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Best Catamarans Over 50 Feet

Best Catamarans Over 50 Feet

All kinds of high-end luxury sailing you could ever imagine can be experienced on Catamarans Over 50 Feet. It just depends on the boat at hand. Why spend your holiday cruising or liveaboard on a monohull when comfortable catamarans exist?

A catamaran is quite different from a regular monohull. Catamarans are typically designed with two equal-sized hulls and derive their stability from their wide beam; unlike a one-hulled boat deriving stability from a loaded undersurface.

The average catamaran is 38-47 feet in size. Usually, they are equipped with four large cabins with double or queen-sized beds, each cabin having an in-suite head. These vessels, originally designed for fishing, have, over the years, evolved and have become very popular in recent years. Lately, many boatbuilders are focusing more and more on building large catamarans over 50 feet as more and more people are starting to liveaboard and put more emphasis on comfort and luxury than their sailing performance.

In 2011, the biggest catamaran ever was built by Pendennis Shipyard in the UK, at 145 feet in length! It is equipped with a trampoline, a jacuzzi and can accommodate 12 guests in 5 cabins. This boat is designed to accommodate all the luxuries and adornments that can be found on a watercraft.

Here are the best sailing catamarans over 50 feet, in no particular order.

Length: 50 Feet

Price: From $500k to $1.5 Million USD On the Used Market

Back in 2019, the Lagoon 50 was awarded the best multihull of Sail Magazine. A product of the world’s largest boat manufacturer Lagoon, established in 1984, is majorly famous for the design and construction of cruising catamarans, which infuse top-notch designs, upscale comfort, and great sailing performances to one’s boating experience. Every detail is carefully thought out to establish novel and spacious architecture with a homely ambiance.

It’s a perfect balance between the model Lagoon 450 and the lofty 52. The Lagoon 50 has an encompassing view, generous volumes with a self-tacking jib, and a shorter mast for easily simplified maneuvers. It has two cockpits, one large one facing the sea and the other for seating at foredeck or on a deck chair. The hulls being large enough to contain more than 2 cabins, you can have up to six cabins. Italian agency Nauto Design Studio set a standard for their innovative interior designs every time. This vessel boasts of a unique brand signature, providing increased performance and a detailed wood finish to be fitted for the owner. Unconventional lines are linked with luxury, versatility, and a layout of technical options to cater to everyone’s needs.

Lagoon 50 Catamaran

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Length: 52 Feet

Looking for something contemporary and luxurious? Lagoon 52 takes the cake in that way. This boat signified a new stage in the design of cruising catamarans. The Lagoon 52 is a product of the prolonged conversations between Lagoon’s customary VPLP, Nauto design agency, and the Lagoon design department. It comes in two versions: The Lagoon 52 FlyBridge, known as Lagoon 52F, and Lagoon 52 SporTop.

The combination of onboard comfort with its sailing performance is perfect and in sync. The wide side decks allow easy movement onboard. The cockpit and saloon also offer spacious living areas. The vertical bows of the boat have a diamond-shaped appearance with diagonal shaped hull and a lifting deck house.

The boat is easily accessible and safe thanks to the open rear skirts. Most of the features in this luxurious watercraft can be found in the aforementioned Lagoon 50. It has a perfect blend for its easy use, a comfy, elegant interior, amazing space, and lighting. You’re sure to get your money’s worth with the LAGOON 52.

Lagoon 52

Privilege Series 5

Price: Around $1-1.5 Million USD

At 50 feet, this boat is quite marvelous and a privilege to spend your time in as a cruiser or owner. The Privilège Series 5 is the world’s first 50 feet sailing catamaran. This vessel was built by Privilège Marine, a French company based in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. They are famous for building premium luxury catamarans and designed by French Naval Architect Marc Lombard. The Privilège Series 5 is equipped with three or four double and a full-sized owner’s cabin located in the yacht’s center. It’s a lightweight boat at 48500 pounds and could go up to 52900 depending on the size.

It has great customization options, and it can be designed to suit the boat owner’s taste. The attention to detail on the boat is nothing short of perfection as the interior design, woodwork, safety measurements laid out by the boat’s design, aesthetics, ventilation, etc., was thought out good. The vessel’s finishing is really phenomenal as everything has a high level of craftsmanship.

Privilege Series 5

Leopard 50L

Length: 50 Ft 6 In

Price: Around $1 Million USD

The Leopard 48, which was launched in 2012, was one of the most popular cruising cats ever designed. But the design was beginning to become dated, even as new orders kept coming in. So, Robertson & Caine, who build the Leopard cats, set out to improve on what was already great. The new 50 was their answer and comes with many innovations that will make owners happy. We test sailed the 50L last winter in Florida. The L version has the optional lounge on top of the hardtop over the cockpit. Unlike some cats with flying bridges and lounges up high, the 50L doesn’t feel like a layer wedding cake.

The steering station is a traditional raised helm to starboard, and the lounge is just up a few stairs from there. The helmsman is in contact with those in the main cockpit and those in the lounge. Out sailing, we got the 50L up to 10 knots in a good breeze, so the boat is fast. It is also commodious and will make a very comfortable home for a family or a charter party.

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Length: 58 Feet

Price: From $450k To $1.5 Million on the Used Market

Leopard 58 is a superb layout from Leopard, skilfully modeled by award-winning designers Robertson & Caine. This extravagant catamaran is suited to the prolific and innovative catamarans that have made Leopard famous while still giving out fresh features and various design options.

This expansive FlyBridge takes space to a whole new dimension as it is larger than its siblings with their award-winning aspects. A Flybridge is basically a version of catamarans that affords you the luxury of outdoor space, come rain or shine. Leopard 58 is more about space, bragging about 750 square feet in just the saloon alone. It gives you amazing comfort and is naturally luminous. With an open plan layout, the galley available means the meal making and interaction will be easy. Highly recommended for a family outdoor gathering.

Leopard 58 - Best Catamaran Over 50 Feet

Price: Around $1 Million USD New ; Not many options on the used market since its a newer model

Popularly called the Seawind 52 because of its 52 feet size. The Seawind 52′ 1600 is designed by world-renowned architects Reichel Pugh. Like the Lagoon 52, it’s a perfect balance for onboard comfort and performance sailing and sea safety. Perfect for sailors or boat lovers who are looking for a little extra.

This catamaran sets a standard for offshore sailing because of its simple sailing methods, large open cockpit space, and twin protected helms. Equipped with a three or four-cabin design that affords the owner’s cabin expansive living space, great storage, high aspect riders, daggerboards, an elegant fit/finish, and infused carbon-reinforced construction.

Seawind 1600

Price: Around $1 Million USD New

The new Seawind 1600 has been in the works for a while and has finally arrived on the market. The Reichel Pugh design is a departure from the more conservative looks of the other Seawinds and embraces a very Euro-style with plumb bows, hard chines, a swept-back cabin, and a large open cockpit with helm stations on both sides. The boat is a pure performance cruiser that was conceived as a blue water voyaging boat for a family. At 52 feet, it falls within the size range that an experienced couple can handle, so it would make a great platform for a couple to explore the world. The 1600 like all of the Seawinds and Corsairs, are built in Vietnam.

Nautitech 542

Length: 54 Feet

Price: Around $1.2 Million USD New

Nautitech 542 is the typical example of offshore meeting first class. This boat has ideally tweaked fittings for smooth sailing under any circumstances. Furnished with a single wheel on its roof for perfect views of the boat and a comfy 2-person seat. The idea of this boat is mostly based on performance and quality. Asides from the positions of the helm, Nautitech 541 and 542 are very similar. Nautitech 542 is large and luxurious. The sail controls at the helm stations for easy sailing maneuvers and perfect for all weather conditions. The interior was designed by French designer Franck Darnet. Equipped with state of the art furniture and cabin experience, a sleek experience is assured.

Nautitech 542

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Xquisite X5

Length: 51 Feet

Price: Around $1.5 Million USD

Once you have met your first Xquisite X5, you will never forget its absolute distinctive looks and almost space-traveling styling. The whole look of the boat, with its large reverse curving arches and cat’s eye windows, says right out loud that you need to pay attention. The boat itself is a very modern design with a classic and comfortable interior. It sails better than most of its peers in the 50-foot range and is set up cleverly so one watchstander can hand, reef, and steer all from the protected comfort of the raised steering station. Tomas and Sara, who build the boats in South Africa, are veteran cruisers and owned hull number one of the X5 line before taking over the company. Their attention to detail and the innovations they have incorporated into the boats all stem from their time living aboard and blue water sailing.

