    Our accommodation was set in a central location just off 2 metro stop, metro goes directly to red square and Afimall shopping center. Clarence. 2021-11-18 . 9/10 ... Location was super, I loved well designed rooms and accommodating staff. Big size suite and comfy bed. Superb breakfast with plenty of meals.

  22. Moscow City Duma

    History. The original municipal legislature was established in 1785. In 1917, the Mossoviet was established as a parallel administration in the city following the February Revolution.After the October Revolution where the Bolsheviks seized power, it was established as the city administration and replaced the Moscow City Duma.. In 1993, following a presidential decree, the Moscow City Duma was ...

  23. Trojan Hides on Google Play as "Super Mario" and "GTA ...

    Security experts have identified a couple of shady Russian applications that have been advertised on Google Play as "GTA 3 Moscow City", "Super Mario Bros" and other popular games.