Devialet Phantom I 108dB review

Devialet’s latest phantom speaker is loud and bassy for its size tested at £2790 / $3200.

Devialet Phantom I 108db review

What Hi-Fi? Verdict

A powerful, striking and truly one-of-a-kind wireless speaker, but not the most entertaining one at this level

Big, broad, room-filling sound

Heart-in-your-mouth bass

Striking aesthetic

Lacks transparency and subtlety

App isn’t a UPnP controller

In-app multi-room flakiness

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Despite having welcomed many Devialet Phantom wireless speakers into our test rooms over the past few years, we still find ourselves struck by the beauty and bass reproduction of the latest iteration.

This new flagship Phantom I brings with it a simplification and expansion of the iconic, brand-defining line: the compact Phantom Reactor is now ‘Phantom II’ (in 95dB, 98dB and special-edition Opéra de Paris models), above which sits the ‘Phantom I’ (in 103dB, 108dB and Opéra de Paris variants). 

Devialet has now introduced a £349 ($350) Arch configurable connectivity hub for Phantom too, giving owners the option to add sources (including a turntable) either via its built-in phono stage and RCA line-level inputs, or alternatively two coaxial digital inputs.

Without that accessory, the Phantom I is reliant upon a network, with support for AirPlay 2 , Spotify Connect , UPnP and Roon (both up to 24-bit/96KHz) over ethernet or wi-fi, although there is Bluetooth onboard, as well as an optical input (up to 24-bit/96KHz) at the rear.

Power output 1100W

Airplay 2 Yes

Spotify Connect Yes

Bluetooth Yes

Roon Ready Yes

Dimensions (hwd) 25.5 x 25.2 x 34.2cm

Weight 11.4kg

The decibel ratings attached to the names represent their maximum sound pressure level at one metre – something that sets Devialet Phantoms apart not only from one another but most of their competition, considering they can go between the approximate relative loudness of a lawnmower and a chainsaw. 

The sample on test here is the Phantom I 108 dB, which is available in dark chrome or white/gold finishes and covers a claimed frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz. The Phantom I 103 dB, meanwhile, comes in light chrome or matte black and encompasses a slightly narrower bandwidth (16Hz to 25kHz).

Many of Devialet’s patented technologies are present in the new Phantom I, including its ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) amplification, designed to combine the benefits of Class A analogue (high performance) and Class D (high efficiency and power) designs.

At the risk of using too many acronyms, HBI (Heart Bass Implosion) represents Devialet’s efforts to produce deep, impactful bass from the compact enclosure; its ACE (Active Cospherical Engine) design takes care of outputting sound evenly in various directions from the spherical chassis; and Speaker Active Matching (SAM) processing works to optimise the signal and performance in real-time. 

Such patented technologies have been part of the Phantom line-up from the start, but the new Phantom I aims to take performance further with a next-generation system-on-chip and improved thermal dissipation (it’s four times more energy-efficient than the previous model).

The Phantom’s iconic, visually striking spherical design, which we’ve likened to an ‘Alien bug’ and ‘Storm Trooper’s lunchbox’ lives on, but not totally unchanged. It’s now like a miniature jet engine, with a matte finish, new signature side panels and LED status lights at the rear – it’s eye-catching in the best way possible.

The Phantom I comes with a new puck-like remote that’s as other-worldly and premium as the speaker aesthetic and price deserves, too. We like how you rotate the whole outer ring to change volume (you can also play/pause and skip tracks with the central touchpad), although ergonomically it doesn’t feel all that natural in the hand to do so.

The alternative is Devialet’s dedicated app, which provides similar playback functions, as well as settings such as ‘AV sync’ for reducing latency if you’re using the Phantom I with your TV via its optical input, and ‘Night mode’ for sucking some of the bass out of the performance (which it does effectively, too). 

Somewhat disappointingly, the app doesn’t also serve as a UPnP streaming controller, so those wanting to access local or networked files or music services will need to use the paid-for Roon platform (the Phantom I is Roon Ready), or download another third-party UPnP app such as BubbleUPnP (Android) and mconnect Player (Android, iOS), both of which are perfectly usable free apps. 

We’re also a little let down by the app’s imperfect multi-room and stereo pairing experience, which in our testing proves occasionally flaky by not displaying the connection, or doing so but not initiating through the speakers. If you’ve spent several thousands on a multi-room wireless speaker set-up, you are perhaps entitled to expect seamlessness.

You also expect a ‘wow’ performance, which in some areas the Phantom I delivers. This is one of the clearest, most bassy and broadest-sounding single-chassis wireless speakers we've come across since the previous full-sized Phantom we tested.

For a wireless speaker of its size, Devialet’s latest can, like the iterations before it, excavate a bass line. The jaunty electro-funk lows underpinning Childish Gambino’s 19:10 are deep and impactful – and visually represented by the enthusiastically pumping side-firing drivers. Play something denser such as 65daysofstatic's Retreat! Retreat!, and it’s not afraid to get down and dirty with the cacophony of drums and electrics while ensuring they don’t bog down the whole presentation. 

The Phantom I produces a broad, open soundstage that far belies its compactness. If you're looking for the biggest sonic footprint from a small physical one, a single Phantom I can output more than is necessary to fill most living rooms. But, while one of the Devialet’s unique selling points is its spectacular power output, the presentation ultimately becomes harsh and, consequently, less listenable when really pushed.

Such is the Devialet’s midrange clarity that upon hearing it for the first time, you’ll want to queue up songs by your favourite vocalists. We find ourselves doing just this; Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, ANOHNI, and The Tallest Man on Earth’s Kristian Matsson come through with purity and polish. But it isn’t long before we realise that such tangibility isn’t complemented by the levels of transparency we’d expect at this price – and especially from a Phantom.

While the Phantom I can distinguish between a soprano and a piano, it’s only able to draw the silhouette of a vocal or instrument rather than reveal any of its colour or shading. It doesn’t rise and fall with Simone’s dynamic delivery, nor does it get under Matsson’s subtle inflections. 

We play Ludovico Einaudi’s piano-led Oltremare, and while the notes float across a soundstage that, if you closed your eyes, could pass for one from stereo speakers placed close together, there isn’t the dynamic insight or finesse necessary for you to thoroughly appreciate the variation in his masterstrokes. 

We find ourselves creeping the volume up in an effort to feel more involved in the piece – a sign of a performance that falls short of captivating. For the Devialet’s not insignificant asking price, we expect more in the way of sonic sophistication.

