3 bed 3 bath yacht

8 Affordable Small Boats With Several Beds (With Pictures)

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When you are looking for a boat for overnight travel, you will want to make sure that you have a place to sleep.

If you only plan on spending a few nights on the boat, a boat that offers two beds will likely be perfect for your needs.

A small boat with two beds is the perfect size for overnight trips with the family.

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8 Great Boat With Sleeping Areas (For Two Persons)

When you are shopping for boats that feature sleeping areas, you will want to know the basics.

When looking for a bed or sleeping area on a watercraft, it is often referred to as a “berth”. These can be similarly sized to traditional beds.

In a listing, you could be looking at a “queen birth” which would be similar in size to a queen-sized bed.

These may or may not be featured in their own individual cabins. If you need the privacy of an individual cabin you will want to make sure this is specified that way.

Having a place to sleep aboard your vessel is not only good for overnight trips.

Having a bed aboard allows for naps or the ability to lie down if you happen to become ill. This can make a huge difference in comfort while trying to get back to shore.

6 Boats With Two Berths:

Depending on what type of boat you are looking for, you should be able to find plenty of options with two beds.

Sailboats are often available with plenty of cabin space that makes living or overnight trips more comfortable.

One of the luxuries that are often included is plenty of sleeping space. This can include multiple berths.

Cruisers are also a great boat when it comes to cabin space.

These boats offer luxurious cabin space even on smaller vessels. Cruisers also have on deck seating in case you want to sit out on the deck while you are motoring.

These cruisers could be single or multi-hulled vessels.

There is often more space and privacy on a catamaran and other options of multi-hulled vessel than on a single-hulled vessel.

Sleeping is also easier on a multi-hulled vessel because the engines are less likely to be built right into the living space.

Not only are they more spacious and quiet, but they are often more steady and safe. There are a lot of benefits to a multi-hulled vessel. They are, however, more costly.

1. Catalina 355:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

The Catalina 355 offers a luxurious cabin with multiple amenities. This vessel also offers a wide-open deck for easy mobility.

This vessel offers a galley that is fully equipped with refrigeration, storage, stove, and sink, two tables for eating, and two available berths.

There is a berth in the owner’s cabin that comes with an innerspring mattress and an electric lift that can offer comfortable seating for activities such as reading or watching television.

There is an aft cabin berth that features an innerspring mattress as well.

This boat also offers a head that has a hot and cold shower as well as a toilet.

2. Regal Express Cruiser:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

The Regal Express Cruiser offers many well thought out features that make this vessel perfect for comfortable gatherings of friends and family.

This boat offers an ultra lounge that features seating that you can both lie down or sit up on.

This vessel’s deck is also a single level. This allows for everyone to be on the same level with the same view.

The tower can be lowered mechanically in case you need to go under a bridge or just tuck it down for other reasons. This is easy and efficient and can reduce time fiddling with a complex manual system.

The cabin features luxury leather and hardwoods that look attractive and sleek.

This boat also offers a queen-size berth in the front of the vessel that you can raise or lower for more space in the boat.

This bed can be queen or king-sized with an option to convert into oversized twin beds. This makes it easy to reconfigure your layout at needed.

3. Bavaria Easy 9.7:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

The Bavaria Easy 9.7 sailboat is a 32′ 7″ yacht that offers a comfortable cabin that is perfect for overnight travel.

This boat comes with a spacious deck that is not full of clutter which helps make it safe and easily maneuverable.

Despite its capacity, this boat can be manned by a crew as small as one to two people. This is ideal if you do not always plan to have your vessel at full capacity.

This vessel comes with two cabins that include a small galley, bathroom, and four berths.

This boat is perfect for taking multiple people out on the water and ensuring everyone’s comfort.

4. Leopard 40:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

If you are looking for even more space and luxury the Leopard 40 Catamaran offers the very best comfort.

This model features a forward-facing galley and a spacious owner’s cabin.

The cabins feature open designs that allow for more amenities and space without compromising the interior living space. This vessel is able to feature more interior space than other vessels of a similar size.

All these features are offered without compromising speed, agility or performance.

Depending on the layout, the Leopard 40 can feature 6 or 8  berths to offer the ultimate overnight comfort for multiple passengers.

This boat also allows for 2 heads and 2 showers and a full galley.

The utilization of both hulls makes sure that this boat is ideal for traveling on overnight journeys in ultimate style and comfort.

5. Four Winns Vista 255:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

Four Winns is a very popular brand when it comes to recreational boating. Famous for their deck boats and roundabouts, Four Winns also offer cruiser options.

The Four Winns Vista 255 features a spacious and innovative cockpit while also including a spacious cabin.

This boat is only 25′ 2″ long but allows for a capacity of 9 people as well as a cabin that can be used for lounging, dining, or entertaining. This cabin features a stand-up head as well as a breakfast center.

There’s a comfortable sleeping area for two people and it’s a very cozy space to relax during the day too.

This cabin is convertible to conserve space. This means that you can have whatever you need while still on a small vessel with high-quality performance.

In addition to the other features offered by this innovative cabin design, there is also a queen-sized mid-cabin berth and a spacious forward v-berth.

The benefit of a small convertible cabin is that you are not forced to buy a large vessel and you can go to more areas including shallower water. It also makes this vessel less expensive than the other listed options.

6. Nerea NY24:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

The Nerea Yacht NY24 is a luxurious option that features refined features. This boat features an inboard motor and a planing hull.

The deck on this vessel has an open layout with a sundeck perfect for relaxing under the warm sun and spending the day on the water with family.

This boat can fit between 6 to 8 people and is only 24 feet long.

Despite this boat being compact, it still offers plenty of features that are perfect for entertaining overnight. Even though the interior is only 7.35 meters long, it still features a large sofa that can be converted into a double berth.

If you do not one bed, the container sofa is designed to allow two people to sleep separately as well. It’s a comfortable sleeping area with two separate beds. Just what you need.

This vessel also offers two drawer refrigerators, a concealed sink, a concealed stove, a dinette that can extend into a sunbathing area, and an enclosed toilet.

The cabin has a lot of natural light thanks to two long windows on the sides of the boat as well as double sliding glass doors to allow easy access into the cabin.

2 Boats That Can Sleep Two:

If you do not need two separate beds but are instead looking for comfortable accommodations for two people that might include a couple, you will have some additional options.

Most boats that feature a cuddy cabin have enough space to sleep, two people.

This is a comfortable way to stay overnight on your vessel that might be smaller or more inexpensive.

Oftentimes you can change the cuddy cabins with the rearranging of cushions to create bench seating or other options.

The drawback to a cuddy cabin vessel is that you do not get the same amenities that the previous vessels offered.

This includes things such as a kitchen or shower.

You can still have a bathroom in a cuddy, but it will likely be portable and stow under your cuddy cushions.

7. Stingray 225 CR Cuddy Cabin:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

The Stingray 225 CR Cuddy Cabin is great for both safety and performance. This boat features a z-plane hull that allows it to raise and plane quicker than other hull designs.

This boat is small and is just about 23 feet long. This boat offers a spacious cockpit and cabin for such a small sporting boat.

Maximum passengers for this boat is 10 people and there is sleeping space available for 2 to 3.

The cabin featured on the boat has a v-berth as well as amenities. This cabin also is able to be locked to provide the necessary privacy.

