1. inside the world's largest yacht

    david geffen yacht inside

  2. RISING SUN Yacht • David Geffen $400M Superyacht

    david geffen yacht inside

  3. Inside The Rising Sun: David Geffen's $590 Million Superyacht

    david geffen yacht inside

  4. RISING SUN Yacht • David Geffen $400M Superyacht

    david geffen yacht inside

  5. RISING SUN Yacht • David Geffen $400M Superyacht

    david geffen yacht inside

  6. Inside David Geffen's $590,000,000 Superyacht The Rising Sun

    david geffen yacht inside


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  1. Inside David Geffen's $590,000,000 Superyacht The Rising Sun

    Rising Sun has been owned since 2010 by David Geffen, who had bought a half share of the yacht initially in late 2006. It reportedly cost over US $200 millio...

  2. RISING SUN Yacht • David Geffen $400M Superyacht

    The Rising Sun Yacht, initially built for Larry Ellison, is now owned by David Geffen. Built by Lürssen and designed by Jon Bannenberg, this 138-meter yacht is among the largest in the world. It features luxurious amenities like a movie theater, spa, wine cellar, and helicopter landing pad. The yacht can accommodate up to 16 guests, has a crew ...

  3. Inside The Rising Sun: David Geffen's $590 Million Superyacht

    It was delivered to Ellison in June 2004. Since 2010, David Geffen has owned the yacht. Geffen bought half of the share of the 454-foot megayacht in 2007 and decided to buy the yacht in full in 2010 which totaled his payment for $590 million. The exact estimated value of the yacht is still unclear but as of 2019, the yacht was valued for $300 ...

  4. Inside The $650 Million Yacht of David Geffen

    Take an exclusive tour aboard David Geffen's $650 million yacht in our latest YouTube Shorts video, "Inside the $650 Million Yacht of David Geffen". Discover...

  5. RISING SUN, David Geffen's $400 Million 138.6m/454'9ft ...

    Rising Sun, 138.6m Lurssen Built Superyacht owned by David Geffen departing the port of Gibraltar 28/4/2022

  6. Media mogul David Geffen's massive yacht turns heads in Portland

    See inside. And this week, David Geffen's massive yacht "Rising Sun" made its way to Maine, where the $400 million vessel has been turning heads and drawing curious onlookers. The 82 ...

  7. Rising Sun (yacht)

    Rising Sun is a motor yacht designed by Jon Bannenberg, and built in 2004 by Germany's Lürssen at their Bremen shipyard for Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, and last refitted in 2007. [1] Rising Sun has been owned since 2010 by businessman David Geffen, who had bought a half share of the yacht initially in late 2006.

  8. RISING SUN Yacht

    The RISING SUN yacht originally cost an estimated US $200 million when she was launched in 2004. However, due to refits and sales RISING SUN is now valued at a price of US $570 million. Her annual running costs lie somewhere between US $25 and 40 million.

  9. Rising Sun yacht: Luxurious world of Larry Ellison and David Geffen ⋆

    However, Ellison later sold a significant portion of the yacht to music and film producer David Geffen. Today it is co-owned by Larry Ellison and David Geffen. Size. Rising Sun is approximately 454 feet (138 meters) in length, making it one of the largest yachts in the world at the time. Its impressive size allows for a wide range of amenities ...

  10. A Closer Look at the $200 Million Rising Sun Superyacht

    To make the yacht more comfortable and safe in rough waters, it is fitted with zero speed stabilizers for times when she is at anchor. The Rising Sun measures 453.97 ft in length with a 62.34 ft beam, a draft of 16.08 ft and gross tonnage of 7841 tons. The exterior was designed by Bannenberg & Rowel and the interior by Seccombe Design.

  11. How David Geffen's Yacht Photos Became a "Status Thing" in Hollywood

    David Geffen's superyacht the Rising Sun has become a photo op for A-list stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Jeff Bezos. David Geffen famously ...

  12. A Closer Look at David Geffen's Yacht Rising Sun

    David Geffen bought half stake in late 2006 and the other half in 2010 becoming the full owner after having paid $300 million. Having gotten rid of the boat, Larry was now free to get his dream yacht, so in 2011 he commissioned Feadship to build him a smaller boat. Larry now owns Musashi, an 88 meters yacht that is valued at $130 million.

  13. David Geffen's Yacht: Everything You Want To Know

    It's been reported that Geffen paid Ellison a staggering $590 million for the Rising Sun however other reports suggest the vessel was $200 million. Given the size of the yacht and the time it was built plus various amenities it seems more likely the true price is closer to $200 million. That's speculation and also some educated guessing as ...

  14. David Geffen Is Self-Isolating on His Yacht, Rising Sun: Photos

    Billionaire David Geffen is in the hot seat for a "tone-deaf" Instagram post about isolating on his yacht, Rising Sun, in the Caribbean, The Guardian reported. Geffen reportedly paid $590 million ...


    David Geffen's 138m $400 Million Lurssen Built Superyacht Rising Sun docking in the port of Gibraltar 9/11/2022

  16. Yacht Rising Sun • Lurssen • 2004 • Photos & Video

    David Geffen: Our Amazing Photo Gallery. Photos by Gibraltar Yachting. Load more. Load more. Load more. SuperYachtFan. What began as a pastime for yacht spotting has evolved into a leading online destination for yachting enthusiasts, with thousands of visitors engaging with our content every day.

  17. How David Geffen's $400M Megayacht Became One of the ...

    Ellison gave all of his yachts names inspired by this culture, and the Rising Sun, built in 2004, was no exception, even though it ended up belonging to David Geffen, who reportedly purchased it ...

  18. Billionaire David Geffen's Net Worth, Real Estate, and ...

    David Geffen has a $2 billion art collection, a $590 million superyacht, and a massive real-estate collection in NYC, California, and the Hamptons. ... Sign up to get the inside scoop on today's ...

  19. How Much Is David Geffen's Yacht Worth? You'll Be Surprised

    According to Inside Philanthropy, Geffen's self-named charitable foundation - the David Geffen Foundation, has assets of about $400 million as of August 2021 and "engages in a broad range of ...

  20. Massive yacht turns heads along Maine waterfront

    The "Rising Sun" is owned by billionaire media mogul David Geffen. The so-called giga-yacht is one of the 20 largest yachts in the world. It is 452 feet long, and five stories high with 82 rooms ...

  21. David Geffen • Net Worth $8 billion • House • Yacht

    Philanthropy and Net Worth. Geffen is also an active philanthropist, supporting medical research, AIDS organizations, and the arts. In 2002, he donated $200 million to the University of California in Los Angeles, which was renamed the David Geffen School of Medicine. Forbes estimates his net worth at $8 billion, and in 2015, he donated $100 ...

  22. Inside the Rising Sun

    INSIDE THE RISING SUN DAVID GEFFEN'S $590 MILLION SUPER YACHT!Subscribe if you haven't already!:

  23. David Geffen's Yacht Celebrity Guests

    Billionaire Hollywood producer, David Geffen, is winning summer. Advertisement. The 73-year-old mogul is currently cruising the high seas on his $590 million luxury yacht, Rising Sun, and he's ...