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During Disc 2 of The Legend of Dragoon while you're on the Queen Fury a Phantom Ship will ram into your boat. Shortly after boarding the Phantom Ship you'll discover a chest that requires a 3 number combination to open and it gives you a total of 10 tries to open it. The number combination is completely random and changes from game to game and while you're playing. There's no way to "cheat" the system, even with Save States it's no picnic.

After you successfully open it, the chest will close and fill with treasure again and it'll do this multiple times which makes this worth spending some time to learn how to do. There's also some really good loot that you can get from this chest such as the Ultimate Wargod Talisman which will automatically complete additions for you! Here's a list of all the items you can get:

10 Tries: Stun Guard (Prevents Confusion)

8 Tries Left: Panic Guard (Prevents Stun)

6 Tries Left: Magic Ego Bell (Prevents Bewitchment)

4 Tries Left: Talisman (Prevents Instant Death)

2 Tries Left: Ultimate Wargod (Automatically Completes Additions)

Anything Lower: 100G

How the prizes work is a bit odd. The chest will "count" how many times you fail the combination and memorize it between attempts. What this means is if you fail the combination 4 times the first time trying to open it, you'll only get a total of 6 tries the second time. Fail 4 times the second time and the third time you'll only get two tries.

If you input the correct number in the correct location then your attempt won't count as a failure. The only time it counts as a failure is if you input all the correct digits in the wrong spot. What this means is in order to get the Ultimate Wargod item you'll need to fail the chest a total of 8 times before successfully opening it.

Now for the tough part - actually completing the puzzle! This is how the Password works for the Treasure Chest on the Phantom Ship.

- Four Numbers are given to you for each password

- Only three of them are actually used

- Every time you enter a correct number in the correct position it'll display the text "..." after you try to complete the puzzle. An example of this is shown in my screen shot below.

Phantom Ship Number Entry Chest

To make things a bit easier for you to understand, I have provided you with three examples of the numbers I got from the ghosts and the logic that I used to complete the puzzle each of those times. If you use the same steps I did below you'll be able to solve the puzzle easily each time and get an Ultimate Wargod like I did!

My numbers: 0279

- Start with the same number repeated all three times, in my case I did 0 0 0

- It returned "..." so I then tried 0 2 8 and none were correct, thanks to the last entry of 0 0 0 I know that one of the three 0s is correct.

- I now try 2 0 8. Again, like the attempt before it none of the numbers are correct. I now know the correct position of 0 though. Thanks to the previous trials and errors I now know that the number is some variant of XX0 with a zero in the final position.

- Now I try 2 2 8 and none of the numbers are correct. I now know that 2 is the number not being used since one of those two would have been correct if it was.

- Now I try 7 2 8 and nothing is correct. This now tells me that the combination is 9 7 0. How do I know that? Because the numbers 9 and 7 HAVE to be used and from our last attempt we can assume that the second position is where the 7 goes which means the only other number that could possibly fill the first position is 9.

My numbers: 1146

- I start with the combination 4 4 4 to see if that number is the dud, one of those 4s was correct

- I try 4 0 0 and it tells me that the four is in the correct spot - lucky!

- Next up I try 3 1 5, it tells me that I have one of the numbers correct again which reveals to me that my number is 4 1 X.

- Since I have two 1s I try 4 1 1 and the chest successfully opens for me. I got pretty lucky this time.

My numbers: 2729

- Start with the combination 7 7 7 and it tells me one of the numbers is correct.

- Try the combination 7 8 8 and it tells me that all of the numbers are wrong, which lets me know that 7 is in the wrong position.

- I try the combination 6 7 8 and it gives me the "..." letting me know that the 7 is in the correct spot.

- I then try the combination 2 8 8 and it tells me that one of the numbers is correct, meaning the two. This gives my combination two possibilities, it can either be 2 7 2 or 2 7 9.

- I roll the dice and try 2 7 2 and it doesn't work meaning that the password is 2 7 9.

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Phantom Ship

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The Phantom Ship is the ghost vessel of the Saint Louvia, a royal ship from Mille Seseau  that was destroyed by the Black Monster . It is possessed by the spirits of the crew that fought against the Black Monster when they failed to protect  Princess Louvia  aboard the ship.