This boat offers plenty of storage as well as amenities including a freshwater sink, stowaway portable head with level indicator, and an automatic fire extinguishing system.

Safety and comfort are the main priority in this small boat that is perfect for overnight boating.

8. Bayliner 742 Cuddy:

3 bed 3 bath yacht

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Bayliner boats are sleek and high performing boats that really focus on the small details.

Comfortable seating including a folding sun lounge is sure to please any passenger aboard. This vessel also features a co-pilot seat that can extend to form a chaise lounge.

This boat places a high focus on entertaining and includes features such as a cockpit entertainment center with built-in sink. There is also an optional cockpit table.

The cabin features sleeping space for two people with plenty of natural light from the skylights and ventilated portlights.

The deck features plenty of storage, even an in-floor locker for water sports equipment like skis and wakeboards.

You can also swim off the swim platform with telescoping ladder.

Necessary Equipment For Sleeping On The Boat

Simply having a boat that offers sleeping space is not enough. You will also want to make sure that your sleeping areas are comfortable.

This may seem self-explanatory, but you will want to make sure your berths feature clean sheets, warm blankets, and pillows.

Keeping linens and blankets on a boat is different than in a house.

A boat can be compared to a damp basement. When you have blankets in a wet and humid basement, you can get damp blankets that can even become moldy over time.

To combat this, there are a few options you can utilize.

One way to combat damp and musty blankets and linens are to make sure that you do not store them in the boat when you are not using it. Keeping them in a dry house is a great way to prevent this problem entirely.

This is not very effective if you plan a multiple-day trip and your boat accumulates a lot of moisture.

Making sure that you properly insulate your boat, or even investing in a dehumidifier can do wonders to combat damp and musty conditions.

Another good tip is to dry your blankets and other cushions out if they are wet or damp. You can do this by hanging them up inside the cabin, but is even more effective out in the sun.

You also want to make sure that your mattress itself doesn’t get damp. This can make sleep very uncomfortable.

Keeping your bedding dry at all times is key to having a clean and comfortable bed to fall into at night.

Make Sure To Be Prepared:

In addition to having the proper sleeping equipment, if you plan to spend longer than a few hours on your vessel you will want to make sure you are prepared in other ways as well.

If your boat doesn’t offer private cabins or other private areas, you can purchase a private changing room. These can be as simple as a pop-up changing area. This can be ideal for changing out of a wet swimsuit and into what you plan to sleep in.

You will also need other more practical things. Most of these options came with their own head, but if they didn’t, you will want to invest in one. This can be a simple portable option but will still be easier than possibly having to go to land every time nature calls.

It is also important that you have enough food and water. Water is very important to prevent dehydration while out in the sun. You will want to make sure that you pack enough water for everyone. If there is one thing that should be “over-packed” it should be water.

This is important for your health as well as your thirst.

You will also need food if you plan on traveling to a place where stopping somewhere for food is not a feasible option.

You also want to be prepared for the weather. Make sure you have the proper clothing for any weather occasion. Even on a warm summer day, nights can get cold out on the water. Make sure you have the proper long clothes and blankets.

Things like sunscreen and bug spray can also be life-saving while out on the water all day and night.

You will also want a flashlight for when it gets dark out. This will not only prevent you from waking the other passengers up but can help you save your boat battery from potential overuse.

Finally, emergency equipment should always be featured on your vessel. This includes a fire extinguisher, life jackets for every passenger, flares, and emergency contact channels including phones and radios.

If you are properly prepared, you can have a fun and stress-free experience while out on the water.

Final Thoughts:

Whether you are looking for a vessel that sleeps two people, a vessel that comes with two separate beds, or even a boat that can sleep more than two people, you will have plenty of options.

With innovative designs, smaller boats are able to offer more luxuries in their cabins than they were previously. This is because they use space more creatively and efficiently.

This wider variety of options means that there is a boat for every budget that will match your needs. Even if those needs are the ability to stay on your boat comfortably overnight.

Buying a used boat can be a great way to save money if you are looking for a vessel that is a little bigger or more equipped than a small cuddy cabin.

Make sure that you are properly equipped when you go out on your boat, especially for overnight stays.

The main thing to remember is to make sure both you and your passengers are comfortable. If you are not comfortable, your experience will likely be less enjoyable.

Overnight boating, or even camping on your vessel can be a great way to have fun with your loved ones and make some memories.

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The PRESTIGE YACHT 460 is now available in a 3-cabin version

3 cabins:  a key feature of the prestige 460.

The PRESTIGE 460 features an entirely new layout, offering three cabins and two bathrooms .  This new layout, a rare advantage for a 46-foot Flybridge , affords an additional cabin, all while conserving her comfortable, spacious interior.  The owner’s cabin is moved forward on the boat, offering a large double berth, storage and a large hanging locker, as well as a private bathroom.  The aft section has been redesigned to accommodate two guest cabins, each with two single berths, and a shared bathroom.

Cruise with more guests on board

In addition to the 6 berths available on this 3-cabin version , the PRESTIGE 460 offers a convertible saloon as well as a skipper cabin, offering sleeping accommodations for up to 9 people.  This new version is designed for owners who enjoy sharing the PRESTIGE Yachts experience with family and friends.

An inviting contemporary interior for comfort and relaxation

The PRESTIGE 460 features the signature design of the most recent PRESTIGE Yachts, with large windows in the wheelhouse, affording bright natural lighting and exceptional 360° views of the sea.  The cockpit, still spacious, features a large L-shaped bench seat, perfect for relaxing and socialising.

The Flybridge is designed to enhance well being and to invite relaxation.  Equipped with a dining area and a galley, a second helm station and a large forward sundeck, the PRESTIGE 460 has been conceived for her owner’s comfort.

Combining the excellence of Garroni Design and the savoir-faire of PRESTIGE, this Flybridge adapts to meet the needs of her customers and features the hallmarks of Prestige Yachts:  space, light, comfort and inviting living spaces for entertaining.

Discover the PRESTIGE 460:  46-foot Flybridge

The PRESTIGE YACHT 460 is now available in a 3-cabin version 1

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Better Sailing

Best Sailboats with 3 Cabins

Best Sailboats with 3 Cabins

Are you looking for chartering or buying a new or used 3-cabin sailboat? Do you want to sail around the world with your family, friends, or partner? Nowadays, there are a lot of spacious and reliable 3-cabin sailboats that can serve your needs and preferences. Always remember to conduct thorough research before buying a sailboat in order for you to live or sail on it with adequate comfort and space. Choosing a well-designed, robust, spacious, and seaworthy sailboat is the key to successful passagemaking. So, are you looking to accomplish your dream and sail overseas with a 3-cabin sailboat? Then, continue reading this article. I’m going to list the best 3-cabin sailboats to live on and travel overseas as well as their characteristics. Follow me!

For more than four decades the Amel brand has managed to build robust and reliable long-range cruising yachts. The Amel 55 ensures a comfortable motion while sailing and her long waterline length offers great speed potential. Moreover, she provides excellent protection on deck because of her wheel shelter at the end of the cockpit as well as ample space in the cockpit area. As for the rigging, the cutter headed ketch rig is fully furling, and has electric reefing on the mainsail, genoa, and a set of electric sheet winches. Another great characteristic is that she has double bow rollers which allow two anchors to be carried on the bow. The saloon has a huge table with wrap-around seating, plenty of handholds, and enough space for stowage.