Devialet’s original Phantom arrived at a time where wireless speakers were slowly but surely maturing into the high-end market. Today, that premium space is more competitive, and with it, the level of performance has improved too. 

You’ll struggle to find another that can fill a room or dig up a bass line quite like the Phantom I, but your search for a wireless solution – single-box or otherwise – capable of more insight for the money will be easier. The Phantom I remains a one-of-a-kind option with undisputed talents, but overall its performance leaves us a little cold.

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  • SuperSonicSound The mistake so many people make is to review only one Devialet. As a stereo, they are some of the most entertaining speakers around. I say entertaining not audiophile, but I myself hate pure audiophile and think it is boring. I have my pair of phantom II hooked up to a THX Onyx which gives more warmth and listening to music through apple lossless is god-tier. Maybe there are more audiophile systems, some that sound better in a lab, but as a snobfisticated listener, I have heard nothing I love more than a pair of Devialet. The kicker is: They sound good on low volume while other speakers need volume to unleash a sound at all. So if you ever went to a store listened to the most expensive, best and most sophisticated audiophile system and still did not like it that much, if you listened to the cleanest recording of the best artist and did not enjoy it, go for two Devialet pump in some high-quality mainstream music and you will never regret it. Reply
  • dmbent91 This is 100% true. I have built recording studios and listen to a stereo pair of the flagship Phantoms in a treated room. Compared to main monitor systems and high end consumer stereos, I will always come back to the Phantoms. They are in their own league in certain categories and competitive in all the others. I can't nitpick a speaker that digs up audio in the lowest octaves that other speakers aren't even capable of reproducing at all. That is musical information that the Phantoms simply own all to themselves and it matters a lot. So called "audiophile" bass is a justification. We all loved massive bass and we know it. Reply
  • nopiano Wow, two new members from Devialet have arrived to big up one of the worst speakers it’s been my misfortune to ever clap ears on. Pray, new members, what system do you have at home, and what is your interest in Devialet? I was a big fan of Devialet amplifiers but this Phantom stuff has turned me off them in a big way. Reply
nopiano said: Wow, two new members from Devialet have arrived to big up one of the worst speakers it’s been my misfortune to ever clap ears on. Pray, new members, what system do you have at home, and what is your interest in Devialet? I was a big fan of Devialet amplifiers but this Phantom stuff has turned me off them in a big way.
  • lovlid Ah, the ravings of someone trying to justify spending too much money on a device that isn’t really that good. Just my opinion, but go on, say “Audiophile” again. Reply
  • View All 5 Comments

Devialet Phantom I review

Space-age opulence.

devialet phantom i

TechRadar Verdict

The Devialet Phantom I is a continuation of the French audio brand’s iconic range of wireless speakers, which come with powerful side-firing bass reflex ports that pulse in time to your music. The sound is nothing short of outstanding, and a good range of connectivity options and an easy-to-use app make the Phantom I easy to recommend – if you have a lot of money to spare, that is.

Unique design

Fantastic audio performance

Easy-to-use app


Quite heavy and large

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One-minute review

Devialet’s Phantom series of wireless speakers is notorious for its opulent, space age-inspired designs and mind-blowing price tags. 

Price and availability

Audio performance


Should I buy it?

The latest, the Devialet Phantom I, is no different. It sports a Kubrick-esque build, side-firing bass reflex ports that pulse to the beat of your music, and a futuristic puck-shaped remote control.

Oh, and don’t forget the 22-carat rose gold-plated sides – which may go some way to explain the speaker’s $3,200 / £2,790 / AU$5,490 price. And that’s the price for just one speaker, by the way. If you want to pair two for stereo sound, it will cost you double. 

Still, the sound is undeniably good. This speaker packs a real punch, presenting a powerful, immersive sound, thumping bass, smooth mids and detailed trebles. 

Thanks to the nifty audio tech onboard, including the company’s Active Cospherical Engine (ACE), the egg-shaped speaker can diffuse sound in all directions. The soundstage certainly feels wide with excellent separation, which is only heightened when you pair two speakers in stereo mode. 

As for connectivity? Well, there’s support for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth connections, alongside AUX and optical inputs. For iPhone users, there’s AirPlay 2 support. Meanwhile, a handy new Devialet app allows for multi-room configuration between all Phantom models and Roon-Ready support for wireless Hi-Res Audio streaming. 

Sound good? Take another look at that price tag before you start clearing a space for the Phantom I. There’s no doubt that you get a lot for your money, but it’s far pricier than many of the best wireless speakers on the market. 

Still, if you have money to spare and you’re looking for a truly unique speaker that will do your hi-res music justice, the Devialet Phantom I is the speaker for you. 

Devialet Phantom I price and availability

  • $2,200 / £1,890 / AU$3,690 for 103dB model
  • $3,200 / £2,790 / AU$5,490 for 108dB model

The Devialet Phantom I is available in two power levels. The first comes in light chrome or matte black, and delivers a maximum volume of 103dB and a frequency range of 16Hz to 25kHz. Costing $2,200 / £1,890 / AU$3,690, it's considerably more expensive than its predecessor, the confusingly named Devialet Phantom II (previously known as the Phantom Reactor 900 ).

For those looking for a little more power, there's the 108dB model with a frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz. It’s available with dark chrome or luxurious gold side panels – and is more expensive still at $3,200 / £2,790 / AU$5,490. This is the version we tested for this review.

That’s far pricier than many of the best wireless speakers you can buy today. For comparison, the Sonos One costs $199 / £199 / AU$299. Even the relatively pricey KEF LS50 Wireless II stereo speakers cost $2,499 / £2,250 / AU$4,295 – and you’re getting two speakers for your money there. While you can use two of the Phantom I for stereo sound, there’s no discount if you wish to do so; you’ll be paying double.

  • Unique looks
  • 22-carat rose gold-plated sides
  • Side-firing bass reflex ports

The Devialet Phantom looks quite unlike any other speaker on the market (unless you count its predecessor, that is). Like a hybrid between a Kubrick-esque spaceship and a gilded egg, this wireless speaker isn’t designed to blend into the background – it’s a statement piece that will take center-stage in your home, particularly if you choose to buy two for stereo pairing.

While it does share some aesthetic similarities with the Phantom II, the Devialet Phantom I is larger and heavier than its predecessor. Weighing in at 11.4kg, you won’t want to be moving it around your home too much.

