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Power Book II: Ghost Finale: Exiting Show Boss Courtney Kemp on Killing [Spoiler], Bringing Back a Power OG

Kimberly roots, managing editor.

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Sunday’s  Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 finale marked the end of an era: It was Power verse creator Courtney Kemp ‘s final episode as a showrunner for one of her shows at Starz . And the executive producer went out with a bang. Several of them, to be exact. 

The episode saw the death of not only Daniel Sunjata’s Mecca, who was fatally shot by Monet, but also Zeke (!), whom Lorenzo killed when he mistook the young man for Mecca. At the end of the episode, Monet got word that her son had been found dead… and Lorenzo didn’t say anything about pulling the trigger.

In Tariq-related news: Braden testified at the trial, saying that he’d been dealing drugs out of their dorm room and that Course Correct was his solo operation. That wound up being enough to get the judge to dismiss the case, and the bailiff removed Tariq’s ankle bracelet. He briefly considered stopping Yaz’s adoption and taking back custody, but eventually realized that there was a better solution. (More on that in a moment.) He also learned that Lauren had died in a car accident, news that affected him greatly.

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Near the end of the episode, Tariq pulled some strings and had Tamika bring Yaz to live with Tasha in Witness Protection.

In 2021, Kemp signed an overall deal with Netflix; though she will maintain a presence on  Book II: Ghost and the other  Power spinoffs, she will no longer be as involved as she has been since  Power got underway in 2014. On Friday, TVLine chatted with her about her showrunning swan song.


TVLINE | I’m looking forward to when Monet finds out about Zeke, though I would not want to be in her vicinity when she does. She’s going to be a very different person next year. Next season, the version of her that was trying to hold onto control in her world, that’s gone now. That’s over.

TVLINE | And Zeke was her plan, and the plan is now gone. Yes. The plan’s gone. Her son’s gone. And if you were watching all along, she preferred him, did she not? She preferred him to her other kids. So now the chickens will come home to roost in terms of how she treated those children, in terms of what she was hoping for her future, all of that. And plus, her husband is guilty of the crime! There is that. She’s going to find out in a big way and that’s going to be… well, I’ll leave that for Season 3.


TVLINE | I love whenever someone in one of your shows says, “I’m going to do this, and then I’m going to get out of the game.” Because you know I’m lying, right?

TVLINE | You’re always lying! I’m always lying. Yeah, that’s definitely true.

TVLINE | It feels to me like Tariq, at the end of this season, is weary of what’s going on. He doesn’t want to do it anymore. He doesn’t want to have to run and hustle and all those things. But then, at the same time, it’s the world that he’s in and he needs the money and he needs to keep going. So he’s going to keep going. I think that’s relatively clear. He would like to get out. But, like father, like son. Ghost wanted to get out, too. That’s not what happened. [ Laughs ]

TVLINE | Was it always the plan to have Tasha in the finale? Yes, it was always the plan. And all season, the fans have been asking me, “When will she be back on?” And I’m like, “She’s busy! She’s on Queens !” which was true, but we got her out just to do this. And the thing people don’t understand about the TV business is how hard it f—king is to get somebody off a broadcast show to come and do [a guest appearance]. Because the way that their schedules are? Not an easy feat.

TVLINE | Obviously, Tasha’s not going to be happy until they’re all back there again. No, of course not! How could you be as long as you don’t have access to your kid?

TVLINE | In your mind, is there a world in which they could be reunited again? Yeah, but Tommy is going to make that difficult. He’s also got his own show. He’s busy, but he hasn’t forgotten any of what went down. And also, Tariq has to finish school in order to get his payday from his dad. So yes, there’s a version where they’re all together and they have the money, but Tariq has to finish college first. He’s got a lot to do between now and then.

TVLINE | What moment from the finale are you most looking forward to the fans seeing? I’m very much looking forward to Tariq getting Yaz to their mom, even if he can’t join them. If people don’t love Tariq now, what can be said?… If you don’t love him, then something is deeply wrong with you, because he has now become a great kid. He has become a great person. Someone who can really value someone’s needs over his own.

Now it’s your turn. Grade the season finale via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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Clearly, Courtney prefers Tariq. He not only was responsible for the murder of one of his sisters. Something is not right with Kemp’s character judgment. Ghost tried to leave the game, but was pulled back in too many times. I get the feeling she doesn’t like the Ghost character nor actor who played him.

