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Profile [ ]

Appearance [ ].

Streber is a tall man dressed as a vampire. He has long fangs (presumably part of his vampire costume), a short haircut, and a greenscreen cape to appear invisible in mirrors. He also formerly had a missing arm, but it was retrieved by like 7 kids.

Personality [ ]

Streber is a kind and happy-go-lucky man, remaining optimistic even when he is being harassed by Franziska. However, he is unfortunately very unlucky. He also, despite being optimistic, is easy to break and prone to tears. He is also easily scared. This is probably the reason why Franziska enjoys tormenting him.

Relationships [ ]

Streber is in a romantic relationship with Kevin in Mixed Chocolate, and cares for Kevin deeply. He is often shown with Kevin, and spends a lot of his time with him.

Franziska von Karma [ ]

Streber is terrified of Franziska, as she harasses him constantly, attacking him with her whip. It is unknown why she does this.

Turnabout Big Top Cast [ ]

Streber does not personally know anyone from Turnabout Big Top, but he helped exile them.

  • Streber seems to dislike worms, as he was scared and started crying when Kevin became a worm. Of course, this may simply be because it would be terrifying to see someone randomly turn into a worm.
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Bob Velseb is the secondary antagonist of the Spooky Month series by Sr. Pelo.

He is a cannibalistic serial killer who claims many lives every Halloween. After escaping prison, he targets Skid and Pump the next Halloween as payback against the former's mother for getting him arrested. He is the archenemy of Lila.

He was originally voiced by the series creator, Sr Pelo, in the first episode. In Tender Treats he was voiced by Corey LeVier.

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Personality [ ]

Bob is very psychotic and insane. He enjoys maiming people and eating them. He is also vengeful and sadistic, choosing to get revenge on Lila by killing her young son and then her, as well as choosing to educate his victims about cannibalism before attacking. He is so dangerous, that if he escapes, the mayor and police grow nervous. He is also shown to be quite confident, laughing at Lila when she uses a lemon to defend herself as well as frequently. pausing to eat candy while pursuing his victims, showing he's certain he'll catch up later. This does lead to some of his downfalls as when he crosses the road without looking both ways in pursuit of Skid and Pump, he doesn't spot Jack and John's police car and is run over.

He also appears to love candy more than murder, never resisting an opportunity to snatch up candy. He also seems to be capable of acting decently, walking through the haunted house calmly without attacking anyone despite attacking Streber the vampire guy earlier.

Appearance [ ]

Bob is a tall, heavyset man with a crazed grin at all times. He has short black hair combed up and wears a red turtleneck and black pants, below which he wears his cultist necklace and a utility belt. He also wields a filleting knife and sharpener.

In his devil outfit, Bob's head and hands are now red, with him now having horns and no external ears. His fingers are also sharper and claw-like. He also sports black pants and shoes. In It's Spooky Month, Bob had pointed red ears instead of horns.

Biography [ ]

Not much is known about Bob's life before the events of Spooky Month, but it's implied he has a connection to Lila and her family, appearing in the background of one of her childhood photos. This could explain his connection the mystery cult that Lila and her husband are implied to have been members of, which may explain him targeting her as she defected. He also ran the butchery Boys and Grills, which he used as a front to store bodies or sell them to unwitting customers, which was closed down after his arrest, with ownership transferred to somebody else.

Bob Velseb is first seen in the first Spooky Month video, in which he is about to murder Lila. Skid arrives on the scene and as his mom beckons him to call the police, he reminds her that it's "Spooky Month", to which Lila gives him a piece of candy. Satisfied, Bob lets go of her and dances as Skid leaves. It's later revealed in a flashback that Lila called 911 and Bob was promptly arrested by officers John and Jack.

Bob briefly appears at the end of Spooky Month: Deadly Smiles , where the news reveals that he had escaped prison and is now on the loose.

In Spooky Month: Tender Treats , there is a warrant for his arrest, due to Mayor Evermore being impatient with Jack and John's slow progress on apprehending him. He is described as being able to appear anywhere.