The Phantom I comes in matte black or white, with the latter including 22-carat rose gold-plated sides that are emblazoned with the Devialet insignia; they look incredibly luxurious and go some way to explaining its high price. 

At the front of the speaker sits the Devialet logo, which is cut into the chassis itself, while each side features bass reflex ports that pump air rhythmically in time with the beat of your music.

Around the back of the Phantom I you’ll find ventilation grilles to stop it from overheating, a power button that lights up when the speaker is in use, and a port to connect your power cable. 

The Phantom I comes with a rather cool circular remote control, which only adds to the space-age feel of the speaker. This puck-like unit can be rotated to adjust the volume, while a touch-sensitive panel allows you to skip tracks, and play/pause your music. A rubberized ring at the base of the remote means it won’t budge if you place it on a coffee table, and its stylish white and silver color scheme makes it more aesthetically-pleasing than your average remote. 

Saying that, we’d have loved a continuation of the rose gold motif seen on the speaker itself – and, at this price, we don’t have any qualms about being so picky.

Still, there’s nothing about the design of the Phantom I and its accompanying remote that leaves you in any doubt of this speaker’s luxurious credentials – and, if you want to make even more of a style statement and give your speaker a dedicated home, Devialet sells some stands for a cool $350 / £349 / AU$699 each. 

  • Remarkably powerful
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Ability to stereo pair

The Devialet Phantom I is a remarkably powerful speaker, reaching volumes you’d expect from a professional studio setup, without any distortion.

Inside the speaker is a grade 1 titanium tweeter driver, an aluminum medium driver, and aluminum bass drivers.

The Phantom I uses Devialet's proprietary audio tech, including the Analogue Digital Hybrid (ADH) amp, which the company says can deliver the quality of an analogue amp in a digital-sized package. There's also Speaker Active Matching (SAM) signal processing to retain high acoustic fidelity, Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) for powerful bass, and the Active Cospherical Engine (ACE), which allows the egg-shaped speaker to diffuse sound in all directions.

These technologies certainly seem to do the trick. The soundstage feels wide and immersive, with excellent separation, strong bass frequencies, smooth mids, and high-fidelity trebles.

Listening to Jazmine Sullivan’s On It, lazy guitar riffs and thumping bass lines complement complex vocal riffs and harmonies, with those iconic side-firing woofers pulsating with every beat. 

What really gets those woofers going, though, is Björk’s Hyperballad. In the verses, deep sub-bass drones and contrasts with chime-like keys and Björk’s tentative vocal, before the song launches into the chorus, laden with industrial dance beats and pulsing synths.

Percussion sounds crisp and accurate in Bjork’s Venus As A Boy, with swinging rhythms and cascading violin and vibraphone melodies handled with dexterity.

In stereo, the Phantom I sounds better still. Agnes Obel’s Dorian moody cello undercurrents and rolling piano riffs provide a bedrock for haunting vocal harmonies, with each melody coming through with clarity and precision. 

Little Dragon’s Wildfire boasts subby bass lines that display plenty of power without sounding overpowering – but it’s the vocals that are the star of the show, with a clear and smooth presentation. Percussion sounds crisp, while alarm-like synths peel through the mix, with the stereo configuration adding even more immersion and dynamism to the sound. 

  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth
  • Roon Ready and AirPlay 2
  • Hi-Res Audio support

The Devialet Phantom I has been given some nifty connectivity upgrades over its predecessor, including a new accompanying app that allows for multi-room configuration between all Phantom models, and Roon Ready support for wireless Hi-Res Audio streaming. 

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth support mean you have a few options when it comes to wirelessly streaming your music, with the latter supporting SBC and AAC codecs.

The new app is slick and easy to use, with a sliding volume dial that echoes the design of the accompanying remote control. You can also use the app to turn on ‘AV sync’, which reduces the audio latency when using the AUX input, and improves audio and video synchronization if you’re using the Phantom I as a TV speaker. 

If you do want your Phantom I to double up as a soundbar , there’s a TOSLINK optical port, although you won’t find an HDMI port. 

There's also support for AirPlay 2, which means you can stream music directly from your iPhone to multiple AirPlay speakers without using the Devialet app.

Should I buy the Devialet Phantom I?

Buy it if....

You have plenty of money to spare The Devialet Phantom I doesn’t come cheap, but if you can afford it, then you’re getting a very unique speaker with tons of audio prowess. 

You can afford two The audio experience is only heightened by using two of these speakers in a stereo pair. 

You’re looking for striking design The Phantom I looks quite unlike any other speaker on the market, and if you love the space-age aesthetic, you’ll dig this egg-shaped speaker.

Don't buy it if...

You’re on a budget It almost goes without saying, but the Devialet Phantom I isn’t suitable for those on a strict budget, and you can get almost impeccable sound for less – just look at the Sonos One, for example. 

You want an understated speaker The Phantom I won’t blend into the background, so if you’re all about chic Scandi style, it’s not for you. 

You’re short on space The Phantom I has a rather large footprint and will take up a fair bit of space – especially if you want two in a stereo pair. 

  • Looking for more? Check out the best stereo speakers you can buy

Olivia Tambini

Olivia was previously TechRadar's Senior Editor - Home Entertainment, covering everything from headphones to TVs. Based in London, she's a popular music graduate who worked in the music industry before finding her calling in journalism. She's previously been interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on the subject of multi-room audio, chaired panel discussions on diversity in music festival lineups, and her bylines include T3, Stereoboard, What to Watch, Top Ten Reviews, Creative Bloq, and Croco Magazine. Olivia now has a career in PR.

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phantom 1 speakers

Image Unavailable

Devialet Phantom I 103dB - Wireless Speaker (Light Chrome)

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Devialet Phantom I 103dB - Wireless Speaker (Light Chrome)

Light Chrome

Purchase options and add-ons

About this item.