Privilege 615

Length: 61 Feet

Price: From $800k to $1.3 Million USD on the Used Market

When it comes to onboard luxury, Marc Lombard, who designed this catamaran, is an expert in that field. This lovely boat is in touch with the latest style, sporting a flybridge complete with two wheels and a broad sunbed suitable for the crew to relax the day away. The 615 is a combination of simplistic and superior design with an outstanding crew, results in the ultimate luxury Caribbean cruising experience. The impeccable elegance of the interior with a lavish owner’s suite and the boat’s perfect wood quality are two great reasons to make you get the boat. The freedom to choose a four or five-double cabin is another, depending on the size of the family.

Followed closely by its outstanding exterior, you’re sure to fall in love with it on sight, from the cockpit to the foredeck. With an impressive platform and lustrous profile, the Privilède 615 contradicts the volume and versatility of its interior. One wonders how they fit into the other, gives it a great ambiance.

Privilege 615 Cat

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Balance 526

Length: 52ft 6in

Price: From $1.3 to $1.6 Million USD New

Multihull impresario, dealer, and broker Phil Berman (The Multihull Company) has sold more multihulls over the last 30 years than just about anyone. His latest project has been the development of the Balance line of performance cruising cats. The queen of the line is the Balance 526 that was introduced a few years ago and has proven to be a very successful player in the 50-foot plus segment of the cat market. Built in South Africa by noted composite experts, the 526 offers a well-conceived combination of great sailing performance and luxury living in a boat that can be handled by an experienced couple.

The boat has plenty of innovations, among them a helm that can be tilted up so you can steer from the raised helm station or tilted down so you can steer from the protection of the cockpit. Very cool. The design does not take any particular element to the “extreme.” Instead, Berman and his crew have sought to provide a boat that is truly well balanced in all aspects. And, they’ve done it.

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Length: 62 Feet

Price: From $700k to $1.7 Million USD on the Used Market

Manufactured in 2014, this luxury catamaran is ideal for those who enjoy watersports and healthy activities. It was designed by world-renowned designer Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prvost (VPLP) and built to top-notch quality with a focus on stability, performance, luxury, and spaciousness. The maximum capacity of this boat is 12 guests in 4-double and 2-twin cabins. The Sunreef 620 is the very first to feature a newly developed rig. From the large cabins, saloon, galley, and sail performance, the 620 is one boat you’d get a memorable experience on. As you can understand, this is a great catamaran over 50 feet to use as a liveaboard.

Sunreef 62 - Luxury Catamaran

Outremer 5X

Length: 69 Feet

Price: From $1.3 to $1.8 Million USD on the Used Market

The Outremer 5X is unlike any other in the yacht market as it is fast, sturdy, but luxurious all at the same time. Also, it possesses finely finished cabinetwork, spacious accommodations, and an excellent payload carrying ability. Modeled great agility to make even a single person handle any maneuver, its retractable high aspect ratio daggerboards assure a shallower drift giving access to the most remote of harbors.

When it comes to the interior, every Outremer model is trying to outdo the last in elegance, neatness, and modernity. She offers an unrestricted view and functional comfort. The port hull suite includes a king-sized bed, superb sea view portlight, an office, and a separate private entrance from the rear. It’s a semi-custom interior designed by VPLP in conjunction with Patrick le Quement. It won the ‘European Yacht of the Year’ and Cruising World’s ‘Boat of the Year’ in 2013 and 2014. This catamaran is as affordable as a luxury catamaran over 50 feet can get. Beautiful isn’t she?

Length: 51 Feet

Price: From $450k to $550k On the Used Market

Aimed at Blue-water sailors looking to sail fast and far, Switch 51 has proved itself and regarded in this day as a remarkable ocean cruising catamaran. This classic high-performance voyage was designed by VPLP and is said to combine a level of comfort, performance, and safety. It was built by Sud Composites in France with high tech materials. Sud initially built about 18 of these classic catamarans from 2001 to 2007.

Switch 51 hulls are built with vinyl ester sandwiched with a Klegecelle PVC foam core, thereby creating a hull light enough to be real quick and heavy enough to handle the ocean waves and swells. The saloon and galley are huge, with the cockpit spacious. The layout and accommodation are perfect for a small family with classic amenities aimed at making your stay on board a memorable one. This also a pretty affordable option in this category with prices on the used market as low as 450k.

Switch 51 Catamaran

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a large catamaran to either spend your summer vacation with your family or to liveaboard, this list of the best catamarans over 50 feet will point you in the right direction. Obviously, there are many options on the used market, but you should pick the one that you like best and fits your budget.

While the prices vary with their manufactured year, options, location, etc., buying any of the above-mentioned catamarans will certainly offer you state of the art onboard luxury and comfort. Why not try one of them out on your next boat cruise to see for yourself before you buy?


Peter is the editor of Better Sailing. He has sailed for countless hours and has maintained his own boats and sailboats for years. After years of trial and error, he decided to start this website to share the knowledge.

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Lagoon 50 catamaran.

Winner of The Multihull of The Year Award 2018, the British Yachting Awards 2018, and the Sail’s Best Boat of The Year Award of 2019, the Lagoon 50 catamaran offers some thoughtful and innovative features. Some parts of the catamaran – such as the cockpit and the saloon – have been completely redesigned.

Table of Contents


The interior design of the Lagoon 50 is a product of the Nauta Design while Patrick Le Quement and VPLP Design gave shape to its exterior. The Lagoon 50 catamaran, with its rich and dark Alpi Walnut plywood construction and UV varnish finishing, comes with three, four, and even six cabin layouts and provides a generous amount of volume and space.

The aft cockpit of the Lagoon 50 can be easily accessed through two low transom steps and houses a polyester table to port that can be extended to accommodate up to 10 people and folded away when not needed.  The seat is also removable and can be moved away when the table is extended. The aft cockpit itself has a galley, complete with its own countertops for drink and food preparation, a sink, a refrigerator and a few bottle holders. The forward cockpit has seats with two storage lockers underneath them and two trampolines.

Lagoon 50 catamaran has a large flybridge with a helm station which comes not only with a separate recreational area but also has storage space behind it. The helm seat at the station is spacious enough to accommodate up to 4 people, including the helm person, and the station is made comfortable by triple sun beds, back and knee rests behind the helm seat. The helm offers enough visibility for navigation to not be a problem but since the helm seat is right in the center, the view from directly behind the steering wheel is obstructed by the mast.

The helm station has an ideally angled dashboard, equipped with a B&G multifunction display and autopilot amongst other instruments. All the lines and the self-tacking jib sheets are managed with three Harken winches. There are also three integrated sheet bins to manage the sheets, a halyard and an electric drum to manage the continuous traveler sheet.


In a three cabin version, the aft cabin of the Lagoon 50 catamaran has a double bed with lateral access and a drawer underneath, two bedside tables, and a shelf. There is enough storage space with a full-height locker, wardrobe, and bookcase. The deck hatch above the bed allows for ventilation and light. The aft bathroom has a manual toilet, a separate shower with Plexiglass door, multiple storage units and fixed window. The forward cabin and bathroom offer the same facilities but the owner’s suite is slightly more lavish with multiple bookcases, a sofa, a desk, its own bathroom with separate shower and toilet areas, and a walk-in closet.

Leveled with the cockpit, the saloon of the Lagoon 50 is a laid-back, comfortable living space that has plenty of room for entertaining guests or hosting a party. It is covered with a hard-top Bimini and houses a U-shaped sofa with a dining table and a fully-equipped chart table. The characteristic Lagoon vertical windows wrap around the saloon giving an almost continuous panoramic view while also maintaining the temperature and preventing the inside from heating up.  

Lagoon 50 also has a dedicated space for the navigation station which comes equipped with a B&G MFD, a VHF, and autopilot on a navigation desk covered in leather.

The galley is L-shaped and accessed through a sliding door. It has a four-burner gas stove and a gas oven, fully integrated sink with storage cupboards, shelves, drawers, and lockers. The galley also has a 190 liters, stainless steel drawer fridge. Between the living space and the cockpit, the galley has enough space for food preparation to be done by multiple people without coming in each other’s way and allows enough room for food and drinks to be stored. The drinks and such can be directly served through the window that opens into the forward cockpit.


The two engine rooms of the Lagoon 50 catamaran house one 57 HP Yanmar diesel engines each with sail drives and folding propellers. The engine rooms are accessed through hatches that open up and aft so that they can be safely accessed from the cockpit without having to expose oneself on the steps. The engine rooms have enough space for maintenance checks.


The overall length of the Lagoon 50 catamaran is 14.75 meters while the maximum beam is 8.10 meters. With the displacement of 19.9 tons, Lagoon 50 catamaran has an air draft of 26. 51 meters and a draft of 1.40 meters. It has a total freshwater capacity of 2 x 240 liters and a fuel capacity of 2 x 520 liters.


The price of the Lagoon 50 catamaran varies from $650,000 to $700,000.

In conclusion, Lagoon 50 catamaran is an appreciable option for someone who wants to settle somewhere between the Lagoon 52 and Lagoon 450.The Lagoon 50 particularly wins because of the generous amount of volume and room it offers which grants enough privacy for a family to be comfortable onboard. The performance has also been optimized by a greater aspect ratio of the mainsail and the moving of the mast further aft. All in all, Lagoon 50 does justice to the price tag it comes with.

Lagoon 50 Specs

Make: lagoon, catamaran rating, lagoon 50 pictures, new catamaran reviews.

Leopard 43 Catamaran

Seawind 1600

Privilege 585 Catamaran

Privilege 585

Catamaran makes, new reviews, most popular.



pasek na stronę WABE_pln.jpg



Wave Catamarans has risen to the challenge of creating a catamaran where comfort and a spacious living area - features hitherto associated with larger vessels - may now be found on a 50-foot yacht. The WAVE 50 offers an astonishing ratio of usable space to length, giving its users in excess of 160 m2.

Thanks to Wave Catamarans Shipyard's wealth of experience, the WAVE 50 - a unique, state-of-the-art model - is not just a vision, it is now a reality.  Its perfect synthesis, where wonderful design meets cutting edge and user-friendly energy solutions, guarantees the perfect conditions to find calm and comfort on the water.

The WAVE 50, as the very first model in the new WAVE catamaran line, presents a previously unseen approach to design. The distinctive shape of the superstructure allows for an unprecedented amount of space in the lounge and the front cockpit - a rarity among 50-foot catamarans. The modern hull’s inverted bows with its elegant shape accentuated by sharp slits, in addition to the rigid roof spoiler on the upper deck, all enhance the WAVE 50’s inimitable slenderness.



Rest is assured thanks to WAVE 50’s intelligent innovations. An abundance of space may be found where the lounge leads directly out to a huge front cockpit and an array of sunbathing nets on the bow – providing plentiful opportunities to relax and recharge. Stairs offer convenient access to the sun deck which comes fully-equipped with seating, an overhead projector, a refrigerator and a sizeable couch – it is here that one can catch the sun’s rays while discovering serenity and tranquillity under a sliding roof.  A comfortable bathing area can be found on a platform at the stern, indeed, time and tide will stand still as you luxuriate in the rear cockpit.

Dazzling panoramic views and a sense of space may be glimpsed through the tall windows which surround the lustrous living room. When moored in a picturesque bay, there is no better place to feel at ease while enjoying breakfast and dinner than the dining room with its ample sized table. The WAVE 50 SARA catamaran has a universal design layout, for both owner and charter use, which consists of a large living room with a galley on the main deck, and four guest cabins in the hulls – one of which is the more spacious master suite. Each cabin has its own bathroom and the cabin crew is set apart from the guest living quarters via a separate entrance. 



Wave Catamarans are custom-made designs. Each vessel is tailored to our customers’ unique and personal needs – a  reflection of the demands and quality that each may rightly expect. The world-renowned excellence, endeavour and know-how found in Poland, where the highest calibre of catamarans have been produced for many years – with the WAVE 50 now at its fore - has provided the skills and experience to design and develop this enchanting yacht. There are limitless opportunities to personalize the vessel: choose the finishing materials and technical equipment that you demand; customize the interior; decide on the layout that meets your own singular requirements. With remarkable ideas and a boldness in your vision, the closer we will take you to the cusp of your dreams.


The catamaran is equipped with a modern hybrid drive system which, together with its vast energy storage capacity, provides a myriad of opportunities for the autonomous function of the yacht's systems. An innovative energy management system which constantly monitors the operation of all devices, ensures safety and efficiency will never be compromised.

Designed and developed by Wave Catamarans, together with the Gdańsk University of Technology, the hybrid drive system provides three possible modes of operation:

Energy mode

The motor drive operates in generator mode. The electricity may be generated while sailing on the internal combustion engines or when parked

The internal combustion engines work in unison with the electric motors, to provide a boost in the power and speed of the catamaran or support the navigation of ports in more difficult weather conditions

Silent mode

The drive is provided entirely by electric motors, making it possible to swim in hushed silence and in a perfectly eco-friendly way




Do you want to place an order or get more information? Just get in touch with us.

Wave Blue sp. Z o. O ul. Mrówcza 165C

04-768 Warsaw Poland

Thanks for submitting!



Power range, introducing the, leopard 50 catamaran, the next generation of leopard catamarans.

Designed as a versatile replacement for the award-winning Leopard 48 (Boat of the Year 2012), the new Leopard 50 is an exciting new cruising sailing catamaran taking the best of Leopard Catamarans’ previous features yet boasting new innovations and design elements both on the exterior and interior.

With naval architecture by Simonis & Voogd Yacht Design, and with exterior and a fresh new look on the interior design by the world-class design team at Robertson and Caine, the Leopard 50 proudly ushers in the next generation of Leopard Catamarans’ style and functionality.

Leopard 50 Sailing

29+ Years of Production Expertise

While the exterior of the yacht has been enhanced, Naval Architect for Simonis Voogd Design, Alexander Simonis, tells us this:

“Most of the work has been done ‘under the bonnet’ so to say by advances made in the construction geometry of the new 50. To create the beautiful open plan layouts and the nearly 360-degree view from the saloon area while at the same time have a strong and stiff yacht which is not too heavy requires advanced engineering solutions.

The new Leopard 50 makes use of carbon-infused ring frames in the most critical areas to achieve this. This type of construction has been pioneered on the larger all carbon racing catamarans and is now successfully being applied in this Leopard cruising catamaran so that we can offer the best possible mix between comfort, space and performance.”

The perfect blend of comfort and style.

“Stepping onboard the L50 will reveal an interior that is contemporary in style, with a focus that blends aesthetic detail with functionality.

Cabins are more open and spacious than ever before thanks to widening bulkhead openings as much as possible. This is achieved by combining exotic materials with new modern construction techniques.

One can appreciate the sense of ease and comfort while moving throughout the boat. This is a product of our team’s passionate approach stemming from initial sketches, to detailed 3D models, and finally life-size replicas of each area where we physically and meticulously tweaked every single feature until we were 100% satisfied that we had the best product available.”

- Michael Robertson, Tampa Design Team

Leopard 50 Interior

The innovative flybridge on the Leopard 50 includes a lounge area, a sunbed and shade awning. Access to the flybridge is provided by floating stairs leading up from the aft cockpit. While under sail, passengers can move about the flybridge with ample headroom and never worry about interference from the boom.

The next generation of


She incorporates a heritage of Leopards spanning twenty five years of production expertise.

Leopard 50 Specifications

Engine Specifications

Sail specifications, load specifications.

  • 3 Cabin + Utility Cabin Layout
  • 4 Cabin Layout
  • 5 Cabin Layout

Leopard 50 Layout

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photo of Sunreef 50 Eco

Designed for endless, enjoyable cruising, the new Sunreef 50 is the perfect sailing catamaran for weekend trips, cruising the Atlantic, and even transoceanic journeys. Sunreef's eco-friendly approach offers a sailing cat experience unlike any you've ever seen. The thoughtful bridge deck and innovative super-structure design provide the exceptional comfort you require. Her modern look and luxurious appointments in the interior provide the ambiance for entertaining your most important guests, all while conserving energy and minimalizing any carbon footprint.


  • Make Sunreef Yachts
  • Model 50 Sailing Catamaran
  • Length Overall 49' 8
  • Water Capacity 2 x 105 Gallon Tanks
  • Fuel Capacity 2 x 132 gallon tanks or 2 x 198 gallon tanks

Created with sailors in mind, the Sunreef 50 combines supreme comfort and easy handling for a thoroughly enjoyable cruising adventure. The hull was specifically designed to offer an immense variety of layouts with up to 5 guest staterooms and spacious crew accommodations. As with all Sunreef Yachts , the 50 Eco is fully customizable to meet your needs and has the option for the "green" propulsion system.

If you have any interest in finding out more about Sunreef's incredible eco-friendly luxury catamarans, we invite you to contact United's Jorge Cabre' at (305) 773-2095 or by email at [email protected]

The below video is of the Sunreef 50 named "Solitaire":

Hardtop Layout With Solar Panels:

Sunreef 50 Layout with hardtop

Hardtop Layout with Sunroof Open:

sunroof open

Main Deck Layout:

Main Deck Layout

Accommodations Option with 3 Cabins:

3 cabin layout

Accommodations Layout with 5 cabins:

5 cabin layout

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photo of Sunreef 50 Eco

Sunreef 100 Power Catamaran

photo of Sunreef 50 Eco

Sunreef 80 Eco

photo of Sunreef 50 Eco

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Product Profile: Leopard 50


From the initial design phase until the splash of the first hull, all hands involved in the creation of the Leopard 50 have a genuine passion for the product and it shows.  By maximizing the onboard area, she is the perfect catamaran for guest entertaining and long-range cruising. Maintaining the  stunning open plan layout with a 360 degree views from the saloon area, yet possessing the qualities that make her a strong and stiff yacht, which is not too heavy, required advanced engineering solutions.  The Leopard 50 makes use of carbon infused ring frames in the most critical areas to achieve this. This type of construction has been pioneered on the larger all carbon racing catamarans and is now successfully being applied in this Leopard cruising catamaran so that we can offer the best possible mix between comfort, space and performance.


Think style. Think function. Whether you are cruising the Caribbean or crossing the Pacific Ocean, there is a Leopard 50 for any type of sailor.

Make it your own. With the creation of the Leopard 50 we have found the perfect balance of a production yacht that can be built safely and efficiently, but also allows owners the chance to customize the yacht to their needs both during the production process and in after market fittings. Want to see for yourself? Then watch this video of Leopard 50 owners sharing what they have added to their yacht, including an 8-bottle wine cooler, customized shelving, an extended helm seat and more.


This will come as no surprise, as the heart and soul of every Leopard Catamaran are the spaces in which you can enjoy the company of friends and family. But for the live-aboards, ample spaces provide each crew member with their own, personal place to escape. Starting with the fly bridge on deck with seating for up to 10, work your way down the floating staircase to the aft cockpit which provides the perfect place to enjoy dinner with the whole family. Work your way forward through the saloon, the galley and finally the forward access door and into the forward cockpit where you will clink glasses and enjoy a sundowner. And don't forget the signature trampoline, a feature that every sailing catamaran should have.


In the starboard hull you have separate staircase access to both the owner's suite and the VIP cabin, providing complete comfort and privacy for owner and guests. In the port hull you have the option for two cabins with en-suite heads, or instead of a fourth cabin, a utility room that provides laundry facilities, work areas, extra storage and more. 

To load your dinghy onto a swim platform or stick to a davit system? That is the question. But thankfully, on the Leopard 50, you have the option to choose which you'd prefer to have! The swim platform provides easy loading and unloading, in addition to the perfect place to dip your toes in the water. But, many bluewater sailors will tell you that they just don't think a swim platform is necessary, and thus we provide the option to choose a davit system. 


Find protection, rain or shine. The Leopard 50 is equipped with a hard top over the helm with the ability to completely enclose the helm station. Don't get distracted by the glitz of an unprotected helm on the upper deck of a sailing catamaran.  These may look nice for a week long charter, but as an owner, you will not regret protection from the elements. Weather can turn in an instant, and the sun can be absolutely brutal. A hardtop over the helm is a must, and the helm station enclosure, an added bonus. Learn more about helm station accommodations here , from one of our expert sales agents.


The Leopard 50 is internationally recognized as an award winning yacht. Cruising World's "Boat of the Year" is the most well respected title in the industry and the Leopard 50 reigned supreme, following in the foot steps of her sister ship-- the Leopard 45. Additionally, the Leopard 50 was named the 2019 Best Multihull Sailing Yacht at the Christofle Yacht Style Awards which took place in Phuket during the Thailand Yacht Show.

A few things to note about speed and range

 Curious about the yachts speed and ability? Tested in 16 knots of wind and pointing at 50 degrees she will cruise at 7 knots. Take her to 90 degrees or 120 degrees with the genoa and you'll see her cruise at 8.5 knots. Should the wind abandon you at sea and you decide to fire up the engines, you will see a max speed of 11 knots. If you cruise at a modest 6.5 knots, fuel consumption will average 1.1 gal/hr. The total maximum range under motor, cruising at 6.5 knots, is approximately 1,110nm.   View principal specifications here .

If you would like to discover more about the Leopard 50, including pricing and available options, click the button below to use our pricing tool. 

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50 foot catamaran interior

Katie Campbell

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50 foot catamaran interior


Length overall

Upwind sail area

Number of berths

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The British Yachting Awards 2021 - Winner of the Multihull of the Year Award

Oceanway China Yacht Award 2021 - Best sailing catamaran over 50 feet

Lagoon 55 navigation

Offering an exceptional quality of life on board, directly inspired by Lagoon yachts, the interior enables you to take full advantage of the sea, the sky, the sunshine, and the beauty of your environment:  a design challenge successfully met by the Lagoon 55.

Lagoon 55 carré extérieur


With bold, contemporary lines, the Lagoon 55 plays with the codes, combining innovation with the fundamentals of the brand’s heritage.  This subtle blend graces this new model with a contemporary silhouette, and sets a new milestone, in terms of design.

Lagoon 51


Designed as a true terrace on the water, the aft cockpit of the Lagoon 55 offers an incomparable view of the sea.  New architectural design solutions enabled the rearrangement of space on the aft transom in order to reinvent the flow of movement and life on board.

Lagoon 51


Aboard the Lagoon 55, la dolce vita takes place far from the constraints of daily life.  Vast interior spaces have been designed for you to escape, to unwind, and to savor moments suspended in time.  This haven of well-being welcomes you with full comfort and privacy.


Turned toward the exterior environment, with its large opening windows in the coachroof, the Lagoon 55 offers you a new perspective on your dream destinations.

Interested in this catamaran?

Lagoon 55 intérieur


  • Length overall 16,56 m / 54'4''
  • Beam overall 9,00 m / 29'6''
  • Water draft 1,55 m / 5'1''
  • Air draft 28,93 m / 94'11'
  • Light displacement (EEC) 27,7 T / 59.614 Lbs
  • Sails area upwind 183 m² / 1.969 sq ft
  • Square top mainsail (optional.) 109 m² / 1,173 sq ft
  • Self-tacking jib 74 m² / 796 sq ft
  • Code 0 (opt.) 101 m² / 1,087 sq.ft
  • Motorisation - standard 2 x 115 CV / HP
  • Water tank capacity 960 L / 254 US gal
  • Fuel tank capacity 1,100 L / 291 US gal
  • No. of berths from 8 to 16
  • CE approval A: 14 / B: 14 / C: 20 / D: 30

Lagoon 55 profile

Press releases


The Horizon PC52 model answers the demand for a high-end power catamaran in the 50-foot range that is capable of true blue-water cruising. The PC52 offers extremely comfortable living spaces, with a functional three-stateroom layout, large galley and spacious salon, as well as all of the necessary amenities for extended cruising. She has been professionally designed and engineered to meet Horizon’s high standards for quality, and the PC52’s generous bridge deck clearance ensures the ride is efficient, smooth and stable, providing you the peace of mind you need when out on the open sea. The PC52 is available in both Open and Enclosed Flybridge versions.

PC52 Yacht


PC52 Yacht

LAYOUTS click to enlarge

PC52 Yacht

**Optional items may be shown in the layout that are not included in the base price**

PC52 Yacht


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  • 1201 U.S. Highway 1, Suite 1, North Palm Beach, FL 33408
  • 561.721.4850
  • [email protected]

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Leopard 50-3


The Leopard 50 replaced the Leopard 48, a very successful production boat. This is no evolution, but an entirely re-thought design. She’s two foot longer with a bigger beam. There used to be 2 options: the fly version (they call it a lounge, hence the name: 50L). And the 50P: (the P stands for performance).

Just the Lounge Now, they only produce the Lounge version which has a higher boom and a lounge behind the helm for sundowners at anchor. She clocks in at a similar size to the McConaghy MC50 CAT (also with a flybridge) but you won’t need to dig as deep into your budget for a Leopard.

Leopards have a reputation for being tough boats- they have to be with all that charter action. And they are sea-worthy too. Most of them are transported on their own bottoms from South Africa to the rest of the world.

Simonis Design The 50 is a vacuum-bagged and resin-infused E-glass hull with a balsa core. Carbon fiber adds stiffness without adding on the pounds, and the keels are filled with closed-cell poly foam. Designer Simonis was instructed to maximise visibility, which means fewer structural elements. To achieve that, carbon-infused ring frames are used instead of wood or composite bulkheads.

