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The Revenant Caves , also known as the Forinthry Dungeon , are a set of caverns found in the Wilderness . Accessible to members only, it is an extremely dangerous cave that ranges from level 17 to 40 Wilderness and is mostly a multicombat area ; only the exits and the nearby area are Single-way combat .

The caves serve as a refuge for dragons , all kinds of demons , and even the vicious revenants . There are two entrances—one in level 17 Wilderness, east of Bandit Camp and Dark Warriors' Fortress , and the other in level 40 Wilderness, south-east of the Lava Maze .

Players doing Wilderness Slayer assignments may find the caves useful as all the monsters are potential tasks. Players who wield the Amulet of avarice will find that all drops from the cavern's inhabitants will also be in noted form at the cost of being permanently skulled while it is equipped.

A dwarf multicannon can be placed in the dungeon, but not in the revenants area.

Revenant Caves location

Revenant Caves entrance locations

WARNING: The entire area counts as the Wilderness. Players will be able to attack you here.

  • 2.1 Revenants
  • 3.1 Revenants

To get to the caves, players will have to traverse the Wilderness . Aside from simply walking there, there are some other options:

  • Revenant cave teleport , which teleports the player to the level 40 entrance.
  • Burning amulet , can take players to the level 17 Wilderness entrance via the Bandit Camp option, or the level 40 entrance via the Lava Maze option.
  • Wilderness Obelisks can take players to both entrances.
  • Carrallangar Teleport , or the equivalent teleport tablet , takes players to the Graveyard of Shadows , close to the level 17 entrance.
  • Canoeing to the Wilderness will take players close to the level 40 entrance.

Dungeon features [ ]

The dungeon complex is very large, containing a very large amount of monsters that can be found elsewhere in the Wilderness , and revenants , which are exclusively found inside the dungeon. Monsters are kept in individual rooms, though there are several areas which are free of monsters. The entrances to the dungeon are single-way combat , but the rest of the dungeon is multi-way combat , so do not bring items you are not willing to lose.

Like the Catacombs of Kourend , the monsters in the dungeon are stronger than those that would be found elsewhere.

There are five shortcuts around the dungeon, requiring various Agility levels to use.

  • The shortcut between the two green dragon chambers requires 65 Agility.
  • The shortcut between the greater demon chamber and tunnels to the black demon chamber, along with the two shortcuts in the ankou room, require 75 Agility.
  • The shortcut between the greater demon and revenant chambers requires 89 Agility.

Revenants [ ]

Revenant dragon

Revenants are monsters that were slain during an unknown age (presumably, the God Wars ). Extremely vengeful spirits, they are the main attraction of the dungeon. Revenants use all three forms of combat, using a combat style that the player is weak against as their primary attacks, and will adapt to any changes the player does. They are also capable of healing themselves when their health falls below 50%.

Revenants drop various resources, equipment and several unique items. Revenants always drop Revenant ether , which is used to charge the Bracelet of ethereum . This bracelet protects the player against a revenant's attacks at the cost of 1 charge per attack. It is carried at the player's own risk, as it is always lost on death with all charges regardless of the player's item protection settings. They also drop Ancient artefacts that can be sold to the Emblem trader wandering the caves for a hefty amount of coins. Revenants also drop ancient crystals , four of which are required to build an obelisk in the Superior garden of a player-owned house .

Inhabitants [ ]

The Revenant Caves contains the following monsters . For clarity, the revenants' table are separate from the non-revenants.

  • Revenants were originally the replacement for player killers between 11 December 2007 and 1 February 2011 in what has become known now as RuneScape 3 . They could attack players depending on their combat level and depth in the Wilderness (just as PKers can today) as well as heal themselves, teleblock and freeze players.

Cyclops • Dark beast • Demon • Dragon • Goblin • Hellhound • Hobgoblin • Imp • Knight • Ork • Pyrefiend

Ankou • Green dragon • Black dragon • Black demon • Ice giants • Lesser demon • Greater demon • Hellhound

  • 1 Mage armor
  • 2 Treasure Trails/Guide/Coordinates
  • 3 Experience

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[July 20th, 2018] Revenant caves, new promotions, and much more!

By Ryan , July 21, 2018 in Updates

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Ryan    862.