  • High-end, ultra-dense sound with more power, clarity, and precision than any other wireless speaker from infrabass to the most extreme treble. Implosive sound, wide soundstage, an icon. 0 distortion, 0 saturation and 0 background noise. 16Hz to 25kHz. Superior user experience, including Devialet Remote for precision handling
  • Every Phantom I comes complete with a dedicated remote to help you take full control of your music with utmost precision. The new Remote perfectly integrates with the entire Devialet ecosystem. Key features include: Modern LED matrix display, Proximity sensor, Standby mode to put your Phantom(s) to sleep, Built-in battery with 2.5 months of autonomy, rechargeable via USB (USB cable included in packaging), Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity & Elegant stainless steel scroll wheel.
  • THE DEVIALET APP: YOUR SOUND, YOUR WAY. Power this unreasonable requires some control. Set up your Phantom, finetune your settings, and stay up to date, all via the Devialet App. An intuitive companion, the app lets you customize your Phantom experience: setting up your Phantom, adjusting latency for A/V, activating Standby Mode or customizing bass for Night Mode.
  • Phantom's open architecture lets you get straight to the music you love. AirPlay 2: Apple users can enjoy an additional layer of control over their Phantom with AirPlay 2. Spotify Connect: Spotify users can stream their favorite playlists on their favorite speaker with the help of Spotify Connect. UPnP: With Universal Plug and Play, or UPnP, users can switch to a third-party application to play music hosted on their local networks.
  • WAYS TO PLAY: STEREO PAIR: The only thing better than a Phantom? Two. In stereo, Phantom's soundstage expands even further and listening takes on a new dimension as the speakers dance in absolute synchronicity. More extreme, more powerful, more exhilarating. MULTIROOM: Sync your entire home in symphony or stream something different in every room thanks to your Devialet App. With Multiroom, there are now even more ways to play with Multi-Zone Play and Individual Play.

Consider a similar item

phantom 1 speakers

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Devialet Phantom I 103dB - Wireless Speaker (Light Chrome)

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Important information

To report an issue with this product, click here .

Product Description

Phantom I White

Revolutionary Technologies. Engineered By Devialet.

Devialet, Phantom I, Phantom Premier

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phantom 1 speakers

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Devialet Phantom 1 108dB Gold Review

An eccentric and expensive wireless speaker

Devialet Phantom 1 pair on a table

A wireless speaker with an eccentric design and, at times, a thrillingly excitable sound – but it’s constrained by the very things that make it unique.

  • Powerful, energetic sound
  • Number of connectivity options
  • Thrilling aesthetic
  • Can falter when more subtlety is required


  • UK RRP: £2790
  • USA RRP: $3200
  • Europe RRP: €3200
  • Canada RRP: CA$4200
  • Australia RRP: AU$5490

Key Features

  • Devialet OS Supports UPnP and Roon Ready connections
  • Heart Bass Implosion An acoustic process that emits low frequencies with depth and impact
  • Stereo pairing and multi-room Two speakers can joined in stereo pair configuration, and multiple speakers paired in a multi-room set-up


Devialet is a French hi-fi company with a taste for the weird and wonderful, and its Phantom speakers are perhaps the weirdest and most wonderful thing it currently makes.

A fusion of high-concept design and technology, the Phantoms are a wholly unique proposition. The Phantom 1 was introduced in 2021 as part of a shake-up of the Phantom family , the smaller Phantom Reactor renamed Phantom II to simplify matters. But, just to muddy the waters, the Phantom 1 models is available in 103dB and 108dB variants.

The model tested here is the Phantom 1 108dB Gold. Like previous Phantoms it delivers a performance that wouldn’t be possible without the innovation that’s gone into it; but it’s also hamstrung by the traits that make it so unique.

  • Compact, ovoid shape
  • Side-firing woofers
  • White or black finish

The Devialet Phantom 1 looks like no wireless speaker you have come across, the kind Tom Cruise would be listening to in the future landscape of his 2013 film Oblivion. Viewed from head on, the speaker takes on the shape and appearance of the moon; from the side it looks like the sort of helmet the now defunct (or should that be de-funked?) Daft Punk would wear.

Devialet Phantom 1 tweeter design

It’s a design that throws up a few questions, like how does it produce sound? Where is the speaker’s front? And is that actual gold plating?

The front of the speaker is the face with the tweeter-covered grille, the design of which takes inspiration from French 18th-century gardens and Chladni patterns (look them up). Side-firing woofers add to the visual spectacle of the Phantom 1 once it starts digging into those low frequencies, while around the back is a heatsink and a power cable. Rather inelegantly, hidden behind the cable are the Ethernet and digital optical connections.

Devialet Phantom 1 heatsink design

With a matte finish that can attract a bit of dirt, you wouldn’t want to get the 22-carat gold side panels messy – and at 11.4kg for each speaker, they have a deceptively low centre of mass. The weight raises the thought of purchasing stands, of which there are three to choose from: Tree (the most conventional of the lot), Treepod (a compact stand) and Gecko (a wall-mount). There’s also a travel bag called the Cocoon that looks somewhere between a tea cosy and bowling ball bag.

  • Features a wealth of interesting tech
  • Various connection options
  • Intuitive app and remote

It wouldn’t be a Devialet product if there weren’t any fancy-sounding acronyms – and lo and behold, the Phantom 1 lives up to expectations with ADH, SAM, and HBI.

ADH stands for Analog Digital Hybrid. The analogue amplifier reproduces an unspoilt signal and passes it off to the digital amplifier. In the words of Devialet, this process combines the precision of analog and the power and compactness of digital amplification. SAM isn’t a person, but Speaker Active Matching, an algorithm that recognises the speaker’s specs and tailors the sound for an optimal performance.

Devialet Phantom 1 gold plated side panels

Heart Bass Implosion sounds like a dance album from the early 2000s, and is all about reproducing low frequencies with depth and power – and, in the form of the Phantom 1, that gives birth to some truly prodigious bass extension. Non-acronym features arrive with a more power-efficient system chip, improved energy consumption and reduced distortion through the speaker’s signal path.

The 108dB version of the Phantom 1 has at its disposal 1100 watts RMS of power, which is a way of saying this speaker can make a racket. Source connectivity stacks up to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 , Spotify Connect, UPnP, Roon Ready support, and an optical cable (for plugging the speaker into a TV or other device).

Devialet Phantom 1 app settings

You can manage those sources through the Devialet app, which is stable, swift in terms of speed, and intuitive. Within the app, and if you have more than one speaker to hand, there’s the promise of linking them up through multi-room or bringing two together to form a stereo pair – a process that’s easy to achieve. There’s access to music streaming services (Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer , Tidal ), as well as playback functions with track skipping and volume control. If you have a pair, the volume can be controlled independently of each speaker.

