Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Multiplayer Mode Explained

Ghost of Tsushima's free Legends multiplayer mode is unlike anything else created by Sucker Punch Productions, and can take some getting used to.

One month after the launch of Ghost of Tsushima , Sucker Punch Productions shocked fans of the historically themed open-world adventure with the announcement that new content was already in the pipeline for the game. Not only was the news completely out of left field, it also marked a radical break from tradition for the studio. Dubbed Ghost of Tsushima: Legends , the co-operative multiplayer expansion offers players the chance to explore the unique folklore of Tsushima at no additional cost.

Since launching on PS4 in October 2020, Legends has been embraced with open arms by fans. With Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut set to simultaneously bring the entire package to the PS5 in August, there's a growing opportunity for more people than ever to jump in.

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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends' Basics

At the core of  Ghost of Tsushima: Legends  lies a co-operative centric experience that allows up to four players to work together to overcome a variety of story and objective based scenarios, across a handful of different game types. While Legends is free for anyone who owns the original singleplayer  Ghost of Tsushima , it's worth keeping in mind that to play online with others, an active PlayStation Plus subscription is required. Playing through the bulk of the content on offer is also theoretically feasible solo, and a welcome accessibility option for those who prefer their own company.

Anyone who decides to tackle Legends  in this way does admittedly risk missing out on the synergy and strategizing that the experience has been designed around. Upon loading into the mode, players are greeted with four distinct classes: Ghost, Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Assassin. Each of these options takes a certain aspects of Jin's singleplayer arsenal , such as stealth or archery, and turns it into a unique playstyle. Mixing and matching these with friends and strangers subsequently becomes a big part of the fun that's on offer within the expansion, with replayability possibilities being greatly enhanced by RPG style leveling, skills, and equipment systems as well.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends ' gameplay focus doesn't mean there isn't an intriguing narrative behind the experience. Throughout the different game types, players will not only find themselves repelling the invading Mongol Empire , but also the darkest aspects of Japanese folklore too. Sucker Punch cleverly justifies this pivot from the main game by setting up the events unfolding in front of the player, as dramatic retellings of the invasion through the eyes of Gyozen. Being familiar with the narrator's backstory within the main game isn't necessary to enjoy Legends , but it provides a neat narrative bridge between the two if players stumbled across the old mine playing as Jin.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends' Modes

Anyone who dives into  Ghost of Tsushima: Legends  will find themselves with the option to play three distinct game types. The first and most prominent of these is the Story, which sees up to two teammates take on a series of 10 supernatural-themed arcs. Repelling the forces that haunt the island of Tsushima can be tackled in four different difficulties, each adding a variety of unique challenges to overcome. Finishing the story on the Nightmare Mode setting in particular is a serious challenge that's not for the faint hearted, and takes effective communication between co-op partners in combination with a mastery of Ghost of Tsushima 's gameplay mechanics.

For those wanting a more arcade-y experience, the Survival Mode offers a tense alternative test of endurance. Here up to four players are tasked with defending a set of three bases for a predetermined number of rounds, on a host of maps inspired by the singleplayer campaign. Naturally as the rounds advance so too does the difficulty and damage enemies can dish out, with every 5th round featuring a boss battle for good measure. Being an effective teammate within this wave-clearing setting requires the player to balance their Ghost loadouts , and can take a decent amount of grinding to level up and unlock better gear.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends' Endgame

One final climactic test is also available to those who have invested a considerable amount of time grinding out their loadouts within the previously mentioned game types. Launched two weeks after  Ghost of Tsushima: Legends , a bonus Raid Mode option was added in for free by Sucker Punch. Split into three equally grueling chapters, this conclusion to the expansion features the most challenging difficulty from both a gameplay and puzzle perspective. Like the raids that can be found within other games such as  Destiny,  there's very little direction offered up to the player on how to proceed at all, and that's before they even make it to the final terrifying boss fight.

Leveling up and earning new items, gear, and cosmetics, remains fun in the endgame even after all of the modes that are currently available have been beaten. Throughout the experience players have the option to shift between the 4 classes of Ghosts, which means there's a level of replayability to be capitalized on from trying the same modes from different perspectives. Alongside the recent announcement of the Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut , Sucker Punch Productions also announced that it isn't finished with Legends either . With more free content on the horizon, there's plenty of time now for new and returning players to get back on board in anticipation.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut  releases August 20 on PS4 and PS5.

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Ghost of Tsushima's co-op multiplayer mode is getting a standalone release

It will be available on september 3rd for $20..

Since last fall , Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima   has included a free cooperative multiplayer mode called Legends . As long as you owned a copy of the game, you had access to it. However, much like Rockstar did with Red Dead Online , Sony now plans to offer a standalone version of Legends.

Available starting on September 3rd, the company will sell this release of the mode for $19.99. Aside from some in-game cosmetics you can only earn by playing through Ghost of Tsushima’s single-player story, everything that’s included in the version that comes with the full game is also present here, and you can play with those who own the entire experience. That first point is important because Sucker Punch has various free updates planned for Legends , the most notable of which is a new mode called Rivals that comes out on the same day as the standalone release.

Taking a page from Destiny 2’s Gambit mode , Rivals pits two teams of two individuals against waves of enemies. As you defeat foes, you’ll earn a resource called “Magatama,” which you can use to delay the opposing team by doing things like casting curses on them. Once you’ve spent enough Magatama, you will unlock a final wave. Defeat that, and you’ll have won the match.

Sucker Punch has other updates for Legends planned, including a variety of quality-of-life tweaks. Starting on September 10th, the studio also plans to release content each week until October 1st. Players can look forward to new Survival mode maps and a more challenging version of last year’s raid.

