What Are Shadow People? The Explanation Is Beyond Creepy

Those dark figures you see from the corner of your eye might be more than a figment of your imagination...

What you need to know about shadow people and what it means if you see one.

Have you ever been reading or watching TV when suddenly, in the periphery of your vision, you catch glimpse of what appears to be a shadowy figure in the room with you? Dark, humanoid figures like these are commonly known as shadow people, and they can be extremely scary and unsettling to the people who experience seeing them. But defining exactly what shadow people are (and if they’re actually paranormal) is up for debate.

Descriptions of shadowy, human-like figures have appeared in folklore and religious texts throughout history and across cultures. Some examples include the supernatural creatures known as “djinn” of ancient Islamic theology and the beings known as “ Nalusa Chito” of the Native American Choctaw tribe’s mythology. The modernly-used term “shadow people” was coined by paranormal researcher and book author Heidi Hollis , who claims that shadow people have been around since the beginning of time and usually appear as dark human-shaped silhouettes in our peripheral vision.

The fear of the dark (and all of its shadows) is a common one, probably because our eyes tend to play tricks on us when the lights are low. A jacket hanging on the door can easily morph into a silhouette, and a pile of blankets could suddenly look like someone lurking in your bed. But could shadow people be more than that? Here’s what you need to know about shadow people and what it means if you see one.

What Are Shadow People?

“Shadow people are a bit of an enigma in the paranormal community,” professional witch and psychic Renée Watt tells Bustle. “They are often thought of as ghosts or a collection of negative energy — but as is true with most paranormal phenomena, there is no finite answer.” According to Watt, shadow people can appear in different forms and may even indicate that someone is under a psychic attack. Many paranormal experts also theorize that there may be a connection between shadow people and extra-terrestrial life — and that these beings could be other-worldly in origin or have a correlation with alleged alien abduction experiences .

While the exact supernatural origin of these shadow-like beings is debated among paranormal experts, there is one thing that most agree upon — which is that the presence of shadow people is wholly unsettling. “These shadowy, human-like entities have a bit of a murky reputation, as most people who report seeing them state that they feel uncomfortable, scared, and in some extreme cases, even paralyzed with fear,” Watt says. Most reports on shadow people are overwhelmingly negative and are accompanied by a feeling of dread.

Do Shadow People Have A Scientific Explanation?

Skeptics note that seeing shadow people could simply be chalked up to sleep paralysis — which is a medical phenomenon that takes place when someone is in between a sleeping and wakeful state. During sleep paralysis, a person feels fully conscious but they’re unable to move or speak and may experience a feeling of intense dread, the sensation of being suffocated, or even hallucinations of shadowy figures. Other potential explanations include experiencing heightened emotional states, sleep deprivation, or substance use.

It’s also important to consider that most shadow person sightings appear in our peripheral vision, which is designed to detect motion and movement, not detail . That said, it would be easier to mistake something in the corner of our eye for something it isn’t than it would be if we were to see something head-on.

What To Do If You See A Shadow Person

It’s normal to feel fearful if you see something as inexplicable as a shadow person — but according to experts, it’s best to focus on staying grounded and not letting yourself be overwhelmed by the discomfort of what you’re experiencing. “If you encounter a shadow person, the worst thing you can do is give it your fear, as entities with negative intent thrive on their ability to make us feel unsafe or uncomfortable,” Watt says. “The best thing you can do is call in spiritual protection, pray, or simply stand your ground by firmly telling the shadow person to leave you alone.”

A one-off encounter with a shadow being can be creepy, but if your visions of these entities are ongoing, it might indicate that it’s time to do some spiritual cleansing of your energy field and your living space. “If you're having multiple experiences with shadow people, you may want to consider doing a major energetic house cleansing or hiring a professional energy worker to do one for you,” Watt says. You can spiritually cleanse your home (and hopefully keep shadow people at bay) by performing a protection ritual , putting out cleansing crystals in your home , or burning purifying herbs .

This article was originally published on Oct. 14, 2018

shadow man ghost

Paranormal Authority

What are Shadow People and How to Get Rid of Them?

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

It’s late at night, and your room is dark. You’re exhausted, but you can’t sleep. There is something standing in the corner of your room, looking at you, studying you. It looks like the shape of a man, but it is not a man. It is a shadow, a shadow that seems to move, and think, entirely on its own.

A person standing behind a window

What you saw was a shadow person, and you are not alone. Seemingly since the dawn of civilization, people have had encounters with shadow people, spanning all manner of countries, cultures, and societies. It is a global phenomenon, and encounters seem to be growing with each passing year.

What do Shadow People Look Like?

Many people who witness a shadow person are quick to claim they’ve seen a ghost. However, their appearance, and behavior vary greatly from your standard spectres. Usually, spirits are translucent and have an almost mist-like quality about them.

The appearance of a shadow person can vary slightly, but they are always dark, and nearly impossible to see through. Some shadow people are more abstract in shape–like a cloud or a tall black mass. Others are much more defined, with a clear head, torso, and limbs. Several individuals have even encountered a shadow person donning a bowler hat. In fact, the shadow hat man is reported to be even more terrifying, and antagonistic than ordinary shadow people. There are those who even speculate that the hat man is the de facto leader of the shadow people.

There has been an increase in sightings over the last few years, as well as some new developments as to the physical characteristics of shadow people. Some individuals have started to report that the shadow people are plagued by having distinct eyes, either all white, or all red in color.

But What IS a Shadow Person?

Collectively, we aren’t entirely sure, though many interesting theories exist–and one of them is bound to be right.

Some people are convinced that these entities hail from the underworld, and seeing black shadows in the peripheral vision indicates a brief moment where the fabric between our two lives has shifted or weakened.

Others agree, these creatures are not alive, but they think shadow people are demonic in origin. They are fallen angels, traversing the world with unholy agendas, doing the devil’s bidding.

Much like the theories you hear about doppelgangers, it is also believed that witnessing a shadow person is a bad omen, and may even be a sign of one’s impending death. This theory, however, seems less, and less plausible the more encounter stories you read online. There are many unfortunate individuals out in the world who have been tormented by shadow people for years.

Those who favor scientific, over supernatural, explanations theorize that shadow people could be time travelers, visiting us from the future. They believe this can adequately explain why shadow figures look human-like in form. It is the nature in which they travel that makes them unable to materialize as fully formed humans when manipulating the spacetime continuum.

Still, others suggest that shadow people are visitors from another dimension, one that exists all around us, but we rarely see. Mathematicians and string theorists believe there are at least 10 dimensions, but quite possibly as many as 26. Who is to say these extraordinary beings are not interdimensional visitors?

A smaller amount of people, those who have had more intriguing than scary encounters with these entities, surmise that shadow people are nothing more than guardians, or spirit guides, entrusted to watch over specific individuals throughout their lives.

Everybody has a theory.  The simple truth is we may never know, or we may not yet be capable of comprehending the truth.

The Issue of Sleep Paralysis

Skeptics claim that shadow people simply do not exist. Instead, they are manifestations created by the brain while under sleep paralysis. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, sleep paralysis typically occurs when an individual wakes up from sleep, but their body has yet to wake up. Thus, rendering them unable to move or speak. Episodes can last up to a couple of minutes and have been experienced, at least once, by half our population.

Sometimes these chilling episodes are accompanied by hallucinations. Many people have reported seeing intruders in their room while paralyzed. These intruders will either remain in the individual’s periphery, or–much worse–they will crawl over, and sit on the individual’s chest.