Devialet Phantom 1 app setup process

A more physical means of control is with the Phantom Remote, a puck-sized controller with buttons for playback, a twist of the rotary dial moves volume up and down. The set-up is a charming process with in-app references to a “new life” being born and the speaker – which pulses during set-up (those side-woofers at it again) – calmed by a touch as if it’s a new-born baby. The Phantoms are plenty eccentric, and winningly so.

Devialet Phantom 1 remote

Sound quality

  • Lots of power, lots of attack
  • Condensed soundstage
  • Can strike an impressively natural tone

For a speaker of its size and shape, there’s no shortage of energy about the way the Devialet delivers its sound. Bass beats are seriously impressive in how they’re communicated: the size, weight and depth bring plenty of scale to bass-heavy tracks.

And in terms of volume, this is a speaker to be turned up and turned up loud. It isn’t fussed about making a din (although maybe your neighbours will), and dynamically there are few shortcomings in describing hushed moments and thundering notes, or the difference between low frequencies and high. There’s an elasticity to the speaker’s range that convinces.

Devialet Phantom 1 side firing woofers

Also met with confidence are the high notes that sparkle with clarity and detail through the Grade I Titanium tweeter, and it proves good with male and female voices, treating them with a naturalism that makes them sound lifelike. In fact, when listening to the Guardian Football Weekly podcast, a member of the team walking past thought there were more people in the room with me. Mesh that with a sprightly sense of attack and a character that’s happy to play a range of music genres – from pop, R&B, soul music, classical to rock – and you’d expect the Phantom 1 to be a dab hand at everything at which it tries its hand.

Devialet Phantom 1 on AV stand

But the shortcomings of the previous Phantom models don’t go away, and unless Devialet comes with up some neat technology, will always be ingrained into their DNA. The width of the soundstage it describes is small, not particularly escaping the confines of its ovoid shape – and this is evident in busy tracks, where the soundstage becomes congested, and detail goes awry. The Prodigy’s Stand Up sounds messy and disorganised with a lack of clarity and shape to its presentation, despite the impressively big and meaty bass frequencies.

With Billy Joel’s It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me, there’s an attempt at describing the depth of the track, but his voice and other instruments come across as if they’re sitting on each other at times. Stereo pair the Phantom 1 and you get a flat soundstage; Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man doesn’t feel as if it reaches into the room but instead is kept at a remove, and that makes for a less engaging listen.

Latest deals

Should you buy it.

If you lap up eccentricity in spades From its appearance to its sound, the Phantom 1 Gold does things differently and on its own terms. It’s also really expensive, and has appeal for those who covet shiny pretty things.

If you favour a more expansive and articulate performance When played songs more its speed, there’s no doubt the Devialet offers a dynamite performance, but its small soundstage highlights issues that hamper music playback.

Final Thoughts

The Devialet Phantom 1 isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to its audio performance, but when on song it’s a wireless speaker with a very entertaining presence. It shows no fealty to the mere whims of conventional design either, and any owner of this speaker will be glad of its outré style.

That is, if you can afford it. There’s impressive tech at the heart of the Phantom 1 – there’s no doubting Devialet’s skill or nous in that regard – but there’s something of a contradiction in that heart, boasting technology that’s meant to free it from its lovely confines, but which also serves to restrict it. The Phantom 1 can reach thrilling heights, but it can also be shackled to the ground.

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The Phantom 1 Gold is priced at £2790 / €3200 / $3200 / AU$5490 / CAD$4200

Kob Monney

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Review: Devialet Phantom I & II Wireless Speakers

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Review: Devialet Phantom I & II Wireless Speakers

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Devialet Upgrades Their Phantom Series

After years of success with their Phantom Premier and Phantom Reactor speakers, Devialet has unveiled their Phantom I and Phantom II series speakers and we're here to take the confusion out of the new line-up and break down what you need to know about the changes.

Barely a day goes by that someone doesn't ask us about the Devialet speakers on demo in our showrooms . "What's that?!"... "Whoa, are these speakers?"... "They look so cool, but how do they sound?" Devialet makes some of the most head-turning, conversation-starting, cool-looking speakers out there.  Their Phantom wireless speakers are iconic and unmistakable in design and, unlike some other brands out there that may look really cool but sound like crap (sorry), we can confidently say Devialet's speakers really do sound as good as they look. The  Phantoms emit ultra-dense sound with physical impact and have been revolutionizing the speaker game since their release as references for acoustical excellence. 

So, with the new 2021 line-up Devialet has kept their signature space-age styling but have delivered a refreshed look and made some much-needed technology upgrades to offer better connectivity and enhanced audio.

Devialet Wireless Speakers

Devialet Phantom I vs. Phantom II:

First off, Devialet changed the naming conventions of their Phantom line-up. The Phantom Premier will be know as Phantom I (103dB or 108dB) and the Phantom Reactor will be known as the Phantom II (95dB and 98dB). Both units have matching stands with options for the treepod (aka tripod stand) or the tree (a single unit speaker stand). Aside from the name changes, the big story are the upgrades to the Phantom I wireless speaker. Devialet introduced new colorways, an improved next-gen processor, and AirPlay2 and Roon Ready support.

Phantom I upgrades at a glance:

  • Brand new user experience with intuitive app interface, including Devialet Remote for precision handling.
  • Enhanced connectivity with Airplay 2, Hi-res on several sources, IP control, etc.
  • Increased power efficiency with lower energy consumption = high-end, ultra-dense sound with more power, clarity, and precision from infrabass to the most extreme treble.
  • New, modern colorways available in an exclusive white or black matte finish, with new sets of side panel options.
  • New side panels: Light Chrome, Matte black, Gold, Dark Chrome
  • New logo: Devialet tear redesigned and modernized
  • Next-gen chip: Devialet Intelligence Processor gathering SAM, AHD, Magic Wire, Class A, DAC in a single chip

The Phantom I   has new colorways, finishes and packaging, and will also now be packaged with an included sleek, round-shaped remote to control playback. The new speaker comes in two power levels:  the 103dB model with a a frequency range of 16Hz to 25kHz is available in light chrome or matte black. The 108dB with a with a frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz is available with dark chrome or gold side panels. Both the Phantom I and Phantom II have colorway options in Opera De Paris, with luxe gold leaf side panels. The special edition Opera De Paris models were created in partnership with the Paris Opera and inspired by the iconic gilded interiors of the space.