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Content updates:

  • Wilderness teleport interface (250,000 coin fee)
  • Portals within the cursed cavern
  • Uncommon drop by revenants


  • Used for charging the bracelet of ethereum (see below)
  • Revenant cave teleport (250 ether)
  • Bracelet of ethereum uncharged (1,000 ether)
  • Cursed shards (1,000 ether)
  • Alternatively, they are used for exchanging ancient artifacts into cash (see below)
  • Exchange (with ether) for coins
  • Each tier will exchange for a higher amount
  • Your bracelet will lose a charge from each attack by a revenant
  • While the charged bracelet is equipped, revenants will no longer aggro you
  • The (charged) bracelet is always lost on death, and all of the ether stored in it will be dropped to the killer
  • You can "toggle-absorption", which will automatically take ether drops from your revenant kills to charge your bracelet
  • And much more, check out the in-game drop table!
  • The wilderness level increases every 8 steps north
  • The cave also includes Lava giants, a new exclusive monster!
  • Note :  You can also exit the cavern from a wilderness obelisk located next to the ether trader
  • The alternative method of access without an orb (climbing down the ladder at lava maze) is still available
  • The "cursed portal" is no longer near Mage bank (moved to the revenant cave)
  • You can still also teleport home for 100 blood money
  • Escape portals have generally been reduced
  • Skilling exchanges in the cursed cavern are now slightly more rewarding
  • We have a brand new, much more responsive highscores!
  • Check it out at  https://runex.io/highscores/
  • Accessed when using the  ::donate  command, or clicking the donation panel button on your minimap
  • With this new interface you will be able to modify quantities and purchase different types of bonds at once
  • This should also help issues with players who are logged in the site with their alts (and therefore purchase bonds for the wrong account)
  • Opens for a variety of different boxes and chests
  • Opens for two random (tier I or tier II) past promo items
  • Additionally includes two bonds between $20-45 each
  • Rare chance for a raid mystery box
  • Saradomin owl
  • Zamorak hawk
  • Guthix raptor
  • Jungle demon pet
  • Lava demon pet
  • Opens for two random (tier II) past promo items
  • Two bonds between $20-45 each
  • Jungle titan pet
  • Lava giant pet
  • Afflicted mummy pet (enflames)
  • Vesta's spirit pet
  • Statius's spirit pet
  • Morrigan's spirit pet
  • Zuriel's spirit
  • Shadow zulrah pet
  • Shadow corporeal beast pet
  • Shadow vorkath pet
  • When in combat, the player with PID over the other will have hit delays 1 tick lower/faster than their opponent
  • PID resets every 60 seconds, which means this hit delay allowance can cycle between players during long fights
  • For the time being, this change has not been applied to the duel arena, where PID/combat will still remain as it was
  • These changes are included in both PvP and PvM combat
  • Slightly reduced elite void equipment bonuses
  • The summer event has been disabled, we hope you enjoyed it!
  • Simply left-click the gems to spend your remaining currency
  • Your rewards will be delivered to your account shortly after this update's launch
  • #1: Lesbihonest
  • #5: Psychokreame
  • #7: Tricky spit
  • #8: Zfireshots
  • #9: Scaping

Bug fixes and gameplay tweaks:

  • A new ladder has been added to the center of the zone
  • This should hopefully help issues with crowded bossing during periods of high activity
  • Fixed kalphite queen instance
  • Fixed issues with GWD bosses aggro
  • Added a ice blitz/barrage freeze timer overlay
  • This also includes the infernal max cape
  • Scholar's blessing item protection value has been increased
  • Efficiency blessing item protection value has been increased
  • Fixed issues with boss and minion aggro
  • Lava feather exchange is now slightly more rewarding
  • Fixed verac's attack combat type
  • Fixed Roger's property


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Link to post, share on other sites, iron logic    910.

Iron Logic

Love the revenants! 

Glad to see the donation exclusive pets are untradable.

1 Thing i'd like to see would be an increase in the agility requirements for the revenant cave shortcuts. 

Dragon Paws    64

Dragon Paws

Levi    109


Vise    171


Ralph    207


4 minutes ago, Ryan said: Elite void equipment Slightly reduced elite void equipment bonuses   

Rip elite void users.


zFireshots    28


"Mercy" shittiest addition i've ever seen, change back please

Lesbians    7


Make Me Quit    1

Make Me Quit

Equave    14


2 hours ago, Ryan said: Mercy Fixed Roger's property   



Lovely, looking forward to try it out.

