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Destinations, overview of atlantis tour.

Experience Dubai in all its splendor on our Dubai Atlantis Boat tour . The tours starts from Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Next to Vida Hotel, and sails through the spectacular Marina canal where you can admire the magnificent 21st century modern architecture flanked by several lifestyle and leisure developments. We will also cruise through JBR, the largest waterfront residential development in the world, the Ain Dubai, located on the artificial Bluewater Island, and make a short stop at the world famous Atlantis the Palm for amazing photos against the breathtaking backdrops of the attraction. The tour continues as we head back to the marina at full speed cutting through waves in the open sea, while enjoying luxury with The Black Boats.

  • 6 Detailed Destinations

marina-box Dubai




The Bluewater Island is a man-made island off the coast of Jumeirah beach residence and its biggest project is the Dubai Eye, a 210-metre tall giant Ferris wheel "reflecting, an investment of over 270 million USD , being upon completion, the tallest one in the world"

Panorama of the beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai




Aerial view of The Palm Jumeirah Island, Dubai Downtown skyline, United Arab Emirates or UAE.




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6 Related Destinations

Atlantis The Royal

The palm jumeirah, skydive dubai, jumeirah beach residence, ain dubai, bluewater island, dubai marina canal.

Other Luxury Boat Tour


Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Next To Vida Hotel

The Dubai Luxurious Boat Tour – A project of JoJo Leisure Yachts & Boats Rental

Welcome to the black boats.

The Black Boats were founded by people with heavy yachting background, vast experience and genuine passion for the sea. That is why our newly-launched project “The Black Boats” could not promise anything less than excellence to its clients. The Black Boat tours are the most luxurious sightseeing speed boat tours in Dubai, offering attraction tours with limited seating, visiting all the popular sites, using the best boats and the most attentive client care in the market. We are proud to be client-oriented and always strive for the best. We thank you for your attention and hope you choose and enjoy one of our rides. Georgios Tzinis

All our boats are custom-built in Europe. They are the best the market offers in Dubai and offers a luxury seating of 12pax per boat

All our boats are brand new, built under high navigational standards and are fully equipped to satisfy even the most demanding client. There is no better way to explore the magnificent waters of Dubai.

We are the only company providing guidance and service both in English and Arabic. Our friendly crew will help you through your tour and our experienced captain will guarantee your safety.

Enjoy breathtaking views of all seaside attractions and the Dubai skyline, while listening to beautiful music and taking spectacular photos to create a moment to remember at the best price in the market.

We are a luxury boat tour company, the others are not. We visit the same places but in a much more comfortable and luxurious way. We offer less seating per boat and a better service overall, including Arabic guiding and personalized attention. What would you choose? To go somewhere by a taxi or go by a limo and pay the same?

All our tours start from the pristine Pier 7 in Marina  click here for directional map

Each Black boat can take up to 12 passengers. This way you enjoy a VIP seating better than the competition. Passengers are seated in a 4 row arrangement in a very roomy leather couch type seat. No other company offers such space and comfort.

Yes, you are welcome to use the free parking for 3 hours!

No, this type of boats are open and any extra structure would restrict the feeling of the open ride. The boats are not covered and the passenger is seated in plain air, as in all similar vessels.

No there is no toilet. There are toilet facilities just a few steps of the berths that you can use before or after. A toilet on board would not be able to be used anyway while in cruising and the tours don’t include stops.

Yes we do. All seats have an easy to wear life vest that the client is compulsory to wear by law during the hole tour for safety reasons. The boats are fully equipment with everything necessary for both the client safety and comfort.

They can operate in high speeds. Currently they can be the faster ones in the country, with a max speed of 62 knots!!! But of course, we do not operate in such speed. Our target is the client to get all the comfort and luxury needed. Nevertheless, weather permitted the client get a momentum of speed thrill to enjoy.

We will be in the open sea and weather conditions might vary. So yes there is a chance to get wet. Under normal circumstances the client will not get seriously wet. Wind or waves can cause a light spray.

Yes, the crew members will provide all the information on all the landmarks to be visited and will be happy to answer more questions from the clients. We would like to stress that we are the only company offering guidance and service both in English and in Arabic.

Yes. The tour is generally suitable for all clients given that there are no age restrictions. The passengers though have to undertake themselves the responsibility of being in a health condition that does not prevent them from taking an open sea tour. Therefore, i.e pregnant women, clients suffering from neck problems, back or spine conditions, as well as persons with special needs etc. will be excluded.

There is no issue there in terms of safety for kids. This is a luxury attraction tour, not a roller coaster. Nevertheless, we do not accept infants and toddlers up to three-year-old. Children below 100cm height should be seated between their parents.

We do not do pre-seating. The experience is equally good from all seats as the attractions are not so close and the boat course is not a straight line. The seat assignment is done once the client arrives at the berth. On a first come base.

Of course! Photography is encouraged. As a matter of fact, we know vacation photos are so important that is why the boat will stop in front of the greatest attractions to provide a perfect photo opportunity.

No food is allowed on board, we only provide bottled mineral water to quench your thirst.

Each passenger must have identification documents to be allowed to onboard. Emirates ID or passport is therefore required. No other document is accepted. If a passenger does not have the identification document, he will not be allowed to onboard the vessel and any money paid will not be paid back. Unfortunately, this is a law requirement also and so we can do nothing about as it is a very serious violation if we do not respect it. Besides that, nothing is compulsory.

Client has to be at the departure berth minimum 15 minutes before departure with his id docs.

**During sunset, boat tours offer stunning views of the Dubai skyline

atlantis dubai yacht cruise

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Xclusive Yachts - Speed Boat Tour: Marina, Atlantis, Palm, Burj Al Arab

Xclusive Yachts - Speed Boat Tour: Marina, Atlantis, Palm, Burj Al Arab, , medium

The Xclusive Yachts Speedboat Tour provides a unique perspective of Dubai’s most spectacular sights. Setting sail from Dubai Marina, this 90-minute tour showcases the city’s beautiful landmarks from the sea – a place from which the heritage of Dubai has been built – on board a RIB speedboat for an extra thrill.

Full description

The Xclusive Yachts speedboat tour departs from Dubai Marina, a spectacular waterway lined with high-rise buildings and a range of yachts both super and small. The beginning of the tour starts with a slow cruise through the busy waterways, before Jumeirah Beach Residence spans in front of the boat. You’ll see the Ain Wheel on your left, and an impressive cityscape on your right

From here, you’ll feel the full speed of the RIB speedboat, bumping across the waves at up to 30 knots along the edges of the Palm Jumeirah to the tour’s first landmark: Atlantis The Palm. There will be a photo opportunity here, as your captain shares insights into this unique hotel.

That’s not the last of the world class hotels though! A stop at the Burj Al Arab is next on the itinerary, a 7 star, sail-shaped landmark as an ode to the country’s maritime heritage. Be sure to keep your phone at the ready, as this is another incredible photo opportunity.

From here, your speedboat will pick up the pace, and the breeze of the coast will take the edge off any heat you’re feeling! Sit back and enjoy the ride, as the boat heads towards Dubai Harbour to take a slow cruise back into the Marina for docking.

The Xclusive Yachts Speedboat Tour takes approximately 90 minutes, setting sail from Dubai Marina. Full instructions about how to reach the docking point are provided on the Xclusive Yachts website.

What's included

  • A ticket on board an Xclusive Yacht RIB Speedboat
  • A boat Captain who will drive the boat and provide a commentary on the landmarks of the tour
  • A bottle of water for each guest
  • Sailing on a RIB speedboat through the spectacular Dubai Marina and along Palm Jumeirah
  • Witnessing some of Dubai’s most iconic landmarks from the unique vantage point of the sea
  • Enjoying photo opportunities with incredible backdrops, including Atlantis The Palm, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Residence

Know before you go

  • Speedboat tours operate daily, between 9am – 5pm, lasting up to 90 minutes
  • Tours should be booked in advance to ensure your preferred time slot is available
  • The itinerary for the Speedboat Tour is:

1- A gentle sail through Dubai Marina

2- Ain Wheel and JBR

3- Atlantis The Palm, with photo opportunities

4- Burj al Arab, with photo opportunities

5- Back to Dubai Marina via Dubai Harbour

  • You could experience water sprays or splashes, depending on the sea's conditions
  • It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your time slot, as tours follow a strict schedule
  • Seating on the boat operates on a first come, first served basis
  • Xclusive Yachts are wheelchair friendly, and the team are able to accommodate any guests joining in wheelchairs. Please reach out to the Xclusive Yachts team directly for assistance

Cancellation policy

  • We understand that plans can change. If you can no longer attend the Xclusive Yachts Speedboat Tour, please cancel at least 24 hours prior to your time slot as per policy of the provider

Choose Your Service

Select a date, select a time, number of people.

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Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on Luxury Yacht

About atlantis and burj al arab cruise on luxury yacht in dubai.

