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contrast 33 sailboat

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contrast 33 sailboat

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The Dual-Purpose C&C 33 Mark II

The old new c&c 33 proves to be a formidable racer that can also deliver you over the horizon..

contrast 33 sailboat

Photos by Otto Rascon

When the C&C company shut down operations in 1986, it was big news in the North American boating community. Since the companys formation in 1969, it had been a stalwart of the industry-the leading Canadian builder, by far, and one of the major brands wherever fiberglass sailboats raced or cruised.

C&Cs lineup always featured the dual-purpose racer-cruiser, and always aimed for quality construction and detail, fitting a market niche below the outstanding luxury yacht but above the standard, midline fiberglass auxiliary. C&C boats are know for good-looking moderate designs, a tradition started by the original partners-the two Cs, George Cuthbertson and George Cassian-and the companys chief designer, Rob Ball. Performance also was a C&C hallmark. Most of its models were heavily marketed as serious racers, and even old C&Cs continue to be actively raced in PHRF fleets today. (For example, there were 14 registered to compete in the 2015 Chicago to Mackinac Race.)

C&C was the first major company to commit to cored hull construction, and only Tillotson-Pearson compared to C&C in terms of experience with balsa-cored laminates. The builder also was the first major company to commit to solid rod rigging, and they had a tradition of rigging and equipping their boats with first-class spars and fittings.

The C&C 33 is often referred to as the new C&C 33 or the C&C 33 Mark II (33-2), to distinguish it from the C&C 33 Mark I, which was produced between 1974 and l977. While some of the specs are similar, the Mark II is an entirely different boat, not sharing any of the tooling of the Mark I. The Mark I was widely regarded as one of the prettiest racers around, and 209 of them were built.

In design, the C&C 33 Mark II has conservative lines. Like other C&C models, it has a flat sheer, sharply reversed transom and sharply angled bow. The hull has a fine entry and cutaway forefoot. Theres a hard turn to the bilge about a foot below the waterline, and the very center of the hull is flat. A fin keel was the standard, but a shorter fin and a keel/centerboard combination were available options. A small skeg is fitted ahead of the spade rudder. According to owners, this setup allows for precise turning in tight spaces.

The Mark II was introduced in 1984, and over 200 of them were built in the four years the boat was in production-impressive considering the companys business problems in the middle of the run, and the heavy competition in this size from American and European companies.


The Mark IIs hull construction represented a departure from typical C&C practices, in that only the forward panels of the hull are balsa cored. The rest of the hull is a conventional hand lay-up of mat and roving, with an isophthalic gelcoat and skinning resin. The 33s larger sisters (35, 38, 41, and 44) have balsa coring throughout their hulls, while the smaller sisters (30 and 27) have no coring at all in the hull.

The cored laminate offered stiffness and strength combined with light weight, and it was one of C&Cs keys to building tough, lightweight race boats that wouldnt flex too much. To achieve stiffness and strength without the coring, C&C used what they call a spider system: basically a structural framing bonded to the hull and integrated with the attachment points for the rig and keel. The hull laminate itself becomes relatively less important structurally, as the frame becomes the primary load-bearing structure of the boat.

The deck is one-piece molding with balsa core in the horizontal surfaces, and hardware is backed with both aluminum and Coremat for strength in the attachment points.

The hull-to-deck joint is standard, with an inward-turning hull flange on which the deck is set. Stainless bolts run through the joint and through an aluminum toerail that covers the joint. The whole stem fitting as well as the corner pieces for the toerail are the heavy aluminum castings that are traditional on C&C boats, but it is interesting that C&C used plastic moldings for the stanchion bases on the 33.

When new, the Mark IIs had good quality gelcoat and generally fair hulls. But if youre considering buying a used one, be sure to look for signs of stress cracking or crazing as most of these have been raced a lot-some quite hard-over the last 25 years. Our reviewer examined one, built in 1988, that had only minor crazing and a surprisingly good quality deck, but the owner explained it had not been actively raced in the past.

The standard fin keel (6-foot, 4-inch draft) is external lead, bolted to a stub on the hull. The centerboard option is unusual in that it is a fiberglass molding with some lead inside, and the board is fitted entirely inside a shallow keel (4-foot, 4-inch draft) fitted to the hull.

The fiberglass board is lighter (for lifting) and quieter than a more common steel board, which tends to bang around in the centerboard trunk. The fiberglass molding also makes for a better-shaped and fairer fin for upwind work. The lifting cable is housed inside the keel, so it presents no drag and makes no noise at speed. The cable passes through the cabin and is housed in a stainless-steel tube, which also supports the cabin table, and is led to a stopper and winch on the aft end of the cabin house.

The fin keel weighs 3,975 pounds (42 percent of total displacement); the keel/centerboard, at 5,258 pounds, is much heavier. Nominal displacement for the fin-keel version is 9,450 pounds; for the centerboard version, its 10,733 pounds.

The 33s rudder is fiberglass over a webbing of stainless welded to the stainless-steel rudder stock. If youre considering buying a C&C 33, be sure to look over the rudder and skeg carefully.