He is first seen watching Lila in her house from across the street. She remembers him from 3 years ago and calls her friend Jaune for help, but drops the phone when she realizes he broke in. Backed up into the corner, Lila offers Bob a piece of candy like she did in the first episode, but runs away as he closes in, with Bob picking up the candy and eating it.

He corners Lila in the kitchen, where she attempts to distract him by telling him it's "Spooky Month" and does the dance. However, he only dances briefly and whips out a knife. Panicked, Lila grabs a lemon from a cutting board, prompting Bob to mockingly ask if she's trying to season him. To his surprise, she squirts lemon juice in his eye, causing him extreme pain while sprinkling pepper onto his nose, making him sneeze, before finally frying some bacon, slapping it onto his belly and scalding him before knocking him over the head with a pan, escaping while he's distracted.

Bob stalks Lila up to the attic, where he is distracted by a falling mannequin, allowing her to escape and call the police.

The police show up and Bob is nowhere to be found. He is seen stalking Skid and Pump as they trick or treat, and attacks Streber, the worker in the vampire costume at a haunted house, eating his forearm as he walks through the attraction, with Skid and Pump mistaking Streber for a prop as they leave.

He tracks the kids to a candy shop, where he is accidentally pointed out by the clerk Kevin as he scolds the kids for their trouble. Entering the store, he scares away Kevin's coworker, with Kevin attempting to trip Bob by spilling gumballs, only to have the gumballs kicked away by the killer and slipping on the gumballs himself. Escaping to the backroom with the kids, Kevin leaves and just as Bob attempts to chase him, he decides to try some of the candy, giving him a bad stomachache, forcing him to rush off and find a toilet. He kills someone in a stall (presumably his creator Sr. Pelo due to the character's hairstyle and voice) to take it.

On the trail of the kids, he encounters the Hatzgang and after scaring them, steals candy from all of them, showing his fondness for sweets. He eventually catches up to Skid and Pump where he offers to play a game of hide and seek after Skid misinterprets his threats as a game. He stalks them as they hide in his butcher shop, slashing the carcasses he strung up, as well as replicas they made of themselves. Lila, accompanied with Jaune, eventually finds them when they sneak out, but Bob attempts to kill them all, as he was still following them. He gets hit by a police car, and the officers offer to take Skid, Pump, and Lila back home. Bob gets up and breaks into the car, but is shot an excessive amount of times by the officers. He still manages to get back up and crawl onto the hood of the car, mockingly asking if they know how to tenderize meat, only to then be repeatedly run over by Jack until he finally drops dead.

In the Newgrounds ending, after taking his corpse to Patty for examination, she shows his necklace that she found to John and Jack. John then examines a picture showing a cultist in a red cloak wearing the same thing, causing him to realize that they were working together. All of a sudden, Bob's body leans forward, to which John responds by shooting him repeatedly. However, it's revealed that Jack simply positioned him that way to scare them, much to Patty and John's ire.

  • It's possible that Bob might have some sort of personal vendetta against Lila, as evidenced by her frightful reaction to seeing him in a picture with her and Jaune when they were kids.
  • Chronologically, Bob is the first villain in the show, appearing in the first seconds of the first video.
  • It's possible that Bob has Mad Cow Disease, since he is a cannibal and he mentions MCD.
  • According to a tweet by Sr. Pelo, Bob's weapon of choice is a filleting knife as he frequently removes the skin of his victims before eating them.
  • Another gag in the episode is that a kid in a devil costume will always show up in the vicinity after Bob leaves, leaving him to be scapegoated for his crimes. Notably when Lila yells at him for trying to kill her, and Kevin mistakes him for Bob and throws hard candy at him. This in turn has caused the kid to be quite paranoid, as when he witnesses Jack and John shooting at his corpse, he runs off in fear, believing that he would be shot for being mistaken for Bob again.
  • That said, he is not without comedic moments. Most notably where he partakes in doing the "Spooky Month Dance" once Lila does it as an attempt to distract him, as well as when she "seasons" him.
  • This also makes him the second antagonist in the series to actually scare Skid & Pump, after Roy's Uncle .
  • This is a possible reference to his affinity for candy, so much so he chooses it over his main hobby, murder and often eats on the job.
  • For some reason when Bob is initially run over by Jack and John, he turns into a badly rendered 3D model and ragdolls to the floor. Likewise when he is shot, his body is rendered as a clay model.
  • His Design in "Tender Treats" changed slightly from how he looked in "It's Spooky Month", as he used to have smaller pointed ears as opposed to horns, had a darker red turtleneck, and had a significantly different body structure.
  • A popular meme in the Spooky Month community was the comparison of Bob's design to the avatar of animator SomethingElseYT, prompting the series creator Sr. Pelo to draw the two dancing together.