If you decide you want to play through Ghost of Tsushima’s single-player story after experiencing Legends by itself, you can purchase an upgrade to the Director’s Cut , which includes the full story and a new island to explore, for $40 on PS4 or $50 on PS5.

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Ghost of Tsushima Review

This is the way (of the samurai).

Mitchell Saltzman

Ever since Assassin’s Creed started leaping from ancient Jerusalem to renaissance Italy to colonial America and beyond, there has been a longstanding itch to see the open-world stealth-action series take on feudal Japan. Consider that itch sufficiently scratched with Ghost of Tsushima. Sucker Punch’s latest is an absolutely gorgeous adventure through one of history’s most strikingly beautiful landscapes, and that beauty is compounded by one of the best blade-to-blade combat systems the open-world action genre has seen. There are some stumbles when it comes to stealth, enemy AI, and a few general minor frustrations, but for just about every moment where Ghost of Tsushima falters, there are plenty more where it soars.

Ghost of Tsushima is a fictional tale told with fictional characters, but it’s based on the very real invasion of Japan by the Mongol Empire in 1274 that began on the Island of Tsushima. You take control of Jin Sakai, capably acted by The Man in the High Castle’s Daisuke Tsuji, who starts off as a samurai before a disastrous battle against the invaders quickly teaches him that perhaps the honorable but restrictive ways of the samurai code might not be enough to deal with this new and existential threat.

Every Sucker Punch Game Review

pvp ghost of tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima revolves around this inner conflict as Jin’s formative teachings push up against his need to save his homeland at any cost, and though it takes a little while to really get going, it’s a compelling struggle. Even if Jin himself isn’t the most charismatic of protagonists, his foil, Khotun Khan, played by Glee’s Patrick Gallagher, has charisma in spades. He’s one of the most memorable game villains of recent memory thanks to his soft intensity that is oddly calming despite his terrifying intentions. He’s extremely cunning, always one step ahead, and his presence as the “Big Bad” is a large part of why Jin’s 40 to 50-hour quest for vengeance works so well.

Khotun Khan is one of the most memorable game villains of recent memory.As good as the English voice cast is, though, it’s a shame that Sucker Punch wasn’t able to find a way to have the performance capture match the Japanese voice acting as well. As a result, if you choose to play with the excellent Japanese audio track, which features the outstanding Kazuya Nakai as Jin, it comes off as a comparatively cheap dub with wildly mismatched lip flaps and facial expressions that don’t mirror the emotion in the voice. It’s not a huge issue as it’s still well worth playing in Japanese – and you have the option of enabling the beautiful Kurosawa Mode, which puts a film grainy black-and-white filter over everything to match the style of the classic Akira Kurosawa movies that Ghost of Tsushima so effectively pays homage to. I wouldn’t recommend playing the whole campaign in Kurosawa mode, as there are some quests that demand some color recognition, but it’s a great visual effect to turn on every now and then.

What isn’t ever a bummer is the music. The dynamic score seamlessly shifts from quiet and ambient shakuhachi flutes during stealthy moments to thunderous taiko drums once blades start clashing; tense encounters are made even more palpable thanks to increasingly speedy strums of biwas and shamisens. Overall, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing – the music always fits and serves to enhance whatever emotion the gameplay and the cinematics are trying to evoke.

Fight Like a Samurai

Ghost of Tsushima’s combat is like a witches’ brew made with bits of the Batman Arkham series, the pre-Origins Assassin’s Creeds, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and the entire library of Kurosawa films. And, as witches’ brews tend to be, the result is magical. Like all great combat systems, it’s simple to understand on a surface level: there are light attacks to quickly deal damage and beat out slower strikes, heavy attacks that deal more damage and can break through enemy guards, a block button to guard against certain attacks, and a dodge button to avoid the attacks that can’t be guarded.

That probably all sounds familiar, but the glue that holds this combat system together and allows it to remain interesting the whole way through is the addition of the stances you can shift between at the push of a button. As Jin completes certain tasks, he’ll unlock new sword stances that each come with their own movesets, and, more importantly, their own strengths versus a particular type of weapon. The starting Stone Stance is ideal for dealing with swordsmen, as one charged-up stab attack can sneak through their guard and either kill them outright or deal massive damage. Later on you’ll learn the Water Stance, which uses slower but more powerful strikes that can break through the defenses of shield-wielding enemies.

There are four stances total, and once you have access to them all combat will challenge you to not only identify the greatest threat at any given moment but also to swap to the stance that is best suited to deal with them, all while balancing the very real need to play defensively. When it’s at its best, combat in Ghost of Tsushima is fast, chaotic, tactical, and is true to the fantasy of being a lone hyper-skilled but outnumbered samurai.

The little touches go a long way towards combat's exquisite feel

The little touches go a long way toward combat’s exquisite feel, in addition to bringing a bit of visual spectacle. The on-screen HUD is minimalist and the camera always stays really tight so you can get an up-close view of the action; enemies have clear audio tells so that even if you can’t see them you know when to dodge or block; fatal attacks often end with Jin spinning around to face the camera while your enemy stumbles around with blood spurting out before finally keeling over. Even smaller still, defeated enemies will sometimes crawl helplessly on the ground desperately trying to escape you, you can wipe the blood off your sword, you can bow to pay respect to your opponent, and the list goes on and on.

The best part, though, is that there’s no traditional level-based stat progression. When you get stronger in Ghost of Tsushima, it’s not because invisible numbers went up and now you deal more damage and take less when you’re hit; it’s because your techniques got better and now you have new, better ways of dealing with tougher enemies. It’s so incredibly satisfying. When you level up you might spend a point to unlock the ability to block a previously unblockable attack from spear-wielding enemies, or you could choose the ability to block arrows so you can better deal with situations where you’re surrounded by archers. Or maybe you’ll unlock the ability to make enemies flee in terror when you execute a perfectly timed Sekiro-esque parry.

