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Albania to Tunisia

Boat type: Admiral 38' Sailing Catamaran

Location: Southern Albania

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Crew wanted for Mediterranean and beyond

Boat type: Gulfstar 50 MK ll Ketch totally rebuilt 2015

Location: Italy, Spain, Morocco, France, UK

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Engineer - Grenada

Boat type: 101' Schooner

Location: Grenada and Turks & Caicos

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Day Skipper & Yachtmaster theory courses - 20% off

Online RYA theory courses with a great discount courtesy of Crewseekers.

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The Atlantic Ocean - from the Caribbean to Antarctica and the Arctic

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What makes an RYA Yachtmaster?

James Stevens, former Chief Examiner of the RYA tell us.

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Crewseekers is run by experienced, professional sailors offering a friendly and helpful service to yacht crew and owners. We are the original yacht crew introduction agency – established for over 25 years, offering amateur and professional sailing opportunities throughout the world.

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The Full List of Yacht Crew & Staff

Super Yacht

Published on November 22, 2016

Working on board a super yacht is a fascinating career.  Life at sea, whilst demanding can be an extremely lucrative and exciting career path. But do you know the full list of yacht crew and staff? And what it takes to work on a yacht?

Whilst it is more suited to the younger generations, the process and types of crew involved with running these magnificent vessels is impressive.

Of course, the types of staff required for each vessel vary depending on the size of yacht and the type of yacht.  In the super yacht world, it is likely that a large number of the below crew will be involved for each yacht. Wow, the staff required to operate a yacht... Click To Tweet

Here is an overview of the crew involved in building, maintaining, and running these floating mansions: 

Super Yacht

As captain it is you are responsible for the crew, guests and vessel. Every crew member and even visiting guests fall under your command and you have the final say on all yacht decisions.  Alongside your qualifications , expect to be paid a high salary in return for your professional service.

Captain/Engineer – A multi-faceted role, this combines the skills of captain with Engineer.  A highly sought-after type of crew, they will straddle the skills for both captaining the boat and ensuring engineering issues are dealt with whilst at sea.

1st Officer – Sometimes known as Chief Officer or Chief Mate is second in command to the Captain and manages all the deck crew including the Bosun, Deckhand and any second or third officers.  You would be required to undertake bridge duty and thus have a good range of qualifications and skills.

2nd Officer – Is the second-ranking position to the 1st Officer.  You would require a good level of qualifications   and skills to achieve this position.  A 2nd Officer may also be designated in additional areas such as security, medical, or safety, depending on background and specific skills.

3rd Officer – Is the third-ranking position to the 2nd Officer.  Qualifications and skills as per the other officer roles are required.

Chase Boat Captain – A chase boat  is a vessel which does not live on the main yacht and often has their own crew. These can be towed, driven separately, or berthed in a convenient location.

Chase boats are becoming very popular due to restrictions in tender garage space.  As the name would suggest this role refers to the captain who is in charge of the chase boat and subsequent crew.

O.O.W (Officer On Watch) – This is a deck officer in charge of keeping watch on the ships bridge and overseeing navigation whilst on duty.  The OOW ensures the ship complies with all COLREGS and safety protocols.  This position requires additional qualifications in order to help perform the said duties.

Bosun  – Sometimes referred to as the Leading Hand or Senior Deckhand, the Bosun is an experienced deckhand most likely able to take on additional and extra responsibilities.  They tend to be the main tender driver and take additional responsibilities in security.  Like a deckhand, less qualifications are required, but flexibility and the ability to take direction and blend into the team environment is very important.

Lead Deckhand – As the name suggests, the Lead Deckhand will be in charge of the other deckhands.  Generally, only found onboard yachts where more than one deckhand is required, this is a position of responsibility. Ultimately the buck stops with the lead deckhand, so it takes a strong personality and adaptive approach to get the job done regardless of the day or hour!

Super Yacht 2

Security Officer – Super yachts are valuable and expensive items, so a dedicated security officer is commonplace.  Spending 60 million on a superyacht is considered to be a mid-level purchase in the superyacht world!

Security officers are often employed to take control of all aspects of security, from when the yacht is moored in the bay (and the crew depart for downtime) through to being moored on land.  This position is suited to close protection and military background candidates with specific qualifications in security.

Commercial  Shipping Master – This is a phrase referring to a Captain of a commercial shipping vessel.  They are in essence the captain of the boat (see captain) but will typically be in charge of commercial operations rather than private or chartered yachts and super yachts.

Professional Race Crew – These are unique and exceptional individuals, with a strong background in shipping.  Race crew members require a high level of qualification and ability to focus whilst leading the crew and vessel to compete in international competitions.

Purser – Is in charge of the interior and financial matters in accordance to the ship.  Normally found on large yachts and superyachts, the Chief Steward will report to the purser.  Due to the amount of admin required a strong background of accounts and bookkeeping is required.

Chief Steward/ess – Will be the most experienced member of the Steward team.  They will often be in charge of recruiting and training less senior members of the team.  The chief steward should have the ability to think ahead, plan for every possibility and focus on the finishing touches and detail required for the very highest standard of service. Yachting qualifications and a proven history of working onboard large yachts are required for this position.