External Links [ ]

  • Bob Velseb on the Spooky Month Wiki

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Trivia / Spooky Month

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  • Sr. Pelo voices Skid, Pump, Frank, Moloch, Lila note  First episode only , Ooga Booga, Roy's Uncle, Mr. Clown, and The Eyes of the Universe, among many others .
  • Kellen Goff voices the Fat Thief and Roy.
  • Coffinjockey voices the Thin Thief, John, and the Candy Dealer.
  • ElusiveVA voices Kevin, Jack, and Ross.
  • Brock Baker voices the Wheel of the Worst hosts from the end of "Unwanted Guest".
  • Smuggers voices the Sad Guy from the Happy Fella show, the newscaster that appears at the end of "Deadly Smiles", and Richard.
  • Lizzie Freeman voices Jaune and the fictional Happy Fella.
  • Zach Fuller voices Rick and the male actor from the movie in "Deadly Smiles".
  • Brandon Winckler voices Radford, Ignacio, and the kid in the devil costume similar to Bob's.
  • JohnnyUtah voices both of the Hobomen.
  • Elsie Lovelock voices Lila note  Starting with "The Stars" and Carmen.
  • P.M. Seymour voices Mr. Wonder note  Starting with "Deadly Smiles" and Father Gregor.
  • Gabe Velez voiced Robert and Streber in "Tender Treats".
  • Approval of God : Sr. Pelo frequently retweets Spooky Month fanart to his Twitter account.
  • Ascended Fanon : One of the various cameo characters in "Deadly Smiles" is Robin *  originally named "Carmen" before Roy's mother Carmen was introduced , an OC sibling for Robert created by Mildly Mischievous. Sr. Pelo liked her enough that he officially made her Robert's older sister.
  • The Character Ice Cream Bar : While no actual ice cream exists of the characters, the Universe's Eyes t-shirt comes with a keychain mimicking the treats, with The Eyes of the Universe being depicted as a funky looking thing on a stick, complete with it being slightly melted.
  • In "It's spooky month", Lila was voiced by Sr. Pelo himself. Starting with "The Stars", however, Lila is instead voiced by Elsie Lovelock .
  • Ooga Booga is voiced by Sr. Pelo.
  • The male Dexter is voiced by the nonbinary Metamaniac.
  • Robert's first voice actor is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, though his second is transgender and uses he/him and she/her pronouns in addition to they/them.
  • Lizzie Freeman voices the title character of the in-universe Happy Fella TV show, who, as the name would suggest, is a guy.
  • The nonbinary Corey Wilder voices the male Ethan.
  • Descended Creator : Sr. Pelo voices many characters in this series, with the main ones being Skid, Pump, Frank, and Ooga Booga.
  • Fake American : The generically American Lila is voiced by the British voice actress Elsie Lovelock. It's especially noticeable in her first scene in "The Stars", where you can hear her accent slip in .
  • In Memoriam : At the end of "Deadly Smiles", a memorial for Ernestina Garcia Nunez, Sr. Pelo's grandmother, appears.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content : Starting with "The Stars", many background characters are fan characters sent in during the production of the episode to make a cameo appearance.
  • In "It's spooky month", Lila was voiced by Sr. Pelo himself, mainly because "It's spooky month" was just another regular short at the time and thus Pelo did not see the need to hire outside voicework. Since "The Stars", however, Lila's voice has been provided by Elsie Lovelock.
  • Due to his brief appearance, Pump's grandfather was voiced by Sr. Pelo in "The Stars". Starting with "Deadly Smiles", he is instead voiced by P.M. Seymour.
  • When the male actor from the movie in "It's spooky month" reappears in "Deadly Smiles", he is voiced by Zach Fuller rather than Sr. Pelo.