Climb out of that pit please. It’s not that serious or that personal. This is tv, not real life.

Based on how she tried to make Ghost unlikable in the final season despite being right you probably right LOL. The way Courtney Kemp comes off in interviews trying to defend Tariq killing Ghost seems like she hated Omari Hardwick for some reason. Maybe creative differences? Or she was jealous of all the love scenes with Lela Loren? LOL Maybe thats why she killed Angela LOL

It’s time to get rid of Sacs and that Dea And bring Ghost back Roger Thorup on Guiding Light came back several times married to that last lady he was dating and pregnant

I would love to see Ghost show up..

This show did a lot of work cleaning itself up this season. First, it got rid of two of the worst characters (Lauren and Carrie) and a character who was pretty useless (Zeke). Then it did serious work fleshing out Diana, Kane, and Drew, and especially (to me) found a way make Tate not grating. I mean, that guy was insufferable every minute he was on screen up until this season. And then it brought Effie on full time, which is one of the smartest decisions it’s ever made. Okay, so the show can’t do anything about Mary J. Blige’s stilted “acting,” but at least the guy who plays Braeden got much better this season, too. . It’s still light on logic. Nothing about those courtroom antics resembles any kind of reality or sense. Same with all the double-and-triple crosses. Raising Kanan did a lot better in that respect than this show or the original Power toward the end of its run, so I was hopeful it would get its act together . . . but no. . I hope we can move on to more interesting storylines next year. Not this labored “Tariq is on trial” arc. Like Method Man’s character’s brother. You know that’s going to be good. Although, of course they’re going to suspect Tariq of Dante’s murder. Tell me again why they left the body there for the police to find? You know what . . . don’t. This show is so inconsistent about such things it doesn’t pay to turn your brain on about them. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride. . If Tariq comes down on Effie for Lauren he’d be a hell of a hypocrite. I get feeling bad about it and having a conscience for once, but he can’t judge her by standards he doesn’t have for himself. He knows she did what he would do if it were anyone else, and he has to respect that. . I’m glad Yaz is finally with Tasha but I’m sad this means we probably won’t be seeing either of them again for a long time. Will Tariq check in on his grandmother, do we think? . Also glad Saxe is moving back to the other side of the aisle. He just doesn’t work as an amoral defense guy. He’s a True Believer, the kind of guy who pathologically needs to see himself as being on the “good” side no matter what he has to do or deceive himself about so that he can tell himself he is.

P.S., Courtney, Tariq is not a great kid, or a great person. He’s an interesting, well-rounded character who’s entertaining to watch, though. We understand why he does what he does (most of the time). That’s enough. But don’t get a character we like confused with a character who is a good person, just because we like them!

Killing Zeke was not a shock and almost needed to move Monet’s story along. The character had run its course, although killing off Carrie was pointless now. They really wasted the character of Mecca, slowed played him for 8 episodes and then randomly make him a snitch just to have a connection to Ghost. The messed up icing on the cake was killing off Lauren because his new girl was jealous. When will Tariq finally realize he is already a bigger monster than his father was. He destroyed his entire family and for someone who hated his father for cheating with Angela he sure had no problem balancing 3 girls at once playing them against each other. So glad I get 10 episodes of the violence that is Tommy. Time to cancel Christmas on some fools. Lol

Dante really cared for Monet and her children. Don’t like how she killed him. Everyone is so cut throat but Dante was a better deal for Monet. Why ya’ll kill Zeke! Don’t let Dante or Zeke be dead.

Totally agree meeca didn’t have to die and niether did his son Zeeke .

I didn’t and don’t like Tariq, so I guess something is deeply wrong with me. I don’t like how Kemp has made Ghost the bad guy. He was the only one who wanted to get out of the game and it was Tasha who wanted him to stay in. Lest we forget, she was the one who helped Tariq learn the game when Ghost wanted him to take responsibility for his actions and never be a part of that lifestyle.

I don’t watch Tariq’s show. My husband does. Unfortunately, I’m in the room and sometimes I’ll look up from my work or hear something. There is no way Ghost would leave a letter saying he knew his son would be in jail one day. I’m glad Kemp is leaving. I only hope she finds a more positive story to tell. Most black people aren’t drug dealing murderers.

I knew Zeke wasn’t long for this world once he found out who his parents were….

