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phantom x1 airplane

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All kit pricing includes airframe only. Everything but Engine, Instruments, and Propeller. 

Engine, Prop and Instruments are quoted separately. 

Call or email the factory for a complete aircraft quote.

Factory Assembly Options are available.

New Rotax 447 and 503 Engines are no longer available.  582's are available for a short period of time yet.

New Engines used on the Phantom

www.recpower.com (Hirth)

Phantoms can be built as Ultralights, Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental Amateur Built Aircraft

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Phantom Ultralight Aircraft by Phantom Aeronautics

Phantom x1 ultralight..

Ultralight Aircraft Magazine - The Phantom X1 is a single place ultralight aircraft that was first introduced to the ultralight market at the EAA Sun N Fun Convention in 1982. The kit uses simple bolt and rivet together aluminum tube construction covered in Dacron sailcloth. Building times were reported to be in the hundred 250 are range. The Phantom is a true three axis control ultralight aircraft, with a center mounted stick and left and throttle, in a tricycle gear configuration. It has suspension on the main wheels and has asked durable nose wheel. Power was originally supplied by the Rotax 377, 447 and 503 aircraft engines. The engine is mounted in a tractor configuration above the wing. The Original Phantoms were wire braced using a King post. PhantomUltralight Phantom Ultralights have been produced for over 35 years and are one of the most well known ultralights. The design is rugged and proven to be reliable and safe. Over the years several manufacturers have produced the Phantom, the current manufacturer is Phantom Aeronautics.

Phantom Ultralight Aircraft Specifications And Images

Phantom Single Seat Ultralight Aircraft Length: 16 ft 8 in (5.08 m) Wingspan: 28 ft 6 in (8.69 m) Height: 8 ft 2 in (2.49 m) Wing area: 142 sq ft (13.2 m2) Empty weight: 250 lb (113 kg) Gross weight: 510 lb (231 kg) Fuel capacity: 5 US Gallons (19 litres) Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 447 twin-cylinder, single-ignition, two-stroke aircraft engine, 40 hp (30 kW) Performance Maximum speed: 61 mph (98 km/h; 53 kn) Cruise speed: 55 mph (48 kn; 89 km/h) Stall speed: 26 mph (23 kn; 42 km/h) G limits: +9/-6.6 (ultimate), +6.6/-4.4 g (operational) Rate of climb: 800 ft/min (4.1 m/s) Wing loading: 3.59 lb/sq ft (17.5 kg/m2)

The X1 design was intended to have an empty weight under 254 lb (115 kg) to fit into the FAR Part 103 ultralight category. Modernized models of the single seater Phantom use struts in place of the original cable-bracing.

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Ultralight Aircraft Magazine - Welcome to the Ultralight Aircraft News our goal is to cover as many aircraft expositions that host aircraft described as ultralight aircraft, light sport aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, amateur built aircraft, ELSA or homebuilt aircraft that fit into the definition of ultralight aircraft in Canada or light sport aircraft, or experimental amateurbuilt light sport aircraft in the United States.  These include three axis control aircraft, weight shift control aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, helicopters, gyrocopters and powered para-gliders that meet the light sport or ultralight aircraft definition. Airshows and aircraft expositions that we cover include, the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase, U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, Deland Sport Aviation Showcase, E.A.A.'s Sun N Fun, E.A.A.'s Airventure, the Midwest LSA Show, Copperstate, UPAC Convention and Aero Friedrichshafen in Germany. We try to regularly attend regional shows like the Arlington Fly-In, and Rocky Mountain Fly-In. 

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phantom x1 airplane


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Phantom Aircraft — Phantom X1-e

March 30, 2004 by Dan Johnson 4 Comments

phantom x1 airplane

While Phantoms have always been a source of satisfaction to its owners the design has suffered through numerous owners… but not any more! These days Phantom Aircraft, based in Kalamazoo, Michigan is operated by Pat Schulthies who lends his steady hand to the long established brand. Dating to the beginning of the ultralight movement in the early 1980s the new X1-E model also advances the design into the new millennium. In those young days of ultralight flying Phantom was considered a high performing aircraft with snappy handling. Today such a description may fit other brands but Phantom hasn’t lost its edge. For those that may be hesitant about building their own aircraft Phantom may set you at ease. Formally a teacher, Shulthies had his entire school participate in building the now famous “Child’s Play” Phantom. In the end 130 kids had actually worked on building this ultralight and while they did a better job than I could, you should be able to meet the challenge. Built the more open X-1 carefully and you’ll find a plane which can qualify under part 103 (the X1-e will require N-numbers). Perhaps the best part is that Phantom Aircraft Company can sell you an aircraft for under $10,000 (X-1 model). This modest amount of money will actually buy all the bits and pieces you need to get airborne, engine and prop included. Naturally if you want extra features like the full enclosure or other choices from a long list of options you will end up paying a little more.

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January 15, 2021 at 12:40 am

Hi Dan, Been reading your articles forever now…maybe 20 years? I’ve always been curious about the comparison between a Phantom x1 and a Quicksilver sport. They are both wire braced, single seaters that share many apsects other than one being tractor and one being pusher. They are made out of the same materials and weight the same.

Phantom is known for its aerobatic strength but the quicksilver not so much. In the past people clipped the wings on their sprints and put new shorter skins on. In this configuration, would you say that the sprint would be more or less similar to the Phantom. I know Disney and others have done aerobatic shows with these clipped wing quicksilvers. Joe

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January 15, 2021 at 10:08 am

Thanks for your kind readership over a long time; that is appreciated, Joe.

Yes, Phantom and Quicksilver use similar construction techniques. However, if you examine and compare the wings you will see they agave somewhat different shapes.

Both can be flown in modest aerobatics by someone with sufficient skill, but some experienced pilots believe Phantom is better suited to this type of flight. Quicksilver made a model called Super that may be the best at this and was once flown aerobatically at airshows by Quicksilver’s then-president, Lyle Byrum.

Especially if you purchase a used aircraft for this purpose, proceed with caution.

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May 28, 2020 at 11:23 pm

Just bought a Phantom X1 that had been in a hangar with few other planes which got thrown at the X1 by a tornado. Old owner has replaced main beam. Tail feathers look good. Wing covering need to be replaced. He has pulled all the instruments out. It needs a new prop. Need a manual. Need advice.

June 4, 2020 at 4:40 pm

Hi Jeff: Go straight to the source for the help you need, Phantom Aeronautics .

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