The Phantom I's brand new next-gen processor means thermal dissipation will be "up to 4 times more efficient" which will result in less wear and tear on components and better power consumption overall. This, along with Devialet's Analogue Digital Hybrid (ADH) amp, a proprietary technology the company says can deliver the quality of an analogue amp in a digital-sized package, should allow the Phantom I to provide "best-in-market performance in terms of compactness to power fidelity ratio".  Remember what we said above about these little speakers sounding as good as they look? Devialet's entire philosophy is about achieving "high-end ultra-dense sound with power, clarity and precision like nothing you've ever encountered".

And, not to be outdone by it's little brother, the Phantom II, the Phantom I's connectivity was improved with the new Devialet app that allows multi-room configuration between all Phantom models, and support for AirPlay 2 so you can bypass the Devialet app if you choose and stream music directly from your iPhone. Roon Ready support also now allows for Hi-Res Audio  streaming. Phantom's open architecture lets you get straight to the music you love: AirPlay 2®. Spotify Connect, Roon Ready,  UPnP.

The Phantom II feature set remains largely the same as its predecessor, the Reactor, but will be also now be available in a matte black option, as well as iconic white, and gold leaf. 

Like the Phantom I, the Phantom II speaker comes in two power levels: the 95dB model with a frequency range of 18Hz to 21kHz is available in iconic white chrome or matte black. The 98dB with a with a frequency range of 18Hz to 21kHz is available with dark chrome or gold side panels.

To clarify any confusion around the different max volume power levels of the Phantom speaker models, basically, the main difference between Phantom II 95 dB and Phantom II 98 dB, for example, is just that: their power. Phantom II 98 dB can achieve twice the power of Phantom II 95 dB. It all comes down to personal preference... and your budget, of course.

New Devialet Multiroom for Phantom

Both the Phantom I and Phantom II now offer multiroom capabilities. Using the new Devialet app, you have the option for three different playback modes. Multi -zone play lets you play the same music to multiple speakers in different rooms of your home. Single-zone play lets you play to multiple Phantom speakers in the same room. Individual play lets you listen to whatever you want in oh Phantom speakers in different room in your home. Listen to jazz in the kitchen while someone else enjoys a podcast on the couch. Control your volume and manage zones directly in your own Devialet apps.

Stereo Pairing: Two Phantoms is Better Than One

When it comes to stereo pairing with Devialet Phantom speakers, 1 + 1 = 3. Create a stereo pair and gain up to three extra decibels. A pair of Phantom speakers in stereo is a compact hi-fi system that packs a serious punch. With left and right channel synch, it delivers an incredible soundstage in a sleek package.

Devialet Wireless Speakers

A Memorable Experience

Founded in 2007, Devialet is a French acoustical engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and cutting edge technology and a  Devialet encounter in our showrooms is one to remember. The space-age design, atop a tabletop or perched on one of the matching modern stands, is, as we said above, a head-turner. One might even call it a polarizing design: you either love it, or you hate it. But, when you listen to these wireless speakers, the spherical shape and purist design becomes so clear and purposeful and the haters usually become fans. The unique design, consisting of 981 parts protected by even more patents, is engineered with a focus on function to deliver sound and even physical impact that is unrivaled from such a compact profile. Devialet stands confidently behind their promise that "0 distortion, 0 saturation and 0 background noise ensure you get nothing but audiophile-grade playback, even at 900W".  

The new Phantom upgrades prove that Devialet is still relentless in their pursuit to continue to improve on and deliver an emotional musical experience in a truly unique fusion of engineering and design that impacts your auditory, visual, and even tactile senses. 

Devialet Wireless Speakers

Devialet Phantom Wireless Speakers

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Review: Devialet Phantom I 103 dB

An extreme speaker - in every way.

The sensational lifestyle speaker Phantom has become even better. The Devial Phantom I 103 dB is simply unique.

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Devialet Phantom I 103 dB

I almost fell off the chair when I first heard the Devialet Silver Phantom back in 2015. A speaker for style-conscious people who want comfort but also hefty sound. Incredibly loud sound.

How was it possible that a speaker with a cabinet of only 6 liters could move such large amounts of air? The bass was monstrous, went deeper than many subwoofers, on the whole it was absolutely wild.

The Silver Phantom was simply a technological marvel, with few weaknesses. One of them being that the woofers were held back when playing loud, to protect them. The stroke length must be enormous to force such deep bass out of the small cabinets, and even then it must stop at some point.

Devialet Phantom I black angle

Ease of use could be better

The usability of the Silver Phantom (and its big sister Gold Phantom) was good, but some solutions could have been improved.

First, if you bought two speakers to connect as a stereo pair, one was dependent on a box next to it (Dialog). This had to be connected to the home network with cable, and communicated wirelessly with the speakers.

The music had to be played through Devialet’s own app, Spark. I myself liked it when it came out, but the development of streaming services continues all the time, and many people will probably prefer to play the music from the original app, belonging to the service they are used to.

phantom 1 speakers

Inspiration from the smaller models

Recently, Devialet has further developed the speaker technology, and in 2018 they had managed to squeeze much of the same impressive sound, into even smaller cabinets, with the Phantom Reactor. With these, they also cut out the Spark app, instead they were directed to use either Airplay or Bluetooth when playing the music. The Dialog box was no longer needed either, as the speakers could be connected both in stereo and in several rooms, on their own.

With the knowledge gained in the construction of the even smaller speakers, it has been in the cards that Devialet wants to show what the better technology has to offer, when you put it into the larger cabinets of the big brothers.

Now the result is here, with the Phantom I. This series replaces the largest Phantom speakers (while the smaller Reactor speakers are renamed the Phantom II).

Devialet Phantom I woofer

Away with the app

Phantom I also does not need the Spark app. Instead, the speakers have Airplay 2 for iPhone users, and Spotify Connect and Bluetooth for everyone else.

In addition, all newer Phantom speakers have recently been updated with Roon Ready certification. This is good news for Roon users, because now Roon on PC and Mac can find the speakers automatically on the network, without going through Airplay. This means that you can send high-definition sound up to 96 kHz losslessly to the speakers. This also applies to MQA on Tidal, which is then decoded to PCM format in the software itself, before the music is sent on to the speakers.

The speakers also have optical digital input, for loud sound from the TV. If you want to connect the turntable, you need the external box, Arch as well.