It’s fantastic because it means that you’ll never run into an area in Ghost of Tsushima where, all of the sudden, you’re getting one-hit killed by archers who you’d previously brushed off, or having to spend a week chopping away at the sword equivalent of a bullet sponge just because they’re arbitrarily several levels higher than you. Crucially, this removes the problem of being forced to grind sidequests in order to reach a certain level minimum in order to progress in the story, which is something that certain other games are notorious for.

Which open-world action/adventure has the best melee-centric combat system?

pvp ghost of tsushima

Impressively, Ghosts of Tsushima’s difficulty always managed to be appropriate no matter what point of the campaign I was at. Enemies do get tougher, and you do need to improve your gear by upgrading your sword, armor, and charms to meet the difficulty curve, but the stat improvements from gear always felt secondary to the skills that you’d accumulate, but and the challenge always felt fair. Even when I bumped the difficulty up to hard mode, which makes enemies more aggressive, it never took away from the lethality of my sword.

On top of all of this, there are also the various tools and gadgets that you earn over the course of your adventure. As Jin gets more and more comfortable with bending his samurai code and using tools outside of his normal repertoire, his combat abilities also expand dramatically. He can use kunai much like Batman uses his batarangs to quickly interrupt or eliminate weakened enemies; he can throw sticky bombs to disorient a large crowd; or he can take out his trusty bow and land a headshot to bring down a heavily armored foe in one hitpotentially end the fight before it even begins. The sheer variety of ways to approach combat in Ghost of Tsushima is incredible.

Stealthy Stumbles

It’s a good thing that the blade-to-blade combat in Ghost of Tsushima is so good, because Jin’s ninja-inspired stealth does not hold up its end of the bargain. It works, on a very basic level, in all the ways that you’d expect it to: you can crouch-walk through fields of tall grass to invisibly sneak around enemy encampments, you can assassinate foes from above, and you can even buy upgrades that let you take out multiple enemies at once if they’re all foolishly clumped together.

The problem is what happens once you get spotted. Enemies just don’t know how to handle it. What if you climb onto a rooftop? They don’t follow you, they don’t hunt you, they kind of just yell and throw shurikens. What if you suddenly break line of sight and crouch into a nearby flower patch that they can still clearly see? They just turn around, look elsewhere for a bit, and then blow their little alarm horns. It’s as if you do anything other than just fight once you break stealth, the AI just throws up its hands and shrugs.

Jin’s stealth tools are also very rudimentary and don’t allow you any sort of creativity that might make stealth a little more exciting. They all kind of do the same things, just with different ammo types. There’s a wind chime that works as a distraction on a single enemy and a firecracker that works as a distraction for a group of enemies. Then there’s your bow that silently kills enemies, your longbow that silently kills helmet-wearing enemies, a dart that silently kills enemies and makes them puke blood, and another dart that makes enemies try to kill each other. There are also a handful of mandatory stealth segments which just boil down to finding the clearly laid out stealth route and occasionally using distractions to clear enemies out of the way. None of the flexibility and versatility of the melee combat is found in the stealth gameplay.

By the late game I was taking five enemies out at the start of every fight, and it felt awesome every time.Fortunately, Ghost of Tsushima offers a way to make going loud right out of the gate just as advantageous as picking off a handful of enemies unnoticed, and it does so in the best possible way: by staying true to its samurai cinema roots. At the beginning of most combat encounters you can trigger a stand-off, which allows you to target one of your enemies in a classic showdown where you must wait for them to make a move to attack, and then strike with one of your own to take them down in one hit. If you nail the timing, that’s one fewer for you to deal with when the brawl begins. But that’s only the beginning: you can make these stand-offs a major part of your combat strategy by putting points into the stand-off technique and wearing armor that allows you to chain multiple stand-off streaks together. By the late game, I was taking five enemies out at the start of every fight, and it felt awesome every time.

Of course, there is a risk involved with stand-offs: they’re absolutely devastating if you lose. Your health is drained almost nothing and you’re put in a position where you’re surrounded by all of the still very much alive enemies in the area. That risk gets greater later on as enemies start throwing in feints to try to make you swing early. It’s an all-around fantastic mechanic that not only fits with the samurai theme, but also takes the fun but typically disadvantageous tactic of just waltzing in through the front gate of an enemy encampment and makes it potentially just as rewarding as silently going through an encampment and stealthily clearing out a bunch of guards.

Open-world games can often feature some of the most beautiful virtual landscapes there are, and Ghost of Tsushima is right up there with the best of them. It may not quite meet the promise of its 2018 gameplay reveal trailer, but this is still a stunningly gorgeous game. Every scene is densely packed with grass, trees, leaves, and flowers all gently blowing in the wind every which way you turn. The island of Tsushima is teeming with natural beauty, which makes it a joy to explore even if you don’t have a particular destination in mind.

Sucker Punch’s design encourages exactly that, with traditional waypoints being integrated into the environment instead of a UI overlay. Following a plume of smoke will always lead you to something worth investigating; a tree with different-colored leafs off in the distance will always yield some sort of reward; and following a trail of Torii gates will never disappoint. It’s all refreshingly organic, much like how it was in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, especially considering that even when you do set a waypoint from your map to head toward a specific quest or location, instead of following arrows on the screen you’ll follow the direction of the wind.

Sidequests are interesting in Ghost of Tsushima because there are actually several different types. The first and most common are your typical garden-variety tasks called Tales of Tsushima, which are short stories that have Jin going off and being the good and honorable samurai that he wants to be by helping people with their problems. Though the stories and characters in these sidequests are largely forgettable, at the very least they don’t seem like they’re just being churned out and used as padding. These are often thoughtful enough to be more special than they might initially let on thanks to some often unexpectedly dark turns and occasionally interesting gameplay scenarios. One, for example, is really the only time where I was literally surrounded by archers and nothing else. They were all spaced out on different levels of two opposing cliff sides, making it a fun and unique challenge that’s not replicated elsewhere.

