A Hunter’s Guide to Supernatural’s Ghost Types

Ghosts have been one of the Winchester brothers' most formidable opponents on Supernatural, so we've broken down some of the show's iconic spirits.

For 14 seasons, Sam and Dean Winchester have come up against a plethora of monsters, demons, angels and, on more than a few occasions, actual gods. While all of these have been formidable opponents for the hunting duo, some of their most iconic confrontations have come when they've taken on one of horror's most classic baddies -- ghosts.

From the first episode of The CW series, spirits have stayed at the forefront in more ways than one. Here is a look at some of the most powerful, and influential ghosts, that have appeared in Supernatural .

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Two kinds of ghosts that are similar in many ways are Death Echoes and Death Omens. The first of which is a ghost that is stuck reenacting the events of their death over and over in a loop. These entities are considered mostly harmless and can usually be shocked into moving on, usually by someone the Echo had a relationship with while they were alive.

A Death Omen is a warning to a living person that they are going to die. Most of the time, these spirits usually manifest themselves as a person who was killed by the person hunting their hauntee. In some situations, the best way to allow a Death Omen to move on is to get the justice they never received while they were alive.

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Hailing from Scandanavian folklore, Mylings are the souls of unbaptized children who roam the earth until they can entice someone to provide them a proper burial. They are dangerous creatures that often seek out lone wanderers, demanding they take them to a graveyard. Those who don't fulfill a Mylings' request will more than likely lose their life.

Sam and Dean first came into contact with a Myling in Season 12 of Supernatural . After a brief encounter with the spirit of Lucas Kellinger, a young boy who was murdered by Hugo Moriarty, Sam begins to suspect that Lucas and the other murdered children they encounter are, in fact, Mylings. Once Dean finds Moriarty's remains and salts and burns them, Lucas and the other children begin to ascend to Heaven.

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A staple of the hit CW series, Poltergeists are a type of ghostly spirit that's purpose is to gain as much attention as possible from those it haunts. A common misconception about the creature is that a Poltergeist is not a human spirit, but a different entity altogether. As the Winchester's came to learn, you can rid yourself of a Poltergeist by salting and burning its remains, something they discovered in their father's journal.

The most likely explanation as to how a Poltergeist comes to exist is that a human spirit can become one by having the drive to seek attention. When that transformation occurs, the entity becomes invisible, which makes identifying where their remains may be all that much more difficult.

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One of the more unique Supernatural creatures, Revenants are beings that have rose from the dead but are unaware of the fact they have died.  They usually have either forgotten or suppressed the events of their deaths. Unlike other ghosts, once a Revenant manifests itself, it's able to maintain its presence in the world of the living.

The easiest way to help a Revenant pass on is to help it resolve the issues that keep it tethered to earth. This scenario worked in the case of Molly McNamara, who died in a car accident and every year on the anniversary of the collision would cause others to run off the road she was haunting.

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Only appearing during Season 8 of Supernatural , a Specter is a type of ghost that possesses living beings. Their sole intent is to have the body they're inhabiting act on any grudges they may have, no matter how minimal those grudges may be. The creation of a Specter is usually due to someone's death involving a betrayal of some sort.

Once a Specter possesses someone, they become aware of their presence but don't fight it because of the ghost's powerful influence. If the entity latches on to a living being who doesn't hold any grudges, the Specter becomes powerless, as there is no grudge the ghost can try to settle.

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An oldie but a goodie for Supernatural fans is the Woman in White, who made its debut in the pilot of the series. Usually the spirit of a deceased beautiful woman, Woman in White typically manifest after a woman suffers from issues in a romantic relationship and ultimately commits suicide. They roam the earth in search of men who are unfaithful to their spouses to kidnap. If they are unable to find a worthy candidate, they'll influence the living to be unfaithful.

The Woman in White the Winchester brother face-off against in the pilot, Constance Welch, haunts a highway where she disguises herself as a beautiful hitchhiker to entice men into being unfaithful. Sam and Dean ultimately force Constance back to her old home, where she encounters the spirits of her children. Once they embrace, Constance passes over to the afterlife.

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Another couple of recurring ghost types are the Vengeful and Violent Spirits. Both of these are very dangerous, but the latter is amongst the most lethal in the series. A Violent Spirit is usually the ghost of an evil person who is fueled by nothing but cruelty. One of the most notable Violent Spirits was Jacob Karns, also known as the Hookman, who after his death murdered those he felt had sinned.

Vengeful Spirits, on the other hand, are typically the ghost of someone who had wrong done to them during their life. From beyond the grave, they've dedicated their existence to avenging what happened and will not rest until their mission is complete. A Vengeful Spirit's power can be so strong that they spread it onto others who have or are doing something similar to their death.

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Screen Rant

Supernatural: every time a character returned after their death.

A fan favorite character rarely stays dead in the world of Supernatural. Characters return to the show all the time, either resurrected or as ghosts.

  • Fans of Supernatural know that death doesn't always mean the end for their favorite characters, as many have returned from the dead.
  • Characters can come back in various forms, such as ghosts, alternate versions, or resurrected through spells or mystical powers.
  • Despite the emotional impact of their deaths, characters like Kevin, Charlie, and Jo find peace and resolution in their returns, helping the Winchesters along the way.

Fans know seeing their favorite character die on screen in Supernatural doesn't mean they are gone forever; there are a number of characters who have impossibly returned from the dead. Through the show's 15 seasons, some of its best-loved characters meet their end, but that doesn't mean the end is permanent. Some die at the hands of supernatural beings, losing their lives to save Sam and Dean Winchester. Others are the bad guys killed by the Winchesters, only to come back with a vengeance.

Coming back from the dead doesn't always look the same for a character in the Supernatural universe. Some characters are resurrected from the afterlife immediately after their death or via mystical powers. Other characters come back as ghosts, spirits, or visions returning to Dean and Sam's life in their corporeal form. However it happens, audiences know that a character's death on Supernatural doesn't necessarily preclude them from ever returning.

12 Kevin Tran Returns As A Ghost

The death of prophet Kevin Tran, played by Osric Chau, is one of Supernatural's most poignant. His fate is sealed when he gives Dean a spell that allows him to speak with a human whom an angel has possessed. Kevin tries to talk to Gadreel, the angel possessing Sam Winchester, but is killed doing so. An alternate version of his character appears in Supernatural season 13 when the brothers visit The Apocalypse World. Although the original Kevin would never come back to life, he does appear to Sam and Dean. Kevin's ghost appears to the brothers, helping make amends with them and his mother. Kevin can finally find peace in the afterlife and move on, knowing he has resolved all his issues on Earth.

11 Charlie Bradbury Returns As An Alternate Version Of Herself

Felicia Day's character was a fan favorite, which is why Charlie's death was one of Supernatural's most upsetting for fans. Her first death was thankfully a short one, as she was quickly brought back to life by Gadreel after being killed by the Wicked Witch of the West. But her second death angered viewers, as she was one of the few openly LBGTQ+ characters on television, and certainly on the show.