2nd Steward/ess – Second in command to the Chief Steward, the 2nd steward is in charge of all duties as requested by their superior.  The 2nd steward ensures interiors, housekeeping, laundry and the presentation of the vessel is spotless.  Their duties may include anything from childcare (if required) to pet care.  They work closely with the crew to ensure that the guest and clients experience onboard is perfect.

Super Yacht 3

Steward/ess – A role found onboard every yacht or superyacht, the steward is in charge of client experience.  From housekeeping through to food and drink service, the steward helps with all aspects of running the yacht.  Stewardesses are expected to work long hours and have a good, positive and flexible attitude.

Stew/Deck – This is a combined role between a Steward and Deck crew member.  This role straddles both the interior and exterior of the yacht and is a popular choice when needing additional staff on board.

Solo Steward/ess – Typically found on much smaller vessels, the solo steward will be the only steward on board.

Head Chef – Is perhaps one of the most important roles on board. The right chef is the key to a successful crew and perfect guest experience.

A head chef must have a wide range of culinary experiences, and be able to take part in the service for the guests if required, including Silver Service , Buffet Service and Fish filleting at the table.

Sous Chef   /2nd Chef – The assistant to the head chef, the sous chef will help the Head Chef with all cooking duties and also cook for the crew of the yacht.  Often this role is combined with a steward position, but on the larger vessels this may be a self-contained role (see Cook/Stew).

Cook/Stew – This role combines cooking with steward duties.  Assisting the head chef, and then performing standard Steward duties (see Steward).

Cook – This position is suited to an individual who is less experienced as a chef but enjoys cooking.  This would be a candidate who is happy to cook for the crew and guests (if required),and will be often used during off duty hours (for example if the chef is sleeping).  Generally, not an individual role (unless the yacht is very big), this is a good skill for any of the main crew to have on their CV.

Head of Housekeeping – Often this role is found in the larger vessels or commercial cruises, this person would be in charge of housekeeping and be a specialist in this subject.  They would oversee the duties and work closely with the Chief Stew.

Laundry Personnel – This may be a crew member with additional skills in laundry, or on the bigger vessels this may be a dedicated role.  This role is typically found more in commercial shipping where the cruise ships require a huge amount of laundry each day at sea.

Beauty/Spa therapist – This is a role-specific with skills in line with beauty and holistic treatments.  Superyachts will generally have an area for pampering and your role on the vessel is to satisfy the client’s needs.  You would need to have traditional therapist qualifications , along with your yachting qualifications.  It is often common to combine the role of 1st Officer/2nd Officer with a combination role.

Super Yacht 4

Masseuse – Involved in the beauty/spa area onboard, the masseuse role is to relax and treat the guests at their leisure.  From sports massage through to Swedish and reflexology, a range of massage techniques is preferred.  Again, this role can be combined with the Beauty/Spa therapist (depending on the size of the yacht) and can also be combined with main crew duties.

Fitness Trainer – Roles specific for personal trainers or fitness coaches, these team members would work with the guests in the dedicated gym areas helping with fitness goals whilst at sea.  These might be specific training programmes or general conditions.  Again, this role might be a combined role with other crew duties.

Nurse – An important role, particularly if the yacht doesn’t have facilities for helicopter landing.  Qualifications must be in line with medical guidelines, and the nurse or Doctor should have ability to cope with a wide range of illness and ailments.  Up to date First Aid and yachting qualifications will also be expected.  Again, this role can be combined with the main crew duties.


Chief Engineer – This member of the team is required to oversee and ensure that the electrical and engineering of the yacht is operating without issues.  They should be flexible and willing to help fix not only important problems, but even be willing to help fix a broken toilet!

At sea the right part might not be immediately accessible, so an engineer should be able to troubleshoot and think outside the box.

2nd Engineer – Second in command to the Engineer, the 2nd engineer assists and helps with all duties around the maintenance of the vessel.

3rd Engineer – Third in command to the Engineer.

ETO (Electrician Technical Officer) – Normally employed on larger vessels where the support is required.  They report to the Chief Engineer.

Electrical Engineer – Again this role is similar to the ETO.  Reporting to the Chief Engineer and holding qualifications in Electrical maintenance.

Super Yacht

Pilot – For the larger vessels, commercial and cruise yachts, access to the vessel is often by air (helicopter or seaplane).  The larger vessels may well have their own aviation permanently stationed on the yacht, and in turn a pilot is required to fly the appropriate aircrafts.

Shore Based

Admin – As the title suggests this team will manage the administration, HR and paperwork of the yacht.  Working closely with the purser onboard and with the owner of the vessel, ensuring that the specific operation of the yacht is always managed correctly.

Admin will be closely linked to the Captain, Purser and Chief Steward on the yacht and will involve a whole host of specialised skills from graphic designers through the tech, online support teams.

PA – This role is suited to a highly organised and efficient team member.  Working closely with the admin team and the crew onboard the yacht.

Villa Staff – As the name would suggest, this would encompass a wide range of shore-based staff to work within the villa’s typically frequented by the yacht.  This could range from a Butler through to Nanny, Housekeeper, Chauffeurs etc.

Contract Workers

Alongside the main crew of the yacht, there are contract workers who are brought in for yacht maintenance. As and when this might be required.  These roles are self-explanatory. And they all work to ensure that the yacht is maintained. Any repairs are done efficiently when the yacht is in port or moored for the day.