Furthermore, she has a three-cabin layout; forward is situated the main cabin with enough headroom, and aft you can choose either a huge stateroom or a pair of cabins with double or side-by-side beds. Lastly, forward, aft and main bulkheads are watertight with rubber seals on the door and have a strongback so as to close firmly. All these amenities, space, easy-handling, and excellent performance while sailing, should be considered by anyone planning long-term cruising.

Amel 55 - Best Luxury Sailboat with 3 Cabins

Elan Impression 40.1

This sailboat is widely popular in the charter market. She offers great volume aft that allows for extra storage under the helmsman seats and has extra space forward in the cockpit. The rig features a powerful overlapping headsail which is the main driving force behind the sailboat when the engine is off. Moreover, she has a simple overall set-up which makes her easy to handle. The interior layout features a linear affair running down the starboard side including a large fridge. To port, there’s a very large convertible saloon sofa as well as a chart table.

Furthermore, there’s a double berth forward and a bunk room just to port with the heads/shower to starboard. So, you benefit from a larger double berth with heads to port and a separate shower room to starboard. Lastly, you can choose between four different cabin layouts; for the 3-cabin layout, there are two roomy cabins aft and an en-suite forward cabin with enough storage under the bed.

Oceanis 40.1

The 39ft Oceanis 40.1 offers plenty of deck volume, interior space and ensures high performance while sailing. She is available in different layouts, draughts, and rigs, so as to satisfy each sailor’s needs and preferences. A spacious family cruiser, with a wide cockpit, and enough speed without minimizing her capabilities in terms of performance and handling. She has the standard in-mast furling mainsail and as well as an optional genoa and a standard self-tacking jib. Below, there’s a big saloon, a C-shaped galley, a double cabin forward, and one double cabin or two cabins aft with bunk beds. So, you have all amenities to satisfy a family’s needs. A comfy cockpit, a spacious saloon, 3 roomy cabins, and a large practical galley for use in port. You can buy a new Oceanis 40.1 for $257,400 and even schedule a test drive through the company’s website.

Oceanis 40.1 - 3 Cabin Sailboat

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i

This high-performance cruiser with her exceptional hi-tech construction ensures powerful offshore sailing. With her fractional rig, high-aspect blade rudders, 3rd generation hull construction, and perfectly capable of sailing upwind, she’s a classic example of a modern performance cruiser. You can select the 3-cabin option, aft cabin with a double bed and the other two with bunks or doubles. The central saloon has clever design touches with a removable dining table leaf to seat and extra settee space. Also, a big L-shaped galley at the foot of the companionway, to starboard, and the head and shower stall just opposite, to port. As you can see the boat’s overall appeal offers great amenities along with excellent sailing performance.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i Budget 3 Cabin Sailboat

This is a 39ft 3-cabin sailboat adequate for 6 or 8 persons. She has a wide and straight hull as well as a spacious cockpit that provides enough space to move around, relax, and dine outdoors. On the stern, there’s a platform that is located lower to the hull of the ship. The platform is separated from the cockpit with a bench below and is very easy to lower and raise, as well as store items and additional equipment. Furthermore, you can choose between three different types of interior or 2 different cabin layouts. She has a modern and functional interior equipped with comfy furniture. Due to her abundant space below deck, the sailboat can offer a three-bath double cabin layout or 3 small but comfortable cabins with enough headroom.

This sailboat is carefully designed so as to ensure comfort and a spacious interior to live in. The layout of Hunter 38 has an L-shaped galley to starboard at the foot of the companionway, a nav station to port, and a dining area amidships. Moreover, the salon has a 6’6” headroom and the galley has a fridge, a sink, a stove/oven, and cabinets for storage. The V-berth and both aft cabins can accommodate 2 people each. Also, all 3 cabins have hanging lockers and enough storage space. Also, the 2-compartment single head is connected with doors to both the main cabin and the aft stateroom. Her base price starts from $144,990 and is ideal for coastal cruising and family outings.

Hunter 38 3 Cabin Sailboat

Bavaria Cruiser 34

The Bavaria 34 has similar hull construction with her previous models 32 and 33. However, this one is more spacious and with a few new bits of restyled bodywork as well as more interior options. She’s generally responsive and enjoyable on the helm while sailing. Despite this, deck stowage around the cockpit is limited to just two depth lockers in the aft cockpit seating. But below deck, there’s a quite large saloon, big and functional galley with all basic amenities, and 3 roomy cabins. The option of three double cabins can accommodate a family of 6 and the port cabin offers a big head compartment. Lastly, she’s easy to sail and handle and ensures a great combination of quality and value. In other words, she’s like a home away from home!

Best Sailboats with 3 Cabins – Final Thoughts

These are some great 3-cabin sailboats adequate for either offshore sailing or just for coastal cruises and family outings. Remember that everything depends on some important factors that determine which 3-cabin sailboat is the right for you. These factors are your sailing routes, your budget, your needs, interior comforts, sailing performance, and your crew members. So, you need to consider everything before buying a new or used 3-cabin sailboat. For example, if you’re just sailing around a bay and anchoring a lot with your family, you don’t need a high-performance sailboat. On the other hand, if you’re sailing offshore for a long time and you have 5 more persons in your crew then you’d require a spacious, reliable, and fast sailboat. In any case, there’s a wide variety of different options out there to choose from and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Bon voyage!


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat SUN ODYSSEY 350

Overall length : 10.4 m Width : 3.59 m Air draft : 15.85 m

... THE PLEASURE OF SAILING Successor to the Sun Odyssey 349, a tremendous success, this efficient, easy-to-handle cruising sailboat features clever innovations for the comfort of all on board and for the pleasure of sailing. INNOVATIVE ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat SUN ODYSSEY 349

Overall length : 10.3 m Width : 3.44 m Draft : 1.98 m

THE CRUISING SAILBOAT FOR PASSIONATE SAILORS An enormous success in the Sun Odyssey line, this sailboat is responsive at the helm and easy to handle, for experienced sailors and motivated beginners, ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat SUN ODYSSEY 380

Overall length : 11.22 m Width : 3.76 m Draft : 1.56 m

... are equally evident: a rectangular berth in the forward cabin , a daybed on the keel box for greater comfort while sailing on more agitated waters, and the possibility of having three spacious cabins or ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat Impression 43

Overall length : 13.32 m Width : 4.25 m Draft : 1.95, 1.7 m

... Owners can choose between three or four- cabin versions. The three- cabin version includes an en-suite with an island bed and a spacious head with a separate shower, and the four- cabin ...

fast cruising sailboat

fast cruising sailboat GT6

Overall length : 15.2 m Width : 4.49 m Draft : 2.45 m

As the only sure way to prevent osmosis, and to ensure uniform stiffness, lightness and safety, Elan was one of the first serial yacht manufacturers to adopt the Vacuum-Assisted Infusion Lamination back in 2003. VAIL enables the complete ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat E6

Overall length : 15.3 m Width : 4.49 m Draft : 2.8, 2.4, 2.95 m

... the E6 is the fusion of performance engineering and enriching sailing experiences. This twin rudder and helm yacht utilises 3 D VAIL technology for ultimate lightness and stiffness Design and Comfort While the yacht ...