Unwilling to give the Styne family the Book of the Damned, she meets her demise at the hands of Eldon Styne. Charlie's death happens off-screen, but her bloodied body is discovered later in the bathtub by Sam and Dean, which devastated the brothers. In an alternate reality, Charlie returns to Supernatural in season 13 and joins the exodus through the rift. She appears throughout the rest of the show, helping the Winchesters with cases.

10 Jo Harvelle Returns As A Ghost For Dean's Trial

Jo was the inexperienced hunter working with the Roadhouse crew alongside her mother, Ellen. She wanted to prove herself as a hunter and impress Dean, on whom she had a crush. Jo is killed by a hellhound in Supernatural season 5, helping to save Dean in the process. Jo would return as a ghost two seasons later. She appears as a witness to Dean's trial, but Osiris fails to convince her to testify against him. She is compelled against her will to try to kill Dean, but luckily snaps out of it before she can cause any injury.

9 John Winchester Time Travels

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who sacrifices himself in the first episode of season 2 to save Dean, reprises his role as Sam and Dean's father in Supernatural season 14, but as a past version who has jumped forward in time. For the 300th episode, a 2003 John ends up traveling to 2019 and meeting his sons. In the emotional episode "Lebanon," the brothers find a treasure in a pawn shop that grants its owners their wishes. Although they try to use the pearl to banish Michael, they ultimately summon John to the bunker, upsetting events that have already happened. After the bunker is attacked by a version of the angel Zachariah who never died, and a version of Castiel who never got to meet the Winchesters, they realize their father can not stay. They are forced to send their much-missed patriarch back to his time, fearing his presence could destroy the world.

8 Eileen Leahry Comes Back As Ghost And Is Resurrected Via A Spell

Eileen is introduced as a legacy hunter in Supernatural's eleventh season. In season 12, she returns for a joint mission with the Winchesters and soon becomes Sam's love interest. However, she is killed by a hellhound being controlled by the British Men of Letters' Arthur Ketch. She later reappears as one of the many ghosts let loose after God opens the gates of Hell.

Eileen returns to the 15th and final season of Supernatural after Sam discovers Rowena's resurrection spell and uses it to bring her back to life. Sam tragically loses her again when God wipes the planet of humans. When Jack becomes the new God, he brings Eileen back from the dead once again, thereby granting Sam one last gift.

7 Rowena MacLeod Resurrects Herself Before Becoming Queen Of Hell

As a quasi-immortal witch, Rowena MacLeod is one of the most powerful characters in the Supernatural universe, as well as one of the trickiest. As it's revealed in the show, Rowena has a magic seal, meaning she can resurrect herself when she dies. This is especially useful when Lucifer kills her multiple times. Her final death comes in the show's last season. Rowena, who went from a villain to a redeemed antihero in the end, uses her body to absorb the souls escaping from Hell and seal herself in the underworld in order to save the world. Her death helps to avert the apocalypse, but this is not the last time audiences see her. She returns as the Queen Of Hell in later episodes because death would never be the end for a character as powerful as Rowena.

6 Mary Winchester Is Resurrected By The Darkness

Mary Winchester's death plays a huge role in the early seasons of Supernatural . Mary struck a deal with the demon Azazel in her youth, which he came to collect when Dean and Sam were young children. She tried to protect her infant son, Sam, which resulted in being burned to death by Hellfire. Her death is the reason her husband and sons became hunters (though that was later retconned by prequel series The Winchesters ).

Amara, the sister of God, repays Dean and Sam after they help the Darkness reunite with God by bringing Mary back from the dead. Her resurrection happens because The Darkness wants Dean to realize that in real life, Mary was different from the one from his idealized dreams. Her return helps Dean cope with his anger issues and accept his past. However, Mary Winchester was killed again by Jack, never returning to her sons' lives.

5 Bobby Singer Helps The Winchesters From Heaven

After seven years of being Sam and Dean's friend and father figure, Bobby Singer's death comes in Supernatural after he's shot by the Leviathan in season 7. Luckily, the beloved character appears multiple times on the show after his death. Unlike other characters in Supernatural , Bobby never returns as the original version of himself.

In season 8, as part of the second trial to close the Gates of Hell, Sam must rescue an innocent soul from Hell and release it into Heaven. He chooses Bobby, and the pair travel through Purgatory and fight vampires together. In season 9, his ghost appears to a dying Sam, and in Supernatural season 10 is contacted by Sam, asking for his help. His last appearance comes in the final moments of the show, reunited with Dean in Heaven.

4 Jack Is Saved By Billie To Defeat Chuck

Jack Kliine is the Nephilim son of a human woman, Kelly Kline, and Lucifer. As a being with potentially incredible power, and one who has the potential to choose a path of darkness or of light, angels and demons all fight for access to him. Jack is overcome by his power in Supernatural season 14 and starts to use it in the wrong ways. Jack kills Mary Winchester and forces the whole world to only tell the truth. This is later revealed as part of God's larger plan to defeat Sam and Dean.

God/Chuck, sensing Jack's growing power, smites Jack with just a click of his fingers. The young Nephilim ends up in the Big Empty with Billie, who brings him back from the dead. Billie saves Jack because she believes he is the only way to defeat Chuck once and for all. Sam, Dean, and Cas find Jack in an empty church, acting like a vigilante.

3 Castiel Is Resurrected By God And Jack

Despite being an angel, Castiel dies and is resurrected multiple times over Supernatural's run. His first death comes at the end of season 4, when he is smote by his fellow angels. Although it is never specified, it is implied that God resurrected him. A season later, he dies again in "Swan Song" when Lucifer smites Cas for getting involved in the battle. God brings him back to life once more as a thank-you for stopping the apocalypse.

Cas soaks up the power of the Leviathan in Supernatural season 6 but can't control it forever, causing his third death. When God brings him back, he has no recollection of his previous memories. When Cas is stabbed to death by April, Gadreel, the angel in Sam's body, brings him back to life. Castiel dies once again in season 12 when Lucifer stabs him using the angel blade. He's later awakened inside The Empty by Jack's powers before he annoys a cosmic being into resurrecting him simply to be rid of him.

2 Sam Winchester Gets Resurrected By Castiel And Lucifer

Supernatural 's Sam Winchester died eight times over the 15 seasons of the show. His first death came in "All Hell Breaks Loose," the two-part finale of season 2, when Jake Talley stabs him. Dean brings his brother back after making a deal with a crossroads demon. Sam dies again in season 4 when he is hit by lightning. His most significant death comes in "Swan Song" when he falls into Hell alongside Adam. Castiel resurrects him, but the years of being trapped in Lucifer's cage change Sam.

In "Beat the Devil," Sam and Dean need to travel into Apocalypse World to rescue their mother, Mary, and Jack. In the alternate dimension, Sam has his throat graphically ripped out by a swarm of ravenous vampires but is brought back by Lucifer. In the final episode of Supernatural , Sam lives a long life after Dean passes and dies of old age. He is ultimately reunited with his family in Heaven.