Roles include: Day Worker, Varnisher, Painter, Spray Painter, Carpenter. Shipwright, Metal Fabricator, Welder, Rigger, Laminator, Electrician. Electrician Expert, Sail Maker, Project Manager. Customer Service Staff and Catering Staff.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

Did you find this full list of yacht crew & staff helpful? And would you like to work on a yacht? Get in touch with us! Polo & Tweed regularly source and place the finest yacht crew around the world.  If you are interested in registering with us or are looking to recruit your new crew members, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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About the Yacht Positions

The diversity and opportunities to work aboard superyachts around the world are endless. The yachts range in size from 60ft to 600ft with crew of 1 - 100 crew members in four primary departments. Each department is responsible for a unique set of tasks aboard and is suited for individuals with specific skillsets and experience. Explore professions within each department.

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Find Your Perfect Yacht


Caribbean yacht charters - one resource for every luxury charter yacht

The proven resource for crewed yacht charter in the caribbean.

From the moment you contact us, you will be helped by an experienced and knowledgeable specialist who will take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences for your caribbean vacation. They will be your dedicated specialist and our exceptional personal service will answer every question.

The largest choice of crewed Caribbean yachts?

Absolutely, with our relationships built over decades we truly do have access to EVERY crewed private charter yacht based in, or visiting, every part of the Caribbean.

Whatever the type of yacht for your Caribbean charter, your vacation budget, or the size of your party, our specialists will guide you in choosing the ideal yacht for your Caribbean charter. It's your vacation to explore the islands the very best way possible - on a Caribbean charter yacht.

Browse different types of Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

crew for private yacht

Motor Yachts

This category of Caribbean yachts include mega yachts, super yachts, and all sizes of power yachts. With the maximum space for guests, both inside and out, these types of yachts offer excellent vacations. You can choose from a fast, agile yacht, one that is high-end and luxurious, a yacht with a classic design, or one that is contemporary. This is one of the many choices you’ll have when you plan your vacation. See some yachts:-

crew for private yacht

Crewed Catamarans are very popular in the Caribbean , especially in the BVIs. Catamarans offer ample deck space that allows everyone to relax together during their charter, sharing the same views throughout the voyage. Caribbean catamarans can typically accommodate between 6 and 12 guests. See some yachts:-

crew for private yacht

Sailing Yachts

If you are looking for a winter getaway, there is no better place to charter a sailing yacht than the Caribbean! Feel the warm, tropical breeze on your face. Experience the exhilaration as the wind fills the sails and the yacht is suddenly moved along by just the wind. Savor the magnificent beauty of the Caribbean as you sail silently from one island to the next. Although typically offering smaller spaces for guests, sailboats deliver a truly unique caribbean charter vacations . See some yachts:-

Sample Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

crew for private yacht

ODYSSEA. The 59' sailing catamaran Odyssea is ready to take you and your guests on your next adventure. Throughout she offers relaxing areas to lounge and enjoy the voyage, while enjoying the company of others or absorbing the serenity of the sea. Her spacious cockpit area offers large dining table, sun pad across the back, and wet bar. See ODYSSEA :-

crew for private yacht

OKTO. Get ready for adventure when you step on board the 217' mega yacht Okto. You and your guests will find plenty to do, as she offers plentiful spaces for lying out to enjoy the sun, enjoying a movie in the circular cinema, working out in the indoor gym with an amazing view, or enjoying the on deck Jacuzzi. See OKTO :-

crew for private yacht

NAMASTE. The immaculately maintained mega yacht Namaste offers 121 feet of opulence at sea. She features five well-appointed cabins, both a main salon and sky lounge, sundeck with Jacuzzi, gym equipment, and a long list of watersports including jet skis, wakeboard, fishing gear, and the list goes on. See NAMASTE:-

crew for private yacht

NENNE. The 67' sailing catamaran Nenne was launched in 2017 by Fountaine Pajot, and was given a refit in 2020. With five cabins, she accommodates as many as ten guests, and has an impressive list of water toys that includes water skis for adults and children, wakeboard, standup paddleboards, fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, and the list goes on. See NENNE:-

crew for private yacht

MARIAH PRINCESS III. The 77' Lagoon built sailing cat Mariah Princess III was built in 2020. She offers two queen cabins and two king cabins, all en-suite. The master cabin has a private deck, the flybridge offers an on deck Jacuzzi, and she has a generous complement of watersports, including onboard SCUBA. See MARIAH PRINCESS III:-

crew for private yacht

TRUE STORY. The 67' sailing catamaran True Story is ready to give you and your guests a fun and exciting charter in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. She offers a spacious main salon, large cockpit with al fresco dining and lounge, and flybridge with conversational area. You and your guests can also enjoy a long list of water toys throughout your journey. See TRUE STORY:-

Charter a yacht in the BVI's

The British Virgin Islands include Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and more. There’s no better way to experience the waters and beaches of the BVI's than on a private Caribbean charter with a full crew to pamper you. Of all the islands in the Caribbean, the Virgins are furthest north. This makes them very convenient due to the proximity to San Juan and due to their direct flights from the United States. Catamaran sailing vacations and crewed sailing charters are very popular in the islands, and their protected waters make them a favorite spot for guests that are taking their first private Caribbean yacht charter. To learn more about them:

Charter a yacht in the USVI

The U.S. Virgin Islands consist mainly of the three large islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. With lovely bays, long beaches, lush nature preserves, fabulous diving spots, and excellent, onshore evening entertainment, many choose to vacation in the USVI’s. Caribbean charters often visit both the BVI’s and USVI’s during the same week, as they are close to one another and the waters are generally calmer than in other parts of the Caribbean. They in general are also home to the largest fleet of crewed, all-inclusive, luxury catamarans. To find out more about them:

Charter a Caribbean yacht

The Leewards are situated in the middle of the Caribbean Island chain. The major airports are located on St. Maarten and Antigua. Due to the English, Dutch, and French influences everywhere you look, they exhibit the best example of cultural sophistication anywhere within the Caribbean. If you are looking to see where the rich and famous go on vacation, you will want to visit the island of St. Barts; for many this is a must stop for a Caribbean yacht charter. Many mega yachts are available for rental in St. Maarten, as it has become a popular mega yacht Caribbean base for the winter. To learn more about the Leewards:


The Grenadines are also called The Windward Islands. Oftentimes our guests will choose a sailing charter over a motor yacht when in the Grenadines, due to the more constant tropical breezes that occur. The islands are much less developed than the rest of the Caribbean, and the inhabitants live on their own time schedule, which enhances the feeling of getting away. The northern most island accessible by air is ST. Vincent, while the southern tip’s major airport is on Grenada. There are fewer Caribbean charter yachts based here; however, occasionally some charter yachts are happy to relocate in order to offer a vacation that happens a little off the beaten path. To find out more about the Grenadines:

What Type of Charter Yacht?

There are all types of Caribbean yacht charters available, including mega yachts, power yachts, catamarans, and sailboats. We have helped countless clients choose the right charter yacht, learning what features and amenities make a difference on caribbean charter yachts. Learn more about different types of Caribbean yachts.

Where Can You Go?

Typically you’ll choose between the Virgins, Leewards, and the Grenadines to charter your yacht. Beyond the region, it is your Caribbean to explore. It’s important for you to remember that there is no cruise ship itinerary to worry about! Your itinerary will be custom designed specifically for you, with you, and is flexible to changes during your charter. We have put together some samples for you to get an idea of what you might like to do while on vacation in the Caribbean. Interested in seeing a sample cruise itinerary ?

crew for private yacht

Find Your Perfect Yacht for a Caribbean yacht charter

To see the Caribbean yachts we have in our online database, please select a yacht type and your budget below. Please keep in mind that we do not have every available yacht online. There are many more yachts available for you to choose from when you contact one of our specialists.

For your personalized selection including yachts not online:- Email us now

crew for private yacht

Caribbean Charters - When To Go.

One of the lovely things about the Caribbean is that the temperatures remain consistent throughout the year; however, there are some other weather considerations that you will want to factor in when making your caribbean yachting vacation plans. Read More....

Vacations here are most popular between November and July.

If you are thinking of a megayacht, you will want to keep in mind that many of these private yachts which are Caribbean based in winter leave in the late spring and early summer months. They will return again in early winter; however, this does limit their availability. To charter a mega yacht, you will want to make sure that you do so well in advance.

Motor, sail, or catamaran yachts, on the other hand, often have selections available year round. Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter do need to be planned for as early as possible as these are very popular charter times.

The availability for Caribbean charters can also be affected by the weather in other climates, for instance, when the severity of the weather is bad in the United States or Europe, especially between January and February, the charters are often booked. This is due to many clients looking for a break from the cold.

What Do Our Clients Say About The Caribbean?

Are you excited yet? You should be! Our clients have enjoyed fantastic Caribbean vacations. There is an endless number of places to visit in the Caribbean, from smaller islands to absolutely must be seen locations like St. Barts. Read some of our Caribbean charter reviews from clients who booked a Caribbean charter with us.

Ready to learn more about Caribbean charters?

We are specialists who will make your trip a reflection of our expertise! We know clients need to be confident in their charter vacation plans, so we encourage our clients to benefit from the knowledge base we’ve been building for years. You’ll speak to an authority on Caribbean charters without any obligation on your end.

Test our expertise with your questions!

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week.

crew for private yacht

Yacht Name Search

Do you have a particular yacht in mind? We likely have it online and if not, email or call us for details. Search for it online by name here:

These may also be of interest:

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  • Crewed Charters

Enjoy being catered to on a private crewed yacht with a captain and chef who help plan the best itinerary and menus that satisfy everyone in your group. Typically all inclusive so all you have to worry about is making memories.

What is a Crewed Charter?

crew for private yacht

Your own private cruise…

No crowds, no strict schedules. Just you and your family and friends on a luxury private yacht relaxing in the comfort of well-appointed spaces while enjoying first class food and service tailored around your preferences by the yachts’ dedicated crew. Visit amazing destinations and explore remote beaches and islands at your pace on a custom designed itinerary.

Your Captain will take you there…

Each private crewed yacht has a dedicated licensed Captain who maintains the boat in tip top condition and understands its’ workings inside and out providing charterers with a sense of safety and security on the water. They will work closely with you to custom design an itinerary that will please everyone in your group. Sail, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, explore ashore or just relax on the boat, whatever you fancy, your Captain has it covered.

crew for private yacht

Your personal Chef will tickle your culinary senses…

An experienced personal Chef will design a customized menu incorporating your groups favorite foods and dietary restrictions. They will stock your crewed yacht with fresh, local ingredients used to create memorable culinary experiences for your included meals and snacks aboard the yacht. Your Chef is prepared to satisfy the pickiest of eaters and you’ll be amazed at what they can turn out of the yachts’ small galley.

You’ll never be thirsty…

From fresh coffee in the morning to hydrating drinks during the day to happy hour cocktails in the evening, your Crew will stock the yacht with your preferred beverages and the ‘ships bar’ will include all the ingredients for your favorite cocktails as well as some fixings for the Crews’ own special concoctions.

crew for private yacht

You’ll never be bored…

With an abundance of water toys onboard, you’ll have plenty to do in and on the water from snorkeling to kayaks and standup paddle boards to wake boarding and tubing or simply just chilling in the water on floating mats and noodles. Or perhaps you’d like to go ashore for a hike or horseback ride or enjoy a day at the spa. Whatever activities you want to get into, your Crew will lead the way. Some Crews have specialized training and offer instruction for scuba diving and kite surfing or they can arrange these experiences for you with a local company.

Choosing the Right Boat and Crew…

For a crewed yacht charter, selecting the right crew is often more important than the boat itself. Who you spend your long-anticipated vacation with can make or break it. That’s why matching your group to the right crew is so critical to a successful crewed yacht charter. One crew might be great with families and kids while another might be better with couples and friends. Many crews have certain specialties, such as diving, kite surfing, fancy water toys or types of cuisine. Our job is to listen to your requirements for a crewed yacht charter vacation and recommend the best crew we feel you would enjoy spending your vacation with along with the most suitable boat for your groups’ make-up.

There is no substitute for many years of experience and personal knowledge of each charter yacht and its crew. We regularly attend Crewed Yacht Charter Boat Shows where we personally inspect the yachts and meet the crews. Our 50+ years of industry experience and first-class reputation provide us access to endless Client feedback from previous charters as well as a network of other industry professionals to ensure we recommend the most suitable crews and yachts for your crewed yacht charter vacation. We are an independent booking agency for crewed yacht charter vacations. For several decades we have been offering clients suitable choices for a crewed yacht charter vacation handpicked from thousands of individual private crewed yachts. With no ties or commitments to any company or yacht we’re able to provide impartial advice on how different crewed yachts and crews compare so the customer can make an informed decision for a memorable crewed yacht charter vacation.

Booking a Crewed Charter…

Tell us something good….

Provide us with the details of your trip :

Where do you want to Go? When do you want to go? Who is coming with you? (How Many) How much do you want to spend?

The Choice Is Yours…

We’ll handpick the best available options based on the details you provided.

You can browse Crewed Yachts on our site, select your Favorites and send them to us . We’ll respond with pros and cons along with our picks so you can compare .

Ultimately, you make your choice, pay the deposit, sign the Charter Agreement and we’ll confirm the charter.

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over…

Our Service doesn’t stop at confirmation.

We’ll stick with you throughout the process with reminders on the required paperwork, payments due, important details and answer any questions that come up.

After your charter, we’ll ask you how it went and hopefully we can do it all again for your next Crewed Charter. The best part?… There is no additional charge for our services.

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Caribbean officials search for 2 people who were on yacht allegedly hijacked by 3 escaped prisoners

Investigators from Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines stand aboard the yacht "Simplicity", that they say was hijacked by 3 escaped prisoners with two people aboard, now anchored at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard Service Calliaqua Base, in Calliaqua, St. Vincent, Friday, Feb. 23, 2024. Authorities in the eastern Caribbean said they were trying to locate two people believed to be U.S. citizens who were aboard the yacht that was hijacked by the three escaped prisoners from Grenada. (AP Photo/Kenton X. Chance)

Investigators from Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines stand aboard the yacht “Simplicity”, that they say was hijacked by 3 escaped prisoners with two people aboard, now anchored at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard Service Calliaqua Base, in Calliaqua, St. Vincent, Friday, Feb. 23, 2024. Authorities in the eastern Caribbean said they were trying to locate two people believed to be U.S. citizens who were aboard the yacht that was hijacked by the three escaped prisoners from Grenada. (AP Photo/Kenton X. Chance)

The yacht “Simplicity”, that officials say was hijacked by three escaped prisoners with two people aboard, is docked at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard Service Calliaqua Base, in Calliaqua, St. Vincent, Friday, Feb. 23, 2024. Authorities in the eastern Caribbean said they were trying to locate two people believed to be U.S. citizens who were aboard the yacht that was hijacked by the three escaped prisoners from Grenada. (AP Photo/Kenton X. Chance)

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Authorities in the eastern Caribbean said they were trying to locate two people believed to be U.S. citizens who were aboard a yacht that was hijacked by three escaped prisoners from Grenada.

The Royal Grenada Police Force said in a statement released Friday that they were working on leads “that suggest” the two occupants of the yacht might have been killed.

“This investigation is in its infancy stage,” police said.

The nonprofit Salty Dawg Sailing Association identified the owners as Ralph Hendry and Kathy Brandel. It said they were “veteran cruisers” and longtime members of the association, calling them “warmhearted and capable.” A relative of Hendry didn’t return a message seeking comment Saturday.

FILE - This undated image released by the U.S. military's Central Command shows what it is described as the vessel that carried Iranian-made missile components bound for Yemen's Houthi in the Arabian Sea. Four foreign nationals were charged Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024, with transporting suspected Iranian-made weapons on a vessel intercepted by U.S. naval forces in the Arabian Sea last month. Two Navy SEALs died during the mission. (U.S. Central Command via AP, File)

The association said a cruising skipper had contacted the association about a member’s yacht, Simplicity, that was found “anchored and abandoned” off a beach on the island of St. Vincent.

“The good Samaritan had boarded the boat and noted that the owners … were not onboard and found evidence of apparent violence,” the association said in a statement Thursday.

The association said Hendry and Brandel had sailed the yacht in last year’s Caribbean Rally from Hampton, Virginia, to Antigua, and were spending the winter cruising in the eastern Caribbean.

“This is a very upsetting event and details are still unconfirmed by the authorities, but this does appear to be a tragic event,” said Bob Osborn, the association’s president. “In all my years of cruising the Caribbean, I have never heard of anything like this.”

Family members of those missing met with authorities in St. Vincent on Saturday, where they were seen boarding the yacht that was hijacked. It was being guarded by officials, one of whom was wearing latex gloves.

Hendry’s family issued a statement Saturday thanking police, local coast guards and all those who helped authorities gather information.

“It means so much to us that so many people cared for Ralph and Kathy as friends and fellow cruisers that they are willing to stop and help in whatever way possible,” the family said.

They also asked that all those trying to conduct independent searches to “stand down.”

“The only way we feel this situation could be worse would be if anyone was hurt or endangered trying to conduct searches,” the family said.

Authorities in Grenada said they had dispatched senior investigators and a forensic specialist to the nearby island of St. Vincent, where the escaped prisoners were arrested Wednesday.

The prisoners, ages 19, 25 and 30, were charged a couple of months ago with one count of robbery with violence. The eldest inmate also was charged with one count of rape, three counts of attempted rape and two counts of indecent assault and causing harm, police in Grenada said.

The three men escaped from their holding cell Feb. 18, according to police.

Authorities said a preliminary investigation suggested the three men seized the yacht at Grenada’s capital, St. George’s, and traveled to St. Vincent.

crew for private yacht


Inside the £47,000,000 superyacht with a secret pool sparking controversy on TikTok

author image

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A swimming pool that is inside. a super yacht.

A mystery billionaire’s superyacht stirred controversy on TikTok after video of its ‘secret pool’ emerged.

Few people have enough money to choose between swimming in the ocean or bathing in their own private floating pool while sailing the world.

The mystery owner of Leona, a $60,000,000 (£43,000,000) 263ft-long behemoth built by the Turkish -based luxury yacht builder Bilgin, has deep enough pockets for exactly that luxury.

Marble tiles, carved marble panels and Greek statues surround the private indoor pool surrounded by fountains and hidden behind a vertically opening door.

A red and white superyacht out on the open seas.

Luxury real estate expert Enes Yilmazer showed off the swanky interior in a video, revealing that the design was masterminded by the superyacht ’s billionaire owner, whose identity is not publicly known.

The owner’s representative turned to London-based H2 Yacht Design to create a ‘playfully rich and layered interior’ for the steel-hulled structure, Boat International reported.

James Bermudez, the company’s design director, explained: ‘The interior of Leona uses a bold, opulent palette incorporating a high level of intricate detailing.

‘[There is a] heavy use of decorative finishes and interesting textures: gloss lacquers, backlit onyx, figurative timbers, gold inlays and luxurious textiles are combined throughout. 

‘We learned quickly that the client didn’t react positively to understated design. 

‘He required us to be bold and turn up the volume.’ 

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A red cinema room aboard a super yacht.

Along with the pool, the yacht is kitted out with a fire pit, aquarium, hookah room, piano bar, and plush red velvet-clad cinema room.

It also has a ‘palatial owner’s suite’, captured in a more comprehensive video filmed by Bilgin.

The suite is complete with a round bathtub, private interior lounge, and a terrace with a spa pool.

Throughout the yacht there are glimpses of marble and gold, mirrors and pieces by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, known for his fervent use of animal print.

@enesyilmazerla If this was your yacht, would you rather swim in the ocean or enjoy the views from pool 🤔🛥️ || #superyachts #yachts #yachtlife #luxurylife #luxurylifestyle #yachting #billionaire ♬ Dream – Alex Lustig

Its lavish interior is a clear display of wealth, as if the bullet-shaped boat’s $60 million price tag left any doubt.

Crew members also have their own ‘well thought-out spaces’ on board the vessel, which launched in October 2022.

Superyachting site Boat International revealed: ‘Both the captain and first officer have cabins on the bridge deck. 

‘In addition to a large crew mess, officers also have access to day rooms on the tank deck.’

For some people commenting under videos of the ‘floating castle’, it was ‘the most cool yacht’ they’ve ever seen.

Others compared the ‘stunning’ yacht to a private cruise ship or the land of Oz.