Also, as is the case with most 25-year-old, external ballast keel boats, the ballast should be lowered and the keel bolts inspected before purchase, especially if the boat is sailed offshore. C&Cs are among the production boats (like Catalinas, Hunters, and Cals) that have been known to show a keel smile, where the keel bolts work loose and water gets in between hull and keel, causing the bolts to corrode. Usually a product of not torquing the keel bolts periodically, the keel smile is due more to a lack of proper maintenance than design.

The model that we sailed had a rig from the C&C spar shop, known in its time as a builder of sturdy high-performance rigs. The spars on later models were from Offshore Spars in Detroit.

The mast and boom are fairly heavy extrusions, painted white, with integral grooves for taking bolt rope or slugs. The mast came standard with internal halyards and lifts, as well as an internal wiring conduit and VHF cable. The boom has built-in slab reefing gear. The mast is stepped on the keel.

The standard standing rigging is made up of Navtec stainless rod, tangs, and turnbuckles, with 1 x 19 stainless for the adjustable babystay and for the split part of the lower backstay. Original main and jib halyards were stainless with rope tails. The shroud chainplates, set inboard for close sheeting, are attached to the hull by stainless rods between the deck and hull anchor points.

The Mark II came standard with good quality hardware for rig control. Spinnaker winches and gear, boom vang, and backstay adjuster were options.

Engine/Mechanical Systems

The original Yanmar 2GM engine is a bit tight in the 33s engine compartment, but otherwise the installation is first rate. The engine beds are actually part of the structural spider beams. The engine box is insulated with sound deadener, and the engine is about as quiet as you can expect a two-cylinder diesel to be. The standard solid prop should be replaced with a folding prop.

The electrical system and plumbing are well done. Electricity includes a 12-volt system with ample interior lighting. A 120-volt shore-power system, with a 50-foot shore cord, was standard equipment.

A three-burner, propane stove with oven also was standard, as was hot-and-cold pressurized water. The 30-gallon water tank is adequate for typical cruising, though ocean sailors may want to convert the standard 24-gallon holding tank to freshwater storage.


The 20-horsepower Yanmar is big enough to handle the boat in most conditions. We were under power only in fairly flat water. The boat was fitted with an optional Martek folding prop, and we had no problems backing or turning. The engine pushed the boat to hull speed easily. We suspect a big head sea would challenge the peak output of the engine, probably slowing the boat to 4 knots or so, but the amount of power is ample for all reasonable sailors in almost all conditions.

Steering is with the standard 36-inch destroyer wheel. Throttle and shift controls are integral to the pedestal, and visibility over the deckhouse is good when you are sitting on the skippers bubble hump behind the wheel.

The aluminum fuel tank holds 20 gallons, which should be good for about 180 miles of powering under normal conditions. The engine control panel is in one bay of the T-shaped cockpit. You can’t see it easily from the steering position, but thats a very minor inconvenience.

Access to the engine is through the removable companionway steps, through opening panels on both the port and starboard side of the engine, and through the cockpit seat locker.

The boat looks like it should be an all-around wholesome boat, but we initially thought of it as not particularly a standout in its size and price range. Our test sail convinced us otherwise. We found the 33-2 to be a fine sailer, just about everything we would want in its size.

The C&C 33 Mark II performs well without demanding the incessant tweaking and crew movement of so many high-performance boats. We sailed the centerboard version and evaluated a deep-keel version, and reviewers found no particular shortcomings in eithers performance.

With a good set of sails, the centerboard test boat was at least as weatherly as any boat in its PHRF division. We tried sailing the reaches and the runs with the board up and with the board down, and we could not discern any difference in speed-though as charterer, we deferred to the owners conviction that the boat was faster off the wind with the board up. The boat seemed to steer as well with the board up as with it down.

With the extra weight, the centerboard model is a little harder to push around a race course in light air, but in 15-knot winds, she had to ask no favors, and in 22-knot winds, she was a pleasure to sail compared to the other boats on the race course.

In absolute terms, we know that there are faster boats around. Most of them, unfortunately, are a pain to handle as the wind pipes up, and we wouldnt want to sail them on some of the long, rainy slogs that we often encounter in cruising. Shorthanded, most of the faster boats are miserable. The C&C 33, in contrast, is an easy sailer, respectable in light winds, and a pleasure in heavy.

C&C 33 Mark II boat

courtesy of Olson’s Classic Yachts

The deck layout on the C&C 33 is conventional. The double lifelines with lifeline gates, pulpit, and pushpit are sturdy, well made, and came as standard equipment. The pushpit has a gate that can be fitted with stern ladder-a good idea for both the racer and cruiser.

The foredeck is quite narrow, so anchoring and headsail handling can be difficult. The sidedecks leading aft are wide because of the inboard shrouds and easy to move along.

Because of the sculpting and window shape, the cabinhouse looks low, but it is actually quite high-a difficult step up from the sidedecks or cockpit for some. Fortunately, because all the lines lead aft to the back edge of the cabin, theres not much occasion to walk on the cabintop abaft the mast. Forward of the mast, the cabin slopes gradually into the deck, and movement is easy. However, the skylight over the head and the forward hatch are slippery stumble-makers and need to have nonskid tape put on them.

