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Chapter 4 Substories

Yakuza 6: the song of life  — guide and walkthrough (ps4).


Guide and Walkthrough (PS4) by CyricZ

Official GameFAQs Guide

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Table of Contents

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  • Introduction
  • Basic Controls
  • Hints & Tips
  • Exploring Japan
  • Kamurocho, Tokyo
  • Jingaicho, Onomichi
  • Important Characters
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Combat and Abilities
  • Basic Combat
  • Stats, Upgrades, and Heat Actions
  • Grinding Experience
  • Story Walkthrough
  • Chapter 1 - The Price of Freedom
  • Chapter 2 - Life Blooms Anew
  • Chapter 3 - Foreign Influence
  • Chapter 4 - Deception
  • Chapter 5 - Masked
  • Chapter 6 - Footsteps
  • Chapter 7 - Heihaizi
  • Chapter 8 - Conspiracy
  • Chapter 9 - Disappearance
  • Chapter 10 - Blood Law
  • Chapter 11 - Father and Son
  • Chapter 12 - The Sleeping Giant
  • Finale - The Unforgiven
  • Clan Creator
  • Building a Clan
  • Basics of Clan Battles
  • Clan Leaders
  • Clan Missions
  • Clan Creator Codes
  • Chapter 1 Substories
  • Chapter 5 Substories
  • Chapter 6 Substories
  • Chapter 7 Substories
  • Final Substory
  • Cabaret Club
  • City Exploration
  • Food Combinations
  • Prayers and Offerings
  • Black Market Dealers
  • Spirit Photography
  • Arcade: Fantasy Zone
  • Arcade: Out Run
  • Arcade: Puyo Puyo
  • Arcade: Space Harrier
  • Arcade: Super Hang-On
  • Arcade: Virtua Fighter 5 FS
  • Batting Center
  • Spearfishing
  • Vending Machine Drinks
  • New Game + and Premium Adventure
  • Standard Guide Stuff
  • E-mail Guidelines
  • Version History
  • The Final Word

Many of these substories become available the first time you're able to leave Haruto and move on your own. There are also six Baseball substories and three Spearfishing substories that become available when the time switches to daytime.

#25 - The Fools Who Dream

At the Ryunan Shrine are a woman and a girl arguing. The woman will leave and the girl, Misa, will start crying. As you approach her, agree to listen. Turns out she's going to be an idol, yet she's in love with her senpai, a losing combination, since idols are forbidden to date. So of course, Kiryu tells her to forget about him. I'm kidding, of course. Tell her "Go tell him how you feel" and she'll agree to that. Leave the area and come back when the blue marker returns to the map and you'll find her with her sweetie. Some bozos will waltz up and start making the moves on the girl, and the senpai will leg it like the coward he is. Beat down the bad guys and you'll learn that it was all a ruse put on both by Endo and senpai to get Misa to go to Tokyo and forget about him. With the fight ended, you'll get an Expensive Leather Belt . Turns out Misa heard all that and runs off. Chase her down to the south end of the map where the marker is and you'll find her. Tell her "Everyone just wants you to succeed" and you'll end the substory. Later, once you start Baseball , go to the Shopping Center and you'll see senpai standing around in his gray coat. Talk to him and you'll be able to get him on your team.

#26 - Sins of the Father

Head down the Second Hill path and you'll find two older people talking to each other. The man is trying to talk the woman, Mie, from getting involved with a group called "Munan Chohept Onast". If you've played some of the recent games, I think you'll know where this is going, but agree to hear out the old man's story. Turns out he knows that MCO is a cult that bleeds people dry of their money. He asks if you can help him get Mie out. Agree to help and you'll be told to find some women handing out fliers near the train tracks. Approach and say "I want to join the Order of Munan Chohept Onast." You'll head inside and go through some scenes being introduced to the cult. Eventually, you'll be given a little quiz. Respond with "Hept-onast", "Kulipaas", "Munan Akamatsu", and "Re-education". If you get all the questions right, you'll be given a Staminan Royale. If you get some wrong, you'll get a Staminan XX or a Staminan X. This all leads up to the battle with Munan Akamatsu. Bust him down and you'll get an Eye of the Dragon for your trouble.

#28 - The Curse of Onimichi

This is a nighttime only substory. Walk through the cemetery in the north part of town and you'll be accosted by an odd apparition. Beat up the "ghost" and Kiryu will wake up. You'll be approached by the local gravekeeper and he'll tell you the legend of the pirate ghosts of Onomichi. Your job now is to leave and come back to this area multiple times. A blue marker will appear when you're able to return and get into a fight, and you can only do them at night. The second and third fights are against two ghosts, while the fourth and fifth are against three ghosts. After the fifth fight, return to the cemetery and the gravekeeper will thank you, ending the substory.

#29 - Oh No! It's Ono Michio!

Head to the Central Shopping District and you should spot a large orange on the ground. Approach it and you'll learn the tale behind Ono Michio-kun, the mascot of Onomichi. The promoter mentions he's without an actor, and of course, Kiryu must assume the role. Agree to help out, and you'll be taught the myriad activities that you're expected to do as Ono Michio. Soon some kids will run up. "Introduce Yourself Passionately", then "Nice to michi!", then "Oh no!", then once the talk show starts, "Onomichi ramen-michi!", then "Oh no!" Finally, you'll tear down four punks looking to ruin the dreams of children. You'll get a Fighter's Binding as a reward.

#32 - The Girl Who Leapt Through Time?

Walk along the Hilltop Path north of the cemetery and Kiryu will be approached by a young woman claiming to be from a year in the future. Kiryu will be mildly unimpressed with this and walk off, but she'll ask if he has any questions. Say "If you insist" and ask any of the questions offered. This all seems to go nowhere. Still she'll want you to believe her. Respond however you want and Kiryu will leave. Head down to the Pedestrian Footbridge on the north end and you'll find her in that spot now, in a considerable worry. Agree to hear her story to learn about a situation she's trying to prevent. Her father will show up and walk into some thugs who will try to shake him down. Step in and watch Kiryu declare he will change history. Mash the bad guys up and you'll end the substory.

#33 - A Freaky Situation

From the west side of National Route 2, head under the pass and up the stairs to the Ryunan Shrine. As you head up, a young couple will tumble down the steps. As Kiryu helps them to their feet, an odd occurrence will transpire, providing you're not familiar with the Japanese film "Tenkousei" from 1982. The two teens have switched bodies. Once the initial hijinx is over, head up the stairs and speak to Kazumi-in-Kazuo. Oh, turns out it was all a work. Kazuo and Kazumi came up with this ruse so they could stay together. That said, they probably didn't account for her butler and a bunch of thugs coming to beat Kazuo up. You'll pitch in, as you do, and beat up the pile of goons. Muranaka is the greatest fighter among them, so take care. Afterwards, you'll learn that Muranaka knew all along that it was an act, and wanted to test their resolve. The substory will end now.

#34 - Assemble the Team

This substory can only be started during the daytime. Walk along the shoreline east of your apartment and you'll come across Chiba of the Setouchi Warriors. Since your little run-in with the Hirose boys, some of the team have fled, so Kiryu kinda feels responsible for the team being shot on players. Head to a taxi and go to the Baseball Field. Complete the first game. You will be defeated, but you'll be made captain of the Warriors. More is explained in the Baseball section, but for now, this closes out the substory.

#35 - We Need a Ringer

After completing Substory #34, go back to the Baseball Field and you'll get the idea to recruit some new players. Chiba gets the idea of Moritsuka, a pitcher, but he's probably getting drunk right now. Head back to town and head to the blue marker in Hana-no-kubo. Beat down Moritsuka and Chiba will show up with some encouragement to get him on the team. Not only does this get you Moritsuka, but you can now start recruiting other players from around Onomichi.

#36 - The Sweet Taste of Victory

After completing Substory #35, go to the field and your goal here is to win your first game. It's not impossible to win even with the base team, since you're going up against a weaker team than before. In fact, I'd almost say you're guaranteed to win, because otherwise you're not going to really get anywhere with the team.

#37 - Decisive Battle! Jingai Thunders

Once you secure your first win, the Thunders main team will want a piece of you. Personally, I suggest building up your team a little through the Conditional Games under the Reserves, and using play and training to get your main lineup to at least Level 2, including a relief pitcher. It should be enough to put away the Thunders.

#38 - The Throne of Onomichi

Your next Baseball challenge is against the Onomichi Legends, a team entirely of former pros. I'd suggest your team be at least Level 3 collectively, and have a lot of good players recruited. Wouldn't hurt if a couple were at Level 4, like your pitcher.

#39 - True Bonds

Once you beat the Legends, the Kanamizawa Gorgeous will challenge you, a team led by some punk who basically bought pros from all over the world. They're a deadly team. Make sure you have your people up to at least Level 5, but don't be afraid to go higher. Once you defeat the team, return to the Navy Apartments and Kanamizawa will be there. Speak to him to have him join the Kiryu Clan .

#47 - The Old Man and the Sea

This can only be done in the daytime. Go to the end of the Ferry Dock and look at the fish piled up. You'll talk to Isao, who will offer you to join in celebrating his catch. Once that's over, head back to the Dock and talk to Isao. He'll have busted his leg, and you'll help get him to the hospital. As a result, you'll have to take over fishing duties for him. Speak to Isao again and you'll get directly involved in Spearfishing . Complete the course and defeat the Emperor Squid at the end to complete the substory and get a High Impact Speargun .

#48 - World's Best Octopus

Once you complete Substory #47, you'll notice a guy hanging out near Isao and Amano. He's a baseball player who wants to taste the most delicious octopus. At this point, the second course, the Sunken Labyrinth, will be added to your list in Spearfishing. Head in and complete that course, defeating the Delicious Octopus, to get Gorchev on your team and a High-capacity Speargun .

#49 - Deep Blue Sea

Once you complete Substory #48, Isao and Amano will have a fight about the Bloody Shark, the shark that hurt Isao's leg and took Amano's father. Kiryu, naturally, offers to take it out for them. This is the third and final course, the Dragon's Den. Be ready to go out and fight. I suggest being at least Level 4. Once you defeat the Bloody Shark, you'll complete the substory and get a Modded Speargun .

#50 - Crisis Management Professional

You can start this now, but can only complete it in Chapter 5. Head to the Taxi Stand in the northeast near the Ropeway Station and you'll see a dude on the ground in army fatigues. Anyone who has played Yakuza 4 or 5 will remember this guy. He'll beg you for a "tonkatsu bento". What he means is a Bento Lunch Set (Pork). Unfortunately, you can't find that in Onomichi, so if you didn't have the foresight to grab one in Kamurocho before coming, you'll have to wait until you go back. Once you do come back, give him the bento and he'll introduce himself as Saigo, Crisis Management Professional. In short, he wants to fight you. Beat him down and he'll want to continue fighting. Much like Sodachi in Kamurocho, he'll show up wandering around as a Trouble Mission, so beat him down in that way. Once you defeat him twice, and once you unlock Clan Creator in Chapter 5, he'll call you back to the Ropeway Station. Face him there and he'll join your clan.

yakuza 6 ghost pirate

Yakuza 6 hides the ghosts of dead characters in camera photos

Yakuza players made a freaky discovery this weekend

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Yakuza players are discovering that you can see ghosts of deceased characters while taking photos.

The discovery appears to have come about over the past weekend, when the post below surfaced on the official Yakuza subreddit. In the post itself, a player notices that in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, a mysterious figure haunts all the selfies they take within the New Serena bar.

While some players are bewildered at this figure, others are quick to point out that it's actually the ghost of Akira Nishikiyama, deceased former friend-turned-enemy of Kazuma Kiryu. It turns out that there are actually plenty of ghosts you can see in Yakuza 6 through taking selfies in certain areas of the game.

But if you want to capture them with a photo, you need to have a photo corresponding to a deceased character. There are actually photos of 10 deceased characters scattered throughout Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, in the Kamurocho and Ono Michi areas of the game. If you can find a photo of a particular character, you can head to a certain location and capture their ghost through your camera (and you can head over to this handy fan-made guide on every photo location for more).

This is a bizarre detail from developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, and it's one that's seriously easy to miss. You might assume that the photos are merely mementos of deceased allies and enemies of Kiryu, but perhaps they hold a more sinister purpose in Yakuza 6. Is it a creepy easter egg for players to uncover, or a stark reminder of just how many people Kiryu's lost in his life? 

If you're also a veteran of the Yakuza series, why not read up on our of how Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, and Yakuza set new standards for in-game tattoos .

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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life review

Kiryu's final chapter hits hard

After I completed Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life , I don't think I recovered for weeks. It was almost new year's day, and I watched as it faded to black, the roll of the credits followed by the tinkle of piano. It hit me then: that was it, Kiryu's chapter had come to a close. As the music swelled, I remember thinking about all the great times I had shared with my buff boy. "Man, what a journey", I thought to myself, "but what a send-off."

And now I've revisited the action-RPG on PC, I'm not surprised at my response. This is easily the most intimate Yakuza game of the lot. There's no bouncing around different playable beefcakes, or upholding your position in Japan's criminal underworld; the focus is on family, and punching anyone who dares threaten them - as is Kiryu's way.

Yakuza 6's plot is immediately compelling, even if you're new to Kazuma Kiryu's punch-laden saga. After a three year stint in prison, he discovers that his adoptive daughter, Haruka, has gone missing. He returns to Kamurocho, only to find that she's been left in a coma after a hit-and-run. But there's one more bombshell: she's got a baby son called Haruto. In a state of confusion, he hoists Haruto into his arms and travels to the seaside city of Onomichi in search of answers.

yakuza 6 ghost pirate

And it's this switch-up from the hustle and bustle of Kamurocho to the quaint shores of Onomichi which sets Yakuza 6 apart from the rest. You'll flit between the two on occasion, but a large portion of the game is set in this peaceful port town. I adored its hushed streets and lazy orange glow, so much so I never wanted to leave. When the time did arrive, though, it elevated Kamurocho from a familiar crash of noise into a welcome injection of pace.

I reckon I became so attached to Onomichi because it felt like I'd started a new life there. I'd rocked up as a clueless Kiryu desperately in search of baby's milk to calm a bawling Haruto, and as I built relationships with the locals, they helped me transform into a fully-fledged dad who had no trouble getting a big smile off his adoptive son. (Technically grandson, I guess, but still.)

And Yakuza 6 had me grinning, too, not only because I'd seen Kiryu morph into a loving father, but because he was allowed to do so without a technical hitch; the game ran really well on PC. It has multiple frame rate options, with a slider that lets you jump between 30, 60, 120, and unlimited. I opted for trusty 60 fps, and I didn't experience any performance issues. If you've got a 4K monitor then you can crank the resolution right up too, although I only played at 1920 x 1080 with my RTX 2070. I found the higher quality presets available for PC gave environments and characters more presence compared to the PS4 version, too.

yakuza 6 ghost pirate

Onomichi's self-contained nature also makes Yakuza 6 the cleanest of the lot. And by this, I mean that it doesn't dump you into the midst of a plot thick with characters and motives and betrayals. Some previous Yakuza games felt like I'd sprinted after them the entire time, while questions tumbled out of my open backpack. Here I jogged alongside with ease, and comfortably matched its increasing pace.

By placing Kiryu in a setting largely detached from his past, I wasn't only able to keep up with Yakuza 6's story, I was also able to breathe, and to see a different, more vulnerable side to a character that I'd marked down as invincible. Yes, Kiryu was still a hulking mass of taut muscle fiber, but I liked that I could finally see him soften as he offloaded his worries to new friends, or imparted sage advice to a younger, greedier generation of yakuza.

But, though the Dragon of Dojima may have revealed a tender side, there were still plenty of heads to crunch and bikes to buckle. Yakuza 6's beat 'em up combat will be instantly familiar to longtime fans. You string together basic combos to bruise groups of thugs until you can pop your special Heat actions: flashy moves that'll let you fold enemies in two or pound them into dust. Uppercutting suits into the stratosphere felt as satisfying as ever, but as the game wore on I did become tired of enacting the same animations over and over (and over) again.

yakuza 6 ghost pirate

I missed the multiple fighting styles of previous Yakuza games, where I could flit between sweeping clotheslines and rapid fists of fury; they felt wonderfully chaotic. In Yakuza 6, the combat felt too streamlined, like after all these years Kiryu had solidified an unbeatable style which suited his needs, but wasn't nearly as fun for us to control. It was the one thing that made me long for a return to his wild and unpredictable days.

Thankfully, my interest in Yakuza 6's substories never wavered. I fought some actual ghost pirates, thwarted a sentient virus on my phone, and dressed up as Onomichi's mascot - an orange-headed humanoid who wears a ramen bowl as a hat - to entertain some local kids. They are gloriously at odds with the seriousness of the plot and will genuinely make you belly laugh, but are just as likely to make you reach for a hanky. And if you've played any of the previous games, a number of emotional reunions await.

It's a shame that Yakuza 6's other side-activities aren't quite as strong as previous games. Much like the combat, they felt a bit trimmed down. There's plenty to crack on with, but I never checked my watch to find I'd lost hundreds of hours to a game within a game. The closest I got to this was with Clan Wars, a simple RTS mini-game where you lead an army of yakuza units into battle against enemy armies led by actual, real-life Japanese pro-wrestlers.

Although, I'm nitpicking here really. Yakuza 6 is an excellent standalone adventure for newcomers and a brilliant send off for Kiryu without the clutter of the other yakuza games, for better and for worse. I'm just happy I can hang out again with my favourite yakuza dad, who now smoulders at max settings.

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yakuza 6 ghost pirate

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Nightmare Fuel / Yakuza 6

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  • Even more creepy is the fact that the said graveyard is in a central place in the map and just simply strolling through it in nighttime while doing the main quest is enough to trigger the first encounter with a ghost. Thanks to the abundance of uniform column headstones, even walking through the area when the substories aren't active, with just the sound of the sea in the distance to accompany you, can definitely be a bit unnerving.
  • Sohei Dojima's ghost has two appearances where it's his corpse after getting shot and killed by Nishiki. The upper right corner of Theater Avenue right before Shichifuku Street has the photo show a close-up of his dead face. The seemingly empty warehouse in Nakamichi Alley just south of the safe will shows more of his lifeless corpse.
  • Nishiki's ghost in front of the counter in New Serena appears as a close-up of him right after stabbing Matsushige to death and being covered in Matsushige's blood with a deranged look in his oddly pale eyes.
  • Ihara's ghost in front of the dumpster and bicycle in New Serena's back alley appears as a close-up of his corpse after getting shot in the head by Arai.
  • Less gruesome than the other examples but can still be startling. Yoshitaka Mine's ghost appears south of the Smile Burger at Theater Square. It shows a close-up of his enraged face shouting while his hand is reaching and grasping something unseen. It's taken from that time he stabbed an underling's hand with a butter knife and grabbed their head yelling at him for badmouthing Daigo.
  • Joon-gi Han's introduction. What appears as an incredibly charming, sexy and charismatic man on the surface is actually a violently unhinged and brutally sadistic lunatic who proceeds to sear his subordinate's face on a grill just for turning his guests at the door . And the said subordinate was a host in Club Stardust, meaning that with first degree burns in his face, he is unable to work there anymore.
  • The Shangri La Hangman. What in god's name even IS he!? For starters, he's wearing the attire of a luchador, complete with mask and singlet. Said singlet also has a cutout for his bare ass, indicating that it's some kind of BDSM getup with a lucha libre theme. Weirdest of all is what's in his mouth. An EYEBALL. How did it end up there? Did the Hangman bite some poor sod's eye out, or did it just grow in his mouth? There's also a version where his getup is red, aptly named "Redman".
  • Just the mere extent of how badly the Saio Triad wants Haruto dead can qualify. To see them pulling out all the stops to take a defenseless Haruto away from Kiryu and kill him over a single tradition is highly alarming. Friendly reminder: Haruto is a baby . It's even worse for anyone playing who is a parent themselves.
  • During the battle against Toru Hirose, the same kindly, slightly goofy old man who's been with you the whole game, there's one QTE when his health is close to depleted where he abruptly disappears, only to just as abruptly shoot up from right in front of Kiryu going for his throat. There is absolutely no explanation for how he is able to do this, other than being that damn good as an assassin. Puts into perspective just who you're up against.
  • NightmareFuel/Like a Dragon
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • NightmareFuel/Video Games

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yakuza 6 ghost pirate

Dead characters have been spotted in ‘Yakuza 6’ ghost selfies

Yakuza 6. Image credit: 'picagirlisginger' on Reddit / Sony

Yakuza 6 players have recently made a terrifying discovery, as ghostly apparitions began showing up in the background of camera photos.

  • READ MORE: There’s never been a better time to play the ‘Yakuza’ series than on Game Pass

A Reddit user posted a photo with the caption “why’s this figure appearing everytime I take a selfie with mama?” The photo showed protagonist Kiryu taking a selfie in the New Serena bar, with the ghost of a dead friend photobombing at an angle.

Umm… guys, why’s this figure appearing everytime I take a selfie with mama? from yakuzagames

Fans have since discovered this is the face of Akira Nishikiyama, a former friend of Kiryu’s who later became an enemy. He is just one of many of Kiryu’s comrades who died during the course of the Yakuza games, and who can be “summoned” through these creepy images.

For  Yakuza fans wanting to conjure these images on purpose, they must first find photo cards scattered around Kamurocho. There are ten to collect, and after visiting the location shown on each one, players can take a photo with the ghostly apparition.

One player has even made a guide to each location, to help others find that perfect photo opportunity. Once the location has been found, players must wait for their controller to vibrate slightly, signalling a presence, and then take a photo at that moment to get the shot.

In other news, Alice series creator American McGee has released a “full narrative outline” of the long-awaited Alice: Asylum on Patreon .

He also tweeted back in July that the return of Dead Space may get fans a little closer to seeing Alice: Asylum . “While I (and Alice fans) would have liked the next EA horror project to be a new ‘Alice ’ game… this does at least move us forward in line,” he said.

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yakuza 6 ghost pirate

Yakuza 6 Hides Ghosts of Dead Characters In Photos

  • August 23, 2021

Well, it looks like somebody got a little Fatal Frame in Yakuza 6 according to this freaky easter egg that players have been discovering over this weekend. This all started with a post to the Yakuza subreddit in which a player found that a spooky image seems to appear every time they tried to take a photo in the New Serena bar.

Umm… guys, why’s this figure appearing everytime I take a selfie with mama? from yakuzagames

The Serena bar, later the New Serena ,  has had a long history in the Yakuza franchise, first appearing in the original game years ago, and all subsequent games where Kazuma Kiryu was the lead character. It often severed as a base of operations for him, including during Yakuza 2   while it was closed following the death of its previous owner in the game prior. Needless to say, it has its fair share of bodies associated with it.

The spooky specter in question is another body associated with the location, and Kiryu himself. The ghost has been identified by multiple players as that of Akira Nishikiyama, who was at one time Kiryu’s closest friend until the events of the first game set them on a collision course with each other.

In actuality, this is not the only location you can find the ghosts of those that were lost along the way in the series. There are ten cards scattered throughout the world that the player can find that correspond to characters from the series. Once the player has found one for a character Kiryu can then go to locations related to said character and snap away, hopefully capturing their spirit for a brief moment. In the case of Nishikiyama, he and Kiryu drank at Serena bar since the 80’s so of course, that’s where he would be.

This is a fitting tribute and easter egg to Yakuza 6 as it was set to be Kazuma Kiryu’s final game in the series. It was also subtitled The Song of Life  and how can you treasure life if you forget the people you lost along the way.

Stay tuned at  Gaming Instincts  via  Twitter ,  YouTube ,  Instagram , and  Facebook  for more gaming news.

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Ion Fury Aftershock Expansion Launches October 2 for PC

A trailer for the expansion was also released.

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  1. Dead characters have been spotted in ‘Yakuza 6’ selfies

    yakuza 6 ghost pirate

  2. Yakuza 6

    yakuza 6 ghost pirate

  3. Pubblicati due nuovi trailer di Yakuza 6

    yakuza 6 ghost pirate

  4. Yakuza 6 review: “Sweet, sagely, and surprisingly subtle in its

    yakuza 6 ghost pirate

  5. The Ending of “Yakuza 6: The Song of Life” Explained

    yakuza 6 ghost pirate

  6. Ghost Photography

    yakuza 6 ghost pirate


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  1. All ghosts that appear in photos in Yakuza 6 and where to find them

    Osamu Kashiwagi At the southern end of Tenkaichi Street, just north of the two vending machines, there's a small "niche" that has pictures of (I guess) AV models. The Kazama Family office used to be there. [1], [Map] The alley that leads to the east past Club SEGA on Nakamichi Street, in front of the sign that reads "Club Kamuro Castle". [1], [Map]

  2. Spirit Photography

    City Exploration Spirit Photography It is said that restless spirits sometimes haunt Kamurocho. As you wander the city, you might find photos of acquaintances long past littering the street. Once...

  3. Chapter 4 Substories

    At the Ryunan Shrine are a woman and a girl arguing. The woman will leave and the girl, Misa, will start crying. As you approach her, agree to listen. Turns out she's going to be an idol, yet she's...

  4. 【2022-02-28】Yakuza 6: The Song of Life -9: Ghost Pirates

    【2022-02-28】Yakuza 6: The Song of Life -9: Ghost Pirates - YouTube This is raw stream footage of my first playthrough of the game 「Yakuza 6: The Song of Life」. I'm playing the game on...

  5. I still to this day cannot except that ghost are just a real ...

    The unofficial subreddit for Yakuza and other Ryu Ga Gotoku games! Advertisement Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. Valheim Genshin ... 6: Ghost photos and Ghosts in the Graveyard Judgment: Emi's Spirit encouraging Yagami ... Ghost pirates in 6.

  6. Yakuza 6 hides the ghosts of dead characters in camera photos

    Yakuza 6 hides the ghosts of dead characters in camera photos By Hirun Cryer published 23 August 2021 Yakuza players made a freaky discovery this weekend Comments (Image credit: Sega)...

  7. Yakuza 6 has the most memorable substories, even if they are ...

    So much so that after you play substories like "I, Hiji", the pirate ghost substory (seriously its conclusion gave me chills), the girl who leapt through time, they can even subvert expectations with substories like "Freaky situation" where it doesn't have a supernatural element.

  8. Ghosts of Kamurocho Y6 : r/yakuzagames

    398 votes, 46 comments. 155K subscribers in the yakuzagames community. This is the unofficial subreddit for Sega's long-running game series, Yakuza…

  9. Ghost Photography

    Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Ghost Photography This is an optional task where you can snap a photo of a deceased character in the series. First, you have to find the deceased photo. Each photo...

  10. Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life PC review

    Thankfully, my interest in Yakuza 6's substories never wavered. I fought some actual ghost pirates, thwarted a sentient virus on my phone, and dressed up as Onomichi's mascot - an orange-headed humanoid who wears a ramen bowl as a hat - to entertain some local kids.

  11. Yakuza 6 / Nightmare Fuel

    "The Curse of Onomichi" is a substory involving a graveyard and actual pirate ghosts. Kiryu is set to investigate the Onomichi graveyard multiple times where he is encountered by an increasing number of ominous looking human ghosts.

  12. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

    In one of several of Kiryu's nights in Onomichi, he unknowingly stumbles upon a graveyard that happens to be haunted by what seems to be ghosts! How will he ... In one of several of Kiryu's nights...

  13. How To Take Yoshitaka Mine Ghost Photo

    The easiest one to find is in the NW Theater Square District of Kamurocho, directly in front of the elevator located by the Smile Burger. After finding said photo, head to the rooftop of the Tenkaichi Commerce Building, the same found in directly in front of New Serena, and take a Selfie.

  14. Pirate Ghosts!

    It's not a Yakuza game if there isn't some nutty business going on. But time leaps and pirate ghosts? Those are new!Get the game here! https://store.steampow...

  15. #6 Side Quest Yakuza 6

    I will be fighting pirate ghost

  16. Dead characters have been spotted in 'Yakuza 6' ghost selfies

    The photo showed protagonist Kiryu taking a selfie in the New Serena bar, with the ghost of a dead friend photobombing at an angle. Fans have since discovered this is the face of Akira Nishikiyama ...

  17. Yakuza 6

    After clearing the game yesterday, I got an mail telling me about rumours regarding ghosts in photos. A substory wasn't triggered though. Theyre related to the photos you find lying around. If you find one, try taking pictures. So far ive found Nishiki in the center of the large room inside the millenium tower.

  18. Yakuza 6 (Part 13) Time Travelling Ghost Pirates?!

    Yakuza 6!!! Kiryu is an old man now. After serving a 3 year prison sentence a lot of the world has changed. Haruka is in a coma, Daigo and Majima are in cust...

  19. Yakuza 6

    Subscribe for more videos and never miss an upload: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Fmips19Information concerning my channel:Read my blog...

  20. Ghostbusting in Kamurocho [Yakuza 6]

    Ghostbusting in Kamurocho [Yakuza 6] Yakuza Fan 8.51K subscribers Subscribe 19K views 6 years ago What better way to kill time waiting for the launch of Yakuza 6 than hunting some ghosts...

  21. Yakuza 6 Hides Ghosts of Dead Characters In Photos

    This is a fitting tribute and easter egg to Yakuza 6 as it was set to be Kazuma Kiryu's final game in the series. It was also subtitled The Song of Life and how can you treasure life if you forget the people you lost along the way. Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter , YouTube , Instagram, and Facebook for more gaming news.

  22. Yakuza.6.The.Song.of.Life-CODEX : r/CrackWatch

    Nah its full name is 龍が如く7光と闇の行方, which is something like "Like a Dragon 7: The Whereabouts of Light and Darkness" or maybe better, "Like a Dragon 7: Where Light and Darkness Are". When 'shin' means new it's using the kanji 新 and usually in combination with another kanji to form a word, like 新型コロナウイルス ...

  23. How to pirate Yakuza 0 RMM (Ryu Mod Manager)?

    As the title says, I need help finding out how to install mods using the RMM into Yakuza 0. This message pops up when I try to install mods: Warning: Game version is unsupported.