Tales of Tsushima are more special than they might initially let on

One level above that e Tales are multi-part, character-specific sidequests that basically span the entire campaign and serve to give each major character their own story arc. This includes Sensei Ishikawa, the renowned samurai archer searching for his missing student; Masako, a grief-stricken mother out for revenge on those who murdered her family; or Yuna, the thief who saved your life at the very beginning of the story and will do whatever it takes to save her brother from the Mongols. Each of these sidestories reflects an aspect of Jin’s own journey, and it’s very interesting to see both how they develop and the impact they have on his development. Some of the later ones that I’m not allowed to talk about due to embargo restrictions are especially touching and deal with some pretty heavy subject matter, with one in particular that makes exceptional use of Ghost of Tsushima’s scouting mechanic in a very clever and emotional way.

Every IGN PlayStation First-Party Exclusive Review

pvp ghost of tsushima

Tales of Tsushima typically reward you with charms that boost a certain aspect of your character, allowing you to spec into specific character builds like stealth, tanky, or a focus on critical hits, and so on. In the early going these charms were a great incentive to complete sidequests, but once I had pretty much all the charms that were needed later on, these Tales of Tsushima sidequests lost much of their appeal from a reward standpoint. I lost the desire to seek them out.

The Mythic Tales sidequests are some of the best moments in all of Ghost of Tsushima.Finally, there are the Mythic Tales. These are epic sidequests that have you hunting down legendary techniques or pieces of gear, and they’re obtained by listening to a musician tell the legend of whatever it is you’re seeking to earn, shown through some extremely cool animated sumi-e cutscenes. From there, they sprawl out to epic quests that each vary wildly in their design, but all are well worth playing through. Especially because their rewards are among the best boons you can get, whether it be the Heavenly Strike special move that has you channeling your inner Kenshin Himura as you dash through an opponent with a lightning-fast sword strike, or a new piece of high-quality armor that grants powerful perks like stand-offs having a chance to terrify enemies and cause them to run away. But even without those incentives, these quests are still some of the best moments in all of Ghost of Tsushima.

My favorite thing about exploration, though, and something that I especially appreciate as someone who’s not typically big on collectibles, is that every major collectible has both a worthwhile reward and a fun mini challenge tied to it. I was always extremely eager to find new Bamboo Strikes, not only because they gave me more resolve (a resource needed to heal and use special moves) but also because I just loved doing the little button-press minigame required to collect them. Shrines are even better because in addition to being the only place where you can find major charms (which offer dramatic buffs and perks strong enough to potentially design a whole character build around) they are also the only areas that you’ll be able to find those signature Sucker Punch platforming sections familiar from the Infamous or Sly series.

Ghost of Tsushima Photo Mode Slideshow

A collection of our favorite Ghost of Tsushima photo mode shots from IGN Staff pre-release.

The minor collectibles, like Mongol artifacts, journal entries, sashimono banners, and pillars of honor, are less exciting – they only offer some minor cosmetic items or flavor text. But they are plentiful enough that they still provide some added value for trophy hunters – and at least Ghost of Tsushima makes hunting them very easy thanks to the ability to quickly fast-travel to any discovered point of interest on the map.

After reaching the credits, I still eagerly put in another 15 to 20 hours to finish up.It took me between 40 and 50 hours to play through Ghost of Tsushima (it’s hard to say for sure as it doesn’t track your time played), which included completing all of the Mythic Tales, a complete liberation of Tsushima from Mongol control, all of the multi-part supporting character sidequests, and most of the of the standard Tales of Tsushima. After reaching the credits, I still eagerly put in another 15 to 20 hours to finish up the remaining sidequests (except one that is apparently bugged for me, but Sony says will be fixed in a pre-release patch) and find all of the collectibles in the hopes that the final reward would be worth it. It wasn’t, which is a bummer because there’s otherwise not much to do in the post-game – no New Game+ and no unlockable difficulties for a second playthrough. It’s a bit aggravating that even if I did decide to just play it again (in Kurosawa mode, for instance), you still can’t skip any of the cutscenes.

Finally, can we talk about photo mode for a second? Because Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode is the one of the best I’ve ever seen. Partially because the world is just so pretty that it lends itself well to being captured in its natural beauty, but also because of the unique touches that Sucker Punch added, like the ability to have animated background environments or to add a large selection of particles like leaves, fireflies, or even songbirds. You can change the weather, alter the time of day, add clouds, create a camera flight path to create short videos – and all of this on top of all of the essential photo mode options like exposure sliders and filters that have become standard. My one disappointment is the fact that the customizable emotions that you can put on Jin’s face could stand to have a little more… well, emotion. But nonetheless, Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode sets a new high water mark.

Ghost of Tsushima is an enormous and densely packed samurai adventure that often left me completely awestruck with both its visual spectacle and excellent combat. By steadily introducing new abilities instead of stat upgrades, its swordplay manages to stay challenging, rewarding, and fun throughout the entire 40 to 50 hours that it took me to beat the campaign. A few aspects are surprisingly lacking in polish in comparison to other first-party Sony games, especially when it comes to enemy AI and the stealth part of its stealth/action split. Still this is an extraordinary open-world action-adventure game that solves several issues that have long gone unaddressed in the genre, while also just being an all around samurai slashin’ good time.

Mitchell Saltzman Avatar

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Ign recommends.

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Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Class Guide

Boss Ghost of Tsushima's new co-op mode, Legends, with our class guide.