catamaran 50 LUCY

Overall length : 15.2 m Width : 9.1 m Sail area : 167 m²

... The port hull houses a large vip suite with an office space along with one of the yacht’s two guest cabins . Starboard off the main deck, the owner’s cabin features a walk-in dressing and generous bathroom. The ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat 44

Overall length : 13.91 m Width : 4.45 m Draft : 2.2 m

... new Dufour 44 sailboat in no way leads to a sacrifice in comfort. Her spacious, luxuriously appointed interior, signed by Luca Ardizio, offers everything you need for enjoying some unforgettable relaxing times at sea. ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat C46

Overall length : 13.95 m Width : 4.7 m

... living comfort below deck in the salon, as well as the cabins . Customers can choose from various layouts ranging from 3 to 5 cabins , including a 4- cabin layout with ...

ocean cruising sailboat

ocean cruising sailboat 48MKII

Overall length : 15.78 m Width : 4.59 m Draft : 2.4 m

A Swan model is alive even after years of production. Listening to customers, captains, testing and experiencing Swan’s boats continuously, both cruising and racing, the yard evolves and improves their models constantly. Saying this, ...


catamaran Isla 40

Overall length : 11.93 m Width : 6.63 m Draft : 1.21 m

... adjacent to the entrance gives way to a “total relaxation” lounger, her performances and her habitability ( 3 or 4 double cabins + an optional crew cabin ) combine to make this new model ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat OVNI 370

Overall length : 11.95 m Width : 3.99 m Draft : 3.08, 0.92 m

... Plenty of inside and outside storage and a technical room with an easy access to equipment make the OVNI 370 a true blue water sailboat . For any visit or test, contact the Alubat shipyard, the team will receive you ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat OVNI 430

Overall length : 12.9 m Width : 4.36 m Draft : 0.85, 3.4 m

With our experience and expertise in blue-water cruising sailboats , we collaborated with the MORTAIN & MAVRIKIOS and CBA design offices to create the OVNI 430. The OVNI 430 is part of our new generation of boats offered ...


catamaran OVNICAT 48

Overall length : 14.5 m

... Starboard, 1 in the shower, 1 in the shower room, 2 in the passageway, 1 in the aft cabin -» Portside, 2 in the fore cabin , 1 in the shower, 1 in the heads, 1 in the aft cabin ■6 fixed ...


catamaran 1370

Overall length : 13.7 m Width : 7.6 m Draft : 1.3, 2.1 m

A PERFECT BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE AND LIFESTYLE Light and nimble through meticulous design and advanced lightweight construction - but crucially, capable of being heavily loaded with the minimum of impact on performance, this cruising ...


catamaran 1260

Overall length : 12.5 m Width : 6.8 m Draft : 1.16 m

A COMFORTABLE INDOOR/ OUTDOOR LIFESTYLE Continuing the line of legendary 12-metre Seawinds, this is the perfect balance of cruising practicality and powerful performance. OPTIMUM BALANCE THE ULTIMATE MID-SIZED OCEAN CRUISER The ...


catamaran 1160

Overall length : 11.6 m Width : 6.5 m Draft : 1.1 m

... bed arranged fore-aft and the other arranged transverse, meaning you will always find a comfortable sleeping angle in the cabins . The broad saloon allows for a large double bed - so sleep under stars when anchored. While ...

cruising sailboat

Overall length : 13.55 m Width : 4.5 m Draft : 1.4 m

The POGO44 retains the family spirit of the other models in the POGO range. Like all models in our POGO range, the POGO 44 is built in Vacuum Infusion (100%). Unsinkable foams make the boat "unbreakable", an invaluable safety for long ...

cruising-racing sailboat

cruising-racing sailboat RC

Overall length : 10.26 m Width : 3.5 m Displacement : 3,300 kg

Pogo Launches its Latest Coastal Rocket Pogo Structures announces its new model, designed for IRC and offshore sailing. The Pogo RC is a new design aimed for the coastal and shorthanded racing scene. Pogo Structures Pogo Structures ...

ocean cruising sailboat

ocean cruising sailboat 36

Overall length : 10.86 m Width : 4 m Draft : 1.2 m

The Pogo 36 is the archetype of the new generation cruiser. Hull design and sandwich construction are directly inspired from our offshore racing range. The bright inside layout is extraordinary convinient whether you are mooring or sailing. ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat 41ac

Overall length : 12.5 m Width : 3.92 m Draft : 2 m

The Saare 41ac is extremely versatile. With two or three cabins , one or two heads, lots of storage space and comfort, the Saare 41ac is suitable for single-handed sailors, family crews, long-distance sailors and demanding ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat META 43DS

Overall length : 14 m Width : 4.52 m Draft : 1.4 m

... Legacy is a sailboat from the META range inspired by the Saintes Marthes. A long distance sailboat , the META 43Ds Legacy is one of the most comfortable META to live aboard and is intended for long distance ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat 39

Overall length : 12.55 m Width : 4.4 m Draft : 1.7 m

... aluminum, and offers several accommodation options. Layouts The META 39 can accommodate up to 8 people with its 3 double cabins and convertible saloon. The four closets offer storage space and the ...


catamaran CATSPACE

Overall length : 12.3 m Width : 6.56 m Draft : 1.1 m

... and elegance. VOLUME AND VOLUPTUOUSNESS Available in 3 - or 4- cabin versions, the layout of the Catspace's hulls has been designed for the comfort and privacy of the entire crew. Each cabin , ...


catamaran Vision 444

Overall length : 13.5 m Width : 7.6 m Draft : 1.15 m

There is an unmistakable feeling of certainty one gets from owning a Vision 444. Certainty that it will keep its good looks, sailing appeal and investment value for decades. And certainty that you made the right choice. The Vision ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat 35DS

Overall length : 10.6 m Width : 3.48 m Draft : 1.98 m

We asked our existing and future customers what they wanted in a 35 ft deck saloon yacht, we listened and 10 years ago we developed a yacht like no other, the Sirius 35DS “Is this the best boat ever built?” – this is how Chris Beeson ...

ocean cruising sailboat

ocean cruising sailboat 40DS

Overall length : 12.9 m Width : 4.08 m Draft : 2.3 m

... is for those who don’t want to compromise; until now on a Sirius, you could have either a large workshop or a large central cabin , with our 40DS you can have both! The large saloon will comfortably seat six adults around ...


catamaran 37 DC

Overall length : 10.9 m Width : 5.94 m Draft : 1.2 m

The A37 Day-charter, designed by Lasta Design Studio, is Aventura Catamarans' latest addition for 2022. This 37-foot catamaran, with a capacity of up to 28 people, is specially designed for yachting professionals who want to go on day trips.


catamaran 45

Overall length : 13.5 m Width : 7.5 m Draft : 1.4 m

Aventura Catamarans has once again entrusted Lasta Design with the design of an exceptional unit: the Aventura 45 Sail, our new flagship. The result lives up to the ambitions we had set for ourselves: clean lines and a treatment of the ...


catamaran NAVIS 45

Overall length : 14 m Width : 7.53 m Draft : 1.5 m

The first model in the NAVIS range. Rational and efficient with its fine water lines and a reasonable weight, it openly displays its sailing objective in light winds. Like the rest of the range, its design and construction in infused ...