Our test boat did not have a dodger, and the sculpting of the cabin house may make it difficult to design a wide one. A narrow dodger, fitting just over the companionway, would work well.

The cockpit is a conventional T-shape with a bridgedeck-mounted traveler. A cabintop-mounted traveler was an option, but there seems to be little to recommend it. The cockpit seats are comfortable for sitting but too short to lie down on. The forward part of the coaming is OK for sitting, but youll be inclined only to stand on the cockpit sole, aft of the bench seats. The cockpit is definitely skewed a little toward the racing side of this boats dual purpose, and its a much better cockpit underway than dockside.

Hardware is good quality and well arranged. The standard winches are of adequate size, though the boat is stiff enough to carry a heavy 150-percent genoa in 20 knots of wind, and thats a handful for the No. 24 primaries, unless the racing crew is on board.

As is the case in most boats of the 33s vintage, theres not too much abovedecks storage room. An anchor well forward will stow a Danforth, but everything else will have to go into the one aft locker under the starboard cockpit seat. Its a cavernous locker, but the serious cruiser will have to devise a way to subdivide it to make it more usable. Behind the helmsman are a small locker for propane bottles and a small stowage spot for winch handles.

The arrangements belowdecks are conventional: V-berth forward, head with shower opposite a hanging locker; port and starboard settees outboard of a saloon table; L-shaped galley; nav station at the head of a double quarterberth (well, maybe a one-and-three-quarter quarterberth). From the center bulkhead aft, the boat is wide open, which seems to us like a more sensible arrangement than the Euro compartmentalizing of the aft cabin and aft head, at least in a boat this size.

A few notable details: A decent built-in bureau in the forward cabin is a nice touch. The head compartment is a single fiberglass molding, including the wash basin-all compact, well designed, and easier to clean. The galley is quite serviceable, with a good stove and a stainless bash bar to keep you from crashing into it.

The teak overhead and bulkhead veneer contrast with the off-white hull liner. The liner is well done, with removable panels for servicing hardware fittings, wiring, and so on.

Overall, the cabin is comfortable. Weve often heard older C&Cs rapped as leaky boats, with drips around windows and under heavily loaded deck hardware, but the boat we sailed was completely dry.

Owners Comments

The biggest complaints among the C&C 33 Mark II owners that Practical Sailor surveyed were engine access and cabin ventilation. Nearly all noted that it was a challenge to access the engine easily, and most reported that their boat upgrades including increasing belowdecks ventilation with solar vents or other openings.

Interestingly, most gave the boat an average rating for stability but rated the seaworthiness as good or better. The majority of those surveyed rated the boats upwind and off-the-wind performance equally good; only a handful said the upwind performance was better.

Some things to keep in mind if youre shopping for a C&C 33: Check for leaks around the chainplates and look for stress cracking in the deck, signs the boat had a hard racing life and the backstay likely saw too much pressure. A few surveyed owners reported blisters, but both said the problem was minor. One owner cautioned others to check the transmission shaft cable as his was not installed and adjusted properly, resulting in premature clutch failure.


If youre entirely devoted to racing, wed probably suggest looking at something different-maybe a J/33, or possibly a J/35. For those who solely cruise, wed also recommend different boats-maybe something more like a Tartan 34 or a Mason 33. But if you plan to do a good share of racing, some serious weekending, and at least one long, shorthanded cruise per season, then the C&C 33 is among the boats we suggest checking out. Although in some ways, it seems plain and indistinctive, the C&C 33 is admirably suited to be both a racer and a cruiser. Its a boat for sailors who truly want a racer-cruiser. C&Cs also hold their value well, so buying one would be a sound investment, and there are plenty in good condition to be had on the resale market, especially in Canada.

Editors note: This review is an updated and expanded version of one previously published.

  • C&C 33 Mark II Owners

The Dual-Purpose C&C 33 Mark II


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Review of Contrast 33

Basic specs..

The Contrast 33 is equipped with a fin keel. A boat with a fin keel is more manoeuvrable but has less directional stability than a similar boat with a long keel.

The keel is made of lead. Compared with iron, lead has the advantage of being 44% heavier, which allows a smaller keel and hence less water resistance and higher speed.

Contrast 33 can enter most marinas as the draft is just about 1.65 - 1.75 meter (5.41 - 5.71 ft) dependent on the load. See immersion rate below.

The boat is typically equipped with an inboard Yanmar 2GM/20SD diesel engine at 18.0 hp (13 kW), which gives a max speed about 5.4 knots.

The transmission is a saildrive.

The fuel tank which is made of stainless steel has a capacity of 35 liters (9 US gallons, 7 imperial gallons).

Sailing characteristics

This section covers widely used rules of thumb to describe the sailing characteristics. Please note that even though the calculations are correct, the interpretation of the results might not be valid for extreme boats.

What is Capsize Screening Formula (CSF)?

The capsize screening value for Contrast 33 is 1.93, indicating that this boat could - if evaluated by this formula alone - be accepted to participate in ocean races.