  • "Unwanted Guest" and "Deadly Smiles" saw Robert voiced by JpegNetworks. Following a controversy regarding them after the release of "Deadly Smiles", they were taken off the show and the role was recast to Gabe Velez.
  • As yet another character originally voiced by Sr. Pelo, Bob Velseb's full appearance in "Tender Treats" instead sees him voiced by Corey LeVier.
  • In "Unwanted Guest", Patty was voiced by Abigail Adair. In "Tender Treats", she is instead voiced by Monica Franco.
  • Liv is voiced by Marcy Martinez in "Streber's Rehearsal", rather than the voice actor for her home shorts, Anna Chloe Moorey.
  • Parody Assistance : The Hobomen, parodies of Captain and Steve from Tankmen , are voiced by JohnnyUtah, the creator of Tankmen and voice actor for the actual Captain and Steve.
  • Reality Subtext : "Unwanted Guest" has a running joke about Skid and Pump celebrating Spooky Month despite it being the middle of June, referencing how production of "Unwanted Guest" began in June.
  • Because of controversy regarding them, JpegNetworks, Robert's original voice actor, was fired from the show and replaced by Gabe Velez for "Tender Treats".
  • Ironic given who he was hired to replace, Gabe Valez would be fired from his roles as Robert and Streber after allegations of rape and manipulation from an ex-partner were made against him in August 2023, as Pelo confirmed in a stream shorty after.
  • Schedule Slip : The Halloween-themed Spooky Month videos are usually released sometime in November, with the fourth in particular being released on Christmas Eve of 2021.
  • Shrug of God : A minor Running Gag during a Spooky Month Q&A Pelo hosted involved him simply replying "idk, time will tell" whenever someone asked a spoiler-related question.
  • Oddly, Sr. Pelo doesn't credit himself for his voice work in "The Stars", despite voicing more than half the characters that appear in that episode. Starting with "Unwanted Guest", he's properly credited.
  • Confi's voice actor is left out of the credits of "Streber's Rehearsal", while the rest of the cast are listed.
  • The Eyes of the Universe's original design had two separate faces on the sides of his head, compared to the final which has one face, but teeth that go all the way around his head.
  • One of the first ideas for "The Stars" was that the Thieves were working under Roy's uncle. Pelo ultimately gave them no connections to each other, commenting that he's glad he did so.
  • Unnamed in "The Stars" itself, the character sheets posted after the short's release referred to Robert as "Tom". At some point between the development of "The Stars" and "Unwanted Guest", his name was changed to Robert, as "Roy, Ross, and Robert" rolls off the tongue better than "Roy, Ross, and Tom".
  • The original story for "Unwanted Guest" involved a witch character based off The Blair Witch Project , but Pelo didn't like where the plot was going and scrapped it, instead deciding to focus the episode on Moloch.
  • "Deadly Smiles" was originally supposed to end with Skid and Pump watching the Happy Fella show on TV, with the Newgrounds ending having John and Jack watching the news and seeing the report of Bob Velseb escaping from jail. These were combined into the pre-credits ending to better lead into the next episode, and because Pelo wanted the Newgrounds ending to be more serious compared to the endings for "The Stars" and "Unwanted Guest".
  • Spooky Month was originally supposed to have twelve episodes, but after discussing it with a friend, Pelo shortened it to 10.
  • A storyboard artist for the scene in Mayor Evermore's office in "Tender Treats" stated that the sunglasses cop pulling down his shades was him trying to flirt with John, Jack, and Patty.
  • After expressing approval at fans interpreting Dexter as trans, Metamaniac, Dexter's voice actor, tweeted that they personally saw him as nonbinary.
  • Spooksville
  • « Trivia »
  • Spooky's House of Jump Scares