The unexpected, yet completely appreciated, new multiplayer addition to  Ghost of Tsushima ,  titled  Legends , has introduced four new classes  to play as. While there are certainly similarities between the four, as well as the original main character, Jin, from the single-player campaign, they each have their own unique skills and playstyles that will appeal to different players. If you've been itching to step back into the world of the Samurai, now with a couple of friends by your side, this  guide will help you understand what makes each class special.

The four new classes you can pick from when starting  Ghost of Tsushima: Legends  are the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, and Assassin. Each has a primary weapon, ranged weapon, two pieces of gear, two abilities, and one ultimate.

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Wielding the most traditional of Samurai weaponry, a katana, this class is the most balanced of the four. Backing up his sword is a half-bow, dirt throw, and healing gourd. While not quite as powerful in every regard as Jin, the Samurai will feel most familiar to Jin of the four classes. His abilities are Spirit Pull and Explosive Blade, with the Ultimate being Hachiman's Fury. Spirit Pull drains health from surrounding enemies, while Explosive Blade boosts your sword damage, and occasionally adds explosive damage to your hits. Hachiman's Fury costs three Resolve, but will turn the world red, highlight enemies, and immediately dispatch them with precise strikes.

This is the support class of the bunch, with the ability to revive and heal teammates, as well as summon spirit animals. He also has a katana and half-bow, but comes equipped with kunai and smoke bombs on top. As mentioned, his Spirit Animal and Healing Incense abilities allow him to call a friendly dog and toss out a healing pot of incense. His ultimate, Breath of Izanami, automatically brings fallen teammates back to life for three Resolve.

The Hunter, while also having a katana, is mainly focused on attacking from a distance with his longbow. He has dirt throw and a healing gourd to back him up, but should aim to stay out of direct combat. His abilities all reflect this by being bow focused. Staggering and Explosive arrows do just what they sound like, either doing stagger or explosive AOE damage on hit, but Eye of Uchitsune is where he gets deadly. This is basically the ranged version of the Samura's Hachiman's Fury, allowing you to pick off three targets at once with immediate headshots for three Resolve.

If you enjoyed playing Jin as a ghost character during the main game, then the Assassin class will be right up your alley. He has the same katana and half-bow as the Samurai, plus kunai and caltrops, but it's in his abilities that things get fun. Toxic Vanish makes you disappear into a cloud of poison gas that staggers nearby enemies, perfect for escaping a dangerous encounter, and Group Vanish causes you and any teammates close by to disappear all at once. Shadow Strike, following the similar theme of how Legends implements ultimate abilities, lets you chain up to three assassinations at once from a distance for three Resolve.

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Fans Say Ghost of Tsushima Legends Is the Best Multiplayer DLC in Years

Sucker Punch's impressive Legends DLC for Ghost of Tsushima has won over fans, with robust multiplayer gameplay at no additional cost for players.

Sucker Punch Productions recently released Legends , a free multiplayer mode for Ghost of Tsushima . In a 1 to 4 player campaign, players navigate a series of supernaturally exaggerated stories about the brutal Mongol invasion in which the spirits of fallen samurai rise to join the defense. In Legends , players control these ghosts, choosing between samurai, assassin, hunter or ronin classes. Although they use the same gear and weapons, each class offers a unique set of abilities.

Legends marks the first significant update for Ghost of Tsushima . Based on the reviews, it is safe to say the multiplayer mode is a successful addition to the already well-received base game. Legends has been praised for its robust, in-depth gameplay. With the addition of New Games+, Photo Mode options, new gear load-outs and merchants, players wonder how Legends could possibly be free. It seems Sucker Punch has gone above and beyond to impress their fan base and increase Ghost of Tsushima 's replayability with a captivating multiplayer mode. And, most importantly, players can pet dogs now.

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Here is a selection of what critics are saying about the new update.

Robert, Ramsey, Push Square : "Survival [mode] forces you to juggle Ghost of Tsushima's slick combat with tactical decision making... Splitting up in order to defend multiple points at once is the name of the game, but if you get taken out all the way on the other side of the map, no one's coming to save you. The stakes are high, but it's an often gripping mode that rewards quick thinking as well as skill. We're honestly enamoured with Legends . Sucker Punch has gone above and beyond what was required here, delivering a shockingly in-depth and, more importantly, incredibly fun co-op experience. Did Ghost of Tsushima need a full-on multiplayer expansion? Not at all, but now that it's here, an already exquisite PlayStation exclusive just became even more essential."

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Quinn, Buy Why Tho? Podcast : "Despite the class diversity, the combat often looks the same in the story missions: a lot of sneaking around, assassinating, and trying not to get spotted while hiding in the grass. The real diversity in classes expands itself in survival mode. With up to four players, survival mode is extremely fun. Each map has various elements that allow for a variety of play styles: sniper points, explosive barrels, rooftops to drop down on enemies from, and grass to hide in. Overall, Legends is an amazing addition to the already impressive base game. For content that is completely free, Legends is surprisingly robust and isn’t trying to trick you out of your money. The supernatural elements also set up this DLC as unique and the future multi-part raids should continue to improve this multiplayer experience."

Mark Kriska, PlayStation Universe : " Ghost of Tsushima: Legends adds to an already amazing experience offered with the main campaign. With new Game +, photo mode additions, as well as the new merchant, and gear loadouts, there are more reasons that you can count for why players should jump back in. Meanwhile, with the addition of Legends , there’s now a reason never to leave. Levelling up your Ghost and taking on missions with your friends have been some of the most fun I’ve had online in some time. Regardless of if you’re an old player returning or a new player experiencing Ghost of Tsushima for the first time. I cannot recommend Ghost of Tsushima and the Legends update and expansion enough."

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Liana Ruppert, Game Informer : " Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Puts More Fantasy And More Creative Control In The Hands Of Players... From unique co-op experiences, to way more ways to show that creative flair through New Games+ and more Photo Mode options; there is a lot to love — and unpack — with the new content."