What is Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed?

The theoretical maximal speed of a displacement boat of this length is 7.0 knots. The term "Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed" is widely used even though a boat can sail faster. The term shall be interpreted as above the theoretical speed a great additional power is necessary for a small gain in speed.

The immersion rate is defined as the weight required to sink the boat a certain level. The immersion rate for Contrast 33 is about 171 kg/cm, alternatively 959 lbs/inch. Meaning: if you load 171 kg cargo on the boat then it will sink 1 cm. Alternatively, if you load 959 lbs cargo on the boat it will sink 1 inch.

Sailing statistics

This section is statistical comparison with similar boats of the same category. The basis of the following statistical computations is our unique database with more than 26,000 different boat types and 350,000 data points.

What is Motion Comfort Ratio (MCR)?

What is L/B (Length Beam Ratio)?

What is a Ballast Ratio?

What is Displacement Length Ratio?

What is SA/D (Sail Area Displacement ratio)?

What is Relative Speed Performance?


When buying anti-fouling bottom paint, it's nice to know how much to buy. The surface of the wet bottom is about 29m 2 (312 ft 2 ). Based on this, your favourite maritime shop can tell you the quantity you need.

Are your sails worn out? You might find your next sail here: Sails for Sale

If you need to renew parts of your running rig and is not quite sure of the dimensions, you may find the estimates computed below useful.

This section shown boat owner's changes, improvements, etc. Here you might find inspiration for your boat.

Do you have changes/improvements you would like to share? Upload a photo and describe what to look for.

We are always looking for new photos. If you can contribute with photos for Contrast 33 it would be a great help.

If you have any comments to the review, improvement suggestions, or the like, feel free to contact us . Criticism helps us to improve.

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Pronavia Marine Contrast 33

Pronavia Marine Contrast 33

General Data

Shipbuilder:, see also: boats for sale.

  • Beneteau First 31.7
  • Beneteau OCEANIS CLIPPER 323
  • beneteau beneteau first 305

Overall length:

Waterline length:, maximum beam:, displacement:, straightening:, construction materials:, sail details mq, equipments:, transmission:, interior materials:, water tank:.

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Contrast Marine

  • Rolf Magnusson

4 sailboats built by Contrast Marine

contrast 33 sailboat

Contrast 33

contrast 33 sailboat

Contrast 362

Contrast 36, contrast 400.

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Contrast 33 från 1988 image

Contrast 33 från 1988

For sale: contrast 33 sailboat.

We are selling our beautiful and well-maintained Contrast 33 after 17 years of wonderful sailing on the Swedish west coast, Denmark, and Norway.

  • Built by Contrastbåtar AB, Karlstad
  • Length: 9.85m
  • Width: 3.05m
  • Depth: 1.65m
  • Cabin headroom: 1.86m
  • Displacement: 4200kg
  • Motor: Yanmar 2GM20FC, 18HP, fresh water cooled, fuel tank 35L
  • Generator: Hitachi Ltd, Isolation transformer Victron2000
  • Solar panel: 1 x 50W, shore power + ground fault circuit breaker
  • Cockpit tent with frames and windows
  • Cushions: All brand new in 2020
  • Furling system: Furlex
  • Furling jib: Lund Sails 2015
  • Jib cover: Weathermax 2021
  • Main sail + Lazy Bag, Lazy Jack: Lund Sails 2017/2018
  • Bow sprit with anchor roller, Swim platform
  • Gas stove with oven, Le Gascogne 2L
  • Refrigerator with compressor, Isotherm Compact Classic
  • Holding tank with deck discharge and bottom valve
  • Hot water heater, Isoterm
  • Heater, Wallas
  • Water tank: 130L

The boat is ready for launch and a complete list of equipment is available upon request.

Your inquiry

Please provide your contact information and specify the requirements or preferences you have..

Our server will be updated in 5 min., sorry for the bump and inconvenience.

contrast 33 sailboat

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Contrast 33

Build year:  1981, arnemuiden, the netherlands, sailing boat for sale.

Contrast 33 Sailing boat 1981, with Volvo Penta MD7 engine, The Netherlands

  • Jean-Marie Van Isacker
  • The Netherlands
  • Family boat
  • Make an offer
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  • Lots of boat for the money
  • A raw racer
  • Beautiful lines
  • International Classboat
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. Snelle boot. Het type/merk zeer bekend in Scandinavië. Specifications: Hull shape: Rondspant, Keel type: Vinkiel, Air draft: 12, Headroom: 1.85 cm, Cabins: 4, Toilet(s): 1, Steering: Joystick, Contents watertank: 100 l, Engine: Motor brand: Volvo penta, Motor type: Md7, Year: 1980, Fuel: Diesel, Power: 12, Driving gear: Sail-drive, Fuel tank contents: 40 l, Maximum speed: 6, Interior: Stereo, Cooker, Refrigerator, Heating, Equipment: Sprayhood, Navigation & electronics: Navigaton lights, Converter, Depthsounder, VHF, Compass, Autopilot, GPS, Wind instrument, Rigging: Stormjib, Spinnaker, Furling jib, Safety: Radar reflector,