catamaran R4

Overall length : 12.8 m Width : 7.06 m Displacement : 10.9 t

As a helmsman you want to be at the back of the cockpit, not high upon the roof. And the large, open transom connects you to the water that rushes underneath. It gives you a spectacular sailing sensation, much like a monohull, but without ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat 430 DS

Overall length : 13.25 m Width : 4.1 m Draft : 2 m

... your needs. The extra volume within the hull gives her owner ample space beneath the deck saloon to create a large midships cabin or a workshop – or to increase the yacht’s already generous storage. Whether you want to ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat PILOT SALOON 42

Overall length : 13 m

Since the introduction of the first Pilot Saloon sailing yacht in 1991 Wauquiez shipyard has built over 300 yachts of this type. The Pilot Saloon is a blue ocean cruiser with a very unique approach towards world-wide cruising offering ...

cruising-racing sailboat

cruising-racing sailboat 42CS

Overall length : 12.85 m Width : 4.15 m Draft : 2.2, 1.8 m

... exactly the findings of the expert jury of top European yachting editors. Altogether, this with a remarkable choice of cabin , deck and rig arrangements makes the up to 6+2 berth Contest 42CS fully capable of safe, ...

fast cruising sailboat

fast cruising sailboat RM1180

Overall length : 13.1 m

... Maximum beam : 4,37m Draft twin keels (standard) : 1,95m Draft single keel (standard) : 2,25m Draft lifting keel : 1,30m / 3 ,20m Light displacement : 7000kg Airdraft : 19,10m Engine : IB Volvo D2-50 (50 cv) Fuel ...

cruising sailboat

cruising sailboat RM1380

Overall length : 13.8 m Width : 4.52 m Displacement : 9,900 kg

... blue water cruising, but always fast, and in unmatched conditions of comfort, safety and performance. Available in 2, 3 or 4 cabins , she inherits – like all RM yachts – of a luminous and bright, loft-style ...


catamaran FASTCAT 305 VK

Overall length : 9 m

... great fun for you and your guests. 3 CABINS & KINGSIZE BEDS The beds in the cabins are as large as they should be in all yachts, size 2,00 x 1,60 m. in the master cabin ...


catamaran 442

Overall length : 13.5 m Width : 7.6 m Draft : 1.16 m

The agile multi-tasker is the ideal performance cruiser for island hoppers yet fully capable of trans-oceanic adventure travel. With her carbon reinforced foam core hulls and powerful sail plan the Balance 442 is a fast and able voyager. ...


catamaran 482

Overall length : 14.71 m Width : 7.9 m Draft : 1.16, 2.2 m

Our trend-setting circumnavigator ticks off big nautical miles yet remains small enough to easily maintain and operate short-handed. With her carbon reinforced foam core hulls and powerful sail plan the 482 was designed to knock off ...

cruising-racing sailboat

cruising-racing sailboat GS 44

Overall length : 47'00" Width : 14'00" Draft : 8'06", 6'07", 7'10"

The Grand Soleil 44 is the latest challenge from Cantiere del Pardo. Designed by Matteo Polli, a designer renowned for his high-performance hull lines, this new 44-footer completes the Performance range by showing a well-balanced relationship ...

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Vrbo just got better

Key west livin' beautiful 66’ yacht with 4 bedrooms and 4 bath sleeping 6..

I am traveling with pets

If checked, only properties that allow pets will be shown

Photo gallery for KEY WEST LIVIN' Beautiful 66’ Yacht with 4 bedrooms and 4 bath sleeping 6.

3 bed 3 bath yacht

Popular amenities

  • Pet friendly Pet friendly Pet friendly
  • Pool Pool Pool
  • Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen
  • Free WiFi Free WiFi Free WiFi
  • Washer Washer Washer
  • Dryer Dryer Dryer

Check-in time

Check-out time, explore the area.


  • Popular Location Stock Island Yacht Club & Marina 4 min drive
  • Popular Location Key West Golf Club 5 min drive
  • Airport Key West, FL (EYW-Key West Intl.) 7 min drive
  • Popular Location Smathers Beach 9 min drive

Most relevant reviews

Experimentalcarousel, 10/10 excellent, rooms & beds, 4 bedrooms (sleeps 6), 3 bathrooms, 1 half bathroom, about this property, property manager.

3 bed 3 bath yacht

40'yacht in Paradise Awaits You!


LAST MINUTE DISCOUNT! 48' Yacht located in a Beautiful Resort!

3 bed 3 bath yacht

Luxury 62' Yacht! In a Beautiful Resort

Fun in the sun day cruise

Key West Classic Yacht Charter


The Crystalmarine Suite – Rustic Luxury on the Sea


Beautiful 43 ' sportfish yacht

3 bed 3 bath yacht

SIGNIFICANTLY DISCOUNTED!! 45' Sea Ray Yacht Located in 5 Star Resort!

The Free Spirit


Property grounds

Southern Bell is a Beautiful Houseboat cozy and relaxing.

3 bed 3 bath yacht

Sailing Catamaran in Key West with Captain and Mate

3 bed 3 bath yacht

VRBO Exclusive Offer! 51' Catamaran Yacht located in a Beautiful Resort!

Property grounds

34’ Catamaran Sailboat

Property grounds

Havana Temptations Your Home In Paradise !

Gorgeous community Pool!

NEWLY REMODELED KITCHEN!! PET FRIENDLY! 3 Bedroom 3 bathroom home. Sleeps 8


Great view in private Marina!<br>Luxury suites


Spacious luxury super yacht

3 bed 3 bath yacht

Tropical Key West out of the way


By the Beautiful Sea ~ A Key West Beach Front Condo

3 bed 3 bath yacht


The Capt Andy overnight charter or stay in port and enjoy Key West

Eddie Griffiths Overnight Charters and Vacation Rentals!!!!!

Comfortable 2 Queen Beds

Perfect staycation! 3 Convenient Spaces, Close to Amazing Beach, Outdoor Pool

Front of house stand alone

Casa Cove Beautiful Tropical Decorated 3 KING SUITES Sleeps 8 Pool 2 mi beach

Front of house stand alone

Casa Capri Beautiful Tropical style house with 3 King Suites POOL 2 mi to BEACH


Great View in a private marina!<br>I didn’t do it too

Take off on your next adventure on this famous sailboat - St. Vitus Dance!

Miami Vice Sailboat Key West North Fleming Key

3 bed 3 bath yacht

Reduced Rate! 46’ Yacht in Beautiful Resort!

3rd Level Deck Seating

Key West Luxury Houseboat

Front of house stand alone house

Casa Calypso- Beautiful Tropical Style House 3 KING Beds POOL 2 mi to beach

Property grounds

'Oceanside Oasis' Direct Ocean Views & 3 BR'S

Grill up your fresh catch (Kayaks not included)

ONE PARTICULAR HARBOR ~ Waterfront 2 BR/1 Ba w/ Hot Tub!

House rules, important information, you need to know, we should mention, about the neighborhood.


What's nearby

  • Stock Island Yacht Club & Marina - 4 min drive
  • Key West Golf Club - 5 min drive
  • Smathers Beach - 9 min drive
  • Duval Street - 12 min drive
  • Southernmost Point - 13 min drive

Getting around

  • Key West Intl. Airport (EYW) - 7 min drive


  • ‪McDonald's - ‬5 min drive
  • ‪El Siboney Stock Island - ‬13 min walk
  • ‪Hogfish Bar & Grill - ‬1 min walk
  • ‪Conch Flyer Restaurant & Lounge - ‬8 min drive
  • ‪Yellowfin Bar & Kitchen - ‬3 min drive

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this property has an outdoor pool. Pool types include heated pools.

Yes, this property allows dogs (limit 1 total) with a maximum weight of up to 20 lbs per pet.

Check-in begins at 4:00 PM.

Check-out is at 12:00 PM.

Situated on the waterfront, this houseboat is within 2 mi (3 km) of Stock Island Yacht Club & Marina, Robbie's, and Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden. Florida Keys Community College Library and Clark Maxwell Environmental Habitat are also within 2 mi (3 km).


Family of 5 stay (3 boys), captain gavin was great and extremely helpful., celebrated 50th in the keys, about the host, hosted by alex verdi.

Host profile image

Why they chose this property

Premier host, people also search for, more vacation rentals ideas.

Expedia Rewards is now One Key™

Yacht drive town home 930 #3 | 3 bed, 3.5 bath, photo gallery for yacht drive town home 930 #3 | 3 bed, 3.5 bath.

TV, fireplace, DVD player


Entire home, popular amenities.

  • Dryer Dryer Dryer
  • Hot Tub Hot Tub Hot Tub
  • Air conditioning Air conditioning Air conditioning
  • Washer Washer Washer
  • Fireplace Fireplace Fireplace
  • Barbecue grill Barbecue grill Barbecue grill

Explore the area


  • Popular Location Bear Lake Marina 5 min walk
  • Popular Location Garden City Park 3 min drive
  • Popular Location Ideal Beach 9 min drive
  • Airport Logan, UT (LGU-Logan-Cache) 61 min drive

Most relevant reviews

Experimentalcarousel, 10/10 excellent, about this property, entire place, property manager, property amenities.

  • Communal pool
  • Available in the house: Free WiFi

Parking and transportation

  • Parking on site
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Cookware, dishware, and utensils
  • Refrigerator
  • Dining table
  • Bedsheets provided
  • 4 bathrooms
  • Bathtub only
  • Towels provided

Living spaces

  • Separate dining area


  • TV with cable/satellite channels

Outdoor areas

  • Barbecue grill
  • Washing machine
  • Air conditioning
  • No pets allowed


  • Smoke-free property

Services and conveniences

  • Iron/ironing board

Safety features

  • Carbon monoxide detector (host has indicated there is a carbon monoxide detector on the property)
  • Smoke detector (host has indicated there is a smoke detector on the property)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Unit size: 2,400 square feet

Similar properties

Fridge, microwave, oven, stovetop

New Designer Townhome w/ Trailer Parking & Games

Fridge, microwave, oven, stovetop

Private Hot Tub! Pool Access! Easy Winter Access!

Fridge, microwave, oven, stovetop

Carly's Cottage - Pool Access! Sleeps 24! Beautiful 6bd 4bth House with GREAT views of the lake

Outdoor dining

Spinnaker Point #2 - BEACH FRONT! Come Stay At Our Lake House in Bear Lake, Utah!

TV, fireplace, DVD player

Beautiful Town Home 893 #1 | 4 Bed, 3.5 Bath

Property grounds

Harbor Village with resort amenities & unobstructed lake views (lake 3 min walk)


Admirals Oasis #34 - Legacy Beach Resort - Lake access!

TV, books

Newly Renovated Lakefront Home w/Private Beach, Deck, Elevator, Views - Dog OK

TV, books

Stunning Waterfront Retreat in Garden City!

TV, fireplace, foosball, table tennis

Lakefront Home with High-Speed WiFi, Lake Views, Washer/Dryer, Wood Fireplace

Special check-in instructions, children and extra beds, important information, you need to know, property is also known as, about the neighborhood, garden city, what's nearby.

  • Bear Lake - 4 min walk
  • Bear Lake Marina - 5 min walk
  • Garden City Park - 3 min drive
  • Pickleville Playhouse - 7 min drive
  • Ideal Beach - 9 min drive


  • ‪Cooper's Restaurant & Sports Bar - ‬8 min drive
  • ‪Moose Buns - ‬3 min drive
  • ‪Zipz - ‬2 min drive
  • ‪La Beau's Drive Inn - ‬2 min drive
  • ‪Crepes & Coffee - ‬2 min drive

Frequently asked questions

No, pets are not allowed at this property.

Check-in begins at 4:00 PM.

Check-out is at 10:00 AM.

Located in Harbor Village, this vacation home is within a 5-minute walk of Bear Lake State Park, Bear Lake, and Bear Lake Marina. Garden City Park and Wasatch-Cache National Forest are also within 3 mi (5 km).

All reviews shown are from real guest experiences. Only travelers who have booked a stay with us can submit a review. We verify reviews according to our guidelines and publish all reviews, positive or negative. More information Opens in a new window

Had a great time

Perfect location, amazing experience, terrific in every detail, we loved it it was so close to the beach . it was clean, comfortable and very roomy, small group get away, beautiful townhouse., clean property, great location, slept everyone, wonderful view of bear lake, comfortable, clean & perfect for the family, great location and amenities, charlotte m., beautiful view & family friendly, michael s., draper, ut, great property in a great location, expedia's latest trends.

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This property is no longer available, but please browse our additional Cape Coral vacation rentals

  • See all properties
  • Florida Rentals
  • Cape Coral Vacation Rentals
  • Rental Property #16987

Waterfront - Yacht Club - No Bridges Gulf Access - Pool Home 3 bed/3 bath


Waterfront - Yacht Club - No Bridges Gulf Access - Pool Home 3 bed/3 bath #1

About this rental

  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Property Type: House
  • Minimum Stay: N/A
  • Living Area: 1800 sq. ft.

Sunnybrook Villa is a beautiful coastal charming vacation Villa that was fully remodeled in 2023. The property is in a quiet, SE Cape Coral neighborhood on a gulf access canal with direct sailboat access (no bridges) close to the Downtown area as well as the Yacht Club. When entering the front door, you will find a spacious open floor plan featuring an unique ceiling design with an open concept kitchen,dining room and living room with generous hang out space. The three bedrooms (2 King, 1 Queen and den with Queen Sofa Bed) as well as 3 full bathroom vacation villa will offer your family plenty of space to relax and recharge. The den gives you the option for a 4th sleeping option as it features a sleeper sofa or just some privacy if you like to watch TV in private. For those who like to read and relax, there is a sitting area by the living room. The home is centrally located close to Cape Coral Pkwy with its restaurants and stores and the neighborhood offers great options for walking or biking. This location is a convenient drive to all central settings in Cape Coral. It is about 20 minutes to Matlacha, 30 minutes to Fort Myers Beach and about 35 minutes to SW Florida International Airport. Guests can enjoy all that SW Florida has to offer from the convenience of an immaculate, well designed and very open vacation home. Sunnybrook Villa features beautiful beachy décor and can fit up to 6 ( if den is used up to 8 guests) guests very comfortable in this gorgeous set up. (Den can fit up to 2 additional Guests if need be). Additional entertainment can be found in the garage game room, including Ping-Pong, Darts and corn Hole. For your convenience, all linens for your stay are included and long-term stays are permitted. The interior boasts a very open floor plan with plenty of light and spacious beach design with a great floor plan and double front doors, which upon entering you have a great view to your pool area and canal. Wireless internet, and a washer and dryer are also available for your convenience. Highlights of the outside include: a large lanai waiting to be used for sunbathing, grilling, lounging, al fresco dining, entertaining and swimming in the heated pool. If you like additional entertainment space, why not relax by the dock area, where you can enjoy and watch the Florida Fish and Wildlife. There is a seawall and a concrete dock for canal fishing or boat docking. Sunnybrook Villa truly has it all. With over four-hundred miles of canals, a plethora of restaurants, nature reserves, and nearby beach towns, this location offers a wide range of activities to suit every guest. Sunnybrook Villa as well as Vesteva welcomes you and your family to SW Florida!