While these experiences can be quite frightening, they are different from that of shadow people. People are not paralyzed when they encounter a shadow person… not literally, anyway. We can’t knock anyone who becomes too afraid to move when interacting with a shadow person, especially because these inexplicable entities seem sentient when they interact with humans. Several people have reported that they feel as though the shadow person in the room is staring at them, studying them intently. This seems to be an entirely different experience from sleep paralysis, though it should be kept in mind that there are unfortunate souls out there who will come to experience both in their lifetime. A chilling thought.

What Does Seeing a Shadow Person Mean?

Simply put, they have an interest in you. The why of it typically stems from what theory you choose to believe as to the nature of shadow people. Again, some people think a shadow person is some form of a guardian angel, or protector, meant to watch over a specific individual.

Even wilder is the idea that a shadow person could potentially be your future self, or maybe a relative who does not yet exist in the current time. But if that were the case, why are shadow people known to be so aggressive? Why are some individuals targeted constantly, while others not at all? At this point, we have far more questions than answers.

If, however, you find yourself harassed by one of these entities, there are certain steps you can take to make them go away.

Getting Rid of a Shadow Person

If you’re trying to get a shadow person out of your home, the first thing you should do is clean it. Shadow people seem more prevalent in dark, messy homes, filled with clutter. Open the blinds, or turn all your lights on. Strip your home of unnecessary, unwanted items, and once you have that accomplished, begin sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting. Having a bright, clean, and tidy home will naturally deter shadow people.

Some individuals have also had success by performing a cleansing ritual on their property. There are many variations on how to do this, but most call for a sage smudge stick. Letting one end slowly burn, it is recommended that you take the smudge stick to every corner, every door, and every window of each room, letting the smoke purify each space.

Others have reported that ignoring the entity will often make it go away, because they either want or need, our attention. A few brave souls claim they’ve had success by making light of the situation–joking or laughing about the fact that this manifestation is in their house. Both of these solutions should be used with extreme caution, however, as they have been known to backfire. Ignoring or laughing at a shadow person could potentially trigger a more violent response out of them.

When in doubt, the best practice is to simply command the shadow person to leave. A lot of people have gotten the impression that, while shadow people like to pay close attention to us, they don’t particularly enjoy it when we pay close attention to them. Acknowledging the entity’s presence, then kindly, but firmly, commanding them to leave seems like a pretty straight forward way to go.

What If They Don’t Leave?

There are certainly shadow people out there who seem more stubborn than others. Individuals with chronic encounters can often be found on message boards, constantly on the hunt for new advice, and new insight. Do not despair, as there are still a couple of things you can attempt.

First, you can make a peace offering. You can accept these visitations, so long as the shadow person adheres to boundaries that you set. For example, if the shadow person likes to hover over you while you sleep, you can tell it that it is welcome to remain if it does not give in to that kind of behavior anymore. Be firm when you set these boundaries, and provide concrete consequences if the shadow person does not follow the rules. Some people have reported success with this, especially accompanied by a small trinket as an offering to the shadow person.

Second, you must do everything in your power to rid your life of stress. A tall order, right? But it can significantly help your situation. We may not quite know what shadow people are, but there is a general consensus that they feed off negative energy. Finding ways to strip stress, and drama from your life will naturally rid your home of shadow people because they have nothing to sustain them. In essence, you will combat these beings with happiness, pure, and simple.

shadow man ghost

About Brandon Hall

Hi! I am Brandon. Writer and content creator for PA, specializing in phenomena that is sometimes beyond normal scientific understanding. My mission is to help guide people seeking answers in a positive and enlightening way.

6 thoughts on “What are Shadow People and How to Get Rid of Them?”

I have a shadow person in my bedroom. It started at the window. I have blackout curtains so no light comes in. Every night it got closer till it was over head. I ignored it. I bought 2 salt lights because they would light near my bed without being too bright. I want it gone but don’t know how.

I really appreciate the details and the understanding of shadow people!! I and my husband has experienced this shadowy being in our home twice.my husband was watching tv in our bedroom when he saw one .I then I told him I saw one below my feet above the bed a week ago so I knew what we saw was true. Very scary and wished we could find a way so it leaves!! If you can help us from rapid city s.d that would be great or a way to ignore it 😏

Pure iron horseshoes or pure iron might repel them. Do you live near bodies of water? Quartz crystals? My experience has been if they’re going to target you then they’re going to target you. Salt are crystals that may absorb negative energy. Salt baths might work. They seem to be attracted to negativity.

i always sleep with the lights on. if i turn it off sleep paralysis always no doubt and when i sleep with lights on it does not happen. this is my secret. i saw the shadow person when i was may be 5 or 8. im 30 now.

A. Daylight doesn’t necessarily deter some shadow figures. I’ve seen the one that resides at my house in broad daylight standing just outside of my front door with the Sun shining on it.

B. I was doing laundry at a friend’s house one time. I turned around from the washing machine and there stood Hat Man right behind me. He disappeared immediately. That laundry room is above ground and this was during the day and, of course I had the lights on.

C. I’ve done EVERYTHING to both houses to dissuade these shadow figures from harassing all of us.

I’ve smudged repeatedly with both white sage and Sacred Sage. While smudging, I ask in spoken prayer, for all evil and negativity to be banished from the premises. I recite this prayer in each of the Four Directions (West, North, East and South, in that order). I also have sprigs of each place around the house where the most problems occur as a reminder that I won’t put up with being harassed.

After smudging I seal all the doors and windows with sea salt (MUCH better than table salt!).

I’ve also taken raw tobacco and placed some at each corner of the house while reciting a prayer to banish “all evil and negativity” from the premises. All three activities should be done in a clockwise sweep of each room of the house starting from the most western room and moving in a clockwise direction all in the house.

I keep red letter editions of the Bible open to the red pages in many rooms of my house, especially those with the most problems and have instructed my friend to do the same. I also command whatever entity shows up to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

Using all of these things together has seemed to keep most entities at bay. They don’t disappear completely, but they have gotten the message that I won’t put up with their shenanigans. If they start up again or a new one appears, I immediately start the whole process all over, again, until they back off.

I know that in areas where Hemlock can be gotten that placing some sprigs with blooms on each side of windows and doors can keep entities at bay. I would go through my routine as outlined above and, with the final strike place the Hemlock around just before going outside with the raw tobacco. I’m in the middle of the USA and don’t know where to get such Hemlock sprigs here. I would if I could.

I hope that what I do can give others an idea or ideas of what they can do and that it helps them in some way. 🙂

There is a chance that you can come to a compromise with them. Perhaps try to offer something in exchange for their cooperation. A trinket with a deep spiritual connection/presence is good because you can offer to share its energy with the shades. They truly watch. The shade that resides in the master bedroom of our new apartment is cooperative. At first, it seemed very tense, and it’s movements were very jerky. It kept tapping the back of my knee while I slept, so I told it not to do that anymore. I also told it to stop startling my dogs. I have no fear. I am an empath, and what I feel from it now is acceptance. I suppose we passed the test. I would love for it to stay. I could use the protection.

I edited a few words. Same post, though.

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Who is the Hat Man? The sleep paralysis nightmare shared around the world

Shadowy figure has become a dominant character in digital culture, fuelled by TikTok’s fascination with the paranormal

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A shadowy figure wearing a hat

Tales of things that go bump in the night are often met with scepticism but one nightmarish figure keeps cropping up in reports from all around the world.

‘Slender Man’ stabbing: Morgan Geyser sentenced to 40 years in mental hospital Scariest haunted houses in the world What is hauntology?

Numerous people claim to have woken in the dark to find a shadowy figure, dubbed the Hat Man, looming over them.

The phenomenon has attracted widespread attention, inspiring documentaries and the launch of a dedicated blog, The Hatman Project , where people can share their experiences.