Previously, the heroes set off on the Queen Fury in pursuit of Lenus . Once the ships separate, the Queen Fury continues to Illisa Bay and Fueno , while Rose and Dart must make their way to Fueno via the island of Lidiera and the Undersea Cavern

  • 1.1 Escaping the Ship
  • 2.1 Treasure Chest Mini-Game
  • 3.1 Random encounterable
  • 3.2 Boss encounterable

The Phantom Ship crashes into the Queen Fury on its way to Fueno to get back the Moon Dagger  that  Lenus  stole. Albert recognizes its heraldry as coming from Mille Seseau. Rose also mysteriously knows of the ship. Dart and Co. learn some eerie things about this ship's past, like the fact that the Black Monster killed everyone on board including the baby Princess Louvia. Since Louvia was thought to be the Moon Child unbeknownst to Rose that Shana is Louvia's twin. The Phantom who keeps this ship going by her sorrow is Louvia's nanny who failed to protect her. Dart and company must defeat the Ghost Commander and his Ghost Knights in order to get to the Nanny. Since Shana is Louvia's twin, the Nanny thinks Louvia is alive and rests in peace thus causing the ship to sink.

Escaping the Ship [ ]

Dart waits as everyone else gets back onto the Queen Fury and as he jumps. He misses and Rose catches him, putting her in the same position as she was with Zieg Feld 11,000 years ago at Kadessa . Rose refuses to let go and they both fall into the water.

Treasure [ ]

Only the money chests are accessible before the Ghost Commander , and both items are in the chests in his room after the battle

  • Bravery Amulet
  • Dancing Dagger
  • Chests of 20, 50, 100 and 200 G

Treasure Chest Mini-Game [ ]

A mini-game can be found on the Phantom Ship, where you can guess a 3-digit combination in order to unlock a treasure chest. To get the digits needed for the combination, you must visit the last room on the lower deck of the ship where four ghosts will appear each providing one number (for a total of four digits). The chest is found in the 1st room closest to where the Queen Fury got rammed.

You are initially allowed 10 tries to successfully input the 3-digit combination using the 4 numbers given by the ghosts. Note that if "..." is displayed following an input attempt, then 1 or more numbers are in the correct position. If you solve the combination, you are awarded a designated prize. However, if you are unable to guess the combination, then three Skeletons will materialize and attack you (this is a forced battle and is inescapable).

The mini-game has five primary levels, then it repeats the sixth level indefinitely. If you lose, the level resets and you are required to get a new set of numbers from the four ghosts as you did previously (reloading a save file will also reset the combination). Thus, it is possible to obtain every reward. When you win an item from the chest, 2 attempts are removed from the total number of chances you get when trying to win the next item  (i.e. 10 chances to win the 1st item, but only 8 chances to win the next, and so on).  Write down both the 4 numbers and the answer for each level.

  • 1st successful attempt (allowed 10 tries to win):  Stun Guard
  • 2nd successful attempt (allowed 8 tries to win):  Panic Guard
  • 3rd successful attempt (allowed 6 tries to win):  Magic Ego Bell
  • 4th successful attempt (allowed 4 tries to win):  Talisman
  • 5th successful attempt (allowed 2 tries to win):  Ultimate Wargod
  • 6th succesful attempt (allowed 2 tries to win):  100G
  • Each additional successful attempt (allowed 2 tries to win): 100G

Monsters [ ]

Notice: Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese version (if they differ from the American/European release).

Random encounterable [ ]

Boss encounterable [ ], gallery [ ].

As long as the Ghost Commander remains um..alive, the others will rise up again to fight

  • There are no random battles aboard the Phantom Ship, but running into the wandering "spirits" (they look like flames) will begin battle. Like Death Frontier , "spirits" will reappear in the same spot after battle.
  • A miniature replica of the Saint Louvia ship is displayed among the relics of Neet at the National Library in Deningrad .
  • Additional information regarding the Treasure Chest Mini-Game can be found  here .
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Guide: Phantom Ship Treasure Puzzle

There is a puzzle on the Phantom Ship that provides a set of five accessories as a reward for solving it. Even if you don’t need them, they can sell for quite a bit of gold to buy things you do want, especially the Ultimate Wargod at 5,000g sell value. There’s some RNG involved, but we can help you minimize it.

The rewards are available in a set order, one at a time, and the puzzle must be repeated to earn the next accessory in the list. It starts with a locked treasure chest inside the first room at the front of the Phantom Ship. As soon as you cross over to it from the Queen Fury, it’s the first door on the left. This is where you’ll try tp solve the puzzle. However, first we need to reach the other end of the ship.