Improved content

In terms of sound, the Phantom I has been upgraded with better digital processing and a more sophisticated amplifier compared to its predecessors. In addition, the new speakers have a better distribution of heat, and they are now four times more energy efficient.

Like other Phantom speakers – and also Devialet’s amplifiers – Phantom I uses Devialet’s patented ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) amplification. This is an ingenious way to let analog Class A and “digital” Class D amplification complement each other and thus increase efficiency without compromising sound quality. Do not ask me, I’m not an engineer. But that Devialet’s amplifiers are good is an understatement.

SAM is in control

To prevent the drivers from traveling longer than their stroke length, Devialet uses a technology they call SAM (Speaker Active Matching). The system knows exactly how far the woofers can safely move, and stops when they reach this point. This is what allows the speakers to play so loud.

Furthermore, the speakers are designed to disperse sound waves from the spherical cabinet evenly in all directions.

Three quality levels

There are three different Phantom I models: 103 dB, 108 dB and 108 dB Opéra de Paris. The latter being a more refined version of 108 dB, and thus also the most expensive.

I wanted to test the most sensible of the three, namely the 103 dB version. Each speaker costs around £1000 less than 108 dB, and since I think you should of course have two in stereo, it will be much to save. Also, if you play something higher than the maximum level of this, the bass flattens out and the party factor will limit itself anyway.

Devialet Phantom I light chrome angle

Phantom I 103 dB – black or white

The 103 dB version is available in two finishes: matte white with silver side panels, or matte black with black panels.

The test samples I got for reveiew was the black variant, and I must say it is gorgeous. It blends anonymously into the environment, but the round curves are still something very special. Unfortunately, the distributor only had stands in white and wood color available, which in appearance is a bad match with the black speakers, but I at least got to test how the speakers sound on the original stands. And the stands have some clever solutions for hiding cables that can make them worth considering, even if they cost a lot.

Connecting the speakers is very easy. Download the Devialet app, make sure your mobile is connected to your home network, and you press “Yes” when the app says it has found two speakers that it wants to connect to the network. A sound comes from the first speaker, and you are asked to put your hand on the “forehead” of the speaker. Do this and the speaker confirms with a “plop”. Repeat on the other speaker, and confirm in the app that the speakers are a stereo pair. That was it!

Devialet Phantom I coax driver

Sound quality

Where the smaller Reactor 900 and 600 speakers are impressively capable with their cabinets of only 3 liters, it is natural that there is even more substance when you double the size. And that’s good, because even though I’m impressed, the little brothers are not without compromises.

The smaller speakers must be closer to each other than I am used to in a cohesive stereo image. About 2 meters is optimal, and I had to pull the sofa a little closer to the speakers than I usually do.

With Phantom I, the situation is different. They fill the test room in a completely different way, with the greatest obviousness. The speakers can be placed where I want them: with a good distance to the back and side walls, about three meters apart and partially angled towards the listening position.

Can there be only one?

For the record: You can of course buy and use only one speaker. But I think that is quite a waste. Sure, the Phantom I will impress, but if you only want one speaker, it makes a lot more sense to buy a Sonos Play:Five or Denon Home 350. Or, somewhat more expensive, buy B&O Beosound Balance, it plays 360 degrees and works much better solo than what Phantom I does.


I was going to start with the thundering, abysmal bass. But instead I want to focus on the overall sound quality. It is exceptionally good.

The sound is experienced as very linear, with great transparency and a resolution that is few and far between. Springsteen’s voice is fragile and open on the ballad One Minute You’re Here, it is large and yet weightless, where it hangs in front of me in the room between the speakers. The strings from the guitar are well separated, while the harmonies in the chords are unassailable. When such a careful percussion with bass drum (or is it timpani?) Fills in the bottom, and strings spread outwards, the goosebumps appear.

“Ambience and airiness is a reality, and dynamics a fact.”

The godfather excels

The legendary main theme of The Godfather from 1972 is a small revelation. Phantom I brings the trumpet forward into the room, before the piano in the left channel creates an unpleasant dissonance, whereupon the cello enters and re-introduces harmony. Pizzicato strings appear, before the solo clarinet makes its arrival and introduces the trumpet again. The whole thing is a wonderful dance of instruments, tightly directed by Phantom I.

Ambience and airiness i a reality, and dynamics a fact.

Devialet Phantom I remote-art-width-3840px-gigapixel

Sound pressure and bass

Then we come to what many will be most impressed with: namely the bass. Phantom I is exceptionally lively, all the way down to the deepest octave. It feels like there’s a subwoofer somewhere. And 103 dB is more than loud enough to invite to a party.

I still notice that pop rhythms that should feel like a hit to the cling to the stomach can sound a little soft. On some songs, the bass comes a bit like waves to the beach, rather than the Bruce Lee kick one hopes for. The more bass energy that is in the recording, the more prominent this tendency becomes.

In order to get so much bass out of the small cabinets, the diaphragms have to go very far. And even with plenty of amplifier power, it will take a little longer than if larger bass elements are to travel very short. Therefore, the bass may sound a little soft at times.

Furthermore, Phantom I also fails to break the laws of nature, and the bass becomes flatter than its predecessors when you play very loud. But I feel it sounds less sterile this time.

Tip: if you think the bass takes over, or you are going to play music or movies in the evening while others want to sleep, then there is a Night mode feature in the Devialet app. This rolls off effectively in the bass. But then it also becomes quite flat and tame, so this function should not be on normally.

phantom 1 speakers


The Phantom I 103 dB is in many ways a unique speaker, but it is not without competitors. The aforementioned B&O Beosound Balance is one to notice, and I would buy it if I were to have only one. But Balance does not have exactly the same dynamics and bass quality, so I probably would not buy it for stereo use.

Bowers & Wilkins Formation Duo is a much scarier competitor to Devialet. Without having tried the two side by side, I’m pretty clear that the Formation speakers sound warmer and even more inviting and cohesive, especially in the mid-bass range. And with an even more silky treble reproduction. Personally, I could have quickly chosen Formation Duo over Phantom I 103 dB, if it were not for one important detail: they do not have optical digital input, and can not be connected to the TV without a separate network player (Formation Audio). For one reason, the Phantom I 103 dB will be a better choice for many.

If you want to save money, you can alternatively choose KEF LS50 Wireless II. They can play even louder than the Phantoms, but then with a less overwhelming bass reproduction. In addition, they have several connectivity options, including HDMI with eARC, and they have a higher resolution DAC that also supports the MQA music format directly.

Devialet Phantom I det

If you are looking for a high-tech lifestyle speaker that sounds much bigger than it looks, then the Devialet Phantom I should be high on your list. Devialet have really surpassed themselves with the Phantom I 103 dB. From a speaker cabinet of only 6 liters, it squeezes out deep bass that almost no one else can, and it can play loud – and pure!

The sound is even more refined than before, and now you no longer need a separate box to connect two in stereo. Which we believe despite double price gives even more and better sound for the money than just one speaker.

The usability is excellent, although some may think there is little with AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth. And Roon, then, for the hi-fi insiders.

No matter how you twist and turn it, the Phantom I 103 dB is a fabulous speaker you should run to hear right away!



  • Type: Active, wireless, compact
  • Network: Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Wireless: Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, UPnP, Bluetooth (5.0)
  • Frequency range: 16 Hz – 25 kHz (+/- 1dB)
  • DAC: 24-bit/96kHz
  • Elements: 2 x 7″ woofers, 5″ + 1″ coaxial driver
  • Sound pressure: 103 dB (1 m)
  • Amplifier power: 500 watts RMS
  • Cabinet volume: 6 liters
  • Weight: 11.4 kg
  • Color: Matt black or Matt white w/ silver colored side covers
  • Web:

Two steps forward and one step back for Move 2

Astonishing bass qualities, is that really the price for two, stunning improvement, amazing portable speaker makes summer even more expensive, future proofed.

Every product is carefully selected by our editors . If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission .

This Crazy-Looking Wireless Speaker Sounds Like Nothing Else

It’s small and not unrealistically expensive, either.

phantom 1 speakers

Watch Out For: There’s no getting around it: despite being the smallest and most affordable speaker that Devialet makes, the Phantom Reactor is still an expensive speaker. And if you’re not really into audio or into this speaker’s design, it’s probably not for you. Also, because it has one full-range driver, instead of a separate tweeter and midrange, it doesn’t quite replicate the same audio levels as the larger Phantom speakers. The separation isn’t as clear and the sound stage of the music isn’t as grandiose.

Alternatives: Besides another Devialet speaker, there’s really no alternative. The fact is that Devialet speakers are simply unique. Sure, you can get other high-resolution speakers, like the Naim Mu-So Qb, or the KEF LSX speaker system (if you like true stereo), but I think Devialet’s speakers are just as much about sound as they are about watching they work. If you want to see, hear and feel the woofers pulsate, and there’s nothing else like them.

Review: The photos don’t do the Phantom Reactor justice. Or, at least, they don’t do its size justice — it’s small. The speaker was stationed on my desk for the better part of three weeks and it didn’t look obtrusive or out of place. It’s probably a little bigger than a Sonos One or a UE Megaboom speaker — when it comes to the space it takes up (this speaker is dense) — and it doesn’t feel like an obnoxious piece of tech, which the larger Phantom speakers can.

And for the most part, the Phantom Reactor is still a fascinating piece of engineering. I tested the Phantom Reactor 900 — so I can’t tell you how it sounds compared to the cheaper Phantom Reactor 600 — and even though it’s smaller than the larger Phantom speakers, it still has a similar effect; it causes people to stop and say, “Woah, what is that?,” and I love that about it. And if it’s playing a bass-heavy track and the woofers are really going, the speaker is still a show stopper.


The speaker sounds great, don’t get me wrong, but after testing the larger Devialet speakers as well as other pricey, high-end speakers, like the KEF LSX , the Phantom Reactor doesn’t quite feel on that level. There are times when I was listening to tracks with strong instrumentals and vocals, such as “Lyin Eyes” by The Eagles or “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who , and the separation wasn’t as clear as those other speakers. And the sound stage wasn’t as expansive, grandiose. That said, in such a compact speaker, you probably have to expect some compromises.

What the Phantom Reactor doesn’t lack is bass. This thing pumps. And honestly, when I was listening to bass heavy tracks or pump-up songs, like “Feel It Still” by Portagul. The Man or “Boom” by P.O.D , that’s where I had the most fun listening to the speaker. It both captivates and energies the room, which is exactly what I think this speaker is going for.

Verdict: The Phantom Reactor brings the flair and engineering marvel of its larger siblings and puts it into a smaller and more affordable speaker. It’s still pretty expensive, mind you, and the design won’t be for everybody, but overall it’s a fantastic compact hi-fi speaker that’s truly unlike anything else.


What Others Are Saying:

• “The Devialet Phantom Reactor has an awful lot going for it. In broad terms it sounds impressive, it looks a sight more impressive and dramatic when it’s working than anyone else’s wireless speaker, and it’s impressively well made. But it doesn’t have the all-court sonic game a speaker of this cost really should have, and that makes it easier to admire than to love.” — Simon Lucas, Stuff

Key Specs Power: 600 or 900 watts (peak) Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0005% Frequency Range: 18Hz to 21kHz Sound Pressure Level: 95 or 98 dB SPL Connectivity: Bluetooth, Apple Airplay, Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect Weight: roughly 10 pounds

Devialet provided this product for review.

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Things to Do near Triumfalnaya Square

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  • (0.03 mi) Profitable House of I.I. Dernov
  • (0.08 mi) House of Khomyakovs
  • (0.14 mi) House of Kanfel
  • (0.15 mi) Finance House of Sinitsin
  • (0.14 mi) Profitable House of E. K. Kalinovskaya
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    Tsvetnoi Blvd, 21/1 2nd floor, Moscow 127051 Russia. 6.2 miles from Nagatinskaya Station. Museum In Silence. 129 Reviews. Kuzminki Park, 1 / 12, Moscow 109472 Russia. 5.6 miles from Nagatinskaya Station. Cooking Studio Vkusoterria. 177 Reviews. 1905 Goda St., 10/1 2nd floor, Moscow 123022 Russia.

  21. THE 10 BEST Things to Do Near Triumfalnaya Square, Moscow

    Things to do near Triumfalnaya Square on Tripadvisor: See 126,283 reviews and 56,016 candid photos of things to do near Triumfalnaya Square in Moscow, Russia.

  22. Dji PHANTOM 3 Professional Moscow City 4К VIDEO

    Dji PHANTOM 3 Professional Moscow City 4К VIDEO★ ПОДПИШИСЬ НА НОВЫЕ ВЫПУСКИ★ Партнерка Как У Меня ...