I’ve been watching power from the time it started up to now and everyone on that show are outstanding actors and actresses love it some days I can’t even watch it I’ll go to my husband and say what happened what happened but he won’t tell me until I watch it and tell me part of it then he said you got to watch it you got to watch it I’ll be so intense I just want to say thank you to the crew and everybody for an outstanding job.

“If you don’t love Tariq, there’s something deeply wrong with you” …lmao..what??

I get that characters can grown and evolve… but you had him kill the star of the original series, basically set Tommy up to die in Tommy’s last episode of the original series. And sees all the fault in his father, but can’t see the same out of his mom? That boy toxic as hell coming from a hella toxic family… So no, I don’t love him.

Maybe it could have at the very least like the character if the actor portraying him was a better…actor. The kid has as much charisma as a slab of cardboard. Two seasons of his own series and he hasn’t grown as an actor at all. He couldn’t carry a scene in og Power, let alone carry an entire series. Fortunately he’s surrounded by worthwhile actors with talent for the most part.

I saw more emotion out of Tommy in the first minute of Book IV, than I’ve seen out of Tariq from the end of Power right into Book II…. And don’t tell me to give him a break cause of his age. There’s a ton talented kids out there his age and even way younger that could act circles around him. He’s just so devoid of conveying any type of emotion, and when the scene calls for it, he comes off as flat every time.

Idk if Kemp was grooming this boy into being better, but that never happened… Maybe that’s what Book II needs, a fresh set of eyes as the showrunner. Because I don’t know why Kemp has such a lady boner for the character… But this ain’t it… He ain’t it…

I think he do alright but he could do better. What is he going to be to be better next season hopefully. But I loved this season it kept me on my sit.

Only one. “more and more. Love it!!

I have to admit, I really didn’t want to like this show, but I do. I still don’t fully care for Tariq. This kid had all the advantages and choice to go down this path. And he pretty much does what he wants, to whatever makes him feel better and if that includes murdering someone innocent then so be it. I mean the dream sequence he had pretty much said it all…he has had his hand in quite a few deaths indirectly and then graduated to direct involvement. He can just about justify anything, much like this parents did! But the show runner saying we should love Tariq now because he showed a little compassion is ridiculous, he did what he did for himself, to make himself feel better about the choices he has made.

I am a Power Queen and I look forward in watching episode after episodes! My friends and I enjoy chopping it up after each episode! I’m team Tariq; Tasha and Yaz! Love me some them!!

It was a hit now they think tyree killed Mecca

Zeke getting killed by Lorenzo was a excellent cliffhanger and Tariq taking Yaz to Tasha was a great ending. Love Councilman Tate can’t wait for his storyline next season. Great job Courtney!

I want the original Ghost to come back. We never saw a funeral. Ghost was smart. He could have had a bullet proof vest on. And he comes back… PLEASE!!!!!

Yes love it! Absolutely bring Ghost back!! I’m ready to write him back myself! 😆

I agree with taking out Mecca. But why kill off Zeke?😔

Power is the only thang poppin on Starz 50 cents is you doing your thang. Ayeee!!!

I liked a part one of the detectives Said, “we have to stop Tariq before he becomes more than his father”…

I actually know Tariq will know what really caused in the death of Lauren!

Braiden ft Tariq, good much

WHY do I feel like Lauren isn’t actually dead? I mean, they say she is but she’s the only one we don’t actually see get murdered.

We need to bring Ghost back! We can make it that he faked his death. He was definitely rich and powerful enough to do that! We can bring him back with a new identity where no one knows its him yet, keep him rich and powerful! Let him get Taraqi underneath him without knowing that’s his dad! Once he find out who he is…he will already be grateful to this person he was working with all that time. Email me I can help you write Ghost back in! Lol but I’m forreal!! Think about it! Peace ✌🏾

I love how powerbook! Makes you wanna see more. I can’t wait to see what happens with Tariq& Effie when he finds out she had something to do with Lauren accident! Also I would love to work with ms kemp! I’m a writer also!

I Can’t Wait For Season 3 Because It’s Definitely. Going. To Be Off The Chain I Believe Monet Going To Kill Her Husband When She Definitely Find Out The Truth About Zeke ..

Excellent finale. I was most excited about Yaz being reunited with Tasha, thank you for that. No kid should be in the system if a loving family member can take them in.