Reformed Guy    2

Reformed Guy


War God    0

War God

Yay even more loot you can't actually take back with you out of the wilderness. No runex update is complete without more donation incentives! 

Maybe try fixing existing problems first?

Duke Silver    1

Duke Silver

slightly reduced?, more like completely nerfed to the ground.

save your runex pts, and your rune coins boys, evoid is not worth getting anymore.

twitch    92


On 7/21/2018 at 12:31 AM, Ralph said: On 7/21/2018 at 12:25 AM, Ryan said: Elite void equipment Slightly reduced elite void equipment bonuses   

Rip elite void users. 

I got sad for sure.


Nice update - I just think it would be nice to have less wilderness updates, or teleport-scroll-based updates. 

Death Fury    20

Death Fury

Awesome update man! Cant wait to see more. 


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  • Home / news / OSRS Money Making Method Guide - Killing Revenants

OSRS Money Making Method Guide - Killing Revenants

Warning: It's a high-risk money making method! Beware of the PKers!

Revenants are ghostly versions of certain monsters (from level 7 to level 397) you can find in OSRS. They live in Revenant Caves, a set of singles-plus combat (other players can attack you when you are fighting with monsters) caverns in levels 19 to 34 Wilderness. It's one of the best money making methods for low-level and mid-level players.


There are no quest or skill requirements, but you must pay 100,000 gold coins before entering the caves. You don't need to pay for it again if you don't die to other players. Once some player kills you within the caves, the killer will take it as a drop. Then you must pay another 100,000 coins for the entering fee.

Note: You don't need to bring coins in your inventory. It will be taken from your bank.

You can kill them with Melee or Ranged - 60+ Attack & Strength and 50+ Ranged are recommended.

Gear Setup & Inventory

Please note that only bring items you can afford to lose because there is a risk of death.

For using Melee:

Helm of neitiznot if using a whip or Dwarven helmet if using a crush weapon

Salve amulet (e) or Amulet of glory

Cape of legends (completion of the Legends' Quest) or Mythical cape (after the OSRS quest Dragon Slayer II)

Black d'hide body and chaps

Abyssal whip or Viggora's chainmace

Dragon defender

Bracelet of ethereum - Highly recommended

Rune boots or Dragon boots

Ring of dueling or Explorer's ring

For using Ranged:

Snakeskin bandana or Archer helm

Amulet of avarice (become skulled once you wear it) or Amulet of glory

Ava's device

Black d'hide body & chaps

Craw's bow, Magic bow, or Rune crossbow

Book of law if using a crossbow

Diamond bolts (e) or Rune arrows

Snakeskin boots

Bring a Super combat potion or a Ranging potion, a Stamina potion, the Loot bag, the Royal seed pot, some Prayer potions, and the rest are food.

Getting There

osrs revenant caves entrances

The quickest method to get there is to use the Revenant cave teleport. It brings you directly to the north entrance at 40 Wilderness.

Or you can teleport to Ferox Enclave with the Ring of dueling. Go through the west entrance and run toward the northwest.

osrs revenant cave

All Revenants use all three attacks. If you are using a charged Bracelet of ethereum, don't worry about it. The bracelet can protect you by reducing 75% of the damage from revenants.

All Revenants have the same loot table with different drop rates. You can increase the drop rates by being skulled (high risk of death).

Revenant imp: level 7, 10 Hitpoints

Revenant goblin: level 15, 14 Hitpoints

Revenant pyrefiend: level 52, 48 Hitpoints

Revenant hobgoblin: level 60, 72 Hitpoints

Revenant cyclops: level 82, 110 Hitpoints

Revenant hellhound: level 90, 80 Hitpoints

Revenant demon: level 98, 80 Hitpoints

Revenant ork: level 105, 105 Hitpoints

Revenant dark beast: level 120, 140 Hitpoints

Revenant knight: level 126, 143 Hitpoints

Revenant dragon: level 135, 155 Hitpoints

Revenant maledictus (boss): level 397, 1250 Hitpoints

Loot and Profits

Amulet of avarice, Craw's bow (u), Thammaron's sceptre (u), Viggora's chainmace (u), Ancient statuettes, Rune and Dragon items, raw materials, runes, Blighted items

How much you can make depends on your skill level, from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Keep in mind: The Ancient statuette will always drop on death. Once you get an Ancient statuette drop, go and bank it.

Good luck to you all!

The RSBee Team

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