But some seemed baffled by the addition of a pool, saying: ‘What a waste. You’ve got the whole damn ocean. What’s the point?’

Another witty commenter said: ‘There’s clearly a pool because if it’s raining outside you can swim without getting wet.’ 

One acknowledged it may be to stay away from creatures lurking in the waters below, saying: ‘It’s safer to swim at night in a pool than in the sea where there are sharks and whatnot.’

Another said: ‘People saying why have a pool in a yacht. You know why? Because he can, that’s why.’

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How Is Working As Private Jet Cabin Crew Different From Commercial Flying?

  • Private jet cabin crew often do not require formal training, allowing for the inclusion of personnel from other industries such as hotels or yachts.
  • Private jet cabin crew have a broader range of responsibilities, including ordering catering, restocking supplies, and cleaning the aircraft after each flight.
  • Private jet crew have more flexible schedules and higher salaries compared to commercial cabin crew, but the safety factor may not be prioritized as highly.

Sometimes, experienced cabin crew take the leap into business aviation when they want to stay in the industry but to do something a little bit different. The private jet industry can be exciting and challenging. How does the job of private jet cabin crew differ from that of working for a commercial airline ?

To train or not to train

The first major difference between the two roles is that commercial cabin crew have to undertake initial training, with recurrent training following every year that they fly. They will also take a conversion course when moving to a different aircraft type. In the private jet industry, it is quite different in that cabin crew are not always trained cabin crew but can sometimes be 'cabin servers' or 'inflight service providers', negating the need for operators to provide training. Sometimes, these personnel are from the hotel or yacht industry.

Rules and regulations

The FAA and EASA state that if a private aircraft has 19 seats or fewer, no cabin crew needs to be carried. Some manufacturers do provide training in the US, and a couple of aviation training organizations offer the training, but most do not. It also depends on the registration of the aircraft, where it is based, and the individual aviation authority's regulations.

The difference in duties

The duties of private jet cabin crew are very different from those working in commercial. When working for a commercial airline, duties stop once you leave the airport. Working with private jets is much more demanding. You often fly solo, so you are responsible for everything that happens in the cabin. This includes not just the service and safety, but also ordering the catering for the flight, restocking the aircraft with supplies, and cleaning the aircraft after each flight. Also, there is laundry to be done, and any broken items have to be replaced. Shopping for the aircraft is a necessity. Outside the flight, there is a lot more work to do.

Schedules and salaries

As private jet crew, you have no schedule or roster, and the work is very much on demand. Some crew work two weeks on and two weeks off, or one month on, one month off. In the case of Saudi Arabia, most contracts are two months on, one month off. You can also choose to work freelance, as many private jet crew do. Some private jet crew, especially those who work for private owners, tend to be on full-time standby and fly when called. Commercial crews have a published roster four to six weeks in advance. The salary of private jet crew is usually almost double that of commercial cabin crew, but does vary depending on the region.

Read More: Explained: Why Private Jet Cabin Crew Might Be Completely Untrained

Teams and aircraft

When flying commercially, you fly with a team of cabin crew (unless working for a regional airline), so you always have their support. Working for a large international airline, you always work on different aircraft and will rarely have met your other cabin crew and pilots before. When flying privately, you are often on the same aircraft, by yourself, with the same pilots for your whole duty period. Commercial cabin crew will be based at one airport and always fly from there. Private jet cabin crew will be flown out to meet the aircraft wherever it may be unless they have a regular base as with privately owned aircraft.

Related: What Do Private Jet Cabin Crew Do During Ferry Flights?

Passenger experience and safety

The service and the menu are tailored to each passenger on a private jet instead of standard meals being loaded on the aircraft. Silver service style and five-star plating of meals are expected. Catering will be of five-star restaurant standard and ordered by the cabin crew, especially for the passengers. The emphasis is very much on luxury and superb passenger experience. Safety on private jets is, unfortunately, a secondary factor, especially when there are untrained 'cabin servers.' Cabin crew working for an airline are very much safety-related first and service is secondary. They are two very different roles but, in some ways, comparable for trained and experienced cabin crew.

How Is Working As Private Jet Cabin Crew Different From Commercial Flying?


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    A fully crewed yacht charter is a custom package featuring a premium yacht from our crewed fleet with a dedicated crew or crew on rota. The crew works with you to provide a personalized vacation in terms of itinerary and menu, taking care of the sailing and meal preparation. A bareboat charter with crew is a different experience from our ...

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    A crewed yacht charter is a type of private charter where a Captain and Chef team join you aboard your yacht for the duration of your sailing vacation. Your crew will be there to cater for your every need, from navigating the waters and leading you to your next destination, to serving up fresh, delicious meals and refreshing drinks throughout ...

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    Use one large recruitment agency with a wide-ranging network, not multiple smaller ones. All images courtesy of Adam Nickel. A well-balanced, happy crew on board, meanwhile, sets the tone for the whole yacht, and it pays to get it right financially, too. Aside from the comfort that comes with being around those who know you well, "about a ...

  11. Private Yacht Charter Guide 2023

    By Rebecca Taylor Posted on September 16, 2023 Charter, FAQ. A private yacht charter is the same as a private yacht rental or a luxury yacht charter - you rent a yacht (usually for at least a week), that is owned by someone else. You get access to their private yacht crew, all of the amenities and get to work with the captain on the itinerary.