Unique Benefits


Why Kids Love It

Kids Love Sunnybrook Villa for the Personal Pool including Pool Basketball. Fishing right in the back yard on your own personal dock is a huge favorite for all kids young and old. Rent a boat, tie up to your personal dock and go watch the Dolphins swim in the Gulf of Mexico. With a Gaming/Entertainment Center and Water Park 15 min from Sunnybrook Villa the kids can fill in a rainy day for something to do. Naples Zoo is close buy. Play a board game, or ride bikes.

Area Information

Sunnybrook Villa is nestled off Bimini Basin along the Sunnybrook Canal. 15 min bike ride the Yacht Club and Cape Coral Beach (however please note this area is under construction right now and not available for guests) Ft Myers beach is 30 min away. 40 min boat ride out to the Gulf of Mexico, visit Sanibel Island, Capitiva Island, North Capitiva Island, Cabbage Key or St. James City by boat.

Attractions Within Walking Distance

Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach (Under Construction), The Boat House Restaurant at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. (NOW OPEN) Bimini Basin Down Town Cape Coral, including 47th Place which invites you to share in the day and night life of fabulous restaurants and bars. Soon there will be shopping at the new 47th Place Apartment Complex opening soon.

  • 2 King Beds
  • 1 Queen Bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Beach chairs
  • Bed linens provided
  • Dock or boat slip
  • Heated pool
  • Kayak / canoe
  • Kid friendly
  • Lawn / garden
  • Managed by owner
  • Non-smoking
  • Parking available
  • Patio or deck
  • Pets allowed
  • Ping pong table
  • Private pool
  • Screen porch
  • Towels provided
  • Wireless internet
  • Ceiling fans
  • Coffee maker
  • Dishes & utensils
  • Iron and board
  • Outdoor grill
  • Refrigerator
  • Smoke detector
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Amusement Park (7 miles)
  • Beach (13 miles)
  • Bicycling (onsite)
  • Boating (onsite)
  • Deep Sea Fishing (5 miles)
  • Fishing (onsite)
  • Grocery Store (
  • Kayaking (onsite)
  • Live Entertainment (
  • Ocean (13 miles)
  • Water Park (7 miles)
  • Whale Watching (5 miles)

Why FloridaRentals.com?

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Please inquire about the rates.

Hosted by Joseph Grimaldi

Joseph Grimaldi

Member since 2023

Year Purchased: 2022

Guestbook comments from the host:

It was a great place to stay for our family vacation. The pool was amazing. Rented a boat to look for dolphins ( which we did see). This place was close to everything.

Our family had a great time at this space - it had ample room for our large family and two dogs. The location was also very central, close to everything we needed. The house was very well-appointed. There were more than enough linens and kitchen tools to truly make our stay a home away from home. We would definitely stay here again.

House was beautiful & Tina the property manager was great! Answers your calls immediately .

Our trip was perfect for my daughter's graduation present. Clean and spacious was what was needed for all 8 of us. Highly Recommend.

Wow - this rental delivered all we could have wanted and more! Usually you see picture this nice and expect it to be too good to be true, this is not the case. It is as if they anticipated everything we could wanted and went above. Property mgr's (Tina's) communication was the best we have had in any rental. Quiet location. Great proximity to restaurants and Fort Myers (when you choose to leave and not just enjoy the home & features). We enjoyed Chocolatte's for crepes and lattes, Whiskey Creek Station for amazing food (the facility after the hurricane does not reflect what you get), and Fish Tale Grill for outside ambiance & food the most. Even after Hurricane Ian there is SO much to enjoy. We traveled with two adults, a 15 and 12 yo. All of us enjoyed the onsite amenities (ping pong, heated pool, ring toss on the wall by pool, basketball in pool was the win, pool floats and chairs, bikes, kayaks, darts, etc.). Groceries were close. Beds were comfortable. Gorgeous aesthetics. Book it, don't question!

Waterfront - Yacht Club - No Bridges Gulf Access - Pool Home 3 bed/3 bath #1

Wonderful from start to finish-wouldn't change a thing

I couldn't have asked for the more perfect house to stay, and it was perfect. We arrived at the house late, when we opened the door it was like a dream. The pool lights were on, the TV was playing soft music to the waves, flowers in the kitchen. Well, even as tired as we all were the pool was the first adventure and it was just what we needed after a day of traveling. Early Friday morning our fishing guide picked up the boys right off the dock, WOW, that was easy- Saturday, Beach Day spent at Captiva Beach, millions of shells and barely any waves, the kids played in the sand and found a whole bucket of shells. We attended a Florida Everglades half day tour out in Immokolee and was able to handle and learn about alligators, snakes and the declining everglades, I would highly recommend it. Thank you Nicole for a truly memorable vacation with our kids and grandkids at Sunnbrook Villa.

Stayed: November 2023 Submitted: November 17, 2023

About the property

3 bed 3 bath yacht

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3 Bed - Moscow, ID Real Estate & homes for sale & real estate

3 bed 3 bath yacht

3 Bed - Moscow, ID home for sale

Come and see the potential! Own half an established Moscow City Block! Large Shop, 3 bed/ 2 ba home, Well on site, RV parking with RV dumping site, Zoned R2. Close to the HIRC, McDonald Elementary, Moscow Middle School, Moscow Charter School and the New Logos School under construction, bus stops, and Paradise Creek Retirement/Care facility. Well established neighborhood, with 3 single family homes possible on the current parcel. Live here while you build! Seller will entertain a division prior to closing. Call your agent for details today!

Intermountain MLS Boise, ID (IMLS)

Spacious single level in a new construction development! 3 bed, 2 bath, with open concept living, dining and kitchen with well appointed space for each. A secondary front living area just inside the covered front entry. Hydronic floor heat throughout the home on three separate zones to provide cost effective temperature control. HUGE master bedroom with walk in closet and seperate exterior access to the large covered rear patio. Solid surface countertops throughout, LVP flooring in the main living areas and master bedroom, carpet in the other 2 bedrooms. Tiled floors in the bathrooms along with tiled surround in the master shower. Dual sink vanity in the master bath along with a stainless u

3 bed 3 bath yacht

Anybody looking for a centrally located lot? This quaint level lot has a walking path and a city park for a backyard! City of Moscow has previously approved a variance for setbacks, one foot for the Northern property line, and one foot for the Southern property line. * This makes this lot useable and a great little project! Convenient access to downtown and campus from this charming central location. Seller has plans already drafted for a great 3 bed 2 bath home for this lot! * (setback must be a total of 3 feet in total, a new variance must be applied for).

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3 Bed - Moscow Homes for Sale

There are currently 3 homes for sale matching 3 bed in Moscow at a median listing price of $492K. Some of these homes are "Hot Homes," meaning they're likely to sell quickly. Most homes for sale in Moscow stay on the market for 36 days. This map is refreshed with the newest listings matching 3 bed in Moscow every 15 minutes.