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Something that “probably began with a trick of the light as processed by the human subconscious” has become a “dominant character within the digital culture”, said Rolling Stone . The spooky being has “inspired its own lore and countless witness reports, lately fueled by TikTok’s fascination with the paranormal and occult”.

Who or what is the Hat Man?

It is not a new phenomenon. For about as long as written records have existed, “people have described a frightening night-time vision that paralyses them with fear and seems to suck the breath right out of them, often by pressing directly upon their chest”, reported Quartz .

The “shape of the frightening figure occasionally varies”, but victims usually report feeling “utterly paralyzed with terror, and breathless, as if fear had frozen them from the inside out”, said the site.

The “strange vision” is “remarkably consistent from one account to the next”, added Rolling Stone. “It’s the tall silhouette of a man in a brimmed hat, a presence that tends to appear when you’re in bed at night, somewhere between sleep and consciousness.”

Of course, said the magazine, as more people talk about Hat Man online, the more power the myth obtains and the image becomes self-perpetuating as those “consuming it automatically become disposed to recognize the Hat Man in their own bedrooms”.

What is sleep paralysis?

One in five people have an episode of paralysis at least occasionally, according to the Seattle-based Sleep Foundation , and accompanying hallucinations are very common.

Sleep paralysis blurs the line between sleep and wakefulness, so a person starts to become aware of their surroundings but is still in a state of temporary paralysis called muscle atonia, which the body goes into during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep to protect us from acting out our dreams.

While the exact cause of hallucinations like the Hat Man are unknown, experts believe they “occur when people experience the vivid dreams of REM sleep while they are awake”, said the foundation.

Some say the idea of the Hat Man may be subconscious reworkings of figures from popular culture, including popular horror films in recent times. Christopher French, a psychology professor at Goldsmiths, University of London, said the first thing that came to mind when he thought about the Hat Man was Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. He told Quartz: “This notion that you can be attacked when you’re asleep, that’s when you’re vulnerable. And of course, Krueger wears a hat.”

Writing in the Scientific American , Baland Jalal suggested that people who fear supernatural demons in the night are more likely to experience the phenomenon again. “For centuries, cultures across the world have attributed these hallucinations to black magic, mythical monsters, even paranormal activity,” said Jalal, a researcher at Harvard University's department of psychology.

After comparing how different cultures explain and experience sleep paralysis, he said “it appears that the more people fear sleep paralysis, the more they experience it, and the stronger its effects are”. Accompanied by a belief in the paranormal, sleep paralysis can therefore be not just frightening but potentially traumatising.

“The human mind is vastly more mysterious, and occasionally malevolent, than one would have thought.”

shadow man ghost

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Shadow People 101 – What Are They, What Do they Look Like?

Shadow people, the paranormal phenomenon of shadow persons or shadow men seen just out of sight, in the blink of an eye or lurking in the corner of the room, are becoming an increasingly interesting area of study for many, precisely because we don’t quite know what these shadow beings are. There are a huge number of theories, some suggesting that these black shadows are simply ghosts taking on a darker form, while other theories lean more towards the idea that they are time travelers, or beings from an interdimensional plane – or even aliens. Maybe the shadow people are all of the above, or maybe they’re something more sinister.

What are Shadow People?

Explanations for what the shadow people actually are differs depending on where you look, but from a scientific perspective, when we see these figures, it is simply our minds filling in the blank spaces and creating something “human-like” from the shapes that we can see. Another explanation comes from night terrors. Much of the folklore surrounding shadow men centres on stories of people waking up after feeling pressure on their chest; a heaviness in the air and a deep fear. When they awaken, that fear continues as they are completely unable to move and feel paralysed. Often, this is accompanied by sightings of shadow persons sitting on their chest or lurking in the corners of the room. This is the most widely accepted scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but of course, there are many scenarios involving shadowy figures that can’t be explained away quite so easily.

What Do They Look Like?

Have you ever noticed something out of the corner of your eye and not quite been able to tell whether it was a person moving out of your vision, or whether it was just a shadow? It may well have been a shadow person. Shadow people are different to spirits and ghosts in that they are dark in colour: shadow is the absence of light, and so facial features, clothes and other details are generally completely undetectable. These shadowy figures will simply appear in a humanoid form, seemingly made from the shadows themselves. They could be the size of an adult, but you may see them appear as the size of a child. You might see them in the corner of a room, moving through walls and they may move extremely quickly once you’ve taken note of them. The shadows may appear solid, or like swirling smoke, and although it’s more common to see shadow people at the edges of your vision, you may well be unlucky enough to encounter a shadow person face-to-face. One thing to take note of, however: shadow people are often described as having glowing red eyes.

Although shadow people are often described as ghost shadows or ghost people, the truth is that they seem to behave in an entirely different way to other spirit phenomena. Orbs, ectoplasm and the like are rarely ever seen around these shadow “ghosts”, although they’re seen very commonly around areas of other ghostly and spiritual activity. It seems that shadow people are seen alone, and act alone, which lends credence to the theories that they may be beings from another interdimensional plane, aliens, time travellers or even something that we’re not entirely sure how to define.

If they are spirits or ghosts, one theory suggests that these shadows represent human spirits that are simply lost on this plane. They don’t look the same as other spirits with facial features and clothing that we can recognise, because they haven’t yet embraced their state of being, leaving them with an absence of the light that most spirits encounter upon moving onto the next plane after death. This absence of light means that we see them as shadow. This theory suggests that these shadow ghosts are trapped, because they cannot move on – so although they may feel sad and heavy, they’re not necessarily an evil or demonic spirit. Another theory? We see them as shadow simply because of the way our eyes perceive whatever light spectrum that these shadowy figures exist within.

Another theory for these shadowy persons is that they are in fact demonic in nature, simply due to the dark thoughts often experienced by those who encounter them. Again, this is often at odds to what you might experience when encountering neutral spirits or other entities, as these kinds of dark, malevolent and intrusive thoughts tend to be associated with demonic beings. Encounters are often accompanied by feelings of intense dread, and often, witnesses to these shadow people do not feel like they are or have been in the presence of a being that was once human.

Interdimensional Beings

The most popular answer to the “what are shadow people?” question tends to lean towards a type of interdimensional being. Aliens is often bandied around as an answer, and it’s not quite as ludicrous as it sounds. Many people believe that aliens are already here on earth and are simply disguising themselves. Others believe that aliens are on earth, but are in a different dimension, and that these shadows are simply the “slip” between dimensions. Another theory based on astral beings and time travellers also works on the idea that these shadows are simply astral beings or time travellers who have slipped through one dimension or another. Just how these time travellers or astral beings slipped through that dimension is something we don’t yet have an answer for, but one theory as to why we may feel dread encountering these beings is simply due to the effect that a “slip” in our dimension would have on a healthy human.

If you’re seeing black shadows, try not to worry. It might just be shadows in the corner of the room. If you experience those feelings of dread and fear in the middle of the night, and you see shadow figures lurking in the corners of the room – and, here’s the key thing – you can’t move, it’s very likely that you’re experiencing a night terror. Although they’re exceptionally scary, they’re actually harmless. If you can, try to wiggle your little finger or your little toe and you’ll soon get yourself out of the paralysis.

We don’t know what shadow figures are. In fact, they could be any or all of the phenomenon we’ve mentioned above. They could be ghosts or spirits, astral travellers, time travellers, aliens, or all of the above. They could be demons, or low, heavy souls trapped on this plane. One thing is for sure. You’ll never be quite sure again if that shadow out of the corner of your eye was just that: a shadow or a shadow figure.

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Myth and Folklore Wiki

Shadow person

  • View history

A  shadow person  (also known as a  shadow figure ,  shadow being  or  black mass ) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other entity.

