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star stable ghost locations 2022

SSO Ghost Goo Locations in Star Stable Halloween Event 2023

Home » Guides » SSO Ghost Goo Locations in Star Stable Halloween Event 2023

October is the spookiest month of all – because it is the month of Halloween. Since it is such a fun holiday, it’s only natural that many online games also make use of it to organize all sorts of Halloween-themed events. Star Stable Online is one such game, and its Halloween event allows you to collect all manner of new and special ingredients. One of these ingredients is Ghost Goo. If you were wondering where to find it, we are here with all of the Ghost Goo locations in SSO .

SSO Ghost Goo Locations 2023

Where to Find Ghost Goo in Star Stable Online Halloween Event 2023

SSO Ghost Goo Locations

UPDATE: With the latest Halloween 2023 event, you can find Ghost Goo near the ghost NPC named “The Tormented One” which is next to the bridge leading to the stables.

Old text for event 2022 The location of the Ghost Goo in Star Stable Online is different every day. Today, Tuesday, October 18th, it can be found at x – 24 / y – 3, in a puddle of similarly-colored material. We’ve marked this spot in our screenshot down below. Yesterday, on Monday, October 17th, 2022, the Ghost Goo can be found at the following coordinates at Gallopers Keep: x – 24 / y – 4. Again, this only applies to that date. The day before that, for example, the Ghost Goo could be found behind the pumpkin shop near the Cauldron. Tomorrow, it’s going to be locatewhere else entirely. Since this festival event is scheduled to last until November 9th, 2022, this means that there are going to be a lot more places where the Ghost Goo is located.

Ghost Goo location

In any case, once you gather enough of these ingredients (such as Horse Hair, Ashes, Moss, Wiggly Worm, Ghost Goo, Spider Egg, Chamomile, Bee Balm, and Rubia), you can then use these in the Cauldron. Also, you will no doubt want to gather as many Soul Shards as possible, as these allow you to fix up portals. If you are struggling with finding enough of these, our Souls Shards and Tornado locations guide is here to help. Good luck with playing Star Stable Online this Halloween and make sure to get the most out of this festival while it is still going on.


When is Warzone Halloween 2022 Event? Release Date & Skins

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Galloper Thompson

Halloween  is a holiday that is celebrated on Jorvik during October and early November. During Halloween, there are stores selling Halloween-themed items and time-limited Halloween activities are available to the player. Additionally, Jorvik is decorated with spooky decorations.

2022 Trailer

  • 2 Appearance of Jorvik
  • 3.1 Side Quests
  • 3.2 Daily Quests
  • 5 References

History [ ]

The events added each year are cumulative; the previous year's events were available every Halloween thereafter, if nothing else is stated.

The first Halloween was celebrated in Star Stable Online in 2012. The player helped the ghosts of Mr. and Mrs. Hill to reunite by their grave near Apple Grove , and got a saddle as a thank you. The quests were not removed after the event and can still be played when the player hits a certain level. [1]


During Halloween 2013, several new activities were added: the ghost hunt, where the player searched for 21 ghosts around Jorvik and helped them to get home, and got a reward for each ghost helped; a pumpkin hunt in the basement of the Silverglade Castle, hosted by Eve ; and finally, apple bobbing -- buckets of apples could be found in several locations around Jorvik, and the player could get one reward a day from each of them. All the activities were time-limited and were removed once the event was over. [2] These activities also returned in 2014. [3]

During Halloween 2015, the player could do a special quest with Rob and Bob to gain access to a ghost train in the Silverglade Castle . [4]

During Halloween 2016, Galloper Thompson was introduced. The player could encounter him somewhere in Jorvik every full hour between 18:00 and 02:00 and get a reward. [5]

During Halloween 2017, the magic powder mechanic was added. The player could use a magic powder on their Jorvik Warmblood to give it a new, Halloween-themed appearance for 15 minutes. New quests with Eve's twin sister, Fae , were also added. Apple bobbing was not available this year, and Galloper Thompson was also not present this year. [6]


Galloper's Keep

During Halloween 2018, the player can visit an all-new area, the Galloper's Keep . Things new to this year include Soul Shard hunting and the addition of a new magic horse with the same color as Galloper Thompson's Horse . The quests from previous years and apple bobbing did not return. [7]

During Halloween 2019, the player can visit Galloper's Keep again and play through all of previous year's activities as well as hunt Soul Shards again. New to this year is the Pumpkin Hunt , where the player can collect Golden Pumpkins and turn them in for rewards including the new running pet, the Spooky Sprout . Two new magic horses, the Pepita and Woodear , have been added for sale in Galloper's Keep along previous year's Whinfell . [8]