Lloyd, MGG : " Ghost of Tsushima Legends is an excellent surprise and a very strong Co-Op expansion from Sucker Punch Productions...  Legends often feels spotless. One could be forgiven for assuming Legends to be a new, tacked-on Co-Op mode, lacking in both ambition and polish, but ultimately it’s clear that Sucker Punch has invested significant time and attention into this new update. Legends is well constructed, gripping, and never feels bloated. While it is still victim to some of the flaws that befall the Games as a Service model and its survival maps tend to be a bit of a slog, Legends’ content is dense enough and strong enough for players to quickly and easily fall for its charms."

Jim Hargreaves, TheSixthAxis : "Ghost of Tsushima really doesn’t feel like the kind of game that would lend itself to multiplayer but the result is both fun and challenging even if it doesn’t elevate the core game’s battle mechanics. Each of the four playable classes will feel familiar in terms of the base melee/ranged/stealth mix though they all come tagged with unique abilities to help set them apart...  Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has a rewarding gear system to keep players coming back as well as a ton of cosmetic items that can be unlocked by completing various challenges. Several hours into this surprise multiplayer mode and you’ll have a formidable warrior who feels like you own. Although there’s some grinding involved, at least Sucker Punch have confirmed Legends won’t have microtransactions."

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Ghost of Tsushima Duels: Tips on how to win one-on-one boss fights

How to win all of the Ghost of Tsushima Duels and earn the trophy

Ghost of Tsushima Duels

Throughout Jin's adventure, you'll take part in plenty of Ghost of Tsushima duels. These are different to standoffs as duels are essentially one-on-one boss fights where you need to chip away at your adversary's health bar and, for the most part, they mainly crop up during the Ghost of Tsushima story.  You need to complete all of the Ghost of Tsushima duels for the There Can Be Only One trophy too, so read up on some of our tips to give yourself a leg-up, especially on the harder difficulties.

Ghost of Tsushima duels tips

Ghost of Tsushima duels are a different flow to the rest of the fights in the game. You don't have any of your usual gear, addition weapons or skills and have to rely on nothing but your sword and reactions. It's all about reading your enemy, learning their moves and mastering your perfect parries. With that in mind here are some top tips for winning all of the Ghost of Tsushima duels.

1. Watch and learn their move patterns

Every foe you face off against will have signature moves and animations that will occur before their stronger attacks. Blockable light swings can quickly turn into an unblockable heavy attack so be ready to dodge out of the way and remember to strike when an opportunity arises. On the other hand, make sure you go for a parry when you know an unblockable attack isn't imminent.

2. Don't be afraid to dodge

It's tempting to go all-out offensive in duels, but your foe will counter after a couple of hits. When they do, don't always try and parry. They can switch to an unblockable attack very quickly, so keep your finger on the dodge button; hitting block instead will leave you open to some serious damage. You need to balance the parrying with the dodging.

3. Use mythic moves like Heavenly Strike and Dance of Wrath

While you can't use equipment like arrows or kunai in duels, you can use the mythical skills you've learnt like Heavenly Strike and Dance of Wrath. If you're struggling to get any damage in whatsoever, popping these two off will be some guaranteed hits. Just make sure you don't consume all of your resolve by using these, because you'll need it to heal up.

4. Switch armour before the fight

The armour in Ghost of Tsushima is all suited to vastly different scenarios. Ghost Armour is excellent for stealth, Tadayori Armour is what you want if you're battling at range, and Traveller's Attire is for those who love collectibles. Problem is, they are all a bit useless when it comes to duels. You'll want to switch to something more combat-focused to give yourself an easy advantage, like the Samurai Clan or Sakai Clan Armour.

5. An unblockable attack is usually coming next if your foe sheathes their sword

One sign that you're about to face the wrath of an unblockable attack is when your enemy sheathes their sword. It isn't guaranteed, but most of the time, if you let them get close with a sheathed sword, they're gonna hit hard. Thankfully, if you're quick enough, you can get an attack or two in before they start the attack animation, interrupting it. So essentially, a sheathed sword is an invitation for you to get a free hit in.

6. Use heavy attacks to whittle down their stamina bar

Enemies in duels will have stamina bars like the standard enemies you come up against, but they're much bigger and take longer to break. As a result, even if they're going to block your attacks, make sure to use a few heavy attacks to take down their stamina bar. When you pull off a perfect parry, make sure you're following up with a heavy attack instead of a light attack too, as you'll do much more damage this way.

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  • Beginner's guide

Ghost of Tsushima - Key Art

A beginner’s guide to Ghost of Tsushima

How to prepare for Jin's journey.

esrb m

Blood and gore Intense violence Partial nudity

A Beginner's Guide to Ghost of Tsushima - Kurosawa Mode

Before you begin

From the start, you can choose to play Ghost of Tsushima in English, or in Japanese with English subtitles for a more authentic samurai cinema-style experience. You’ll also have the option to play in Kurosawa Mode, inspired by the legendary filmmaker, which changes the world to black and white, cranks up the wind, and makes subtle changes to visuals and sound. You’ll be able to enable this option at any time in the menu.

Ghost of Tsushima Background Art

Lesson 1: Let the island guide you

A Beginner's Guide to Ghost of Tsushima - Follow the Wind Video

Follow the wind

Watch your surroundings for clues that can lead you to points of interest, such as smoke on the horizon or mysterious-looking trees. Call the Guiding Wind to help navigate toward your current objective.

As you explore, you can pick any point on the map and follow the wind to find it, ranging from various Tales of Tsushima to specific points of interest, villages or even collectibles.