Embark on an extraordinary voyage like no other with our Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht. Set sail through the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf and indulge in opulence and grandeur. Step aboard our luxurious yacht and be greeted with a warm welcome drink. Departing from Dubai Marina, a world of wonder unfolds before your eyes. Behold the awe-inspiring Dubai skyline, adorned with architectural masterpieces that define modern extravagance. Cruise along the outer crescent of the Palm Jumeirah, the majestic man-made island, and marvel at the magnificent Atlantis rising proudly from the turquoise waters. Capture the perfect snapshot as the Palm Jumeirah reveals its secrets, leaving you breathless with its sheer beauty.

Continue your journey towards the striking Burj Al Arab, an architectural marvel that stands as a testament to Dubai's visionary spirit. Its sail-shaped silhouette pierces the sky, exuding an air of exclusivity and refinement. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of the Palm Lagoon, immersing yourself in tranquility. Feel the cool embrace of the sea against your skin, a moment of pure bliss in this oasis of luxury. Indulge your taste buds with a delectable feast prepared by our skilled chefs. Savor mouthwatering delicacies surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Dubai's skyline. Let the flavors harmonize with the captivating sights. Quench your thirst with refreshing sodas and enjoy carefully curated music that sets the perfect ambiance. We prioritize your safety and provide necessary amenities, including water, life vests, and fishing equipment upon request.

For those on the five-hour cruise, witness a spectacle that will leave you in awe. As night falls, be enchanted by fireworks illuminating the Dubai skies, a true celebration of grandeur.

Highlight & Inclusions of Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on Luxury Yacht

View of Burj al Arab from the water in Dubai Marina

  • Unparalleled Views:  Set your sights on Dubai's most iconic buildings and sites, including the mesmerizing Palm Island and the world's only 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Prepare to be awestruck by their architectural splendor.
  • Luxuriate in Comfort:  Relax and unwind in the lap of luxury as our crew caters to your every need. Feel the gentle breeze caress your skin as you bask in the opulent ambiance of our exquisite yacht.
  • Dive into Bliss: Immerse yourself in the inviting crystal blue lagoon, a pristine oasis that beckons you for a refreshing swim. Let the cool waters embrace you, rejuvenating your body and soul.
  • Expertly Crafted Cuisine:  Delight your taste buds with a culinary journey fit for royalty. Our skilled chefs create gastronomic masterpieces that tantalize your palate, ensuring a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Immersive Entertainment:  Indulge in the enchanting atmosphere created by carefully curated music that harmonizes with the captivating views around you. 
  • Safety and Serenity:  Rest easy knowing that your comfort and security are our utmost priorities. We provide all necessary amenities, ensuring a worry-free and serene experience aboard our luxury yacht.

View of The Atlantis Dubai from the Yacht

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure on our Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht, where every detail is meticulously crafted for your enjoyment. Here are the inclusions that will make your journey truly unforgettable:

  • Seamless Sailing: Glide through the waters with confidence, as our experienced crew ensures a smooth and enjoyable cruise. Sit back, relax, and let us take care of every detail.
  • Safety First: Your well-being is our top priority. We provide life jackets, giving you peace of mind as you explore the wonders of the Arabian Gulf. Your safety is our commitment.
  • Melodies on the Waves: Set the perfect ambiance with our carefully selected music playlist. Let the melodies transport you to a state of pure bliss, as you soak in the mesmerizing views.
  • Refreshing Hydration: Stay hydrated throughout your journey with an abundant supply of refreshing water. Quench your thirst as you indulge in the beauty that surrounds you.
  • Tempting Beverages: Indulge in a selection of delightful soft drinks, adding a touch of luxury to your experience. Sip on your favorite beverage and toast to unforgettable moments.
  • Luxurious Comfort: Wrap yourself in luxury with our plush towels, offering you the ultimate comfort during your cruise. Experience true relaxation as you enjoy the opulence of our yacht.

What to Expect at Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on Luxury Yacht

Panoramic view of Dubai Marina Evening

  • A Toast to Begin:  Start your extraordinary trip with a warm welcome and a refreshing soft drink, setting the tone for a day filled with luxury and excitement.
  • Iconic Sights Unveiled:  As our yacht gracefully sets sail from Dubai Marina, prepare to be captivated by the sight of Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, and the majestic Burj al Arab. Let these architectural wonders leave you in awe, as you witness their beauty from a unique vantage point.
  • Dive into Serenity: Anchor in a tranquil lagoon and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the Arabian Gulf. Take a refreshing swim, letting the water embrace you in a moment of pure bliss. Feel the cares of the world melt away as you connect with the serene surroundings.
  • Fine Dining Delights:  Indulge your palate with a sumptuous dining experience fit for royalty. Our gourmet cuisine, crafted by skilled chefs, will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Savor each bite as you soak up the luxurious ambiance of our yacht.
  • Party with Rhythm:  Let the sounds of chill-out music wash over you as the party atmosphere takes hold. Dance, mingle, and celebrate life in style. Our yacht becomes your private oasis of revelry, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Return in Grandeur:  As the sun begins to set, bid farewell to the enchanting sights and sounds, knowing that you have experienced something truly extraordinary. Relish the final moments of your luxury trip as our yacht gracefully glides back to Dubai Marina, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment and awe.

Know Before you Go on Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on Luxury Yacht

Best of Dubai Marina

  • Remember to bring a valid passport or ID card for identification purposes. 
  • Contact the activity provider to reserve your preferred tour time as pre-booking is required. 
  • You have the option to bring your own food and drinks onboard. Although it is preferable that you confirm regarding the same with your tour provider.

Duration for the tour:

 The general duration for the Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht activity is typically around 2 to 3 hours. This time frame allows for a leisurely exploration of the Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, and the iconic Burj Al Arab, while also providing ample time for activities such as swimming, dining, and enjoying the onboard amenities. However, it's important to note that specific tour durations may vary depending on the tour operator and the package chosen. It's always advisable to check with the activity provider for the exact duration of the Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht that you are interested in.

Atlantis and Burj al Arab Luxury Yacht Tour

  • By Local Transport : Utilize the local transportation network to reach the meeting point. Dubai has an extensive bus system that covers the city, and there are bus stops near the cruise departure points. Check the local bus routes and schedules to find the most suitable option.
  • By Metro : Dubai Metro is a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. If you choose to travel by metro, take the Red Line and disembark at the Dubai Marina station. From there, it's a short walk to the meeting point for the cruise. The metro operates from early morning until late at night, providing convenient access to the area.
  • By Cars : If you prefer to drive, you can reach the meeting point by car. Dubai Marina has ample parking facilities available. Use GPS or navigation apps to guide you to the designated parking area closest to the departure point. Ensure to plan your journey in advance, considering traffic conditions and allowing enough time for parking.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, it is recommended to check the latest schedules, routes, and any updates to ensure a smooth and timely arrival at the meeting point for the Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht.

Sky Crackers at Burj al Arab Dubai

  • Booking confirmation provided upon reservation. 
  • Wheelchair accessibility may vary depending on tour operators. 
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • No refunds for missed tours due to late or non-arrival of the cruise ship. 
  • Conveniently located near public transportation. 
  • Private tour/activity with a maximum capacity of 10 people. 
  • Moderate physical fitness level recommended.

FAQ's for Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on Luxury Yacht

Which attractions will i visit with atlantis and burj al arab cruise on luxury yacht.

During the Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht, you will have the opportunity to admire and capture breathtaking views of Dubai's iconic landmarks, including the Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, and the striking Burj Al Arab. These architectural marvels showcase the city's opulence and grandeur, providing an unforgettable backdrop for your luxury yacht experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these iconic attractions as you sail through the Arabian Gulf, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Is it worth taking an Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on Luxury Yacht?

Absolutely! Taking an Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht is an experience that is truly worth it. It offers the perfect blend of luxury, stunning views, and unforgettable moments. Witnessing the iconic landmarks of Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, and Burj Al Arab from the tranquil waters of the Arabian Gulf provides a unique perspective that will leave you in awe. Indulge in the opulent amenities, capture breathtaking photos, and create cherished memories aboard the yacht. This cruise allows you to immerse yourself in the grandeur of Dubai's iconic attractions, making it a truly worthwhile experience.

Is the cruise suitable for individuals with limited physical fitness?

The cruise is generally suitable for most individuals with a moderate physical fitness level. However, it is recommended to consult with the activity provider if you have specific concerns or accessibility needs.

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What amenities are available onboard the luxury yacht?

Onboard amenities may vary depending on the specific yacht and tour operator. However, most luxury yachts are equipped with comfortable seating, dining areas, music systems, and restroom facilities.

Can I swim during the cruise?

Yes, the cruise includes opportunities for swimming in designated areas such as the Palm Lagoon. The crew will provide guidance on safety measures and ensure a pleasant swimming experience.

Is the luxury yacht wheelchair accessible?

Wheelchair accessibility may vary depending on the tour operator and the specific yacht being used. It is recommended to contact the activity provider beforehand to inquire about wheelchair accessibility options.

Is transportation provided to the meeting point for Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on Luxury Yacht?

Transportation to the meeting point is usually not included in the cruise package. However, the meeting point is conveniently located and easily accessible by public transport or private car.

Are children and infants allowed on the cruise?

Yes, children are welcome on the cruise; however, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Infants must sit on laps. Some service providers also offer the amenity for infant seats, you can check with them once prior to making a booking.

Can I book Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht for a private group or special occasion?

Certainly! Private bookings for special occasions or group events are often available for the Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or hosting a corporate gathering, you can contact the activity provider to discuss your specific requirements. Enjoy an exclusive experience tailored to your group, complete with personalized amenities and services, making it a memorable and intimate affair. Celebrate in style and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones or colleagues on this private yacht cruise.

Are refunds available if I miss the cruise due to unforeseen circumstances?

Refunds for missed cruises due to late or non-arrival of the cruise ship are typically not provided. It is important to plan your schedule accordingly and arrive at the meeting point on time. However in different circumstances you may get a refund the refund policy varies with different service providers. Make sure you have prior knowledge about it before you book an Atlantis and Burj Al Arab Cruise on a Luxury Yacht for yourself.

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Dubai Travel Blog

Dubai Travel Blog

luxury yacht cruise dubai

4-Hour Private Yacht Cruise in Dubai with Cozmo Yachts

We experienced an awesome 4-hour private cruise on a 50-foot luxury yacht while touring around the JBR coastline , Atlantis The Palm, and Burj Al Arab .

It’s a great time to be outdoors especially when the summer season has ended. One of the more enjoyable ways to experience the great weather is renting a yacht and going on a cruise, the Dubai way.

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preparing our boat cruise

our boat that day

cozmo yachts boat rent private cruise dubai

Cozmo Yachts in Dubai Marina

Ain Dubai & Bluewaters Island

Ain Dubai and Bluewaters Island

Inside the Yacht

Dubai marina – jbr coastline – atlantis the palm – burj al arab, live bbq grill, tips when renting a yacht in dubai, video: luxury private cruise on a yacht, dubai-style, contact information, google map location, dubai luxury private yacht cruise experience.

We drove from Sharjah to Dubai Marina on a weekday and met with the Cozmo Yachts . The team of Captain Arvind, Sundar, and Akbar assisted us during this trip.

My wife and I got a quick tour inside a luxury yacht before , but this is our first time to actually have a private yacht cruise. We were with our friends and we were excited to finally do this after years in the emirate. 🙂

cozmo yachts dubai


While they were still preparing the boat, I quickly had a look to see what we could expect inside.

The 50-foot yacht is able to accommodate a capacity of 16 guests. It comes with 2 bedrooms and 2 restrooms, a kitchenette, a lounge, top deck and sundeck. It’s very spacious.

master bedroom yacht dubai

master bedroom

bedroom luxury yacht dubai

it has 2 bedrooms

We started our cruise and from then, we went up the top deck in order to see the view outside. The boat team asked us to connect our phone to their sound system (BOSE speakers) so that we could play music from our playlist. I’m glad one of our companions had a full set of songs on her phone.

The staff proactively asking us about it was a nice touch as we really didn’t think about preparing music. But it made a lot of difference in setting the mood to this luxury yacht cruise.

yacht cruise dubai marina luxury

refreshments offered by the professional yacht crew

Our first stop was the Atlantis, The Palm in Palm Jumeirah Island. The next stop was the Burj Al Arab. These are two famous Dubai attractions and it was great to see it from the water side. We also coasted along the JBR skyline and got a closer glimpse of Ain Dubai (the largest Ferris wheel in the world).

cruise dubai yacht

enjoying the weather

atlantis the palm view yacht

Atlantis, The Palm Resort

dubai yacht luxury cruise trip

yacht cruise

luxury yacht dubai burj al arab cruise

Burj Al Arab

Prior to heading back, we had a quick dip in the water while the staff prepared a live BBQ grill. For what better way to enjoy the salty waters than with a good barbecue afterwards? 😉

We did a couple more swims afterwards then we headed back to Dubai Marina. We spent the remaining time enjoying the view while resting on the sundeck area.

yacht bbq dubai

Live BBQ on a Yacht

bbq yacht dubai

we were hungry after the swim

Renting a yacht is one of the ultimate and grand activities you can do in Dubai. I’m really glad that we took a dip in the water in between cruising. I tell you that during that evening, we slept so well because we were so tired and satisfied from the activity.

cruise yacht burj al arab view

Burj Al Arab yacht cruise

dubai yacht boat cruise

scenes from our yacht cruise

Here are some tips when you plan to charter a yacht in Dubai. This is based on our experience in this 4-hour cruise.

  • Bring sunblock and enjoy the Dubai sun (especially during winter season)
  • Bring snacks and drinks. The yacht is not authorized to provide alcohol as per UAE laws. You have to bring your own (make sure you secure a license too).
  • Get ready with your music party playlist – this can really make a difference especially when you want to listen to music as you cruise along the waters.

JBR Beach photo

JBR coastline

Ain Dubai Yacht cruising

Here’s a quick video of our private cruise on a yacht in Dubai:

Captain Arvin, Akbar and Sundar were very professional all throughout the trip. They made our Dubai yacht cruise experience a very enjoyable one.

Cozmo Yachts offer a variety of packages including yacht rental, private cruise, fishing trips, yacht charters in Dubai, team building activities, sunset cruise, watersports. etc. Below are their contact details so you can learn more about their services.

travel blogger dubai yacht cruise

Cozmo Yachts Dubai Address: 803 Silver Tower, Business Bay Dubai, PO Box 238065 Contact Number:  +971 4 558 7195, +971 52 944 0222 Website: https://cozmoyachts.com/ Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @cozmoyachtsdubai Facebook: @cozmoyachtsdubai Twitter: @cozmoyachts

Below is a map guide to the location of Cozmo Yachts in Dubai Marina. This is located in front of the Masjid (mosque).

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The 5 Best Dubai Dinner Boat and Yacht Cruises [2024 Reviews]

With a population of over 3 million people including over 200 nationalities, it is an absolute wonder that Dubai started out as nothing more than a small fishing settlement back in 1833. Now a modern metropolis with rich and varying cultural experiences, architectural wonders, and unmatched natural beauty, it is no wonder at all that Dubai is one of the number one destinations in the world.

With everything from mouth-watering local cuisine, pristine beaches, a beautiful desert, spectacular cityscapes, neverending markets, and even the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa, Dubai makes for an unforgettable experience perfect for singles, couples, families, or friends!

There’s no doubt that one of the best ways to ensure you get to glimpse as many of the incredible landmarks as possible is to catch one of the astounding water cruises that Dubai has to offer! Many of these tours offer a variety of local cuisines, helpful tour guides, 5-star amenities, and of course, an unparalleled view of Dubai’s amazing sights.

Most of the tours offered hit Dubai’s hottest spots from the world’s largest ferris wheel (Ain Dubai also known as Dubai Eye), the famous Burj Al Arab hotel, Jumeirah Beach, Atlantis, Bluewater island, and more! Some tours include various refreshments ranging from bottled water to full buffets. Swimming, live entertainment, and private cabins can also be found on some of these Dubai yacht tours!

Best Dubai Dinner Boat and Yacht Cruises

Dubai Harbour Yacht ClubDubai MarinaDubai Harbour
10AM, 2:45PM, 3:45PM12:00 AM - 11:55 PM 9:00 AM
2 hours2, 3, or 5 hours3 hours
Includes breakfast, lunch, or dinnerRefreshments not includedIncludes a meal and drinks (tea, coffee, water, juice, beers, wines)

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Dubai Dinner Boat and Yacht Cruises For 2024

  • Marina Yacht Cruise with Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
  • Marina Private Luxury Yacht Tour
  • Superyacht Experience with Live Music & Drinks
  • Yacht Tour with Breakfast or BBQ
  • 2-Hour Evening Dhow Cruise and Dinner

Dubai Dinner Boat and Yacht Cruises Reviews

#1 marina yacht cruise with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Departure: Dubai Harbour Yacht Club
  • Includes breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • No swimming

If you choose the earlier breakfast cruise, you will be able to enjoy everything from fruit, cheese, butter, and jam to pastries, Turkish labneh, and ham rolls! Alternatively, you can choose either the lunch or dinner cruise option and be met with delicious BBQ options.

The lunch and dinner choices feature a buffet including things like hummus, Fattoush salad, Umm Ali, Arabic bread, and veggie rice as well as BBQ veggies, shrimp, chicken, and kebabs. Not only will you enjoy the mouth-watering refreshments, but OceanAir Travels takes the comfort of their guests very seriously.

Nothing but the best 5-star amenities are provided allowing you to truly relax and have the best possible experience. It is the driving belief at OceanAir that the key to understanding and tolerance is exploring and experiencing all of the rich and diverse cultures of the world. Their goals include helping to connect people through enriching experiences, which is exactly what you will get as you cruise past sights like the Dubai Eye, Jumeirah Beach, the Burj Al Arab hotel, and so much more!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience, #2 marina private luxury yacht tour.

  • Duration: 2, 3, or 5 hours
  • Departure: Dubai Marina
  • Refreshments not included
  • Stops for optional swimming

Several different tour options are offered including a 2-hour cruise, 3-hour cruise, and even 5-hour cruise featuring fireworks! It’s definitely an incredible opportunity for an unforgettable experience. On-board music creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere as you take in the famous Dubai sites as seen from the water. Sights like the Kempinski Hotel and Residences, the Lagoon, and the architecturally stunning Atlantis are just a few of the famous landmarks featured on this luxury tour.

Depending on your specific tour choice, Royal Blue Coast Yachts offers a few different vessels. One of the more impressive options is a stunning 60-foot yacht that accommodates up to 25 people quite comfortably with 5-star comforts. While this tour doesn’t offer refreshments, you will be excited to hear that it does stop in the lagoon to offer guests the opportunity for a refreshing swim off the yacht!

#3 Superyacht Experience with Live Music & Drinks

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure: Dubai Harbour
  • Includes a meal and drinks (tea, coffee, water, juice, beers, wines)

Xclusive Yachts has created a real VIP experience with this tour even including live music with a professional DJ on the top deck of the boat – also known as the sky lounge. You can dance your way past the unbelievable sights of Dubai including Bluewater Island, Jumeirah Beach, the Ain wheel, JBR, and more! The superyacht even offers free Wi-Fi to all guests to help you stay connected while out on the water.

The adventures and amenities don’t stop there, though! This is another tour offering some relaxing swim time during the 3-hour tour and even has towels and slippers as well as life jackets for guests to use at their convenience. How does a friendly game of Mario Kart sound? Yep! This superyacht has a game console on board for a little competitive fun with friends – old or new!

One more thing that sets this tour apart from other Dubai yacht tour options is its wide variety of beverages – including alcohol! Make sure you bring your ID because while the water, tea, juice, and coffee options are excellent, you will also have the choice of a variety of beers and premium drinks. Whether you are interested in the calm and serene environment of the bottom deck or you’re ready to party with the DJ in the sky lounge, this tour has something for everyone.

#4 Yacht Tour with Breakfast or BBQ

  • Duration: 2 or 3 hours
  • Includes breakfast or BBQ buffet

The tour options for this vessel are either 2 or 3 hours long departing from and returning to the Dubai Marina. You can choose from 6 different times to leave for a breakfast tour, lunch tour, afternoon tour, sunset tour, moonlit tour, or twilight tour!

Each tour features an included meal. Breakfast options feature croissants, donuts, muffins, breakfast meats, cheeses, fruits, and more. If you go with a lunch or dinner tour, you will have options including chicken burgers, beef burgers, veggie burgers, chicken and veggie skewers, lamb kofta, and greek salad plus a variety of other options.

The live tour guide will give you tons of fascinating info on all the awesome destinations you will cruise by. You’ll cruise by all the best landmarks in Dubai starting in the Marina and checking out Jumeirah Beach, the Dubai Eye, Bluewaters Island, and some of the most architecturally impressive and unique hotels you have ever seen. This tour’s yacht also has free Wi-Fi, a gorgeous dinette area, and 3 roomy cabins with natural light flowing freely in.

#5 2-Hour Evening Show Cruise and Dinner

  • Departure: Driver picks up and drops off from Dubai hotels
  • Includes dinner buffet

Unlike previous options, this tour is offered aboard a traditional Arabian dhow! If you didn’t know, a dhow is an ancient type of ship with a unique design. While the exact origin story of the dhow has been long lost to history, it is believed they originated as far back as 600 BC. While the Arabs originally used dhows primarily for fishing and trading, they certainly make an enriching and beautiful tour vessel now!

Easily the most romantic choice, this tour is strictly offered in the evening as a dinner cruise. Arabic and international dishes are offered in a spectacular feast including appetizers, salads, meats, fish, and even some scrumptious desserts. You will enjoy all this while gliding past the beautifully illuminated Dubai evening skyline.

To further set this tour apart, Orient Tours offers hotel pick-up as well as drop-off before and after the tour. As long as your hotel is within Dubai city limits, the tour includes a friendly driver to bring you to the meeting point as well as return you to your hotel as your magical evening comes to a close.

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a modern city of unparalleled expansion. Over a period of 50 years, the population has grown from 60,000 people to 3,188,000.

Obviously, with that growth over 98% of the city’s buildings and infrastructure is brand new. Here’s where you’ll find the tallest building, the tallest hotel, and the busiest international passenger airport in the world.

But the history of Old Dubai goes back over 3,000 years and the desert wilderness is only a short drive away. Today, there’s lots for everyone to see and do in this fascinating global supercity.

Airports & Entry

Although the Emirate of Dubai is a small kingdom within a country of fewer than 10 million people, Dubai International Airport is a major transportation hub and the world’s third busiest airport.

That means the airport is huge and offers some great facilities. There are 3 terminals and 4 concourses. However, while Terminal 3 is modern and the largest airport terminal building in the world, Terminals 1 and 2 are dated and not so plush.

Inside the airport, you’ll find a broad range of stores and eating outlets—like Costa Coffee, Baskin Robbins, and McDonald’s—many open 24 hours. There’s free Wi-Fi on the “DXB Free WiFi” and “DWC Free WiFi” networks and abundant mobile charging stations. If you require internet access but don’t have a mobile device, there are internet kiosks beside Connect and Global Link (Gate C16).

There are Information Desks near the Duty-Free stores Airside, and assistants wandering around the airport wearing blue polo shirts with a “May I Help You?” logo. You can find 24-hour currency exchange counters in all 3 terminals as well as ATMs.

If you’re traveling with kids, there’s a Children’s Play Area in Terminal 3 Airside. You’ll also find Baby Care Facilities throughout the airport. To gain access, visit one of the Information Desks or ask a “May I Help You?” assistant for help.

For passengers stranded at the airport for a long time, there’s a Health Club with a gym, showers, swimming pool, steam room, and jacuzzi Airside behind the Dubai International Hotel. This is accessed from Terminal 1, Gate 115, or Terminal 3, Concourse 2. For the less health-conscious, there are smoking rooms in Terminal 1 Airside, Gate D12, Terminal 2 Airside, and multiple locations in Terminal 3.

In case of medical emergencies, Medical Care Centers are found in Terminal 1, Gate C13, and Terminal 3, Level 0. There are pharmacies in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Departures. Muslim prayer rooms are available in the car park and throughout the airport.

The airport is only 3 miles from the center of Dubai and getting there is simple by public transport. To use public transport, purchase a rechargeable NOL Card at the airport. NOL cards are used in Dubai to pay for buses, Metro, water buses, Dubai tram, and parking in RTA car parks.

The most efficient method is by Metro. Starting at 5.30 am and ending at midnight, services run every 10 minutes from Terminals 1 and 3. However, note that on Friday services don’t begin until 1 pm. Note there is a special “Gold Class” carriage at the front of the train if you want a scenic front window view during your journey. There are also designated carriages for women traveling alone and children.

Despite the distance being only 3 miles, the Metro journey to the city center takes 40 minutes. Because many hotels are situated next to Metro stations, it will be better for you to know where your hotel is and to plan your journey to go straight to that station rather than traveling to the city center. The cost is around $2.

The buses are operated by RTA and depart from bus stands opposite all 3 terminals. A special SkyBus service (also RTA) connects the airport directly to the most popular hotels. You’ll need a NOL Card to ride on a bus. Bus services are every 7 minutes during the day and 20 minutes at night. When the Metro is closed, you can still take a bus. The journey takes a minimum of 1 hour and may be much longer if there’s a traffic jam. The journey costs around $1.

The taxi rank is situated in the ground transportation area of the airport. Taxis driven by men are cream-colored, and taxis driven by women are pink trimmed. The ride into the city costs around $42 and usually takes less than 45 minutes. If you’re traveling with kids or elderly people, taking a taxi might be your best option to get quickly and safely to the hotel doorstep.

If you want the freedom of a hire car, note that there are more car rental companies represented at Terminal 1 Arrivals than at Terminals 2 and 3 Arrivals. You’ll need an International Drivers’ License and passport to hire a vehicle. You can hire a car for as little as $25 per day. Note that you may have to deal with traffic jams. I’d recommend using the Metro or a taxi rather than driving yourself in an unfamiliar city.

Planning Tips

Dubai is a popular destination, and the local people do their best to make visitors feel welcome. However, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Here are 5 tips for a trouble-free visit.

Tip #1: Decide what you want to do before planning when to go to Dubai

The weather is super hot in the summer. There’s a good chance you’ll feel uncomfortable on the beach if you try to visit during summer. Spring and fall are the best times to visit to enjoy the beach. And if you’re mainly interested in sightseeing, why not come in winter? However, note that December through February is the high season in Dubai, so the queues will be long. One thing you must do is a desert safari ! There is no better way to see and experience the desert.

Tip #2: Buy unique art and crafts

For unique souvenirs and gifts, visit the souks in Deira. This is the traditional market area in the city, and the Deira Gold Souk is famous.