In the past month, 26 homes have been sold in Moscow. In addition to houses in Moscow, there were also 3 condos, 1 townhouse, and 4 multi-family units for sale in Moscow last month. Moscow is a minimally walkable city in Latah County with a Walk Score of 48. Moscow is home to approximately 23,548 people and 9,979 jobs. Find your dream home in Moscow using the tools above. Use filters to narrow your search by price, square feet, beds, and baths to find homes that fit your criteria. Our top-rated real estate agents in Moscow are local experts and are ready to answer your questions about properties, neighborhoods, schools, and the newest listings for sale in Moscow .  Our Moscow real estate stats and trends will give you more information about home buying and selling trends in Moscow . If you're looking to sell your home in the Moscow area, our listing agents can help you get the best price. Redfin is redefining real estate and the home buying process in Moscow with industry-leading technology, full-service agents, and lower fees that provide a better value for Redfin buyers and sellers.

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Moscow, ID 3 bedroom homes for sale

1136 Spence Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,910 sqft 1,910 square feet
  • 1.95 acre lot 1.95 acre lot

1026 N Mountain View Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,834 sqft 1,834 square feet
  • 0.86 acre lot 0.86 acre lot

1315 Ponderosa Dr, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,301 sqft 2,301 square feet
  • 0.27 acre lot 0.27 acre lot

922 S Meadow St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,056 sqft 1,056 square feet
  • 9,670 sqft lot 9,670 square foot lot

1655 Lorien Ln, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 4,072 sqft 4,072 square feet

411 N Almon St Spc 421, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,456 sqft 1,456 square feet

2430 Blaine Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,631 sqft 2,631 square feet
  • 10 acre lot 10 acre lot

225 N Asbury St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,208 sqft 2,208 square feet
  • 7,492 sqft lot 7,492 square foot lot

609 N Almon St Spc 3011, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,512 sqft 1,512 square feet

1445 Borah Ave, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,352 sqft 1,352 square feet
  • 9,148 sqft lot 9,148 square foot lot

1662 S Picotee Cir, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,925 sqft 1,925 square feet
  • 4,182 sqft lot 4,182 square foot lot

1009 S Blaine St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,267 sqft 1,267 square feet
  • 6,970 sqft lot 6,970 square foot lot

1019 Nearing Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 3,944 sqft 3,944 square feet
  • 17 acre lot 17 acre lot

652 Lund Ln, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,031 sqft 1,031 square feet
  • 8,276 sqft lot 8,276 square foot lot

2122 E F St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,722 sqft 1,722 square feet
  • 0.7 acre lot 0.7 acre lot

2509 Castleford St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,542 sqft 2,542 square feet
  • 0.35 acre lot 0.35 acre lot

735 S Meadow St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,698 sqft 1,698 square feet
  • 9,801 sqft lot 9,801 square foot lot

2332 Arborcrest Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,434 sqft 2,434 square feet
  • 1.01 acre lot 1.01 acre lot

605 N Almon St Spc 11, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,173 sqft 1,173 square feet

609 N Almon St Spc 3012, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,080 sqft 1,080 square feet
  • 2,614 sqft lot 2,614 square foot lot

1644 S Picotee Cir, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,528 sqft 1,528 square feet
  • 4,008 sqft lot 4,008 square foot lot

1418 E B St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,152 sqft 1,152 square feet
  • 7,623 sqft lot 7,623 square foot lot

1020 E 7th St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,804 sqft 1,804 square feet

913 W Palouse River Dr Trlr 14, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 938 sqft 938 square feet

115 N Almon St Apt 102, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,490 sqft 1,490 square feet

1096 Eid Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,536 sqft 2,536 square feet
  • 49.76 acre lot 49.76 acre lot

1021 Skyview Loop, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,027 sqft 2,027 square feet
  • 1.2 acre lot 1.2 acre lot

1007 S Adams St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,283 sqft 1,283 square feet
  • 4,792 sqft lot 4,792 square foot lot

1003 Victoria Ct, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,058 sqft 1,058 square feet
  • 7,884 sqft lot 7,884 square foot lot

1007 Juliene Way, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,256 sqft 2,256 square feet
  • 0.24 acre lot 0.24 acre lot

2006 W View Dr, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,129 sqft 2,129 square feet
  • 0.26 acre lot 0.26 acre lot

615 N Adams St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,824 sqft 1,824 square feet

1916 Sunnyside Ave, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,563 sqft 1,563 square feet
  • 0.3 acre lot 0.3 acre lot

282 Baker St Apt 302, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,460 sqft 1,460 square feet

1626 S Picotee Cir, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,521 sqft 1,521 square feet

1829 Appaloosa Rd, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,826 sqft 1,826 square feet
  • 9,583 sqft lot 9,583 square foot lot

2309 Itani Dr, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,844 sqft 1,844 square feet
  • 8,233 sqft lot 8,233 square foot lot

1580 S Picotee Cir, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,884 sqft 1,884 square feet
  • 4,095 sqft lot 4,095 square foot lot

2018 Ben Gifford Ct, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,968 sqft 1,968 square feet
  • 0.32 acre lot 0.32 acre lot

2624 Granville St, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,330 sqft 2,330 square feet
  • 6,011 sqft lot 6,011 square foot lot

1406 Roxbury Dr, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 2,300 sqft 2,300 square feet
  • 0.33 acre lot 0.33 acre lot

609 N Almon St Spc 3018, Moscow, ID 83843

  • 1,008 sqft 1,008 square feet

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How to buy a home in Moscow, ID

Be prepared to buy, moving cost calculator, homes for sale with 3 beds in moscow, id.

So you are looking for homes with 3 beds in Moscow, ID? Excellent choice! Realtor.com® wants to make sure you can search for a house with 3 beds with ease. That is why we have compiled a list of 49 homes with 3 beds that are currently for sale within Moscow, ID residential boundaries, including open house listings. View each home individually and read the property details, which include the price, sales history, property tax, school information and much more. Get instant access to property photos so you can explore the home online. Many people choose to live near Moscow, ID because of its good reputation as well as its proximity to several parks and recreational areas. In fact, there are schools, universities, school districts and lastly parks nearby. Our goal is to help you buy your dream home.

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  19. 1043 Edington Ave, Moscow, ID 83843

    Zillow has 50 photos of this $599,000 4 beds, 3 baths, 2,175 Square Feet single family home located at 1043 Edington Ave, Moscow, ID 83843 built in 2024. MLS #98909707.

  20. 3 Bed

    Seller has plans already drafted for a great 3 bed 2 bath home for this lot! 1/20. $80,000 — beds — baths 2,482 sq ft (lot) 102 N Lilly, Moscow, ID 83843.

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  22. 1644 Picotee Cir, Moscow, ID 83843

    Zillow has 10 photos of this $534,900 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,528 Square Feet single family home located at 1644 Picotee Cir, Moscow, ID 83843 built in 2024. MLS #98911716.

  23. 524 Birchwood Dr, Moscow Mills, MO 63362

    524 Birchwood Dr, Moscow Mills, MO 63362 is pending. Zillow has 1 photo of this 3 beds, 2 baths, 1,601 Square Feet single family home with a list price of $366,016.