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Power Book II: Ghost  Season-Finale Recap: All’s Fair in Love and War

Power book ii: ghost.

power book 2 ghost episode 10

WTF! I sure didn’t see that coming! The season finale of Power Book II ends exactly how a season finale should, with shocking moments, plot twists, a poke here and there at your emotions, and a cliffhanger that will leave you wondering over the next few months what each characters feelings and next steps will be. Because so much goes down, we must go in order! Let’s get into it!

The episode opens up with Dante showering Monet with an expensive gift. The two are relaxing on a boat, and it is clear that he is obsessed with his Nae-Nae. As they discuss their plans to kill Lorenzo, Dante presents a suggestion that alters the plans. He determines that it would be best for Cane to kill Lorenzo to prove his loyalty to Dante (remember he stole his product from him). I know what you’re thinking, here goes STARZ recycling the same damn storyline AGAIN! Tariq killed his dad, Tommy killed his dad, Kanan tried to kill his dad — and now Cane is going to kill Lorenzo, and Monet is cool with that??

While Monet pretends to go along with Lorenzo, over at Stansfield, Tariq calls Lauren back to back and she’s not answering. He vents to Effie about it. And though she knows (and is responsible for) what happened to Lauren, she tries to convince Tariq that Lauren just left town. Feeling guilty and not knowing the status of his case yet, he asks Effie for a pretty big favor. With the rules of Yasmine’s impending adoption, Tariq asks Effie to find her if he were ever to get locked up. Not knowing that she broke his trust, he tells her she is the only person he can trust other than his mom. Effie enjoys every bit of Tariq’s emotional vulnerability.

At court, Davis, Saxe, and Tariq find out that Trace will testify against him. Tariq knows that Trace can tie him, Cane, and Ramirez, together. He calls Brayden and gets only his voicemail.

Meanwhile, Zeke meets up with Dante. Dante shows him his collection of fancy cars while Zeke explains to him that he doesn’t trust Monet. He gifts Zeke a two-seater that’s a little too small for his body size, but that’s neither here nor there. Understanding that Zeke is unsure about what the future holds as it relates to a relationship with his parents, Dante gives him an open invitation with specific instructions for Zeke to leave New York with him and Monet. The plan is to meet at the hangar.

Monet meets Cane at the park and explains to him that he has to kill Lorenzo. Cane is not with it and thinks she’s tripping. That’s his father!!! Cane tells her that Dru and Diana will kill him. To get him on board, Monet messes with Cane’s ego. She suggests they need Tariq since he killed his father. Hearing that the person he envies the most was able to kill their father, Cane accepts the job. Little do we know that Monet is playing both Cane and us. She doesn’t really want him to kill Lorenzo, though she can’t tell Cane that yet.

Back at the courthouse, the judge allows Jenny to present an alternate witness for Trace, who can corroborate the same details, and it’s Brayden. Tariq’s defense team is blindsided. Brayden takes the stand and confesses to being the campus drug dealer and president of CourseCorrect, destroying Jenny’s motive for her case. If staying ten toes down was a person, it would be Brayden. He protected both his brother and Tariq, and technically he told the truth on the stand. Saxe and Davis demand that the case be dismissed. The judge agrees and sets Tariq free, leaving Jenny to take another L. Saxe attempts to console his sneaky link, but she’s too pissed and wants nothing to do with him.

Apparently everyone is pissed because Tariq is not feeling Davis. He credits Brayden with getting his charges dropped, not Davis, and asks for a refund. He also calls out Davis for accepting money from the Tejadas on behalf of Cane. Davis sees right through Tariq’s empty threat and explains to him exactly why he’s going to keep all of his money. Tariq’s main focus is getting back to his sister, so he doesn’t put too much energy into Davis. He has determined that he wants out of the game, something we all have heard before from another St. Patrick.

Davis is so dirty that as soon as Tariq leaves his office, he calls Cane to update the case. Cane threatened to kill Davis, so his loyalty will always be with whatever gets him the most money and keeps him alive.

Speaking of alive, the truth about Lauren comes out. Jenny tells Saxe that Lauren died in a car accident while leaving town. The car had no plates and Lauren had a bag full of cash. Jenny suspects Tariq was involved, same with Carrie, but Saxe surprisingly defends Tariq by pointing out that the evidence says otherwise. She warns him of becoming an accomplice and admits that their careers hinder them from having a “real” relationship.

While Saxe picks his jaw up off the bar, Monet tells Tariq the real plan to kill Mecca. Tariq tells her everything he knows about Mecca and his real identity. He tells Monet that Dante Spearman is a Federal informant, a rat, a snitch, all titles that aren’t permitted in street life. Tariq agrees to help Monet kill Mecca but tells her that he needs him alive to get Mecca’s money. He also shares with her that he wants out of the game. Monet agrees to this.

She heads over to the bar to fill in Lorenzo on the plan to kill Mecca. Monet tells her husband about Dante snitching, kidnapping Cane, and instructing Cane to kill him. For Monet’s plan to work, everyone has to play their part. If not, Mecca will kill Cane and probably the entire Tejada family. Lorenzo fills in Dru and Diana on the plan to kill Mecca, but they’re concerned, knowing they need to work with Tariq after having just robbed the rooftop.

Back at Stansfield, Brayden and Tariq have somewhat of a heart-to-heart in their dorm room, only to be interrupted by Cane. Brayden’s behavior is weird, but Tariq is unable to notice it, he barely even peeps the eye motion Brayden makes to Cane on some “don’t say shit about ol’ girl.” As Brayden heads out, Tariq gives Cane a kill your daddy 101 lesson, remember, it is his job to make Cane believe he has to kill his father.

With all the talks of killing this person and that person, it’s no wonder Zeke doesn’t trust his family, especially Monet. He visits detective Whitman and inquires about Carrie’s case. The detective tells him the evidence shows she committed suicide, and no other information has come up yet.

Tariq finally gets some good news. His trust fund attorney Warren was able to stop Yasmine’s adoption and revert custody back to Tariq. The good news lasts for a split second. Saxe joins the two and tells Tariq that Lauren is dead. He realizes that Tariq had no idea and asks Tariq if he believes it was really a car accident. Tariq is heartbroken, confused, and unsure. [ *Cue the Lost Boyz’s “Renee”* ]

Saxe tells Davis that Lauren is dead, and the blood is on their hands. He knows Tariq heard the wire and questions if Cane did, too, throwing responsibility for Lauren and Carrie on Davis. But Davis isn’t trying to hear Saxe’s morality moan and tosses the sanctimony back at him, letting him know they are one and the same! Davis asks if Saxe got the Theo Rollins case. Saxe tells him, based on the case files, Theo is innocent. Not surprisingly, prosecutors suppressed evidence. Davis fails to mention to Saxe that Rollins is his brother who is dying in prison.

For some reason, Tariq keeps venting to Effie. This time he questions whether or not he’s the right person for her. Everyone around him either ends up dead or sent away. This isn’t the life he wants for his sister. So he puts a plan in motion. With the help of Saxe and Tameka, Yasmine is reunited with their mother and placed in witness protection. Yup, you read that right! Tameika showed up to a cabin in West Virginia to looking for a Vanessa Edwards, formerly known as Tasha. The reunited mother-daughter pair relocates to Indiana. While all of this is happening, Tariq secretly watches Saxe from the back of an SUV. Unable to see her son Tasha (I mean Vanessa), she knows in her heart he is present.

After Zeke visits him, detective Whitman a visit, he looks further into Carrie’s case. Whitman shows Zeke a traffic cam photo of Monet taken near Carrie’s apartment within the coroner’s window of time of death. Though Zeke is well aware of what his family is capable of and his personal suspicions of Monet’s involvement in Carrie’s death, he lies and tells Whitman Monet was picking him up.

Before you know it, it’s game time. Tariq and Cane set their plan in motion. Cane thinks he’s there to kill Lorenzo, but Tariq fills him in. They are really there to take out Mecca’s soldiers. The shootout scene is bananas! Tariq gets a body; Cane gets a body; Lorenzo gets multiple bodies! They kill all of Mecca’s soldiers, including McVey.

When Lorenzo arrives home to check on Diana, she tells him what was in the bag even though Dru told her not to go snooping or open her big mouth! When she informs her papi that she saw bank accounts for the kids and Monet. Lorenzo questions whether Monet ran off with Mecca and leaves.

Tariq arrives in the penthouse lobby, but before he can get upstairs, Monet pulls a gun and shoots Mecca. Realizing a dead Mecca means no money for Tariq, when Monet tells him that he’s free to go, he tells her that he’s still in the game for a little bit longer. Just when things begin to fall into motion, Lorenzo’s jealous ass hides in Mecca’s hangar thinking he’s going to stop him and Monet from getting away. He sees a supercar pull up and head toward the plane — remember Mecca gave Zeke the open invitation to join them and told him where and what time to meet. Thinking the person walking towards the plane is Mecca, Lorenzo follows and kills ZEKE!

When he returns home and the news reports the death of Mecca at the penthouse, Lorenzo questions who he killed. Soon after, Monet gets a call from Whitman, who informs her that Zeke is dead! With Lauren dead, Mecca dead, and Carrie dead, is all fair in love and war??

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power book 2 ghost episode 10

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Home > Power Book II: Ghost > Season 3 > Episode 10

Divided We Stand

Power Book II: Ghost: Season 3

Episode Info

Tariq is forced to join forces with those who betrayed him to prevent the worst possible outcome for everyone; Monet elevates her position within the business, reaffirming her power over the Tejada children.

Genres: Crime, Drama

Network: STARZ

Air Date: May 26, 2023

Where to watch Divided We Stand

Buy Divided We Stand on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu.

Cast & Crew

Michael Rainey Jr.

Tariq St. Patrick

Mary J. Blige

Shane Johnson

Cooper Saxe

Gianni Paolo

LaToya Tonodeo

Diana Tejada

Woody McClain

Lovell Adams-Gray

Davis MacLean

Berto Colon

Lorenzo Tejada

Paton Ashbrook

Jenny Sullivan

Effie Morales

Larenz Tate

Rashad Tate

Keesha Sharp

Harper Bonet

David Walton

Lucas Weston

Monique Curnen

Blanca Rodriguez

Moriah Brown

Kiki Travis

Courtney A. Kemp

Mark Canton

Executive Producer

Danielle De Jesus

Shana Stein

Bart Wenrich

Divided We Stand   Photos

Critic reviews for divided we stand.

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Power book ii: ghost season 2 episode 10 review: love and war.


One thing about Power Book II: Ghost is they will kill everybody and not feel bad about it.

The original Power used to put characters in dangerous situations often and have them miraculously escape (hello, Dre), but Ghost decides to kill people with little fanfare.

And while  Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10  did claim some unsurprising lives, there was one major shocker that will have reverberating effects for seasons to come.

Tariq Calls - Tall - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, it's worth mentioning that while this finale was extended and truly did wrap up the season, it was a little hard to follow.

Monet's convoluted plan was a way to get mostly all the main characters into a single plot, but again, it was convoluted and, on paper, not wholly necessary. And it took up so much of the screen time that we barely got closure on other storylines.

That's not to say the finale was subpar, but coming off two truly great installments, it wasn't quite up to those standards.

Closing out Tariq's trial, in the beginning, was a smart move knowing he was going to be needed in the Tejada subplot because this show has firmly established where the Tejada's go, Tariq follows, even when he doesn't want to.

Brayden is such a sleeper on this show, but he's probably the most loyal of the bunch. Sure, he does things to protect himself at times, as he should, but he's never above getting his hands dirty and trying to protect Tariq.

What Comes Next - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

Taking the stand and admitting to being behind Course Correct effectively blew Jenny's case sky-high, and just like that, Tariq was a free man.

You should never get your legal information from any Power show, and we're reminded of that once again when Tariq is on trial for double murder one day, and shortly after that, he's right in line to get custody of Yas again.

It's been said on repeat that one of the best aspects of this series is how they've managed to completely characterize Tariq in a way unlike anything we saw from him on Power. And they achieved that by making him the star, which gave us greater insight into his motivations and allowed us to see different sides to him.

And this season, in particular, they leaned into Tariq's inner struggles and honed in on his love of family. Because at the end of the day, Tariq really went off the rails when his family broke apart.

He was too young to understand the mechanisms and dynamics of relationships, and he rebelled, though instead of just skipping school or staying out past curfew, he took things to the absolute extreme.

Lorenzo Reacts - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

As he's grown up, the consequences have started to catch up to him, and his role in the destruction around him has become much clearer. And I don't believe he never saw it before, but it's not something he can ignore anymore.