1 Dean Winchester Is Saved By Castiel

Dean Winchester dies 111 times in Supernatural , although this number mainly comes from season 3's "Mystery Spot," in which Sam is trapped in a time loop where Dean dies over and over again, often in darkly comedic ways. Dean's first death comes in season 2 when a car accident leaves him on life support. John Winchester trades his life and soul to Azazel to save his son. Dean's most memorable resurrection comes when Castiel brings him back to life after a hellhound kills him, leading to Castiel's iconic line, " I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition ."

Dean's most violent death is when hunters kill him alongside Sam in season 5, but the brothers come back after a memorable trip to Heaven. In season 7, he dies so that he can make a trip to Purgatory, and in season 10, Dean is stabbed by Metatron with the Mark of Cain still plaguing him. The season finale of Supernatural sees Dean's last and final death, when he is impaled on a spike. He is reunited with his loved ones (and his car) in Heaven.

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Ghost Physiology

  • View history

The power to use the abilities of ghosts . Variation of Spirit Physiology . Incorporeal version of Undead Physiology .

  • 1 Also Called
  • 2 Capabilities
  • 3 Applications
  • 4 Techniques
  • 5.1.1 Vengeful Spirits
  • 5.1.2 Neutral
  • 6 Associations
  • 7 Limitations
  • 8.1 Anime/Manga/Manhwa
  • 8.2 Mythology/Folklore
  • 8.3 Literature
  • 8.4 Live Television/Movies
  • 8.5 Cartoons/Comics
  • 8.6 Video Games
  • 8.8 Web Original/Web Animation/Webcomics
  • 9 Known Objects
  • 10 Known Locations

Also Called [ ]

  • Apparition Form/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Exspiravit Form/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Ghost Form/Mimicry
  • Phantom Form/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Specter/Spectral/Spectre Form/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Undead Spirit Form/Mimicry/Physiology
  • Wraith (Wraith: The Oblivion/World of Darkness)
  • Yūrei Form/Mimicry/Physiology

Capabilities [ ]

The user with this ability either is or can transform into a ghost , spirits/souls of the dead, often bound to stay until certain conditions are met. This can vary from honorable burial, unfinished business/revenge or self-appointed duties. This is an inherently Esoteric Physiology .

Ghosts have been known to be able to fly , phase through solid matter , turn invisible , and possess the bodies of the living . Normally, ghosts can’t die because the user is already dead. They are no longer affected by physical forces and have no physical weaknesses . They have unlimited stamina and have no need for sleep, food, nor water . Their presence can also be indicated by a cold spot in a room . Ghosts sometimes terrorize the living by moving objects with their minds , tapping into the minds of others , appearing out of nowhere , and inducing immense fear .

Applications [ ]

  • Cold Presence
  • Corporealization (Varies; in stronger ghosts)
  • Ectoplasm Mimicry
  • Electronic Disruption
  • Energy Independence
  • Immortality
  • Inaudibility
  • Inodorosity
  • Intangibility / Conditional Tangibility
  • Invisibility / Conditional Visibility
  • Invulnerability
  • Ectoplasmic Flight
  • Enhanced / Supernatural Agility
  • Enhanced / Supernatural Endurance
  • Enhanced / Supernatural Speed
  • Enhanced / Supernatural Stamina
  • Enhanced / Supernatural Strength
  • Physical Force Immunity
  • Portal Creation
  • Dream Walking
  • Fear Inducement
  • Illusion Manipulation
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Ectokinetic Shapeshifting

Techniques [ ]

  • Ectokinetic Combat

Variations [ ]

Types of ghosts [ ].

For a list of various ghosts, see here .

Vengeful Spirits [ ]

(Ghosts that seek to actively harm the living) All Vengeful Spirits (variesin power and type)

  • Baykok : Flight , Enhanced Archery , Paralysis Inducement
  • Ghost Monster
  • Jack-in-Irons
  • Kuchisake-Onna
  • Transcendent Poltergeist
  • Usutsuki Warashi

Neutral [ ]

(Ghosts that while frightening do not actively seek harm to the living)

  • Abura Sumashi
  • Genie : Jinn can have a ghostly nature.
  • Ghost Dragon
  • Ghost Knight
  • Mutated Ghost
  • Nightmarcher
  • Oboroguruma
  • Superior Ghost
  • Transcendent Ghost

Associations [ ]

  • Amortality / Immortality
  • Astral Projection
  • Classic Monster Physiology
  • Corpse Possession
  • Cursed (Varies)
  • Genius Physiology
  • Object Possession
  • Phantasm Manipulation
  • Portal Manipulation
  • Selective Appearance
  • Spirit Physiology
  • Tangibility Interplay

Limitations [ ]

  • Being resurrected may cause the user to lose their powers.
  • When certain conditions are met, the user may be forced to move on.
  • May become more vengeful/violent the longer the user stays in the mortal realm.
  • Metal Aversion : Certain metals like iron have been able to repel and dissipate ghosts, temporally forcing them away.
  • Despite being no longer bound to the living world, ghosts may need to follow a certain logic.
  • Necromancy and Soul Manipulation / Phantasm may be used to control the user.
  • Vulnerable to Soul Destruction , Soul Mutilation , Nonexistence , Absolute Destruction , and other powers that may harm souls/spirits.
  • Vulnerable to Ghost Slayer .

Known Users [ ]

See Also: Our Ghosts Are Different .

Anime/Manga/Manhwa [ ]

  • Sayo ( 18if )
  • Meiko Honma ( Anohana )
  • Bakemon ( Digimon )
  • Soulmon ( Digimon )
  • Phantomon ( Digimon )
  • Wraith ( Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest )
  • Child Ghost Girl ( Horizon in The Middle of Nowhere )
  • Sanae Higashihongan ( Invaders of the Rokujouma )
  • Reimi Sugimoto ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond Is Unbreakable )
  • Arnold ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond Is Unbreakable )
  • Yoshihiro Kira ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond Is Unbreakable )
  • Jean Pierre Polnareff ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part V: Golden Wind')
  • The Vagrant and Servant ( Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe )
  • Yoshikage Kira ( Deadman's Questions )
  • Elizabeth ( Maburaho )
  • Ghost Warriors ( Dragon Ball series )
  • Ghost ( Monster Girl Encyclopedia )
  • Kana ( My Lovely Ghost Kana )
  • Nanana Ryūgajō ( Nanana's Buried Treasure )
  • Sayo Aisaka ( Negima )
  • Ghosts ( Pokémon Anime series )
  • Omiyo ( Sgt. Frog )
  • Banshee ( Sidekicks )
  • Ghosts ( The Haunted House/Shinbi Apartment )
  • Goryou Maya ( Toaru Majutsu no Index )
  • Frillsand #G ( Toaru Majutsu no Index )
  • Ghosts ( Chiisana Obake Acchi, Kocchi, Socchi )
  • Ghost ( Undead Unluck )
  • Kuri ( Youkai Apartment no Yuuga )
  • Ruriko ( Youkai Apartment no Yuuga )
  • Hinako Uehara ( Zettai Reiiki )

Mythology/Folklore [ ]

  • Ghosts ( Folklore )
  • Banshees ( Scottish Folklore )

Literature [ ]

  • Ghosts ( City of Devils )
  • Ghosts ( Demon Accords )
  • Cherry ( The Giant's Necklace )
  • Ghosts ( Goosebumps )
  • Hannah Fairchild ( Goosebumps )
  • Nearly Headless Nick
  • Moaning Myrtle
  • Nicky ( Mostly Ghostly )
  • Tara ( Mostly Ghostly )
  • Phears ( Mostly Ghostly )
  • The Rolands ( Mostly Ghostly )
  • Ghosts ( Mostly Ghostly )
  • Ghosts ( Percy Jackson and the Olympians series )
  • Erik/Opera Ghost ( The Phantom of the Opera )
  • Ghosts ( Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark )
  • Ghosts ( The Vampire Diaries )

Live Television/Movies [ ]

  • Ghosts ( Being Human )
  • Ghosts ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel )
  • Ghosts ( Charmed )
  • Buddy Berry ( Chuck Finn )
  • Fingers Fitzpatrick ( Chuck Finn )
  • Ghostly Mountaineer ( Freaky )
  • Wazza ( Freaky )
  • Big Ghost ( Freaky )
  • Louie Preston
  • Miles Preston
  • Ray Preston
  • Ghosts ( Hex )
  • Takeru Tenkuji/Kamen Rider Ghost ( Kamen Rider Ghost )
  • Makoto Fukami/Kamen Rider Specter ( Kamen Rider Ghost )
  • Martin Hopkirk ( Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)/My Partner the Ghost )
  • Ghosts ( Round the Twist )
  • Bobby Singer
  • Farhog the Fierce ( Pair of Kings )
  • Charile B. Barkin and Itchy Itchford ( All Dogs Go To Heaven )
  • Beetlejuice ( Beetlejuice )
  • Maitlands ( Beetlejuice )
  • Carrigan Crittenden ( Casper )
  • Kai ( Kung Fu Panda 3 )
  • Alphonse Reid ( Escanaba in da Moonlight )
  • Willa Jocelyn ( Escanaba in da Moonlight )
  • Phantoms ( Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within )
  • Freaknik ( Freaknik: The Musical )
  • Ghosts ( The Frighteners )
  • Ghost Godzilla ( Godzilla )
  • Sam Wheat ( Ghost )
  • Hannah Stine ( Goosebumps )
  • Victor Crowley ( Hatchet series )
  • Ghosts ( The Haunted Mansion )
  • Constance Nebbercracker ( Monster House )
  • Armando Salazar ( Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales )
  • Ghosts ( Poltergeist series )
  • Pip and the Halloween Hound ( Spooky Buddies )
  • Susie Q ( Susie Q )
  • Huay ( Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives )
  • Boonsong ( Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives )
  • Monkey Ghosts ( Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives )
  • Sarah Bellows ( Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark )

Cartoons/Comics [ ]

  • Ghost Princess ( Adventure Time )
  • Carrie Krueger ( The Amazing World of Gumball )
  • Ghosts ( American Dragon: Jake Long )
  • Ultimate Kevin
  • Carl ( Ben 10 Reboot )
  • Ghost ( The Boys Presents: Diabolical )
  • Ghosts ( Casper the Friendly Ghost )
  • Kibosh ( Casper's Scare School )
  • Spitzy ( Casper's Scare School )
  • Danny Fenton/Phantom
  • Dani Fenton/Phantom
  • Vlad Masters/Plasmius
  • Pauline Phoenix ( Dead End: Paranormal Park )
  • Billy Joe Cobra ( Dude, That's My Ghost )
  • Spencer Wright ( Dude, That's My Ghost ); temporarily due to ingesting ectoplasm
  • Bobby ( Dude, That's My Ghost )
  • Jonathan Wellington "Mudsy" Muddlemore/The Funky Phantom and Boo the Cat ( The Funky Phantom )
  • Ghosts ( Ghostforce )
  • Miss Jones ( Ghostforce ); half-ghost, half-human
  • Buddy Pine/Syndrome ( The Incredibles )
  • Dolores ( The League of 5 )
  • Ghost Warriors
  • Sensei Yang
  • Experiment 375 "Phantasmo" ( Lilo & Stitch )
  • Marquess of Queensberry ( Mike Tyson Mysteries )
  • Johnny B. Dead ( Monster by Mistake )
  • Moanatella Ghostier
  • Spectra Vondergeist
  • Ari Hauntington
  • Ghosts ( Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures )
  • Boo Boo ( Ruby Gloom )
  • Mr. White and Mr. White ( Ruby Gloom )
  • Phantasma ( Scooby-Doo )
  • Specter of Shadow Canyon ( Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare )
  • Akiko ( Wishfart )
  • Akiko's mom ( Wishfart )
  • Akiko's dad ( Wishfart )
  • Wuya ( Xiaolin Showdown )
  • Dame Fedora ( Zombie Hotel )
  • Boston Brand/Deadman ( DC Comics )
  • James Craddock/Gentleman Ghost ( DC Comics )
  • Greta Hayes/Secret ( DC Comics )
  • Tinya Wazzo/Phantom Girl ( DC Comics )
  • Ghosts ( Hellboy )
  • Ben Hargreeves/Number Six ( The Umbrella Academy )

Video Games [ ]