For even more information on this yacht, you should also read our Leopard 50 Owner’s Review from Sailing Dracarys.

Go Forward The 50 has the Leopard signature forward cockpit. While that might not make it the prettiest boat in the bay, it’s a fantastic space, reached through a door from the saloon: perfect for a sundowner at anchor with a breeze. Robertson and Caine first launched the forward cockpit with watertight door with the Morrelli & Melvin-designed Leopard 44. Alex Simonis and Simonis Voogd Yacht Design then took over the design pencils, and the idea has proved popular with buyers and the 50 has a sleeker profile. The Leopard 50 will also be sold for charter as the Moorings 5000.

Charter a Leopard 50 Catamaran

Are you looking for a Leopard 50 to charter? Browse our selection of high quality yachts for rent below ⇓

Rent a Leopard 50

Find Leopard Catamarans for charter. All | Leopard |

  • The living space. It’s HUGE.
  • Leopard’s are seaworthy boats. Most of them are delivered from South Africa on their own bottoms.
  • The forward cockpit – always a favourite for sundowners.
  • When the wind is up, these boats sail well.
  • The flybridge- great at anchor
  • Leopards aren’t known for their sleek profiles. The 50 looks more balanced than some of their other models, but still. Owners won’t care what you say as they are lounging around at anchor, however.
  • Performance drops off quickly in lighter winds. That’s not unique to a Leopard though.
  • All that living space means that these cats have more windage than most.
  • A higher boom can make accessing the mainsail tricky in a seaway.
  • The balsa core will put some people off.

leopard 50 cockpit

Huge Living Space The aft cockpit is big with large sofas and an aft seatback. South Africans love their barbeques (or braais), so there’s a decent grill to cook your fish and steaks on. She has wide side decks with plenty of places to clip on and flush hatches.

A second forward-facing dining space is just inside the saloon to port. The table is foldable and can be lowered for coffee, or it can spread wide for dinner. Stainless handrails by the stairs look slick.

And on the 50L of course you have that flybridge / lounge with a comfortable wrap around sofa and a table. There’s also a spot to soak up some rays.

The skipper is well looked after too, with a well designed work station that is set up for short-handed sailing. With no less than 3 electric winches and Spinlock stoppers for halyards and sheets which tidy away neatly into a canvas. Sail handling is made easy by with all control lines led back to three powerful winches close to the wheel and there is plenty of room for someone else to lend a hand. It’s all very organised.

Visibility is good forward and to starboard, less so to port.

That extra length and beam makes a big difference when you head down below. A popular option is to configure the Leopard 50 with up to five spacious cabins. The owner’s suite is aft to starboard with a dressing area and an en-suite shower-room. The guest cabins are pretty impressive too, with walk-around berths in each. There’s also an option for a utility cabin.

Up to 6 Cabins Leopard will configure you up to six cabins and six private heads if you want. Most owners go for more space in their cabin with a working area and dressing/vanity space.

The galley has a work-space to starboard, with a four-burner hob on a Force 10 oven and a Vitrifrigo fridge aft. There’s an L-shaped work-space with sink and another fridge under it. With her nav station to port, she’s very tidy in the saloon.

With all that space, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the 50 moves like a condomaran. Well, she shifts rather nicely with a square-topped main (that’s an option) and a short bowsprit to carry a lighter wind sails (a recommended option). With all that kit, you’ll have plenty of wind power.

Seaworthy You won’t match a monohull or performance cat with dagger boards like the Catana 47 going upwind (55 to 60 degrees to the wind is more likely at a clip). If you want to head higher, you’ll need to stick the leeward engine on.

Leopard 50 Polar Diagram from Simonis Voogd

50 foot catamaran interior

Talking of power, the Leopard 50 comes with 2x Yanmar 57hp diesels which are easy to access. If you’ve gone for the generator option that is also easy to get to in a deck locker.

There’s an option to upgrade to 2x 80hp Yanmars, which will push you along at around 9 knots at 2,500 rpm. Back off a bit and you can do 7-8 knots comfortably, or power on one engine to save fuel at 6 knots.

Instead of davits, the Leopard 50 has a hydraulic swimming platform aft that takes a 10ft tender.

View the Leopard 50 Brochure .

Don’t be put off by her profile, as you get a lot of benefit from all of that extra space. She’s nippy, spacious and seaworthy – a sure success for Robertson & Caine from South Africa. If you are interested in other boats of a similar size from this part of the world then take a look at our Knysna 500 SE Review which will give you a step up on the finish quality.

Technical Specification

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bali 4.3

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50 foot catamaran interior

Lagoon 50 Catamaran

Lagoon 50 cruising catamaran

Dimensions & Specifications

Specifications | Brochure

  • Naval architects: VPLP Design / Patrick Le Quement
  • Interior design: Nauta Design
  • Overall length: 48′ 5″
  • Length on waterline: 46′ 1″
  • Overall beam: 26′ 7″
  • Draft: 4′ 7″
  • Mast clearance: 87′
  • Light displacement (EEC): 45,921 t
  • Sail area: 1701 sq. ft
  • Square top mainsail (opt): 1052 sq. ft
  • Self-tacking jib: 649 sq. ft
  • Optional assymetrical spinnaker: 2582 sq. ft
  • Code 0 (option): 1227 sq. ft
  • Fresh water capacity: 2 x 63 US Gal.
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 137 US Gal.
  • Engine: 2 x 57 HP
  • EEC certification: A: 12; B:14; C:20; D:30

Lagoon 50 Video

Check out the key features of the  Lagoon 50 in this video .


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50 foot catamaran interior

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Catamaran boat interior reviews and pictures

Nov 16, 2020

less than a min

Catamaran boat interior reviews and pictures

Have you ever been curious about a catamaran interior? How does everything fit in there to create comfort and even luxury and still allow catamarans to look so slim on the outside?

Here are some catamaran interior reviews to help you create a general picture of what goes on inside these peculiar vessels.

Leopard 58 catamaran interior


The Leopard 58 catamaran boat is quite a large and luxurious vessel. It has been refurbished to integrate 3 cabins, an open saloon, and a full-size owner’s suite. So, in total, this boat can accommodate 8 guests into 4 cabins. It also includes a hydraulic dinghy platform, a large flybridge where 10 people can be seated, a lounge bar and galley as well as an ample forward cockpit.

Solarwave 64 catamaran interior


The Solarwave 64 is a hybrid-yacht designed for long-range solar-cruising. It is a luxurious boat that uses only solar energy and does not need a diesel-engine to start. Its battery-capacity is designed for more than a night of permanent cruising.

The interior of this boat features polished dark wood and luxurious kitchen appliances, in addition to soft cushions for seating. The interior of the cabins follows the same language by using the same cherry colored wood as the kitchen. The ceilings remain crisp white and offer a sense of peace and serenity, by also making the entire internal space seem larger. The contrast between the wood and the while parts of the boat creates an elegant setting that can appeal to anyone’s tastes.

Lagoon 50 catamaran interior


The Lagoon 50 is a chartered catamaran boat that can be used by families and groups of friends. It includes 4+1 cabins and 4+1 toilets. This catamaran interior is clean and crisp. It shows hints of a Scandinavian style decor, with stainless steel appliances.

The Lagoon 50 interior is surrounded by windows and gains plenty of natural light that creates a peaceful atmosphere within the space. The sitting area features white fabric cushions that complement the sails. The cabins showcase hints of turquoise in the bedding which combined with the views from the portholes create a harmonious beach-like setting.

Leopard 50 catamaran interior


The Leopard 50 catamaran boat was re-designed to replace the Leopard 48, an award-winning boat in 2012. This is a cruising catamaran that includes a wonderful flybridge lounge.

This catamaran interior is quite modern and futuristic. It appeals to a new generation through the usage of spotlights and under-furniture LEDs that make this boat look like it jumped right off a utopic movie. The cabins show a generous size and the color palette displays a refined taste through shades of white, gray, and light brown wood.

Privilege 580 Circumnavigator catamaran interior


The Privilege 580 Circumnavigator catamaran interior is a piece of art. Its minimalistic design is complemented by a cool palette that includes shades of white, turquoise, gray, and cool brown for the wood. Everything blends together into a calming collage that tells a story: That of a charming vacation at sea. The communal spaces are fitted with anything you might need in a home. A special designer touch can be seen in the integration of orange throw pillow and turquoise table clothes that add a splash of warmth to a very clean interior.