  • 1 Myths & legends
  • 2 Scientific explanations
  • 3.1 Literature
  • 3.2 Films & animation
  • 3.3 Video games
  • 4 References

Myths & legends [ ]

A number of religions, legends, and belief systems describe shadowy spiritual beings or supernatural entities such as shades of the underworld, and various shadowy creatures have long been a staple of folklore and ghost stories.

The Coast to Coast AM late night radio talk show helped popularize modern beliefs in shadow people. The first time the topic of shadow people was discussed at length on the show was April 12, 2001 when host Art Bell interviewed Native American elder Thunder Strikes, who is also known as Harley "SwiftDeer" Reagan. During the show, listeners were encouraged to submit drawings of shadow people that they had seen and a large number of these drawings were immediately shared publicly on the website. [1] In October that year, Heidi Hollis published her first book on the topic of shadow people, and later became a regular guest on Coast to Coast. Hollis describes shadow people as dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision, and claims that people have reported the figures attempting to "jump on their chest and choke them". [2] She believes the figures to be negative, alien beings that can be repelled by various means, including invoking "the Name of Jesus". [3]

Although participants in online discussion forums devoted to paranormal and supernatural topics describe them as menacing, other believers and paranormal authors do not agree whether shadow people are either evil, helpful, or neutral, and some even speculate that shadow people may be the extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe. Some paranormal investigators and authors such as Chad Stambaugh claim to have recorded images of shadow people on video. [4]

Scientific explanations [ ]

Several physiological and psychological conditions can account for reported experiences of shadowy shapes seeming alive. A sleep paralysis sufferer may perceive a "shadowy or indistinct shape" approaching them when they lie awake paralyzed and become increasingly alarmed. [5]

A person experiencing heightened emotion, such as while walking alone on a dark night, may incorrectly perceive a patch of shadow as an attacker.

Many methamphetamine addicts report the appearance of "shadow people" after prolonged periods of sleep deprivation. [6] [7] Psychiatrist Jack Potts suggests that methamphetamine usage adds a "conspiratorial component" to the sleep deprivation hallucinations. One interviewed subject said that "You don't see shadow dogs or shadow birds or shadow cars. You see shadow people. Standing in doorways, walking behind you, coming at you on the sidewalk." [8]  These hallucinations have been directly compared to the paranormal entities described in folklore.

Modern depictions [ ]

Literature [ ].

  • Shadow people, described as "Shadow Men", feature prominently in the 2007 novel  John Dies at the End . When they kill a person, that person is retroactively erased from existence, and history is rewritten as though they were never born. [9]

Films & animation [ ]

  • An episode of the  1985  Twilight Zone  series titled " The Shadow Man " dealt with a teenage boy who had a shadow person living under his bed. The episode portrayed the shadow man as fitting the "hat man" appearance commonly ascribed to shadow people and notably added to the shadow people mythology that shadow people can kill human beings but will not harm those whose beds they live under.
  • The 2015 documentary  The Nightmare  interviews people who suffer from  sleep paralysis  and stages their hallucinations with actors. Shadow people are mentioned several times, and appear in the reenactments.
  • The 2013 horror film  Shadow People  depicts a fictional sleep study conducted during the 1970s in which patients report seeing shadowy intruders before dying in their sleep. The movie follows a radio host and  CDC  investigator who research the story, and the story is claimed to be "based on true events".
  • Shadow people feature in two episodes of ITV paranormal documentary series Extreme Ghost Stories, where the phenomenon is described as a "black mass".
  • In  Season 1 , Episode 16 of  Supernatural  (2005) called “Shadow,” Sam, Dean, and John Winchester are attacked by a  daeva — or a  Zoroastrian  demon that can only be seen as a shadow person.
  • In Disney's The Frog Princess , the antagonist summons shadowy figures to assist him in his schemes when hunteing the Frog Prince.

The "Shadow Man" from The Twlight Zone (1985)

Video games [ ]

  • In the online game  Deep Sleep  and its sequels, shadow people have existed since the dawn of the human race and lurk in lucid dreams. Players who realize that they are asleep can be paralysed and possessed, and the character's dream self will be turned into a shadow person.

Shadow People gathered together in the game Deep Sleep

References [ ]

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  • 1 List of Slavic creatures

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The Hat Man: The Shadow That Feeds on Your Fear

A sleep paralysis hallucination, or something far more sinister?

the hat man

  • Photo Credit: REM SLEEP CHANT

Nightmares strike us when we're most vulnerable—lax in sleep in the darkness of night. Knowing that they're fabrications of our own imagination are of little comfort when we're in the thick of it. The terror is made all the worse if you're part of the unlucky demographic that suffers from sleep paralysis . Trapped between wakefulness and sleep, while suffering from sleep paralysis one is unable to move as their dreams bleed over into their real environment.

The hallucinations associated with sleep paralysis can be strange sounds like a buzzing or growling, flashes of light, animals, people, or strange figures. When it comes to typical nightmares, recurring themes are fairly common —teeth falling out, being chased, falling from a great height. But among those struggling with sleep paralysis, there is one hallucination that is common all across the globe: the shadowy presence known as The Hat Man.

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Witnesses describe the Hat Man as donning either a top hat or a fedora and wearing a jacket often observed to be a trench coat. He stands at an estimated six to ten feet tall. Some claim he has glowing red eyes, while others attest that he is made only of shadow with no distinguishable facial features. Several accounts reference a gold pocket watch on a chain, which he glances at from time to time.

But why are vastly different individuals from an array of cultures and geographies all experiencing the same night terror? Some experts hypothesize that The Hat Man is an unconscious reworking of figures out of pop culture. One significant name that comes to mind here is Freddy Krueger, a horror icon that has persisted at the forefront of horror media for the past four decades. It's an easy connection to make, given that the gruesome character attacks when you're most vulnerable.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Is Based on a Real, Terrifying Medical Condition

However, other experts have a more neurological explanation for the hallucination. One paper from 2017 postulates that REM sleep generates highly emotionally charged dreams, thus causing our body to enter a state of paralysis to ensure we don't cause harm to ourselves. When people's minds awaken before their body, the area of the brain in charge of processing the body map and self is disturbed, which causes the dreamer to project a humanoid figure.

the hat man

In a vastly different direction, some who suffer from this particular vision hold the belief that it's not a hallucination at all, but rather a visit from a very real supernatural force . These allegations state that, just because The Hat Man is mostly stationary, that doesn't mean that he's harmless. On most occasions, those who see him recall a deep and intense terror at the fairly simple sight. Some believe that he feeds on terror. Multiple reports say that rather than vanishing as other hallucinations do, The Hat Man walks away as if he were a real person.

Contradicting the theory that The Hat Man is a hallucination derived from Freddy Krueger, evidence of similar shadowy figures has been found dating back to the beginning of written record. Several religions and legends refer to "shades," which are spiritual entities. No agreement has been reached about whether these shadow beings are good, bad, or otherwise neutral.

Real-Life X-Files

Real-Life X-Files

By Joe Nickell

Ufologists have their own take on The Hat Man. They believe that the sightings of this figure could be a visit from an alien species who are observing the human way of life. As most accounts of The Hat Man sightings report he merely watches them from a doorway, closet, or corner, it lends some amount of credibility to the theory.

Alternatively, the accounts by dreamers that The Hat Man has approached them or hovered above them seem to support the scientific sleep paralysis theory. Some people say they've seen The Hat Man during the day, and some go further to say they've bumped against the shadowy substance, giving cause for an in-depth paranormal investigation. Reports that people have seen The Hat Man following a traumatic experience suggest there may be a significant spiritual or emotional factor involved in his sightings.

21 True Paranormal Books That Will Make You Believe

Other theories claim he is a creature from another dimension. A ghost with more physical control than most. An astral-projection. Some say he is the Devil himself.