  • Wisp ( Animal Crossing )
  • Jack ( Animal Crossing Series )
  • The Lost ( The Binding of Isaac )
  • The Haunt ( The Binding of Isaac )
  • Dracula Wraith ( Castlevania )
  • Ghosts ( Castlevania )
  • Bound Widows ( Bloodborne )
  • Mysterious Apparition/Ryu's Mother ( Breath of Fire III )
  • Ghost Widow ( City of Heroes )
  • Ghosts ( Crypt of the NecroDancer )
  • Banshees ( Dark Souls )
  • Ghosts ( Dark Souls )
  • Chancellor Wellager ( Dark Souls II )
  • Abigail ( Don't Starve )
  • Ghosts ( FAITH: The Unholy Trinity )
  • Missile ; Dog/Ghost
  • Ray/Future Missile ; Dog/Ghost
  • Sissel ; Cat/Ghost
  • Yomiel ; Human/Ghost
  • Ferry ( Granblue Fantasy )
  • Ghosts ( Growtopia )
  • Abigail ( Heart of the Woods )
  • Shade Lord ( Hollow Knight )
  • The Knight ( Hollow Knight )
  • The Hollow Knight ( Hollow Knight )
  • Broken Vessel ( Hollow Knight )
  • Shade Siblings ( Hollow Knight )
  • The Collector ( Hollow Knight )
  • Elder Hu ( Hollow Knight )
  • Galien ( Hollow Knight )
  • Gorb ( Hollow Knight )
  • Markoth ( Hollow Knight )
  • Marmu ( Hollow Knight )
  • No Eyes ( Hollow Knight )
  • Xero ( Hollow Knight )
  • Ace Foorlowber
  • King Footlowber
  • puff ( Kirby Mass Attack )
  • Stogue ( Kirby's Epic Yarn )
  • Tedhaun ( Kirby:squeak squad )
  • Ghost Knight ( Kirby series )
  • Ghosts ( New Super Lucky's Tale )
  • Ghosts ( Luigi's Mansion )
  • Polterpup ( Luigi's Mansion Series )
  • Pamela Ibis ( Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis/Atelier series )
  • LeChuck ( Monkey Island ); formerly, before being reanimated as a zombie
  • Rei ( Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls Online )
  • Ronan O'Connor and Abigail Williams ( Murdered: Soul Suspect )
  • Ghosts ( Pac-Man )
  • Ghost-type Pokémon ( Pokémon )
  • Ghosts ( The Secret World )
  • O'Rin of the Water
  • Shichimen Warriors
  • Vengeful Apparitions
  • The Big Creep ( Shovel Knight )
  • Invisishades ( Shovel Knight )
  • Walter Sullivan ( Silent Hill 4: The Room )
  • Ghosts ( Skylanders )
  • Bad Juju ( Skylanders )
  • Masker Mind ( Skylanders )
  • Izanami ( Smite )
  • The Morrigan ( Smite )
  • Bekka ( Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion )
  • Lisa ( Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion )
  • Ringu ( Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion )
  • Dr. Killjoy ( The Suffering )
  • Hermes T. Haight ( The Suffering )
  • Horace P. Gauge ( The Suffering )
  • Copperfield the Slave Hunter ( The Suffering: Ties That Bind )
  • The Creeper ( The Suffering: Ties That Bind )
  • Boo ( Super Mario Bros. series)
  • Midnite ( Mario + Rabbids sparks of hope )
  • Doopliss ( Paper Mario Series )
  • Lee ( Paper Mario Series )
  • Ghost T. ( Paper Mario Series )
  • Mushroom Ghost ( Pizza Tower )
  • Peppino ( Pizza Tower ); via touched by Mushroom ghost
  • Zepheniah Mann ( Team Fortress 2 )
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji ( Touhou Project )
  • Soga no Tojiko ( Touhou Project )
  • Napstablook ( Undertale )
  • Mad Dummy ( Undertale )
  • Mettaton ( Undertale ); formerly, before gaining a robot body
  • Ghost ( Valkyrie Crusade )
  • Phantom ( Valkyrie Crusade )
  • Zashiki Warashi ( Valkyrie Crusade )
  • Ghosts ( White Day: A Labyrinth Named School )
  • The Weaver Kids ( Wick )
  • Ghost Writers ( Yooka-Laylee )
  • Ghost ( Spelunky )
  • Ghosts ( Sonic the Hedgehog )
  • The Lost ( The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth )
  • White Ghost Cookie ( Cookie Run )
  • Del ( Gorillaz )

Web Original/Web Animation/Webcomics [ ]

  • RPC-049 - Janeth from HR ( RPC Authority )
  • SCP-973 - Smokey ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-789-J - the butt ghost!! ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-1036 - Nkondi ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-1111 - The White Dog ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-1337 - The Hitchhiker ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-1774-A - The Proof's Equipment ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-2111 - If You Can Read This... ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-2190 - Phone calls from Mom ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-2696-1 - The Haunted Victorian Mansion of Dark Peak ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-2996 - ERROR / ERROR ( SCP Foundation )
  • SCP-3901 - Rachael Parks ( SCP Foundation )
  • MTF Omega-0 Ará Orún ( SCP Foundation )
  • Entity 45 - "Chupavidas" ( The Backrooms )
  • Ghostbur ( DreamSMP )
  • Jasper ( Camp Camp )
  • Charlie the Unicorn Sorcerer/Ghost Charlie ( Charlie The Unicorn )
  • Norwell/The Weasel Guardian ( Charlie The Unicorn )
  • Nyx En Why Ex ( Charlie The Unicorn )
  • GhostToast ( Planet Dolan )
  • Geist ( RWBY )
  • Aron ( ZomCom )
  • Luna ( Bongo and Luna )

Known Objects [ ]

  • Ghost objects ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean )
  • Hollow Hollow Fruit/Horo Horo no Mi ( One Piece )
  • Bubble Brains ( Xiaolin Chronicles )

Known Locations [ ]

  • Ghost Girl's Alley ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable )
  • Green Dolphin Street Prision's Music Room ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part VI: Stone Ocean )

Gallery [ ]

Carrie Krueger (The Amazing World of Gumball)

  • 1 Superpowers
  • 3 Spatial Manipulation

Ghostbusters Wiki


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Supernatural is a live action American television series starring two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel across America in a black 1967 Chevy Impala investigating and combating paranormal events and other unexplained occurrences, many of them based on American urban legends, and folklore, and mythology.

  • 1.1 Season 1
  • 1.2 Season 2
  • 1.3 Season 3
  • 1.4 Season 5
  • 1.5 Season 6
  • 1.6 Season 7
  • 1.7 Season 8
  • 1.8 Season 10
  • 1.9 Season 11
  • 1.10 Season 12
  • 1.11 Season 15

Episodes [ ]

Season 1 [ ].

  • Supernatural: "Hook Man" (October 25, 2005, Season 1) - Dean Winchester calls Sam Winchester "Dr. Venkman" when they talk about the Hook Man being a spirit.
  • Supernatural: "Hell House" (March 30, 2006, Season 1) - Dean Winchester yells out "Who you gonna call?" to get the cops to chase after two wannabe paranormal investigators. Also, the two wannabe paranormal investigators in the episode are named Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler, nods to Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore's names.

Season 2 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "No Exit" (November 2, 2006, Season 2) - When Sam and Dean are checking out the apartment, Dean says, "That's ectoplasm. Well, Sam, I think I know what we're dealing with here. It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."
  • Supernatural: "Roadkill" (March 15, 2007, Season 2) - Molly says the brothers are like Ghostbusters. Dean confirms they are, but without the jumpsuits.

Season 3 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "Ghostfacers" (April 24, 2008, Season 3) - The title of the episode is a nod to Ghostbusters, as well as the return of the characters of Spangler and Zeddmore.
  • Supernatural: "No Rest for the Wicked" (May 15, 2008, Season 3) - While hiding in the police car, Dean says, "This is a terrific plan. I'm excited to be a part of it." This is a reference to Bill Murray's line in Ghostbusters when Egon suggests crossing the streams.

Season 5 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "The Real Ghostbusters" (November 12, 2009, Season 5) - The episode title references the animated series.

Season 6 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "All Dogs Go To Heaven" (November 12, 2010, Season 6) - While at a crime scene, Dean remarks that "this whole thing is just weird". Sam remarks, "Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria." This was the line said by Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters. ( Watch Video Clip )

Season 7 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "Of Grave Importance" (April 20, 2012, Season 7) - Dean mentions Slimer.

Season 8 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "Remember the Titans" (February 27, 2013, Season 8) - Hayley asks Dean and Sam if they're Ghostbusters.
  • Supernatural: "Freaks and Geeks" (March 27, 2013, Season 8) - While pretending to be an FBI agent, Dean tries to get a sheriff to call off an APB and get them security footage of Krissy. He states, "You just crossed streams with a federal investigation."

Season 10 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "Fan Fiction" (November 11, 2014, Season 10) - Dean quotes Bill Murray's line "We came, we saw, we kicked its..." from after Slimer's capture in the first movie is quoted.
  • Supernatural: "Halt & Catch Fire" (February 10, 2015, Season 10) - Delilah asks Dean if he's like the Ghostbusters and he answers, "Sure."

