No bogeys golf, orange county's premier performance golf center.

Take your game to the next level with state of the art TrackMan technology, professional instruction, custom built equipment, and our private indoor practice facility. Book a bay and play one of TrackMans 100+ golf courses TrackMan Golf Simulator – Best Indoor Golf Simulator 2020 . If you love the game of golf you will love No Bogeys.




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Professional instruction, fittings, Club Building, and private indoor practice facility

No bogeys golf performance center, professional instruction:.

We at No Bogeys believe we have some of the most talented instructors in Orange County. Trackman technology sets us apart and streamlines the game improvement process; showing us your club, ball, and body data. Seeing your swing on Trackman will revolutionize your game!

Club fitting:

Getting fit is fundamental to provide consistency throughout a set of clubs. Our staff has over 20 years experience. We are knowledgeable in the latest technology to assist in fine tuning your equipment and swing. With technology as advanced as it is now, it becomes fun for us to assist people to find the right equipment. It’s a huge advantage that we have the fitter and the builder under the same roof communicating throughout the club building process. We have been rated in the Top 50 club Fitters by Golf Digest & Golf Magazine.

Custom Club Building:

No Bogeys has been perfecting the craft of club building for over 25 years. Our goal is to optimize your equipment; building it to work for you, not against you. We can build you a custom new set from the ground up or retro fit your existing set.

Indoor Practice Facility:

Book a private bay by the hour(s) and choose to practice, play or both. Come by yourself or bring a friend. Join our membership and commit yourself to better golf when you practice with purpose. Analyze and diagnose with fact-based confidence. With TrackMan4 not only can you see your swing on instant video, but you also capture all your ball and club data.



Club fitting.



TrackMan is among the most noteworthy recent technological advances in golf, providing the ability to analyze a ball’s flight via a wireless monitor. The radar-based tool returns the most accurate impact conditions in the industry, measuring a multitude of putting and full swing data points, including clubhead speed, launch angle, face angle and smash factor.



The electronics are housed in the compact and durable receiver unit (SAM BaseUnit). The measuring principle is based on extremely accurate ultrasonic 3D measurements. The technology is derived from the medical sector and is proven to be reliable in many medical applications. Up to now there is no other technology available that provides comparable accuracy of data for putting.


Brands offered by no bogeys.

At No Bogeys Golf, we understand that golf is a science and an art. And we know how much the right equipment can change the game. That’s why we carry only the best brand names in the sport. Whether you’re looking to tweak your existing clubs with a new shaft or head, re-grip your existing set, pick up some accessories, or overhaul the entire set of clubs in your golf bag, No Bogeys has the best golf brands to improve your game.



No Bogeys is my favorite indoor golf facility. Three Trackman to work on your swing, and practice too! Excellent teaching pros. The best club fitting I have found, and I've been to many! Most importantly, this is not a chain or a franchise. The owners are there every day, ensuring the very best service at fair prices. They listen to you,and will help you meet your golfing goals

- Nick E. | Orange County, CA

I am 47 years old, a father of three girls, and limited in the time that I can play and practice. I have been stuck on the 13 handicap for years until I discovered No Bogeys. No Bogeys is an absolute game changer If you are interested in becoming a better golfer. I have been a member for the past 9 months. With this membership, I received weekly time with Trackman, custom club fitting, discounts on custom clubs and top notch instruction. I have shaved my handicap down to eight in just a few months. It should be lower but I am the world’s worst putter (it’s getting better though as I am finally getting around to actually practice my putting). I find golf a lot more enjoyable as I am striking the ball longer and much more consistently with the clubs that I have been fitted with. I am very thankful to the entire team at No Bogeys for everything. Everybody is so nice and I love coming here. Feels like family. My oldest daughter now wants to be a golfer so we come here weekly together. It’s fantastic!!! I definitely will be renewing. Thanks guys for everything!

Hey Kyle, I just wanted to let you know that Elizabeth got into Wellesley and will be playing on the golf team there!!! Thank you so much for fitting her with the right clubs since she was little. The fittings and the club choices have helped her to be confident and successful in the junior tournaments she’s played in. Praise God for his goodness and for leading us to you and No Bogeys golf!!

I have been a member at No Bogeys for almost 3 years. I intend to be a member for a long time to come. No Bogeys has Trackman Bays, Knowledgeable Club Fitters, Excellent Teachers, and all the equipment options one could hope for. There are other golf businesses that claim similar capabilities. The aspect that makes No Bogeys special is the feel and energy of the group. Everyone at No Bogeys is excited about golf, wants to improve, and is passionate about helping others improve. On multiple occasions I have gone to just practice and one of the instructors will stop watch my swing and offer a little advice. There was no lesson planned, there was no extra charge, just an individual passionate about golf that wanted to help me out. There are other benefits of membership, but the most important reason to consider joining is simple, No Bogeys makes improving at golf fun.

Dave Marcel

“I have been a long-time customer of No Bogey’s in Laguna Niguel and just LOVE the place. I started off with a golf lesson package a few years ago as I always struggled after a golf lesson knowing if I am doing what my instructor is trying to get me to do with the swing. Well, the cameras and data feedback available with their Trackman devices changed all that, as well as the additional insight from the staff there, and it has been completely eye-opening to say the least. The staff is incredibly friendly and will always help with whatever questions you may have. I joined the annual membership late last year because of the tremendous value I experienced not only in getting additional reps, with video and data feedback, but also in having the staff around while I was just practicing. I liken it to hitting balls next to your golf instructor at your local course. He/she may be teaching someone else, but they will still chime in with the swing corrections you are working through. No Bogeys is also a top-100 club fitter, so realistically, you cannot even compare them to a Roger Dunn or PGA Superstore as they are not tied to one club/shaft manufacturer. Their goal is to put you in the best equipment that matches your game, period. Tim and Kyle are excellent club fitters, and because I literally overhear the golf instructors giving lessons all the time, can attest they are very experienced, love the game, and know their stuff.

Jake Bergman

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  1. No Bogeys Golf

    Custom Club Building: No Bogeys has been perfecting the craft of club building for over 25 years. Our goal is to optimize your equipment; building it to work for you, not against you. We can build you a custom new set from the ground up or retro fit your existing set. Indoor Practice Facility: