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Sodor Stories

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436 Stories

Sodor: Leakage by cringeguy69420

  • thomasthetankengine

Sodor: Blacked Out by MountainMadness08

  • thomasandfriends

Sodor: Arachnophobia by xSkibby

  • northwesternrailway

Sodor Crystalized by IsleofPigsStudios

  • crystalized

Thomas And Friends: Braedey On Sodor by Braedey95

  • fictionalcharacters

Sodor's Deep Sink by FlygonNerd

  • naturaldisaster

Sodor Fallout What If...? by ThomasGarfield75

  • sodorfallout


  1. Percy's Ghost Engine 2 by culdeefan4 on DeviantArt

    percys ghost engine deviantart

  2. Percy Ghost Train Template by MagicRailroadJames on DeviantArt

    percys ghost engine deviantart

  3. BTWF Percys ghost engine by TrainFan6090 on DeviantArt

    percys ghost engine deviantart

  4. Percys ghost engine CGI Verison by trainmanCSXFRISCO99 on DeviantArt

    percys ghost engine deviantart

  5. Percy's Ghost Engine Take Along Card by islandofsodorfilms on DeviantArt

    percys ghost engine deviantart

  6. Percys Predicament (Request) by MidlandsEngine on DeviantArt

    percys ghost engine deviantart


  1. Percy’s Ghost Engine (UnReleased Episode)

  2. CURSED Percy The Train VS CURSED Thomas The Train

  3. Thomas and the Ghost Engine Read Aloud

  4. Thomas parody: S1 E15 Percy’s nightmare

  5. percy and the ghost diesel

  6. Thomas and the Ghost Engine Read Aloud Audiobook Part 3


  1. Percy's Ghost Engine (Ghost Train) by Abraham2204 on DeviantArt

    "And every year, on the date of the accident, it runs again as a warning to others, plunging into the gap, shrieking like a lost soul.

  2. Percy's Ghost Engine by culdeefan4 on DeviantArt

    This is a Picture Edit of Percy's Ghost Engine from the Episode Ghost Train/Percy's ghostly Trick. Toby: Anyone would think. Narrator

  3. FanFics on TTTE-Lovers

    I-I h-had n-no ch-choice!”“I'm not here for revenge, Stanley.” said the Ghostly

  4. Fan Fiction on TTTE-Fans

    But as the engines arrived at Tidmouth Sheds, they discovered that the turntable was frozen. Only one berth was accessible, but it was taken up by Percy, who

  5. Deviantart Pictures Deaths

    Timothy the Ghost Engine, Unknown, Unknown, No, Demons of Misty Island (

  6. Daisy on Sodor-Dieselworks

    “I think what you need is another engine to help until Percy's repaired!” came a familiar voice. Both engines looked down to see the Fat Controller, “Percy's

  7. Sodor Stories

    I like to thank NorthWester1 on Deviantart for this concept.

  8. Ghost Train (Trainz Remake) U.K.

    Comments12. Brian Falzon. That ghost engine looks like one of Percy's lost brothers!