Dette er en privat annonce for Contrast 33, årgang 1981. For yderligere information, som til eksempel en udførlig bådbeskrivelse, komplet bådudstyrsliste eller flere foto til Sejlbåd Contrast 33 - skal du kontakte sælger via Send E-mail eller hvis sælger har oplyst et telefonnummer kan det naturligvis også benyttes. For at se annoncer der matcher Contrast 33 skal du klikke på Lignende Sejlbåd oppe i højre hjørne af denne annonce. Bemærk, sælger kan have en mere detaljeret beskrivelse af Contrast 33 på tysk, engelsk, svensk eller hollandsk, dem finder du via de viste flag, ovenfor denne tekst. Opret en Annonceagent: Så får du automatisk besked med ændringer af den annoncerede Contrast 33 eller en besked når der kommer nye Contrast 33. En Annonceagent oprettes på søgesiden ved vælge Gem Søgning. Samme mulighed for at oprette en annonceagent får du når du via Send E-mail skriver til sælger. Er du på udkig efter bådtest og videoer: Tjek Youtube ved at søge efter Contrast 33.

Detta är en privat skapad annons för Contrast 33, årsmodell 1981. För att få ytterligare information, som en detaljerad båtbeskrivning, komplett båtutrustningslista eller fler foton för Segelbåt Contrast 33 - kontakta säljaren via Skicka e-post eller om säljaren har ett telefonnummer kan det naturligtvis också användas. För att se annonser för liknande båtar som Contrast 33 kan du klicka på Liknande Segelbåt i det övre högra hörnet av denna annons. Observera att säljaren kan ha en mer detaljerad beskrivning av Contrast 33 på tyska, engelska, danska eller nederländska. Språken väljs till höger om knappen Annonsera.

. Snelle boot. Het type/merk zeer bekend in Scandinavië. Specificaties: Rompvorm: Rondspant, Kiel: Vinkiel, Doorvaarthoogte: 12, Stahoogte: 1.85 cm, Hutten: 4, Toileten: 1, Besturing: Joystick, Inhoud watertank: 100 l, Motor: Motor merk: Volvo penta, Motor type: Md7, Jaar: 1980, Brandstof: Diesel, Vermogen: 12, Aandrijving: Sail-drive, Inhoud brandstoftank: 40 l, Maximum snelheid: 6, Interieur: Stereo, Kooktoestel, Koelkast, Verwarming, Uitrusting: Buiskap, Navigatie & electronica: Navigatieverlichting, Omvormer, Dieptemeter, Marifoon, Kompas, Stuurautomaat, GPS, Windinstrument, Tuig: Stormjib, Spinnaker, Furling jib, Veiligheid: Radarreflector,

Dies ist eine privat erstellte Anzeige für Contrast 33, Baujahr 1981. Für weitere Informationen, z.B. detaillierte Beschreibung, Bootsausrüstung, oder Fotos von Segelboot Contrast 33 - kontaktieren Sie bitte den Verkäufer via E-Mail senden. Bitte merke, Der Verkäufer könnte eine detailliertere Beschreibung von Contrast 33 auf Englisch, Schwedisch, Dänisch oder Niederländisch haben. Die Sprachen werden oben rechts neben "Anzeige aufgeben" gewählt.

Materiale / unit


Motor & technic

Volvo Penta MD7

Total power

Engine year

Engine count

Engine place

Drive shaft

Cooling system

Fresh water

Crusing speed

Hull condition

Engine condition

Cabin condition

Mast and sail condition

  • Fireexsting.
  • Winterstand
  • Electr. shore supply
  • Refrigiator
  • Holdingtank
  • Battery charger

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Contrast 33

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Contrast 33 (1985) For sale

Contrast 33 (1985) - 42,950 eur.

Drabant 36 billeder 008.JPG

42,950 € VAT Paid


Technical data

Accessories, navigation equipment, staging and technical, domestic facilities onboard, security equipment, sails accessories, kitchen and appliances, do you want to know more about this boat     , habitability, composition.

  • Dacron, White

Contact TSL Boatsale

Data sent successfully, other boats that may interest you....

Digibusiness srl

Viale Libertà 10

Collecchio, 43044

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contrast 33 sailboat

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Contrast 33 (1985)

Dear Sirs, I have seen on YachtVillage your offer about Contrast 33 - 1985 (code: 617809). I am interested in the offer and would like you to contact me. Thank you.