Season 11 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "Form and Void" (October 14, 2015, Season 11) - The Ghostbusters are mentioned in dialogue. When Grandma says she is going to call Father Wyatt, Jenna tells her not to so Grandma then asks "Well, who are we gonna call?" to which Dean responds "Ghostbusters."
  • Supernatural: "Alpha and Omega" (May 25, 2016, Season 11) - Sam and Dean enter Waverly Hills Sanatorium and go to a large room armed with gear to gather ghosts for a weapon. Before they start, Dean quips, "Let's bust some ghosts."

Season 12 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" (March 9, 2017, Season 12) - Sam tells Dean their mom just finished working a haunting in Akron. Dean presumes correctly she was with the British Men of Letters and quotes "Who you gonna call?" then refers to them as Douchebusters.

Season 15 [ ]

  • Supernatural: "Last Holiday" (October 8, 2020, Season 15) - After Dean enters a vampire nest, he quips "Any bloodsuckers in here?", a nod to when Peter first enters the Sedgewick Hotel in the 1984 movie. 20 minutes into the episode, there is a demon killing montage set to "Cleanin' Up The Town." There are also two allusions to the 1984 movie: an entity hanging out near a card catalogue and later klaxon and lights set off when the Men of Letters bunker's boiler is shut down.

See Also [ ]

  • Supernatural Wiki
  • Ghostbusters Tributes, Spoofs, & References

Gallery [ ]

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Paranormal is a category for strange entities and paradoxes that defy our currently-accepted laws of science or reason, yet cannot be easily classified into traditional roles such as ghosts , demons , angels , or undead .

Common examples of supernatural villains, would be extra-dimensional beings or individuals with unexplained powers that cannot be explained by mutation or orthodox magic.

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Supernatural Wiki

The Winchesters season 1 is currently streaming on The CW and HBO Max.

Supernatural Wiki

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  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
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  • 1.1 Background
  • 1.2 Season 13
  • 2 Physical Appearance
  • 3 Powers and Abilities
  • 4 Weaknesses
  • 5 Appearances

History [ ]

Background [ ].

His life prior to his death is unknown, which includes his name, cause of death, and why he became a ghost. Prior to his death, his father gave him a pocket knife. He kept it close too much, to the point that he became very attached to it. After his death, however, his spirit became attached to a pocket knife. Due to being lonely and his longing for attention, he started to become angry (evidenced with high ectoplasm secretion), and sometimes his anger lead him to destroy things and hurt people. But, actually, he didn't want to do this. Eventually, Jay procured the pocket knife. He somehow learned about the existence of the spirit that was attached to the pocket knife and managed to enslave him. By unknown means, Jay began forcing him to attack people to coerce them out of their property. With the spirit's power, Jay was able to cause the place he put the pocket knife to become haunted, and drove the original owner to sell their property to him at an extremely reduced price.

Season 13 [ ]

In Scoobynatural , Jay, wanting to expand his owned properties, targeted Alan 's pawn shop. He planted the pocket knife inside Alan's giant Dinosaur plush. As he planned, the ghost kid was enraged and attacked Alan.

In distress, Alan called Sam and Dean . In a brief fight, Sam and Dean were nearly overwhelmed, but Sam was able to hold it. Dean, using Holy Oil , torch the plush. The plush was later destroyed, but, unknown to them, the pocket knife was still intact. Jay, acted innocently asking people there, pretending to ask if everything was alright. Alan, being saved from this incident, offered the Winchesters to take anything that they wanted for free. Dean later asked for a Plasma TV, which Alan agreed. Jay unknowingly planted the pocket knife to the TV.

In Men of the Letters bunker, Dean install the TV in his so-called "Dean-cave", a section of Men of Letters bunker that he personally set as safe haven and recreation area that he made long time ago without Sam's knowledge. When Dean turned the TV on, the Ghost Kid activated and pulled them into his own dimension.

Sam and Dean manifested as cartoons, and soon realized that the show where they were trapped in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "A Night of Fright Is No Delight". Here they met the Scooby Gang . The Scooby Gang later revealed to Sam and Dean about the recent information that Scooby has become heir of now-dead Colonel Beauregard Sanders, which Scooby saved in the past. Sam and Dean join the gang to the will reading venue in Colonel Sanders mansion. Here, Colonel Sanders revealed about US$ 1 million have been divided to Scooby Doo and rest of Colonel Sanders' family, but only if they willing to stay one night in his haunted mansion. All is going well, but when the "Phantom" (Ghost Kid' manifestation) appear and began killing people in the mansion, including Mr. Simple and Cosgood Creeps , Sam and Dean realized that the story had been corrupted as they were very familiar with most Scooby Doo episodes. Sam also warned Dean that if it wasn't fixed as soon as possible, all of the Scooby Gang and the Winchesters could all be killed for real.

They later met Castiel that was just recently trapped. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and the Scooby Gang managed to work together to solve this case. The Scooby Gang, naively thinking that all of this was tricks of greedy people as they usually encountered, and denying any involvement of supernatural causes. However, after being attacked for real and get real injuries ( Fred gets bloody, Shaggy gets his arm broken, despite his past experiences for having various accidents that normally killed people in real life and still alive after that), the Scooby Gang started to wonder what's wrong happened there. Sam, Dean, and Castiel later revealed that the "Phantom" is real ghost, not the fake ones that the Scooby gang always encountered. Shocked from the revelation, the Scooby Gang started to having mental breakdown. Dean later reminds them about their successes in the past for solving cases. They later managed to work together again to end the "Phantom" problem. Fred, Shaggy, Scooby, Velma, and Daphne managed to set trap as usually they do, while Sam, Dean, and Castiel devised means for trapping the ghost. After the trap was set, Velma later sent Shaggy, Scooby, and Castiel to act as bait for luring "Phantom". However, the plan went awry when "Phantom" reacted with iron chain that supposedly tripped him, but get burned instead. When "Phantom" suddenly became incorporeal again, all the trap mechanism backfired and hit Shaggy, Scooby, and Castiel. Dean, knowing that Fred trap not working for real ghost, initiating Plan B that involving trapdoor in the house. The "Phantom" successfully trapped in salt circle trap.

Frustrated for being trapped, the "Phantom" reverted, revealing his true nature: a child ghost. The Ghost Kid revealed to Sam, Dean, and Castiel that the true culprit was Jay, who had been exploited his rage of being in solitude for did his bidding. The Ghost Kid also revealed that his soul tied to his pocket knife, an item that he attached along his lifetime.

Knowing such revelation will more shocking to Scooby Gang, and lead them into panic attack, Sam and Dean asked to him to change his shape to Cosgood Creeps, and telling them their usual version of the truth, restoring the original storyline as usually done in Scooby Doo episodes (Greedy people using tricks to drive out other people, so enabling them to possess of large amount of wealth which is not his right). Dean also promised to freed him from Jay enslavement. After the revelation, Sam, Dean, and Castiel later parted their way with the Scooby Gang. After the story fixed, the Ghost Kid, Sam, Dean, and Castiel return to main world.