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spooky month wiki streber


Streber hcs :nail_care:

spooky month wiki streber

I need somewhere to dump these istg :heart_eyes: so here we gogo

He's in a little band with some other scare workers, he's a drummer :]

His favorite candy is starbursts

He likes to play MC and build in creative

He's been a vampire every Halloween since he was a kid

He's a Gorrilaz fan

He has alot of stickers and likes to put them on people's faces

These are all I have so far, smh these may be constantly updating LMAO :skull:

Hope you enjoyed my infodum aa

spooky month wiki streber

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  1. Streber

    2 Appearance 3 Appearances 3.1 Spooky Month - Tender Treats 3.2 Spooky Short - Streber's Rehearsal 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Personality Streber is a very smart and enthusiastic character. He seems to be a happy-go-lucky person, who puts time and effort in the things he loves.

  2. Minor characters

    Grandma is the grandmother of Skid and the mother of Lila. She only appears in it's spooky month. Her appearance is like that of a zombie, an almost rotting corpse, but she seemingly managed to live despite this in the first episode. She shares her grandson's love of Halloween. She is dead now, as her grave is in Spooky Month 2, "The Stars." Pelito is a kid character (who draws resemblance to ...

  3. streber

    Streber; Characters. Skid; Moloch; Frank; The Hatzgang; Roy; The Eyes of the Universe; Robert; Episodes. It's spooky month; Spooky Month 2 - The Stars; Spooky Month 3 - Unwanted Guest; Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles; List of Episodes; ... Spooky Month Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. ...

  4. Streber

    10 Explore Wiki Content Community in: Characters, Male, Spooky Month, and 8 more Streber Edit Streber Streber as he appears in Spooky Month Relatives Kevin (boyfriend) Affiliation Spooky Month Occupation Runs a haunted house Biographical information Marital status Taken Date of birth Unknown Place of birth Unknown Date of death

  5. Skid

    "IT IS DA SPOOKY MONTH!" - Skid, It's spooky month Skid is 1 of the 2 main protagonists of the Spooky Month series (alongside Pump) and a character both created and voiced by Sr Pelo following the Halloween thematic. He always wears his Halloween outfit in every episode, but ever since the first episode, there have been various photos of him without his costume. Some of the people close to ...

  6. Category:Characters

    Streber; Characters. Skid; Moloch; Frank; The Hatzgang; Roy; The Eyes of the Universe; Robert; Episodes. It's spooky month; Spooky Month 2 - The Stars; Spooky Month 3 - Unwanted Guest; Spooky Month 4 - Deadly Smiles; ... Spooky Month Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. View Mobile Site

  7. Kevin/Streber (Spooky Month)

    Autistic Streber (Spooky Month) (26) Blood (20) Vampire Streber (Spooky Month) (19) Gay (18) Vampires (16) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include crossovers; Exclude crossovers; Show only crossovers; Completion Status. All works; Complete works only; Works in progress only; Word Count From To Date Updated

  8. Bob Velseb

    Full Name Bob Velseb Alias The Devil Devil Guy Origin Spooky Month Occupation Owner of Boys and Grills (formerly) Serial killer Cultist Powers / Skills Intimidation Stealth Butchery knowledge Knifemanship Superhuman durability Persistence Hobby Killing and eating innocent people on Halloween. Eating candy.

  9. Did you hear what the voice Actor of streber and Robert did to his

    Mf voiced Streber and won't coming back to voice in spooky month, strebers story is concluded ... EDIT: Streber belongs to Pelo, and so does Robert. This doesn't mean at all that either of the characters are concluded, that's Pelo's decision to make, NOT Gabes. Quit being a dick and actually acknowledge that this is more serious than a ...