Lost Soul

During Halloween 2020, players could obtain a different running pet by collecting Golden Pumpkins which is the Bewitched Butternut . One new magic horse has been added alongside the others: the Tombhoof . Unlike previous years, in 2020 the soul shards thrown into the cauldron are pink, and are not found from the same riddle locations as before. Instead, every hour a Vortex appears in a certain location, that throws around 20 little shards of a Lost Soul, which the player then can find and gather to earn a Soul Shard. Check the Vortex Locations Guide , to find out where the vortex will be during each time slot. In Galloper's Keep, a new island was added: a forested area with the Tower of Regrets, where Galloper Thompson was imprisoned. A Haunted Trail Ride was also added. [9]

During Halloween 2021, new content from the previous year returned and was expanded upon. Notably, this year Golden Pumpkins were removed, switching instead to a singular currency of Soul Shards (now rewarded from pumpkins as well). The new magical horses were Songsorrow and Duskgrim , with all the previous magic horses returning as well. The Haunted Trail Ride returned, with the addition of objects that could be found throughout it that could either be sold for Jorvik Shillings or traded for a pet Nightwing Raven. The gourd pet purchasable with Soul Shards (in previous years, these were purchasable with Golden Pumpkins) was Meanie Zucchini. The questline added this year involved the player and Linda learning more about Galloper Thompson's history, following him as he and his horse traveled through the Harvest Counties and watching his memories. [10]


The cauldron

In the Halloween event of 2022, there were some changes to the event. This year marked the introduction of a new currency, Autumn Tokens , and it was the last year that Soul Shards were available and used. The magical horses added were Laverna and Nemain , and Galloper Thompson's horse was updated to match Nemain. This was the last year the Halloween Whinfell was available. There were two gourd pets this year: the Savage Squash, obtainable randomly from the Pumpkin Hunt; and the Pestilent Pumpkin which was obtainable randomly from the cauldron in Galloper's Keep , a new feature. Players could find and throw items into the cauldron in exchange for rewards. Another pet raven was added to the Haunted Trail Ride, the Gloomwing Raven. The questline this year had two parts: one with Magnus Steinar and the runestone-destroying hammer he created, and one with Broderick the Druid ghost. A new activity was added: the player could talk to the Registrar each day during the last week of the festivities to find and return a ghost to the Keep, in an updated version of the original ghost hunt. [11]

Appearance of Jorvik [ ]

During Halloween, Jorvik, including MyStable , is decorated with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs.

During Halloween 2017, MyStable was decorated with cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, and ghosts, and the drain had green smoke coming out of it.

New to Halloween 2018, most of the decorations around Jorvik got new and updated models. Aside from the usual Halloween decorations in MyStable, there is a randomly triggered Ydris "jumpscare".

For Halloween 2019, MyStable randomly switches between its usual Halloween appearance and between a "dark mode" with a light grayscale and vignette filter as well as a little girl standing in the corner of the right room. The little girl sings a song about "the Glue Man". The Ydris "jumpscare" seems to have been removed this year.

In Halloween 2020 and following years, a ghost American Quarter Horse and its ghost foal could be seen walking through the home stable, with the previous decorations returning as well.

Side Quests [ ]

  • Dungeons and Pumpkins!
  • Galloper’s Playground!
  • Haunted Trail Ride
  • It’s pumpkin-hunting season!
  • Poe the Crow will know where to go!
  • A Race through Galloper’s Memories
  • A Race Through Scarecrow Hill
  • Witches’ brew!

Daily Quests [ ]

  • Brewing Trouble
  • Daily pumpkin hunt in Goldenhills Valley
  • The Golden Apple of Scarecrow Hill
  • A Haunted Trail, will you turn tail?
  • Pumpkin hunt in Goldenhills Valley
  • Pumpkin hunt in the castle cellar
  • Old Galloper's Chilling Journey
  • Even after the removal of Galloper Thompson's random appearances, his scream could sometimes still be heard in Goldenleaf Forest during the following years' Halloween events. However, it is likely that it has since been patched.
  • The event originally only lasted two weeks, but has been expanded to be four weeks long.

References [ ]

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  • 1 Crafting Plants
  • 2 Pumpkin Hunt
  • 3 Championship

Next up in Jorvik!

Next up in Jorvik!

We have some amazing content coming up for you guys over the next month. Take a sneak peek at the exciting things on their way to Jorvik!

It’s officially spooky season!

Week 1: October 12th

Run or be hunted!

Week 2: October 19th

Trick or treat!

Week 3: October 26th

Calling out all ghost hunters!

Week 4: November 2nd


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