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1981 Tartan 33 vs. 1987 Cal 33

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I'm curious about the opinions of others comparing these two boats. First the numbers per sailboatdata.com: Tartan 33: Cal 33: LOA: 33'8" LOA: 33'0' LWL: 28'10" LWL: 27'6" Disp: 10,000 Disp: 10,800 Ballast: 4,400 Ballast: 4,750 Draft: 4'5" Draft: 4'8" SA: 531 sqft SA: 555 sqft SA/Disp: 18.41 SA/Disp: 18.24 Beam: 11' Beam: 11'4" There is good information on the Tartan 33 available including reviews in Practical Sailor as well as a review by an owner (Tartans in the Middle by J.R. Smith). There is much less information on the Cal 33 of this vintage. This is a Raymond Hunt rather than Bill Lapworth design. Some posters from 2003 indicated the Cal 33 may be a good light to moderate air sailor, but may not be good in heavy weather. The reason why was not clear. By contrast, the Tartan 33 is a boat that if in proper condition was considered by Sparkman and Stephens to be offshore capable (and thus capable of heavy weather sailing). Given the review of the numbers above, these boats appear to be very similar. So what would account the different view of these boats abilities over the variety of sailing conditions? Misperception? Some other important difference between the two boats? Does build quality enter into the picture? I know Jeff H made a post in 2003 indicating that the 1980's was not the best time for build quality for Cal without specifically referencing the Cal 33. Anyone able to elaborate more on the build quality issues of the 1980's Cals?  

The boats are vary comparable, and either would serve well as a coastal cruiser. neither is an offshore boat, not to say they would not survive an offshore trip... The Cal is a newer design and very sweet to sail, particularly roomy down below, and has an all glass hull... I'd pick between based on personal appeal and relative fit for your purpose.  

Not offshore capable, but durable I wouldn't think either boat would be good choices for offshore passages, but the question is more of their durability in handling heavy weather on extended coastal cruises. Perhaps, say, you can't make it to a port of refuge and must weather a storm. Some of this depends on the condition of the given model. Given that these boats are very comparable, I would think they would fit similar purposes.  


I believe the T33 is a fractional rig... with the benefits of smaller headsails and somewhat easier handling that comes with that...  

Fractional Rig Yes, this version of the Tartan 33 is the fractional rig. The later, racing version of the boat were masthead sloop rigs. Fewer of these racing versions of the T33 were made.  


I own a Cal 33-2 and the Tartan 33/34-2 was also on my short list when I was shopping a couple years ago. Here's my read on the two. Both are similar, but as was noted the Cal is a newer Hunt design while the Tartan is an older S&S design. Both are coastal cruisers, but examples of each have made extensive Caribbean cruises. The Cal is quicker (PHRF 132-138) compared to the T33 (156) and is a very good light air performer. Either is capable of handling some pretty rough weather if properly prepared. I am impressed with the build quality of my Cal 33 and would call it essentially a wash with Tartans, Pearsons and Sabres of the same vintage. The big difference is in the interiors. The Cal 33-2 has a fantastic layout for a boat her size. Spacious, attractive, nice galley, huge double quarterberth with privacy curtain (no aft coffin here!), and the best engine access I have ever seen in a sailboat. There are three different Tartan interiors - two for the T33 and another for the T34-2. Only the T34-2 comes close to competing with the Cal. All in all I am delighted with the boat. Experienced sailors that go out with me have nothing but good things to say about how she sails. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.  

I have a 1986 Cal 33. Sail on the Central Coast of California and SF bay. Great boat of reasonable quality. We have a lot of wind and swell out here.  

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Contrast 33

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contrast 33 for sale

contrast 33

X-Yachts Xp 33

X-Yachts Xp 33

X-yachts xp 33.

2016 X-Yachts Xp 33Ready for the 2023 racing season! Very nicely fit-out XP- 33 with full race prep & sail inventoryInterior space and amenities...

Fairline F--Line 33

Fairline F--Line 33

Fairline f--line 33.

The F//LINE 33 is a fantastic all-rounder boasting 4 berth accommodation with a separate owners cabin, large head and well equipped galley, she...

Parker Boats 2801 center console

Parker Boats 2801 center console

Parker boats 2801 center console.

Need to sell, Ready to go and Open to reasonable Offers! 28' 2016 Parker (2801 CC Model) Horizon Blue Powered by twin 300 HP 2016 Yamaha 4-strokes with approx 380...

Chris-Craft Catalina 34

Chris-Craft Catalina 34

Chris-craft catalina 34.

When dusk turns to dark, turn-in to a beautifully appointed, private cabin with luxurious sleeping quarters, including a large, comfortable bed. Well-placed skylights...

Sabre 34-2 Targa

Sabre 34-2 Targa

Sabre 34-2 targa.

* * * PRELIMINARY LISTING * * * The AQUILA is a 1990 model Sabre 34-2 Targa with the standard draft keel at 6'. This model was produced by SABRE YACHTS of South...

Tartan 345

SPECIFICATIONS Price: $330,000 Boat Name: Don't Dream It Make: Tartan Model: 345 Year: 2021 Condition: Used Category: Cruisers Construction: Fiberglass Length: 34...

Sealine SC35

Sealine SC35

Sealine sc35.


Princess V50

Princess V50

Full Description SWIM PLATFORM Passerelle (2.9m telescopic letterbox type) Williams tender launch system in place of standard COCKPIT Exterior cover - Grey...

Princess F55

Princess F55

Princess F55 2018 Volvo Penta D13-800 Hours : 610 Generator 17,5 kw Bov & hækpropel med speedcontrol Autopilot Radar/Plotter Garmin log/lod VHF AIS Yachtcontroller...