Tip #3: Be careful not to offend with your clothing

Dubai is a liberal city where 70% of the residents are ex-pats. However, it is still an Islamic city. You don’t have to cover your head or wear traditional Arabic clothes (unless you’re visiting a mosque) but you are expected to be respectful. Avoid showing cleavage and midriff (unless in a nightclub or on a beach). Don’t wear super short shorts or skirts in public places where you’re likely to mix with locals, such as the shopping malls and museums. It’s not that it’s against the law…it’s being respectful of local customs and traditions.

Tip #4: Book in advance, especially during winter

Dubai is an especially popular destination. You won’t get into most nightclubs unless you book in advance. Many popular activities, such as going to the top of the world’s tallest building, can be booked in advance to avoid queues. Reputable tour companies offer refunds for tours tickets canceled with reasonable notice, so you’re not risking much when you book in advance.

Tip #5: Avoid visiting during Ramadan OR be patient and thoughtful

The timing of the month of Ramadan changes every year, but for 2020 it is around 23 rd April through 23 rd May. During Ramadan, you will find that many local people slow down and businesses close in the middle of the day for rests or early at night when the staff are due to break their fast. It is prohibited to eat in public during Ramadan, so you’ll only be able to eat in designated areas. You’ll be expected to dress more modestly during Ramadan and be especially polite.

Restaurants & Eating Out

Dubai is a fantastic place to sample Middle Eastern cuisine. Because of its central location in the Persian Gulf, the local fare is a tasty combination of Arabic, Iranian, and Lebanese food.

For breakfast, you could try margoogat. This is a rich vegetable stew with added Arab spices, such as bezar, cumin, and turmeric. Often made with tomato, squash, and eggplant, Dubaites often eat this dish to end their daily fast during Ramadan. Alternatively, manousheh is a popular breakfast dish from Lebanon composed of dough or flatbread topped with Akkawi cheese, olive oil, and za’atar herbs (thyme, oregano, and marjoram). It’s like a kind of pizza! You can sample Lebanese food like this at Enab Beirut , an eclectic food outlet near Al Khazzan Park.

Makbus, also known as kabsa, is a popular rice dish originating in Saudi Arabia and popular in Dubai. The rice, usually basmati, is mixed with chicken, lamb, or seafood and prepared in large pots with plenty of Arab spices, dried lemon, and salt. A popular restaurant to try this traditional rice dish is Al Barza Restaurant and Café on Jumeirah Street.

If you want to eat a traditional Bedouin dish, why not sample some camel milk and eat camel meat? Camel milk is saltier than cow’s milk but lower in cholesterol, richer in protein, and with more iron and Vitamin C. Dubaite chefs like to use camel’s meat in stews and burgers because of its exotic and robust flavor. You can sample camel steaks, kebabs, and chocolate camel milkshakes in Al Bastakiya Restaurant and Café on Al Fahidi Street.

Dubaite people have their own varieties of bread to eat with their meals. These include khameer, which is a date-sweetened bread you can eat on its own or filled with anything from chicken to cheese. Many eat traditional Iranian sangak, which is a leavened flatbread made from wheat. And main dishes are often accompanied by a zesty salad of cucumber, green onions, tomatoes, and mint called tabbouleh.

Speaking of salads, Dubai actually offers a wide range of traditional vegetarian dishes. Kousa mahshi is zucchini or courgettes stuffed with rice. Shirin polo is a delicious rice dish made from nuts, raisins, carrots, and basmati rice. However, be aware that there’s a non-vegetarian version of shirin polo with chicken added. And fatteh is a popular evening dish consisting of bread covered with chickpeas and topped with yogurt and tahini sauce.

For dessert, try kanafeh. This is a Levantine filo pastry coated in honey or syrup and sprinkled with chopped pistachios. Or assidat al-Boubar is a popular pumpkin porridge with almond flour, butter, sugar, milk, and raisins. And you may be offered luqaimat dumplings made from flour, starch, sugar, and cardamom powder and rolled in syrup.

But no meal is complete without gahwa. This is Arabic coffee offered to guests as an essential matter of hospitality. Unlike western coffee, this is seasoned with cloves and cardamom and tastes more bitter than the varieties you may be accustomed to. You may find it served to you in tiny cups without handles from ornate coffee pots.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Despite being an Islamic city on the edge of the desert, Dubai has an extremely wild and active nightlife with modern superclubs and international DJs. It’s like the Ibiza of the Muslim world. However, there are obviously many legal and cultural restrictions to be aware of.

The nightlife in Dubai starts earlier and ends earlier than in European or American cities. Nightclubs open between 10 pm and 3 am, and they are busy throughout this time with a peak around 1 am. All nightclubs and bars must close by 3 am.

All bars, nightclubs, and restaurants serving alcohol are inside hotel complexes. Legally, only hotels are allowed to serve alcohol.

You’ll find the dress code in the more exclusive nightclubs much stricter than in Europe and America. You won’t get in wearing shorts and crocks. You won’t even gain entry wearing jeans. Bouncers typically refuse entry to large groups of men. Mixed groups of men and women and small groups find easier entry into nightclubs.

To get into many clubs, you must already be on the guest list. So, research the clubs you’re interested in before setting out and make arrangements online using the club’s website or Facebook page. The best way to ensure entry is to reserve a table, but this is expensive.

The legal age to drink is 21 and drinking in the street is illegal. Many clubs only admit people over 25. Patrons must show their passport at the entrance to bars or nightclubs to gain entry. Never drive back to your hotel from a bar, club, or restaurant where you had a drink because if there’s an accident, even if it’s not your fault, you’ll be taken straight to jail. The United Arab Emirates has a zero-tolerance policy toward drink driving.

The busiest nights for nightlife are Thursday and Friday (because Friday is the Islamic Sunday). Tuesday is “ladies’ night” when women gain free entry into clubs and are offered discounts and free drinks. Don’t be too judgmental about “economic tourists”, but the nightclubs of Dubai are renowned for the large number of beautiful Russian women guests. Many are there to work in the businesses of this busy cosmopolitan city, but a few are seeking a wealthy spouse or patron.

You’ll find the nightlife where the hotels congregate, such as Medinat Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. The marina is a great place for romantic restaurant dates followed by an evening stroll along the canal.

Because Dubai is such a “Mecca” for businesspeople around the Middle East to escape the restrictions of their own city and let their hair down, you’ll find literally hundreds of nightclubs and bars. Many you will struggle to enter because they all have relatively low capacities and complete to attract the many millionaires and celebrities who frequent the city. Perhaps avoid the most exclusive nightclubs unless you happen to be a billionaire or movie star.

For example, Armani/Privé is one of the most famous clubs in Dubai and located inside the world’s tallest skyscraper. The dress code is super strict, and the entry and drink prices probably more than you earn in a month. If you do gain entry, you’ll find a raised VIP area, a dance floor, and a balcony overlooking the Dubai Fountain. Oh, and the interior décor was designed by Giorgio Armani.

White Dubai is the largest club in the city and sits on the rooftop of the ultra-modern Meydan Racecourse Grandstand. Here’s where you’ll find such famous names as Jason Derulo, Akon, and Nelly. There are incredible views, amazing light shows, and a dance floor open to the stars. But this is definitely a venue you’ll only get into if you’re on the guest list.

A slightly less exclusive nightclub is the N’Dulge Club in the Atlantis Dubai Hotel on the famous Palm Island artificial island. This superclub features an outdoor terrace and the N’Dulge Arena. The Lounge area operates alongside Nobu, a popular restaurant.

If you’re looking for a bar rather than a nightclub, you’ll find a good selection around the hotels of Dubai. For example, the Lock, Stock & Barrel is a large, New-York-style bar with exposed brick walls and pool tables. They offer live music and TV sports channels. The Treehouse is a rooftop bar with a garden terrace and an ambiance aimed at romantic couples. And Fibber Magee’s is a replica Irish pub designed to make you forget you’re in the desert. Everything is authentically Irish, including the live Irish folk music.

Getting Around

Because of the way Dubai has developed over the past fifty years, there are multiple centers dotted all over the city at considerable distances from one another. This means it’s not convenient to get around on foot. If you want to sightsee, you’ll find it easiest to get around by Metro or bus. To use the Metro, buses, water buses, and the Dubai tram you’ll need a rechargeable NOL Card .

Dubai’s modern Metro is fully automated, so you won’t see any drivers. Most of the Metro lines are above ground, so you’ll get great views of the city while getting around. But the Metro doesn’t reach everywhere. In New Dubai, you’ll sometimes have to use the Dubai Tram. And the Palm Island has its own monorail service.

The public bus service is the most affordable option to get around the city. There are 1,500 air-conditioned buses in the city. They go everywhere and run during the night when the Metro has closed.

It’s always an option to hail a taxi. While they aren’t super expensive, they’re pricier than the bus or the Metro. And, to be honest, you can probably get to most places on the Metro quicker than in a taxi. For ultimate freedom, you can always rent a car. To do this, you’ll require an International Driver’s License , passport, credit card, and insurance.