Dreams - Dream Queen Image

Use animals as nature's tour guide

Pay attention to animals like golden birds or foxes, which can lead you to special landmarks or activities. Plumes of smoke can also mark enemy strongholds, villages, people in need, or other things to be discovered.

Keep an eye out for buildings or rock faces that can be climbed, as you never know what you might find at the top.

ghost of tsushima beginner's guide map south

Explore the map to uncover points of interest

While you’ll need to explore to find new parts of Tsushima initially, once you’ve discovered an area or point of interest, you’ll be able to return to it with Fast Travel. It’s worth talking to merchants you meet, as one may give you a special outfit that can aid you in your journey and even help you discover hidden secrets.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for materials like bamboo or yew wood, as well as flowers growing across the island, as they can all help to transform your weapons or armor in different ways.

Dreams - Architech and Designer Image

Wear the right equipment

While Jin can wear many outfits, not all of them are simply to give him a new look. Each armor offers unique stats and advantages, so it’s always worth considering the right attire for any given moment. Even after you’ve unlocked a specific armor, you can upgrade it to strengthen its effects, or purchase new dyes to change its appearance and match your favorite style.

Dreams - Imp Image

Quick tip: Musical moments

Try climbing as high as you can and getting a good a look at the island, then play Jin’s flute. A break for a nice song may have unexpected effects.

Ghost of Tsushima Background Art

Lesson 2: Surviving early combat

Combat in Ghost of Tsushima can be surprisingly brutal if you’re not prepared. Even common enemies can defeat Jin with just a few strikes, so it’s always worth being on guard. Look for visual and audio cues that signal an enemy attack and turn the tables to your advantage. 

Dreams - Dream Queen Image

Blocking, dodging and parrying

Blocking, dodging, and parrying are essential tools to winning fights in Ghost of Tsushima. You can hold L1 to block most attacks, but you’ll need to tap it just before an enemy strike in order to perform a parry, which will allow you to hit with a brutal counterattack. You can also use Circle to dodge an attack altogether, which can also leave enemies vulnerable.

Early on, guard often to learn different enemy strike patterns and timing. Once you start to feel comfortable, try blocking first and parrying follow-up strikes until you learn the right pace.

Dreams - Dream Queen Image

Watch and learn

Your best tactics to fight back against the Mongol invasion are the combat stances Jin can learn to quickly counter various types of enemies. By defeating or observing Mongol leaders at occupied encampments, you’ll earn points toward unlocking new stances that are particularly effective against enemies using specific attacks.

You’ll start with the Stone stance, which is particularly effective against swordsmen, but take the time to learn the Water or Wind stances in order to effectively fight back against enemies with shields or spears. Mastering the various stances is key to effectively breaking an enemy’s attack and coming away victorious.

Quick tip: Keep your ears perked

Enemy archers will always call out to alert their allies before firing an arrow. Make sure to listen closely so you can dodge, and maybe fire back an arrow of your own.

Lesson 3: Suggested first upgrades and tales

Early on, even the most basic fights can quickly become dangerous for Jin. Here are some ways to even the odds.

Dreams - Dream Queen Image

Go for the gold

Tales that are a part of Jin’s Journey (marked in gold on the map) will earn you the biggest increases to your Legend meter, which can help you earn Technique Points for unlocking new abilities. Also look out for villages or points of interest with a golden aura, which may indicate that a new upgrade is available within.

Early on, consider upgrades like the Perfect Healing Parry and Deflect Arrows. The former can help offset early misses as you learn to time your blocks and attacks, while the latter helps you avoid threats from afar while taking on closer enemies.

You may also want to consider Evolving Tactics that focus on healing – particularly Iron Will, which lets you spend two points of your Resolve meter after you’ve been defeated so you can jump back into the fight.

Dreams - Dream Queen Image

A helping hand

Early in Jin’s Journey, focus on Tales that involve recruiting a new ally, such as "The Tale of Lady Masako." In addition to establishing powerful connections, these Tales will earn you new weapons or armor that are sure to aid you in your quest to retake the island.

You should also keep an eye out for the Golden Temple, one of the earliest landmarks you’ll discover and a safe haven for the people of Tsushima. Here, you’ll find a gift altar that can help you gather supplies, and vendors who can increase the power of your weapons and armor.

The citizens of Tsushima who have taken refuge at the Golden Temple may also offer you valuable information about where you can find people who need help, or interesting new locations.

Quick tip: The aftermath of battle

After a fight, you can use the touchpad to clean your blade, stow your sword, or pay respects to a fallen foe.

Ghost of Tsushima Background Art

Lesson 4: Jin's evolution and Tsushima's secrets

Tsushima is overflowing with resources that aid in Jin’s journey. You’ll find most of these as you progress, but if you're looking to make the most of early discoveries, we've got you covered.

  • Don’t be afraid to explore. There are plenty of things you can find on the way to your objective, so be sure to follow wildlife to track down a new shrine or gather materials, even if it’s slightly out of the way.
  • Bamboo Strikes found across the island help unlock permanent gains to your Resolve meter...that is, if you can master them.  Concentrate on speed and accuracy, but be careful not to get overzealous; you'll fail if you miss a button press.

Ghost of Tsushima - Bamboo Strike Screenshot

  • Jin can jump pretty far – farther than you might think, actually. As make your way to a hard-to-reach shrine, don't be afraid to test Jin’s abilities. But if there’s a gap you just can’t cross, maybe come back once you’ve acquired an additional tool.