After arriving to their world, Dean managed to get a sledgehammer and a torch. He destroyed his new TV and pick the knife pocket. He later tossed it to Sam. The Ghost Kid spirit appeared and saying goodbye. The Ghost Kid later asked how about the man who enslaved him. Dean tell him to not worry, as they will take care of the rest. Sam later incinerates the pocket knife, putting his spirit to rest.

Physical Appearance [ ]

He is a young ghost boy who has Caucasian skin with freckles on his cheeks and short auburn hair.

He wears a white shirt with red long sleeves along with blue jeans and black-and-white shoes.

When the ghost boy is first seen in the cartoon world, his appearance was all white.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Due to the high amount of rage and frustration of his need of attention, this ghost was quite powerful despite his childish appearance.

  • Flight - He was able to fly in his more monstrous form. While in his child form, he was able to levitate in midair.
  • Possession - He could possess inanimate objects his pocket knife was stuck into like a large dinosaur plushie or a TV.
  • Shapeshifting - He could shapeshift himself into a monstrous, black cloaked form and back into his original form. He could also take on the form of a tied up Cosgood Creeps to trick the Scooby Gang.
  • Thermokinesis - His presence in a room caused the temperature to drop.
  • Electrokinesis - His presence in a room cause the lights to flicker.
  • Portal Creation - While possessing Dean's new TV, he was able to pull the Winchesters, Castiel and the Impala into an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! and later return them to the real world.
  • Ectoplasm Secretion - Being an angry ghost, he can secrete unusually high amount of Ectoplasm , enough to fill a toy chest. His ectoplasm color is also unusual, being black with purple sparks though that was likely an effect of being in the cartoon world.
  • Telekinesis - He was able to throw adults with his mind. He levitated Shaggy Rogers midair telekinetically, before sending him crashing through a window.
  • Super Strength - With a single blow, he was able to fling Fred Jones into a marble bust hard enough to shatter the bust.
  • Intangibility - He was able to pass through doors and walls unhindered.
  • Invisibility - As a ghost, he was naturally invisible in the real world though he possessed the ability to become visible at will.

Weaknesses [ ]

  • Salt - Like all ghosts, he could be affected by salt. A salt circle was able to trap him and he couldn't break free on his own.
  • Iron - He can be wounded using iron. Sam and Dean were able to harm him by hitting him with iron candlesticks, causing him to temporarily retreat while touching an iron chain burned him.
  • Destroying His Pocket Knife - As he was attached to his pocket knife, melting it was enough to put him to rest.

Appearances [ ]

  • Scoobynatural
  • When he was put to rest, the ghost went up in flames, but turned into a ball of light that traveled upwards towards Heaven . This is a combination of what happens when a ghost's remains are burned and what happens when they move on peacefully.
  • As melting his pocket knife was enough to put him to rest, the boy was presumably cremated after he died.
  • 1 Dean Winchester
  • 3 Jack Kline (Nephilim)

5.09 The Real Ghostbusters

  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Definitions
  • 6 Trivia & References
  • 8 Sides, Scripts & Transcripts
  • 9 Promotion
  • 10 Episode Meta

Following a text message from Chuck , Sam and Dean arrive at a hotel, which is the site for a Supernatural fan convention. They find out that it was their over-enthusiastic fan Becky Rosen who sent the message, and have to deal with several Sam and Dean wannabes participating in a fictitious ghost hunt.

After a convention attendee is seriously injured by real ghosts, the Winchester brothers start researching and find out that there's a real ghost haunting the hotel, whose name is Leticia Gore . Gore, who supposedly killed four children by scalping them, was the orphanage caretaker. Together with two copycat Winchesters, Demian and Barnes , they set out to find Leticia's bones to salt and burn them.

When accomplishing their task, they accidentally set the ghosts of the boys free. They find out that in fact the three boys killed Leticia's son and that only the caretaker was able to keep them under control. With Leticia gone the ghosts lock all participants in the hotel and wreak havoc on them. Sam and Dean ask Chuck to keep everyone in the auditorium while they deal with the ghosts, using an actress/Hooters waitress to assume the role of Leticia Gore in order to control the children's ghosts.

However, the plan fails when her cell phone rings, identifying her as a human. The ghosts attack Sam and Dean, but are destroyed by Demian and Barnes, who were able to salt and burn the children's bones just in time.

Upon leaving the hotel, Demain and Barnes give Dean a pep-talk about why being Sam and Dean isn't so bad and don't believe him when he introduces himself as the real Dean. Becky turns her obsession to Chuck and reveals to Sam that in Chuck's book Time Is on My Side, Bela didn't give the Colt to Lilith , she gave it to a demon named Crowley , giving Sam and Dean their first real lead on the Colt.

  • Sam Winchester
  • Dean Winchester
  • Chuck Shurley
  • Becky Rosen
  • Demian and Barnes
  • Leticia Gore
  • Ghost Children


  • Acting in Unison
  • Dean's Amulet
  • Dean's Leather Jacket
  • Hook Man Legend
  • John's Journal
  • Meta Episodes
  • Puppy Dog Eyes
  • Queer and Gender Diverse Characters
  • The Supernatural Books
  • Television Without Pity
  • "Topsy Turvy" by The Bughouse Five
  • "Trouble Baby" by The Bughouse Five
  • "Whiskey" by Swank
  • "Ain't Got Nobody" by Hound Dog Taylor and the HouseRockers
  • "Ring-a-Ling" by Miss Eighty 6

Sam & Dean: See what?

Chuck: I...yeah, I really don't know.

Sam: Yeah Chuck, we know.

Dean: Great. We got a real ghost, and we got a bunch of dudes pretending to be us poking at it. Sam: No way this ends well.

Barnes: Because we're fans. Like you. Dean: No. I am not a fan, okay. Not fans. In fact, I think that the Dean and Sam story sucks. It is not fun. It is not entertaining. It is a river of crap that would send most people howling to the nut house. So you listen to me. Their pain is not for your amusement. I mean do you think they enjoy being treated like... like circus freaks? Demian: Uh...I don't think they care, because they're fictional characters! Dean: Oh they care. Believe me. They care a lot.

Chuck: Yeah Sam. Sorry. Becky: Will you be all right?

Chuck: Wow. Really? Sam: No not really. We have guns and we'll find you.

Trivia & References

Leticia Gore Actress: Busy. Dean: Well you sure look lovely tonight. Especially for a dead chick. Leticia Gore Actress: Buddy, I have heard that line 17 times tonight, okay? And all from dudes wearing MacGyver jackets.

Hotel Manager: Look, I don't have time to play Star Wars , guys. Go ask the guy in the ascot.

Leticia Gore Actress: I work at Hooters, in Toledo. No, you can forget it. Sam: You'll be safe, we promise. This is really important.