We've been watching Tariq become a new man this season, and it's been a revelation. Michael Rainey Jr. has put in an incredible amount of work into this character, and it's been incredible to see the evolution of Tariq from brat extraordinaire to an actual adult.

Even though we all knew damn well he wasn't going to be able to get out of the game, much like Ghost, his acknowledgment was a long time coming. And his selfless decision to reunite Yas with Tasha shows how different this Tariq is from the boy who killed his father.

Tasha: Don’t underestimate my son, Tameka. That boy’ll surprise you. I promise you that. Tameka: He’s already surprised me. Permalink: He’s already surprised me.

Tasha's brief appearance was sweet and such a good ending place for her and Yas's story.

The storyline has involved beyond Tasha, but she's forever a part of the universe and forever a part of Tariq. His love for his mother and sister is one of the things that motivates him for more, and it's admirable.

Dru and Everett Meet - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

Walking away from them was difficult, but it's what was best for them, and that already sets him apart from his father, who was never able to place others' needs above his own entirely.

Tariq wasn't even able to enjoy his freedom before being hit with the news that Lauren was dead and then promptly roped into Monet's scheme.

Seeing as how we never saw Lauren's body, does anyone feel like maybe Effie let her go? I think years and years of watching television have conditioned me to believe that you have to see a dead body for a character to be dead.

But assuming she is gone, Effie is cold-blooded. Not only did she get rid of her biggest rival, but she's leaned into this role as being Tariq's number one. She's his shoulder to cry, all while she's lying to his face.

One thing about Effie, though, is I do think she cares about Tariq. Her actions aren't all rooted in her own self-interest, but that's not how Tariq will see it.

A Plan - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

Now, let's get into what dominated this episode, and that's the plan to get Cane to believe he needs to kill his father, all while everyone else is working on the plan to kill Mecca.

Monet: So, you thought this all the way through didn’t you? Mecca: A goal without a plan is just a wish, right? Yeah, I’ve been planning this ever since I lost you. Permalink: A goal without a plan is just a wish, right? Yeah, I’ve been planning this ever since I lost...

We can all agree that Mecca had to die because Monet would not have Lorenzo killed. Does she like the man? No. But does she want him killed? Also, no. His death does nothing for her, but getting rid of Mecca does.

Mecca's pursuit of Monet was cute at first, but he was so obsessed with recapturing her heart, and his willingness to do ANYTHING to make that happen was dangerous. He couldn't be trusted, and there was just no viable way for Monet to live her life with Mecca in it.

So, killing him was the move, but I wasn't following why they needed to convince Cane to kill Lorenzo. He was never going to do it, and he never even had much contact with Mecca where it was necessary for him to "convince" Mecca he was up to the task.

Even if Monet's pep talk got Cane mad at his pops, he wasn't going to pull that trigger. Monet has a way with Cane that she doesn't have with her other children, and it's rooted in Cane wanting to please his mother.

At the Hangar - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

Years and years of working together has him constantly looking for her approval, and even though he knows he shouldn't, he can't help but want to do right by her.

But trying to manipulate and put him in the headspace to kill Lorenzo still doesn't compute to me, mainly because what if it HAD worked? Cane had a good fifteen seconds when he pointed a gun at Lorenzo and could have pulled the trigger.

Things just spiraled from there, and somehow we ended up with Lorenzo on the rampage looking to kill Mecca, and we got our first genuine shock of the finale.

Before we get into THAT death, though, Mecca's demise was predictable once everyone figured out the truth. But even knowing that, seeing Monet pull the trigger was wild.

He really died by the hand of the woman he blew his whole life up for. Life comes at you fast.

Visiting The Bar - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

But anyone, back to the shocking moment, let me say first, I sincerely hope the show continues to lean into Diana's rat era. Don't let her go back and try to regain trust with people. Just let her be herself.

Herself is gathering information and using it when necessary.

We all knew she was going to look in Mecca's bag, and telling Lorenzo what she saw puts her back in her dad's good graces.

I have A LOT of thoughts about Lorenzo, but I've said it before, and it remains true here that he wants his family together. His family is vital to him, but he's too stubborn to see that there are different ways to achieve his goals.

Hearing that Mecca had documents in place for HIS children, pushed him over the edge.

Tate's In Charge - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

We were robbed of an actual Mecca and Lorenzo confrontation post the dinner from hell, but it wasn't at all surprising to see him rush off to kill Mecca, even though it was not a part of the plan.