Compare these boats on TheBoatDB, your one place where all your boating life can be stored.

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iliad 50 mega menu


This true blue-water passagemaker delivers legendary performance in formidable conditions without ever compromising safety and comfort.

With a bridgedeck height of 850mm at half load, the ILIAD 50 eclipses its competitors during challenging ocean passages, and her sleek profile is the epitome of contemporary elegance.

Generous interior volumes create expansive living spaces and accommodation areas bathed in natural light and seamless movement throughout.

Her spacious galley is equipped with ample storage and refrigeration to cater for the most ambitious cruising plans.

Embrace alfresco living with a spacious and protected cockpit, bow terrace with adjustable sun lounges, and a superb flybridge incorporating a wetbar, dining and lounge areas, and a hydraulic lift for your tender and toys.

With unprecedented range for a boat of her class, the ILIAD 50 gives you more destinations, more exhilarating performance and more style, so you can experience the true essence of freedom.


ILIAD 50 Specifications

  • Length Overall (LOA): 15.51 meters | 50.88 feet
  • Beam: 7.35 metres | 24.11 feet
  • Draft: 1.25 metres | 4.1 feet
  • Airdraft: 6.49 metres | 21.29 feet
  • Displacement (Lightship): 24,000 kgs
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3,000 litres
  • Fuel Range: 2,500 nautical miles
  • Water Capacity: 700 litres
  • Holding Tank Capacity: 200 Grey litres, 200 Black litres
  • Certification: CE A-12, CE B-12, CE C-20, CE D-30


Find out more about this true blue-water passagemaker.

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50 foot catamaran interior

Best Catamarans Under 50 Feet (With Pictures and Prices)

50 foot catamaran interior

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Catamarans within the 40-50 ft (12-15 m) range are some of the hottest on the market, this is largely due to their offshore capabilities and amazing comforts. But what are the best catamarans under 50 feet?

The best catamarans under 50 ft (15.24 m) include the Leopard 50, Lagoon 42, Bavaria Nautitech 46, Fountaine Pajot 45, Beneteau Excess 15, and more. The Leopard 50 is one of the most expensive options on the used market, while you’re likely to land a bargain on the Beneteau Excess 15.

The rest of this article will take a closer look at the best catamarans under 50 feet. I will explain what you need to know about them, reveal price estimates, and ensure your future cat matches your lifestyle.

Table of Contents

What Is a Catamaran?

A catamaran is a wind-powered sea vessel made of two hulls. The hulls are separated with a deck in the middle which encompasses the saloon. Many sailors use catamarans for leisure because they make excellent vacation homes on the water. 

However, most catamarans are pricey. You can expect to spend between $200,000 and $1M for a vessel in good condition on the used market.

What Are the Best Catamarans Between 40 and 50 Feet?

The best catamarans between 40 and 50 feet include the following:

50 foot catamaran interior

The Leopard 50 is the replacement for the Leopard 48. It sits at 50 ft (15.24 m) long, powered by two 57 hp Yanmar engines. Used models start at a whopping $800k.

The exterior of the vessel boasts endless high-end features. You’ll get a table, a sunbed, and a roomy lounge on the flybridge area of this boat. However, you can spice things up with shade awning and exterior speakers, though you have to order these separately.

50 foot catamaran interior

Getting to the flybridge from the side deck is easy, thanks to the carefully designed floating stairs, masterfully fitted in. A signature design move from this brand is that the flybridge now links to the helm station on most of the models. 

Read my article to understand pros and cons of a flybridge!

The Leopard 50 is no different. The spacious lounge also acts as protection for the helm station behind the bulkhead. You’ll also get a clear line of sight and movement to the aft cockpit for a flawless journey. Passengers can move freely across the flybridge without interfering with the boom, which is in stark contrast to other catamarans similar to the Leopard 50.

50 foot catamaran interior

Overall, the exterior design of the Leopard 50 is fantastic. It’s hard not to look at any further customizations as extravagance. On the inside, it’s no slouch either. You get a utility room, five independent cabins, and 6-12 berths. The vessel also boasts 4-6 showers onboard, and the interior décor features classy materials.

50 foot catamaran interior

  • The 50 feet size ensures it has very wide interior spaces.
  •  It’s designed to sail well upwind.
  • The mechanical and structural composition makes it one of the most seaworthy boats in this range.
  • The boat design can be a bit sleeker, hence the slow sailing.
  • The model’s high boom can make it harder to operate the mainsail, this also moves the center of gravity up .
  • The Leopard 50 is a slow-moving ship in low winds.

The Lagoon 42 is the scaled-down version of the Lagoon 52 designed by Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost (VPLP). It measures 42 ft (12.80 m) and boasts two 42 hp Yanmar engines. Price-wise, expect to splurge between $620,000 and $850,000 on the used market. 

The two main features that distinguish this model from other popular Lagoon models are:

  • A relocated mast to ensure proper balancing of the gross weight and reduce pitching. 
  • A beautiful silhouette that gives the boat a unique look. The design is part of the exterior styling spearheaded by Patrick Le Quément.

The smaller boom and the self-tacking genoa make the Lagoon 42 a bit more compatible for short-handed sailing. You get lots of room in all the lounges across the boat—from the cockpit down to the saloon. There’s also excellent ventilation on the wide flat decks, thanks to the flush opening hatches. Access to the boom is simple, as the vessel has safe and sturdy stairs that lead to the upper deck and helm station.

With the helm station on top of the coach bulkhead roof, mobility and communication between the cockpit and saloon are a breeze. The interior of the boat has four cabins. The forward has beds that passengers can access from the side, while the aft options have an island bed.

  • The deck layout is one of the best you’ll find.
  • The single-level design from the saloon to the aft platform is an interesting deviation from the norm.
  •  Short-hand sailing is easy due to the self-tacking genoa.
  •  It’s one of the pricier options in the market.

The Lagoon 46 is another high-quality catamaran from VPLP with an overall length of 45 ft (13.72 m). It receives its power from two 45/57 cv CR engines, and it’ll set you back around $500,000 for a used model. The overall design is a refreshed approach that guarantees better performance than the preceding models. 

The first noticeable design change is the narrowed down water lines flared out inboard. This combination dramatically improves the volume on the inside of the boat. The results are a bit more pronounced on the cabins in the forward area, making it easier for you to have the same bed size on the abaft and front.

The Lagoon 46 also has a high-tech cradle-like davit system accompanied by a Bimini roof that’s a lot less weighty than what you’ll find on older models. The boat’s flybridge features a large enough area for sunbathing, connected to the two side decks directly. Meanwhile, the reserved storage space on the boat has also had a bump in this model.

With the mast located at the aft position at the top of the boat, it’s no surprise that there’s a self-tacking genoa on it. The interior décor of the ship looks as exquisite as the price range suggests. Most of the finishes are either Alpi or light wood oak, with rounded edges prioritized a great deal.

  • The accessible double-side beds in the cabins are an excellent addition.
  • The size of the vessel means there’s some limit to where it can safely pass while out on the water.

The Bali 4.1 is one of the lower-priced catamaran models in the used market today. It’s a 40 ft (12.19 m) vessel powered by two 20 hp engines and priced around $400.000 .

This design from Naval architect Xavier Faÿ and Lasta Design Studio improve upon the earlier 4.0 model. In other words, you can expect the best features from the older model and some improvements. 

This is a model known for its seaworthiness, meaning the foredeck space provides some rigidity and offers protection from water spray while out on the sea. Although some would argue that the solid deck forward of the mast could be an offshore issue.

If you want to better understand why solid decking might be an issue, read my article on w hat trampolines are and how they impact safety .

The boat’s saloon is large and protected by a glossy pivot door, and the deck has lots of space to accommodate sunbathers. The fore cockpit is large enough to fit a small crew without the space feeling cramped. Since it sits in an elevated position, the helming station delivers excellent visibility for sailors.

The windows are designed to open with a retracting or gliding mechanism, so you’ll enjoy excellent ventilation in most of the living areas on the boat. Some of the new features added to the Bali 4.1 include new bench seats in the back cockpit, large side lockers, a platform connection for the two hulls, and more. 

Overall, this is an excellent vessel you can count on to deliver a smooth sailing experience.

  • The foredeck offers incredible amounts of usable space.
  • It delivers less floating and a lot more stability.
  • The deck layout and deck camber are great and rid water quickly.
  • A solid foredeck makes for a more usable exterior area.
  • The Interior layout is excellent!
  • Boom might be situated too high for some sailors.
  • Quite a slow vessel.
  • Some sailors report issues with the “garage door style” saloon door leaking.