With its artificial islands and glitzy modern skyscrapers, you might expect Dubai to be an expensive place to stay. Yes, there are many exclusive 5-star luxury hotels and billionaires’ penthouses, but there are also affordable hotels and self-catering apartments suitable for travelers on a budget.

As a general rule, the further south you go, the newer and more expensive the accommodation becomes. Since most of the more interesting attractions are to the north, I’d recommend you stay in one of the Old Neighborhoods or nearby Downtown unless you’re only here for the beaches and nightlife and have a fat billfold.

The Old Neighborhoods

The older parts of the city are where you’ll find traditional butchers and bakers, street food, family restaurants, tailors, cobblers, and older residential buildings. These include Bur Dubai, Deira, Karama, Jumeirah, and Satwa.

In this area, you’ll also find the historic district of Bastakiya where old merchants’ mansions built using coral and mud have barjeel wind towers for natural air-conditioning. Some of these interesting structures now contain cultural centers and museums.

These neighborhoods are old, but they’re not run-down. And although they’re the cultural heart of the city, you’ll find accommodation in these areas generally cheaper than the recently developed areas. If you’re planning to self-cater, this is definitely the best area for you because the shops and markets in the old neighborhoods are cheaper than in the new city.

The Novotel in central Deira provides comfy rooms, tennis courts, and both adults’ and children’s swimming pools within easy walking distance of the Deira Metro Station. This is a good choice for solo women, families, and couples. And if you’re self-catering, consider the highly rated J5 RIMAL Hotel Apartments in Deira. The apartments come with living rooms and kitchenettes, so you can prepare your own meals and cut costs. Some of the higher-spec apartments also offer washing machines.

Business Bay and Downtown Dubai

This is the most central area of Dubai situated around the Dubai Mall between Old Dubai and Dubai Marina. It’s a convenient place to stay for visiting all the attractions because it’s so central and close to both Old Dubai and New Dubai by Metro.

In fact, some of the main attractions are found around the Dubai Mall, like the Dubai Aquarium and Dubai Fountain. Here you’ll find a good selection of restaurants, cafés, and bars as well as some of the more upmarket hotels with a lively nightlife.

Check out hotels like the Vida Downtown Dubai , which offers modern rooms a short walk from the Dubai Mall and Metro Station. The Manzil Downtown Dubai is even closer to the Dubai Mall and Metro and located in the liveliest part of Downtown Dubai.

Mall of the Emirates and Surrounding Area

Here you’ll find cosmopolitan Dubai where the mix of nationalities living and working in this area leads to a diverse range of food outlets and stores. It’s central and convenient for Metro Stations.

If you want to stay in luxury, there are plenty of 5-star options in this area, such as the Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates Hotel , with its plush rooms and rooftop pool. But there are still budget options, such as Centro Barsha by Rotana , which offers comfortable rooms within walking distance of the Metro and Mall of the Emirates.

This is that shiny area to the south of the city around Dubai Marina and the famous artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters Island. This is where some of the glitziest buildings of Dubai are found. It’s the place to go if you want luxury hotels with Michelin-starred chefs and gold-plated faucets.

However, since billionaires and celebrities don’t use the Metro, you won’t find using the Metro so convenient in this area. There are no Metro stations on the artificial islands, for example. Dubai Marina does have a Metro station and offers a promenade for keen joggers and cyclists.

This is a great area to stay if you love beaches and want to spend much of your time sunbathing or swimming. But, the whole of New Dubai is a little distant from the main attractions and the lack of Metro stations makes it inconvenient for sightseeing.

The Movenpick Hotel in Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a 5-star hotel, but it’s one of the more affordable ones in this area. It’s in Dubai Marina, so it’s convenient for the Metro and the beaches. But if you want to stat in this area on a “budget”, consider an apartment at Marina View Deluxe Hotel . I use quotation marks around “budget” because this is the most expensive area, so even the budget options are relatively expensive. All suites come with refrigerators, microwaves, and kitchenettes for self-catering options, and it’s only a short walk from the Dubai Marina and Metro station.

Dubai has a hot desert climate. Unless you’re from Death Valley, take what you think of as hot and double it to imagine August in Dubai. You might think that swimming in temperatures of 100 0 F sounds great, but by the end of the day, you may envy lobsters. Midwinter temperatures in Dubai are similar to early summer in Massachusetts.

The weather in Dubai is coldest in January, with an average daily high of 75 0 F and a low of 58 0 F. It’s still sunny in winter. It’s not too cold to hit the beach and it’s a great time to go sightseeing. In April, the average high is 91 0 F and low of 70 0 F, which makes spring a perfect time of year for the beach.

It’s hottest in August, with an average high of 106 0 F and low of 87 0 F. In the afternoon, it’s too hot for the beach, but it’s okay before 11 am and late in the evening. By November, the average high drops to 87 0 F and the low is 68 0 F, making the weather much better for the beach.


Many come to Dubai to admire the fantastic modern architecture and amazing monuments built over the past few decades, but the city also has a fascinating history.

The Dubai museum is a great place to visit to learn all about Dubai’s past. The museum is housed inside the Al-Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building in the city built in 1787. The fort’s construction is entirely traditional using locally sourced materials. The walls are coral blocks cemented together with lime, and the ceilings are made from palm fronds and mud.

Inside the museum, you can learn about Dubaite cultural history through exhibitions like the traditional boats and palm-leaf house with a barjeel wind tower. Discover about Bedouin desert life and coastal pearl fishing. You’ll find the museum in the Bur Dubai area of the Old City.

In the nearby Bastakia Quarter, you can see historic homes built in the 19 th century for wealthy Iranian merchants who came here to deal in textiles and pearls. The traditional buildings are built from coral and lime and feature barjeel wind towers that provided natural air-conditioning.

The best-known house is one built for Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum, former ruler of Dubai. The building is considered an excellent example of Arabian architecture and now houses The Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs and Documents.

On the opposite side of Dubai Creek is the area of Deira. Here’s where you’ll find the traditional souks (markets) including the Deira Gold Souk, the biggest gold bazaar in the world. There are many historic houses in this part of the Old City including Heritage House, an Iranian merchant’s house from 1890, and the Al-Ahmadiya School of 1912, which is the Museum of Public Education.

Among these historic neighborhoods is an amazing modern building called the Dubai Frame . This is a series of galleries exploring the history of Dubai housed inside a building shaped like a 492-feet-high picture frame. The empty frame is intended to “frame” both the Old City and the New City as it frames one or the other depending upon where you stand in relation to the frame.

And there are many new buildings in Downtown and New Dubai, including the iconic Burj al-Arab, which is the world’s tallest hotel. The hotel stands on its own artificial island and is shaped like a dhow sail. Its underwater Al-Mahara restaurant enables diners to view the surrounding sea life while they eat, while the Skyview Bar at the top of the hotel provides fantastic panoramic views of the city.

But the most famous building in the city is the 2722-feet-high Burj Khalifa , which is the tallest skyscraper in the world. Much like outside the Empire State Building in NYC, tourists queue to visit the observation deck on the 124 th floor. To avoid a long wait, buy your “At the Top” entrance ticket in advance.

Many visitors to Dubai come to admire its huge shopping malls. The Dubai Mall is an interesting place to visit not only for the stores. It houses one of the most popular attractions in Dubai—the Dubai Aquarium . The aquarium features 140 species of sea life inside a huge tank on the ground floor of the mall. You can enter the Underwater Zoo to view this tank from underneath through aquarium tunnels.

If you want to get out of the city, the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve is an interesting place to visit. There you’ll find bird and animal observation platforms and other attractions. At night, the Dubai Astronomy Group holds stargazing events in the reserve because the remote desert location boasts low light pollution.


Tour guides, menu quality.

We selected the Marina Yacht Cruise with Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner as our Editor's Choice for Dubai's Best Dinner and Sightseeing Cruises.

Robert Baker

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Ideal Itinerary for Dubai & Abu Dhabi | A Guide for 7 Days

Dubai Itinerary for 7 Days | One Week in Dubai blog banner Travel Saga Tourism

Travel Saga presents the best Dubai and Abu Dhabi itinerary for 7 days! Visitors from across the globe enjoy a unique vacation experience in Dubai and also the capital city of the UAE. The “city of gold” is well-known for its harmonious fusion of contemporary wonders and rich past. With activities in theme parks, water parks, and tall buildings mixed with opulent shopping centres, this tour will help you make the most of the 7 days in this vibrant city. Let’s explore a detailed itinerary and all the options that will indeed help you plan your trip.

1 week in Dubai and Abu Dhabi itinerary

Day 1: arrival and dhow cruise .

Firstly, let’s explore your options. So, if you reach Dubai in the morning, then you can rest and go for a unique Dhow Cruise Dinner experience. Secondly, if you reach Dubai at night then you will have a different itinerary. Then you can rest for the night and start your trip from day 2.

The Dhow Cruise dinner experience strikes the ideal mix of elegance and typical Arab hospitality. There are live acts that will keep you entertained, making the evening very memorable. The breathtaking lighting, which is reflected off the water to provide a brilliant appearance, is a feature of the performance. You can go back to your hotel at rest for the night. 

Day 2: Dubai City Tour

The highlight of your trip is the Dubai city tour , where you will enjoy the magnificence of Dubai from your own eyes. On this tour, you’ll witness iconic buildings such as Burj al Arab and also go for a tour of Atlantis, the palm. This city tour will last till 2 PM, you can head back to your hotel and rest. 

Later in the evening, you’ll have a spellbound experience when you visit the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa along with the Dubai Mall aquarium and Underwater zoo. Additionally, you will get the time slot for visiting the Burj Khalifa as per the availability, it can be 7 PM, 7:30 PM or 8 PM. 

Day 3: Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World

Different day, different city. So, now it’s time to travel to Abu Dhabi from your hotel. Abu Dhabi is 1.5 hours away from Dubai. Some places that you will visit on this tour include BAPS Swaminarayan temple , Abu Dhabi Heritage Village, and Emirates Palace. 

To end the day you go to Ferrari World to ride the fastest and largest roller coaster with other exciting rides! Moreover, we advise you to opt for a private tour because if you’re on a sharing tour then you will have less time to explore the world’s only Ferrari themed park. 

Day 4: Museum of the Future and Private Yacht Tour

On your 4th day, you should visit the Museum of the Future in Dubai at 1 PM. So, the museum is situated next to the Emirates Towers and houses concepts that will shape Dubai’s future. Furthermore, innovators and businesses from all over the world highly value visiting the museum. Also, it’s a 30,000-square-metre, breathtaking structure constructed of stainless steel. 

To make the best out of your evening you should go for a Private Yacht Tour after you have lunch. Admire breathtaking views of the stunning Dubai skyline, which is dotted with iconic landmark structures including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and the sail-shaped hotel, Burj al Arab . It is indeed a thrill to cruise over the calm waters of Dubai aboard a luxurious yacht. You can easily get dropped off at your hotel by 8 PM. 

Day 5: Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

Reserve your 5th day in Dubai fully at Atlantis Water Park. This water park in Dubai is the world’s biggest one. Atlantis Aquaventure invites you to spend a fun-filled day there. The Aquaconda, the world’s largest water slide, is one of the many exhilarating thrills that await you here. 

At Aquaventure, the connected waterways create an incredible maze. Grab a tube and take a ride along the slides. Also, the Tower of Poseidon awaits with its record-breaking rides if you haven’t had enough. On these rides, you dive into tanks with rays and sharks.

Day 6: Sightseeing Day

If you’re visiting Dubai between October to April then visit the world famous Miracle Garden and Global Village package with transfers. They only open in winter months and these places have to be on your bucket list. Furthermore, you can wish to visit Ski Dubai in the afternoon and head to Miracle Garden and Global Village in the evening.

However, if you’re visiting in summer then opt for a day full of adventure and ice at Ski Dubai at Mall of Emirates. You can visit other attractions and shop at the mall too. Talking about shopping, a heads up to all the shopaholics, you cannot miss out Gold Souk, Spice Souk and Meena Bazaar. You can visit these famous souks on your last day too depending on your flight timings. 

Day 7: Departure

It’s time for you to bid this city goodbye. You’ve collected memories of a lifetime on this trip. So, book your next dream Dubai trip from Travel Saga. You don’t have to worry about a thing, from transfers to visa application and the best travel experience of course.

Travellers’ Tip: Psst! If you want to avoid the busy queues and crowded places then you should visit Dubai in summer. The tickets are cheaper and you get a hassle free travel experience!

To sum up, a week in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers a unique combination of exhilarating adventures, cultural exploration, and luxurious experiences. Every day brings new adventures, from the historical beauty of Abu Dhabi’s heritage sites to the breathtaking vistas of the Burj Khalifa. Hence, book your packages from the top travel agency in Dubai, Travel Saga.

Q. How many days should I stay in Dubai?

You can choose different packages depending on your budget and time. From 4 Days/ 5 Nights  to 9 Days/ 10 Nights . However the ideal Dubai tour itinerary is of   6 Days/ 7 Nights  You visit all the prominent tourist attractions in not only Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. Moreover, this Dubai tour itinerary has been made by keeping everyone in mind, from children to their parents and even teens. 

Q. Where is the best location to stay in Dubai for the first time?

The best location to stay in Dubai depends on your preference. For instance if you want to stay near the beaches then choose FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel, Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort, Atlantis The Palm , Fairmont The Palm. 

Also, if you want to have a proper urban city experience then choosing a hotel near Marina or Deira is certainly a right choice for you. You can choose Stella di Mare, Amwaj Rotana, Rove City Centre Dubai, Novotel Deira Creekside, and Crowne Plaza Dubai Marina.

Lastly, if you’re an Indian the best location for you to stay can be Bur Dubai. The area has numerous Indian restaurants so that you don’t miss your country’s food while enjoying other country’s delicacies too.

Travellers’ Tip: You should keep public transport and nearest metro stations in mind when you select your hotel. Additionally, don’t forget you have the option of private transfers too when you book with Travel Saga.

Q. What is the best time to visit Dubai?

The best time to visit Dubai is between October to April. Moreover the weather around that time is quite pleasant so the city attracts tourists from around the world. The temperature ranges from 15° C to 25° C. Clear blue sky and pleasantly cool nights is the weather during peak season; in contrast, the off-season brings intense heat and humidity. Temperatures in the mild season are tolerably high. 

Q. Are rates different for attractions in Dubai for summer and winter?

Yes indeed, rates are different depending on the season. October to April in winter is called peak season, where tourists around the world come to Dubai to experience  its grandeur and magnificence. So, the rates of majorly all the popular tourist attractions in Dubai is high. However, the rest of the year, in summer, is the off season so less number of people come to Dubai, and the rates are lower compared to the winter season. 

Q. What is the best place for shopping in Dubai? 

Dubai is known for its wide range of shopping experiences, from luxury to street shopping. So, the best places for shopping in Dubai are the world famous Dubai Mall , the Mall of Emirates, Souks of Dubai, and if you’re visiting in winter they can go to Global Village. Lastly, wait for the Dubai Shopping Festival to grab the best deals.

Q. Do I need to pre book tickets for any attractions in Dubai?

Yes, surely, it is highly recommended to pre-book tickets for attractions like Burj Khalifa, Museum of Future, Ski Dubai, Miracle Garden, and Global Village. Consequently, because of the high demand and minimum slots it is advised that you pre book these tickets to avoid last minute hassle.

At the Top- Burj Khalifa Tickets

At the Top- Burj Khalifa Tickets

Atlantis Aquaventure Ticket

Atlantis Aquaventure Ticket

Dhow Cruise Dinner | Marina & Creek

Dhow Cruise Dinner | Marina & Creek

33 FT Yacht – Up To 8 People

33 FT Yacht – Up To 8 People

Museum of the Future Tickets

Museum of the Future Tickets

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi City Tour

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple


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Cruise vs. all-inclusive resort: which one is right for you.

Find out the pros and cons of each and see which option is right for you.

Cruise vs. All-Inclusive Resort

Cruise vs. All-Inclusive Resort: Which Is Better?

Getty Images

Picking your dream vacation can be tricky. Use our tips to help you plan.

If you're trying to decide whether you should book a cruise or stay at an all-inclusive resort for your next vacation, there are a lot of factors to consider. Beyond selecting a destination, you'll need to determine what type of experience you're looking for and what's included in the price of each option. After all, there's nothing worse than having a stress-free trip turn into a sticker shock surprise when you review the final bill.

To help, U.S. News compiled a list of questions to consider when comparing cruise versus all-inclusive resort vacations, along with suggested options for both.

What are your travel goals?

When deciding between an all-inclusive resort or a cruise, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I want to explore multiple destinations in one trip?

If your answer is yes, book a cruise . Cruises are a great option when you want to visit several locales in one trip, but aren't concerned with spending a lot of time in any one place. They're also perfect for getting an overview of a region, such as the Caribbean or the Mediterranean . If you want to visit off-the-beaten-path destinations instead of busier, more popular ports, consider itineraries offered by cruise lines with smaller ships that can navigate tighter waterways than larger ocean liners. For example, Windstar Cruises' small ships can visit small Greek islands ; remote Tahitian villages; Alaska's wildlife-filled Inian Islands; and sail the only navigable river in Spain, the Guadalquivir River.

Do I want to stay relax in one place?

If a relaxing land-based experience sounds more your speed, an all-inclusive resort may be a better option. You can spend your time taking advantage of luxurious resort amenities and exploring the surrounding areas. The Grand Velas Riviera Maya in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico , offers family-friendly accommodations and activities, as well as romantic oceanfront suites with plunge pools and spa bathrooms for couples. The resort also has an impressive selection of internationally inspired restaurants and indoor and outdoor bars. During the day, sign up for holistic treatments at the SE Spa by Grand Velas (for an additional fee) or enjoy complimentary water activities like kayaking and snorkeling. You can even explore ancient ruins in nearby Tulum, Mexico , on an off-property excursion.