And that's how we end up with Zeke dead.

There were so many ways this season could have ended, but nowhere on my bingo card did I have Zeke dying by Lorenzo's hand. And not even a straight-up death. He shot him in the back, thinking it was Mecca.

What an absolute mess.

I wanted Zeke to walk away from this season with a win. Instead, he walks away with a bullet in his back.

Zeke Recovers - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

Zeke was failed by so many people, and yet he's the one that dies in the end, alone. He was at the hangar, presumably to try to make some kind of life with his father, and look what happens.

He also died knowing Monet had once again lied to him and let him down.

Zeke was a perfectly serviceable character, though his death won't leave a gaping hole on the show. But the ramifications are going to be astronomical.

This may be a pain Monet never recovers from. And while we're used to relatively resolute and in-control Monet, seeing her spiral a little bit has the potential to unleash a lot of great storylines.

Let's briefly talk about Davis and Saxe because we end with them on opposite sides after seemingly starting the season in sync.

Calling Things Out - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

Davis is always unapologetically himself, and you can't even be mad at him. Everyone should realize who Davis is at this point, and if you think differently of him, OR think you're smarter than him, that's your own problem.

Davis does what Davis wants, and he's loyal to himself. Saxe knew that. And look, much like Tariq has changed, so has Saxe. He's not the same man who set up Ghost and did whatever the hell he wanted in the name of "justice."

This Saxe has a bit of a conscience and with the body counts racking up, he actually realizes he's not helping anything or anyone. But turning on Davis has disaster written all over it. Plus, it may be a mistake to trust Jenny explicitly after embarrassing her so thoroughly in court. 

No one will be able to save you from whatever crapstorm Davis sends your way, Saxe. But will I gladly watch the two men go after each other with everything they have? Absolutely.

Everything Else You Need To Know

  • The Cane and Tariq duo is so underrated. They can't stand each other, but they work pretty well together. And Cane gaining slightly more respect for Tariq after learning he killed his dad was gold.
  • How is Zeke dead, but Everett has made it through two seasons untouched?
  • There was plenty to enjoy about the finale, but it was so heavy on some things and light on others. It felt like we spent no time with Brayden, Diana, and Dru, all characters who've been great this season.
  • RIP Lauren. I was hard on Lauren because the show struggled to get Lauren outside of the love interest box, but this season was much kinder to her. And I'm sad to see her go.
  • RIP Zeke. You deserved so much better than you got. You were not a bad person, and all you wanted was to play basketball and have a little fun. You got swept up into the Tejada mess, and it cost you your life. Again, you deserved better.

Whitman Works - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

  • RIP Mecca. Look, Mecca was a hot mess on every level, but he was also much more than a one-note villain. And Daniel Sunjata did such a good job balancing the monster with the man who loved so fiercely and wanted to run away with his Nae Nae.
  • Saxe finding himself a girlfriend this year? Good for him. It's a shame she's probably playing you. 
  • They never really did anything with Davis's brother, but maybe they're saving it for later?
  • Larenz Tate is so good as Tate, but the Tate and Sweeney plot was drug out for way too long. Where does he go from here?
  • Blanca is back. I have nothing to say beyond that.

Jenny Takes Aim - Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 Episode 10

Alright, guys, thanks for sticking with me this season! I had a lot of thought about this finale, but overall, Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 was an improvement over Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 , and that's all you can hope for.

The series is growing and changing in the best possible ways, and they left things in a way where the story can evolve in many directions.

Let me know what you thought about the twists and turns of this installment and where things are going next in the comments.

Make sure you  watch Power Book II: Ghost online  during the hiatus so you can join us next season!

power book 2 ghost episode 10

Love And War Review

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Zeke, what looks like lies and betrayal, I’m telling you it’s nothing but unconditional love. Now maybe you’ll understand that when you have kids of your own, but Monet would do anything for you. You can trust me on that. Mecca Permalink: Zeke, what looks like lies and betrayal, I’m telling you it’s nothing but unconditional love.... Added: February 04, 2022
Monet: So, you thought this all the way through didn’t you? Mecca: A goal without a plan is just a wish, right? Yeah, I’ve been planning this ever since I lost you. Permalink: A goal without a plan is just a wish, right? Yeah, I’ve been planning this ever since I lost... Added: February 04, 2022
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