Continue right to the open midsection of the ship, then down the stairs (watch for wisps). In the lower deck, traverse back and to the rear, ignoring the two side doors on the left. In the next area that looks like a kitchen, you’ll find a glow on the floor – press X on top of it. Four ghosts will appear, telling you four single-digit numbers. Write them down.

The objective is to arrange these numbers in the correct, randomly-determined permutation using three of the four numbers you were given. If you get the numbers 1-3-4-7 for example, the answer could be 134, 173, or 471, among many other possibilities.

You can use this website to generate a list of possibilities. In the “List of numbers” box, enter the four digits given to you by the ghost sailors, separated by commas or spaces. Click Go and you’ll receive a list. Copy the combinations into a text document or checklist to keep track of which ones you are trying. In the future, we hope to provide an in-house tool for this.

Start by trying any sequence at random, and pay attention to the screen. If three dots appear in a text box, it means at least one number is in the correct place. No dots = no numbers are in the correct place. From here, it’s all about knowing the permutations and using the process of elimination. For example: if you enter 134 and don’t get the three-dot prompt, you can rule out all permutations that start with 1, have 3 in the middle, or have 4 at the end.

With four unique numbers, there are 24 possible answers. If you have a double, i.e. 1138, there are 12. If you get really lucky with a triple such as 1999, there are only four possibilities.

The number of attempts allowed shrinks with each successive reward earned. If you do not solve the puzzle in the allotted attempts, a minor battle will occur and new numbers must be fetched from the ghost sailors. You will also need new numbers if the game is shut down or reset.

That concludes our guide to the Phantom Ship treasure chest! Thank you for reading, and may the RNG be ever in your favor.

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Glimpse from the past treasures:.

5. Key of the Phantom Ship

6. Bravery Amulet

7. Night Raid (Boss)

8. Dancing Dagger

9. Special Chest Items: Stun Guard, Panic Guard, Magic Ego Bell, Talisman, Wargod's Sash, 100G

Stardust: 0 Total Stardust: 32

Man o man Shana's always in the middle of it. This time, she's got backup though - two knights are going to pop out and proect her from the skeletons and the phatasm by the stair. Dart will show up and get Shana back. Go towards the left and jump back on to the Queen Fury. There's a refresh point, save point, and an item/weapon shop. In other words, the Ghost Ship is another excellent level-building section. The monsters on here are going to give you some of the best experience points in the game too ;o) Whenever you're ready to go through and beat the ship, head to the door that's directly behind the staircase leading down. You'll can either try to weave around or fight through to the Captain's cabin. The door will be locked so you gotta go find the key. Once downstair you'll see a that purple phantasm that attacked Shana earlier; follow it around into each room and fight it. In the last room, you'll have to fight three of the purple phantasms. In the hall you'll find a chest with 50 Gold; inside the kitchen you'll find the...Captain's Ghost? It seems that this is the key to the cabin; plus 20 Gold. If you touch the glowing item you'll see four ghosts pop up and give you the code to use for the multi-item chest; you won't be able to access the chest until later on though. Make your way back to the Captain's Cabin and you'll get a somewhat chilly cutscene. Check the chests for 100 Gold and 200 Gold, then the glittering object for the Key of the Phantom Ship. On the way out two knights will appear and attack Rose, thinking she's the Black Monster. After an uncharacterstic outburst from Rose, head back to the Queen Fury if you need to heal and to save. Check the door that's on the Ghost Ship before you hop over to the Queen Fury for the mystery chest; everytime you open it up it will close with a new itme and you'll have to go back down and get a new passcode. You can do this up to 6 or 7 times. Once you're done exploiting the dead, head to the previously locked door by the staircase. It will open up now and inside you'll find a Bravery Amulet - you'll also have to fight 4 Ghost Knight and a Ghost Commander. They're not hard but take care of the captain first so the others won't regenerate; they do cast a lot of 'despirit' and 'fear' effects so have some Mind Purifiers handy. Despirit just won't let you get SP but fear will knock down your attack and defense ratings. You'll get a Night Raid for winning. After the battle, the Ghost Commander will refer to Shana as Princess Louvia..what is going on? Continue to the room on the left and grab a Dancing Dagger, then check the crib for a cutscene with a Nanny's ghost - and man, even though it was a vid game, that dead nanny still freaked me out! Just to add to the confusion, she'll also say that Shana is Princess Louvia....time to exit the ship. Whoops..the ship isn't holding on - whatever was keeping it afloat is now gone and the Ghost Ship is sinking. Everyone will make it out except Dart and Rose, who will fall into the sea. For feedback or questions, e-mail IGNguides at: [email protected].

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