Still, for some cruisers, the ship itself is the destination. The details of the itinerary don't matter much to them, as they plan to spend most of their time relaxing on board. Big cruise ships and/or new vessels offer seemingly endless dining and entertainment options.

What kind of atmosphere do I want?

If the shrill screams of children playing might bother you, you can easily opt for an adults-only cruise or adults-only all-inclusive resort . Of course, if you're traveling with kids, there's no shortage of kid-friendly cruise ships and all-inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean , Mexico and U.S.

What's included in the price?

Another huge variable is the price you'll pay for a cruise versus all-inclusive resort – and what exactly is covered.

Cruises: Taking a cruise can be a great value , but it's important to note that inexpensive base fares aboard large, mainstream cruise lines can often be misleading. Once you add in additional costs for taxes, fees and port charges; gratuities; stateroom upgrades; specialty dining and beverage packages; excursions; and Wi-Fi access, the total price of your voyage may end up much higher than you expected.

To avoid surprise extra fees throughout your trip, you might want to consider sailing with a luxury line like Viking Ocean Cruises . Although such cruises typically come at a higher price point, the line's fares cover all meals (including specialty dining venues), beer and wine with lunch and dinner, nonalcoholic beverages and bottled water, one shore excursion in each port, onboard Wi-Fi access and more. Also consider cruise deals, which often include last-minute incentives and kids-cruise-free promos .

Book a cruise on GoToSea , a service of U.S. News.

All-Inclusive Resorts: When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, be sure to research what's included in the nightly rate before you book. Couples-only Sandals Resorts International in the Caribbean offers some of the most inclusive resort pricing setups, with rates covering accommodations, gourmet dining at up to 16 restaurants, snacks, premium wines and liquors, stocked in-room bars, water sports, complimentary golf course greens fees (select resorts), PADI-certified scuba diving (at most properties), entertainment, Wi-Fi access, gratuities and airport transfers. Extra fees apply for spa treatments, local excursions and personalized events, like private dinners on the beach. Other resort brands may not offer such an extensive list of included perks, so be sure to check with the specific property you are interested in. And again – look for available offers when booking. Many all-inclusive resorts offer kids-stay-free promos on a regular basis.

Do you want to drive or fly to your vacation destination?

Cruise vs. All-Inclusive Resort: Which Is Better?

Courtesy of Sandals Resorts

Before you find yourself sipping umbrella drinks with a good book in hand, you'll have to put in the work of traveling to your destination. It goes without saying that visiting an all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Caribbean will require an international flight, but you may also need to hop on a plane to reach your chosen cruise ship terminal. Still, many ships sail from popular ports in Florida cities – including Fort Lauderdale , Miami , Tampa and Cape Canaveral (Orlando) – and travelers outside of the Sunshine State can find sailings out of ports in California, Texas, New York and Louisiana. Depending on where you live, you may be able to save yourself a flight (and some money) by driving directly to your embarkation port.

You may also be able to book a stay at an all-inclusive resort (or a property with an all-inclusive option) without traveling too far from home. Florida offers a couple of all-inclusive properties ideal for those who don't want to leave the U.S. Consider Bungalows Key Largo, which caters to travelers 21 and older visiting the Florida Keys. In contrast, some properties across the U.S. offer special packages to create your own all-inclusive experience .

What type of accommodations do you prefer?

Cruise ship cabins can be tight, especially if you're traveling with another person (or an entire family). The good news is that there are plenty of choices when it comes to stateroom sizes and configurations, depending on the cruise line and specific ship you choose. Cabins can be as compact as 100 square feet (in the case of Norwegian Epic 's Studio staterooms) or as vast as 4,443 square feet ( Regent Seven Seas Splendor 's lavish two-bedroom Regent Suite).

If space is important to you, plan to budget for a larger cabin, or one with a veranda. The Azamara Quest 's Club Verandah Staterooms (175 square feet) are not much larger than its Interior Club Staterooms (158 square feet), but the addition of a balcony with extra seating, natural light and outdoor access makes them feel much more roomy. For even more space, consider splurging on a suite, which may also add valuable perks like complimentary specialty dining, laundry service and Wi-Fi access. Some suites are designed with families in mind, such as the Ultimate Family Suite on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas . The two-story accommodation features an indoor slide, a private game and movie room, a hot tub, ocean views and VIP experiences across the ship.

Back on land, hotel rooms and suites at all-inclusive resorts will typically be more spacious than most cruise ship accommodations, meaning you'll have more square footage to spread out. At the family-friendly all-inclusive Windjammer Landing in Castries, St. Lucia , accommodations run the gamut from 400-square-foot ocean view rooms for two to almost 1,400-square-foot, two-bedroom suites that can accommodate up to six people. The property also boasts a selection of luxury beachfront villas that measure up to 4,200 square feet.

What type of entertainment and dining options do you expect?

Cruise vs. All-Inclusive Resort: Which Is Better?

Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Whether you're traveling solo or with a partner and/or friends, decide whether you'd like to party on vacation (think Carnival Cruise Line ) or prefer a more quiet, intimate getaway (such as a river cruise ). Also think about the entertainment and dining options offered by each. On large cruise vessels, like Norwegian Cruise Line 's ships, you can find infinite eateries, Broadway-calibur entertainment and adults-only nightclubs that stay open into the wee hours of the morning. There are also fun-filled activities for younger travelers, like racetracks, laser tag, aqua parks, rock climbing walls and rope courses. Not all these activities will be included in your fare, so you can choose to pay as you go or purchase packages that offer unlimited access. Fitness classes, spa access and entry into adults-only lounge areas may also come with a fee, as can soft drinks and bottled water throughout the day (unless you have a beverage package).

However, smaller, more intimate ships still offer plenty of fun – albeit with fewer crowds. Cruisers can choose from several dining venues, some of which change their menus daily. For example, Azamara changes its menu every evening in the main dining room, Discoveries Restaurant. The eatery always offers classic favorites, such as shrimp cocktail and grilled New York strip steak, but it also includes nightly features, many of which are inspired by the ship's destination. Smaller ships will also typically have a few bars or lounges that host entertainment for more mature, refined audiences (think: piano players or other live music in the evenings), plus theaters that feature a different show each night. Still, you might find fun-loving passengers on the dance floor late at night and DJs spinning karaoke tunes at lounges on the ship.

All-inclusive resorts typically offer a wide range of on-site dining venues, entertainment, activities and amenities as well. For example, the gated 7,000-acre Caso de Campo Resort & Villas in La Romana, Dominican Republic, features three golf courses, an equestrian center, tennis courts, skeet and trap shooting, water sports, complimentary merengue lessons and more. Packages at the resort include accommodations, all meals and beverages and access to most (or all) of these activities.

Resorts may also feature more unique amenities than cruise ships. For example, at Caso de Campo, guests can visit Altos de Chavón. Inspired by a 16th-century Mediterranean village, this impressive replica of a medieval hamlet is home to local artisans and boutiques. There's also an archeological museum, the St. Stanislaus Church and a 5,000-seat amphitheater with panoramic views of the Chavón River and the Caribbean Sea. After dinner at one of the property's signature restaurants, you can hit the nightclubs, or, if you're lucky, catch a concert in the amphitheater. If you'd like to spend an afternoon or two outside of the property, sign up for a resort excursion (additional fees apply). Travelers can explore nearby beaches by catamaran, visit a local cigar-making factory or take an exhilarating zipline ride through the treetops.

Bottom Line

With so many variables to consider, choosing between a cruise and an all-inclusive resort can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Too often, travelers are lured by low prices and get frustrated trying to select from the many alternatives. Instead, follow the simple process summarized below.

Once you've figured out your travel goals and have decided between a cruise or an all-inclusive resort, you can narrow down your options. If you don't want to fly, check out the cruises that sail from ports in the U.S., all-inclusive resorts within driving distance, and even properties that offer package deals for meals, beverages and excursions. Also, consider the amount of entertainment and activities you or your family are interested in. If you're not traveling with kids and prefer adult-focused venues and activities, book an adults-only resort or cruise that doesn't cater to families.

If you're hoping to avoid crowds, then you might be happiest on a small ocean voyage or at an intimate property. You should also arrange to travel in the offseason. In addition to fewer people, this time of year offers some of the best-discounted cruise fares or room rates. Offseason varies depending on the destination, but it's typically between June and early September in Florida. If you're headed to a resort in Mexico, the Caribbean or the Bahamas, or if you're considering a Caribbean cruise, prices drop dramatically during hurricane season – June 1 to Nov. 30. Europe is a great option for deals from late fall into early spring. There is also a period right before Christmas and after the New Year holiday that offers a window where you can score discounted pricing before the season gets busy again.

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    Duration: Daily from 7pm to 10:30pm. Activities: International buffet with live cooking, BBQ, canapés, Asian & Western cuisine, salads, and desserts. Unlimited selection of premium drinks. Cruise along the Dubai Marina with views of Ain Dubai, JBR, Bluewaters Island, Palm Jumeirah, and Atlantis The Palm (subject to weather conditions).

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