Ghost of Tsushima - Bamboo Strike Screenshot

  • Shrine climbs offer two extremely important rewards if you can make it to the top: wax wood and major charms. Wax wood is a key material necessary for bow upgrades, and major charms offer the most substantial perks that you can equip early on.
  • Hot springs throughout the island give you a moment to reflect on various elements of your journey, and will add permanent increases to your health bar. Individually, they aren't massive gains, but they add up. 
  • Fox dens are home to some of Tsushima’s smartest wildlife, who will bring you to shrines where you’ll earn rewards to help along your journey. Some of the approaches to these shrines are more arduous than others, but the minor charms they offer are worth the detour.
  • As you work to liberate more of Tsushima, consider putting Technique Points into exploration upgrades. These will let you steer the wind toward the exact type of undiscovered points of interest you seek.

©2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Ghost of Tsushima is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

A beginner's guide to Ghost of Tsushima | This Month on PlayStation

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Ghost of Tsushima gets a free PvP mode called Rivals

It’s not just Ghost of Tsushima’s single-player campaign that will soon be getting an expansion. Sucker Punch also comes with a new free PvP mode called Rivals for Ghost of Tsushima Legends.

pvp ghost of tsushima

Although the new Rivals mode in Ghost of Tsushima pits players against each other, it isn’t PvP as you might expect. The samurai of the different teams do not have to fight against each other, but reach the end of their side of the level.

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  • Order Ghost of Tsushima now on!
  • Or pre-order the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut!

That’s easier said than done, because there’s a whole army of enemies waiting for you. For every opponent you defeat, you only get one called Magatama. You can use that to slow down the other team. Rivals has some similarities with the Gambit mode from Destiny 2. Sucker Punch has also given us a preview of the mode with a gameplay video.

Rivals is an expansion for Ghost of Tsushima Legends, the multiplayer part of the game, which until now only had a co-op mode. The new mode will be released on September 3 and a version of Legends will also be released at the same time. It will cost 20 euros and is for players who are not interested in the single-player campaign of Ghost of Tsushima.

Director’s Cut of Ghost of Tsushima

In addition to Rivals mode, there’s also another one to look forward to in the Ghost of Tsushima area. The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will be released on August 20 for the PlayStation 4 and 5. In addition to a number of technical improvements, such as an increase to 60 fps and faster loading times, the Director’s Cut also has an expansion for the campaign. In the protagonist Jin Sakai goes to Iki Island.

Ghost of Tsushima

Available from July 17, 2020

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Rumor: Ghost of Tsushima 2 and Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will not be featured during PlayStation Showcase

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Director comes with update on Ghost of Tsushima

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  12. Thoughts about PvP (Legends) : r/ghostoftsushima

    Option 1: Dueling. Not too complicated of an idea just a PvP version of whats in the story. My edits to a mode like this would be adding parry and unblockable flairs to attacks.

  13. PvP 1v1 : r/ghostoftsushima

    PvP 1v1. If Sp release an update or a GoT 2 if wanna see a pvp 1v1 in legends mode. Preferably have it function like boss battles do where you only get to use your sword and don't have any ranged or ghost weapons. It would probably have to also take away the specials and ults but I think you should still be able to use resolve skills like ...

  14. how is ghost of tsushimas pvp? : r/videogames

    how is ghost of tsushimas pvp? Like does it have actual pvp? I saw a video that said it was 2 teams completing objectives first to win but you don't actually fight other people online. Have they added more modes since then? 1 0 comments Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts you may like r/videogames Join • 10 days ago

  15. Ghost of Tsushima

    Buy now Explore Action/Adventure game Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 and PS5. View info on all editions to buy, game detail, merchandise, videos & images and more. Shop now.

  16. 1v1 Mode Ghost of Tsushima : r/ghostoftsushima

    1v1 Mode Ghost of Tsushima You should add a online PVP 1v1 mode this would be fire (addition to legendsmode) 9 12 12 comments Top Add a Comment mylee87 • 3 yr. ago So... how do you envision the game play for 1v1 pvp? Unless they remove perfect parry and dodges I don't see how they can make a fair pvp mode. 707DazZer • 3 yr. ago Add stamina system.

  17. Ghost of Tsushima

    Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 action-adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The player controls Jin Sakai, a samurai on a quest to protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.

  18. Ghost of Tsushima Introduces Co-Op Mode

    Sony has recently announced Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, a brand-new co-op multiplayer mode inspired by Japanese mythology set to be released later within the year.For those who already own Ghost of Tsushima on the PS4, Legends will be available for free. "Legends is an entirely new experience — it's a separate mode that doesn't follow Jin or the companions from his journey, but instead ...

  19. Spartan of Tsushima

    Ghost of Tsushima - Director's Cut DLC 4k Ultra HD All Bosses No Damage / Lethal+ PS5:-Difficulty - Hardest / Lethal+Armor - God of War Kratos Dye Sakai Armo...

  20. Ghost of Tsushima

    Welcome back to more Ghost of Tsushima. Today I have some more combat gameplay for you using one of my favorite outfit combos. I always have a great time com...

  21. A beginner's guide to Ghost of Tsushima

    Blocking, dodging and parrying. Blocking, dodging, and parrying are essential tools to winning fights in Ghost of Tsushima. You can hold L1 to block most attacks, but you'll need to tap it just before an enemy strike in order to perform a parry, which will allow you to hit with a brutal counterattack. You can also use Circle to dodge an ...

  22. Ghost of Tsushima's Co-Op Mode Now Has a Release Date

    October 6, 2020. Ghost of Tsushima was officially launched earlier this year, and it received a lot of positive reviews. The title takes place during the invasion of Tsushima by the Mongols, and it's evidently becoming one of the most highly-acclaimed games this year. After its release, Sony revealed to the fans that Ghost of Tsushima will be ...

  23. Ghost of Tsushima gets a free PvP mode called Rivals

    Rivals is an expansion for Ghost of Tsushima Legends, the multiplayer part of the game, which until now only had a co-op mode. The new mode will be released on September 3 and a version of Legends will also be released at the same time. It will cost 20 euros and is for players who are not interested in the single-player campaign of Ghost of ...