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    Working On Yachts. We nurture and guide crew members through their careers from deckhands to captains, laundry workers to chief stewardesses, then in turn, provide them with their junior crew. View Now. Learn more and sign up to our newsletter. Registering with us gives you more opportunities than any other crew agency of finding a job on the ...

  13. How To Work On Super Yachts & Sailboats (2021)

    Inexperienced yacht crew working as deckhands or stewardesses can earn between $2000-3000 a month. With more experience and higher positions, your salary can be between $3500-$6000 a month. ... These boats are a status symbol, they are essentially a private floating resort. They want the highest level of service and attention to detail.

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    Welcome to the TCN Family. At any one time our recruiting teams are handling over 100 full-time, part-time and seasonal vacancies for yachts from 24m (79') to over 200m (650') around the world - many advertised exclusively with The Crew Network (TCN). Some of these maritime jobs may be perfect for you. Applying for yacht jobs through TCN ...

  15. Here's the Lowdown on Yacht Crew Tipping

    A four-person crew on an $80,000-per-week yacht could get exactly the same tip. Capt. Halvorsen adds that gratuities are only paid as a percentage of the charter rate, not on the APA. "If you are on a boat that burns more fuel, that doesn't mean you need to tip better," he says.

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    Morgan & Mallet Yacht Crew Agency is a bespoke yachting recruitment and placement agency for luxury yachts and sailing boats. We select qualified and experienced yacht crew for the well-being and comfort of our clients on board. At Morgan & Mallet Yacht Crew Agency, an active participant in placement of crews for yachting on the international stage, we endeavour to establish really trust-based ...

  17. The Full List of Yacht Crew & Staff

    Stew/Deck - This is a combined role between a Steward and Deck crew member. This role straddles both the interior and exterior of the yacht and is a popular choice when needing additional staff on board. Solo Steward/ess - Typically found on much smaller vessels, the solo steward will be the only steward on board.

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    Crewed yacht charter - Decades of luxury yacht charter expertise - Every available private yacht - Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas, Worldwide and more. USA:-1.866.492.4768 UK:-0800.011.2492

  19. Crewed Yacht Charter

    The Fraser Book of Luxury Yachting 2023/2024 showcases some of the most beautiful crewed superyachts available to charter around the world as well as sample sailing itineraries and information on the spectacular cruising destinations on offer.Browse the magnificent pages, read about the beautiful locations and select the perfect charter yacht for your dream holiday.

  20. Crew Positions

    Other. About the Yacht Positions. The diversity and opportunities to work aboard superyachts around the world are endless. The yachts range in size from 60ft to 600ft with crew of 1 - 100 crew members in four primary departments. Each department is responsible for a unique set of tasks aboard and is suited for individuals with specific ...

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    Caribbean yacht charters - Private Caribbean charters with crew; Personalized service, tailored just to you. Proven specialists available 7 days a week. Caribbean catamarans, Sailboat and mega yacht charters. ... There's no better way to experience the waters and beaches of the BVI's than on a private Caribbean charter with a full crew to ...

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    Just you and your family and friends on a luxury private yacht relaxing in the comfort of well-appointed spaces while enjoying first class food and service tailored around your preferences by the yachts' dedicated crew. Visit amazing destinations and explore remote beaches and islands at your pace on a custom designed itinerary.

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    We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Yacht Engineer to join the crew of a prestigious private sailing yacht. The vessel, a Baltic Yacht built in Finland, boasts a length of 112 feet and was delivered in 2011. The yacht follows a regular program, cruising in Maine during the summer and the Caribbean in the winter. ...

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    The Benetti Yachtmaster event also saw Fraser CEO Anders Kurtén take to the stage to discuss the state of the superyacht market. He touched on yacht charter, noting that the sum of days of an average Fraser charter reached record highs in 2022, and has dipped down slightly in 2023 - but still remains higher than average.The number of bookings followed a similar trend, with 2020 and 2016 ...

  25. Search underway for US citizens on yacht hijacked by prisoners in

    Investigators from Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines stand aboard the yacht "Simplicity", that they say was hijacked by 3 escaped prisoners with two people aboard, now anchored at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coastguard Service Calliaqua Base, in Calliaqua, St. Vincent, Friday, Feb. 23, 2024.

  26. American couple missing: Family describes violent scene left ...

    The family of two Americans who may have been killed after prison escapees allegedly hijacked their yacht in Granada are clinging to hope the couple might be found alive. CNN values your feedback 1.

  27. Look inside billionaire's $60,000,000 superyacht with a secret pool

    The identity of the 263ft superyacht's owner remains a mystery (Picture: Bilgin Yachts) Along with the pool, the yacht is kitted out with a fire pit, aquarium, hookah room, piano bar, and plush ...

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    Private jet cabin crew often do not require formal training, allowing for the inclusion of personnel from other industries such as hotels or yachts. Private jet cabin crew have a broader range of ...

  29. Crew member dies on board 62m motor yacht Baton Rouge in Antigua

    The chief engineer on board 62.5-metre Baton Rouge has died in hospital following an incident on board the yacht while it was docked in Antigua. Mainstream media reports the cause of death as electrocution and the deceased has been identified by friends as 47-year-old British national Roy Temme.