50 foot catamaran interior

Nautitech 46

With the Nautitech 46, you’re sure to get nothing but pleasure, comfort, and elegance. You can expect to spend between $500,000 and $800,000 for this used 46ft (14.02 m) super vessel, with the two Volvo Penta engines combining for 80 hp of sailing power. The vessel architecture and design were handled by Marc Lombard and Roseo Design, respectively.

The catamaran has two models known as the Open and the Fly ( flybridge setup ). The Open variant is the “original” version. While the models are the same under the hood, the major difference lies in the deck variations. The Fly delivers a flybridge space for the passengers and captain, with unforgettable views in all directions.

50 foot catamaran interior

The Nautitech 46 Open has a 4-cabin version that can carry eight people (great for summer rentals) and a 3-cabin version that’ll appeal to people that want an owner’s suite. The saloon’s design offers passengers picturesque views of the sea from a very comfortable sitting position. 

50 foot catamaran interior

If you need table space for work or to organize navigation, you can find one carved out in the kitchen.

  • The interior design reflects the price and is of very high quality.
  • There are lots of clip-on-points and rails to ensure safety and easy movement around the vessel.
  • There’s a spacious engine bay that allows easy access to the engines thus reducing maintenance times.
  • The slender shape of the boat hulls causes a decrease in the living space.
  • There’s reduced visibility on the aft helm (open version).

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45

This 44 ft (13.41 m) vessel powered by two 40 hp engines made its grand introduction at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival. Since then, it’s grown in popularity, thanks to the bold and modern design which emphasizes cruising, relaxation, and comfort. You can buy one of these for around $500,000 to $900,000 on the used market.

The vessel is made of energy-emitting lines and inverted bows, which has dramatically improved the interior space. The helm station also features upgrades to improve the handling experience.

Not to worry; the cockpit doesn’t get the backburner in the comfort-centric design department. It’s very spacious, containing lots of storage spaces and direct access to the saloon. 

You can choose to install a Beach Club electric platform if you’d like to host parties from time to time. If you like to bring guests aboard, they’ll enjoy the relaxation spaces on the cockpit, lounge, and foredeck. Some interesting additions to the internal elements of the FP 45 are two refrigerators and a water maker that can produce 15.85 gal (60 L) of drinks per hour.

  • The living spaces on the catamaran are some of the best and largest in this range.
  • The fly lounge is an interesting design.
  • It’s sharp when traveling downwind and offers a good compromise between speed and comfort.
  • Performance suffers a lot in upwind sailing, and the fuel consumption increases significantly.

Designed by Christophe Barreau, the Catana 47 is another premium catamaran on the market today. It’s a 46 ft (14 m) durable vessel powered by two 40 hp Volvo engines. Going for around $750,000 on the used market, the Catana 47 is a light and strong vessel featuring a heavy infusion of carbon fiber. 

The Catana 47 retains some of the signature design moves the Catana Company is known for, including open helming stations, a performance-centric rig, and tall twin daggerboards. This model of the Catana runs a bit faster than the preceding model. That’s likely because Catana dropped its weight by around 1,500 lbs (680.39 kg). 

The vessel doesn’t skimp on space either. Both the crew and passengers on board will always have enough space to move around without bumping into someone else.

  •  The room space is excellent.
  •  Its speed is up there with some of the best in this class of catamarans.
  • High bridge deck clearance
  • You may need a watcher during docking due to the blind spot between the helming station and the opposite bow.

Seawind 1370

The Seawind 1370 is like a mash-up of the best features from the Seawind 1600 and 1260 designs with some further unique improvements. The 45 ft (13.72 m) catamaran is an excellent cruise vessel with warm and roomy living spaces. This makes the vessel an excellent option if you have a large family. The ship boasts two 40 hp Yanmar engines, and you can purchase a high-quality used one for around $700,000.

The catamaran can withstand heavy spray while in turbulent waters, thanks to the tough panoramic fashioned glass windows. The saloon opening from the cockpit features a tri-fold door. Once inside the cockpit, you’ll find a large transom lounge and a nice little bar that can also double as your cocktail joint.

The lounge on the saloon has enough space, and you can make more by simply folding down the table to transform it into a bed. You’ll find all the lines and controls in the helm station. The well-shaped hull offers high headroom in the cabins. Overall, the architectural design of this catamaran (made by Francois Perus) is one of the best in its class.

  • It’s comfortable enough for small families.
  • It’s very sturdy while on the water.
  • The volume and space on offer may not be enough for commercial applications

50 foot catamaran interior

The Beneteau Excess 15 is one of the largest catamarans created by the Beneteau group. It’s a sleek, cruising vessel with two powerful 57 hp engines. The twin helm stations on the boat make it one of the few catamarans that sport this design approach. There’s an 80 hp dual-engine variant of the vessel. With those specs in mind, you can expect to spend $200,000 to $1 million on a Excess 15.

50 foot catamaran interior

On the inside, the vessel has a roomy saloon, which can double as a mini room diner.  While there, the non-smoked bay windows guarantee a full view of the entire seascape ahead. The cockpit is large enough to hold a table that can seat eight people. Helmsman, in particular, will enjoy the Dyneema steering cables and the aluminum supports.

50 foot catamaran interior

  • It’s a very stable seaworthy vessel.
  • The engine is powerful enough for the size.
  • It runs at a decent speed for a luxury boat.
  • The interior and exterior design screams comfort and prestige.
  • Since this is a luxury boat, it’s not the fastest in this class.

There are many excellent catamarans within the 40-50 ft (12-15 m) range. The options we’ve covered here are the best ones I have seen so far. Think about your unique needs before choosing any specific option. After all, some of these are more equipped for cruising while others are more useful as holiday boats with your family.

Don’t forget to consider other factors such as ease of control, harbor space, fuel type, and engine type. If you’re going with a used model, be sure to evaluate it thoroughly before you make a decision. It’s often best to get a professional valuation.

If you want to get my five cents on how to buy a boat i suggest you check theese articles out:

  • Buyers Guide
  • How to afford buying a catamaran
  • MultiHulls World: 2019 BUYER’S GUIDE: Multihulls from 40 to 50 feet
  • The Boat DB: The best catamarans under 40/50 Feet

Owner of A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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2022 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Catamaran (Under 50’)

  • By Cruising World Editors
  • December 15, 2021

During and in the four days immediately following the US Sailboat show in Annapolis, Maryland, the  Cruising World  judges inspected and sailed on 27 boats vying for recognition. Learn more about the boats in our  2022 Boat of the Year  »

The sweet spot for cruising catamarans, for most multihull sailors, is right there between 40 and 50 feet: manageable by a couple, not so large that finding a place to park or dock is prohibitive, and with lots more room to spread out and bring the toys and kids than a monohull of similar length. This year’s set of nominees features industry stalwarts Leopard and Fountaine Pajot—both of which have enjoyed plenty of success in previous Boat of the Year competitions—and a pair of relative upstarts from Bali, the cruising offshoot from French builder Catana. The former are all-around cats with plenty of versatility; the latter aim to cater more toward the cruising/liveaboard part of the equation. Choices, choices! It proved to be a challenging quartet of cats for the judging panel to evaluate and sort out. 

The larger sibling of the two Bali cats entered for BOTY 2022—all the Bali offerings feature an innovative “garage door” separating the saloon and cockpit, which when raised creates a seamless indoor/outdoor living space that has proven to be highly popular—was the 46-plus-foot 4.6. It’s yet another one of this year’s catamarans with the ever-popular flybridge that has become a design staple for many cat builders. Judge Tim Murphy found it a pleasure to sail. “On some of the other cats, you felt you were fighting the sail controls,” he said. “Not here. It’s laid out nicely. It has a double-ended mainsheet system with no traveler but control at both ends, so you’ve got a port and a starboard sheet, and I think that’s a fine way to control the mainsail. It’s arguably easier to jibe with that system than a standard traveler; you have good athwartships control throughout the maneuver. Bali cats are known for comfort, but this one sails well too.”

At 40 feet, the Bali Catspace—the second of two boats from the brand entered in the 2022 BOTY contest—is the smallest offering in the Bali line, but judge Murphy found the open floor plan particularly alluring: “The living experience of being able to open up the back end of these cats so you create an indoor/outdoor platform is terrific. I didn’t give it much thought until I chartered a Bali, and it was totally delightful. The sailing performance was actually fine, but it was that back porch that made the trip.”