Contrast 33

Contrast 33

Contrast 33 contrast 33.

. Snelle boot. Het type/merk zeer bekend in Scandinavië. Specifications: Hull shape: Rondspant, Keel type: Vinkiel, Air draft: 12, Headroom: 1.85 cm, Cabins:...

1986 Contrast 362, EUR 55.000,-

1986 Contrast 362, EUR 55.000,-

Deze contrast is het enige schip wat exclusief gebouwd is met een massieve romp. De boot is in zeer goede staat van onderhoudThis contrast ...

Fairline F//Line 33

Fairline F//Line 33

Fairline f line 33.

2023 Fairline F//LINE 33 powered by twin Volvo 6.2L 430Hp inboard petrol engines. This is a new stock boat with a huge specification, delivery hours...

2005 True North 33

2005 True North 33

True north 33.

Additional Equipment Solar panels (power refrigerator and keep batteries topped off) Bow thruster with SidePower joystick control Air conditioning with reverse cycle...

X-Yachts Xp 33 (2016) for sale

X-Yachts Xp 33 (2016) for sale

English 2016 X-Yachts Xp 33 Ready for the 2023 racing season!Very nicely fit-out XP- 33 with full race prep & sail inventory Interior...

Fairline F//Line 33 (2023) for sale

Fairline F//Line 33 (2023) for sale

Fairline f line f line 33.

English 2023 Fairline F//LINE 33 powered by twin Volvo 6.2L 430Hp inboard petrol engines. This is a new stock boat with a huge specification, delivery...

2023 Fairline F//Line 33 055 | 32ft

2023 Fairline F//Line 33 055 | 32ft

1970 Jørn Utzon One Off boat, EUR 16.763,-

1970 Jørn Utzon One Off boat, EUR 16.763,-

Tritail - one off, 35 feet, sail type Bermuda Rig, LWL 10. The world famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon designed and constructed this special boat in 1970, where...

Latitude 46 Tofinou 9.7

Latitude 46 Tofinou 9.7

Latitude 46 9.7.

TOFINOU sailboats are boats with very elegant, pure, fine and classic lines. They are designed and manufactured with exceptional French know-how, noble and warm...

2023 Chris-Craft Calypso 32 | 33ft

2023 Chris-Craft Calypso 32 | 33ft

Chris-craft calypso 32.

2023 Chris Craft Calypso 32 The perfect combination of style, sophistication and modern technology with signature Chris Craft craftsmanship, all in a dual console...

Florida, TECHNOHULL RIB, Cruising Yacht

Florida, TECHNOHULL RIB, Cruising Yacht

Technohull rib sea dna 999s.

The 2019 33 ' 7" SEA DNA 999S Alfi is a boat for sale located in , , . In sharp contrast and energetic in nature, while maintaining...

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  1. CONTRAST 33

    40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat; over 50 indicates an extremely heavy bluewater boat. Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam^1.33), where displacement is expressed in pounds, and length is expressed in feet. Capsize Screening Formula (CSF): Designed to determine if a boat has blue water capability.

  2. Contrast 33

    Contrast 33 is a 32′ 4″ / 9.9 m monohull sailboat designed by Rolf Magnusson and built by Contrast Marine starting in 1979. ... Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay). D: ...

  3. Contrast 33

    The Contrast 33 is a 32.38ft fractional sloop designed by Rolf Magnusson and built in fiberglass by Contrast Marine (SWE) since 1979. 240 units have been built. The Contrast 33 is a light sailboat which is a reasonably good performer. It is very stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a coastal cruiser.

  4. Contrast 33, preowned sailboat for sale in Denmark (Denmark)

    Contrast 33 is a 10 meters Sailboat built in 1985. Moored in Denmark (Denmark) is available for sale at 42,950 EUR on YachtVillage.net. Boat, Boats, Boat For sale, Boats Used, Sailboat For sale, Sailboat Used, Sailboats For sale, Sailboats Used, Ranking 2 / 10

  5. The Dual-Purpose C&C 33 Mark II

    The C&C 33 is often referred to as the new C&C 33 or the C&C 33 Mark II (33-2), to distinguish it from the C&C 33 Mark I, which was produced between 1974 and l977. While some of the specs are similar, the Mark II is an entirely different boat, not sharing any of the tooling of the Mark I. The Mark I was widely regarded as one of the prettiest ...

  6. Review of Contrast 33

    The Contrast 33 is equipped with a finn keel. A boat with a fin keel is more manoeuvrable but has less directional stability than a similar boat with a long keel. The keel is made of lead. Compared with iron, lead has the advantage of being 44% heavier, which allows a smaller keel and hence less water resistance and higher speed.

  7. Contrast 33

    Contrast 33. Contrast 33 presenterades 1979 av Contrastbåtar i Karlstad (från en bit in på 1990-talet PMA Yachts). Tillverkningen upphörde runt 1999. Jag tror att drygt 250 exemplar har tillverkats. Exemplar tillverkade under 1990-talet är dock lätträknade.