  10. Streber

    Streber is a man dressed up as a vampire, working at a haunted house. 🧛. Appearance. Streber is an individual who has black hair and is seen wearing eye liner, fake fangs, a white collared jabot with a red overcoat and black pants. His cape is black from the outside, and green on the inside. 🧛. Personality

  11. Spooky Month

    Spooky Month 5 - Tender Treats Recap/Spooky Month As the workers at the haunted house prepare for Halloween night, Streber makes the finishing touches on his device to help sell himself as a real vampire to the kids.Tropes: Art Shift: While the short utilizes much of the same character design …

  12. This is on the Spooky Month for Roy on the Fandom Wiki Mobile ...

    It's not that hard, unless you're not that smart. If you have two Ps, you're Eminem. If you have one P, you need consent. [Verse 2] "Raping vs. rapping", well, it happens all the time. One's a form of music, the other's a freaking crime. It's not that hard, if you take this song to heart.

  13. Spooky Month

    Leitmotif: "Streber's Rehearsal" Gives Streber his own theme, "A 'Real' Vampire", a song that begins with a dramatic flourish before settling down into a jaunty, spooky tune. Meaningful Name : His name is the German word for "nerd", fitting his dorky and enthusiastic personality.

  14. Spooky Short

    Shop the Sr Pelo store Streber, a citizen filled with creativity to invent, is ready with his friends to show the town his new creation for halloween-------------------------------...

  15. Spooky Month / Trivia

    Trivia /. Spooky Month. , Ooga Booga, Roy's Uncle, Mr. Clown, and The Eyes of the Universe, among many others. Kellen Goff voices the Fat Thief and Roy. Coffinjockey voices the Thin Thief, John, and the Candy Dealer. ElusiveVA voices Kevin, Jack, and Ross. Brock Baker voices the Wheel of the Worst hosts from the end of "Unwanted Guest".

  16. Streber (Spooky Month)

    Along his journey, he encounters various intriguing characters, each leaving a significant mark on his life. Streber, a centuries-old vampire. Frank a hundreds of years old dragon, become unexpected companions. Together, they navigate treacherous forests and bustling towns, forging a unique bond.

  17. Streber hcs

    Streber hcs. Author. BITZ. I need somewhere to dump these istg so here we gogo. He's in a little band with some other scare workers, he's a drummer. His favorite candy is starbursts. He likes to play MC and build in creative. He's been a vampire every Halloween since he was a kid.

  18. #streberspookymonth

    i really dont like how this one turned out im sorry guys #spookymonth #kevinspookymonth #streberspookymonth. streber spooky month | 116.6M views. Watch the latest videos about #streberspookymonth on TikTok.

  19. Can somebody explain candy bats to me? : r/spookymonth

    So far our CandyBats evidence is, the writing on the bathroom wall outside of the stalls in Spooky Month 5 (check Kevin's spooky Month page under Trivia), this tweet (check comments), and Sr. Pelo confirming Kevin is pansexual (check Trivia in Kevin's spooky month wiki page) I rest my case. Posted by u/Gfjsngeusjenrb - 39 votes and 17 comments.

  20. #spookymonthstreber

    spooky month streber | 89.2M views. Watch the latest videos about #spookymonthstreber on TikTok.

  21. The aftermath of what happened to Streber (he's alive)

    oh his bonk in the head and ripped his arm/REEEEEE. I thought bob ripped his head off because his head is in the ground. According-Ice7997 • 7 mo. ago. 69 uploads Nice it would be a shame if someone UPVOTED AGAIN MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  22. Spooky Month

    Directed by Sr Pelo Composer MasterSwordRemix Based on Halloween Producer Sr Pelo Country United States Language English Spooky Month is a Newgrounds and YouTube animated series made by Sr Pelo .

  23. Spooky Month Wiki

    Streber; Bob Velseb; Skid's Father; Mayor Evermore; Cultists; Minor characters; Characters. Skid; Moloch; Frank; The Hatzgang; Roy; The Eyes of the Universe; Robert; Episodes. It's spooky month; Spooky Month 2 - The Stars; Spooky Month 3 - Unwanted Guest; ... Spooky Month Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.