In my personal experience with sleep paralysis, I have seen all manner of things. A bunny hopping across the floor (Adorable). An old school colleague crouched like a gargoyle at the foot of my bed (Unsettling). On one memorable occasion, the witch from The Conjuring (Oddly unaffecting). All of these appeared to me in strikingly vivid detail.

It Was a Dark and Creepy Night

It Was a Dark and Creepy Night

By Joshua P. Warren

But The Hat Man was like nothing else. The sheer cold-sweating terror of the sight of him pales in comparison to everything else. Even just talking about him now gives me a creeping sense of unease. I'm neither a scientist nor a paranormal expert, so I can hardly say for certain what I saw that night. Was it a deep-seated fear of the unknown playing tricks on my brain? A brush with something terrible and hungry ?

All I know is that I'm far from the only person who's been frozen beneath the watchful gaze of this haunting figure.

Images courtesy of " The Hat Man: Documented Cases of Pure Evil "

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shadow man ghost

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There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You

Maggie Clendenin

Shadow people are intangible beings. If you've ever caught a glimpse of something moving just outside your field of vision in what you could have sworn was an empty room, you just might have met one. And if that was all you saw, you were probably lucky.

Nobody's exactly sure what these mysterious figures are or what they want but plenty of people have seen them. Their reports all describe shadow people as pitch-black apparitions that appear intelligent, move unnaturally quickly, and reach or walk through solid objects. Sometimes, these apparitions are content to lurk in corners or doorways without doing anything particularly unsettling and some may not even take notice of humans at all. However, many shadow people are far from benign. Witnesses have recounted sightings accompanied by feelings of overwhelming dread, auras of malice, and even physical attacks.

Whether they're ghosts, demons, or just symptoms of disordered sleep, there are a few distinct kinds of shadow people with unique characteristics that can tell you what to expect if you meet one. This guide will shed a little light on the different types.

The Hat Man Shadow Watches Silently

The Hat Man Shadow Watches Silently

This type of  shadowy visitor doesn't appear to mean any harm but he sure looks creepy. The hat man is one of the most commonly reported types of shadow person. Witnesses describe him as a faceless, dark man in an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat who watches silently from doorways.

There aren't many accounts of malevolent behavior or attacks attributed to this type of shadow person but the hat man has been reported to induce feelings of apprehension or the inexplicable knowledge that witnesses haven't seen the last of him.

Aggressive Shadow People Attack Sleeping Victims

Aggressive Shadow People Attack Sleeping Victims

Shadow people may have plenty of ways to terrorize you without becoming violent but some of them have no qualms about causing physical harm. People have reported being beaten, choked, and even picked up and dropped by aggressive shadow beings in their homes. These beings usually don't look much different from normal shadow people - featureless human-shaped entities - but they harbor some serious ill will.

Fortunately, they're also the easiest to scientifically explain, since shadow figures and choking sensations are some of the textbook symptoms of sleep paralysis.

Red-Eyed Specters Can Sense Fear

Red-Eyed Specters Can Sense Fear

Most shadow people are described as faceless black silhouettes but if you run into a red-eyed shadow person, you're in trouble. While they generally don't harm humans physically, red-eyed shadow people are about as menacing as they come. Their only discernible features are the glowing red orbs that peer out from their pitch-black faces.

According to people who claim to have encountered red-eyed shadow people, their gaze causes unadulterated terror and the more terrified the victim becomes, the stronger the shadow person will grow.

Hooded Shadow Figures Radiate Sheer Hate

Hooded Shadow Figures Radiate Sheer Hate

This type of shadow person is featureless except for its hooded cloak. Like the hat man, this creature isn't known to attack humans directly. It prefers to stand at doors or bedsides and stare silently. However, while the hat man is usually described as more curious than malicious, cloaked or hooded shadow people almost certainly aren't paying friendly visits.

Descriptions of hooded shadow people usually  include the same sinister detail : an undeniable sensation of seething hatred.

Watchmen Shadow Figures Stare Obsessively

Watchmen Shadow Figures Stare Obsessively

These types of shadow people aren't as malevolent as some other kinds  but it's still no fun to feel like you're being watched. They watch humans and they don't care if you like it or not. This shadow person isn't particularly imposing; it won't attack you but according to witnesses, there's just something viscerally creepy about the way it lurks around.

Misty Black Shadow People Move Like Smoke

Misty Black Shadow People Move Like Smoke

Not all shadow people actually look like people. Even regular humanoid shadow beings are reported to move in ways that are too quick and fluid to be natural but misty shadow people appear as clouds of black smoke. Despite their weird forms, they give off the unmistakable impression that they are intelligent. According to some accounts , these black shadowy masses are attracted to people or places that give off negative emotions.

Elusive Shadow People Will Vanish If Spotted

Elusive Shadow People Will Vanish If Spotted

Though most types of shadow people are known to stare incessantly, there's one type that prefers to snoop unnoticed. The elusive shadow people prefer to peek around corners and blend in with the shadows. If noticed, they will disappear immediately. Like the benevolent shadow people who make their observations more obvious, these elusive shadows don't incite any negative feelings but some people believe that they serve as scouts for more malicious entities . Others, though, feel that they are just playful and curious.

Shadow Animals Exist, Too, But They're Tricky To See

Shadow Animals Exist, Too, But They're Tricky To See

Shadow people normally manifest as inky outlines of humans or shapeless clouds of black mist but plenty of people have claimed to see shadow animals as well. Shadow animals don't show up as often as shadow people and they're more difficult to spot because they stay low to the ground and move astonishingly quickly. Shadow cats are the most common type of shadow animal but there have also been alleged encounters with  shadow rats, birds, spiders, and even apes .

They don't appear to pose any more danger to humans than real animals do. However, some shadow cats, like real cats, aren't afraid to make life difficult for people or animals that they don't like.

Benevolent Shadows Just Want Company

Benevolent Shadows Just Want Company

With so many unnerving accounts of shadow people stalking, terrorizing, and even physically attacking witnesses, you might be surprised to hear that some shadow people actually just want to help and be in the presence of living beings. Like their malevolent counterparts, benign shadow people can be seen watching from bedsides, doorways, and corners. However, they don't mean any harm and witnesses report no feelings of fear or anger from them.

Instead, these shadow people are just curious onlookers who might even be more afraid of us than we are of them.

Forest Shadow People Aren't Beholden To Homes Or Buildings

Forest Shadow People Aren't Beholden To Homes Or Buildings

While most shadow people appear indoors, some accounts describe encountering shadow people in forests. These black figures, like their counterparts, watch silently from the shadows without so much as breaking a twig. Forest-dwelling shadow people also have a tendency to mimic the people they encounter (stopping at the same time, for example).

Some claim that these shadow people are actually guardians of the forests that they inhabit, while others speculate that they're the ghosts of people who got lost amongst the trees. Whatever their origins, they're generally perfectly happy to follow and watch without causing harm.

Rambling Shadow People Completely Ignore Humans

Rambling Shadow People Completely Ignore Humans

These shadow entities, unlike most otherworldly beings, aren't interested in observing, following, or interacting with humans. In fact, rambling shadow people  don't care much about us at all. They're usually described as walking straight from one place to another , sometimes even through walls, as though they have somewhere to be or something to do.

Whether their business is nefarious or not, they're more preoccupied with getting it done than with spying on us.

  • Myths & Legends
  • Graveyard Shift
  • Mythical Creatures

Lists about the backstories and persistent legends that surround the many mythical figures that watch you as you walk alone in the woods at night.

The Hat Man

Urban Legends Online

The Shadow Man

shadow man ghost

He was caught at a home he had broken into a few days before, and was being dragged off to the gallows after his trial when he overpowered the guards and ran into the woods. A huge search was organized, and the entire forest was thoroughly searched, but he was never found. A few years later, children started going missing again, and some people thought that it must be him.