  8. Contrast 33

    Check out Contrast 33 - 1987 at Sail Seek. Home; ... $33,746 Request survey for $561. About Characteristics. Fin Contrast 33 from 1987 with the later layout. This year, she has been epoxy treated and received new through-hulls and valves before launching. Specifications: Length: 33 feet; Boat type: Sailboat; Length: 9.85m;

  9. Sailing boats

    Sailing boat; Country: SE; Shipbuilder: Pronavia Marine; Model: Contrast 33; Designer: Rolf Magnusson; See also: boats for sale. BAVARIA 32 Beneteau First 31.7 BENETEAU OCEANIS 311 CLIPPER Beneteau OCEANIS CLIPPER 323 beneteau beneteau first 305 Boat Files General Data. Overall length: 9.87 m; Waterline length: 8.3 m; Maximum beam: 3.08 m ...

  10. Contrast Marine

    4 sailboats built by Contrast Marine. Sailboat. Contrast 33. 1979 • 32 ...

  11. Contrast 33 från 1988

    Check out Contrast 33 från 1988 at Sail Seek. Home; ... For Sale: Contrast 33 Sailboat. We are selling our beautiful and well-maintained Contrast 33 after 17 years of wonderful sailing on the Swedish west coast, Denmark, and Norway. Built by Contrastbåtar AB, Karlstad; Length: 9.85m; Width: 3.05m; Depth: 1.65m; Cabin headroom: 1.86m;

  12. Contrast 33

    Sailboat data, rig dimensions and recommended sail areas for Contrast 33 sailboat. Tech info about rigging, halyards, sheets, mainsail covers and more.

  13. Contrast 33 Sails for Sale

    Unlike other sail lofts all of our sailors work one-on-one with a designer to perfect their Contrast 33 sail. Learn About Sail Design. Video Content Not Supported. No Two Contrast 33 Sails Are Alike. There are many factors that affect the performance and design of your sails. Location, sailing experience, and weather conditions all come into ...

  14. Contrast 33, EUR 43.800,-

    Contrast 33 buy - Year built: 1992, Length: 9.85 m, Width: 3.05 m - Information, photos and contact details for this boat. (ID: 393893)

  15. Contrast 33

    Bemærk, sælger kan have en mere detaljeret beskrivelse af Contrast 33 på tysk, engelsk, svensk eller hollandsk, dem finder du via de viste flag, ovenfor denne tekst. Opret en Annonceagent: Så får du automatisk besked med ændringer af den annoncerede Contrast 33 eller en besked når der kommer nye Contrast 33.

  16. Contrast 33, preowned sailboat for sale in Denmark (Denmark)

    Contrast 33 is a 10 meters Sailboat built in 1985. Moored in Denmark (Denmark) is available for sale at 42,950 EUR on YachtVillage.net. Boat, Boats, Boat For sale, Boats Used, Sailboat For sale, Sailboat Used, Sailboats For sale, Sailboats Used, Ranking 2 / 10

  17. 1981 Tartan 33 vs. 1987 Cal 33

    Some posters from 2003 indicated the Cal 33 may be a good light to moderate air sailor, but may not be good in heavy weather. The reason why was not clear. By contrast, the Tartan 33 is a boat that if in proper condition was considered by Sparkman and Stephens to be offshore capable (and thus capable of heavy weather sailing).

  18. Buy 1980 Contrast 33

    This vessel was designed and built by the Contrast shipyard in 1980. Key features 1980 Contrast 33: length 9.85 meters, beam 3.05 meters and boat displacement 4,200 kilograms. Hull key features 1980 Contrast 33: hull material - fiberglass. engine: fuel type - diesel. With a fuel tank capacity of 40 liters, the 1980 Contrast 33 can cover a ...

  19. Buy 1983 Contrast 33

    Used 1983 Contrast 33 for sale is located in Denmark. This vessel was designed and built by the Contrast shipyard in 1983. Key features 1983 Contrast 33: length 9.85 meters. Hull key features 1983 Contrast 33: hull material - fiberglass. 1983 Contrast 33 refers to classes: sailboats. To clarify the price DKK 195,000 and buy Contrast 33 ...

  20. Sailboats similar to Contrast 33

    List of sailboats similar to the Contrast 33 built by Contrast Marine (SWE) designed by Rolf Magnusson. SailboatLab All sailboats. All sailboats My favorites . Sequential ... Sail area / displ.: the closest to 17.37: 17.37: 100%: Comfort ratio: the closest to 20.24: 20.24: 100%: See details. Dickerson 32. 2 score 84%. Request

  21. Contrast 33

    Pre-Spec sailboat sheets for your Contrast 33. Genoa, gennaker and spinnaker shets to fit your cruising or racing sailing style. Full range of options.

  22. Contrast 33 Boat For Sale

    Search contrast 33 prices - more than 76 listings - Lady Betty would originally have been a steam launch, in fact an Admiralty pinnace built as she was in Queen Victoria's reign. ... English 2016 X-Yachts Xp 33 Ready for the 2023 racing season!Very nicely fit-out XP-33 with full race prep & sail inventory Interior... Pwllheli . 84.950 gbp 109 ...