  • 1.11 Scarecrow - Someone is LARPing as the Scarecrow .
  • 1.05 Bloody Mary - Someone is LARPing as Mary Worthington AKA Bloody Mary .
  • 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown - Someone is LARPing as a clown AKA a Rakshasa .
  • 1.13 Route 666 - There's a mug with a "Route 666" numbered highway symbol printed on it.
  • 1.07 Hook Man - Fritz is LARPing as Jacob Karns AKA the Hook Man .
  • Some of the other LARPers are LARPing as a black-eyed Demon , Bobby Singer , Ash , and Azazel .
Jared and Jensen always say to us like the joke is they always say to me and Bob , “Why don’t Sam and Dean have bungee cords on their wrists?” For the amount of times that guns and knives are knocked out of their hands. Here’s a good game, count how many times Sam and Dean lose their weapon and the reason we do it is a really important blocking reason, they’d be stupid to walk in unarmed but we still have to put them in enough danger for the bad guy to monologue or to feel like they’re in danger before someone else unexpectedly walks in with the weapon that the other person dropped.

Demian: Where's the body buried, kid? We'll light her up nice and toasty.

Sides, Scripts & Transcripts

  • 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters (transcript)
  • The Real Ghostbusters Script with Director's notes (Production Draft)
  • The Real Ghostbusters Technical Package
  • Casting Call
  • Episode Synopsis
  • Interview with McG from AfterElton

Episode Meta

  • 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters: I’m Not Sure You Get What The Story’s About by bardicvoice (November 2009); archive link , spn-heavymeta
  • Bond, Silvia. 2009. Because That's What Sam and Dean Would Do: "The Real Ghostbusters" Season 5, Episode 9. Pink Raygun , November 17; archive link , spn-heavymeta
  • Chan, Suzette. 2009. Supernatural Talk: Tarts talk about Supernatural 5.09: The Real Ghostbusters . Sequential Tart , January 4; archive link

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    A ghost or spirit remains connected to the mortal realm because it is attached to it through unfinished business or an unwillingness to move on. [1] They may, as Dean nearly did and Bobby as well, refuse to accompany their reaper who is tasked to help them move on.

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    Ghosts Category page Edit Ghosts are human souls who refused to pass on when there time came and are thus doomed to walk the earth until put to rest by a hunter. However in some cases the nature of being a ghost isn't the human's fault and is caused by the intervention of another being. Trending pages Dean Winchester Sam Winchester Bobby Singer

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  8. Hell Ghosts

    Hell ghosts are like normal ghosts, which are the spirits of people who remain connected to the mortal realm, but as souls from Hell they can either manifest as ghosts or inhabit corpses, reanimating them as zombies. All the souls from Hell were released by Chuck / God, who decided to end the world after killing Jack Kline.

  9. Phantom Ghost Kid

    The "Phantom" was the ghost of a young boy who had become attached to a pocket knife that was given to him by his father. When real estate developer Jay learned of the boy, he began forcing him to attack people to coerce them out of their property.

  10. List of Supernatural episodes

    Supernatural is an American supernatural drama television series, created by Eric Kripke, that follows brothers Sam ( Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester ( Jensen Ackles) as they travel throughout the United States hunting supernatural creatures.

  11. Bobby Singer

    in: Humans, Ghosts, Hunters, and 25 more English Bobby Singer Edit Bobby Singer Seasons 1 - 11, 15, The Winchesters Species Human Vengeful Spirit (briefly) Status Deceased (killed by Dick Roman, spirit put to rest by Dean Winchester) Soul exists in Heaven Title/Alias Bob Willis Castle Occupation Hunter Affiliation Singer Family Winchester Family

  12. Supernatural: Every Time A Character Returned After Their Death

    Supernatural 's Sam Winchester died eight times over the 15 seasons of the show. His first death came in "All Hell Breaks Loose," the two-part finale of season 2, when Jake Talley stabs him. Dean brings his brother back after making a deal with a crossroads demon. Sam dies again in season 4 when he is hit by lightning.

  13. 3.13 Ghostfacers

    5 Quotes 6 Trivia & References 7 Minutiae 8 Sides, Scripts & Transcripts 9 Promotion 10 Episode Meta Synopsis Sam and Dean work a case at the same place where the boys from Hell Hound's Lair, Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler, are shooting the pilot for their reality show Ghostfacers.

  14. Ghostfacers

    Ghost Hunters Status Disbanded Founder (s) Harry Spangler Ed Zeddmore Leader (s) Harry Spangler Ed Zeddmore Date of establishment 2000s Date of disbandment 2010s The Ghostfacers were a team of fearless ghost hunters who investigate other-worldly sightings and record their hard-hitting adventures for the education and enlightenment of the masses.

  15. Ghost Physiology

    The Orphans (Supernatural) became ghosts after their deaths. Power/Ability to: Use the traits of a ghost. "They surround us all the time. Most of them can't hurt us. Most don't even want to hurt us. But there are exceptions." ― Dennis (Thir13en Ghosts) "I was afraid of death. I chose to remain behind.

  16. Supernatural

    Supernatural refers to phenomena or entities that are beyond the laws of nature. The term is derived from Medieval Latin supernaturalis, from Latin super-(above, beyond, or outside of) + natura (nature). ... such as a ghost, fairy, jinn, or angel.

  17. Revenant

    1 Characteristics 1.1 Differences from common ghosts 2 Vulnerabilities 3 Appearances Characteristics Differences from common ghosts Ignorance - Probably the most important and key element that makes a ghost a revenant is that they do not know or believe they are dead.

  18. Supernatural

    Supernatural is a live action American television series starring two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who travel across America in a black 1967 Chevy Impala investigating and combating paranormal events and other unexplained occurrences, many of them based on American urban legends, and folklore, and mythology. Supernatural: "Hook Man" (October 25, 2005, Season 1) - Dean Winchester calls Sam ...

  19. Ghost Sickness

    Ghost sickness is spread by a specific class of spirit known as the buruburu. First, one must have physical contact with the ghost's body or the body of a ghost sickness victim. Second, one must share a specific personality trait with the original killer of the buruburu.

  20. Category:Paranormal

    Paranormal is a category for strange entities and paradoxes that defy our currently-accepted laws of science or reason, yet cannot be easily classified into traditional roles such as ghosts, demons, angels, or undead . Common examples of supernatural villains, would be extra-dimensional beings or individuals with unexplained powers that cannot ...

  21. Ghostfacers

    Infiltration Face Time Members Harry Spengler & Ed Zeddmore Harry & Ed are self proclaimed "professional" paranormal investigators and co-runners of the website Hell Hound's Lair and star in their reality series show Ghostfacers together. Spruce Kenny Spruce (full name: Kenneth Warren Spruce) is a cameraman with the Ghostfacers team.

  22. Ghost

    In folklore, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or non-human animal that is believed to be able to appear to the living. In ghostlore, descriptions of ghosts vary widely, from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes to realistic, lifelike forms.

  23. Ghost Kid

    Ghost ( Vengeful Spirit) Human (formerly) Status Deceased (unknown cause, spirit put to rest by Sam Winchester) Title/Alias Phantom Affiliation Jay (formerly; unwillingly) Family Unnamed father Portrayed by Kegan Frith

  24. 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters

    Ghost Children Definitions Acting in Unison Alcohol Clowns