Their suspicions were put to rest however, after one of the missing children came back. The five year old boy was questioned, and, during a police interview, he revealed that he was captured by a “shadow man with big red eyes and a funny hat.”

Since then, there have been many more reports of this “shadow man.” The shadow is described as being a shadow of a tall man with a bowler derby hat and glowing red eyes. He can assume almost any form he chooses and slip through any door. He will plague children with nightmares about a strange man in a bowlers hat grabbing them and taking them away to an old hut. After a few days, he will creep into the child’s room and stare down at them with his glowing red eyes until they wake up.

shadow man ghost

The child will then be petrified with fear, and that is when The Shadow Man will whisk them off, and the child will never be seen again. The scariest part is that he could be anywhere at anytime, and you can never be sure if he is there, watching you.

shadow man ghost

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The Ayahuasca Hauntings: Who is the Hat Man?

Can a chemical compound result in permanent paranormal hallucinations? Or could it allow you to see something invisible to everyone else? The case of the Hat Man and ayahuasca hallucinations is a strange one, too common to be coincidence and too weird to be anything else.

Among the most spine-chilling of horror incidences, what exactly the Hat Man is, is not clear. People have constantly reported seeing a Hat Man, who seemed like a hallucination or paranormal entity. Unrelated people who reported the presence of this Hat Man gave similar descriptions.

People who described the hat man say that he wears a wide-brimmed hat and a cloak while standing in the shadows to give a ghostly look. People have often witnessed this impression in the early morning hours while they are in a deep sleep.

So, it would seem that ayahuasca affects the brain in s distinct way. However, people who use Ouija boards have also shared their experiences with the hat man. If it is a shared hallucination, it comes from us, not Ayahuasca.

Irrespective of the time when people see this man, the situation for a person always follows up with misfortune, bad luck, poor health and even death. The Hat Man has also been seen by multiple generations of the same family. Some believe that these humanoid silhouettes call themselves “Shadow People”.

shadow man ghost

But what connection does it have with ayahuasca? What does the drug do that allows us to see these people? And who are they?

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a mixture taken traditionally by shaman of the Amazon, made up of a cocktail of active drugs, the most significant of which is of dimethyltryptamine or DMT, a psychoactive constituent often called the God Molecule.

  • The Shaman: Spirit Guide to the Infinite?
  • Aimo Koivunen: Finland’s Drug-Fueled Super Soldier

It is traditionally brewed and made up of leaves and vines from the Amazon rainforest. The effects can last for hours or even days, usually as part of a larger ritual.

It is said that people who consume ayahuasca have reported vivid and unusual visions in their sleep . The scientific analysis states that ayahuasca can change the brainwaves to set you in a dream-walking state.

People who have consumed DMT have often reported entering an alternate reality or experiencing strong emotions alongside visual hallucinations. Medically, it is used to collect brain data from patients, but in reality, it can have far-reaching side effects.

It is possible that ayahuasca impacts the brain in a very particular way, triggering hallucinations of the hat man as a ghost or a shadow person who brings in bad luck and illness with him. Whether this is because of some strange quirk of chemistry, or due to something shared in the human psyche coming forward during such experiences, is not clear.

After many people started to complain about the same incident, the investigations and medical diagnoses of the patients gave a final verdict. It was identified that ayahuasca behind all of these hallucinations. This left only the mystery of why all the hallucinations were the same.

One theory states that if you are thinking about something while you are consuming ayahuasca or while you are sitting in the shamanic ceremony, you will most likely have the hallucination of that entity. There have been numerous instances where people knowingly tried consuming it in a ceremony and tried thinking about the hat man. Eventually, they came up with situations where they saw the man flash by them, always with a serious look.

Even though people were headstrong on intentionally trying ayahuasca to experience if they could control the hallucinations, they still broke down and ended up in panic and horror. Therefore, it was strictly not advised for anyone to consume DMT or ayahuasca without the recommendation or strict supervision of a medical expert . But eventually, the practice was called off.

The feeling is horrifying, as it paralyzes the person due to terror and makes them breathless. Many people have also lost their lives due to the nightmare attacks. It means the visuals are so traumatic that people with weak hearts can’t sustain themselves to come out of that dream.

  • What Is the Oracle of Delphi and How Did She Prophecize?
  • Dead Stoned: Why Was This Man Buried in a Shroud of Marijuana?

Tim Brown, the man who wrote a blog on “The Hat Man Project” in 2008, says that he saw the shadow man for the first time when he was only 14. He said that he curled up on his bed in fear, but in his conscious or unconscious mind, he saw the hat man, who had no features, standing on his bedroom door frame.

Just a Shared Hallucination?

If ayahuasca was the reason for the hallucinations, then why is it that everyone had the same vision and gave similar descriptions of the hat man?

There is no evident understanding, but several medical experts prove that ayahuasca triggers uncontrollable hallucinations, which plays with human psychology. Some people who have died due to these nightmares: the hat man isn’t just scary but also deadly.

shadow man ghost

But, the nightmare was so traumatic that some people found it difficult to sustain the horrific visuals. The reason behind this shared hallucination is the passing on of this story through culture. Medical experts believe that cultural beliefs have made this story pass from generation to generation, which is still intact in some people’s minds.

And with the news spread like wildfire, everyone who has experienced this humanoid figure is coming out with their version of horror and terror. It keeps on growing in people’s minds, and eventually, one starts to hallucinate when the mind is at the most vulnerable stage, and some specific compounds alter the brain waves.

This is all that explains the hat man theory. Well, it is still not completely believable by people that that man isn’t any ghost , but it is just a shared nightmare that people have passed from culture to culture through traditional ceremonial drinks. Even today, some people tell their version of encounters with the hat man and express their distress afterward.

So, do you believe that man is a real ghost? Or is it just a terrifying hallucination due to the unwanted consumption of certain compounds? Medical experts believe it is some form of psychological illness that can be treated.

Some people who got relieved from the experiences after taking DMT or ayahuasca believe it allows them to see something paranormal. After all, shaman used ayahuasca to talk to the spirits . Maybe this Hat Man is one of them.

Top Image: Why do so many users of ayahuasca report seeing the same man in their visions, and often for long afterwards? Source: Jakub Krechowicz / Adobe Stock.

By Bipin Dimri

Roseman, L, and Karkabi, N, 2021. On Revelations and Revolutions: Drinking Ayahuasca Among Palestinians Under Israeli Occupation . Available at: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.718934/full

Quartz, 2023. Why everyone around the world is having the same nightmare . Available at: https://qz.com/quartzy/1444843/what-is-sleep-paralysis

Travers, M, 2022. 3 Paranormal Experiences That Have Caught The Attention Of Mental Health Researchers . Available at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/traversmark/2022/07/01/3-paranormal-experiences-that-have-caught-the-attention-of-mental-health-researchers/?sh=32698d264686

Reddit, 2023. Hat Man Entity? Available at: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ayahuasca/comments/y6hajw/hat_man_entity/

Northatlanticblog, 2017. WHO IS THE HAT MAN? Available at: https://northatlanticblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/who-is-the-hat-man/

O’Hare, R, 2019. Ayahuasca compound changes brainwaves to a vivid ‘waking-dream’ state . Available at: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/193993/ayahuasca-compound-changes-brainwaves-vivid-waking-dream/

shadow man ghost

Bipin Dimri

Bipin Dimri is a writer from India with an educational background in Management Studies. He has written for 8 years in a variety of fields including history, health and politics. Read More

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Extraterrestrial life in Miami? No, police say viral video shows human being | Fact check

shadow man ghost

The claim: Video shows aliens at Miami mall

A Jan. 6 Instagram video ( direct link , archive link ) shows an aerial view of numerous police vehicles with their emergency lights flashing parked outside a Miami shopping center.