Dream Yacht Charters has added more and more Bali cats to their fleets, and it’s easy to see why. With their vast interior space; plenty of amenities including air conditioning and multiple fridges, including ones that would not be out of place in any well-equipped household kitchen ashore; and surprisingly effective sailing prowess given their systems and accommodations, these boats are almost synonymous with the word “vacation.” Take the interior layout of the Catspace: It has four staterooms with private heads, the forward pair with berths aligned athwartships and the aft set laid out in a fore-and-aft configuration. It’s hard to imagine a better use of space for four couples or a family in 40 feet of waterline.

Yes, a 40-foot catamaran is a design challenge; it’s fairly easy to accommodate loads of features in a 50-foot multihull, but it’s quite another to include all the creature comforts and niceties in considerably less real estate. But Murphy felt that the Isla 40—another 40-footer like the Catspace, but this one from longtime cat leader Fountaine Pajot—pulled it off well. The Isla also had a tall order to fill in that it replaced a previous cat of the same size in the builder’s lineup, the highly successful Lucia 40. “The mission for this boat was described in thirds,” Murphy said. “Bareboat charter, crewed charter and private ownership. I think they’ve created a boat that accomplishes all those missions. The boat sailed well, but it was also laid out well. In fact, the owner’s cabin to starboard was superb, one of the nicest places on any boat we inspected. We toured a lot of much bigger boats that didn’t have that sort of space.”

But when all was said and done, the Bali Cats and the Isla ran into a juggernaut with the Leopard 42, which proved to be a powerhouse BOTY entrant. It’s pretty clear by now that the relationship between South African builder Robertson and Caine; their lone client, the Moorings; and naval architects Simonis and Voogd, who bring the Leopard brand to life, is strong and fruitful. And they have a wall full of BOTY award-winning plaques to prove it. It’s time to make room for another. The judges found much to like about the latest Leopard, including the offset steering station to starboard and the lounge space forward accessed via a front door in the saloon. But the Leopard sealed its victory with an awesome sea trial in which it overhauled and passed a popular new monohull that shall remain nameless. Cats can’t point? Wrong!

What put the boat over the top wasn’t just the sailing performance, which was obviously terrific, but also the tools with which to sail the boat, and its overall deck layout, all of which optimized the experience. Murphy said, “With the Leopard, you have visual eye contact from the raised helm station to starboard down into the cockpit, you’ve got a visual line of sight into the saloon, and you’ve got a pretty good visibility over the top of the cabin top everywhere. You had access to your main sheet right there where you needed it. This was one of the boats that had no traveler, but instead had a windward and leeward block on the mainsheet. I think that’s a fine system, I like the control you have. Jibing works fine and is easily controlled.”

It was one little thing in a series of them, all of which added up to a boat—the Leopard 42—that was the unanimous winner in the 2022 category of Best Cruising Catamarans (Under 50’).

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    Live out your sailing dreams aboard the Leopard 50. This catamaran is everything you envisioned, plus so much more. With a never-before-seen lounging flybridge of this size, the Leopard 50 incorporates the best attributes from its predecessor and 2012 Boat of the Year, the Leopard 48. Now, with even more living space and options, your journey ahead is boundless.

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    Price: Around $1-1.5 Million USD. At 50 feet, this boat is quite marvelous and a privilege to spend your time in as a cruiser or owner. The Privilège Series 5 is the world's first 50 feet sailing catamaran. This vessel was built by Privilège Marine, a French company based in Les Sables-d'Olonne, France.

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    DESIGN - INTERIOR & EXTERIOR. The interior design of the Lagoon 50 is a product of the Nauta Design while Patrick Le Quement and VPLP Design gave shape to its exterior. The Lagoon 50 catamaran, with its rich and dark Alpi Walnut plywood construction and UV varnish finishing, comes with three, four, and even six cabin layouts and provides a generous amount of volume and space.

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    50 ft 6in LENGTH OVERALL 48 ft 11 in LENGTH WATERLINE 5 ft 3 in BEAM 26 ft 5 in DRAFT SPecificAtionS The Leopard 50L Configurations The interior offers 3, 4, or 5 cabins, and an extensive options list. All layouts offer the option of additional storage, berth, or head in the forward hull. WATER CAPACITY FUEL CAPACITY DISPLACEMENT ENGINES 185 US ...

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    A boat fit out like hull number one, which we sailed following the Miami show, sells for right around $1 million; the base price of the 50, delivered to the East Coast of the U.S., is $850,000 (the Moorings charter version, at $899,000, comes fully equipped for rental). The Leopard in Miami sported a square-top main (a conventional mainsail is ...

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    Chris Caswell. Aug 1, 2018. The Leopard 50 is replacing the popular Leopard 48, but this constitutes an entirely new yacht, not just an upgrade of the older boat. The new 50 is 2ft longer than the 48, and the beam has been widened from 25ft to 26ft 5in. It is also available with a flybridge, and to minimize your suspense, it's wonderful!

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    SPECIFICATIONS. Make Sunreef Yachts. Model 50 Sailing Catamaran. Length 50'. Length Overall 49' 8. Beam 29' 8. Water Capacity 2 x 105 Gallon Tanks. Fuel Capacity 2 x 132 gallon tanks or 2 x 198 gallon tanks. Created with sailors in mind, the Sunreef 50 combines supreme comfort and easy handling for a thoroughly enjoyable cruising adventure.

  11. Product Profile: Leopard 50

    Product Profile: Leopard 50. From the initial design phase until the splash of the first hull, all hands involved in the creation of the Leopard 50 have a genuine passion for the product and it shows. By maximizing the onboard area, she is the perfect catamaran for guest entertaining and long-range cruising. Maintaining the stunning open plan ...

  12. 2022 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Catamaran (Over 50')

    And when the votes were tallied, it was the Xquisite X5 Plus that was the obvious choice as Best Cruising Catamaran (Over 50') for 2022. Advertisement. With an unusual profile and exterior aesthetic, the Xquisite X5 Plus is a singular cruising catamaran in many aspects, but the sum of her many interesting parts added up to a winning effort in ...

  13. Lagoon 55

    Oceanway China Yacht Award 2021 - Best sailing catamaran over 50 feet. 1 / 28 Offering an exceptional quality of life on board, directly inspired by Lagoon yachts, the interior enables you to take full advantage of the sea, the sky, the sunshine, and the beauty of your environment: a design challenge successfully met by the Lagoon 55. ...

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    Blue and gray tiled backsplash with sink and silver hardware. Aft deck dining set up with sunset in background. The Horizon PC52 model answers the demand for a high-end power catamaran in the 50-foot range that is capable of true blue-water cruising. The PC52 offers extremely comfortable living spaces, with a functional three-stateroom layout ...

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    48-50ft Catamaran Models Comparisons. We compare the specifications, dimensions, sail area, and pricing on the most popular 48-50ft catamarans in 2020. The Lagoon 50, Bali 4.8, FP Saba 50, and Leopard 50 are within a similar price range and dimensions, but there are major differences. Let's compare apples to apples to see how the match up.

  16. Leopard 50 Review

    The Leopard 50 replaced the Leopard 48, a very successful production boat. This is no evolution, but an entirely re-thought design. She's two foot longer with a bigger beam. There used to be 2 options: the fly version (they call it a lounge, hence the name: 50L). And the 50P: (the P stands for performance). Just the Lounge.

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    Catamaran Guru™ | Mobile: +1 804-815-5054| Fax: +1 443-782-0208 | Email Us. Visit Us: 1400 Marina Drive, Suite 2-C, Hollywood, FL 33019 Send Postal Mail: 20533 Biscayne Blvd Ste 918 | Aventura, FL 33180-1529 Read our yacht buyer broker reviews. Website Design by Lauren Zerweck.

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    40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat; over 50 indicates an extremely heavy bluewater boat. Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam^1.33), where displacement is expressed in pounds, and length is expressed in feet. Capsize Screening Formula (CSF): Designed to determine if a boat has blue water capability.

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    The best catamarans under 50 ft (15.24 m) include the Leopard 50, Lagoon 42, Bavaria Nautitech 46, Fountaine Pajot 45, Beneteau Excess 15, and more. The Leopard 50 is one of the most expensive options on the used market, while you're likely to land a bargain on the Beneteau Excess 15. The rest of this article will take a closer look at the ...

  23. 2022 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Catamaran (Under 50')

    The larger sibling of the two Bali cats entered for BOTY 2022—all the Bali offerings feature an innovative "garage door" separating the saloon and cockpit, which when raised creates a seamless indoor/outdoor living space that has proven to be highly popular—was the 46-plus-foot 4.6. It's yet another one of this year's catamarans ...