"We got it y'all," says a man who appears in the video, pointing to a shadowy figure moving across the screen. "Y'all see it? I know you all see it."

The video's on-screen caption reads, "Footage of aliens in miami."

The Instagram post was liked more than 2,000 times in three days. Similar videos of the incident have been shared thousands of times across social media platforms.

More from the Fact-Check Team: How we pick and research claims | Email newsletter | Facebook page

Our rating: False

The video shows a person walking, not extraterrestrial life, a Miami police spokesperson said. The significant police presence was for juveniles who reportedly set off fireworks on Jan. 1 at Bayside Marketplace in Miami.

No aliens at Miami mall, police say

Rafael Horta , a Miami police spokesperson, said the claim that the video shows aliens at the shopping center is false.

"It's actually just a person walking with a shadow," Horta said in a Jan. 5 Instagram video posted by the Miami Police Department. "So I can confirm to you all here today right now that there are no aliens in Miami in Bayside Marketplace – at the moment."

Police went to the mall Jan. 1 in response to a group of about 50 juveniles who had been shooting fireworks at people, Horta said. Officers had trouble containing the group and called for citywide reinforcements, resulting in a significant police presence, he said.

Fact check : No, episode of 'The Simpsons' did not predict solar superstorm in 2024

Michael Vega , another police spokesperson, told CBS News Miami there were no aliens, airport closures or power outages connected to the events at the shopping center

The Miami Herald reported four teens were arrested as a result of the incident, which involved fireworks, riots and fights.

The Instagram user who shared the video did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

PolitiFact also debunked the claim.

Our fact-check sources:

  • Miami Police Department, Jan. 5, Instagram video
  • CBS News Miami, Jan. 5, Rumors of 'shadow aliens' at Bayside Marketplace go viral after large fight among teens creates chaos
  • Miami Herald, Jan. 6, Miami cops arrest teens after fireworks, riots, fights erupted at Bayside Marketplace

Thank you for supporting our journalism. You can subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or e-newspaper here .

USA TODAY is a verified signatory of the International Fact-Checking Network, which requires a demonstrated commitment to nonpartisanship, fairness and transparency. Our fact-check work is supported in part by a grant from Meta .

Who is the Shadow Man?

Shadow Man is quite literally the stuff of nightmares. The hideous entity comes to individuals as part of the ordeal known as sleep-paralysis induced night terrors.These episodes occur when an individual is asleep. During this sleep the night-terror sufferer has a dream in which they perceive their actual surroundings, as though they were awake. Shadow Man, who is said to be a truly horrifying presence to encounter, will emerge suddenly from the surrounding area and pounce upon his victim.

Most commonly Shadow Man appears as a solid black featureless humanoid figure. However, he can also be much more vivid. Some accounts describe a human who appears to be badly burned from head to toe. Others describe a man who has been flayed of all his skin and thus resembles an anatomical sketch from the Renaissance. Interestingly, when Shadow Man does appear vividly, with discernible facial features, the experience tends to last a lot longer and be a lot more intense. 

Shadow Man's female equivalent is the Old Hag. The Old Hag acts much like shadow man, but has a greater tendency to climb on top of her victims, often pinning them to their beds (giving rise to the term "hag-ridden"). During the early modern European witch craze, many accusers would report a sleep paralysis night terror, in which the accused would visit them in the form of the Old Hag.

There is no satisfactory explanation for why so many people encounter this entity during their sleep paralysis induced night terror. People from across the globe and from differing cultures describe exactly the same experience and exactly the same hideous ghoul. It is possible that Shadow Man lurks deep within the unconscious mind of everyone, waiting for the opportunity to pay a nocturnal visit to his next hapless victim. Whatever the explanation, one thing is certain, Shadow Man is unlikely to disappear from humankind's dreams any time soon.

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The Shadow Man

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How Do I Get Rid of a Shadow Person?

Creative RF / Chris Dale / Getty Images

Shadow people or beings is a phenomenon where a fleeting but human shape seems to flash right by you and disappear immediately. Although it sounds obvious, in order to get rid of one, it first has to be identified. Unfortunately, the concept of shadow persons is but a theory. Although there are many reported sightings of such things, so far there has not been any verification that shadow people are real.

The Theories of Shadow People

One might ask what exactly shadow people are. Theories currently include ghosts , interdimensional beings, time travelers, and demons .

If shadow people are interdimensional beings or time travelers, there may not be much we can do to get rid of them because they would presumably have their own agendas and reasons for showing up. One may ask, "Why would they leave just because we wanted them to?" If this were the case, it would be challenging to know what they are up to and what their purpose was for showing up.

If shadow people are demons, perhaps an exorcist is needed. Most researchers suspect, however, that shadow people , if they are really there, are a manifestation of a ghost or haunting. If it is a residual haunting or a non-intelligent "recording" on the environment, one way to possibly get rid of it is to alter the environment in some way. It is important to note that a residual haunting is harmless.

Intelligent Hauntings and Ghosts

If it is an intelligent haunting, a true spirit that seems to behave and react in a way that indicates it has awareness, then there are some things you can try to make it go away. It is recommended to turn to renowned ghost hunter and paranormal researcher Loyd Auerbach, who in his book Ghost Hunting: How To Investigate the Paranormal , offers the following suggestions:

  • Ignore the ghost: "Like most people," Loyd writes, "apparitions probably go away when ignored." Sometimes, however, this backfires and the ghostly activity increases because the spirit wants more attention.
  • Use humor: Since fear is your biggest enemy in these cases, try injecting some light humor into the situation. "Most people have a sense of humor," says Loyd, "including the dead ones."
  • Listen and learn: Perhaps the spirit is trying to tell you something or communicate. Try to find out what that might be and do your best to resolve it.
  • Tell the ghost to leave:  This tactic very often works quite well, "especially when the time is taken to explain how and why having her stick around bothers everyone and increases their stress. Like most living people, most ghosts are reasonable," Loyd advises. This might even work in the case that the entities are interdimensional beings or time travelers; if they're aware of you, they might listen.

The advice in Loyd's book is more detailed and thorough than what is extracted here, so it is recommended to take a deeper look. One important factor he stresses is that you do not try to do this alone. Get some help, preferably from someone who has some real experience, in these matters.

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The Shadow Man

  • Episode aired Mar 12, 2022

Kris Williams, Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti in Ghost Hunters (2004)

TAPS and Kris Williams head to Ohio to investigate a performing arts center haunted by shadow figures, unexplained noises and a ghostly nun. The staff wants to make sure that the escalating ... Read all TAPS and Kris Williams head to Ohio to investigate a performing arts center haunted by shadow figures, unexplained noises and a ghostly nun. The staff wants to make sure that the escalating paranormal phenomena won't harm the artists in residence. TAPS and Kris Williams head to Ohio to investigate a performing arts center haunted by shadow figures, unexplained noises and a ghostly nun. The staff wants to make sure that the escalating paranormal phenomena won't harm the artists in residence.

  • Jason Hawes
  • Steve Gonsalves
  • 2 User reviews

Ghost Hunters (2004)

  • Self - TAPS Founder

Steve Gonsalves

  • Self - Lead Investigator

Dave Tango

  • Self - Investigator

Kris Williams

  • Self - Guest Investigator
  • Self - Artistic Director
  • (as Lexi Hayman-Staples)
  • Self - Ceramic Artist
  • Self - Makeup Artist
  • Self - Artist
  • Self - Local Historian
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

User reviews 2

  • michelle_31
  • Aug 9, 2022
  • March 12, 2022 (United States)
  • United States
  • Pilgrim Media Group
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  • Runtime 43 minutes

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Kris Williams, Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti in Ghost Hunters (2004)

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Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtee release date narrowed down as fans brace for shadow drop

Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtee release date narrowed down as fans brace for shadow drop

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

It was a cold February morning. UK based games journalists were still working through their morning routines when suddenly, out of nowhere, FromSoftware dropped the bombshell announcement of Elden Ring ’s first expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree , all before 9am only to never reference it again.

I can count the things we know about Shadow of the Erdtree on one finger: that it’s in development. Everything else is pure speculation. I could go on about how the going theory is that the concept art features Miquella and Torrent , but this is all merely speculation. If you recall, Miquella is the elder brother of Elden Ring ’s fearsome boss Malenia who’s easily one of the game’s most tricky combatants. We thought an update might come at Summer Game Fest, it didn’t. Then, many expected it to appear during The Game Awards, but it didn't. Given that several Elden Ring collectables are dropping soon though, fans are getting suspicious.

Ever wondered what an Elden Ring boss battle royale would look like? Take a look below.

PUREARTS recently took to Twitter to announce that their first Elden Ring collectable would be launching in February. They wrote , “Tarnished, you’ve waited long enough. Our first Elden Ring collectible will launch in February 2024. Stay tuned for more details.” For those who don’t know, PUREARTS specialise in figurines.

In addition to this, last month, a Thrustmaster leak suggested that an Elden Ring collab was on the way, with the description adding that this would “sync with the new Shadow of the Erdtree expansion release - Elden Ring anniversary/February 2024”. Thrustmaster are known for their video game hardware accessories.

That’s two items seemingly dropping in February, with one directly mentioning the DLC, albeit through a leak. You can see why fans are convinced then that a shadow drop of the expansion might be coming. 25 February marks the two year anniversary of the release of Elden Ring , while Shadow of the Erdtree was revealed last year on 28 February. It does seem an apt time to drop the DLC with all of that in mind. We’ll just have to wait and see if these theories prove correct.

Topics:  Elden Ring , Bandai Namco , Fromsoftware

  • Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree release date and second expansion details posted online
  • Elden Ring DLC release date seemingly appears online
  • Elden Ring fans can grab a New Year freebie right now
  • Elden Ring teases further expansions after Shadow Of The Erdtree

@media (max-width:767px){.css-4n1las{display:none;}} Chosen for You @media (min-width:768px){.css-1s8mc50{display:none;}} Chosen for You

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Cyberpunk 2077 sequel teaser suggests we're leaving Night City for somewhere new

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Assassin's Creed: Apocalypse officially coming March 2024

Max Payne: Remixed announced, is free to download now

Max Payne: Remixed announced, is free to download now

GTA 6's first celebrity cameo has been confirmed, and it's a good one

GTA 6's first celebrity cameo has been confirmed, and it's a good one

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    Whereas ghost apparitions are almost always a misty white, vapor-like or have a decidedly human form and appearance (very often with discernible "clothing"), shadow beings are much darker and more shadow-like. In general, although the shadow people often do have a human outline or shape, because they are dark, the details of their appearance is ...

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    The first theory is that these beings are simply a form of spirit or ghost. Perhaps they are spirits that are bound to earth as a shadow as the result of meeting a violent end. Perhaps they appear as a shadow because they are still living in a moment long past- a shadow of the past.

  12. The Hat Man: The Shadow That Feeds on Your Fear

    The Hat Man: The Shadow That Feeds on Your Fear A sleep paralysis hallucination, or something far more sinister? By Kelsey Christine McConnell | Published Jul 29, 2022 Photo Credit: REM SLEEP CHANT Nightmares strike us when we're most vulnerable—lax in sleep in the darkness of night.

  13. A Guide To The Different Classes Of Shadow People Haunting You ...

    Whether they're ghosts, demons, or just symptoms of disordered sleep, there are a few distinct kinds of shadow people with unique characteristics that can tell you what to expect if you meet one. This guide will shed a little light on the different types. The Hat Man Shadow Watches Silently Photo: Peter H / Pixabay

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    The Shadow Man is a creepy urban legend about a ghost who kidnaps children. He is described as a shadowy figure with a bowler hat and red eyes, and can shape-shift and enter any room.

  15. The Ayahuasca Hauntings: Who is the Hat Man?

    It is possible that ayahuasca impacts the brain in a very particular way, triggering hallucinations of the hat man as a ghost or a shadow person who brings in bad luck and illness with him. Whether this is because of some strange quirk of chemistry, or due to something shared in the human psyche coming forward during such experiences, is not clear.

  16. Unveiling the Enigma: Who is the Shadow Man in Sleep Paralysis?

    The Shadow Man's appearance during sleep paralysis is characterized by an aura of darkness and an almost tangible malevolence. Descriptions from different individuals share striking similarities: a tall, looming figure draped in a cloak, often lacking discernible facial features, and exuding an overwhelming sense of foreboding.

  17. No, aliens weren't spotted in Miami on New Year's Day

    "We got it y'all," says a man who appears in the video, pointing to a shadowy figure moving across the screen. ... CBS News Miami, Jan. 5, Rumors of 'shadow aliens' at Bayside Marketplace go viral ...

  18. 20 Super Scary Ghost Sightings Paranormal Videos

    Let's take a look at my reaction to the 20 most scary paranormal ghost videos you will ever see.Make sure you go over to Shadow Man Channel and subscribe fo...

  19. Who is the Shadow Man?

    Shadow Man, who is said to be a truly horrifying presence to encounter, will emerge suddenly from the surrounding area and pounce upon his victim. Most commonly Shadow Man appears as a solid black featureless humanoid figure. However, he can also be much more vivid. Some accounts describe a human who appears to be badly burned from head to toe.

  20. 13 Creepy Shadow People Ghosts Caught on Tape

    CHILLS MERCH: http://ChillsMerch.comTWITTER: http://bit.ly/ChillsTwitterINSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/ChillsInstagramFACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/ChillsFacebook REDD...

  21. ‎Real Ghost Stories Online: Shadow Man

    ‎Show Real Ghost Stories Online, Ep Shadow Man | #TrueGhostStory #GhostStories #HorrorPodcast - Jan 15, 2024

  22. The Shadow Man

    TAPS and Kris Williams investigate a performing arts center in Ohio haunted by shadow figures, noises and a nun. The staff wants to ensure the safety of the artists in residence.

  23. Shadow People Is a Phenomenon of a Fleeting Human Shape

    If shadow people are demons, perhaps an exorcist is needed. Most researchers suspect, however, that shadow people, if they are really there, are a manifestation of a ghost or haunting.If it is a residual haunting or a non-intelligent "recording" on the environment, one way to possibly get rid of it is to alter the environment in some way.

  24. "Ghost Hunters" The Shadow Man (TV Episode 2022)

    The Shadow Man Episode aired Mar 12, 2022 TV-14 43m IMDb RATING 6.8 /10 29 YOUR RATING Rate Reality-TV Thriller TAPS and Kris Williams head to Ohio to investigate a performing arts center haunted by shadow figures, unexplained noises and a ghostly nun.


    Today we go over to Shadow Man channel and look at the scariest ghost videos ever and these may also make you laugh a little. Make sure you go over to Shadow...

  26. Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtee release date narrowed down as fans

    That's two items seemingly dropping in February, with one directly mentioning the DLC, albeit through a leak. You can see why fans are convinced then that a shadow drop of the expansion might be coming. 25 February marks the two year anniversary of the release of Elden Ring, while Shadow of the Erdtree was revealed last year on 28 February. It does seem an apt time to drop the DLC with all ...